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Part 2 - BY DATE, 1941-March 1942

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This incomplete list of Marine Corps casualties by Date and Ship/Unit (where known) from December 1941 to March 1942 is a summary of the names in:

The aim it to ensure that every casualty is listed, no matter what the source - in this case, the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC or bm), Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA or va), Arlington National Cemetery (ANC or ac), US Navy Memorial (NM or nm) and Pearl Harbor Casualties (PH or ph). This has been supplemented by the USMC Casualty Cards (MC or mc) for the letter A.

The ABMC entries have been added without dates. Note: some of the ABMC dates assigned to those missing in action (MIA) are later than their actual or assumed death death, and include entries up to 1946.

The role of the Marine Corps is widely known, but frequent excerpts, in italics, from the official "Chronology of the United States Marine Corps 1935-1946" (mh) by Carolyn A Tyson have still been added. These provide a fuller background to the casualties suffered. The emphasis is obviously on the Pacific Theatre, and to set the scene leading up to Pearl Harbor, Marine Corps dispositions in the Pacific are summarised for 1941.

Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net



January 27, 1941

WASHINGTON: Admiral Stark, CNO, ordered the 3d Defense Battalion to Midway and directed that detachments of the 1st Defense Battalion be established at Johnston and Palmyra and that the 6th Defense Battalion be moved to Pearl Harbor as a replacement and reserve unit for the outposts.

February 1, 1941

USMC: The brigades stationed on the east and west coasts of the U.S. were officially activated as the 1st and 2d Marine Divisions, respectively.

February 3, 1941

HAWAIIAN ISLANDS: A Marine Corps airfield was established at Ewa when planes of Marine Aircraft Group 2 arrived from Ford Island. Oahu.

February 14, 1941

MIDWAY: The rear echelon of the 3d Defense Battalion arrived.

February 15, 1941

JOHNSTON: An advance echelon of the 1st Defense Battalion left San Diego on the USS Enterprise for Johnston Island and Palmyra Atoll via Pearl Harbor.

March 3, 1941

JOHNSTON: Two 5-inch guns, six Marines, and two naval corpsmen were set ashore to prepare defenses.

March 18, 1941

SAMOA: The 7th Defense Battalion arrived; it was the first unit of the Fleet Marine Force to serve in the Southern Hemisphere during the Second World War.

April 14, 1941

PALMYRA: A Marine garrison designated Marine Detachment, 1st Defense Battalion, was established for the defense of the island.

April 18, 1941

PACIFIC: In a letter to the CNO stressing the importance of Wake Atoll, Admiral Kimmel, CinCPac, asked that work on Wake's defense be given a higher priority than base construction and that a Marine defense battalion be assigned to the atoll.

June 16, 1941

CONTINENTAL U.S.: An American war plan was promulgated, making almost the whole of the Pacific an American strategic responsibility; it provided for the capture of the Caroline and Marshall Islands and the development of bases at Midway, Johnston, Palmyra, Samoa, and Wake, all having Marine garrisons.

June 23, 1941

WASHINGTON: Admiral Stark, CNO, directed that elements of the 1st Defense Battalion, Fleet Marine Force, be established at Wake "as soon as practicable."

July 24, 1941

JOHNSTON: A Marine garrison designated Marine Detachment, 1st Defense Battalion was established for the defense of the island.

July 26, 1941

PHILIPPINES: President Roosevelt nationalized the armed forces of the Philippines for the duration of the emergency and placed them under the command of General MacArthur, CinCUSAFFE.

August 11, 1941

MIDWAY: Lieutenant Colonel Harold D. Shannon, executive officer of the 6th Defense Battalion, arrived on Midway and immediately began preparations for the relief of the 3d Defense Battalion.

August 19, 1941

WAKE: An advance party from the 1st Defense Battalion arrived on Wake.

September 11, 1941

MIDWAY: The 6th Defense Battalion relieved the 3d Defense Battalion as the atoll's garrison force.

October 15, 1941

WAKE: Major Lewis A. Hohn was relieved as Marine Detachment commander by Major James P. S. Devereux who also became Island Commander.

November 1, 1941

CONTINENTAL U.S.: The 2d Joint Training Force, commanded by Major General Clayton B. Vogel, was commissioned at Camp Elliot, California, and composed of the 2d Marine Division and the 3d Infantry Division, USA; it was the progenitor of Fleet Marine Force, Pacific.

November 2, 1941

WAKE: The atoll's garrison was augmented by a draft from the parent 1st Defense Battalion at Pearl Harbor bringing the total Marine strength to 15 officers and 373 enlisted men.

November 19, 1941

MIDWAY: A ground echelon from Marine Aircraft Group 21 was sent to prepare the island for aircraft.

November 26, 1941

PACIFIC: The Japanese Pearl Harbor attack force left the Kurile Islands.

November 28, 1941

HAWAIIAN ISLANDS: The air echelon of Marine Fighter Squadron 211,  flew 12 F4F-3 fighters from Ewa to Ford Island for further transfer to USS Enterprise and then to Wake.

WAKE: Commander W. S. Cunningham, USN, relieved Major J.P.S Devereux as Wake Island Commander; nine Navy officers and 58 bluejackets arrived as the initial detachment of the Naval Air Station.

November 29, 1941

WAKE: Major Walter L. J. Bayler arrived with a detachment of Marines from Marine Aircraft Group 21 to set up air base communication facilities.

November 30, 1941

PHILIPPINES: USS Madison and Harrison arrived at Olongapo and disembarked the 4th Marines.

December 1, 1941

HAWAIIAN ISLANDS: The 2d Defense Battalion and the 4th Defense Battalion, scheduled to be the permanent garrison on Wake Atoll, arrived at Pearl Harbor.

JAPAN: Japanese Destroyer Division 7 sailed from Tokyo with orders to proceed to Midway; this force and a small task unit of the larger fleet on its way to Pearl Harbor were provisionally designated as the Midway Neutralization Unit.

December 4, 1941

WAKE: Twelve F4F-3's of Marine Fighter Squadron 211 arrived on board the USS Enterprise.

December 5, 1941

WAKE: Personnel of Marine Fighter Squadron 211 began daily dawn to dusk patrols from the atoll.


Sunday, December 7, 1941

HAWAIIAN ISLANDS: A Japanese carrier force inflicted heavy casualties on the American forces at Pearl Harbor; 2,280 persons were killed and 1,109 wounded, 188 planes were destroyed, and 19 ships sunk. Marine losses on the islands included 111 men killed or missing and 75 wounded and 33 aircraft destroyed and 12 damaged.

MIDWAY: Japanese destroyers Akebono and Ushio bombarded the atoll; the Marine garrison suffered 14. casualties and considerable damage to equipment.

SAMOA: The Commanding Officer of the 7th Defense Battalion ordered his troops to man their positions; the Samoan Marine Reserve Battalion was called to active duty and assigned to reinforce the defenses.


