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BRITISH NAVAL VESSELS LOST AT SEA 1939-45 by Name, Date, Theatre and Type

from the original "British Vessels Lost at Sea, 1939-45", published HMSO, 1947

HMS Curacoa, AA cruiser, run down and sunk by RMS Queen Mary in the Atlantic, 2 October 1942 (Courtesy Ships Pictures)  
Entries are from the original and uncorrected "British Vessels Lost at Sea, 1935-45", published by HMSO in 1947. Commonwealth and Allied vessels are not included unless they were on loan from the Royal Navy.

Casualties for these vessels can be found in "Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies"

Ships by Type Major warships
  Auxiliary warships
  Coastal forces
  Amphibious warfare
  Supply & Support
 By Name A to K
  L to M
  N to Z
By Date 1939-1941
By Theatre Atlantic & Arctic 1939-45
  Western Europe 1939-43
  Western Europe 1944-45
  Mediterranean, Indian & Pacific Oceans 1939-45

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