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by Don Kindell

ROYAL NAVY SHIPS, JUNE 1940 (Part 3 of 4)

HMS Fiji, light cruiser, at Alexandria 1941 (Navy Photos/Bruce Constable, click to enlarge)

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1.  HOME WATERS (concluded)
Part 3 of 4 
Portsmouth Command - Western Approaches Command



1.  HOME WATERS (concluded)


Naval Commands, and Sub Commands/ship locations within them, are listed approximately north to south/east to west

Some warships are listed with their own unit and again when detached to another




Adm Sir William James KCB



Portsmouth Command, Portsmouth Sub Command


Base ship, Portsmouth - VICTORY


Battleship – QUEEN ELIZABETH (Cdr R Gotto DSO) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 31 Jan 41


Light cruisers - FIJI (Capt W G Benn) dep the Clyde 4 Jun to work up at Bermuda, Dutch JACOB VAN HEEMSKERCK at Portsmouth, towed from Amsterdam in May in incomplete state, comp construction 5 Oct 40.


Monitors - EREBUS (Capt R Shelley) at Southampton to rearm, comp 12 Jul, MARSHAL SOULT (Cdr G C L Dalley) at Portsmouth for turret refit through to end of year


Seaplane carrier - PEGASUS (Capt P G Wodehouse DSO Rtd) at Portsmouth refitting to comp 22 Jun


20th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt J G Bickford DSC)

39th Division - ESK (Lt Cdr R J H Couch) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 13 Jun, EXPRESS (Bickford) arr Portsmouth 4 Jun repairing to comp 13 Jun, IVANHOE (Cdr P H Hadow) at Chatham repairing to comp 24 Aug

40th Division - ICARUS (Cdr C D Maud DSC) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 16 Jun, IMPULSIVE (Lt Cdr W S Thomas) at London repairing to comp 4 Jul, INTREPID (Cdr R C Gordon) at Middlesbrough repairing to comp 12 Jun


22nd Destroyer Flotilla (administered by Captain D, Portsmouth) - ACHERON (Lt Cdr R W F Northcott) dep Scapa Flow 31 May, SABRE (Cdr B Dean DSO Rtd) at Sheerness repairing to comp 17 Jun, SALADIN (Lt Cdr L J Dover) dep Portsmouth 9 Jun SARDONYX (Lt Cdr R B S Tennant) at London refitting to comp 15 Jul, SCIMITAR (Lt R D Franks) at London repairing to comp 21 Jun, SHIKARI (Cdr H N A Richardson) at Plymouth repairing to comp 18 Jun, SKATE (Lt Cdr R A Fell, Lt F W Hayden from 14 Jun, Lt F P Baker from 3 Jul) cnverting to anti-submarine ship since 15 Apr, to comp 13 Jul


Destroyers under long repair - VICEROY (Lt L A Lall Rtd, Eng Off) at Portsmouth, converting to escort destroyer to comp 10 Jan 41 (Lt Cdr D P Trentham), WOLSEY (Lt Cdr C H Campbell DSC) at Portsmouth refitting to comp 21 Jun, escort destroyer BERKELEY (Lt Cdr H G Walters) arr Milford Haven 9 Jun


Anti-submarine vessels - sloops FOXGLOVE (Lt Cdr T I S Bell) arr Portsmouth 2 Jun, ROSEMARY (Lt Cdr R C D Grimes) arr Portsmouth 23 May for repairs


Minelayers (Rear Adm W F Wake-Walker hoisted his Flag on 17 Jun in TRELAWNEY in Kyle of Loch Alsh, codenamed Port ZA) - ADVENTURE (Cdr G K Whitmey-Smith) at Plymouth repairing to comp 18 Sep, AGAMEMNON (Capt N B C Brock Rtd) at Albert Docks fitting out, MENESTHEUS (Capt W H D Friedberger) at Govan fitting out, PORT NAPIER (Capt J N Tait CBE, DSC Rtd) at Tyne fitting out, PORT QUEBEC (Capt E C Watson Rtd) at Haveston fitting out, SOUTHERN PRINCE (Cdr G C Colville) at Clydebank fitting out, TEVIOTBANK (Cdr R D King-Harman Rtd) dep Immingham 9 Jun


