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HMS Fiji, light cruiser, lost 22 May 1941 (NavyPhotos)

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These losses were originally researched at the Naval Historical Branch of the Ministry of Defence in the 1980's. They have since been expanded with further information on commanding officers, loss locations and casualties, courtesy of Don Kindell, and submarine loss information updated and corrected, courtesy of the RN Submarine Museum website


Photographs are courtesy of Steve Johnson of Cyberheritage, Michael Pocock of Maritime Quest, and David Page of  NavyPhotos.  My thanks to them and their contributors.


Casualty lists for all these vessels can be found in Royal & Dominion Navy Casualties - World War 2


Battleships, Battlecruisers, Monitors

Aircraft Carriers, including Fleet, Escort, Merchant Aircraft Carriers & CAM-ships
Cruisers - Heavy, Light, AA & Minelayer
Destroyers, including Escort Destroyers & ex-US Flushdeckers
Submarines, including Midget Submarines & Human Torpedoes
Royal Navy Losses and Losses Inflicted by the Royal Navy on the Axis Navies


Key to Warships Main Characteristics



standard displacement



designed speed at standard displacement, rarely attained in service


Main armament

sometimes changed as the war progressed; secondary armament usually changed



normal peacetime. Exceeded in war with consequent reduction in living space and higher battle casualties



year or years class completed and normally entered service. Only includes ships completed up to war's end



totals of men lost plus saved will often exceed peacetime complements. Cross (+) after commanding officer indicates killed or lost in the sinking. Crew who died of wounds are usually included in the total lost


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