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British and Other Navies in World War 2 Day-by-Day
by Don Kindell

ROYAL NAVY SHIPS, JUNE 1940 (Part 1 of 4)

HMS York, heavy cruiser (CyberHeritage, click to enlarge)

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Part 1 of 4
Home Fleet
- Northern Patrol - Orkneys & Shetland Command -  Rosyth Command




 Naval Commands, and Sub Commands/ship locations within them, are listed approximately north to south/east to west

Some warships are listed with their own unit and again when detached to another




Adm Sir Charles Forbes KCB, DSO


2nd Battle Squadron (Adm Sir Charles Forbes KCB, DSO) - battleships BARHAM (Capt G C Cooke) at Liverpool repairing to comp 30 Jun, NELSON (Capt G J A Miles) arr Greenock 8 Jun for refitting, RODNEY (Flag, Capt F H G Dalrymple-Hamilton) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 9 Jun, VALIANT (Capt H B Rawlings OBE) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 6 Jun


Battlecruiser Squadron (Vice Adm W J Whitworth CB, DSO) - RENOWN (Flag, Capt C E B Simeon) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 9 Jun, REPULSE (Capt E J Spooner DSO, Capt W G Tennant CB, MVO from 18 Jun) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 5 Jun, HOOD (Capt I G Glennie) at Liverpool repairing to comp 11 Jun


Aircraft carriers (Vice Adm L V Wells CB, DSO) - ARK ROYAL (Flag, Capt C S Holland) dep Vestfjord covering Narvik evacuation, FURIOUS (Capt T H Troubridge) arr in the Clyde 26 May


Attendant destroyer - WESTCOTT (Lt Cdr W F R Segrave) at Plymouth


1st Cruiser Squadron (Vice Adm J H D Cunningham CB, MVO) - heavy cruisers BERWICK (Capt I M Palmer DSC, Capt G L Warren from 22 Jun) at Liverpool repairing to comp at the end of Jul, DEVONSHIRE (Flag, Capt J M Mansfield) arr Greenock 10 Jun, NORFOLK (Capt A J L Phillips) at Clyde repairing to comp 14 Jun, SUFFOLK (Capt J W Durnford) at Greenock repairing to comp 12 Feb 41, SUSSEX (Capt A R Hammick) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 5 Jun


2nd Cruiser Squadron (Rear Adm A T B Curteis) - light cruisers AURORA (Capt L H K Hamilton DSO) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 28 Jun, PENELOPE (Capt G D Yates) at Greenock, temporary repairs to comp 2 Jul, towed to Tyne, final repairs comp 7 Jul 41

Detached to Nore Command - CARDIFF (Capt P K Enright) arr Dover 8 Jun, GALATEA (Flag, Curteis, Capt B B Schofield) arr Sheerness 27 May


18th Cruiser Squadron (Vice Adm G Layton CB, DSO, Vice Adm G F B Edward-Collins KCVO, CB from 15 Jun, on BIRMINGHAM; Rear Adm M L Clarke DSC, second in command on SOUTHAMPTON) - heavy cruiser YORK (Capt R H Portal DSC) arr Rosyth 28 May, light cruisers EDINBURGH (Capt C M Blackman DSO) at Tyne refitting to comp 28 Oct, GLASGOW (Capt H Hickling) at Liverpool refitting to comp 1 Jul, NEWCASTLE (Capt J Figgins) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 5 Jun, SOUTHAMPTON (Flag, Clarke, Capt F W H Jeans MVO, Capt B C B Brooke from 18 Jun) dep Vestfjord covering Narvik evacuation.

Detached to the Humber - light cruisers BIRMINGHAM (Flag, Edward-Collins, Capt A C G Madden) arr Rosyth 10 Jun, MANCHESTER (Flag, Layton, Capt H A Packer) arr Rosyth 10 Jun, SHEFFIELD (Capt C A A Larcom) arr Rosyth 10 Jun


Anti-aircraft cruiser - CAIRO (Capt P V McLaughlin) at Tyne repairing to comp 7 Aug


Rear Adm Destroyers (Rear Adm R H C Hallifax) - destroyer depot ship WOOLWICH (Flag, Capt E C Thornton DSC) at Scapa Flow


3rd Destroyer Flotilla (Capt P Todd DSO) - DELIGHT (Cdr M Fogg-Elliot DSO) dep Vestfjord covering Narvik evacuation, DIANA (Lt Cdr E G LeGeyt) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 31 May, ECHO (Cdr S H K Spurgeon DSO RAN) dep Vestfjord covering Narvik evacuation, ECLIPSE (Lt Cdr I T Clark) at Clyde repairing to comp 7 Sep, ELECTRA (Lt Cdr S A Buss) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 9 Jun, ENCOUNTER (Lt Cdr E V St J Morgan) at Scapa Flow, damaged, repaired at Chatham comp 20 Jul, ESCAPADE (Cdr H R Graham DSO) dep Liverpool 10 Jun, ESCORT (Lt Cdr J Bostock) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 9 Jun, HOTSPUR (Cdr H F H Layman DSO) at Chatham repairing to comp 13 Jul, IMOGEN (Cdr C L Firth, MVO) at Chatham refitting to comp 12 Jun, INGLEFIELD (Todd) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 9 Jun, ISIS (Lt E A F Drought, Cdr C S B Swinley from 17 Jun) at Falmouth under repair, taken to Plymouth 13 Jun repairing to comp 12 Sep


4th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt P L Vian DSO) - COSSACK (Vian) at Southampton repairing to comp 15 Jun, MAORI (Cdr H T Armstrong) arr Lerwick 10 Jun, SIKH (Cdr J A Giffard) at Clyde repairing to comp 29 Jun, ZULU (Cdr J S Crawford) arr Scapa Flow 9 Jun


6th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt C Caslon)

