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World War 1 - Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies
Researched & compiled by Don Kindell

31st MAY 1916 - BATTLE OF JUTLAND, Part 2 of 3
in date, ship & name order

HMS Indefatigable, battlecruiser blowing up and sinking at Jutland, 31 May 1916 (MaritimeQuest, click to enlarge)

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Wednesday, 31 May 1916




(Within fleets and squadrons, ships are listed in order - Dreadnought, battlecruiser, cruiser, light cruiser, flotilla leader, destroyer;

only ships that were hit and lives were lost are listed as damaged.)



Casualties listed in order:

Marlborough, Dreadnought

Invincible, battlecruiser

Black Prince, Defence, Warrior, cruisers

Calliope, light cruiser

Broke, flotilla leader, Acasta, Porpoise, Shark, Spitfire

Castor, light cruiser

Nessus, destroyer


Second, Fourth, First Battle Squadrons

24 Dreadnoughts (Marlborough damaged) with 3 light cruisers, 1 destroyer, 1 minelayer attached


Marlborough, First Battle Squadron, torpedoed and damaged

 MONK, Edgar G, Stoker 1c, K 4266 (Dev)

 RUSTAGE, William, Stoker 1c, K 20877 (Dev)


Third Battle Cruiser Squadron (attached)

3 battlecruisers (Invincible lost)



 ABBOTT, Walter T, Able Seaman, 228498 (Po)

 ABREY, Ambrose, Ordinary Seaman, J 25273 (Po)

 ACLAND-HOOD, Charles A J, Midshipman

 ACTON, John W, Seaman, RNR, C 2105

 AGAR, Thomas, Act/Leading Stoker, SS 109063 (Po)

 ALDOUS, Ernest G, Leading Signalman, 230757 (Po)

 ALEXANDER, William, Stoker, RNR, S 3314

 ALLCHIN, George H, Private, RMLI, 10207 (Po)

 ALLEN, Harry, Petty Officer 1c, 188226 (Po)

 ALLSUP, Francis W, Wireman 2c, M 9993 (Po)

 ANDERSON, David, Stoker, RNR, T 2075

 ANDREWS, Edwin F, Able Seaman (RFR B 6322), SS 2629 (Po)

 ANDREWS, Leonard C, Wireman 2c, M 11703 (Po)

 ARMSTRONG, Henry W, Ordinary Signalman, J 36727 (Dev)

 ARNELL, Bertie C, Stoker 1c, K 18373 (Po)

 ARNOLD, Henry, Stoker 1c, K 10431 (Po)

 ARNOLD, John S, Act/Armourer, 346554 (Po)

 ASTLE, Reginald H, Private, RMLI, 17356 (Po)

 ATTWOOD, William H, Petty Officer, 203625 (Po)

 AUGHTON, Edmund, Stoker 1c, K 13240 (Po)

 AYLING, Wilfred G, Stoker 1c, K 13466 (Po)

 BADGER, William J, Mechanician, 302919 (Po)

 BAILEY, Edward J, Stoker Petty Officer, 294508 (Po)

 BAILEY, Frederick W, Painter 2c, 221663 (Po)

 BAILEY, John, Stoker 1c, SS 115422 (Po)

 BAILEY, Joseph, Stoker 1c, 297014 (Po)

 BAILEY, Leonard, Petty Officer, 192428 (Po)

 BALCOMBE, Thomas, Able Seaman, 212478 (Po)

 BALD, James, Signal Boy, J 35021 (Dev)

 BALDWIN, William G, Officer's Steward 2c, 361749 (Po)

 BALL, Augustus, Stoker, RNR, T 2059

 BALL, George, Stoker 1c, K 19982 (Po)

 BALL, William H, Stoker Petty Officer, 309984 (Po)

 BALSON, Aaron J, Ordinary Seaman, J 31999 (Dev)

 BANKS, Thomas, Stoker, RNR, S 8412

 BARKER, Albert W, Gunner, RMA, RMA 13479

 BARKER, Frederick, Canteen Assistant, Admiralty civilian

 BARNES, Albert J, Leading Stoker, 310323 (Po)

 BARNES, Edward, Act/Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 269777 (Po)

 BARNES, Ernest, Act/Leading Stoker, K 10632 (Po)

 BARNES, Ernest J, Able Seaman, J 11192 (Po)

 BARTHOLOMEW, George (real name, but served as Edward G Salthouse), Stoker, RNR, S 5181

 BARTHOLOMEW, Percy, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 2686

 BARTLETT, Albert J, Leading Telegraphist, J 11978 (Po)

 BARTON, William, Chief Stoker, 176635 (Po)

 BATE, Arnold, Plumber's Mate, M 7463 (Po)

 BATES, Albert, Stoker, RNR, S 8423

 BAXTER, Henry W, Canteen Manager, Admiralty civilian

 BEACH, Charles F W, Act/Leading Stoker, 201036 (Po)

 BEARBLOCK, Walter J, Fleet Surgeon

 BEASLEY, John, Stoker 1c, SS 112101 (Ch)

 BEATWELL, Ernest, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14398

 BEAVIS, Albert, Stoker, RNR, S 2203

 BEAVIS, Thomas W, Stoker Petty Officer (RFR A 4065), 166940 (Po)

 BECK, Herbert T, Leading Signalman, J 12457 (Po)

 BECK, Percy, Stoker Petty Officer, 302836 (Po)

 BECKETT, William, Musician, RMB, RMB 680

 BEDDALL, Francis, Stoker 1c, K 27028 (Po)

 BELL, Charles, Shipwright 1c, 342887 (Po)

 BELL, David MacK, Stoker, RNR, S 5738

 BELL, Gavin, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 4152

 BELTON, Harold, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6308), SS 107671 (Po)

 BENNETT, Arthur F, Stoker 1c, K 17635 (Po)

 BENNETT, Herbert J, Stoker 1c, K 6789 (Po)

 BENNETT, John, Officer's Chief Cook, 358009 (Dev)

 BENNETT, John W, Stoker 1c (RFR B 3150), 289078 (Po)

 BERRIMAN, Fred, Leading Stoker, 310977 (Po)

 BEST, William J, Chief Petty Officer, 162937 (Po)

 BIDDLE, John W D, Able Seaman, J 25034 (Po)

 BILLING, Arthur, Able Seaman, J 26661 (Ch)

 BIRCH, Douglas A C, Midshipman

 BIRD, John H, Armourer's Crew, M 4665 (Po)

 BIRD, Leslie W, Boy 1c, J 38299 (Ch)

 BIRDSEYE, Thomas, Able Seaman, 235443 (Po)

 BISSETT, David F, Ordinary Seaman, J 26658 (Po)

 BLACKWELL, Frederick G, Stoker 1c, K 16517 (Po)

 BLAKE, Ernest, Stoker 1c, K 9328 (Po)

 BLAKE, William G W, Blacksmith, 341730 (Po)

 BLANCHARD, Henry H, Able Seaman, 363737 (Po)

 BLISS, Marmaduke V, Able Seaman, 221209 (Po)

 BLOOR, George, Stoker 1c, K 8614 (Po)

 BONCEY, Joseph J, Private, RMLI, 11603 (Po)

 BOOKER, Frank W, Gunner, RMA, RMA 11432

 BORMAN, Herbert J W, Stoker 1c, K 18142 (Po)

 BORRETT, John C F, Lieutenant Commander

 BOVINGTON, Albert, Act/Leading Stoker, 310990 (Po)

 BOWDITCH, William, Ship's Corporal 1c, 207154 (Po)

 BRADBURY, Gerald N, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271871 (Po)

 BRADY, Francis X, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 222513 (Dev)

 BRADY, James, Stoker, RNR, S 4821

 BRAME, Victor C, Bombardier, RMA, RMA 10242

 BRAMWELL, Thomas H, Able Seaman, 233784 (Po)

 BRANNAN, William, Stoker, RNR, S 8426

 BRASSINGTON, Job, Stoker 1c, SS 113684 (Po)

 BREACH, Jesse E, Boy 1c, J 32490 (Po)

 BREACHER, Rees (real name, but served as Albert Davies), Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 906

 BREBNER, William, Stoker, RNR, S 3301

 BREMNER, George, Seaman, RNR, C 2367

 BRENNAN, Patrick, Stoker, RNR, U 2141

 BRENTNALL, John G, Stoker 1c, 312400 (Po)

 BRIDGE, James E, Boy 1c, J 33014 (Dev)

 BRIDGER, Wilfred, Stoker 1c, K 18693 (Po)

 BRIGGS, Charles W, Canteen Staff, Admiralty civilian

 BRIGGS, John, Stoker 1c, SS 113812 (Po)

 BRIGHT, Arthur, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 2691

 BRINE, Walter, Petty Officer 2c, 179974 (Po)

 BRISTOW, Sidney, Blacksmith's Mate, M 13255 (Po)

 BROMHEAD, Richard, Chief Electrical Artificer 2c, 345043 (Po)

 BROOKER, Arthur, Ordinary Seaman, J 25196 (Po)

 BROOM, Herbert W, Stoker 1c, K 7246 (Po)

 BROUGHTON, Robert T, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 129257 (Po)

 BROWN, Alfred R, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 2202 (Po)

 BROWN, George R, Boy 1c, J 42637 (Po)

 BROWN, James, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 6082

 BROWN, Stephenson W, Boy 1c, J 41400 (Po)

 BROWN, William L, Private, RMLI, 18333 (Po)

 BROWNE, Frederick J, Officer's Steward 2c, L 4689 (Po)

 BROWNE, Harold R G, Assistant Paymaster

 BRYAN, George, Stoker 1c, K 19761 (Po)

 BRYDEN, John, Boy 1c, J 35023 (Ch)

 BUDGE, Andrew S, Seaman, RNR, A 7457 (Po)

 BULL, Alfred, Chief Shipwright, 342225 (Po)

 BULLIMORE, Wilfred S, Leading Seaman, 229615 (Po)

 BULLOCK, George A, Ordinary Seaman, J 25013 (Po)

 BUNCH, Joseph, Able Seaman, 229025 (Po)

 BURFORD, William, Private, RMLI, 13944 (Po)

 BURGES, Frederick E, Officer's Steward 2c, L 470 (Po)

 BURNINGHAM, William F, Stoker 1c, 289772 (Po)

 BURT, Alfred, Private, RMLI, 18338 (Po)

 BUTLER, Herbert, Act/Leading Stoker, K 9333 (Po)

 BUTTERWORTH, Joseph T, Boy 1c, J 42646 (Po)

 CALDER, Alexander, Signal Boy, J 41290 (Dev)

 CALLAWAY, Gordon S, Officer's Steward 3c, L 6886 (Po)

 CALLENDER, Peter, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 15248 (Po)

 CALLIS, Sidney, Musician, RMB, RMB 1599

 CAMERON, Mark W, Gunner

 CAMPBELL-COOKE, Alan G, Sub Lieutenant

 CANNINGS, Willie G, Private, RMLI, 18247 (Po)

 CARDEN, William F, Private, RMLI, 18183 (Po)

 CARLISLE, John C, Boy 1c, J 34312 (Dev)

 CARPENTER, Thomas H, Leading Stoker, K 12394 (Po)

 CARRINGTON, Albert, Stoker 1c, K 29468 (Po)

 CARTER, Thomas, Able Seaman, 217411 (Po)

 CASTLE, William J, Stoker 1c, K 2430 (Po)

 CATCHPOLE, John G, Able Seaman (RFR B 1986), 188962 (Po)

 CAVE, William H, Stoker 1c, K 5978 (Po)

 CAY, Arthur L, Captain

 CHAMBERS, Bernard, Stoker, RNR, S 3354

 CHAMPION, Henry, Gunner, RMA, RMA 5375

 CHAMPION, William J, Private, RMLI, 15643 (Po)

 CHANCE, Thomas J, Band Corporal, RMB, RMB 1031

 CHANT, Robert, Boy 1c, J 34925 (Dev)

 CHARLTON, Albert H, Private, RMLI, 7978 (Ply)

 CHASE, Stephen E, Stoker 1c, SS 116498 (Po)

 CHEEK, Albert T, Act/Leading Stoker, K 10401 (Po)

 CHEESEMAN, Henry, Stoker 1c, K 19987 (Po)

 CHEESMUR, William S, Private, RMLI, 18276 (Po)

 CHILD, Edmund, Stoker Petty Officer, 296171 (Po)

 CHRAGHTON, John, Stoker 1c, K 22665 (Po)

 CHRISTTMAS, Charles S, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 13669 (Po)

 CLACK, William, Act/Chief Yeoman of Signals, 188368 (Ch)

 CLAPSON, Joseph, ShipS Corporal 1c (Pens), 350021 (Po)

 CLARK, Albert E, Musician, RMB, RMB 227

 CLARK, George W, Petty Officer, 204117 (Po)

 CLARK, John, Gunner, RMA, RMA 10056

 CLARK, Owen, Stoker 1c, 290289 (Po)

 CLARK, Ronald S, Leading Seaman, J 6526 (Po)

 CLARKE, Charles J E, Able Seaman, J 35927 (Po)

 CLAYTON, John T, Stoker 1c, SS 108767 (Po)

 CLITHEROE, Frederick A, Stoker 1c, SS 115500 (Po)

 CLUITT, George, Stoker 1c, K 10362 (Po)

 CLYNE, Francis W, Seaman, RNR, D 2181

 COBB, Thomas H, Act/Sub Lieutenant

 COCHRANE, James, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5755), SS 106235 (Po)

 COGGINS, William (real name, but served as William Collins), Stoker 1c (RFR B 2375), 281092 (Po)

 COLE, Daniel, Stoker 1c (RFR B 2424), 281037 (Po)

 COLE, George H S, Ordinary Seaman, J 31612 (Po)

 COLE, Thomas W, Canteen Assistant, Admiralty civilian

 COLEMAN, Walter E, Boy 1c, J 42512 (Po)

 COLES, Arthur H, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 2203 (Po)

 COLES, Frank, Stoker 1c, K 14245 (Po)

 COLLINS, Henry W, Private, RMLI, 7283 (Po)

 COLMAN, John, Stoker, RNR, S 3343

 COLQUHOUN, Robert C, Major, RM

 COLTON, Alfred J, Act/Gunner

 COLYER, Arthur, Officer's Steward 3c, L 6913 (Po)

 COMMERFORD, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, J 23915 (Po)

 COMPTON, Oliver W, Petty Officer 1c, 171629 (Po)

 COOK, James, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 5874

 COOK, Reginald, Gunner, RMA, RMA 12724

 COOLING, Ernest G C, Stoker 1c, K 18360 (Po)

 COOP, Frank, Stoker Petty Officer, 304103 (Po)

 COOPER, Arthur W, Act/Leading Stoker, K 10234 (Po)

 COOPER, Charles H, Stoker 1c, K 4325 (Po)

 COOPER, George H, Mechanician, 300648 (Po)

 COOPER, Reginald, Stoker 1c, K 16578 (Po)

 COOPER, Valentine E H, Able Seaman, J 27845 (Po)

 COOTE, Graham R, Able Seaman, J 8227 (Po)

 CORBETT, James, Mechanician, 278064 (Po)

 CORBON, George W M, Ship's Corporal 1c, 178738 (Po)

 CORNEY, Arthur, Chief Stoker (RFR A 4198), 166938 (Po)

 CORY, William T, Mate

 COURTIS, Ernest E, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 272402 (Po)

 COUZENS, Walter J, Chief Ship's Cook, 340014 (Po)

 COX, Arthur, Act/Gunner

 COX, Henry J, Private, RMLI, 18307 (Po)

 CRAIG, Hugh J, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 163483 (Po)

 CRAKER, Alfred E, Wireman 2c, M 9995 (Po)

 CRANE, Walter, Stoker 1c, K 13971 (Po)

 CREASEY, Frederick A, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 2210 (Po)

 CRIBB, James, Act/Leading Stoker, 312265 (Po)

 CRISP, Albert, Boy 1c, J 32723 (Ch)

 CROFT, Henry C, Act/Leading Stoker, K 10087 (Po)

 CRONK, Albert J, Stoker 1c, K 8640 (Po)

 CROSLEY, Francis C, Leading Stoker, K 5823 (Dev)

 CROSS, George, Stoker 1c, SS 111219 (Po)

 CROSS, Tom D, Petty Officer, 210488 (Po)

 CROTHERS, Robert, Stoker 1c, SS 108396 (Po)

 CRUICKSHANKS, Robert, Sergeant, RMA, RMA 5526

 CUDD, Charles H, Able Seaman, 215227 (Po)

 CUNNINGHAM, Thomas, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 12567 (Po)

 CURD, Stephen, Boy 1c, J 42644 (Po)

 CURRAN, Patrick, Seaman, RNR, C 3742

 CURRIE, Gairn F, Stoker 1c, K 22525 (Po)

 CURRIE, Thomas J, Able Seaman, 223656 (Po)

 DADD, George W, Able Seaman, 228271 (Po)

 DAINTON, Arthur, Boy 1c, J 42503 (Ch)

 DALE, William C, Able Seaman, J 20921 (Po)

 DALTON, Harold F, Boy 1c, J 42639 (Po)

 DANIELS, Ernest P, Private, RMLI, 14410 (Po)

 DAVEY, James H, Leading Seaman, 222566 (Po)

 DAVEY, William, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 6847

 DAVIDSON, Andrew, Stoker, RNR, S 1584

 DAVIDSON, William, Stoker 1c, 288743 (Po)

 DAVIES, John H, Able Seaman, 219355 (Po)

 DAVIES, Robert W, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 1318

 DAVIES, William, Stoker 1c, K 17692 (Po)

 DAVIES, William, Act/Leading Stoker, K 4247 (Dev)

 DAVIS, Arthur V, Private, RMLI, 16715 (Po)

 DAVIS, Reginald P, Ordinary Signalman, J 24903 (Po)

 DEACON, George, Bandmaster 1c, RMB 391

 DEAN, Alfred, Stoker 1c, SS 113686 (Po)

 DEAN, Walter, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 269471 (Po)

 DEATH, John T, Stoker 1c, K 7203 (Po)

 DELANEY, Hugh, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 3305

 DEMAID, Frank F, Act/Leading Stoker, K 4657 (Po)

 DENT, Harry, Private, RMLI, 18346 (Po)

 DENYER, Frank C, Private, RMLI, 16714 (Po)

 DEXTER, Edmond C, Gunner, RMA, RMA 12399

 DIBDEN, Arthur W, Stoker Petty Officer, 300870 (Po)

 DICK, James, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 4888

 DICKS, Samuel D, Stoker 1c, K 17690 (Po)

 DINHAM, Thomas W, Able Seaman, J 8885 (Po)

 DIVALL, George, Able Seaman, 187153 (Po)

 DOBBIE, Thomas, Stoker, RNR, S 3240

 DOBSON, Thomas H, Ordinary Seaman, J 21948 (Po)

 DODDS, James, Stoker, RNR, U 1687

 DOLAN, Thomas J, Bombardier, RMA, RMA 12794

 DOLLING, Francis J, Musician, RMB, RMB 1010

 DOLTON, William F, Private, RMLI, 16710 (Po)

 DONNELLY, Michael, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 5721

 DONOVAN, George H, Stoker 1c, K 16598 (Po)

 DONOVAN, William T, Act/Boatswain

 DORMER, Charles B, Private, RMLI, 18323 (Po)

 DOSSETT, Charles A, Boy 1c, J 34825 (Po)

 DOWNER, Arthur K, Stoker 1c, K 18211 (Po)

 DOWNER, Ernest C, Leading Seaman, 236980 (Po)

 DOWNER, William G, Stoker 1c, K 18666 (Po)

 DOYLE, Robert W, Stoker 1c, K 10134 (Po)

 DRAKE, George P, Signalman, J 26350 (Po)

 DRISCOLL, Daniel, Stoker 1c, 296397 (Dev)

 DUCE, Samuel C, Stoker Petty Officer, K 7624 (Po)

 DUDLEY, Lewis E, Able Seaman, J 7395 (Po)

 DUNAWAY, William J, Stoker Petty Officer, 305131 (Po)

 DUNDAS, Norman, Private, RMLI, 12917 (Po)

 DUNN, Charles A, Musician, RMB, RMB 2262

 DUNN, Jacob C, Able Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z 844

 DUNNAWAY, Archibald M, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271669 (Po)

 DURHAM, Alfred, Stoker Petty Officer, 301014 (Po)

 DURHAM, Arthur, Private, RMLI, 18357 (Po)

 DYER, Charles, Stoker 1c, SS 112284 (Po)

 DYER, William R, Stoker Petty Officer, 312359 (Po)

 DYSON, John, Stoker Petty Officer, K 10578 (Po)

 EAMEY, William D, Ordinary Seaman, J 23254 (Po)

 EDEN, William H, Leading Seaman, J 6667 (Po)

 EDNEY, William B, Yeoman of Signals, 206354 (Po)

 EDWARDS, Thomas Y, Yeoman of Signals, 199166 (Ch)

 ELKIN, Thomas, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 4468

 ELLIS, William H, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 15950 (Po)

 ELPHICK, William H, Leading Stoker, K 8306 (Po)

 ELSON, Frederick H, Stoker 1c, SS 115793 (Po)

 EMBLING, Alfred G, Electrical Artificer 4c, M 7392 (Po)

 EMMETT, Maurice (real name, but served as Maurice Maher), Musician, RMB, RMB 1509

 ENFIELD, William H, Stoker 1c, K 16826 (Po)

 ESMONDE, John H G, Midshipman

 EVANS, Albert P, Chief Petty Officer, 159345 (Po)

 EVANS, John, Boy 1c, J 37452 (Dev)

 EVELEIGH, William J, Stoker 1c, K 14736 (Po)

 EVERETT, George T, Gunner, RMA, RMA 13445

 EVERITT, Bertie E, Petty Officer, 208683 (Po)

 EVERTON, Samuel, Private, RMLI, 274 (Ply)

 EYERS, William E, Able Seaman, J 5375 (Po)

 FAIRLEY, Albert, Stoker 1c, SS 114710 (Po)

 FARNHAM, Arthur C, Cook's Mate, M 14278 (Po)

 FARR, Frederick T, Stoker 1c, K 18265 (Po)

 FEARN, Alfred H, Boy 1c, J 26675 (Po)

 FEATHERSTONE, Charles J, Stoker 1c, 303372 (Po)

 FEATHERSTONE, William C T, Able Seaman, J 23592 (Po)

 FEGAN, Bernard, Stoker, RNR, S 3248

 FENTON, George F, Able Seaman, J 14860 (Po)

 FENTON, Herbert, Able Seaman, J 23418 (Po)

 FERNIE, Harold, Stoker 1c, SS 116499 (Po)

 FIELD, Henry J, Stoker 1c, K 20000 (Po)

 FIELDHOUSE, William E, Officer's Steward 3c, L 5352 (Po)

 FIELDING, Tom, Boy 1c, J 32495 (Dev)

 FIGG, Ernest F, Leading Stoker, K 7792 (Po)

 FINLAY, James, Act/Artificer Engineer

 FISHER, Charles D, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR

 FISHER, Ernest, Able Seaman, 236680 (Po)

 FISHER, Herbert C, Private, RMLI, 16711 (Po)

 FISK, Arthur J, Stoker, RNR, S 2528

 FITZGERALD, Arthur D, Private, RMLI, 16684 (Po)

 FITZJOHN, Henry L, Boy 1c, J 37915 (Po)

 FLEMING, Andrew, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 7549

 FLEMMING, Thomas F S, Lieutenant

 FLETCHER, George R, Able Seaman, J 2335 (Po)

 FLETCHER, James, Private, RMLI, 18358 (Po)

 FLYNN, James C, Act/Leading Stoker, 301010 (Po)

 FLYNN, Michael, Stoker, RNR, U 1583

 FORD, Alfred H, Carpenter's Crew, M 14272 (Po)

 FORDER, Reginald N, Leading Stoker, 232472 (Po)

 FOSTER, Harry, Boy 1c, J 42649 (Po)

 FOSTER, Percy E, Petty Officer, 235887 (Po)

 FOX, Thomas, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 4300

 FOX, Walter, Stoker 1c, K 13444 (Po)

 FRANCE, James, Boy 1c, J 38703 (Ch)

 FRANCIS, Frederick T, Yeoman of Signals, 164772 (Po)

 FRANCIS, William T, Wireman 2c, M 9999 (Po)

 FREEMAN, Edgar, Gunner, RMA, RMA 10425

 FREEMANTLE, Stanley E, 3rd Writer, M 8879 (Po)

 FRESHWATER, Alfred, Able Seaman, J 9950 (Po)

 FREW, Hugh, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 7365

 FROGGATT, Arthur, Electrical Artificer 1c, 344842 (Po)

 FROST, Thomas V, Electrical Artificer 4c, M 7743 (Po)

 FRY, Frederick C, Artificer Engineer

 FUDGE, William G, Able Seaman (RFR B 6503), 215911 (Po)

 FULKER, Charles F, Private, RMLI, 18360 (Po)

 FULTON, John, Stoker, RNR, S 3313

 FYNN, Herbert, Stoker Petty Officer, 295185 (Po)

 GAINSBURY, Walter A, Sick Berth Attendant, M 6310 (Po)

 GALE, Charles A, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, 292831 (Po)

 GALLAGHER, Edward, Stoker Petty Officer (Pens), 145339 (Po)

 GASSTON, John E, Stoker 1c, K 20001 (Po)

 GEORGE, Frederick J, Stoker 1c, K 5171 (Po)

 GIFFARD-BRINE, Robin G B, Midshipman

 GILLARD, William, Stoker 1c, K 14765 (Po)

 GILLMAN, Sidney G, Private, RMLI, 13019 (Po)

 GILLON, Francis, Stoker 1c, SS 111202 (Po)

 GITSHAM, Walter, Petty Officer, 184698 (Po)

 GLEN, Edward W, Stoker 1c, SS 116333 (Po)

 GOBLE, Charles, Able Seaman, 233323 (Po)

 GODDARD, Arthur S, Stoker, RNR, S 4504

 GOODCHILD, Henry S, Act/Leading Stoker, 311504

 GORE, Francis C, Able Seaman, J 15630 (Po)

 GOSS, George, Able Seaman, 188489 (Po)

 GOSS, Herbert F, Officer's Cook 3c, L 8425 (Po)

 GOULD, Charles W, Boy 1c, J 32844 (Dev)

 GRAHAM, Angus, Seaman, RNR, C 3020

 GRAHAM, Henry W, Officer's Steward 3c, L 6346 (Po)

