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1. ROYAL NAVY MEDAL INDEX by Name, Award, London Gazette edition


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The medal index lists name, naval rank and service, British awards in order of precedence, foreign awards in alphabetical order, mentions in despatches (MID, including vellum, noted, noticed, commended etc). It also includes mentions of naval personnel in published Navy and Army Despatches.

Merchant Navy officers and men receiving naval awards are included. Also naval-related civilians.

If there is any uncertainty about the identification of officers or men with similar names or initials, the entries are kept together, but separated by "also". As some of these differences may be transcription errors - for which my apologies - it may be necessary to check the original London Gazette entries.

More details, often limited, of each award can be found in the appropriate medal lists or London Gazette edition (see right).

To use these links more efficiently, it is recommended that the medal index pages are opened in two separate browser windows. That way, names can be found in one window, and the links followed in the second one.


Links to Medals and London Gazette Despatches for Details of Individual Awards

1. Medal Index 

Abbas to Hyslop (here) - Ibbotson to Rymer - Sabin to Zanelli

2. Medals by Award

includes Army Awards granted to Royal Navy Officers and Ratings

Albert Medal (AM) - British Empire Medal (BEM) - Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (CGM) - Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) - Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) - Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM) - Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) - Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) - Distinguished Service Order (DSO) - Edward Medal (EM) - Imperial Service Medal (ISM) - Imperial Service Order (ISO) - Indian Distinguished Service Medal (IDSM) - Mentions in Despatches (MID) - Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) - Military Cross (MC) - Military Medal (MM) - Order of the Bath (GCB, KCB, CB) - Order of the British Empire (GBE, KBE, CBE, OBE, MBE, BEM) - Order of the Indian Empire (GCIE, KCIE, CIE) - Order of Merit (OM)  - Order of the Star of India (GCSI, KCSI, CSI) - Order of St. Michael and St. George (GCMG, KCMG, CMG)  - Reserve Decoration (RD) - Royal Red Cross (RRC) - Royal Victorian Order (GCVO, KCVO, CVO, LVO, MVO) - Victoria Cross (VC) - Volunteer Reserve Decoration (VD)

3. Medals by London Gazette Editions and Dates

includes Army Awards granted to Royal Navy Officers and Ratings 

28879-29024 (August-December 1914) - 29030-29423 (January-December 1915) - 29431-29886 (January-December 1916) - 29751-29752 (September 1916, Battle of Jutland) - 29888-30159 (January-June 1917) - 30172-30451 (July-December 1917) - 30460-30755 (January-June 1918) - 30787-31099 (July-December 1918) - 31104-31425 (January-June 1919) - 31430-31713 (July-December 1919) - 31717-32137 (January-November 1920)

4. Foreign Medals and Decorations Awarded to Royal Navy

29360-30437 (November 1915-December 1917)  - 30494-32154 (January 1918-December 1920)

Foreign Awards:- Belgium - Bel, China - Chn, Czechoslovakia - Cze, Egypt - Egy, France - Fra, Greece - Grc, Hedjaz (Arabia) - Hdjz, Italy - Ita Japan - Jpn, Morocco - Mor, Portugal - Prt, Romania - Rom, Russia - Rus, Siam (Thailand), Serbia - Srb, Tunisia - Tun, USA, Zanzibar - Zan

(Army despatches include those with accounts of Naval Operations and mentions of naval personnel)

NAVAL - London Gazette editions 28861-29654 (August 1914-July 1916) - 29680-31063 (July 1916-December 1918) - 31189-31970 (January 1919-December 1920)

ARMY - London Gazette editions 28861-29604 (August 1914-May 1916) - 29623-30447 (June 1916-December 1917) - 30462-32156 (January 1918-December 1920)

with addendum on Other Branches (RNAS, Medical, Paymaster, Instructor and WRNS) and Warrant Officers







(no second name), Isaac, Dkhnd, Nigerian Marine, DSM [29736]

(no second name), Yesufu, Bosn, Nigerian Marine, DSM [29736]

ABBAS, Shaik, Surang, RIM 1938, Army [30233]

ABBAY, Ambrose T N, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31811], Navy [31856]

ABBEY, Douglas Wilson, Pay Sub-Lt, RN, MBE [31398], MID [31236]

ABBEY, George Arthur, Dkhnd, RNR, 9503DA, DSM [30153]

ABBEY, Harold James, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

ABBOTT, Bernard Edwin, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31461]

ABBOTT, Edmund Geoffrey, Lt, RN, AM [31821]

ABBOTT, Frank Gilbert, CPO, 178317, DSM [29581]

ABBOTT, Frederick Thomas, Ch Writer, 344008, MID [29886]

ABBOTT, George Faucett Pitts, Dkhnd, RNR [Trawler Section], AM [30428]

ABBOTT, Harry, CPO, 160597 (Dev), DSM [31303]

ABBOTT, Henry, Ch Sto, 280425 (Dev), MID [31060]

ABBOTT, Percy, AB, J54965 (Dev), MSM [31286]

ABBOTT, Robert Harman, Sto, K37843 (Ch), MSM [31432]

ABBOTT, Samuel Franklin, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31354]

ABBOTT, William Henry, Engmn, RN Trawler Reserve, 126ES, MID [29423]

ABBS, Herbert, PO, J979 (Ch), DSM [31182]

ABELL, George Henry, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MID [30662]

ABERCROMBIE, George Francis, Surg Probr, RNVR, MID [30807]

ABEYED, Nejim Iban Haji, Head Caulker, RIM, 9826, Army [31195]

ABIGAIL, Herbert, Skpr, RNR, 1462SA, MID [30732]

ABLETT, David, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30001]

ABLETT, Frank, 1st Eng, MN, MID [30909]

ABRAHAM, Albert Edgar, CERA 1c, 268771, DSM [29423]

ABRAHAM, George Robert, ERA 2c, M1290 (Ch), MID [30564]

ABRAHAMS, Arthur Clarence, SB Stwd 2c, 351689 (Po), DSM [30581]


ACHESON, Albert Edward, Cdr, RN, OBE [31295], CBE [31432]

ACHESON, Alexander H, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

ACHESON, Leon Stopford, Lt, RNR, DSC [29997]

ACHESON, Patrick George Edward Cavendish, Cdr, RN, DSO [29264], Fra [30363], Rus [30116]

ACKERMAN, William, Sto PO, 301992 (Dev), CGM [29752], Fra [31236]

ACKLAM, William Edward, AB, J31034 (Ch), MID [30909]

ACKLAND, C, Cdr, RN, Navy [31906]

ACKLOM, Cecil Ryther, Cdr, RN, CBE [31398]

ACKROYD, George, Warrt Tel, RNR, Fra [29751]

ACLAND, Hubert Guy Dyke, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31811]

ACTON, Fitzmaurice, Capt, RN, CMG [30451], Fra [30066], Jpn [31130]

ACWORTH, Bernard, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30363]


ADAIR-HALL, Harold Dallas, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30756], [31398]

ADAM, Adam, Dkhnd, RNR, 7457DA, DSM [30153]

ADAM, Andrew, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1645SA, DSM [30616]

ADAM, Herbert Algernon, Cdre, RN, CBE [31360], Ita [29735], Army [30196]

ADAM, J E, Lt, RM, Army [29890]

ADAM, John William, Pte, RMLI, Ply/16271, DSM [30807]

ADAM, Thomas, L/Mech, F10687, MID [30662]

ADAMS, A A, ERA, M 4079 (Dev), Army [30404]

ADAMS, Ambrose, PO, 186488 (Ch), MID [30807]

ADAMS, Arnaud, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668], Srb [29966], MID [30363], [30386]

ADAMS, Bryan Fullerton, Cdr, RN, DSO [31483], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

ADAMS, Charles E, Lt, RNR, RD [30138]

ADAMS, E, AB, RNVR, MM [31469]

ADAMS, Edward, PO 2c, 126231 (RFR Po/A1855), MID [30687]

ADAMS, Edward, Bosn, MN, MID [30900]

ADAMS, Edward Henry, PO Mech, F9467, MID [30687]

ADAMS, Edward John, Ch Writer, 344000 (Ch), MSM [31413]

ADAMS, Ernest, Pte, RMLI, Po/11958 (RFR, Po/B301), Fra [30437]

ADAMS, G, Sgt, RMLI, RMR/A/471, MSM [31198]

ADAMS, George Frederick William, Gnr, RN, MID [30564]

ADAMS, Harold Wellesley, Lt, RNVR, MID [30807]

ADAMS, Harry, Shipwt 1c, 341559 (Po), DSM [30088]

ADAMS, Henry George Homer, Capt, RN, CBE [31461], Rus [30116]

ADAMS, Jamieson Boyd, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [30732], Fra [30227], Navy [29126]

ADAMS, J L, LS, Ch/198293, Army [31152], [31385]

ADAMS, James, Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [31553]

ADAMS, John Leonard, CPO Mech 2g, F348, DSM [30258]

ADAMS, John Rodway, LS, 235273, MID [29886]

ADAMS, Percy Walter, Sto PO, 306739 (Ch), DSM [30363]

ADAMS, Philip James, Sto 1c, K8249, DSM [29581]

ADAMS, Samuel, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 750, MID [30616]

ADAMS, Thomas, Off Stwd 3c, MN, DSM [29123]

ADAMS, William, Sto 1c, K13617 (Dev), MID [30807]

ADAMS, William, Dkhnd, RNR, 889DA, MSM [31425], MID [31248]

ADAMS, William, CPO, 72582 (Po), MSM [31452]

ADAMS, William Austin, PO 1c, 122336 (RFR Ch/A895), DSM [29886]

ADAMS, William Henry, Dkhnd, RNR, 3652SD, MID [30258]

ADAMS, William John, CPO, 189087 (Dev), DSM [29886] [29997], MID [30194]

ADAMSON, Frederick Lincoln, Capt, MN, MID [30536]

ADAMSON, John Alexander, Seamn, MN, MID [30536]

ADAMSON, Thomas William, CERA 1c, 269850 (Ch), DSM [30088]

ADCOCK, Edgar Matthews Brown, Arm, 346661 (Po), Bel [29886]

ADCOCK, Frank Ezra, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [30730], [31295]

ADDENBROOKE-KENT, Harold Francis, Lt, RNR, DSC [31191], Egy [31236]

ADDERLEY, Austin Harry, Yeo Sigs, 214884 (Po), DSM [30564]

ADDICOTT, John Edward, CPO, 180883 (Dev), MID [30756]

ADDINGTON, Leonard George, Lt, RN, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

ADDIS, Edward John, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30662]

ADDISON, Albert Percy, Capt, RN, CMG [30258], Fra [30494], [31886], Ita [30227], Jpn [31038]

ADDISON, James, Skpr, RNR, 2051WSA, Srb [29966]

ADDISON, James Clark, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 9461DA, DSM [30616]

ADDISON, Joseph Chisholm, CERA, RNR, 1337EA, MID [31182]

ADDY, Ernest, Commd Arm, RN, MBE [30730], [31295]

ADDY, William, Skpr, RNR, 111WSE, DSC [30936]

ADE, Arthur James, Sto PO, K 14283 (Dev), CGM [29581], Fra [31236]

ADIE, lann Mackenzie, Lt, RNR, DSC [30159]

ADKIN, Guy Tempest, Pay Lt, RNR, MBE [31398]

ADKINS, Percy John, Air Mech 1g, RNAS, F2763, DSM [30258] [30654]

ADLEY, George Arthur, AB, J20731, MID [29581]


AGAR, Augustine Wellington Shelton, Lt, RN, VC [31516], DSO [31638], Navy [31856]

AGERSKOW, Jens Christian Walter, ERA, M1691 (Ch), MID [30408]

AGGETT, John Hembly, PO, 208873 (Dev), DSM [31604]

AGLIONBY, Charles Edward, Cdr, RN, DSO [31248], MID [30159]

AGNES, Ernest William, Lt, RNR, MID [30285]

AGNEW, Samuel Montagu, Cdr, RN, OBE [30730], [31295]


AHERN, Michael John, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

AHERN, Patrick, Ch Writer, 344014 (Dev), MSM [31461]

AHERN, William, Ch Bosn, RN, MID [30564]

AHERN, William, Lt, RN, DSC [30909]

AHMED, Wali, Driver 1c, RIM, 6666, Army [31195]


AIKMAN, David, Eng Lt, RN, MID [31553]

AIMERS, J N, Cpl, RND, S/3351, Army [29354]

AINSCOUGH, J, CPO, RNVR, TZ/1617, MM [30188]

AINSCOUGH, Richard Frederick, PO 1c, 161367 (RFR Ch/B2321), MID [30581]

AINSLIE, George Robert, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616]

AINSLIE, Henry Harvey Clement, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [30581]

AINSWORTH, Arthur Dunhill, ERA 1c, 269669 (Ch), MID [30564]

AINSWORTH, S, Sgt, RM, Depot/S/421, Army [29664]

AIREY, Harold Morris, Lt-Col, RM, CBE [31604]

AISTHORPE, Christopher, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1507SA, Ita [30581]

AISTHORPE, Horace, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 3853B, MSM [31286]

AITCHISON, Alexander, Dkhnd, RNR, 2357SD, DSM [30616]

AITCHISON, David, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2725SA, DSM [30066], Ita [30581]

AITCHISON, Robert, Engmn, RNR, 4995ES, DSM [30616]

AITKEN, A, Pte, RM S/2073, Army [31077]

AITKEN, David Hillock, Engmn, RNR, 191ES, DSM [30159]

AITKEN, James, LS, RNVR (Clyde) Z1391, MSM [31683]

AITKEN, Richard, Pte, RMLI, Ply 9868, MID [29423]

AITKEN, Robert, 3rd Eng, MN, MID [30979]

AITKEN, Robert, Ch Art Eng, RN, MID [31248]


AKEHURST, Arthur Jenner, Gnr (T), RN, MID [31748]

AKERS, Noel Charles, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31060]

AKID, John Willie Nicholas, L/Sto, K5345 (Po), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

AKRILL, John William, Gnr, RMA, 14383, MID [30807]


ALBERT Frederick Arthur George, H R H Prince, Lt, RN, Ita [30227], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

ALBURY, Frederick Arthur, Sgt, RMLI, No, Po/15753, MID [31683]

ALCOCK, Alan Bennis Fennel, Lt, RMLI, DSC [29292], Army [29251]

ALCOCK, Henry Chapman, Lt-Cdr, RN, Egy [29848]

ALCOCK, John William, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30437]

ALCORN, Charles Frederick Stuart, AB, J23415 (Dev), DSM [30635]

ALCOTT, Angus William, Elec Art 4c, M11711 (Po), MID [30687]

ALDENTON, Frank Harold, Yeo Sigs, 230198 (Ch), MID [30227]

ALDER, J, LS, RNVR, Tyneside Z/3641, MM [29953]

ALDERSON, Frank Harold, Lt, RN, MID [30936]

ALDERSON, William J S, Capt, RN, Fra [30756]

ALDERTON, Cecil Guy, Warrt Tel, RNR, MID [30153]

ALDERTON, Dudley Alfred, Air Mech 2g, F13047, DSM [30316]

ALDRED, Frederick, Ch Sto, 296182 (Po), DSM [29886], MID [29752]

ALDRED, William Robert, Dkhnd, RNR, DA4359, MID [29668]

ALDRED, W, Pte, RM Deal/3582, MM [29701]

ALDRIDGE, Arthur Joseph, Seamn, RNR, 6259A, DSM [30147]

ALDRIDGE, Henry William, Sto PO, 222882 (Po), DSM [30363]

ALEXANDER, A, AB, RNVR, TZ/5795, MM [31173]

ALEXANDER, Alfred, Skpr, RNR, 152WSA, DSC [29668]

ALEXANDER, Charles James, Lt, RNR, MID [31553]

ALEXANDER, D, Sgt, RMLC, Deal/8585 (S), Army [31435]

ALEXANDER, Frederick, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [31811]

ALEXANDER, George Hamilton, Ch Bosn, RN, MBE [31099]

ALEXANDER, George William, Skpr, RNR, 962WSA, DSC [30732]

ALEXANDER, Robert, Ch Sig Bosn, RN, Fra [30494]

ALEXANDER, Robert Love, Lt, RNR, DSO [30564], MID [30900]

ALEXANDER, Roy Leslie, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1839, DSM [30807]

ALEXANDER, Samuel, LS, 218200, MID [29799]

ALEXANDER, Thomas Arthur, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30616]

ALEXANDER, William Melville, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30285]

ALEXANDER-SINCLAIR, Edwyn Sinclair, Rear-Adm, RN, KCB [31099], CB [29608], Fra [31683], Rus [30116], USA [31683], Navy [29654], [31856], [29751]

ALFORD, Cyril Ernest Remington, Lt, RN, DSC [30756]

ALGAR, Arthur George, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 249DA, MID [30616]

ALGATE, Frederick Bernard, PO Mech, DSM [30408]

ALGER, Henry John, Skpr, RNR, 1898WSA, DSC [30616]

ALGER, Walter, PO, 162321 (Ch), DSM [29581] [30066]

ALGER, William, Dkhnd, RNR, 8321DA, DSM [30153]

ALI, Asaad, Engine-Dvr 1c, RIM 1191, Army [31386]

ALI, Mirza, Surang, RIM, C/775, Army [30233]

ALI, Sando, Seacunny, RIM, 999, Army [30867]

ALII, Arben, Serang, 8827 RIM, Army [30570]

ALII, Shaikh Moghball, Lascar, RIM, C/379, Army [30233]

ALISON, Roger Vincent, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Navy [29654], [29751]

ALLAN, Alexander Stephen, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 5192DA, DSM [31060]

ALLAN, Andrew, Ch Eng, MN, DSC [30833]

ALLAN, D N, Pte, RM, Po/935 (S), MSM [31132]

ALLAN, George, RM Gnr, RM, MID [29751]

ALLAN, H S, AB, RNVR, Clyde Z/1353, MM [30476]

ALLAN, Harry Samuel, Sub-Lt, RNR, Rus [29463]

ALLAN, J, PO, RNVR, Clyde Z/2732, MM [29953]

ALLAN, J, PO, RNVR, KX173, DCM [30450] [30636], MM [31173]

ALLAN, James Stevenson, Lt, RNR, DSC [30756]

ALLAN, John, Dkymn, MMR 942760, AM [30911]

ALLAN, John Banks, Capt, MN, DSC [30732]

ALLAN, John Campbell Hill, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

ALLAN, John Hunter, Lt, RNR, OBE [31461]

ALLAN, John Roy, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30258]

ALLAN, W, CPO, RNVR, CZ2797, MM [30172]

ALLAN, William Hare, Air Mech 1g, F21833, DSM [30662]

ALLAN, William James, Ch Skpr, RNR, 1014WSA, DSC [31286]

ALLARD, Albert Edward, L/Mech (E), F13318, MID [30662]

ALLARD, Philip, Capt, RMLI, Army [31435], OBE [31370]

ALLCOCK, Ernest Richard, Sto 1c, SS 110097 (Po), DSM [29752], Ita [30386]

ALLEN, Albert Edward, Pte, RMLI, Ply/5470 (RFR Ply/A973), DSM [30408]

ALLEN, Arthur Dennis Wigram, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30066]

ALLEN, Bertram Cowles, Pay Cdr, RN, CB [31099]

ALLEN, Charles Henry, Lt, RN, DSO [31303]

ALLEN, David, PO Tel, 238656 (Dev), MSM [31182], MID [29752]

ALLEN, E F, Writer 1c, RNVR, LZ/979, MSM [30750], Army [30072]

ALLEN, Ebenezer J, Eng Cdr, RN, Jpn [31811]

ALLEN, Edward Walter, Dkhnd, RN Trawler Reserve, 5556DA, MID [29423]

ALLEN, Frederick, L/Sig, 224988 (Dev), DSM [30687]

ALLEN, Frederick Arthur, 2nd SB Stwd, M1679 (Po), DSM [30088]

ALLEN, George Roland Gordon, Lt, RN, OBE [31553], Rus [30116]

ALLEN, George William, Yeo Sigs, 229961 (Ch), DSM [31182]

ALLEN, Henry, Sto PO, 299842 (Dev), MID [30088]

ALLEN, Herbert, Sto PO, 309891, MID [29752]

ALLEN, J, Band Cpl, RMB, 789, Army [29455]

ALLEN, James, Eng Lt, RN, OBE [31461]

ALLEN, James, Sto 1c, SS 104703 (RFR Po/B5068), BEM [31604]

ALLEN, John, Seamn, RNR, A2257, DSM [29668]

ALLEN, John, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Po/12976, MSM [32122]

ALLEN, John Cameron, Warrt Eng, RNR, MID [29751]

ALLEN, John D, Capt, RN, Navy [29087]

ALLEN, Leonard C, CERA, RAN, 8286, DSM [29374]

ALLEN, Reginald, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [29507] [30386], Navy [29507]

ALLEN, Robert, AB, 214970 (Dev), DSM [30363]

ALLEN, Thomas, Ch Sto, 282253 (Ch), Fra [30756], MID [30088]

ALLEN, W J G, AB, RNVR, TZ/2819, MM [31173]

ALLEN, Walter Edgeworth, CPO, RNVR, AA 1179, MID [30536]

ALLEN, Walter Lingen, Capt, RN, MID [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29751]

ALLEN, William, Greaser, MMR 788027, MID [30756]

ALLEN, William Ernest, Lt, RNR, MID [30153]

ALLEN, William John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2189SA, DSM [30616]

ALLENBY, Frederick Claud Hynman, Capt, RN, CBE [31432]

ALLENBY, John Norfolk, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

ALLENBY, Reginald Arthur, Rear-Adm, RN, DSO [30451], Army [30169]

ALLERTON, William, Skpr, RNTR, Navy [29076]

ALLEYNE, John Meynell, Lt, RN, Navy [30870], DSO [30870], DSC [30088], Navy [31189]

ALLGOOD, A, Gnr, RMA, 2725 (S), MSM [31132]

ALLINGHAM, George, PO 1c, 174787, MID [29680]

ALLINSON, Robert Liddle, Capt, MN, DSC [30936]

ALLISON, Charles, 2nd Writer, M11961 (Ch), MSM [31432]

ALLISON, Sidney Albert, Suptg Clerk, RMA, MSM [31553]

ALLIX, John P, Lt, RNR, MID [30153]

ALLMAN, Albert Charles, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

ALLSUP, Claud Finlinson, Cdr, RN, DSO [31236], Rus [30316], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

ALLUM, Charles, Ch Skpr, RNR, 260WSA, MID [30909]

ALLUMAN, Kumar, Serang, 2966 RIM, Army [30570]

ALLWRIGHT, Charles Robert, SB Stwd, 351201 (Ch), DSM [29886], MID [29752]

ALLY, Arben, Serang, 8895 RIM, Army [30570]

ALLY, Sahibdin Mahomed, Plater, Dkyd 1021 RIM, Army [30570]

ALLY, Shubid, Serang, 9015 RIM, Army [30570]

ALMOND, Percy James, AB, J22758, MID [29581]

ALSTON, Alfred Gilmore, Capt, RN, CMG [30111], Egy [31942]

ALSTON, Hubert George, Cdr, RN, CB [30723], MID [30153]

ALTHAM, Edward, Capt, RN, CB [31099], Fra [31360], MID [30807], [30909], [31063], Navy [29126], [29436], [31906], [31189], [31970], Army [31850]

ALTON, Francis Cooke, Pay Capt, RN, CMG [30111], KBE [31379], Army [29623], [29890], [29072]

ALTON, Francis Cooke, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31516]

ALTON, Francis Edward, AB, J4319 (Ch), MID [30363]


AMAN, Dudley Leigh, Capt, RMA, DSC [29487], Army [29453]

AMBLER, George, AB, SS 5868 (Dev), MID [30088]

AMBLER, George, CPO, RNVR (SA) 6, MSM [31638]

AMBLER, George, L/Tel, J332 (Ch), Navy [30133]

AMBLER, Percy, CERA 2c, 270583 (Dev), DSM [30564]

AMBROSE, Richard, AB, J1565 (Ch), DSM [30654]

AMEDROZ, Reginald Thornton, Cdr, RN, Fra [31248], MID [30807], Navy [29507]

AMEEN, Shaikh Ibrahim, Gnr, RIM, 9720, Army [31386]

AMERY, George, Ch Sto, 302102 (Ch), DSM [30088], Fra [30756]

AMES, H C, PO, LZ/60 RND, Army [30072]

AMEY, Henry, SB Stwd, 351090 (Dev), MSM [31461]

AMOR, Edward R, Eng Cdr, RN, Egy [31811]

AMOS, Alexander, CPO, 134342 (RFR Ch A/1970), MID [29423]

AMOS, Charles Weston, LS, 1908G8 (Ch), MSM [31354]

AMOS, J, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Po/8268, MSM [30750]

AMOS, Pierre C, Lt, RNVR, Fra [31604]


ANAKIN, George Samuel, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30900]

ANDERSON, Alexander, 3rd Eng, MN, MID [30833]

ANDERSON, Andrew, Qmr, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

ANDERSON, Arthur Robert, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

ANDERSON, Athol Lancelot, Lt, RNVR, MID [31452]

ANDERSON, Charles Oscar, Sto 1c, K9832, DSM [29752]

ANDERSON, David Murray, Capt, RN, CMG [30451], Jpn [31811], Zan [30900], Navy [29395], [30133]

ANDERSON, George, Skpr, RNR, 1736WSA, MID [30616]

ANDERSON, George Bushnell, L/Sig, J2940 (Ch), MID [30564]

ANDERSON, Harold H, Lt, RNVR, Rom [31236]

ANDERSON, Harry, Sto 1c, K15032 (Po), DSM [30654]

ANDERSON, Harry Donald Reginald, PO, 231765 (Po), MID [32122]

ANDERSON, Henry, Engmn, RNR, 2464 ES, MID [30909]

ANDERSON, Henry, Seamn, RNR, 2845A, Navy [31301]

ANDERSON, Henry James, Seamn, RNR, 4911B, Navy [31301]

ANDERSON, Herbert John, CPO, 187989 (Ch), MID [30979]

ANDERSON, Hugh Beckett, Mid, RN, DSC [29423]

ANDERSON, J G, Seamn, RNR, C 2485, Navy [31301]

ANDERSON, James, Capt, MN, MID [30616]

ANDERSON, James, AB, MN, MID [31445]

ANDERSON, James Boyd Hendry, AB, 192430 (Ch), DSM [30687]

ANDERSON, John, Lt, RNR, MID [30581]

ANDERSON, John, Seamn, RNR, 6168A, MID [30616]

ANDERSON, John, Lt, RNR, MID [31604]

ANDERSON, John Alexander, Eng Cdr, RN, MID [31413]

ANDERSON, John George, Seamn, RNR, 2485C, MID [30147]

ANDERSON, John Keiller, Engmn, RNR (Trawler Sec) 129ES, DSM [29264]

ANDERSON, John Paton, Mech, 284964 (Ch), MSM [31461]

ANDERSON, John Thomas, Seamn, MN, DSM [30437]

ANDERSON, John White, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30258]

ANDERSON, Joseph, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30936]

ANDERSON, Joseph Arthur, ERA, RNR, EG120, DSM [29255]

ANDERSON, Laurence Christopher, Seamn, RNR (Shetland) 22L, MID [30979]

ANDERSON, Lionel John Garfit, Cdr, RN, DSO [30088], Prt [31965]

ANDERSON, Magnus John, Seamn, RNR, 3936B, Navy [31301]

ANDERSON, Maxwell Hendry, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [30460], [31295], CBE [31360]

ANDERSON, Robert, AB, J6900 (Po), MID [30979]

ANDERSON, Robert John, Seamn, RNR, 3717C, Navy [31301]

ANDERSON, Sydney Francis or Frederick, L/Mech, F12676, CGM [30654], DSM [30227], MID [30437]

ANDERSON, Thomas, Engmn, RNR, 2178ES, MID [30258]

ANDERSON, Thomas, LS, RNR, 6266A, MID [30616]

ANDERSON, William, Greaser, MMR 692796, DSM [30616]

ANDERSON, William Louis, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30194]

ANDERSSON, Charles B, Capt, MN, DSC [29603]

ANDERTON, H N, Pte, RMMU, S/3771, MM [31173]

ANDREW, Albert Henry, CERA 1c, 268679 (Dev), MID [30564]

ANDREW, George Edward, Eng Cdr, RN, Navy [29087], CB [29423]

ANDREW, George Herbert, Naval Instr, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29751]

ANDREW, H, Pte, RM, Deal/4077, MM [30172]

ANDREW, James Robert, Lt, RNVR, MID [30807]

ANDREWS, Allan, W/T Op 1c, RNR, 13WTS, DSM [29603]

ANDREWS, Allan, Warrt Tel, RNR, DSC [30363], MID [29997], [30194]

ANDREWS, B G, 2nd Lt, RM, Army [30072]

ANDREWS, F J, Lt, RNVR, Army [31435]

ANDREWS, Francis Arthur Lavington, Capt, RN, CBE [30730], [31295], Fra [29502], Jpn [31811]

ANDREWS, Franklin P, Commd Shipwt, RN, Srb [30756]

ANDREWS, Frederick J, Skpr, RNR, 937WSA, Srb [29966]

ANDREWS, Frederick James, PO Tel, J1543 (Po), MSM [31182]

ANDREWS, Frederick James, Skpr, RNR, 937WSA, DSC [29668]

ANDREWS, Frederick William, LS, 230697, DSM [29736]

ANDREWS, George, Dkhnd, RNR, 1589DA, MID [30153]

ANDREWS, Henry Osmond, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31553], Grc [30654]

ANDREWS, Herbert Garnham, LS, J5147 (Po), MID [31398]

ANDREWS, James Jack, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [30159], [31638]

ANDREWS, John Edward, CPO, 181119 (Ch), MSM [31236]

ANDREWS, Matthew John, Capt, MN, MID [31130]

ANDREWS, Octavius William, Surg Capt, RN, CBE [31379], Fra [31683], Ita [30386], Navy [29507]

ANDREWS, P M, Clerk, RIM 4064, Army [30233]

ANDREWS, Robert Ernest, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616], Fra [30687]

ANDREWS, Robert Walter, CPO, 143783 (RFR Po A 3472), DSM [29123]

ANDREWS, Sidney B, Sgt, RND, Eng, Deal S/171, Fra [32074], Army [29354]

ANDREWS, William James, Trmr, RNR, 5668TS, DSM [30616]

ANDREWS, William John, AB, J761 (Dev), MID [31286]

ANGLIN, Bartholomew, PO, 213112 (Po), MID [30979]

ANGOLD, Henry F, Lt, RMA, Fra [31413], Army [30691], [31435]

ANGUS, Charles, Skpr, RNR, 390WSA, DSC [29799]

ANGUS, Frederick Livingstone, Ch Eng, Nigeria Marine, DSM [29886]

ANGUS, James Heddie, Ch Arm, 340002 (Ch), MID [30316]

ANGUS, William Brewer Atkins, Lt, RNR, MID [31303]

ANNESLEY, John Campbell, Lt, RN, DSO [30807], Fra [31413]

ANNETT, G L, Eng, RIM, 30233

ANNETTS, Samuel Frank, Sig, J24859 (Po), MSM [31182]

ANNING, James, AB, 227937 (Po), DSM [31236]

ANNING, William James, Lt, RNR, OBE [31360]

ANNIS, John Thomas, LS, 203675 (Dev), Rom [31236], MID [30147]

ANSELL, Robert John, CPO, 163267 (Po), MSM [31461]

ANSLEY, William, AB, RAN, 4084 (Melbourne), MID [30687]

ANSLEY, William Henry, PO, 197321 (Ch), MID [30088]

ANSON, Charles Eustace, Adm, RN, CB [31452]

ANSTEAD, Henry J, CPO, 179989, DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

ANSTEY, Henry Charles, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

ANSTEY, William John, Eng Rear-Adm, RN, CB [29886]

ANSTICE, John, Sto, MMR 870266, MID [30285]

ANSTRUTHER, Robert H, Rear-Adm, RN, Jpn [30258]

ANTELL, George Richard, PO, 232634 (Dev), DSM [30807], Navy [31189]

ANTHONY, Albert Ernest, Dkhnd, RNR, 579DA, DSM [30153]

ANTHONY, Ernest Frank, L/Mech, F4874, DSM [30662]

ANTHONY, Telford, Ch Arm, 342614, DSM [29423]

ANTRAM, Alfred George, PO, 223207, DSM [28948]

ANTROBUS, Thomas, Sto, RNR, 7132S, MID [30536]


APGAR, S, Foremn, RIM, Army [30233]

APLIN, Henry Faulconer, Capt, RN, MID [30029], Army [29919]

APLIN, William Henry Shields, Flt Lt, RNAS, MID [30662]

APPLEBY, John, App, MN, MID [30616]

APPLEBY, Joseph, AB, J18492 (Po), MID [31604]

APPLEBY, Tom, ERA 1c, RNR, 1182EA, MSM [31182]

APPLETON, Alfred, LS, J13010 (Dev), DSM [30564]

APPLETON, Ernest James, PO, 185802 (Ch), MID [30936]

APPLETON, W H, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [30691]

APPLETON, W I, AB, RNVR, KP530, MM [30606]

APPLETON, William Arnold, Lt, RNVR, MBE [31604]

APPLEYARD, Percy Watson, Skpr, FR 72WFS, MID [30979]

APPLEYARD, Rollo, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31445]

APPS, Frank Edward, AB, 232561 (Ch), DSM [30936]

APPS, Harry Edward, Ch Shipwt 2c, 341653 (Po), MSM [31413]

APPS, John Frederick, ERA, RNVR, CZ 1892 (Clyde), DSM [30363]


ARBLASTER, William, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MC [29898], Army [30691]

ARBUTHNOT, Ernest Kennaway, Capt, RN, DSO [30298], Ita [29966], MID [30088], [31553], Navy [30298], [28948], [30298], Army [30233]

ARBUTHNOT, Geoffrey Schornberg or Schomberg, Cdr, RN, DSO [31413], Fra [29751]

ARBUTHNOT, Robert Keith, Rear-Adm, RN, KCB [29751], CB [29608], Navy [29654]

ARCHDALE, Nicholas Edward, Capt, RN, CBE [31811]Navy [29126]

ARCHER, Alfred, Cpl Dvr, RMA, 4443 (RFR/B/512), Fra [30285]

ARCHER, Ernest Russell, Lt, RN, MID [31683]

ARCHER, Frank Croome, Lt, RNVR, MID [30807], Navy [31189]

ARCHER, Frederick John, Shipwt 2c, M1765 (Ch), DSM [30316]

ARCHER, Hugh Edward Murray, Lt-Cdr, RNR or RN, DSO [29668], MID [29423]

ARCHER, Humphrey Edward, Lt, RN, MID [30029]

ARCHER, Norman E, Lt, RN, Rus [30147]

ARCHIBALD, J D, Pte, RM, Deal/3322, MM [30172]

ARCHIBALD, William Shand, Eng Lt, RNR, DSC [30635]

ARGENT, Edmund William, Air Mech 2g, F13482, MID [30258]

ARGENT, William Charles, L/Mech, F13496, DSM [30662]

ARKLAY, George, Sto PO, 311164 (Po), MID [31191]

ARKLEY, Philip Orren, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

ARLETTE, Thomas Bruce, L/Mech, F19966, MID [30662]

ARLINGHAM, G, PO 1c, 174787, Navy [29680]

ARMITAGE, Albert A J, Ch Bosn, RN, Rus [30316]

ARMITAGE, Clifford, Ch Air Mech, RNAS, F6981, DSM [30807], MID [30662]

ARMITT, Joseph Francis, CPO Mech 1g, 343587 (Ch), DSM [30662] [30687]

ARMSTRONG, Francis Philip, Cdr, RNVR, OBE [30730], [31295]

ARMSTRONG, Fred Carr, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30408], Fra [30029]

ARMSTRONG, Frederick, Seamn, RNR, 5139A, DSM [29264]

ARMSTRONG, George Elliot, Cdr, RN, CMG [30111], Fra [30756], [31604], [31683]

ARMSTRONG, George William, Lt, RNR, MC [31745], MID [31236]

ARMSTRONG, H G B, Maj, RMLI, Army [29251]

ARMSTRONG, Henry Hubert, 2nd Off, MN, MID [30616]

ARMSTRONG, James William, ERA 1c, 270451, DSM [28948]

ARMSTRONG, John Garnet, Capt, RN, Ita [29997], MID [31553]

ARMSTRONG, Matthew, Lt, RNR, DSO [29947]

ARMSTRONG, Robert, Dkhnd, RNR, 1435SD, DSM [30386]

ARMSTRONG, St George Bewes, Lt-Col, RMLI, CB [31638], CMG [31099], Army [29664], [30474], [31138], [31383]

ARMSTRONG, Thomas C, Cdr, RN, Fra [30756]

ARMSTRONG, William, Ch Sto, 293113 (Ch), MID [31182]

ARNAUD, John Macaulay, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31483]

ARNOLD, Albert Edward, Engmn, RNR, 3244ES, DSM [30635]

ARNOLD, Alfred Charles Philip, AB, 152157, DSM [29123]

ARNOLD, Anthony Rex, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30654]

ARNOLD, Benjamin, OS, RNVR (Tyneside) Z10382, DSM [30756]

ARNOLD, Charles Henry, PO, 236201 (Po), MID [30807]

ARNOLD, Charles William, Ch Sto, 282802 (Ch), MID [30227]

ARNOLD, George Henry, Ch Writer, 346728 (Ch), MID [31421]

ARNOLD, Harwood James, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, Navy [29395], DSO [29395]

ARNOLD, Henry, Ch Arm, 340240 (Ch), Fra [30494]

ARNOLD, Horace John, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30813] [31119]

ARNOLD, James Henry, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30147]

ARNOLD, Joe, Ch Engmn, RNR, 57ES, DSM [31060]

ARNOLD, Joseph Thomas, AB, J29660 (Ch), DSM [30687]

ARNOLD, Joseph Wood, L/Sig, 223727, DSM [29581]

ARNOLD, Samuel, LS, J11426 (Ch), DSM [31811]

ARNOLD, Stephen Alfred John, Shipwt 1c, 345415 (Ch), MID [31303]

ARNOLD, Tom, Sto/CPO (RND), Ch/SS /105803 (RFR/B/8985), DSM [29736], Army [29664]

ARNOLD, W G, Pte, RM, Ch/17903, MM [31338]

ARNOLD, William Arthur, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/10498, DSM [30654]

ARNOLD-CONSTABLE, George, PO 1c, L8855, MID [30662]

ARNOLD-FORSTER, Forster Delafield, Capt, RN, CMG [30723], Ita [29698], [30386]

ARNOT, Reginald G, Mid, RNR, Navy [29654]

ARROWSMITH, Ernest Southey, Capt, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

ARROWSMITH, Francis George, PO, 189590 (Po), MSM [31421]

ARTHUR, Alexander Rose, Ch Eng, MN, DSC [30066]

ARTHUR, Edward, PO, RNR, 2277C, DSM [30088]

ARTHUR, Geoffrey James, Snr Res Attdt, M16819 (Ch), MID [30807]

ARTHUR, Malcolm, Sig, RNVR (Clyde) 4465, DSM [30635]

ARTHURS, Frank William, LS, RNVR (Bristol), Z825, MID [30833]

ARTHURSON, John Lawrence, LS, RNR, B/3673, DSM [30147], Navy [31301]

ARTIS, N, Pte, RMLI, Po/17741, MM [30830]

ARVOY, Bert, CPO Mech 3g, F672, DSM [30066]


ASCUITH, Norrisson, L/Tel, J24820 (Po), DSM [30564]

ASH, Thomas David, Ch Yeo Sigs, 124245 (RFR Dev A/1784), MID [29581]

ASH, William Roland, Gnr, RMA, 959 (S), DSM [31182]

ASHBY, C, CPO, RNVR, CZ/830, MM [30797]

ASHBY, Henry John May, Mid, RN, MID [29423]

ASHCROFT, Edgar, Purser, MN, MID [31286]

ASHDOWN, Alfred Dunford, LS, 201935 (RFR Po/B4812), MID [30756]

ASHDOWN, Edward, PO Tel, 218097, MID [29752]

ASHFIELD, Joseph Richard, PO, 227875 (Dev), DSM [29886]

ASHFORD, R W, LS, 235662 (Dev), Army [30421]

ASHLEY, John, Lt, RNVR, Army [29354]

ASHLEY, William Herbert, Elec Art 4c, M13768 (Ch), DSM [30687]

ASHMORE, Edwin, LS, 220923 (Ch), MID [31191]

ASHMORE, Samuel Francis, LS, RNR, 3487TS, DSM [31811]

ASHTON, Fred, Ch Sto, 146608 (Po), MID [31398]

ASHTON, J F J, Sgt-Maj, RM, Deal/1858 (S), MSM [31370]

ASHTON, James, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30909], MID [30285]

ASHTON, John Crother, CPO, 157639 (Po), DSM [30061]

ASHTON, John George, CERA 1c, 268623, DSM [29752]

ASHTON, Joseph Arthur, CERA 2c, M1183 (Dev), MSM [31425]

ASHTON, Reginald William Alexander, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31461]

ASHTON, William Richard, Staff Pay, RNR, DSO [30581], DSC [29997] [30088] [30363]

ASKER, Frederick, Art Eng, RN, MID [30635]

ASKEW, John Alfred, L/Mech, F28288, MID [30662]

ASKHAM, John Robert, LS, 182602 (RFR Ch/B6288), DSM [30153]

ASLETT, Edmund Charles, AB, 236458, DSM [29423]

ASPILL, Frederick, Jnr Off, MMR, MID [31811]

ASPINALL, Alfred Edwin, Engmn, RNR, 179ES, MID [31638]

ASQUITH, Arthur Melland, Cdr, RNVR, DSO [30023] [30188] [30482], Fra [32074], Army [29354], [30072], [30421], [30691]

ASQUITH, Claude, Lt, RNR, DSC [30936]

ASTBURY, George Gillen, Lt, RNR, DSC [30437]

ASTLEY-RUSHTON, Edward, Capt, RN, CMG [31413]


ATHERTON, John H, Shipwt 1c, 345921 (Dev), Ita [30386]

ATHERTON, W, AB, RNVR, TZ/3459, MM [30797]

ATKIN, George, Trmr, RNR, 3483TS, MID [30285]

ATKINS, Charles Jesse, Cpl, RMA, 7408, MSM [31461]

ATKINS, F, PO, RNVR, KP/236, MM [30172], Army [30691]

ATKINS, H, Pte, RMLI, Ply/16971, Army [29354]

ATKINS, Henry Hammond Trevan, LS, 168393 (RFR Dev/B4213), DSM [30088]

ATKINS, Henry Thomas, PO Tel, J1188 (Ch), MSM [31461]

ATKINS, Percy Shadforth, Lt, RNR, DSC [31236]

ATKINS, Squire Albert, MAA, 160833 (Po), MSM [31413]

ATKINSON, Arthur, ERA, RNR, 1854EA, MID [29423]

ATKINSON, Charles Henry Fairbank, Surg Lt, RNVR, OBE [31516]

ATKINSON, Edward Leicester, Surg or Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30756], AM [31348]

ATKINSON, Felton, Lt, RNVR, MID [30662]

ATKINSON, George, LS, J14020 (Ch), DSM [30833]

ATKINSON, Harold Gordon, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31099]

ATKINSON, Herbert, Pte, RMLI, Ch/20316, Fra [30756]

ATKINSON, Herbert John, LS, 237415, DSM [29374]

ATKINSON, John, AB, SS 7290 (Po), MID [31060]

ATKINSON, Kathleen Minnie, Nursing Sister, QARNNS, RRC [29870]

ATKINSON, T G, Lt, RMA, Army [30421]

ATKINSON, Thomas, ERA 3c, M16894 (Po), Rom [31236], MID [30732]

ATKINSON, William, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099]

ATTERBURY, Frederick Walter, Lt, RNVR, MID [31604]

ATTERBY, William, AB, 235767, MID [29581]

ATTRILL, George W, L/Sto, P/218869, DSM [29292]

ATTRYDE, George Henry John, Pte, RMLI, Ply 14839 (RFR Ply/B973), MID [30363], [30386]

ATTWOOD, A A, Sgt, RMA, 11422, MSM [30750]

ATTWOOD, Douglas Ramsden, Lt, RNR, DSC [30536]

ATTWOOD, James, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB1915, CGM [30807], Fra [30870]

ATTWOOD, William Alfred, CPO, 170923 (Po), DSM [30687], MID [29752]

ATWOOD, Arthur Francis Lysons, Cdr, RN, OBE [31876]


AUCKLAND, Walter Charles, CPO, 179332 (Ch), DSM [30909]

AULD, A W F, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [31435]

AULDJO-JAMIESON, E A O, Flt Lt, RNAS, Army [29664]

AUSTEN, Thomas, Fleet Surg, RN, Fra [29751], Rus [30116]

AUSTEN, William Charles, AB, 194423, DSM [29799], MID [29680]

AUSTIN, Albert, PO, 211095 (Po), MID [30363]

AUSTIN, Arthur, Art Eng, RN, MBE [31461]

AUSTIN, Francis Murray, Cdr, RN, Navy [29507]

AUSTIN, Frederick, CPO, 187728 (Po), MID [31638]

AUSTIN, George Ernest, Sto PO, 305759 (Po), DSM [30564]

AUSTIN, Harry Francis, CERA 2c, 269993 (Ch), DSM [30564]

AUSTIN, James William, Skpr, RNR, 1413WSA, MID [30159]

AUSTIN, Walter, Warrt Wardmaster, RN, MBE [31262]

AUSTIN, Walter Alexander, Ch Gnr (T), RN, MBE [31421], Fra [30687]

AUSTIN, William, AB, 194423, Navy [29680]

AUSTIN, William Sidney, Yeo Sigs, 204967 (RFR Ch/B10156), MID [30029]

AUTEN, Harold, Lt, RNR, VC [30900] [31021], DSC [30616]


AVELING, T C, Lt-Col, RM, Army [29890]

AVENELL, Charles Edward, L/Sig, J3506 (Ch), MSM [31286]

AVENELL, George Thomas, L/Sto, 281263 (RFR Ch/B4828), MID [30635]

AVERN, William, Lt, RNR, DSC [30316]

AVERY, Frederick William, L/Mech (E), F3209, MID [30316]

AVERY, George C, Naval Instr, RN, Fra [30494]

AVERY, H M, Mech, RMA, 597 (S), Army [29890]

AVERY, Innis Magnay Delane, L/Sig, 202786 (RFR Ch/B139439), DSM [31236]

AVERY, Samuel, PO, 236216 (Dev), DSM [30285], Fra [29751]

AVERY, William Edward, LS, J20414 (Ch), MID [31191]


AXFORD, Walter Godfrey, Surg Capt, RN, CB [31099]

AXTELL, E, AB, 206939 (RFR Po/B6723), Army [29623]

AXTENS, Frank William, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [30363], [30386]

AXWORTHY, William Robert, LS, 236895, DSM [29487]


AYER, Arthur, LS, 184080 (RFR Ch/B3776), DSM [30756]

AYERS, Alan, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30833]

AYERS, Noah, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2031SA, MID [30159]

AYES, Harry, PO (W/T), F422, MID [30654]

AYLAND, George, 2nd Eng, MN, MID [30616]

AYLEN, Clarence Edward Henry, Lt, RNR, RD [29041]

AYLING, Harry Frank, Sto PO, 295749 (Po), MID [30833]

AYLING, William, Art Eng, RN, MBE [31461], Grc [31413]

AYLING, William John, AB, J2428 (Ch), MID [31638]

AYLMER, Edward Arthur, Lt, RN, DSC [30147]

AYLMER, Henry E F, Capt, RN, Rus [30116], USA [31683]

AYLWIN, Leonard, AB, 217981 (Po), DSM [30564]

AYRE, Leslie Charles Edward, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31398]

AYRE, W B, CPO, 171045 (Ch), DSM [30298], Navy [30298]

AYRES, Alfred William, CPO Mech, F9322, DSM [30662]

AYRES, Arthur H, Lt, RNR, RD [30747]

AYRES, W R, CPO, 171045 (Ch), Army [30233]


AZLEY, Thomas B, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [29886]






BAAS-THOMSON, Leslie D, Lt, RNVR, Srb [30536]

BABA, Shaikh Bawa, Master Surang, RIM 4170A, Army [30233]

BABA, Shaikh Mohammed or Mohamed, Surang or Serang, 1929 RIM, Army [30233], [30570]

BABB, Dudley A, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30807], Navy [31189]

BABB, Herbert, CPO Tel, 202555 (Ch), MSM [31413]

BABINGTON, Hugh, Lt, RN, DSC [31748], Navy [31906]

BABINGTON, John Tremayne, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSO [29024], Navy [29025]

BACCHUS, Roy, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29507], Navy [29264], [29507]

BACH, J, Bty Sgt Maj, RMA, 8237, Army [29933]

BACK, Francis Leonard, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31683], Fra [30870], MID [31604], Navy [31906]

BACK, Frederick, CPO, 147835 (Dev), DSM [31060]

BACK, Reginald S, Pay, RNR, RD [30472]

BACKER, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1840SD, MSM [31286]

BACKHOUSE, Charles L, Cdr, RN, Fra [31248]

BACKHOUSE, Oliver, Capt, RN, CB [29358], Fra [30227], [30363], Ita [30386], MID [29751], Navy [29751], [28996], Army [29251], [29354]

BACKHOUSE, Roger Roland Charles, Capt, RN, CMG [30111]

BACON, Charles Frederick, Gnr, RN, MID [29434]

BACON, David William, CPO, 202351 (Po), MID [31604]

BACON, James, PO Tel, 239394 (Ch), DSM [30564]

BACON, Reginald Hugh Spencer,, Adm, RN, KCB [29423], KCVO [29711], Bel [29818], [30029], Fra [29751], USA [31683], Navy [29436], [29680]

BACON, Sidney Kenrick, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [29255], RD [29679]

BACON, Thomas Abraham, CERA 1c, 268208, MID [29752]

BACON, William, LS, 219887 (Po), DSM [30635]

BADCOCK, Kenneth Edgar, Pay Cdr, RN, DSO [31413], DSC [30285], MID [30147], Navy [28948]

BADE, A M, Coy Sgt-Maj, RMLI, Ch/13998, MSM [31370]

BADGER, Charles, Sto 1c, SS 115676 (Ch), MID [30687]

BADGER, Harold Gordon, Pay Lt, RN, DSC [31452], Navy [29395], [30133]

BAGER, Robert William, L/Mech, F2176, DSM [30363]

BAGGE, H, Pte, RMLC, Deal/8594 (S), Army [31077]

BAGGE, H J, CPO, F/993, MID [30775]

BAGLEE, Joseph William, PO Mech, F142, DSM [31191]

BAGLEY, Sidney Albert, Mid, RNR, MID [29530]

BAGLIN, Francis William, Stoker PO, 170880, Fra [29751], MID [29752]