11th Division - ASHANTI (Cdr W G Davis) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 6 Jun, MASHONA (Cdr W H Selby) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 6 Jun, MATABELE (Lt Cdr P J Knowling, Cdr R St V Sherbrooke DSO from 23 Jun) at Falmouth repairing to comp 18 Aug, SOMALI (Cdr L P Skipwith) at Liverpool repairing to comp 1 Sep, TARTAR (Caslon) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 6 Jun

12th Division - BEDOUIN (Cdr J A McCoy DSO) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 6 Jun, ESKIMO (Cdr St J A Micklethwait DSO) arr Barrow 4 Jun to repair, repairs to comp at beginning of Sep, PUNJABI (Cdr J T Lean DSO) at Plymouth repairing to comp 12 Jun


8th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt A F de Salis) - FAULKNOR (de Salis) at Grimsby refitting to comp 13 Jun

15th Division - FEARLESS (Cdr K L Harkness) at Middlesbrough, FORESTER (Lt Cdr E B Tancock DSC) dep Lerwick 10 Jun, FOXHOUND (Cdr G H Peters DSC) dep Lerwick 10 Jun, FURY (Cdr E W B Sim) dep Harwich 10 Jun

16th Division - FAME (Cdr P N Walter) dep Skaanland covering Narvik evacuation, FIREDRAKE (Lt Cdr S H Norris DSC) dep Vestfjord covering Narvik evacuation, FORESIGHT (Lt Cdr G T Lambert) arr Harwich 10 Jun, FORTUNE (Cdr E A Gibbs DSO) arr Harwich 7 Jun

FORESIGHT, FORTUNE, FURY temporarily under command of C-in-C, Nore.


Escort destroyers (unattached) - ATHERSTONE (Cdr H W S Browning) arr Greenock 10 Jun, FERNIE (Lt Cdr R M P Jonas) dep Portland 9 Jun


Sloops (unattached) - BLACK SWAN (Capt A L Poland DSO, DSC) dep Rosyth 10 Jun, FLEETWOOD (Cdr A N Grey DSO) dep Tyne 10 Jun


Vice Admiral Submarines Vice Adm Sir Max K Horton KCB, DSO, Flag ashore at Fort Blockhouse, Portsmouth, designated HMS DOLPHIN


2nd Submarine Flotilla (Capt G C P Menzies) - depot ship FORTH (Capt Menzies) at Rosyth, submarines TAKU (Lt Cdr V J H Van Der Byl DSC) dep Rosyth on patrol 27 May, TETRARCH (Lt Cdr R G Mills DSC) dep Rosyth on patrol 5 Jun, TRIAD (Lt Cdr E R J Oddie DSC) dep Rosyth on patrol 29 May, TRIBUNE (Lt E F Balston) arr Rosyth 28 May, TRIDENT (Lt Cdr G M Sladen) at Rosyth repairing to comp 18 Jun, TRITON (Lt Cdr E F Pizey DSO) arr Rosyth 4 Jun, TRIUMPH (Lt E Bruce) at Chatham repairing to comp 27 Sep, TRUANT (Lt Cdr H A V Haggard) arr Rosyth 1 Jun, Polish ORZEL (Lt Cdr J Grudzinski) dep Rosyth on patrol 23 May, no radio contact after departure, ordered to new patrol area on 2 June, but no acknowledgement, lost by mining late May/early June, being carried as overdue as of 10 June, WILK (Lt Cdr B Krawczyk, for next patrol Lt Cdr B Karnicki) arr Rosyth 10 Jun


3rd Submarine Flotilla (Capt P Ruck-Keene, Capt E H Longsdon Actg Commander) - depot ships MAIDSTONE (Capt Ruck-Keene), CYCLOPS (Capt Longsdon), both at Rosyth, yacht WHITE BEAR (Capt R Gill RNR) arr Rosyth 6 Jun, submarines H.34 (Lt A F Collett) dep Harwich 8 Jun, H.44 (Lt E D Norman) dep Harwich 9 Jun, H.49 (Lt M A Langley) dep Harwich 9 Jun, H.50 (Lt A R Cheyne) dep Harwich 9 Jun, SALMON (Lt Cdr E O B Bickford DSO) arr Rosyth 3 Jun, SEALION (Lt Cdr B Bryant DSC) arr Rosyth 3 Jun, SEAWOLF (Lt Cdr J W Studholme DSC) arr Rosyth 8 Jun, SHARK (Lt Cdr P N Buckley) dep Rosyth on patrol on 9 Jun, SNAPPER (Lt W D A King DSO) arr Rosyth 3 Jun, SUNFISH (Lt Cdr J E Slaughter DSO) arr Rosyth 2 Jun


6th Submarine Flotilla (Capt G A W Voelcker) - depot ship TITANIA (Capt J H Jotham Rtd) at Tyne refitting to comp 6 Jul, miscellaneous ship ELFIN (Voelcker) at Blyth, submarines H.28 (Lt E A Woodward) dep Blyth 9 Jun, H.31 (Lt M D Wanklyn) dep Blyth 9 Jun, NARWHAL (Lt Cdr R J Burch DSO) dep Immingham 9 Jun, PORPOISE (Cdr P Q Roberts) dep Immingham 9 Jun, SPEARFISH (Lt Cdr J H Forbes DSO) dep Blyth on patrol 3 Jun, STURGEON (Lt G D A Gregory DSO) dep Blyth on patrol 9 Jun, SWORDFISH (Lt P J Cowell) dep Blyth on patrol 5 Jun, URSULA (Lt Cdr W K A N Cavaye) at Tyne refitting to comp 20 Jul


9th Submarine Flotilla (Cdr J G Roper OBE), Shore Establishment AMBROSE (Roper) at Dundee, submarines CLYDE (Lt Cdr D C Ingram) dep Rosyth on patrol 4 Jun, L.23 (Lt C G Walker) arr Dundee 7 Jun, L.26 (Lt P L Field) arr Sheerness on 1 Jun, SEVERN (Lt Cdr B W Taylor) arr Dundee 7 Jun, THAMES (Cdr D V Sprague) at Plymouth refitting to comp 15 Jun, Dutch O.13 (Lt Cdr E H Vorster RNN) at Dundee