Motor Torpedo Boat Base - HORNET (Capt F H P Maurice Rtd)


Motor Torpedo Boats - MTB.2 at Stanwich for repairs and conversion to Motor Attendant Craft 2, MTB.19 at Portsmouth for repairs and conversion to Motor Attendant Craft 6


3rd Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla (Training Flotilla) - MTB.100 (Lt S L B Maybury) arr 6 Jun, MTB.102 (Lt C W S Dreyer) arr 5 Jun, both arr Portsmouth


Motor Attendant Craft - MAC.1 (ex-MTB.1) at Portsmouth converting, MAC.5 (ex-MTB.5) at Harwich, MAC.7 (ex-MTB.40) at Yarmouth


27th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers CAPE PALLISER (Sk S Phimister RNR), KINGSTON AGATE (Sk J Porter RNR), KINGSTON AMBER (Sk J Flett RNR), KINGSTON CAIRNGORM (Sk G Murray RNR, reassigned to minesweeping trawler WISTARIA on 3 Jun) aground and paid off, KINGSTON CEYLONITE (Ch Sk J S Garnham RNR), KINGSTON CHRYSOBERYL (Sk R C Green RNR) under repair, all but one at Portsmouth


81st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts CAMPEADOR V (Cdr C H Davey OBE Rtd), RION (Cdr H F Besant OBE Rtd), WILNA (Cdr A D Smyth Rtd), all at Portsmouth


21st Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawlers DANEMAN (Sk A Flett RNR), WELLARD (Lt A D White RNR), both at Hull


Anti-submarine patrol yacht (for attendance on submarines) - anti-submarine yacht WARRIOR II (Capt A E Johnson Rtd) at Portsmouth


Anti-submarine experimental ship - patrol sloop KINGFISHER (Lt Cdr G A M V Harrison) arr Dover 3 Jun, to Lowestoft for repairs comp 7 Jul


Minesweeping trawlers - ASAMA (Ty Sk R C Allen RNR), CHERWELL (no CO) for disposal, COURTIER (Ch Sk F E Barker RD RNR), DAMITO (Lt Cdr J C Benson RNVR), all at Portsmouth, EMPYREAN (Sk R Wilson RNR) dep Portsmouth 5 Jun for Gibraltar, ERIMO (Sk T Catchpole RNR) at Portsmouth, IJIUN (Sk J J McKenzie RNR) at Cowes, LEPHRETO (Ty Sk R A Mathews RNR) at Portsmouth, MILFORD HAVEN DUCHESS (Sk D Main RNR) at Gosport, RESPARKO (Ty Sk J Fountain RNR) at Cherbourg, RETURNO (Sk G S Burr RNR) dep Portsmouth 5 Jun for Gibraltar, ROYALO (Ty Sk W D Warford RNR) at Cherbourg, ST MELANTE (Ty Sk A Osborne RNR) at Portsmouth, STRATHCOE (no CO) at Portsmouth for disposal


VERNON experimental minesweeping trawlers - CAPE SPARTEL (Ch Sk H C Gue DSC RNR), MAGNOLIA (Lt W H Calverley), SAWFLY (Ch Sk W T Harwood RNR), all at Portsmouth


Experimental minesweeping drifters - BEN AND LUCY (S/Lt F G M Iles RNVR), DORIENTA (Sk W F Reynolds RNR), GOLDEN HARVEST (Sk D M Mein RNR), GOLDEN NEWS (Sk A C Borrett RNR), all at Portsmouth


Minesweeping drifters - ARCADY (Ty Sk E W B Norton RNR) under repair, CHARDE (Sk M Slater RNR), CONSOLATION (Ty Sk J Tipple RNR) at Cowes, GILT EDGE (Ty Sk R S Mills RNR), JEANNIE LEASK (Ty Sk J C Boyd RNR), REFRACTION (Sk J W Howard RNR), ROSEBUD (Ty Sk J R Buchan RNR) under repair, SOLSTICE (Ch Sk J W Christian RNR), all but one at Portsmouth