BAGNALL, Bertram Arthur, CPO Mech 3g, F345, MID [30662]

BAGNALL, Reginald Douglas, Pay Sub-Lt, RNVR, MBE [31483]

BAGOT, Arthur Gerald, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30807], AM [30852], Navy [30870]

BAGOT, Walter Theodore, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31176]

BAGULEY, Joseph William, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [29373]

BAILEY, Albert Victor, Sto PO, K6117 [Dev], AM [31879]

BAILEY, Alfred, Ch Art Eng, RN, MID [30909]

BAILEY, Arthur Hubert, Gnr, RN, MBE [31461]

BAILEY, Arthur Samuel, CPO, 17909 (Po), MID [30159]

BAILEY, C, AB, RNVR, R/2178, MM [31338]

BAILEY, Charles Edward, PO, 209450 (Ch), MID [30833]

BAILEY, George, PO 1c, 121035 (RFR Po/A1330), MID [30936]

BAILEY, Harry, Ch Skpr, RNR, 1394WSA, MID [31060]

BAILEY, Herbert, Sto PO, 293817 (Ch), MID [30408]

BAILEY, Herbert, PO, 198831 (Ch), DSM [31413], Fra [30756]

BAILEY, John Frederick, AB, J3979 (Ch), DSM [30564]

BAILEY, John Henry, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/12237, MID [30807]

BAILEY, Lionel Mundy, Flt Lt, RNAS, MID [30662]

BAILEY, Robert Townly, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

BAILEY, Roger, Sto 1c, 111004 (Po), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

BAILEY, Sidney Robert, Cdr, RN, DSO [31274]

BAILEY, Thomas Eynon, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 103SA, DSM [30159]

BAILEY, Thomas James, PO 1c, 140715 (RFR Po/A3388), MID [30029]

BAILEY, Thomas William, LS, J24566 (Ch), MSM [31248]

BAILLIE-GROHMAN, Harold Tom, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31748]

BAILY, Samuel Lucas, CPO, 179142, MID [29752]

BAIN, Donald, Seamn, RNR, 2178A, MID [30616]

BAIN, James, Dkhnd, RNR, 11891DA, MID [31354]

BAIN, William, AB, 137661 (Po), Ita [30386]

BAIN, William, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [31354]

BAIN, William, Sto PO, 303822 (Po), MSM [31683]

BAINBRIDGE, John, L/Trmr, RNR, 1311ST, DSM [29581]

BAIRD, George Henry, Capt, RN, CB [30451], Fra [31360], Jpn [31499], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BAIRD, Horace, Staff Pay, RN, Rus [30116]

BAIRD, J, Pte, RMLI, Ply/17493, MM [30172]

BAIRD, Nowell, Pay Lt, RN, MID [31413]

BAIRNSFATHER, George Edward, Capt, RN, CBE [30730], CBE [31295]

BAIRNSON, John, Seamn, RNR, 506L, MID [30194]

BAKER, A H, Eng Lt-Cdr, RIM, Army [30233], [30570], [31195]

BAKER, Albert, Ch Sto, 276916 (Dev), MID [30564]

BAKER, Albert Edward, PO Tel, J2103 (Ch), DSM [29581], MID [30687]

BAKER, Albert Edward, AB, J27967 (Ch), DSM [30687]

BAKER, Alfred, CPO, 167742 (Ch), DSM [30159]

BAKER, Alfred Douglas, Capt, MN, MID [31038]

BAKER, Arthur Bannatyne Arnold, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30687]

BAKER, C T, AB, RNVR, LZ1241, MM [30001]

BAKER, C W G, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Po/7718, Army [29354]

BAKER, Charles Robert, Skpr, RNR, 1627WSA, MID [30909]

BAKER, Ernest F, AB, CJ10830, DSM [29292]

BAKER, Ernest F, Eng Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

BAKER, F, AB, RNVR, KP511, MM [30023]

BAKER, F, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [29354]

BAKER, Frank, Motor Dvr, RMA, 622(S), DSM [29487], Army [29453]

BAKER, Francis W, AB, 203568 (Po), Rom [31236]

BAKER, Frank, Engmn, RNR, 2864ES, MID [31354]

BAKER, Frank Adam Conyers, Lt, RN, MID [31060]

BAKER, Frank Edward, Dkhnd, RNR, 15180DA, MID [30616]

BAKER, Frederick, OS, J43073, MID [29752]

BAKER, Frederick John, Ch Art Eng, RN, MID [30285]

BAKER, Frederick John, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31553]

BAKER, Frederick John, Ch Art Eng, RN, DSC [31182]

BAKER, Frederick Robert, Skpr, RNR, 1210 WSA, MID [30194]

BAKER, George, CPO, 174322 (Ch), DSM [30833], MID [29799]

BAKER, George Frederick, PO 1c, 209408 (RFR Ch/B4560), MSM [31248]

BAKER, George William, Sgt, RM, Deal/1512 (S), MSM [31683]

BAKER, Gordon St George Wildman, Lt, RNR, OBE [31452]

BAKER, Harry, ERA 1c, 271447 (Dev), DSM [30807]

BAKER, Harry, Jnr Off, MMR, MID [31811]

BAKER, Henry, Eng Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [30654]

BAKER, James, Driver, RMA, 528(S), MID [31182]

BAKER, James Edward, CPO, 188148 (Po), MID [31060]

BAKER, James Oliver, Coy Sgt-Maj, RMLI, Ch/3608 (RMR Ch/A386), MID [31452]

BAKER, M B, Pay, RNR, Army [30691]

BAKER, Norman, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

BAKER, Samuel, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [30386]

BAKER, Samuel R, Eng Lt, RN, Ita [30581]

BAKER, Samuel Robert, Eng Lt, RN, MID [30147]

BAKER, Sidney Croft, Lt, RNVR, MID [31248]

BAKER, Stanley Francis Wade, AB, 203658 (Po), MID [30066]

BAKER, Thomas, PO 1c, 129752 (RFR Dev/A2721), MID [31060]

BAKER, Thomas Y, Naval Instr, RN, Fra [30494]

BAKER, William, Air Mech 1g, F11681, MID [30662]

BAKER, William Henry, PO, 163292 (Po), DSM [30029]

BAKER, William Henry, Capt, MN, MID [30285]

BAKER, William Henry, PO 1c, 121004 (Po), MID [30909]

BAKER, William John, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/16101, MID [30807]

BAKER, William Joseph, L/Mech, F5926, MID [30316]

BAKER, William Spencer, Sig, J24939, MID [29581]

BALA, Bhiku, Ch Serang of Lascars, RIM, MID [30909]

BALA, Shaikh Kancho or Kanchu, Gnr or Serang, RIM 382, Army [30233], [30570]

BALCOMBE, Archer William, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/E/15620, MID [29752]

BALD, Gordon Reinhold, Cdr, RN, MID [31461]

BALDRY, Herbert, Engmn, RNR, 4693ES, DSM [30909]

BALDRY, James Allen, LS, RNR, 6381A, DSM [30153]

BALDWIN, A, AB, RNVR, KW424, MM [30001]

BALDWIN, Frederick A, Lt, RNVR, Ita [30227]

BALDWIN, H F, AB, RNVR, L/Z 2333, DCM [30188]

BALDWIN, Harry, PO, 209390 (Ch), DSM [30564]

BALDWIN, Henry William, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1758, MID [31286]

BALDWIN, Robert John, Trmr, RNR, 291401TS, MID [31354]

BALDWIN, Walter David, AB, J1906, MID [29581]

BALDWIN, William Cyril, CPO, 193085 (Po), DSM [30909]

BALE, Ernest Charles, Ship Cpl 1c, 194464 (Ch), MID [30408]

BALE, George William, CPO, 162587 (Dev), MID [31303]

BALFOUR, A E, Capt, RM, Army [30421]

BALFOUR, Alfred Stevenson, Capt, RIM, OBE [31114]

BALFOUR, Walter, Seamn, RNR, 1317D, DSM [30616]

BALKWILL, Thomas Frank, Lt, RNR, MID [30756]

BALL, C C, CPO, RNVR, F528, Army [29422]

BALL, E, CPO, 179150, Army [29200]

BALL, Harry, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31398]

BALL, J D, LS, RNVR, TZ7184, MM [30001]

BALL, John, Sto 1c, SS 106195, DSM [29292]

BALL, Sidney Ernest, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30285]

BALL, Thomas Henry, Mech, 283840 (Ch), MID [30635]

BALL, William Thomas, AB, SS 2083 (RFR, Ch/B 8965), DSM [30227], Ita [30581]

BALLANTINE, W H D C B, Lt, RNVR, Army [29664]

BALLANTYNE, Reginald James, ERA 2c, 271887 (Po), DSM [30386]

BALLARD, Casper B, Capt, RN, Fra [30756]

BALLARD, George A, Vice-Adm, RN, Fra [30756], Ita [31604], Jpn [31811]

BALLARD, George A, Vice-Adm, RN

BALLARD, George Norman, Cdr, RN, CBE [31425]

BALLARD, James, Skpr, RNR, 1099WSA, DSC [30386]

BALLARD, John, Ch Skpr, RNR, 7WSA, DSC [30635]

BALLEINE, Archibald, Capt, MN, MID [30363]

BALLS, Charles, LS, 228520, DSM [29264]

BALLS, Harry Barber, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 803DA, DSM [31248]

BALLS, Stephen, Trmr, RNR, 1561TS, DSM [30635], MID [29886]

BALLS, W, PO, RNVR Tyne Z1278, Army [29664]

BALLS, Wilfred Stephen, AB, 213815 (Po), MID [30194]

BALLS, William Urban, CPO, 182406 (Ch), MSM [31461]

BALSDON, James, PO, 236756 (Dev), DSM [30088]

BALSOM, Arthur William, Pte, RMLI, (RMR Ch/B309), MSM [31432]

BALSON, Albert, PO, 211943 (Po), DSM [29264], MID [31499], Navy [29264]

BAMBER, Herbert Ralph Munro, Pay Lt, RN, MID [31483]

BAMBER, J B, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/380, MM [30540]

BAMBER, Wyndham Lerrier, Cdr, RN, CBE [31421]

BAMBERG, Jack, SBA, M38 (Ch), MID [30833]

BAMBRICK, Arthur, CPO, 175133 (Po), Fra [30756], MID [30909]

BAMBRIDGE, Herbert Kerrison, AB, J3947 (Ch), DSM [30807]

BAMFORD, Cyril Assafrey, Mid, RNR, DSC [29530]

BAMFORD, Edward, Capt, RMLI, VC [30807], DSO [29751], Fra [31360], Rus [30116], MID [30807], Navy [29751], [31189]

BAMFORD, Edward, Snr W/T Op, MN, MID [30936]

BAMFORD, Edwin Percy, 2nd Eng, MN, MID [31130]

BAMFORD, Francis G H, Boy 1c, J26598, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

BAMFORD, S J, AB, RNVR, LZ658, MM [30001]

BAMSEY, Walter, LS, 179421, MID [29799]

BANBURY, Fred Everest, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30654]

BANBURY, Frederick A F, Pay Cdr, RN, Jpn [31811]

BANGOR, M R C, Lt-Col, RM, Army [29354]

BANKART, Arthur Reginald, Fleet Surg, RN, MID [29751]

BANKHEAD, J W, PO, RNVR, TZ/425, MM [31338]

BANKS, A J, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ply 4594, DCM [29921]

BANKS, Arthur George, SB Stwd, 357129, MID [31604]

BANKS, Arthur Rowland, Lt, RN, DSC [30316]

BANKS, Edward John, Sgt, RMLI, Po/10598, Rom [31236], MID [30029]

BANKS, F H, L/Sig, 229772, Navy [29436]

BANKS, Francis Herbert, L/Sig, 229772, DSM [29436]

BANKS, Francis Rodwell, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31638]

BANKS, G A, AB, RNVR, LZ/1771, MSM [31370]

BANKS, Harry, Arm Crew, M15307 (Dev), MID [30900]

BANKS, Walter O, SBA, M4365 (Dev), Fra [30756]

BANKS, William George, LS, 195883 (RFR Ch B/6774), MID [29581]

BANNATYNE, Archibald Brown, Lt, RNR, OBE [31445], Ita [30616]

BANNERMAN, Bertrand, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30363]

BANNERMAN, George, Engmn, RNR, 2075ES, MSM [31248]

BANNERMAN, Thomas Ross, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

BANNISTER, Arthur, SRA (SBA?), M16020 (Dev), Fra [31354]

BANNISTER, George, Sto PO, 300989 (Po), DSM [30029]

BANNISTER, H, AB, RNVR, CZ/4435, MM [30585]

BARAGWANATH, Edward, Trmr, RNR, 5038TS, MID [31060]

BARBER, A, AB, RNVR, R181, MM [30172]

BARBER, Albert, Gnr (T), RN, MID [30687]

BARBER, Arthur, Dkhnd, RNR, 8163DA, MID [30194]

BARBER, Arthur W, Cdr, RNR, Rom [31236]; also BARBER, Arthur William, Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [30909]

BARBER, Cecil, ERA 3c, M10896 (Dev), MSM [31483]

BARBER, Charles, Trmr, RNR, 1879TS, MID [31248]

BARBER, Fred, PO, 234028 (Po), Fra [30437], MID [29752]

BARBER, Frederick Charles, LS, 195903 (Po), MID [30363]

BARBER, Harry, CPO, 165446, DSM [29680], Navy [29680]

BARBER, James Henry, Eng Cdr, RN, MID [30756]

BARBER, John C, Ch Carp, RN, Rus [30316]

BARBER, Leonard William, Lt, RNVR, MC [30450]

BARBER, Richard, Dkhnd, RNR, 10171DA, DSM [30227], Fra [30756]

BARBER, Thomas Robert, Air Mech 1g, F3771, DSM [30386]

BARBER, William Edward Belson, PO, 162511 (Ch), MID [30564]

BARCLAY, David, Tel, RNVR (Clyde), Z/5504, Grc [31876]

BARCLAY, Ivan Curror Christie, Surg Probr, RNVR, MID [30833]

BARCLAY, Peter, Trmr, RNR, TS4033, MID [29668]

BARCLAY, Warren, Lt, RNVR, MC [30482]

BARCLAY, William Edmund Brian, Lt, RNVR, MC [30023]

BARCROFT, Penrose Leicester, Lt, RN, MID [31398]

BARDSLEY, Harry, Pte, RM, Deal/4049 S ), Bel [30900]

BARFF, Arthur Douglas, Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

BARFOOT, Earnest, AB, 224303 (Po), Srb [31354]

BARFORD, Sidney William, Lce-Cpl, Po/11246 (RFR/B715), DSM [31038]

BARGE, William Robert, L/Sig, RNVR (Sussex) 2/222, DSM [30635]

BARHAM, Charles George Bremer, AB, J9079, DSM [29886]

BARHAM, Frederick Charles, CPO, 187668 (Ch), MSM [31811]

BARING, Oliver, Lt, RNVR, Ita [31683], Mor [30833]

BARKER, A, AB, RNVR, TZ993, MM [30172]

BARKER, A E, Pte, RMLI, Po/402, MM [30507]

BARKER, Aaron, PO 1c, 192342 (RFR Ch/B5463), DSM [31248], Fra [30437], MID [29886]

BARKER, Albert, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31445]

BARKER, Arthur Gladstone, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30555]

BARKER, Arthur Thomas, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30285]

BARKER, C R, PO, RNVR, London Z/337, Army [29455]

BARKER, Cecil, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [31413]

BARKER, Edward Robert, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30227]

BARKER, Frank Augustine, OS, J25537, MID [29581]

BARKER, H A, Motormn II, MMR 999383, MM [31875]

BARKER, Harry Pindar, Ch Off, MN, DSC [30616]

BARKER, Richard William, Skpr, RNR, 725WSA, DSC [30536]

BARKER, Robert, Sto 1c, 297161 (Po), MID [30564]

BARKER, Robert, Skpr, RNR, 843WSA, DSC [30159]

BARKER, Robert W, AB, RFR/Ch/B9187, DSM [29292]

BARKER, Rowland Robinson, Capt, MN, DSC [30386 and Bar]

BARKER, Rupert, ERA 2c, M1292 (Ch), MSM [31236]

BARKER, Simon Henry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, SA888, DSM [29668]

BARKER, T E, Cpl, RM, Deal/3664 (6), Army [31435]

BARKER, William Robert, Dkhnd, RNR, 1298DA, MID [30909]

BARLING, Frederick William, Shipwt 1c, 346067 (Ch), MSM [31811]

BARLING, George R, Lt, RNR, Fra [31886], Ita [30616]; also BARLING, George Reuben, Lt, RNR, MID [30258]

BARLOW, Andrew, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [29603]

BARLOW, Charles Edward, ERA 3c, M4609 (Po), MID [30909]

BARLOW, Edwin, Ch Skpr, RNR, 78WSA, DSC [30635]

BARLOW, Harry C, Sgt, RMA, 5729, Fra [30408]

BARLOW, Harry Clement, Sgt, RMA, 5729, MID [29752]

BARLOW, Herbert, Dkhnd, RNR, 14435DA, MID [30807]

BARNABY, William Charles, CPO, 167729 (Po), Ita [30386], MID [30029]

BARNARD, Aubrey Herbert, L/Tel, J7508 (Ch), MID [31060]

BARNARD, Cecil Harmer, O/Tel, RNVR (Tyne) Z7619, DSM [30194]

BARNARD, Thomas, Yeo Sigs, 230365 (Po), MID [30088], [31063]

BARNATO, Isaac Henry Woolf, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [29635]

BARNBY, Arthur G, Maj, RMLI, (Sqdn Cdr RNAS), Grc [30654]

BARNE, Michael, Cdr, RN, DSO [31286], MID [29264], [30194], [30654]

BARNES, Alfred Henry, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

BARNES, Alfred John, CPO, 162396 (Ch), MID [31248]

BARNES, Arthur Hector, CERA 2c, 269945 (Ch), MID [30363]

BARNES, Charles Wilfred, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 467SA, DSM [30153]

BARNES, Frances Elizabeth, Nurse, Nursing Services, RRC [31331]

BARNES, Frederick George, PO 1c, 209085, MID [29264], [29581], Navy [29264]

BARNES, Frederick George, CPO, 179498 (Ch), DSM [30363]

BARNES, Frederick William, Skpr, RNR, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

BARNES, George Edward, Maj, RMA, CBE [31379]

BARNES, George Edwin Olaf, Lt, RN, OBE [31413]

BARNES, George Frederick, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 992DA, MID [30029]

BARNES, George Miller, Dkhnd, RNR, 17056DA, DSM [30581]

BARNES, George William, Yeo Sigs, 211179 (Dev), DSM [31604]

BARNES, Goodwin Howard Thomas, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30662]

BARNES, Horace Nowell, Mate, RN, DSC [31811]

BARNES, John, Ch Gnr, RN, MBE [31452]

BARNES, Richard Stewart, Mechn, 278357, MID [31286]

BARNES, Sidney U, Gnr, RN, Bel [31130]

BARNES, W T, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [31435]

BARNETT, Francis John, CERA 1c, 269174 (Dev), MSM [31461]

BARNETT, Frederick, AB, J22583, MID [29752]

BARNETT, Leonard, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

BARNETT, Walter, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31119]

BARNFATHER, W, AB, RNVR, TZ4281, MM [30188]

BARNISH, Geoffrey Howard, Lt, RNR, DSO [30900]

BARNLEY, Harry, CPO, 184347 (Po), Bel [29886], MID [31063]

BARNSLEY, J G, Gnr, RIM, Army [30570]; also BARNSLEY, John G, WO, RIM, MBE [32137]

BARON, William V, PO, 236247 (Dev), Fra [30494]

BARONS, Edward L, AB, J7775, DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

BARR, Edwin Harold, Capt, RMA, DSO [29423], Army [29422]

BARR, James, Cdr, RNR, CB [29024]

BARR, James Smith, Ch Off, MN, MID [29877]

BARR, Matthew, Sto, RNR, 4386S, DSM [30227]

BARRACLOUGH, Frank, Pte, RMLI, Ch/17210, MID [31638]

BARRADELL, Lancelot Harris, Sub-Lt, RNR, Fra [29751]

BARRAN, J, Cpl, RMMU, Deal/S/3252, MM [29953], Army [29251]

BARRAS, J H, PO, RNVR, TZ/640, MM [31173]

BARRASS, Edward Charlton, Sub Lt, RNVR, MC [31119]

BARRATT, James Walter, CPO, 112679 (Po), DSM [30088]

BARRATT, Oliver William, Ch Sto, 283930, DSM [29752]

BARRATT, Seth, PO, 217841, DSM [29581]

BARREN, Charles Daniel, ERA 2c, 270906 (Ch), MID [30687]

BARREN, David James, SB Stwd, MMR 989038, MID [31683]

BARREN, John Ouchterlony, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29751]

BARREN, Richard, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 9156DA, DSM [30088]

BARRETT, Alfred, Sto 1c, SS 100096 (RFR Dev B/2347), MID [29264], [29581]

BARRETT, Alfred Charles, PO, 182937, DSM [29799]

BARRETT, Charles, Bosn, MN, MID [30363]

BARRETT, Dacre Lennard, Maj, RMLI, CBE [31379]

BARRETT, E B, PO, RNVR, 5/21, Army [29664]

BARRETT, Edward, PO, RNVR (Mersey) 5/21, Fra [32074]

BARRETT, George Edwin, CPO, F656, DSM [30654]

BARRETT, George William, Dkhnd, RNR, DA4412, MID [29668]

BARRETT, James, Greaser, MN, DSM [29530]

BARRETT, John Thomas, Eng Lt, RN, MID [30088]

BARRETT, Richard William, Lt, RNR, OBE [31445]

BARRETT, T, AB, RNVR, TZ/2127, MM [30507]

BARRETT, William, Boy Tel, J32800, MID [29752]

BARRIE, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1743SA, DSM [30616]

BARRIE, R L, PO, RNVR, CZ70, MM [30001]

BARRIE, Robert, AB, 235834, DSM [29581]

BARRINGHAM, Frederick, Engmn, RNR, 1549ES, MID [30153]

BARRINGTON, Frederick James Fitzmaurice, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

BARRINGTON, George Edwin, AB, J19399 (Dev), MID [30564]

BARRINGTON, John P, Ch Stwd, MN, MID [30153]

BARRINGTON, Thomas Barwell, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MBE [30460]

BARRON, Charles, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [29607]

BARRON, John Augustus, Flt Lt, RN, MID [30316]

BARRON, John O, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29654];  also BARRON, John Ouchterlony, Cdr, RN, DSO [31060]

BARROW, Arthur Douglas, Cdr, RN, Fra [29751]

BARROW, B W, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29126]

BARROW, Benjamin Wingate, Cdr, RN, DSO [31262], MID [29123]

BARROW, Henry Thompson, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1880SA, DSM [29292]

BARROW, William John, LS, 217137, DSM [29752]

BARROW, Wilmar Frederick, CERA 1c, 268809 (Ch), MID [30088]

BARROW-DOWLING, Thomas, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30188]

BARROWMAN, George Dunsmuir, CERA 2c, 269387, Fra [29751], MID [29680], Navy [29680]

BARRS, John Eld (sic), Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30536]

BARRY, Claud Bartrington, Lt, RN, DSO [30756]

BARRY, John E, Rear-Adm, RN, Fra [31683]

BARRY, Oswald Charles Merriman, Capt, RN, DSO [30723], Zan [31038], Army [30856]

BARRY, Stephen, Lt, RN, MID [30564]

BARRY, Thomas Francis, Ch Carp, RN, DSC [29635]

BARRY, William Mansell, CPO, 157657, Fra [29751]

BARSS, John Robert, ERA 1c, 270499, DSM [29752]

BARTABY, Walter, Coy Sgt-Maj, RMA, 3172, MID [31452]

BARTELL, John, Cranemn, MN, MID [30258]

BARTELL, John, Greaser, MMR 569832, DSM [30536]

BARTER, Albert E, Sto 1c, 278767, MID [29264]

BARTER, Charlie Rodgers or Rogers, Art Eng, RN, MID [30061], [30909]

BARTER, Frederick, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31461]

BARTHOLOMEW, Benjamin Hugh, CERA 2c, 270142 (Ch), DSM [30564]

BARTHOLOMEW, John Cyril, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30482]

BARTHOLOMEW, Sidney, PO, RNR, 4356B, DSM [30687]

BARTLE, William James, PO Mech, F7053, MID [30662]

BARTLETT, Charles, Ch Gnr, RN, Rus [30316]

BARTLETT, Charles Alfred, Capt, RNR, CB [29423], CBE [31840]

BARTLETT, Charles Philip Oldfield, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30285], [30687]

BARTLETT, Ernest Edward, Eng Cdr, RN, Ita [30536], MID [30258]

BARTLETT, Francis Allen, CPO, 176279 (Ch), DSM [31060]

BARTLETT, Frederick Robert, Ch Shipwt, 340393 (Po), MSM [31461]

BARTLETT, Henry George, Pte, RMLI, Po/15558, CGM [30227], Fra [30870]

BARTLETT, John Holderness, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099]

BARTLETT, John Richards, AB, J26181 (Ch), MID [30316]

BARTLETT, William Charles, Dkhnd, RNR, 19413DA, MSM [31303]

BARTLETT, William James, CERA 2c, 269711 (Dev), DSM [30159]

BARTLETT, William Robert, Dkhnd, FR 11140, MID [30936]

BARTON, Donald H, Mid, RN, Navy [29264]

BARTON, Dudley W A, Flt Cdr, RNAS, Ita [30227]

BARTON, F, AB, RNVR, R4730, MM [30606]

BARTON, Frederick William, L/Sto, 133292 (Ch), MSM [31421]

BARTON, George, WO II, RMA, 6273, Bel [31604], MID [31182]

BARTON, Jack, Asst Pay, RNR, MID [30029]

BARTON, James, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 775DA, MID [30635]

BARTON, Samuel Saxton, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

BARTON, T, Pte, RM, Deal/1883 (S), Army [30691]

BARTON, Walter J B, Lt-Cdr, RN, Egy [31942]

BARTON, William Henry, Air Mech 1g, F12834, MID [30662]

BARTTELOT, Brian Herbert Fairbairn, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [29886], MVO [29175], Fra [31683]

BARTTELOT, Nigel K W, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [28948]

BARWELL, H J, AB, RNVR, MZ/1476, MM [30540]

BARWICK, Frederick Mortimer, Cdr, RN, OBE [30460-

BARWICK, George William, Staff Clerk, RMLI, Po/14774, MSM [31553]

BASELEY, F, Staff Sgt, RMMU, Deal/3269, MSM [30750], Army [29251]

BASS, Thomas David, Dkhnd, RNR, 8275DA, DSM [30153]

BASS-THOMPSON or BASS-THOMSON, Leslie D, Lt, RNVR, Fra [31360], Ita [31748]

BASSETT, Arthur Leonard, Sig, J17264, MID [29581]

BASSETT, William Edwin, LS, 227412 (Dev), DSM [30807]

BASSETT-SMITH, Percy William, Fleet Surg, RN, CMG [30723]

BASTARD, Ernest Edward, PO, 207705 (Dev), DSM [30363]

BASTEN, Tom Albert, PO, 192928 (Dev), MID [30564]

BASTIAN, Edward, Dkhnd, RNR, 14615DA, DSM [30147]

BASTIN, E B, Lt, RM, Army [29455]

BASTIN, Sidney, Ch Yeo Sigs, 182453, MID [29581]

BASTON, Alfred Andrew, CPO, 158172 (Ch), DSM [30616]

BATE, Claude Lindesay, Cdr, RN, DSO [31811], MID [29751], Navy [29751], [31856]

BATE, Francis William, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31421], RD [30216]

BATE, Frederick, Air Mech 1c, F13351, DSM [30147]

BATE, George, Cpl, RMMU, Deal/3496(S), Bel [30631]

BATE, Richard Francis, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

BATE, William Samuel Thomas, CPO, 127128 (RFR Dev/A2034), DSM [30088]

BATEMAN, Charles, ERA 2c, 271891 (Ch), DSM [30654]

BATEMAN, John W, Stoker 1c, K12100, Navy [28948]

BATEMAN, Robert William, Lt, RNR, DSC [31038]

BATES, Alfred, LS, 172035 (Dev), MID [31060]

BATES, Ernest, Gnr, RMA, 12917, MID [31303]

BATES, Frederick William Henry, L/Sto, K5223 (Dev), MID [30363]

BATES, Reginald Barrington, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

BATES, Thomas Henry Searby, Dkhnd, RNR, 25DA, DSM [30159]

BATES, Walter, Gnr (T), RN, MBE [31425]

BATESON, Cecil William, Lt, RNVR, MID [30564]

BATH, Alan George, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31398]

BATH, John Arthur, Capt, RMLI, DSC [31303], Fra [31130]

BATHER, Rowland Henry, Capt, RN, CBE [31099]

BATHO, Charles Augustus, Plumber, M6328 (Ch), DSM [30807]

BATLEY, Alfred William, Eng, RNR, RD [29310]

BATT, Charles Ernest, Fleet Pay, RN, CMG [30451]

BATTAM, Edwin, Ch Sto, 284873, DSM [29211]

BATTEN, John Thomas, Warrt Shipwt, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

BATTEN, William, AB, J11282 (Dev), MID [30536]

BATTERBURY, Henry, Gnr, RN, Fra [29751]

BATTIN, Joseph, Maj, RMLI, MID [31553]

BATTLE, Walter Cyprian, Lt, RNR, DSC [30687]

BATTY, Albert, Off Stwd 3c, L7183 (Dev), MID [29886]

BATTY, George, Engmn, RNR, 1557ES, DSM [30909]

BATTY, Robert Wilson, Lt, RNR, MID [30153]

BATTY, William Frederick, Sig, RNVR, Z/4092 (Bristol), DSM [30159], MID [29886]

BATTYE, Tom, CERA, 268688 (Ch), DSM [30408]

BATY, Robert Wilson, Lt, RNR, DSC [30654]

BAUGH, Archie, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ply/10683, MSM [31182]

BAUND, Harold J, Seamn, RNR, 7338 A, Rom [31236]

BAUNTON, Robert Henry, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153], [30258], Ita [30536], Srb [29966]

BAVERSTOCK, W, Driver, RMA, 249 (S), Army [30691]

BAVIN, Anthony James, Lt, RN, MID [30833]

BAX, Robert Nesham, Capt, RN, CB [30451], Ita [29735]

BAXENDALE, Basil Francis, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31432]

BAXENDALE, William, 2nd Writer, M13264 (Ch), MSM [31432]

BAXTER, Arthur James, Lt, RNR, DSC [31038]

BAXTER, Burt, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/16804, MSM [31553]

BAXTER, David Leishman, Surg, RN, MC [31119]

BAXTER, Francis Riou, Lt, RN, MID [31811]

BAXTER, Frank, Dkhnd, RNR, 1990DA, MID [29581]

BAXTER, G, Sgt, RMLC, Deal/8599 (S), Army [31435]

BAXTER, George, PO, 206500 (Ch), MID [30635]

BAXTER, George, Engmn, RNR, 1959U, MID [31248]

BAXTER, W, AB, RNVR, CZ/2843, MM [30172], [30940]

BAXTER, William George, PO, RNR, 2099D, DSM [30909]

BAY, Robert, Ch Eng, MN, DSC [30194]

BAYFIELD, E M, Lt, RIM, Army [30233]

BAYFORD, Stephen Augustus, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [29264]

BAYLEY, James, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31191]

BAYLEY, L, Vice-Adm, RN, Army [29919]

BAYLEY, Stephen William, CPO, 180183 (Ch), MSM [31483]

BAYLOR, Hugh Aldersey, Lt, RN, MID [30756]

BAYLY, Lewis, Adm, RN, KCMG [30723], Fra [30494], USA [31553]

BAYNHAM, Frederick, CERA 1c, 269538 (Po), MID [30088]

BAYNHAM, Henry, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

BAZLEY, Frederick George, SSA, M5345 (Dev), MID [30687]


BEABEY, William E, Ch Bosn, RN, Rus [30316]

BEACH, Harold Sydney, W/T Op, MN, MID [30900]

BEACH, William Henry, Dkhnd, RNR (Trawler Sec) 776DA, DSM [29581]

BEACHAM, Alexander, CPO Mech 2g, RNAS, F512, MSM [31604], Army [29648]

BEACHAM, Alfred C, PO 1c, 151064, DSM [29264]

BEADIE, William James, 2nd Eng, MN, MID [31413]

BEADLE, James Samuel, CPO, 171733, DSM [28948], Navy [28948]

BEAGLEY, Joseph Henry, AB, J34940 (Ch), MID [31811]

BEAK, D M W, Cdr, RNVR, Army [30691], [31077]

BEAK, Daniel Marcus William, Cdr, RNVR, VC [31012], [31259], DSO [30813], MC [29921], [30188]

BEAKY, Leonard George, 1st Writer, M2635 (Po), MSM [31398]

BEAL, Alister Francis, Capt, RN, CMG [31236], Fra [31360], Ita [31130]

BEAL, Frederick Charles, SB Stwd, M1324 (Ch), MID [31248]

BEAL, John George, Ch SB Stwd, 350310, MID [29799]

BEALE, Benjamin Peter, Sgt, RMA, 9515, DSM [30732]

BEALE, Harry Edmund, L/Sig, J10280 (Po), MID [30909]

BEALE, Helen Mary, Dep Div Dir, WRNS, OBE [31331]

BEALE, Thomas J, Sto, K20207 (Dev), Fra [30437]

BEALES, Henry A, PO, 233857 (Ch), Ita [30386]

BEALING, Henry Charles, PO, 191265 (Dev), DSM [30088]

BEALL, Alfred George, PO 1c, 147420 (RFR Dev A/4132), DSM [29581]

BEALL, Norman Hugh, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], MID [31063], Navy [31970]

BEAMENT, George J, AB, RFR/Dev/B4457, DSM [29292]

BEAMISH, Francis William, Dkhnd, RNR, 3239DA, DSM [29680], Navy [29680]

BEAMISH, Harold Francis, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30408]

BEAMISH, Percy T H, Capt, RN, Navy [29087]

BEAMISH, Tufton Percy Hamilton, Capt, RN, CB [30111], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BEAN, Arthur, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099]

BEAN, George, AB, 199990 (Po), MID [30088]

BEARBLOCK, Charles William John, Eng Capt, RN, CB [30723]

BEARD, Anthony, Gnr, RN, Fra [30756]

BEARD, Charles, Gnr, RMA, Po/11678, Ita [30386], MID [29886]

BEARD, Edward S, Sto PO, RCNVR, AM [31187]

BEARD, Ernest Somerville, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MBE [30250], MBE [31295]

BEARD, George Henry, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [29635]

BEARD, Henry, L/Sto, K27580 (Po), MSM [31413]

BEARD, Joseph Martin, CPO Mech 3g, F618, DSM [30316]

BEARD, Theodore John Butler, Lt, RNR, DSC [30909]

BEARD, Thomas Henry, Capt, MN, DSC [30408]

BEARDSHAW, Reginald John, CERA, RNR, 1100EA, DSM [30227]

BEARE, Stanley Samuel, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31360], Navy [30870]

BEASLEY, John James, Dkhnd, RNR, 87DA, MID [30153]

BEATON, John, PO, RNR, 3197C, DSM [30635], MID [30159]

BEATON, Malcolm, Dkhnd, RNR, 512SD, DSM [30581]

BEATON, Neil, Dkhnd, RNR, 1805SD, Rom [31236], MID [30654]

BEATON, Thomas, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

BEATON, William Donald, Lt, RNR, DSO [30147]

BEATSON, J, Pte, RMLC, Deal/12565, Army [31435]

BEATTIE, Hugh Montgomerie, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

BEATTIE, Ivor Hamilton, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

BEATTIE, John William, Ch Yeo Sigs, 164975 (Dev), MSM [31421]

BEATTIE, Kenneth Adair, Cdr, RN, DSO [31248], MID [29751], Navy [29654], [29751]

BEATTY, David, Adm of the Fleet, RN, GCB [29751], OM [31379], GCVO [30156], KCVO [29629], Bel [31038], Chn [31748], Fra [29751], [31360], Grc [31413], Ita [30227], Jpn [30258], Rom [31236], Rus [29727], [30116], USA [31553], Navy [28948], [29088], [29654], [29751], [31301]

BEATY-POWNALL, Charles Pipon, Capt, RN, CMG [31445]

BEAUCHAMP, James Francis, AB, 211109, DSM [29374]

BEAUCHANT, Stephen U, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30868]

BEAUMAN, Eric Bentley, Flt Cdr, RNAS, MID [30316]

BEAUMONT, Edward Jackson, Cdr, RNTS, Fra [31683], MID [30581], Army [29890], [30421]

BEAUMONT, Godfrey Lancaster, Lt-Col, RMLI, OBE [31553], Grc [30635]

BEAUMONT, John George, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [31236], MID [30564]

BEAUTEMENT, Harold, Lt, RNR, OBE [31360]

BEAVERS, Arthur Thomas, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1993SA, MSM [31248]

BEAVERS, Augustus Gordon, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1291DA, DSM [30635]

BEAVIS, Arthur John, PO 1c, 12362 (Dev), MID [30909]

BEAZLEY, Bruce Sidney, AB, 229700, MID [29264]

BEAZLEY, Harry George, LS, SS 3938 (Ch), MID [30363]

BEAZLEY, Joseph, PO, 206013 (Po), MID [31683]

BECK, Oliver Lawrence, Capt, RN, CBE [31360], DSO [31811]

BECK, Sydney, Dkhnd, RNR, 2496SD, DSM [30936]

BECK, Thomas Francis, PO, 212297 (Po), MID [30687]

BECKER, William, AB, J 5841, AM [30599]

BECKERLEGGE, William, Seamn, RNR, 1289D, MID [31248]

BECKETT, Frederick William, Lt, RNR, MID [31060]

BECKETT, George, Skpr, RNR, 1960WSA, Srb [29966]

BECKETT, Henry Robert, CPO Mech 2g, F477, DSM [30662]

BECKETT, Walter Napier Thomason, Lt, RN, DSC [30066]

BECKETT, William Herbert, Eng Capt, RN, CB [30723]

BECKINGSALE, F H, Sub-Lt, RIM, Army [29789]

BECKWITH, John James, ERA 2c, M13882 (Ch), MSM [31182]

BEDDOE, Bernard, AB, J29753 (Dev), MID [30635]

BEDFORD, Arthur Edward Frederick, Cdr, RN, MID [30807], Navy [29087]

BEDFORD, Edwin John, L/Sig, J8852 (Po), MID [30616]

BEDFORD, Percy, 2nd Mate, MN, MID [30363]

BEDWELL, Harold Brisbane, Cdr, RN, Fra [30870], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BEE, Allan G, Surg Probr, RNVR, Rus [30116]

BEE, George, Ch Skpr, RNR, 41WSA, MID [30564]

BEE, Robert H, AB, J23988 (Po), Fra [30756]

BEE, William Henry Askew, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153], MID [30029]

BEECH, William Henry, Dkhnd, RNR, 8283DA, DSM [31060]

BEECHING, Frederick Edward, Capt, MN (Lt, RNR), DSC [29877], MID [31553]

BEECROFT, William, Mechn, 288934, DSM [29752]

BEEDLE, Harry, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [29423]

BEEDLE, William Henry, Lt, RN, MID [31425]

BEELEY, Ernest, Lt, RN, DSC [30909]

BEELEY, Hugh, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB2108, CGM [31516]

BEEMAN, Robert, Eng Cdr, RN, CMG [31398], MID [30564]

BEER, John, Seamn, MN, MID [30536]

BEER, John James, CERA 2c, M1429 (Dev), MID [31303]

BEER, Leonard Penhorwood, Elec Art 3c, M2714, MID [30807]

BEER, Peter John, CERA 1c, 268763 (Ch), DSM [30088]

BEER, W C, Pte, RMLI, Ch/1376S, MM [31338]

BEER, William Albert, PO, 208197 (Dev), MID [30909]

BEESLEY, Edward Henry, L/Mech, F10447, DSM [30654]

BEESLEY, J, Pte, RMMU, S/3424, MM [31173]

BEETON, Harry Cecil, MAA, 167555 (Ch), MID [30662]

BEEVER, Claude Henry, Lt, RN, MBE [31553]

BEGAN, George Edward, PO, 177929 (Po), MID [30363]

BEGBIE, Hugh Hope Grant, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31248]

BEGG, John, Capt, MN, DSC [30437], MID [30833]

BEHARRELL, J G, Lt-Col, RM, Bel [31236], Ita [30616]

BEHENNA, George, Seamn, RNR, 3996B, DSM [29886], [30182]

BEIRNE, William J, Pte, RMLI, Ch 13540, Navy [28948]

BELBEN, George Devereux, Lt, RN, DSC [30807], AM [31157], Navy [31157]

BELCHER, Albert, L/Sto, K9174 (Ch), DSM [30635]

BELL, A E, Pte, RMLI, Ch/1222S, MM [31338]

BELL, A L, Lt-Cdr, RN, Army [29933]

BELL, Aidan Isaac, Capt, RMLI, OBE [31499]

BELL, Albert, Dkhnd, RNR, 2723SD, MID [30807]

BELL, Alexander, PO Mech, F2422, DSM [30066]

BELL, Bertram Charles, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSO [30029], DSC [30066], Army [30072]

BELL, C R, Pte, RMLI, Ch/8882/458 RFR, Army [29455]

BELL, Charles Courtenay, Cdr, RN, DSO [31604]

BELL, Charles Robert, Pte, RMLI, Ch/8882, DSM [29736]

BELL, Douglas George Patrick, Surg Probr, RNVR, DSC [29751], Navy [29751]

BELL, E, Sgt-Maj, Ply/1881 RMLI, Army [29664]

BELL, E G, LS, RNVR, TZ/2452, DCM [31128]

BELL, E T, Pte, RMLI, Ch/16167, MM [30830]

BELL, Enid Beatrix, Ch Sect Ldr (Mech), WRNS, BEM [31331]

BELL, G W, Pte, RMLI, Ply/1068, MM [30830]

BELL, George Henry, L/Sto, SS 105468, DSM [30756]

BELL, Harry Hunter, Lt, RNR, MID [30153]

BELL, Henry, CERA 1c, 269092 (Ch), MID [30088]

BELL, Henry F, Eng Cdr, RN, Navy [31189]

BELL, J, AB, RNVR, Tyneside Z/1558, MM [29953]

BELL, J, PO, RNVR, CZ/1448, MM [30797]

BELL, James, 2nd Hnd, RNR (Trawler Sec) 372SA, DSM [29423]

BELL, James, Ch Eng, MN, MID [31286]

BELL, James W, CPO Mech, RN, Navy [29076]

BELL, James William, CPO Mech, M489, DSM [29076]

BELL, John, Gnr, RMA, 4853 (RFR B/851), MID [29581]

BELL, John, AB, RNVR, Z3655, MID [30732]

BELL, John, AB, 177886 (Dev), MID [30909]

BELL, John Fawcett, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31452]

BELL, John M, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, Egy [31942]

BELL, John McLeod, Capt, MN, MID [30616]

BELL, John William, Lt, RNR, DSC [29106]

BELL, Joseph Stephen, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30756]

BELL, Mark, LS, 238463 (Ch), DSM [31638], Navy [31590]

BELL, R, AB, RNVR, Clyde Z/4561, MM [29953]

BELL, Robert, Sgt-Maj, RMLI, DSM [29603]

BELL, Robert Lee, Lt, RNVR, MID [30581]

BELL, Stephen Thomas, CERA 2c, 270766 (Po) RAN, 8272, MID [31303], [31604]

BELL, T, PO, Po/109000 RFR/B/6878, Army [29455]

BELL, Thomas, Sto, RNVR, Po/109000, DSM [29736]

BELL, W H, PO, RNVR, KP/345, MM [31338]

BELL, Watson, OS, RNVR, Palace, Z3585, MID [30900]

BELL, William, Skpr, RNR, 1447WSA, DSC [30635]

BELL, William A, Lt, RNR, MID [29603]

BELL-IRVING, Henry Beattie, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30194], [30363]

BELLAIRS, Ivor Mackenzie, Lt, RNVR, MID [30133]

BELLAIRS, Roger Mowbray, Cdr, RN, CMG [31274], Fra [30494], MID [29751], Navy [29654], [29751]

BELLAMY, J J, AB, RNVR, TZ/7755, DCM [31128]

BELLAMY, Joseph, Arm, 342546, MID [29799]

BELLAMY, Vivian Arthur Fenton, Lt, RNVR, MID [30662]

BELLIAN, Boland, PO Mech (E), F1082, MID [30662]

BELLINGHAM, James Ernest, Gnr, RN, MID [31604]

BELLION, William, AB, SS 310 (RFR Dev B/2479), DSM [29581]

BELLIS, John, Gnr, RN, Fra [30494]

BELLIS, T J, LS, RNVR, TZ/3754, MM [30540]

BELLWOOD, Kenneth Bonson, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

BELOE, W, Lt, RM, Army [29890]

BELSEY, Percy Thomas, LS, 207845 (Po), MID [29752], [30564]

BELSHAW, John, CPO, 135979 (Po), MSM [31445]

BELT, Francis Walter, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, DSO [30408]

BELTON, Thomas B, Skpr, RNTR, Navy [29076]

BENDALL, Ephraim Edwin, Ch Arm, 343779 (Dev), MSM [31461]

BENDELL, Albert, Lt, RN, MBE [31421]

BENETT, Henry Cleeve, Maj, RMLI, CMG [30451]

BENFIELD, Albert Henry, Art Eng, RN, DSC [30564], MID [30363], [30386], [30437]

BENFIELD, Frank Arthur, CPO 3g, M1722 (Po), DSM [30654]

BENFORD, Leonard Richard, Sto 1c, K9755 (Ch), DSM [30363]

BENN, Ion Hamilton, Cdr, RNVR, CB [30870], DSO [30194], Fra [30807], MID [30807], Navy [30870], [31189 - twice]

BENN, William Gordon, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30687]

BENNELL, Henry Edmond, CPO Mech 3g, 234260 (Ch), MID [30316]

BENNET, Alan H, Stoker 1c, K10700, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

BENNET, Mary Barbara, Nursing Sister, QARNNS, OBE [31331], RRC [29084]

BENNETT, Alan Courtenay Moncrieff, Lt, RN, DSC [30363]

BENNETT, Albert John, Yeo Sigs, 230793, MID [29581]

BENNETT, Arthur James, Gnr, RN, MID [30900]

BENNETT, Catherine Elizabeth, Dep Div Dir, WRNS, OBE [31331]

BENNETT, Charles Palmer, Gnr, RN, MBE [31099]

BENNETT, Charles William, Sto 1c, K8152(Ch), Ita [30581], MID [29581]

BENNETT, Edward Morden, Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], MID [31060]

BENNETT, Ernest, AB, 209614 (RFR Ch/B4946), MID [30029]

BENNETT, Ernest, AB, J19530 (Ch), DSM [30732]

BENNETT, Ernest Reginald, Shipwt Lt, RN, MBE [31398], MID [31286]

BENNETT, Frederic W, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

BENNETT, G, Gnr, RMA, 14161, Army [30421]

BENNETT, Harold Percy, Shipwt 1c, 344929, MID [29799]

BENNETT, Harry Layo, Seamn, MN, DSM [30408]

BENNETT, Harry Thring, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30756]

BENNETT, Henry, Skpr, RNR, 1013SA, DSC [30581]

BENNETT, J, AB, RNVR, CZ694, MM [30172]

BENNETT, J H, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [29890]

BENNETT, John Alfred, Dkhnd, FR 11389, MID [30936]

BENNETT, Joseph, PO, 236643 (Dev), MID [31303]

BENNETT, M, Pte, RM, S3743, MM [30036]

BENNETT, Martin Gilbert, Pay Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], Grc [31499]

BENNETT, Richard Charles, LS, 186160 (RFR Po/B1523), MSM [31248]

BENNETT, Thomas W, Cdr, RNR, Ita [31683]; also BENNETT, Thomas William, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [30616], RD [29310]

BENNETT, W, AB, MMR 734526, DSM [30756]

BENNETT, W N, Pte, RMLI, Ply/11912, MM [30023]

BENNETT, Walter Reginald, Ch Writer, RNVR (London) Z326, MSM [31553]

BENNETT, William Edward, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 2047SD, DSM [30900]

BENNETT, William John, AB, 202708 (RFR Dev/B4354), DSM [30153]

BENNETT, William Robert, PO, 199395 (Pa), MSM [31811]

BENNETTS, John Lyttleton, LS, 201354 (RFR Dev/B5754), MID [31425]

BENNETTS, Sydney, Pay Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

BENNETTS, William, LS, RNR, 1555D, Ita [30581], MID [30909], [31248]

BENNEY, Richard, Dkhnd, RNR, 16406 DA, Fra [31130]

BENNING, Charles Stuart, Cdr, RN, DSO [29799], MID [31303], Navy [28948]

BENNING, Sidney Edward, Pte, RMLI, Po 17 (S) (RFR Po/031414), MID [30363], [30386]

BENNINGTON, Thomas P, PO, 209768 (Ch), Bel [31130]

BENNISON, William Henry, Seamn, RNR, 7495A, CGM [30363], Fra [30870], MID [29997]

BENOY, William John, Warrt Shipwt, RN, MBE [31638]

BENSON, Arthur Winnifred, Cdr, RN, DSO [30909], MID [31038]

BENSON, C J, Lt, RNVR, Army [31435]

BENSON, Cyril Herbert Gordon, Cdr, RN, DSO [30833], [31248], MID [31748]

BENSON, Ernest Harry, PO, J227 (Ch), DSM [31398]

BENSON, James, Sgt-Maj, RMLI, Ch/3306, MSM [31683]

BENSON, Robert Edmund Ross, Cdre, RN, CB [29530]

BENSTEAD, Herbert William, Trmr, RNR, 2310TS, MID [31248]

BENT, Eric Ritchie, Lt, RN, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

BENTINCK, Rudolf Walter, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [29751], KCMG [31379], Fra [29751], [31683], Ita [30227], Jpn [30258], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751]

BENTLEY, F W, AB, RNVR, BZ/4018, MM [31173]

BENTLEY, George Alfred, Dkhnd, RNR, 4548DA, MID [30153]

BENTLEY, Harry James, L/Sto, 298302, MID [29886]

BENTLEY, Hugh G B, Lt-Cdr, RNR, Grc [30654]

BENTLEY, Joseph, CERA 1c, 269229, DSM [29752]

BENTLEY, Sydney, CERA 2c, 271441, MID [29752]

BENTLEY, William Thomas, Carp, MN, MID [30900]

BENTON, George, AB, J10765, MID [29264]

BENWELL, W F, Capt, RN, Army [29890]

BENWELL, William Francis, Capt, RN, DSO [30111], Fra [31063]

BERE, Mabel Charlotte Rosalie, Nursing Sister, QARNNS, RRC [31331]