Miscellaneous ships - netlayer GUARDIAN (Capt E G N Rushbrooke DSC) at Belfast repairing to comp 5 Jul, repair ship VINDICTIVE (Capt A R Halfhide CBE) arr Greenock 10 Jun, survey ships CHALLENGER (Cdr W C Jenks OBE) arr Reykavik 5 Jun, GULNARE (Lt J M Sharpey-Schafer) dep Loch Alsh 17 May, FRANKLIN (Cdr C W Sabine OBE) arr Scapa Flow 27 Apr, SCOTT (Lt Cdr K St B Collins) dep Loch Alsh 7 Jun


Royal Norwegian Navy


Destroyers - DRAUG (Lt T Holthe RNorN) at Portsmouth, SLEIPNER (Cdr E G A Ullring RNorN) at Tyne repairing to comp 17 Jun


Submarines - B.1 dep Tromso 7 Jun, B.3 scuttled at Tromso on 10 Jun


Royal Dutch Navy


Destroyer - ISAAC SWEERS incomplete at Portsmouth.


Sloops - FLORES, GRUNO, both at Sheerness


Dutch trawler (allocated as tender to Dutch ships at Falmouth) - auxiliary minesweeper VIKINGBANK


Minelayers DOUWE AUKES at Falmouth, JAN VAN BRAKEL at Tyne, JAN VAN DER GELDER arr Liverpool 10 Jun, MEDUSA at Falmouth, NAUTILUS arr Middlesbrough 6 Jun, VAN MEERLANT at Falmouth, WILLEM VAN DER ZAAN at Portsmouth


Submarines - O.21 (Lt Cdr J F Van Dulm RNN), O.22 (Lt Cdr J W Ort RNN), O.23 (Lt Cdr G B M Van Erkel RNN), O.24, all at Portsmouth


Torpedo boats - G.13, G.15, Z. 6, all dep Falmouth 7 Jun, Z.5, Z.7, Z.8, all at Portsmouth




Vice Adm R H T Raikes, Rear Adm E J Spooner DSO from 16 Jul


Shore establishment - PYRAMUS at Kirkwall


Armed merchant cruisers - ANDANIA (Capt D K Bain Rtd) dep Clyde 7 Jun, ASTURIAS (Capt J R S Haines) at Liverpool repairing fire damage to comp 30 Jun, CALIFORNIA (Capt C J Pope RAN) dep Clyde on patrol 5 Jun, CHESHIRE (Capt M R Bernard Rtd) arr Clyde 9 Jun, CIRCASSIA (Capt H G L Oliphant DSO, MVO Rtd) arr Reykavik 9 Jun, DERBYSHIRE (Capt E A B Stanley DSO, MVO Rtd) dep Clyde 10 Jun, FORFAR (Capt H H Lake Rtd) dep Clyde 6 Jun, LAURENTIC (Capt E P Vivian Rtd) arr Liverpool for refitting 10 Jun, LETITIA (Capt W R Richardson Rtd) dep Clyde 2 Jun, SALOPIAN (Capt Joyn M Alleyne Bt DSO, DSC Rtd) dep Clyde 24 May, SCOTSTOUN (Capt S K Smyth Rtd) arr Clyde 8 Jun, TRANSYLVANIA (Capt F N Miles Rtd) at Belfast refitting to comp 15 Jun, WOLFE (Capt C G C Summer Rtd) arr Greenock 8 Jun, WORCESTERSHIRE (Capt F A H Russel Rtd) at Belfast refitting to comp 24 Jun

Undergoing long refits - CHITRAL (Capt G Hamilton Rtd) at Liverpool to comp at end of Jul, CICILIA (Capt V B Cardwell Rtd, Actg) at Belfast to comp early Jul


Armed boarding vessels Government research vessel DISCOVERY II (Cdr P O Davies RNR) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 31 May, trawlers AQUAMARINE (Lt N P McLeod RNR) at Aberdeen, KINGSTON BERYL (Lt Cdr K G Tucker OBE RNR) at Sheerness, KINGSTON JACINTH (Cdr S A Brooks OBE Rtd) at Kirkwall, KINGSTON ONYX (Lt J B Wright RNR) at Sheerness, KINGSTON PERIDOT (Lt R S Winder RNR) at Kirkwall, KINGSTON SAPPHIRE (Lt L A Sayers RNR) at Aberdeen, KINGSTON TOPAZ (Cdr W L Smith RNR) at Aberdeen, KINGSTON TURQUOISE (Lt L A White RNR) at Iceland, NORTHERN CHIEF (Lt H Kirkwood) at Kirkwall, NORTHERN DUKE (Lt G C D Meldrum RNR) at Kirkwall, NORTHERN FOAM (Lt G W Houchen OBE RNR) at Aberdeen, NORTHERN GIFT (Lt T E Davies OBE RNR, Lt R J Stokes RNR from 15 Jun) at Thorshavn, NORTHERN ISLES (Lt J F Twite RNR) at Hartlepool, NORTHERN PRINCESS (Lt Cdr J N Hulse RNR) at Hartlepool refitting, NORTHERN REWARD (Lt Cdr D Tod Rtd, Lt Cdr E A Divers RNR from 19 Jun) at Sheerness, NORTHERN SKY (Lt J E Bromley RNR) at Kirkwall, NORTHERN SUN (Lt L C Hill RNR, Lt J Andrew RNR from 19 Jun) at Hartlepool refitting


24th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-Submarine trawlers ARCTIC EXPLORER (Sk C L Buchan RNR) at Aberdeen, HUGH WALPOLE (Sk D Upson RNR) at Kirkwall, PENTLAND FIRTH (SO, Sk H C Aisthorpe RNR) at Kirkwall, SCALBY WYKE (Ch Sk S Bass RNR) at Aberdeen, TEKOURA (Sk H Rich RNR) at Kirkwall repairing


