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World War 1 - Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies
Researched & compiled by Don Kindell


1st - 28th FEBRUARY 1915
in date, ship/unit & name order

E-class submarine, HMS E.4 (Navy Photos, click to enlarge)

on to March 1915



(1) Casualty information in order - Surname, First name, Initial(s), Rank and part of the Service other than RN (RNR, RNVR, RFR, RMLI etc), Service Number (ratings only, also if Dominion or Indian Navies), (on the books of another ship/shore establishment, O/P – on passage), Fate

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Monday, 1 February 1915


Achilles, cruiser

 WOOD, William, Stoker 1c, K 14950, died in UK


Albion, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 ELLIS, Leonard G, Boy 1c, J 27376, illness


Comet, river gunboat

 SMITH, Samuel C A, Gunner, killed by local at Ahwaz, Mesopotamia


Hondo, hired trawler

 KNIGHT, George B, Deck Hand, RNR, DA 3445, drowned


Odin, sloop

 WHITEHEAD, John, Private, RMLI, 15170 (Po), illness


Tingira (RAN), training ship, Sydney

 WILLIAMS, Alfred E, Ship's Corporal, RAN, 5036 (RAN), died in Australia



Tuesday, 2 February 1915


Ardent, destroyer

 MCCONNELL, William J, Stoker 1c, 228579, died in UK


Gloucester, light cruiser

 STANBURY, Herbert C, Boy 1c, J 27093, drowned


Mosquito, destroyer        

 WHITEFIELD, Henry, Stoker 1c, K 14821, drowned


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 WITHERS, Leslie O, 2nd Cook's Mate, M 11371, illness


RM Depot Deal

 TAYLOR, John, Private, RMLI, 3670 (Ch), died in UK


Zaria, Auxiliary Patrol depot ship, Orkney and Shetlands, mercantile fleet auxiliary

 CONNELL, Peter, Deck Hand, RNR, DA 768, drowned



Wednesday, 3 February 1915


Brock, hired trawler

 LEADBETTER, William, Deck Hand, RNR, DA 2122, drowned


Clan MacNaughton, armed merchant cruiser, lost, believed foundered off NW Scotland, no survivors

 ADAMS, Arthur E N, Petty Officer (NS), 204978 (Ch)

 ALLEN, George G, Steward, MMR, 619820

 ALLEN, Samuel T, Seaman, RNR, A 6473 (Po)

 ALLEN, William, Private, RMLI, 10096 (Ch)

 ALP, Leonard, Seaman, RNR, A 5715 (Ch)

 AMBROSE, Frank B, Fireman, MMR, 719515

 ARMIN, William, Leading Seaman, J 4936

 ARNOLD, Alfred, Boy 1c, J 27878 (Ch)

 ARTHY, Charles J, Private, RMLI (RFR B 1405), 8514 (Ch)

 ARTIS, George W, Seaman, RNR, 1382 (Ch)

 AULD, John H, Midshipman, RNR

 BACON, Merkrom (Merhom in Service Record, Mertrom in CWGC), Private, RMLI, 14951 (Ch)

 BAILLIE, Archibald, Seaman, RNR, A 6416 (Po)

 BAKER, Joseph W, Boy 1c, J 29615 (Ch)

 BALL, Bertie, Trimmer, MMR, 803176

 BANKS, William, Private, RMLI, 18934 (Ch)

 BATT, Augustus, Assistant Cook, MMR, 786914

 BATY, Ernest T, Py/Engine Room Artificer, RNR, EA 1491 (Ch)

 BENNETT, Albert, Senior Reserve Attendant, M 9059 (Po)

 BENNETT, William S, Seaman, RNR, A 5912 (Ch)

 BENSON, Frederick J, 2nd Steward (Storekeeper), MMR, 39775

 BENSTEAD, Thomas R, Private, RMLI, 14324 (Ch)

 BETHELL, William, Leading Seaman, 220985 (Ch)

 BICKFORD, Francis, 2nd Cook, MMR, 754068

 BICKFORD, William F D, Boy 1c, J 27592 (Ch)

 BIGGS, Percy C, Writer, MMR, 39807

 BINGHAM, Charles E, Private, RMLI, 13192 (Ch)

 BIRCHALL, Bertie P C, Boy 1c, J 28569 (Ch)

 BIRD, George E, Boy 1c, J 28568 (Ch)

 BOATMAN, James, Trimmer, MMR, 39810

 BOLITHO, Fleetwood J, Petty Officer 1c, 167341 (Ch)

 BOYLE, Hugh, Trimmer, MMR, 39812

 BRACEY, Herbert, Boy 1c, J 27638 (Ch)

 BRADFORD, William W, Seaman, RNR, A 6475 (Po)

 BRADSHAW, Thomas, Boy 1c, J 29146 (Ch)

 BREEDS, Edgar, Seaman, RNR, A 6398 (Po)

