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1945-2008 - Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy
Compiled by Don Kindell


1951 -  in date, ship/unit & name order

HM Submarine Affray, lost with all hands 16 April 1951
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(1) Casualty information in order - Surname, First name, Initial(s), Rank and part of the Service other than RN (RNR, RNVR, RFR etc), Service Number (ratings only, also if Dominion Navies), (on the books of another ship/shore establishment, O/P – on passage), Fate

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Thanks to Commander Peter Selfe RN (Rtd) for additional information on Fleet Air Arm casualties




Only some Dominion Navy casualties are included from 1948-on





SUEZ CANAL ZONE, EGYPT, state of emergency declared  on 1 October 1951. Continued until Britain agreed in October 1954 to pull out by 1956 (links - Britain's Small Wars, Palace Barracks Memorial Garden)



Monday, 1 January 1951



 BROWN, James F, Leading Writer, SMX 771684, died



Tuesday, 2 January 1951



 CASEY, Austin, Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic, KX 82310, died



Thursday, 4 January 1951



 ORD, Doreen C, Wren, 105098, died



Saturday, 6 January 1951


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korean War, both in POW Camp 10, Kaggye

 HEARD, Lewis A, Marine, RM 9162, died

 HILLS, Stanley E H , Marine, died



 TRICKER, Jack A, Lieutenant Commander, died



Sunday, 7 January 1951



 AMOS, Peter, Musician, RMB/X 1803, died



 BREWITT, Leslie V, Petty Officer, JX 161013, died



Wednesday, 10 January 1951


Royal Marines, 45 Commando, Malaya campaign, Cameron Highlands area, ambushed by Communist insurgents

 HENRY, John, Corporal, RM, CH/X 5389, killed

 MILLER, Leslie O, Marine, RM 7305, killed

 WESTWOOD, George, Sergeant, RM, PLY/X 4229, killed



Saturday, 13 January 1951



 DICK, George W, Leading Seaman, JX 383372, illness



Sunday, 14 January 1951



 HOLMAN, John H, Ordinary Seaman, SSX 836941, died


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Malaya campaign

 DOWLING, M G, Lieutenant, died



Tuesday, 16 January 1951



 BEATTIE, Samuel J, Able Seaman, SSX 661406, died



Friday, 19 January 1951



 TORRINGTON, Rex A, Ordinary Seaman, SSX 842500, died



Sunday, 21 January 1951



 GLUYAS, Roland, Able Seaman, SSX 815202, died



Monday, 22 January 1951


FAA, 771 Squadron, Daedalus, air crash

 GRIEVE, James, Lieutenant, killed

 TAPHOUSE, Derek P, Naval Airman 1c, FX 572754, killed



Tuesday, 23 January 1951



 ASHMORE, Donald, Engine Room Artificer 2c, MX 60258, died



Thursday, 25 January 1951



 MILES, George W, Able Seaman, JX 804281, died



Friday, 26 January 1951



 HAM, James W, Stores Accountant (S.A.), MX 759469, died


FAA, 807 Squadron, Theseus, aircraft carrier, Korean War, flying Sea Fury, damaged by flak, failed to recover from spin and crashed in Yellow Sea, body recovered by destroyer Comus

 BEAVAN, Alan, Lieutenant (P), killed



Tuesday, 30 January 1951


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korea, as POW

 NEEDS, Robert J, Marine, RM 9257, died



Thursday, 1 February 1951



 WILKES, Francis S, Lieutenant Commander, died



Monday, 5 February 1951



 MAWER, Kenneth R, Commissioned Pilot, died



Tuesday, 6 February 1951



 BRAYFIELD, Harold W, Able Seaman, JX 844022, died



Wednesday, 7 February 1951



 SEYMOUR, Cecil B, Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist, JX 150861, died



Wednesday, 14 February 1951



 JOHNSON, Robert, Able Seaman, JX 860019, died


Theseus, aircraft carrier, Korean War, Firefly landed back onboard and accidentally fired two 20mm rounds hitting two other Firefly's. PO Wigley was killed and Lieutenant F D B Bailey injured

