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1945-2008 - Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy
Compiled by Don Kindell


1963-1965 -  in date, ship/unit & name order

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(1) Casualty information in order - Surname, First name, Initial(s), Rank and part of the Service other than RN (RNR, RNVR, RFR etc), Service Number (ratings only), (on the books of another ship/shore establishment, O/P on passage), Fate

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Saturday, 12 January 1963



 JONES, Dennis J, Petty Officer Marine Engineer (M.E.), KX 914090, died



Monday, 28 January 1963


Centaur, air crash off the Lizard, SW Cornwall

 FIELDHOUSE, Derek F, Lieutenant Commander (P)

 SWIFT, Stacey N, Lieutenant



 MILES, Ernest J, Petty Officer, JX 514435, died



Monday, 11 February 1963


Barrosa, destroyer, Malayan waters

 SUTHERLAND, Charles A, Able Seaman, JX 911345, killed on anti-pirate operation,



 GAUCI, Joseph, Bandsman, MX 754279, died



Sunday, 17 February 1963



 ETHERIDGE, Frank, Able Seaman, JX 889686, died



Monday, 18 February 1963



 DOWNING, John L, Engine Room Artificer 1c, MX 857678, died



 HITCHMAN, Terence, Leading Electrical Mechanic (E.M.), M 927741, died



Tuesday, 5 March 1963



 PAXTON, J. (initial only) H R D, Sub Lieutenant, died



Wednesday, 6 March 1963



 CHALLINOR, Henry H, Chief Blacksmith, MX 102987, died



Saturday, 9 March 1963



 WINTERFLOOD, Raymond W, Marine, RM 20126, died



Saturday, 16 March 1963



 SCOTT, Peter K, Ordinary Seaman, 056181, died



Sunday, 17 March 1963



 DAVIES, Tudor, Sub Lieutenant, died



Wednesday, 20 March 1963



 GARLAND, David C F, Sick Berth Petty Officer, MX 916536, died



Saturday, 23 March 1963


Goldcrest, RNAS Brawdy

 TOMBS, Paul C, Mechanic (M) (E) 2c, 064170, died



Thursday, 4 April 1963


Ariel, road accident at Fareham (second man DOI three days later)

 STOKOE, Dennis B, Chief Radio Electrician (C/R.E.L.) (A), FX 834272



Sunday, 7 April 1963


Ariel, road accident on 4th

 HANNAFORD, Gerald L, Chief Radio Electrician (C/R.E.L.) (A), FX 836224, DOI



Monday, 13 May 1963


Goldcrest, RNAS Brawdy

 WHITE, Ronald J, Aircraft Artificer (A.A.) 4c, FX 82483, died



 HELLIWELL, Peter, Able Seaman, 056441, died



Friday, 24 May 1963



 TRACEY, John G, Leading Mechanic (M) (E), K 941746, died



Thursday, 30 May 1963


Ark Royal

 HARDY, James W H, Naval Airman 1c, F 944955, died



Friday, 31 May 1963


Hermes, air crash in Sea of Japan

 AUSTIN, Paul, Lieutenant

 BYNOE, Christopher J, Sub Lieutenant



Wednesday, 5 June 1963



 MCKENZIE, Eric, (not given), JX 830709, died



Sunday, 9 June 1963



 BARTLETT, Gordon K, Senior Chief Petty Officer (V), MX 744104, died



Wednesday, 12 June 1963



 SAPSFORD, Norman H, Able Seaman, J 944148, died



Tuesday, 18 June 1963



 FORD, Alan R, Able Seaman, J 952421, died



Friday, 21 June 1963



 NIGHTINGALE, Edward R C, Petty Officer Steward, LX 896993, died



Sunday, 23 June 1963


Royal Marines, Aden & Radfan campaign

 JEFFERY, Reginald, Lance Corporal, RM, died


Tartar, frigate

 HEELEY, John, Petty Officer, P/LX 854199, died



Monday, 24 June 1963



 BENNETT, Peter, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 1c, 052309, died



Tuesday, 25 June 1963



 MCNALLY, Peter J, Leading Radio Operator (R.O.), J 972839, died



Friday, 28 June 1963


Hermes, air crash at Singapore

 COOPER, Michael D, Sub Lieutenant

 PHILLIPS, David E A, Sub Lieutenant



Tuesday, 2 July 1963



 SCOTT, Robert A, Mechanic (M) (E) 1c, K 975301, died



Wednesday, 3 July 1963



 SCOTT, Leslie R, Naval Airman 1c, 066695, died



Friday, 5 July 1963


Albion, aircraft carrier, Borneo campaign

 HARTLAND, Patrick C, Petty Officer Marine Engineer (M.E.), K 939873, died



Monday, 8 July 1963



 ELLIOT, Derek F, Leading Electrical Mechanic (E.M.), M 969097, died



Friday, 12 July 1963



 WISDOM, Arthur J E, Chief Petty Officer Steward, LX 29335, died



Saturday, 13 July 1963


RN Hospital Haslar

 SMITH, David W, Leading Sick Berth Attendant, M 971217, died



Sunday, 14 July 1963



 KEELEY, Peter, Mechanic (M) (E) 1c, K 965120, died



Saturday, 20 July 1963



 ORFORD, Terence W, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 1c, KX 955386, died



Wednesday, 24 July 1963


Goldcrest, RNAS Brawdy, Pembrokeshire, Wales,  air crash

 FLINN, Terence D, Lieutenant (P)