 GRAHAM, Robert, Electrical Artificer 3c, M 843 (Po)

 GRAHAM, Thomas, Stoker, RNR, S 5517

 GRANT, Thomas W, Electrical Artificer 4c, M 7533 (Po)

 GRANTHAM, Vincent W, Ordinary Seaman, J 26012 (Po)

 GREAVES, Albert V, Able Seaman, J 26052 (Po)

 GREAVES, John W, Act/Leading Stoker, SS 111312 (Po)

 GREEDUS, George, Signalman, J 13706 (Po)

 GREEN, Ernest, Able Seaman, J 19450 (Po)

 GREEN, William, 3rd Writer, M 6047 (Po)

 GREENHAM, Albert, Able Seaman, 192043 (Po)

 GREIG, Alexander, Stoker, RNR, S 5697

 GRIFFIN, William H, Stoker 1c, K 8732 (Po)

 GRIMES, James W, Blacksmith's Mate, 309857 (Po)

 GROOM, Frederick A, Ordinary Seaman, J 25707 (Po)

 GRUBB, James, Able Seaman, 222874 (Po)

 GUYTON, Albert J, Ordinary Seaman, J 24703 (Po)

 HADLEY, Robert C W, Sick Berth Steward, 351234 (Po)

 HALCROW, John, Stoker 1c, 279721 (Po)

 HALDANE, Robert, Stoker, RNR, S 1378 (Po)

 HALL, Arthur J, Able Seaman, 226554 (Po)

 HALL, George R, Act/Lieutenant, RNR

 HALL, Leonard, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6455), 298848 (Po)

 HALL, William, Able Seaman, 234154 (Dev)

 HAMER, David, Stoker, RNR, S 8424

 HAMER, Henry, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 11433 (Po)

 HAMILTON, Thomas, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 4293

 HAMMOND, Frederick, Plumber, 344295 (Po)

 HANCOCK, Thomas, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 8935 (Dev)

 HAND, Richard, Petty Officer, 183371 (Po)

 HANDS, Charles C, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 9150

 HARDING, William S L, Sergeant, RMLI, 9383 (Po)

 HARRIS, Arthur E, Mechanician, 276288 (Po)

 HARRIS, Arthur J, Able Seaman, 214208 (Po)

 HARRIS, Ernest, Stoker 1c, K 15412 (Po)

 HARRIS, Frank A, Able Seaman, J 9002 (Po)

 HARRIS, Henry, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5958), SS 106815 (Po)

 HARRIS, Walter, Boy 1c, J 39938 (Po)

 HARRISON, Henry, Leading Seaman, 206743 (Po)

 HARRISON, John, Stoker 1c, K 10659 (Po)

 HARVEY, Harry, Shipwright 2c, M 6592 (Po)

 HARVEY, William E, Cooper, 343347 (Po)

 HASKELL, Francis G, Act/Chief Stoker, 300428 (Po)

 HASSELL, Ernest R, Carpenter's Crew, M 16461 (Ch)

 HAVERLEY, Frederick R, Able Seaman, J 2607 (Po)

 HAWKINS, Frederick, Stoker 1c, SS 112037 (Po)

 HAWKINS, John, Stoker 1c, SS 111167 (Ch)

 HAY, Alexander, Stoker, RNR, S 2711

 HAYES, William J, Able Seaman (RFR B 4233), 191798 (Po)

 HAYTER, Alfred E, Act/Leading Stoker, K 13688 (Po)

 HEARD, Richard H, Stoker 1c (RFR B 7051), SS 109025 (Po)

 HEARN, Albert V, Musician, RMB, RMB 1886

 HEATH, John, Stoker 1c, K 8647 (Po)

 HEATHER, Walter H, Ordinary Seaman, J 25187 (Po)

 HEATON, Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 1551 (Po)

 HEMSLEY, Robert, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4137), SS 102625 (Po)

 HENDERSON, Richard, Act/Sub Lieutenant

 HERRIDGE, George, Private, RMLI, 14195 (Po)

 HERRING, William D, Private, RMLI, 16740 (Po)

 HERSEY, George C, Officer's Steward 2c, L 4859 (Po)

 HEWITT, Frank E, Leading Seaman (RFR B 7053), 193087 (Po)

 HEWITT, William, Stoker 1c, SS 115795 (Po)

 HEWLETT, Samuel E, Able Seaman, 221630 (Po)

 HIBBERD, Frederick, Private, RMLI, 16713 (Po)

 HICKISH, Edgar J P, Able Seaman, J 11315 (Po)

 HICKS, Ernest L, Petty Officer, 167979 (Po)

 HICKS, Gregory T, Act/Leading Stoker, K 10086 (Po)

 HIGGS, Sidney J, Corporal, RMLI, 14259 (Po)

 HILL, Cuthbert A, Midshipman

 HILL, Herbert G, 2nd Sick Berth Steward, 351649 (Po)

 HILL, William C, Stoker Petty Officer, 223696 (Po)

 HINDMARSH, James, Officer's Steward 1c, 116106 (Po)

 HINE, John McL, Ty/Engineer Lieutenant

 HIRST, Clifford, Telegraphist, J 31566 (Po)

 HISCOCK, John, Seaman, Newfoundland RNR, X 1764

 HISCOCKS, Frederick J, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 4654 (Po)

 HOARE, Charles H, Chief Stoker (RFR A 3026), 146632 (Po)

 HOBBS, Harry T, Private, RMLI, 16663 (Po)

 HODDER, Albert E, Signal Boy, J 28148 (Po)

 HODDER, Ernest A, Stoker 1c, K 28903 (Po)

 HODGSON, Edward T, Midshipman

 HOGARTH, Charles S W, Stoker 1c, SS 111495 (Po)

 HOGGARTY, Thomas, Stoker, RNR, S 5077

 HOLD, Albert, Boy 1c, J 39511 (Ch)

 HOLDEN, Albert E, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4218), SS 102899 (Po)

 HOLDEN, George H, Stoker 1c, SS 111492 (Po)

 HOLLAND, Ernest, Joiner, 344836 (Po)

 HOLLAND, Harry, Stoker 1c, K 18361 (Po)

 HOLLOWAY, Joseph, Stoker 1c, K 20400 (Po)

 HOLMES, Henry A, Able Seaman, J 4350 (Po)

 HOLT, Charles H, Ordinary Seaman, J 24988 (Po)

 HOOD, Hon Sir Horace L A, Rear Admiral

 HOOD, Reginald, Officer's Cook 1c, L 4931 (Po)

 HOPKINS, Henry A, Able Seaman, 237804 (Po)

 HOPKINS, John, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 2852

 HORN, George W, Leading Signalman, 223720 (Po)

 HORSLEY, Henry J, Stoker 1c, K 9681 (Po)

 HORSMAN, Horace, Act/Leading Stoker, K 17373 (Po)

 HOSIER, Ernest, Able Seaman, J 9209 (Po)

 HOSKINS, Harold P, Able Seaman, J 27193 (Po)

 HOTSTON, Charles A, Officer's Cook 1c, 355373 (Po)

 HOUGHTON, Fred, Plumber's Mate, M 13689 (Po)

 HOWARD, Frank, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14243

 HOWARD, John M T, Musician, RMB, RMB 2045

 HOWSE, Henry J, Cook's Mate, M 4007 (Po)

 HUGHES, Leonard, Stoker 1c, SS 111266 (Po)

 HUGHES, William C, Officer's Steward 1c, 360080 (Po)

 HUGHES, William J, Stoker Petty Officer, 307002 (Po)

 HULLEY, George, Stoker 1c, K 26692 (Po)

 HUMPHREY, Charles, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14014

 HUMPHRIES, Alfred C, Able Seaman, 211919 (Po)

 HUNT, Frank J G, Able Seaman, J 19360 (Po)

 HUNT, John G, Stoker 1c, K 7196 (Po)

 HUNT, William C, Chief Gunner

 HUNTER, William, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 6892

 HUTCHINGS, George W, Musician, RMB, RMB 1019

 HUTCHINSON, Edward, Act/Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 270938 (Po)

 HUTCHINSON, William S, Act/Sub Lieutenant

 HYSLOP, Norman, Gunner, RMA, RMA 12687

 IRONSIDE, Charles W, Able Seaman, 208702 (Po)

 ISAACSON, George, Leading Signalman, J 6826 (Po)

 IVEY, David H, Ship's Steward, 341600 (Po)

 JACKSON, Ernest, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6872), SS 108746 (Po)

 JACKSON, James, Stoker 1c, SS 115105 (Po)

 JACKSON, John T, Wireman 2c, M 17486 (Po)

 JAMES, Charles E, Leading Stoker, 310705 (Po)

 JAMES, Frederick C, Able Seaman, J 14721 (Po)

 JAMES, John, Chief Stoker, 171202 (Po)

 JAMIESON, Robert F, Band Corporal, RMB, RMB 1184

 JARVIS, Frank, Ship's Steward's Assistant, M 11091 (Po)

 JENNINGS, Edward F, Stoker Petty Officer, K 6467 (Po)

 JENNINGS, Joseph O, Act/Leading Stoker, K 2433 (Po)

 JERRAM, John E, Stoker, RNR, U 1429

 JEW, Albert E, Act/Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 269506 (Po)

 JOHNSON, Ernest, Leading Carpenter's Crew, 236865 (Po)

 JOHNSON, Peter, Able Seaman, 161373 (Po)

 JOHNSON, Thomas A J, Electrical Artificer 2c, 346596 (Po)

 JOHNSTONE, Leopold E, Act/Sub Lieutenant

 JONES, Alexander, Boy Servant, L 7004 (Po)

 JONES, Arthur T, Wireman 2c, M 11888 (Po)

 JONES, Cyril O H, Ty/Surgeon

 JONES, David J, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 2851

 JONES, Ebenezer, Leading Seaman, RNR, C 1449

 JONES, Frank, Able Seaman, J 25511 (Po)

 JONES, John H, Wireman 2c, M 17585 (Po)

 JONES, Owen, Petty Officer, RNR, D 1748

 JONES, Thomas, Stoker 1c, 308803 (Po)

 KAY, Edward H, 2nd Cook's Mate, M 11989 (Po)

 KEAN, John, Private, RMLI, 13732 (Po)

 KEAR, William G, Private, RMLI, 14944 (Po)

 KEEN, Henry A, Boy 1c, J 37092 (Dev)

 KELHAM, Ernest, Gunner, RMA, RMA 13448

 KELLAWAY, John P, Able Seaman, J 15676 (Dev)

 KELLY, Richard O, Chief Stoker, 290749 (Po)

 KEMP, Ernest, Warrant Telegraphist

 KENDALL, Harry, Stoker 1c, K 12345 (Po)

 KENNARD, Alfred J, Telegraphist, J 24453 (Po)

 KENT, Herbert E, Able Seaman, J 22267 (Po)

 KENT, William F, Able Seaman, J 5753 (Po)

 KERR, Hugh S, Engine Room Artificer, RNR, EA 1352

 KING, David, Stoker, RNR, U 1264

 KING, Edward H, Ordinary Seaman, J 29670 (Po)

 KING, William, Stoker 1c, 307790 (Po)

 KNELLER, Albert B, Leading Seaman, 235514 (Po)

 KNIGHT, Albion H, Private, RMLI, 10412 (Po)

 KNIGHT, Charles H, Act/Chief Electrical Artificer 2c, 347837 (Po)

 KNIGHT, George M, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4221), SS 102904 (Po)

 KNIGHT, Henry C, Able Seaman, J 24325 (Po)

 KNOWLES, Walter C D, Act/Leading Stoker, K 15411 (Po)

 LAMB, Robert T, Stoker 1c, SS 114708 (Po)

 LAMPREY, Charles E, Ordinary Seaman, J 37470 (Dev)

 LANE, Ernest, 1st Writer, 347208 (Po)

 LANE, Herbert G, Stoker 1c, K 10698 (Po)

 LANGRIDGE, Cecil, Boy 1c, J 42643 (Po)

 LAST, William G, Leading Cook's Mate, 347915 (Po)

 LAW, John, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 1014

 LAWRENCE, Frederick C, Shipwright 2c, 345938 (Po)

 LAWRENCE, George D, Stoker 1c, K 12315 (Po)

 LAYZELL, Cecil J, Act/Leading Stoker, K 7795 (Po)

 LAZENBY, Richard E, Able Seaman, J 5155 (Po)

 LE SEELLEUR, John T, Lieutenant, RMLI

 LEACH, Frederick J, Shipwright 1c, 344496 (Po)

 LEE, Thomas, Act/Leading Stoker, 282141 (Po)

 LEECH, John B, Stoker 1c, SS 116501 (Po)

 LEESON, Charles, Gunner, RMA, RMA 12221

 LEGG, John, Stoker 1c, K 16242 (Po)

 LEGG, Reginald, Private, RMLI, 15563 (Po)

 LEWINGTON, Henry G, Able Seaman, J 13825 (Po)

 LEWIS, James H B, Able Seaman, J 8168 (Po)

 LEWIS, William, Act/Leading Stoker, K 4329 (Po)

 LEWIS, William, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5869), SS 106392 (Po)

 LIDDLE, Joseph A, Boy 1c, J 29988 (Po)

 LINDLEY, Joseph, Stoker 1c, K 9355 (Po)

 LINDLEY, William, Stoker 1c, K 20005 (Po)

 LINSTEAD, Edward, Stoker 1c, 312457 (Po)

 LITTLEFIELD, Benjamin C, Act/Chief Petty Officer, 177736 (Po)

 LIVERSIDGE, Raymond A, Ty/Assistant Paymaster, RNR

 LLOYD, Lionel S, Boy 1c, J 37912 (Dev)

 LOCK, John, Ordinary Seaman, J 34321 (Dev)

 LOGAN, Frank S, Stoker 1c, K 13037 (Po)

 LOMAS, Harold, Electrical Artificer 4c, M 8858 (Po)

 LONDON, John H, Able Seaman, J 17855 (Po)

 LOVETT, William, Stoker 1c, K 24481 (Po)

 LOWE, Herbert H, Stoker 1c, K 15359 (Po)

 LUCK, George E R, Act/Chief Armourer, 341362 (Po)

 LUCKIE, John, Stoker Petty Officer, 172403 (Po)

 LUKER, Frederick, Chief Boatswain

 LUNT, Albert, Signal Boy, J 41667 (Dev)

 LUXON, William H, Stoker 1c, K 20401 (Po)

 LYNCH, John, Private, RMLI, 10585 (Po)

 MACARTHUR, John, Seaman, RNR, A 3975

 MACDONALD, Alexander J, Able Seaman, 225288 (Po)

 MACDONALD, Edwin, Officer's Chief Steward, L 6579 (Ch)

 MACEY, Charles H, Chief Ship's Cook, 345091 (Po)

 MACHAN, Edgar, Able Seaman, J 20116 (Po)

 MACKAY, James, Seaman, RNR, A 3747

 MACKENZIE, William N, Stoker 1c, K 13452 (Po)

 MACLAGAN, Douglas A, Able Seaman, 219820 (Po)

 MACRITCHIE, Finlay, Seaman, RNR, B 2512

 MACSWEEN, Allen, Able Seaman, J 25788 (Po)

 MAGUIRE, Herbert, Stoker Petty Officer (Pens), 143265 (Po)

 MAHONEY, John E, Able Seaman, 237083 (Po)

 MAIDMENT, John A, Stoker, RNR, S 2279

 MAIDWELL, Sidney W, Stoker 1c, K 3364 (Po)

 MAIN, Alexander M, Stoker, RNR, U 1888

 MAIN, Reuben, Engineer Commander

 MAINPRICE, Ernest W L, Fleet Paymaster

 MALCOLM, Alfred A, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 1332 (Po)

 MALONE, James J, Stoker 1c, K 14730 (Po)

 MANN, Ernest, Gunner, RMA, RMA 7006

 MANN, Robert J, Leading Seaman, J 9573 (Po)

 MANNING, Alfred R G, Able Seaman, 223331 (Po)

 MANSELL, Arthur, Ship's Cook, 356966 (Po)

 MANT, James C, Act/Leading Stoker, K 1168 (Po)

 MARK, Leonard H, Able Seaman, J 8182 (Po)

 MARLOW, John J H, Ordinary Seaman, J 22646 (Po)

 MARSDEN, George W, Petty Officer, 169184 (Po)

 MARSDEN, Joseph, Stoker 1c, SS 115431 (Po)

 MARSH, Albert, Stoker 1c, SS 115756 (Po)

 MARSH, Wilfred T, Leading Seaman, 232292 (Po)

 MARSH, William A, Stoker 1c, K 20403 (Po)

 MARSHALL, Henry F, Able Seaman, 219406 (Po)

 MARSHALL, William E, Able Seaman, J 523 (Po)

 MARTIN, Cameron, Stoker 2c, SS 111657 (Po)

 MASLEN, Charles, Stoker 1c, SS 110724 (Po)

 MASON, Herbert E, Able Seaman, 209495 (Po)

 MATHER, Harold, Officer's Steward 2c, L 6370 (Ch)

 MATTHEWS, Cecil A, Stoker 2c, K 15264 (Po)

 MAXTED, Charles E, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 13158 (Ch)

 MAXWELL, Bertram J E (real name, but served as Elberts Roberts), Chief Stoker, 282914 (Po)

 MAYHEW, William G, Stoker 1c, 311512 (Po)

 MCARDLE, Frederick, Able Seaman, 182707 (Po)

 MCCARTEN, George H F, Act/Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 270023 (Po)

 MCCORMACK, William, Stoker, RNR, T 3036

 MCCRAE, Alexander, Stoker, RNR, S 8446

 MCCULLOCH, John, Stoker 1c, SS 113811 (Po)

 MCCULLOUGH, John, Boy 1c, J 37462 (Dev)

 MCDONALD, William, Leading Stoker, 312257 (Po)

 MCEACHERN, Charles, Stoker 1c, 309144 (Po)

 MCGRATH, George, Stoker, RNR, U 2024

 MCGREGOR, James, Seaman, RNR, B 2655

 MCGURK, John, Stoker, RNR, S 1515

 MCILWRATH, Samuel, Stoker, RNR, S 2045

 MCINTOSH, Alexander S, Leading Seaman, 229006 (Po)

 MCINTOSH, David, Stoker, RNR, U 1759

 MCKENNA, Robert, Ordinary Seaman, J 31862 (Dev)

 MCKENZIE, George, Ordinary Signalman, J 32670 (Dev)

 MCLEAN, Angus, Seaman, RNR, A 3965

 MCLEAN, John, Wireman 2c, M 11608 (Po)

 MCLEAN, Murdoch M (real name, but served as Murdoch McL Macdonald), Seaman, RNR, D 2266

 MCLEOD, John, Seaman, RNR, C 2050

 MCLEOD, Norman, Seaman, RNR, C 2338

 MCMULLEN, Alexander P, Lieutenant

 MEECHAM, Frederick, Stoker 1c, 365586 (Po)

 MELVIN, William, Mechanician, 282234 (Po)

 MERNAGH, James, Stoker 2c, K 30267 (Dev)

 MERRITT, Wilfred H, Leading Stoker, K 8691 (Po)

 METCALF, George, Canteen Steward, Admiralty civilian

 MEW, Herbert J, Stoker Petty Officer, 308230 (Po)

 MIDDLETON, Thomas G, Stoker, RNR, S 8430

 MILES, George W, Boy Telegraphist, J 33367 (Ch)

 MILLAR, Thomas G, Stoker, RNR, T 2966

 MILLARD, George, Private, RMLI, 15817 (Po)

 MILLER, George H J, Stoker 1c, K 20374 (Po)

 MILLS, Edward G H, Able Seaman, 229088 (Po)

 MITCHELL, George W, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 6862

 MITCHELL, Herbert L, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 1125 (Po)

 MITCHELL, John, Able Seaman, J 35928 (Po)

 MITCHELL, Stanley R, Ship's Steward's Assistant, M 15955 (Po)

 MITCHELL, Walter, Private, RMLI, 15152 (Ply)

 MITCHELL, William J, Officer's Steward 1c, 353613 (Po)

 MOGG, Francis L, Engineer Lieutenant

 MOLLISON, Alexander R P, Stoker Petty Officer, 301052 (Po)

 MOLYNEUX, George, Boy 1c, J 43261 (Dev)

 MONCRIEF, James A, Stoker, RNR, S 3241

 MONK, Walter L, Ordinary Telegraphist, J 28565 (Po)

 MOORE, Edward W, Sergeant, RMA, RMA 7916

 MOORE, George, Stoker 1c, K 20434 (Po)

 MOORE, John, Boy 1c, J 44284 (Po)

 MOORWOOD, Vincent, Stoker 1c, K 10146 (Po)

 MORAN, Patrick, Stoker, RNR, S 7804

 MORELAND, John, Stoker 1c, SS 114522 (Po)

 MOREY, William, Mechanician, 295940 (Po)

 MORGAN, Rev. George W F, Chaplain

 MORRIS, Herbert W, Gunner, RMA, RMA 13797

 MORRISON, Donald, Seaman, RNR, B 2491

 MORTIMER, Frederick, Leading Stoker, K 10035 (Po)

 MOSES, John, Stoker 1c, SS 115429 (Po)

 MOSS, Walter, Able Seaman, RNVR, Mersey 7/224

 MOSS, William A, Boy Servant, L 7134 (Po)

 MOTH, William H, Stoker, RNR, U 2198

 MOUAT, Magnus, Act/Leading Stoker (RFR B 2233), 277253 (Po)

 MOUNTFORD, Harold G H, Ordinary Seaman, J 22780 (Po)

 MUNDAY, Thomas L, Able Seaman, J 27810 (Po)

 MUNDY, Frederick C, Stoker 1c, SS 112242 (Po)

 MURRAY, Alexander G, Lieutenant

 MURRAY, Malcolm, Leading Seaman, RNR, C 3330

 MURRAY, Murdo, Seaman, RNR, B 2864

 MURRAY, Patrick, Stoker, RNR, U 2200

 NEAL, Thomas E, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 237115 (Po)

 NICHOLLS, William, Stoker 1c, K 22897 (Po)

 NICHOLSON, Cyril W, Ordinary Signalman, J 29102 (Po)

 NICHOLSON, Frederick J, Stoker 1c, K 11599 (Po)

 NICOL, Herbert J, Leading Seaman, 236763 (Po)

 NICOL, John, Seaman, RNR, D 2192

 NIGHTINGALE, George W, Act/Leading Stoker, SS 111216 (Po)

 NIXON, Albert E, Gunner, RM

 NORMAN, George, Musician, RMB, RMB 408

 NORMAN, Robert C, Stoker 1c, 284452 (Po)

 NORRIS, Charles G, Stoker 1c, K 22668 (Po)

 NORTH, George J, Electrical Artificer 3c, M 1945 (Po)

 NORTHCOTT, Charles S, Leading Stoker, K 3742 (Po)

 NOSWORTHY, Charles, Stoker 1c, K 13481 (Po)

 OAG, William, Seaman, RNR, B 4040

 OGG, John G, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 2626 (Po)

 OGLEY, George W, Stoker 1c, K 26687 (Po)

 O'HARA, Thomas, Stoker, RNR, S 5796

 O'LONE, John (real name, but served as John Bennett), Stoker, RNR, T 2197

 O'REILLY, Frank P, Lieutenant

 ORME, Albert, Able Seaman, 213951 (Po)

 ORR, Ernest F J, Private, RMLI, 13892 (Ply)

 OTTAWAY, William J, Private, RMLI, 15405 (Po)

 OTTER, John G, Stoker Petty Officer, 307148 (Po)

 OTTREY, Charles F, Shipwright 1c, 340852 (Po)

 OVERY, Charles, Able Seaman, J 16774 (Po)

 OWEN, Thomas J, Leading Stoker, 310044 (Dev)

 PAICE, Frederick W, Leading Seaman, J 189 (Po)

 PAICE, Reginald, Stoker 1c, K 21786 (Po)

 PALMER, Edgar H, Stoker 1c, K 18615 (Po)

 PALMER, William, Able Seaman, J 13417 (Po)

 PANKHURST, Alfred T C, Ordinary Seaman, J 29972 (Po)

 PARKER, Frederick W H, Corporal, RMLI, 15023 (Po)

 PARKIN, Herbert, Stoker 1c, SS 111302 (Po)

 PARKIN, Sepitmus, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5318), SS 105153 (Po)

 PARKINSON, Wilfred, Ordinary Seaman, J 24359 (Po)

 PARTINGTON, John E, Stoker 1c, K 11425 (Po)

 PATCHING, Henry M A, Carpenter's Crew, M 7806 (Po)

 PATTEN, Frederick M, Act/Leading Stoker, K 5346 (Po)

 PAY, Joseph F W, Leading Seaman, 212016 (Po)

 PEARCE, Alfred H, Act/Leading Stoker, K 7683

 PEARCE, Harry H F, Gunner, RMA, RMA 10567

 PEARL, Frederick A, Stoker 1c, 235890 (Po)

 PEARSON, John W, Leading Stoker, 311073 (Po)

 PEARSON, Reuben, Private, RMLI, 9217 (Ply)

 PECK, Charles E, Stoker 1c, K 6405 (Ch)

 PECKHAM, John D, Petty Officer, 183202 (Dev)

 PEDDER, Charley, Leading Seaman, J 8017 (Po)

 PENNY, David S, Ordinary Seaman, J 23829 (Po)

 PENTLAND, William G, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 6856

 PENYCATE, Walter J, Stoker Petty Officer, 306603 (Po)

 PERKINS, Edwin J, Leading Signalman, 164370 (Po)

 PERKINS, Francis J, Able Seaman, 207911 (Po)

 PETERS, Thomas G, Master at Arms, 181814 (Po)

 PHELAN, John D, Bugler, RMLI, 16860 (Po)

 PHILLIPS, Thomas J, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 132 (Po)

 PILLEY, John J, Petty Officer, J 476 (Po)

 PINCHES, Thomas, Leading Seaman, J 11918 (Po)

 PINE, Archie P, Boy 1c, J 35989 (Po)

 PINKARD, Victor H, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 2620 (Po)

 PITCHER, Albert E, Stoker 1c, K 1616 (Po)

 PLANT, Alfred T, Stoker 1c, K 18237 (Po)

 PLATT, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 115347 (Po)

 PLAXTON, Clarence E, Stoker 1c, K 19984 (Po)

 PLEDGER, Jesse, Act/Leading Stoker, K 22095 (Po)