BERESFORD, E, Cpl, RMLI, Po/652, MM [30830]

BERESFORD, G, PO, 1429, DSM [29374]

BERESFORD, George Edward, AB, 202661 (Po), DSM [30147], [30258]

BERESFORD, Henry B S, Lt, RN, Fra [31354]

BERESFORD, Joseph Arthur Hamilton, Cdr, RAN, MID [29434]

BERESFORD, Leonard E, AB, J20546, DSM [29264]

BERESFORD, W, Gnr, 956 (S) RMA, Army [31077]

BERGNER, Carl Rousey Leopold, Eng Lt, RN, MID [30833]

BERING, Claud Lacy Yea, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31191]

BERLIN, John Oscar Theodore, Capt, MN, MID [30900]

BERMINGHAM, Cecil Henry Alec, Eng Cdr, RN, Jpn [31038], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BERNAOCHI, Louis Charles, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31099], USA [31683]

BERNARD, Mountague Robert, Cdr, RN, MID [29680], [31248], Navy [29680]

BERNARD, Vivian Henry Gerald, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [30451], Fra [29751], Ita [29698], Jpn [31499], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29126], [29507], [29751]

BERNAYS, Leopold Arthur, Cdr, RN, CMG [29423], DSO [30194], Rus [29463]

BERRET, Walter Charles, Sto 1c, K10702 (Po), MID [30363]

BERRIDGE, Joseph E, AB, J25638 (Po), Ita [30386]

BERRY, A H P, CPO 1c, F, DSM [29635]

BERRY, Alfred Edward, Ch Skpr, RNR, 111SA, DSC [29211], [30581], Navy [29507]

BERRY, Allan Francis, ERA 2c, M436 (Ch), MID [31191]

BERRY, E, Pte, RMLI, Ply/433, MM [30023]

BERRY, Frederick John Matthew, AB, J36264 (Po), MID [30807]

BERRY, Gilbert, Capt, MN, MID [30900], [30979]

BERRY, Hubert, ERA 1c, RNR, 1483EA, DSM [29668], [30182], MID [29886]

BERRY, James, Dkhnd, RNR, 2442SD, DSM [30687]

BERRY, John, Engmn, RNR, 1715ES, MID [29680], Navy [29680]

BERRY, John, AB, 194762 (RFR Ch/B7988), MID [30316]

BERRY, John, Art Eng, RN, MID [30564]

BERRY, John Parton, Surg, RN, MID [29668]

BERRY, P, Pte, RMLI, Ch 2020, Army [29251]

BERRY, Percy, Pte, RMLI, Ch13352, DSM [29736]

BERRY, Ralph, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30285]

BERRYMAN, William Walter, Dkhnd, RNR, 208DA, MID [30159]

BERTHON, Edward Lyon, Lt, RN, DSC [30147], [30807], Navy [31189]

BERTRAM, Douglas, 2nd Eng, MN, MID [30900]

BERWICK, Andrew, CERA, RNR, 1553EA, DSM [30635]

BESANT, Henry Francis, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31303]

BESS, Charles, PO, 185459 (Dev), MID [30153]

BESS, John Edward, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 411SA, DSM [30153]

BESSELL, John Hulme, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30450]

BEST, E, Sapper, RND, 694, Army [29354]

BEST, Eleanor, Asst Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

BEST, Humphrey Willie, Cdr, RN, DSO [31182]

BEST, J, AB, RNVR, TZ2312, MM [30023]

BEST, Matthew Robert, Capt, RN, DSO [29751], [30687], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751]

BEST, Tom, Pay, RNR, RD [30934]

BESTFORD, T, PO, RNVR, TZ/815, MM [30962]

BESWICK, William, Lt, RNR, DSC [29558]

BETHELL, Alexander Edward, Adm, RN, GCMG [30825], Prt [31286]

BETHELL, Jocelyn Slingsby, Lt, RN, MID [31398]

BETHELL, Maurice John, Lt, RN, MID [30936]

BETHELL, William, AB, J20464 (Dev), MID [30363]

BETHUNE, Henry Leonard, Capt, RN, CBE [31452]

BETHUNE, Rupert Edward Maximilian, Mid, RN, DSC [29264], Navy [29264]

BETMEAD, William, Engmn, RNR, 1054ES, DSM [29886]

BETTELEY, William Alfred, L/Mech (E), F8387 (Ch), DSM [30536], MID [30662]

BETTRIDGE, C V, LS, RNVR, MZ148, DCM [30001], MM [29953]

BETTS, Edward E A, Cdr, RN, Egy [31236], Army [29845]

BETTS, Bourne Coulter, Obs Lt, RNAS (RNVR), DSC [30029], Fra [30194]

BETTS, Ernest Edward Alexander, Cdr, RN, CBE [31483], Egy [29848], Fra [30870], Grc [31748], Ita [30437], Jpn [31811], MID [31191]

BETTS, George, PO, 146635 (RFR Dev/A3805), MID [30088]

BETTS, Hugh, AB, 236353 (Po), Rom [31236], MID [30066]

BETTS, Lawrence George, Seamn, RNR, 5023B, MID [29581]

BETTS, Eric Bourne Coulter, Capt, RAF (DSC), DFC [30913]

BETTY, Arthur Kemmis, Capt, RN, DSO [30088], MID [31461]

BEVAN, Edward William Reginald, ERA 3c, M1189, DSM [29434]

BEVAN, George Hope, Cdr, RN, OBE [31360]

BEVAN, George Parker, Capt, RN, CMG [30723], DSO [29507], AM [30787], Fra [30687], [30732], Navy [29507]

BEVAN, Hugh F, Gnr, RN, MID [30015]

BEVAN, Llewellyn Mathias, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

BEVAN, Louis Horatio Beckford, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31413]

BEVAN, Richard Hugh Loraine, Cdr, RN, DSO [29507], Egy [31413], Fra [30494], MID [31303], Navy [29264], [29507]

BEVAN, Tom Francis, CERA, RNR, 111EC, MSM [31182]

BEVAN, William Henry, Skpr, RNR, 1400WSA, DSC [30635]

BEVANS, William, Shipwt, 342920 (Ch), Srb [30936]

BEVEN, Thomas, WO 2c, RMLI, Ply/2182, MSM [31262]

BEVES, Cameron Howard, Pay Lt, RNVR, MID [31683]

BEVINGTON, Harry, Snr Res Attdt, M10547, MID [30807]

BEVIS, Hubert Samuel, AB, 214513 (Po), DSM [29886], MID [29752]

BEWES, Arthur Edward, Maj, RMLI, CMG [29423], MID [29264], Navy [31322], Army [29354]

BEWLEY, G, AB, RNVR, R/1742, MM [31469]

BEWLEY, Jacob, CERA 2c, 270836 (Po), DSM [31060]

BEX, Albert E, AB, J17223, DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

BEYNON, Walter, Trmr, RNR, 1456ST, MID [31604]

BEYNON, William James, LS, J20689 (Ch), MID [31236]

BEZANT, Henry Robert, PO, 185507 (Ch), DSM [30088], [30936]

BIBBY, Walter Jackson, Lt, RNR, MID [30153]

BIBLE, Stephen, CPO, 134636 (RFR Po/A2801), MID [30756]

BICKER, Harry Paul, CPO, 158671 (Po), DSM [31191], MID [30909]

BICKERS, Alfred, Dkhnd, RNR, DA9003, DSM [29668]

BICKERSTAFF, Henry, Capt, MN, MID [30936]

BICKERTON, Harry, ERA 2c, 271534, MID [29752]

BICKFORD, Bertram Raleigh, Staff Surg, RN, DSO [29751], Navy [29751]

BICKFORD, George Frederick, CPO, 178126 (Dev), MID [31060]

BICKFORD, J E P, Lt-Cdr, RN, Army [29789]

BICKFORD, Robert Henry, Skpr, RNR, 514WSA, Fra [30687], MID [30153]

BICKFORD, William George Hastings, Cdr, RN, DSO [29436], Navy [29436]

BICKLE, John Allen, LS, 198671 (RFR Dev/B4406), MID [30088]

BICKLEY, R C, Lt, RN, Army [30421]

BICKLEY, Reginald Courteney, Lt, RN, OBE [31432]

BICKLEY, Samuel, AB, 224495 (Ch), DSM [30687], Jpn [30616]

BICKLEY, William A, Pay Lt, RNR, Fra [31683]

BICKMORE, Brian Somerset, Lt, RN, MID [31191]

BIDDLE, Percy Holt, ERA 1c, 270131 (Ch), DSM [30979]

BIDDLECOMBE, Thomas W, Cdr, RAN, Navy [29395]

BIGG, Arthur William, PO, 206075 (Po, DSM [31638]

BIGG, Theodore Evelyn Johnstone, Cdr, RN, Fra [29751]

BIGG-WITHER, Guy Plantagenet, Cdr, RN, Rus [30116], MID [29886]

BIGGAR, Walter Grimshaw, Surg, RN, Rus [29373]

BIGGE, Percy John, Dkhnd, RNR, 1439DA, MID [30635]

BIGGER, Walter Grimshaw, Surg Lt, RN, DSC [31182], Bel [31604]

BIGGS, Geoffrey Nepean, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [29751], Jpn [30258]

BIGGS, Herbert Benjamin, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30555]

BIGGS, William, AB, 238350 (Po), DSM [30147]

BIGLEY, P W, AB, RNVR, R/775, MM [31469]

BIGMORE, Robert White, Ch Eng, MN, MID [31038]

BIGNELL, Albert, L/Sto, K10416, MID [29752]

BIGNELL, George, Seamn, RNR (Newfoundland), 1831X, MID [29581]

BIGNELL, James Henry, Sto 1c, K16875, MID [29752]

BIGNELL, W H, AB, RNVR, BZ/4049, MM [31338]

BIGSWORTH, Arthur Wellesley, Wing Cdr, RN, DSO [29292], [30316]

BILK, Frederick Charles, Ch Off Stwd, 354694 (Po), MSM [31461]

BILLETT, William, LS, 182716 (Ch), DSM [30194]

BILLING, Charles Frederick Samuel, CPO, 171648, MID [29752]

BILLING, Samuel, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 10694DA, MSM [31354]

BILLS, Walter William, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

BILLYARD-LEAKE, Edward Whaley, Lt, RN, DSO [30807], Fra [30807 - twice], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

BILTON, John, Lt, RNR, MID [30909]

BINDALL, Henry Cullis, Sto 1c, K5343 (Po), CGM [30807], Fra [30870]

BINGHAM, A G or A B, Cdr, RIM, Army [29823], [30570], [30867]

BINGHAM, Edward Barry Stewart, Cdr, RN, VC [29751], OBE [31604], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751]

BINGHAM, Ernest R, PO, RNVR, Tyneside/Z5522, Bel [30900]

BINNEY, Charles, Seamn, MN, MID [30536]

BINNEY, D, 1st Writer, LZ/1113RNVR, Army [31077]

BINNEY, Thomas Hugh, Cdr, RN, DSO [31553]

BINNION, Fred, Cadet, MN, MID [29877]

BINNS, Cuthbert Evelyn, Maj, RMLI, OBE [31176], Fra [31736], Ita [31604]

BIRBECK, Thomas C, Asst Elec, MN, MID [29603]

BIRCH, Edmund J, Lt-Cdr, RN, Ita [30386]

BIRCH, Frank, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31099]

BIRCH, George Herbert Treece, Ch Skpr, RNR, 951WSA, DSC [30833], MID [30616]

BIRCH, George William, Sto PO, 293879 (RFR Ch/B8479), DSM [30088]

BIRCH, John K B, Lt-Cdr, RN, Ita [31130], Rus [30116]

BIRCH, John Lloyd, Writer 3rd, M14615 (Po), MSM [31182]

BIRCH, Sidney, Firemn, MN, MID [29530]

BIRCH, William, Capt, MN, MID [31130]

BIRCHALL, Alfred, AB, RNVR, Mersey 1/150, Navy [31301]

BIRCHALL, Esmond K, Sig, RNVR (London) Z/4141, Fra [31248]

BIRCHALL, Frederick Tinsley, CERA 2c, 271185 (Po), CGM [29752], Fra [31236]

BIRD, Arthur Henry, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [29364], MID [29603]

BIRD, Charles Edward, Pte, RMLI, Ply 15582, MID [29446]

BIRD, Charles George, AB, 208864 (RFR Ch/B10503), DSM [30363]

BIRD, Edwin, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 244SA, DSM [30153]

BIRD, Frederic Godfrey, Capt, RN, CMG [30451], DSO [29436], Fra [30756], Navy [29436]

BIRD, Frederick Bernard, PO Mech, F/586, DSM [29603], Army [29664]

BIRD, Frederick Walter, CPO, 161259, DSM [29752]

BIRD, George John, Skpr, RNR, 682WSA, MID [30159]

BIRD, Herbert John, Sto PO, K351 (Ch), MID [30363]

BIRD, James, Sto 1c, SS 105114 (RFR Dev/B4370), MID [30536]

BIRD, James Collis, Lt, RN (Lt RIM rtd), DSC [29886]

BIRD, John Chambers, Off Stwd 2c, L2399 (Dev), MID [30088]

BIRD, John Harkness, Seamn, RNR, 2109W S A, MID [29668]

BIRD, John Moir, Seamn, MN, DSM [30408]

BIRD, Richard S, Lt, RNVR, Srb [31413]

BIRD, Walter Thomas Arthur, Lt, RN, MID [31038]

BIRD, Walter Thomas Arthur, Lt, RN, DSC [31248], [31038]

BIRKETT, George, Lt, RNR, MID [31604]

BIRKETT, Miles Brock, Cdr, RN, DSO [30111]

BIRKS, John, AB, RNVR, BEM [30738]

BIRNIE, Harry Charles, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [30536]

BIRON, Henry, Lt-Cdr, RNR, Ita [30363]

BIRTLES, William, Lt, RNR, DSC [30316]

BIRTWHISTLE, Walter T, AB, J5180, MID [29264]

BISH, Charles, Ch Arm, 342316 (Ch), DSM [30227]

BISHOP, Alan G, Lt, RMLI, Navy [29395]

BISHOP, Albert Arthur, Ch Yeo Sigs, 201787 (Ch), CGM [30029], Fra [30870]

BISHOP, Alfred, LS, 190195 (Dev), DSM [30285]

BISHOP, Alfred C, 2nd Lt, RM, Bel [31604]

BISHOP, Alfred Henry Conroy Edward, Ch Writer, 344041 (Po), MSM [31461]

BISHOP, Archibald Charles, CPO, 142578 (Ch), DSM [29211], MSM [31286]

BISHOP, Arthur, AB, J21181 (Po), DSM [30909]

BISHOP, Arthur William, AB, 237372 (Po), MID [30807]

BISHOP, Frederick Edward, WO 2g, RNAS, MID [30662]

BISHOP, George Thompson, Fleet Surg, RN, CMG [30111]

BISHOP, Harry, Skpr, RNR, 2070WSA, MID [31354]

BISHOP, Henry, CERA 1c, 269093 (Ch), MID [30909]

BISHOP, John Birt, CPO Mech (E) 3g, F4277, MID [30662]

BISHOP, Joseph Charles, 3rd Writer, M1994S (Dev), MSM [31432]

BISHOP, Walter George, Lt, RN, OBE [31604]

BISHOP, Walter Nelson, PO, 190493 (Dev), DSM [31060]

BISHOP, William Jesse, AB, J40117 (Dev), DSM [30807]

BISHOPRICK, Thomas Henry, Trmr, RNR, 794TS, MID [31303]

BISS, Charles, PO, 183877 (Dev), DSM [29581], [30807]

BISS, William Francis Burrows, AB, 208203 (Dev), DSM [30066]

BISSET, William David, Eng Lt, RN, OBE [31483]

BISSETT, David Robertson, LS, RNVR (Clyde), 2/200, MID [31604]

BISSETT, Randall, AB, J21780 (Dev), MID [31748]

BITTLE, William Frederick Joseph, AB, J8556 (Ch), MID [31303]

BITTLESTON, Colin John Lawrence, Lt, RN, DSC [30147], Rus [30116]


BLACHFORD, Edwin Henry, LS, 228024 (Po), DSM [31445]

BLACK, Alan Henry, Ch Off, MN, MID [29603]

BLACK, Albert Travers, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31811]

BLACK, Alfred Stephen, Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, MBE [31099]

BLACK, H, Pte, RMMU, S/3545, MM [31338]

BLACK, Harry Munt, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30285]

BLACK, James, Seamn, RNR, 4889B, MID [30756]

BLACK, John, Eng Lt, RNR, DSC [30635]

BLACK, Robert, CERA, 269930 (Po), DSM [30564]

BLACK, William, Capt, MN, MID [30654]

BLACK-BARNES, Charles Talbot, Lt, RN, MID [30732]

BLACKALL, Irving Reginald, PO, 205266 (RFR Po/B1941), MID [31286]

BLACKBURN, Albert Edward, Lt, RNR, OBE [31413]

BLACKBURN, James Alexander Pollard, Lt, RNR, DSC [30066]

BLACKBURN, John, L/Sto, K4844, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

BLACKBURN, Rennie, Seamn, MN, MID [30408]

BLACKBURN, Stanley Napier, Lt, RN, DSC [30723], Fra [30363], MID [30088], [30285]

BLACKBURN, Vivian Gaskell, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [29446], [30687], Navy [29076], [29395], Army [29536], [29665]

BLACKBURN, William, AB, 226897 (Po), DSM [30066], Fra [30870]

BLACKETT, Henry, Capt, RN, CBE [31360], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29654], [29751], Army [29652]

BLACKETT, John Henry, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [30363]

BLACKFORD, William James, Eng Cdr, RNR, MID [31303]

BLACKHALL, J, PO, RNVR, CZ4047, DCM [30601]

BLACKHALL, Leonard Anderson, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30450]

BLACKLER, Arthur James, Ch Motor Mech, 1701 MB, DSM [30227]

BLACKLER, Leonard, Fleet Pay, RN, OBE [30730], OBE [31295]

BLACKLIN, Richard William Broughton, Capt, RNR, DSO [30616], MID [31553]

BLACKLOCK, John, Ch Off, MN, MID [29877]

BLACKLOCK, Percy Robert, ERA 2c, M1355 (Ch), Rom [31236], MID [30363], [30386]

BLACKLOCK, Peter, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

BLACKLOCK, Ronald William, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSC [30979], Rus [30147, MID [30635], [31811]

BLACKLOCK, William Norman, Air Mech 1g, F4157, DSM [30363]

BLACKMAN, Charles Maurice, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31553]

BLACKMAN, Sydney, Sto PO, 152429 (Ch), DSM [30316]

BLACKMAN, William Edward Charlton, Sgt, RMA, 10865, MSM [31553]

BLACKMAN, William Stephen, Maj, RMLI, OBE [31516]

BLACKMORE, George Ernest, Lt, RN, DSC [31248], Fra [29751], MID [30616]

BLACKMORE, J C, Eng, RIM, Army [29789]

BLACKMORE, Reginald Francis Edsall, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30001], [31119], [31266]

BLACKMORE, William Willis, Seamn, RNR, 4371A, MID [29581]

BLACKWELL, Frederick, Ch Gnr, RN, Rus [30316]

BLACKWELL, Thomas Charles, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

BLACKWOOD, Arthur T, Cdr, RN, USA [31683]

BLACKWOOD, J C, AB, RNVR, CZ/3071, MM [30540]

BLACKWOOD, Maurice Baldwin Raymond, Cdr, RN, DSO [30386], MID [30088]

BLADES, Thomas, CPO, 185727 (Ch), MID [30635]

BLAGDON, Charles Edgar, L/Sto, K1227, DSM [29752]

BLAGROVE, Henry E C, Lt-Cdr, RN, Ita [30386]

BLAIKIE, James, Capt, MN, DSC [31354], MID [29603]

BLAIR, David, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [30460], [31295], Fra [30870]

BLAIR, Frank Robertson, Lt, RNVR, MID [31354]

BLAIR, H, PO, RNVR, TZ1917, DCM [30001], MM [29953]

BLAIR, John Hamilton, Lt, RNR, DSC [30363]

BLAIR, Robert Scott, CPO, 180443 (Po), DSM [30616]

BLAIR, Walter Murray, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31060]

BLAKE, Albert, CERA, 268535 (Dev), MID [30687]

BLAKE, Alfred, Warrt Shipwt, RN, MBE [31421]

BLAKE, Albert Valentine, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31398]

BLAKE, C S, Cpl, RND, 432, Army [29354]

BLAKE, Cuthbert Patrick, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751]

BLAKE, E B, 2nd Writer, RN, M/12020, Army [31077]

BLAKE, Edward Charles, LS, 180887 (Dev), MID [30564]

BLAKE, Ernest, PO 1c, RNVR, MSM [31553]

BLAKE, Geoffrey, Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29751]

BLAKE, George, Sto PO, 296025 (Ch), MID [30408]

BLAKE, Herbert Acton, Capt, RNR, KCMG [30723]

BLAKE, James Thompson, Capt, RN, CBE [31432]

BLAKE, L A, Conductor or WO, RM, Deal/4514 (S), MSM [30450], Army [30072]

BLAKE, L A, Sgt, RNVR Tyne Z1109, Army [29664]

BLAKE, L R, Sub-Lt, RNR, Navy [31189]

BLAKE, Leopold, Tel, J22701 (Po), MID [31354]

BLAKE, Leslie Robert, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30807]

BLAKE, Marcus, Asst Pay, RN, Rus [30147]

BLAKE, Percy, L/Sto, SS 103595 (RFR Ch/B7908), MID [30316]

BLAKE, Tom, AB, J1383, DSM [29024]

BLAKE-REED, John Seymour, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31499]

BLAKEMAN, George Walter, CERA, 269361 (Ch), MSM [31452]

BLAKER, Albert James, Lt, RNR, DSC [31604]

BLAKER, Arthur W, Lt, RN, Navy [31322]

BLAKEY, Archie Button, PO, 231658 (Po), MID [30066]

BLAKISTON, Edward W, PO, J7727 (Ch), Bel [31965], Fra [31248]

BLAKLEY, John, AB, MN, DSM [30153]

BLANCE, Laurence, Seamn, RNR, 1261L, DSM [30536]

BLANCH, Norman Carter, Flt Cdr, RNAS, MID [30662]

BLANCHARD, Herbert, AB, J13427 (Po), DSM [31638]

BLANCHFLOWER, Edward Charles, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31425]

BLANCHFLOWER, W, Pte, RM, S3779, MM [30001]

BLAND, Arthur, Skpr, RNR, 622WSA, DSC [30258]

BLAND, H H, Cpl, RMA, 11471, MM [30962]

BLATCHFORD, William John Langworthy, Sto PO, 297493 (Dev), MSM [31421]

BLEAKLEY, William P, Lt, RNR, Ita [30386]

BLEAKMAN, Edward Henry, LS, J12818 (Dev), MSM [31811]

BLENCOWE, C B, Lt, RNR, Army [29648]

BLEWETT, John, L/Sig, 230487 (Ch), MID [31060]

BLIGH, Ernest Donald, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 18022DA, MID [30936]

BLINCH, John Russell, CPO, 187787 (Ch), DSM [30564]

BLISSETT, Jack Patrick Murray, Lt, RN, MID [31354]

BLOGG, W, CPO, RNVR, Tyne Z/3434, DCM [30932], MM [31173]

BLOMFIELD, Myles Aldington, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31360]

BLONDEL, Edwin Jess, Sto PO, K2366 (Po), MID [30363]

BLOODWORTH, William Snow, Warrt Tel, RN, MBE [31461]

BLOOMER, Melville Henry, Lt, RNR, MID [31604]

BLOOMFIELD, James, Cdr, RNVR, OBE [30730], OBE [31295]

BLORE, A R, CPO, RNVR, L5/3146, MM [31338]

BLORE, Arthur Robert, CPO, RNVR, London 5/3146, CGM [29292], [30979]

BLOSS, Stanley James, CPO, 232342 (Ch), DSM [31248], MID [30159]

BLOTT, Alfred, LS, 217397, MID [29581]

BLOUNT, George Ronald Beddard, Capt, RN, DSO [30088], Bel [31130], Fra [31248], MID [30807], Navy [29436], [31189]

BLOUNT, Harold, Capt, RMA, DSO [29886], Rus [30116]

BLOW, Henry Charles, Com MAA, RN, MBE [31421]

BLOWERS, James William, Engmn, RNR, 1508ES, MID [31604]

BLOWERS, Thomas Edward, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2112SA, DSM [30909]

BLUES, Arthur Samuels, Ch Off, MN, MID [29877]

BLUMBERG, Frederick Thomas, Capt, RM, OBE [31413]

BLUMBERG, Herbert Edward, Lt-Col, RMLI, CB [29423], Fra [30756], Grc [31748]

BLUNDELL, Thomas John, AB, SS 3171 (Po), Rom [31236], MID [30936]

BLUNDELL, W N, Cpl, RMA, D/11451, MM [31227]

BLUNDEN, Abercrombie, PO, 182407, DSM [29423]

BLUNT, Thomas E, Staff Surg, RN, Rus [30116]

BLUNT, William Frederick, Capt, RN, CBE [31553], DSO [28948], MID [29751], Navy [28948], [29751]

BLURTON, Gilbert, Surg, RNVR, Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BLURTON, Richard Melbourne, Trmr, RNR, 3955TS, MID [30153]

BLYTH, George Francis, PO Mech, F13884, DSM [30662]

BLYTH, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/6901, MSM [31370]

BLYTH, John Henry, Lt, RNR, DSC [30285], Fra [30363]

BLYTH, John William, Skpr, RNR, 112WSA, MID [30159]

BLYTHE, F, Pte, RMLI, Ch/1163, MM [31173]

BLYTHE, Samuel George, Coy Sgt-Maj, RMA, 7700, MSM [31461]

BLYTHIN, Thomas, L/Sto, 311671 (Po), Fra [30437], MID [29752]

BOADEN, William F, Lt, RNR, Ita [31683]

BOAK, Richard, Engmn, RNR, 1871TS, DSM [30635]

BOAL, James B, Lt, RNR, MID [29603]

BOARD, William John, L/Sto, 231253 (Dev), MID [30900]

BOARDMAN, John Cogswell, Pay Cdr, RN, CMG [31099]

BOAST, Richard Benjamin, LS, J12 639 (Ch), MID [30909]

BOAST, William James, Engmn, RNR, 403ES, DSM [30732], MID [30153]

BOATH, Alexander W, AB, RNVR, Clyde/Z4860, Bel [30900]

BODDAM-WHETHAM, Edye Kington, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30285], MID [30147]

BODDIE, George Hugh, Lt, RN, DSC [30936]

BODDIE, Ronald Charles, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30807], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

BODIAM, Albert Victor, PO, 222793 (Ch), DSM [30564]

BODLEY, Edward Roland, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSO [31638]

BOE, J, AB, RNVR, TZ6462, MM [30172]

BOES, Alfred, Engmn, RNR, 3500ES, DSM [31638]

BOFFEY, H, Lt, RMA, Army [30072], [30421]

BOFFEY, Thomas, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ply/9579, DSM [29255]

BOGGAN, Matthew, Lt, RNR, DSC [29603]

BOGGIS, Ebenezer Henry Alexander, Air Mech, Ch14849, DSM [29395], Navy [29395]

BOGGUST, Limbrough Charles, ERA 2c, 271134, MID [29680], Navy [29680]

BOHNER, Otto Henry, 2nd Off, MN, DSC [30536]

BOISSIER, Ernest G, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, DSC [29180], Navy [29214], Army [29251]

BOISSIER, Martin Edward Scobell, Cdr, RN, DSO [31452], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BOISTON, William Rochester, ERA 3c, M1369, DSM [28948], Navy [28948]

BOLAN, J H, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Ch/18900, MM [30652]

BOLAND, James, LS, 194218, DSM [29799]

BOLDEN, Leonard George, AB, J27285 (Ch), DSM [30756]

BOLDERO, John Christian, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [31638]

BOLEYN, Thomas, Ch Eng, MN, DSC [30833]

BOLGER, Patrick James, CPO, 163781 (Ch), MSM [31425]

BOLINSKY, Lt, RNVR, Navy [31590]

BOLLAM, C, Lt, RM, Army [29664]

BOLLON, John W H, AB, RNVR, Sussex 1/274, DSM [29581]

BOLSTER, Francis, Surg Cdr, RN, CMG [31516]

BOLSTER, Richard, Clerk, RN, MID [29603]

BOLSTER, Thomas Charles Carpenter, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30088]

BOLT, Andrew Blight, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30950]

BOLT, Arthur George, Sto PO, 305241 (Dev), MID [30900]

BOLT, Benjamin F, Lt, RNR, Navy [29507]

BOLTON, Charles, PO Mech, F9559, MID [30227]

BOLTON, F T, Pte, RMLI, Po/19583, MM [31405]

BOLTON, Henry, CPO, 169563, MID [29752]

BOLTON, Joseph, Trmr, RNR, 255ST, MID [31286]

BOLTON, Richard Edmund Cornforth, Eng Cdr, RIM, OBE [31262], Army [31387]

BOLTON, Samuel, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSC [29255], RD [30374]

BOLUS, Philip Henchman, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30023], Ita [30096]

BOMPAS, Herbert William, L/Aircraftsmn, F14638, MID [30662]

BONAS, James, Dkhnd, RNR, 5242SD, MID [30732]

BOND, Absalom Lewis, Ch Sto, 288599, MID [29752]

BOND, Arthur George Hayes, Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], MID [31303]

BOND, Charles Joseph Cress, 2nd Hnd, RNR, DA2153, DSM [29668]

BOND, Fred M, Sto 1c, 311570, MID [29264]

BOND, George, CPO, 190314 (Dev), MSM [31398]

BOND, George Edward, Eng Lt, RN, MID [31248]

BOND, James, LS, 95704 (RFR Dev/A7286), MID [31413]

BOND, Reginald Comer, W/T Op, MN, MID [30979]

BOND, Thomas Arthur, Lt, RANR, DSO [29434]

BOND, W C R, AB, J11313 (Po), Army [30421]

BOND, W E, AB, RNVR, BZ/33, Army [31077]

BOND, William, CPO, 180505, MID [29581]

BOND, William, Seamn, RNR, 6068A, DSM [31060]

BOND, William, AB, J8490 (Dev), DSM [31638]

BOND, William Charles Francis, 3rd Writer, M10262, DSM [29635]

BOND, William James, CPO, 133936 (RFR Ch/A1279), DSM [30153]

BONE, H, AB, RNVR, TZ/4057, MM [31338]

BONE, Howard, Eng Capt, RN, CB [30111], Rus [30116]

BONE, Reginald J, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, Grc [30635]; also BONE, Reginald John, Lt, RN, DSO [29538]

BONE, T W, PO, RNVR, TZ/9660, MM [31173]

BONE, William Freake, LS, 228365 (RFR Po/B5685), MID [30909], [31303]

BONE, William Maurice, AB, J5234 (Po), MID [30807]

BONES, Archibald Edward, PO, 199133 (RFR Chatham B8212), MID [29434]

BONHAM, James Douglas Garden, Art Eng (was ERA 2c, M1213 (Po)), RN, DSM [30654], MID [31638]

BONHAM, Thomas P, Capt, RN, Navy [29654]

BONHAM-CARTER, Stuart Sumner, Lt, RN, DSO [30807], Fra [30807 - twice], Ita [31130], MID [30807], Navy [31189 - twice]

BONNER, Charles George, Lt, RNR, VC [30363], [31021], DSC [30194]

BONNER, George E, AB, C/J2326, DSM [29292]

BONNETT, E C, Sgt, RMLI, Ch 15161, DSM [29374]

BONNEY, Arthur Edward, Seamn, MN, MID [30536]

BONTOFT, Jesse, PO, 193398, Navy [29264]

BOOKER, Charles Dawson, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30147], Fra [30184], MID [30066]

BOOKLESS, Andrew Swan, L/Sig, J15890 (Dev), DSM [30564]

BOON, Frederick, LS, 215935 (Po), MID [30564]

BOON, George, LS, 172758 (RFR Dev/B 1770), DSM [29530]

BOON, Herman, CPO, 179536 (Ch), Ita [30386]

BOON, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1385SA, DSM [31604]

BOORAN, Shaikh, Sailmaker, RIM, 6160, Army [30867]

BOOTH, Arthur John, Lt, RNR, DSC [30386]

BOOTH, D, Staff Sgt, RM, Deal/S/3251, DCM [30188], Army [29251], [29455]

BOOTH, E, Pte, RMLI, Ch/S/73, MM [30172]

BOOTH, Henry Cameron, ERA 3c, 271921 (Ch), MID [29886]

BOOTH, James, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1759, MID [31354]

BOOTH, John Marshall, Lt, RNR, MID [31604]

BOOTH, R W, Pte, RMLI, Po/64, MM [30507]

BOOTH, William, PO, 206814, DSM [29123]

BOOTHBY, Evelyn Leonard Beridge, Cdr, RN, DSO [29668]

BOOTHBY, Frederick Lewis Maitland, Wing Cdr, RN, MID [30316]

BOOTHBY, H, Lt, RNR, DSO [29076], Navy [29076]

BOOTY, Edward Leonard, Capt, RN, CB [29799], Fra [30756]

BORASTON, William Cross, PO, 196925 (Dev), DSM [30564]

BORE, Frank John, AB, J24770 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

BORE, Thomas Neil, L/Mech, F3616, DSM [30316]

BOREAS, Arthur William Hutchinson, Capt, MN, MID [30979]

BORG, Oswald C, Canteen Mgr, Ita [30386]

BORLAND, John McInnes, Cdr, RNR, DSO [30088], Fra [29751]

BORMAN, Walter Willoughly, Engmn, RNR, 2742ES, DSM [30153]

BORRETT, Charles T, Cdr, RN, Grc [30654]

BORRETT, George Holmes, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [30451], Jpn [31038], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BORRETT, Jack Tuthill, Lt, RN, OBE [31398]

BORRISSOW, Charles Kirby, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31099], Jpn [30616]

BORROTT, Ernest James, PO 1c, 178833 (Ch), DSM [30909], MID [30807]

BORROWMAN, James, LS, RNVR, Clyde/5/2407, CGM [29374], Army [29354]

BORTHWICK, H, Lt, RM, Army [31435]

BORTON, Arthur Drummond, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, DSO [29603], Army [29664]

BORTON, William, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30273]

BOSANQUET, Thomas Albert Edward James, Lt, RN, MBE [30730], [31295]

BOSHIER, Leonard George Stanley, Air Mech 1g, 15936 (Po), DSM [30386]

BOSWELL, Albert Edouard, Lt, RNR, OBE [31553]

BOSWELL, Henry George, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30147]

BOSWORTH, Frank Jackson, Sig, J40831 (Dev), MID [31303]

BOSWORTH, Percy William, PO, 211598 (Po), MSM [32122]

BOTHAM, William Adam, PO, 217897 (Ch), MID [30900]

BOTLEY, Montague H, PO, 209682, DSM [29264]

BOTT, Leslie Charles, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

BOTTERILL, Frank Owen, RM Gnr, RM, MBE [31483]

BOTTING, Alfred Henry, L/Sig, 239566 (Ch), MID [30616]

BOTTOMLEY, Walter, Sapper, RM, Depot/614 (S), DSM [29736]

BOUCH, Charles Henry, Cdr, RNR, RD [30683], MID [31286]

BOUCHER, Clive Stuart, Lt, RNVR, MID [30756]

BOUCHER, Henry Charles Russel, Cdr, RN, OBE [31553], MID [31398]

BOUCHER, James, L/Sto, SS 103330 (RFR Po/B4362), DSM [31063]

BOUCHER, Maitland Walter Sabine, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31604]

BOUCHER, Sydney, LS, RNVR, AA1209, MID [30662]

BOULTBEE, H T, Lt, RIM, Army [29789]

BOULTER, Sydney W, L/Tel, J15349 (Ch), DSM [30298], Navy [30298], Army [30233]

BOULTHEE, Harold Townshend, Lt, RIM, DSC [30227]

BOULTON, Frederick Michael Edwin, Sgt, RMA, 9924, MSM [31553]

BOULTON, James, Dknnd, RNR, 15230DA, MID [30258]

BOUNDS, Horace, Sto 1c, K14491 (Ch), DSM [30363]

BOUNSALL, Samuel, Ch Carp, RN, Rus [30316]

BOUNTON, Charles Edward, Gnr, RN, Navy [29264]

BOURCHIER, John Arthur Fitzwarine, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31303]

BOURKE, Roland, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, VC [30870], DSO [30807], Fra [31063], MID [30807], Navy [30870], [31189]

BOURNE, Alan George Barwys, Maj, RMA, DSO [30716], Ita [30227], [30386], Army [30691], [31435]

BOURNE, B, PO, 154237, Army [29354]

BOURNE, Herbert John, Ch Elec Art, 347674 (Dev), MSM [31398]

BOURNER, William Henry, Sto PO, 277078, MID [29581]

BOUTALL, Alfred Charles, PO Mech, F9560, DSM [30408]

BOUTCHER, George, Seamn, RNR (Newfoundland), 964 X, MID [29530]

BOUTELL, Herbert James, AB, J14121, DSM [29752]

BOWACK, Edgar William, Lt, RNR, DSC [29997]

BOWDEN, Francis Edward, PO Mech (E), F12163, MID [30662]

BOWDEN, Harry James, Eng Cdr, RNR, OBE [31303], MID [30909]

BOWDEN, James Kennedy, CERA 2c, M12524 (Ch), MID [30833]

BOWDEN-SMITH, William, Capt, RN, CBE [31360], MID [30756]

BOWDITCH, Herbert George, AB, 229122 (Po), MID [30833]

BOWEN, Arthur Edward, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/8910, DSM [30909]

BOWEN, George Frederick, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30807]

BOWEN, Gerald Percival, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], Fra [30687], MID [30936]

BOWEN, Harold, Sto 1c, SS 109568 (Dev), MID [31499]

BOWEN, Harold T, Lt-Cdr, RN, Ita [30386]

BOWEN, Rowland Griffith, Lt, RAN, MID [29434]

BOWEN, Thomas Samuel, Capt, MN, MID [30066]

BOWEN, William G, Lt, RNVR, Tun [31354]

BOWER, A, AB, RNVR, ZT/5847, MM [30507]

BOWER, Cyril Whichelo, Lt, RN, DSC [30900]

BOWER, David, Art Eng, RN, MBE [31483]

BOWER, George James William, PO, 227848 (Dev), DSM [30258]

BOWER, Holley, AB, 223250 (Po), DSM [30194]

BOWER, John Graham, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30979]

BOWERMAN, Boyden Frank, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [29921]

BOWERMAN, F A, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [30421]

BOWERS, George Charles, AB, 215063, DSM [29752]

BOWERS, John George, Ch Sto, 354314 (Po) or 354344, MID [29886], [30363]

BOWHAY, William George Anthony, Sto PO, K5186 (Dev), DSM [31748], MID [31354]

BOWHILL, Frederick William, Wing Cdr, RNAS, DSO [30536], MID [30687], Navy [29076], Army [30611]

BOWIE, Robert Forbes, Dep Insp-Gen, RN, CB [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29751]

BOWING, John, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

BOWLBY, Cuthbert Francis Bond, Lt, RN, DSC [30807 - twice], [30870], Navy [30870], [31189]

BOWLBY, Hugh Salvin, Lt, RN, Fra [30408], Navy [29264], [29507], [30015]

BOWLES, Edward Thomas, Skpr, RNR, 13SA, MID [30909]

BOWLES, F, 2nd Writer, M/8868, Army [31435]

BOWLES, Frank Elisha, Dkhnd, RNR, 3938SD, DSM [30807]

BOWLES, George Dalton, AB, 233429 (Ch), DSM [30909]

BOWLES, Guy Percival, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31248]

BOWLES, John Henry, ERA 3c, M742 (Ch), DSM [30654]

BOWLES, William Charles, Dkhnd, RNR, 2985DA, MID [30153]

BOWLING, Horace Edward, Eng Cdr, RN, MID [31060]

BOWMAKER, James Alexander, ERA 2c, 271124, DSM [29581]

BOWMAN, Alfred, Mate, RN, MID [29751]

BOWN, Joseph, Ch Art Eng, RN, MBE [31461]

BOWN, Oliver Charles, CPO Mech (E) 3g, F2661, MID [30662]

BOWRING, Humphrey Wykeham, Capt, RN, DSO [29436], Bel [29886], Fra [29751], Ita [31553], Navy [29436], [29680]

BOWYER, Richard G, Lt, RN, Rus [30116]

BOXALL, Alfred William, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/7565 (RFR/A1072), MID [30088]

BOXALL, Benjamin John, Sto, K9366 (Po), MID [30807]

BOXER, Herbert Martyn, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, CMG [31398]

BOYCE, Ernest Thomas, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31176]

BOYD, Alexander Henderson, Lt, RNR, MID [30756]

BOYD, Denis William, Lt, RN, DSC [30635]

BOYD, Duncan Rodger, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30687]

BOYD, Edward Alexander, CPO 3c, RNAS, F3632, MSM [31354]

BOYD, Henry Purdon, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116], MID [29751]

BOYD, James Lawrence, Lt, RN, DSC [29799]

BOYD, John Mossom, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31499]

BOYD, Kenneth Gordon, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30316]

BOYD, Mathew, Pte, RMLC Deal/13644 (S), DSM [31130]

BOYD, William, CERA 1c, 268757 (Ch), MID [30564]

BOYD-RICHARDSON, Sydney B, Cdr, RN, Bel [31130]

BOYDE, James E, Lt, RNR, MID [29603]

BOYDEN, Percy H, Surg Cdr, RN, Prt [31553]

BOYER, George Christopher Aubin, Pay Capt, RN, CBE [31099], Fra [31063], MID [30581], Army [30421]

BOYES, A B, CPO, RNVR, Tyneside Z/1878, Army [29455]

BOYES, George, Bosn, FR 11387, DSM [30936]

BOYES, Hector, Cdr, RN, CMG [30723], Navy [30133], [31906]

BOYKETT, C H, Lt, RIM, Army [29789]

BOYLAND, Albert, Sto, RNR, S4945, MID [30061]

BOYLE, Alexander David, Lt, RN, Fra [30408], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BOYLE, Alexander Hargreaves, Eng Lt, RN, DSC [30066]

BOYLE, Algernon Douglas Edward Harry, Capt, RN, CB [29423], CMG [30807], Bel [31130], Fra [29751], [30807], Jpn [30258], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29264], [29507], [29751], [31189]

BOYLE, Edward Courtney, Cdr, RN, VC [29169], Fra [29538], Ita [29667], MID [30979], Navy [28948]

BOYLE, Edward Louis Dalrymple, Capt, RN, CMG [30111], Ita [31933]

BOYLE, Harry Lumsden, Cdr, RN, CBE [31553], Fra [29751], Prt [31965], MID [31303]

BOYLE, James Charles, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

BOYLE, Patrick James, Cdr, RN, DSO [29374]

BOYLE, William Henry Dudley, Capt, RN, CB [30451], Egy [29848], Hdjz [31876], Ita [29523], MID [30227], Army [30289], [30360], [30939], [31249]. [31690]

BOYLE, William, AB, SS 838 (RFR Ch/B6145), MID [30635]

BOYNTON, Alfred, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 12740DA, DSM [30581]

BOYNTON, E S, Flt Lt, RNAS, Army [30404]

BOYS, W H, Cdr, RN, Navy [29126]

BOYTER, Thomas, Skpr, RNR, 1966WSA, Srb [29966]

BRACE, Charles Douglas, Pte, RMLI, Ply/7996, DSM [29581]

BRACEWELL, Robinson, CERA 1c, 270477 (Dev), MID [31604]

BRACK, A, AB, RNVR, Z/T/3311, MM [30389]

BRACKLEY, Herbert G, Sqdn Cdr, RAF (ex-Flt Lt, RNAS), DSO [30147], DSC [30066], Navy [30870], [31189]

BRADBEER, Richard James Edward, AB, RNVR (Bristol), Z1670, MID [31425]

BRADBERRY, Albert Thomas, AB, 190188 (RFR Ch/B 6664), MID [30153]

BRADBROOK, H S, Asst Pay, RNR, Army [30691]

BRADBURN, Thomas Stratford, Surg, RN, Rus [29463]

BRADBURY, William, Surg, RN, DSO [30756], Army [29664]

BRADBURY, William, PO, 199926, DSM [29264]

BRADBY, Matthew Samuel, Mid, RN, MBE [31461]

BRADDOCK, Charles J, Pte, RMLI, RFR/B/Ch2013, CGM [29180], Navy [29214], Army [29251]

BRADDOCK, J, AB, 194952, Army [29256]

BRADDYLL, Hubert Stanley, Lt-Cdr, RN, Bel [31130], MID [31191], Navy [29126], [30870]

BRADE, Frank Tomkinson, Lt, RNR, DSC [30066]

BRADFIELD, Henry Gilbert Selman, ERA 2c, M21098 (Dev), MID [30807]

BRADFORD, Edward Eden, Vice-Adm, RN, KCB [29423]

BRADFORD, George Nicholson, Lt-Cdr, RN, VC [31236], MID [30807], Navy [31189 - twice?]