 SKELTON, Robert G, Naval Airman (MET) 1c Aircrewman, F 967936,

 TIMMS, Rodney, Naval Airman (AE) 1c Aircrewman, F 973430,



Saturday, 27 July 1963


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Borneo

 SMITH, James Anthony, Marine, RM 20460, died  (with thanks to Paul Treen. Marine Smith, aged 23, believed to have died of scrub typhus)


Royal Marines, Aden & Radfan campaign

 SWINDELL, Roy G, Marine, died



Sunday, 28 July 1963



 BOLTON, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman (O.D.), 060591, died



Wednesday, 31 July 1963


Ark Royal

 MACFIE, Andrew G, Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 1 August 1963


RM 42 Commando, Borneo campaign, believed in action in Sarawak

 ROLLS, Graham, Act/Lieutenant, killed



Sunday, 11 August 1963



 KEMP, Brian H, Mechanic (M) (E) 1c, 067777, died



Thursday, 15 August 1963



 BAKER, Leslie R, Able Seaman, JX 912404, died



Saturday, 17 August 1963



 BRADWELL, Graham T, Leading Seaman, J 943314, died



Sunday, 18 August 1963


Tidesurge, RFA, Borneo campaign

 FLETCHER R A, Yeoman, died



Wednesday, 21 August 1963



 KAIN, Dennis H A, Petty Officer Marine Engineer (M.E.), K 970113, died



Saturday, 24 August 1963


Forest Moor

 STYAN, David M, Leading Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.), M 980965, died



Tuesday, 27 August 1963


St Angelo

 SYMONS, William A, Lieutenant Commander, died



Tuesday, 3 September 1963



 COSSEY, Richard M, Radio Operator (R.O.) (T) 2c, J 973502, died



Saturday, 7 September 1963


Loch Lomond

 DALLAS, Robert G C, Able Seaman, J 981395, died



 PRESCOTT, William D, Able Seaman, JX 848101, died



Sunday, 8 September 1963



 CAWTHRA, Anthony M, Lieutenant, died



Wednesday, 11 September 1963



 WINSER, Clarence R, Leading Cook, MX 894087, died



Saturday, 14 September 1963



 RICHARDSON, Trevor A, Aircraft Artificer (A.A.) 1c, F 956357, died


Forest Moor

 HOLT, William J, Radio Operator (R.O.) 2c, 055461, died



 EDWARDS, Howard T, Leading Electrical Mechanic (E.M.), FX 893833, died



Tuesday, 17 September 1963



 TINDLEY, Donald H, Petty Officer, JX 147811, died



Thursday, 19 September 1963



 FERGUSON, Ronald J, Mechanic (M) (E) 1c, K 979721, died



Wednesday, 2 October 1963


RN Hospital Haslar

 ARNOLD, Margaret, Head NNAO, 0056, died



Thursday, 10 October 1963



 SIMPKIN, Frank H, Lieutenant, died



Tuesday, 15 October 1963


Royal Navy

 HOLDRUP, D. (initial only) G, 2nd Officer, WRNS, died



Thursday, 17 October 1963


Sydney (RAN), ship's whaler swamped off Hayman Island, Queensland

 LONGSTAFF, Norman J, Sub Lieutenant, RANR

 MAYGER, Brian H, Midshipman, RAN

 MULVANY, Peter G, Midshipman, RAN

 PIERCE, Graeme J, Midshipman, RAN

 SANDERS (name uncertain), David J, Midshipman, RAN



Saturday, 19 October 1963



 SMITH, Edward J, Able Seaman, J 961979, died



Monday, 21 October 1963



 LANCASTER, Maureen R, Wren Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M)., 119854, died



Tuesday, 22 October 1963



 JACKSON, Keith A, Radio Operator (R.O.) 2c, 050811, died



Saturday, 26 October 1963



 OSGOOD, Gerald G, Chief Mechanician (E), KX 813416, died



 VARLEY, Anthony R, Naval Airman 1c, F 963810, died



Sunday, 3 November 1963



 CHESTERS, Richard J, Writer, M 978212, died



Thursday, 7 November 1963



 WRIGHT, George, Petty Officer Marine Engineer (M.E.), KX 113384, died



Saturday, 9 November 1963



 EVANS, John, Able Seaman, 061096, died



Sunday, 17 November 1963



 DE MOWBRAY, Richard B, Sub Lieutenant, died



Friday, 22 November 1963



 FERGUSON, Ronald, Leading Seaman, JX 905396, died



 MANDEVILLE, Ronald E A, Chief Petty Officer, JX 126785, died



Thursday, 28 November 1963



 OSTLER, Gerald J S, Sub Lieutenant, died



Friday, 29 November 1963



 CRAWFORD, Robert C, Petty Officer Marine Engineer (M.E.), K 961136, died



Saturday, 30 November 1963



 BLADES, Alan, Junior Naval Airman, 074501, died


Jamaica Defence Force

 MAXTED, Anthony C, Lieutenant Commander, died



Tuesday, 3 December 1963



 HORABIN, Joseph L J, Petty Officer Radio Electrician (R.E.L.) (A), FX 859643, died



Wednesday, 4 December 1963



 DELL, Donald F, Able Seaman, J 936931, died



Thursday, 5 December 1963


Hartland Point

 RUSTON, John W, Able Seaman, J 983489, died



 CHATERS, William, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 1c, 055952, died