 WIGLEY, John F, Petty Officer Airman, FX 670537, died



Friday, 16 February 1951


St Angelo

 VELLA, Eduardo, Petty Officer Steward, LX 20997, died



Monday, 19 February 1951



 SHILVOCK, John E, Aircraft Artificer (A.A.) 5c, FX 670134, died



Wednesday, 21 February 1951



 FOWLER, George H, Chief Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic (S.M.), KX 79827, died



Thursday, 22 February 1951



 PLUMMER, Patrick I, Engine Room Artificer Apprentice, MX 842925, died



Friday, 23 February 1951



 MARSDEN-SMEDLEY, Edward J B, Lieutenant, died



Monday, 26 February 1951


P.5518, fast patrol boat, collision with Danish MTB T.59

 MIDDLETON, Charles G, Boy Telegraphist, JX 882569 (Ganges), missing presumed drowned

 RICKETTS, Bernard E, Signalman Boy, JX 865905 (Ganges), missing presumed drowned



 DORNAN, James W, Chief Engine Room Artificer, MX 52194, died



Tuesday, 27 February 1951



 SUGDEN, John A, Signalman, SSX 820034, died



Friday, 2 March 1951



 WHITTLE, Bertram, Stores Accountant (S.A.) (A), MX 884832, died



 HICKS, Richard P, Senior Commissioned Boatswain, died



Sunday, 4 March 1951


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korea, as POW

 HILL, Christopher R B, Corporal, RM, PO/X 6204, died



Monday, 5 March 1951



 OWEN, Robert J, Naval Airman 1c, SFX 588481, died



Tuesday, 6 March 1951


Leeds Castle

 SMART, Robert G, Steward (O), C/LX 881662, died



Friday, 9 March 1951



 MOORE, Neil A, Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) 1c, SMX 853923, died



 LAY, Horatio A K, Commander, died



Tuesday, 13 March 1951


FAA, 810 Squadron, Theseus, aircraft carrier, Korean War, flying Firefly in attack on railway bridge at Haeju, pulled out of dive-bombing run at 600 feet, crashed four miles west of target

 COOLES, Geoffrey H, Lieutenant (P), air crash, MPK

 GUY, Dennis W, Flight Lieutenant, RAF, 154035, air crash, MPK



Saturday, 17 March 1951


Loch Craggie

 WRAGG, Frank L, Leading Stoker Mechanic, SKX 846930, died



 STUDDERT, Maurice E P, Commander, died



Wednesday, 21 March 1951



 WARD, Stuart, Naval Airman, SFX 816589, died



Thursday, 29 March 1951



 BAKER, Henry V, Naval Airman 1c, FX 847618, died



Saturday, 31 March 1951



 BALL, Frederick W, Leading Stoker Mechanic, KX 855221, died



Sunday, 1 April 1951



 JONES, Herbert W, Regulating Petty Officer (R.P.O.), MX 714564, died



Monday, 2 April 1951


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Malaya campaign, near Kuala Kangsar, in action with Communist insurgents

 COOP, James B, Lieutenant, RM, killed

 RYDER, Raymond T, Corporal, RM, CH/X 4147, killed



Tuesday, 3 April 1951


Royal Indian Navy

 GOKHALE, Arun, Sub Lieutenant, died



Friday, 6 April 1951



 HUGHES, William J, Able Seaman, JX 843224, died



 ALLEN, Michael J, Telegraphist, SSX 835645, died



Saturday, 7 April 1951


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korea, as POW

 MELLING, Harry, Marine, CH/X 3594, died



Sunday, 8 April 1951


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Malaya campaign, in British Military Hospital Meetajam

 CHERRY, R J, Marine, RM9447, died



Monday, 9 April 1951



 WILLIAMS, John A, Ordinary Signalman (A), JX 871333, died


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Malaya campaign, drowning

 EAMES, Rex H V, Marine, RM7792, died



Wednesday, 11 April 1951


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korea, as POW

 SKELTON, Stanley, Marine, RM 8648, died



Friday, 13 April 1951



 HEADLAM, Kenneth, Cook, MX 740103, died



Monday, 16 April 1951




Affray (image - NavyPhotos), diving accident in English Channel, south of Portland