 BRITTON, Ernest, Private, RMLI, 18323 (Ch)

 BROMFIELD, Jesse, Private, RMLI, 18140 (Ch)

 BROWN, Alfred V, Boy 1c, J 29605 (Ch)

 BROWN, Geoffrey E, Py/Midshipman, RNR

 BROWN, Joseph, Boy 1c, J 29068 (Ch)

 BROWN, Walter, Boy 1c, J 28844 (Ch)

 BROWN, William, Py/Midshipman, RNR

 BRYAN, Edward, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1284

 BUCKLEY, Francis F, Able Seaman, 236551 (Ch)

 BURLINSON, Arthur, Sub Lieutenant, RNR

 BUSHELL, Alfred, Fireman, MMR, 39785

 BUTLER, Basil G, Midshipman, RNR

 BUTLER, Peter, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 2174

 CAMPBELL, Donald, Seaman, RNR, B 4018 (Ch)

 CASTLE, Joseph, Seaman, RNR, A 2765 (Ch)

 CHAFE, Wiliam H, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1283

 CHAPLIN, Frederick, Lance Sergeant, RMLI, 16206 (Ch)

 CHAPLIN, William H, Able Seaman, J 4971 (Ch)

 CHAPMAN, John D, Ty/Chief Engineer, RNR

 CHAPPLE, Robert, Greaser, MMR, (not given)

 CHATTING, William, Fireman, MMR, 640550

 CHEESEMAN, William, Trimmer, MMR, 754167

 CLARK, James, Trimmer, MMR, 754073

 CLAW, William H, Boy 1c, J 30330 (Ch)

 CLEARY, Nicholas, Petty Officer 2c (RFR B 5027), 188961 (Ch)

 COADY, Timothy F, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1293

 COSGROVE, Frederick, Plumber, MMR, 39804

 COSSTICK, Robert, Private, RMLI (RFR B 1866), 12117 (Ch)

 COURTIS, Ernest G, Chief Gunner

 COX, Frederick G, Boy 1c, J 24709 (Ch)

 CROCKER, Stanley, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 2178

 CURRAN, Fred, Assistant Cook, MMR, (not given)

 CURTIS, William J, Steward, MMR, 639742

 DAVIS, Albert, Ship's Steward, MMR, (not given)

 DAVISON, Robert H, Petty Officer (NS), 133622 (Ch)

 DAWS, George E, Yeoman of Signals, 223578 (Ch)

 DAWSON, William G, Steward, MMR, 786981

 DAY, Percy G, Boy 1c, J 27626 (Ch)

 DENNIS, Frederick, Trimmer, MMR, 731159

 DICKER, Stephen, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1240

 DILLINGHAM, Ernest, Able Seaman, J 1693 (Ch)

 DODGE, Samuel, Baker, MMR, 602780

 DOUGLAS, Frank, Private, RMLI (RFR B 850), 11044 (Ch)

 DRAPER, Harold G, Boy 1c, J 25275 (Ch)

 DREW, Ernest, Seaman, RNR, D 19430 (Ch)

 DUCKETT, Edwin, Carpenter's Crew, M 9945 (Ch)

 DUNN, Roy, Painter, MMR, (not given)

 DUNTON, Frederick M, Boy 1c, J 27887 (Ch)

 DYER, William G, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 2170

 EDMUNDS, William G, Seaman, RNR, C 1583 (Ch)

 EMSON, Francis R, Assistant Paymaster, RNR

 ENTWISTLE, Walter S, Leading Seaman (RFR B 988), 162408 (Ch)

 FAIRWEATHER, John, Engine Room Artificer, RNR, EA 1499 (Po)

 FANNING, Percy H C, Boy 1c, J 27239 (Ch)

 FERRAR, William H, Leading Seaman, 210502 (Ch)

 FINCH, John, Assistant Donkeyman, MMR, 773954

 FINLAYSON, Donald, Seaman, RNR, A 2289 (Ch)

 FLAVIN, Thomas H, Leading Seaman, RNR, Sussex 2/139

 FOREMAN, James S, Boy 1c, J 27883 (Ch)

 FRIEND, George, Steward, MMR, 525990

 FROST, Edward, Leading Fireman, MMR, 517670

 FULLER, Walter R, Bugler, RMLI, 18174 (Ch)

 GALTRESS, Arthur, Corporal, RMLI, 16717 (Ch)

 GARDINER, James, Seaman, RNR, A 6487 (Ch)

 GARNSWORTHY, Charles S, Act/Lieutenant, RNR

 GENTRY, George, Fireman, MMR, 564545

 GIBSON, Edward, Chief Carpenter's Mate (Pens), 145048 (Ch)

 GIBSON, Ernest, Private, RMLI, 17470 (Ch)

 GIBSON, Robert, Leading Seaman (RFR B 3347), 183099 (Ch)

 GILDER, Sidney, Private, RMLI, 17052 (Ch)