BRADFORD, Herbert, CPO, RNAS, M204, MID [29581]

BRADFORD, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [30691]

BRADING, William Ernest, CERA, 268579, Navy [29126]

BRADLEY, A A, Sto PO, 300678, Navy [29680]

BRADLEY, Albert Edward Ernest, CPO, 207524 (Ch), DSM [30909], Ita [30386]

BRADLEY, Arthur Alfred, Sto PO, 300678 (RFR B6874), DSM [29680]

BRADLEY, Clive, Sto 1c, SS 108758 (RFR Po/B6919), MID [30756]

BRADLEY, Emmanuel Omega, L/Carp Crew, 346621, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

BRADLEY, Eric Thompson, Flt Cdr, RNAS, MID [30316], Army [30404]

BRADLEY, G T, Cpl, RMMU, Deal/3165, MM [30172], [31338]

BRADLEY, John, Trmr, RNR, 568ST, MID [30159]

BRADLEY, John P, Lt, RNR, DSC [30298], Navy [30298 - twice], Army [30233]

BRADLEY, Reuben, Gnr, RN, Srb [29966]

BRADLEY, Walter Edwin, CPO Mech 2g, F3646, DSM [30316]

BRADLEY, William, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Ply/11073, DSM [30133], Navy [30133]

BRADLEY, William, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [30153]

BRADSHAW, Frances Evelyn, Asst Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

BRADSHAW, Frank, Fleet Surg, RN, OBE [30730], OBE [31295]

BRADSHAW, George Fagan, Lt, RN, DSO [30066]

BRADSHAW, Henry, CERA 2c, 270241 (Ch), MID [30088]

BRADSHAW, John W, SSA, M 13468 (Ch), Grc [30654]

BRADSHAW, Samuel, PO Tel, 231676 (Po), Ita [30386]

BRADY, Bernard John William, CPO Mech, RNAS, 234186, DSM [29581]

BRADY, Henry William, CPO, 188620 (Ch), DSM [31360]

BRADY, J, AB, RNVR, TZ4594, MM [30001]

BRADY, John Joseph Hugh, Lt, RNR, OBE [31413], MID [30756]

BRADY, Walter Patrick, Dkymn, MMR 590911, DSM [30616]

BRAGG, James Clapp, PO, 193246, DSM [29752]

BRAHAM, Albert, L/Sig, J6244 (Dev), MID [31638]

BRAHAM, Eli, Cook, MN, MID [30159]

BRAINE, William Robertson, Lt, RNR, MID [30363]

BRAITHWAITE, Dudley, Pay Lt-Cdr, RNR, Grc [31354]

BRAITHWAITE, Lawrence Walter, Capt, RN, CMG [31360], Army [29604]

BRAITHWAITE, S N, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

BRAMBLE, Frank George, Cdr, RN, DSO [31638], MID [30807 - twice], Navy [31906]

BRAMBLE, James, Pay-in-Chief, RN, CB [30451]

BRAMHILL, Jack, Trmr, RNR, 2686TS, MID [31638]

BRAMWELL, Bertie, Dkhnd, RNR, 7605 D A, Fra [30756]

BRANAKE, Richard Robert, Gnr, RMA, RFR RMA/10783, DSM [29123]

BRANCH, A C, Sgt, 466, Army [29664]

BRAND, Eric Sydney, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

BRAND, Ernest J, Tel, RNVR (London), Z/6654, Grc [31876]

BRAND, George, Lt, RNR, DSC [31191], Egy [30687]

BRAND, Hubert George, Cdre, RN, CB [30723], KCMG [31274], CVO [30156], Fra [31063], Jpn [29360]

BRAND, Humphrey Ranulph, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

BRAND, Joseph William, ERA 3c, 272304 (Po), MID [30654]

BRANDON, Arthur Frank, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30363]

BRANDON, Claude George Reginald, Capt, RN, Ita [31748], MID [31303]

BRANDON, Vivian Ronald, Cdr, RN, CBE [31176], Fra [31683], MID [31748]

BRANFORD, Francis William, Pay, RN, Rus [29463]

BRANSON, David, Art Eng, RN, Fra [30408]

BRANSON, Douglas Montagu, Lt, RN, DSC [31553]

BRANT, Karl, Sto 2c, K 43241 (Po), Srb [31354]

BRANT, William Samuel Thomas, Cpl, RMLI, Ch/H15615, MID [30536]

BRASSINGTON, Henry, Sto 1c, C/K12223, DSM [29292]

BRATTLE, Stanley William, Gnr, RMA, 9262 (RMAR/B1227), DSM [30536]

BRAUND, Harold James, Seamn, RNR, 7338A, MID [30258]

BRAY, Cecil, Seamn, RNR, A6053, DSM [29668]

BRAY, Henry James, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

BRAY, Henry William, Ch Elec Art 2c, M404 (Ch), MSM [31262]

BRAY, John Evelyn, Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

BRAY, Martin, Shipwt 1c, 343524, DSM [29752], Fra [29751]

BRAYFIELD, Felix Francis, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30870], Navy [30870]

BRAZIER, Basil, AB, J6116, Navy [29264]

BRAZIER, Percy James, PO, F18403, MSM [31248]

BREACH, Ernest, Ch Sto, 290997 (Po), MSM [31421]

BREACH, Ernest Edward, Skpr, RNR, 195WSA, DSC [30616]

BREACH, William, Sto 1c, K 15545 (Ch), DSM [30363]

BREADNER, Lloyd Samuel, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30088]

BREADY, Walter Strickland, Ch Off, MN, MID [31130]

BREARLEY, Arnold Haigh, AB, 216536 (RFR Dev/B2338), DSM [30616]

BREARLEY, Joe Willis, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30482]

BREED, Walter Ernest, L/Sto, K8273 (Ch), Rom [31236], MID [30756]

BREEN, Edwin, PO 1c, 184172, MID [29264]

BREEN, James, Ch Sto, 285044, MID [29752]

BREES, Alfred Augustus, Vict CPO, 346536 (Po), MSM [31811]

BREESE, George Fred, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30316]

BREEZE, George, CPO, 139995 (Dev), MSM [31236]

BREMNER, Alexander Richard, LS, J4346(Ch), DSM [31638]

BREMNER, Archibald Gordon, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31303]

BREMNER, George, Seamn, RNR, 4735A, DSM [30194]

BREMNER, Simon, L/Mech, F6884, MID [30662]

BREMNER, William Hamilton, Lt, RN, DSO [31811], DSC [30870], MID [30807], Navy [30870], [31189]

BRENDON, Charles L, Cdr, RN, Egy [31811]

BRENNAN, Edward, Dkhnd, RNR, 13890DA, MID [30807]

BRENNAN, James Edward, Sto 1c, SS 113626, DSM [29581]

BRENNAN, T, Air Mech 1g, RNAS, F7736, Army [30233]

BRENT, Ernest Cyril, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30088], MID [30564]

BRERETON, Arthur, Sto PO, 282340 (Po), MID [30687]

BRETON, Colin Guy, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31262], MID [30635]

BRETT, Bertram Wabon, PO, 193486 (Ch), DSM [31038], MID [29886], [30437]

BRETT, Edward Charles, 2nd Hnd, FR 14163, MID [30936]

BRETT, George Henry, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31445]

BRETT, Harry, L/Tel, J8597 (Dev), MID [30088]

BRETT, John Creamer, Capt, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

BRETT, Walter J, AB, 195033 (RFR Ch/B7702), Fra [30616], Army [29623]

BRETT, William, 2nd Hnd, MID [30285]

BRETTELL, Albert Henry, Gnr (T), RN, MID [31398]

BREW, John, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

BREWE, Cyril, PO, RNAS, 13987, MID [29581]

BREWEHER, Paul, Obs Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30363]

BREWER, Archibald John, Capt, MN, MID [30437]

BREWER, Charles Samuel, Surg Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31398]

BREWER, E H, PO, RNVR, TZ6450, MM [30023]

BREWER, Frederick Henry, Lt, RNR, OBE [31445]

BREWER, George S, Sto PO, 150950, DSM [29087], Navy [29087]

BREWER, Jehoiada Jeaffreson, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30756]

BREWER, Percy, L/Sig, J16518 (Dev), DSM [30900]

BREWER, Robert Harold, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31119]

BREWER, Thomas, Sto PO, K19062 (Ch), MID [31248]

BREWER, William Edward, Capt, MN, MID [30732]

BREWER, William Henry, Skpr, RNR, 2440SA, DSC [30147]

BREWERTON, Cyril Fraser, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30635]

BREWERTON, Hannah, Nurse, Nursing Services, RRC [30688]

BREWILL, Arthur William Lancelot, Lt, RN, DSC [29423], Bel [29886], Fra [30285]

BREWIN, G H, AB, RNVR, BZ/4115, MM [31173]

BREWIS, Edward Arnold, Lt, RNVR, MID [31236]

BREWSTER, Basil Theodore, Lt, RN, DSC [31638], Grc [31933]

BREWSTER, Charles, Skpr, RNR, 768WSA, DSC [31248]

BREWSTER, Henry George, PO Tel, 240203, DSM [29255]

BREWSTER, William, Skpr, RNR, 738WSA, Fra [30756]

BRIAN, Alexander James, 4th Eng, MN, DSM [30408]

BRICE, Sidney Henry Joseph, PO, 212060 (Po), MID [30363]

BRICKEL, Arthur Patrick, Ch Yeo Sigs, 194661 (Po), MSM [31811]

BRIDDON, Harold Barton, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30950]

BRIDEN, Walter Seager, Yeo Sigs, 184374 (Ch), DSM [30316], MID [29799]

BRIDGE, Frederick Charles, Sto PO, K28571 (Ch), MID [30807]

BRIDGE, Lionel Moore, Lt, RN, MID [30088]

BRIDGEMAN, Francis P O, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [31360]

BRIDGEMAN, Richard Orlando Beaconsfield, Cdr, RN, DSO [29668], Navy [29395], [30133]

BRIDGER, William, PO, 118431(Po), MSM [31452]

BRIDGER, William Albert, AB, J37486 (Po), MID [31748]

BRIDGES, Francis Doveton, Lt-Col, RMLI, CMG [30451]

BRIDGES, Henry Dalrymple, Cdr, RN, DSO [29668], Navy [30133]

BRIDGMAN, William Henry, AB, 168249 (RFR Dev/B66), MID [30363], [30386]

BRIEN, C P, Cpl, RMMU, Deal/4062, MM [30540]

BRIEN, Jeremiah, AB, RNR, 2332D, DSM [29668], [30182], MID [29886]

BRIGDEN, William Albert, CERA, 271661 (Po), DSM [31604]

BRIGGS, Charles, Pay Lt, RNR, OBE [31483]

BRIGGS, Christopher, Engmn, RNR, 1542ES, DSM [29076], Navy [29076]

BRIGGS, Edward F, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [31354]

BRIGGS, Edward Featherstone, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSO [29024], Navy [29025]

BRIGGS, Fred William, Engmn, RNR, 1106ES, DSM [29886]

BRIGGS, George Frederick, Pay, RNR, RD [29386]

BRIGGS, Harold D, Capt, RN, Fra [30437]

BRIGGS, Henry Smalley, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31811]

BRIGGS, Herbert Gerald, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30088]

BRIGGS, Herbert Plumbridge, Cpl, RMA, 8578, MSM [31553]

BRIGGS, Isaiah, Qmr, Nigerian Marine, MID [29736]

BRIGGS, Walter, L/Sig, 239537 (Ch), MID [30363]

BRIGGS, Wilfred, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [29475]

BRIGHAM, Donald, PO Mech, F641, MID [30066]

BRIGHT, Albert, LS, 202825 (Ch), DSM [29752], Ita [30386]

BRIGHT, Ernest James, CPO, 168335 (Dev), DSM [30687], Jpn [30616]

BRIGHT, James, LS, 21673T (RFR Dev/B5211), DSM [29668]

BRIGHT, John, PO, 203029 (Dev), MID [30363], [30386]

BRIGHT, William, PO, 207510, DSM [29446]

BRIGHTEN, F J, Gnr, RMA, 7585, MM [30431]

BRIGHTMORE, James Robert, Shipwt, M1155, DSM [29581]

BRIMMER, Thomas R, PO Tel, 221996 (Ch), Grc [31876]

BRIMSON, Glenworth, Yeo Sigs, 207701 (Dev), MID [30564]

BRIND, Maurice Arthur, Lt, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BRINDLEY, W, Pte, RMLI, Ch/19896, DCM [31128]

BRINE, Charles William, PO, 182606 (Po), DSM [30088]

BRINE, George Edward, Ch Writer, 347337 (Po), MSM [31604]

BRINE, John, Engmn, RNR, 595ES, MID [31425]

BRINGAN, James Campbell, Staff Surg, RN, OBE [31516], Grc [30900]

BRINHAM, Ernest, Warrt Eng, RNR, MID [30635]

BRISCOE, Lancelot D, Capt, RMA, Rus [30116]

BRISKHAM, Samuel, Ch Sto, 293496 (Ch), MID [30616]

BRISTER, Albert Victor, PO, 235117 (Ch), DSM [30909]

BRISTOW, Albert Henry, Gnr, RMA, 7737 (B1265), DSM [30732]

BRISTOW, Ernest James, CPO Mech 3g, F7180, MID [30662]

BRISTOW, Henry Charles, L/Sig, 224012 (Dev), MID [31191]

BRISTOW, Horace Walter, Ch Skpr, RNR, 86WSA, DSC [30909]

BRITT, George, L/Sto, K14434 (Dev), Srb [31354]

BRITTAN, Charles Grisborne, Col, RMLI, CB [30451]

BRITTEN, John A, Warrt Tel, RN, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

BRITTEN, Philip Ormond, Ch Off, MN, MID [30833]

BRITTON, Alfred, Stoker PO, 289893, DSM [28948], Navy [28948]

BRITTON, Herbert Walter, PO 1c, 198651 (Ch), MID [30807]

BRITTON, Noble, AB, 219860 (RFR Dev/B3471), MID [29997]

BRITTON, Thomas Frederick, Ch Gnr, RN, DSC [30437], Rus [30316]

BRITTON, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2303SA, MID [30616]

BRITTON, William Walker Harris, Skpr, RNR, 2787SA, MID [31604]

BROACH, George Thomas, Surg Capt, RN, CBE [31099]

BROAD, Edward, Lt, RNR, DSC [31248], Bel [31130], MID [30909]

BROAD, Frank, Skpr, RNR, 2216SA, MID [30153]

BROAD, John Rendle, Elec Art 1c, 347604 (Dev), MID [31811]

BROADBENT, Charlie, Eng Cdr, RN, Fra [29997]

BROADBRIDGE, Charles, Sto PO, 302139, MID [29752]

BROADBRIDGE, William, Sgt, RMA, 7401, MSM [31461], MID [29752]

BROADHURST, Richard Charles, L/Sto, K 2777 (Ch), MID [30408]

BROADHURST, William Richard, Ch Gnr, RN, MID [31060]

BROADLEY, Edward Osborne, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30564], Ita [30581], Navy [31856]

BROADWAY, Albert William, LS, J2128, DSM [29886]

BROADWOOD, Daniel, Lt, RMLI, MID [30807]

BROATCH, George T, Surg Capt, RN, Fra [31360], Jpn [31811]

BROCK, Donald Carey, Lt, RN, OBE [31445]

BROCK, Frank Arthur, Wing Cdr, RAF (ex-Flt Cdr, RNAS), OBE [30460], Navy [31189]

BROCK, Frederic Edward Errington, Vice-Adm, RN, KCMG [29423], Fra [29439]

BROCK, Leonard W, Gnr, RN, MID [30015]

BROCK, Osmond De B, Vice-Adm, RN, KCB [31274], CB [29088], KCMG [30451], CMG [29751],  KCVO [30156], Chn [31748], Fra [31413 - twice], Jpn [30258], Rus [30116], Navy [29088], [29654], [29751]

BROCKLEBANK, Henry Cyril Royds, Cdr, RN, CBE [31452], Fra [30756]

BROCKMAN, Frederick George, Ch Sto, 280638 (Ch), DSM [30088]

BROCKMAN, John William, AB, 192095 (Ch), MSM [31553]

BROCKMAN, Ralph St Leger, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

BROCKWAY, Thomas William, O/Tel, J23493, DSM [29581]

BRODERICK, Michael, Seamn, RNR, 5116 B, DSM [30088]

BRODERICK, Richard, Lt, RN, OBE [31262]

BRODIE, Charles Gordon, Lt-Cdr, RN, Ita [29966], MID [29264]

BRODIGAN, John Edward, Seamn, RNR, 3150 B, MID [30900]

BRODRICK, George William, AB, RNVR (Tyneside), Z6642, MID [31461]

BROERS, Oliver Joseph, AB, J9965, MID [29680], Navy [29680]

BROMET, Geoffrey Rhodes, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSO [30066], Fra [30110], MID [29264], Army [30072]

BROMIDGE, William H, Ship Stwd, 345206 (Dev), DSM [30015]

BROMLEY, A W, Lt, RNR, Navy [29264]

BROMLEY, Arthur, Capt, RN, CMG [31413]

BROMLEY, Frederick William, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30285]

BROMLEY, Richard Wyville, Cdr, RN, Ita [30386], Rus [30116], MID [29751]

BRONSON, Cecil Gordon, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [31354], Fra [30536]

BROOK, Alfred Clowes, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30564]

BROOK, Harold Edwin, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29751]

BROOK, James Kenneth, Lt, RNR, DSO [31236]

BROOK-BOOTH, Reginald John, Lt, RN, DSC [30635]

BROOKE, Basil Richard, Cdr, RN, DSO [30159], [31748], Fra [29751], MID [29423]

BROOKE, C, Staff Sgt, RM S/3077, Army [31077]

BROOKE, Charles Louis, Lt-Col, RMA, CB [31099]

BROOKE, Edward, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30833], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BROOKE, John, Lt, RN, DSC [30088]; also BROOKE, John, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [30494]

BROOKE, John Callaghan, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30194]

BROOKE, Percy Henry, CPO 3c, RNAS, F12795, MSM [31360]

BROOKE, Philip Augustus, ERA 3c, M106 (Po), MSM [31683]

BROOKE, Savile Aubrey, L/Mech, F7963, MID [30133], Army [29933]

BROOKE, William Ernest, Yeo Sigs, 222151, MID [29423]

BROOKE-SMITH, Henry, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30756]

BROOKE-SMITH, Louis A, Cdr, RNR, RD [30055]

BROOKE-WEBB, Arthur Cyril, Lt, RNR, DSC [29264]

BROOKER, Albert E, ERA 2c, C/272371, DSM [29292]

BROOKER, Charles, Dkhnd, RANB, MID [31604]

BROOKER, George Sidney, AB, J14216 (Ch), MID [30363]

BROOKER, John, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ch/14087, MID [31638]

BROOKER, Percy R, Art Eng, RN, MID [30807]

BROOKER, William George, PO, 201465 (Ch), DSM [30363]

BROOKES, Henry John, Gnr, RMA, 1822 (S), DSM [30581]

BROOKES, William Ernest, Yeo Sigs, 222151 (Ch), DSM [30564]

BROOKING, Henry Richard George, Art Eng, RN, MID [31286]

BROOKS, Albert Ernest, Dkhnd, RNR, 16116DA, DSM [30807]

BROOKS, Arthur William, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31413], Rus [30116]

BROOKS, Benjamin Ernest, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2991DA, MSM [31638]

BROOKS, Cecil, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [30616], RD [30579], MID [30153]

BROOKS, Edward, Elec Art 4c, M10794 (Ch), MID [30029]

BROOKS, Eric T, Lt, RNVR, Ita [31748]

BROOKS, Frederick, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 3080B, MID [31604]

BROOKS, George Alfred, Ch Sto, 277963 (Ch), DSM [30227]

BROOKS, John Marshall, L/Tel, J4827 (Po), DSM [30363]

BROOKS, Lucy Annie, Sister, Nursing Services, RRC [31331]

BROOKS, R, PO, RNVR, TZ/234, MM [31173]

BROOKS, Reginald Alexander Dallas, Capt, RMA, DSO [30807], Fra [30363], MID [30807], Navy [31189], Army [29664]

BROOKS, Samuel Alfred, Ch Yeo Sigs, 202192, Fra [29751], MID [29752]

BROOKS, Sidney Frederick, Sto 1c, SS 111490 (Po), DSM [30061], Fra [30870]

BROOKS, Sidney William, Lt, RN, DSC [31303], MID [30687]

BROOKS, T, Pte, RMMU, S/3782, MM [31173]

BROOKS, Thomas, CERA 2c, 270675 (Dev), MID [30654]

BROOKSBANK, Joseph, Sgt, RMA, 12743, Bel [31604]

BROOKSMITH, Eldred Stuart, Lt, RN, DSC [30133], Navy [30133]

BROOM, Harry, Sto PO, K1521 (Po), DSM [29374], Fra [30870]

BROOM, Henry, Sto PO, K1521 (Po), Fra [30900]

BROOM, William, PO, 214606 (Dev), Ita [30386]

BROOMAN, Stephen Samuel, CPO, 152268 (Po), MID [30564]

BROOME, T C, Cdr, RN, Army [30196]; also BROOME, Thomas Charles, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31432]

BROOME, Viscount, Cdr, RN, Egy [30687], MID [31191]

BROOMFIELD, Charles, Off Ch Stwd, L3981 (Po), MSM [31811]

BROOMFIELD, George, AB, 237502, DSM [29423]

BROOMHEAD, Harry Burton, CERA, 269514 (Po), DSM [31303]

BROPHY, Angus James, Dkhnd, RNR, 6914DA, MID [30909]

BROSMAN, Patrick, CPO, 176129 (Dev), MID [30635]

BROTHERIDGE, Thomas Martin, L/Sig, J1859 (Po), DSM [30564]

BROTHERTON, Albert Richard, PO 1c, 184902 (Dev), DSM [30616], MID [29752]

BROUCKXON (sic), Richard, Skpr, RNR, 408WFS, DSC [30900]

BROUGH, Alexander L, Surg Sub-Lt, RNVR, Grc [31286]

BROUGH, J, Maj, RMA, Army [29604]

BROUGHAM, John Hermann, Lt, RN, DSC [31182], MID [30909]

BROUGHTON, Charles, Dkhnd, RNR, 237DA, MID [29886]

BROUGHTON, Vernon Lamonnarie Delves, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

BROUNGER, Kenneth, Cdr, RN, DSO [31360], Fra [31063], Ita [30386]

BROUNGER, Thomas Maclean, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31413]

BROWELL, I W, AB, RNVR, TZ/3741, MM [31338]

BROWN, Albert John Frederick, Engmn, RNR, 2852DA, MID [30616]

BROWN, Albert Joseph, O/Tel, J25579, MID [29581]

BROWN, Albert Victor, Ch Arm, 343710 (Po), MID [31638]

BROWN, Alexander, Lt, RNR, MID [30616]

BROWN, Alexander, Engmn, RNR, 749ES, DSM [30936]

BROWN, Alfred, Sto PO, 288890, DSM [29581]

BROWN, Andrew, Capt, MN, DSC [30833]

BROWN, Angus George, Lt, RNR, MID [29264]

BROWN, Annesley George Lennon, Surg Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSC [31398]

BROWN, Archibald, Pte, RMLI, Po/15515, MID [30408]

BROWN, Archibald Evelyn, PO, 226250, DSM [30386]

BROWN, Arthur E, LS, 186770 (RFR Ch/B6915), Fra [30437], [30756]

BROWN, Arthur Roy, Lt, RAF ex-RNAS, DSC [30363], [30756]

BROWN, Cecil Thomas, Capt, RMA, OBE [31683]

BROWN, Charles, Off Cook 1c, 364077 (Po), MID [31425]

BROWN, Charles, CERA, 270752 (Ch), MID [31683]

BROWN, Charles Alfred Morley, Carp, RN, MID [29751]

BROWN, Charles Christmas, PO, 155936 (Po), MID [30061]

BROWN, Charles Hugh Castellan, Lt, RNR, MID [30066]

BROWN, Charles James, CPO, 126208 (RFR Dev A/1942), MID [29581], [31452]

BROWN, Charles William Henry, PO, 235422 (Po), MID [30088]

BROWN, Cyril Bernard, LS, J13135 (Dev), MID [29752], [31248]

BROWN, Daniel Alfred, Engmn, RNR, 4348ES, DSM [30616]

BROWN, David Jack, Pay Lt, RNVR, MID [31683]

BROWN, Donald Eadie, Surg Sub-Lt, RNVR, MBE [31360]

BROWN, Duncan Tatton, Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

BROWN, Edward J, Gnr, RMA, 2303 (S), Bel [31604]

BROWN, Edwin, Sto, 211837, DSM [29292]

BROWN, Ernest G, Gnr, RMA, 12073, Bel [31604]

BROWN, Francis Clifton, Capt, RN, CB [31262], CMG [30111], Grc [30635], [31413], MID [30015], Army [30196]

BROWN, Fred, Pte, RMLI, Ply/3286 (S), MSM [31182]

BROWN, Frederick George, Cdr, RNR, RD [29844], MID [31553]

BROWN, Frederick William, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 1724DA, DSM [30635], MID [30159]

BROWN, G, AB, RNVR, CZ/5371, MM [31173]

BROWN, George, CPO, 276085, Navy [29264]

BROWN, George Aubyn, LS, RNR, 2991C, DSM [30616]

BROWN, George Harold, Shipwt 1c, 343438, MID [29752]

BROWN, George Henry Charles, Ch Sto, 175915 (Po), DSM [30687]

BROWN, George Massiot, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1343, MID [31286]

BROWN, George Samuel, Lt, RN, DSC [29799]

BROWN, George William, Sig, RNVR (London) Z2844, DSM [30732]

BROWN, H A, Sto PO, RAN, 8096, DSM [31303]

BROWN, Henry John, Ch SB Stwd, 175658 (Po), MSM [31604]

BROWN, Hugh, Bosn, MN, AM [31352]

BROWN, Hunter Taylor, Dkhnd, RNR, 15451DA, MSM [31286]

BROWN, James, Ch Sto, 290363, DSM [29680], Navy [29680]

BROWN, James, Pte, RMLI, Po/191l3, MSM [31811]

BROWN, James Gibb, 3rd Eng, MN, MID [30616]

BROWN, James Hardy, Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSO [30064], [30188], MID [29446], Army[29789], [30233]

BROWN, James Henry, Ch Skpr, RNR, 838WSA, DSC [30616]

BROWN, James Roland, Dkhnd, RNR, 94SD, DSM [30159], MID [29886]

BROWN, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 4099DA, DSM [30581]

BROWN, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 877SA, MID [30616]

BROWN, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 3919DA, MID [30687]

BROWN, John, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/14653, MSM [31413]

BROWN, John, Cdr, RNR, Fra [30536]

BROWN, John Dick, AB, J34453 (Dev), MID [31236]

BROWN, John Edward, Private, RMLI, AM [30273]

BROWN, John Edwin (or Edward) Ambrose, Pay Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], CBE [31840]

BROWN, John Gilderoy, Ch Yeo Sigs, 192858, DSM [29374]

BROWN, John Pattison, Dkhnd, RNR, 2941DA, DSM [30536]

BROWN, John Steven, Eng Lt, RN, MBE [31461]

BROWN, John Thomas, Dkhnd, RNR (Trawler Sec) 95DA, DSM [29264]

BROWN, Joseph, Capt, MN, DSC [30408]

BROWN, Leonard Ernest, ERA 2c, 271864 (Po), DSM [30298], Navy [30298], Army [30233]

BROWN, Leslie O, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30133]

BROWN, Michael, CPO, 193916 (Dev), DSM [31191], MID [30654], [30756]

BROWN, N F, Cpl, RMA, 10557, MM [29912]

BROWN, Percival R T, Eng Cdr, RN, Fra [30363], Jpn [31811]

BROWN, Percy George, Cdr, RN, CBE [31398], Fra [30687], [30756]

BROWN, R, AB, RNVR, TZ5807, MM [30001]

BROWN, Ralph, Sig, RNVR (Bristol) Z1733, MID [31248]

BROWN, Richard Charles, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31499]

BROWN, Richard John, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31236], Rus [30116]

BROWN, Robert, Trmr, MN, MID [29799]

BROWN, Robert, Skpr, RNR, 874SA, MID [31286]

BROWN, Robert, Lt, RNR, DSC [29206]

BROWN, Robert John, PO, 222552 (Ch), DSM [30147], MID [29886], [30437]

BROWN, Robert Longstaff, ERA 4c, 270033 (Po), MSM [31421]

BROWN, Stephen, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30833]

BROWN, T, AB, RNVR, TZ/3352, MSM [31370]

BROWN, Thomas, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 588SA, MID [30153]

BROWN, Thomas Alexander, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

BROWN, Thomas William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1814DA, MID [30635]

BROWN, Vincent Christopher, Capt, RMA, DSC [31303]

BROWN, W, CPO, RNVR, Tyne Z/618, DCM [31186], [31726], MM [30001], [30172], [30585]

BROWN, W J, Pte, RMLI, Ch 16907, Army [29664]

BROWN, Walter Charles, Ch Writer, RN, 340172 (Po), MSM [31370], [31432], Army [29890]

BROWN, W D, Mid, RN, Navy [29264]

BROWN, Walter Desmond, Lt, RN, DSC [31748]

BROWN, William, LS, RNR, T1728, DSM [29668]

BROWN, William, Sto PO, 304769, MID [29886]

BROWN, William, Trmr, RNR, 577TS, Ita [30386], MID [29886]

BROWN, William, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Ch/10933 (RFR B1787), DSM [30194]

BROWN, William, Warrt Shipwt, RN, MID [30833]

BROWN, William, Carp, RN, Navy [30298]

BROWN, William, Skpr, RNR, 537WSA, DSC [30635]

BROWN, William, Gnr, RMA, 345(S), Fra [30848]

BROWN, William George, PO, RNR, 4897A, MID [29886]

BROWN, William George, Lt, RNR, MID [30159], [31248]

BROWN, William James (alias William James Haunton), PO 1c, 97010 (Po), MSM [31432]

BROWN, William John Archer, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

BROWN, William Joseph, CPO, 160889, DSM [29423], Fra [30687], MID [29680], Navy [29680]

BROWN, William Keaner, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30635]

BROWN, William McKinlay, Staff Clerk, RMLI, Ply/10963, MSM [31553]

BROWN, William Richard, AB, 203661 (RFR Po/B6460), DSM [30833]

BROWNE, C R, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Army [29354]

BROWNE, Charles Earle, Cdr, RNR, RD [30446], MID [31553]

BROWNE, Ernest, Off Stwd 2c, L10031 (Po), DSM [30536]

BROWNE, Ernest Robert, Skpr, RNR, 2007WSA, DSC [30756]

BROWNE, George L, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [30687]

BROWNE, Harold Ernest, Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

BROWNE, Hugh, Bosn, MN, MID [30900]

BROWNE, Murdoch Campbell, Lt, RM, DSC [29358], Army [29455]

BROWNE, R H, Lt-Cdr, RNR, Army [31077]

BROWNE, Robley Henry John, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31413]

BROWNE, Wallis Vincent, Snr Eng, RNR, RD [29149]

BROWNELL, William James, Yeo Sigs, 225662 (Ch), DSM [31638]

BROWNFIELD, Owen Deane, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

BROWNING, Charles, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 627SA, MID [30153], [30536]

BROWNING, George Walter, PO, 222765 (Ch), DSM [30564]

BROWNING, Gordon Selby, PO Mech, F2836, DSM [30662]

BROWNING, Harry, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]

BROWNING, Montague E, Adm, RN, KCB [30111], CB [29608], GCMG [31099], Chn [31748], Fra [30494], Jpn [31038], USA [31315]

BROWNING, Noel de Brissac, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30431]

BROWNING, Thomas Alfred, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [30258]

BROWNLEE, A, Sub-Lt, RNR, Army [30560]

BROWNLOW, Frederick Hugh Cust, Capt, RAN, OBE [30935]

BROWNRIDGE, James John, WO 1g, RNAS, Navy [29507], Army [29664]

BROWNRIGG, A H, Lt, RM, Army [29623]

BROWNRIGG, Douglas E R, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [30451], Fra [30870], USA [31553]

BROWNRIGG, Henry John Studholme, Capt, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], MID [31413], Navy [29751]

BROWNS, William, Sto PO, 290220 (Ch ), DSM [30088]

BRUCE, Alan Cameron, Capt, RN, CB [31683], DSO [30088], Fra [30363], MID [30732], Navy [31906]

BRUCE, Alexander C, Skpr, RNR, 764SA, Ita [30386]

BRUCE, Dick Foveran Turing, Lt, RNR, RD [29360]

BRUCE, G, LS, RNVR, CZ/3054, MM [31173]

BRUCE, G H, Colr Sgt, RMLI, RFR/Ch/A/631, Navy [28996], Army [29354]

BRUCE, G W, Lt-Cdr, RNR, Army [29933]

BRUCE, George, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 649SA, DSM [30635]

BRUCE, Gideon Harry, Sgt, RMLI, RFR Ch 631, DSM [29024]

BRUCE, Henry Harvey, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [30111], KCB [31712]

BRUCE, James, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 6262DA, MID [31286]

BRUCE, John, ERA, RNR, 1738EA, DSM [30635]

BRUCE, John, Skpr, RNR, 1331WSA, DSC [30153]

BRUCE, Kenneth Mervyn, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29423], Ita [29667]

BRUCE, Lawrence, Seamn, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

BRUCE, Robert, Seamn, RNR, 2270C, MID [30936]

BRUCE, Wilfred or Wilfrid Montague, Cdr, RNR, CBE [31099], RD [29454], MID [30159]

BRUCE, William, Skpr, RNR, 1486WSA, DSC [29668], [30258]

BRUCE, William George, Dkhnd, RNR, 9055DA, DSM [30159]

BRUCE-GARDYNE, Evan, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30194]

BRUDENELL or BRUDNELL, Joseph, Ch Sto, 277829 (Po), DSM [29752], Fra [30437]

BRUEN, Edward Francis, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [30723], Jpn [31038], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BRUGUIER, P E, Pte, RND, Ply/17604, Army [29455]

BRUMMAGE, George, CPO, 189177 (Ch), DSM [30564], Fra [30437], MID [29752]

BRUNDAN, Horace Charles, Tel, RNVR (Mersey) Z2520, DSM [30909]

BRUNKER, George, LS, 222576 (Dev), DSM [30133], Navy [30133]

BRUNSDON, John Dormer, Ch Sto, 282475, MID [29752]

BRUNTON, Arthur John Robert, AB, J18645 (Ch), DSM [30316]

BRUNTON, William George, Ch L/Firemn, MN, DSM [29799]

BRUSEY, Henry, Skpr, New Zealand Naval Auxiliary Service, MSM [31604]

BRUTNELL, G W, AB, RNVR, TZ849, MM [30001]

BRUTON, Charles William, Capt, RN, CMG [31099], Bel [31130], Fra [30687], [30870], MID [30807], [30909], [30194], Navy [31189]

BRYAN, Arthur Mortyboys, Sig, 216227 (Ch), DSM [30564], MID [30635]

BRYAN, Charles, Colr Sgt, RMA, 8229, MSM [31354]

BRYAN, George, LS, 233796 (RFR Ch B/10533), MID [29581]

BRYAN, James William, Engmn, RNR, 1948ES, MID [30159], [30635]

BRYAN, W B, Colr Sgt, RMA, 2601 (RFR/A/0588), Army [29890]

BRYAN, W H, CPO, RNVR, London Z395, Army [29664]

BRYAN, William Robert, Colr Sgt, RMA, 2601 (A0588), DSM [30732]

BRYANT, Alfred James, Ch Writer, 340243 (Po), MSM [31398]

BRYANT, Dorothy Grace, Nursing Sister, QARNNS, RRC [31331]

BRYANT, Frederic Hadley, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

BRYANT, George, Gnr (T), RN, MID [31060]

BRYANT, George James, CERA 1c, 269490 (Po), MID [30936]

BRYANT, Harry, CPO, 172473 (Po), MSM [31461]

BRYANT, Herbert, AB, J15310 (Po), DSM [30564], Army [29256]

BRYANT, J W, PO, LZ/3161 RNVR, Army [31435]

BRYANT, James, Sto PO, 310822 (Po), DSM [30061]

BRYANT, John, CERA 1c, 270323 (Dev), DSM [30088]

BRYANT, Thomas Charles, Sig, 215297 (Po), CGM [30807], Fra [30870]

BRYANT, William John, LS, 194752 (Dev), Rom [31236], MID [29886]

BRYARS, David Livingstone, PO Mech, F3045, MID [30227]

BRYCE, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 5219SD, MSM [31182]

BRYCE, Thomas, CPO Tel, RNR, 112 WTS, MSM [31248]

BRYON, George Frederick, AB, J24786 (Po), MID [30687]

BRYSON, J, Gnr, RIM, Army [30570]; also BRYSON, John, WO, RIM, MBE [32137]


BUCHAN, A, AB, RNVR, KP/611, MM [31173]

BUCHAN, Alexander, Skpr, RNR, WSA 1315, MID [29436], Navy [29436]

BUCHAN, Alexander, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 672SA, DSM [30153]

BUCHAN, Alexander Doig, Sig, RNVR (Clyde) Z7905, DSM [30635]

BUCHAN, Alexander Hey, OS, J39448 (Dev), MID [30536]

BUCHAN, Alexander Robert, Ch Skpr, RNR, 1234WSA, MID [31286]

BUCHAN, Andrew, Skpr, RNR, 1323SA, MID [31286]

BUCHAN, Andrew, Skpr, RNR, 614WSA, DSC [31191], [31248], MID [30635]

BUCHAN, James, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 4745DA, BEM [31236]

BUCHAN, John Robertson, Eng Lt, RN, OBE [31099], MID [31060]

BUCHAN, Robert, Skpr, RNR, 610WSA, MBE [31553]

BUCHAN, Robert, Skpr, RNR, 618WSA, DSC [30635]

BUCHAN, William, Dkhnd, RNR, 315 TC, DSM [30732]

BUCHAN, William, Skpr, RNR, 2226WSA, DSC [30654]

BUCHAN, William John, Dkhnd, RNR, 16539DA, MID [30909]

BUCHAN, William Ruxton, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 123DA, MID [30909]

BUCHANAN, Edgar William, Lt, RN, DSC [31483], MID [30194]

BUCHANAN, Frederic Gray, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

BUCHANAN, John, CERA 2c, M20565 (Dev), DSM [30066]

BUCHANAN, Lionel George, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30564]

BUCHANAN, Robert James, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31303]

BUCHANAN-WOLLASTON, Herbert Arthur, Capt, RN, CMG [31379], Egy [31236], Army [30939], [31249], [31690], [31700]

BUCK, Benjamin Francis Challenger, Ch Shipwt, 346285 (Ch), MID [31461]

BUCKELL, Henry, CPO, RNVR (London) Z1082, MSM [31553]

BUCKELL, Richard Henry, Off Stwd, MN, DSM [29635]

BUCKERIDGE, Arthur George, LS, 128758 RFR Ch/B1984), DSM [30616]

BUCKETT, Albert Henry, AB, 196213 (Po), Rom [31236], MID [30936]

BUCKETT, Frank Ruffin, AB, J12701 (Po), MID [30159]

BUCKINAN, Edward George, AB, RNVR, AA 2535, MID [30536]

BUCKINGHAM, Charles, AB, J42086 (Ch), MID [30732]

BUCKINGHAM, Francis John, Bosn, RN, MID [29264]

BUCKINGHAM, J, AB, RNVR, KP/477, MM [31173]

BUCKLAND, Arthur Edgar, Lt, RN, DSO [31182], DSC [29886], [30635], Bel [31130], Fra [30494], MID [29423]

BUCKLAND, Edwin Clark, 1st Writer, 346824 (Po), MSM [31182]

BUCKLAND, Ernest S, AB, 172075 (Po), Srb [31354]

BUCKLAND, Walter C, CPO, 179332 (Ch), Fra [30756]

BUCKLE, Archibald Walter, Cdr, RNVR, DSO [30555], [30813], [31119], Army [30421], [30691], [31077], [31435]

BUCKLE, Edward, AB, 237869, DSM [29024]

BUCKLE, Henry, Mate, RN, AM [31879]

BUCKLE, Hugh C, Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

BUCKLE, P S W, Sgt, RMLC, Deal/8052 (S), MSM [31370], Army [30691]

BUCKLE, William, Sto 1c, K21904 (Po), MID [31191]

BUCKLER, J O, Lt, RNR, Army [29933]

BUCKLEY, Eric J K, Flt Lt, RNAS, Bel [30536 - twice]

BUCKLEY, Frederick A, Lt-Cdr, RN, Ita [30386]

BUCKLEY, Harold Heath, Gnr, RN, MID [30732]

BUCKLEY, John, Yeo Sigs, 212203 (Ch), DSM [30088], MID [30807]

BUCKLEY, John, LS, 236989 (Dev), MID [30363]

BUCKLEY, Robert Emanuel, PO 1c, 189737 (Po), MSM [31452]

BUCKLEY, T, PO, RNVR, TZ1941, MM [30585]

BUCKLEY, William, LS, RNR, 1778C, DSM [30227], [30363]

BUCKLEY, William Smith, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [31286]

BUCKMAN, A, PO, RND, P/Z1079, DCM [30001]

BUCKMAN, Herbert, PO, 217504 (Ch), DSM [31303]

BUCKNALL, Charles Austin, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1742DA, DSM [30635]

BUCKNALL, Job Barnard, Art Eng, RN, MID [30900]

BUCKNOLE, Walter, Dkhnd, RN Trawler Reserve, 1843DA, MID [29423]

BUCKTON, H C, Cpl, RM S/1711, Army [31077]

BUDD, Crispin Percy Frederick, Sgt, RMLI, Po/15765, DSM [30807]

BUDDHU, Esmail, Lascar, RIM 1214, Army [30233]

BUDDIE, Roger, Surg, RN, OBE [31516], Navy [30870]

BUDDS, Gilbert Howard William, CPO Mech, 271764, DSM [29076], Navy [29076]

BUDGE, Henry, Warrt Wardmaster, RN, MBE [31099]

BUDGE, John William Harris, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31421]

BUDGEN, James, Lt, RNR, DSC [31060]

BUGDEN, William John, LS, 237534 (Ch), MID [30363]

BUGG, H J, Lt, RIM, Army [29789]

BUGG, Rupert Walter, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 5046SD, AM [30694]

BUGLASS, John, CERA, RNR, 1343EA, MID [31286]

BUICK, William John, Sto PO, 308544 (Po), MID [31191]

BULBROOK, Bernard Hugh, Yeo Sigs, 227250 (Dev), DSM [30635]

BULL, Albert Edward, Dkhnd, RNR, 2043SD, DSM [30159], MID [29886]

BULL, Arthur John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2057DA, DSM [30159]

BULL, Charles Thomas, MAA, 121887 (RFR Dev/A2310), MSM [31182]

BULL, Frederick William, AB, SS 447 (RFR Dev/B2616), DSM [30979]

BULL, Joseph, Sto 1c, SS 104226 (RFR Po/B4850), MID [31604]

BULL, Rene, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MID [30654]

BULL, Samuel, Sgt, RMA, 9591, DSM [29635]

BULL, Sydney Harold Everard, CPO, 193521 (Ch), MID [31638]

BULL, Wilfrid James, Pay Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

BULL, William Robert, AB, J15960 (Ch), DSM [29886]

BULLARD, David, Gnr, RMA, 2773, MSM [31452]

BULLEN, Daniel, LS, RNVR, KP3, DSM [29736], Army [29455]

BULLEN, W H, Pte, RMLI, Ply/17892, MM [30023]

BULLEN, William Richard, Skpr, RNR, 967WSA, MID [30616]

BULLER, Francis Alexander Waddilove, Cdr, RN, DSO [30111], MID [30194]

BULLER, Henry Tritton, Capt, RN, CB [31099]

BULLER, Reginald Langdon, Mid, RANR, MID [29434]

BULLEY, Francis William, Ch Writer, 340150 (Dev), MSM [31461]

BULLOCK, Albert Edward, ERA 2c, M998 (Ch), DSM [30635]

BULLOCK, Charles Arthur, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31553], RD [29804]

BULLOCK, George, Lt, RM, Srb [29377], MID [29446]

BULLOCK, Joseph Henry, Skpr, RNR, 1944SA, DSC [30616], MID [29423]

BULLOCK, William Henry, Capt, MN, MID [30285]

BULMAN, H, Lce-Cpl, RND, S/3286, Army [29354]

BULMER, John David, Bosn, MN, AM [30273]

BULT, Reginald, AB, J22432 (Po), MID [30807]

BUNBURY, Charles Thomas Alexander, Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], MID [30909]

BUNBURY, Evan Campbell, Cdr, RN, Fra [30363], Ita [30227], MID [29751], Navy [29088], [29751]

BUNCE, John Frederick, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30001]

BUNCE, Walter, Air Mech 1g, F7088, DSM [30029]

BUNDEY, Herbert Frank, AB, 220853 (Po), Rom [31236], MID [30936]

BUNN, Albert George, Dkhnd, RNR, 4330DA, DSM [30153]

BUNN, Benjamin, Dkhnd, RNR, 10245DA, DSM [30159], Ita [30386]

BUNT, Richard Charles, Ch Gnr, RN, MBE [31461], Fra [29751]

BUNTING, Edward John, AB, SS 4999 (Dev), DSM [30363]

BUNTING, Henry James, Sto PO, K11491 (Ch), MSM [31811]

BUNTING, Jeremiah Aylmer, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [29751]

BUNTING, Sidney George, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 2995SD, DSM [30909]

BUNTON, Christopher Louis White, Fleet Surg, RN, MID [29751]

BUNTON, William S, OS, J56200 (Dev), Rom [31236]

BUNTON, William Stuart, OS, MN, MID [30066]

BUNYARD, Reginald Harry, Lt, RN, MID [31248]

BURBERRY, Arthur, PO, 223280 (Ch), MID [30807]

BURCHELL, Samuel Thomas, Sto PO, 310758 (Dev), DSM [30687]

BURCHELL, Sidney Harcourt, Ch Elec Art 2c, 347118, MID [29752]

BURCHETT, J H P, Sapper, RM, Depot/S/51, Army [29664]

BURCHILL, Samuel T, Sto PO, 310758 (Dev), Jpn [30616]

BURD, Frederick John, 1st Off, MN, MID [31236]

BURDEN, Charles Henry, Ch Sto, 283214 (Po), MSM [31461]

BURDEN, Walter Patrick, Snr Mate, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

BURDETT, J H, Surg, RN, Army [29664]

BURDETT, William Harvey, 2nd Writer, M12011 (Po), MSM [31432]

BURDICK, GordE, Lt, RNVR, Tun [30936]

BURET, Theobald John Claude, Capt, MN, DSC [30408]

BURFORD, Sidney Tom Edward, AB, SS 1096 (RFR Dev/B3375), MID [30363], [30386]

BURGE, N O, Maj, RMLI, Army [29455]

BURGESS, Alfred Leonard, CERA 1c, 269498, DSM [29752]

BURGESS, Arthur C, Ch Gnr, RN, Rus [30316]

BURGESS, Charles James, SB Stwd, 350406 (Po), MSM [31604]

BURGESS, Harold Greville, OS, RNVR (Tyneside) Z12141, MSM [31553]

BURGESS, Herbert, Skpr, RNR, 868WSA, MID [30635]

BURGESS, Herbert Smith, Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, OBE [31262]

BURGESS, Horace Robert, Ch Engmn, RNR, 2176ES, MSM [31286]

BURGESS, James George, PO 2c, 132932, DSM [29292]

BURGESS, Malcolm K de M, Cdr, RN, Egy [31942]

BURGESS, Nathaniel G, Lt, RNR, Fra [30687]

BURGESS, Sydney Charles, Ch Yeo Sigs, 192892, DSM [29752]

BURGESS, William James, Ch Sto, P145444 (Po), MSM [31360]

BURGIN, James William, AB, J9063 (Ch), DSM [31638]

BURGON, Charles Stuart, Lt, RNR, DSC [30386], Fra [30687]

BURGON, Joseph Booz, 2nd Hnd, RNR (Trawler Sec) 739SA, DSM [29264]

BURGOYNE, Sydney Thomas, Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31295]

BURK, John, Seamn, RNR, 5045A, Rom [31236]

BURKE, Alfred Ernest, Ch Arm, 133927 (Po), MSM [31421]

BURKE, Charles Dominick, Cdr, RN, Fra [30363], Ita [30227], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

BURKE, David, Gnr, RMA, 296(S), Bel [31604]

BURKE, Fred, Pay Lt, RNR, OBE [31840]

BURKE, Frederick, LS, J4730 (Ch), MID [30807]

BURKE, James Michael, Lt, RNVR, MID [30316]

BURKE, John, Yeo Sigs, 138847, MID [29886]

BURKE, John, Seamn, MN, MID [30536]

BURKE, John, Seamn, RNR, 5045A, MID [30616]

BURLEIGH, Arthur Herbert, L/Sig, 225334 (Ch), DSM [30088]

BURLEIGH, Cecil Willis, Cdr, RNR, DSO [30909], RD [29775], MID [30088]

BURLEY, George, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Po/2069, DSM [29799]

BURLEY, Ronald Frank, Ch Sto, 283927 (Po), DSM [29752], Ita [30386]

BURLING, Edward James Pointer, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [31191], Fra [30536], MID [30194]

BURMAN, Joseph Waller, PO 1c, 134804 (Ch), DSM [30909]

BURMESTER, Rudolf Miles, Capt, RN, CB [31262], CMG [29507], Egy [29848], Fra [31063], Jpn [31811], Navy [29507], Army [29632]

BURN, Ernest Leonard, Off Stwd 2c, L1287 (Po), DSM [30066]

BURN, G A, Sgt, RND, Deal/587, Army [29455], [29664]

BURN, George Henry, Ch Writer, 341625 (Dev), MSM [31398]

BURN, George James, CERA 1c, 268389 (Ch), DSM [30654]

BURN, John, Cdr, RNR, RD [30522]

BURN, J, AB, RNVR, TZ3808, MM [30172]

BURNELL, E, Yeo Sigs, 211855, Army [29933]

BURNETT, E E, Cpl, RMLI, Po/15917, MM [31338]

BURNETT, James McAllister, Dkhnd, RNR (Trawler Sec) 1215DA, DSM [29423]

BURNETT, W L, PO, RNVR, CZ424, DCM [29921]

BURNEY, Cecil, Adm, RN, GCMG [29751], Bel [31038], Fra [29751], [31748], Ita [30227], Jpn [30258], Rus [30116], USA [31553], Navy [29654], [29751 - twice]

BURNEY, Charles Denniston, Cdr, RN, CMG [30111]

BURNHAM, Tom, PO 1c, 101022 (Po), MSM [31425]

BURNISTON, Hugh Somerville, Surg Cdr, RN, CMG [31099]

BURNLEY, Horace, Colr Sgt, RMA, 6466, MSM [31461]

BURNS, A W, Lt, RMLC, Army [30691]

BURNS, Frederick G, Lt, RNVR, Grc [30654]

BURNS, George Morrison, OS, J64222 (Dev), DSM [30147]

BURNS, Henry, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31516]

BURNS, James, Eng Lt, RNR, DSC [30227]

BURNS, James William, OS, RNVR, Tyne Z/11423, Navy [30870]

BURNS, Richard, Pte, RMLI, Po/8167, DSM [30029]

BURNSIDE, G E M, Lt, RMA, Army [30421]

BURNSIDE, W, AB, RNVR, XP/114, MM [30540]

BURRAGE, Henry James, Lt, RM, MBE [31452]

BURRAGE, Vincent, AB, 160207 (Dev) RFR B68, DSM [30133], Navy [30133]

BURRELL, Charles Milwyn, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

BURRELL, E L, Lt, RM, Army [29664]

BURRELL, Thomas John, PO, 217004 (Ch), DSM [29947]

BURRETT, James, CPO, 178075 (Dev), DSM [30088]

BURROUGHS, William John, PO, 182051 (Dev), DSM [30564]

BURROWS, A, Gnr, RIM, Army [30867]; also BURROWS, Alexander, WO, RIM, MBE [32137]

BURROWS, Albert Ernest, CPO, 169893 (Ch), DSM [30227]

BURROWS, Allan, AB, 219730, DSM [29446]

BURROWS, George, AB, 189607 (RFR Ch/B7363), DSM [30635]

BURROWS, John Thomas Ladbrooke, Gnr, RN, MBE [31483]

BURROWS, Louis Thomas, AB, J19752 (Ch,), MID [31638]

BURROWS, Thomas Edward, Sig, RNVR (Mersey) Z1968, DSM [30756]

BURROWS, William James, SBS, 351281 (Po), MSM [31421]

BURRY, Peter, 2nd Mate, MN, MID [30536]

BURT, Arthur Stanley, Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], MID [31060]

BURT, Bernard, Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [29603]

BURT, George, Suptg Clerk, RMLI, MSM [31553]

BURT, Henry, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Srb [32074]

BURT, John Saville Keatley, Yeo Sigs, 217500 (Po), MSM [31748]

BURT, Reginald Claude, Sgt, RMLI, Po/15162, DSM [30807]

BURTENSHAW, Alfred James, L/Sig, 226545 (Po), DSM [30363]

BURTON, Albert Charles, CERA 1c, 269517, DSM [29886]

BURTON, Albert James, L/Sig, J10029 (Ch), DSM [30687]

BURTON, Arthur, PO, 234040 (Po), DSM [30687]

BURTON, Arthur John George, ERA 3c, M7269 (Ch), DSM [30807]

BURTON, Charles William, CPO, 164812 (Ch), DSM [30227]

BURTON, Ernest, LS, 193491 RFR/Ch/B8349, DSM [29292]

BURTON, F, Eng, RIM, Army [30570]

BURTON, Harry Frederick Arthur Robert, AB, J53632 (Ch), MID [31811]

BURTON, John P, Lt, RN, Rus [30116]

BURTON, Joseph, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB850, MSM [31748]

BURTON, Joseph H, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [29088], Navy [29088]

BURTON, Richard, Capt, RMLI, DSC [31236]

BURTON, T H, Capt, RM, Army [29664]

BURTON, Thomas Henry, Lt, RMLI, MC [30450]

BURTONSHAW, William Alfred, CPO, 163277 (Po), Fra [30494], MID [30088]

BURVILLE, William Stephen, PO Mech, F4117, DSM [30066]

BURWOOD, Frederick, CPO, 151107 (Po), MID [30564]

BURWOOD, Isaac John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 353DA, MID [31604]

BURY, Claude Denzil, Lt, RN, MID [30285], [30807], [31191]

BURY, George Wyman, Lt, RNVR, OBE [30730]

BURY, Nigel Denys, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30363]

BURY, William Archibald, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [30870], MID [30807], Navy [30870], [31189 - twice]

BURY, William Richard, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ch/1766, MSM [31553]

BUSBRIDGE, Frank Percival, Lt, RN, DSC [30635]

BUSBY, Thomas, L/Aircraftsmn, F18555, DSM [30227]

BUSH, Albert Edward, Seamn, RNR, A2835, DSM [29799]

BUSH, Athelstan Paul, Lt, RN, DSO [31452], Fra [29751]

BUSH, David Graham Horndon, Lt, RN, DSC [30756]

BUSH, Eric Wheler, Mid, RN, DSC [29507], Navy [29264], [29507]

BUSH, George J, LS, RAN, 7018, DSM [30807]

BUSH, James Tobin, Capt, RN, CBE [31360]

BUSH, Robert Cecil, CPO, RNVR, AA 135, MID [30536]

BUSH, Victor Reginald, Sto, K23345 (Dev), DSM [30807]

BUSH, William Robert, L/Sig, 224271, MID [29581]

BUSHBY, John F, Sto 1c, K7775 (Po), Srb [31354]

BUSHE, Charles Kendal, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31262]

BUSHELL, Alfred Ethelbert, CPO, 156648, DSM [29123]

BUSHELL, George Edmund, CPO, 163411 (Po), MSM [31303]

BUSHELL, J, Sgt, RMLI, Ch7771, MM [30172]

BUSHELL, Joseph William, Ch Shipwt 2c, 342895 (Ch), MSM [31461]

BUSHELL, Stephen Henry, PO, 216859, DSM [30316]

BUSS, David, Sto 1c, K22876 (Po), MID [30258]

BUSS, Harold Austen, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30363]

BUSS, J, AB, MMR 999397, DCM [31745]

BUSSER, William Henry, CPO, 129071 (RFR Ch/A1134), DSM [30153], Ita [30581]

BUSSEY, Benjamin, CPO, 130577 (RFR Po/A3000), MID [30159]