 ALLEN, Osborn H, Lieutenant (E), killed

 ALSTON, James H, Lieutenant (E), killed

 ANDREWS, Trever J, Sergeant, RM, X 3263 (Ch), killed

 ASHLEY, George T E, Act/Leading Stoker Mechanic, P/KX 134325, killed

 BARLOW, James B, Leading Steward, D/LX 763226, killed

 BARTUP, Denis G, Engineering Mechanic 1c, P/MX 769278, killed

 BEDDOES, David B, Steward, C/SLX 868218, killed

 BENNINGTON, David R, Engine Room Artificer 2c, D/MX 58857, killed

 BILTON, William, Senior Commissioned Engineer, killed

 BLACKBURN, John, Lieutenant, killed

 BRIDGES, Oliver A M, Stoker Mechanic, D/SKX 832096, killed

 BURBERRY, Alfred H, Act/Chief Petty Officer (Submarines) (S/M), C/JX 157156, killed

 CARDNO, Robert J, Stoker Mechanic, C/KX 769554, killed

 COLE-ADAMS, Michael C, Lieutenant (E), killed

 COOK, George D, Act/Leading Seaman, D/JX 163572, killed

 COOPER, John H, Petty Officer, D/JX 371976, killed

 CURRY, Roy, Stoker Mechanic, D/SKX 790231, killed

 DENNY, Frederick C, Act/Electrician, MX 745978, killed

 DRURY, Frederick, Stoker Mechanic, D/SKX 854592, killed

 FOSTER, Derrick J J, Lieutenant, killed

 FREW, Anthony A, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 GARWOOD, Alan R, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 GITTINS, Harold, Telegraphist, D/SSX 661493, killed

 GOSTLING, Bernard P, Stoker Mechanic, C/KX 832123, killed

 GREEN, Walter J, Ty/Leading Stoker Mechanic, C/KX 162120, killed

 GREENWOOD, Jeffrey L, Lieutenant, killed

 HARKNESS, William R, Petty Officer, P/SSX 15914, killed

 HARRIS, Leonard E S, Stoker Mechanic, C/KX 841775, killed

 HILES, Roy G G, Stoker Mechanic, P/SKX 846398, killed

 HODGES, John E A, Stoker Mechanic, P/SKX 850727, killed

 HOOPER, Alfred H G, Marine, X 6483 (Po), killed

 HORWELL, Eric, Engineering Mechanic 1c, D/SMX 834344, killed

 HOWARD-JOHNSTON, Richard G, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 IRVEN, Alan H, Telegraphist, C/JX 292902, killed

 JARVIS, Dennis W, Marine, X 4883 (Ch), killed

 KIRKWOOD, William J, Lieutenant, killed

 LANSBERRY, Russell C, Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

 LARTER, Gordon R, Stoker Mechanic, P/SKX 852151, killed

 LEAKEY, George W, Able Seaman, C/JX 785105, killed

 LEES, Norman C E, Engine Room Artificer 3c, P/MX 93541, killed

 LEWIS, William D, Stoker Mechanic, D/KX 842311, killed

 LINTON, William F, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 LONGSTAFF, William A C, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 MACKENZIE, Colin I, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 MACKENZIE-EDWARDS, Roderick P, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 MCKENZIE, John L, Chief Engine Room Artificer, P/MX 75125, killed

 MILLER, James, Act/Leading Stoker Mechanic, D/SKX 803506, killed

 NICKALLS, Hugh A H, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 NORTH, Richard F, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 PANE, Peter R, Able Seaman, C/JX 819786, killed

 PARKER, George, Engine Room Artificer 2c, D/MX 66713, killed

 PEARSON, Denis H, Act/Petty Officer, P/JX 371671, killed

 PRESTON, Robin J, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 RAMPLIN, Alan, Stoker Mechanic, P/SKX 871876, killed

 REWCASTLE, Anthony G C, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 RUTTER, Jack, Act/Radio Electrician, D/SMX 770424, killed