Special service vessels - EMERALD WINGS, HOLLAND, MOYLE (no COs listed), all at Portsmouth


Harbour defence patrol craft - three at Portsmouth


Inner Patrol craft – 12 at Portsmouth


Examination Service - ten patrol craft at Portsmouth


Boom defence vessels - three at Portsmouth


Rescue tugs - RESOLVE (Ty Sk C R Baker RNR), ST OLAVES (Ty Sk H L Forster RNR), all at Portsmouth, STALWART (Ty Lt F J Horwood RNR)


Vessel for salvage duties - minesweeper TEDWORTH (Lt Cdr W J Stride MBE Rtd) at Androssan.


Drifter - EBBTIDE (no CO listed) at Portsmouth for harbour duties only.


Schools and Training Establishments


Navigational School - DRYAD (Capt T C Armstrong Rtd), minesweepers ALRESFORD (Lt Cdr D N Venables Rtd) repairing, SALTBURN (Lt Cdr F Y Bethell), both at Portsmouth.


Gunnery School - EXCELLENT (Capt J P Brind), tug ST FAGAN (Lt Cdr G H Warren MBE) at Portland


Torpedo School and Experimental Establishment - VERNON (Rear Adm B Egerton Rtd), miscellaneous ship BLOODHOUND (built similar to an MTB as tender to VERNON) arr Portland 2 Jun, armed boarding vessel LAIRDS ISLE (Cdr J Lunnon RNR), tug REVUE (Lt H Pearson Rtd), motor boat, last three at Portsmouth


Submarine Training Establishment (Fort Blockhouse) - DOLPHIN


5th Submarine Flotilla - miscellaneous ship/tender DWARF (Cdr E S Felton) at Portsmouth, submarine depot ship ALECTO (Lt Cdr H C Cumberbatch) at Portland, submarines CACHALOT (Lt Cdr J D Luce) at Plymouth repairing to comp 6 Jul, H.32 (Lt M J P Walters, Lt J L Livesay from 11 Jun) at Sheerness refitting to comp 14 Jun, H.33 (Lt E B Talbot, Lt E P Tomkinson from 11 Jul) at Campbeltown for anti-submarine training, H.43 (Lt G R Colvin) at Plymouth for anti-submarine training, L.27 (Lt J D Martin, Lt R E Campbell from 11 Jun) at Portsmouth refitting to comp 29 Jun, OBERON (Lt C B Crouch) at Portsmouth for training, OTWAY (Cdr H R Conway) at Portsmouth for training, TIGRIS (Lt Cdr H F Bone) at Portsmouth, Dutch O.9 (Lt Cdr H A W Goossens), O.10 (Lt Cdr G Quint), both at Portland for anti-submarine training


Yacht - VICTORIA AND ALBERT (Lt W G C Crouch MVO, DSC Rtd) at Portsmouth




Base ship - FORWARD (Capt A A Lovett-Cameron Rtd)


Minesweeping drifter - OCEAN SUNLIGHT (Ty Sk R J Crane RNR) at Dover


Examination Service - two trawlers at Newhaven



Portsmouth Command, Portland Sub Command



 Vice Adm Hon E R Drummond CB, MVO Rtd


Base ship - BOSCAWEN


40th Anti-Submarine Group (attached to OSPREY for instructional purposes) - anti-submarine trawlers HERTFORDSHIRE (Cdr J A Shater Rtd) at Portland, OLVINA (Lt Cdr C G Cuthbertson RNR), TOPAZE (SO, Lt Cdr J N Hambly MBE), both at Dover


89th Anti-Submarine Group (attached to OSPREY for instructional purposes) - anti-submarine yachts CONQUEROR (SO, Capt E T R Chambers AFC Rtd), ST MODWEN (Cdr W A Ford Rtd), SHEMARA (Cdr H Buckle Rtd), VALENA (Capt W H Poole RD RNR), all at Portland