LAWRENCE, Edward Stephen, PFC, USMC (ph)
LUTSCHAN, William Edward, Jr., SGT, USMC (R) (ph)   
MICHELETTO, Carlo Anthony, SGT, USMC (ph)
TURNER, William George, PVT, USMC (ph)

Pearl Harbor
UNKNOWN, service not known, but presumably including US Marine Corps, listed as numbers 7 to 353 under letter U, ranks not known, WW2, died, December 7, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

USS Arizona BB-39
AMUNDSON, Leo, Pfc, USMC (nm)
ATCHISON, John, Pvt, USMC (nm)
BAILEY, George, Pfc, USMC (nm)
BARAGA, Joseph, Sgt, USMC (nm)
BARTLETT, David, Cpl, USMC (nm)
BEATON, Freddie, Pvt, USMC (nm)
BELT, Everett, Pfc, USMC (nm)
BLACK, James, Pvt, USMC (nm)
BOND, Burnis, Cpl, USMC (nm)
BORUSKY, Edwin, Cpl, USMC (nm)
BRICKLEY, Eugene, Pvt, USMC (nm)
CHANDLER, Donald Ross, PVT, USMC (ph)
COLE, Charles, Sgt, USMC (nm)
DAVIS, Virgil, Pvt, USMC (nm)
DAWSON, James, Pvt, USMC (nm)
DELONG, Frederick, Cpl, USMC (nm)
DREESBACH, Herbert, Pfc, USMC (nm)
DUNNAM, Robert, Pvt, USMC (nm)
DURIO, Russell, Pvt, USMC (nm)
DUVEENE, John, 1 Sgt, USMC (nm)
ERSKINE, Robert, Pfc, USMC (nm)
EVANS, David, Pfc, USMC (nm)
FINCHER, Allen, ACk, USMC (nm)
FINCHER, Dexter, Sgt, USMC (nm)
FINLEY, Woodrow, Pfc, USMC (nm)
FITZGERALD, Kent, Pvt, USMC (nm)
FLEETWOOD, Donald, Pfc, USMC (nm)
FOX, Daniel, Lt Col, USMC (nm)
GRIFFIN, Lawrence, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HAMEL, Don, F M, USMC (nm)
HARMON, William, Pfc, USMC (nm)
HERRICK, Paul, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HOLZWORTH, Walter, M Gy Sgt, USMC (nm)
HOPE, Harold, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HUDNALL, Robert, Pfc, USMC (nm)
HUFF, Robert, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HUGHES, Marvin, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HULTMAN, Donald, Pfc, USMC (nm)
HUX, Leslie, Pfc, USMC (nm)
JERRISON, Donald, Cpl, USMC (nm)
JONES, Quincy, Pfc, USMC (nm)
KALINOWSKI, Henry, Pvt, USMC (nm)
KEEN, Billy, Pvt, USMC (nm)
KRAHN, James, Pfc, USMC (nm)
LINDSAY, James, Pfc, USMC (nm)
LOVSHIN, William, Pfc, USMC (nm)
MCCARRENS, James, Cpl, USMC (nm)
MINEAR, Richard, Pfc, USMC (nm)
MOSTEK, Francis, Pfc, USMC (nm)
NOLATUBBY, Henry, Pfc, USMC (nm)
OBRIEN, Joseph, Pfc, USMC (nm)
PATTERSON, Clarence, Pfc, USMC (nm)
PEDROTTI, Francis, Pvt, USMC (nm)
PIASECKI, Alexander, Cpl, USMC (nm)
POWELL, Jack, Pfc, USMC (nm)
POWER, Abner, Pvt, USMC (nm)
REINHOLD, Rudolph, Pvt, USMC (nm)
SCHNEIDER, William, Pvt, USMC (nm)
SCOTT, Crawford, Pfc, USMC (nm)
SCOTT, George, Pvt, USMC (nm)
SHIVE, Gordon, Pvt, USMC (nm)
SIMENSEN, Carleton, 2 Lt, USMC (nm)
SNIFF, Jack, F M Cpl, USMC (nm)
STEVENSON, Frank, Pfc, USMC (nm)
STOVALL, Richard, Pvt, USMC (nm)
SWIONTEK, Stanley, F Ck, USMC (nm)
SZABO, Theodore, Pvt, USMC (nm)
WEBB, Carl, Pfc, USMC (nm)
WEIER, Bernard, Pvt, USMC (nm)
WHISLER, Gilbert, Pfc, USMC (nm)
WINDISH, Robert, Pvt, USMC (nm)
WINDLE, Robert, Pvt, USMC (nm)
WITTENBERG, Russell, Pvt, USMC (nm)

USS California BB-44
BLOUNT, John, Pfc, USMC (nm)
LEE, Roy, Pvt, USMC (nm)
SHOOK, Shelby, Pvt, USMC (nm)
WALLEN, Earl, Pfc, USMC (nm)

USS Helena CL-50
JOHNSON, George, Pfc, USMC (nm)

USS Nevada BB-36
BRITTON, Thomas Alonzo, CPL, USMC (ph)
MORRISSEY, Edward Francis, PFC, USMC (ph)
TRUJILLO, Richard Ignacio, PFC, USMC (ph)
HEATH, Francis Colston, PFC, USMC (ph)
KING, Orvell Vaniel, Jr., PFC, USMC (ph)
LUNSFORD, Jack Leon, PFC, USMC (ph)
SMITH, Keith Vodden, PVT, USMC (R) (ph)

USS Oklahoma BB-37
ARTHURHOLTZ, Marley, Pfc, USMC (nm)
BLACK, Waldean, Pvt, USMC (nm)
COLLIER, Walter, Pfc, USMC (nm)
CREMEAN, Alva, Pfc, USMC (nm)
DREFAHL, Elmer, Cpl, USMC (nm)
GAVER, Harry, 2 Lt, USMC (nm)
HALL, Ted, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HENRY, Otis, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HOLMES, Robert, Pfc, USMC (nm)
KEATON, Vernon, Pvt, USMC (nm)
PEAK, Robert, Pvt, USMC (nm)
PENNINGTON, Raymond, Pvt, USMC (nm)
TAYLOR, Charles, Pfc, USMC (nm)

USS Pennsylvania BB-38
BARRON, Thomas, Cpl, USMC (nm)
NATIONS, Morris, Cpl, USMC (nm)
STEWART, Floyd, Pfc, USMC (nm)
TOBIN, Patrick, Pfc, USMC (nm)
VINCENT, Jesse, Cpl, USMC (nm)
WADE, George, Pvt, USMC (nm)


Midway Island NAS
CANNON, George Ham, 1ST LT, USMC, dob 11/05/1915, WW2, died December 7, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)
MORRELL, Elmer R., PFC, USMC (ph)

Monday, December 8, 1941

WAKE: Japanese Air Attack Force No. 1, 24th Air Flotilla, based at Roi, bombed Camps One and Two and the airstrip. Seven of eight F4F-3's were destroyed, the airstrip was fired by an exploded 25,000-gallon aviation gas tank, and numerous casualties were sustained.

GUAM: Saipan-based Japanese aircraft bombed the Marine garrison, sank the minesweeper USS Penquin in Apra Harbor and caused extensive damage to installations.

PHILIPPINES: Army air installations on Luzon were attacked by fighters and bombers of the Japanese 11th Air Fleet. A small Japanese force landed on Bataan Island and established an air base.

JAPAN: Vice Admiral N. Inouye, IJN, commander of the Japanese Fourth Fleet at Truk, set in motion war plans calling for the capture and development of Wake, Guam, and certain islands of the Gilberts, among them Makin and Tarawa.

Tuesday, December 9, 1941

WAKE: Installations were destroyed and the Naval Air Station on Peale Island and Batteries A and E on Peacock Point were damaged during an air attack by the Japanese 24th Air Flotilla.

GUAM: The island sustained continued bombing by Japanese aircraft.

Wednesday, December 10, 1941

WAKE: During a Japanese air attack, a 125-ton dynamite cache was destroyed with major damage to the island's batteries.