 SHAW, Frederick M, Lieutenant (E), killed

 SHERGOLD, Edward N, Corporal, RM, X 5874 (Po), killed

 SMITH, Francis R, Cook, C/MX 58198, killed

 SMITH, John D, Stoker Mechanic, C/KX 835006, killed

 SMITH, Ronald B B, Leading Seaman, C/JX 157783, killed

 STEWART, Anthony J, Able Seaman, P/JX 712811, killed

 STRACHAN, John G, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 TAYLOR, Maurice G E C, Engine Room Artificer 3c, P/MX 715933, killed

 TEMPLE, Norman, Stoker Mechanic, C/KX 527942, killed

 THIRKETTLE, John G, Act/Petty Officer (Submarines) (S/M), C/KX 100698, killed

 TRELEAVEN, John O, Lieutenant (E), killed

 TRIMBY, Victor G, Act/Leading Stoker Mechanic, P/MX 816151, killed

 TUGMAN, Robin T, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 VINCENT, Roy, Steward, C/SLX 771525, killed

 WELCH, Albert G, Lieutenant (E), killed

 WHITBREAD, Reginald A, Chief Petty Officer (Stoker Mechanic), P/KX 82925, killed

 WOOD, Herbert J, Leading Engineering Mechanic, C/MX 745821, killed

 WOODS, Frederick G, Petty Officer Telegraphist, P/JX 136971, killed

 WORSFOLD, Benjamin J, Act/Leading Telegraphist, P/JX 371780, killed



Wednesday, 18 April 1951


Queen Alexander's Royal Naval Nursing Service

 DE ST CROIX-EVELEIGH, Winifred M, Senior Nursing Sister (S.N.S.), died



Wednesday, 25 April 1951



 BUCKLEY, Patrick J, Radio Electrical Artificer (R.E.A.), FX 670920, died



Thursday, 26 April 1951



 SWAIN, Stanley G, Stoker Mechanic, KX 96101, died



 COLLINS, Edmund D, Sub Lieutenant, died



Saturday, 28 April 1951


FAA, 804 Squadron, Glory, aircraft carrier, Korean War, flying Sea Fury on fighter patrol, crashed in Yellow Sea near Clifford Island

 STEPHENSON, Edward P L, Lieutenant (P), MPK



Monday, 30 April 1951


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korea, as POW

 AHERN, Gerald, Marine, CH/X 5110, died



Wednesday, 2 May 1951



 MADDOCK, James, Petty Officer Telegraphist, JX 126882, died



Saturday, 5 May 1951


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, Malaya campaign

 MACKAY, P L, Captain, RM, died, awarded MC



Tuesday, 8 May 1951



 MILLS, Henry J, Master-at-Arms (M.A.A.), MX 59437, died



Sunday, 13 May 1951


FAA, 810 Squadron, Theseus, air crash

 GUY, Dennis W, Flight Lieutenant, RAF, 154035, MPK


Loch Tralaig

 BAIGENT, Albert A, Leading Seaman, JX 660657, died



 KIRK, Robert M R, Able Seaman, SSX 619744, died



Tuesday, 15 May 1951



 BUCHAN-SYDSERFF, Thomas H, Lieutenant, died



Wednesday, 16 May 1951



 SHIELDS, John D, Marine, RM 128464, died



Tuesday, 22 May 1951



 EVA, Alfred, Chief Petty Officer, J 35080, died



Tuesday, 29 May 1951



 GALLAGHER, Joseph, Stoker Mechanic, KX 874584, died



Wednesday, 30 May 1951


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korean War, as POW

 WYETH, Kenneth, Marine, RM 8784, died



 GREEN, Ronald E, Petty Officer, JX 160050, died



 ALLEN, Raymond, Able Seaman, SSX 843467, died



Thursday, 31 May 1951


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korea, as POW

 NICHOLLS, Reuben, Marine, PO/X 6067, died. The only Royal Marine among a group of mainly US POWs who were told in April 1951 they would be handed over to the UN Command, but he was never heard of again.