 GAVIN, Anthony D, Able Seaman, J 967214, died



Friday, 6 December 1963


Protector, exposure at Falkland Islands

 HODGE, Reginald W, Leading Seaman, JX 913389,

 LANE, Michael B, Able Seaman, J 975638,



Sunday, 8 December 1963


RN Hospital Haslar

 TAYLOR, John H D, Surgeon Commander, died



Thursday, 12 December 1963



 WRIGHT, David H, Leading Patrolman (P.M.), J 948989, died



Saturday, 14 December 1963



 OCKWELL, David A, Able Seaman, 054660, died



Wednesday, 18 December 1963



 TUCKETT, Albert, Senior Chief Petty Officer (S), MX 876291, died



Sunday, 22 December 1963



 BROAN, William J, Aircraft Artificer (A.A.) 2c, FX 855686, died



Monday, 23 December 1963



 RODEN, Donald F, Leading Seaman, JX 818362, died



Friday, 27 December 1963



 HENLEY, Edward J T, Able Seaman, JX 883240, died








Wednesday, 1 January 1964


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Borneo campaign, in action with Indonesian forces

 MARRIOTT, Michael, Corporal, RM, RM17999, killed



Monday, 6 January 1964



 DICKSON, Frank B G, Petty Officer Electrician (E.L.) (A), FX 834085, died



 BARRETT, Neville G, Radio Operator (R.O.) 2c, SS 954335, died



Saturday, 18 January 1964



 DAVEY, Peter D L, Lieutenant Commander, died



Wednesday, 22 January 1964



 LEUNG, Ah C, Leading Steward, O/ 105, died



Sunday, 26 January 1964



 JENKINSON, Michael W, Marine, RM 20895, died



Wednesday, 5 February 1964



 BEUSHAW, Samuel J, Chief Petty Officer (A), JX 170192, died



Friday, 7 February 1964



 REILLY, Thomas, Able Seaman, J 983622, died



Monday, 10 February 1964


Voyager (RAN), destroyer, in collision with aircraft carrier Melbourne off Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia, losts

