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Aside from the land battles, most of the war was fought between Argentine aircraft and the British ships and carrier-borne Harriers. Argentine losses were heavy, but so was the Royal Navy's, and only the hit on "Glamorgan" by a land-based Exocet at the end of the war was not due to aircraft. Just before the San Carlos landings, this is a useful point to summarise the main Argentine aircraft involved and the losses they sustained, as well as inflicted.



1st Attack Sqdn (1 Esc) 6 Aermacchi MB-339A's to Falklands, 2 lost and 3 captured Minor damage to "Argonaut" by cannon (21st May)
2nd Fighter and Attack Sqdn (2 Esc) Super Etendard flying from Rio Grande with no losses Destroyer "SHEFFIELD" (4th May) and

support ship "ATLANTIC CONVEYOR" (25th May) hit by Exocet; both sunk

3rd Fighter and Attack Sqdn (3 Esc) Skyhawk A-4Q's flying from Rio Grande, 3 lost Frigate "ARDENT" sunk by bombs (21st May)
4th Attack Sqdn (4 Esc) 4 Mentor T-34C's to Falklands, all lost




1st Air Transport Group (Grupo 1) Hercules (1 lost), Boeing 707's. Also photo-reconnaissance Learjets (1 lost)


2nd Light Bomber Group (Grupo 2) Canberras flying from Trelew and Rio Gallegos, 2 lost


3rd Attack Group
(Grupo 3)
24 Pucaras to Falklands, 13 lost and 11 captured, plus one mainland-based aircraft lost The only British aircraft casualty directly due to Argentine aircraft was Royal Marine Scout [b28] shot down by a Grupo 3 Pucara on the 28th May
4th Fighter Bomber Group (Grupo 4) Skyhawk A-4C's flying from San Julian and Rio Grande, 9 lost Believed to have damaged LSL's "Sir Bedivere", "Sir Galahad" and "Sir Lancelot" with UXB's (all 24th May)
5th Fighter Bomber Group (Grupo 5) Skyhawk A-4B's from Rio Gallegos, 10 lost Destroyer "Glasgow" damaged by UXB (12th May)

Frigate "Argonaut" damaged by UXB (21st May)

Frigate "ANTELOPE" sunk by bomb (23rd May)

Destroyer "COVENTRY" sunk by bombs and frigate "Broadsword" damaged by UXB (both 25th May)

LSL's "SIR GALAHAD" (later scuttled) and "Sir Tristram" damaged; "Fearless" LCU F4 sunk by bombs (all 8th June)

6th Fighter Bomber Group (Grupo 6) Daggers from Rio Grande and San Julian, 11 lost Destroyer "Glamorgan", frigates "Alacrity" and "Arrow", minor damage by cannon fire and near misses (all 1st May)

Destroyer "Antrim" damaged by UXB, frigate "Ardent" damaged by bomb, frigates "Brilliant" and "Broadsword" minor damage by cannon fire (all 21st May)

Frigate "Plymouth" damaged by UXB and cannon (8th June)

7th Group, Helicopter Sqdn including Bell 212's and Chinook. Two Bells to Falklands, both lost


8th Fighter Group
(Grupo 8)
Mirage IIIE's from Comodoro Rivadavia and Rio Callegos, 2 lost


Adding the aircraft of the Argentine Coastguard (PNA) and Army Combat Aviation Battalion 601 transferred to the Falklands, all of which were destroyed or captured, plus two Navy helicopters lost at sea brought total losses from all causes to a round one hundred.

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