Trawler - SPINDRIFT (Lt G J Parry RNR) at Portland


2nd Motor Anti-Submarine Boat Flotilla - trawler KALAN (Ty Lt J L Barton RNVR), att OSPREY for instructional purposes, fitting out at Irvine, motor anti-submarine boats MA/SB.6 (SO, Lt W G Everett, Lt H R Kidston from 14 Jun) at Harwich, MA/SB.7 (Pbty Ty S/Lt W H L Richmond RNVR) arr Dover 5 Jun, MA/SB.8 (Ty S/Lt R S Anker-Simmonds RNVR) at Harwich, MA/SB.9 (Pbty Ty S/Lt J Cutting RNVR) at Harwich, MA/SB.10 (Ty S/Lt P A Williams RNVR) arr Southampton 6 Jun


Motor launches – ML.101 at Portsmouth, ML.102 at St Helens, IOW


Minesweeping Group 49 - minesweeping trawlers COMPUTATOR (Ch Sk C W H Shearing RNR), LADY ENID (Ch Sk R Masson RNR), NEIL SMITH (Ty Sk B D Barnet RNR), T R FERRENS (Lt L A Hill DSC RNR), all at Portland


Minesweeping drifters - KINDRED STAR (Ty Sk T W Sheridan RNR), THRIFTY (Ty Sk G Corney RNR), both at Portland


Examination Service - three paddle steamers at Portland, one at Invergordon


Contraband Control Service - motor fishing vessels ETHFA, PTARMIGAN (no COs listed), b oth at Portland, harbour defence patrol craft, two patrol craft at Portland, one at Dover


Boom defence vessel - one at Portland


Rescue tug - ST ABBS (Lt T E Brooker Rtd) at sea





Adm Sir M Dunbar-Nasmith VC, Commander-in-Chief



Western Approaches Command, Devonport Sub Command


Base ships - DRAKE (Adm Sir M Dunbar-Nasmith VC) at Plymouth, EAGLET (Vice Adm L G E Crabbe CB, CIE, DSO Rtd) at Liverpool, SPARTIATE (Vice Adm J A G Troup CB Rtd) at Glasgow


Aircraft carrier - ILLUSTRIOUS (Capt D W Boyd DSC) at Plymouth, due to sail for Dakar for trials, but changed to Bermuda due to French Armistice


Cruisers - heavy cruiser EXETER (Cdr A H C Coe, Eng Off) at Plymouth repairing to comp 10 Mar 41 (Capt W N T Beckett MVO, DSC from 12 Dec), cruiser FROBISHER (Lt Cdr C H Campbell) at Plymouth rearming to comp 13 Feb 42 (Capt J F W Mudford from 13 Jan 42)


Light cruisers - BONAVENTURE (Capt H J Egerton) at Clyde undergoing trials to comp at the end of Jun, dep 4 Jul for Halifax and Bermuda for working up,, ENTERPRISE (Capt J C Annesley DSO) at Plymouth refitting to comp 22 Jun


Target ship - CENTURION (Lt Cdr W F Nicholas Rtd, Capt J B Haly Rtd from 26 Jul) at Plymouth refitting


9th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt E B K Stevens DSC) - HARVESTER (Lt Cdr M Thornton) dep Portland 9 Jun, HAVELOCK (Stevens) dep Vestfjord covering Narvik evacuation, HESPERUS (Lt Cdr D G F W MacIntyre) at Dundee repairing to comp at end of Jun, HIGHLANDER (Cdr W A Dallmeyer) dep Scapa Flow 31 May, HURRICANE (Lt Cdr H C Simms) bldg at Vickers Armstrong, Barrow to comp 21 Jun, arr Plymouth 30 Jun to work up


11th Destroyer Flotilla (administered by Rear Adm C H Knox-Little Rtd, Captain D, Liverpool) - MACKAY (Cdr G H Stokes) arr Harwich 5 Jun, VANOC (Lt Cdr J G W Deneys) arr Lerwick 10 Jun, VANQUISHER (Cdr C B Alers-Hankey DSC) at Sheerness repairing to comp 16 Jun, VISCOUNT (Lt Cdr M S Townsend OBE, DSC) arr Greenock 10 Jun, WALKER (Lt Cdr A A Tait) dep Vestfjord covering the Narvik evacuation, WARWICK (Lt Cdr M A G Child) dep Greenock 9 Jun, WHIRLWIND (Lt Cdr J M Rodgers) arr Lerwick 10 Jun, WINCHELSEA (Lt Cdr W A F Hawkins) arr Chatham 8 Jun repairing to comp 13 Jun