 ASHWELL, Noel J, Leading Engineering Mechanic, RAN, R 44797,

 BEAVIS, Errol S, Sub Lieutenant, RAN

 BERMINGHAM, Peter W, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62334,

 BROKATE, Max A, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62338,

 BROOKS, Edwin A, Lieutenant

 BROWN, Neil B, Able Seaman, RAN, R 53951,

 BUTTS, Warren G, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62340,

 CARR, Peter R, Able Seaman, RAN, R 54215,

 CARRINGTON, Bruce L, Lieutenant Commander, RAN

 CASTLE, Barry E, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62343,

 CLARKE, Peter L, Electrical Mechanic, RAN, R 58486,

 CLAYTON, John D, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62344,

 COBBAN, Gerrard F, Stores Assistant, RAN, R 57170,

 CONDON, William J, Electrical Mechanic, RAN, R 47279,

 COOK, Harry D, Lieutenant, RAN

 CULLEN, Kevin V, Communications Yeoman, RAN, R 36425,

 CURGENVEN, John H, Engineer Mechanic, RAN, R 93061,

 DAVIES, John S, Act/Sub Lieutenant, RAN

 DAVIS, Kevin J, Leading Steward, RAN, R 55017,

 DEANS, John C G, Electrical Mechanic, RAN, R 57848,

 DENHAM, Robin A, Radio Operator, RAN, R 51443,

 DIEPENBROEK, Nicolaas G, Engineer Mechanic, RAN, R 93189,

 DOWLING, James L, Lieutenant, RAN

 EARL, Jeffrey N, Assistant Steward, RAN, R 57854,

 FENWICK, John McG, Act/Leading Electrical Mechanic, RAN, R 54234,

 FITZALLEN, Graham D, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62357,

 FLEMING, Leonard B, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62447,

 GARRETT, Leo J, Engineer Mechanic, RAN, R 59295,

 GLENNIE, Norman C, Able Seaman, RAN, R 45788,

 GUY, James B, Petty Officer, RAN, R 49342,

 HALE, Stanley, Able Seaman, RAN, R 41634,

 HARCLA, Eugene K, Petty Officer, RAN, R 37282,

 HARRIS, Peter L, Tactical Operator, RAN, R 55780,

 HENDY, Rex W, Ordinary Tactical Operator, RAN, R 59378,

 KEDDIE, Kenneth S, Engineer Mechanic, RAN, R 47897,

 KELLY, Gordon J, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62376,

 KINGSTON, Norman E, Act/Leading Steward, RAN, R 55042,

 LAMBERT, Urban J, Able Seaman, RAN, R 57055,

 LEESON, Laurence J, Engine Room Artificer, RAN, R 42179,

 LEGG, Clifford G, Leading Electrical Mechanic, RAN, R 54136,

 LEHMAN, Leonard C, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62457,

 LINDSEY, Barton C 'O, Midshipman, RAN

 MACARTNEY, Donald R, Petty Officer Engineering Mechanic, RAN, R 51005,

 MACFARLANE, Donald E, Leading Radio Operator, RAN, R 53013,

 MACGREGOR, Ian A G, Lieutenant Commander, RAN

 MARIEN, Kelly F, Midshipman, RAN

 MAUNDER, Ronald W, Midshipman, RAN

 MCDONALD, Ronald E, Engineer Mechanic, RAN, R 58021,

 MCLEAN, Geoffrey E, Able Seaman, RAN, R 57975,

 MILBOURNE, Peter D, Assistant Cook, RAN, R 58906,

 MORGAN, Franklin J, Midshipman, RAN

 MULLER, Keith L, Ordinary Tactical Operator, RAN, R 93540,

 NUSS, Graham C, Ordnance Artificer, RAN, R 42279,

 O'LEARY, Eric L, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62389,

 OWEN, Ernest R, Ordinary Radio Operator, RAN, R 93556,

 PARKER, H S, Dockyard Technical Assistant

 PARKER, Ronald W, Able Seaman, RAN, R 40405,

 PERRETT, Gary E, Engineer Mechanic, RAN, R 57979,

 PRICE, Donald H M, Lieutenant

 REID, David W, Ordnance Artificer, RAN, R 42137,

 ROGERS, Jonathan, Chief Petty Officer, RAN, R 40859,

 SCHMIDT, Brian M, Leading Airman, RAN, R 45632,

 SCOTT, Barry A, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62401,

 SHARKEY, Francis B, Act/Leading Seaman, RAN, R 55138,

 SMYE, William J, Leading Cook, RAN, R 44336,

 SOLOMON, Arthur J, Able Seaman, RAN, R 59414,

 SPARROWHAWK, John E, Leading Seaman, RAN, R 53353,

 STEVENS, Duncan H, Captain, RAN

 STOCKER, Peter G, Able Seaman, RAN, R 57809,

 SYARANAUMUAL, Anton V W, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62415,

 TAIT, Kevin C, Leading Seaman, RAN, R 55146,

 TAPP, Edward W, Commander, RAN

 TAYLOR, Frank T, Able Seaman, RAN, R 58099,

 TAYLOR, Ronald A, Engineer Mechanic, RAN, R 55149,

 TEAPE, Arthur W, Act/Leading Tactical Operator, RAN, R 54989,

 THOMPSON, Arthur W, Steward, RAN, R 57622,

 TRAUTMAN, John B, Ordinary Radio Operator, RAN, R 93596,

 VINCENT, Leslie D, Chief Petty Officer Cook, RAN, R 35352,

 WALKER, Graeme S, Radio Electrical Mechanic, RAN, R 59180,

 WEST, Richard A, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62423,

 WILLIAMS, John, Able Seaman, RAN, R 58113,

 WOODWARD, Ronald E W, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, R 62486,



Tuesday, 11 February 1964


St Laurent (RCN)

 O'GORMAN, John W P, Leading Seaman, 26579E, died



Saturday, 15 February 1964


St Laurent (RCN), destroyer escort, Borneo campaign

 O'GORMAN, John W P, Leading Seaman, 26579-E, died



Wednesday, 19 February 1964



 YOUNGER, Bernard M, Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) 1c, 067847, died



Thursday, 20 February 1964


Heron, air crash at Thornley, Somerset

 SNEDDON, Eric, Sub Lieutenant

 STEENSON, George A, Sub Lieutenant


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, Borneo campaign, in action with Indonesian forces

 CHAPPELL, Reginald, Corporal, RM, killed



 Friday, 21 February 1964



 WOZENCROFT, Keith L, Ordnance Artificer 1c, MX 887777, died



Sunday, 23 February 1964


Artful, climbing accident on Ben Nevis, Scotland

 HORNE, Peter C, Radio Operator (R.O.) 2c, 0541180,

 MABBUTT, Roger J, Radio Supervisor (R.S.), J 926195,



Tuesday, 25 February 1964



 WARNE, Frederick W, Lieutenant Commander, died



Friday, 13 March 1964



 BELLIZZI, Laurence, Bandsman, MX 704705, died



Sunday, 15 March 1964



 HAULT, Peter J, Ordinary Seaman, 073218, died



 TAYLOR, Blair G, Ordinary Seaman, 068981, died



Thursday, 19 March 1964



 HOLLIGAN, Michael, Captain, died



Sunday, 22 March 1964



 SIMS, Brian M, Naval Airman 1c, 064298, died



Sunday, 29 March 1964



 SLACK, John E, Cook, 063951, died



Wednesday, 1 April 1964


Echo, inshore survey vessel

 DUNHAM, Frank B, Leading Seaman, J 940092, drowned

 ORGILL, Geoffrey, Petty Officer, JX 661564, drowned



 MORTON, Kenneth, Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 2 April 1964


Victorious, aircraft carrier, Borneo campaign

 ELLIS, Gerald, Sub Lieutenant, died



Friday, 3 April 1964



 MONAHAN, Joseph R, Lieutenant Commander, died



Monday, 13 April 1964


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, Borneo campaign, in action Padawan area, ambushed by Indonesian forces

 HIND, Joseph T O, Corporal, RM, RM 20875

 MCCREA, Edward, Marine, RM 17368



Wednesday, 15 April 1964



 WILSON, Ernest W T, Petty Officer (A), JX 893105, died



Thursday, 16 April 1964



 RAWLINGS, Stephen R, Artisan Apprentice, 076702, died



Monday, 20 April 1964



 HARRISSON, Leslie W, Chief Mechanician (E), K 934614, died



Thursday, 23 April 1964


St Angelo

 ATTARD, Giovanni, Able Seaman, JX 163722, died



Sunday, 26 April 1964



 WOOD, Herbert F, Lieutenant, died



Friday, 1 May 1964



 RILEY, Victor D, Junior Seaman 1c, 077328, died



Sunday, 3 May 1964



 BORROW, Francis M, Mechanician 2c, M 961351, died



Sunday, 17 May 1964



 DELANEY, John M, Naval Airman 1c, FX 918182, died



Monday, 18 May 1964


Royal Marines, Aden & Radfan campaign

 HYDES, Richard, Marine, died



Wednesday, 20 May 1964


Royal New Zealand Navy

 BENNETT, Robin, C.A. (W) Apprentice, NZ 17573, died



Sunday, 24 May 1964



 ROGERS, Brian, Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) 1c, M 974399, died