BUSTEED, Henry Richard, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, OBE [30460], Fra [30687]

BUSTIN, George Alfred, Ch Sto, 282907 (Po), MID [30564]

BUSWELL, William, Capt, MN, MID [30536]

BUTCHER, Albert, Sto PO, 309459 (Ch), DSM [30909]

BUTCHER, Gerald Charles, Tel, J33802 (Ch), MID [30363]

BUTCHER, Harold William, Sig, J5129, DSM [30654]

BUTCHER, Marjorie Alma, Asst Princ, WRNS, MBE [31114]

BUTCHER, Osborne Arthur, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30285]

BUTCHER, Reginald, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, CMG [31425]

BUTCHER, Victor George, Pay Lt, RNR, OBE [31483]

BUTCHERS, A S, Gnr, RMA, 10785, MM [29805]

BUTCHERS, William Edmund, Ch Arm, 144583, MID [29799]

BUTLAND, Thomas James, PO, 193117, DSM [29423]

BUTLAND, William, CPO, 148467 (Dev), DSM [30900], MID [30066]

BUTLER, A M, Coy Sgt-Maj, RMLI, Ply/618(S), MSM [31370], Army [30421], [31077]

BUTLER, Alfred, CPO, 118754 (RFR Po/A1358), DSM [29997], MID [30153]

BUTLER, Alfred Henry, Ch Arm, 341764 (Ch), MID [30687]

BUTLER, Charles, Cpl, RMA, 8416, Fra [30494]

BUTLER, Charles Henry, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSO [30194], [30227], DSC [29507], MID [30363], Navy [29507]

BUTLER, Edward Patrick, CPO, 155523 (Po), MID [31638]

BUTLER, Francis John, Sub-Lt, RN, MBE [31553]

BUTLER, Frank A, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [28948]

BUTLER, George James Mead, PO Tel, 176310 (Dev), MID [30687]

BUTLER, Herbert, Sto PO, 309945 (Ch), MID [31286]

BUTLER, James Henry, Gnr, RMA, 5710, Bel [30812]

BUTLER, John Charles William, Lt, RNVR, MID [30616]

BUTLER, Reginald Charles, Lt, RNR, DSC [30227], MID [30153]

BUTLER, Richard Shelley Bridger, Capt, MN, MID [31038]

BUTLER, Robert W, Skpr, RNR, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

BUTLER, Vernon Saumarez, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30564]

BUTLER, Walter, AB, J16311 (Po), DSM [30807]

BUTLER, William, Trmr, RNR, 744TS, MID [30159]

BUTLER, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 778DA, DSM [30654]

BUTLIN, Claude Martin, Lt, RN, DSC [30386]

BUTLIN, Edward Schuyler Rodd, Lt, RN, MID [30909]

BUTT, Alfred Godbee, AB, J22698, MID [29752]

BUTT, Percy Lovel, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31354]

BUTT, S W V, Pte, RMLI, Ply/17013, Army [29354]

BUTT, William Henry, L/Mech, F13613, DSM [30662]

BUTTERFIELD, Frederick, LS, 233629, MID [29799]

BUTTERS, John, PO, 137522 (RFR Dev/A3497), DSM [29886]

BUTTLE, Albert James, AB, J46994 (Ch), MID [31811]

BUTTON, Arthur Brandreth Scott, Capt, RN, CMG [31236]

BUTTON, Edward Frederick Cowley, ERA 2c, 346054, MID [29886]

BUTTON, Philip Norman, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

BUTTON, William E, Skpr, RNR, 1964WSA, Srb [29966]

BUTTON or BUTTONS, Alfred, LS, 203867, DSM [29668], [29292]

BUTTONSHAW, John, Yeo Sigs, 215905, DSM [29123]

BUXTON, Bernard, Cdr, RN, DSO [30298], Navy [30298 - twice], Army [30233], [30570], [30867]

BUXTON, V, PO, RNVR, TZ/4175, MM [31338]


BYLES, Albert Edward, L/Sto, K11233, MID [29886]

BYLES, George R, Eng Cdr, RN, Jpn [30258]

BYNE, Roland Martin, Maj, RMLI, OBE [30730], OBE [31295]

BYRNE, Charles Henry, L/Sig, 230240 (Ch), DSM [31604]

BYRNE, Edward, Engmn, RNR, 2263ES, DSM [30616], [31811]

BYRNE, Felix, Lt, RNR, MID [30363]

BYRNE, George Percy, Warrt Shipwt, RN, DSC [31811]

BYRON, Charles Edgar, Pay-in-Chief, RN, CMG [30111], Fra [30494], Army [29890], [30072]

BYRON, Charles Gardine, Lt, RNR, MID [30687]

BYRON, Fitzroy Hamilton Dalrymple, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30363]

BYRON, John, Art Eng, RN, MID [31191]

BYSOUTH, Christopher, Gnr (T), RN, MID [30807]

BYWATER-WARD, John, Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]





CABLE, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/7251, MM [30962]

CABLE, James Frederick, Lt-Col, RMLC, OBE [31099], Army [30691]

CABLES, James, Seamn, MN, MID [30363]

CABORNE, Warren F, Cdr, RNR, RD [29822]

CADBURY, Egbert, Capt, RAF (ex-Flt Lt, RNAS), DSC [29848], DFC [30913]

CADBY, George Henry, CPO, 206558 (Ch), DSM [31191]

CADIZ, Frederick Galway, Capt, MN, DSC [30833], MID [30616]

CADMAN, James, Lt, RNVR, DSC [29374]

CADOGAN, Roger, Ch Carp, RN, Rus [30316]

CADOU, Edward E, Cdr, RNR, Fra [31360]

CAFE, Joseph, Ch Yeo Sigs, 191831, DSM [29581]

CAHILL, John, Lt, RN, MBE [31553]

CAIN, Alan Ernest, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616], Army [30480]

CAIN, George Arthur,, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 3174 C, Ita [30581], MID [30616]

CAIN, Thomas Edward, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [30258]

CAIN, Thomas Edward, Skpr, RNR, 2061WSA, DSC [30147]

CAIRD, Stanley, Pte, RMSM, Ch/795 (S), MSM [31425]

CAIRD, Thomas, Sgt Mech, RAF 206181 (ex-Air Mech 1g, F6181), DSM [30227]. DFM [30913]

CAIRNS, William, Tel, J24116 (Ch), MID [31248]

CALDER, Harold W, SB Stwd, 351110 (Ch), Ita [30386]

CALDER, Noel Stuart, CPO Mech 3g, F3641, MID [30662]

CALDERBANK, Alexius, Rev, RN, Fra [31063], MID [30756]

CALDON or CALDOW, J, PO, RNVR, CZ/1183, MM [30797], [31469]

CALDWELL, Richard Hungerford, Lt, RN, DSC [30909], Navy [30870]

CALDWELL, Thomas, O/Tel, RNVR, Z/2947 (Wales), DSM [30147]

CALLAGHAN, Cyril, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29123], [31191], Navy [29088]

CALLAGHAN, Edward William, LS (CG), 184610, MID [29581]

CALLAGHAN, George Astley, Adm, RN, KCB [29608]

CALLAGHAN, John, PO 1c, 232547 (Ch), MID [30807]

CALLAGHAN, Patrick, Ch Sto, 278953, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

CALLAGHAN, William, AB, 179138 (Ch), MID [30088]

CALLAN, Daniel George, Engmn, RNR, 427ES, DSM [30153]

CALLANDER, James, L/Trmr, RNR, 5110TS, MID [31354]

CALLARD, Arthur, PO, 224168 (Dev), DSM [30363], MID [30066]

CALLAWAY, Albert Ernest, L/Sig, J6814 (Ch), DSM [31236], Rom [31236], MID [30900]

CALLAWAY, Edward Linton, Ch Elec Art or Ch Art Eng, RN, Fra [30408], MID [29423]

CALLAWAY, Henry Charles Bertram, Gnr, RMA, 5705, DSM [31130]

CALLAWAY, William Bertram, Flt Lt, RN, MID [30662]

CALLENDER, C, PO, RNVR, TZ3152, DCM [30001]

CALLENDER, Percy, Sto, RNR, 5193S, MSM [31413]

CALLISTER, Thomas Henry, 1st Mate, MN, MID [30616]

CALLWELL, Eberhard William Ernest, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31360], Bel [31130], MID [31182]

CALTHROP, Dion C, Cdr, RNVR, Fra [31413]

CALTHROP, E S, Surg, RN, Army [29455]

CALTHROP, Walter Henry Calthrop, Cdr, RN, AM [30928]

CALVER, Crawford, Air Mech (E) 1g, F18438, MID [30662]

CALVER, Frederick Arthur, LS, J21929 (Ch), Rom [31236], MID [31038]

CALVERT, James, Skpr, RNR, 15452DA, MID [31354]

CALVERT, James Edward, Ch Skpr, RNR, 767WSA, DSC [30159], Fra [30408]

CALVERT, Thomas Frederick Parker, Cdr, RN, DSO [31191]

CALVIN, Collamer Chipman, Lt, RNVR, MID [30807]

CALVIN, Thomas, Sto 1c, 289306 (Dev), Fra [30437]

CAMBELL, Ronald P, Mid, RNR, Ita [30386]

CAMERON, Alistair Gordon, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30227], MID [29799]

CAMERON, Charles Ronald, Lt, RNR, DSC [30909]

CAMERON, Cyril St Clair, Capt, RN, CBE [31499]

CAMERON, Ewen, Staff Surg, RN, MID [29799], Army [29789]

CAMERON, George, LS, J3812, DSM [29799]

CAMERON, Gordon McLeod, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31038]

CAMERON, John, RM Gnr, RM, MBE [31461]

CAMERON, John Ewen, Capt, RN, CB [30723], Fra [29751], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

CAMERON, Robert, Engmn, RNR, 544ES, MID [30159]

CAMERON, Robert, Warrt Eng, RNR, MID [31060]

CAMERON, William, Ch Eng, MN, MID [29877]

CAMM, Arthur George, Ch SB Stwd, 350316 (Dev), Ita [30386], MID [29752]

CAMP, John James, PO 1c, 136509 (RFR Dev/A2686), MSM [31182]

CAMPBELL, A, Lt, RNVR, Army [29664]; also CAMPBELL, Alan Urquhart, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MC [29886], [29940], Fra [32074]

CAMPBELL, Alexander, Gnr, RMA, 1466 (S), DSM [31182]

CAMPBELL, Alexander Victor, Capt, RN, DSO [30015], Fra [29564], Navy [29507]

CAMPBELL, Andrew Anderson, AB, J4337, MID [29752]

CAMPBELL, Archibald Peter, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB1920, DSM [31182]

CAMPBELL, C R, Lt, RIM, Army [29536], [29823]

CAMPBELL, Charles, CERA 1c, 269396 (Po), MID [30909]

CAMPBELL, Clifford Joseph, CPO, 191144 (Ch), DSM [30088], [30227]

CAMPBELL, Cluny Cameron, AB, 191210 (RFR Ch/B 7645), DSM [29530]

CAMPBELL, Colin Decie, Lt, RNVR, MID [31286]

CAMPBELL, Donald, Cdr, RN, OBE [30730], OBE [31295]

CAMPBELL, Donald, PO, RNR, 2357C, MID [31248]

CAMPBELL, Dugald, Warrt Eng, RNR, MID [30807]

CAMPBELL, George, Skpr, RNR, 648WSA, Srb [29966]

CAMPBELL, George, LS, RNR, 3635B, MID [30153]

CAMPBELL, George Cornelius, Sto PO, 311361 (Ch), DSM [31191]

CAMPBELL, George Duncan, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30564]

CAMPBELL, George W McO, Capt, RN, Navy [31856]

CAMPBELL, George William McOran, Capt, RN, CMG [31811], MID [29751], Navy [31856]

CAMPBELL, Gordon, Capt, RN, VC [30029], [31021], DSO [29603], [30194], [30363], Fra [30363], [30494]

CAMPBELL, Gunning Morehead, Col, RMA, CB [31379]

CAMPBELL, Harold George, Lt, RN, DSO [30807], Fra [30807], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

CAMPBELL, Henry Hervey, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [29886], Navy [28948]

CAMPBELL, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/1562, MM [30001]

CAMPBELL, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/5324, MM [30940]

CAMPBELL, J H, Lt-Cdr, prob RNVR, Army [29455]

CAMPBELL, James Douglas, Cdr, RN, OBE [31553], Jpn [31811]

CAMPBELL, James L, Lt, RNVR, Grc [30654]

CAMPBELL, James Sinclair, Lt, RNR, DSC [29997]

CAMPBELL, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, SA2277, DSM [29668]

CAMPBELL, John, PO, 190387 (Ch), DSM [30147]

CAMPBELL, John, Skpr, RNR, 544WSA, MID [31286]

CAMPBELL, John Alexander Langford, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31516]

CAMPBELL, John Andrew, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616]

CAMPBELL, John Duncan, Lt, RN, DSC [31248]

CAMPBELL, John Morrow, Ch Off, MN, MID [30258]

CAMPBELL, John Oliver, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [31811], MID [30936]

CAMPBELL, Leveson Granville Byron Alexander, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29507], Navy [29264], [29507]

CAMPBELL, Neil, CERA, RNR, 1057FA, DSM [30088]

CAMPBELL, Neil, 2nd Mate, MN, MID [30909]

CAMPBELL, P S, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Army [29455]

CAMPBELL, Patrick Straton, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30285]

CAMPBELL, Victor Lindsey Arbuthnot, Cdr, RN, DSO [29180], [30147], OBE [31354], Fra [31638], MID [30807], Navy [29214], [30870], Army [29251]

CAMPBELL, William, Sto PO, 293019 (Dev), Ita [30386]

CAMPBELL, William, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MID [31063]

CAMPBELL, William, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616]

CAMPBELL, William James, Capt, MN, DSC [30833]

CAMPBELL, William McR, Eng Lt, RNR, RD [30011]

CAMPIN, William Henry John, Yeo Sigs, 188438, MID [29752]

CAMPION, Harold George, ERA 2c, M11214 (Dev), MID [30732]

CAMPION, Henry Charles Theron, CPO, 180148 (Po), DSM [30635]

CAMPLING, George William, PO, 209462, MID [29581]

CAMPOS, Victor Ribeiro d'Almeida, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [30730], OBE [31295]

CANBY, Edward Harry, 3rd Off, MN, MID [30900]

CANDLISH, J W, AB, RNVR, TZ/7445, MM [30172]

CANDY, Algernon Henry Chester, Capt, RN, CBE [31398]

CANDY, Geoffrey Charles, Cdr, RN, OBE [31398], MID [29751]

CANDY, John, Lt, RN, OBE [31398]

CANE, Mary Lucy, Asst Dir, WRNS, CBE [31331]

CANHAM, Benjamin Jacob, Seamn, RNR, 3532C, MID [29581]

CANHAM, Ernest James, Ch Sto, 303999 (Dev), DSM [31060]

CANHAM, Robert Henry, PO Tel, 214440 (Po), MID [31286]

CANN, Frederick John, Seamn, RNR, 7030A, DSM [30536]

CANN, George, CPO, 174002 (Ch), DSM [30900]

CANN, L P C, Asst Pay, RNR, Army [31077]

CANN, Samuel George, PO Mech, RNAS, F4231, MSM [31604]

CANN, William James, Ch Gnr, RN, Rus [30316], MID [29751]

CANNAN, George William, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31461], Grc [31286], Fra [30494]

CANNELL, William, Dkhnd, RNR, 7980DA, DSM [30285]

CANNER, William J, Lt, RNR, Ita [30386]

CANNON, Alexander James, Mechn, 175440, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

CANNON, Arthur, AB, 214275 (RFR Po/B6463), Srb [31354]

CANNON, Henry, Skpr, RNR, 2222SA, MID [31191]

CANNON, Jack, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 12327 DA, MID [30807]

CANT, John, Lt, RNVR, MBE [31445]

CANTLE, Roy L, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Ita [31130]

CANTLIE, Colin, Lt, RN, DSC [29292]

CANTRELL, Arthur S, Maj, RMA, Fra [30756]

CANTRELL, William George, Ch Arm, 344840 (Po), MSM [31483]

CANTY, John Patrick, Vict CPO, 342015 (Po), DSM [30635], [31748]

CAPEL, Wilfred Douglas, Ch Motor Mech, 825, MID [30687]

CAPEWELL, Harry, Sto 1c, 104331 (RFR Po/B4934), MID [30756]

CAPON, Alfred Benjamin Philip, Ch Sto, 282755 (Ch), MSM [31286]

CAPON, Selwyn Norman, Lt, RNR, OBE [31303]

CAPON, Thomas G, Ch Sto, 277383 (Ch), Ita [30386]

CAPPER, Henry Douglas, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31262]

CAPPER, Peter, Lt, RNR, MID [30285]

CAPPER, Robert, Capt, MN (Cdr RNR), DSC [30833]

CAPPLEMAN, Francis James, Engmn, RNR, 1223ES, DSM [30066]

CAPPS, William Alfred, Ch Skpr, RNR, 1796WSA, DSC [30153], MID [29668]

CAPRON, Frederick George, PO, 185864 (Ch), MID [30564], [31248]

CARDALE, Ernest Leslie, Cdr, RN, Fra [29751]

CARDALE, Hubert Searle, Cdr, RN, Srb [29439], [29703]

CARDEN, Sackville Hamilton, Vice-Adm, RN, KCMG [29423], Navy [31322]

CARDER, Arthur, Air Mech 1g, F2290, DSM [30316]

CARDEW, Francis Joseph, Ch Sto, 281413 (Dev), DSM [30616]

CARDINALL, Claude V, Lt, RNVR, MID [29603], Army [29632]

CARDNO, George William, LS, RNR, 7600A, MID [30159]

CAREW, George, Lt, RNR, DSC [29123]

CAREY, A B, Lt-Col, RM, Army [29354]

CAREY, Basil Ernest, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31445]

CAREY, F, LS, RNVR, CZ/1511, MM [30540]

CAREY, F J, AB, RNVR, CZ/2079, MM [30540]

CAREY, Harry, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

CAREY, Michael, Ch Gnr, RN, DSC [29668]

CAREY, Richard Stocker, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516], MID [29751]

CAREY, Richard William, Sto 1c, 311916 (Ch), Rom [31236], MID [30900]

CAREY, Robert, Capt, MN, Bel [29656]

CAREY, Timothy, CPO, 180463 (Dev), MID [31499]

CAREY, Walter, Capt, RN, CBE [31262]

CAREY, William, CERA 1c, 268836 (Dev), MID [31248]

CARGILL, David V, AB, 189843 (RFR Ch/B6101), DSM [30756]

CARGILL, Robert, Seamn, RNR, 2565B, MID [30153]

CARGILL, William, Sig, J23542 (Dev), Grc [31604]

CARIS, Stanley Dove, AB, J47063 (Dev), DSM [31638]

CARKEET, George H, Warrt Tel, RN, Prt [31413]

CARKETT, Joseph Richard, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 780SA, DSM [30153]

CARLESS, John Henry, OS, J43703 [Po], VC [30687]

CARLETON, William, Colr Sgt, RMA, 2164, MSM [31452]

CARLEY, Henry, Sto PO, 225510 (Ch), MID [30909]

CARLILL, Hildred, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

CARLIN, Charles Fred, Lt, RNR, MID [31421]

CARLISLE, Cyril Campbell, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30662]

CARLISLE, The Earl of, Lt, RN, Fra [30363], MID [31060]

CARLISLE, William Albert, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30363], [30386]

CARLTON, George Frederick, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31553]

CARLTON, George Harber, PO, 238919 (Ch), DSM [30147]

CARLYLE, J L, Pte, RM, Deal/3403, MM [29953]

CARLYON-BRITTON, Henry C, Lt, RN, Ita [31553]

CARMICHAEL, Hugh, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 248DA, MSM [31248]

CARMICHAEL, J B, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

CARMICHAEL, John, Eng Cdr, RNR, DSO [29423]

CARMICHAEL, John Duncan, Lt, RNVR, Ita [29556]

CARNALL, William, CPO, 3/116T, DSM [29292]

CARNALL, William, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [29898]

CARNDUFF, Herbert Julian, Lt, RN, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

CARNE, Walter Henry, Sto PO, 302549, DSM [29752]

CARNELL, Thomas William, Ch Yeo Sigs, 193822 (Po), MID [31483]

CARNEY, Ernest James, LS, J4867 (Dev), DSM [30564]

CARNIE, Watson, Dkhnd, RNR, 758SD, DSM [30616]

CARNOCHAN, Andrew, AB, J32306 (Ch), DSM [30807]

CARNON, James Richards, Capt, MN, MID [30900]

CARP, Louis William, Ch Sto, 280521 (Po), MID [30564]

CARP, Walter, PO, 216474 (Dev), MID [31060]

CARPENDALE, Charles Douglas, Capt, RN, CB [30723], MID [31553]

CARPENTER, Alfred Francis Blakeney, Capt, RN, VC [30807], Fra [30807], [30870], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

CARPENTER, George, Shipwt Lt, RN, MBE [31432]

CARPENTER, George, Capt, RMLI, DSC [29374]

CARPENTER, Robert John, Lt, RM, Fra [29629], Army [29354]

CARR, A R, AB, RNVR, London Z/731, Army [29354]

CARR, Albert George, PO Mech (C), F9778, MID [30662]

CARR, B J, Staff Sgt, RND, Deal/S/3157, Army [29455]

CARR, Christopher George, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099], Rom [31236]

CARR, Harry, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31119]

CARR, J B, Qmr-Sgt, RMMU, Deal/3157(S), MSM [31370]

CARR, John Anthony, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30316]

CARR, Richard Charles, PO, 136307 (RFR Po/A3610), DSM [30909], MID [30227]

CARR, Walter, Greaser, MMR 441745, DSM [30316]

CARR, William Ernest, Capt, MN, MID [30408]

CARR, William Henry, Lt, RNR, MID [31499]

CARRIGAN, J, PO, RNVR, Clyde 2/147, MM [29953]

CARRINGTON, Benjamin Francis, Lt, RNR, MID [30756]

CARRINGTON, John Bonamy Joseph, PO, 234140 (Po), MSM [31286]

CARRINGTON, John W, Capt, RN, USA [31683]; also CARRINGTON, John Walsh, Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Navy [29751]

CARROL, William Henry, LS, 156667 (RFR Dev/B1716), MID [30227]

CARROLL, Frederick W, AB, 224437 (Po), Srb [31354]

CARROLL, J W, Capt, RMLI, Army [31077]

CARROLL, James, AB, Clyde 4/2550, DSM [29292]

CARROLL, John W, Lt, RM, Fra [30363]; also CARROLL, John William, Capt, RMLI, MID [31553]

CARROLL, Norman, ERA 4c, M17679 (Ch), DSM [30807], [30870], Navy [30870], [31189]

CARROW, John Hinton, Lt, RN, DSC [29751], Navy [29751]

CARRUTHERS, David John, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31398]

CARRUTHERS, Robert Jardine, Lt, RNVR, DSC [29423]

CARSLAKE, Alfred Ernest, LS, J5430 (Dev), MID [30654]

CARSLAKE, John Foster Barham, Lt, RN, MID [29264]

CARSON, Findlay, Pay Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31683]

CARSON, James, AB, RNVR (Clyde) 1/2477, MID [30756]

CARSON, Robert George, CPO, 188419 (Po), DSM [30227], Ita [30581], MID [29752]

CARTER, Alfred Frank, ERA 3c, M6318 (Po), DSM [30909]

CARTER, Alfred James, AB, 235581, DSM [29581]

CARTER, Alfred Williams, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30258]

CARTER, Andrew J, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, Egy [30979], Army [30691]

CARTER, Archibald, Shipwt, M7314, DSM [29581]

CARTER, Arthur George, AB, 195458 (RFR Po/B5249), MID [30363]

CARTER, Charles, L/Sig, 236423 (Dev), DSM [30363]

CARTER, Charles William, Engmn, RNR, 1319TS, DSM [30635]

CARTER, Daniel James Tidman, Dkhnd, RNR, 1121SD, MID [31604]

CARTER, Edward Cornish, Air Mech 2g, F9726, MID [30316]

CARTER, Edwin Charles, Lt, RNR, DSC [31248]

CARTER, Eric Quintin, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29751]

CARTER, Frederick James, Warrt Arm, RN, MBE [31461]

CARTER, Frederick John, Capt, MN, MID [31354]

CARTER, George, CERA 2c, 270392 (Ch), DSM [30807], MID [30654]

CARTER, H J, AB, 217542, DSM [29395]

CARTER, Harry, Sgt, RMLI, Po/8394, Navy [30133]

CARTER, Harry James, Gnr, RMA, 8885, MID [29446]

CARTER, Henry Francis, Off Cook 1c, L3366, DSM [29752]

CARTER, Henry George, LS, RNR, 3841B, DSM [30635]

CARTER, J, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/144, MM [30797]

CARTER, James, CPO, 158594 (Dev), MID [30159]

CARTER, James, AB, 233522 (Ch), MID [30807]

CARTER, John Francis, Engmn, RNR, ES1928, DSM [29668]

CARTER, John Herbert, Ch Off, MN, DSC [30536]

CARTER, John Richard Charles, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616]

CARTER, Marks Joseph Crick, PO 1c, 121154 (Ch), MID [30581]

CARTER, Mavis, Ch Sect Ldr, WRNS, BEM [31331]

CARTER, N H, Cdr, RN, Navy [29436]

CARTER, Perceval, Commd Tel, RN, Rus [30316]

CARTER, Percy George, Off Stwd 1c, L7099 (Ch), MID [30807]

CARTER, Richard John, Lt, RNR, RD [29489]

CARTER, S E, PO, RNVR, Mersey 5/156, MM [29953]

CARTER, Thomas Gilbert, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31286], MID [30194], [30909]

CARTER, Walter, LS, MN, MID [29886]; also CARTER, Walter, CPO, MN, DSM [30909]

CARTER, William, L/Sto, K2221 (Po), MID [30363]

CARTER, William, Sto 1c, 292476 (RFR Ch/B 4246), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

CARTER, William Alfred, ERA 4c, SS 101524 (RFR Ch/B6975), DSM [31638]

CARTER, William Charles, Art Eng, RN, Fra [29751]

CARTER, William Edmund, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [29751]

CARTER, William Henry, L/Sto, K5831 (Dev), DSM [30088]

CARTER, William James, L/Sto, MMR 719004, MSM [31182]

CARTHY, Richard, Seamn, RNR, 4580B, MID [29581]

CARTLEDGE, Albert, PO, J3864 (Ch), DSM [31748], MID [31354]

CARTLIDGE, Lionel Isaac, App, MN, MID [30616]

CARTRIDGE, Reginald M, Cdr, RNR, Fra [31360]

CARTWRIGHT, Charles H A, Cdr, RN, Navy [30298 - twice], Army [30233]

CARTWRIGHT, Charles Chesters, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31432]

CARTWRIGHT, Charles Walter, Lt, RNR, DSC [29255]

CARTWRIGHT, Francis John Winsor, Maj, RMLI, DSO [29940], Army [30072]

CARTWRIGHT, Horace Gordon, L/Tel, J3238 (Ch), MID [30088]

CARTWRIGHT, Reginald, 3rd Writer, M18296 (Ch), Fra [31248], MID [31248]

CARTWRIGHT, Vincent H, Maj, RMA, Fra [30285], Army [29890], [30421]

CARUS-WILSON, Cecil Caradoc, Capt, RMA, MC [31370]

CARVER, Edmund Clifton, Capt, RN, DSO [30111], MID [30015], Navy [29507]

CARVER, Edward Stirling, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30472], MID [30833]

CARVER, Norman Clifton, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

CARVEY, R E, AB, RNVR, R/2557, MM [30540]

CARY, Henry John, Pay Lt, RNR, MBE [31099]

CARY, Henry L M, Lt-Cdr, RN, Egy [31236]

CARY, Hon Byron Plantagenet, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30363]

CASE, Charles, PO, 186086, DSM [29292]

CASE, Herbert Keer, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

CASEMENT, F C, Capt, RAMC RND, Army [29455]

CASEMENT, John, Cdr, RN, DSO [31360]

CASEMENT, John Moore, Capt, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29654], [29751]

CASEY, Denis A, Lt, RNR, DSC [29799]

CASEY, Francis Dominic or Domine, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30147], MID [30066]

CASEY, Michael, CPO, 157286 (Po), DSM [31421]

CASH, George Robert, Yeo Sigs, 206764 (Po), MSM [31811]

CASLON, Clifford, Lt, RN, Ita [30386]

CASSADY, George Livingstone, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31286], MID [31038]

CASSELL, Arthur Henry, AB, J34572 (Po), MID [30807]

CASSIDY, H A, PO, 2/19M, Army [29664]

CASSILS, Charles, Lt, RNVR, Grc [31445]

CASSIN, William, L/Sig, 230273, MID [29752]

CASSWELL, Arthur Henry Seymour, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [29255]

CASSY, A W, Flt Lt, RNAS, Army [30233]

CASSY, Alexander William, Flt Lt, RNAS, OBE [31461]

CASTELL, Frederick, L/Tel, 239676, MID [29752]

CASTLE, Ernest R F, PO, 179279, MID [29264]

CASTLE, Frederick George, LS, 294977 (Ch), DSM [30979]

CASTLE, J H, PO, RND, Ch/175076, MSM [31198]

CASTLE, Walter Francis Raphael, Surg Lt, RN, DSC [31638]

CASTLEY, H, Pte, RMLI, PO13278, MM [30172]

CASTON, William Percival, Air Mech 2c, F4177, DSM [30147]

CASWELL, A H S, Lt, RN, Army [29256]

CATCHPOLE, George R, Skpr, RNR, 1844WSA, Srb [29966]

CATCHPOLE, Harry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 923DA, MID [30616]

CATCHPOLE, James Alfred, 2nd Hnd, FR 11415, MID [30936]

CATCHPOLE, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1262SA, DSM [30616]

CATCHPOLE, Robert Horace, AB, 222758 (Ch), DSM [30807]

CATCHPOLE, William Isaac, Skpr, RNR, 2824SA, DSC [31638]

CATER, Edward, CPO, 156303, DSM [29635]

CATER, Edward Howell, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29264], [29507]

CATER, Joseph M, Ch Gnr, RN, Rus [30316]

CATLING, Charles, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 456SA, MID [30153]

CATOR, Robert, Maj, RMLI, OBE [31553]

CATTERMOLE, John Edward, Sto PO, 297779 (Ch), MID [30088]

CATTLE, Edward Charles, LS, 233257 (Dev), MID [31604]

CATTLE, Samuel John, Gnr, RMA, 3471, MSM [31452]

CATTO, Adam Yule, Lt, RNR, DSC [30258], MID [30194]

CATTO, Andrew Yule, Lt, RN, OBE [31398]

CAULFEILD (sic), Francis W, Capt, RN, Ita [29966]

CAULFEILD (sic), James Montgomery, Capt, RN, CBE [31445]

CAULFEILD (sic) or CAULFIELD, St George Frederick Gordon, Maj, RMA, Jpn [31811], MID [30833]

CAUSLEY, Samuel Petherbridge, PO, 216625 (Dev), MID [30564]

CAUSTON, Joseph, Lt-Col, RME, OBE [31604]

CAUSTON, Joseph William, AB, J26987 (Ch), MID [30807]

CAVANAGH, Herbert, ERA 3c, M1111 (Po), DSM [30807], [30870], Navy [30870]

CAVANAGH, Herbert G, Pay, RN, Navy [30298]

CAVANAGH, Hubert, ERA, RN, Navy [31189]

CAVANAGH, John Duncan Macaulay, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, CMG [31360], Rus [30116], MID [29886]

CAVE, George Ellis, Capt, RN, MBE [31432]

CAVE, John Sowden, PO, 178827 (Dev), MSM [31286]

CAVE, John Stanislaus, Lt, RNR, MID [31811]

CAVE, Oliver Herbert, Sto PO, 304851 (Dev), MSM [31811]

CAVE-BROWN-CAVE, Henry Meyrick, Wing Cdr, RN, DSO [30654]

CAVE-BROWN-CAVE, Irene de Peyster, Nursing Sister, QARNNSR, RRC [29870]

CAVE-BROWN-CAVE, Thomas Reginald, Wing Cdr, RN, MID [30662]

CAVELL, Cecil Percy, Sig, J22767 (Ch), MSM [31286]

CAVENDISH, Evan G C, Lt, RN, Egy [31942], Hdjz [31876]

CAVENDISH, George Sidney Godolphin, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

CAVENDISH, Henry James Francis, Lt, RN, DSC [31063]

CAVENDISH, James Robert Carnegie, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29423], [30564]

CAVILL, Herbert John, Lt, RNR, OBE [31398]

CAWRSE, Nicholas, CERA 1c, 268673, DSM [29752]

CAWTHORN, Claude Scott, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1414, MID [31604]

CAY, Charles D, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [29772]

CAY, Arthur L, Capt, RN, Navy [29654]

CAYLEY, George C, Rear-Adm, RN, Fra [30870]; also CAYLEY, George Cuthbert, Capt, RN, CB [29608]

CAYLEY, Harry or Henry Francis, Capt, RN, DSO [30153], [31182], MID [30159], [31748]


CECIL, Henry M A, Lt, RN, Grc [32020]

CEILINGS, Bernard S, Surg, RN, Navy [30870]


CHADBOURNE, William Henry, Dkhnd, RNR, 18727DA, MID [31060]

CHADWICK, Arnold Jaques, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30227]

CHADWICK, Egbert John, CPO, 164699 (Ch), MSM [31413]

CHADWICK, H, Cpl, RMMU, Deal/3075, MM [30797]

CHADWICK, John, Ch Art Eng, RN, DSC [31286]

CHADWICK, W B, AB, RNVR, MZ160, MM [30585]

CHAFER, Alfred Havercroft, Lt, RNR, DSC [30159]

CHAFFE, Alfred Henry, Pte, RMLI, Ply/15768, MSM [31811]

CHALK, S H, Fitter, RIM 1395, Army [31386]

CHALKLEY, R, AB, RNVR, Z/965/L, Army [29354]

CHALKLEY, Rowland, OS, J56840 (Ch), MID [30285]

CHALMER, A R, Lt-Cdr, RN, Army [30233]

CHALMER, Alexander B, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30298]

CHALMERS, James, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 8187DA, DSM [30616]

CHALMERS, James Martin, Shipwt 2c, M6776 (Ch), MSM [31452]

CHALMERS, Robert Arthur, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, OBE [30460]

CHALMERS, William Scott, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSC [31130], Fra [30408], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

CHAMBERLAIN, Arthur Beaumont Goddard Twyford, Lt, RN, Ita [30386], MID [30807], Navy [31189 - twice?]

CHAMBERLAIN, Edward George, Gnr, RMA, 6606, DSM [31130]

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest Victor, W/T Op 1c, RNR, 310WTS, DSM [30088]

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest William, AB, 203651 (RFR Po/B5729), MID [31413]

CHAMBERLAIN, H G, Lt, RNVR, Army [31387]

CHAMBERLAIN, Louisa C, Nursing Sister, QARNNSR, RRC [31099]

CHAMBERLAIN, Samuel Robert Saul, PO, 195022, DSM [29423]

CHAMBERLIN, Trevor Ronald, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31262]

CHAMBERS, Arthur, Dkhnd, RNR, 4186DA, DSM [30581]

CHAMBERS, Bertram Mordaunt, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [31360]

CHAMBERS, E T R, Wing Cdr, RNAS, Army [30421]

CHAMBERS, Francis William, Capt, MN, DSC [30536]

CHAMBERS, Godfrey Ratcliffe, Lt, RN, MID [30088]

CHAMBERS, Grant Benjamin, LS, 227290, MID [29581]

CHAMBERS, John, AB, 225973 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

CHAMBERS, Joseph, Surg Cdr, RN, CMG [31413]

CHAMBERS, Reuben Harold, AB, J17841 (Dev), DSM [30536]

CHAMBERS, Roland Oliver, Tel, J32375 (Ch), MSM [31303]

CHAMP, Percy, Engmn, RNR, 2514TS, DSM [30536]

CHAMPION, George, L/Sto, K5517, MID [30363]

CHAMPION, Hedley James, L/Sig, 234638 (Dev), DSM [30687]

CHAMPION, Jesse Philip, CPO, 155570, DSM [29436], Navy [29436]

CHAMPION, John Pelham, Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Navy [29654], [29751]

CHAMPION, Oliver, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31811]

CHAMPION, Samuel Francis, Lt, RNR, MID [30363], [31398]

CHAMPION-DE-CRESPIGNY, Claude P, Cdr, RN, Fra [31248]

CHAMPNESS, Frederick, PO, 188738 (Ch), MID [30654]

CHANCE, George Harold de Peyster, Cdr, RN, DSO [29507], Navy [29507], Army [29851], [30196]

CHANCE, William, Greaser, MMR 692099, MID [30316]

CHANCELLOR, John Bird, Maj, RMA, Bel [31604], MID [31182]

CHANDLER, George James, L/Mech (E), F12523, DSM [30662]

CHANDLER, Louis James, WO 2g, RNAS, MID [30662]


CHANDLER, Selim, LS, RFR/Po/B6067, DSM [29292]

CHANDLER, Sidney Tom, PO Tel, 240118 (Ch), DSM [31060]

CHANDLER, William Albert Charles, CERA 1c, 268968 (Po), DSM [30564]

CHANDLER, William George, Ch Arm, 341522 (Ch), MID [30564]

CHANDOR, Montague Charles, Sig, J20420 (Po), MID [29886]

CHANEY, Walter Henry, Skpr, RNR, 1242SA, MID [30258]

CHANNELL, Herbert, Off Stwd 1c, L5909 (Po), MID [31638]

CHANNER, H W, Capt, RMLI, Army [29354]; also CHANNER, Hugh W, Maj, RM, Fra [30363]

CHANNON, Frederick John, CPO, 167847 (Po), DSM [30159]

CHANT, C, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/12679, Army [31435]

CHANTRY, George H, Trmr, RNR, 746 T S, Fra [30756]

CHAPLIN, Ben, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153], Fra [30408]

CHAPLIN, Ernest Alexander, Lt, RNR, MID [31553]

CHAPMAN, Alfred, PO, 185463 (Ch), MID [30285], [31191]

CHAPMAN, Arthur Leslie, Tel, RNVR (Mersey) Z/1977, MID [31286]

CHAPMAN, Charles, Ch Yeo Sigs, 184094, MID [29799]

CHAPMAN, Charles Harrison, Engmn, RNR, 4441ES, DSM [30909]

CHAPMAN, Charles Leonard, Maj, RMLI, OBE [31370], Army [31435]

CHAPMAN, Charles Manners Sutton, Lt, RN, DSC [28948], [30363], Rus [30147], [30194], Navy [28948]

CHAPMAN, Cyril, Obs Lt, RNAS, DSC [30437], [30654]

CHAPMAN, Douglas Roy, Air Mech 2g, F13487, DSM [30194]

CHAPMAN, Edward, Mech, 285926 (Ch), MID [30900]

CHAPMAN, Frederick George, Sgt, RMA, 7919, DSM [29635]

CHAPMAN, Frederick P, Cpl, RMLI, Po/11934, Fra [32074]

CHAPMAN, George Alfred, AB, 218967 (Ch), DSM [30654]

CHAPMAN, H, AB, RNVR, LZ/2930, MM [30001]

CHAPMAN, H P, (rank not given), RN, Army [29789]

CHAPMAN, Henry James, Lt, RNR, DSC [30936]

CHAPMAN, Henry Walter, L/Sto, K14050 (Ch), MID [31060]

CHAPMAN, J, PO, RNVR, KP/565, MM [31173], Army [30691]

CHAPMAN, J G, Pte, RMLC, Deal/9363 (S), Army [31077]

CHAPMAN, John, Lt, RNVR, MID [30662]

CHAPMAN, M A, Lt, RN, Army [29933]

CHAPMAN, Richard Popkiss, Lt, RNR, DSC [31248]

CHAPMAN, Thomas, Snr Res Attdt, MS326 (Dev), MID [31303]

CHAPMAN, Thomas Nicholson, Lt, RNR, MID [30635]

CHAPMAN, W, AB, RNVR, KW/493, MM [29953]

CHAPMAN, W, AB, RNVR, TZ/124, MM [30540]

CHAPMAN, W G, CPO, RNVR, London 10/3044, DCM [29886]

CHAPMAN, Walter Matthew, AB, 232859 (Ch), MID [30732]

CHAPMAN, Wilfred Cubit, Yeo Sigs, 213631, DSM [29799], Fra [30687], MID [29680], Navy [29680]

CHAPMAN, William, AB, RFR Po B1666 183312, Navy [29126]

CHAPMAN, William George, Air Mech (E) 1g, F2573, MID [30662]; also CHAPMAN, William George, Sgt Mech, RAF 224573 (DSM), DFM [30913]

CHAPMAN, William John, ERA 4c, M14185 (Ch), MID [30833]

CHAPPELL, Lionel Sheard, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, DSO [31483], DSC [30153], Bel [31130], MID [30807], [31286], Navy [31189]

CHAPPELL, M A, PO, F1391, Army [29664]

CHAPPELL, Robert, PO, 207788, DSM [29024], Navy [29126]

CHAPPIE, W A, PO Mech, RNAS F7181, Army [29933]

CHAPPLE, John Dyson, Lt, RN, DSC [29507], [31354], Navy [29507]

CHAPPLE, John Henry George, Pay-in-Chief, RN, KCB [30451]

CHAPPLE, W, Bosn, MMR/978667, MSM [31875]

CHAPPLE, William Alfred, CPO 3g, P7181, MID [30133]

CHARD, William, CPO, 149287 (Ch), DSM [30833]

CHARE, Harold, Yeo Sigs, J3307 (Dev), Fra [30900]

CHARLES, Francis Thomas, LS, 207751 (RFR Po/B2742), DSM [30153]

CHARLES, Frank Watkin, Lt, RNR, DSO [30066], MID [30153]

CHARLES, George Walter, CPO, 129795 (RFR Po/A2544), MID [30153]

CHARLES, James Thomas Walter, Capt, RNR, KBE [31840], CBE [31421], OBE [31099]

CHARLES, Richard, Fleet Pay, RN, Ita [30066]

CHARLESTON, Peter, Firemn, MMR 889055, MID [30536]

CHARLESTONE, Benjamin, AB, J17646 (Dev), DSM [30807]

CHARLESWORTH, Frederick William, ERA 1c, 270183 (Ch), MID [31248]


CHARLETON, L S, Lt, RMA, Army [30072]

CHARLEWOOD, Clement James, Lt, RNR, DSC [29123], Navy [30133]

CHARLIER, Leonard Clayton, Pay Sub-Lt, RNVR, MBE [31360]

CHARLTON, Arthur, L/Sig, J4467 (Ch), DSM [31638]

CHARLTON, Edward Francis Benedict, Vice-Adm, RN, KCMG [30451], Fra [30900], Jpn [31811], Zan [31286], Army [29906], [30611], [31069]

CHARLTON, John Sills, Mid, RNR, MID [31748]

CHARLTON, R W R, AB, RNVR, KX/206, MM [30940]

CHARLTON, W, Lce-Sgt, RNVR, TZ4407, DCM [30188]

CHARLTON, William, L/Sig, 223386 (Dev), DSM [30979], MID [30635]

CHARMAN, Arthur James, Capt, MN, MID [31038]

CHARMAN, Henry, Engmn, RNR, 4455ES, DSM [30616]

CHARNOCK, Ernest William, CERA 1c, 269510 (Po), MID [31060]

CHARNOCK, Richard Stephen, Gnr, RN, MID [30936]

CHARRINGTON, John, Capt, MN, MID [30900]

CHARSLEY, Frederick Gascoigne, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31638]

CHARTERIS, Annie, Night Super, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle-on-Tyne, MID [31130]

CHARTERS, Wilfrid, Lt, RNR, MID [29751]

CHARVILL, Thomas Frederick, Ch Yeo Sigs, 168056 (Ch), DSM [30088]

CHASE, Charles K, Obs Sub-Lt, RNAS, Fra [30194]; also CHASE, Charles Keith, Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSC [30029]

CHASE, Frank Walter, L/Sto, K3799 (Po), DSM [30363]

CHASE, Philip Cecil, Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [31191]

CHASTON, Charles, 3rd Hnd, MN, MID [30285]

CHATER, Arthur Reginald, Capt, RMLI, DSO [30807], Fra [30363], MID [30807], Navy [31189], Army [29354]

CHATER, Francis Arthur, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31483], Grc [31604], MID [30756]

CHATER, John Douglas Gibbon, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30088]

CHATFIELD, Alfred Ernle Montacute, Capt, RN, CB [29608], CMG [29751], [KCMG 31274], Navy [29088], [29654], [29751]

CHATFIELD, D, AB, RNVR, MZ/772, MM [31338]

CHATWIN, Alfred J, Ch Yeo Sigs, 156109, DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

CHAVE, Alfred E, Sgt, RMA, 7465, Bel [31604]

CHAVE, Benjamin, Cdr, RNR, OBE also KBE [31840], Army [30856]

CHAVE, W H, Colr Sgt, RMA, 7466, Army [31435]

CHEAL, William Thomas, L/Tel, J9869 (Ch), MID [31398]

CHEATER, Joseph, Ch Sto, 150958 (Ch), MID [31182]

CHEATLE, George Lenthal, Surg-Gen, RN, KCB [30451]

CHECKLEY, John, PO 1c, 191617, DSM [29123]

CHEER, Harold Alfred, L/Tel, J8558 (Ch), MID [30687]

CHEESEMAN, Charles Henry, CPO, 148401 (RFR Po/A4008), DSM [31060]

CHEESEMAN, Thomas, CPO, 169485 (Ch), MID [30316]

CHEESEWRIGHT, William Henry, CPO, 166033 (Ch), MID [31303]

CHEETDAAM, J, Lt, RM, Army [29251]

CHEETHAM, Herbert Charles Valentine Beresford, Cdr, RNR, DSO [29886]

CHEETHAM, J H, PO, RNVR, Po/KW487, MM [29953]

CHEETHAM, James, Lt, RMLI, DSC [29180], Navy [29214]

CHENG, Cheung, Fitter, RIM 593, Army [30233]

CHERRETT, Walter, Ch Sto, 174109 (Po), DSM [30088]

CHERRY, A D M, Cdr, RN, Navy [29126]

CHERRY, George, Sto PO, 302979 (CG), DSM [29581]

CHESHIRE, Archibald Sydney, Lt, RNVR, MID [30654]

CHESTER, Frank Horsford, Lt, RNR, MID [31421]

CHESTER-WEBB, Mabel Rose, Nursing Sister, QARNNSR, RRC [31099]

CHESTERS, Frederick George, L/Sig, 228254, DSM [29752]

CHETTLE, F L, AB, RNVR, BZ 4448, MM [30172]

CHETTLE, Robert Day, Lt, RNR, MID [31461]

CHETWODE, George Knightley, Capt, RN, CB [31236], CBE [31099], Fra [31360], Grc [31683], Ita [31130], Rus [30116], MID [29751], [31303], Navy [29751], Army [31139]

CHEVALIER, Joseph Barrington, Lt, RN, MID [31182]

CHEVALLIER, Felix Edward, Lt, RN, DSC [31461], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

CHEYNE, James, Engmn, RNR (Trawler Sec) 17ES, DSM [29264]

CHEYNE, James, Seamn, MN, MID [30437]

CHEYNE, William Watson, Surg-Gen, RN, KCMG [29423]

CHIBNALL, Hilda Florence, Nursing Sister, QARNNSR, RRC [29870]

CHICHESTER, Cecil George, Cdr, RN, DSO [30654], Fra [30870], Grc [30654]

CHICHESTER, Frank Evelyn Chichester Burnard, Maj, RMLI, MID [31553]

CHICHESTER, Ivor Francis, Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

CHICK, Bernard Talbot, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31130]

CHILCOTT, Frederick William, PO, 151828 (RFR Dev A/4092), MID [29423]

CHILCOTT, Ronald Evered, Capt, RN, CBE [31379]

CHILD, James Joseph, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Po/2104 (RMR Po/A 0317), MSM [31432]

CHILD, no initial, Lt, Nigeria Marine, Army [29604]

CHILDERS, Erskine, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30029], Navy [29076]

CHILDS, T W, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Po/17970, DCM [31186], [31726]

CHILDS, William Wallace, LS, J20481 (Po), DSM [30807]

CHILTON, Francis G G, Cdr, RN, Ita [30227], [30979]

CHILTON, William Brydon, Lt, RNR, DSC [30909], [31130], [31748]

CHINCHEN, George, ERA 4c, M17906, DSM [30147]

CHINN, Henry Arthur, LS, J5254 (Ch), MID [30363]

CHIPPERFIELD, Albert E, Skpr, RNR, 1211WSA, Srb [29966]

CHIRGWIN, John Phillips, ERA 2c, 271993 (Dev), MSM [31811]

CHIRGWIN, William Matthews, Capt, MN, MID [30194]

CHIRNSIDE, Alice, Nursing Sister, QARNNS, RRC [31331]

CHISHOLM, Charles M, 2nd Hnd, RNR (Trawler Sec) 524DA, DSM [29264]

CHISHOLM, J R, Pte, RMMU, S/3323, MM [31338]

CHISHOLM, John Foster, Lt, RAF (ex-Flt Lt, RNAS), DSC [30536], DFC [30913]

CHISHOLM, John Johnston, Trmr, RNR, 6281TS, MID [30936]

CHISHOLM-BATTEN, Alexander William, Adm [Capt RNR], DSO [30111]

CHISLETT, Joseph R, Ch Sto, 276510 (Dev), Ita [30386]

CHISMAN, George S (Sydney?), AB, Mercantile rating, Ita [30581], MID [30159]; also CHISMAN, Sidney, AB, MN, DSM [30635]

CHISWELL, Sydney Crawford, Warrt Shipwt, RN, MID [31060]

CHISWICK, James, Ch Carp, MMR 552856, DSM [30616]

CHITTENDEN, Alban, Capt, MN, DSC [29877]

CHITTY, Hubert, Surg Lt, RNVR, MID [31516]

CHITTY, Thomas Everitt, L/Sto, K8585 (Po), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

CHIVERS, Edgar Frank, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1919, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

CHIVERS, Edward, L/Sto, K5051 (Ch), DSM [30654]

CHIVERS, Thomas, Ch Arm, 175631, DSM [29752]

CHOAKE, Charles Henry, MAA, 160185 (Dev), MSM [31398]

CHOUFFOT, Alfred, Sgt (Road Insp), RMA, 99(S), DSM [29423]

CHOWN, Donald Frank, Motor Mech, RNVR, 2418, MID [31248]

CHOWN, Ernest Edward, Col, RMLI, CB [30111]

CHRISTIAN, Arthur Henry, Vice-Adm, RN, CB [29507], Grc [30635], Navy [28948], [29507]; also CHRISTIAN, no initial, Rear-Adm, RN, Army [29429]