17th Destroyer Flotilla (administered by Capt A H Maxwell-Hyslop AM, Captain D, Plymouth), BROKE (Cdr B G Scurfield) dep Plymouth 9 Jun, VANSITTART (Lt Cdr W Evershed) at Tyne repairing to comp 22 Jun, VOLUNTEER (Lt Cdr N Lanyon) arr Lerwick 10 Jun, WANDERER (Cdr J H Ruck-Keene) at Dover, WHITEHALL (Lt Cdr A B Russell) at Plymouth, Dunkirk damage repaired 9 Jun, boiler repairs to comp 26 Aug, WITCH (Lt Cdr J R Barnes) dep Greenock 9 Jun, WITHERINGTON (Lt Cdr J B Palmer) arr Greenock 10 Jun, WOLVERINE (Cdr R H Craske) arr Greenock 10 Jun


Canadian destroyers - FRASER (Cdr W G Creery CBE RCN) refitting to comp 11 Jun, RESTIGOUCHE (Cdr H N Lay RCN) dep 9 Jun, ST LAURENT (Lt Cdr H G DeWolf RCN) dep 9 Jun, SKEENA (Lt Cdr J C Hibbard RCN), all dep or at at Plymouth


Destroyer - VANITY (Cdr H J Buchanan RAN from 18 Jun) at Plymouth refitting as escort destroyer to comp 12 Aug


Armed merchant cruisers - CANTON (Capt G D Belben AM, DSC) dep Portland 7 Jun, CORFU (Capt W G Agnew) dep Clyde 1 Jun, MALOJA (Capt V Hammersley-Heenan Rtd) dep Clyde 1 Jun, MONTCLARE (Capt H M Spreckley Rtd) dep Greenock 1 Jun


Western Approaches Escort Force


1st Sloop Division (administered by Captain D, Plymouth) - sloops ABERDEEN (Cdr H P Currey) dep Plymouth 4 Jun, BIDEFORD (Lt Cdr J H Lewes DSC) at Portsmouth repairing to comp early Feb 41, ENCHANTRESS (Cdr A K Scott-Moncrief) arr Plymouth 7 Jun, FOWEY (Cdr H B Ellison DSO) at Plymouth, SCARBOROUGH (Cdr C T Addis) dep Liverpool 8 Jun with OB.163GF for OG.33F, due back with HGF.34 on 19 Jun, WELLINGTON (Cdr R E Hyde-Smith) arr Portsmouth 10 Jun


2nd Sloop Division (administered by Captain D, Liverpool) - sloops DEPTFORD (Lt Cdr G A Thring) dep 30 May, FOLKESTONE (Lt Cdr C F H Churchill) dep 9 Jun, LEITH (Cdr G R Waymouth) arr 9 Jun, ROCHESTER (Cdr G F Renwick) repairing to comp 27 Jun, SANDWICH (Cdr M J Yeatman) dep 9 Jun, all dept, arr or at Liverpool


Corvettes - ARABIS (Lt Cdr B Blewitt RNR) arr Dover 9 Jun with convoy HG.32, CALENDULA (Lt Cdr A D Bruford RNVR) dep Plymouth 8 Jun, CLARKIA (Lt Cdr F J G Jones RNR) dep Plymouth 7 Jun, GARDENIA (Lt Cdr T A O Ellis RNR) dep Portland 9 Jun, GLADIOLUS (Lt Cdr H M C Sanders RNR) at Plymouth boiler cleaning to comp 14 Jun, HEARTSEASE (Lt Cdr E J R North RNR) at Belfast working up, HIBISCUS (Lt Cdr R Phillips RNR) arr Plymouth 10 Jun, PERIWINKLE (Lt Cdr H Row RNR) dep Plymouth 9 Jun