Tuesday, 26 May 1964


Royal Marines, Aden & Radfan campaign

 WILSON, David Mac, Marine, died



Friday, 5 June 1964



 HATHERLEY, Steven R, Cook, 063075, died



Wednesday, 10 June 1964



 CAWSTON, Alan L, Lieutenant Commander, died



 CLUETT, Ronald A, Commander, died



Tuesday, 16 June 1964



 RIVERS, Robert J, Leading Mechanic (M) (E), KX 888124, died



Friday, 3 July 1964



 WILLIS, Patrick J C, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 1c, 062153, died



Saturday, 11 July 1964


Centaur, aircraft carrier, night exercises with other ships in Malacca Straits off Penang, Malaya, flying Sea Vixen of 892 Sqn, 6 miles after launch aircraft reported spinning uncontrollably, crew ejected, radar contact lost and they were not found (see - Sea Vixen Dedication Site)

 JACKSON, Malcolm J, Act/Sub Lieutenant (O)

 TERDRE, Geoffrey M L, Lieutenant (P)



Sunday, 12 July 1964



 BRELSFORD, Michael E, Naval Airman 1c, F 962064, died



 FOO, Ah S, Mess Boy, SN 1566, died



Friday, 25 July 1964



 AVIS, Colin J, Able Seaman, J 959218, died



Monday, 27 July 1964


Ashanti, frigate

 WHITE, James P, Able Seaman, D/J 938003, died



Sunday, 2 August 1964



 LYDE, Christopher M, Mechanic (M) (E) 1c, K 983821, died



Monday, 3 August 1964


Royal Canadian Navy

 JONES, Gordon A, Leading Seaman Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 2c, 328330E, died



 MELDRUM, Alexander, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) (A) 1c, F 978966, died



Wednesday, 5 August 1964



 WENZEL, Eric A, Commander, died



Friday, 7 August 1964


Royal Marines, Aden & Radfan campaign

 ARNOLD, David J, Sergeant, RM, died



Wednesday, 12 August 1964



 BOISSEL, John E, Petty Officer, JX 838177, died



Wednesday, 26 August 1964



 CASSAR, Saviour J S, Able Seaman, JX 921772, died



Monday, 31 August 1964



 NIXON, Melvin H, Able Seaman, J 942468, died



 CLAPSON, Derek A, Able Seaman, J 952564, died



Sunday, 13 September 1964


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, Borneo campaign,

 WELLINGTON, Walter, Marine, RM19408, died



Monday, 14 September 1964



 CHARLTON, Norman, Able Seaman, JX 924830, died



Tuesday, 15 September 1964


RN Hospital Haslar

 MILNE, Robert MacD, Surgeon Lieutenant, died



Friday, 18 September 1964


Centaur, air crash at Singapore

 DANN, David A, Lieutenant

 GIBSON, Jeremy I, Lieutenant

 WILLIAMS, Bryan J, Sub Lieutenant



Saturday, 19 September 1964



 DEELEY, Alfred, Petty Officer (A), JX 712609, died



Wednesday, 30 September 1964



 BATTELLE, Brian P, Able Seaman, 056136, died



Monday, 5 October 1964



 SADLER, Richard N, Leading Steward, LX 796141, died



Sunday, 11 October 1964


Ark Royal

 SMITH, Stanley M, Able Seaman, D953141, died



Wednesday, 21 October 1964



 SALMON, John J M, Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) (A) 1c, 079019, died



Thursday, 22 October 1964



 MCCALLUM, William C G, Mechanic (M) (E) 1c, K 964161, died



Friday, 23 October 1964


St Angelo

 JONES, Charles E, Lieutenant, died



Saturday, 24 October 1964



 COOPER, Edward W, Artisan Apprentice, 070426, died


Terror, RN Base, Singapore, Borneo campaign

 BARKLEY, Alfred J, Able Seaman, J 968027, died



Wednesday, 28 October 1964


Ark Royal

 BRAGG, Joseph, Chief Plumber, MX 767384, died



Saturday, 31 October 1964



 STANGER, Michael, Leading Electrical Mechanic (E.M.), F982458, died



Sunday, 1 November 1964


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Burnei campaign

 DEERING, M A, Marine, 40642, drowned



Wednesday, 4 November 1964



 ADAMS, William, Leading Mechanic (M) (E), K 965131, died



Sunday, 8 November 1964



 DELANEY, Michael D, Sub Lieutenant, died



Monday, 9 November 1964


Ark Royal

 FOX, Raymond W, Petty Officer Marine Engineer (M.E.), KX 880817, died



Thursday, 12 November 1964



 MA, Huk K, Steward, O/ 3266, died



Tuesday, 17 November 1964


Bulwark, aircraft carrier, Borneo campaign, Nanga Gaat area, Borneo

 PARRY, Michael J, Petty Officer Radio Electrical Artificer (R.E.A.), F964629, drowned



Monday, 23 November 1964


Centaur, aircraft carrier, Borneo campaign

 MORTIMER, Alan, Mechanic (M) (E) 2c, 066155, died



Wednesday, 25 November 1964


Heron, flying Sea Vixen XN708, carried out Lepus Flare night attack ("several million candlepower") on frigate Murray, failed to pull out of dive and crashed in Lyme Bay, Dorset, Portland Light bearing 220 23 miles