Minesweeping trawler (ungrouped) - LUNE (Sk C Flett RNR) at Aberdeen repairing


Contraband Control Service (Guardship) - accommodation ship ST SUNNIVA (Lt Cdr A F C Gray RNR)


Contraband control service - five drifters at Kirkwall


Rescue tug - ST MELLONS (Ty Lt R Hill RNR) at Kirkwall




Vice Adm H T Binney KCB, DSO


Shore establishment, Lyness - PROSPERINE


Gunnery training ship - IRON DUKE (Flag, Rear Adm, Scapa Flow, Rear Adm A L St G Lyster CVO, DSO, Cdr J W Boutwood) at Scapa Flow as base and accommodation ship for Anti-Submarine and minesweeping trawlers.


Destroyer depot ship - GREENWICH (Cdr J H Pipe Rtd) at Scapa Flow


1st Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers BRAMBLE (Capt M H Evelegh, SO) arr Invergordon 3 Jun, BRITOMART (Lt Cdr J M S Cox DSC) at Leith refitting to comp 10 Jun, HAZARD (Lt Cdr W T W Curtis) arr Scapa Flow 5 Jun, HEBE (Lt Cdr J B G Tyle DSC) at Portsmouth, SEAGULL (Cdr D H Harries RAN) at Scapa Flow, SHARPSHOOTER (Lt A E Doran) at Sheerness repairing to 13 Jun, then to Leith repairing from 19 Jun to 17 Aug, repairs finally comp at Rosyth on 14 Sep (Lt Cdr D Lampen from 15 Oct), SPEEDY (Lt Cdr J C Richards) arr Invergordon 3 Jun


14th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BRONTES (Ch Sk J R Coultas RNR), DAVEY (Ch Sk J Mackintosh RNR), ISTRIA (Sk L Ford RNR), all at Scapa Flow, LOCH TULLA (SO, Sk Lt H L Lang DSC RD RNR) at Aberdeen, REGAL (Sk J S Harper RNR) at Scapa Flow


18th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers ELSE RYKENS (SO, Sk W B Cowie RNR), NEIL MACKAY (Sk W C King RNR), PAUL RYKENS (Ch Sk G C Lawrence RNR), PETER HENDRIKS (Sk G Bryan RNR), all at Scapa Flow


71st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine drifters BRANCH (Ty Sk P J Bridge RNR), CRAIGROY (Sk B Pile RNR), CRANNOCK (Sk J Runcie RNR), FAWN (Ch Sk D More RNR), FISHER LAD (Sk A E Larner RNR), INVERCAIRN (Ch Sk G Stewart RNR), LOYAL FRIEND (Sk C G Spillings RNR), SUNNYSIDE GIRL (Sk A G Jenner RNR), THE PROVOST (Sk A S Matson RNR), WEST HAVEN (Sk J C Edwards RNR), all at Scapa Flow

att to Group - anti-submarine yacht WIDGEON OF FEARN (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow


Minesweeping Group 44 - minesweeping trawlers ADMIRAL SIR JOHN LAWFORD (Sk G W Smith RNR) at Kirkwall, CAPE NYEMETSKI (Ty Sk C Chandler RNR) at Scapa Flow


Minesweeping Group 45 - minesweeping trawlers DANIEL CLOWDEN (Sk D Smith RNR) at Kirkwall, SICYON (Sk W Masson RNR) at Scapa Flow


Minesweeping trawlers (ungrouped) - CONWAY CASTLE (Ty Sk J R Flaxman RNR), EBOR WYKE (Ty Sk D Baxter RNR), NORTHCOATES (S/Lt F M Piggott RNR), all at Scapa Flow, RUNSWICK BAY (Sk J Snape RNR), SATA (Ty Sk J C Smith RNR) both at sea returning from Norway, VARANGA (Ty Sk C Dennay RNR) at Scapa Flow


Minesweeping drifters (ungrouped) - CONCORDIA (Ty Sk H Brydges RNR) at Peterhead, GREEN PASTURES (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow, PROSPECT AHEAD (Ty Sk E Clark RNR) at Kirkwall, SCOURGE (Sk A Smith RNR) at Scapa Flow, TRITONIA (Ty Sk R Souter RNR) at Scapa Flow, VIOLET FLOWERS (no CO listed) at Kirkwall


Harbour defence patrol craft - two yachts at Scapa Flow, 19 drifters at Scapa Flow, two at Invergordon, two at Buckie, one at Rosyth, one at Portland, 17 MFVs at Scapa Flow, one at Fraserburgh, one at Aberdeen


Barrage balloon trawlers - ten at Scapa Flow


Boom defence tenders - BOUNTIFUL (Lt I Griffiths Rtd), DEVON CITY (Cdr C S D B Wright RD RNR Rtd), both at Houton Bay


Boom defence vessels - one at Scapa Flow, one at Houton Bay, four at Aberdeen, 23 at Lyness, three returning from Norway


Rescue tug - BRIGAND (Lt Cdr H H Leatherdale) at Kirkwall


Fleet Target Service - tugs BANDIT (Lt R H Johnson) dep Greenock 6 Jun, BUCCANEER (Lt S E Veal) at Falmouth, ST MARTIN (Lt W Smith) arr Scapa Flow 28 May




Vice Adm C G Ramsey KCB


Base ship, Rosyth - COCHRANE (Capt C H G Benson DSO)


Light cruiser - BELFAST (Capt A Johnstone) at Rosyth, temporary repairs to comp 27 Jun, then to Devonport where repairs were comp Nov 42