 GLOVER, Jack S, Boy 1c, J 27585 (Ch)

 GOODALL, John C, Petty Officer (NS), 232827 (Ch)

 GORHAM, Arthur, Butcher, MMR, 628968

 GREENHEAD, Arthur T, Steward, MMR, 774393

 GRIFFITH, Robert, Cook, MMR, (not given)

 GRIFFITHS, William J, Corporal, RMLI, 14956 (Ch)

 HALLETT, Albert, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 931

 HALLIDAY, Francis A, Chief Petty Officer (RFR A 1603), 137182 (Ch)

 HAMPSHIRE, Edward, Seaman, RNR, B 5282 (Ch)

 HARDWICK, Charles R, Trimmer, MMR, 663627

 HARPER, John, Private, RMLI, 7550 (Ch)

 HARRIS, Edward, Boy 1c, J 29118 (Ch)

 HARRISON, Charles, Chief Cook, MMR, 768052

 HARRISON, Charles P, Seaman, RNR, A 6242 (Ch)

 HART, John, Seaman, RNR, D 1383 (Dev)

 HARVEY, Edward A, Blacksmith, 342578 (Ch)

 HARVEY, Frank H T, Boy 1c, J 27514 (Ch)

 HASTIE, William, Steward, MMR, (not given)

 HAYES, Francis G, Boy 1c, J 29317 (Ch)

 HEMSLEY, Joseph, Private, RMLI, 18839 (Ch)

 HENLEY, William E, Leading Seaman, 229717 (Ch)

 HERRMANN, William J, Leading Boatman (Coast Guard), 129891 (Po)

 HILLSLEY, Percy A, Boy 1c, J 27268 (Ch)

 HOLLANDS, James H, Private, RMLI (RFR B 1385), 10016 (Ch)

 HOLMES, Frederick, Private, RMLI, 10637 (Ch)

 HORNER, James P, Fireman, MMR, 795929

 HOWE, William J, Engine Room Artificer, RNR, EA 1494 (Ch)

 HOWES, Walter, Seaman, RNR, A 6231 (Ch)

 HOWITT, Joseph V, Private, RMLI, 18312 (Ch)

 HUGHES, Ellis, Telegraphist, 216514 (Ch)

 HUNT, William H, Private, RMLI, 4538 (Ch)

 HUNTER, Adam, Greaser, MMR, (not given)

 JACKSON, Peter, Fireman, MMR, 795971

 JACKSON, William G, Petty Officer (NS), 181593 (Ch)

 JACOBS, Thomas, Boy 1c, J 29617 (Ch)

 JAMES, William G, Steward, MMR, 732259

 JEFFREYS, Robert, Commander

 JOEL, Edgar C, Lieutenant, RNR

 JOHNS, Percy J, Boy 1c, J 29127 (Ch)

 JOHNSON, Frederick E, Boy 1c, J 29141 (Ch)

 JONES, Alfred, Fireman, MMR, 172344

 JONES, Richard H, Ty/Engineer, RNR

 JOYCE, Benjamin G, Colour Sergeant, RMLI, 8920 (Ch)

 KAVANAGH, Thomas J, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 2171

 KEHOE, William J, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 2173

 KENNEDY, Dugald, Seaman, RNR, 1 5424 (Ch)

 KERBEY, Charles J, Able Seaman, J 4063 (Ch)

 KIMPTON, John E, Boy 1c, J 27152 (Ch)

 KINCAID, Frank, Ty/Engineer, RNR

 KING, Ronald W, Leading Seaman, RNVR, London 9/1340

 KNIGHT, Ernest G, Boy 1c, J 27640 (Ch)

 KNIGHT, Thomas, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1297

 LeDAIN, Daniel, Steward, MMR, 735007

 LEWIS, Frederick G, Act/Lieutenant, RNR

 LEWIS, Walter E, Signal Boy, J 29613 (Ch)

 LEYBORNE-POPHAM, Arthur, Lieutenant Commander

 LINES, Frederick W, Boy 1c, J 27571 (Ch)

 LITTLEFORD, William, Cooper (Pensoner), 141147 (Ch)

 LIVERMORE, Harry, Signalman, 231788 (Ch)

 LONG, Frederick, Trimmer, MMR, 799524

 MACAULAY, Kenneth, Seaman, RNR, B 4971 (Ch)

 MACEY, George J B, Private, RMLI, 12392 (Ch)

 MACEY, Victor, Fireman, MMR, 639773

 MANSFIELD, Henry R, Boy 1c, J 28065 (Ch)

 MARSHALL, Forbes E, Boy 1c, J 30332 (Ch)

 MARTIN, Arthur W, Leading Seaman, 221552 (Ch)

 MARTIN, Donald, Seaman, RNR, A 6803 (Ch)

 MASON, Bertram, Writer, MMR, (not given)

 MATTHEWS, Robert E, Boy 1c, J 27556 (Ch)