GUAM: A Japanese naval landing party of about 400 men from the 5th Defense Force, based on Saipan, landed on Dungcas Beach while elements of the South Seas Detached Force of about 5,500 men made separate landings at Tumon Bay in the north, on the southwest coast near Merizo, and on the eastern shore of the island at Talafofo Bay. Captain George J. McMillan, USN, governor of the island and commander of the Marine garrison, surrendered to the Japanese naval commander.

GILBERTS: Makin Island was seized by a Japanese landing force, and the Imperial Japanese Navy proclaimed Tarawa Atoll occupied.

Unit/Ship not known
WETHERINGTON, Thomas L., Private First Class, 266778, USMC, from California, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Thursday, December 11, 1941

WAKE: An attempt to land a force of 450 men from Japanese Destroyer Squadron 6, commanded by Rear Admiral Kajioka, IJN, on Wake and Wilkes Islands was decisively defeated with the loss of two Japanese destroyers; the destroyer Hayate was the first Japanese surface craft to be sunk during World War II by U.S. naval forces. Pilots of Marine Fighter Squadron 211 strafed and bombed the retiring force.

Friday, December 12, 1941

WAKE: Wake and Peale Islands were bombed and strafed by Japanese patrol bombers from Majuro, but little damage resulted. A Japanese submarine was bombed and possibly sunk by Marine Fighter Squadron 211 25 miles southwest of the atoll.

Sunday, December 14, 1941

WAKE: Japanese air raids on the atoll by Kawanishi 97 flying boats from Wotje and Roi damaged Camp One and the airstrip; a plane of Marine Fighter Squadron 211 was destroyed leaving the atoll's defenders only one operational airstrip.

Monday, December 15, 1941

HAWAIIAN ISLANDS: Rear Admiral F. J. Fletcher's Task Force 14, carrying a Marine expeditionary force which included elements of the 4th Defense Battalion and Marine Fighter Squadron 211 left Pearl Harbor on the USS Saratoga, Astoria, and Tangier for the relief of forces on Wake Atoll.

Wednesday, December 17, 1941

MIDWAY: Seventeen SB2U-3's from Marine Scout-Bomber Squadron 231 arrived unexpectedly from Hickam Field, Hawaii; these obsolescent aircraft executed the longest massed flight overwater of single engine land planes on record (1,137 miles)

Friday, December 19, 1941

WAKE: Japanese bombers from Roi seriously damaged defense battalion facilities at Camp One.

Unit(s)/Ship(s) not known
FORD, Raymond David, Private, 281630, USMC, from California, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
FRAZIER, George Garvis, Private First Class, 280544, USMC, from Texas, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
LARIOS, Milton T., Master Sergeant, 0-227199, USMC, from California, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
THEISE, Walter John, Field Cook, 297170, USMC, from California, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
TULEY, Melvin Oscar, Corporal, 279752, USMC, from Texas, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Saturday, December 20, 1941

WAKE: A U.S. Navy PBY arrived from Midway with information about the relief expedition which included Marine Fighter Squadron 221 and units from the 4th Defense Battalion; this was the atolls first physical contact with friendly forces since the start of the war.

PHILIPPINES: Lieutenant Colonel J. P. Adams, commander of Marines at Cavite, received orders to evacuate the area. CinCAF complied with General MacArthur's request that the 4th Marines at Olongapo be assigned to his command.

Unit/Ship not known
CUMMINGS, Bruce Dodge, Pvt, USMCR, New York, WW2? died Dec 20, 1941, interred Dec 22, 1941 (ac)

Monday, December 22, 1941

Unit/Ship not known
DAVIDSON, Carl R., Second Lieutenant, 0-006371, USMC, New York, MIA, December 22, 1941, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

Tuesday, December 23, 1941

WAKE: The Maizuru Second Special Naval Landing Force executed a predawn landing on the south shore of Wake and Wilkes Islands while carriers Soryu and Hiryu launched air strikes against Wilkes, Peale, and Wake Islands in support of the landing force. After almost 12 hours fighting, all islands had been surrendered. The relief expedition, Task Force 14, was recalled.

PHILIPPINES: General MacArthur decided to withdraw to Bataan.


Marine Attack Squadron VMA-211 flying F4F-3 Wildcats, Wake Island
ELROD, Henry Talmage, Maj, USMC, dob Sep 27, 1905, died Dec 23, 1941 in ground combat, awarded Medal of Honor (Wake Island), interred Oct 30, 1947 (ac)

Wednesday, December 24, 1941
MIDWAY: Reinforcements, including about 100 officers and men from Batteries A and C of the 4th Defense Battalion, arrived from Pearl Harbor.

PHILIPPINES: ..... the 4th Marines was ordered to Corregidor to take over beach defenses there after assembly at Mariveles on the southern tip of Bataan, and the Marine commander was ordered to report immediately to General MacArthur for duty. The new command post of the 4th Marines was opened outside Mariveles, Bataan; the 1st Battalion underwent bombing by Japanese aircraft.

Thursday, December 25, 1941

MIDWAY: The air echelon of Marine Fighter Squadron 221 arrived from the USS Saratoga retiring from the abortive attempt to relieve Wake Island and immediately began a daily schedule of air search and patrol.

Friday, December 26, 1941

MIDWAY: The island's garrison was augmented by Battery B of the 4th Defense Battalion, an aviation contingent constituting the ground echelon of Marine Fighter Squadron 221, and additional equipment including radar. 

PHILIPPINES: Four hundred and eleven Marines of the battalion at Cavite moved to Corregidor.

Saturday/Sunday, December 27/28, 1941

PHILIPPINES: The 4th Marines moved to Corregidor with the exception of Batteries A and C and the radar detachment which remained on Bataan.

Monday, December 29, 1941

PHILIPPINES: The Commanding Officer, 4th Marines assigned beach defense sectors to his battalions, and the troops moved to their new bivouac area.

Unit/Ship not known
MURPHY, Verle William, Corporal, 244344, USMC, from Iowa, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Tuesday, December 29, 1941

JOHNSTON: Additional 5-inch and 3-inch batteries and 16 more machine guns with the men to operate them arrived on the island.


Friday, January 2, 1942

PHILIPPINES: Japanese troops entered Manila.

Unit/Ship not known
ANDREWS, Verden Golden, Private First Class, 280085, USMC, from Arkansas, January 2, 1942, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Monday, January 5, 194

Unit/Ship not known
REID, Earl Hilton, Sergeant, 276038, USMC, from Colorado, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

Friday, January 9, 1942

PHILIPPINES: Marines from Batteries A and C, 3d Battalion, 4th Marines, who remained on Bataan under naval control were integrated into a naval battalion for ground combat.

Friday, January 16, 1942

Unit(s)/Ship(s) not known
BROWN, Robert Joseph, Private First Class, 296184, USMC, from California, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
MCCLAIN, Charles W, Private First Class, 0-284224, USMC, from Illinois, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Friday, January 23, 1942

SAMOA: The 7th Defense Battalion was reinforced by the 2d Marine Brigade (the 8th and 10th Marines, and the 2d Defense Battalion).

BISMARCKS: Japanese forces landed at Rabaul where they quickly overran the small Australian garrison there and occupied New Ireland.

Unit(s)/Ship(s) not known
BAILEY, Vincent W, Technical Sergeant, 247730, USMC, from California, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
HANNUM, Earl Raymond, Technical Sergeant, 212844, USMC, from Iowa, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

Tuesday, January 27, 1942

PHILIPPINES: Elements of the 4th Marine Regiment participated in an attack to contain Japanese forces on Longoskawayan Point, Bataan.