 PLEDGER, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 16235 (Po)

 PLEWS, Thomas, Act/Leading Stoker, 312243 (Po)

 POOLE, Charles A, Boy 1c, J 35890 (Po)

 POOLE, William M, Able Seaman, J 16553 (Po)

 PORTAL, Raymond S, Act/Sub Lieutenant

 POTTER, Henry A, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 230837 (Ch)

 POWELL, John M, Clerk

 PRANGNELL, William A, Leading Seaman, 175493 (Po)

 PRATT, Claude C, Cook's Mate, M 6319 (Po)

 PULLEN, Ted, Stoker Petty Officer, 292799 (Po)

 PURVIS, Frederick C J, Stoker 1c, K 16233 (Po)

 PYE, Robert, Stoker 1c, SS 112496 (Po)

 PYM, George, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 789

 PYNE, William J, Ordinary Seaman, J 25901 (Po)

 PYNIGAR, Albert H, Chief Stoker, 164023 (Po)

 QUINN, John P, Boy 1c, J 42308 (Po)

 RAE, John, Stoker 1c, 290344 (Po)

 RAMSAY, Robert D, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271496 (Ch)

 RANCE, William H, Petty Officer, 175147 (Po)

 RAPER, William F, Signal Boatswain

 RAVEY, Felix, Stoker 1c, K 15223 (Po)

 RAY, Alfred J, Able Seaman, J 19353 (Po)

 RAYNER, James G, Able Seaman (RFR B 6273), 211611 (Po)

 REA, William, Stoker 1c (RFR B 3625), 289073 (Po)

 READ, Ernest J, Gunner

 READ, Frederick J, Stoker 1c, K 16581 (Po)

 READ, Frederick W, Stoker 1c, K 18748 (Po)

 READEY, Samuel, Stoker 1c, K 27910 (Po)

 REED, Albert W, Petty Officer, 220843 (Po)

 REED, Edward R, Able Seaman, J 7709 (Po)

 REEVES, Robin M, Gunner, RMA, RMA 13456

 REID, George, Stoker 1c (RFR B 3432), 286837 (Po)

 REILLY, Patrick, Seaman, RNR, B 2405

 RENDALL, Frank H, Private, RMLI, 17293 (Po)

 REYNOLDS, William, Able Seaman, J 10632 (Po)

 RICHARDS, David, Ordinary Seaman, J 47681 (Po)

 RICHARDS, Edward, Stoker 1c, K 10448 (Po)

 RICHARDS, Ernest H, Stoker Petty Officer, 295023 (Po)

 RICHARDS, Frederick, Act/Leading Stoker, K 7131 (Dev)

 RICHARDSON, Alexander J S, Act/Sub Lieutenant

 RICHARDSON, Arthur, Stoker 1c, SS 116331 (Po)

 RIDDELL, William E, Act/Leading Stoker, K 4618 (Po)

 RIDDLE, Albert H, Able Seaman, J 8957 (Po)

 RIDGE, Francis, Musician, RMB, RMB 508

 ROBBINS, Samuel H, Private, RMLI, 15758 (Po)

 ROBERTS, Harold G, Stoker 1c, SS 114731 (Po)

 ROBERTS, William R, Gunner

 ROBERTSON, Donald, Seaman, RNR, B 3085

 ROBERTSON, John, Seaman, RNR, B 3719

 ROGERS, John H, Shipwright 1c, 345535 (Po)

 ROLLS, John, Musician, RMB, RMB 678

 ROSENDALE, William W, Boy 1c, J 43278 (Po)

 ROSS, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 18245 (Po)

 ROSTANCE, Allan, Able Seaman, 233688 (Po)

 ROUND, Noah, Boy Telegraphist, J 31888 (Po)

 ROWE, Henry, Petty Officer 1c, 164548 (Po)

 RUDGE, George A, Stoker 1c, K 22132 (Po)

 RUDKIN, Albert T, Able Seaman, J 26657 (Po)

 RUSSELL, Cecil R, Stoker 1c, K 16829 (Po)

 RUTHVEN, John, Officer's Cook 1c, L 7538 (Po)

 RUTHVEN, John S, Electrical Artificer 4c, M 8859 (Po)

 RYAN, Joseph P, Able Seaman, 212880 (Po)

 RYMAN, Charles H, Stoker 1c, K 17623 (Po)

 SAMWAYS, Albert H, Stoker 1c, K 15010 (Po)

 SANDHAM, Frederick, Stoker 1c, K 15439 (Po)

 SANSOM, James, Petty Officer 1c, 17650 (Po)

 SARGISSON, Norman H, Signalman, J 19070 (Ch)

 SARSFIELD, Thomas, Boy 1c, J 35785 (Dev)

 SAUNDERS, Frederick, Stoker, RNR, V 462

 SCAMMELL, Frederick W, Stoker 1c, K 5339 (Po)

 SCHOFIELD, Ernest, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 5747 (Po)

 SCOTT, William, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 5850

 SCOWN, William A, Able Seaman, 210298 (Po)

 SCRIMGEOUR, Alexander, Act/Sub Lieutenant

 SCURRAH, Francis W, Stoker 1c, K 20377 (Po)

 SELF, Samuel R V, Mate (E)

 SENIOR, Percy J, Sailmaker, 163928 (Po)

 SERVICE, Waring C, Signalman, J 25302 (Po)

 SHACKLETON, Percy, Musician, RMB, RMB 1685

 SHAILES, Reuben C, Boy 1c, J 30227 (Po)

 SHANKS, Thomas F, Private, RMLI, 18328 (Po)

 SHARPE, Frederick W J, Able Seaman, J 9025 (Po)

 SHAW, Charles W F, Act/Leading Stoker, 311527 (Po)

 SHAW, George, Stoker 1c, SS 109067 (Po)

 SHAW, Henry, Stoker, RNR, V 287

 SHAW, John A, Ordinary Seaman, J 32890 (Dev)

 SHEARING, Henry W, Gunner, RMA, RMA 10921

 SHELLARD, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 309978 (Po)

 SHENSTONE, George, Signalman, J 24441 (Po)

 SHEPHARD, Frederick W H, Cook's Mate, M 7460 (Po)

 SHEPPARD, Frederick, Painter 1c, 346972 (Po)

 SHERIDAN, Thomas, Stoker 1c, 296475 (Po)

 SHERMAN, Arthur, Corporal, RMLI, 14665 (Po)

 SHEVLIN, John, Stoker 1c, SS 115785 (Po)

 SHORE, Lionel H, Commander

 SHORLAND, George, Ty/Surgeon

 SHORLAND, John M, Midshipman

 SIMMS, Albert, Private, RMLI, 18354 (Po)

 SIMPSON, Alexander, Able Seaman (RFR B 1335), 181971 (Ch)

 SIMPSON, Charles E, Act/Leading Stoker, K 18203 (Po)

 SIMPSON, James, Able Seaman, J 29632 (Dev)

 SIMPSON, Joseph, Boy 1c, J 34635 (Dev)

 SINTON, Andrew T, Boy 1c, J 36410 (Dev)

 SKINNER, Albert E, Able Seaman, J 22262 (Po)

 SLINEY, Charles M, Able Seaman, J 7326 (Po)

 SLINGSBY, Harold, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 2153

 SMITH, Arthur, Act/Leading Stoker (RFR B 2945), 284444 (Po)

 SMITH, Arthur I, Able Seaman, J 14310 (Po)

 SMITH, Donald, Seaman, RNR, A 2545

 SMITH, Frank S, Wireman 1c, M 9996 (Po)

 SMITH, Henry W J, Stoker 1c, K 6053 (Po)

 SMITH, Jack, Boy 1c, J 30090 (Po)

 SMITH, Jack (in Admiralty Ledger, John in CWGC), Boy 1c, J 37922 (Ch)

 SMITH, William E, Boy 1c, J 39521 (Ch)

 SMITH, William H, Boy Telegraphist, J 35756 (Dev)

 SMITHEN, John, Chief Petty Officer, 166339 (Po)

 SMYTH-OSBOURNE, Edward, Lieutenant Commander

 SNEAD, James, Boy 1c, J 33688 (Dev)

 SNOW, Ernest R L, Wireman 2c, M 9994 (Po)

 SOLLY, Frederick W, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 4503

 SOUTHALL, Archibald H, Armourer's Crew, M 13623 (Po)

 SOUTHCOTT, Percy G, Stoker 1c, K 19819 (Po)

 SOUTHWELL, George C, Ordinary Seaman, J 24078 (Po)

 SPENCE, Alexander, Stoker, RNR, S 9051

 SPENCER, Ernest, Stoker 1c, SS 112530 (Po)

 SPOONER, Albert E, Gunner, RMA, RMA 12022

 STABLES, Alexander, Stoker 1c, SS 111112 (Po)

 STEGGALL, John W A, Ty/Naval Instructor

 STEPHENS, David A, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 825

 STOCKLEY, Frederick J, Stoker Petty Officer, K 6636 (Po)

 STONARD, Harry, Stoker 1c, K 27913 (Po)

 STONE, Harry A, Chief Armourer, 168889 (Po)

 STOVEY, Cecil F, Stoker 1c, K 19983 (Po)

 STREET, Charles H G, Stoker 1c, K 20006 (Po)

 STREETS, Albert E, Stoker 1c, K 23913 (Po)

 STYLES, Albert H, Private, RMLI, 18329 (Po)

 SUDHURST, Samuel, Boy 1c, J 37929 (Po)

 SUMBY, George W, Stoker 1c (RFR B 3017), 276390 (Po)

 SUMMERS, William, Able Seaman, 222606 (Po)

 SUNDERLAND, Arthur, Private, RMLI, 18347 (Po)

 SWAPP, James, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 5852

 SYKES, John W, Stoker 1c, K 19433 (Po)

 SYLVESTER, William, Able Seaman (RFR B 5136), 198399 (Po)

 TACON, Frederick C, Stoker 1c, K 11377 (Po)

 TARGETT, Edgar E, Boy 1c, J 29721 (Po)

 TAYLOR, Ernest F, Leading Seaman, J 11504 (Po)

 TAYLOR, George E, Private, RMLI, 18316 (Po)

 TAYLOR, James, Stoker Petty Officer, K 13513 (Po)

 TAYLOR, John E, Ordinary Seaman, J 24239 (Po)

 TAYLOR, William G, Stoker 1c, K 17168 (Po)

 TEBB, Ernest W, Able Seaman, J 8943 (Po)

 TEBBITT, William T, Bugler, RMA, RMA 13859

 TEE, Charles J, Stoker 1c, K 11422 (Po)

 TEMPLE, George H, Petty Officer 1c, 179709 (Po)

 TERRY, Ernest E J, Private, RMLI, S 1015 (Po)

 THOMAS, Benjamin, Stoker 1c, SS 111107 (Po)

 THOMAS, Ernest, Stoker 1c, K 24375 (Po)

 THOMAS, Peter J, Signal Boy, J 41665 (Dev)

 THOMAS, William, Stoker 1c, SS 114430 (Po)

 THOMAS, William R, Signalman, RNVR, Wales Z 2495

 THOMPSON, Arthur, Ordinary Signalman, J 29047 (Po)

 THOMPSON, Frederick J, Private, RMLI, 17921 (Po)

 THOMPSON, George H, Signal Boy, J 29755 (Dev)

 THOMPSON, Herbert, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 790

 THOMPSON, William, Stoker 1c, SS 112241 (Po)

 THOMPSON, William J E, Ordinary Seaman, J 26699 (Po)

 THOMSON, William, Stoker, RNR, 1509 S

 THORNELY, Reginald, Ordinary Telegraphist, J 37280 (Dev)

 THRIPP, Herbert, Boy 1c, J 35779 (Ch)

 THURLEY, Charles A, Boy 1c, J 42039 (Po)

 TIBBLES, Joseph M, Petty Officer, 202113 (Po)

 TILBURY, Celestine J, Act/Leading Stoker, K 2836 (Po)

 TILLIN, Harry, Able Seaman, J 14399 (Po)

 TIMMONS, William H, Stoker 1c, SS 114433 (Po)

 TIPPEN, Lewis R, Assistant Paymaster

 TOTTENHAM, Desmond F C L, Act/Sub Lieutenant

 TOWNSEND, Jack V, Stoker 1c, SS 113793 (Po)

 TOWNSEND, Richard H D, Commander

 TRIBBICK, Edwin R, Stoker 1c, 220355 (Po)

 TRICKS, Robert, Gunner, RMA, RMA 10665

 TROTH, George W, Act/Leading Stoker, K 8780 (Po)

 TURFF, Alfred W, Wireman, M 9992 (Po)

 TURNER, Richard C, Signalman, J 12357 (Po)

 TURTON, Thomas F, Private, RMLI, 16707 (Po)

 UNSWORTH, William HUBERT, Ty/Engineer Sub Lieutenant

 UNWIN, Albert, Stoker 1c, K 20004 (Po)

 UPSHALL, Charles H S, Able Seaman, J 23852 (Po)

 URIE, Samuel, Stoker 1c (RFR B 2335), 280736 (Po)

 VALLANCE, Frederick, Stoker, RNR, U 1112

 VAN COOTEN, Henry R, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c (Pens), 133100 (Po)

 VANDRIES, Charles W, Stoker 1c, K 18331 (Po)

 VELDEN, Henry, Able Seaman, 220954 (Po)

 VIALS, George J, Boy 1c, J 42428 (Po)

 VINCENT, Thomas J, Able Seaman, J 13783 (Dev)

 VINE, Clive, 2nd Sick Berth Steward, M 1710 (Po)

 VINE, George H, Ship's Steward's Assistant, M 7692 (Po)

 VINER, Edward C, Boy 1c, J 44301 (Ch)

 VINEY, John, Private, RMLI, 18294 (Po)

 WAIT, William T, Private, RMLI, 14552 (Po)

 WAITE, William E, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 272176 (Po)

 WAKE, Charlie, Stoker 1c, K 14962 (Po)

 WALLS, Thomas A, Carpenter

 WALTER, Leon A G, Officer's Steward 2c, L 6912 (Po)

 WALTERS, George H R, Act/Chief Sick Berth Steward, 150471 (Po)

 WALTON, Sidney A, Act/Leading Stoker, K 7681 (Po)

 WANT, Robert, Able Seaman (RFR B 6840), 205882 (Po)

 WARD, Harry E, Private, RMLI, 14128 (Po)

 WARD, William E, Chief Petty Officer, 176774 (Po)

 WARLOW, Charles E, Leading Carpenter's Crew, 345941 (Po)

 WARNER, Donald, Armourer's Crew, M 11758 (Po)

 WARRINER, John L, Boy 1c, J 35563 (Dev)

 WATSON, Alfred J, Musician, RMB, RMB 2063

 WATSON, Joseph, Shipwright 2c, M 17929 (Po)

 WATTERS, Martin, Stoker, RNR, S 8417

 WEATHERS, John, Officer's Steward 2c, L 6906 (Po)

 WEBB, William R, Ordinary Seaman, J 25011 (Po)

 WEBSTER, Isaiah, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 6366

 WEBSTER, Walter J, Leading Stoker, K 7297 (Po)

 WEBSTER, William, Seaman, RNR, B 3301

 WEEKS, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 298381 (Po)

 WHAPSHOTT, Edward A, Boy Telegraphist, J 32014 (Po)

 WHATLEY, William F A, Private, RMLI, 16736 (Po)

 WHEELERBREED, William F, Able Seaman, 216146 (Po)

 WHIPP, Albert E, Able Seaman, J 12286 (Po)

 WHITE, Charles E, Stoker 1c, SS 115423 (Po)

 WHITE, Ernest R, Leading Stoker, K 5370 (Po)

 WHITE, John, Mechanician, 287586 (Po)

 WHITE, Laurence W, Leading Stoker, 312249 (Po)

 WHITE, Richard A, Officer's Steward 3c, L 4494 (Po)

 WHITEHEAD, Richard, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 809

 WHITELEY, Nelson, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4891), SS 104321 (Po)

 WHITMARSH, Reginald J, Able Seaman, J 23377 (Po)

 WHITWORTH, Alfred, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 11785 (Po)

 WIDGERY, Henry P, Shipwright 1c, 347682 (Po)

 WILCOX, George, Act/Leading Stoker, 308932 (Po)

 WILES, Theodore, Ship's Corporal 1c, 210928 (Po)

 WILLACY, Harry U, Boy 1c, J 42418 (Po)

 WILLARD, Albert, Able Seaman, 212479 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Alfred C W, Able Seaman, J 17874 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Elias, Stoker 1c, K 20358 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Henry, Stoker, RNR, S 2756

 WILLIAMS, Sydney E, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 951

 WILLIS, Edward, Able Seaman, 204410 (Po)

 WILLIS, William C, Cook's Mate, M 4315 (Po)

 WILSON, Edward, Electrical Artificer 3c, M 1943 (Po)

 WILSON, George, Private, RMLI, 14939 (Po)

 WILSON, Robert Y, Stoker, RNR, U 2149

 WILSON, Thomas, Private, RMLI, 11164 (Ply)

 WINDSOR, Henry E, Act/Leading Stoker, 365291 (Po)

 WINTER, Albert J, Ordinary Seaman, J 19782 (Ch)

 WISE, Frank V, Signalman, RNVR, London Z 2954

 WISEMAN, William R C, Act/Leading Stoker, K 8075 (Po)

 WOLLAND, William, Boy 1c, J 37472 (Dev)

 WOOD, Arthur, Private, RMLI, 15626 (Po)

 WOOD, Charles E, Stoker 1c, K 20355 (Po)

 WOOD, Charles W F, Stoker 1c, SS 111757 (Po)

 WOOD, Frederick A, Corporal, RMA, RMA 10231

 WOOD, Frederick T, Stoker 1c, K 19820 (Po)

 WOODBERRY, Alfred H, Ordinary Seaman, J 26028 (Po)

 WOODS, Hugh M, Stoker, RNR, S 2340 (Po)

 WORTERS, Leonard G, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 1942

 WORTHINGTON, Arthur G, Warrant Electrician

 WRIGHT, John, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 6863

 WRIGHT, Louis, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4888), SS 104319 (Po)

 WYATT, Alfred H, Able Seaman, 181053 (Po)

 YEATMAN, Sidney A, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, 278671 (Po)

 YOUNG, Alexander, Stoker 1c, K 13456 (Po)

 YOUNG, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 19990 (Po)

 YOUNGER, William E, Private, RMLI, 11888 (Ply)


First Cruiser Squadron

four cruisers (Black Prince, Defence, Warrior lost)


Black Prince

 ABBOTT, William, Able Seaman, 224704 (Po)

 ABELA, Guiseppe J L A, Canteen Server, Admiralty civilian

 ALBORN, Walter C, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 6320 (Po)

 ALGEO, John, Stoker 1c, K 23707 (Po)

 ALLEN, Henry, Boy 1c, J 34509 (Dev)

 ALLEN, William, Stoker 1c, K 6807 (Po)

 ALLSOP, Frederick S, Boy 1c, J 36007 (Po)

 AMBLER, Arthur W, Armourer, 350887 (Po)

 ANDERSON, Alfred G, Officer's Steward 3c, L 7808 (Po)

 ANDERSON, John, Stoker 1c, SS 110650 (Po)

 ANSTED, Alfred C, Able Seaman, J 24621 (Po)

 APPLIN, Henry C, Stoker 1c, K 18662 (Po)

 ARCHDEACON, Patrick J, Petty Officer, 209714 (Po)

 ARMITAGE, George, Stoker 1c, SS 114148 (Po)

 ARMSTRONG, Alfred J, Private, RMLI, 13778 (Po)

 ARNELL, William A, Able Seaman, J 10061 (Po)

 ASH, Joseph, Boy 1c, J 38263 (Dev)

 ASPINALL, Frederick S, Private, RMLI, 12580 (Po)

 ATKIN, William H, Stoker 1c, SS 117201 (Po)

 ATKINSON, William G, Stoker 1c, K 19402 (Po)

 AUSTIN, Frank, Stoker Petty Officer, K 16039 (Po)

 AYLING, Alfred J, Private, RMLI, 16623 (Po)

 BACON, William F, Able Seaman, SS 5375 (Ch)

 BAILEY, Frank A, Able Seaman, J 11622 (Po)

 BAKER, George E, Stoker 1c, K 18664 (Po)

 BALDACCHINO, Carmelo A V, Canteen Server, Admiralty civilian

 BALL, William H, Able Seaman, J 24302 (Po)

 BANKS, Leonard, Boy 1c, J 39944 (Po)

 BARKER, George H, Leading Seaman, J 5249 (Po)

 BARKER, Philip A, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 2596 (Po)

 BARLOW, Arthur H C, Sub Lieutenant

 BARNARD, Francis J, Leading Seaman, 238015 (Po)

 BARNES, Charles F, Mechanician, 288300 (Po)

 BARRETT, Arthur S, Able Seaman, J 17656 (Po)

 BARSBY, Thomas, Private, RMLI, 8311 (Po)

 BARSDELL, William, Able Seaman, 221884 (Po)

 BARTLETT, William J, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 2617 (Po)

 BARTON, Robert, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 2109

 BATES, Claude L, Able Seaman, J 23606 (Po)

 BATTY, Charles A, Stoker Petty Officer, 226430 (Po)

 BATTY, William E, Stoker Petty Officer, K 1408 (Po)

 BAX, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 26492 (Po)

 BAXTER, George H, Boy 1c, J 31144 (Ch)

 BAYFIELD, Geoffrey H V, Lieutenant

 BEACOCK, Frederick, Stoker 1c, K 18339 (Po)

 BEAGLEY, John, Able Seaman, J 24066 (Po)

 BEARD, William H, Leading Stoker, 306605 (Po)

 BEASENT, Joseph, Stoker 1c, K 18674 (Po)

 BEATON, Albert E, Stoker Petty Officer, 308012 (Po)

 BEAUMONT, Henry, Leading Stoker, K 4720 (Po)

 BECKINGHAM, Henry, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 4427 (Po)

 BEETSON, Arthur, Signal Boy, J 37859 (Po)

 BELL, Arthur, Stoker 1c, SS 116851 (Po)

 BELL, Robert F, Stoker 1c, SS 114132 (Po)

 BELL, Thomas, Stoker 1c, 278096 (Po)

 BENFELL, Bernard, Able Seaman, J 23333 (Po)

 BENNETT, George S, Able Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z 3198

 BENNETT, John, Stoker, RNR, T 1872

 BERMINGHAM, John B, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 12333 (Po)

 BERRYMAN, Thomas, Petty Officer, 201012 (Po)

 BETHELL, Herbert, Stoker 1c, SS 114133 (Po)

 BEVAN, John D, Stoker 1c, K 26711 (Po)

 BICKER, George W, Able Seaman, J 14841 (Po)

 BIDDLECOMBE, Charles, Stoker 1c, K 28958 (Po)

 BILLINGHAM, Arthur, Act/Electrical Artificer 4c, M 6174 (Po)

 BINNS, Ernest, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 7637

 BIRCHNALL, Albert E, Stoker 1c, K 8679 (Po)

 BIRD, Frank H, Stoker 1c, K 12713 (Po)

 BIRNIE, Frederick W T, Able Seaman, J 8931 (Po)

 BISHOP, David, Ordinary Seaman, SS 6585 (Dev)

 BISS, Alfred, Able Seaman, J 17102 (Po)

 BLACKMORE, Gerald A, Signal Boy, J 42460 (Po)

 BLANDFORD, Sidney H, Private, RMLI, 15988 (Po)

 BLATCHFORD, John A, Petty Officer, 215725 (Po)

 BLOW, Harold, Lieutenant, RNR

 BODMAN, Jacob W, Leading Seaman, 231420 (Po)

 BOGGUST, William J, Chief Ship's Cook, 346171 (Po)

 BONHAM, Thomas P, Captain

 BONNER, William, Private, RMLI, 15171 (Po)

 BOOTH, Albert E, Able Seaman, J 6788 (Po)

 BORG, Edgar A, Canteen Manager, Admiralty civilian

 BOTTOMS, Arthur D, Able Seaman, J 8658 (Po)

 BOULTON, Francis F, Able Seaman, 240079 (Po)

 BOURNE, Richard A, Ordinary Seaman, J 28920 (Po)

 BOWERMAN, Charles G, Private, RMLI, 17914 (Po)

 BOWLER, Theodore W W, Ordinary Seaman, J 30098 (Ch)

 BOWLEY, Charles J, Leading Stoker, K 3663 (Po)

 BRADFORD, Joseph H, Stoker 1c, K 4344 (Po)

 BRADSHAW, Henry, Leading Seaman, J 9291 (Po)

 BRAGINTON, William, Shipwright 2c, 343609 (Po)

 BRAME, George H, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 7630

 BRENNAN, James, Leading Seaman, 223787 (Po)

 BREWER, Arthur J, Able Seaman, J 23304 (Po)

 BREWERTON, Abraham H, Private, RMLI, 16598 (Po)

 BRIGGS, Harry, Petty Officer, 222875 (Po)

 BRIGGS, Henry, Leading Stoker, K 4701 (Po)

 BRINE, George H, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 7630

 BROADHURST, Harold A, Boy 1c, J 39602 (Ch)

 BROOKMAN, Kenneth D, Able Seaman, J 13672 (Po)

 BROOKS, Robert, Able Seaman, J 23386 (Po)

 BROWN, Charles E, Stoker 1c, K 22673 (Po)

 BROWN, Clarence H, Able Seaman, J 19230 (Po)

 BROWN, George B, Yeoman of Signals, 222270 (Po)

 BROWNE, Leonard, Electrical Artificer 2c, 347676 (Po)

 BUCKLAND, Sidney G, Able Seaman, J 21844 (Po)

 BUDGEN, Archibald S, Able Seaman, 223739 (Po)

 BUICK, Leigh, Leading Seaman, 235941 (Po)

 BULBECK, William A, Yeoman of Signals, 202835 (Po)

 BUNDY, Percival C, Plumber's Mate, M 4727 (Po)

 BUNN, William J, Mechanician, 287631 (Po)

 BURDEN, Frederick G, Mechanician, 303494 (Po)

 BURGOYNE, William, Ordinary Seaman, J 46014 (Dev)

 BURNS, Peter, Stoker, RNR, S 8858

 BUTCHART, Jeremiah, Ordinary Seaman, J 46016 (Dev)

 BUTCHER, Frederick, Ordinary Seaman, J 23292 (Po)