CHRISTIAN, H, Capt (ret), RN, Navy [29126]

CHRISTIAN, John Victor, Lt, RNVR, MID [31811]

CHRISTIAN, Leonard Arthur, Lt, RAF (late RNAS), DFC [30913]

CHRISTIE, David, 2nd Hnd, RNR, I 959SA, DSM [30732]

CHRISTIE, Harold Edmund, Elec Art 2c, M2468 (Ch), MID [31262]

CHRISTIE, James, 2nd Hnd, RNR, B3691, DSM [29668]

CHRISTIE, John, Mate, MN, MID [30654]

CHRISTMAS, Walter, PO, J889 (Po), DSM [30616]

CHRYSTALL, H M, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [29354]

CHUBB, F G, AB, RNVR, R28, DCM [30601]

CHUBB, Hugh Percival, Lt, RN, MID [30687]

CHUBB, John William Alexander, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [29264]

CHUBB, Joshua Ernest George, Ch Gnr, RN, MID [29751]

CHUBB, Percy, LS, 199130 (RFR Dev/B4542), MID [30227]

CHUDLEY, John Charles, Off Stwd 2c, L/1943 (Dev), DSM [30147], [30285]

CHURCH, Edward Theobald Walsh, Lt, RN, Navy [29507]

CHURCH, Frederick, Pte, RMLI, Ch/17950, MID [31182]

CHURCH, George Portman, Sto PO, K10611 (Po), MSM [31421]

CHURCH, J, Pte, RMLC, Deal/8076 (B), Army [31435]

CHURCH, William, L/Sto, K9438 (Po), DSM [30363]

CHURCH, William Drummond, Capt, RN, CBE [31360], MID [30756]

CHURCHILL, James Ernest, Capt, MN (Lt RNR, rtd), DSC [29877]

CHURMS, D, PO, RNVR, KW/498, DCM [31299], [31794]


CLAPP, William Henry, AB, SS 529 (RFR Dev B/2675), DSM [29581]

CLARE, Chapman J, Capt, RAN, Jpn [31811]

CLARE, Harold Ernest, Lt, RNR, OBE [31354], MID [30616]

CLARE, Walter, Eng Lt, RNR, DSC [30654]

CLARET, William Edwin, LS, 230636 (Ch), MID [30285]

CLARIDGE, Herbert Palmer, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

CLARK, Albert George, Pte, RMLI, Ply/I6838, DSM [30807]

CLARK, Alexander, Maj, RMLI, MID [31553]

CLARK, Alfred, PO, 234540 (Po), DSM [30635]

CLARK, C B, Pte, RMLC, Deal/12393 (S), Army [31435]

CLARK, Charles Frederick, Pte, RMLI, Po/11121 (RFR Po/B1240), MID [30408]

CLARK, Charles Frederick, AB, 219208 (Dev), MID [30807]

CLARK, Charles Gordon, Asst Pay, RNR, MID [30654]

CLARK, E H, Pte, RMMU, S/4373, MM [31338]

CLARK, Ernest William Waller, AB, 235094 (Po), MID [30363]

CLARK, Ewbank, Eng Lt, RN, MBE [31461]

CLARK, George, Trmr, RNR, TS 3174, DSM [29668]

CLARK, George, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31219], [31583]

CLARK, George Percy, Ch Off, MN, MID [30833]

CLARK, Gordon Lilico, Lt, RNR, OBE [31286]

CLARK, H, PO, RNVR, MZ/175, DCM [31299], [31794]

CLARK, Harry George, AB, J11231 (Ch), DSM [31638]

CLARK, Harry Jordan, Yeo Sigs, 222904 (Po), MSM [31461]

CLARK, Henry Alexander, L/Sto, K11414 (Po), DSM [30909]

CLARK, Henry William Alfred, Cdr, RNR, CBE [31360], RD [29434]

CLARK, J, Sgt, RMLI, Po/13295, MSM [31370]

CLARK, J, Colr Sgt, RMA, 8411, Army [30829]

CLARK, J A M A, Maj, RMLI, Army [29251], [29455]

CLARK, James, AB, RFR/Po/B 5963, DSM [29292]

CLARK, James Lenox Conyngham, Cdr, RN, DSO [29507], [31811], Bel [31130], Fra [31360], [31286], Navy [29507], [30870], [31189]

CLARK, John, CERA, RNR, 1908EA, DSM [30936]

CLARK, John E, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1468, Fra [31248]

CLARK, Joseph, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30001]

CLARK, Joseph Arthur Myles Ariel, Maj, RMLI, CMG [31379], Fra [30363], MID [30029]

CLARK, Mary Constance, Sister, QARNNS, RRC [30451]

CLARK, Robert Ernest, Ship Cpl 1c, 195657 (Ch), MSM [31303]

CLARK, Roland Arbuthnot, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31360], MID [29886]

CLARK, S, Pte, RMMU, Deal/3993, MM [30540]

CLARK, Thomas James, PO 1c, 178489 (RFR Dev B/1535), CGM [29123], Fra [30870], [30900]

CLARK, W E, Pte, RMLI, Ply/2541, MM [31173]

CLARK, Walter Leonard, Air Mech 1g, F3947, MID [30662]

CLARK, William, AB, RNVR, Clyde 3/1495, DSM [30807]

CLARK, William Frederick, 2nd Yeo Sigs, 220953 (RFR Po B3406), DSM [29123]

CLARK, William George, Dkhnd, RNR, 2966SD, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

CLARK-HALL, Robert Hamilton, Wing Capt, RNAS, DSO [30654], Navy [29507]

CLARKE, no initial, Fleet Surg, RN, Army [29601]

CLARKE, A W, Mid, RN, Navy [29264]

CLARKE, Albert, Ship Cpl 1c, 199994 (Po), MSM [31182]

CLARKE, Albert, AB, 201278 (Ch), DSM [31604]

CLARKE, Alexander George, CPO, 187324 (Po), DSM [31421], MID [29752], [30687]

CLARKE, Anson F, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

CLARKE, Arthur Calvert, Capt, RNR (Vice-Adm ret), CBE [31379], DSO [30111], Ita [31748]

CLARKE, Cedric William, Gnr, RN, DSC [31811]

CLARKE, Charles, Lt-Col, RMLI, OBE [31553]

CLARKE, Charles Edward, Dkhnd, RNR, 11435DA, MID [31286]

CLARKE, Charles Robert, PO, J8704 (Ch), MID [31683]

CLARKE, Cornelius, PO, 200595 (Po), DSM [30687]

CLARKE, Edgar Hector, Air Mech 1g, F17921, DSM [30437]

CLARKE, Edgar Richard, AB, 215504 (Po), MID [31191]

CLARKE, Edwin Thomas, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 2542, DSM [31638]

CLARKE, Ernest John William, Sto 1c, 288420, DSM [29635]

CLARKE, Frederick Cyril, Capt, MN, MID [31413]

CLARKE, Frederick George, Pte, RMLI, Ch/13918, DSM [29668]

CLARKE, Frederick Rowland William, AB, RNVR (Bristol) Z5182, MID [31425]

CLARKE, George Edgar, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31499]

CLARKE, H E, Pay Lt-Cdr, RNR, Army [31435]

CLARKE, Henry Bertram, Skpr, RNR, 63WSA, MID [30616]

CLARKE, Henry Cecil Courtney, Lt, RN, DSO [31038], MID [30687]

CLARKE, Henry James Langford, Rear-Adm, RN, CBE [31360]

CLARKE, Irwin Napier Colin, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30066], [30285]

CLARKE, J, Lt, RNVR, Army [31077]; also CLARKE, Joseph, Lt, RNVR, DSO [31119]

CLARKE, James Joseph, Lt, RNR, MID [30687]

CLARKE, James Richard Plomer, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31499]

CLARKE, John, Capt, MN, MID [30616]

CLARKE, Marshal Llewelyn, Lt, RN, DSC [29530]

CLARKE, Maurice Harvey, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31432]

CLARKE, Peter Booth, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30807], MID [29530], [30807], Navy [31189]

CLARKE, Ralphord Henry, Sto 1c, K13714 (Po), MID [31060]

CLARKE, Reginald Arthur, PO Mech, F3896, DSM [30654], MID [30066]

CLARKE, Sidney, AB, J5244 (Po), DSM [30061]

CLARKE, Stanley James, AB, SS 4531 (Dev), DSM [30536], MID [30258]

CLARKE, Thomas, Dkhnd, RNR, 14512DA, DSM [30909]

CLARKE, Tom, CPO Mech 3g, RNAS, F1627, MSM [31604]

CLARKE, W, Sub-Lt, RNR, Army [29933]; also CLARKE, William, Lt, RNR, DSC [31286]

CLARKE, William Francis, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31176]

CLARKE, William H, Sig Bosn, RN, Rus [30316]

CLARKE, William Henry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2571SA, DSM [30909]

CLARKE, William Howard, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29736]

CLARKE, William John, Sto 1c, K25270 (Ch), MID [31748]

CLARKE, William Thomas, Sgt-Maj, RMA, 6475, DSM [29423]

CLARKE, William Victor John, Lt, RNR, DSC [30909]

CLARKSON, Leonard, Trmr, MMR, DSM [30316]

CLARKSON, William Herbert, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30482]

CLASPER, John, Sto 1c, SS 103869 (RFR Po/B 4652), DSM [30061]

CLASSEY, Arthur John, PO Mech (E), F2004, DSM [30227]

CLATWORTHY, Arthur, Sto PO, 306235 (Dev), MID [30408]

CLATWORTHY, Thomas Henry, Capt, MN, DSC [30536], MID [30363], [30386]

CLAUSEN, Hugh, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31461]

CLAVELL, Richard Charles, Lt, RN, OBE [31604]

CLAXTON, Robert John, Trmr, RNR, TS2502, DSM [29668]

CLAY, James Richard, Eng Cdr, RNR, MID [29799]

CLAY, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 8349DA, DSM [30159]

CLAYDON, Alfred J, Ch Gnr, RN, Fra [30408]

CLAYDON, Ernest William John, PO, 177531 (Ch), DSM [30159]

CLAYDON, Lifford, AB, RNVR, AA 167, MID [30536]

CLAYDON, William, Mechn, 281827 (Po), MID [31425]

CLAYSON, John Henry, Dkhnd, RNR, 16446DA, DSM [31604]

CLAYTON, Bryan Charles, Flt Cdr, RNAS, MID [30066]

CLAYTON, Cecil John, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30437]

CLAYTON, Charles, LS, 200728 (Ch), MID [31182]

CLAYTON, Charles Alexander, Seamn, MN, MID [30756]

CLAYTON, John, L/Sto, RNR, 5864S, MID [31638]

CLAYTON, John W, Lt-Cdr, RN, Egy [31942]

CLAYTON, Reginald Curtis, App, MN, AM [30868]

CLAYTON, Richard George, Lt, RNR, DSC [31286]

CLAYTON, William, CPO Mech 3g, F673, MID [30662]

CLEALL, Joseph D, Ch Bosn, RN, Fra [31499]

CLEAR, George, AB, 191844 (RFR Po/B 4545), DSM [31445]

CLEARY, James Patrick, Warrt Tel, RN, Rom [31236], MID [31060]

CLEAVER, Ralph, Lt, RNVR, MID [31461]

CLEAVER, William Gladstone, LS, 221196 (Po), CGM [30807], DSM [30363], Fra [30870]

CLEETER, William George, AB, J21405 (Po), Rom [31236], MID [30061]

CLEGG, Albert, AB, 213973 (Dev), Ita [30581], MID [30316]

CLEGG, Frederick George, CPO, 149364 (RFR Po/A 4007), DSM [30616]

CLEGG, John Harry Kay, Cdr, RN, OBE [31236], Fra [30870], MID [31060]

CLEGG, William Little, Surg, RN, DSC [30807]

CLEGG, William Thomas, AB, 200801 (RFR Ch/B7590), MID [31286]

CLEGGETT, John William, AB, J10263 (Ch), MID [30732]

CLEGHORN, Robert, AB, 227097, DSM [29581]

CLEGHORN, William Howie, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30833]

CLEIFE, Albert Edwaid, CPO, 160883, DSM [29752]

CLELLAND, John Smith, PO, 232375 (Ch), MID [31060]

CLEMENCE, Alfred John, Lt, RNR, MID [30363]

CLEMENT, George Benedict, Air Mech 1c, F9008, DSM [30147]

CLEMENTS, Edward Horrabin, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

CLEMENTS, Frederick William, AB, 152862 (RFR Ch B/323), MID [29581]

CLEMENTS, George, CPO, 187642 (Ch), MSM [31303]

CLEMENTS, H M, PO, RNVR, WZ/373, MM [30606]

CLEMENTS, James, PO, 229164 (Dev), MID [30756]

CLEMENTS, Walter Edward, Sto PO, K9638, MID [29423]

CLEMENTS, William Samuel, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Ch/10867 (RFR Ch/B1518), DSM [30536]

CLEMENTSON, Thomas Reed, Engmn, RNR, 202ES, DSM [30635]

CLEMMY, W, Pte, RMMU, S/3701, MM [31173]

CLEMO, Richard, Bosn Mate, MN, MID [30979]

CLEMSON, Alfred William, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30029]

CLERK, John, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/12415, MID [29752]

CLEVELAND, Charles Matthew, CPO, 124057 (RFR Ch A/1510), DSM [29423]

CLEVELAND, John Arthur, Skpr, RNR, 85WSA, MID [30635]

CLEWES, William, Sgt, RM, Deal/3577 (S ), Bel [30900]

CLIBBON, Percy Gordon, Warrt Eng, RN, MBE [31811]

CLIFF, W A, AB, RND, KP/238, Army [30072]

CLIFF-MCCULLOCH, John Gordon, Lt, RNR, DSC [29751], Fra [30363], Navy [29751]

CLIFFE, William Frederick, L/Mech, F6074, DSM [30066]

CLIFFORD, H W, Yeo Sigs, 226387 Po, Army [29890]

CLIFFORD, Henry C P, Mid, RNR, MID [30807]

CLIFFORD, William George, MAA, 178349 (Ch), DSM [31182]

CLIFT, Hugh, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31516]

CLINCH, Harold Albert Stephen, Sig, J34097 (Ch), DSM [30807]

CLINCH, John Mariott, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [31604]

CLINGLY, William Atkinson, 2nd Off, MN, DSC [30654]

CLINTON, Harry Dod, Seamn, RNR, 6359A, DSM [30153]

CLINTON-BAKER, Lewis, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [29751], CBE [31379], Fra [31413], Rus [30116], USA [31553], Navy [29751]

CLODE, Harry J, LS, 206173 (Dev), Bel [31130]

CLODE, William F, PO 1c, Pens 125800 (RFR A3308), DSM [29264]

CLOGG, Edwin A L, Lt, RM, Bel [31604]

CLOSE, Arthur Ernest, PO Mech, RNAS, 234743, MID [29581]

CLOSE, Frank Stanley, CPO, RNR, 326 WTS, MID [30316]

CLOSE, Richard Bevill Middleton, Rev, RN, OBE [31360], Army [29664]

CLOTHIER, Frederick Nelson, Lt, RNVR, MBE [31840]

CLOUD, Marien, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30936]

CLOVER, Sidney John, Yeo Sigs, 227223 (Ch), DSM [30687]

CLOW, George James, Pay Capt, RN, CB [31379]

CLOWES, Godfrey Graystone, AB, J3079 (RFR Ch/B10893), DSM [30153]

CLUBB, Noel Herbert, Sgt, RM, Deal/2655 (S), MSM [31683]

CLUCAS, William Stevenson, Lt, RNVR, MID [30687]

CLUNE, W, AB, RNVR, CZ4616, MM [30023]

CLUTTERBUCK, Francis Alexander, Capt, RN, DSO [30088], MID [30909]

CLUTTERBUCK, Noel Stanley, Maj, RMLI, DSO [30813], Army [31077]

COADWELL, William John, CPO Mech 2g, RM Po/15413, DSM [30662]

COAK, George, CPO, 114036, DSM [29581]

COAKER, John, Skpr, RNR 132WSA, MID [31421]

COAKER, Reubin Alfred, PO 1c, 202959 (Dev), MID [30564]

COATES, Edwin Allen, PO Mech, 237750 (Dev), MID [30662]

COATES, Francis George Crawshay, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30088]

COATES, Frank, OS, J23875, MID [29581]

COATES, H V, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29264]

COATES, Joseph Edward, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31262]

COATES, Odiarne Unett, Cdr, RN, MID [29668]

COATES, William Alfred, AB, 215078 (Ch), MID [30833]

COATES, William Herbert, Cdr, RNR, DSO [30088]

COATHUP, A, LS, RNVR, M/Z428, MM [30424]

COBB, B, AB, RNVR, KP/225, MM [30507]

COBB, Charles Ernest, PO Mech, RNAS, F4623, DSM [29886], [30182]

COBB, Fred, Engmn, RNR, 1678ES, DSM [30153]

COBB, Fred N, Ch Yeo Sigs, 188202 (Ch), Ita [30386]

COBB, William, Sto PO, 296193 (Po), MID [31236]

COBBAN, William Archibald, Ch Sto, 288388 (Po), MID [30936]

COBBLEDICK, J, AB, RNVR, TZ/4797, MM [30507]

COBBOLD, Sterling Neville, Lt, RN, DSC [31553]

COBBY, John H, Gnr, RN, MID [30807]

COBLEY, Charles, CPO, 177893 (Dev), MID [30564]

COBURN, Benjamin L, Trmr, RNR, 1602ST, Fra [30437 - twice]

COCHRAN, Robert, ERA 3c, M2229 (Ch), DSM [30194], MID [30088]

COCHRANE, Archibald, Cdr, RN, CMG [30451], Grc [30654], Fra [30756]; also COCHRANE, Archibald Douglas, Cdr, RN, DSO [29292], [31638], MID [31130], Navy [28948]

COCHRANE, David, L/Mech, RNAS, F4435, MSM [31604]

COCHRANE, George Henry, Trmr, RNR, 988ST, DSM [29581]

COCHRANE, John, AB, 218409 (Ch), MID [30807]

COCHRANE, Morris Edward, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29668], Ita [29573], Srb [29966]

COCK, Alfred Clement, AB, 216645, MID [29581]

COCK, Arthur J, Gnr, RN, Fra [30756]

COCK, Charles James Edward, Surg Cdr, RN, MID [31303]

COCK, Henry Arthur, Writer 3rd, M12773 (Dev), MSM [31286]

COCKAYNE, Alan Andreas, Surg Lt, RN, DSC [31638]

COCKAYNE, Edward Alfred, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

COCKBURN, George, Ch Eng, MN, MID [31182]

COCKBURN, Guy Leslie, Lt, RN, DSC [31038], MID [30807]

COCKBURN, John George, CPO Mech 3g, F8627, DSM [30316]

COCKBURN, Joshua, Master, Nigerian Marine, MID [29736]

COCKBURN, Robert, PO, J4132 (Ch), DSM [30807]

COCKEY, Leonard H, Lt, RNVR, Fra [32074], Army [29354]

COCKMAN, George Wallace, Capt, MN (Cdr RNR, rtd), DSC [29877]

COCKRELL, George Frederick, CERA 1c, 268235, DSM [29680], Navy [29680]

COCKRELL, Leonard C, Lt, RNR, DSO [30153]

COCKRELL, William John, CPO, 181730 (Ch), MID [31063]

COCKREM, Harald Millner, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31413]

COCKS, Albert Edward, CPO, 176269 (Ch), Bel [29886], [31130]

COCKS, Alfred Ernest, CPO, 142068 (Dev), DSM [30756]

COCKS, Arthur, Lt, RNR, DSC [30564], MID [30088]

COCKS, C J, AB, RNVR, R/5453, MM [30962]

COCKS, George, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Grc [31354]

COCKS, Robert, AB, SS 1501 (RFR B3835), DSM [29264]

CODDE, W, LS, RNVR, R/869, MM [31338]

CODLING, Arthur Smith, Lt, RNR, MID [30635], [31748]

CODNER, C S, PO, RNVR, London Z1230, Army [29664]; also CODNER, C S, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [30421]

CODRINGTON, John Robert Auber, Lt-Cdr, RN, Ita [29667]

COEN, William James, Colr Sgt, RMA, 4896, DSM [30581]

COFFIN, Alfred Richard, Yeo Sigs, 181686 (Dev), MID [31248]

COGAN, Leonard Bampfylde, Lt, RNVR, MID [29751]

COGHLAN, Edmond, Ch Sto, 169816 (Dev), MID [30227]

COGHLAN, John, Seamn, RNR, 2907 C, Fra [30756], Ita [30581], MID [30227]

COHEN, Bertram, Surg Lt, RNVR, MID [31516]

COKE, Anthony Launcelot Henry Dean, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31038]

COKE, John Gilbert de Odingsells, Capt, RN, CBE [31099]

COKER, George Ernest, Lt, RN, DSC [31748], Navy [31906]

COLBECK, Charles Edward Beeby, Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

COLBORNE, William John, Surg Capt, RN, CB [31379]

COLBOURNE, Walter Sydney, Lt, RNR, OBE [31303], RD [30683], MID [30909]

COLBRAN, Charles John, LS, 208778, DSM [29736]

COLCLOUGH, Beauchamp Urquhart, Pay Cdr, RN, CBE [31379]

COLDWELL, L E, CPO, LZ/369 RNVR, Army [30691]

COLE, Alfred Edward, Dkhnd, RNR, 5002SD, MID [30979]

COLE, Archibald Charles, Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

COLE, Christopher, ERA 1c, 269733 (Ch), DSM [30564]

COLE, Edwin, SBA, M7238 (Ch), MID [30756]

COLE, Edwin, Eng Cdr, RN, MID [31236]

COLE, Edwin George, Lt, RNR, DSC [30635]

COLE, Edwin John, Lt, RN, MID [31421]

COLE, Francis Hext, LS, RNVR, Z4884, MID [30732]

COLE, Frank Seymour, Lt, RNVR, MID [31354]

COLE, George Albert, ERA, RNR, EA1521, DSM [29255]

COLE, James, Sto 1c, SS 114754 (Dev), MID [30807]

COLE, James, Ch Eng, MN, MID [31286]

COLE, James John, PO, 236546 (Dev), MID [31060]

COLE, John Hazard, PO 1c, 165163, DSM [29255]

COLE, Joseph Charles, Sto PO, 170050 (Po), MSM [31248]

COLE, Joseph Harry, Capt, MN, DSC [30833], MID [31413]

COLE, Joseph Henry, Dkhnd, RNR, 8991DA, DSM [30616]

COLE, Morris Roseman, Gnr, RN, DSC [29997]

COLE, Thomas Frederick, Capt, MN, MID [31130]

COLE, William Stephen, Sto PO or CPO, Ch or Dev/SS/100113, CGM [29374], DSM [29024], Navy [28996], Army [29354]

COLE, William Charles, LS, 203157 (RFR Po/B2092), DSM [30687]

COLE-HAMILTON, John Beresford, Flt Cdr, RN, MID [30316]

COLE-HAMILTON, Margaret S, Asst Princ, WRNS, Bel [30732]

COLEGRAVE, William Henry, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31553], RD [29021]

COLEMAN, Arthur James, Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [31191]

COLEMAN, Arthur Mallorie, Lt, RN, DSC [30900], MID [30029]

COLEMAN, Edith Florence, Snr Writer, WRNS, BEM [31331]

COLEMAN, Harry T, LS, 231247 (Ch), DSM [30015]

COLEMAN, John, CPO, 181335 (Dev), MID [29886]

COLEMAN, John Albert, Ch Yeo Sigs, 1672, MSM [31413]

COLEMAN, Patrick Peter, Lt, RN, OBE [31398]

COLEMAN, Thomas, CPO, 178948 (Dev), Fra [30756]

COLEMAN, Thomas Dennis, PO, 179687, DSM [29374]

COLEMAN, William Francis, Ch Bosn, RN, MBE [31553]

COLEMAN, William James Clarence, Blacksmith 1c, 346033 (Dev), MSM [31811]

COLENSO, John Pairn, Sto 1c, K28863 (Dev), DSM [30363]

COLERIDGE, Guy L, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

COLES, Albert James, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

COLES, Alfred E, Sig, J8664, DSM [29264]

COLES, C L, PO, RNVR, London 8/2922, Army [29664]

COLES, Charles Edward, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [31811]

COLES, Gordon Alston, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751]

COLES, Kenneth George, Obs Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30437]

COLES, Walter Herbert, Ship Stwd, 344217 (Ch), MID [30227]

COLGATE, William Arthur, PO, 212763, DSM [29123]

COLLARD, Bernard St George, Capt, RN, DSO [30654], Bel [29886], Fra [31248], [31360], Navy [29264]

COLLARD, Charles Edwin, Lt-Col, RMLI, CB [29751], Rus [30116], MID [31553], Navy [29751]

COLLARD, Thomas Arthur William, CPO, 133361 (RFR Ch A1300), DSM [29680], Navy [29680]

COLLER, Frank, L/Mech, F 241S, Grc [30654]

COLLES, Ernest Dudley Gordon, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31398], MID [31604]

COLLET, C H, Flt Lt, RN, Navy [28948]

COLLET, Charles Herbert, Lt, RMA, DSO [28948]

COLLET, Ralph H, Flt Lt, RNAS, Bel [30258]

COLLETT, C H, Flt Lt, RN, Army [29072]

COLLETT, Francis, CERA 1c, 269949 (Dev), MSM [31236]

COLLETT, Frederick, CPO, 182343 (Po), DSM [31748]

COLLETT, Herbert John, Shipwt 2c, M8576 (Po), MSM [31303]

COLLETT, Jack, Air Mech 2g, F20396, MID [30662]

COLLETT, John Alsager, Cdr, RN, OBE [30460], OBE (M) [31295]

COLLETT, Ralph Harold, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [29736]

COLLICK, Arthur Albert, O/Tel, J33874 (Ch), DSM [30227]

COLLIER, Edward Wilme, 2nd Lt, RM, MC [30681]

COLLIER, John Moffat, Ch Sto, 292408 (Ch), MSM [31248]

COLLIER, John Thomas, CPO, 139408 (RFR Ch/A1226), DSM [30159]

COLLIER, Robert King, PO, 183066 (Ch), MID [31191]

COLLING, Ralph, Capt, RN, Fra [30807]

COLLINGE, Ashton, L/Sig, 237482 (Dev), Fra [31130]

COLLINGS, Abraham, Seamn, RNR (Newfoundland) 1179X, MID [30756]

COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert, LS, 213196, DSM [29581]

COLLINGWOOD, George Trevor, Surg Capt, RN, CB [31379]

COLLINGWOOD, Robert Edward, CERA 2c, 272378 (Po), MSM [31236]

COLLINS, A J, CPO, RNVR, CZ797, MM [30188]

COLLINS, Abraham Bennett, Lt-Cdr, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

COLLINS, Albert Victor, AB, J27628 (Ch), DSM [30909]

COLLINS, Alfred, Greaser, MMR 158657, MID [31303]

COLLINS, Arthur John, W/T Op 2c, RNR, 411WTS, DSM [30159]

COLLINS, Arthur Rutherford Dundas, Lt, RNR, OBE [31303], MID [30756]

COLLINS, C G, Lt-Col, RM, Army [29354], [29664]

COLLINS, Charles Edward, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

COLLINS, David, AB, 212148 (RFR B5415), DSM [29264]

COLLINS, Edward C B, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Ita [31130]

COLLINS, Ernest Albert Dunk, Sig Bosn, RN, MID [29751]

COLLINS, F J, Lt, RIM, Army [29789]

COLLINS, F T, Sgt, RMLI, Po/13934, MM [31173]

COLLINS, Fred, Lt, RNR, DSC [30159]

COLLINS, Frederick George, Cpl, RMLI, Ch/17036, DSM [29292]

COLLINS, Harold M, AB, RAN, 3157, DSM [29123]

COLLINS, Harry Ernest, PO, 173507 (Po), MID [31060]

COLLINS, James, AB, J24829, DSM [29581]

COLLINS, James, Trmr, RNR, 1827ST, Srb [29966]

COLLINS, John, Sto PO, 277156 (Dev), Fra [30756]

COLLINS, John Joseph, Sig, J27498 (Dev), Navy [30133]

COLLINS, John Newbold, Ch Off, MN, MID [30756]

COLLINS, Ralph, Capt, RN, CB [30807], Rus [30116], Navy [31189 - twice]

COLLINS, Reginald Charles, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [30363]

COLLINS, Sidney, SBA, M6534 (Po), Srb [31354]

COLLINS, William Frank, PO, J2387 (Po), DSM [31638], Navy [31590]

COLLINS, William H, Skpr, RNR, 47WSA, Fra [30494]; also COLLINS, William Henry, Skpr, RNR, MID [29264]

COLLINS, William Henry, CPO, 158555 (Po), MID [30564]

COLLINS, William James, PO, 221365 (Po), DSM [30194]

COLLINS, William John, SB Stwd, 350755 (Dev), MID [30687]

COLLINS, William Thomas, Sto PO, 308278, DSM [29581], MID [29264]

COLLINSON, Alfred Creighton, Lt, RN, MID [30564]

COLLINSON, J, Pte, RMLI, Po/578, MM [30023]

COLLINSON, Stanley, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1231, MID [30616]

COLLIS, Charles Harold, Sto PO, 281157 (Po), DSM [30687]

COLLIS, James B, Firemn, MN, MID [30285]

COLLIS, Tom, ERA 2c, 272395, DSM [29374]

COLLISHAW, Raymond, Lt, RAF [ex-Flt Lt, RNAS], DSO [30227], [30913], DSC [30194], Fra [30029]; also COLLISHAW, Flt Lt, RNAS, Army [30421]

COLLISON, Charles Robert, Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [31553]

COLLYER, Frederick George, Off Stwd 3c, L9351 (Dev), MID [30807]

COLLYER, Walter Laidlow, PO Mech, F894, MID [30662]

COLMAN, George, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 1261SD, DSM [30536]

COLMORE, Reginald Blayney, Capt, RN, OBE [30460]

COLMORE, Reginald Blayney Bulteen, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30662]

COLOMB, Philip H, Rear-Adm, RN, Fra [30756]

COLQUHOUN, Thomas, Ch Shipwt, 341187 (Ch), DSM [31182]

COLSON, Douglas Nowell, Mid, RNR, DSC [29123]

COLSON, Henry St C, Surg, RN, MID [30807]

COLT, Samuel Porter, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30900]

COLTART, James Dunbar, Tel, RNVR (Clyde) Z7943, MID [30616]

COLTSON, Charles Sydney, Flt Lt, RN, DSC [30316]

COLVILE, Mansell Brabazon Fiennes, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31286]

COLVILLE, Charles Alexander, Lt, RN, MID [29886]

COLVILLE, Hugh D, Cdr, RN, Rus [30316]

COLVILLE, Stanley Cecil James, Adm, RN, GCMG [31379], GCVO [29232], Fra [30756]

COLVIN, A E, LS, RNVR, TZ617, MM [30001]

COLVIN, Ragnar Musgrave, Capt, RN, CBE [31421]

COLWILL, George Henry, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

COLYER, Arthur John, Yeo Sigs, 186278, DSM [29752]

COMBE, James William, Capt, RN, CMG [30451]

COMBE, Richard, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 447SA, DSM [29886]

COMBER, Francis, Seamn, RNR, 1622D, DSM [29436], Navy [29436]

COMBER, Thomas Geoffrey, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31553]

COMBS, John, Sig Bosn, RN, Rus [30316]

COMER, Bertram Percival, Sig, RNVR, Bristol 3/946, MID [29581]

COMPSTON, R, Cpl, RMMU, S/3051, MM [31173]

COMPSTON, Robert John Orton, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30066], [30227], [30581]

COMPTON, Edward Bathurst, Capt, RN, OBE [31413], MID [30088]

COMPTON, Walter Burdge, Cdr, RN, DSO [30088]

COMYNS, Charles W, Lt, RMA, Bel [30437]

CONBY, Henry Brodie, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153], MID [29668]

CONDE-WILLIAMS, Maurice Marcel Frederic, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

CONGDON, Charles Hector, Capt, RMLI, Fra [29751], MID [31303]

CONGDON, William Sydney Philip, Lt, RNR, OBE [31360]

CONINGTON, F J, LS, RNVR, London/Z1410, MM [29953]

CONLEY, George, Aircraftmn 1g, RNAS, F16254, DSM [30386]

CONNACHER, Thomas Bernard, AB, J2179 (Ch), DSM [30363]

CONNELL, James, PO 1c, 130349 (RFR Dev A/2542), MID [29581]

CONNELL, John, LS, RNR, 2180D, Fra [29751]

CONNELL, Maurice, Sto PO, 290110, DSM [29752]

CONNER, Samuel, Fleet Surg, RN, Jpn [30616]

CONNERY, John, Sto 1c, 280931 (Dev), MID [30564]

CONNEW, Thomas Francis, Lt, RMA, Bel [31604], MID [31182]

CONNING, William Thomas, CERA, 271495 (Ch), MSM [31452]

CONNOLLY, Arthur Matthew, Maj, RMLI, MID [31553]

CONNOLLY, Bartholomew, PO, 221538 (Dev), MID [30088]

CONNOLLY, James, Dkhnd, RNR, 13590DA, MID [30807]

CONNOLLY, William, ERA 4c, M21904 (Dev), MID [31060]

CONNOR, J T P, AB, RNVR, KW302, MM [30001]

CONNOR, Jeremiah, Ship Stwd Asst, 101741, MID [29799]

CONNOR, Robert, PO Mech, F4597, DSM [30662], MID [30316]

CONNOR, William, Sto 1c, SS 108723 (RFR Ch/B 10756), MID [30807]

CONNORS, Ernest John, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

CONNORS, Martin, Seamn, RNR, S484A, DSM [30363], MID [29997]

CONOLLY, Joseph, 3rd Eng, MN, AM [29924]

CONROY, Reeves, LS, 219102 (RFR Dev/B 3303), DSM [30159]

CONSETT, Montagu William Warcop Peter, Capt, RN, CMG [31099], Fra [30687], [30732]

CONSTABLE, Arthur William, AB, 237580 (Ch), MID [30807]

CONSTABLE, James Sandford, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

CONSTABLE, William Charles, Eng Lt-Cdr, RIM, OBE [31547]

CONSTANTINE, Frederick, CPO, 96044 (Po), MID [31452]

CONWAY, Christopher J, Cpl, Ply/16039, Fra [29997]

CONWAY, Michael, Trmr, RNR (Special Service), 781ST, MID [29581]

CONWAY, Robert Arnold, Seamn, RNR, 8679A, DSM [29997]

CONWAY-GORDON, Lewis, Col, RMA, CB [30111]

CONYBEARE, Charles B, Capt, RMLI, Fra [32074], Navy [31189], Army [29354]

COODE, Arthur T, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Rus [29966]

COODE, Charles Penrose Rushton, Capt, RN, CB [31379], DSO [29423], Fra [30494], Jpn [31811], USA [31683], MID [29264], Navy [29264], [29507]

COOK, Albert Henry, PO, 226249 (Po), DSM [30088]

COOK, Alexander James, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099], MID [30909]

COOK, Allan, Trmr, RNR, 720TS, MID [30159], [30635]

COOK, Arthur, Engmn, RNR, 2873ES, MSM [31248]

COOK, Arthur R, Skpr, RNR, 1961WSA, Srb [29966]

COOK, David Albert, PO, J722 (Ch), MID [30807]

COOK, E J, AB, RNVR, R/758, MM [30940]

COOK, Edwin John, PO, J12740 (Ch), DSM [31191]

COOK, Ernest, PO 1c, 173413 (RFR Ch B/3884), MID [29423]

COOK, Francis Charles, PO, 234873 (Ch), DSM [30386]

COOK, Francis Herbert, Skpr, New Zealand Naval Auxiliary Service, MSM [31604]

COOK, Frederick, Coy Sgt-Maj, RMA, 8802, MSM [31553]

COOK, G, AB, RNVR, KP/664, MM [29953]

COOK, G, AB, RNVR, CZ/3182, MM [30023]

COOK, George, Skpr, RNR, 131WFS, DSC [30936]

COOK, George Francis, MAA, 121490 (RFR Po/A1612), DSM [30029]

COOK, Henry, Lt, RNR, RD [30002]

COOK, Herbert George, LS, 230789 (Po ), DSM [30316]

COOK, James, Pte, RMLI, Ch/18384, DSM [29997], Fra [29997]

COOK, John, Sto, RNR, 4704S, DSM [30363]

COOK, John William, Sgt, RMLC Deal/9790 (S), DSM [31130]

COOK, Joseph Arthur, Ch Stwd, MN, MID [30900]

COOK, N, AB, RNVR Tyne Z909, Army [29664]

COOK, Norman Richard, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30194]

COOK, Percy, Firemn, MN, MID [30258]

COOK, Percy Harold, AB, J30634 (Po), MID [31063]

COOK, Robert, Ch Arm, 123400, DSM [29799]

COOK, Samuel, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

COOK, Thomas Geoffrey, L/Mech, F19710, MID [30662]

COOK, W E, Maj, RM, Army [31435]

COOK, W J, Lce-Cpl, RM, Ply 7685, Navy [28996]

COOK, Walter John, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Ply 7685, DSM [29024]

COOK, Walter Leonard, Lt, RNR, DSC [30635]

COOK, William, Sto PO, K 5097 (Ch), MID [30408]

COOK, William Ernest, Maj, RM, OBE [31370]

COOK, William Henry, Trmr, RNR, 493ST, DSM [29581]

COOK, William Henry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 10720DA, MID [31286]

COOK, William Thomas, AB, 169881 (RFR Po B/786), MID [29581]

COOK, William Thomas, CPO, 168159 (Ch), MID [30833]

COOKE, A S, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [30421]

COOKE, Edwin Francis, Sto PO, 229526 (Po), MID [30564]

COOKE, Gilbert George Herbert, Flt Cdr, RN, DSC [30662]

COOKE, Harold, Engmn, RNR, 1776ES, DSM [29886]

COOKE, Herbert, L/Sto, K6470 (Ch), DSM [31638]

COOKE, Stanley W, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [30298]

COOKE, Theodore Frederic Vernon, Lt, RMLI, DSO [30807], Fra [30807], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

COOKE, William, Skpr, RNR, 678WSA, DSC [30635]

COOKE-HURLE, William Armitage, Capt, RN, MID [31553]

COOKSON, Edgar Christopher, Lt-Cdr, RN, VC [29446], DSO [29292], Army [29536]

COOKSON, John Wyndham, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30147]

COOMBE, T, AB, RNVR, TZ/3755, DCM [30716], [30961]

COOMBER, Thomas George, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [31421], Fra [30756], MID [30061]

COOMBER, William Luther, CPO, 164555 (Ch), MID [31060]

COOMBES, C E, AB, RNVR, WZ710, MM [30001]

COOMBES, Frank, Yeo Sigs, 205280 (Po), Rom [31236], MID [29668]

COOMBES, William James, CPO, 155392 (Dev), MID [30687]

COOMBS, Henry Maurice, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30732]

COOMBS, Thomas Edward, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31638], MID [31354]

COOP, Frederic William, Lt, RNVR, MID [31553]

COOPER, A, Pte, Po/11640/Po/B/1179 RMLI, Army [31077]

COOPER, Alderman, Engmn, RNR (Trawler Sec) 2760ES, DSM [29423]

COOPER, Archibald Frederick, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], Bel [30833]

COOPER, Arthur Quilton, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30316], Ita [30386]

COOPER, Charles Purcell, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31303], RD [30216]

COOPER, Edward, LS, J7225 (Dev), DSM [30363], MID [30194]

COOPER, Edward J, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30147]

COOPER, Edwin Leslie Dunstor, Shipwt, 344446 (Ch), MID [30285]

COOPER, George James, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ply/6678, MSM [31461]

COOPER, Guy Edward, Lt, RN, MID [30564]

COOPER, Harry Charles, LS, 163005 (RFR Po B/1597), DSM [29581]

COOPER, Henry, Staff Surg, RN, DSO [30451], Bel [30900]

COOPER, Henry John, Asst Eng, MN, MID [30616]

COOPER, J, Capt, RMLC, Army [31077]

COOPER, James W, Gnr, RMA, 6184, Bel [31604]

COOPER, John, L/Mech, F3726, MID [30662]

COOPER, John Edwin, Engmn, RNR, 871DA, MID [30258]

COOPER, Malcolm John, LS, 238690, DSM [29752]

COOPER, Morris, Seamn, RNR, 7873A, DSM [30756]

COOPER, Nelson, Lt, RNR, DSC [30147], MID [30159]

COOPER, Robert F B, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]

COOPER, Stanley, Capt, MN, DSC [30147]

COOPER, Thomas Harrison, Capt, MN, DSC [30687]

COOPER, Vincent Morse, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30363], Jpn [30258]

COOPER, W G, Colr Sgt, RMA, 4877, MSM [30750]

COOPER, Walter Henry, Cdr, RNR, RD [29360]

COOPER, Wilfrid, Pay Cdr, RN, Egy [31811]

COOPER, William, Arm, M4479 (Ch), MID [31811]

COOPER-KEY, Astley Dundas Cooper, Cdr, RN, DSO [30088], Fra [31248], Navy [30870]

COOPPER, Sidney Frank, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30564]

COOTE, Bernard Trotter, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

COOTE, Horace Frederick, LS, J9936 (Po), MID [31811]

COOTE, J, Lt, RND, Army [30072]; also COOTE, John, Lt, RNVR, MC [30450]

COOTES, Richard Charles, Sto PO, K 123 (Po), DSM [30363]

COPE, John, CPO, 128750 (RFR Ch/B 102), DSM [30159]

COPE, John Thomas, PO, J11003 (Po), DSM [31236]

COPE, Lidbrooke Frank, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31604]

COPE, Matthew F, Lt, RMA, Bel [30833]

COPESTAKE, William John, AB, 217160 (Po), MSM [31553]

COPLAND, Charles Frederick Nicolson, Engmn, RNR, 6434TS, DSM [30536], Ita [30581]

COPLAND, E G, Cpl, RMLI, Po/874, MM [31173]

COPLAND, W, AB, RNVR, CZ/4601, MM [30540]

COPLESTON, Reginald Gay, Cdr, RN, OBE [31553], Fra [31360], Jpn [31811]

COPP, Arthur, L/Mech, F560, Grc [30654], MID [30654]

COPP, George Frederick, SB Stwd, 350848 (Ch), MSM [31286]

COPPERWHEAT, Alfred, AB, RNVR, Sussex 6/132, DSM [29635]

COPPINGER, Cuthbert, Lt, RN, DSC [29751], Navy [29751]

COPPINGER, Edmund Stephen George, AB, J17768, MID [29581]

COPPINGER, Robert Henry, Capt, RN, CBE [31360], Navy [29126]

COPPINS, Herbert Charles Hughes, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1718, MID [30909]

COPPLEMAN, George William, Dkhnd, RNR, 3368SD, MID [31553]

COPPLESTONE, James Albert, Ch Sto, 286003 (Po), MSM [31553]

COPPLESTONE, William Horatio, Ch Shipwt, 340768 (Po), MSM [31398]

COPPOCK, Richard Cowell, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616], MID [30153]

CORBETT, Charles Frederick, Capt, RN, CB [29507], Egy [29848], Navy [29507], Army [29845]

CORBETT, Godfrey Edwin, Cdr, RN, CBE [31360], MID [30756]

CORBETT, James, Sig, RNVR, Clyde, Z6289, MID [30227]

CORBETT, Noel M F, Lt, RN, Fra [30408]

CORBETT, Robert Gwynne, Capt, RN, DSO [29635]

CORBITT, Alfred Joseph, CPO Mech 2g, F54, MID [30316]

CORBY, John, PO, 225290, DSM [29581]

CORBYN, Frederick James Harold, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099]

CORCORAN, Thomas, L/Sto, SS 109564 (Dev), MSM [31398]

CORDINGLEY, John Walter, Pay Lt, RNVR, MID [31683]

CORDNER, Alexander Allen, Maj, RMLI, MID [30807], Navy [31189]

CORIN, Herbert J, Dental Surg, RNVR, MID [30654]

CORK, Alfred Walter George, AB, 237906 (Ch), DSM [30363]

CORKE, Henry Charles, AB, J5455 (Ch), MSM [31286]

CORKER, Lionel Elsom, L/Sto, K7145, DSM [29886]

CORLETT, Geoffrey, Cdr, RN, Ita [31130], Rus [30116], MID [29751], [31236], Navy [29654]

CORMACK, Alexander, Ch Skpr, RNR, 2042WSA, MID [30616]

CORMACK, John, Skpr, RNR, 851WSA, MID [30616]

CORMACK, John, Skpr, RNR, MID [31748]

CORMACK, Peter, Skpr, RNR, 2163WSA, MID [31483]

CORNABE, William Eckford, Cdr, RN, OBE [31483]

CORNELL, J, PO, RNAC, Army [30856]

CORNELL, William George, L/Mech, F5262, DSM [30662]

CORNER, Frederick W, Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [29603]

CORNFORD, Harry, AB, 227286 (Po), MID [30316]

CORNHILL, Alfred Charles, Ch Elec Art 2c, 346923, MID [29752]

CORNISH, Albert Victor, AB, J4508, DSM [29423]

CORNISH, Bertram G, ERA 4c, P/M538, DSM [29292]

CORNISH, George, Sto PO, RNR, 2929ST, DSM [31811]

CORNISH, Samuel Herbert, Gnr (T), RN, MID [31060]

CORNWALL, Newenham Robert de la Cour, Capt, RNR, RD [29360], MID [31553]

CORNWALLIS, Oswald Wykeham, Lt, RN, OBE [31421]

CORNWELL, John Travers, Boy, J42563, VC [29752], Navy [29654]

CORRIE, John William, CERA, RNR, 1054EA, MID [30687]

CORRIGAN, J, PO, RNVR, Mersey 3/163, Army [29664]

CORRIN, Alfred Thomas, CPO Mech 3g, RNAS, F1630, MSM [31604]

CORRY, Alfred George, PO Tel, J8439 (Po ), MSM [31421]

CORRY, William, AB, 190507 (RFR Ch B7705), DSM [29395]

CORSAR, John Kirk, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Navy [29751]

CORSON, Eric Reid, Lt, RN, DSC [29123]

CORY-WRIGHT, Alan, Lt, RN, DSC [30807], Navy [31189]

COSGROVE, John, CPO, 165278 (Dev), MSM [31461]

COSSEY, Alfred John, LS, J10240 (Ch), MID [30654]

COST, Herbert Edward Purey, Capt, RNR (Adm ret), KBE [31379]

COSTELLO, Edward, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 402SA, MID [31354]

COSWAY, Wallace, PO 1c, 192595 (Dev), DSM [30756]

COTTER, A V W, Lt, RNVR, Army [29664]

COTTER, Christopher, OS, SS 4704, MID [29581]

COTTINGHAM, Amos, CPO, 168105 (Ch), MID [30936]

COTTON, Mary Eleanor, Nursing Member, VAD, MID [31331]

COTTON, Robert, LS, 182487 (Ch), DSM [31130]

COTTRELL, Albert Edward, CPO, 223013 (Dev), DSM [30088], [30536]

COTTRELL, Frederick, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1006, MID [31303]

COTTRELL, Joseph Cowen, CPO, 162919 (Po), MSM [31413]

COTTRELL, William Frederick, Sto PO, 305817 (Dev), DSM [31604]

COTTRELL, William Henry, Cdr, RNVR, CMG [29333], OBE [31099], Fra [31811], MID [31303], Navy [29264]

COUCH, Albert, Sto PO, 281641 (Dev), DSM [30564]

COUCH, Alfred Francis Joseph, SSA, M1998 (Dev), DSM [30194]

COUCH, Edwin J, Lt, RNR, Rom [31236], Rus [30147]

COUCH, John, Lt, RNR, Fra [30029]

COUCH, John, Capt, MN, DSC [29886]

COUCHMAN, Harry, Sto 1c, K12174 (Ch), Ita [30581], MID [29581]

COUGHLAN, James, CPO, 138894, DSM [29752]

COUGHLAN, James, Warrt Mech, RN, MID [30061]

COUGHLAN, William, AB, 237289 (Dev), MID [31604]

COUGHTREY, Thomas Henry, Lt, RNR, DSC [30088]

COULDREY, Frank James, Lt, RNR, DSC [30936]

COULDWELL, John Alfred, LS, 238611 (Po), DSM [30581]

COULL, Alexander, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2662SA, DSM [30909]

COULL, John, Engmn, RNR, 3226ES, DSM [30909], MID [30153]

COULL, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1729SA, MID [30153]

COULSON, Alfred Ernest, PO 1c, 169119, MID [29752]

COULSON, Robert, 2nd Eng, MN, AM [30868]

COULTER, John William Henry, OS, J44355 (Ch), DSM [30227]

COULTER, Percy Edward, PO, 236379 (Ch), DSM [30900], Ita [32074]

COULTHARD, J W, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/16495, DCM [31186], [31726]

COULTON, Frederick Joseph, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

COUPER, Andrew, LS, RNR, 3604C, MID [30687]

COUPER, John, Ch Carp, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

COURAGE, Archibald Vesey, Cdr, RN, OBE [31445]

COURT, Frederick William, CERA 1c, 269025, DSM [29581]

COURT, Sydney Charles, Lt, RNR, MID [31248]

COURTNEY, Christopher Lloyd, Wing Cdr, RNAS, DSO [30408], Fra [30363], MID [30066]

COURTNEY, Ivon T, Wing Cdr, RNAS, Fra [30227], Ita [30194]

COUSINS, Gerald Roger, Lt, RN, DSC [30900]

COUSINS, H D, AB, RNVR, TZ/4680, MM [31338]

COUSINS, James David, Ch Sto, 355819, MID [29752]

COUTTS, Alan V, Lt, RNR, Fra [30936]

COUTTS, Andrew John, Seamn, RNR (Shetland) 372L, DSM [31182]

COUTTS, John, CERA 1c, 160010 (Po), MID [30564]

COUZENS, Frederick Arthur Victor, L/Tel, J23463 (Po), DSM [30564]

COVELL, A, Cpl, RMMU, S/3054, MM [31469]

COVELL, John, PO, 223921 (Ch), Ita [30386]

COVENEY, Frederick, L/Sto, K 10123 (Po), DSM [30363]

COVEYDUCK, John Edward, LS, RNR (Newfoundland) 1250X, MID [31604]

COWAN, Charles Frederic Roy, Cdr, RN, DSO [31099], MID [31063], Navy [31906], [31970]

COWAN, David Laidlaw, Lt, RNR, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

COWAN, Walter Henry, Rear-Adm, RN, KCB [31099], CB [29751], Fra [31063], Jpn [30258], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751], [31856]

COWARD, Arthur Charles, Yeo Sigs, 214376 (Ch), DSM [30687]