Wednesday, January 28, 1942

PHILIPPINES: Mortars and machine guns of the 4th Marines were assigned to the 57th Philippine Scout Regiment to support their operations in partial relief of the naval battalion on Longoskawayan Point, Bataan; organized Japanese resistance in that sector ended.

Sunday, February 1, 1942

PACIFIC: Task Forces 8 and 17 launched air attacks against Japanese installations in the Gilberts and Marshalls.

Tuesday/Wednesday, February 17/18, 1942

PHILIPPINES: A detachment of the USS Canopus crewmen, sailors from the Cavite Naval Ammunition Depot, and the majority of the general duty men were transferred to the 4th Marines on Corregidor.

Sunday, March 1, 1942

MIDWAY: Marine Aircraft Group 22 was organized on Midway from Marine Scout-Bomber Squadron 231 and Marine Fighter Squadron 221.

Sunday, March 8, 1942

NEW GUINEA: Japanese troops landed at Lae and Salamaua.

Tuesday, March 10, 1942

MIDWAY: Twelve Marine fighters, commanded by Captain Robert M. Haynes, intercepted a Japanese Kawanishi 97 flying boat in the first test of Marine fliers on Midway against enemy aircraft.

Tuesday, March 17, 1942

PACIFIC: General MacArthur arrived (from the Philippines) in Darwin, Australia, to take command of Allied forces in the Southwest Pacific.

Thursday, March 19, 1942

SAMOA: The advance echelon of Marine Aircraft Group 13 arrived on Tutuila for duty with the Headquarters Samoan Area Defense Force.

Friday, March 20, 1942

SAMOA: ..... an agreement giving the Americans responsibility for the defense of all the Samoan islands. This group, together with Wallis Island, was considered a tactical entity and a new Marine brigade was to be organized to occupy the western islands.

Wednesday, March 25, 1942

Unit/Ship not known
CASHER, Paul Dalvin, Sergeant, 383974, USMC, from New York, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

Saturday, March 28, 1942

SAMOA: The 7th Defense Battalion was sent to Upolu, Western Samoa, as an advance force for the new garrison there; a small detachment was also established on Savii.

Unit/Ship not known
STONE, Donald Earl, Private First Class, 269518, USMC, from Nebraska, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Sunday, March 29, 1942

NEW HEBRIDES: The 4th Marine Defense Battalion and Marine Fighter Squadron 212 were diverted from their deployment to Tongatabu and landed at Port Vila on Efate.

(Source ABMC)

Within each period, the men are grouped by their place of rest. These cemeteries in turn are listed westward from the continental United States, and then eastward with the assumed theater of war as the heading.

October 1945 (WW2)

American Coastal Waters of the Pacific (West Coast Memorial)
DAPKUS, John Vincent, Private First Class, 930582, USMC, from Illinois (bm)

Pacific, excluding SW Pacific (Honolulu Memorial)
ALLEN, Samuel Roy, First Lieutenant, 0-031263, USMC, from Kansas (bm)
MAINES, William H, First Lieutenant, 0-031288, USMC, from Florida (bm)
WHITE, Robert Arthur, Second Lieutenant, 0-038611, USMC, from Michigan (bm)

New Guinea and Philippines areas (Manila American Cemetery)
BERRIMAN, Rechard C, Corporal, 816889, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
GENTRY, James Everett, Sergeant, 306476, USMC, from Tennessee (bm)

November 1945 (WW2)

Pacific, excluding SW Pacific (Honolulu Memorial)
FOWLER, Charles R, Private First Class, 335650, USMC, from California (bm)
GODFREY, Spurgeon L, Private First Class, 826491, USMC, from South Carolina (bm)
STACK, Leonard, Private First Class, 563868, USMC, from New York (bm)

December 1945 (WW2)

Pacific, excluding SW Pacific (Honolulu Memorial)
CLINCH, Peter, Second Lieutenant, 0-027239, USMC, from Virginia (bm)
HALENKAMP, Arthur J, Second Lieutenant, 0-038637, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
KAZORSKI, Stanley K, Second Lieutenant, 0-037230, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
SHERMAN, Thomas Moore, Private First Class, 897223, USMC, from Ohio (bm)

New Guinea and Philippines areas (Manila American Cemetery)
ADAMS, Charles B, Private, 307367, USMC, from California (bm)
ADAMS, John Porter, Colonel, 0-000004, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
ALBRECHT, Edward A, Private First Class, 293086, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
AYRES, Edward Walton, Second Lieutenant, 0-010175, USMC, from New Jersey (bm)
BARNEY, Dwight Marvin, Sergeant, 263132, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
BARRON, Floyd Wesley, Private, 312365, USMC, from Texas (bm)
BECK, Oree Charles, Assistant Cook, 286138, USMC, from Louisiana (bm)
BECKETT, Robert A, Private First Class, 284029, USMC, from Louisiana (bm)
BERNASEK, Albert C, Private, 295795, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
BISHOP, Viva Arvil, Corporal, 272972, USMC, from Texas (bm)
BRANDT, Lester F, Private First Class, 287883, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
BRASFIELD, William L, Private, 275765, USMC, from Alabama (bm)
CASSADAY, William R, Private, 285103, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
CORSBERG, Howard C, Private First Class, 285376, USMC, from Colorado (bm)
FRITZSCHING, Richard L, Private First Class, 287187, USMC, from Texas (bm)
GEORGE, Marion Elmer, Private First Class, 274933, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
GOODBERLET, William F, Private, 307910, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
GRAY, James Donald, Private, 299748, USMC, from Oklahoma (bm)
HARGRAVE, Dunice, Private First Class, 276980, USMC, from Louisiana (bm)
HARPER, David Jack S, Private, 308809, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
HARRELL, Dero H, Private First Class, 287650, USMC, from Texas (bm)
HAZEN, Glenn Edward, Private, 310266, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
HUMBLE, Ray Kenneth, Private First Class, 284067, USMC, from Oregon (bm)
KADLEC, Joseph, Private, 308518, USMC, from Iowa (bm)
KEIFER, Karl Coburn, Private, 307365, USMC, from California (bm)
KENDRICK, Arlando W, Private First Class, 285998, USMC, from Oklahoma (bm)
LEDBETTER, Arthur V, Private First Class, 296479, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
LEE, Jack Frederick, Field Musician First Class, 287653, USMC, from Texas (bm)
MALONE, Aubrey K, Private First Class, 287407, USMC, from California (bm)
MEREDITH, Earl J, Assistant Cook, 299601, USMC, from California (bm)
MILLER, Homer Ernest, Private First Class, 285928, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
MILLER, James Vivian, Private First Class, 284046, USMC, from California (bm)
NEBEL, Alma Rex, Corporal, 281171, USMC, from Utah (bm)
NELSON, Sven Elmer R, Private First Class, 339722, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
NISWONGER, Duel L, Corporal, 276215, USMC, from Colorado (bm)
REED, Reuben Wesley, Sergeant, 282219, USMC, from California (bm)
SCHMITT, Milton W, Private, 308954, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
SHOUSE, Claude F, Private, 307087, USMC, from California (bm)
STANDISH, Walter, Gunnery Sergeant, 157031, USMC, from California (bm)
VAUGHAN, Houston A, Field Music Sergeant, 267869, USMC, from Oregon (bm)
WALLEN, Richard T, Private, 310152, USMC, from Illinois (bm)

1946 (WW2)

American Coastal Waters of the Pacific (West Coast Memorial)
HILL, Charles E, 1LT, 26789, USMC, from Colorado