 BUTLER, Amos, Stoker 1c, SS 116858 (Po)

 BUTLER, Ernest E, Able Seaman, J 15385 (Po)

 BUTLER, Thomas W, Stoker, RNR, S 3654

 BUTLIN, John H, Private, RMLI, 15447 (Ch)

 CACHIA, Emmanuel J, Canteen Manager, Admiralty civilian

 CAINE, Ernest W, Engineer Lieutenant

 CAKE, Ernest, Petty Officer, 224299 (Po)

 CALLAGHAN, Bernard, Private, RMLI, 17172 (Po)

 CAMERON, Percy, Stoker 1c, SS 109411 (Po)

 CAMERON, William H, Stoker 1c, K 24035 (Po)

 CARLILE, Herbert, Stoker 1c, K 19422 (Po)

 CARPENDALE, Reuben B, Stoker 1c, 230219 (Po)

 CARPENTER, Charles H, Stoker 1c, 307424 (Po)

 CARTER, Frederick W, Stoker 1c, K 18197 (Po)

 CAUCHI, John, Officer's Steward 1c, 353878 (Po)

 CAULFIELD, Moses, Able Seaman, J 17845 (Po)

 CAUSTON, Geoffrey H, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 3462

 CHALK, George H, Able Seaman, J 21188 (Po)

 CHAMP, Herbert, Able Seaman, J 24062 (Po)

 CHANDLER, Walter H, Able Seaman, J 23893 (Po)

 CHAPPELL, Horace J, Armourer's Crew, M 6579 (Po)

 CHARNELL, Herbert G, Signalman, 211590 (Po)

 CHESTER, Herbert J, Petty Officer, 228055 (Po)

 CHETCUTI, Guiseppe, Officer's Steward 2c, 364156 (Po)

 CHICHESTER, Robert C, Lieutenant

 CHIPPERFIELD, William F, Boy 1c, J 32541 (Ch)

 CHRISTAL, John, Stoker 1c, K 2424 (Po)

 CHURCHER, Henry J, Private, RMLI, 16556 (Po)

 CHURCHILL, Arthur E, Private, RMLI, 15713 (Po)

 CLARK, Harry, Able Seaman, J 6351 (Po)

 CLARK, Thomas H, Mate

 CLARKE, Arthur J, Stoker 1c, K 2131 (Po)

 CLARKE, Ernest E, Able Seaman, J 20787 (Ch)

 CLEARE, Henry T, Mate (E)

 CLIFFORD, Henry J, Ordinary Seaman, J 23869 (Po)

 COCHRANE, Ernest H, Stoker 1c, K 7963 (Po)

 COCHRANE, Wilfred D, Able Seaman, 194404 (Po)

 COCKERILL, Joseph W, Stoker 1c, SS 116263

 CODD, Harry, Engine Room Artificer 1c, 270156 (Po)

 COGGAN, Harold W, Able Seaman, 194349 (Po)

 COLE, Arthur B, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 2104

 COLE, Thomas, Artificer Engineer

 COLE, William H J, Leading Seaman, 208678 (Po)

 COLEBROOK, Edwin, Chief Petty Officer, 185013 (Po)

 COLLINGWOOD, George F, Chief Gunner

 COLLINS, James, Stoker Petty Officer, K 4635 (Po)

 CONNOR, Dominick, Seaman, RNR, A 7958

 CONWAY, Harry, Private, RMLI, 14884 (Po)

 COOK, George E, Able Seaman, J 14038 (Po)

 COOK, William A, Stoker 1c, K 19442 (Po)

 COOMBS, Harry, Chief Stoker, 281834 (Po)

 COOPER, Alfred W, Stoker Petty Officer, K 13877 (Po)

 COOPER, Horace W, Carpenter's Crew, M 5968 (Po)

 COOPER, John H W, Able Seaman, RNVR, ZP 1235

 COOPER, William J, Able Seaman, RNVR, ZP 1234

 COPE, George H, Able Seaman, J 15035 (Po)

 COPP, Ernest F, Chief Petty Officer, 195175 (Po)

 COSTARD, Edward C, Able Seaman, J 18902 (Po)

 COTILLARD, Henry L, Stoker 1c, K 20827 (Po)

 COULSON, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 114140 (Po)

 COURTNEY, Leonard, Able Seaman, J 778 (Po)

 COUSINS, Thomas A G, Able Seaman, J 22734 (Po)

 COWAN, Richard, Stoker 1c, K 24045 (Po)

 COWARD, Thomas A, Private, RMLI, 16570 (Po)

 COWDREY, Alfred A, Petty Officer, 199358 (Po)

 COX, Ernest G, Ordinary Seaman, J 34510 (Dev)

 COX, Frederick, Able Seaman, J 22064 (Po)

 COX, Maurice, Signalman, RNVR, Mersey Z 777

 CRACKNELL, Thomas H, Chief Stoker, 283976 (Po)

 CRAWFORD, James, Stoker, RNR, S 7821

 CRAWSHAW, Harry, Stoker 1c, K 22273 (Po)

 CRAWT, James (real name, but served as James Bishop), Stoker 1c, K 5330 (Po)

 CREDLAND, Herbert, Able Seaman, J 13248 (Po)

 CRICHTON, George E A, Engineer Commander

 CROFT, Elimas O, Stoker 1c, K 19383 (Po)

 CROFT, Sidney, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 1207

 CROSS, Robert I, Yeoman of Signals (RFR B 5136), 202738 (Ch)

 CUDBY, Frank, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 2053

 CUMNER, William G, Able Seaman, J 19146 (Po)

 CUNNINGHAM, Michael, Stoker 2c, SS 116928 (Po)

 CUOMO, Guiseppe, Bandsman, 363248 (Po)

 CURRAN, Michael, Petty Officer 1c, 191962 (Po)

 CUTLER, William A G, Stoker 1c, SS 115715 (Po)

 DABBS, William, Private, RMLI, 16599 (Po)

 DAILY, James, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 5972

 DAKIN, John H, Ordinary Seaman, J 35812 (Dev)

 DALBY, Thomas, Boy 1c, J 39951 (Ch)

 DANN, William J, Leading Cook's Mate, M 889 (Po)

 DARBY, Frederick G, Signal Boy, J 34280 (Ch)

 DASH, Herbert, Able Seaman, J 6403 (Po)

 DAVIES, Albert J, Act/Chief Stoker, 295357 (Po)

 DAVIES, William G, Able Seaman, J 17654

 DAVIS, Alfred, Cook's Mate, M 4441 (Po)

 DAVIS, Charles H W, 3rd Writer, M 6883 (Po)

 DAVIS, Frank, Able Seaman, J 6786 (Po)

 DAVIS, Horace W, Private, RMLI, 17723 (Po)

 DAWSON, James, Stoker, RNR, S 4530

 DEAN, Albert, Ship's Steward's Assistant, M 19455 (Po)

 DELLER, James A, Act/Chief Stoker, 283412 (Po)

 DELVES-BROUGHTON, Alfred W, Captain, RM

 DENNING, Christian E, Private, RMLI, 17748 (Po)

 DENNIS, George, Able Seaman, J 23203 (Po)

 DERMEDY, John J, Able Seaman, J 20030 (Po)

 DICKEN, Frank E, Stoker 1c, SS 109418 (Po)

 DICKINSON, Edgar, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 13606 (Po)

 DICKINSON, Fred G, Ordinary Seaman, J 37261 (Ch)

 DICKS, Robert W J, Act/Leading Stoker, K 6824 (Po)

 DITCHFIELD, Harold, Ordinary Signalman, J 36607 (Po)

 DIXON, Charles, Stoker 1c, K 19400 (Po)

 DIXON, Richard T, Boy 1c, J 30513 (Ch)

 DIXON, Robert M, Boy 1c, J 39553 (Ch)

 DOBIE, James M, Stoker 1c, K 17640 (Po)

 DOICK, Charles F, Able Seaman, J 9484 (Po)

 DOLPHIN, Charles J, Able Seaman, J 8019 (Po)

 DONCASTER, William, Able Seaman, 199012 (Po)

 DOUGLAS, David W S, Lieutenant Commander

 DOVE, Thomas, Act/Leading Stoker, K 12762 (Po)

 DOWD, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 116817 (Po)

 DOWN, Ernest, Sick Berth Steward, 350780 (Po)

 DRAKE, Victor W W, Boy 1 c, J 39502 (Ch)

 DROVER, John E J, Private, RMLI, 17684 (Po)

 DRUBE, Otto, Blacksmith, 302121 (Po)

 DUGDALE, Ernest C, Able Seaman, J 23880 (Po)

 DUGGAN, Bernard, Wireman 2c, M 13764 (Po)

 DUNCAN, William, Stoker 1c, SS 115694 (Po)

 DUNFORD, John, Stoker Petty Officer, 304107 (Po)

 DUQUEMIN, Hilary W, Officer's Cook 3c, L 7410 (Po)

 DYER, James, Private, RMLI, 8856 (Po)

 DYER, Thomas, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 269017 (Po)

 DYER, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 293013 (Po)

 DYKES, Charlie, Stoker 1c, K 13952 (Po)

 EACHUS, Walter, Able Seaman, RNVR, Mersey Z 657

 EAGLETON, Alfred, Able Seaman, 238532 (Po)

 EASEN, John A, Able Seaman, SS 4478 (Po)

 EBSWORTH, George W, Leading Signalman, 22989 (Po)

 EDGINTON, Henry S, Stoker 1c (RFR B 7809), SS 103262 (Ch)

 EDWARDS, Harry T, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 3203

 EDWARDS, James, Stoker 1c, SS 111595 (Po)

 EKIN, Henry R, Wireman 2c, M 13989 (Po)

 ELLEDGE, Henry J, Leading Stoker, K 6788 (Po)

 ELLIOTT, Henry G, Private, RMLI, 17171 (Po)

 EVANS, Alfred, Leading Stoker, 306402 (Po)

 EVANS, Frederick J, Leading Signalman, J 10916 (Po)

 EVANS, Sidney, Stoker 1c, K 24690 (Po)

 EWART, James B, Petty Officer, 231758 (Po)

 EXETER, Henry M, Chief Writer, 343202 (Po)

 EXTON, William, Leading Stoker, 312466 (Po)

 EYERS, Ernest H, Able Seaman, J 19151 (Po)

 EYLES, Bertram A, Private, RMLI, 16333 (Po)

 EYRES, John G, Boy 1c, J 38262 (Dev)

 FACEY, Richard E, Stoker 1c, K 6825 (Po)

 FAIRBAIRN, John E, Plumber's Mate, M 17914 (Po)

 FAULKNER, James R, Petty Officer, 192643 (Ch)

 FAULKNER, Robert I, Lieutenant

 FELTON, Albert E, Petty Officer, 220346 (Po)

 FERNOT, Arthur, Leading Seaman, 214323 (Po)

 FERRIS, Reginald J F, Ship's Steward's Assistant, M 10824 (Po)

 FIELD, Arthur, Leading Seaman, 174159 (Po)

 FISHER, James C, Private, RMLI, 16003 (Po)

 FISHER, Willie S, Ordinary Seaman, J 41122 (Dev)

 FITZSIMONS, Herbert B (real name, but served as John Simmons), Stoker 1c (RFR B 5203), SS 104107 (Po)

 FLACK, Arthur, Private, RMLI, 16585 (Po)

 FLEETWOOD, Albert, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 13614 (Po)

 FLETCHER, William, Stoker 1c, SS 113952 (Po)

 FLETCHER, William G, Stoker Petty Officer, 283820 (Po)

 FLETCHER, William J W, Lieutenant

 FLOWER, Stanley R, Stoker 1c, K 24037 (Po)

 FOAM, Albert J, Able Seaman, SS 5488 (Ch)

 FORD, George, Stoker, RNR, S 4453

 FORD, Richard H, Private, RMLI, 16569 (Po)

 FORMOSA, Angelo, Bandsman, 354720 (Po)

 FOSTER, Henry, Able Seaman, J 25113 (Po)

 FOSTER, Walter, Stoker 1c, K 15279 (Po)

 FOWLER, Walter C, Able Seaman, J 25226 (Ch)

 FOX, John H, Leading Stoker, K 5329 (Po)

 FRANCIS, Albert, Boy 1c, J 36440 (Po)

 FRENCH, Edward J, Able Seaman, J 24747 (Po)

 FRENCH, Richard G, Private, RMLI, 16597 (Po)

 FRESHWATER, William H, Boy 1c, J 39931 (Po)

 FUDGE, Alfred H, Able Seaman, J 19107 (Po)

 GARRITY, Michael, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5710), SS 106152 (Po)

 GASKIN, Luke, Private, RMLI, 17697 (Po)

 GEOGHEGAN, Herbert L, Fleet Surgeon

 GEORGE, John, Stoker 1c, K 19137 (Po)

 GEORGE, John R, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 11769 (Po)

 GHILLER, Riccardo, Canteen Server, Admiralty civilian

 GIBBINS, George W, Private, RMLI, 15955 (Po)

 GIBBONS, James T, Ordinary Seaman, J 38079 (Ch)

 GILBERT, Burnham W, Stoker 1c, K 7945 (Po)

 GILBERT, Harold T, Ordinary Seaman, J 23596 (Po)

 GILBERT, Horace J, Ordinary Signalman, RNVR, Bristol Z 3438

 GILL, Harry C, Electrical Artificer 3c, M 1349 (Po)

 GILLETT, William, Leading Seaman, 225186 (Po)

 GILLIBRAND, Roy H, Able Seaman, J 23811 (Po)

 GINGELL, Joseph F, Private, RMLI, 16630 (Po)

 GINGER, Edward, Able Seaman, J 19612 (Po)

 GIUNTA, Constantino, Bandsman, 355171

 GODWIN, William J, Leading Stoker, 311661 (Po)

 GOODCHILD, Arthur, Private, RMLI, 16348 (Po)

 GOODWIN, John, Stoker 1c, K 24687 (Po)

 GOODYEAR, Harry E, Able Seaman, 232335 (Po)

 GOVER, Samuel H, Mechanician, 306608 (Po)

 GRANT, Frank, Armourer's Mate, 342298 (Po)

 GRASSO, Liugi, Bandsman, 354434 (Po)

 GREEN, Charles J, Cooper, 344045 (Po)

 GREEN, Francis A, Able Seaman, J 5889 (Po)

 GREEN, George, Private, RMLI, 18483 (Po)

 GREEN, Sydney L, Able Seaman, J 20847 (Po)

 GREEN, Thomas, Stoker 1c, 301767 (Po)

 GREENWOOD, William P, Stoker, RNR, S 4445

 GREGORY, Francis, Stoker Petty Officer, 294661 (Po)

 GRIER, William J, Boatswain

 GRIFFITHS, John H, Able Seaman, J 23602 (Po)

 GRIMES, Frederick T, Boy 1c, J 39957 (Ch)

 GRITT, James A, Act/Leading Stoker, 306439 (Po)

 GROSSMITH, Fred J, Ordinary Seaman, J 34846 (Ch)

 GROSSMITH, John A, Able Seaman, J 17894 (Po)

 GULL, Douglas H, Stoker 1c, K 23469 (Po)

 GULLETT, James A, Signal Boy, J 41341 (Po)

 GULVIN, Leonard G, Able Seaman, J 8882 (Po)

 GUNNER, Christopher J, Private, RMLI, 17688 (Po)

 HAIZEDEN, James C, Able Seaman, SS 4192 (Po)

 HAKE, Frederick G B, Able Seaman (RFR B 5808), 230875 (Po)

 HALFORD, William, Armourer's Crew, M 8629 (Po)

 HALL, John T, Mechanician, 287899 (Po)

 HALLAM, George F B, Able Seaman, SS 5498 (Ch)

 HALLIDAY, Charles F, Lieutenant, RNR

 HAMILL, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 116271 (Po)

 HAMILTON, Lawrence, Stoker, RNR, S 4478

 HAMILTON, Richard, Stoker, RNR, S 4454

 HANNAN, Edward W J, Stoker Petty Officer, 235864 (Po)

 HANSFORD, Reginald G, Able Seaman, J 19139 (Po)

 HARMAN, Charles F, Telegraphist, J 21231 (Po)

 HARPER, William J, Stoker 1c, SS 115919 (Po)

 HARRIS, Wilfred J, Private, RMLI, 17383 (Po)

 HARRISON, Albert E, Cook's Mate, M 11444 (Po)

 HARRISON, John, Stoker 1c, 307733 (Po)

 HART, Joseph, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5631), SS 100543 (Ch)

 HARTWELL, Norman L, Able Seaman, J 16434 (Po)

 HAWKINS, William E, Stoker 1c, K 23717 (Po)

 HAYNES, Edward, Stoker 1c, SS 116395 (Po)

 HEAD, Ernest A, Able Seaman, J 7433 (Po)

 HEATH, John T, Chief Petty Officer, 162307 (Po)

 HELLIER, George W, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 3090 (Po)

 HELLYER, Henry, Stoker Petty Officer, 283821 (Po)

 HENDERSON, Henry J, Leading Seaman, 149332 (Dev)

 HERRINGTON, Hubert, Able Seaman, J 28604 (Po)

 HERROD, Arthur, Able Seaman, SS 4188 (Po)

 HEYWOOD, Samuel, Stoker Petty Officer, 207198 (Po)

 HICKSON, Arthur, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 7677

 HIGGINS, Frederick D Y, Private, RMLI, 16584 (Po)

 HILL, Charles A, Blacksmith, 346870 (Po)

 HILL, George, Stoker Petty Officer, 299640 (Po)

 HINE, Frederick G, Act/Chief Stoker, 292757 (Po)

 HOAR, Charles H, Private, RMLI, 16031 (Po)

 HOAR, Ernest W, Private, RMLI, 11167 (Po)

 HODGE, William, Able Seaman, SS 3994 (Po)

 HOLBROW, Charles, Stoker 1c, K 23928 (Po)

 HOLDEN, Charles R C, Able Seaman, J 14062 (Po)

 HOLDEN, Harold W, Able Seaman, J 18128 (Po)

 HOLMES, James, Stoker 1c, K 23921 (Po)

 HOLMES, William L, Ship's Steward, 343396 (Po)

 HOLT, Ernest A, Private, RMLI, 11268 (Po)

 HOOPER, Charles H, Sergeant, RMLI, 12283 (Po)

 HOUGHTON, Samuel, Seaman, RNR, B 3980

 HOUSTON, Daniel, Stoker, RNR, S 4369

 HOWCROFT, Ernest, Stoker 2c, K 29873 (Po)

 HOWES, Albert, Able Seaman, J 18131 (Po)

 HOWIE, James, Stoker, RNR, S 4937

 HUGHES, Edward, Boy 1c, J 39921 (Po)

 HUGHES, Frederick G, Able Seaman, SS 4193 (Po)

 HUGHES, James, Stoker 1c (RFR Immed Cl 423), SS 102947 (Po)

 HUISH, Edward C, Ordinary Seaman, J 34513 (Dev)

 HUNSLEY, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 24695

 HUNT, William, Leading Seaman, 234875 (Po)

 HUTCHISON, Thomas Mc L, Sub Lieutenant, RNVR

 IDDON, Frederick C, Stoker 2c, SS 117089 (Po)

 ILLINGWORTH, Julius L, Petty Officer, 228104 (Po)

 INGLIS, Charles, Private, RMLI, 16583 (Po)

 INGRAM, Arthur W C, Able Seaman, J 21324 (Po)

 JAMES, Sidney E, Leading Stoker, K 4369 (Po)

 JENKINS, William D, Leading Seaman, J 12098 (Po)

 JERAM, Edward W S, Able Seaman, J 23605 (Po)

 JOHN, Herbert S, Shipwright 1c, 343488 (Po)

 JOHNSON, James, Stoker 1c, 311381 (Po)

 JONES, Arthur H, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 551 (Po)

 JONES, Charles, Stoker 1c, K 19420 (Po)

 JONES, David G, Signalman, RNVR, Wales Z 2759

 JONES, Edward C, Able Seaman, 238805 (Po)

 JOY, Charles W, Stoker 1c, K 6017 (Po)

 JUPP, Harold A, Ordinary Seaman, J 22259 (Po)

 KEELING, George T, Leading Seaman, 236625 (Po)

 KEMP, Norman P, Able Seaman, J 13134 (Po)

 KEMP, Thomas H, Stoker 1c, SS 114134 (Po)

 KEMPSTER, Albert E, Ordinary Signalman, J 30263 (Po)

 KENNEDY, Robert C, Stoker 1c, SS 109371 (Ch)

 KETTELL, Frederick, Petty Officer, 237408 (Po)

 KIDSTON, Arthur S, Private, RMLI, 17784 (Po)

 KILTY, Leonard, Able Seaman, J 22356 (Po)

 KIMBER, Herbert J, Leading Stoker, K 6821 (Po)

 KIMBER, Joseph W, Able Seaman, SS 4094 (Po)

 KIRK, Henry, Stoker 1c, K 19390 (Po)

 KNIGHT, Charles E, Stoker 1c, K 19378 (Po)

 KNIGHT, Edward F V, Able Seaman, J 23276 (Po)

 KNIGHT, George, Stoker 1c (RFR B 9050), SS 105816 (Ch)

 KNIGHT, George W, Stoker 1c, K 19416 (Po)

 KNIGHT, Henry, Petty Officer, 191818 (Po)

 KNIGHT, William H, Officer's Steward 2c, L 7154 (Po)

 LAINE, Arthur, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 268973 (Po)

 LAMB, John A, Ordinary Seaman, J 43909 (Po)

 LAMBERT, William, Able Seaman, J 23150 (Po)

 LAMPER, Henry J, Able Seaman, 216113 (Po)

 LANE, Arthur M, Able Seaman, J 14008 (Po)

 LANE, Charles H, Shipwright 1c, 341992 (Po)

 LANE, Wallace, Leading Seaman, 233342 (Po)

 LANE, William K, Private, RMLI, 16557 (Po)

 LANG, Alec, Stoker 1c, K 4384 (Po)

 LAROCHE, George, Stoker, RNR, S 4481

 LAST, Alfred H, Able Seaman, J 18054 (Po)

 LAWRENCE, Robert G, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 2101

 LEARY, Edward, Stoker, RNR, S 4487

 LEARY, Patrick, Chief Stoker, 293649 (Po)

 LEE, Douglas A, Able Seaman, J 21966 (Po)

 LEEDHAM, James G, Private, RMLI, 15331 (Ch)

 LEGG, George J, Petty Officer, 213698 (Po)

 LEMON, Herbert S, Electrical Artificer 3c, M 5651 (Po)

 LEONARD, John W, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5491), SS 105745 (Po)

 LEVETT, Stanley H, Boy Telegraphist, J 33905 (Ch)

 LEWIS, George W, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 3447

 LEWIS, James, Stoker 1c, SS 112028 (Po)

 LIGHTOWLER, Thomas J, Ordinary Seaman, J 38003 (Po)

 LINSKILL, Frederick C, Private, RMLI, 15120 (Po)

 LISLEY, Ronald, Ordinary Seaman, J 21246 (Po)

 LITTLEWOOD, Charles F N, Leading Signalman, 217587 (Po)

 LLOYD, Edwin, Stoker, RNR, S 4476

 LLOYD, Thomas, Able Seaman, J 23579 (Po)

 LOCKLEY, Howard F, Corporal, RMLI, 14211 (Po)

 LOMAS, Fred, Stoker 1c, SS 113999 (Po)

 LONG, Gilbert J, Able Seaman, J 14850 (Po)

 LUGG, Reginald F, Private, RMLI, 17692 (Po)

 MACCORMAC, John S D, Ty/Surgeon

 MACDONALD, Thomas, Private, RMLI, 16562 (Po)

 MACFARLANE, George, Able Seaman, J 10562 (Po)

 MACLEOD, Donald, Leading Stoker, K 27719 (Po)

 MADDOCKS, Charles W, Stoker 1c, SS 115920 (Po)

 MAGANN, John A, Stoker Petty Officer, K 2354 (Po)

 MAGARITY, Joseph, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 270369 (Po)

 MAIDMENT, Sydney W, Able Seaman, J 2578 (Po)

 MAIR, Horace A, Stoker 1c, K 13034 (Po)

 MAJOR, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 17731 (Po)

 MALLINDINE, George W, Boy 1c, J 38081 (Ch)

 MANSBRIDGE, Frederick H, Chief Boatswain

 MANSELL, Frederick C, Able Seaman, J 18138 (Po)

 MAPLES, George F, Petty Officer 1c, 176464 (Po)

 MARCHANT, George H, Petty Officer 1c, 176384 (Po)

 MARCHANT, Sydney V, Able Seaman, J 12109 (Po)

 MARKS, Walter, Able Seaman, J 25578 (Po)

 MARSH, John W, Ordinary Seaman, J 35814 (Dev)

 MARSHALL, Charles W, Stoker Petty Officer, 277140 (Po)

 MARTELL, Edward, Able Seaman, J 24063 (Po)

 MARTIN, Edward, Private, RMLI, 13151 (Po)

 MARTIN, Joe, Boy 1c, J 39943 (Po)

 MASON, Albert E, Boy 1c, J 33414 (Ch)

 MASON, John A, Stoker 1c, 310086 (Po)

 MASON, William H, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 1822

 MASSEY, Charles C, Electrical Artificer 4c, M 6173 (Po)

 MATHER, Ernest, Able Seaman, 238569 (Ch)

 MATHER, William, Able Seaman, 196317 (Po)

 MATTHEWS, Charles, Stoker 1c, K 19385 (Po)

 MATTHEWS, Frederick G, Officer's Steward 1c, 159752 (Po)

 MATTHEWS, Joseph W, Stoker 1c, K 9560 (Po)

 MATTHEWS, William T, Carpenter's Crew, M 8589 (Po)

 MAULE, George, Boy 1c, J 33404 (Po)

 MAVIN, John W, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 4040

 MAXTED, Charles B, Boy Telegraphist, J 31405 (Ch)

 MAY, Frederick W, Leading Stoker, 311767 (Po)

 MAYNARD, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 7612 (Po)

 MCBRIDE, Cyril, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 7634

 MCCONOCHIE, David, Stoker 1c, K 13031 (Po)

 MCCORMACK, Frederick W, Stoker, RNR, U 803

 MCCORMICK, Aleck, Stoker, RNR, S 4413

 MCDONALD, George, Stoker 1c, K 24039 (Po)

 MCDONALD, John C, Leading Telegraphist, J 23443 (Dev)