Convoy C (Capt R Kerr, on COCHRANE) - destroyers VALOROUS (Lt Cdr E Mack) dep Sheerness 8 Jun for Rosyth, VEGA (Cdr C I Horton) arr Portsmouth 10 Jun, VIMIERA (Lt Cdr R B N Hicks) arr Scapa Flow 9 Jun, VIVIEN (Lt Cdr W D G Weir) arr Scapa Flow 9 Jun, WALLACE (Cdr B I Robertshaw) arr Rosyth 8 Jun, WESTMINSTER (Lt Cdr A A C Ouvry) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 7 Jul, WINCHESTER (Lt Cdr S E Crewe Read) at Liverpool repairing to comp 15 Jun, WOLFHOUND (Lt Cdr J W McCoy DSC) dep Chatham 8 Jun for Rosyth, WOOLSTON (Cdr W J Phipps OBE) dep Tyne 9 Jun, sloops EGRET (Cdr D P Evans) arr Rosyth 6 Jun, HASTINGS (Lt Cdr A B Alison), dep Rosyth 10 Jun, LONDONDERRY (Cdr Sir Thomas L Beevor Bt) arr Rosyth 6 Jun, LOWESTOFT (Cdr A M Knapp) dep Rosyth 8 Jun, PELICAN (Cdr L A K Boswell DSO) at Chatham repairing to comp 3 Dec, STORK (Cdr A C Behague) dep Vestfjord covering the Narvik evacuation, WESTON (Lt Cdr S C Tuke) dep Rosyth 8 Jun


Destroyer - DUNCAN (Lt Cdr C Gwinner Rtd, Capt A D B James Actg from 12 Jul) at Grangemouth repairing to comp 22 Jul


3rd Anti-Submarine Striking Force - escort ships/minesweepers GLEANER (Lt Cdr H P Price DSO) arr Clyde 9 Jun, JASON (Lt Cdr D H Fryer) at Lamlash, SCOTT (Lt Cdr K St B Collins) was in this unit Jan to May, then after refitting at Belfast, reverted to role of survey ship.


Controlled minelayers - base ship MANCHESTER CITY (Cdr P G C Turner Rtd) in the Tyne, minelayers ATREUS (Cdr J D Campbell OBE, DSC) dep Oban 30 May, LINNET (Lt R Homewood) dep Oban 30 May RINGDOVE (Lt G R Pilgrim OBE) arr Tyne 6 Jun


Boom defence vessels - six at Rosyth, one under repair, one at Leith under repair


Barrage balloon drifters - two at Rosyth


Rescue tug - chartered tug HENDON at Lyness


Rosyth Command (West), Stornoway Sub Command




Base ship - MENTOR (Capt J C Wanchope Rtd)


Minesweeping trawlers - ALEXANDER SCOTT (Ty Sk C Dale RNR) at Tyne, BEAUMARIS CASTLE (Ty Sk A MacLeod RNR) fitting out at Bristol, DUNRAVEN CASTLE (Ty Sk G Garrill RNR) fitting out at Milford Haven, GROSMONT CASTLE (no CO listed) at Govan, HARLECH CASTLE (Ty Sk H Beard RNR) fitting out at Milford Haven, HARRY MELLING (Ty Sk B Godfrey RNR) at Tyne, POWIS CASTLE (Ty Sk D Campbell RNR) fitting out at Port Talbot, WALWYNS CASTLE (Sk J LcLeman RNR) fitting out at Sharpness


Aultbea (Loch Ewe)


Boom defence tender - drifter DUNDARG (no CO listed) at Aultbea


Harbour defence patrol Craft - three trawlers at Aultbea


Loch Alsh


Netlaying drifters - three drifters at Oban


Harbour defence patrol craft two patrol craft at Scapa Flow, two fitting out at Dundee


Balloon barrage drifters - five at Loch Alsh, three at Buckie fitting out, two at Peterhead fitting out, two at Fraserburgh fitting out




Harbour defence patrol craft - two drifters at Oban



Rosyth Command (West), Clyde Sub Command



Vice Adm B C Watson CB, DSO Rtd


Base ship - ORLANDO


Minesweeping drifter - CORAL BANK (Sk J Thain RNR) at Ardrossan


Drifters - BURNHAVEN, motor fishing vessel HOPEFUL (no COs listed), both at Greenock


Danish motor fishing vessels - five at Greenock


Examination Service - six small trawlers at Greenock


Harbour defence patrol craft - seven patrol boats at Greenock


Tender to boom defence vessels - BLUEBELL (renamed PROLIFIC in 1940)


Boom defence vessels - seven at Greenock




Base ship - FORTITUDE (Cdr H F Waight Rtd)


29th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers LINCOLNSHIRE (Lt Cdr W K Buckley RNVR), LORD AUSTIN (Ty Lt G Butchers RNVR), LORD ESSENDEN (SO, Pbty Ty S/Lt M R Thwaites RNVR), LORD MIDDLETON (Sk E Mutton RNR), LORD NUFFIELD (Sk D E S Mair RNR) All at Ardrossan


31st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawler NORWICH CITY (Ch Sk P Newman RNR) arr Greenock 6 Jun, NOTTS COUNTY (Lt Cdr J K Pollock Rtd) arr Greenock 6 Jun


82nd Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts AARLA (Capt C M Ford RD RNR), ALICE (Capt C J Illingworth RD RNR), COILA (Capt R A Wilson DSO Rtd), GLEN STRATHALLAN (Cdr E W Kirkby Rtd), all at Ardrossan


Anti-submarine patrol trawlers - anti-submarine trawlers trawler CAPE TRAFALGAR (Ty Sk F Dale RNR), DALE CASTLE (Ty Lt F F Hunt RNVR), MAGNOLIA (Lt W H Calverley), NORLAND (Ty Sk G H Booth RNR), STELLA POLARIS (Sk Lt S J Ward DSC, RD RNR), all en route to Ardrossan