 MATTINSON, Alfred, Petty Officer, RNVR, London 9/1139

 MCLEAN, Donald, Carpenter, MMR, (not given)

 MCLEOD, John, Seaman, RNR, A 3092 (Ch)

 MILLETT, Albert E, Petty Officer (NS), 233773 (Ch)

 MOAT, George, Seaman, RNR, B 5013 (Ch)

 MONAGHAN, Francis, Greaser, MMR, (not given)

 MOON, Albert E, Boy 1c, J 27283 (Ch)

 MOORE-ANDERSON, Walter Graham, Staff Surgeon

 MORGAN, John T, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1255

 MORRIS, Walter, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1282

 MORRISON, Donald, Seaman, RNR, D 2395 (Ch)

 MORRISON, Ewen, Seaman, RNR, A 6392 (Ch)

 MORRISON, Neil, Seaman, RNR, A 3878 (Ch)

 MOSSOP, Charles, Trimmer, MMR, (not given)

 MURRAY, Donald, Seaman, RNR, C 3275 (Ch)

 NEWMAN, Thomas, Fireman, MMR, 550713

 O'BRIEN, Patrick J, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 2172

 OSMOND, Gerald A, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1287

 OSWALD, Thomas A W, Boy 1c, J 27905 (Ch)

 PALMER, Alfred, Steward, MMR, 787130

 PARRY, Frederick G, Master at Arms (Pens), 350119 (Ch)

 PAVEY, Henry F, Private, RMLI (RFR B 1214), 11585 (Ch)

 PEARSON, Samuel, Boy 1c, J 27890 (Ch)

 PENNEY, William M, Assistant Cook, MMR, (not given)

 PERKINS, Albert E, Armourer's Crew, M 8149 (Ch)

 PERKINS, William G, Boy 1c, J 29629 (Ch)

 PETTITT, William, Leading Fireman, MMR, (not given)

 PIKE, Francis, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 2175

 POLLARD, William W G, Boy 1c, J 29100 (Ch)

 POTTER, Herbert, Private, RMLI (RFR B 828), 9034 (Ch)

 POWER, Alfred E, Boy 1c, J 27577 (Ch)

 PRATT, Percy, Private, RMLI, 18185 (Ch)

 PREST, Leslie B, Lieutenant

 PRICKETT, James W, Private, RMLI (RFR B 1000), 8264 (Ch)

 PRICKETT, Richard, Private, RMLI, 18318 (Ch)

 PRYER, Albert T, Leading Stoker, MMR, 222877

 RANDELL, Ralph, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 2176

 REDMOND, Raymond O ' C, Ty/Surgeon Probationer, RNVR

 REDSHAW, Horace, Fireman, MMR, 663322

 REEDAY, Donald, Petty Officer (NS), 208553 (Ch)

 REEKIE, William, Seaman, RNR, A 6361 (Po)

 RICHARDS, Thomas, Fireman, MMR, 628714

 RICHARDSON, Albert E J, Private, RMLI, 5514 (Ch)

 RICHARDSON, Ernest H, Signalman (RFR B 10073), 236438 (Ch)

 ROBB, James, Seaman, RNR, A 6461 (Po)

 ROBBSHAW, Edward W G, Lance Corporal, RMLI, 17320 (Ch)

 ROUSE, William, Trimmer, MMR, 658106

 RUDD, Ernest W, Boy 1c, J 27884 (Ch)

 SANDERS, William H, Shipwright 2c, M 6750 (Ch)

 SCOTT, William, Engine Room Artificer, RNR, EA 1481 (Ch)

 SHEFFORD, Robert R, Ship's Corporal 1c, 187178 (Ch)

 SIMMONS, Eugene F, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1285 (Ch)

 SIMPSON, Harold G, Boy 1c, J 25244 (Ch)

 SMALL, J (initial only), Messman, MMR, (no service number listed)

 SMALLMAN, Frank, Boy 1c, J 27126 (Ch)

 SMITH, David W P, Junior Reserve Attendant, M 9131 (Dev)

 SMITH, Frederick G, Boy 1c, J 28531 (Ch)

 SMITH, James W, Donkeyman, MMR, 335080

 SNELL, Frank, Able Seaman, 211691 (Ch)

 SNOW, Randell J, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1256

 SPALL, Charles, Carpenter's Crew, M 9940 (Ch)

 SPARKS, Alfred, Fireman, MMR, 704224

 SPENCER, William D, Private, RMLI, 12558 (Ch)

 SQUIRES, Richard J, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1280

 STEVENS, Richard, Leading Seaman (RFR B 1674), 183618 (Ch)

 STILLAWAY, William, Fireman (Storekeeper), MMR, 806581

 STONE, Edward, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1295

 STONE, Sidney J, Boy 1c, J 27238 (Ch)

 STRAWBRIDGE, Francis S, Steward, MMR, 438464

 STREET, William, Private, RMLI, 18322 (Ch)