 MCGEE, Henry, Stoker, RNR, S 4477

 MCGILLIVRAY, Peter, Stoker, RNR, S 5894

 MCINTYRE, Patrick, Stoker 1c, SS 115734 (Po)

 MCIVOR, Robert J, Stoker, RNR, S 5518

 MCKEVITT, Thomas, Stoker 2c, K 25220 (Po)

 MCLAREN, John, Boy 1c, J 39486 (Dev)

 MCLENNAN, Matthew, Stoker, RNR, U 1851

 MCMULLEN, Daniel, Able Seaman, SS 5567 (Dev)

 MCPEAK, Charles W L, Leading Seaman, 239582 (Po)

 MCPHAIL, John, Stoker, RNR, U 1664

 MEADE, Leonard J, Petty Officer, 173536 (Po)

 MEADOWS, Charles S, Petty Officer, 180188 (Po)

 MEARS, Ezra, Petty Officer 1c, 119317 (Po)

 MEEARS, Alfred H, Able Seaman, 214552 (Po)

 MEGGS, Claude D, Shipwright 2c, M 18919 (Po)

 MELIA, William E J, Stoker 1c, K 24787 (Po)

 MERRION, Sylvester, Boy 1c, J 39949 (Po)

 MICALLEF, John, Officer's Steward 2c, 356254 (Po)

 MIDDLETON, Albert, Act/Artificer Engineer

 MILBURN, Thomas J, Stoker 1c, K 26515 (Po)

 MILLAR, John, Stoker 1c, K 19387 (Po)

 MILLER, James, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 6515

 MILNER, John W, Stoker 1c, SS 116848 (Po)

 MINTER, Alexander R, Ship's Steward Assistant, M 11008 (Po)

 MITCHELL, Albert J, Stoker 1c, SS 115922 (Po)

 MITCHELL, Ernest, Stoker 1c, K 13018 (Po)

 MOODY, Edward R, Petty Officer, 190825 (Po)

 MORGAN, John, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 6053

 MORGAN, William J, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 1224

 MORRELL, William A, Gunner

 MORRIS, Charles S, Lieutenant Commander

 MORTIMER, Ernest H, Carpenter

 MORTON, John, Able Seaman, J 9514 (Po)

 MOYSE, William P, Leading Seaman, 201282 (Po)

 MULROONEY, Edward H J, Bugler, RMLI, 18698 (Po)

 MULVANEY, William, Stoker 1c, K 26511 (Po)

 MUNDEN, Bert, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5208), SS 104979 (Po)

 NASH, Alfred N, Leading Seaman, 237427 (Po)

 NASH, Arthur G, Private, RMLI, 17101 (Po)

 NEISH, Alexander, Stoker 1c, K 24046 (Po)

 NEVILLE, Walter E, Able Seaman, J 17134 (Po)

 NEVILLE, William B, Leading Seaman, 233249 (Po)

 NEWBOLD, Charles, Able Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z 4394

 NEWBURY, Alfred E, Able Seaman, J 22255 (Po)

 NICHOLL, Robert, Boy 1c, J 41590 (Dev)

 NICOLSON, Robert, Able Seaman, SS 4191 (Po)

 NIVEN, James D, Engineer Lieutenant Commander

 NORRIS, Ernest L, Able Seaman, J 6172 (Po)

 OFFER, John A, Able Seaman, J 13594 (Po)

 OLDROYD, Joseph E, Stoker 1c, 308243 (Po)

 OSBORN, Frederick J, Leading Seaman, J 8934 (Po)

 OSGUTHORPE, John A, Boy 1c, J 39934 (Dev)

 O'SHEA, James, Able Seaman, J 16876 (Po)

 OSTLE, Joseph D, Stoker 1c, SS 116849 (Po)

 PALMER, Benjamin, Boy 1c, J 39920 (Ch)

 PALMER, Edmund, Chief Stoker, 281327 (Po)

 PALMER, Frederick W, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 268640 (Po)

 PALMER, Harry H, Ty/Assistant Paymaster, RNR

 PALMER, Robert H, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 801 (Po)

 PALMER, Thomas J W, Stoker 1c, K 18663 (Po)

 PARKER, Charles T E, Boy Telegraphist, J 33137 (Ch)

 PARR, James, Boy 1c, J 33493 (Ch)

 PARRY, John H, Stoker 1c, K 26195 (Po)

 PARSONS, Roland W, Private, RMLI, 16620 (Po)

 PART, Frank Q, Engine Room Artificer 1c, 271510 (Po)

 PASKIN, William G, Act/Leading Stoker, K 2435 (Po)

 PASS, Sidney, Ordinary Seaman, J 45591 (Po)

 PAUL, Frank E, Chief Ship's Cook, 343352 (Po)

 PAWLEY, George W, Able Seaman, J 5352 (Po)

 PAYNE, Horace, Able Seaman, J 23858 (Po)

 PEACHEY, William, Stoker, RNR, S 4483

 PEARCE, George, Stoker 1c, K 23666 (Po)

 PENNINGTON, Richard A, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 1532 (Po)

 PENNISTONE, Frederick C, Able Seaman, J 24961 (Po)

 PENNY, Frederick, Petty Officer, 227562 (Po)

 PENNY, Frederick C, Private, RMLI, 16610 (Po)

 PENTNEY, George, Stoker 1c, 309530 (Po)

 PERFECT, Frederick G, Ordinary Seaman, J 23894 (Po)

 PHELAN, Stuart J, Chaplain

 PHENNA, William, Stoker, RNR, U 2232

 PHILLIPS, Bertie, Able Seaman, J 24342 (Po)

 PHILLIPS, David, Leading Seaman, 227886 (Po)

 PHILLIPS, Frederick W, Private, RMLI, 16665 (Po)

 PHIPPS, John W, Boy 1c, J 39942 (Po)

 PICK, Walter, Private, RMLI, 17710 (Po)

 PICKETT, Sidney J, Able Seaman, J 19051 (Po)

 PIGFORD, Ernest L, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 8911

 PIKE, William G H, Artificer Engineer

 PILCHER, Harry G, Able Seaman, J 20938 (Po)

 PINNOCK, George E, Ordinary Seaman, J 31811 (Ch)

 PIPER, Albert G, Chief Petty Officer, 161601 (Po)

 PITT, George, Stoker, RNR, S 8992

 PLASKETT, George A, Chief Armourer, 346157 (Po)

 POINTER, Frederick T, Stoker 1c, K 17804 (Po)

 POLIZZI, Achille, Bandsman, 361949 (Po)

 POLLARD, James E, Ordinary Seaman, J 35815 (Dev)

 PORTER, John, Electrical Artificer 4c, RNVR, Tyneside 4/4

 PORTOGHESE, Guiseppe, Bandsman, M 4348 (Po)

 PORTOGHESI, Enrico, Bandsman, 114422 (Po)

 POWELL, John H, Ordinary Seaman, J 24307 (Po)

 POWER, Michael J, Stoker 1c, K 25731 (Po)

 PRALLE, Arthur C, Leading Stoker, 209348 (Po)

 PRATT, Arthur J, Signal Boy, J 35412 (Po)

 PRATT, Percy E, Joiner, 344912 (Po)

 PRESTON, Francis G, Ordinary Seaman, J 23911 (Po)

 PRICE, Albert W, Ordinary Seaman, J 30214 (Ch)

 PRICE, Edgar S, Ty/Assistant Paymaster, RNR

 PRICE, Ernest H, Able Seaman, J 23371 (Po)

 PRICE, James P, Stoker 1c, K 18678 (Po)

 PRICE, William H, Private, RMLI, 16600 (Po)

 PRIDDLE, George A, Boy 1c, J 30507 (Ch)

 PRIESTLEY, Benjamin, Ordinary Seaman, J 49872 (Po)

 PRIMMER, John H, Lance Sergeant, RMLI, 15167 (Po)

 PRINCE, James, Corporal, RMLI, 15071 (Po)

 PRIOR, Charles M, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6821), SS 108601 (Po)

 PRIORI, Archimede, Bandsman, 364385 (Po)

 PROCTOR, Amos A, Stoker 1c, SS 116852 (Po)

 PROPHET, Allan, Stoker 1c, K 24031 (Po)

 PROW, Edward A, Act/Chief Petty Officer, 164481 (Po)

 QUAINTANCE, Albert V, Able Seaman, J 12759 (Po)

 QUARTERMAN, Archibald G, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 566 (Po)

 QUINTRELL, Alfred L, Wireman 2c, M 12988 (Po)

 RAINE, Robert, Stoker 2c, K 25988 (Po)

 RASON, John C, Cook's Mate, M 4456 (Po)

 RATCLIFFE, William A, Boy Telegraphist, J 33839 (Dev)

 READ, Albert V, Able Seaman, J 6955 (Po)

 READ, Henry W C, Private, RMLI, 8231 (Po)

 READ, William H, Able Seaman, J 15309 (Po)

 REAY, Richard E, Shipwright 2c, M 14059 (Po)

 RENFREW, John W, Stoker 1c, 279497 (Po)

 RENNIE, Robert, Stoker 1c, SS 115921 (Po)

 RICHARDS, Frederick J, Stoker 1c, K 11898 (Po)

 RICHARDSON, Albert E, Stoker 1c, 312129 (Po)

 RICHARDSON, Arthur W, Sergeant, RMLI, 13162 (Po)

 RICHMOND, Sidney C A, Ordinary Seaman, J 23845 (Po)

 RIGLER, Herbert T, Plumber, 340328 (Po)

 RISING, John P, Assistant Paymaster

 RITCHIE, James, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 7598

 ROBBINS, John, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 7452

 ROBERTS, Leonard A, Stoker 1c, K 19396 (Po)

 ROBERTSON, James, Stoker, RNR, S 4456

 ROBERTSON, James D, Stoker 1c, K 2799 (Po)

 ROBERTSON, John T, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 6089

 ROBERTSON, Robert P, Private, RMLI, 16390 (Po)

 ROBINSON, William G, Private, RMLI, 17852 (Po)

 RODGERS, James, Able Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z 4322

 ROE, James P, Able Seaman, J 23266 (Po)

 ROONEY, Thomas, Stoker, RNR, S 4455

 ROOTS, William J, Petty Officer, 227310 (Po)

 ROSMONDO, Mattio, Bandsman, 361392 (Po)

 ROWE, Henry H, Signal Boatswain

 ROWE, Jonathan, Stoker, RNR, S 4513

 ROWLANDS, Robert E, Boy 1c, J 38261 (Dev)

 RUFF, John, Private, RMLI, 15267 (Po)

 RUMNEY, Thomas L, Leading Seaman, 218901 (Po)

 RUSSELL, Fred, Stoker, RNR, S 4489

 RYAN, William, Stoker 1c, 200791 (Po)

 RYE, Francis W, Boy Telegraphist, J 33826 (Ch)

 SAGGERS, John M, Stoker 1c (RFR Immed Cl 327), SS 101714 (Po)

 SALMON, Victor, Able Seaman, 238781 (Po)

 SAMPLE, John W, Able Seaman, J 24146 (Po)

 SANDELL, Edward J, Boy 1c, J 38078 (Ch)

 SANDERS, Herbert, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 2090

 SANGER, Frederick, Private, RMLI, 16563 (Po)

 SAVAGE, Arthur R, Able Seaman, J 23935 (Po)

 SAVAGE, John, Stoker 1c (RFR Immed Cl 469), SS 103864 (Po)

 SAWYER, Albert, Petty Officer, 196411 (Po)

 SAWYER, Albert E, Ordinary Seaman, J 24646 (Ch)

 SCOTT, Ernest, Private, RMLI, 17927 (Po)

 SCOTT, Robert, Chief Stoker, 281353 (Po)

 SCOWEN, Ernest W, Able Seaman, J 17434 (Ch)

 SEAL, Douglas, Boy Telegraphist, J 34393 (Dev)

 SHANKS, James, Stoker, RNR, S 7131

 SHARLAND, Cecil, Ordinary Seaman, J 23918 (Po)

 SHAW, James, Stoker 1c, K 23674 (Po)

 SHAW, Richard E, Private, RMLI, 15530 (Po)

 SHEARMAN, Fred J, Shipwright, 345751 (Po)

 SHEARMAN, James, Stoker 1c, K 29867 (Po)

 SHIELDS, Neil, Ordinary Seaman, J 46005 (Dev)

 SILVERSON, Alfred J, Stoker 1c (RFR Immed Cl 494), SS 101976 (Po)

 SIMMONDS, Walter A, Leading Seaman, 223524 (Po)

 SIMMONS, George F, Able Seaman, J 15366 (Po)

 SIMPSON, Donald, Gunner

 SIMPSON, William H, Able Seaman, J 16745 (Po)

 SKELTON, William H, Stoker 1c, K 19417 (Po)

 SKYRME, Robert J, Stoker Petty Officer, 310870 (Po)

 SLADE, Thomas E, Able Seaman, 233711 (Po)

 SLAYMAKER, Edward T, Corporal, RMLI, 10971 (Po)

 SMALLEY, Roland, Stoker 1c, K 19401 (Po)

 SMILEY, George, Able Seaman, 231456 (Dev)

 SMITH, Bernard S, Cook's Mate, M 4234 (Po)

 SMITH, Bertie, Stoker 1c, K 32 (Po)

 SMITH, Charles P, Able Seaman, J 17868 (Po)

 SMITH, Frederick W, Ordinary Seaman, J 30509 (Ch)

 SMITH, George W H A, Act/Leading Stoker, K 30228 (Po)

 SMITH, Hugh, Stoker 1c, K 19148 (Po)

 SMITH, Valentine, Private, RMLI, 16340 (Po)

 SMITH, William J, Private, RMLI, 17751 (Po)

 SMITTEN, Frank, Able Seaman, SS 3996 (Po)

 SNOOK, Bernard F, Telegraphist, J 23930 (Po)

 SNOW, Albert E, Able Seaman, J 16819 (Po)

 SOPER, Robert W, Able Seaman, J 23332 (Po)

 SPAVOUND, George W, Leading Stoker, K 1085 (Po)

 SPEARING, Samuel, Stoker 1c, K 18675 (Po)

 SPENCER, Albert E, Leading Seaman, 235005 (Po)

 SPENCER, Frank, Leading Signalman, 231810 (Po)

 SPIERS, Matthew, Stoker 1c, SS 116146 (Po)

 STAINER, Sidney H, Able Seaman, J 9795 (Po)

 STANSFIELD, John R, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 1397 (Po)

 STANTON, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 24038 (Po)

 STARES, Thomas, Chief Stoker, 161299 (Po)

 STEINTHAL, Geoffrey R, Act/Lieutenant, RM

 STEPHEN, Thomas, Stoker 1c, 231836 (Po)

 STEVENS, George, Stoker 1c (RFR Immed Cl 342), SS 101473 (Po)

 STEVENS, Reginald A, Sick Berth Attendant, M 5841 (Po)

 STEVENSON, Frank, Boy 1c, J 39924 (Po)

 STEWART, William, Able Seaman, J 23575 (Po)

 STICKLEY, Walter, Petty Officer, 196856 (Po)

 STIMPSON, Sydney A, Private, RMLI, 17924 (Po)

 STOKES, Herbert N, Stoker 1c, K 24033 (Po)

 STOKES, William, Stoker 1c, SS 116119 (Ch)

 STONE, Jarvis, Stoker 1c, 287937 (Po)

 STONE, Reginald C, Able Seaman, 220833 (Po)

 STOTHARD, Albert, Stoker 1c, K 17663 (Po)

 STOUT, Albert E, Colour Sergeant, RMLI, 7785 (Po)

 STRAITON, John, Stoker, RNR, S 5524

 STRANO, Domenico, Bandsman, 353263 (Po)

 STRICKLAND, Frederick, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 19913 (Po)

 STRONACH, Charles, Private, RMLI, 15830 (Po)

 STUART, William, Private, RMLI, 16616 (Po)

 STURGESS, Cyril, Stoker 2c, K 29888 (Po)

 STURGESS, Ernest, Stoker 1c, 201975 (Po)

 SULLIVAN, Fredeick W, 2nd Sick Berth Attendant, 351514 (Po)

 SUMNER, Alfred H, Signalman, J 13606 (Dev)

 SUTHERLAND, William, Stoker 1c, SS 115796 (Po)

 SUTTON, Frank E, Able Seaman, 236341 (Po)

 SWIFT, Ernest, Able Seaman, SS 3767 (Po)

 SYME, William F, Stoker 2c, K 25227 (Po)

 TAGG, Albert S, Stoker 1c, K 7256 (Po)

 TALBOT, Jack, Stoker 1c, K 11871 (Po)

 TANNER, Edwin (real name, but served as Edwin Turner), Petty Officer, 221813 (Po)

 TANNER, Joseph H, Mechanician, 300651 (Po)

 TAPLIN, Alfred T, Private, RMLI, 14782 (Ch)

 TAPP, Herbert S, Boy 1c, J 27720 (Po)

 TAPPING, Bertie J, Able Seaman, J 23870 (Po)

 TARLING, Sidney A, Chief Stoker, 300010 (Po)

 TAWNEY, Cyril V, Bugler, RMLI, 18659 (Po)

 TAYLOR, David, Able Seaman, J 13192 (Po)

 TAYLOR, Fred, Stoker Petty Officer, 287585 (Po)

 TAYLOR, Frederick, Stoker 1c, SS 114138 (Po)

 TAYLOR, Frederick G, Stoker 1c, K 17607 (Po)

 TAYLOR, William T, Able Seaman, J 19097 (Po)

 TETTMAR, William T, Signalman, J 22594 (Po)

 THOMAS, Hilton, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 7638

 THOMAS, Reginald, Able Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z 1178

 THOMPSON, Arthur L, Ship's Cook, 346988 (Po)

 THOMPSON, Walter C, Stoker 1c, 309337 (Po)

 THORNE, George W, Chief Petty Officer, 170317 (Po)

 TIGWELL, Frank, Boy 1c, J 33513 (Ch)

 TILBURY, Lawrence A, Private, RMLI, 16560 (Po)

 TILLY, Evan T, Able Seaman, 227669 (Po)

 TILTMAN, Albert, Petty Officer, 177951 (Po)

 TONKS, Joseph, Stoker 1c (RFR Immed Cl 413), SS 103154 (Po)

 TOWILLS, George J, Leading Stoker, K 4417 (Po)

 TOWNSEND, Ernest J, Able Seaman, J 19865 (Po)

 TOWNSEND, John R, Signalman, J 19000 (Po)

 TRAYHURN, George H, Stoker Petty Officer, K 1637 (Po)

 TRINDER, Joseph, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 239884 (Po)

 TUCKER, Harry, Private, RMLI, 14190 (Po)

 TURNBULL, James, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 2314

 TURNER, Charles E, Stoker 1c, K 24157 (Po)

 TURNER, Henry W W, Private, RMLI, 16512 (Po)

 UNGARO, Luigi, Band Corporal, 353485 (Po)

 URSO, Giovannai, Bandsman, 356933 (Po)

 VANE, Alfred E, Painter 2c, M 6555 (Po)

 VARNDELL, William A G J, Able Seaman, J 24300 (Po)

 VARNEY, Reginald T, Boy 1c, J 38258 (Po)

 VASSALLO, Lewis, Carpenter's Mate, 356796 (Po)

 VAUSE, Albert, Stoker 1c, K 24729 (Po)

 VELLA, John, Officer's Cook, 361846 (Po)

 VENUS, Herbert J, Able Seaman, J 18610 (Po)

 VERGE, Thomas J, Able Seaman, J 19047 (Po)

 VERLANDER, Walter, Able Seaman, J 24330 (Po)

 VICKERY, Alexander L, Able Seaman, J 5980 (Po)

 VINEY, Bertie J, Corporal, RMLI, 15085 (Po)

 WADDELL, George E, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 6066

 WALKER, Edward S R, Stoker 1c, 307347 (Po)

 WALL, George N, Ordinary Seaman, J 24978 (Po)

 WALSH, Patt, Leading Seaman, 182287 (Dev)

 WALTERS, Edwin J, Blacksmith's Mate, M 5380 (Po)

 WALTON, Ernest, Stoker 1c, 217835 (Po)

 WALTON, William, Able Seaman, J 24338 (Po)

 WARD, Harry P, Signalman, J 30304 (Po)

 WARD, James W, Act/Leading Stoker, 308701 (Po)

 WARD, William F, Ordinary Seaman, J 24324 (Po)

 WATERLOW, John B, Commander

 WATERS, John H, Boy 1c, J 32393 (Ch)

 WATKINS, Daniel, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 1793

 WATSON, William C, Cook's Mate, M 5867 (Po)

 WATTS, Francis E, Sailmaker, 188210 (Po)

 WEARN, William, Painter 1c, 340395 (Po)

 WEAVER, Leonard, Boy Telegraphist, J 43967 (Dev)

 WEBB, Frederick C, Boy Servant, L 8100 (Po)

 WEBBER, Rev. WILLIAM F, Chaplain

 WEBSTER, George, Stoker 1c, K 586 (Po)

 WELCH, John, Leading Stoker, K 10567 (Po)

 WELLS, Thomas P, Stoker Petty Officer, 309927 (Po)

 WESCOTT, Samuel W G A, Able Seaman, J 4832 (Po)

 WESTBROOK, Ernest E, Stoker Petty Officer, 304756 (Po)

 WESTON, Moses, Boy 1c, J 39948 (Po)

 WEYMAN, Frank O, 2nd Cook's Mate, M 10424 (Po)

 WHAYLING, John R, Leading Stoker, 311738 (Po)

 WHEELER, Henry J, Stoker 2c, K 29893 (Po)

 WHITE, Ernest T, Leading Stoker, 304240 (Po)

 WHITE, Jeffrey H, Ordinary Seaman, J 46009 (Dev)

 WHITE, John M, Private, RMLI, 11691 (Po)

 WHITING, Victor J, Petty Officer 1c, 193168 (Po)

 WILCOX, Walter H, Stoker 1c, K 18198 (Po)

 WILKES, John, Able Seaman, J 10599 (Po)

 WILKINS, Frederick W, Chief Electrical Artificer 2c, 347399 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Albert G, Boy 1c, J 35239 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Edward C, Leading Seaman, J 2377 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Ernest V, Stoker Petty Officer, 355762 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Thomas, Petty Officer, 222411 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Tom, Petty Officer, 202108 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Tom, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 2629 (Po)

 WILLOWS, Herbert S, Able Seaman, J 24140 (Po)

 WILLS, Arthur S, Private, RMLI, 15597 (Po)

 WILLS, Thomas P, Able Seaman, 223629 (Ch)

 WILLSON, Sydney F, Yeoman of Signals, 230737 (Po)

 WILSON, Francis A, Private, RMLI, 17602 (Po)

 WILSON, James B, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 6167

 WILSON, Percy J, Able Seaman, J 11284 (Po)

 WILSON, Ralph H C, Boy 1c, J 33770 (Ch)

 WILSON, Robert H, Engine Room Artificer 5c, M 3792 (Po)

 WILSON, William H, Stoker 1c, K 7715 (Po)

 WINCHESTER, Marshall J, Boy 1c, J 37298 (Ch)

 WINGHAM, George C, Able Seaman, J 15080 (Po)

 WINKWORTH, Arthur G, Able Seaman, J 22603 (Po)

 WISEWELL, Walter H, Able Seaman, SS 4000 (Po)

 WISHART, Henry A, Stoker 1c, K 17615 (Po)

 WITHERS, Archie, Stoker 1c, K 11601 (Po)

 WOOD, Albert E, Able Seaman, J 24152 (Po)

 WOOD, Frederick C, Able Seaman, J 11026 (Po)

 WOOD, John W, Stoker, RNR, S 4512

 WOOD, Joseph, Stoker 1c, SS 116850 (Po)

 WOOD-ROBINSON, Thomas M, Ty/Surgeon

 WOODROW, James, Artificer Engineer

 WOOLLER, Thomas C, Able Seaman, J 24282 (Po)

 WORMLEIGHTON, Sidney C, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 2106

 WORSFOLD, Frederick J, Wireman 2c, M 17639 (Po)

 WRAGG, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 111103 (Po)

 WREN, Frank, Stoker Petty Officer, 297152 (Po)

 WREN, John W, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside 4043

 WRIGHT, Clarence L, Able Seaman, J 22604 (Po)

 WRIGHT, Edward W, Petty Officer, 218979 (Po)

 WYATT, Denis, Able Seaman, J 18862 (Po)

 YEATES, Eric J, Able Seaman, J 14401 (Po)

 YOUNG, Charles, Stoker Petty Officer, 304234 (Po)

 YOUNG, Charles W, Shipwright 2c, M 6875 (Po)

 YOUNG, Leonard, Boy 1c, J 39959 (Ch)


Defence (right, Navy Photos)

 ABBOTT, Sydney J, Leading Seaman, J 11871 (Dev)

 ABEL, William A, Chief Stoker, 305403 (Dev)

 ABERCROMBIE, Cecil H, Lieutenant

 ACKROYD, Stephen E, Act/Leading Stoker, K 11721 (Dev)

 ADAMS, Albert H, Stoker 1c, K 5622 (Dev)

 ADAMS, Cyril H, Clerk

 ADAMS, George H, Stoker 1c, K 18896 (Dev)

 AGER, William J, Stoker 2c, K 29041 (Dev)

 ALLSOP, William G, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, K 8424 (Dev)

 ALTON, Wingfield W, Fleet Paymaster

 ANDERSON, Alexander, Stoker Petty Officer, K 23755 (Dev)

 ANDERSON, Edward J, Signal Boy, J 33219 (Ch)

 ANDERSON, James, Stoker 1c, SS 113734 (Dev)

 ANDERSON, Walter, Boy 1c, J 30594 (Dev)

 ANDREWS, Arthur E, Leading Seaman, J 8097 (Dev)

 ANDREWS, Robert H, Boy 1c, J 30592 (Dev)

 ANSTISS, Percy F S, Ordinary Seaman, J 28997 (Po)

 ARBERRY, Henry, Warrant Telegraphist

 ARBUTHNOT, Sir ROBERT K, Rear Admiral

 ARGYLE, William F, Boy Telegraphist, J 33766 (Dev)

 ASHE, Robert, Private, RMLI, 15633 (Ply)

 ASHLEY, William, Stoker 1c, K 18410 (Dev)

 ATHERTON, Joseph A F, Ordinary Seaman, J 36811 (Dev)

 ATKINSON, Arthur, Stoker 1c, SS 116247 (Dev)