 DURRANT, Michael J W, Lieutenant

 LAST, Basil A, Lieutenant



Thursday, 26 November 1964



 GREENHALGH, Roy E, Leading Patrolman (P.M.), 061493, died



 PERKS, Paul H, Lieutenant Commander, died



Monday, 30 November 1964



 JONES, Hywel G, Chief Petty Officer Stores Accountant (S.A.), MX 849798, died



 MCQUARRIE, Angus, Mechanic (M) (E) 1c, 059684, died



Wednesday, 2 December 1964



 LOVING, Derek, Aircraft Artificer (A.A.) 1c, FX 100188, died



Sunday, 6 December 1964



 FRAME, Robert A, Radio Electrical Artificer (R.E.A.) (A) 3c, 055138, died



Friday, 11 December 1964



 LAKIN, Harry, Electrical Artificer (E.A.) 3c, 057411, died



Saturday, 19 December 1964


Dolphin, road accident at Gosport, Hampshire

 ASHWORTH, John F, Mechanic (M) (E) 1c, K 974928,

 WHITMORE, Michael J, Cook, 074570,



Sunday, 20 December 1964



 HORNE, William G, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 1c, 076558, died



Thursday, 24 December 1964



 SUTTLE, John, Able Seaman, J 977833, died



Sunday, 27 December 1964



 THOMPSON, Edwin H, Leading Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) (B), M 975543, died







Friday, 1 January 1965



 POWELL, Cyril, Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) 1c, 061972, died



Sunday, 3 January 1965



 O'GRADY, Kevin J, Aircraft Artificer (A.A.) 1c, FX 670116, died



Monday, 11 January 1965



 CATTRALL, Francis S, Lieutenant, died



Tuesday, 12 January 1965



 RENWICK, Ralph G N, Able Seaman, J 959083, died



Friday, 15 January 1965



 WILLIAMS, Richard M, Naval Airman 1c (O), 061344, died



Monday, 18 January 1965


Ark Royal

 LOWE, David J, Sub Lieutenant, died


Caesar, Borneo campaign

 HUGHES, John C, Electrician Mechanic 2c, PM 961655, died



 HOLBROOK, David W, Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) 1c, 069387, died



Wednesday, 20 January 1965


Royal Marines, Aden & Radfan campaign

 WHITAKER, Kenneth N, Marine, died



Friday, 22 January 1965


Victorious, aircraft carrier, air crash

 BILLETT, Elson S, Lieutenant

 SANDERSON, James A, Lieutenant Commander



Tuesday, 26 January 1965



 SEE, Fook, Steward, O/ 324, died



Thursday, 28 January 1965



 THOMAS, George H, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 1c, MX 581253, died



Sunday, 31 January 1965



 WILLIAMS, Edward N, Leading Cook, M 974524, died



Monday, 1 February 1965



 PHILLIPS, Charles E, Able Seaman, J 926002, died



Tuesday, 9 February 1965



 WALTERS, Leslie J, Writer, 080194, died



Wednesday, 10 February 1965


Ark Royal

 BLYTHER, Victor J, Lieutenant, died



 MONTEITH, Douglas J, Leading Cook, M 932837, died



Thursday, 11 February 1965



 FICKLING, Peter A, Commander, died



Tuesday, 23 February 1965


Goldcrest, RNAS Brawdy, air crash in St Brides Bay, Pembrokeshire, Wales

 FERGUSON, Daniel C, Lieutenant

 MCINTYRE, David S, Lieutenant



Thursday, 25 February 1965



 WALTERS, Michael S, Able Seaman, J 975924, died



Saturday, 27 February 1965



 HOLYER, Anthony C, (not listed), J 959091, died



Wednesday, 3 March 1965



 WALLIS, Peter R, Leading Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.), M 982743, died



Thursday, 4 March 1965


Bulwark, aircraft carrier, Wessex 1, No. XP108, carrying troops, suffered engine failure and crashed at Ulu Sungai Puro, near Nanga Ghat, Borneo, six members of Royal Malay Regiment also killed, Pilot, Lt Mike Thompson seriously injured

 WILLIAMS, Alan J, Radio Electrical Artificer (R.E.A.) 2c (A), F956483, died



 INWOOD, Jack L, Engine Room Artificer 1c, MX 88266, died



Saturday, 6 March 1965



 HADLEY, Michael J, Leading Seaman, J 976921, died



 DADE, Brian C, Able Seaman, J 952629, died



Sunday, 7 March 1965



 CLARK, Robert B, Surgeon Sub Lieutenant, died



Monday, 8 March 1965


Heron, air crash near Ilchester, Somerset

 PREUS, Hugh I R, Sub Lieutenant

 STURGESS, Anthony W S, Act/Sub Lieutenant




 MUNRO, Michael J, Naval Airman 1c, 073119, died



Tuesday, 9 March 1965



 ROBBIE, John M, Junior Seaman, 074124, died



Wednesday, 10 March 1965



 FROST, Victor, Cook, 066471, died



Sunday, 14 March 1965



 GRIGGS, Alan F, Lieutenant Commander, died



Thursday, 18 March 1965


Goldcrest, RNAS Brawdy

 BROWN, Patrick J, Leading Airman, F 931694, died



Sunday, 21 March 1965



 STEADMAN, Roger B, Lieutenant, died



Monday, 22 March 1965



 FRANCIS, George M, Mechanic (M) (E) 1c, 058937, died



Wednesday, 24 March 1965


FAA, 820 Squadron, Eagle, helicopter crash in Malaya

 CLAY, David F, Act/Sub Lieutenant

 LITTLE, Walter K, Leading Electrical Mechanic (L.E.M.) (A), FX 893444,


Melbourne (RAN), aircraft carrier, Borneo campaign, in Malacca Straits

 HUTCHINSON, J M, Act/Sub Lieutenant, RAN, died



Saturday, 27 March 1965



 JONES, Geoffrey, Steward, 072199, died



Monday, 29 March 1965


Invermoriston, inshore minesweeper, Borneo campaign

 O'DRISCOLL, Michael J, Midshipman, died



Wednesday, 31 March 1965



 VUOLO, Michael J, Sub Lieutenant, died



Sunday, 4 April 1965



 GOODE, David A, Junior Electrical Mechanic (E.M.), 073936, died



Monday, 5 April 1965



 ELKINGTON, Peter C, Artisan Apprentice, 069498, died



Wednesday, 7 April 1965



 RIDOUT, Michael, Leading Radio Operator (L.R.O.) (W), J 948841, died



Friday, 9 April 1965


Bulwark, flying Hiller 12E helicopter, No.XS164 on liaison duties, crashed on take-off