Pacific, excluding SW Pacific (Honolulu Memorial)
ALLCROFT, Roger D, First Lieutenant, 0-032184, USMC, from New Jersey (bm)
ALWARD, Everett Vyron, Major, 0-007174, USMC, from California (bm)
AMENDE, Jack Ralph, Major, 0-006909, USMC, from Washington (bm)
ARNDT, Augustus L, Captain, 0-012605, USMC, from North Carolina (bm)
AUSTIN, Arthur James, First Lieutenant, 0-032256, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
BAKER, William Orval, First Lieutenant, 0-030917, USMC, from Texas (bm)
BAKOS, Stephen, Second Lieutenant, 0-038686, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
BARRETT, John Edward, Private First Class, 564971, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
BAUDOIN, Henry Edward, Private First Class, 915556, USMC, from Louisiana (bm)
BEAUDRY, Joseph James, Staff Sergeant, 386673, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
BENDER, Marvin W, Master Sergeant, 451629, USMC, from New York (bm)
BERG, Lyman Willis, Second Lieutenant, 0-037368, USMC, from South Dakota (bm)
BERNADT, Walter C, Second Lieutenant, 0-036976, USMC, from New York (bm)
BIBEN, Andrew Charles, Technical Sergeant, 461386, USMC, from Ohio (bm)
BIRNEY, Malcolm M, First Lieutenant, 0-031306, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
BLACK, James P, First Lieutenant, 0-025658, USMC, from Texas (bm)
BOHANON, William, Private First Class, 847786, USMC, from Tennessee (bm)
BOLIN, Warren Amel, Corporal, 824148, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
BOYLAN, Robert John, Sergeant, 455279, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
BRENNION, Joseph J, Private First Class, 546513, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
BRODERICK, John F, Private First Class, 800190, USMC, from District of Columbia (bm)
BROOKS, Olon E, Corporal, 447055, USMC, from Oregon (bm)
BROWN, Forrest P, First Lieutenant, 0-024702, USMC, from California (bm)
BROWN, Frank John, Sergeant, 361361, USMC, from Iowa (bm)
BROWN, Frank, Technical Sergeant, 489466, USMC, from New Jersey (bm)
BROWN, James Louis, Captain, 0-021061, USMC, from Arkansas (bm)
BRUSA, Sandro Joseph, Corporal, 539528, USMC, from Florida (bm)
CAMPBELL, William W, First Lieutenant, 0-032156, USMC, from Nebraska (bm)
CANTRELL, Jack W, Chief Cook, 313076, USMC, from Oregon (bm)
CARPENTER, Jarvis H, First Lieutenant, 0-025627, USMC, from California (bm)
CASE, Charles Vern, Private First Class, 449839, USMC, from Indiana (bm)
CHAMPION, Francis E, Private, 573986, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
CHUMBRIS, James S, First Lieutenant, 0-022432, USMC, from Texas (bm)
CIES, Robert Mervin, Second Lieutenant, 0-026780, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
CLARK, John Russell, Technical Sergeant, 817120, USMC, from Utah (bm)
CLUZEN, Bernard S, Major, 9034, USMC, from Montana (bm)
CODERRE, Frederick, First Lieutenant, 0-034880, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
COLLINS, William J, Corporal, 446213, USMC, from Maine (bm)
CONSTANTINE, William Ross, Staff Sergeant, 498730, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
CONWAY, William J, Corporal, 344285, USMC, from Alabama (bm)
COOK, William Alonzo, Sergeant, 249677, USMC, from California (bm)
COONEY, John Joseph, Corporal, 451046, USMC, from New York (bm)
COWELL, Roy Thomas, Sergeant, 308645, USMC, from Iowa (bm)
DAVIES, Lem, Private First Class, 950514, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
DEAN, Patrick Joseph, Private, 968022, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
DOLBIER, Paul Ellis H, Platoon Sergeant, 263864, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
DUMARY, Frank, Technical Sergeant, 464750, USMC, from New York (bm)
EDISTTY, Frank, Private First Class, 416453, USMC, from New Mexico (bm)
ERICKSON, Garth T, Private First Class, 893615, USMC, from Utah (bm)
FALGOUT, Cleo Joseph, First Lieutenant, 0-023003, USMC, from Louisiana (bm)
FITZGIBBON, Patrick M, Private First Class, 407750, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
FITZPATRICK, Jay B, Corporal, 512557, USMC, from Texas (bm)
FREEMAN, Thomas James, Staff Sergeant, 823964, USMC, from Colorado (bm)
FRINK, James Leland, First Lieutenant, 0-026909, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
GALLOWAY, Arthur J, Private First Class, 525257, USMC, from Colorado (bm)
GARLOCK, John Leonard, Second Lieutenant, 0-032550, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
GASTINEAU, Everett R, Private First Class, 857997, USMC, from California (bm)
GAYDOS, Michael, Second Lieutenant, 0-034156, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
GIESEKE, Wilbert H, First Lieutenant, 0-024938, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
GODEK, Stanley Edmond, Private First Class, 892354, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
GOLDBERG, Robert A, First Lieutenant, 0-030855, USMC, from North Carolina (bm)
GRANT, Harold Loran, Staff Sergeant, 808636, USMC, from Maine (bm)
GREEN, Robert Lee, Captain, 0-018617, USMC, from Florida (bm)
GUSTIN, Harley Bruce, Private First Class, 398040, USMC, from Oregon (bm)
HAGEN, Warren Harding, Sergeant, 850458, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
HAGGERTY, John J, Corporal, 869017, USMC, from District of Columbia (bm)
HANMER, Charles, Second Lieutenant, 0-033780, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
HARBER, Rexford G, Private, 991010, USMC, from Texas (bm)
HARLE, John Charles, First Lieutenant, 0-030519, USMC, from New York (bm)
HARVLEY, John Dorn, First Lieutenant, 0-026612, USMC, from Georgia (bm)
HAYES, Daniel Vernon, Second Lieutenant, 0-028317, USMC, from Georgia (bm)
HETTENHAUSEN, C E, Private First Class, 528085, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
HICKEY, James J, Corporal, 373274, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
HILL, Charles Homer, Sergeant, 439436, USMC, from Texas (bm)
HILLIARD, Fred, First Lieutenant, 0-031479, USMC, from Alabama (bm)
HOLLAND, Melvin C, Corporal, 441612, USMC, from Iowa (bm)
HOOVER, Roy Cornelius, Sergeant, 457767, USMC, from Maryland (bm)
HUGLER, Robert Kermit, Second Lieutenant, 0-031287, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
HYATT, Dallas L, Second Lieutenant, 0-032532, USMC, from Utah (bm)
JACOBS, Vincent A, Second Lieutenant, 0-031826, USMC, from California (bm)
JAMES, Clifford L, First Lieutenant, 0-022461, USMC, from North Carolina (bm)
JAMESON, Charles R, First Lieutenant, 0-027467, USMC, from Texas (bm)
JARRELL, John F, First Lieutenant, 0-024871, USMC, from Georgia (bm)
JEFFERS, Amer Charles, Private First Class, 806322, USMC, from New York (bm)
JOHNSTON, John Roger, First Lieutenant, 0-027533, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
JONES, Robert C, Technical Sergeant, 387389, USMC, from Tennessee (bm)
JONES, Robert Morris, Captain, 0-014335, USMC, from Texas (bm)
KANT, Carl Edward, First Lieutenant, 0-023929, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
KELLER, Furman Harry, First Lieutenant, 0-030660, USMC, from Idaho (bm)
KIESEL, William F, First Lieutenant, 0-033922, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
KINCANON, David S, Second Lieutenant, 0-029024, USMC, from Tennessee (bm)
KINDLESPARGER, Ward B, Second Lieutenant, 0-038172, USMC, from Kansas (bm)
KING, Ernest E, Private First Class, 932617, USMC, from Florida (bm)
KNOP, John William, Private First Class, 813038, USMC, from Kentucky (bm)
KOEPPEN, Charles B, First Lieutenant, 0-024792, USMC, from Indiana (bm)
KUCHYAK, Frank Louis, Corporal, 849997, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
KUPERWASSER, Abraham, Corporal, 840002, USMC, from California (bm)
LA FEX, Francis John, Private First Class, 954184, USMC, from New York (bm)