11th Minesweeping Flotilla - paddle minesweepers GOATFELL (Lt R H Austin RNVR) arr Dover 6 Jun, HELVELLYN (Ty Lt P D Baker RNVR) arr Dover 6 Jun, JEANIE DEANS (SO, Cdr L C Windsor Actg) arr Dover 6 Jun, MERCURY (Ty Lt Cdr H W C Hyde RNR) arr Portsmouth 5 Jun, SCAWFELL (Ty Lt J McLinden RNR) arr Dover 6 Jun


Minesweeping drifters - ELOQUENT (Ty Sk H A Parker RNR) at Barrow, GOLDEN EFFORT (Sk F C Stephen RNR) at Ardrossan, GOWAN CRAIG (Ty S/Lt R N W Smith RNR) at Ardrossan, RIME (Sk A Smith RNR) at Barrow, TROUP AHEAD (Sk A B C Bruce RNR) at Ardrossan, UBERUS (Sk M M Anderson RNR) at Ardrossan, UTILISE (Ty S/Lt J N Martin Pbty RNVR) at Ardrossan




Base ship - NIMROD (Cdr R J R Dendy)


84th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts CARINA (Cdr T St V F Tyler Rtd) at Irvine fitting out, LADY SHAHRAZAD (Cdr A G Venables Rtd) at Port Glasgow fitting out, TUSCARORA (Capt E C Stubbs Rtd) at Campbeltown


Harbour defence patrol craft - two yachts at Campbeltown


Rescue tug - chartered tug ENGLISHMAN



Rosyth Command, Cromarty Sub Command




Minesweeping Group 43 - minesweeping trawlers GEORGE COUSINS (Ch Sk E J Marshall RNR) at Inverness refitting, MARSOMA (Ch Sk A W Ellis RNR) at Invergordon


Minesweeping drifters - INDUSTRY (Sk A W Slater RNR), ROSS ARD (Ty Sk H G Small RNR), both at Invergordon


Auxiliary patrol vessels - patrol trawlers ARNOLD BENNETT (Ty Sk R W Millener RNR), CAPE BARRACOUTA (Ty Sk T Threlfall RNR), EBOR ABBEY (Ty Sk C F Parsons RNR), FORFEIT (Sk P J Quinlan RNR), RIVER ESK (Sk P Reid RNR), all at Invergordon


Harbour defence patrol craft - patrol trawler DAYSPRING (Sk W Whyte RNR) at Inverness refitting, trawlers GOLDEN LILY (Ty Sk J Cordiner RNR) at Invergordon, SILVER LINE (Ty Lt R M Macfie RNVR) at Buckie refitting



Rosyth Command, Aberdeen Sub Command




Base ship - BACCHANTE (Capt C C Walcott CBE Rtd)


10th Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine whalers BUTTERMERE (Ty Lt J H L May OBE RNVR) at Hull, ELLESMERE (Ty Lt J T Donaldson RNR) dep Tromso 7 Jun, THIRLMERE (SO, S/Lt J C Varley) dep Tromso 7 Jun, ULLSWATER (S/Lt O R Moore) returning from Harstad, WASTWATER (Ty Lt W W White RNR) returning from Norway, WINDERMERE (Sk J T H F Fairbairn RNR) at Aberdeen


11th Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawlers AYRSHIRE (Ty S/Lt J Renwick Pbty RNVR), CAPE COMORIN (SO, Ty S/Lt G V Doubleday Pbty RNVR), both at Iceland


12th Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawlers NORTHERN DAWN (Lt G P S Lowe RNVR), NORTHERN GEM (Pbty Ty S/Lt L C Head RNVR), both returning from Norway, NORTHERN PRIDE (Ty Lt A A Campbell RNR) at Harwich, NORTHERN SPRAY (SO, Lt Cdr D J B Jewitt), NORTHERN WAVE (Ty Lt L C Head RNVR), both returning from Norway


14th Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawlers ALOUETTE (Lt the Lord Churston RNVR), IMPERIALIST (Ty Lt P E Kitto Pbty RNR), both at the Faroes, LOCH OSKAIG (Ty Lt L J Simpson RNR, Lt J E Woolfenden RNR from 14 Jun), SCOTTISH (SO, Lt Cdr J Jackson RNR), both dep Scapa Flow 8 Jun


15th Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawlers ST KENAN (Sk A Goodings RNR), ST LOMAN (Ty S/Lt R C Warwick Pbty RNR), both at Scapa Flow


16th Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawlers ANGLE (Sk A S H Robb RNR) at Scapa Flow, ARAB (Lt R B Stannard VC RNR) at Harwich


17th Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawlers CAPE PORTLAND (Ty Lt O T Harrison Pbty RNR) at Scapa Flow, CAPE WARWICK (Lt R F Turnbull Rtd RNR) at Lerwick, COVENTRY CITY (SO, Lt Cdr T B R Woodrooffe Rtd) at Aberdeen refitting, LE TIGER (Ty Lt A L Turner RNR) at Scapa Flow


18th Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawlers KING SOL (SO, Lt T T Euman) returning from Norway, LOCH MONTEITH (Lt J E Woolfenden RNR, Ty Lt L J Simpson RNR from 14 Jun) dep Harstad 7 Jun, ST CATHAN (Ty Lt F Twomey Pbty RNR) returning from Norway, ST ELSTAN (Lt J P Stewart RNR) dep Harstad 7 Jun


19th Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawlers ELM (Ty Lt E W C Dempster RNVR) at Scapa Flow, HAZEL (Ty Lt W E Coggin Pbty RNVR) dep Scapa Flow 7 Jun, JUNIPER (SO, Lt Cdr G S Grenfell Emgcy) lost 8 Jun off Norway, WHITEHORN (Lt W G H Bolton RNR) returning from Harstad, WISTARIA (Sk A J H Robb RNR) dep Scapa Flow 7 Jun


21st Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawlers DANEMAN (SO, Lt Cdr R W Davies) at Hull, LADY ELSA (Ty Lt S G Phillips RNVR) at Scapa Flow, MAN O' WAR (Ty Lt R H Marington RNVR) returning from Norway, WELLARD (Lt A D White RNR) at Hull


