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13th/14th June 1982

Cap badge of the Scots Guards

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2nd Scots Guards
, including GPMG's, LAW's, MAW's, Milans and 81mm mortars, and in support 4 Troop, The Blues and Royals with 2 Scorpions and 2 Scimitars, up to five bty's each of 6x105mm artillery, mortars of 42 Cdo RM and 1/7th Gurkha Rifles, and frigate "Active" with 1x4.5in (and 'Avenger', 1x4.5in).

2nd Scots Guards Commanders: Lt Col M I E Scott, Maj I E Dalzell-Job, G Coy (7, 8 and 9 Platoons), Maj J P Kiszley, Left Flank Coy (13, 14 and 15 Platoons), Maj S Price, Right Flank Coy (1, 2 and 3 Platoons)

5th Marine Inf Btn
defending Tumbledown Mountain, Mount William and Sapper Hill, supported by snipers, heavy mg's, mortars and artillery.


Approach to Tumbledown Mountain - On the same night that 2 Para continued 3 Cdo Bde's advance on Stanley from the west and north, 5th Infantry started its attacks against the main Argentine defences towards the south west of the capital - 2nd Scots aiming for Tumbledown and 1/7th Gurkhas for Mount William. Before then, the Marine's M & AW Cadre had built up a picture of the area to the west of Tumbledown.

First, the Scots Guards moved by helicopter on the morning of Sunday 13th from their positions at Bluff Cove to the western end of Goat Ridge for a detailed reconnaissance and briefing. By now, Lt Col Scott had decided that an attack across the open southern slopes of Tumbledown would be far too hazardous, and instead opted for a "silent" assault from the west along the line of the summit ridge.

Preceded by a diversionary raid along the Fitzroy/Stanley track, in phase one, G Coy would take the western end of the mountain. In phase two, Left Flank (LF) Coy would pass through them before tackling the summit area. And finally, Right Flank (RF) Coy would move around LF Coy to secure the eastern end.

Led in from Goat Ridge by men of the M & AW Cadre, G Coy was followed to the start line by LF and RF Coys. The diversion started on schedule at 8.30 pm, and thirty minutes later, G Coy moved forward into the bitterly cold night.

Battle for Tumbledown Mountain - The diversionary attack along the Stanley track went in as planned by a small assault group led by the light tanks. Reaching the enemy positions, one of the Guards and a Royal Engineer were killed in a fire-fight that lasted for two hours, and more were wounded withdrawing through a minefield, but the diversion did its job.

By now, in phase one, G Coy had crossed the start line with 7 Platoon and Coy HQ occupying the first half of their objective and 8 and 9 Platoons the second half. Securing the western end by 10.30 pm, the positions were used to support LF Coy who came through to face heavy fire from snipers and GPMG's.

In this second phase, LF Coy's 13 Platoon fought for the high crags on the left and 15 Platoon lower down on the right, while 14 Platoon followed in reserve with Coy HQ. As they pushed forward under increasing mortar and artillery bombardment, two men were killed and a third mortally wounded by snipers. Anti-armour weapons were only partially successful against the Argentine bunkers, but 13 Platoon made some progress with grenades. However, only after three hours, at 2.30 am, could artillery fire be brought down on the enemy positions in front of the stalled 15 Platoon, who with Coy HQ were now able to attack forward and up, overcoming the defences in often hand-to-hand fighting. Eventually, and after a seven hour struggle, just a few men of LF Coy reached the summit.

Now in phase three, RF Coy was able to come up, although the battle was far from over. With 3 Platoon giving covering fire, Number 1 and Lt Lawrence's 3 Platoon continued the assault on the eastern end, again using the MAW's and LAW's, but also moving forward in small groups taking positions with grenades and bayonets. Eventually around 8.15 am and well after dawn, Tumbledown was in the Scots Guard's hands after fighting probably the best Argentine unit, and losing eight men killed and the Royal Engineer.

British Gallantry Awards


Battle for Tumbledown Mountain by 2nd Scots Guards
Lt Col M I E Scott (DSO)
Maj J P Kiszely (MC), LF Coy
Lt R A D Lawrence (MC), RF Coy
Gdsmn J B C Reynolds (post DCM), LF Coy
WO2 W Nicol (DCM), LF Coy
Sgt R W Jackson (MM), RF Coy
Gdsmn A S Pengelly (MM), RF Coy

Capt S M Drennan (DFC) AAC, 656 AAC Sqdn
Cpl J A Foran (MM) RE, 9 Para Sqdn RE
Sgt R H Wrega (MM) RE, 9 Para Sqdn RE


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