LAINE, Waino, Technical Sergeant, 378762, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
LARCHE, Beverly Judge, First Lieutenant, 0-030440, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
LAWLESS, Nathan H, First Lieutenant, 0-032534, USMC, from Oklahoma (bm)
LEACH, Jesse M, First Lieutenant, 0-016454, USMC, from Mississippi (bm)
LEE, Hubert Jack, Technical Sergeant, 273510, USMC, from California (bm)
LINDLEY, James Murray, Corporal, 365218, USMC, from Georgia (bm)
LUKASEK, Frank T, Technical Sergeant, 262740, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
MADVAY, Edward, First Lieutenant, 0-023042, USMC, from New Jersey (bm)
MARBURY, Lovic Joseph, First Lieutenant, 0-029286, USMC, from Georgia (bm)
MARLOW, Joseph, Sergeant, 404772, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
MARSHMAN, Robert L, Corporal, 864569, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
MATTSFIELD, Wallace, First Lieutenant, 0-027516, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
MCELROY, James J, Sergeant, 880230, USMC, from Rhode Island (bm)
MCGARR, Albert W, Second Lieutenant, 0-034291, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
MCKAY, Thomas H, Second Lieutenant, 0-037353, USMC, from Alabama (bm)
MCKEE, Dale, Private First Class, 322951, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
MICHAEL, Eugene Shear, Corporal, 523346, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
MIKULA, Frank John, Private First Class, 879102, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
MILLER, Thomas James, Corporal, 454752, USMC, from Texas (bm)
MITTELSTADT, Otto A, Second Lieutenant, 0-036715, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
MOONEY, Richard V, Corporal, 329764, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
MORS, Robert Junior, Second Lieutenant, 0-036000, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
MULLEN, William Henry, Warrant Officer, 31191, USMC, from New Jersey (bm)
NASSI, Antonio D, Private, 807875, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
NEDIK, Tony Alphonse, Staff Sergeant, 707688, USMC, from Maine (bm)
NEWTON, John Hyde, Second Lieutenant, 0-031882, USMC, from Oregon (bm)
NOLAN, Brian Lawrence, Private, 556555, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
NORTON, Robert David, Corporal, 330528, USMC, from Ohio (bm)
OFFMAN, David William, Corporal, 470869, USMC, from North Carolina (bm)
OWEN, Glenn H, Corporal, 520026, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
PACE, Thomas Dee, First Lieutenant, 0-028033, USMC, from Nebraska (bm)
PAPALEO, John Francis, Corporal, 883139, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
PAPALEO, Peter, Technical Sergeant, 336671, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
PAVLICA, Frank George, Technical Sergeant, 252507, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
PAVLOVSKY, Jerry V, Technical Sergeant, 271572, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
PERIMAN, Fred Edward, Private First Class, 509611, USMC, from Montana (bm)
PERRY, Alvin Harold, Second Lieutenant, 0-035686, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
PETERSON, Myron C, First Lieutenant, 0-027396, USMC, from South Dakota (bm)
PETRILLI, Richard H, Sergeant, 834311, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
PHILLIPS, Charles E, Technical Sergeant, 374531, USMC, from Kentucky (bm)
PREWITT, Donald J, First Lieutenant, 0-032055, USMC, from California (bm)
PUSHMAN, Richard John, Private First Class, 531986, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
REICHERT, John Robert, Second Lieutenant, 0-035713, USMC, from North Dakota (bm)
REYNOLDS, William G, Private, 557908, USMC, from Texas (bm)
RICHARD, Leo Roger, Corporal, 459682, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
ROBBINS, James W, First Lieutenant, 0-025741, USMC, from Kansas (bm)
ROBIDOUX, Armand J, Corporal, 442281, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
ROBINSON, James D, Private First Class, 861214, USMC, from Georgia (bm)
ROHRICHT, Edward Hugo, Second Lieutenant, 0-030191, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
RUMLEY, Edward Paul, Corporal, 891284, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
RUSSELL, Ralph Alton, Second Lieutenant, 0-030193, USMC, from Indiana (bm)
SAASTAD, Harold Lief, First Lieutenant, 0-029629, USMC, from North Carolina (bm)
SCHLEMM, Harry R, Technical Sergeant, 379679, USMC, from New York (bm)
SHERRY, Robert C B, Second Lieutenant, 0-042977, USMC, from Washington (bm)
SHROPSHIRE, Herschel C, Technical Sergeant, 383252, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
SHULTZ, George Andrew, Private First Class, 530742, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
SIDDALL, Laurence S, Private First Class, 550819, USMC, from Indiana (bm)
SIMPSON, Robert E, Private, 422063, USMC, from Oregon (bm)
SKREDERSTU, Fred Gene, Second Lieutenant, 0-031589, USMC, from Montana (bm)
SMITH, Francis B, Second Lieutenant, 0-037265, USMC, from Texas (bm)
SMITH, John Burgess, Second Lieutenant, 0-040927, USMC, from Texas (bm)
SMITH, John Morris, Private First Class, 898022, USMC, from Ohio (bm)
SPEER, Verl Wilson, Private First Class, 832948, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
STARK, Lawrence C, Staff Sergeant, 412169, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
STEINBERG, David, First Lieutenant, 0-027066, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
STEVENS, Abram W, Sergeant, 906415, USMC, from Kentucky (bm)
STINSON, Francis J, Sergeant, 893823, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
STOKES, Isaac, Private, 957917, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
STOWELL, Harold Dale, Private First Class, 932557, USMC, from Maine (bm)
SWALLOW, Calvin A, First Lieutenant, 0-026643, USMC, from California (bm)
SWEENEY, Frank Thomas, Second Lieutenant, 0-030640, USMC, from Indiana (bm)
SWENSON, William R, First Lieutenant, 0-028163, USMC, from Utah (bm)
SZCZEPANSKI, Thaddeus, Corporal, 806256, USMC, from New York (bm)
TECKENBROCK, Paul J, Sergeant, 408099, USMC, from Kentucky (bm)
TIMPANARO, John A, Private First Class, 503666, USMC, from New York (bm)
TOWNS, Armor Lamar, First Lieutenant, 0-029120, USMC, from Louisiana (bm)
TREGAY, George R, Second Lieutenant, 0-036087, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
TRUAX, James William, Gunnery Sergeant, 258235, USMC, from New York (bm)
TURNER, Arthur Layton, Major, 0-006991, USMC, from Arizona (bm)
UMSTATTD, John Dewitt, Private, 1018867, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
URBOM, Oscar Duane, Second Lieutenant, 0-031416, USMC, from Kansas (bm)
VAN MAASTRICHT, Herbert H, First Lieutenant, 0-028769, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
VAN VLEET, William E, Private First Class, 888278, USMC, from Florida (bm)
VILLA, Robert R, Private, 955557, USMC, from California (bm)
WALDMAN, Melvin, Second Lieutenant, 0-037464, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
WAMBLADE, Basil K, Private First Class, 524776, USMC, from New York (bm)
WARE, George William, Private, 980699, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
WARREN, Frederick B, Private First Class, 945845, USMC, from Texas (bm)
WHITE, Charles Ray, First Lieutenant, 0-029575, USMC, from Georgia (bm)
WHITTREDGE, Norman F, Second Lieutenant, 0-032165, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
WILL, Percy Lee, First Lieutenant, 0-027458, USMC, from Texas (bm)
WILLIAMS, James H, First Lieutenant, 0-028294, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
WIXSON, Joseph Wesley, Private First Class, 893714, USMC, from Utah (bm)
WRIGHT, Daniel W, Corporal, 414262, USMC, from Alabama (bm)
WUNROW, Robert F, Serviceman, 316839, USMC, from Illinois (bm)