COWARD, Charles Frederick, Qmr-Sgt Instr, RMLI, Ch/10620, MSM [31553]

COWARD, Walter Frederick George, Sto PO, 291374 (Ch), DSM [30088]

COWBROUGH, Richard David, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Po/10940/RFR/B/1239, DSM [29292]

COWBURN, Arthur Douglas, Surg Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MID [31516]

COWBURN, Frederick Cammeron, CERA 2c, 270944 (Po), DSM [31191]

COWDY, Cecil James Hewer, Pay Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [31421]

COWE, Robert, Skpr, RNR, 1774WSA, DSC [30258], Ita [30386], Srb [29966]

COWE, Thomas Stochard, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 2507SD, MSM [31286]

COWELL, Walter William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 4513DA, DSM [30194]

COWEN, Fred, Engmn, RNR/RN Trawler Reserve, 2129ES, DSM [30159], MID [29423]

COWEN, Herbert Taylor, LS, J13296 (Dev), MID [31286]

COWESON, David, AB, RNVR, AA1082, MSM [31499]

COWGILL, James Milner, SBA, M8848 (Ch), DSM [31483]

COWIE, Alexander, Skpr, RNR, 2085SA, MID [30909]

COWIE, Alexander McKentosh, L/Tel, J18622 (Dev), DSM [31182]

COWIE, George Dougal, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 18889DA, MID [31553]

COWIE, Henry Frank Arthur, L/Sto, K10829 (Ch), MID [30363]

COWIE, J G, PO, RNVR, CZ/2047, DCM [31052], [31186 2 Bars], MM [30540], [30940]

COWIE, John, Skpr, RNR, DSC [29211]

COWIE, John Alexander, 2nd Hnd, RNR, SA1640, DSM [29668]

COWIE, W, PO, RNVR, CZ/2217, MM [31173]

COWIE, William, Skpr, RNR, 1488WSA, DSC [29668], Srb [29966]

COWIE, William, Skpr, RNR, 2024SA, MID [30153]

COWIESON, David Duncan, 3rd Off, MN, MID [30536]

COWIN, Orry A de L, Cdr, RNR, RD [29651]

COWIN, W T, PO, 155161 (RFR (Dev) A4099), Army [30404]

COWLAND, Leonard Edwin, LS, 222895 (Po), DSM [30363]

COWLES, Edmund, CERA 1c, 269313 (Dev), DSM [30687]

COWLES, Edward J, L/Sig, J12334 (Ch), Ita [30581]

COWLEY, Andrew, W/T Op, MN, MID [31286]

COWLEY, Charles Henry, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, VC [29928], Army [29665], [29782], [29789]

COWLEY, Martin, Ch Sto, 285334 (Ch), MID [30564]

COWLEY, R, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [29789]; also COWLEY, Robert, Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSC [30227]

COWLING, Charles, Dkhnd, RNR, 13973DA, DSM [30807]

COWLING, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 148TC, DSM [30936]

COWLING, Richard, Ch Skpr, RNR, 601WSA, MID [30616]

COWLING, Robert, 2nd Hnd, RNR, SA1183, DSM [29668]

COWLING, Robert, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1183SA, MID [30616]

COWNIE, James Holroyd, PO, 239385 (Dev), DSM [30807]

COWTHARD, Thomas Phillip, Ch Ship Cook, 138631 (Po), MSM [31461]

COWTON, Albert Eli, CPO Mech 2g, Ply/13554 RNAS, MSM [31461], Army [30233]

COX, Albert Henry Denton, LS (CG), 207574, MID [29581]

COX, Alfred, Off Stwd 1c, L293 (Dev), MID [30536]

COX, Alfred Austin Blandford, PO (E), F17751, MID [30363]

COX, Alfred Benjamin, Sgt, RMLI, Po/6416, DSM [30316]

COX, Arthur James, AB, J4208 (Ch), MID [30153]

COX, Bernard Thomas, Lt, RNR, DSO [29264], Navy [31322]

COX, C, Lce-Cpl, Po/3363 (RMR/A/0496) RMLI, Army [30691]

COX, Charles E A W, Gnr, RN, MID [30015]

COX, Edgar James, AB, J19623 (Dev), DSM [30258]

COX, Ernest Henry, PO Tel, 204575, MID [29752]

COX, Frederick, Sgt, RMA, 6668, Fra [30408], MID [29752]

COX, Frederick G, Ch Sto, P280053, DSM [29292]

COX, Frederick Thomas Gerald, PO, 216435, MID [29423]

COX, George, Trmr, RNR, 974TS, Ita [30581], MID [30159], [30635]

COX, George Henry, Jnr Off, MMR, MBE [31811]

COX, Harold Vincent, CPO Mech 3g, F5975, MID [30687]

COX, Henry, PO, 224661, DSM [29581]

COX, Herbert Spencer, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099], MID [30909]

COX, James Henry, Sto 1c, SS 113836 (Po), MID [30363]

COX, John, CPO Tel, 196852, Fra [29751]

COX, John James, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [30909]

COX, Joseph, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 18678DA, MID [31286]

COX, Leslie Augustus Reed, LS, J24090 (Po), DSM [31638]

COX, Maurice Howard, LS, J9747, DSM [29752]

COX, Oscar Charlton, Ch Yeo Sigs, 169907 (Ch), MID [29886]

COX, Reginald W, Gnr, RMA, 2105(S), Bel [31604]

COX, Samuel V, Ch Skpr, RNR, 479WSA, Ita [30581]

COX, Sydney George, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2916DA, MID [30153]

COX, Vernon Latham, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/15569, MSM [31553]

COX, William Curling, Sto 1c, K20131, MID [29752]

COX, William John, LS, RNR, 2349C, DSM [30536]

COXHEDGE, John, Sto 1c, K35770 (Ch), MID [30807]

COXHILL, Arthur Edwin George, Sig, J33681 (Po), MID [30833]

COXON, T, PO, RNVR, KX553, MM [30023], Army [29354]

COXON, Thomas, LS, RNVR, KX/265, CGM [29374]

COY, George William, ERA 3c, M5765, MID [29752]

COYLE, George Daniel, CERA 1c, 269132 (Po), MSM [31421]

COYLE, Percy, CPO, 218288 (Ch), MID [30654]

COYTE, William, Sto PO, 276228, DSM [29423]

COZENS, Alfred Charles Westbrooke, Lt, RNVR, MID [31354]

COZENS, Edward William, Sig, J19005 (Po), DSM [31638]

COZENS, Thomas Robert, CPO, 126325 (RFR Po/A1810), DSM [29886]

COZENS-HARDY, William H, Cdr, RNVR, Ita [30227]


CRABB, George Henry (alias Harry Clark), Ch Sto, 283374 (Po), MID [30654]

CRABB, Thomas R I, Ch Art Eng, RN, Rus [30316]

CRABB, William Charles Pascoe, Lt, RN, OBE [31461], DSC [31811], Fra [29751]

CRABBE, Frank William, ERA 3c, M1483 (Po), DSM [29886]

CRABBE, George Edward, Ch Motor Mech, 1264, MID [30536]

CRABBE, Lewis Gonne Eyre, Cdr, RN, DSO [31236], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

CRABTREE, Fred, AB, RNVR, Tyneside/Z8339, MM [30585], Bel [30900]

CRABTREE, J, Pte, RM, S/3137, Army [29354]

CRABTREE, J, Staff Sgt, RMMU, S/3454, MM [31173]

CRABTREE, J H, Qmr-Sgt, RMMU, Deal/3105(S), MSM [30750], Army [29664], [30421]

CRABTREE, Samuel Robson, Cdr, RN, MID [29668]

CRACKNELL, C L, L/Mech, RNAS, F8912, Army [30233]

CRACKNELL, George Robert, LS, J1559, DSM [29581], [29997]

CRACKNELL, George William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 7420DA, DSM [29997]

CRACROFT-AMCOTTS, John, Lt, RN, DSC [30316], MID [29680], Navy [29680]

CRADDOCK, Robert J, Art Eng, RN, Rus [30316]

CRADDOCK, Samuel, CPO, 172212 (Dev), DSM [31638]

CRADDY, Alfred E, Pay, RNR, RD [29727]

CRADOCK, Frank Edward, Lt, RNR, MID [30635]

CRAFTER, Ernest Richard, Ch Eng, MN, DSC [31236]

CRAFTER, Richard Andrew, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616]

CRAFTS, Albert Ernest, Pte, RMLI, Ply/8538, DSM [31638]

CRAGG, N H, Lt, RN, Army [29422]

CRAIG, Archibald Maxwell, Capt, RMLI, OBE [31604]

CRAIG, Arthur William, Capt, RN, CB [29751], Fra [31360], Jpn [30258], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751]

CRAIG, Donald McBain, Skpr, RNR, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

CRAIG, F, Pte, RMMLI, Ch 802 (S), Army [30691]

CRAIG, Frederick Charles, AB, RNVR, 7/40 (Mersey), MID [30147]

CRAIG, George, Trmr, RNR, 3018TS, DSM [30687], MID [30258]

CRAIG, Herbert James, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MID [31445]

CRAIG, James Currie, Snr Eng, RNR, RD [29169]

CRAIG, Robert, PO, 224473 (Ch), MID [30635]

CRAIG, William, Cpl, RMLI, Po/13319, MID [30807]

CRAIG, William, 3rd Eng, MN, MID [31182]

CRAIK, G H, Cpl, RM, Deal/1718, MM [30540]

CRAMMOND, James, Ch Off, MN, MID [30437]

CRAMP, Harry, CERA 2c, 270893 (Ch), DSM [30807]

CRAMPTON, Denis Burke, Capt, RN, CBE [31461], DSO [29668], Fra [30494], Ita [29698], Prt [31965], Navy [29395]

CRANE, Edward, Stoker PO, 307275, Navy [28948]

CRANE, Frederick, Engmn, RNR, 2267ES, MID [30153]

CRANE, Henry James, Asst Pay, RNR, MID [30687]

CRANE, Stanley, SB Stwd, 350975 (Ch), MSM [31811]

CRANMER, Archibald Gordon, Lt, RNR, DSC [31248], MID [30159]

CRANSTON, Henry Norman, Lt, RNVR, MID [31286]

CRASTER, Barbara Marion, Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

CRAUFURD, Arthur Goodenough, Cdr, RN, Rus [30116], MID [29751]

CRAUFURD, C E V, Lt-Cdr, RN, Army [31277]

CRAVEN, Amos, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1280SA, DSM [30159]

CRAVEN, Arthur Henry, PO, 150825 (Po), DSM [30029]

CRAVEN, Charles Frederick, Ch Elec Art 2c, 347256 (Ch), MSM [31248]

CRAVEN, Charles Worthington, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

CRAVEN, Francis Worthington, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31236], USA [31236], [31994]

CRAVEN, John Wadsworth, PO 1c, RNVR, MSM [31553]

CRAWFORD, Arthur, 2nd Eng, MN, MID [30833]

CRAWFORD, C W G, Capt, RN, Army [29072]

CRAWFORD, Charles, Lt, RNR, MID [30909]

CRAWFORD, Charles Wispington Glover, Capt, RN, CBE [31432]

CRAWFORD, Frederick G, Pay Sub-Lt, RNVR, Grc [31413]

CRAWFORD, James, Eng, RNR, DSC [29292]

CRAWFORD, James Robert, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31262]

CRAWFORD, John Douglas, Ch Eng, MN, MID [29877]

CRAWFORD, John Edmund, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1946SA, MID [30909]

CRAWFORD, Percy Palfrey, Lt, RNR, DSC [29530]

CRAWFORD, Reginald Matthew, Cdr, RNR, Rus [29463]

CRAWFORD, William, Sto 1c, K34438 (Ch), DSM [30807]

CRAWFORD, William Reginald, Eng Cdr, RN, CMG [31421], MID [29751], [31248], Navy [29751]

CRAWLEY, Chetwode G C, Lt-Col, RMA, Prt [31060]

CRAWLEY, Edward Andrew, Gnr, RMA, 11620 (RFR), MID [29752]

CRAWLEY, Frederick, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/14728, MSM [31553]

CRAY, Frederick, Cpl, RMA, 13755, Bel [31604]

CREAGH, James Vandeleur, Cdr, RN, DSO [30564], Fra [30687], MID [29123], [30147]

CREAGH-OSBORNE, Frank Osborne, Capt, RN, CB [30451]

CREASE, Thomas, Cdr, RN, Ita [31286]; also CREASE, Thomas Evans, Capt, RN, CB [29608], CBE [31099], Fra [31063], Jpn [31060]

CREASEY, John Henry, AB, J5997, DSM [29581]

CREASEY, John Rogers, Lt, RNVR, MID [31191]

CREE, Thomas Norman Becket, Sub-Lt, RN, Fra [29997], MID [29997]

CREFT, George Tombeur, Mid, RNR, DSC [29603]

CREHAN, M, Pte, RM, S3147, MM [30001]

CREIGHTON, Kenelm E L, Cdr, RN, Fra [30408]

CRELLIN, Robert, Sig, J23170 (Dev), MID [31748]

CREMER, Ernest Randall, PO, 214235 (Po), CGM [28948], DSM [30363], Fra [31236], Navy [28948]

CRENNELL, John, PO, 178959 (Dev), DSM [30564]

CRESPIN, Alfred Emmanuel, CPO Mech 2g, F7719, MID [30662]

CRESPIN, Harold Frank, Air Mech 1g, F2403, MID [30662]

CRESSWELL, Ernest Frederick, LS, 200090 (RFR Ch/B8994), DSM [30153]

CRESSWELL, William Rooke, Rear-Adm, RAN, KBE [31262], Jpn [31811]

CRESWELL, George Hector, Lt, RN, DSC [31286], MID [30088], [31060]

CREWDSON, William, Engmn, RNR, 4583TS, MSM [31286]

CRIBB, Arthur F, Ch Motor Mech, 753, Ita [30581]

CRIBB, Edward Rowley, AB, 208899 (Po), MID [30564]

CRICHTON, Charles Lewis Maitland Makgill, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31683]

CRICHTON, Peter Thomson, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31553]

CRICK, Geoffrey Miles, Capt, RMLI, Egy [31942], Navy [29507]

CRIDLAND, John Potter, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/14786, DSM [31604]

CRIGHTON, John, Ch Eng, MN, MID [29877], [30936]

CRINKS, George Samuel, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2615SA, DSM [30159]

CRIPPS, Arthur Edward William, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31553], Tun [30936]

CRIPPS, Edward Stewart, Flt Cdr, RNAS, MID [30662]

CRISP, Annette Ina, Dep Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

CRISP, Arthur Samuel, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31379]

CRISP, Harold Wishaw, L/Mech, F266, MID [30662]

CRISP, Spencer, PO Mech, F956, DSM [29487]

CRISP, Thomas, Skpr, RNR, 10055DA, VC [30363], [31021], DSC [29997]

CRISP, Thomas William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 4332DA, DSM [30363]

CRISP, William, Off Stwd 2c, 354236 (Dev), DSM [30564]

CRISPIN, Arthur Ernest, CPO Mech 3g, F2519, DSM [30662]

CRITCH, Walter George, Seamn, RNR (Newfoundland) 1242 X, MSM [31425]

CRITTENDEN, George Edward, AB, 202731 (RFR Po/B6474), Rom [31236], MID [30258]

CROAL, Andrew Robert, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 145, DSM [31604]

CROALL, Norman Graham, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30153]

CROCKART, John, Capt, MN, DSC [30408]

CROCKER, Cecil James, Cdr, RN, DSO [31191], Egy [30687], Army [29845]

CROCKER, William, CPO, 178844 (Dev), DSM [30088], [31182]

CROCKETT, George, Skpr, RNR, 2195WSA, DSC [30616], MID [30536]

CROCKETT, William, Sto PO, 297096 (Dev), MID [30807]

CROCKFORD, Francis Rolfe, Seamn, MN, DSM [30408]

CROFT, Herbert, AB, J64638 (Dev), Srb [31413]

CROFT, Robert, AB, 193184 (RFR Ch/B 3557), MID [30227]

CROFTS, A, AB, RNVR, TZ9691, MM [30001]

CROFTS, Albert Ernest, Lce-Cpl, Ply/8538, Navy [31590]

CROFTS, Charles Edward, SB Stwd 2c, 351628 (Po), MSM [31553], MID [31060]

CROHAN, Patrick Birmingham, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [30494], [30687], MID [30363], [30386], [30147]

CROKE, W D, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/13042, MM [30830]

CROMACK, Benjamin, L/Mech, F9156, DSM [30258]

CROMARTY, George Neil Stewart, ERA, RNR, 1559EA, DSM [30147]

CROMBIE, George, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30900]

CROMIE, Francis Newton Allen, Cdr, RN, DSO [29603], Fra [29552]

CROMPTON, Edgar, Ch Yeo Sigs, 167762 (Po), MSM [31461], MID [29752]

CRONE, A G, AB, RNVR, London Z1216, Army [29664]

CRONE, Henry James, AB, J12562 (Dev), DSM [30088]

CRONIN, Stephen Matthew, Lt, RNR, MID [31499]

CRONSHAW, Charles Arthur, Sto PO, 297509 (Dev), Navy [30133]

CROOK, A E, Pte, RMLI, Ply/1002, MM [30188]

CROOK, Arthur Henry, Surg Lt, RNVR, MID [31516]

CROOK, George Henry Holland, Shipwt Lt, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

CROOK, John, PO Mech, F9708, MID [30687]

CROOKE, Henry Ralph, Capt, RN, CB [31398], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

CROOKS, James, Skpr, MN, DSM [29877]

CROOKS, Robert Crawford, Lt, RN, MID [30363]

CROOKSHANK, Godfrey Colfox Chichester, Lt, RN, Navy [29507]

CROPPER, Edward, L/Firemn, BT 692566, DSM [29255]

CRORKRAN (sic), John, Seamn, RNR, 8654A, DSM [30833]

CROSBIE, Albert, Sto 1c, PK10069, DSM [29292]

CROSBIE, John, Ch Off, MN, MID [31130]

CROSBIE, Walter, Sto 1c, K28791 (Ch), DSM [30363]

CROSBY, Albert E, AB, RAN, 2835, Fra [30408]

CROSLAND-TAYLOR, Winthrop James, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30188]

CROSS, Albert, Dkhnd, RNR, 728 D A, Fra [30756]

CROSS, C Duncan, Pay, RNR, Fra [30687]

CROSS, Cecil Woodrow, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31445]

CROSS, Charles, Cook, MN, MID [30285]

CROSS, Charles Arthur, L/Mech, F2066, MID [30662]

CROSS, Charles Henry Dennis, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31461]

CROSS, Charles Spencer, PO, 164892, MID [30564]

CROSS, Cyril Duncan, Asst Pay, RNR, MID [30316]

CROSS, Frank Herbert, PO Mech, F428, MID [30775], [31191]

CROSS, Frederick Coxwell, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30472], MID [31553]

CROSS, George, Sto 1c, K37963 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

CROSS, Herbert Stanley, AB, 211054 (Po), MID [30363], [30386]

CROSS, James, Lt, RNR, OBE [31604]

CROSS, John, Engmn, RNR, 767ES, MID [30616]

CROSS, John William, Skpr, RNR, 2094WSA, MID [31354]

CROSS, Martin William Wallace, Lt, RNVR, MID [30363], [30386]

CROSS, Richard, SBA, M15712 (Po), MSM [31303]

CROSS, Robert Cardwell, ERA 1c, RNVR (Mersey) 5/56, MSM [31421]

CROSS, Robert James, AB, J29779 (Dev), MID [31811]

CROSS, Thomas Henry, L/Mech, F976, MID [30066]

CROSS, W, Maj, RM, Army [31435]

CROSS, William Arthur Benson, ERA 4c, M2604 (Ch), MID [30807]

CROSS, William Henry, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [30833]

CROSS, William White, LS, 209830 (Dev), MID [30564]

CROSSING, Walter L, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Rus [30147]

CROSSING, Walter Leonard, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30687]

CROSSINGHAM, Fredk George, AB, J4573 (Po), DSM [30088]

CROSSLAND, Robert, Dkhnd, RNR, 29823D D, DSM [30147]

CROSSLEY, C V, Lt, RNR, DSC [29076], Navy [29076]

CROSSMAN, Edward S, Sto PO, 287047 (Ch), DSM [30298], Navy [30298], Army [30233]

CROUCH, Charles Henry Anson, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31432], Fra [31063], Army [30691]

CROUCH, John Robert, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30654]

CROUCH, Sidney Albert, AB, 236451 (Ch), MID [31811]

CROUCH, Walter George Collingwood, Gnr, RN, DSC [30635], Fra [29751]

CROUCHER, Edward William, Lt, RN, MBE [31553]

CROUCHER, Frank Robert, PO, 192036 (Po), MID [30900]

CROUCHER, William Samuel, Lt, RNR, DSC [31354], MID [30936]

CROW, Arthur T, Sto 1c, PK4345, DSM [29292]

CROWDY, Edith, Dep Dir, WRNS, CBE [31104]

CROWDY, F W, AB, RNVR, TZ/9667, MM [30540]

CROWE, Ernest Sydney, AB, 229335 (Ch), DSM [30687]

CROWEST, Walter Henry Newman, Tel, RNVR (London) Z 4758, MID [30936]

CROWLEY, Timothy, Ch Sto, 280375 (Dev), DSM [29752], MID [30909]

CROWTHER, Albert Arthur, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616]

CROWTHER, F, AB, RNVR, MZ/432, MM [31173]

CROWTHER, Francis William, Lt, RN, DSC [30088], [31248]

CROWTHER, Percy Lionel, CPO, 189561 (Ch), Bel [29886]

CROWTHER, William Reginald Denys, Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

CROXALL, William Henry, PO, 213307 (Po), MID [30654]

CROXFORD, Charles Wilfred, Mid, RNR, DSC [29264], Navy [29264]

CRUFT, Arthur H, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]

CRUICKSHANK, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/6928, MM [30540]

CRUIKSHANK, Robert Dick, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [29799]

CRUMNER, E R, LS, RNVR, ZL/1319, MM [29953]

CRUMPLIN, Frank, PO, 156286 (Ch), DSM [30564]

CRUMPLIN, William Ernest, Lt, RNR, MID [30909]

CRUMPTON, Jesse Henry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 3186SD, DSM [31483]

CRUSE, Arthur Edward, AB, RNVR, LZ/439, Rom [31736]

CRUST, Thomas Edward, PO, J2018 (Ch), DSM [30807]

CRUTCHLEY, Arthur Felton, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31286], MID [30088]

CRUTCHLEY, Victor Alexander Charles, Lt, RN, VC [30870], DSC [30807], Navy [30870], [31189]

CRUTTENDEN, Vallance, Ch Writer, 347357 (Ch), MID [30900]


CUBBIN, Robert William, ERA, RNR, 1653EA, MID [31638]

CUBISON, Arthur Jelfs (sic), Lt, RN, DSC [30900]

CUBITT, Albert G, Cdr, RNR, RD [29727]

CUBITT, Herbert Robert, Dkhnd, RN Trawler Reserve, 415DA, MID [29423]

CUBITT, Samuel Charles, AB, 217294 (Dev) RFR B5408, DSM [30133], Navy [30133]

CUCKNEY, Ernest John, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30066], [30437]

CUDBERTSON, Frederick Gale, Lt, RNR, DSC [31286]

CUDLIP, Edwin William, Eng Capt, RN, OBE [31398]

CUELL, Albert W, PO, 176439 (Po), Fra [30494]

CUFF, Arthur Harcombe, Air Mech (E) 1g, F3671, MID [30662]

CUFFLEY, Thomas Edmund, Capt, MN, MID [30900]

CULL, John Tulloch, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSO [29395], Navy [29395]

CULL, Malcolm Giffard Stebbing, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31553]

CULL, William, Ch Sto, 170056 (Po), DSM [31236]

CULLEN, Andrew, Dkhnd, RNR, 4841DA, DSM [30363]

CULLEN, Carl Knight, Surg, RNVR, MID [29751], Navy [29751]

CULLEN, Jean P, Nursing Sister, QARNNSR, RRC [30451]

CULLEN, John McColm, AB, RNVR, 1/30 (Mersey), MID [30147], Navy [31301]

CULLEN, William George, CPO, 189264 (Ch), MSM [31461]

CULLINAN, W F, Fleet Pay, RN, Navy [30133]

CULLINAN, William Frederick, Pay Cdr, RN, CMG [31379], Zan [31286]

CULLING, James, Skpr, RNR, 380WSA, DSC [30536]

CULLING, Thomas Grey, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30147]

CULLUM, Percy John Joseph, Gnr, RN, DSC [30066]

CULLUM, Stanley E, LS, 225791, Navy [29264]

CULME-SEYMOUR, Michael, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [29751], Fra [31553], Jpn [31811], Rus [30116], Navy [29751], Army [31139]

CULMER, Charles, LS, 193094 (Ch), DSM [30159]

CULMER, Jesse Matthew, AB, J3816 (Ch), MID [30807]

CULVERWELL, W George, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 242 (ex-Ch Motor Boatmn, MB 242), DSM [29680], MID [30807], Navy [29680]

CULVERWELL, William, CERA, 268992 (Ch), DSM [30061]

CUMBERLAND, John Mason, Pay Lt-Cdr, RNR, MBE [30730], OBE [31840]

CUMBERLEDGE, Claude Lionel, Cdr, RN, MID [29434]

CUMBERLEGE, Marcus Victor, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

CUMING, Robert, Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSO [30363], DSC [30363]

CUMING, Robert Stevenson Dalton, Capt, RNR (Adm ret), CMG [30111], CBE [31398]

CUMING, Thomas, Capt, RMA, DSC [29423], Army [29422], [31435]

CUMISKEY, Charles F, Pte, RMLI, Po/633 (S), Bel [30900]

CUMMING, Alexander, Ch Eng, MN, DSC [30616], MID [30258]

CUMMING, Alexander Putnam, Lt, RN, DSC [31286]

CUMMING, Ernest Edward, AB, 179623 (Dev), DSM [30900]

CUMMING, John Chevas, Lt, RNR, DSC [31425], MID [30227], [31248]

CUMMINGS, Albert Herbert, CPO Mech 2g, RNAS, F667, MID [29581], [30662]

CUMMINGS, Cecil Henry, Seamn, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

CUMMINGS, George William, LS, J15589 (Po), MID [31060]

CUMMINGS, Kathleen, Shorthand Typist, WRNS, BEM [31331]

CUMMINS, Albert, PO, 214655 (Dev), DSM [30363]

CUMMINS, Arthur Fortaleza, Lt, RNR, MID [30564]

CUMMINS, George Harold, ERA 3c, M546 (Po), DSM [30564]

CUMMINS, Henry Ashley Travers, Pay Capt, RN, OBE [30460], CBE [31099]

CUNDALL, Charles Ewer, Cdr, RN, MID [30581], Navy [29126]

CUNINGHAME, David Duncan, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29751]

CUNION, E, Sgt, RMLC, Deal/12430 (S), Army [31077]

CUNLIFFE, William James, CPO, 186200 (Dev), DSM [30564], MID [30088]

CUNNINGHAM, Alexander, CERA 1c, 269705 (Po) or (Dev), DSM [30564], MID [31236]

CUNNINGHAM, Andrew, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30900]

CUNNINGHAM, Andrew, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MBE [31176]

CUNNINGHAM, Andrew Browne, Capt, RN, DSO [29507], [31191], [31811], Bel [31130], MID [29264], Navy [29264], [29507], [31322]

CUNNINGHAM, Charlie Allen Chichester, Pay Lt, RNR, OBE [31499]

CUNNINGHAM, Frederick Hugh Lester, Surg, RN, MC [30023]

CUNNINGHAM, Godfrey Maxwell, Ship Cpl 1c, 230562, MID [29752]

CUNNINGHAM, Hugh, AB, RNVR (London) Z4300, DSM [30581], Army [30421]

CUNNINGHAM, Hugh, CERA 2c, M26300 (Po), MSM [31248]

CUNNINGHAM, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/1338, MM [31173]

CUNNINGHAM, James Alexander, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [31130]

CUNNINGHAM, John Edward Greig, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [29751]

CUNNINGHAM, Peter McMillan, Lt, RNR, MID [31499]

CUNNINGHAM, Robert Campbell, Warrt Writer, RN, MID [31483]

CUNNINGHAM, Thomas, PO, 195135 (Po), MID [30363]

CUNNINGHAM, Thomas Robinson, LS, J74831 (Dev), DSM [30900], MID [30363]

CUNNINGTON, George Herbert, Pte, RMLI, Po/14941, MID [31236]

CURMAN, Harry, Dkhnd, RNR, 1207DA, MSM [31303]

CURRAN, D, AB, RNVR, TZ/5590, MM [30540]

CURRAN, H, AB, RNVR, CZ/5821, MM [30389]

CURRAN, Joseph Andrew Patrick, Lt, RM, MC [31119]

CURREY, Bernard, Vice-Adm, RN, Fra [30029], Ita [30363]

CURREY, E H, Cdr, RN, Army [29919]

CURREY, Hugh Schomberg, Capt, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], MID [30635], Navy [29751]

CURREY, Muriel Innes, Asst Dir, WRNS, OBE [31331]

CURRIE, Elisha, L/Carp Crew, 344851, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

CURRY, Hugh Fortescue, Lt, RN, DSC [29374], Army [29536]

CURRY, R, Pte, RM, S/2336, MM [31173]

CURRY, W, PO, RNVR, TZ/881, DCM [31299], [31794]

CURTAIN, Wilfred J, Ch Gnr, RN, Rus [30316]

CURTEIS, Robert Woodward Sutton, Cdr, RNR, DSO [31748]

CURTIN, Henry, Sto PO, 277761 (Dev), MID [30909]

CURTIS, Arthur George, Lt, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29751]

CURTIS, Berwick, Capt, RN, CB [31099], CMG [31748], DSO [30088], [30316], Rus [30116], MID [31811], [29751 - twice], Navy [29654], [31856 - twice], [29751 - twice]

CURTIS, Charles, PO Mech, F3843, DSM [30662]

CURTIS, Frank Osborn, Dkhnd, RNR, 2664DA, MSM [31182]

CURTIS, Harry Clifford, Mechn, 302704, DSM [29886]

CURTIS, Henry Leslie, Air Mech 1g, F24994, DSM [30285]

CURTIS, Herbert Charles, L/Tel, 366437, DSM [29581]

CURTIS, John, Skpr, FR 70WFS, MID [30979]

CURTIS, Percy, LS, 218912, DSM [29752]

CURTIS, Sidney Mascall, Gnr, RMA, 9459, MID [30833]

CURTIS, W, Bomdr, RMA, 9090, MM [30507]

CURTIS, W E, Sapper, RM, Depot/S/335, Army [29664]

CURTIS, W M, Lt, RM, Army [30072]

CURTIS, Walter William, L/Sig, J144S3 (Ch), MID [31286]

CURTIS, Wilfrid Austin, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30437], [30581]

CURTIS, William, Sto 1c, K36836 (Ch), DSM [30936]

CURTOYS, Charles Ernest, Col, RMLI, CB [30451]

CURZON, Charles Ernest Bassett Lowthian, Lt, RNR, MID [31060]

CURZON-HOWE, Leicester Charles Assheton St John, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

CUSACK, James Meade Loughnan, Pay, RN, Rus [30116], MID [29751]

CUSACK, William James, Ch Sig Bosn, RN, MID [30687]

CUSDEN, Frederick, CPO Mech 3g, F5011 (Po), DSM [30194]

CUSICK, John Arthur Thomas, LS, J20042 (Ch), , MSM [31182], MID [30316], [30936]

CUST, Arthur John Purey, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30833]

CUST, Charles Leopold, Cdr, RN, GCVO [31099]

CUST, Herbert Edward Purey, Capt, RNR (Vice-Adm ret), CBE [31099]

CUSTANCE, Frederick Hume Musgrave, Cdr, RNR, DSO [30153]

CUTCHER, G E, Lt, RMLI, Army [30072]

CUTCLIFFE, Sydney Albert, CPO, 164855, DSM [29123]

CUTHBERT, Alexander T, CERA 1c, 345060 (Ch), Fra [31262]

CUTHBERTSON, Thomas Arthur, Ch Art Eng, RN, MID [30936]

CUTICLIFFE, Sydney A, CPO, 1648 55 (Dev), Fra [31262]

CUTLAN, John, Mechn, 277102, MID [29752]

CUTTER, James, Skpr, RNR, 833DA, DSC [30153]

CUTTING, George, Dkhnd, RNR, 2128DA, MID [30159], [30635]



D'AETH, Arthur Cloudesley Shovel Hughes, Capt, RN, CB [29751], Fra [29751], Navy [29654], [29751]

D'ARCY, Judge, Capt, RN, Ita [29667]

D'ARCY, Madeleine, Ch Sect Ldr (Clerk), WRNS, BEM [31331]


D'BOOKER, Charles, Flt Cdr, RNAS, Fra [30194]


D'EYE, Edward Corfrae Ruft, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30227], Army [29789]


D'OYLY, Warren Hastings, Capt, RN, MID [31553]

D'OYLY-HUGHES, Guy, Lt, RN, DSO [29320], [30900], DSC [29206]


DABORN, W A E, Pte, RMLI, Ch/15285, Army [29354]

DACRE, George Bentley, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSO [29374], Navy [29507]

DAFT, Thomas Edward, Dkhnd, RN Trawler Reserve, 239DA, MID [29423]

DAGLISH, William, Sto, RNR, 6073S, Srb [29966]

DAILEY, Frederick E, Ch Carp, RN, DSC [29088], Rus [30316], Navy [29088]

DAILEY, Robert Johnston, Lt, RN, MID [30088]

DAINTREE, John Dodson, Capt, RN, CBE [31099]

DAINTREE, Richard John Edward, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [31638]

DAINTY, J G, Lt-Cdr, RNR, Army [30691]; also DAINTY, John G, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30138]

DAISH, Charles Henry, PO, 182240 (Po), DSM [30061]

DAKIN, Joseph John, AB, 226908 (Dev), MID [30363]

DAKYNS, Winifred, Asst Dir, WRNS, CBE [31331]

DALBIAC, John Henry, Lt, RMA, DSO [29635]

DALE, Arthur James, Commd Shipwt, RN, MID [30687]

DALE, Frank Owen, Skpr, RNR, 117SA, MID [30635], [30909]

DALE, Lawrence W, Gnr, RMA, 13453, Bel [31604]

DALE, Thomas, ERA, RNR, EA1516, DSM [29255]

DALE, W, AB, RNVR, TZ/5402, MM [30540]

DALE, William Edward, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 9204DA, DSM [30616]

DALEY, Frederick John, Seamn, RNR, 2114A, DSM [30732]

DALEY, Owen, CPO, 162872, DSM [29581]

DALGETY, Robert William, Cdr, RN, DSO [30159], MID [29886]

DALGLEISH, James William Ogilvy, Sqdn Cdr, RN, MID [30316]

DALL, Robert White Oliver, LS, 217357 (RFR Ch/B7503), DSM [30147]

DALLAS, McKenzie, Eng Lt, RN, Ita [30386], MID [29751]

DALLAS, Roderic Stanley, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSO [30654], DSC [29736], [30147], Army [30421]

DALLEY, Robert, AB, J47240 (Ch), DSM [31638]

DALMAN, Percy, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 5001SD, DSM [30807]

DALTON, Frederick Alexander, AB, SS 2445 (RFR Ch/B9793), MID [31038]

DALTON, Frederick James Abercrombie, Fleet Surg, RN, CMG [30723], Fra [30870]

DALTON, Thomas John, Ch Yeo Sigs, 177318, DSM [29752]

DALY, Edmond, Bosn, RN, MID [30687]

DALY, Gerald Harding, L/Mech, F5120, DSM [30316]

DALY, Matthew J, Gnr, RMA, 8497, Bel [31604]

DALY, Rowan Heywood, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30227], MID [30194]

DAMANT, E L, Sapper, RND, 433, Army [29354]

DAMANT, Guybon Chesney Castell, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

DAMANT, Walter S, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Ita [30227]

DAMERALL, E W J, CPO, RN, Dev 176156, Army [29664]

DAMMERS, Charles Montagu, Cdr, RN, DSO [31604], Fra [31683]

DAMPIER, Cecil Frederick, Rear-Adm, RN, CMG [31099], Fra [30870], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

DAMPIER-CHILD, Thomas Henry Fielder, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30564]

DANCE, Francis Ivor, Seamn, MN, DSM [30363]

DANCE, William, Gnr, RMA, 903 (S), MID [30807]

DANCKWERTS, Victor Hilary, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31461]

DAND, Wm Beaty, CERA 2c, 270648, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

DANDRIDGE, Ernest B, AB, 239478 (Po), Fra [30494]

DANE, Arthur Maurice Yate, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30833]

DANE, Clement R, Cdr, RN, Ita [30227]

DANE, William, L/Sto, 302668 (Dev), Ita [30386], MID [29752]

DANGERFIELD, Bernard, Lt, RNVR, MC [29921]

DANIEL, Charles Harold, Lt, RNR, DSC [31248]

DANIEL, Charles Saumarez, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

DANIEL, Henry, Capt, MN, DSC [30833]

DANIEL, Henry Martin, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31811]

DANIEL, J L, PO Mech, RNAS, F1084, Army [29648]

DANIEL, Thomas Edward, Sub-Lt, RNR, Navy [29507]

DANIEL, Thomas Emrys, Asst Pay, RNR, MID [29751]

DANIELL, Albert Henry, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/11571, MSM [31553]

DANIELL, John Frederic, Maj-Gen, RMLI, CMG [29608], KCMG [31099]

DANIELLS, Alexander, Lt, RNR, DSC [29423], [30363]

DANIELLS, Thomas, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30909]

DANIELS, Arthur Manser, Air Mech 2g, F13488, MID [30662]

DANIELS, Eli, L/Sto, 294996 (Po), MID [30061]

DANIELS, Ernest Stuart, Lt, RNR, OBE [31236], Fra [31063], Grc [31748], Ita [30437]

DANIELS, Harry, PO 1c, RNVR, MSM [31553]

DANIELS, James, Dkhnd, RNR, 3147SD, DSM [30194]

DANIELS, Leonard William, LS, J7182 (Ch), DSM [30756]

DANNAN, Albert Edward, Ship Stwd, 341777, MID [29752]

DANNATT, Elsie Mary, Asst Princ, WRNS, MBE [31104]

DANNREUTHER, Hubert Edward, Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Fra [30363], Rus [30116], Navy [29751]

DANNREUTHER, Tristan, Cdr, RN, Fra [29751], MID [31553]

DANREUTHER, Hubert Edward, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29087]

DANSKIN, C, AB, RNVR, TZ6238, MM [30188]

DARBY, Edward, Air Mech 1g, F849, DSM [30285]

DARBY, Robert Frederick Popham, PO 1c, 216788 (Ch), DSM [30564], Ita [30581], MID [30227]

DARDELL, James, ERA 2c, 1354, MSM [31413]

DARE, Charles Holcombe, Adm, RN, CB [30111], KCMG [31360], Bel [30833]

DARGIE, Alexander, CPO, RNVR (Clyde) Z/410, DCM [30601], Fra [32074]

DARKE, Reginald Burnard, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30979], MID [30363], [30635]

DARLEY, Cecil Hill, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30227], [30635]

DARLEY, Frederick C, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [30408]

DARLEY, George Warren, 2nd Eng, MN, MID [30616]

DARLINGTON, Edwin Thomas, Ch Sto, 145512, MID [29581]

DARLOW, Henry, Staff Clerk, RMLI, Ch/13053, MSM [31553]

DARLOW, W J, Sgt, RND, Army [29664]; also DARLOW, William John, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/16391, MSM [31553]

DARNELL, Christopher, Engmn, RNR, 3292ES, MID [30616]

DARNELL, William Byerley, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1353DA, DSM [30635]

DARRAGH, Stewart, Ch Off, MN, DSC [30833]

DARROCH or DARROCK, John, L/Sto, K5718 (Ch), CGM [30756], Fra [31236]

DART, Frederick, PO, 214897 (Po), DSM [29886]

DART, Frederick John, CPO, 169028 (Po), MID [31638]

DART, Gertrude Olive, Ch Sect Ldr (Draughtswomn), WRNS, BEM [31331]

DARTON, Charles, CPO, 187656 (Ch), DSM [29680], Fra [30687], MID [29423], Navy [29680]

DARTON, Philip Trilfield, CERA 1c, 172862 (Po), DSM [30564]

DARVILL, Frederick Albert, LS, 236159 (Po), DSM [30635]

DARWALL, Robert Henry, Maj, RM, DSO [29886]

DARWALL, William Henry, Cdr, RN, DSO [30616]

DARWOOD, George, Dkhnd, RNR, 2772DA, DSM [30194]

DASH, Frederick W, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/12198, Fra [30437]

DASH, John, PO, 179647 (Dev), DSM [30564]

DAUGHLISH, E H, Lt, RIM, Army [29632]

DAUGLISH, Edward Heath, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31248]

DAVENPORT, Robert C, Cdr, RN, Fra [29997]

DAVEY, Albert, Sto PO, 312329 (Dev), DSM [30088], MID [30654]

DAVEY, Arthur William, PO, 208301 (Po), DSM [30363]

DAVEY, Charles Henry, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

DAVEY, Edward, Lt, RNR, DSC [29603]

DAVEY, George, Lt, RNR, MID [30909]

DAVEY, George A, ERA 4c, M13500 (ch ), Bel [31130]

DAVEY, John Henry, Shipwt Lt, RN, MBE [31876]

DAVEY, Richard W, Sto 1c, K11168 (Dev), Fra [30437]

DAVEY, Thomas Henry, PO, 215464, DSM [29024]

DAVEY, William, Bosn, RN, Rus [30316]

DAVEY, William John, PO 1c, 193429 (RFR Dev/B1473), DSM [31499]

DAVID, Frederick Augustus, ERA 2c, 272383 (Po), MID [31236]

DAVIDSON, A, AB, RNVR, CZ143, MM [30001]

DAVIDSON, A, PO, RNVR, R2079, MM [30606]

DAVIDSON, Albert Buchanan, CERA, MMR, MSM [31262]

DAVIDSON, Alexander, Dkhnd, RNR, 158DA, DSM [29886]

DAVIDSON, Alexander Percy, Capt, RN, DSO [29507], MID [30807], Navy [29507], [31189]

DAVIDSON, Charles, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1844DA, DSM [30909]

DAVIDSON, Charles, Cdr, RNR, MID [31553]; also DAVIDSON, Charles, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30369]

DAVIDSON, D, PO, RNVR, Clyde Z 827, Army [29664]

DAVIDSON, G S, Lt, RN, Army [29251]

DAVIDSON, George Lionel, Lt, RN, DSC [29024]

DAVIDSON, George S, Lt, RNVR, Navy [29214]

DAVIDSON, George Spence, Lt, RNVR, DSC [29180]

DAVIDSON, Hugh Valentine, Ch Eng, MN, MID [29877]

DAVIDSON, J, AB, OZ/1209 RNVR, Army [31077]

DAVIDSON, John William, Dkhnd, RNR, 9196DA, MID [30635]

DAVIDSON, Lewis William, AB, J/2336, DSM [29487]

DAVIDSON, Lionel Claude, Shipwt 1c, 346999 (Po), DSM [30687]

DAVIDSON, Ralph Wilkinson, Lt, RNR, MID [30153], [31286]

DAVIDSON, Thomas, Sto 1c, K14753 (Po), CGM [29264], Fra [30437]

DAVIDSON, W, Sgt, RM, Deal/1662 (S), MSM [31370]

DAVIDSON, W J J, Sgt, RMLI, Po/10712, MSM [31717]

DAVIDSON, William, Skpr, RNR, 1029WSA, Srb [29966]

DAVIDSON, William, Eng Lt, RNR, DSC [31811]

DAVIES, A J, Motor Mech, RN, Navy [31189]

DAVIES, Alfonso or Alphonso, Seamn, RNR, 1514C, MID [29997], [30363]

DAVIES, Alison Marie, Ch Sect Ldr (Clerk), WRNS, BEM [31331]

DAVIES, Andrew William, Cdr, RN, OBE [30460], OBE [31295]

DAVIES, Arthur, AB, RNVR, Z9180, MID [30732]

DAVIES, Bertram Harold, Lt, RNR, MID [30756]

DAVIES, Charles, Firemn, MN, MID [29530]

DAVIES, Charles Lewis, L/Sto, K19600 (Ch), MID [31748]

DAVIES, D, Bomdr, RNVR, WZ/989, MM [30540]

DAVIES, David, Capt, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

DAVIES, David Jenkin Dwyndreath or Gwyndraeth, Lt, RNR, DSC [31604], MID [31038]

DAVIES, David Robert Henry, Sig, RNVR (Wales) Z/2958, MID [31483]

DAVIES, David Titlebaum, PO Mech, F17941, DSM [30662]

DAVIES, David William, Lt, RNR, MID [31063]

DAVIES, Dayrell, Cdr, RN, Bel [30258]

DAVIES, E B, Wing Cdr, RNAS, Army [29664]

DAVIES, E C, PO, RNVR, ZT/8746, MM [30389], [30507]

DAVIES, Edward Vaughan, Lt, RNR, DSO [29997]

DAVIES, Ernest Dunbar, Lt, RNR, MID [31638]

DAVIES, Frances Elizabeth, Theatre Sister, Queen Mary's RN Hospital, MID [31130]

DAVIES, Frederick, Engmn, RNR, 3042ES, MSM [31248]

DAVIES, G, Pte, RMLI, Ply 66 [S], DCM [30188]

DAVIES, Gurth Henry, Gnr, RN, MID [30687]

DAVIES, Harry V, L/Sig, J 10876 (Dev), Ita [30386]

DAVIES, Henry Martineau, Air Mech 2g, F20254, Ita [30386], MID [30363], [30386], [30437]

DAVIES, Henry Thomas, Lt, RNR, MID [31604]

DAVIES, Hugh Owen, 2nd Off, MN, MID [29877]

DAVIES, Illtyd, Sto PO, 229843 (Dev), MID [30194]

DAVIES, J, Pte, RM, Deal/3477, MM [29953]

DAVIES, James, Sto 1c, 301312 (Ch), CGM [30066]

DAVIES, John, Firemn, MN, DSM [29877]

DAVIES, John Thomas, L/Sto, RNR, 8396S, DSM [30363], MID [29997]

DAVIES, John W, AB, J50425 (Dev), Fra [30494]

DAVIES, John Wilfred, Pay Sub-Lt, RNVR, MBE [31553]

DAVIES, Lertram Harold, Lt, RNR, OBE [31360]

DAVIES, R E L, Lt, RNVR, Army [29664]

DAVIES, Rees Thomas, PO, 195544 (Ch), MID [30909]

DAVIES, Richard Bell, Wing Cdr, RNAS, VC [29423], DSO [29123], Fra [29997], [30029], Rom [31236], Navy [29507], Army [29072]

DAVIES, Richard John, Pay Lt, RNVR, MID [31553]

DAVIES, Robert, Lt, RNR, MID [30159]

DAVIES, Robert Hugh, CPO, 163281 (Dev), DSM [30833]

DAVIES, Roland George, Lt, RNVR, MID [31638]

DAVIES, S, AB, RNVR, KW/15, MM [31173]

DAVIES, S C, LS, RNVR, Bristol Z531, MM [30188]

DAVIES, Samuel Eber, Gnr, RMA, 12733, MID [29446]

DAVIES, Thomas, Sto PO, 289400 (Po), MID [30061]

DAVIES, Thomas George, Sto PO, 309664 (Po), DSM [30363]

DAVIES, Thomas George Rees, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [31413]

DAVIES, W H, LS, RNVR, WZ/1809, MM [30023], [30585]

DAVIES, William, Sig, RNVR (Wales) Z3923, MID [31130]

DAVIES, William John, Shipwt 1c, 344865 (Ch), DSM [30909]

DAVIES, William John, Lt, RNR, DSC [30979]

DAVIES, William Karl, LS, 197S94 (Dev), DSM [30900]

DAVIS, Albert Oscar, LS, 189243 (Ch), CGM [30807], Fra [30870]

DAVIS, Alfred Joseph, CPO, 195828, DSM [31811]

DAVIS, Arthur, CPO Torp Cox, 161905, DSM [29123]

DAVIS, Arthur John, Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 2356, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

DAVIS, Athol Dalston, Asst Pay, RNR, DSC [30900]

DAVIS, Charles Henry, Sto PO, 174332 (Dev), DSM [30564]

DAVIS, Edmund, Lt, RNR, MID [30635]

DAVIS, Edward Henry Meggs, Adm, RN, OBE [31840]

DAVIS, Edward Peverall Meggs, Flt Lt, RNAS, AM [30435]

DAVIS, Eric Alfred, Lt, RN, Fra [30363], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

DAVIS, Frederick Charles, Sto 1c, K 11937 (Po), DSM [30363]

DAVIS, Frederick Thomas, L/Sig, J4828, DSM [29886]

DAVIS, George, Lt, RNR, DSC [30732]

DAVIS, H C, Lt, RNR, Navy [30133]

DAVIS, Harold Walter, 3rd Writer, M15965 (Dev), MID [31060]

DAVIS, Henry, AB, 184526, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

DAVIS, Henry, Ch Art Eng, RN, Rus [30316]

DAVIS, Henry Martineau, Air Mech 2c, F20254, DSM [30194]

DAVIS, Herbert Edward, Ch Writer, 342293 (Dev), MSM [31461]

DAVIS, Howard Canute, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

DAVIS, James, Gnr, RN, Bel [31130]

DAVIS, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 6018DA, DSM [30159]

DAVIS, John Cecil, Cdr, RN, OBE [31236]

DAVIS, Percy Thomas John, Ch Sto, 279947 (Ch), MSM [31248]

DAVIS, Reginald Unwin, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31452]

DAVIS, Robert James, Air Mech 1g, F14902, DSM [30662]

DAVIS, Stanley Henry, Lt, RNVR, MID [31811]

DAVIS, Thomas John, Ch Yeo Sigs, 147294 (RFR Dev A/3755), MID [29581]

DAVIS, Thomas John Gilbert, AB, J23509 (Po), MID [30732]

DAVIS, Thomas N, LS, J18334 [Dev], AM [30599]

DAVIS, Victor Claudius, ERA 3c, M7559 (Po), MID [31286]

DAVIS, W, Bty Sgt Maj, RMA, RM 9996, DCM [30111], [30172]

DAVIS, W H, Lt, RNR, Army [31435]

DAVIS, William George Charles, CPO Mech 3g, F4992, DSM [30662]

DAVIS, William T, Cdr, RNVR, Ita [31933]

DAVIS, William Thomas, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31398]

DAVISON, C, Pte, RMLC, Deal/9397 (S), Army [31077]

DAVISON, G, AB, RNVR, TZ/1224, MM [30540]

DAVISON, J G, AB, RNVR, TZ/2214, DCM [31299], [31794]

DAVISON, Norman Stanley, PO, RNVR (Tyneside) 1/110, MID [31683]