20th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-tubmarine trawlers LORD HAILSHAM (Sk F J J Cannon RNR) dep 8 Jun, LORD SNOWDEN (Sk G McK Sutherland RNR), LORD STAMP (Ch Sk J D McKay RNR), LORD STANHOPE (Sk W R A Hicks RNR), LORD STONEHAVEN (Sk J Main RNR), all at Plymouth



Minesweeping Group 52 - minesweeping trawlers BRECON CASTLE (Ch Sk F Armitage RNR), DORINDA (Sk W F Reynolds RNR) repairing, HATANO (Ch Sk P Cormack RNR), RADNOR CASTLE (Ch Sk A H Foster RNR), all at Plymouth


Minesweeping trawlers - BEN URIE (Ty Sk G Abram RNR) at Hebburn fitting out, BILSDEAN (Ch Sk E C Rowe RNR) at Hebburn fitting out, EDEN (no CO) at Plymouth scrapping deferred, LORD INCHCAPE (Ty Sk A H Simpson RNR) at Plymouth, LUDA LORD (Ty Sk F G W Banks RNR) at Plymouth, OCEAN VIEW (Ty Sk G W Mileham RNR) at Plymouth, ROCHEBONNE (Ch Sk W R Settlefield RNR) at Hebburn fitting out


Minesweeping drifter - SALPA (Ty Sk J W Burwood RNR) at Plymouth under repair


Special Service trawlers – minesweeping trawlers COMET (Lt Cdr S R J Woods RNR), MANOR (Ty Sk A Rosling RNVR), both at Plymouth


Armed patrol vessels - two trawlers at Fleetwood


Examination Service - special service vessels SIR WALTER RALEIGH, SIR RICHARD GRENVILLE (no COs listed), both at Plymouth


Harbour defence patrol craft - seven at Plymouth


Boom Defence Vessel - one at Plymouth


Polish base ship, Plymouth - GYDNIA


Coastal minelayer - MELPOMÈNE (Lt Cdr J H Evans Rtd) at Plymouth


Cable ships - KILMUN (Capt H C Pellow Rtd) dep Plymouth 9 Jun, LASSO (Capt H C B Pipon Rtd) arr Greenock 2 Jun


Patrol vessel - patrol sloop PC.74 (Cdr C E H White DSO Rtd) at Androssan


School or Training Establishment


Torpedo school - DEFIANCE, Devonport (Rear Adm R B T Miles Rtd)



Western Approaches Command, Falmouth Sub Command



Vice Adm Sir Henry K Kitson KBE, CB Rtd


Base ship - FORTE


83rd Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts MAID MARION (Capt J C J Soutter Rtd) at Falmouth, VIVA II (Capt R L Hamer Rtd) at Liverpool


Minesweeping Group 53 - minesweeping trawler GREEN HOWARD (Ty Sk W E Parsons RNR) at Plymouth


Minesweeping trawlers - EARL ESSEX (Ty Sk C G C Coombe RNR), WAR WING (Sk W J Foale RNR), both at Tyne fitting out


Examination Service - yachts ARLETTE II, ALOMA (no COs listed), both at Falmouth


Tender to Examination Service - yacht SILVER CLOUD (no CO listed) at Falmouth


Harbour defence patrol craft - two at Falmouth, one fitting out at Southampton


Contraband Control Service - yachts KILORAN (Cdr H F Nash Rtd) at Falmouth, SAPPHO (Capt R C Primrose VD RNVR Rtd) dep Plymouth 22 May


Rescue tugs - MARAUDER (Ty Lt W J Hammond RNR) at Campbeltown, SALVONIA (Ty Lt G M M Robinson RNR) at Falmouth



Western Approaches Command, Cardiff Sub Command



 Vice Adm W Tomkinson CB, MVO Rtd


Base ship, Swansea - LUCIFER


17th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BEDFORDSHIRE (Sk J W Short RNR), LORD WAKEFIELD (SO, Lt Cdr M B Sherwood Rtd), CAMBRIDGESHIRE (Ty Sk W G Euston RNR), KIRKELLA (Sk G T Lilley DSC RNR), WARWICK DEEPING (Sk J R Bruce RNR), all at Swansea