 MORGAN, John A C, Lieutenant, died



Saturday, 10 April 1965


Ariel II

 TOOES, Alan, Leading Writer, M 976543, died



Sunday, 11 April 1965



 FEESEY, Raymond J, Aircraft Artificer (A.A.) 2c, F 050081, died



Monday, 12 April 1965


FAA, 845 Sqn, Bulwark, aircraft carrier, based at Nanga Ghat during Borneo campaign, flying two Wessex 1 helicopters, returning from a troop lift, in collision at Nanga Ghat, crashed in river (correction and additional information thanks to David Ackroyd who "saw the collision having landed from a previous mission half an hour earlier")

 Wessex number one (aircrewman Petty Officer Ted Crispin survived)

 ROBERTSON, Roderick, Lieutenant, killed

 Wessex number two, four members of 2 Para and one RAMC also killed

 HABGOOD, John C, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 ROTHWELL, Alan, Naval Air Mechanic (N.A.M.) 1c, 071621, killed



Monday, 19 April 1965



 GARE, Barrie W, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 1c, 058580, died



Wednesday, 21 April 1965


FAA, Victorious, aircraft carrier, flying Sea Vixen, ejected during launch (additional information thanks to Lt (SL)(g) Nigel Carter RN Rtd)

 RAINSBURY, John E, Sub Lieutenant, killed



 MASTERS, Gordon F, Petty Officer (A), JX 855477, died




Thursday, 22 April 1965



 CARVALHO, Ludovico, Petty Officer Steward, LX 583406, died



Tuesday, 27 April 1965



 BRACHER, Victor H, Lieutenant Commander, died



Thursday, 29 April 1965



 HARRISON, John L, Leading Seaman, JX 899428, died



Friday, 7 May 1965


Osprey, road accident at Hook, Hampshire

 MILLS, Alan C, Leading Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) (A), 057213,

 PARRY, Michael T W, Able Seaman, J 932742,



Tuesday, 11 May 1965


Sea Eagle

 BURKE, Anthony, Naval Airman 1c, 071550, died


St Angelo

 CHEADLE, Marcus R, Lieutenant Commander, died



Wednesday, 12 May 1965



 MARRYAT, John F, Commander, died



Tuesday, 18 May 1965


Mull of Kintyre

 EVANS, Francis, Chief Engine Room Artificer, MX 818556, died



Thursday, 20 May 1965



 CHESSELL, David C, Able Seaman, J 972454, died



Friday, 21 May 1965



 HANGER, Ernest A, Chief Petty Officer, MX 755328, died



Sunday, 30 May 1965



 BROWN, David, Able Seaman, 053288, died



Saturday, 5 June 1965



 SMITH, Sidney E G, Lieutenant, died



Monday, 7 June 1965


Medway, depot ship, Borneo campaign

 MOSLEY, Adrian J B, Ordnance Artificer (O.A.) 1c, M 932510, died



 JONES, Gwyn, Able Seaman, 066030, died



Thursday, 10 June 1965


Royal Marines, Aden & Radfan campaign

 MUIR, David A, Marine, died



Friday, 11 June 1965



 BATEMAN, Richard A, Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) 1c, 064834, died



Monday, 21 June 1965



 KEAY, Robert M, Lieutenant Commander, died



Thursday, 24 June 1965



 MEYLER, Francis M, Lieutenant Commander, died



 MIALL, Frank H, Petty Officer Air Fitter (A.F.) (E), FX 902108, died



Friday, 25 June 1965


Fulmar, air crash at Glen Loth, Scotland

 HULME, Alan J, Lieutenant (O)

 WATSON, William H C, Lieutenant Commander (P)


Royal Navy

 FINCH, Michael B, Midshipman, died



Friday, 2 July 1965



 NOTTER, Terence W S, Petty Officer Marine Engineer (M.E.), KX 925032, died



Saturday, 3 July 1965



 MYERS, Deric C S W, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 1c, 061826, died



Sunday, 4 July 1965



 LEATHERBARROW, Kenneth, Leading Electrical Mechanic (E.M.), M 983181, died



Monday, 5 July 1965



 PARKIN, Sidney, Aircraft Mechanician (A.M.) 1c, FX 788841, died



 GRAY, Charles E, Sub Lieutenant, died



Sunday, 11 July 1965



 HOUSE, Geoffrey R, Leading Stores Accountant (S.A.), M 978123, died



Thursday, 15 July 1965


Victorious, aircraft carrier, air crash

 KNIGHT, Mervyn L, Leading Air Mechanic (L.A.M.), FX 910834,

 RAYNER, Peter A, Chief Air Mechanic (A.M.), FX 895297,



Friday, 16 July 1965



 CAIRNS, Leslie, Able Seaman, JX 852232, died



Saturday, 17 July 1965



 KNIGHTS, Robert L, Able Seaman, 053270, died



Sunday, 18 July 1965



 KENT, Philip A, Ordinary Seaman, 069961, died



Monday, 19 July 1965



 WIGGINS, Peter D A, Sub Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 29 July 1965