 MARTIN, Samuel, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 891046, died



 COOKE, Norman R, Lieutenant Commander, died



Sunday, 3 June 1951



 FRENCH, John C, Petty Officer, JX 146877, died



Tuesday, 5 June 1951


FAA, 812 Squadron, Glory, aircraft carrier, Korean War, flying Firefly, hit by rifle fire, landing-on, waved off and engine failed, ditched ahead of ship

 FORD, Stanley W E, Pilot 3c, FX 670300, MPK



Wednesday, 6 June 1951


Royal Marines, 45 Commando, Malaya campaign

 BUDGEN, P K, Lieutenant, RM, died



Thursday, 7 June 1951



 BARRETT, Cornelius P, Chief Petty Officer Mechanician, KX 85413, died



Friday, 8 June 1951


Daedalus, flying Wyvern, engine caught fire, ejected but was knocked unconscious and unable to operate parachute, took place one mile west of Amesbury, England

 HANSON, David K, Lieutenant Commander, killed



 BURNETT, William F, Stoker, SKX 902892, died



Sunday, 10 June 1951



 MACGREGOR, James W, Able Seaman, SSX 861445, died



 LEWIS, Douglas G, Leading Stoker Mechanic, SKX 834161, died



Saturday, 16 June 1951


Royal Prince, canoe accident in Germany, both drowned

 BULL, Dennis P, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 838384, died

 DAVISON, Robert R, Able Seaman, SSX 832964, died



Sunday, 17 June 1951



 WILLIAMS, Edward R P, Surgeon Commander, died



 STACEY, Ernest R, Able Seaman, SSX 872165, died



Monday, 18 June 1951



 DANIELS, Geoffrey L, Able Seaman, SSX 661438, died



Tuesday, 19 June 1951



 GOODIER, Richard D, Lieutenant, died



Wednesday, 20 June 1951



 PLUMMER, Philip G T, Midshipman, died



Thursday, 21 June 1951



 TUCKER, Peter E, Aircraft Artificer (A.A.) 4c, FX 100380, died



Friday, 22 June 1951



 CHAPPELL, Charles E, Engine Room Artificer, MX 60537, died



Tuesday, 26 June 1951


FAA, 705 Squadron, Siskin, air crash

 BROWN, Mansfield B A, Lieutenant, RAN, killed

 CAPP, Jeffrey W, Commissioned Pilot, killed



Thursday, 28 June 1951


FAA, 812 Squadron, Glory, aircraft carrier, Korean War, flying Firefly, hit by flak and crashed near Chinnampo, Korea

 SHARP, John H, Lieutenant (P), MPK

 WELLS, George B, Aircrewman 1c, FX 82746, MPK



Thursday, 5 July 1951



 BABER, William M, Sub Lieutenant, died



Friday, 6 July 1951



 GAGER, Peter E, Radio Electrical Artificer (R.E.A.), FX 669678, died



Saturday, 7 July 1951


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Malaya campaign, Lenggong Area, road traffic accident

 CHADWICK, James, Marine, PO/X5282, killed



Sunday, 8 July 1951



 ARMOUR, John D, Lieutenant, died



Monday, 9 July 1951



 SUN, Che P, Petty Officer Cook, O/ 2394, died



Wednesday, 11 July 1951


Royal Marines, 45 Commando, Malaya campaign, in British Military Hospital Kamukting

 GENGE, T J H, Sergeant, RM, CH/X4107, died of natural causes



Friday, 13 July 1951



 WHITE, George D, Chief Airman, FX 670922, died



Monday, 16 July 1951


FAA, 812 Squadron, Glory, aircraft carrier, Korean War, flying Firefly, air crash

 SHEPLEY, Ian R, Sub Lieutenant (P), probably acting as Observer, killed

 WILLIAMS, Robert, Lieutenant (P), MPK


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Malaya campaign

 LAMB, E, Marine, RM7798, DOW



Wednesday, 18 July 1951


FAA, 804 Squadron, Glory, aircraft carrier, Korean War, air crash

 SPARKE, Terence W, Commissioned Pilot, MPK



 JONES, Peter W P, Lieutenant, died


Terror, RN Base, Singapore, Malaya campaign

 GASKIN, Edward, Leading Writer, MX 69839, died



Friday, 20 July 1951



 TOSSELL, David J, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 803530, died