 ATWILL, Richard H, Stoker 1c, K 3062 (Dev)

 AUSTIN, William G H, Able Seaman, J 9118 (Dev)

 AYERS, Bertie W, Gunner, RMA, RMA 11442

 BADCOCK, William, Chief Electrical Artificer 2c, 345428 (Dev)

 BAGNALL, Leslie J, Gunner, RMA, RMA 13055

 BAILEY, Arthur, Able Seaman, J 19182 (Dev)

 BAILEY, Frederick, Act/Leading Stoker, RNR, S 3985

 BAILEY, Hon. BERNARD M, Midshipman

 BAKER, David, Yeoman of Signals, 213359 (Dev)

 BAKER, George H, Able Seaman, J 10057 (Dev)

 BAKER, Herbert, Stoker 1c, SS 113735 (Dev)

 BALDACCHINO, Alberto, Bandsman, 157931

 BANKS, Harry, Private, RMLI, 17898 (Ply)

 BARCLAY, William, Armourer's Crew, M 8661 (Dev)

 BARKER, Reginald, Boy 1c, J 35876 (Dev)

 BARNES, Edward M, Boy 1c, J 34701 (Dev)

 BARRETT, John H, Petty Officer, 197753 (Dev)

 BARRETT, Montague H, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 12359 (Dev)

 BARRY, James J, Stoker 1c, SS 113905 (Dev)

 BARRY, John, 2nd Sick Berth Steward, 351495 (Dev)

 BARTRAM, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, J 36812 (Dev)

 BASTERFIELD, William C, Officer's Steward 1c, 362371 (Dev)

 BATEY, Thomas, Stoker, RNR, T 3142

 BAWDEN, Bertie, Blacksmith's Mate, M 18602 (Dev)

 BEAGLEY, Frederick J, Gunner, RMA, RMA 13061

 BEALEY, Francis H, Cook's Mate, M 4957 (Dev)

 BEAVERIDGE, John W S, Able Seaman, J 29959 (Ch)

 BEER, Edward A, Leading Stoker, 279632 (Dev)

 BEET, Arthur, Gunner, RMA, RMA 11765

 BENNETT, Courtney W, Private, RMLI, 16123 (Ply)

 BENNION, William H, Able Seaman, J 25437 (Dev)

 BENTLEY, Alfred, Petty Officer, 196501 (Dev)

 BENTLEY, Edward J, Ship's Steward's Assistant, M 12499 (Dev)

 BERRY, Martin, Leading Stoker, K 6653 (Dev)

 BEST, William, Stoker, RNR, U 1910

 BETHELL, Ernest M, Stoker 2c, K 29465 (Dev)

 BEVAN, Francis G, Stoker, RNR, S 3805

 BICKLE, Hubert, Electrical Artificer 3c, M 5200 (Dev)

 BILES, Charles G, Able Seaman, 221890 (Dev)

 BIRCH, Peter, Stoker 1c, SS 112170 (Dev)

 BIRD, James A, Stoker, RNR, S 3984

 BISCOMBE, William M, Stoker Petty Officer, 302228 (Dev)

 BISHOP, Arthur E, Act/Leading Stoker, K 10333 (Dev)

 BISHOP, William F, Stoker 1c, K 14912 (Dev)

 BLACKMAN, Ernest A, Gunner, RMA, RMA 5538

 BLATCHFORD, Thomas H, Private, RMLI, 15599 (Ply)

 BLUNT, Horace, Boy 1c, J 38096 (Dev)

 BLYTH, John W, Able Seaman, J 15232 (Dev)

 BOAL, John, Able Seaman, 216495 (Dev)

 BOGG, Thomas E, Boy 1c, J 46748 (Dev)

 BOGGIA, Stanley J, Shipwright 1c, 346022 (Dev)

 BOLDERSTON, James J, Private, RMLI, 17342 (Ply)

 BOLTON, Henry, Boy Telegraphist, J 37924 (Po)

 BOLTON, John, Armourer's Crew, M 8941 (Dev)

 BONNICI, Joseph, Canteen Server, Admiralty civilian

 BOOTY, Herbert, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 633 (Dev)

 BOSLEY, Fred, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4803), SS 106609 (Dev)

 BOURHILL, Albert G, Cook's Mate, M 12064 (Dev)

 BOWDEN, Alfred A T, Gunner, RMA, RMA 10630

 BOWEN, Harry, Stoker, RNR, S 3770

 BOWEN, William, Able Seaman, J 19493 (Dev)

 BOWHAY, Frederick S, Cook's Mate, M 3596 (Dev)

 BOYD, John, Stoker, RNR, S 3807

 BOYLING, Albert, Private, RMLI, 14997 (Ply)

 BRADBURY, Arthur J, Able Seaman, J 1487 (Dev)

 BRADLEY, Arthur, Signalman, J 17604 (Dev)

 BRANN, William E, Able Seaman, J 15340 (Dev)

 BRANNICK, Robert, Able Seaman, J 35516 (Dev)

 BREWER, Frederick C, Act/Leading Stoker, 287158 (Dev)

 BRICKLEY, David, Seaman, RNR, A 4213

 BRICKLEY, James, Seaman, RNR, A 5125

 BRIDGER, Cornelius W, Boy 1c, J 45406 (Dev)

 BRODERICK, John, Able Seaman, J 4773 (Dev)

 BROOKS, Edward C W, Boy 1c, J 30767 (Dev)

 BROOKS, Francis G, Private, RMLI, 16429 (Ply)

 BROOKS, Philip H, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 6178

 BROWN, Cecil C, Ordinary Seaman, J 29808 (Po)

 BROWN, Charles N, Able Seaman, J 17574 (Dev)

 BROWN, George K, Artificer Engineer

 BROWN, Harold, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14451

 BROWN, Lawrence, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14178

 BROWN, William A J, Ordinary Seaman, J 39301 (Ch)

 BROWNING, Harold R, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 3275 (Dev)

 BRUCE, John, Stoker Petty Officer, K 13656 (Dev)

 BRYANT, Sidney A, Ordinary Seaman, J 27154 (Ch)

 BUCKELL, George H, Bombardier, RMA, RMA 10679

 BUCKLER, Alfred C, Petty Officer, 182477 (Dev)

 BULLEN, Albert B, Private, RMLI, 17893 (Ply)

 BURDETT, John E, Private, RMLI, 16739 (Ply)

 BURRIDGE, Walter G, Private, RMLI, 14775 (Ply)

 BURT, George E J, Stoker 1c, K 18393 (Dev)

 BURTON, Hugh S, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 11415 (Po)

 BURTON, William R, Officer's Steward 3c, L 7788 (Dev)

 BUSHELL, Thomas C, Stoker 1c, SS 113717 (Dev)

 BUTCHER, George, Stoker 1c, SS 113878 (Dev)

 BUTTERWORTH, Alfred, Ordinary Seaman, SS 5710 (Dev)

 CACKETT, Horace J, Stoker Petty Officer, 309910 (Dev)

 CAFIERO, Giosue, Canteen Manager, Admiralty civilian

 CAMPBELL, Adair M G, Midshipman

 CANN, Wesley W, Leading Stoker, 311047 (Dev)

 CAPPS, Frederick A, Fleet Surgeon

 CARLTON, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, J 30577 (Dev)

 CARMANDO, Nunzio, Bandsman, 362456

 CARR, John, Stoker 1c, 306787 (Dev)

 CARROLL, James, Stoker Petty Officer, 283529 (Dev)

 CARROLL, William, Able Seaman, 215432 (Dev)

 CARSON, John, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 3621

 CARTER, Richard H, Paymaster

 CASEY, John H, Act/Leading Stoker, K 14329 (Dev)

 CASSIDY, Harry, Stoker 1c, K 2572 (Dev)

 CASSIDY, Michael, Stoker, RNR, S 6231

 CAVALLAZZI, Agostino, Bandsman, 354475

 CHALLENGER, Joseph, Stoker Petty Officer, K 10335 (Dev)

 CHANT, William R J, Able Seaman, J 12417 (Dev)

 CHAPLIN, George, Officer's Steward 2c, L 7968 (Dev)

 CHEESE, Henry, Boy 1c, J 39302 (Ch)

 CHERRY, Alfred, Gunner

 CHICK, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 19218 (Dev)

 CHIRCOP, Gaetano, Canteen Server, Admiralty civilian

 CHISWELL, Thomas H, Leading Signalman, 225570 (Dev)

 CHIVERS, Albert, Stoker 1c, 309297 (Dev)

 CLARKE, Michael J, Able Seaman, 223863 (Dev)

 CLARKE, Robert B, Able Seaman, SS 5709 (Dev)

 CLAY, James H, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, 299480 (Dev)

 CLEARY, Timothy, Stoker Petty Officer, 177001 (Dev)

 CLEMENS, Frederick W T, Ty/Surgeon

 CLENCH, Frank S, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 272441 (Dev)

 CLIBBENS, Sidney, Carpenter's Crew, M 12738 (Dev)

 CLOKE, Walter, Shipwright 2c, M 15640 (Dev)

 COLEMAN, John, Stoker 1c, K 18522 (Dev)

 COLES, Albert, Private, RMLI, 6420 (Ply)

 COLLINS, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 113699 (Dev)

 COLTON, James L, Lance Sergeant, RMA, RMA 11374

 COLVILLE, James, Stoker, RNR, S 3780

 CONQUEST, Claude F, Bombardier, RMA, RMA 13062

 CONSIGLIO, Giovanni, Bandsman, 177581

 COOK, Garnet W, Ship's Cook, 346456 (Dev)

 COOKE, Frederick, Private, RMLI, 15647 (Ply)

 COOMBS, Evan A, Stoker 1c, SS 107576 (Dev)

 COOPER, Frederick G, Boy 1c, J 33435 (Ch)

 COOPER, Harry, Boy 1c, J 42183 (Ch)

 COOPER, Herbert J, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14544

 COPLESTONE-BOUGHEY, Alfred F, Commander

 CORKE, William M, Able Seaman, J 35409 (Dev)

 CORNELIUS, Leonard J, Ordinary Seaman, J 30169 (Dev)

 CORNISH, Frederick L, Boy 1c, J 30045 (Ch)

 CORRIGAN, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 113732 (Dev)

 CORSER, Reginald, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 11896 (Dev)

 COSGROVE, Maurice, Blacksmith's Mate, M 12378 (Dev)

 COTTER, Daniel, Carpenter's Crew, M 14437 (Dev)

 COUNSELL, Harry S W, Stoker Petty Officer, K 2602 (Dev)

 COURTS, Edwin C, Boy 1c, J 38095 (Dev)

 COWAN, Ian C, Lieutenant

 COWEN, John J, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 2723

 COX, Alfred F, Able Seaman, J 38602 (Dev)

 CRAIG, David, Stoker 2c, K 29045 (Dev)

 CRANNAGE, Jack M, Chief Petty Officer, 188756 (Po)

 CRAVEN, Thomas B, Act/Leading Stoker, K 15309 (Dev)

 CRAWFORD, James, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 5996

 CRAWFORD, Malcolm, Able Seaman, SS 5399 (Dev)

 CREBER, Gilbert A, Able Seaman, J 17628 (Dev)

 CREWS, George H, Act/Leading Stoker, K 176 (Dev)

 CROOK, Ernest W, Able Seaman, 214645 (Dev)

 CROSS, Fred, Act/Leading Stoker, K 3099 (Dev)

 CROSS, Frederick J, Telegraphist, J 25466 (Dev)

 CROSSAN, Thomas L, Private, RMLI, 17318 (Ply)

 CROTHERS, John, Seaman, RNR, A 6583

 CROWLE, Alfred J, Blacksmith, 341571 (Dev)

 CROWLEY, Jeremiah, Ship's Corporal 1c, 297253 (Dev)

 CUFF, Reginald, Mechanician, 309680 (Dev)

 CULPIN, George B, Boy Telegraphist, J 31710 (Ch)

 CURRIE, Robert, Ordinary Seaman, J 37227 (Dev)

 DACEY, Henry E, Mate (E)

 DALY, Patrick L, Petty Officer, 215601 (Dev)

 DANIEL, Frank H, Bugler, RMLI, 16031 (Ply)

 DANKS, George, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 5946

 DART, Harry, Stoker 1c, K 23372 (Dev)

 DAVIES, David, Gunner, RMA, RMA 11928

 DAVIES, John H, Able Seaman, J 11881 (Dev)

 DAVIS, Sidney C, Stoker, RNR, S 3791

 DAVIS, Stanley, Stoker 2c, K 28255 (Dev)

 DAWES, Ernest G, Boy Telegraphist, J 36177 (Dev)

 DEARDEN, Joseph, Able Seaman, J 11858 (Dev)

 DEASEY, Timothy, Petty Officer 1c, 183772 (Dev)

 DEMPSEY, Edward, Stoker 2c, K 26783 (Dev)

 DEMPSEY, John, Stoker 1c, SS 113724 (Dev)

 DENNEHY, William, Able Seaman, J 11216 (Dev)

 DENNETT, Tom, Able Seaman, J 9315 (Dev)

 DENNIS, Percy V, Leading Seaman, J 2390 (Dev)

 DI MAURO, Virgilio, Chief Bandmaster, 158946

 DISTANCE, Francis, Boy 1c, J 33011 (Dev)

 DIXON, Robert, Leading Signalman, 226068 (Dev)

 DOMMETT, Walter H, Able Seaman, J 20781 (Dev)

 DONNELLY, Peter, Ordinary Seaman, SS 5402 (Dev)

 DONOVAN, John, Leading Seaman, 231175 (Dev)

 DOWDING, Sidney, Able Seaman, J 16179 (Dev)

 DOWN, Walter J, Able Seaman, 234452 (Dev)

 DRAKE, Frederick, Boy 1c, J 40975 (Dev)

 DRISKELL, Ernest, Able Seaman, 188467 (Dev)

 DRUMMOND, Allan R, Stoker 1c, K 8801 (Dev)

 DUNCAN, Thompson A, Stoker, RNR, S 3783

 DURHAM, George, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 270375 (Dev)

 DURRANT, Herbert, Ordinary Seaman, J 30769 (Ch)

 DUTTON, Thomas H, Stoker 1c, SS 113729 (Dev)

 DYER, Adolphus E B, Leading Stoker, K 2244 (Dev)

 EADIE, John, Lieutenant

 EARL, James, Stoker 1c, K 18389 (Dev)

 EARL, John, Stoker 1c, K 18399 (Dev)

 EARNSHAW, George, Ordinary Seaman, J 30711 (Dev)

 ECCLES, Robert, Boy 1c, J 30761 (Dev)

 ECCLESTONE, Harry H, Act/Leading Stoker, K 8493 (Dev)

 EDGCOMBE, Richard, Act/Leading Stoker, K 1768 (Dev)

 EDMONDSON, Gerard D, Able Seaman, 234326 (Dev)

 EDWARDS, Henry, Wireman 2c, M 17595 (Po)

 EDWARDS, Henry G, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 1874

 EDWARDS, Robert, Private, RMLI, 15631 (Ply)

 EDWARDS, Stanley F, Corporal, RMLI, 9819 (Ply)

 EGGLETON, Arthur W, Petty Officer, 235544 (Po)

 ELLIS, Ernest H, Ship's Steward's Assistant, M 6148 (Dev)

 ELLIS, Stanley V, Captain

 ELSMORE, Reginald T C, Able Seaman, J 6557 (Dev)

 ELWIS, Arthur, Leading Telegraphist, J 14085 (Dev)

 ENGLAND, Albert F, Private, RMLI, 17359 (Ply)

 ENGLAND, Albert G, Boy 1c, J 30013 (Dev)

 ENGLAND, Francis G, Stoker Petty Officer, 291538 (Dev)

 ENGLAND, John E, Ordinary Seaman, J 30242 (Dev)

 ERNSHAW, Samuel, Petty Officer, 186189 (Dev)

 EVANS, John L, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 14639 (Dev)

 EVANS, William R, Boy 1c, J 30583 (Dev)

 EVERITT, Walter, Able Seaman, J 6029 (Dev)

 FAIRCLOUGH, George, Act/Leading Stoker, SS 110261 (Dev)

 FALLIS, George R, Stoker, RNR, S 3792

 FALVEY, John, Seaman, RNR, A 4944

 FARRELL, John H, Stoker 1c, SS 114597 (Dev)

 FEILDING, Hon. HUGH C R, Lieutenant Commander

 FELTHAM, Henry G, Stoker 1c, K 18438 (Dev)

 FENNERTY, William F, Stoker 1c, SS 116201 (Dev)

 FERRIS, Ernest J, Leading Seaman, 239631 (Dev)

 FERRIS, Percival C, Able Seaman, 214600 (Dev)

 FITCH, Charles R, Able Seaman, J 10034 (Dev)

 FITTON, James T, Leading Stoker, RNR, S 3773

 FLINT, William E I, Private, RMLI, 17994 (Ply)

 FLOYD, Herbert, Stoker 2c, K 28294 (Dev)

 FONDACARO, Nicolo, Band Corporal, 163938

 FORD, Charles, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 270086 (Dev)

 FORSE, William J, Mechanician, 276192 (Dev)

 FORSYTH, William, Stoker 1c, 305407 (Dev)

 FOSS, William E, Petty Officer, 191125 (Dev)

 FOULDS, William E, Leading Seaman, J 11201 (Dev)

 FOULKES, Arthur, Stoker 1c, 311181 (Dev)

 FOUNTAIN, Edward G, Stoker 1c, K 18042 (Dev)

 FOX, Adam, Able Seaman, J 5139 (Dev)

 FOX, Albert G, Mechanician, 301235 (Dev)

 FOX, James, Able Seaman, J 15312 (Dev)

 FOX, Walter E, Able Seaman, J 18751 (Dev)

 FRANKLIN, Norman, Seaman, RNR, B 4269

 FREEMAN, James H, Able Seaman, J 15751 (Dev)

 FRENCH, Robert, Able Seaman, 238306 (Dev)

 FROUDE, Mortimer H, Stoker 2c, K 29047 (Dev)

 FURLONG, William, Gunner, RMA, 12643

 FURNEAUX, William H T, Able Seaman, J 8509 (Dev)

 GALLAGHER, Bernard, Able Seaman, RNVR, Mersey Z 484

 GALLAGHER, Francis J, Ordinary Telegraphist, J 30759 (Dev)

 GARDINER, William N, Lieutenant

 GARDNER, Tom, Able Seaman, J 21878 (Dev)

 GARGET, Wilfred N, Able Seaman, J 18217 (Dev)

 GARNETT, Harry J, Officer's Cook 1c, 139965 (Dev)

 GARTON, Herbert W, Signal Boy, J 33451 (Dev)

 GATER, Frederick, Stoker 1c, K 25128 (Dev)

 GATES, George A, Leading Signalman, 214908 (Dev)

 GEATON, William C, Chief Carpenter

 GEE, Henry L, Boy 1c, J 29858 (Dev)

 GENDERS, Philip G, Boy Telegraphist, J 389168 (Dev)

 GENOVESE, James C, Able Seaman, J 4626 (Dev)

 GERRISH, William, Able Seaman, J 17904 (Dev)

 GIBLIN, George, Stoker 1c, K 18455 (Dev)

 GIBNEY, James, Petty Officer, 193687 (Dev)

 GIBSON, John, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 7535

 GIBSON, Wilfred, Stoker 1c, 305964 (Dev)

 GIGLIO, Abele, Officer's Steward 1c, 356751 (Dev)

 GILBERT, Ernest, Leading Stoker, K 2889 (Dev)

 GILBERT, Harry E, Chief Yeoman of Signals, 159239 (Dev)

 GILBERT, Percy G, Able Seaman, 233033 (Dev)

 GILLARD, William C, Private, RMLI, 17363 (Ply)

 GLOVER, Joseph, Private, RMLI, 15628 (Ply)

 GOLDSTEIN, Isaac, Able Seaman, SS 7354 (Ch)

 GOODCHILD, Percy, Leading Seaman, 214057 (Dev)

 GORDON, John M, Petty Officer 1c, 183446 (Dev)

 GORE, Richard, Stoker, RNR, V 609

 GOSLIN, Cecil S, Gunner, RMA, RMA 13069

 GOSLING, Albert F, Stoker 2c, K 28515 (Ch)

 GOSLING, James T, Sergeant, RMLI, 6621 (Ply)

 GOSS, Herbert G, Act/Electrician Artificer 4c, M 13769 (Dev)

 GOW, Roderick C A, Lieutenant

 GRAHAM, Robert E, Able Seaman, J 18466 (Dev)

 GRANT, George D, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14651

 GRANT, Stanley W, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14469

 GREADON, Edwin E C, Yeoman of Signals, 215456 (Dev)

 GREENHILL, William J, Stoker 1c, K 20303 (Dev)

 GREENLEAF, John, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 1561 (Po)

 GREENSLADE, Charles H, Ordinary Seaman, J 28749 (Ch)

 GREENWOOD, Fred, Able Seaman, J 10003 (Dev)

 GREENWOOD, Leonard M, Gunner, RMA, RMA 12586

 GRIFFIN, Alfred H, Ordinary Seaman, J 24383 (Dev)

 GRIFFIN, Edward, Leading Stoker, 282116 (Dev)

 GRIFFIN, Michael, Shipwright 1c, 242556 (Dev)

 GRIFFITHS, Philip T, Able Seaman, SS 5388 (Dev)

 GRIMALDI, Edgar W, Able Seaman, J 28994 (Ch)

 GROSSE, Edward E, Boy 1c, J 30003 (Po)

 GROVER, William, Boy Telegraphist, J 37487 (Dev)

 GUNN, William F, Stoker, RNR, S 3793

 GUNNERY, William W, Able Seaman, J 17598 (Dev)

 GURNEY, William A, Gunner, RMA, RMA 6795

 GWILLIAM, Sidney J, Signal Boy, J 30905 (Po)

 HAILSTONE, Frank, Stoker 1c, SS 113722 (Dev)

 HALL, Fredrick C, Able Seaman, J 7015 (Dev)

 HALL, James, Stoker Petty Officer, 305311 (Dev)

 HAM, Edward J, Able Seaman, J 2368 (Dev)

 HAMILTON, Alexander D P, Act/Lieutenant, RM

 HAMILTON, Edward W, Wireman 2c, M 13761 (Dev)

 HAMILTON, William, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 6024

 HAMMETT, Norman F, Carpenter's Crew, M 11726 (Dev)

 HAMMETT, William F M, Officer's Steward 3c, L 7024 (Dev)

 HAMMOND, Ernest, Signalman, J 23834 (Dev)

 HANWELL, Meynell O, Midshipman

 HARRIGAN, James, Able Seaman, SS 3513 (Dev)

 HARRIS, Dunstan, Petty Officer, 213238 (Dev)

 HARRIS, John H, Able Seaman, J 1078 (Dev)

 HARRIS, Malcolm A M, Midshipman

 HART, Richard J, Able Seaman, J 4766 (Dev)

 HARTLEY, Robert, Stoker 2c, K 29049 (Dev)

 HARTWELL, George A (real name, but served as John Horton), Stoker, RNR, S 3709

 HASTIE, Ernest, Ordinary Seaman, J 37836 (Dev)

 HATCH, Norman A B, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 2205 (Po)

 HATTIN, George L, Boy 1c, J 31372 (Ch)

 HAVERSON, Percy R P, Able Seaman, 236910 (Dev)

 HAWKE, Frank W E, Telegraphist, J 17608 (Dev)

 HAY, Alan J, Clerk

 HAYDEN, Frank E, Master at Arms, 187148 (Dev)

 HAYDON, Robert, Able Seaman, J 21117 (Dev)

 HAYES, James J, Leading Seaman, J 1014 (Dev)

 HAYLES, Trevor G L, Midshipman

 HEMMINGS, William J, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271506 (Dev)

 HENDERSON, Robert S, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 2143

 HENRY, James R, Stoker 1c, SS 113730 (Dev)

 HENSON, James A, Able Seaman, J 19537 (Dev)

 HENSON, Thomas, Leading Seaman, J 10196 (Dev)

 HEWITT, William, Stoker 1c, SS 110923 (Dev)

 HEYDON, Albert E, Cook's Mate, M 3173 (Dev)

 HICKERY, John, Stoker 2c, K 28880 (Dev)

 HILL, Albert E V, Stoker 1c, K 18024 (Dev)

 HILL, Dewhirst, Stoker 1c, SS 112901 (Dev)

 HILL, Ernest, Sailmaker, 198998 (Dev)

 HILL, Herbert V, Ordinary Seaman, J 28323 (Ch)

 HILL, William H, Leading Seaman, J 4706 (Dev)

 HINCHLIFFE, William T, Stoker 1c, SS 116246 (Dev)

 HOARE, William, Private, RMLI, 15624 (Po)

 HODDER, William G, Stoker 2c, K 29048 (Dev)

 HODGE, Benjamin, Stoker 1c, SS 116204 (Dev)

 HOGAN, Daniel, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 216819 (Dev)

 HOGAN, Joseph, Stoker 2c, K 29031 (Dev)

 HOLDSWORTH, William E, Able Seaman, J 11470 (Dev)

 HOLLINS, Thomas, Telegraphist, J 23272 (Dev)

 HOLMES, Arthur E, Stoker 2c, K 28516 (Ch)

 HOOPER, Henry, Chief Petty Officer, 154459 (Dev)

 HOPKINS, William C, Electrical Artificer 3c, M 5095 (Dev)

 HORNE, Francis P, Stoker Petty Officer, 290860 (Dev)

 HOSKING, Herbert, Stoker 1c, K 18430 (Dev)

 HOWE, Alfred E, Stoker 1c, K 7582 (Dev)

 HOWE, Henry, Stoker Petty Officer, 280065 (Dev)

 HOWELL, Frank S, Leading Seaman, J 1620 (Dev)

 HOWELL, Frederick, Able Seaman, J 7380 (Dev)

 HOWES, John, Petty Officer, 181402 (Dev)

 HUBBARD, William, Colour Sergeant, RMA, RMA 4486

 HUDSON, William H F, Engineer Lieutenant Commander

 HUGHES, James F, Ordinary Seaman, J 29017 (Dev)

 HUGHES, Thomas P, Stoker, RNR, S 3823

 HULL, Eric E, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 239152 (Ch)

 HUMPHREYS, Thomas, Stoker, RNR, S 3806

 HURREN, Richard F, Boy 1c, J 33406 (Po)

 IVES, Wilfred, Able Seaman, J 30756 (Ch)