 STUART, William, Private, RMLI, 8958 (Ply)

 TAYLOR, John, Assistant Cook, MMR, (not given)

 TAYLOR, Leonard K, Boy 1c, J 29099 (Ch)

 TAYLOR, Walter V, Boy 1c, J 27306 (Ch)

 TEDFORD, Peter, Leading Fireman, MMR, 548936

 THOMPSON, Edward, Petty Officer (NS), 181978 (Ch)

 THOMPSON, Frederick C, Boy 1c, J 29148 (Ch)

 THOMPSON, James, Greaser, MMR, 733124

 THOMSON, Andrew, Ty/Senior Engineer, RNR

 THOMSON, George M, Petty Officer 2c (Coast Guard), 153945 (Ch)

 TICKNER, Henry A, Private, RMLI (RFR B 764), 8392 (Ch)

 TILL, Arthur J, Leading Seaman (RFR B 258), 162520 (Ch)

 TOULSON, Cyril, 2nd Cook, MMR, 668589

 TREDWELL, William, Fireman, MMR, 733468

 TUTHILL, Harry T, Boy 1c, J 29326 (Ch)

 VIDLER, Benjamin, Steward, MMR, 678400

 WALKER, Richard A, Steward, MMR, 663584

 WALKER, Thomas, Trimmer, MMR, (not given)

 WARD, James, Trimmer, MMR, (not given)

 WARNER, Frederick E, Boy 1c, J 20622 (Ch)

 WATKINS, Jonas, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 2177

 WATSON, James, Fireman, MMR, (not given)

 WELDRICK, George J, Lieutenant, RNR

 WELLS, Arthur F, Private, RMLI, 15654 (Ch)

 WELLS, William G A, Boy 1c, J 29979 (Ch)

 WESTLAKE, Henry J, Chief Armourer (Pens), 164880 (Dev)

 WHITFIELD, Charles, Boy 1c, J 27523 (Ch)

 WILLIAMS, Joseph, Greaser, MMR, (not given)

 WINFIELD, William G K, Boy Telegraphist, J 26648 (Ch)

 WOOLF, Walter, Boy 1c, J 30479 (Ch)

 WOOLFORD, Thomas J, Leading Boatman (Coast Guard), 155146 (Ch)

 YOUNG, William E, Private, RMLI (RFR A 625), 13984 (Ch)


Lion, battlecruiser

 PEDLOW, Andrew P, Stoker 1c, K 19748 (Dev), drowned



Thursday, 4 February 1915


Australian Naval & Military Expeditionary Force

 HARRIS, Thomas, Private, 121, died in Australia


Bristol, light cruiser

 HALLIGAN, Charles, Able Seaman, 189926, died in Falkland Islands


Colleen, Naval Base, Queenstown, Ireland

 GRAHAM, Robert, Stoker, RNR, 1416 U, died in UK


E.11, submarine

 HODDER, Albert G, Petty Officer 1c, 180596, on books of depot ship Maidstone, died in UK


RM Depot Deal, both died in UK

 BRAMMER, Thomas N, Private, RMLI, 17930 (Po)

 MATTHEWS, Cecil W, Private, RMLI, 18187 (Po), F Company


RND, Crystal Palace

 CLARK, William, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, B Z 34, illness


RND, Hawke Battalion,

 MURRAY, John G, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 1171, illness in Crystal Palace


Swiftsure, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 SMITH, Samuel J, Chief Yeoman of Signals, 180636 (Ch), died in Egypt


TB.15, torpedo boat

 READING, William H, Stoker 1c, K 8362, drowned



Friday, 5 February 1915


Baron Ardrossan, squadron supply ship

 SHANNON, Joseph, Stoker, RNR, U 2190, died in UK


Colossus, Dreadnought battleship

 ENDICOTT, Frederick W, Chief Yeoman, 183550, died in UK


Diadem, Stoker's Training Ship, Portsmouth, ex-cruiser

 HALL, William J H, Gunner (ret), died in UK


Hardinge (RIM), troopship

 CHRISTIAN, Austin W, Ordinary Seaman, J 19854, died in Egypt


HM Coast Guard Station Lossiemouth

 WILLIAMS, Frederick J, Boatman (Coast Guard), 307303, died in UK


John Sherburn, hired trawler, auxiliary patrol

 DICKIE, William, Trimmer, RNR, TS 1503, drowned


RM Depot Deal

 PIDDINGTON, William T, Sergeant, RMLI, 812 (Ch), illness


RND, 4th (Depot) Battalion

 MOIR, Herbert, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 3235, illness in UK


RND, Benbow Battalion

 POWELL, Thomas W, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z 298, illness



Saturday, 6 February 1915




Adjutant, patrol vessel, ex-German tug, damaged by shore fire and recaptured by Germans

 PIDDOCK, Edward R, Able Seaman, J 592 (Ch)