Sunday, 22 July 1951



 KELLETT, Eric S, Leading Electrical Mechanic (L.E.M.), FX 834826, died


FAA, 812 Squadron, Glory, aircraft carrier, Korean War, taking off in Firefly carrying two 500lb bombs, RATOG (rocket-assisted take off gear) failed to fire and aircraft ditched ahead of ship. Commissioned Pilot J P Hack rescued

 DAVEY, Ronald G A, Sub Lieutenant (O), MPK



 HAWLEY, Bernard, Steward, LX 849633, died



Friday, 27 July 1951


FAA, 815 Squadron, Gannet, air crash

 DAVIES, David F, Midshipman, killed

 WORTHINGTON, Dennys J, Act/Sub Lieutenant, killed



Saturday, 28 July 1951


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Malaya campaign, on Grik Road, in action with Communist insurgents

 TALYOR, Maurice J, Sergeant, RM, CH/X1620, killed



 ARTHUR, Frank, Ordnance Artificer 3c, MX 86408, died



Sunday, 29 July 1951


Maenad, Malayan waters

 WARBURTON, Norman, Able Seaman, SSX 591915, died



Tuesday, 31 July 1951



 TURNER, Graham W, Leading Air Mechanic (A.M.), SFX 816669, died



Wednesday, 8 August 1951


St Angelo

 MAURIN, Carmel, Stoker Mechanic, KX 667560, died



Tuesday, 14 August 1951



 RICHARDS, Arthur J, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 849175, died



Friday, 17 August 1951



 WILSON, Thomas F, Able Seaman, JX 801106, died



Sunday, 19 August 1951


RN Hospital Hong Kong

 WRIGHT, William G, Sick Berth Chief Petty Officer, MX 49586, died



Sunday, 26 August 1951



 HENRY, Robin M, Leading Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) (B), SMX 850667, died



 OLDS, John J, Chief Petty Officer, MX 876560, died


Pembroke I

 LINE, Claude E H, Commander, died



 RYVES, Raymond J F, Ordinary Seaman (O.D.), KX 856990, died



Wednesday, 29 August 1951



 STANLEY, Michael E, Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 30 August 1951



 NEAL, Thomas R, Stoker Mechanic, KX 603587 (Tyne), died


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korean War

 BARNES, Charles E, Sergeant, RM, PO/X 4003, killed

 HARWOOD, John G, Lieutenant, RM, killed




Friday, 31 August 1951



 KEYSELL, Anthony, Engine Room Artificer 3c, MX 73879, died



 CURTIS, Sam W S, Chief Petty Officer, JX 101985, died



Sunday, 2 September 1951



 WILLIAMS, Derrick A, Electrical Artificer (E.A.) 4c, MX 667731, died



Wednesday, 5 September 1951



 COE, Geoffrey A, Cadet, died



Saturday, 8 September 1951



 FORD, William J, Petty Officer, JX 127351, died



Monday, 10 September 1951


Ocean, aircraft carrier

 DUBBER, Ronald E, Lieutenant, MPK, flying Sea Fury of 807 Squadron, torque-stalled on landing, starboard oleo leg collapsed, aircraft hit deck, skidded over side and sank

(no apparent connection with the death of Lieutenant Dubber on the same day) 