New Guinea and Philippines areas (Manila American Cemetery)
ALISKOWITCH, Stanley J, Staff Sergeant, 518248, USMC, from New York (bm)
ALLEN, Lavern Kenneth, Private First Class, 339171, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
ARNETT, William L, Second Lieutenant, 0-039202, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
ASHMUN, George M, Captain, 0-011906, USMC, from New Jersey (bm)
BARNA, James George, Private First Class, 280701, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
BARTL, Harry Robert, First Lieutenant, O-18730, USMC, from California (bm)
BAUER, Harold William, Lieutenant Colonel, 0-004534, USMC, from Nebraska (bm)
BEETLESTONE, Leslie C, Private First Class, 372380, USMC, from New York (bm)
BENNETT, Nyal Hogan, Corporal, 269445, USMC, from Colorado (bm)
BENSON, George Young, Private First Class, 317984, USMC, from New York (bm)
BENZ, Arthur Daniel, Corporal, 895681, USMC, from New York (bm)
BISHOP, Robert Edmond, First Lieutenant, O-21059, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
BLACK, Billy Mayo, Private First Class, 468755, USMC, from California (bm)
BLOUNT, Newton Buford, Captain, 0-010594, USMC, from Mississippi (bm)
BOROSKI, John Francis, Private First Class, 908961, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
BOTHUM, Frank Wesley, Private First Class, 830523, USMC, from Washington (bm)
BRADEN, John L, First Lieutenant, O-16035, USMC, from Arkansas (bm)
BREWER, Charles S, Private First Class, 501697, USMC, from Ohio (bm)
BRINDOS, Roger H, First Lieutenant, O-20325, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
BROWN, Edward Taggart, First Lieutenant, O-017827, USMC, from Florida (bm)
BRUBAKER, James E, First Lieutenant, O-18683, USMC, from Florida (bm)
BRUSH, George Edward, Platoon Sergeant, 284693, USMC, from Texas (bm)
BRYANS, Charles Edwin, Second Lieutenant, 0-009678, USMC, from Texas (bm)
BUCHHEIT, John Joseph, Private, 513660, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
BURNS, Frank Charles, Corporal, 415806, USMC, from New York (bm)
BUSTAMANTE, Joseph Q, Sergeant, 521011, USMC, from Arizona (bm)
CAMPBELL, William T, Major, 0-006985, USMC, from New Jersey (bm)
CARNAGEY, Pierre M, Major, 0-006432, USMC, from New York (bm)
CARROLL, Tom F, First Lieutenant, O-21155, USMC, from California (bm)
CARTER, Harvey F, Captain, 0-011271, USMC, from Canada (bm)
CARTER, Robert E, Second Lieutenant, 0-032400, USMC, from Washington (bm)
CARTNEY, Ira Franklin, Second Lieutenant, 0-034155, USMC, from Idaho (bm)
CASPER, William Lloyd, Corporal, 383805, USMC, from Utah (bm)
CLOAKE, Wallace Henry, Major, 0-006912, USMC, from Oregon (bm)
COHEN, Edward B, First Lieutenant, O-16707, USMC, from Florida (bm)
COOK, Robert Lloyd, Corporal, 823967, USMC, from Colorado (bm)
COONLEY, Howard M, First Lieutenant, O-021064, USMC, from New York (bm)
COSHAL, George Adam, First Lieutenant, O-32245, USMC, from New York (bm)
CRAIG, Joseph, First Lieutenant, O-014522, USMC, from Georgia (bm)
CULLER, Fred Leroy, Platoon Sergeant, 289433, USMC, from North Carolina (bm)
DARE, Douglas L, Private, 911112, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
DAVIS, Charles W, Second Lieutenant, 0-032690, USMC, from California (bm)
DAVIS, George Dorrell, Private First Class, 295828, USMC, from Oklahoma (bm)
DE VAUGHN, Jack Bevis, First Lieutenant, O-24634, USMC, from Florida (bm)
DEY, Harold Edward, Corporal, 384581, USMC, from Ohio (bm)
DORSETT, Robert M, First Lieutenant, O-027370, USMC, from New Jersey (bm)
DUSTIN, J Cameron, Captain, 0-009027, USMC, from Nebraska (bm)
DWYER, Charles Moore, First Lieutenant, O-21951, USMC, from California (bm)
EACOBACCI, Richard E, First Lieutenant, O-31418, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
EWING, Robert Thomas, Captain, 0-011353, USMC, from Indiana (bm)
FARLEY, Walter J, Private First Class, 847961, USMC, from Tennessee (bm)
FARRELLY, John F, Sergeant, 386168, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
FAULKNER, Lawrence M, Captain, 0-007129, USMC, from Missouri (bm)
FFOULKES, Bruce, Captain, 0-011443, USMC, from California (bm)
FIELD, Philip, First Lieutenant, O-11287, USMC, from New York (bm)
FOSTER, Laban Lural, Corporal, 336880, USMC, from Indiana (bm)
FREELAND, Charles R, Private First Class, 378969, USMC, from New York (bm)
GABACCIA, Felix, Sergeant, 429763, USMC, from New York (bm)
GARRETSON, James B, Private First Class, 329968, USMC, from California (bm)
GLENN, Roy F, Private, 887054, USMC, from Iowa (bm)
GOALBY, Frank, Corporal, 397651, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
GOING, Arthur Palmer, Staff Sergeant, 442437, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
GOLDEN, Harold Harry, Private First Class, 406951, USMC, from New York (bm)
GOTCHLING, Charles A, Technical Sergeant, 367401, USMC, from Michigan (bm)
GRAVES, Richard R, First Lieutenant, O-25500, USMC, from Ohio (bm)
GRIFFIN, Gerald N, Technical Sergeant, 309974, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
GRIFFITH, Robert A, First Lieutenant, O-25693, USMC, from California (bm)
HALAGICH, Vincent W, Private First Class, 852997, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
HANSEN, Arthur Nels, Staff Sergeant, 288502, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
HARMER, Harold P, First Lieutenant, O-30628, USMC, from California (bm)
HARRISON, Allan S, First Lieutenant, O-21213, USMC, from Texas (bm)
HAYES, Harold T, First Lieutenant, O-31319, USMC, from New York (bm)
HEDLUND, Lee Hughes, Corporal, 334044, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
HENCH, John David, Captain, 0-016948, USMC, from South Carolina (bm)
HERMAN, James Robert, Second Lieutenant, 0-031340, USMC, from Kansas (bm)
HERRMANN, Robert W, Private First Class, 930655, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
HILL, Earl Donaldson, Captain, 0-012811, USMC, from Florida (bm)
HORTON, Leonard Alvin, Private First Class, 287402, USMC, from California (bm)
HUGHES, Edward Henry, First Lieutenant, 0-022526, USMC, from Texas (bm)
HUGHES, John David, Staff Sergeant, 464752, USMC, from New York (bm)