Earnest, old destroyer

 SEARLE, Samuel G, Leading Stoker, K 9297 (Dev), died in UK


Impregnable, Boys Training Ship, Devonport

 MYTTON, Edward C, Boy 2c, J 33520, died in UK


Inconstant, light cruiser

 MACIVER, Norman, Seaman, RNR, 3817 A, drowned


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 HURLEY, James, Stoker 2c, K 23862, illness


RM Depot Deal

 FIELD, Ernest H H, Private, RMLI, 18112 (Po), illness


RND, 5th (Depot) Battalion

 DAVISON, Herbert E, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 3191, illness

 WARD, Joseph A, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 2938, illness


RND, Collingwood Battalion

 DEMPSTER, George S, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Clyde 2/2701, illness in RN Hospital Portland


Severn, river monitor

 ADAMS, Archibald, Private, RMLI, 11096 (Ply), illness


Stephen Furness, squadron supply ship

 BARNES, William, Master at Arms, 137358, died in UK


Thunderer, Dreadnought battleship

 FARRANT, Alfred J, Petty Officer 1c, 172648, drowned


Wildfire, Naval Base, Sheerness

 COOK, Ernest, Private, RMLI, 9181 (Ch), died in UK



Sunday, 7 February 1915


Ajax, Dreadnought battleship

 CREWS, Albert R, Able Seaman, 230145, drowned


Princess Melton, hired trawler, minesweeper

 BALLARD, David D, Engineman, RNR, ES 230, drowned



Monday, 8 February 1915


John Mitchell, hired net drifter

 TURRELL, Charles F, Deck Hand, RNR, DA 3809, drowned


Martin, destroyer

 WARD, Alfred, Petty Officer 1c, 148478, died in UK


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 CARLEY, Stephen, Chief Stoker, 154764, illness

 MCCORMICK, James R, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 628, died in UK




Philomel (New Zealand Division of RN), old light cruiser, landing party attacked ashore

 STANBURY, William, Able Seaman, J 17876, DOW



TB.1, torpedo boat

 COOMBS, Charles, Petty Officer Stoker, 296640, drowned



Tuesday, 9 February 1915


Onward, hired trawler, minesweeper

 DAWSON, James H, Trimmer, RNR, TS 1334, died in UK


Philomel (New Zealand Division of RN), old light cruiser, landing operation

 KNOWLES, William E, Seaman, NZNF 663, DOW


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 EASTON, Charles R, Stoker Petty Officer, 120129, illness



Wednesday, 10 February 1915


Arrogant, submarine depot ship, ex-light cruiser

 HOUNSOME, William, Private, RMLI, 11394 (Po), illness in UK


Collingwood, Dreadnought battleship

 LEAR, Victor S, Stoker 1c, K 5169, died in UK


Impregnable, Boys Training Ship, Devonport

 BREAKWELL, Walter N, Boy 2c, J 33774, died in UK


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 STIFF, Frank A, Able Seaman, RNVR, London 10/3245, illness


Philomel (New Zealand Division of RN), old light cruiser, landing operation

 MORETON, John T, Able Seaman, 234721 (Po), DOW


RM Depot Deal

 BARRETT, Ernest G, Private, RMLI, 18408 (Po), illness

 FRAZIER, Wilfred V, Private, RMLI, 17895 (Po), illness



Thursday, 11 February 1915


Australian Naval & Military Expeditionary Force

 READ, Joseph, Army Private, 188, died in New Guinea


Calypso, light cruiser

 YOUNG, Edward, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, 2187 X, illness


Hastfen, hired net drifter

 CURTIS, Edward C, Deck Hand, RNR, 3584 DA, died in UK


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 DAVIES, Sydney A E, Armourer's Crew, M 11611, died in UK



Friday, 12 February 1915


Hardinge (RIM), troopship

 RUST, Albert, Boy 1c, J 21407, died in Egypt


Impregnable, Boys Training Ship, Devonport

 LUDERMAN, Peter, Boy 2c, J 34436, died in UK


Princess Royal, battlecruiser

 LEY, Reginald F, Engine Room Artificer 1c, M 2184, died in UK


RND, 4th (Depot) Battalion

 STRIKE, Ernest, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z 621, illness


Seagull, minesweeper, ex-torpedo gunboat

 COUGHLAN, Michael, Able Seaman, 182650, died in UK


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 MCEACHEN, John, Seaman, RNR, A 7356, died in UK



Saturday, 13 February 1915


Antrim, cruiser

 SMITH, William S, Able Seaman, SS 3194, illness


Girl Rhoda, hired net drifter

 TORBETT, Francis J, Engineman, RNR, ES 2127, died in UK


Hibernia, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 NELSON, Francis A, Major, RM, died in UK


RND, Deal Battalion

 MILLER, Walter F, Private, RMLI, 17608 (Po), illness in UK


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 BAGNALL, Walter H, Boy 1c, J 29523, ex-Venerable, died in UK