12th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BLACKFLY (Ty Lt C Morrison-Payne RNVR) at Hull, CAPE ARGONA (Lt Cdr A H Davis RNVR) at Blackwall, STELLA CAPELLA (SO, Lt Cdr R V E Case DSC RNR) at Harwich


19th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers GREENFLY (Ty Lt H J Beverley RNR) at Tilbury repairing, LORD LLOYD (Lt F H Thornton RNR) at Iceland, LORD PLENDER (Ch Sk J M T Brebner RNR) at Harwich, STELLA PEGASI (SO, Lt Cdr F R Pope RNR) at Iceland


23rd Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BERKSHIRE (Sk H Ford RNR) returning from Norway, INDIAN STAR (SO, Ty S/Lt J A Russell-Cargill Pbty RNVR) at Aberdeen


30th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers LEICESTER CITY (Ty Lt A R Cornish RNR) at Scapa Flow, LINCOLN CITY (Ty Lt F A Seward Pbty RNR) returning from Norway, PRESTON NORTH END (SO, Lt K A Vasey RNR) returning from Norway, STOKE CITY (Lt Cdr N C H Scallan RNR) at Scapa Flow


Minesweeping Group 37 - minesweeping trawlers GUNNER (Sk A Cowie RNR), OHM (no CO listed), THOMAS ALtOFT (Sk T H W Lowery DSC RNR), all at Aberdeen


Minesweeping Group 38 - minesweeping trawlers CERESIO (Ty Sk J Inglis RNR), LORD ASHFIELD (Sk Lt C W Renrose DSC Rtd) RNR, ROBERT STROUD (Sk W W Cockrill RNR), all at Aberdeen


Minesweeping drifter - BOY JOHN (Ty Sk G H Kersey RNR) at Barrow


Minesweeping vessels - NORTHERN LIGHT, PROVIDER (no COs listed), both at Lossiemouth


Aircraft observation drifters six drifters


Auxiliary patrol vessels ADVENTURINE, WILLIAM BRADY (no COs listed), both at Aberdeen


Armed boarding vessel - ST MAGNUS (Cdr R J E Willoughby Rtd) at Aberdeen




Minesweeping trawlers - ARISIO (no CO listed) fitting out at Hull, BRABANT (Ty Sk J A Armitage RNR) at Rosyth, OAK (Lt C Edgecombe RNR) at Peterhead, STONEFLY (Sk W Wood RNR) at Stornoway


Motor launch ML.107 at Portsmouth


Auxiliary patrol vessels - minesweeping trawlers GREGORY (no CO listed), LORD BEACONSFIELD (Ty Sk W Mogg RNR), both at Peterhead



Rosyth Command, Rosyth Sub Command




Base ship - UNICORN II (Capt H A Le F Hurt CMG Actg, Rtd)


Minesweeping Group 34 - minesweeping trawlers CRANEFLY (Sk H B Soames RNR) repairing, DANE (Sk J Ralph RNR), EQUERRY (Sk W R Watson RNR) repairing, GADFLY (Lt C L Broadhurst RNR), STURTON (Sk W Buchan RNR), P WILLOW (no CO listed), all at Dundee


Minesweeping trawlers (ungrouped) - BAY (Sk G R Burwood RNR) at Selby, BLACKTHORN (Ty Skippper W R H Stewart RNR) at Dundee


Minesweeping drifter - GLOW (Sk C Chamberlain RNR) at Jarrow fitting out


2nd Mine Recovery Flotilla - echo sounding yacht EL TOVAR (Ty S/Lt A K Blake RNVR) at North Shields, drifters ACHIEVABLE (Ty Sk G G Harrison RNR) at Dundee, FRONS OLIVAE (Ty Sk F Rippin RNR) at Portsmouth, SAILOR KING (Ty Sk V F Holness DSC RNR) arr Dundee 3 Jun, SCOTCH THISTLE (Ty Sk W Sheales RNR) at Downs, YOUNG CLIFF (Ty Sk H N Rogerson RNR) arr Dundee 3 Jun


Auxiliary patrol vessels - CHALCEDONY (Ty Sk W Truefitt RNR), TERVANI (Ty Sk G Douglas RNR), both at Dundee


Harbour defence patrol craft - three at Dundee


Rescue tug - SAUCY (Ty Lt J Cordery RNR)


Port Edgar


Base ship - LOCHINVAR (Capt W T Phipps Rtd)


Minesweeping Group 60 (Training Flotilla) - minesweeping trawlers BLACKWATER (Ty Sk W H Buley RNR) at Swansea, BOYNE (Ty Lt J Aikman RNVR) at Port Edgar, COLNE (Lt G A Roberts) at Leith refitting, DEE (Lt I Griffiths) at Port Edgar, FOYLE (Ty Sk C H T Birch RNR) at Port Edgar, GARRY (SO, Lt Cdr A C A C Duckworth, Lt Cdr A G Ingram DSC Rtd from 11 Jun) at Port Edgar, KENNET (Sk H Keatings RNR) arr Fishguard 6 Jun, LIFFEY (Lt F S Croughan Rtd) at Leith refitting




Base ship - CLAVERHOUSE (Capt E O Broadley Rtd)


13th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers STAFNES (SO, Sk Lt S J Ward RD RNR), REIGHTON WYKE (Lt T Conolly RNR), both at Granton, THORNWICK BAY (Sk J May RNR) dep Rosyth 6 Jun, VASCANA (Sk Y Day RNR), VISENDA (Ch Sk H E Dodd RNR), both at Granton


38th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BRIMNESS (Sk A Keable RNR) at Granton, LADY BERYL (Ch Sk G W Holliday RNR) at Granton, STELLA CANOPUS (SO, Sk W C King RNR) dep Rosyth