80th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts ANNA MARIE (Cdr F M Simon Rtd), HINIESTA (Cdr H H Horley Rtd) at Grimsby fitting out, ORACLE (Cdr T C C Bolster Rtd), RHODORA (Capt C T A Bunbury OBE Rtd), all but one at Swansea


Anti-submarine patrol trawlers - anti-submarine trawlers CAULONIA (Ty Sk A J Trolle RNR), HAYBOURNE WYKE (Ty Sk J Stafford RNR), LADY ELEANOR (Ty Sk J A Atkinson RNR), LADY ROSEMARY (Ty Sk R J McCulloch RNR), OGANO (Ty Sk Henry Clarke RNR), all on passage Hull to Swansea


Minesweeping trawlers COMMILES (Ty Sk H F Metson RNR), DARNETT NESS (Ty S/Lt J G Wood DSM Pbty RNVR), both at Swansea


Minesweeping drifters - ALCOR (Ty Sk A Chipperfield RNR), GLEN HEATHER (Ty Sk S J Catchpole RNR), KATHLEEN (Sk J W Chenery RNR), MERBREEZE (Ty Sk W G A Thompson RNR), ONE ACCORD (Ty Sk R W Vann RNR), PARAMOUNT (Sk C E Blowers RNR), all at Swansea


Examination Service - pilot boat ROGER BECK (no CO listed) at Swansea


Harbour defence patrol craft - two at Swansea




Harbour defence patrol craft - three at Cardiff




Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - six trawlers at Penarth




87th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts MIGRANTE (Cdr H Owen DSC Rtd) at Southampton, ZAZA (Cdr W H Austin Rtd) at Swansea


Examination Service - pilot boat LASS O'DOUNE, drifters CHIMAERA, BELLE VUE, all at Barry (no CO’s listed)


Port Talbot


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - four trawlers requisitioned at Grimsby, two trawlers at Port Talbot



Western Approaches Command, Milford Sub Command


Milford Haven

 Rear Adm P E Phillips DSO Rtd


Base ship - SKIRMISHER


8th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers ARSENAL (Sk C R Radford RNR), DERBY COUNTY (Sk R Armstrong RNR), HUDDERSFIELD TOWN (SO, Lt Cdr J G C Gibson Rtd), LEEDS UNITED (Lt Cdr H L Williams RNVR), YORK CITY (Sk W Tucker RNR), all at Milford Haven


Anti-submarine patrol trawlers - anti-submarine trawlers ANDANES (Ty Sk A J Galvin DSC RNR), CAMPINA (Ty Sk F Wellbourn RNR), COMMANDER HORTON (no CO listed), RAETIA (Ty S/Lt J Clark Pbty RNVR), SHELDON (Ty Lt R A Mason RNVR), all at Milford Haven


Examination Service - yacht DORADE II, tug FLYING BREEZE, both at Milford Haven, drifter GREETINGS at Cardiff (no COs listed)


Harbour Defence patrol Craft - three at Milford Haven, two at Cardiff


Auxiliary patrol vessels - three at Milford Haven, five requisitioned at Hull


Boom defence vessel - one at Pembroke Dock


Rescue tugs - SUPERMAN at Milford Haven, WITTE ZEE at sea, (no COs listed)



Western Approaches Command, Liverpool Sub Command




Base ship - EAGLE II (Cdr H S M Herbert Rtd)


2nd Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers CORNELIAN (Ty Lt H F Hayes Pbty RNVR) at Rosyth, PEARL (Cdr N B Weir Rtd), RUBY (Ty Lt R P Chapman RNR), both at Birkenhead


37th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawler GUAVA (Sk H Clarke RNR) at Belfast repairing


88th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts ALTAIR (Cdr D H Rainier) at Birkenhead, EVADNE (Cdr W G A Shuttleworth Rtd) at Liverpool, LADY BLANCHE (Cdr C Euman Rtd) at Birkenhead, VIRGINIA (Cdr S H S Moxly Rtd) at Birkenhead, VIVA II (Capt R L Hamer Rtd) temporarily attached