HUNT, Donald Junior, Private First Class, 537307, USMC, from Nebraska (bm)
INGELS, Charles L, First Lieutenant, 0-022460, USMC, from Indiana (bm)
JACKSON, Charles M, First Lieutenant, 0-024050, USMC, from Texas (bm)
JACOBSON, Joseph E, First Lieutenant, 0-014887, USMC, from West Virginia (bm)
JOHNSON, Donald M, Second Lieutenant, 0-036586, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
JOHNSON, George Royal, Corporal, 521082, USMC, from Arizona (bm)
KEMPER, Guy Harmon, First Lieutenant, 0-021940, USMC, from Texas (bm)
KING, Jack, Second Lieutenant, 0-025565, USMC, from California (bm)
KINNICK, Benjamin G, First Lieutenant, 0-022465, USMC, from Nebraska (bm)
KLINGER, Leonard G, Corporal, 498618, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
KOCHUT, Mike, Second Lieutenant, 0-028265, USMC, from Indiana (bm)
KURSAVAGE, Victor E, First Lieutenant, 0-027281, USMC, from West Virginia (bm)
LANDON, N R, First Lieutenant, 0-014680, USMC, from New York (bm)
LARSON, Charles L, First Lieutenant, 0-024643, USMC, from California (bm)
LASSITER, Charles P, First Lieutenant, 0-024051, USMC, from Georgia (bm)
LAWRENCE, Chester, Technical Sergeant, 329210, USMC, from Texas (bm)
LIGHT, Charles P, Corporal, 351486, USMC, from New York (bm)
LYNCH, William Joseph, Staff Sergeant, 256599, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
MARTIN, Frederick D, First Lieutenant, 0-025788, USMC, from California (bm)
MARTIN, Leo Aubrey, Second Lieutenant, 0-029031, USMC, from Texas (bm)
MARTYN, Donald Joseph, Private First Class, 294300, USMC, from California (bm)
MCCAMEY, Ralph D, Private, 941289, USMC, from Arkansas (bm)
MCCOWN, Marion R, Major, 0-009610, USMC, from South Dakota (bm)
MCCRAY, Edward P, Technical Sergeant, 240712, USMC, from District of Columbia (bm)
MCGINNIS, Neal David, Corporal, 818290, USMC, from Oregon (bm)
MCINDOE, Frederick W, First Lieutenant, 0-025645, USMC, from Texas (bm)
MILLER, Gerald Rufus, Second Lieutenant, 0-033827, USMC, from Oklahoma (bm)
MOORE, Donald Jay, First Lieutenant, 0-017036, USMC, from Florida (bm)
MOORE, Earl Norman, First Lieutenant, 0-024646, USMC, from California (bm)
MOORE, William Deen, Captain, 0-010281, USMC, from California (bm)
MORTAG, Daniel Kernin, First Lieutenant, 0-027378, USMC, from Montana (bm)
MULLINS, Robert W, First Lieutenant, 0-026571, USMC, from California (bm)
NOGA, Rudolph L, Corporal, 883642, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
O'HARA, Harry John, First Lieutenant, 0-022247, USMC, from New York (bm)
PARROW, Richard L, Private First Class, 487825, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
PATET, Arthur, Second Lieutenant, 0-029719, USMC, from Minnesota (bm)
PERKINS, John C, Second Lieutenant, 0-028585, USMC, from Oklahoma (bm)
PERU, Archie Clifford, Second Lieutenant, 0-028035, USMC, from Washington (bm)
PETERSEN, Ralph Merle, Private, 325260, USMC, from Washington (bm)
PICAK, Stanley, First Lieutenant, 0-028034, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
PRATT, Roy Chester, Second Lieutenant, 0-034922, USMC, from Rhode Island (bm)
REISNER, Louis W, First Lieutenant, 0-027312, USMC, from Texas (bm)
ROBERSON, F M, Corporal, 282713, USMC, from Texas (bm)
ROBERTS, Robert T, First Lieutenant, 0-018305, USMC, from Texas (bm)
ROBINSON, Max Keith, First Lieutenant, 0-020898, USMC, from Kansas (bm)
ROSE, John Richard, Corporal, 326168, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
SAHL, Bernard Earl, First Lieutenant, 0-021330, USMC, from New York (bm)
SAMS, Clyde W, Staff Sergeant, 497711, USMC, from West Virginia (bm)
SANTOMASSO, Edmund S, Staff Sergeant, 460335, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
SARAFIAN, Haig, Private First Class, 530680, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
SCHNORF, Jonathon S, First Lieutenant, 0-027451, USMC, from Wisconsin (bm)
SCHROEDER, Henry W, Private First Class, 447659, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
SEIBERT, Jesse Philip, Private First Class, 274991, USMC, from California (bm)
SHERWOOD, Kenneth S, First Lieutenant, 0-025750, USMC, from New Jersey (bm)
SKILLICORN, Donald K, First Lieutenant, 0-024656, USMC, from California (bm)
SMITH, Dougal Baird, Sergeant, 465248, USMC, from West Virginia (bm)
STEIDEL, Leonard R, Second Lieutenant, 0-037996, USMC, from Maryland (bm)
STEWART, Harold Ralph, Second Lieutenant, 0-011447, USMC, from Arizona (bm)
STIERS, James Clayton, Corporal, 499033, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
STOWE, Harold Forrest, Sergeant, 445378, USMC, from Ohio (bm)
STRIMBECK, George R, First Lieutenant, 0-025527, USMC, from West Virginia (bm)
SUNDBY, John A, Private First Class, 540145, USMC, from Wisconsin (bm)
TEMPLE, Eugene C, Private First Class, 547372, USMC, from New York (bm)
THOMANN, Jack Bernard, Private First Class, 502579, USMC, from New York (bm)
THOMAS, Edward Joseph, Staff Sergeant, 385337, USMC, from New York (bm)
THOMPSON, Gordon E, Second Lieutenant, 0-009742, USMC, from Florida (bm)
THOMPSON, Milton H, Second Lieutenant, 0-036998, USMC, from California (bm)
THOMPSON, Robert S, Second Lieutenant, 0-026318, USMC, from New York (bm)
TUNNELL, John Welch, Captain, 0-018749, USMC, from Texas (bm)
WALSH, John Thomas, Private, 856730, USMC, from Massachusetts (bm)
WASHBURN, Robert C, Corporal, 890842, USMC, from Oregon (bm)
WATSON, Paul William, Private First Class, 551826, USMC, from Illinois (bm)
WEIMER, Harold Andrew, Platoon Sergeant, 301572, USMC, from Ohio (bm)
WELLS, Paul Carey, First Lieutenant, 0-023084, USMC, from New York (bm)
WHITELEY, Earle Bunch, First Lieutenant, 0-011931, USMC, from Arkansas (bm)
WHITTEN, James A, Private First Class, 384240, USMC, from Arkansas (bm)
WINNIA, Charles C, First Lieutenant, 0-014324, USMC, from California (bm)
WOOD, Cornelius T, Staff Sergeant, 317919, USMC, from New York (bm)
WORLEY, Darby Max, Field Cook, 338158, USMC, from Washington (bm)
WYMAN, Austin Reed, Second Lieutenant, 0-032304, USMC, from Pennsylvania (bm)
ZANUZOSKI, George E, Private First Class, 449145, USMC, from Washington (bm)

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