7th Minesweeping Flotilla - paddle minesweepers PLINLIMMON (Lt Cdr C W Arkwright Rtd) arr Leith 8 Jun, QUEEN OF KENT (Ty Lt J Dixon RNR) at Chatham, QUEEN OF THANET (Ty Cdr S P Herivel Rtd) at Granton, SKIDDAW (Ty Lt J A Harris RNR) at Granton, WESTWARD HO (SO, Cdr A L Sanders Rtd) arr Leith 8 Jun


Minesweeping trawlers - CARISBROOKE (Ty Sk A Reid RNR) at Humber, COMMODATOR (Sk W Limb DSC RNR), CURTANA (Sk G F Blockwell RNR), HOVERFLY (Ty Sk G Harwood RNR), LORINDA (Ty Sk J N Hall RNR) SARGON (Ty Sk C J Watson RNR), WALLENA (Ty Sk A Taylor RNR), remainder at Granton


Lookout drifters - three at Leith, two fitting out, two fitting out at Hull


Harbour defence patrol craft - seven at Granton


"Parachute patrol craft" (type not known) - eight at Granton



Rosyth Command, Newcastle Sub Command




Harbour defence patrol craft - two at Blyth




Base ship  - CALLIOPE (Rear Adm W G C Maxwell CMG Rtd)


Minesweeping Group 54 - minesweeping trawlers DAVID OGILVIE (Sk K B Taylor RNR) at Tyne, FLANDERS (Ty Sk C Evans RNR) at Harwich, KUNISHI (Sk K S Hawkridge RNR) at Leith, NODZU (Ch Sk R B W Hume RNR) at Tyne


Minesweeping trawlers (ungrouped) - RENZO (Ty Sk J O Emmons RNR) at South Shields, RESOLVO (Ty Sk A Affleck RNR) at Jarrow, both fitting out


Harbour defence patrol craft - three at Tyne


Barrage balloon drifters - three at Tyne


Rescue tugs - WATERMEYER (Ty S/Lt R Irvine RNR) at Sullom Voe, Dutch THAMES at Tyne, both chartered


North Shields


Base ship - CALLIOPE (Rear Adm W G C Maxwell CMG Rtd)


8th Minesweeping Flotilla - paddle minesweepers GLEN AVON (Ty Lt A Stubbs RNR) at North Shields, GLEN GOWER (SO, Cdr M A O Biddulph Actg) at North Shields, GLEN USK (Ty Lt Cdr N F Wills RNR) at North Shields, LAGUNA BELLE (Ty Lt Cdr A O Foden Actg RNVR) at North Shields, SNAEFELL (Ty Lt F A Smyth RNR) at North Shields, SOUTHSEA (Ty Lt B A Cows RNR) fitting out at Southampton, THAMES QUEEN (Ty Lt L G Horshan RNR) fitting out at Chatham


Minesweeping trawlers (ungrouped) - CLIFTON (Ty Sk T W Gorringe RNR), HENRIETTE (Ty Sk W S Dodsdale RNR), NEW COMET (Ty Sk A H Barratt RNR), WITHAM (Ty Sk A J Cobb RNR) All at North Shields


Minesweeping drifters - JUNE ROSE (Ty Sk W P Holmes RNR), SUMMER ROSE (Ty Sk W Howes RNR), both at North Shields


Auxiliary patrol vessels - DONNA NOOK (Ty Sk J Carter RNR), ETHEL TAYLOR (Ty Sk W E Lane RNR), KOPANES (Sk D E Coleman RNR), MORGAN JONES (Ty Sk P S Ellarby RNR), SOUTHCOATES (Ty Sk E L Creaser RNR), WYOMING (Ty Sk P Coull RNR), all at North Shields


Lookout drifters - six at North Shields, four at Scapa Flow, two at Chatham




Base ship - PARAGON (Cdr F N Eardley-Wilmott Rtd)


Minesweeping Group 1 - minesweeping trawlers HAWTHORN (Ty Lt F C Newell RNR), LILAC (Lt B M T Hill), SYCAMORE (Lt A H F Norman Rtd), WILLOW (Ty Lt G L Fetherstonehaugh RNVR), all returning from Narvik


Minesweeping Group 22 - minesweeping trawlers MOUNT KEEN (Sk C Whitworth RNR), OKU (Sk D Ralph RNR), STELLA ORION (Sk A West RNR), all atHartlepool


Minesweeping Group 23 - minesweeping trawlers BEN DEARG (Sk G W Clarkson RNR), PICTON CASTLE (Sk W Rigby RNR), POINTZ CASTLE (Sk W Cardno RNR), all at Hartlepool


Minesweeping Group 24 - minesweeping trawlers BIRCH (Ty Sk A Watson RNR), CHESTNUT (Sk H N Rogers RNR), ROWAN (Sk L D Romyn RNR) repairing, WALNUT (Sk T Smith RNR), all at Hartlepool


Minesweeping Group 26 - minesweeping trawlers FIR (Sk J W Whitelaw RNR), MANGROVE (Ty Sk A E Johnson RNR), OLIVE (Ty Sk G C C Mileham RNR), all at Hartlepool


Minesweeping Group 41 - minesweeping trawlers MILFORD HAVEN EARL (Ty Sk A H Britton RNR), PHINEAS BEARD (Sk W W McRuvie RNR), TEROMA (Lt W E Gelling RNR), WILLIAM CALE (Ty Sk G E Gornall RNR), all at Hartlepool


Minesweeping trawlers - minesweeping trawlers CEDAR (Sk W J Scott RNR), CYPRESS (Sk G Simpson RNR), both at Leith, HOLLY (Ty Sk R Baxter RNR) at Lowestoft, SYRINGA (Lt F S Croughan Rtd) at Leith


Minesweeping drifters - BOY ALEC (Sk J Morrison RNR), LIZZIE BIRREL (Ty Sk S E Tate RNR), both at Hartlepool 


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