 FISHER, Norman, Leading Air Mechanic (A.M.), FX 838239, died



Wednesday, 12 September 1951



 O'HARA, James, Lieutenant Commander, died



Friday, 14 September 1951



 LEUNG, Ping K, Able Seaman, O/ 1037, died



Thursday, 20 September 1951



 HUBBARD, Derek E, Stoker Mechanic, KX 833789, died



Friday, 21 September 1951



 SWAYNE, Henry I A, Lieutenant Commander, died



Monday, 24 September 1951



 FAIREY, Albert W, Engine Room Artificer Apprentice, MX 855877, died


RN Hospital Chatham

 SYLVESTER, William P, Sick Berth Petty Officer, MX 52530, died



Tuesday, 25 September 1951


Gannet, RNAS Eglinton, Northern Ireland, flying Firefly, air crash

 EDMONDS, Edward J, Observer 4c, RAN, killed

 SLATER, Donovan J, Pilot 4c, RAN, killed



 BROOKE, Ronald L, Sub Lieutenant, died


Royal Marines, 45 Commando, Malaya campaign

 FORDHAM, Peter D, Marine, RM8250, DOW



Thursday, 27 September 1951



 STONE, Jack, Able Seaman, SSX 837891, died



 HARE, Dennis, Ordinary Seaman, JX 857227, died



Friday, 28 September 1951



 OGDEN, Norman, Petty Officer, FX 768801, died



Monday, 1 October 1951



 BOSTOCK, Norman K, Able Seaman, SSX 818725, died


Grenville, destroyer, collision with Italian dry cargo ship Alceo (ex-British Ocean Viking) off Start Point, Devon

 AXFORD, Kenneth J, Act/Commissioned Electrician, killed

 BELCHER, Frederick A, Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic, KX 86610, killed

 HACKMAN, Valentine C R, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 876105, killed

 MASSON, Donald B, Leading Sick Berth Attendant, SMX 816246, killed

 PRESNELL, Henry A, Able Seaman, SSX 8581854, killed


Triumph, aircraft carrier, collision with Italian Alceo

 OLDNALL, Bernard R, Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic, KX 103242, killed

 STAP, Dirk, Act/Sub Lieutenant, RNN, killed



Tuesday, 2 October 1951



 DIXON, David E I, Engine Room Artificer 3c, MX 102140, died



Wednesday, 3 October 1951



 HARDY, Ian D W, Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 4 October 1951


FAA, 820 Squadron, Gannet, flying Firefly, making wide circuit of airfield and crashed into hill

 COLE, Percival S, Lieutenant Commander, killed

 HUNT, Hugh E, Lieutenant, killed



 GOODALL, Willie, Lieutenant, died



Friday, 5 October 1951


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Malaya campaign, in action with Communist insurgents

 DAYES, George A, Marine, RM8330, killed



Saturday, 6 October 1951


Mercury, air crash at Gosport

 GOODENOUGH, Frederick C, Commander, killed

 WILLIAMS, James D, Lieutenant Commander, killed



Wednesday, 10 October 1951


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korean War, captured near Wonsan in August 1951, in 'Pak’s Palace' POW Camp

 ALDRICH, Arthur J, Marine, RM 9440, died



Saturday, 13 October 1951



 BENSON, Ernest A, Lieutenant, died



 MARTIN, John J, Lieutenant, died



Monday, 15 October 1951



 FYFE, George S, Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 25 October 1951


RNAS Hal Far

 COTTON, William E, Lieutenant Commander (A), (Glory), died



Sunday, 28 October 1951



 MUNNION, Frederick M, Radio Electrician, SMX 817782, died



 BARRINGHAM, Derek H, Stoker Mechanic, P/SKX 837911, died



Wednesday, 31 October 1951



 EAGELTON, John L, Leading Air Mechanic (A.M.) (A), SFX 814322, died



Thursday, 1 November 1951



 REES, Kenneth C, Naval Airman 1c, SFX 874763, died



Friday, 2 November 1951



 BEECHAM, Herman, Stoker Mechanic, KX 860351, died



Sunday, 4 November 1951



 COLLIER, William H, Electrical Artificer (E.A.) 1c, MX 47572, died



 BRAZIER, Leslie F, Able Seaman (D), SSX 836100, died



Monday, 5 November 1951


FAA, 805 Squadron, Sydney (RAN), aircraft carrier, Korean War, flying Sea Fury, strafing enemy transport and failed to pull out of dive

 CLARKSON, Keith E, Lieutenant (P), RAN, killed



Thursday, 8 November 1951



 MURRAY, Gilbert D F, Leading Seaman, SSX 819067, died



 PEARSALL, Frank W A, Chief Petty Officer, JX 127292, died



Friday, 9 November 1951



 EARLE, Frederick J, Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic (S.M.), KX 79847, died