 JACKSON, Harry, Painter 1c, 345519 (Dev)

 JAMIESON, David, Petty Officer, 192801 (Dev)

 JAMIESON, Walter W, Stoker 1c, SS 113712 (Dev)

 JANE, Albert, Stoker Petty Officer, 305302 (Dev)

 JARVIS, Cecil F, Able Seaman, J 6493 (Dev)

 JASPER, James S, Act/Leading Stoker, K 9795 (Dev)

 JAUNCEY, Henry C A, Act/Sub Lieutenant

 JEFFERY, Frank, Yeoman of Signals, 208969 (Po)

 JEFFERY, Percy F, Stoker 1c, K 18435 (Dev)

 JENKIN, Stanley H, Able Seaman, J 22481 (Dev)

 JENKINS, Christopher J, Stoker 1c, K 4084 (Dev)

 JOHN, Sydney, Leading Stoker, K 5787 (Dev)

 JOHNS, John W, Able Seaman, J 14548 (Dev)

 JOHNSON, George M, Ty/Surgeon

 JOHNSON, Victor, Able Seaman, J 30595 (Dev)

 JOHNSTON, Alexander K, Ty/Assistant Paymaster, RNR

 JOHNSTON, Robert S R, Stoker 1c, SS 110461 (Dev)

 JOHNSTON, Samuel C, Private, RMLI, 17830 (Ply)

 JOHNSTONE, Arthur T, Commander

 JOLLIFFE, Victor, Act/Bombardier, RMA, RMA 11539

 JONES, Arthur, Able Seaman, 231814 (Dev)

 JONES, David J, Stoker 1c, SS 113737 (Dev)

 JONES, Ernest, Stoker, RNR, S 3794

 JONES, George, Stoker 1c, SS 113749 (Dev)

 JONES, Harold T, Boy Telegraphist, J 31889 (Dev)

 JONES, James, Able Seaman, 171719 (Dev)

 JONES, John W, Stoker 1c, K 17266 (Dev)

 JONES, Thomas E, Ty/Naval Instructor

 JORDAN, James R, Gunner, RMA, RMA 13900

 JOSE, Richard H, Petty Officer, 236246 (Dev)

 JOUGHIN, William E, Ordinary Seaman, J 30742 (Dev)

 JOWLE, Walter, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 6068

 JOY, Herbert, Ordinary Seaman, J 30734 (Ch)

 JOYCE, Frederick J, Able Seaman, 234926 (Dev)

 KEARNS, Michael, Signal Boatswain

 KEHOE, James, Leading Stoker, 287130 (Dev)

 KELLOW, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 278184 (Dev)

 KELLY, Patrick, Private, RMLI, 73880 (Ply)

 KEMP, Frederick G, Ship's Cook, 347445 (Dev)

 KERR, Robert, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 272303 (Dev)

 KERSHAW, Henry, Ordinary Seaman, J 37319 (Dev)

 KETT, Samuel, Stoker, RNR, S 3720

 KEYS, Alfred R, Act/Bombardier, RMA, RMA 13067

 KIELY, Maurice, Stoker 2c, K 29032 (Dev)

 KILLINGBECK, William, Ordinary Seaman, SS 6725 (Dev)

 KILMISTER, William, Ordinary Seaman, J 46010 (Dev)

 KING, Ernest W, Able Seaman, J 15737 (Dev)

 KING, George A, Able Seaman, J 16898 (Dev)

 KING, Richard B, Ordinary Seaman, J 30723 (Ch)

 KING, Walter W, Boy 1c, J 31375 (Po)

 KIRBY, Charles E, Ordinary Signalman, J 31887 (Dev)

 KIRBY, George W, Petty Officer, 237365 (Dev)

 KITCHENER, Joseph R, Sick Berth Attendant, 350288 (Dev)

 KNAPMAN, William, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, K 2271 (Dev)

 KNEEL, Jack A C, Assistant Clerk

 KNIGHT, Arthur, Officer's Cook 3c, 358883 (Dev)

 KNIGHT, Frederick W, Chief Stoker, 282869 (Dev)

 KNOWLES, Albert E, Ordinary Seaman, J 25915 (Dev)

 LAKEMAN, Sydney H, Able Seaman, 210188 (Dev)

 LAKEY, Sidney, Stoker 1c, K 18447 (Dev)

 LAMB, Wilfred E, Officer's Steward 2c, L 2090 (Po)

 LAMBERT, George, Stoker, RNR, S 3787

 LAMPRELL, Stanley E M, Ordinary Telegraphist, J 25922 (Dev)

 LANDRICOMBE, David J, Stoker 1c, K 3530 (Dev)

 LANDRICOMBE, William, Stoker 1c, K 18443 (Dev)

 LANGLEY, Thomas, Stoker Petty Officer, 311814 (Dev)

 LANGMEAD, Ernest J, Private, RMLI, 15637 (Ply)

 LARN, James W, Able Seaman, J 17032 (Dev)

 LAWLER, Albert V, Petty Officer, 215069 (Dev)

 LAXS, Carl J, Leading Seaman, 238266 (Dev)


 LEAR, Cecil C, Able Seaman, J 18589 (Dev)

 LEE, Alfred J, Stoker 1c, K 10758 (Dev)

 LEE, Edward, Stoker, RNR, S 3722

 LEE, Samuel H, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 2322 (Dev)

 LEMON, Henry H, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 5764 (Dev)

 LESTER, William E, Stoker 1c, K 7497 (Dev)

 LEVERTON, Ernest W, Able Seaman, 219105 (Dev)

 LEWIS, Edwin A V, Mechanician, 310162 (Dev)

 LIGHT, George, Officer's Cook 3c, L 5490 (Dev)

 LIGRESTISCHIROS, Emanuele, Bandsman, 363072

 LINDLEY, Arthur P, Ordinary Seaman, J 46297 (Dev)

 LITTLE, John P, Stoker 1c, K 18404 (Dev)

 LITTLEWOOD, Joseph, Stoker 1c, SS 116244 (Dev)

 LITTON, Tom, Private, RMLI, 13632 (Ply)

 LIVESAY, Henry, Leading Seaman, J 1774 (Dev)

 LONG, John, Stoker Petty Officer, 287250 (Dev)

 LONG, William A, Gunner, RMA, RMA 5271

 LONGDEN, William G, Signal Boy, J 33241 (Dev)

 LONN, John W, Able Seaman, J 24423 (Dev)

 LOUGHNEY, John, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, 293020 (Dev)

 LOVEGROVE, Benjamin, Gunner, RMA, RMA 7480

 LOWER, Augustus J, Stoker 1c, SS 111292 (Dev)

 LUCK, John, Act/Leading Stoker, K 5286 (Dev)

 LUND, John H, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 11894 (Dev)

 LUXTON, Frederick W H, Stoker 1c, K 18894 (Dev)

 LYAL, Robert H, Act/Leading Stoker, K 10739 (Dev)

 LYNCH, William, Private, RMLI, 13552 (Ply)

 LYTHGOE, Watkin, Able Seaman, 235742 (Dev)

 MACARTHUR, Alexander, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 3622

 MACHIN, Ivor, Leading Seaman, 182420 (Dev)

 MACK, Joseph, Act/Sub Lieutenant, RAN

 MACLEAN, Parry, Gunner, RMA, RMA 13461

 MADDOCK, James J, Petty Officer, 179588 (Dev)

 MADGE, William J S, Ordinary Seaman, J 30137 (Ch)

 MAGRI, Angelo, Officer's Cook 1c, 353133 (Dev)

 MAHONEY, Timothy, Ordinary Seaman, J 38097 (Dev)

 MANN, Robert, Leading Seaman, J 7196 (Dev)

 MANNING, William, Able Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z 982

 MARDEN, Harry, Chief Shipwright, 341461 (Dev)

 MARKHAM, Thomas G, Ordinary Seaman, J 37838 (Dev)

 MARSH, John, Petty Officer 1c, 156819 (Dev)

 MARSH, Samuel J, Chief Petty Officer, 166348 (Po)

 MARSHALL, Edward A, Stoker, RNR, S 3852

 MARSHALL, Joseph S, Shipwright 2c, 345514 (Dev)

 MARSHALL, Mervyn C, Stoker 1c, K 24818 (Dev)

 MARSHALL, Sydney, Officer's Steward 2c, L 3754 (Dev)

 MARSHALL, William H, Stoker Petty Officer, 232762 (Dev)

 MARTIN, Charles F, Chief Petty Officer, 172603 (Dev)

 MARTIN, Frederick, Able Seaman, 208886 (Ch)

 MASLEN, Alfred E, Petty Officer, 220553 (Dev)

 MCAULEY, Patrick H, Leading Seaman, J 1215 (Dev)

 MCBRIDE, John, Ordinary Seaman, SS 6582 (Dev)

 MCCANN, Thomas, Able Seaman, 215675 (Dev)

 MCCARTHY, Jeremiah P, Leading Carpenter's Crew, M 6016 (Dev)

 MCCASKIE, James, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 736

 MCCONNELL, Daniel, Stoker, RNR, S 3799

 MCDONALD, Andrew, Able Seaman, J 212 (Dev)

 MCDONALD, Murdo, Seaman, RNR, B 2964

 MCEWAN, Robert, Stoker, RNR, S 3778

 MCGEADY, Francis, Petty Officer, 204613 (Po)

 MCGLOUGHLIN, Thomas G (real name, but served as Thomas G McLeary), Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 5627

 MCGUIRE, Alfred F, Gunner, RMA, RMA 8863

 MCKAY, George A, Able Seaman, 236038 (Dev)

 MCKIERNAN, Michael J, Stoker, RNR, S 3802

 MCLAGAN, William J, Stoker 1c, K 1779 (Dev)

 MCLEAN, Walter G, Ship's Steward, 350336 (Dev)

 MCLEOD, Peter, Stoker 1c, K 18094 (Dev)

 MCMAHON, Michael, Stoker, RNR, S 3782

 MCMANUS, James, Able Seaman, SS 5395 (Dev)

 MCNAMARA, William, Gunner, RMA, RMA 9609

 MCPHERSON, David, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 5939

 MCPHERSON, John (real name, but served as John Pearson), Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 7488

 MCRITCHIE, Murdo, Seaman, RNR, B 2645

 MEAD, Albert G, Cook's Mate, M 13631 (Dev)

 MEADE, James J, Able Seaman, J 34828 (Dev)

 MEESON, Edward H T, Engineer Commander

 MELADY, Joseph, Mechanician, 295097 (Ch)

 MELLOR, Andrew B, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 15299 (Dev)

 MERCHANT, Robert, Able Seaman, J 18636 (Dev)

 MERRIFIELD, Bertie, Ordinary Seaman, J 46008 (Dev)

 MERRIFIELD, Cecil E Y, Leading Seaman, J 5602 (Dev)

 METCALFE, James E, Ordinary Seaman, J 35540 (Dev)

 MILLER, Alexander R, Leading Seaman, 221436 (Po)

 MILSOM, Edward W, Lieutenant

 MINALDI, William, Bandsman, 157930

 MINGO, William J, Leading Stoker, K 14880 (Dev)

 MITCHELL, Frank W, Stoker 1c, K 1473 (Dev)

 MITCHELL, Peter, Signalman, RNVR, Clyde Z 4587

 MONSON, Charles, Petty Officer, 236601 (Dev)

 MONTESIN, Carmelo, Bandsman, 175642

 MONTGOMERY, John, Private, RMLI, 17190 (Ply)

 MOORE, Edward, Act/Leading Stoker, K 7228 (Ch)

 MOORE, Frank, Stoker, RNR, S 3819

 MOORE, Henry, Stoker 1c, SS 116203 (Dev)

 MORGAN, Albert A, Stoker 1c, K 25 (Dev)

 MORGAN, Cecil, Stoker, RNR, S 3800

 MORGAN, Charles H, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 1864

 MORGAN, John, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 12725 (Dev)

 MORGAN, William, Able Seaman, J 7322 (Dev)

 MORLEY, Frank, Boy 1c, J 29815 (Po)

 MORLEY, Walter, Private, RMLI, 12335 (Ply)

 MORRELL, Frederick J, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 11483 (Dev)

 MORRIS, Ernest J, Sergeant, RMA, RMA 6892

 MORRISH, Frank, Chief Armourer, 175632 (Dev)

 MORRISON, Henry H, Signalman, RNVR, Clyde Z 4589

 MORRISON, Michael, Petty Officer, 236291 (Dev)

 MORROW, James, Able Seaman, 239120 (Dev)

 MOSS, Edwin, Electrical Artificer 3c, M 5092 (Dev)

 MULLEY, Charles P, Seaman, RNR, A 4984

 MURPHY, John, Able Seaman, 173365 (Dev)

 MURRAY, Thomas E, Act/Leading Stoker, SS 109320 (Dev)

 MUSCARA, Corrado, Bandsman, 355168

 MUTCH, Thomas W H, Leading Signalman, 238997 (Ch)

 MUTTER, William J, Stoker 1c, 162473 (Dev)

 MYERS, Thomas H, Leading Seaman, 150682 (Dev)

 NAGLE, Maurice, Ordinary Seaman, J 29745 (Dev)

 NASON, Alfred G, Boy 1c, J 39311 (Ch)

 NAYLOR, Percy A, Leading Seaman, 235312 (Dev)

 NEEDLEY, George, Chief Gunner

 NEWMAN, Frederick J, Stoker 1c, SS 113870 (Dev)

 NEWMAN, Percy, Boy 1c, J 30813 (Ch)

 NEWTON, William H, Stoker 1c, K 18439 (Dev)

 NICHOLSON, Edward J, Stoker 2c, K 28406 (Dev)

 NICHOLSON, James H, Ordinary Seaman, J 37687 (Dev)

 NOLAN, William P, Stoker 1c, 311368 (Dev)

 NORGROVE, Leslie, Act/Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 269958 (Dev)

 NORRISH, Phillip J, Leading Seaman, J 1379 (Dev)

 NORTH, George H, Chief Sick Berth Steward, 175577 (Dev)

 NORTHCOTT, George R, Petty Officer, 191402 (Dev)

 NORTHCOTT, Reginald, Stoker 1c, K 18897 (Dev)

 NUNN, Charles A, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 6658

 O'BRIEN, David, Able Seaman, 187778 (Dev)

 OCKWELL, Albert H, Boy Telegraphist, J 34214 (Dev)

 O'CONNOR, Patrick, Leading Stoker, 172086 (Dev)

 ODAM, Edwin K, Assistant Paymaster

 O'DONNELL, Patrick, Petty Officer, 219470 (Dev)

 OLIVER, Harold E, Shipwright 2c, 344060 (Dev)

 O'MAHONEY, Daniel J, Stoker 1c, K 5835 (Dev)

 ORLEY, William R, Able Seaman, 188973 (Dev)

 ORMOND, Charles, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271703 (Dev)

 ORRIS, Charles J, Able Seaman, J 17892 (Dev)

 ORTON, George, Boy 1c, J 30763 (Dev)

 OSBORN, Samuel F, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14523

 OSBORNE, Charles A, Able Seaman, J 14530 (Dev)

 OSMOND, Arthur H, Ordinary Seaman, J 259005 (Dev)

 O'SULLIVAN, William H, Ship's Corporal 1c, 217980 (Dev)

 OUGH, Richard G, Leading Stoker, K 12437 (Dev)

 OUGHTON, Ernest, Act/Leading Stoker, K 7039 (Dev)

 OWEN, Griffith C L, Midshipman

 OWENS, Albert, Act/Leading Stoker, SS 110460 (Dev)

 PACKER, Henry, Gunner, RMA, RMA 12664

 PAGE, Ernest B, Leading Seaman, 198425 (Dev)

 PALMER, George J, Stoker 1c, SS 113728 (Dev)

 PALMER, James A, Stoker 1c, K 6144 (Dev)

 PALMER, Walter H, Boy 1c, J 29788 (Dev)

 PARKER, William C, Leading Signalman, 216680 (Dev)

 PARKES, Thomas H, Ordinary Seaman, J 25985 (Dev)

 PARKINSON, George, Stoker 1c, SS 110366 (Dev)

 PARR, William, Stoker 1c, 232363 (Dev)

 PARROTT, George, Boy 1c, J 29577 (Po)

 PARRY, Robert W, Act/Leading Stoker, K 15305 (Dev)

 PARRY, Thomas, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, 303290 (Dev)

 PARSONS, Joseph, Able Seaman, 234714 (Dev)

 PATERSON, George M, Sub Lieutenant, RAN

 PATIGNIOTT, Paolo, Canteen Server, Admiralty civilian

 PAUL, Harry R, Able Seaman, J 2254 (Dev)

 PEAKE, George W, Stoker 2c, K 29056 (Dev)

 PEARCE, Thomas, Leading Cook's Mate, M 154 (Dev)

 PEARCEY, David, Wireman 2c, M 15476 (Po)

 PEASEY, William, 3rd Writer, M 11827 (Dev)

 PEGLER, Frederick C, Able Seaman, J 17694 (Dev)

 PELL, Harry, Py/2nd Cook's Mate, M 15395 (Dev)

 PENELLUM, John T, Leading Stoker, 305387 (Dev)

 PENGELLY, Reginald, Stoker 1c, 234671 (Dev)

 PERKINS, Charles H, Act/Leading Stoker, K 7034 (Dev)

 PERRING, Alfred, Leading Seaman, 221202 (Dev)

 PETERS, Henry B, Leading Stoker, 312222 (Dev)

 PHARE, William, Leading Stoker, K 5642 (Dev)

 PHELAN, John, Stoker, RNR, S 3774

 PHELPS, Nathaniel P, Able Seaman, J 17917 (Dev)

 PHILLIPS, John C, Able Seaman, J 4672 (Dev)

 PHILLIPS, William J, Petty Officer, 181172 (Dev)

 PHILP, Charles, Able Seaman, 211121 (Dev)

 PHIPPS, Francis T, Midshipman

 PICKERING, John W, Able Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z 4959

 PICKETT, Edward G, Stoker 2c, K 26780 (Dev)

 PILE, William R, Able Seaman, J 9652 (Dev)

 PIPES, Wilfred G, Signal Boy, J 32314 (Dev)

 PITTEY, Charles J, Private, RMLI, 16469 (Ply)

 PLATT, George F, Able Seaman, 232929 (Dev)

 POLATO, Antonio, Bandsman, 353280

 POLLOCK, Joseph, Ordinary Seaman, J 25436 (Dev)

 PORTELLI, Enrico, Bandsman, 353781

 PORTER, George, Private, RMLI, 10397 (Ply)

 POTTS, Andrew, Able Seaman, 228087 (Dev)

 POWELL, Victor, Able Seaman, J 30219 (Dev)

 POWER, Stephen, Boy 1c, J 31976 (Dev)

 PRATTENT, Francis M, Act/Lieutenant, RNR

 PRENDAGAST, John J, Stoker 1c, K 24321 (Dev)

 PRESTON, Alfred H S, Sergeant, RMLI, 8306 (Ply)

 PRICE, James, Private, RMLI, 14572 (Ply)

 PRICE, Wilfred B, Sub Lieutenant

 PRIDE, James, Private, RMLI, 17756 (Ply)

 PRING, Edward, Boy 1c, J 38100 (Dev)

 PRITCHARD, Henry J, Ordinary Seaman, J 29741 (Po)

 PROWSE, Thomas E, Leading Seaman, 236024 (Dev)

 PRYOR, Willis, Able Seaman, J 9408 (Dev)

 PULLAN, Joseph N, Able Seaman, J 34627 (Dev)

 PULLEN, John H, Able Seaman, J 25459 (Dev)

 QUEENBOROUGH, Charles H S, Ordinary Seaman, J 21587 (Dev)

 RANKIN, Robert A D, Signalman, J 15970 (Dev)

 REED, Sidney G, Petty Officer, 193627 (Dev)

 RENDELL, Arthur G, Leading Stoker, 311720 (Dev)

 RENSCH, Ernest, Signalman, J 18047 (Dev)

 RENSHAW, George R, Lieutenant, RNR

 REYNOLDS, Thomas H, Chief Writer, 343419 (Dev)

 RICHARDSON, Albert W, Able Seaman, 218147 (Dev)

 RICHES, Lewis, Bombardier, RMA, RMA 13054

 RIDD, Albert J, Gunner, RMA, RMA 7827

 RIDHOLLS, Albert G, Stoker 2c, K 28858 (Dev)

 RIMMINGTON, Walter, Stoker 2c, K 28254 (Dev)

 RIORDAN, Maurice, Stoker 1c, K 28573 (Dev)

 ROBBINS, Frederick, Stoker, RNR, S 3703

 ROBERTS, Frederick A, Able Seaman, J 24382 (Dev)

 ROBERTS, Thomas H, Ty/Warrant Electrician, RNR

 ROBERTSHAW, Alexander, Stoker 1c, SS 110273 (Dev)

 ROBERTSON, James, Stoker 1c, SS 113903 (Dev)

 RODGERS, Charles, Officer's Steward 2c, L 949 (Ch)

 RODGERS, Rupert G A, Ordinary Seaman, J 30015 (Dev)

 ROLLINSON, James W, Able Seaman, J 17159 (Dev)

 RONAN, William J, Able Seaman, J 15450 (Dev)

 RONSISVALLE, Alfredo, Bandsman, 356550

 ROPER, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 10921 (Dev)

 ROPER, Charles W, Ordinary Seaman, SS 6710 (Dev)

 ROSS, Hugh, Ordinary Seaman, J 49743 (Dev)

 ROTHWELL, Joseph, Boy 1c, J 34695 (Dev)

 ROUGHTON, Arthur J, Electrical Artificer 3c, M 4842 (Dev)

 ROUSELL, William C, Ordinary Seaman, J 29027 (Dev)

 ROUTER, Edward B R, Act/Leading Stoker, K 6458 (Dev)

 ROUTLEDGE, William C, Wireman 2c, M 18678 (Dev)

 RUMSEY, Samuel E, Chief Ship's Cook, 341501 (Dev)

 RUNDLE, Edgar M, Master at Arms, 154037 (Dev)

 RUSH, Alfred W, Bugler, RMA, RMA 14253

 RUSSELL, George F, Able Seaman, 196951 (Dev)

 RYAN, Alexander C, Mechanician, 286678 (Ch)

 RYAN, William, Private, RMLI, 17775 (Ply)

 RYAN, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 277112 (Dev)

 SAINT, Frank P, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14470

 SALISBURY, Percy A, Shipwright 2c, M 7003 (Dev)

 SALTER, Charles B, Ship's Corporal 1c, M 19147 (Dev)

 SANDERS, William H D, Private, RMLI, 15062 (Po)

 SANDHAM, Frederick J, Private, RMLI, 14180 (Po)

 SANDILAND, John, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 4276 (Dev)

 SANSOM, William E, Act/Leading Stoker, K 1308 (Dev)

 SAPEY, William T, Able Seaman, J 9745 (Dev)

 SARSFIELD, Richard, Ordinary Signalman, J 28661 (Dev)

 SAXBY, Herbert, Yeoman of Signals, 236012 (Dev)

 SCOBLE, Frederick J, Plumber, 341638 (Dev)

 SCOTT, John D' U, Midshipman

 SCREECH, Cecil V, Stoker 1c, K 19733 (Dev)

 SEATON, James, Able Seaman, 200194 (Dev)

 SELLWOOD, Walter E, Stoker 1c, SS 113736 (Dev)

 SHALLIS, Charles L, Act/Leading Stoker, K 1914 (Dev)

 SHAPTER, Charles W, Able Seaman, 222200 (Dev)

 SHAPTER, Henry G, 2nd Ship's Steward, M 3027 (Dev)

 SHARP, Robert, Stoker, RNR, S 3818

 SHAUGHNESSEY, Ernest E, Leading Seaman, 231600 (Dev)

 SHEARCROFT, Richard V, Able Seaman, J 28249 (Po)

 SHEPHEARD, Richard A, Leading Stoker, 312335 (Dev)

 SHEPHERD, Arthur T, Boy 1c, J 29842 (Po)

 SHEPHERD, John H, Officer's Chief Steward, 354341 (Dev)

 SHEPPARD, Victor C, Able Seaman, J 29762 (Po)

 SHERMAN, Albert W, Stoker 1c, K 18409 (Dev)

 SHERWOOD, Arthur A, Chief Stoker, 279628 (Dev)

 SHORROCKS, Bernard, Private, RMLI, 15632 (Ply)

 SHORT, John A, Stoker 1c, SS 116245 (Dev)

 SHORT, William H, Leading Stoker, 302763 (Dev)

 SILVERTOP, Arthur C, Commander

 SIM, Peter, Leading Stoker, RNR, U 2225

 SIMCOCK, Friend T, Stoker 1c, K 18868 (Dev)

 SIMMONS, William V, Boy 1c, J 38103 (Dev)

 SIMS, William J H, Stoker 1c, 311885 (Po)

 SINGLETON, Tom, Private, RMLI, 14690 (Ply)

 SIPPITT, William, Boy 1c, J 37460 (Dev)

 SITTLINGTON, Hugh, Stoker Petty Officer, 276560 (Dev)

 SKELLY, Sylvester, Able Seaman, J 37682 (Dev)

 SLEE, Christopher G, Stoker 1c, 304917 (Dev)

 SLEIGH, Leonard, Able Seaman, SS 5398 (Dev)

 SLINGSBY, Stephen H, Lieutenant

 SMALE, Albert H, Stoker 1c, K 9614 (Dev)

 SMITH, Archie P, Armourer's Crew, M 8429 (Dev)

 SMITH, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 23444 (Dev)

 SMITH, Clement, Officer's Steward 2c, L 5970 (Dev)

 SMITH, David, Able Seaman, J 1942 (Dev)

 SMITH, Francis, Leading Stoker, K 3051 (Dev)

 SMITH, Henry, Signalman, J 12306 (Dev)

 SMITH, Isaac C, Ordinary Seaman, J 30828 (Dev)

 SMITH, William E H, Able Seaman, J 5713 (Dev)

 SMITHIES, Richard, Stoker 1c, SS 113715 (Dev)

 SOPER, Frederick C, Able Seaman, J 22882 (Dev)

 SOUTH, Frederick S, Able Seaman, J 17666 (Dev)

 SOUTHON, Harry, Artificer Engineer

 SOWDEN, Ernest J, Ordinary Seaman, J 36816 (Dev)

 SPARKES, John, Stoker 1c, SS 109923 (Dev)

 STADDON, John M, Stoker Petty Officer, 302553 (Dev)