Anti-submarine patrol yacht - CUTTY SARK (Cdr R H Mack Rtd) at Liverpool


Anti-submarine patrol trawlers - anti-submarine trawlerS BUSH (Ty Sk E Sumner RNR) fitting out, CARENCY (Sk W Reaich RNR), CORCYRA (Sk B Truefitt RNR), DESTINN (Ty Sk J McCann RNR), E & F (no CO listed) fitting out, ELECTRA II (Ty Sk T Threlfall RNR) fitting out, GREAT ADMIRAL (Ty Sk D Nolan Pbty RNR) fitting out, PHRONTIS (Ty Sk J R Carter RNR) fitting out, WARLAND (no CO listed), WARSTAR (Sk W J Barlow Actg RNR), all at Liverpool


Minesweeping trawlers - DOON (Ty Sk J V Bullen RNVR), HORNBEAM (Ty Lt A G Mathews RNVR), both at Swansea, MICHAEL GRIFFITHS (Ty Sk G E Yates RNR), RICHARD CROFT (Ty Sk R H Maulkinson RNR), both at Birkenhead, ST OLIVE (Ty Sk J W Kernan RNR from 3 Aug), STAR OF THE WAVE (Ty Sk J Wells RNR), both at Jarrow fitting out, YEZO (Sk L G Pillar RNR) at Liverpool


Minesweeping drifters - ADVISABLE (Ty Sk R Wright RNR), AMALIA (Ty Sk W J Campbell RNR), BANSHEE (Ty Sk S Platten RNR), OCEAN LIFEBUOY (Sk A B Utting RNR), OCEAN VIM (Ty Sk W E Nightingale RNR), all at Birkenhead


Harbour Defence patrol Craft - five motor boats at Birkenhead


Examination Service - yacht CACOUNA (no CO listed), trawlers ST ADRIAN (Ty S/Lt J D Barrrow Pbty RNVR), ST DOMINICA (Lt Cdr C W E Pinckney RNR), all at Liverpool




Base ship - TORCH (Capt J B Kitson DSO Rtd)


1st Motor Anti-Submarine Boat Flotilla - MA/SB.1 (Lt M E Impey), MA/SB.4 (Lt B J Anderson), MA/SB.5 (Lt M E Thorpe), all at Harwich, MA/SB.2 and MA/SB.3 transferred to Malta




Base ship - CLIO (Cdr F C Corbyn Rtd)


Examination Service - yachts MINORA (Ty S/Lt S E Harwood RNVR), SHIONA (no CO listed), both at Barrow


Harbour defence patrol craft - two at Barrow, one fitting out at Barrow



Western Approaches Command, Belfast Sub Command



Rear Adm R M King DSO Rtd


Base ship - CAROLINE


Minesweeping trawlers - KENNYMORE (Ty Sk J W Greene RNR) at South Shields fitting out, RETAKO (Sk P Welsh RNR) at Granton


Minesweeping drifters - GLOAMIN (Ty Sk D Main RNR), HARVEST REAPER (Ty Sk W Smith RNR), JEWEL (Ty Sk H G Stone RNR), all at Belfast


Harbour defence patrol craft - five at Belfast


Examination service - trawlers SMEATON, ROBINA (no COs listed), both at Belfast




Base ship - RACER (Capt T K Maxwell Rtd)


35th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BRITISH GUIANA (Sk S C Turrell RNR) at Belfast, BRITISH HONDURAS (Sk J Maclean RNR) at Greenock, PAYNTER (SO, Sk W J P Salaman RNR), VICTRIX (Cdr F R Openshaw Rtd), both at Larne


Anti-Submarine patrol trawlers - anti-submarine trawlers CARBINEER II (Ty Sk J F Nuttall RNR), FLYING WING (no CO listed), KASTORIA (Ty Sk J S Brennan RNR), NAMUR (no CO listed), UNITIA (Ty Sk J Pidgen RNR), all at Larne


Minesweeping trawler - SIR JOHN JOHNSON (no CO listed) at Larne


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