 WITHAM, Frank D, Leading Cook, MX 110209, died



 NORRIS, Charles W, Chief Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic (S.M.), KX 81034, died



Saturday, 10 November 1951


Victoria and Albert

 NASH, Walter H, Stoker Mechanic, K 58006, died



Sunday, 11 November 1951



 WRIGHT, Geoffrey, Aircraft Artificer (A.A.) 4c, FX 669628, died



 SMITH, Derek R, Able Seaman, JX 835667, died



Monday, 12 November 1951



 PUN, Tong, Petty Officer, 0/ 61, died



Sunday, 18 November 1951



 SEAWARD, Leslie, Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic (S.M.), K 65709, died



Wednesday, 21 November 1951



 BINNINGTON, David L, Lieutenant Commander, died



Thursday, 22 November 1951



 BURNS, Denis, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 885999, died



Monday, 26 November 1951



 BARCROFT, Henry, Leading Patrolman, MX 729793, died



Tuesday, 27 November 1951



 BROWN, Richard E A, Midshipman, died



Wednesday, 28 November 1951


On Ka Do Island, Korea, without permission, to take press photographs, taken prisoner, as POW (no further details)

 LANKFORD (possibly LANGFORD), Dennis A, Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, died


With thanks to Mick Wyer who - " ... noticed that you had a Sub/Lt Denis LANGFORD missing/deceased. This officer was landed ashore on one of the Islands on the west coast to take photo's of gun emplacements. He was captured doing same and taken to prison camp? He escaped from the camp and made it back to freedom. Sometime after he wrote his memoirs on his escape and had them published in the Daily Mail. I was on (destroyer) HMS Cockade from which he was landed ashore. (Entry retained for information)

Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Malaya campaign

 CLARKE, Robert A, Marine, RM8810, DOW



night of Friday, 30 November/Saturday, 1 December 1951


Cockade, destroyer, shore gunfire, Korean War

 SKELTON, Clifford, Able Seaman, SSX 836037, killed

With thanks to Mick Wyer - "AB Skelton was killed on 30th November/1st December (not Thursday, 6 December as previously recorded) by a direct hit on Y-gun from the gun batteries at Ka Do, west coast of Korea . He was buried at sea with full naval honours at 1226 hours on the 1st of December 1951."


Saturday, 1 December 1951


Peregrine, air crash at Horley

 JAMESON, John E, Lieutenant, killed

 MUMFORD, Roy E, Lieutenant, killed



Sunday, 2 December 1951



 O'RORKE, Christopher R P, Sub Lieutenant, died



Tuesday, 4 December 1951



 BAKER, John W W, Lieutenant Commander, died



Wednesday, 5 December 1951



 DE CHARMOY, Raymond P L D, Lieutenant, died



Friday, 7 December 1951


FAA, 805 Squadron, Sydney (RAN), aircraft carrier, Korean War, flying Sea Fury, struck by flak, bailed out but hit by tail of own aircraft

 SINCLAIR, Richard R, Sub Lieutenant (P), RAN, killed



 AYERS, Edwin J, Ordinary Seaman, JX 897449, died



Monday, 10 December 1951



 FORBES, Edward D S, Sub Lieutenant, died



 ELLIS, Frederick G S, Able Seaman, SSX 771550, died



Friday, 14 December 1951



 MICALLEF, Joseph, Steward, LX 25456, died



 TOLLEY, William T, Able Seaman, JX 246142, died



Friday, 21 December 1951



 PALMER, Peter C A, Naval Airman 2c, FX 895038, died



Saturday, 22 December 1951



 JENKINS, Morgan J, Able Seaman, SSX 869887, died



Monday, 24 December 1951



 ATKINSON, John G, Chief Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic, KX 84548, died



Thursday, 27 December 1951



 WILLIAMS, Thomas J, Naval Airman 1c, SFX 847695, died



Friday, 28 December 1951



 BARNES, Derek, Leading Signalman, JX 646492, died


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