BATTLE ATLAS of the FALKLANDS WAR 1982 by Land, Sea and Air

by Gordon Smith

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An E-Book version of "Battle of the Falkland's War" by Gordon Smith, published by Ian Allan 1989. Now re-edited and rearranged into more easily-read format. E-Book includes new versions of the original movement, operations and battle maps


"Battle of the Falkland's War" heads the list of recommended British-published books, described as "a very useful and detailed guide to the day-by-day development of the war", Argentine Army journal "Soldados", April 2000

"contributed tremendously to my knowledge of the war", Francois Heisbourg, Director, The International Institute for Strategic Studies, London

"The advantage to the reader .... is the wealth of maps and diagrams .... (as the) campaign was actually very complicated", Armed Forces

"concise and meticulous handbook describing the strategy, tactics and logistics...", Navy News

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  Introduction & Notes     Original Introduction & Note to E-Book  
        Reading notes & abbreviations  
        People, places, events, forces  
  Argentine Invasion & British Response 1.   Falkland Islands  
    2.   Argentina  
    3.   History of Falklands dispute  
    4.   South Georgia invasion  
    5.   Falkland Islands invasion  
    6.   Early diplomatic events  
  Argentine & British Units Taking Part 7.   Argentine Armed Forces  
    8.   British Task Force build-up  
    9.   Royal Navy warships  
    10.   Fleet Air Arm squadrons  
    11.   Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships  
    12.   Merchant Navy ships  
    13.   3 Commando Bde Royal Marines  
    14.   5th Infantry Brigade  
    15.   Royal Air Force role  
    16.   Argentine defences on Falklands  
  Early British Task Force Movements 17.   Advanced Group sails South  
    18.   Carrier Battle Group (CVBG) follows  
    19.   Ascension Island  
  Preliminary British Operations 20.   3 Cdo Bde approaches Ascension  
    21.   CVBG & Advanced Group join up  
    22.   South Georgia retaken  
    23.   Amphibious Group exercises at Ascension  
    24.   ARA General Belgrano sunk  
    25.   British Task Force in action  
    26.   HMS Sheffield sunk  
    27.   5th Infantry Bde sails on QE2  
    28.   Pebble Island Raid by SAS  
    29.   Amphibous Task Group joins Task force  
    30.   Sea King-to-Chile incident  
  Interlude & Summary of 31.   Argentine aircraft v British ships  
  Losses Inflicted and Sustained 32.   British forces v Argentine ships & aircraft  
  San Carlos Water Landings 33.   San Carlos Landings  
  and Consolidation 34.   Air Battles of 21st May 1982  
    35.   Initial moves out of San Carlos  
    36.   5th Infantry Bde reaches S Georgia  
    37.   "Coventry" & "Atlantic Conveyor" sunk  
    38.   2 Para Battle for Goose Green  
    39.   3 Cdo "yomps/tabs" from San Carlos  
    40.   5th Inf Bde lands at San Carlos  
  Approach to and Battle for Stanley 41.   3 Cdo reaches Stanley defences  
    42.   Final Task Force moves  
    43.   "Galahad" & "Tristram" bombed  
    44.   3 Para Battle for Mt Longdon  
    45.   45 Cdo Battle for Two Sisters  
    46.   42 Cdo Battle for Mt Harriet  
    47.   2 Para Battle for Wireless Ridge  
    48.   2nd Scots Battle for Tumbledown Mtn  
    49.   1/7th Gurkhas approach Mt William  
  Victory, Surrender, 50.   Falkland's surrender, aftermath  
  Part of the Price Paid 51.   British Task Force returns home  
    52.   British ships lost & damaged  
    53.   British aircraft lost  
    54.   Argentine aircraft lost  
    55.   British gallantry awards  

Gordon Smith, copyright 2006
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