 GRAY, Joseph W, Leading Mechanic (M) (E), K 926626, died



Tuesday, 3 August 1965



 STYLES, Roy U, Ordinary Seaman, 075769, died



Friday, 6 August 1965



 WOTTON, Timothy J H, Sub Lieutenant, died



 RATCLIFFE, Peter, Petty Officer Stores, MX 731069, died



Monday, 9 August 1965



 SIXSMITH, Charles P D, Lieutenant, died



Saturday, 28 August 1965



 LITTLEWOOD, Alan D, Lieutenant Commander, died



 RAYMOND, William R, Ordnance Artificer (O.A.) 1c, MX 887718, died



Monday, 30 August 1965



 BLAND, Wallace A B, Lieutenant Commander, died



Wednesday, 8 September 1965


Eagle, air crash at Malta

 MATTHEWS, Raymond, Sub Lieutenant

 RAYMENT, Andrew P, Lieutenant



 CRISPIN, Bobbie W C, Sub Lieutenant, died



Saturday, 11 September 1965



 BROMLEY, Andrew A, Sub Lieutenant, died



Sunday, 12 September 1965



 TITCOMB, Raymond T, Cook, MX 898503, died



Saturday, 18 September 1965



 STOKES, David J E, Electrical Artificer (E.A.) (A) 1c, F 928657, died



Tuesday, 28 September 1965



 OLANCZUK, James K, Able Seaman, 059021, died



 IMPSON, Raymond, Petty Officer Air Fitter (A.F.) (A), FX 854545, died



Wednesday, 6 October 1965


St Angelo

 TAYLOR, Graham S, Stores Accountant (S.A.) (S), 072165, died



Saturday, 9 October 1965



 FELTON, Maurice J, Chief Electrical Artificer (C.E.A.) (A), MX 704158, died



Tuesday, 12 October 1965


Aisne, destroyer, Borneo campaign, fuelling accident

 PETTY, Peter E, Able Seaman, J 982548, died



 SHEPPARD, David J W, Lieutenant Commander, died



Wednesday, 13 October 1965



 LAVER, Christopher, Ordinary Seaman, 073001, died



Thursday, 14 October 1965



 DAVIES, Maldwyn, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 1c, M 974427, died



Saturday, 16 October 1965


Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth

 SAGE, Christopher J M, Sub Lieutenant, died



 GRAY, David F, Ordnance Artificer (O.A.) 1c, M 928754, died



Monday, 25 October 1965



 BUTLER, Arthur, Petty Officer Electrician (E.L.) (A), MX 833581, died



Tuesday, 26 October 1965



 VISSENGA, Wilfred, Chief Petty Officer (A), JX 154748, died



Wednesday, 27 October 1965


Ministry of Defence (Navy)

 READ, Francis D, Lieutenant Commander, died



Monday, 1 November 1965



 REED, Ernest E, Surgeon Commander, died



Thursday, 4 November 1965


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Borneo campaign

 DANELLS, Peter J G, Corporal, RM 19528, died



Wednesday, 10 November 1965


St Angelo

 DAVEY, Peter D, Commander, died



Sunday, 14 November 1965



 DALL, Richard J, Sub Lieutenant, died



 ELDER, George, Able Seaman, J 981556, died



Thursday, 18 November 1965



 SMITH, John R, Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) 1c, 065013, died



Monday, 22 November 1965



 CARPENTER, Richard P, Sub Lieutenant, died



Tuesday, 23 November 1965


FAA, 759 Squadron, Goldcrest, RNAS Brawdy, flying Hawker Hunter T8  fighter trainer, engine fire, ejected safety over St Bride's Bay (additional information thanks to Lt Peter Baker RN Rtd and Lt (SL)(g) Nigel Carter RN Rtd)

 HODGES, David K, Midshipman, pilot, drowned, buried at Brawdy, Pembrokeshire



Thursday, 25 November 1965



 BEST, Robert A, Mechanic (M) (E) 1c, 053400, died



Saturday, 27 November 1965


St Angelo

 PACE, Victor, Petty Officer Cook, LX 897037, died



Sunday, 28 November 1965



 EARNSHAW, Brian, Sub Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 2 December 1965



 FRANCIS, Carol A, Wren, died



 WEBB, Richard L, Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) 1c, 073331, died



Saturday, 4 December 1965



 KIRTON, Michael A, Petty Officer Marine Engineer (M.E.), K 975564, died



Wednesday, 8 December 1965



 LANE, Brian A, Able Seaman, 060698, died



Tuesday, 14 December 1965


FAA, 848 Squadron, Albion, aircraft carrier, Borneo campaign, flying Wessex helicopter, air crash

 BROWN, Bruce, Lieutenant, killed

 DAWES, Peter B, Midshipman, killed

 SHEPPARD, Michael J, Midshipman, killed

 TRAISNELL, Frederick A, Petty Officer Air Fitter (A.F.) (O) Aircrewman, FX 772417, killed



Friday, 17 December 1965



 HALLS, Ian J H, Able Seaman, 053617, died



Sunday, 19 December 1965



 ROBERTSON, Peter G, Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 30 December 1965



 DURLEY, John C, Aircraft Artificer (A.A.) 2c, 055134, died



 KENNEDY, William J G, Able Seaman, J 981474, died


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