 STANNARD, Frank, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 3216

 STATTON, Alfred, Ordinary Seaman, J 25477 (Dev)

 STEED, Albert E, Stoker Petty Officer, 301682 (Dev)

 STEPHENS, John, Stoker, RNR, S 3192

 STEPHENSON, Albert V, Private, RMLI, 14109 (Ply)

 STEVENSON, John W, Gunner, RMA, RMA 13059

 STEWART, William, Ordinary Seaman, SS 5400 (Dev)

 STOCKDEN, Thomas G, Bombardier, RMA, RMA 12867

 STONE, Albert, Officer's Steward 1c, 360964 (Dev)

 STRAKER, James A, Stoker 1c, SS 113590 (Dev)

 STREET, Harry, Leading Seaman, 232245 (Dev)

 STURDY, Herbert G, Able Seaman, J 4548 (Dev)

 SULLIVAN, James, Able Seaman, 169545 (Dev)

 SULLIVAN, John, Able Seaman, J 31829 (Dev)

 SUNDERLAND, John, Stoker, RNR, T 2793

 SWEETLAND, Walter J, Petty Officer, 214729 (Dev)

 SYMONS, William H, Leading Stoker, 288928 (Dev)

 TACK, Henry A, Petty Officer, 174894 (Dev)

 TAYLOR, Arthur H, Able Seaman, J 16712 (Dev)

 TAYLOR, Charles, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271165 (Dev)

 TAYLOR, Charles, Stoker, RNR, S 3516

 TAYLOR, John, Private, RMLI, 17174 (Ply)

 TAYLOR, John, Stoker Petty Officer, 306672 (Dev)

 TAYLOR, John C, Ship's Corporal 1c, M 16192 (Dev)

 TAYLOR, Philip, Private, RMLI, 13635 (Ply)

 TAYLOR, William, Cooper, 340097 (Dev)

 TAYLOR, William, Able Seaman, RNVR, Wales Z 1863

 TAYLOR, William G, Gunner

 TAYLOR, William J, Stoker 2c, K 28887 (Dev)

 TEAGLE, Albert P, Leading Stoker, K 4835 (Dev)

 TEMPEST, John W, Stoker Petty Officer, 299815 (Dev)

 THOMAS, Thomas J, Naval Schoolmaster, M 6027 (Dev)

 TIGUE, Thomas, Able Seaman, RNVR, London Z 2606

 TINTO, William B, Able Seaman, 236125 (Dev)

 TODD, Charles A, Able Seaman, RNVR, Sussex Z 321

 TODD, John, Stoker 1c, 164300 (Dev)

 TOLLY, William H, Ordinary Seaman, J 29265 (Dev)

 TOMS, John H, Leading Seaman, J 977 (Dev)

 TOOGOOD, John H, Stoker 1c, K 18454 (Dev)

 TOWNSEND, William A H, Able Seaman, J 3297 (Dev)

 TOZER, Duncan E, Stoker, RNR, T 2927

 TOZER, Sidney C, Able Seaman, J 12159 (Dev)

 TOZER, William H, Ordinary Seaman, SS 6852 (Dev)

 TREVITHICK, William C, Armourer, 302005 (Dev)

 TREWIN, William G K, Boatswain

 TRICCAS, John, Officer's Steward 1c, 353307 (Dev)

 TRIMNELL, John, Act/Chief Stoker, 307293 (Dev)

 TRURAN, Arthur C C T, Engine Room Artificer 2c, M 379 (Dev)

 TUCKER, Claude, Leading Telegraphist, J 3757 (Dev)

 TUCKER, George, Stoker 1c, K 6216 (Dev)

 TUCKER, William A, Stoker 1c, K 18895 (Dev)

 TURNER, Bertie, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14531

 TURNER, Charles F, Leading Seaman, 219094 (Dev)

 TWOHIG, Ernest A, Able Seaman, 189220 (Dev)

 VALLANCE, James, Boy 1c, J 39294 (Ch)

 VAUGHAN, Joseph B, Able Seaman, 196437 (Dev)

 VEITCH, Gordon S D, Cook's Mate, M 3744 (Dev)

 VENTURI, Roberto, Bandsman, 168700

 VINCENT, John W, Boy 1c, J 30744 (Ch)

 VINCENT, Lewis, Stoker 1c, 295966 (Dev)

 WALDEN, George W, Private, RMLI, 17781 (Ch)

 WALKER, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, SS 5964 (Dev)

 WALKER, Thomas W, Stoker, RNR, S 3790

 WALKER, William, Gunner, RMA, RMA 12638

 WALLACE, Edward, Stoker 1c, K 18630 (Dev)

 WALLEN, John, Leading Stoker, K 1475 (Dev)

 WALSH, Patrick, Stoker 1c, 281390 (Dev)

 WALTERS, Allan J, Leading Seaman, 237375 (Dev)

 WALTERS, Chesney, Leading Signalman, 219477 (Dev)

 WARD, Daniel P, Stoker 1c, SS 110340 (Dev)

 WARD, Leonard S, Boy 1c, J 39303 (Ch)

 WARE, Ernest, Stoker 1c, 303183 (Dev)

 WATSON, Herbert, Able Seaman, J 11895 (Dev)

 WEARNE, Edwin, Stoker 1c, K 18392 (Dev)

 WEBB, John H, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271444 (Dev)

 WEBBER, Frederick G, Stoker 1c, SS 113895 (Dev)

 WEBBER, Henry, Stoker 2c, K 29037 (Dev)

 WEEKS, William G, Painter 2c, M 12259 (Dev)

 WELLS, George T, Leading Seaman, 239480 (Dev)

 WENT, Charles J, Ordinary Signalman, J 28167 (Dev)

 WENT, John, Able Seaman, J 15259 (Dev)

 WEST, Andrew H, Able Seaman, 239351 (Dev)

 WEST, James H, Boy 1c, J 32249 (Po)

 WEST, Maurice G, Boy 1c, J 33509 (Ch)

 WESTCOTT, John H, Ordinary Seaman, J 33407 (Dev)

 WESTLAKE, William G H, Stoker Petty Officer, 232046 (Dev)

 WHARMBY, William, Electrical Artificer 2c, M 645 (Dev)

 WHELAN, Martin J, Able Seaman, 217405 (Dev)

 WHELTON, Patrick, Boatswain

 WHIDDON, Albert, Corporal, RMLI, 15247 (Ply)

 WHITE, William, Petty Officer, 162487 (Dev)

 WHITEAKER, Benjamin, Act/Leading Stoker, K 5259 (Dev)

 WHITEHOUSE, Isaac, Stoker, RNR, S 3757

 WHITELL, Ethelbert, Shipwright, 346020 (Dev)

 WILKIN, John H, Stoker 1c, 307977 (Dev)

 WILKINS, Albert J, Py/2nd Cook's Mate, M 15134 (Dev)

 WILLEY, Frederick, Ordinary Seaman, J 23895 (Dev)

 WILLIAMS, Anthony A, Signal Boy, J 33044 (Dev)

 WILLIAMS, Sidney J, Private, RMLI, 15622 (Ply)

 WILLIAMS, Walter S S, Able Seaman, J 15758 (Dev)

 WILLIAMS, William, Boy 1c, J 36985 (Dev)

 WILLIAMS, William J, Able Seaman, J 17926 (Dev)

 WILLS, William H, Leading Seaman, J 5206 (Dev)

 WILSON, Fred, Stoker, RNR, S 3760

 WILSON, Robert, Plumber's Mate, M 671 (Dev)

 WILSON, Robert H, Leading Stoker, 290128 (Dev)

 WINTERS, Albert E, Able Seaman, J 7143 (Dev)

 WISE, James W, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyneside Z 4354

 WOOD, Arthur W, Private, RMLI, 14132 (Ply)

 WOOD, Edward, Stoker 1c, SS 111018 (Dev)

 WOOD, Ernest, Able Seaman (RFR B 3034), 193330 (Dev)

 WOODHOUSE, Norman R, Ordinary Seaman, J 34628 (Dev)

 WOODROW, William T, Petty Officer, 197087 (Dev)

 WOODWARD, James, Leading Stoker, K 9273 (Dev)

 WOOKEY, John, Able Seaman, 163858 (Dev)

 WOOLDRIDGE, Abel H, Stoker 1c, K 18390 (Dev)

 WOOLLACOTT, Ernest J, Chief Petty Officer, 177335 (Dev)

 WOOLLEY, Cyril C T, Signalman, RNVR, London Z 4512

 YATES, Alexander J, Able Seaman, J 22542 (Dev)

 YEO, John L, Stoker 1c, K 33340 (Dev)

 YORK, Ernest S, Boy 1c, J 33431 (Ch)

 YOUNG, Harry B, Officer's Cook 1c, 365367 (Po)

 YOUNG, William, Boy 1c, J 42188 (Po)


Warrior, damaged on 31 May, sank 1 June, one rating each died of wounds on 1, 3, 5 and 11 June

 ABBOTT, John N, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 4078 (Dev)

 ALFORD, Anthony, Officer's Steward 3c, L 1057 (Dev)

 ASHCROFT, Thomas C, Stoker 1c, K 22511 (Po)

 ASTIN, Arthur, Stoker 1c, SS 113567 (Dev)

 BAKER, Frederick E, Boy 1c, J 30811

 BAKER, Herbert C, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 3865 (Dev)

 BARRETT, Alfred E, Leading Stoker, K 1912 (Dev)

 BARTLETT, Alfred J, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 268512 (Dev)

 BENTLEY, Martin W T, Stoker 1c, K 17332 (Dev)

 BLAKEMORE, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 115732 (Po)

 BROWN, James, Able Seaman, J 17342 (Dev)

 BURCHELL, William, Stoker 1c, K 19162 (Dev)

 BURGESS, George, Act/Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 269107 (Dev)

 CHURCHWARD, Sydney C, Stoker 1c, K 18069 (Dev)

 COLE, Charles H, Stoker 1c, K 23633 (Dev)

 COUCH, Albert J G, Stoker Petty Officer, 310918 (Dev)

 COURTNEY, David, Stoker 1c, K 17817 (Dev)

 DALY, Michael, Chief Petty Officer, 181563 (Dev)

 DAVEY, Henry L, Wireman 2c, M 13766 (Po)

 DAVIES, George C, Able Seaman, J 3982 (Dev)

 DAVIES, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 113558 (Dev)

 DIXON, Frederick, Stoker 1c, SS 113551 (Dev)

 EASTERBROOK, Edward, Leading Stoker, 276955 (Dev)

 EDWARDS, Thomas D, Stoker Petty Officer, 293022 (Dev)

 FAST, William C, Stoker Petty Officer, K 11239 (Dev)

 FOSKETT, William G, Leading Stoker, K 14473 (Dev)

 FRANCIS, Joseph, Shipwright 1c, 340605 (Dev)

 GOSWELL, Thomas H, Stoker 1c, K 7996 (Po)

 HANLEY, Frank J, Able Seaman, J 19953 (Dev)

 HEATHERINGTON, Thomas, Able Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 5890

 HEATON, William, Chief Stoker (RFR A 3367), 277162 (Dev)

 HEPBURN, James, Stoker Petty Officer, 233404 (Dev)

 HINDE, Charles H, Stoker Petty Officer, K 478 (Dev)

 HOLMES, Frederick H, Act/Leading Stoker, K 9798 (Dev)

 HUBBARD, George T, Leading Stoker, 312013 (Dev)

 HUGGINS, Stanley A, Joiner, M 3018 (Dev)

 JACKSON, Walter, Stoker 1c, K 18061 (Dev)

 JAMES, Thomas, Leading Stoker, 292153 (Dev)

 JEFFERY, Charles F, Stoker 1c, K 17276 (Dev)

 JORDAN, Frederick J C, Stoker 1c, K 22983 (Dev)

 KILBY, Richard E, Leading Stoker, K 4540 (Dev)

 KING, Stephen, Stoker Petty Officer, 283056 (Dev)

 LAWRENCE, Alfred E, Carpenter's Crew, M 12742 (Dev)

 LETHEREN, Arthur G, Private, RMLI, 15588 (Ply)

 LIDSTONE, John, Chief Stoker, 155341 (Dev)

 MARDON, William A, Stoker 1c, K 14883 (Dev)

 MASON, Frederick, Stoker, RNR, S 5575

 MONKS, William, Act/Mechanician, K 4588 (Dev)

 MORTON, John J, Leading Seaman, 223433 (Dev)

 PARKER, Harold A, Officer's Steward 1c, L 1385 (Ch)

 PATTERSON, George, Stoker Petty Officer, 277739 (Dev)

 PAUL, John C, Shipwright 1c, 344976 (Dev)

 POND, Ewart R V, Stoker 1c, K 17317 (Dev)

 PROCTER, Theodore, Stoker 1c, SS 115964 (Dev)

 RICHARDS, Frederick J, Stoker, RNR, S 5502

 RICHARDS, James M, Chief Carpenter

 SMITH, Arthur, Leading Stoker, K 10271 (Dev)

 STEVENSON, Walter J, Stoker 1c, K 10726 (Dev)

 STILES, James F, Leading Stoker, K 1314 (Dev)

 TANTI, Roberto, Officer's Cook 3c, 364169

 TATE, Bertie, Stoker 1c, SS 116513 (Po)

 TROTT, Frederick G, Ship's Corporal 1c, M 6036 (Dev)

 WALTON, Thomas H, Stoker 1c, K 22499 (Po)

 WELSH, John, Stoker 1c, SS 115841 (Po)

 WHEELER, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 27294 (Dev)

 WILLERTON, William, Bugler, RMA, RMA 7861

 WYATT, William R, Carpenter's Crew, M 6519 (Dev)


Second Cruiser Squadron

four cruisers (no lives lost, but Hampshire sunk a few days later)


Fourth Light Cruiser Squadron

5 light cruisers (Calliope damaged) and 1 attached


Calliope,  two rating died of injuries on 1 June, and one on 3rd

 BALCOMBE, Archer W, Sergeant, RMLI, 15620 (Ch)

 FAIRWEATHER, Walter W, Able Seaman, 15619 (Ch)

 HOGAN, Thomas J, Officer's Steward 1c, L 5974 (Dev)

 HORSFALL, Frederick T, Private, RMLI, 10018 (Ch)

 ROWLINGSON, William F, Able Seaman, J 34073 (Ch)

 SKIDMORE, Joseph, Stoker 1c, SS 116726 (Po)

 SUTCLIFFE, Thomas E, Stoker, RNR, S 4217


Fourth Destroyer Flotilla

2 flotilla leaders (Broke damaged on 31 May, Tipperary sunk on 1 June),

17 destroyers (Shark sunk, Acasta, Porpoise, Spitfire damaged on 31 May, Ardent, Fortune, Sparrowhawk sunk on 1 June)


Broke, flotilla leader, damaged

 BEADLE, Harry, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5873), SS 106419 (Po)

 BEECHAM, Arthur, Stoker 1c (RFR B 3617), SS 101253 (Po)

 BELL, James, Stoker 1c (RFR B 2760), 283394 (Po)

 BENGER, Nelson, Stoker 1c, SS 106311 (Po)

 BERRY, Ernest J, Stoker Petty Officer, 283960 (Po)

 BOULTER, John E F, Able Seaman, 235985 (Po)

 BOXALL, William J, Leading Stoker (RFR B 5919), 298810 (Po)

 BOYCE, John, Stoker 1c, SS 107843 (Po)

 BURROWS, Frank, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6555), SS 107890 (Po)

 CHEETHAM, Albert, Ordinary Seaman, J 50123 (Po)

 CLARKE, Hugh, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6884), 300806 (Po)

 COLE, Frank L J, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5918), SS 106733 (Po)

 DASH, Henry D, Armourer, 137392 (Po)

 FERRIS, Davis H, Ty/Surgeon Probationer, RNVR

 GILL, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 294562 (Po)

 GILLESPIE, Joseph, Able Seaman, J 21155 (Dev)

 GRAY, John, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6852), SS 108739 (Po)

 HARDING, Frederick G, Cook's Mate, M 13603 (Po)

 HARRISON, Thomas, Able Seaman, SS 4831 (Po)

 HURST, Frank, Stoker 2c, SS 116407 (Po)

 HUTCHINGS, William J, Able Seaman, 224640 (Dev)

 MCAULAY, Henry J, Stoker, RNR, S 5827

 MCIVER, Angus, Seaman, RNR, C 3024

 MCVAY, William J, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5769), SS 106253 (Po)

 MERRITT, William J, Ship's Steward's Assistant, M 12106 (Po)

 MYERS, William, Able Seaman, J 28447 (Po)

 ORPET, Frederick, Leading Stoker (RFR B 3804), 290268 (Po)

 PADMORE, James, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6839), SS 108624 (Po)

 PALMER, Alfred G, Able Seaman, J 16459 (Po)

 PHILLIPS, Leonard, Ordinary Telegraphist, J 34660 (Po)

 PHILLIPS, Thomas W, Able Seaman, J 28425 (Po)

 PLATT, Charles E M, Stoker Petty Officer, 189300 (Dev)

 PRAGNELL, George F, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6138), SS 107256 (Po)

 RATHMELL, John T, Chief Petty Officer, 176492 (Po)

 RICHARDSON, James E, Able Seaman, J 28801 (Po)

 SANSOM, Edward, Stoker 1c (RFR B 927), 287633 (Po)

 SHELDON, Thomas F, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6758), SS 108380 (Po)

 SHIPSTONE, George W, Stoker 1c, 153752 (Po)

 SLATER, Dixon, Stoker Petty Officer, K 347 (Dev)

 SMITH, Hudson, Stoker 1c (RFR B 3060), SS 100578 (Po)

 THOMAS, James E, Leading Stoker (RFR B 5515), 295903 (Po)

 TRUEMAN, Henry J, Leading Seaman, 219697 (Po)

 WHITEHOUSE, Percy, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4780), SS 104130 (Po)

 WILD, William H, Stoker 1c (RFR B 3182), SS 100843 (Po)

 WILSON, John W, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5773), 106309 (Po)

 WRIGHT, Joseph E, Able Seaman, SS 3878 (Po)

 YORK, George, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4048), SS 102118 (Po)


Acasta, destroyer, damaged

 BAILEY, Herbert J, Engine Room Artificer 2c, M 1019 (Po)

 FORREST, James, Engineer Lieutenant

 HOWE, George, Chief Stoker, 276030 (Po)

 JORDAN, Thomas, Signalman, J 16710 (Po)

 MASSEY, Richard, Stoker Petty Officer, 308838 (Po)

 NICKLESS, Thomas W, Stoker 1c, K 14764 (Po)


Porpoise, destroyer, damaged

 BIRCH, Ernest, Able Seaman, 230803 (Po)

 REYNOLDS, James, Able Seaman, 198369 (Po)


Shark, destroyer, sunk

 ABBINNETT, Alfred E, Leading Stoker, 287670 (Po)

 ALLAN, Robert, Stoker Petty Officer, 282434 (Po)

 ATTARD, Paolo, Officer's Steward 2c, L 5434 (Po)

 BANHAM, Bernard S, Yeoman of Signals, 201271 (Ch)

 BARTHOLOMEW, Charles H N, Officer's Steward 3c, L 7257 (Po)

 BENNINGTON, James A, Stoker 1c, K 24508 (Po)

 BERESFORD, John G, Stoker 1c, K 14676 (Po)

 BOURTON, Frederick J, Able Seaman, 238629 (Po)

 BRICE, Albert B, Able Seaman, J 10964 (Po)

 BRIGHT, Alfred, Able Seaman, J 8995 (Po)

 BROWN, James, Engine Room Artificer, RNR, EA 1767

 BULLOCK, John, Leading Stoker, K 12763 (Po)

 CLIMPSON, William P E, Able Seaman, 231110 (Po)

 COLLETT, Harry, Ordinary Seaman, J 49879 (Po)

 COWNDEN, Arthur J, Boy Telegraphist, J 31802 (Ch)

 CROW, William F, Stoker 1c, K 6059 (Po)

 CULVER, William A, Ordinary Seaman, J 49851 (Po)

 DANIELLS, John, Stoker 1c, 293598 (Po)

 DAUGHTREY, Leonard, Ordinary Seaman, J 46401 (Po)

 DEWICK, George H, Able Seaman, J 9167 (Po)

 DOEY, Joseph J, Stoker 1c, K 25977 (Po)

 DONNELL, Ernest T, Lieutenant

 DORMER, George, Stoker 1c, K 5678 (Po)

 DUDLEY, John, Able Seaman, 189217 (Po)

 DUDMAN, Samuel, Able Seaman, J 35916 (Po)

 DUNCAN, William, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 15868 (Ch)

 DWYER, James, Leading Seaman, 228912 (Po)

 EARL, George T, Leading Seaman, 173517 (Po)

 FAWCETT, William H, Stoker 1c, K 13600 (Po)

 FENNEYMORE, Charles W, Act/Leading Stoker, K 16805 (Po)

 GALE, William T, Gunner

 GARROTT, Albert, Able Seaman, 216985 (Po)

 GILLIES, Richard J, Signalman, J 20676 (Po)

 GINEVER, John W, Signalman, J 17092

 GRIFFITHS, Charles, Able Seaman, SS 3664 (Po)

 HAMIL, Thomas, Chief Stoker, 284383 (Po)

 HAYLER, Charles, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 269954 (Po)

 HODGETTS, Albert G, Leading Signalman, J 2006 (Po)

 HOLMES, Edward G, Able Seaman, SS 3683 (Po)

 HURST, Allan J, Artificer Engineer

 JEFFERY, Arthur H, Stoker Petty Officer, 309521 (Po) 

 JONES, Loftus W, Commander (awarded posthumous Victoria Cross)

 KEAPPOCK, John A, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 4997 (Po)

 KELLY, James, Stoker, RNR, S 8392 (Po)

 LANGFORD, Harvey J C, Able Seaman, 237337 (Po)

 LEE, Alexander, Stoker 1c, 310867 (Po)

 LESTER, George, Stoker 1c, SS 112029 (Po)

 LEVERETT, William J, Able Seaman, 224699 (Po)

 LOVELL, John F G, Act/Leading Stoker, 312252 (Po)

 LOWE, Frederick, Stoker 1c, K 2220 (Po)

 MAYHEW, Stephen H, Stoker Petty Officer, 287640 (Po)

 MCGRATH, John, Stoker 1c, SS 111975 (Po)

 MCLEAN, William, Able Seaman, 230320 (Po)

 MILLER, Frank, Ordinary Seaman, J 42149 (Po)

 MORRIS, Albert E, Ordinary Seaman, SS 6218 (Po)

 MUNRO, George, Stoker 1c, 299612 (Po)

 NEWCOMBE, Francis, Chief Stoker (RFR A 1773), 155192 (Ch), died of injuries

 NICHOLSON, Sidney, Stoker 1c, K 13955 (Po)

 NORRIS, William, Able Seaman, 221 916 (Po)

 ORME, William E, Leading Seaman, 227966 (Po)

 PAYNE, Ernest A V, Able Seaman, 238011 (Po)

 PETWORTH, Leonard E, Able Seaman, 188716 (Po)

 PIERCE, James, Stoker 1c, K 26496 (Po)

 PRIMMER, Ernest J, Able Seaman, 237352 (Po)

 ROGERS, Horace C, Able Seaman, 218433 (Po)

 SAYERS, William G, Stoker Petty Officer, 294671 (Po)

 SEAGER, Ernest J, Able Seaman, 236196 (Po)

 SEALY, Audley H, Leading Cook's Mate, M 1615 (Po)

 SHEPPARD, William J, Able Seaman, 214893 (Po)

 SHEPPERD, Frederick, Petty Officer, 180570 (Po)

 SINGLETON, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 26487 (Po)

 SLY, Walter, Leading Stoker, 211238 (Po)

 SMITH, Thomas, Midshipman, RNR

 TITHERIDGE, William H, Stoker 1c, 168871 (Po)

 TURLEY, Frederick E, Leading Telegraphist, 231386 (Ch)

 TURNER, Charles H, Stoker 1c, K 1431 (Po)

 VANCE, Patrick H G I, Act/Sub Lieutenant

 WADE, Edward R, Able Seaman, J 12295 (Po)

 WALKER, Robert, Ty/Surgeon Probationer, RNVR

 WAY, Henry, Petty Officer 1c, 180400 (Po)

 WEBB, William T, Ordinary Seaman, J 25008 (Po)

 WELLS, Clement, Able Seaman, J 5793 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Charles, Stoker Petty Officer, 304537 (Po)

 WILLIS, Albert E, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 13850 (Po)

 WOOD, Alfred H, Stoker 1c, K 10163 (Po)

 WOODFORD, Albert E V, Leading Seaman, J 8431 (Po)


Spitfire, destroyer, damaged, one rating died of wounds next day

 ALLEN, Charles S, Leading Signalman, 210416 (Ch)

 BLACHFORD, Augustus C, Able Seaman, J 15621 (Po)

 GODDARD, William, Leading Seaman, 225799 (Po)

 JACKSON, Ernest W, Able Seaman, 236559 (Po)

 JOHNSON, Thomas P, Signalman, J 15491 (Ch)


Eleventh Destroyer Flotilla

1 light cruiser (Castor damaged), 1 flotilla leader, 14 destroyers (no lives lost)


Castor, light cruiser, damaged

 BAKER, William, Boy 1c, J 39706

 BARTRAM, Leslie, Able Seaman, J 14191 (Po)

 BROOMHEAD, Alfred, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4446), SS 103448 (Po)

 CANDY, William A V, Ordinary Signalman, J 28149 (Po)

 CHILD, Frederick T, Stoker Petty Officer, 308828 (Po)

 EVANS, Alfred O, Ordinary Signalman, J 27451 (Dev)

 FLORY, Albert E, Bugler, RMLI, 18169 (Po)

 FOX, John E, Stoker 1c, SS 114531 (Po)

 GASSON, Harry, Able Seaman (RFR B 6769), 212007 (Po)

 HALLAM, Fred, Boy 1c, J 39695

 KILHAMS, Alfred J, Ordinary Telegraphist, J 30359 (Po)

 MACGREGOR, Donald N, Chief Yeoman of Signals, 173674 (Po)


Twelfth Destroyer Flotilla

2 flotilla leaders, 14 destroyers (Nessus damaged on 31 May and 1 June, Onslaught on 1 June)



 HESKETH, William P, Ty/Midshipman, RNR

 HISLOP, John, Ty/Surgeon Probationer, RNVR


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