TITE, Henry, 2nd Cook's Mate, M 11551, illness



Sunday, 14 February 1915


Empress of Russia, armed merchant cruiser

 LEUNG, Cheung, Trimmer, (no service number listed), illness


Partridge, destroyer

 MCDONALD, John, Seaman, RNR, 3478 B, drowned


RND, RM Divisional Engineers

 DONALD, Josiah A, Lance Corporal, RM, S 38, illness in UK


Sutlej, cruiser

 MURPHY, Eugene, Petty Officer, 183693 (Ch), drowned



Monday, 15 February 1915


RND, Hawke Battalion

 STANFORD, Edward, Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, illness


Jeanette Woermann, steamship

 COOPER, James, Able Seaman, MMR, (no service number listed), illness


RMLI, Plymouth Division

 COURT, Harry, Private, RMLI, 5162 (Ply), died in UK


Sydney (RAN), light cruiser

 BENT, Thomas H, Able Seaman, RAN, 1303, died in Australia


Virginian, armed merchant cruiser

 CHAPMAN, Frederick G, Petty Officer, 139298, illness


Yarmouth, light cruiser

 LANSBURY, Harry L, Boy Servant, L 5413, illness



Tuesday, 16 February 1915


Amsterdam, armed boarding steamer

 AUGER, John, Greaser, MMR, (no service number listed), illness


Bullfinch, old destroyer

 OXFORD, Charles, Chief Artificer Engineer, drowned


Cadmus, sloop

 ANSCOMBE, Charles F, Stoker 1c, K 11747, killed in Singapore


Conqueror, Dreadnought battleship

 ASHBY, Frederick, Boy 1c, J 22496, died in UK


Exmouth, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 DEVILLE, Charlie, Leading Stoker, 301466, drowned

 KAY, John T, Petty Officer, 234247, drowned


Royal Naval Air Service, air raid on Belgian Coast, all failed to return  

 O'BRIEN, Hon Desmond, Flight Lieutenant, flying in Short Type C Folder (Improved Admiralty Type) tractor seaplane

 RIGGALL, Edward G, Flight Lieutenant, flying in Avro Admiralty 504 (Admiralty 179 type) tractor biplane

 SPENCER, Thomas, Flight Sub Lieutenant, also flying in Avro Admiralty 504


RND, 4th (Depot) Battalion,

 TURNER, Harry, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z/461, died in UK


Sprig of Heather, hired net drifter

 MCNULTY, Charles, Deck Hand, RNR, 4506 DA, died in UK


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 ANDREWS, Harry P, Chief Writer, 90598 (Dev), illness



Wednesday, 17 February 1915


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 HAMNET, Arthur S, Able Seaman, 216503, illness

 TRIGGS, Edmund, Petty Officer, 180789, died in UK


Roxburgh, cruiser

 FRYER, John W, Sick Berth Steward, 350655, illness


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 WARREN, James, Stoker 1c, SS 108986, illness



Thursday, 18 February 1915


Excellent, Gunnery School, Portsmouth

 GIRLING, William, Chief Stoker, 144842, illness


Glory, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 SELLICK, John, Master at Arms, 161553, illness


RMA Eastney

 DAVIDSON, John R, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14031, died in UK


Royal Navy

 GOULDSMITH, Arthur N, Lieutenant Commander, illness


Tiger, battlecruiser

 DICKSON, David R, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde 3/2490, illness



Friday, 19 February 1915

GALLIPOLI CAMPAIGN – First Bombardment of Outer Dardanelles Forts


Liberty, destroyer

 HOLMES, Ernest W, Able Seaman, J 20050, drowned


Patuca, armed merchant cruiser

 HOEY, James, Fireman, MMR, (no service number listed), died in UK


RND, 5th (Depot) Battalion

 CLISH, George, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 3101, illness


RND, Benbow Battalion

 ROCHE, William H, Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, illness in Crystal Palace


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 SCOTT, Thomas, Stoker, RNR, 5845 S, illness


Zaria, Auxiliary Patrol depot ship, Orkney and Shetlands, mercantile fleet auxiliary

 LONGMUIR, Duncan, Seaman, RNR, A 4430, died in UK



Saturday, 20 February 1915


RND, Howe Battalion

 SMITH, William F, Chief Petty Officer, RNVR, Sussex 5/1, illness in UK


RND, RM Divisional Engineers,

 CREES, Alfred, Sapper, RM, S 946 (Deal), road accident


TB.94, torpedo boat

 PEAT, James P, Able Seaman RNVR, Mersey 3/173, drowned


Thorn, old destroyer

 KELLY, John, Seaman, RNR, 3854 A, died in UK



Sunday, 21 February 1915


Ambrose, armed merchant cruiser

 SEWELL, Arthur C, Boy 1c, J 29082, drowned


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 WILLIAMS, Morgan J, Stoker, RNR, 5711, illness