DAVISON, Richard Edward, L/Sto, RNR, S3675, DSM [29997]

DAVISON, Samuel, Capt, MN, DSC [30227]

DAVISON, Thomas, Lt, RNR, MID [30936]

DAVY, Bernard Walter, Mid, RNR, Navy [29507]

DAVY, Henry, PO, 194017 (Dev), Ita [30386]

DAW, Alfred, CPO, 169897 (RFR Ch B284), DSM [29997]

DAW, Joshua Howard, Aircraftmn 1g, RNAS, F12687, DSM [30227]

DAWBER, William, Bomdr, RMA, 10618, MID [30979]

DAWE, Frank, AB, 231502, Navy [29264]

DAWES, Edward John, Lt, RNR, DSC [30635]

DAWES, Hugh Campbell Frederick, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31432], DSO [31811]

DAWES, William Edward, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 12951DA, DSM [30616]

DAWKINS, Richard McG, Lt, RNVR, Grc [30654]

DAWKINS, William, Greaser, MN, MID [29799]; also DAWKINS, William, Greaser, MMR 553731, MSM [31483]

DAWSON, Albert Edward, Lt, RNVR, OBE [30460], OBE [31295]

DAWSON, Arthur Bertram Finch, Cdr, RN, MID [30909], [31553]

DAWSON, Edward William, PO Mech, F1748, DSM [30066]

DAWSON, Francis Evelyn Massy, Capt, RN, DSO [30159], Fra [30870]

DAWSON, George Edward, Sto 1c, K9582 (Ch), MID [30316]

DAWSON, Henry, Pay Capt, RN, CBE [31499]

DAWSON, Horace, PO Mech (E), F4755, MID [30066], [30581], [30654]

DAWSON, Sidney Charles, CERA, 269858 (Po), MID [30564]

DAWSON, Thomas, LS, J7900, MID [29423]

DAWSON, Thomas Albert, Ch Skpr, RNR, 37WSA, DSC [30616]

DAWSON, Thos Bryan, AB, 211606 (RFR Ch B10194), DSM [29211]

DAWSON, Walter, Sig, J8746, DSM [29264], MID [29581]

DAWSON, William Henry, Sig, RNVR (Tyneside) Z6464, MID [30936]

DAY, Alfred Edward, PO, 186229 (Ch), MSM [31286]

DAY, Bertram Samuel, Ch Off, MN, MID [30732]

DAY, C H, LS, RNVR, TZ/9039, DCM [30983], MM [30540]

DAY, Charles Frederick, AB, RNVR (Tyneside) Z10542, MID [31130]

DAY, Christopher Caleb, Pay Sub-Lt, RNVR, MID [31398]

DAY, Cyril George, PO, 216962 (Po), DSM [30900]

DAY, E E, AB, RNVR, R/1059, MM [31338]

DAY, Edward Weatherstone, Capt, MN, MID [30979]

DAY  Frederick Adolphus (alias PARSONS), PO, 134670 (Po), CGM [29752], Fra [30437]

DAY, George Charles, PO 1c, 178422 (RFR Ch/B5056), DSM [29886]

DAY, H A, Qmr, RM, Army [29890], [30421]

DAY, Harold, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30536]

DAY, Harry Melville Arbuthnot, Lt, RMLI, AM [31112]

DAY, Herbert Leonard, LS, 238965 (Po), DSM [29997]

DAY, John, Trmr, MMR 942162, MSM [31303]

DAY, John N, Lt, RNR, Fra [30408]; also DAY, John Noble, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153], MID [30258]

DAY, Miles Jeffrey Game, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30581]

DAY, Phillip John Langley, Dkhnd, RNR, 19902DA, DSM [31182]

DAY, Roderick Wilson, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31099]

DAY, S G, 3rd Writer, RN, M/18560, Army [31077]

DAY, Selwyn Mitchell, Cdr, RNR, DSO [30147], MID [30088], Navy [31301]

DAY, William Arthur, PO Tel, 236741 (Ch), MSM [31182]

DAY, William James, PO, 223407 (Po), DSM [30316], MID [29799]

DAY, William Walter, Yeo Sigs, 216047 (Po), DSM [30936]

DAYMON, William George, Yeo Sigs, 227899 (Dev), MID [30227], [30807]

DAYRELL-REED, Archibald, Lt, RNR, DSO [30870], Fra [30147], MID [30807 - twice], Navy [30870], [31189]

DAYSH, Charles George, Ship Stwd, 344289 (Po), MID [30635]


DE BARTOLOME, Charles Martin, Rear-Adm, RN, KCMG [31379], Jpn [30258, USA [31553]

DE BERRY, Hubert Arthur Phayre, Lt, RMLI, MID [30807], Navy [31189]

DE BOLTZ, F A O, AB, RNVR, R/608, MM [30507]

DE BURGH, Charles, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30363]

DE BURGH, Hubert Henry, Cdr, RN, DSO [30285], Fra [30494], MID [30147]

DE CAEN, Raymond George Francis Herault, Lt, RN, DSC [31286]

DE CARLE, Percival James Irwin, Cpl, RMLI, Po/13058, MSM [31553]

DE CHAIR, Dudley Rawson Stratford, Vice-Adm, RN, KCB [29423], Fra [29751], USA [31315]

DE CRESPIGNY, Claude Philip Champion, Cdr, RN, MID [30015],  [30807], Navy [31189]

DE CRESPIGNY, Frederick Philip Champion, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31303]

DE DENNE, Cecil Hugh, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31811]

DE FRANCIA, Jean, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30066]

DE GREY, Nigel, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [30730], [31295], MID [31303]

DE GRUCHY, Thomas John, Pay Lt, RNR, MID [31461]

DE HALPERT, Roger V, Lt-Cdr, RN, Srb [31130]

DE KANTZOW, Arthur Henry, Cdr, RN, DSO [30616]

DE L'HOPITAL, Winefride Mary, Dep Asst Dir, WRNS, OBE [31331]

DE LA MOTTE, C D F, Lt, RNVR, Army [29664]

DE LA P BERESFORD, G, PO Mech, F/1429, Army [29354]

DE MONTMORENCY, John Pratt, Capt, RN, CMG [30111], Fra [30494], Army [29072], [29623]

DE ROBECK, John Michael, Vice-Adm, RN, KCB [29423], GCMG [31099], Chn [31748], Fra [29703], Jpn [30258], Ita [30227], Rom [31236], MID [29507], Navy [29264], [30015], [31322], Army [29217], [29429], [29541], [29851]DE ROEPER, Henry Peter, App, MN, DSM [30536]

DE SALIS, Rodolph or  Rudolf Henry Fane, Lt, RN, DSC [29799], [30316], Navy [29680]

DE SALIS, William, Vice-Adm, RN, Prt [30732]

DE SALIS, William Jerome, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30316]

DE ST LEGER, R J M, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [29354]


DE WET, Eric Oloff, Mid, RN, DSC [29264], Navy [29264]

DE WET, Thomas Oloff, Cdr, RN, CBE [31432], Army [29890]

DE WOOLFSON, A H E or F, Eng, RIM, Army [30233], [30570], [31386]


DE'ATH, Robert Holmes, Lt, RN, Fra [29751], Rus [30116]


DEACON, John, PO, 188544 (Dev), Ita [30386], MID [29752]

DEACON, Joseph Herbert, CERA 1c, 268609 (Dev), DSM [30088]

DEACON, William Harry, PO, 237806, DSM [30536]

DEAKIN, Harold Barnett, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [29668]

DEAL, Francis George, CERA 1c, 269397 (Po), MSM [31236]

DEAN, Albert Ernest, Ch Shipwt, 342949 (Dev), MID [31060]

DEAN, C, Pte, RM, S3594, MM [30001]

DEAN, Charles Francis, ERA 2c, M2087 (Dev), MID [31191]

DEAN, Charles Thomas, Sig, J30568 (Dev), MSM [31748]

DEAN, Edward Clifford, Warrt Tel, RN, DSC [31811]

DEAN, Ernest Victor, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/12447, CGM [30133], Fra [30900], Navy [30133]

DEAN, George Leslie Harold, Lt, RNR, DSC [30732], MID [31811]

DEAN, John, Art Eng, RN, MID [30909]

DEAN, Monteith Cyril, Shipwt 4c, M34559 (Dev), MID [31748]

DEAN, Percy Thompson, Lt, RNVR, VC [30807], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

DEAN, Percy W, AB, 209195 (Ch), RFR B3950, Navy [30298], Army [30233]

DEAN-PITT, Stanley Talbot, Capt, RN, CB [30451]

DEANE, Frederick, Pte, RMLI, Po 7791 RFR 699, DSM [29374]

DEANE, Joseph Eugene, Surg Probr, RNVR, MID [30936]

DEANE, Samuel, PO Mech, F2883, MID [30687]

DEANS, Ernest Edward, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30581]

DEARMAN, William Arthur, Sig, RNVR, London Z/3314, MID [30159]

DEASY, David, CPO, 148739 (Dev), MID [31354]

DECKS, William Edward, Sto 1c, K15871, MID [29581]

DEDMAN, Alexander, AB, J7139 (Po), Srb [31354]

DEDMAN, Charles Harold, Yeo Sigs, 225658 (Po), DSM [30936], MID [30159]

DEDMAN, Harry James, PO, J2476, DSM [29581]

DEED, Arthur William, PO Mech, F2108, MID [30662]

DEENEY, Michael H, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]

DEFEW, William James, AB, 161892 (RFR Ch/B4022), DSM [30153]

DEFORTE, Edmund Arthur Albert, PO 1c, 183803, MID [29581]

DEGERDON, Sidney Richard, CPO, 178476 (Ch), MID [30687]

DEIGHTON, Herbert Ridley, 2nd Stwd, MN, MID [30936]

DEKANTZOW, Arthur H, Cdr, RN, Fra [30687]

DELACOMBE, Harry, Flt Cdr, RNAS, Fra [29516]

DELAMERE, Rudolph Dawson, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30536]

DELIUS, Daniel Edward or Edwin St Martin, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31425], MID [30732]

DEMELLWEEK, William, CPO, 171809, DSM [29752]

DEMIERRE, Hans Conrad Adolph, Lt, RNR, MID [31461]

DEMPSEY, Daniel, CPO, 154177 (Dev), MID [30227]

DEMPSEY, Martin, Skpr, RNR, 2197WSA, MID [31236]

DEMPSEY, Robert, PO, 190898, MID [29264]

DEMPSEY, William George, LS, 215864, DSM [29292]

DEMPSTER, Daniel, CERA, RNR, 1241EA, MID [30936]

DEMPSTER, John, Capt, MN, DSC [30687]

DEMUTH, Richard Harold, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31553]

DENBY, John, PO 1c, 166746 (RFR Ch/B4227), DSM [30635], Ita [30581], MID [30159]

DENHAM, Harold Knight, Surg Probr, RNVR, MID [30363]

DENHOLM, John Carmichael, Lt, RNVR, MID [31191]

DENISON, Conyngham Charles, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31286], MID [30909]

DENISON, Ernest W, Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

DENISON, John, Adm [Capt RNR], DSO [30111]

DENMARK, George William, CPO Mech, F14195, DSM [30662]

DENNE, Cecil Hugh de, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31421]

DENNESS, Alfred George, CPO, 158198 (Ch), DSM [30564]

DENNEY, H A, 3rd Writer, RN, M/12854, Army [30691]

DENNING, Charles Gordon, Mid, RNR, MID [29751]

DENNING, William George, AB, J30300 (Po), DSM [31604]

DENNIS, Annie Sophia, Clerk, WRNS, BEM [31331]

DENNIS, Arthur William, Skpr, 2670SA, MID [30616]

DENNIS, James, Gnr, RN, Rus [30316]

DENNIS, John Jeffreys, Surg-Gen, RN, CB [29608], Bel [31236]

DENNIS, Matthew Groves, AB, 213299 (Po), DSM [30564]

DENNIS, Percy William, Ch Sto, 285011, DSM [29752]

DENNIS, Thomas Frank, CERA, RNR, 1379EA, MID [30616]

DENNIS, William, Pte, RMLI, Ply/9590, DSM [30133], Navy [30133]

DENNIS, William F, PO, 190208 (Ch), Ita [30581]

DENNISS, Percy Edmund, Yeo Sigs, 235858 (Po), DSM [30564]

DENNISTON, Alexander Guthrie, Cdr, RNVR, OBE [30460], OBE [31295]

DENNISTOUN, George Hamilton, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29487], Army [29692], [30305]

DENNY, Charles, Ch Sto, 284341 (Dev), MID [30088]

DENNY, Herbert Maynard, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30909]

DENNY, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 3855DA, MID [30909], [31286]

DENOON, Nicholas, Engmn, RNR, 106ES, DSM [30147]

DENSHAM, William Charles, PO, 203167 (Dev), MSM [31360]

DENT, Douglas Lionel, Capt, RN, CB [31099], CMG [29423], Ita [30147], Navy [29264], [29507], [30015], Army [29541], [29664]

DENT, James Moat, CERA 2c, 270028 (Po), MID [30088]

DENTON, Herbert, Gnr, RN, Fra [30494]

DENTON, James Arthur, Engmn, RNR, ES2701, DSM [29668]

DENTON, William M, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]

DENVER, David George, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Po/12125, DSM [29736]

DENVER, H, AB, RNVR Tyne Z2944, Army [29890]

DENYER, Arthur, AB, J19380, DSM [29668]

DENYER, Robert, PO, KX467, DSM [29292]

DERHAM, Christopher, Sto PO, 299316, DSM [29581]

DERMOT, Lawrence, LS, J5261 (Dev), MID [31425]

DERRICK, Arthur, PO, 221140 (Dev), DSM [30363]

DESPARD, Maximilian Garden, Lt, RN, DSC [30061]

DESSAUSSOIS, Edmond, CPO, RNAS, F1663, DSM [30654], MID [29581]

DETTMAR, Charles Leonard, Lt, RNR, MID [29751], DSC [30564]

DEUCHAR, Charles William, Air Mech (C) 1g, F8808, MID [30662]

DEUCHER, Grahame Gordon Alexander, Lt, RNR, DSC [31286], MID [30153]

DEVECHA, Rutton, Clerk, RIM, Army [30570]

DEVENPORT, Harold, 1st Writer, M2077 (Ch), MSM [31182], MID [30316], [30936]

DEVERILL, Arthur, CERA 2c, 270768 (Po), MID [31236]

DEVES, Charles Henry, CPO, 142175 (RFR Dev/A3335), MSM [31248]

DEVLIN, John Roland Secretan, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30147]

DEVLIN, William, Lt, RNR, MID [30900]

DEVONALD, William Arnold, Sto, RNR, 50435, DSM [30536]

DEVONPORT, John Hall, CERA, RNR, 1074EA, MID [30687]

DEWAR, Alfred Charles, Cdr, RN, OBE [31499]

DEWAR, Christina McL, Nursing Sister, QARNNSR, RRC [30451]

DEWAR, John, LS, RNVR, Clyde Z/232, CGM [29603], Army [29664]

DEWAR, John Guthrie, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [30687]

DEWAR, Kenneth Gilbert Balmain, Capt, RN, CBE [31604]

DEWAR, William James, LS, J5851 (Dev), MID [31425]

DEWELL, William Henry, PO Tel, J1273 (Ch), DSM [30316]

DEWHURST, F W, Lt, RM, Army [29664]

DEWHURST, R, Pte, RMLI, Po/1194(S), MSM [31370]

DEWSBURY, Percy William, CERA, RNR, 1089EA, Rom [31236], MID [30363]

DEX, Charles Valentine, LS, 232966 (RFR Po/B6914), MSM [31445]

DEXTER, Edward, Carp Crew, M4280, MID [29752]

DIAMOND, Robert, LS, 235751, MID [29886]

DIBB, C F, AB, RNVR, KZ291, MM [30585]

DIBBEN, Arthur Douglas Harry, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], MID [30756], [31060]

DIBBLEE, Frederick L, Maj, RMA, Rus [30116]

DICK, J, Sgt, RMLC, Deal/9401 (S), Army [31435]

DICK, James Douglas, Capt, RN, Jpn [30258], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

DICK, John Matthew, Mid, RNVR, Rom [31236], MID [31060]

DICK, Royer Mylius, Lt, RN, DSC [31063]

DICKASON, Harry, PO, 209527 (Ch), DSM [29374], [31638]

DICKEN, Edward Bernard Cornish, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSC [30194], Grc [30654], Ita [29698]

DICKENS, Charles Philip, Capt, MN, DSC [30900]

DICKENS, George Frederick, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [29123]

DICKENS, Gerald Charles, Capt, RN, CMG [31262], Fra [30756], Ita [30227], [31933], Navy [29507]

DICKER, Arthur Donald, Sig, J536 65 (Ch), DSM [30909]

DICKER, Ernest William, AB, RNVR, Sussex Z/272, DSM [29752]

DICKEY, Frederick Lea, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30408]

DICKEY, James, Ch Sto, 312018 (Ch), Ita [30386], MID [31060]

DICKEY, Richard or Robert Frederick Lea, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30194], [30227], MID [30227], [30437]

DICKINSON, Arthur, Lt, RNR, Fra [31063]

DICKINSON, Cecil Courtenay, Lt, RN, DSO [30807], MID [31638], Navy [31189], [31906]

DICKINSON, F, AB, RNVR, KX/276, MM [30797]

DICKINSON, Francis Joseph Frederick, ERA 1c, RNR, 1786EA, MSM [31425]

DICKINSON, Reginald, Sto PO, K3047 (Dev), DSM [30386]

DICKINSON, Richard Sebastian Willoughby, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSO [29635]

DICKINSON, Thomas Henry, Yeo Sigs, 230814 (Ch), DSM [30687]

DICKINSON, Lt, RN, Navy [31189]

DICKISON, William, CPO 1c, 272318 (Ch), DSM [30581]

DICKS, Henry Leage, Cdr, RN, CBE [31421]

DICKSON, Charles B, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

DICKSON, Euan, Lt, RAF (ex-Flt Lt, RNAS), DSC [30437], [30654], DFC [30913]

DICKSON, J, AB, RNVR, KX371, MM [30001]

DICKSON, Robert, Dkhnd, RNR, 1758DA, DSM [30159]

DICKSON, Thomas Corson, ERA 2c, 272274 (Po), DSM [30936]

DICKSON, William Forster, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30316]

DIGBY, E A, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29126]

DIGBY, Frank Thomas, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSO [30654], DSC [30066]

DIGBY-BESTE, Henry Aloysius Bruno, Lt-Cdr, RIM, OBE [31114]

DIGGLE, E, Pte, RMLI, Po/770 (S), MSM [31370]

DIGGLE, Neston William, Cdr, RN, CMG [31360], Bel [31130], Fra [30494], [30833], Navy [29264]

DIKE, Frederick Clements, Gnr, RN, MID [30147]

DILLEY, Francis, CPO, 164427 (Ch), MID [31038]

DILLNER, Helmar August, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616], Ita [30581], MID [30153]

DILLON, J, Lce-Cpl, RMMU, Deal/3971, MM [30797]

DILLON, Stafford Harry, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30909], Ita [30386], MID [30159]


DIMMER, John Francis, Lt-Col, RMLI, OBE [30730], OBE [31295]

DIMMICK, Philip Hiram, PO Mech, F1207, MID [30066]

DIMMOCK, Ernest, AB, 204549, DSM [29024], Navy [29126]

DIMON, Thomas Alfred, CPO Mech, 170694 (Dev), MID [30662]

DIN, Umir, Workshop Foremn, RIM, 9901, Army [30867]

DINEEN, John, AB, J21305 (Dev), MID [30363]

DINEEN, Timothy, PO, 194221 (Po), DSM [30316], MID [29947]

DINGLI, Adrian, Capt, RMA, OBE [31421]

DINNING, John, OS, J44968 (Dev), MSM [31236]

DISTIN, Alfred, Shipwt 2c, M6749 (Ch), Rom [31236], MID [30756]

DITCHBURN, A, Pte, RMMU, Deal/4067, MM [30797]

DITCHBURN, A, LS, RNVR, TZ/1085, MM [31338]

DIVER, James Michael, Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, MBE [31099]

DIVER, William George, Capt, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

DIWELL, John, Sto PO, 279173 (Ch), MID [30909]

DIX, Charles Gabry, Cdr, RN, CMG [31176], DSO [29507], Navy [29264], [29507]

DIX, Henry Philip, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31370], Fra [30979], Ita [31130]

DIX, John, Sgt, RMLI, Po/4227 (Po/A0627), DSM [30616]

DIXEY, Amos George, CPO, 157189 (Ch), DSM [30564], Fra [30437], MID [29752]

DIXON, A, PO, RNVR, TZ/2077, MM [30001], [30585], [31338]

DIXON, Alan, Cdr, RN, OBE [31425], MID [31286]

DIXON, Alec E, Lt, RNVR, MID [30807]

DIXON, Charles Douglas Horsfall Herbert, Mid, RN, DSC [29507], Navy [29264], [29507]

DIXON, Charles Ernest, Engmn, RNR, 2880ES, DSM [31354]

DIXON, E, AB, RNVR, KW35, MM [30001]

DIXON, Edward Arthur, Skpr, RNR, 94WSA, MID [30909]

DIXON, Elias Stephenson, Ch Eng, RNR, DSO [29255]

DIXON, F, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/10972, MM [31173]

DIXON, Harry, PO Mech (E), F4542, DSM [30227]

DIXON, Herbert Edwin, Ch Eng, MN, MID [29877]

DIXON, Hugh, Mid, RN, DSC [29264]

DIXON, John Francis, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30316], MID [30662]

DIXON, Joseph, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [29552]

DIXON, Kennett, Cdr, RN, CBE [31398]

DIXON, Robert Bland, Eng Capt, RN, CB [30451]

DIXON, T G, Pte, Po/9999 A/0642 RM, Army [31435]

DIXON, Walter, CPO, 147040 (Po) (RFR Po/A4134), MSM [31248], MID [30909]

DIXON, Walter Ernest, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

DIXON, William, Lt-Col, RMA, CMG [31379]

DIXON, William Henry, Engmn, RNR, 4034ES, MID [31248]

DIXON, William John, PO 1c, 182471 (Ch), DSM [30909]


DOBBIE, George McDonald, Capt, MN, DSC [30227]

DOBBIE, William Alexander, CERA 1c, 269503, MID [29752]

DOBBINS, Edward, Qmr, MN, DSM [29877]

DOBIEAR, Alfred, CPO, 130854 (RFR Dev/A2574), MSM [31445]

DOBLE, Sidney, L/Sto, K 3948 (Dev), DSM [30363], MID [29886]

DOBREE, Arthur H, 2nd Off, MN, MID [29603]

DOBSON, Claude Congreve, Cdr, RN, VC [31638], DSO [29292], Navy [31856]

DOBSON, Edward L, Lt, RNR, DSC [30159]

DOBSON, F H, Pte, RMLI, Po/18086, MM [30507]

DOBSON, George Thomas, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30616]

DOBSON, Herbert, AB, 223645, DSM [29374]

DOBSON, Herbert, ERA 1c, 270863 (Ch), DSM [30088]

DOBSON, John Greenlaw, Surg Lt, RN, DSO [31063]

DOCHERTY, Ina, Matron, Nursing Services, RRC [31099]

DOCKETT, Frederick, Pte, RMLI, Ply/9775 (RFR Ply/B778), MID [30408]

DODD, Charles, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Po/12156, MSM [31553]

DODD, Frederick, Seamn, RNR, 5955A, DSM [30363], MID [29997]

DODDINGTON, George William, Skpr, RNR, 1925WSA, MID [30616]

DODDS, G T, LS, RNVR, TZ/192, MM [30540]

DODDS, George, Sig, RNVR, Tyneside 5/213, DSM [30159]

DODDS, George Henry, Engmn, RNR, 1012ES, DSM [29997], Ita [30581]

DODDS, James W, Ch Carp, RN, Rus [30316]

DODDS, Reginald John Eustace, Lt, RNR, MID [30635]

DODDS, William Dimsdale, 2nd Mate, MN, MID [30616]

DODGE, Evan, AB, J18997 (Dev), DSM [31060]

DODGE, John Bigelow, Lt, RNVR, DSC [29358], Army [29354]

DODGE, Stephen Joseph, L/Sto, 312316 (Ch), Rom [31236], MID [30900]

DODGSON, William Lambarde, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29507]

DODINGTON, Alec Edward, Mid, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29751]

DODMAN, Alfred George, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

DODWELL, C J, AB, RNVR, R/3814, MM [31173]

DOE, George Henry, AB, RNVR, KP/61, CGM [29180], Navy [29214], Army [29251]

DOE, George Henry, Sto 1c, K7694 (Po), MID [30061]

DOHERTY, Constantine, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]

DOHERTY, John, Sto PO, 310757 (Dev), DSM [30363]

DOHERTY, P, Pte, RM, Depot/S/1744, Army [29664]

DOIDGE (sic), Charles Henry, CERA, 270596 (Dev), DSM [30363]

DOIG, A, PO, RNVR, CZ/4812, Army [31435]

DOIG, Douglas Harold, Pay Mid, RN, MID [31060]

DOLBEAR, Samuel William Edgar, Boy Tel, J44705 (Dev), MID [30564]

DOLBY, Samuel, ERA 2c, M1329 (Po), MID [30635]

DOLLIMORE, Percy Stanley, 1st Writer, 347365 (Ch), MID [30316]

DOLLIN, Edward, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 15453DA, DSM [30616]

DOLPHIN, Edgar Hippisley, Lt, RN, DSO [30536]

DOLPHIN, Edward, Sto 1c, SS 102049 (RFR Po/B3976), MID [29752]

DOMINEY, Arthur Jabez, PO, 219603, DSM [29581]

DOMINEY, Reginald John, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB1182, MID [30909]

DOMINY, Reginald Hugh, Lt-Cdr, RNR, CBE [31840]

DOMVILE, Archibald C W, Cdr, RN, Fra [30870], Rus [30116]

DOMVILE, Barry Edward, Capt, RN, CMG [30111]

DONALD, Alexander M, Dkhnd, RNR, 2198 DA, Fra [30870]

DONALD, Alexander Murray, Dkhnd, RNR, 2198DA, DSM [30227]

DONALD, John, Engmn, RNR, 1320ES, DSM [30635]

DONALD, John Wilson, Sto 1c, K3631, MID [29581]

DONALD, Thomas, Shipwt 1c, 156145 (Dev), MSM [31421]

DONALDSON, Charles, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 1261DA, DSM [30936]

DONALDSON, David, Sto PO, RNR, 1453U, MSM [31303]

DONALDSON, E, Lt, RNR, Army [30740], [31385]; also DONALDSON, Ernest, Lt, RNR, OBE [31262], Navy [29507]

DONALDSON, H, Lt, RNVR, Army [30691]; also DONALDSON, Herbert, Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSO [30555]

DONALDSON, James Johnston, Skpr, RNR, 814SA, DSC [30909]

DONALDSON, John, Dkhnd, RNR (Trawler Sec) 6544DA, DSM [29423]

DONALDSON, John, Skpr, RNR, 489SA, MID [31286]

DONALDSON, Leonard Andrew Boyd, Capt, RN, CMG [30723]

DONALDSON, Richard, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30450]

DONKIN, William, Ch Off, MN, MID [30833]

DONLY, W H, PO, RNVR, L/Z/209, MM [30023]

DONNE, Lancelot Vivian, Lt, RN, DSC [30386], [31303]

DONNELL, Daniel, PO, 129448 (Ch), DSM [30564]

DONNISON, Alexander, Dkhnd, RNR, 507DA, MID [30159]

DONOHUE, William J, Lt-Cdr, RNR, Srb [31876]; also DONOHUE, William James, Lt, RNR, OBE [31553]

DONOVAN, Alexander Maitland, Lt, RN, DSC [31286], MID [30909]

DONOVAN, Daniel Joseph, LS, 204180 (Dev), DSM [29886], [29997]

DONOVAN, F E, Pte, RMLI, Ch/18866, Army [30421]

DONOVAN, Michael, LS, 159865 (Dev), MID [30159]

DONOVAN, Philip John, PO, 198514 (Ch), MID [31060]

DONOVAN, William, Capt, MN, MID [31130]

DONOVON, Edwin Cornelius, Ch Writer, 342175 (Dev), MSM [31553]

DOOLEY, John, Lt, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

DORAN, William J, CPO, 165494 (Ch), Ita [30386]

DORLING, Henry Taprell, Cdr, RN, DSO [30909], MID [30147]

DORMAN, Thomas Stephen Lewis, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29736]

DORMER, Charles Joseph Thaddeus, Capt, RN, CBE [30460], CBE [31295]

DORMER, George W, Sto 1c, K40036 (Po), Srb [31354]

DORMER, Henry John, PO 1c, 175150 (Dev), MID [29886]

DORNEY, Thomas, Sto PO, 302375 (Dev), MID [30227]

DORRETT, Ross, Sto 1c, K37650 (Ch), MID [31499]

DORRIAN, Daniel, LS, 231828 (Dev), DSM [30147]

DOSSETT, Albert Edward, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [29898]

DOUBLE, George Henry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 15619DA, DSM [31604]

DOUBLEDAY, George Hambrook Dean, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30258], MID [30536]

DOUGAL, William Maltman, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1762SA, DSM [30635]

DOUGHERTY, Alma, PO, RNR, 2196D, DSM [30194], Fra [30437], [30756]

DOUGHERTY, E B C, 2nd Lt, RM, Army [29455]

DOUGHERTY, Robert, Dkhnd, RNR, 3201SD, DSM [30147]

DOUGHTY, Fred, PO 1c, 212419 (Po), MID [31248]

DOUGHTY, Frederick George, Art Eng, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

DOUGHTY, Henry Montagu, Capt, RN, CB [30723], CMG [31461], Fra [29751], MID [29751], Navy [29507], [29751]

DOUGLAS, Alexander, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 3259 SD, Srb [31413]

DOUGLAS, Anthony, ERA 1c, 270773, DSM [29024]

DOUGLAS, Cosmo A O, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

DOUGLAS, Henry Percy, Capt, RN, CMG [30807], Bel [31130], Ita [30386], Navy [29507], [31189]

DOUGLAS, Howard, Ch Art Eng, RN, Rus [30316]

DOUGLAS, James, Pay Lt-Cdr, RNVR (SA), OBE [31638]

DOUGLAS, John, 3rd Off, MN, DSM [30437]

DOUGLAS, John Alfred, Lt, RNVR, MID [30756]

DOUGLAS, John Rorrison, CPO Mech 3g, F2154, DSM [30662]

DOUGLAS, Kenneth Westbrook, ERA 4c, M797 (Po), DSM [30437]

DOUGLAS, Lionel D, Lt, RNR, RD [30579]

DOUGLAS, Norman Sholto, Flt Cdr, RNAS, MID [30363], [30386]

DOUGLAS, Philip W, Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

DOUGLAS, Robert, Yeo Sigs, 203927 (Ch), DSM [30909]

DOUGLAS, Robert Alexander, AB, RNVR (London), 5/3396, MID [31604]

DOUGLAS, Ronald John Walton Sholto, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31553]

DOUGLAS, Sholto Grant, Cdr, RN, CBE [31432]

DOUGLAS, William J, Maj, RM, Fra [31360]

DOUGLAS, William Ramsay Binny, Cdr, RIM, CIE [29886]

DOUGLAS WILSON, Hugh Wilson, 1st Off, MN, MID [30979]

DOUGLAS-PENNANT, Cyril Eustace, Lt, RN, DSC [30564]

DOUGLASS, A J, AB, RNVR, KX/416, MM [31338]

DOULL, Benjamin, Sgt, RMLC Deal/9820 (S), DSM [31130]

DOUSE, Arthur, Capt, MN, MID [30437]

DOUST, William, Ch Shipwt 2c, 342781 (Ch), MID [31604]

DOVE, Agnes Evelyn, Motor Dvr, WRNS, BEM [31331]

DOVE, Doris, Ch Sect Ldr (Shorthand Typist), WRNS, BEM [31331]

DOVE, John Scott, Lt, RN, OBE [31461]

DOVE, Stafford Dudley, Ch Writer, RNVR (London) Z1514, MSM [31683]

DOW, Benjamin Marsden, 3rd Off, MN, MID [30936]

DOW, David, Seamn, RNR, 8593A, DSM [30363]

DOW, John Middleton, Engmn, RNR, 1063ES, MID [30616]

DOW, William James, Skpr, RNR, 1257WSA, DSC [29668], Srb [29966]

DOWDESWELL, Archibald J, Asst Pay, RN, Egy [30227]

DOWDING, A H W, Pte, Po/1063 (S) RMLI, Army [30421]

DOWDING, William Keith Dene or Dene Keith, Lt, RN, DSC [30159], MID [31604]

DOWDLING, A H W, Pte, RMLI, Po/1063(S), MSM [31370]

DOWELL, William, CPO, P/146095, DSM [29292]

DOWIE, James, Engmn, RNR, 2113TS, DSM [30258]

DOWIE, John Munro, Eng, RNR, DSC [29374]

DOWIE, Thomas, PO, 234088, DSM [29635]

DOWLING, Charles, Ch Yeo Sigs, 193479, Fra [30900]

DOWLING, Horace Edward, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

DOWN, Charles Edward, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31114], KBE [31840]

DOWN, Charles Frederick, Arm, M7351 (Dev), DSM [30088]

DOWN, George, AB, 231785 (Ch), MID [31060]

DOWN, Richard Thornton, Cdr, RN, DSO [31286], Rus [30116], USA [31553], MID [31683]

DOWN, Thomas, L/Sig, 143451 (RFR Dev/B229), DSM [29668]

DOWNE, W A, LS, RNVR, TZ/1828, MM [31173]

DOWNER, Walter Edward, Capt, RMA, MID [31553]

DOWNEY, J H, Gnr, RIM, Army [31195]

DOWNEY, S, Pte, RMLI, Ch/328(S), Army [29664]

DOWNIE, Basil Nugent, Lt, RN, DSC [30654], MID [31182]

DOWNIE, J, Pte, RMMU, S/3750, MM [31469]

DOWNIE, J, Pte, Ply/11976 RMLI, Army [30072]

DOWNIE, John, Ch Eng, MN, MID [31413]

DOWNIE, R O, AB, RNVR, TZ/6581, DCM [30716], [30961]

DOWNING, Albert, SB Stwd, 350966 (Dev), MID [31499]

DOWNING, Benjamin, Dkhnd, RNR, 10299DA, MID [30227]

DOWNING, George, Ch Sto, 278879 (Dev), Ita [30386]

DOWNING, Harry, Seamn, MN, DSM [30363]

DOWNING, Herbert, PO Tel, J307 (Ch), DSM [30900]

DOWNING, Max Breeze, Lt, RNVR, MID [30807]

DOWNING, William, LS, 207726, DSM [29255]

DOWNS, Ernest Benjamin, Capt, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

DOWNS, Frederick Ernest, Air Mech 1g, F6091, MID [30316]

DOWNS, Percival George, LS, 178894 (RFR Ch/B5187), MID [30159]

DOWS, John William, Trmr, RNR, 1733TS, MID [31060]

DOWSE, Benjamin, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

DOWSE, Frederic, Lt, RNR, MID [30316], [31248]

DOWSETT, Augustus George, Sig, RNVR, 2/79 (London), MID [30088]

DOWSON, F E, Pte, RMLI, Ch/S/448, Army [29455]

DOWSON, Harold, Engmn, RNR, 4131TS, MSM [31604]

DOXEY, Frank, CPO, 171027 (Ch), MSM [31236]

DOY, Frederick Charles, Seamn, MN, MID [30437]

DOYLE, Alfred Herbert, PO Mech, F4214, MID [30066]

DOYLE, Laurence, PO Mech, 15210 (Dev), MID [30662]

DOYLE, Nicholas Percy, Lt, RNR, MID [30536]


DRAIN, Percival Ernest, AB, J22512 (Dev), MID [31638]

DRAISEY, John William James, Gnr, RN, MBE [31499]

DRAKE, Alan Oakley, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31604]

DRAKE, Bertram Gregory, Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [30088], [31262]

DRAKE, Edward Barfort, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30363]

DRAKE, Henry Dowrish, Col, RMA, CBE [30730], CBE [31295]

DRAKE, James Woodard, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31553]

DRAKE, John, Gnr, RMA, 1561(S), Bel [31604]

DRAKE, Joseph Robert, Eng Lt, RN, MID [30909]

DRAKE, William, Sto 1c, K11071, DSM [29374]

DRAKE-BROOKMAN, Charles Edward Fitzroy, Maj, RMLI, MID [31553]

DRAPER, Christopher, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30654]

DRAPER, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 478DA, DSM [30159]

DRAPER, Malcolm Gordon, Lt, RNR, Rus [29373]

DRAPER, Philip Nelson, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31483], Egy [30261], Army [30289]

DRAY, Oliver Charles Frederick, App, MN, MID [30616]

DRAYCOTT, John William, AB, J4926, DSM [29581]

DRAYTON, Fred, Engmn, RNR, 1310ES, MID [29886]

DRAYTON, William James, L/Tel, 238934 (Ch), DSM [30194]

DREDGE, Francis John, AB, J33540 (Dev), MID [31748]

DRENNAN, Henry Dennis, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31099]

DREW, George Montford, Lt, RNR, MID [31354]

DREW, Harold, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [30066]

DREW, Horace Archer, ERA 4c, M12158 (Ch), MID [30194]

DREW, Reginald James Blakeney, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29436], [30654], Navy [29436]

DREW, Richard William, Eng, MN, MID [30909]

DREW, Thomas Bernard, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31461]

DREWRY, George Leslie, Mid, RNR, VC [29264], Navy [29264]

DREYER, Frederic Charles, Capt, RN, CB [29751], CBE [31099], Fra [31063], Jpn [31811], Rus [30316], USA [31553], Navy [29654], [29751]

DRIFFILL, F C, AB, RNVR, TZ/2343, MM [31173]

DRING, Frederick, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30833]

DRINKALL, John, Qmr, MN, DSM [29736]

DRISCOLL, Denis, PO, 182860 (Dev), DSM [31063]

DRISCOLL, Ernest Gordon, Pay Lt, RNR, DSC [31182]

DRISCOLL, James, Seamn, RNR, 9300A, MID [30979]

DRISCOLL, Michael, MAA, 180334 (Dev), MSM [31303]

DRISCOLL, Patrick, AB, 187409, MID [29752]

DRISCOLL, Patrick, CPO, 175622 (Dev), MSM [31182]; also DRISCOLL, Patrick, CPO, RN, Silver Medal for Gallantry in Saving Life at Sea [31239]

DRISCOLL, Robert, Eng Lt, RN, OBE [31354]

DRISCOLL, Timothy, PO Tel, 187416, MID [29581]

DRISCOLL, Walter John, Gnr, RN, DSC [31421]

DRISCOLL, William Edward, Sgt, RMA, 9689, MSM [31553]

DRIVER, Norman Matthew, L/Tel, RNVR (Clyde) Z174, DSM [30616]

DRIVER, Samuel, Capt, MN, DSC [31130]

DRIVER, William, Sto 1c, 292094 (Ch), Bel [29886]

DRIVER, William, Sto PO, 295045 (Po), DSM [29886]

DRIVER, William James, PO, 192178 (Dev), DSM [30363]

DROWN, Frederick, Sto PO, 227844 (Dev), MID [30194]

DRUCE, John Stevens, Gnr, RMA, 5169 (RFR/B294), DSM [29581]

DRUDER, Sam, Bosn, Nigerian Marine, DSM [29736]

DRUMMOND, Geoffrey Heneage, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, VC [30870], Fra [30870], MID [30807], Navy [30870], [31189]

DRUMMOND, George Andrew, Lt, RNR, DSC [30909], MID [30159], [30635]

DRUMMOND, Jocelyn Heneage, Lt, RN, DSC [30316]

DRUMMOND, John E, Capt, RN, Ita [30386]

DRURY, Charles Henry Payce, Dkhnd, RNR (Trawler Sec) 649DA, DSM [29423]

DRURY, Edward Dumerque, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31099], MID [31191], [31683]

DRURY, Henry Arthur, ERA 2c, 272150 (Ch), DSM [30088]

DRURY, William Price, Maj, RMLI, CBE [31379]

DRURY-LOWE, Sidney Robert, Capt, RN, CMG [29608], Navy [29507]

DRYDEN, John George, Trmr, 5936TS, Ita [30386]

DRYDEN, Robert, Seamn, RNR, 5114A, MID [29997]

DRYSDALE, Robert Johnston, Mechn, 303225 (Dev), MID [31060]


DU TOIT, Philip Cornelius, Surg Probr, RNVR, MID [30807]


DUANE, Patrick, Lt, RNR, MID [31038]

DUBOULAY, C J H, Sub-Lt, RN, Navy [29126]

DUCK, William Agar Scholefield, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

DUCKENFIELD, Charles, Dkhnd, RNR, 4074 DA, DSM [30194]

DUCKETT, Richard, L/Mech, F12458, MID [30662]

DUCKHAM, Thomas, CPO, 172570 (Dev), DSM [31236]

DUCKWORTH, A R, Pte, RMLI, Ply S/614, Army [29251]

DUCKWORTH, E E, Staff Sgt, RM, S/3415, MSM [31132]

DUCKWORTH, Frederick, Ch Art Eng, RN, DSC [30564]

DUCKWORTH, Mabel, Shorthand Typist, WRNS, BEM [31331]

DUDBRIDGE, Lionel Ernest, Dkhnd, RNR, 13041DA, MID [31248]

DUDFIELD, Alec, Lt, RNR, DSC [31286]

DUDLEY, A, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [30182]; also DUDLEY, Arthur, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30182]

DUDLEY, Arthur Darville, Lt, RNVR, DSC [29886]

DUDLEY, John, Arm Mate, 34548 (Po), MID [30029]

DUDLEY, John Edward, CPO, 155360, MID [29752]

DUDLEY, John William, L/Sig, RNVR, 5/140 (Tyne), Ita [30581], MID [29886]

DUDLEY, Robert Leslie, L/Tel, J25611 (Ch), MSM [31286]

DUDLEY, Sheldon Francis, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31516]

DUDLEY, W, PO, RNVR, TZ/2023, MM [30172], [31173]

DUDMAN, Harry Willie, PO 1c, 160453, DSM [29752]

DUFF, Alexander Ludovic, Vice-Adm, RN, CB [29751], KCB [30451], Fra [30494], Jpn [30258], Rus [30116], USA [31553], Navy [29654], [29751]

DUFF, Arthur Allan Morison, Cdre, RN, CB [30111], Jpn [31038], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29088], [29654], [29751], [31856]

DUFF, Ernest Edwin, L/Dkhnd, (AP), DSM [31038]

DUFF, William, PO 2c, 197026 (CG), MID [30153]

DUFF-DUNBAR, Kenneth James, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29434]

DUFFELL, William J, Eng Cdr, RN, Jpn [30258]

DUFFETT, Edward, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31262]

DUFFILL, Charles, Ch Off, MN, MID [30616]

DUFFIN, E, AB, RNVR, CZ/993, MM [30540]

DUFFIN, L, AB, RNVR, BZ/5101, MM [31173]

DUFFY, P, AB, RNVR, KX196, DCM [30555], MM [30287]

DUFFY, Thomas, PO, J2852 (Ch), MID [30687]

DUGDALE, Edward Noel Ashmole, PO Tel, J24113 (Po), MID [31303]

DUGGAN, Eyre Sturdy, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31499]

DUGGAN, Michael, MAA, 197687 (Dev), MID [31060]

DUGGAN, William George, Lt, RNR, DSC [29886]

DUGMORE, Eric Valentine Frederic Radclyffe, Capt, RN, MID [29530], Army [30570]

DUGON, Arnold Louis, Lt, RMLI, MBE [31370]

DUGUID, George, CERA 2c, 270513 (Ch), DSM [31060], MID [30564]

DUHIG, David, AB, J30386 (Dev), MID [31748]

DUKE, David Edward, Eng Cdr, RN, Rus [30116], MID [29751], [30564], Navy [29751]

DUKE, Douglas St John, Lt, RNVR, MID [30909]

DUKE, Henry Thornton, CPO Mech 2g, F17272, MID [30316]

DUKE, W J, Pte, RMLI, Ch/497, MM [30023]

DUKE, William Henry, CPO, 202254 (Ch), DSM [30732], MID [30909]

DUKES, Henry Thomas, Engmn, RNR, 342ES, MID [31248]

DULEY, J C, Sig, J13042, Navy [29680]

DULEY, Joseph Charles, Sig, J13042, DSM [29680]

DUMARESQ, John Saumarez, Capt, RN, CB [29751], Navy [29751]

DUMARESQ, William Edward, AB, 224405 (Po), DSM [30029]

DUMAS, Philip W, Capt, RN, Jpn [30363]

DUMBA, Micassa, Hnd, Nigerian Marine, MID [29736]

DUMBLETON, William Albert, Lt, RN, MID [30909]

DUMSDAY, Henry G, PO 1c, 125998 (RFR A1784), MID [29264]

DUN, David Blyth, Lt, RNR, DSC [30900]

DUNBAR, Archibald, ERA 2c, M246 (Ch), DSM [30066]

DUNBAR, Charles Augustus Royer Flood, Pay Capt, RN, CBE [31099]

DUNBAR, James McDonald, 2nd Off, MN, DSC [31236]

DUNBAR, Ronald Ernest Cotton, Lt, RN, MID [30807]

DUNCAN, Alec James, Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, MBE [31432]

DUNCAN, Alexander, Skpr, RNR, 1210SA, Srb [29966]

DUNCAN, Cecil Pitcairn, AB, J27505 (Dev), MID [30807]

DUNCAN, George, LS, RNR, 3230C, MID [30285]

DUNCAN, George, Cdr, RN, CBE [31099]

DUNCAN, George Ernest, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31553], Ita [30386]

DUNCAN, George Nathaniel, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30732]

DUNCAN, Harry McRae, PO, 188644 (Ch), DSM [29997]

DUNCAN, I J, Lt, RIM, Army [29789]

DUNCAN, James, Sto 1c, SS 105395 (RFR Dev B/4498), MID [29581]

DUNCAN, James, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30363]

DUNCAN, James Edwin Mitchell, Ch Skpr, RNR, 1337WSA, DSC [29668], MID [30408]

DUNCAN, John, L/Sto, 229362, DSM [29799]

DUNCAN, John, L/Sto, RNR, 1082U, DSM [30616]

DUNCAN, John Alexander, Cdr, RN, CB [29180]

DUNCAN, Katherine, Snr Writer, WRNS, BEM [31331]

DUNCAN, Robert Anthony, L/Sto, K7164 (Po), DSM [30029]

DUNCANSON, Edward Ford, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31425]

DUNCART, Isaac John, Lt, RIM, DSC [30227]

DUNDAS, Alexander H, LS, RFR 199495, DSM [29255]

DUNDAS, Charles Hope, Adm, RN, Fra [30363], Grc [31748], [31928]

DUNDAS, Harold Victor, Cdr, RN, Fra [29751], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

DUNDAS, Lawrence Leopold, Capt, RN, CMG [30723], MID [30616], [31811], Navy [31856]

DUNDAS OF DUNDAS, Charles, Vice-Adm, RN, KCMG [30111], Army [29623], [29890]

DUNFORD, Albert Henry, Sto 1c, 304221 (RFR Po B/2409), DSM [29581]

DUNFORD, Frederick, PO, 147694 (Po), MSM [31461]

DUNK, Charles Frederick, Sto PO, K8598 (Po), MSM [31811]

DUNK, Cyril, PO, 186694 (Ch), MID [31683]

DUNKASON, Charles George, MAA, 191301 (Po), DSM [30807]

DUNKLEY, Albert, Pte, RM, Deal/3176 (S) (Medical Unit), DSM [29736]

DUNKLEY, George William, Lt, RMA, OBE [31421]

DUNKLEY, H, AB, RNVR, R/949, MM [31173]

DUNKLEY, Henry John, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 2714, DSM [31886]

DUNKLEY, Stanley FitzRoy, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31683]

DUNLEA, Luke, AB, 214506 (Dev), DSM [30437]

DUNLIN, William, Lt, RNR, DSC [31354]

DUNLOP, Robert Arthur, CERA 2c, 270851 (Ch), DSM [30258]

DUNLOP, William, Gnr, RN, Prt [30732]

DUNN, Alfred, Air Mech 1g, F9172, MID [30066]

DUNN, Alfred Thomas, Sto 1c, SS 114406, DSM [29752]

DUNN, Archibald Hugh Mafeking, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [31604]

DUNN, Arthur Edward, Cdr, RNR, CBE [31483], RD [29232], Grc [30654], MID [30088]

DUNN, Charles Frederick, Eng Cdr, RN, Grc [31286], Rus [30116], MID [29751]

DUNN, Cornelius, L/Sto, K14650 (Po), MSM [31421]

DUNN, Edward James, Shipwt 1c, 345577, DSM [29752]

DUNN, Ernest, CERA 1c, 268732 (Dev), MSM [31248]

DUNN, Frank Edgar Arnold, Elec Art 2c, M2904 (Po), MSM [31413]

DUNN, Geoffrey, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [29898]

DUNN, George Samuel, Engmn, RNR, 92ES, DSM [30616]

DUNN, Harold Stuart, Gnr, RN, MBE [31461]

DUNN, Herbert Hillier, Pte, RMLI, Ch 12740 (RFR Ch/B2012), MID [30363], [30386]

DUNN, J C, Sgt, RMLI, Po/7770, Army [29455]

DUNN, John Charles, Sgt, RMLI, Po/7770, DSM [29736]

DUNN, John William, LS, 219279, MID [29799]

DUNN, Keith Leslie, Asst Clerk, RN, Navy [29507]

DUNN, Robert Ewart, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099], MID [31060]

DUNN, Walter, Ch Art Eng, RN, Rus [30316]

DUNN, Wilfred Henry, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30536], [30687]

DUNNING, Edward Harris, Flt Lt, RNAS, Navy [29507]

DUNNING, Edwin Harris, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSC [29507], MID [30316]

DUNNING, John, Snr Eng, RNR, RD [29249]

DUNNING, Thomas William John, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099], MID [31060]

DUNSTALL, Harry G, Gnr, RMA, 5600, Bel [31604]

DUNTON, Ernest William, Sto 1c, 216619 (Ch), MID [30909]

DUNWOODIE, Robert, ERA 3c, M2326 (Dev), MID [30363]

DURDIN, William Francis, Elec Art 3c, M6671 (Po), MID [31060]

DURHAM, Richard Stephens, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

DURHEM, William, Seamn, RNR, 6353A, MID [30088]

DURIE, J, AB, RNVR, CZ13775, MM [30507]

DURKIE, John Robert, Capt, MN, MID [30616]

DURRANT, Albert, Sto PO, 308360 (Po), MSM [31398]

DURRANT, George Frederick William, Dkhnd, RNR, 4416SD, DSM [30616]