Monday, 22 February 1915


Mantua, armed merchant cruiser

 MOORE, George, Fireman, MMR, (no service number listed), died in UK


Queen Mary, battlecruiser

 VIVASH, Walter H, Leading Stoker, K 6808, illness


RND, Deal Battalion

 COWLES, George W, Private, RMLI, 17636 (Po), illness


Vanellus, squadron supply ship

 CARD, William L, Petty Officer, 125859 (Ch), died in UK


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 HAWKINS, Frederick T, Cook's Mate 2c, M 7570, died in UK


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 COLEMAN, John W, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 141066, illness

 MERRETT, Stephen A, Stoker 1c, 280417, illness



Tuesday, 23 February 1915


Defence, cruiser

 AINSLIE, Sidney J, Able Seaman, 235220, died in UK


Impregnable, Boys Training Ship, Devonport

 WHITE, Percy J, Boy 1c, J 34034, died in UK


New Zealand, battlecruiser

 BURNARD, Francis, Ordinary Signalman, J 20524, illness


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 TURLEY, Wilfred A, Stoker 2c, K 24072, illness


RND, Depot Staff

 BRITTEN, Harry C, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, London Z 1169, illness


Tern, hired trawler, auxiliary patrol, lost, wrecked off northern Scotland

 BOOTH, John J H, 2nd Hand, RNR, SA 415

 BRADFORD, George R, Engineman, RNR, ES 773

 CARGILL, Frederick, Seaman, RNR, C 2725

 DOUGLAS, Alexander, Seaman, RNR, B 4471

 GREEN, George, Deck Hand, RNR, DA 1598

 SWANTON, John J, Chief Petty Officer (Pens), 137755 (Po)



Wednesday, 24 February 1915


Patuca, armed merchant cruiser

 FRANCE-HAYHURST, Cecil H, Commander, died in UK


RND, Plymouth Battalion

 PHILLIPS, Frank, Sergeant, RMLI, 8707 (Ply), prisoner of war, died in Germany



Thursday, 25 February 1915



Second Bombardment of Outer Dardanelles Forts

Attacks continued until 18 March


Agamemnon,, pre-Dreadnought battleship, damaged by shore batteries, one Boy died of wounds 5 March

 MASON, William J, Ordinary Seaman, J 27767 (Ch)

 SMALL, George R H W, Leading Seaman, J 872 (Ch)

 WORTHINGTON, Bertie, Petty Officer, J 141 (Ch)



Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 ASHFIELD, George A, Stoker, RNR, S 2493, illness


Royal Naval Air Service

 DOWNING, Dawson C, Flight Lieutenant, died in UK, not air-related


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 HARRIS, Richard H, Stoker 2c, K 24185 (Dev), illness

 MCNAMARA, John E, 3rd Writer, M 11366 (Dev), illness



Friday, 26 February 1915


Canada (RCN), fleet auxiliary

 MCDONALD, Charles T, Able Seaman, RCN, 570, died in Canada


Ceto, hired yacht, later Ceto II

 DAVIES, Thomas, Trimmer, RNR, 1809 TS, hit by car in road, died in UK


Prince George, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 TAYLOR, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 102400, died in Gibraltar


RND, 2nd RN Brigade HQ

 HOUSTON, John J, Able Seaman, RNVR, Mersey 1/218, illness in RN Hospital Portland


RND, Howe Battalion

 GEARY, William H, Chief Petty Officer, 194135, illness in RN Hospital Portland




Vengeance, pre-Dreadnought battleship, Dardanelles shore landing party

 TURNBULL, Ernest, Sergeant, RMLI, 14297 (Ch)



Saturday, 27 February 1915


Encounter (RAN), old light cruiser

 BANKS, Robert, Engine Room Artificer 1c, RAN, 7693 (RN 268806), illness in Suva


Jupiter, icebreaker, Archangel, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 LEWIS, Francis W, Shipwright 2c (Pens), 155445, illness


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 BOURNE, James H, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 11904, illness


Ralco, hired trawler, minesweeper

 MCLEAN, Donald, Deck Hand, RNR, 1678 DA, died in UK


RNAS Pembroke

 BROWN, George F, Petty Officer Motor Mechanic, RNAS, F 1814, died in UK


Sarah Alice, hired trawler, minesweeper

 HOWARTH, George, Engineman, RNR, 276 ES, died in UK


TB.117, torpedo boat

 VIDGEN, Augustus E, Stoker 1c, K 5011, illness


Wildfire, Naval Base, Sheerness

 SMITH, William T, Chief Stoker, 159411, died in UK



Sunday, 28 February 1915




Vengeance, pre-Dreadnought battleship, boiler explosion

 JOHNSON, Frederick T, Stoker 1c, K 19889 (Ch)

 PARKER, Arthur C, Stoker, RNR, 1319 S (Ch)



Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 PRINGLE, William A, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Mersey Z/147, died in UK


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