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  British and Other Navies in World War 2 Day-by-Day
by Don Kindell

ROYAL NAVY SHIPS, JANUARY 1941 (Part 1 of 2)

HMS Skate, WW1 destroyer (Navy Photos/Mark Teadham, click to enlarge)

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Part 1 of 2
Home Fleet - Iceland - Orkney & Shetlands - Rosyth - Nore - Portsmouth - Western Approaches






 Naval Commands, and ship locations within them, are listed approximately north to south,
 and then clockwise around the United Kingdom

Some warships are listed with their own unit and again when detached to another




Adm Sir J C Tovey KCB, DSO


Second Battle Squadron (Adm Sir J C Tovey KCB, DSO) - battleships KING GEORGE V (Capt W R Patterson CVO) arr Scapa Flow 10 Dec for final working up, NELSON (Flag, Capt G J A Miles) arr Scapa Flow 31 Dec, RODNEY (Capt F H G Dalrymple-Hamilton) at Rosyth repairing to comp 9 Jan


Battlecruiser Squadron (Vice Adm J Whitworth CB, DSO, also administered aircraft carriers) - HOOD (Flag, Capt I G Glennie, Capt D Orr-Ewing from 18 Jan, Capt R Kerr from 15 Feb) arr Scapa Flow 29 Dec, REPULSE (Capt W G Tennant CB, MVO) arr Scapa Flow 31 Dec


Aircraft carriers - ARGUS (Capt E G N Rushbrooke DSC) arr Gibraltar 29 Dec, FURIOUS (Capt A G Talbot DSO) dep Gibraltar 29 Dec to arrive Freetown 5 Jan


2nd Cruiser Squadron (Rear Adm A T B Curteis CB) - light cruisers ARETHUSA (Flag, Capt Q D Graham) arr Scapa Flow 1 Jan, AURORA (Capt W G Agnew) arr Scapa Flow 1 Jan, GALATEA (Capt B B Schofield, Actg Capt C A G Nichols MVO from 10 Jan, Capt E W B Sim from 1 Mar) at Chatham repairing to comp 8 Jan


10th Cruiser Squadron (Rear Adm H M Burroughs CB) - light cruisers FIJI (Capt P B R W William-Powlett) at Greenock repairing to comp 31 Jan, KENYA (Flag, Capt M M Denny CB) dep Plymouth 25 Dec, MAURITIUS (Capt L C A St J Curzon-Howe MVO, Capt W D Stephens from 1 Feb, Curzon-Howe died from illness 21 Feb) arr Greenock 29 Dec, NIGERIA (Capt J G L Dundas) dep Scapa Flow 25 Dec


Cruisers repairing administered by 10th CS - heavy cruisers AUSTRALIA (Capt R R Stewart) at Liverpool docked to comp repairs 7 Jan, SUFFOLK (Capt E C Thornton DSC) at Greenock refitting to comp 31 Jan, SUSSEX (Capt C L Bate DSO Rtd) at Greenock repairing to comp Aug 42.


15th Cruiser Squadron (Rear Adm E L S King CB MVO) - light cruisers BONAVENTURE (Capt H J Egerton) arr Gibraltar 29 Dec, DIDO (Capt H W U McCall) at Tyne repairing to comp 17 Jan, NAIAD (Flag, Capt W H A Kelsey DSC) arr Scapa Flow 27 Dec, PHOEBE (Capt G Grantham) arr Oban 24 Dec


18th Cruiser Squadron (Vice Adm L E Holland CB) - light cruisers BIRMINGHAM (Capt A C G Madden) arr Scapa Flow 27 Dec, EDINBURGH (Capt C M Blackman DSO) dep Scapa Flow 24 Dec, MANCHESTER (Flag, Capt H A Packer) dep Scapa Flow 26 Dec, NEWCASTLE (Capt E A Aylmer DSC) det to South Atlantic, dep Freetown on patrol 10 Dec, SOUTHAMPTON (Capt B C B Brooke) det to Mediterranean Fleet, arr Alexandria 30 Dec


Attached cruiser – heavy cruiser KENT (Capt D Young-Jamieson) at Plymouth repairing to comp Sep 41.


Anti-aircraft ships (Administered by Rear Admiral Destroyers) - anti-aircraft cruisers CAIRO (Capt P V McLaughlin, Capt I R H Black from 14 Jan) det to Western Approaches at Tyne repairing to comp 21 Jan, CURACOA (Capt C C Hughes-Hallett) arr Scapa Flow 31 Dec, anti-aircraft ships ALYNBANK (Capt P Hordern Rtd) dep Scapa Flow 22 Dec, damaged, SPRINGBANK (Capt C H Godwin DSO Rtd) at Belfast.


Destroyer depot ship (Flag, Rear Admiral Destroyers Rear Adm R H C Hallifax CB) - MAIDSTONE (Capt O L Gordon MVO) at Scapa Flow.


3rd Destroyer Flotilla (Capt P Todd DSO) - ECHO (Cdr S H K Spurgeon DSO RAN, Lt Cdr C H De B Newby from 11 Feb) arr Scapa Flow 29 Dec, INGLEFIELD (Todd) at London repairing to comp mid Jan


4th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt P L Vian DSO)

7th Division - ESCAPADE (Cdr R E Hyde-Smith, Lt Cdr E N V Currey DSC from Feb) arr Scapa Flow 29 Dec, ELECTRA (Lt Cdr S A Buss, Cdr C W May from 28 Jan) arr Scapa Flow 29 Dec, SIKH (Cdr G H Stokes) arr Scapa Flow 31 Dec

8th Division - BEAGLE (Cdr R H Wright DSC, Cdr R T White Actg from Feb) arr Scapa Flow 31 Dec, BULLDOG (Lt Cdr F J C Hewitt, Lt Cdr E N V Currey from 3 Jan, Cdr A J Baker-Cresswell from Feb) arr Liverpool 30 Dec, DOUGLAS (Lt Cdr H G Bowerman, Cdr W E Banks DSC from Feb) at Scapa Flow, ECLIPSE (Lt Cdr I T Clark) arr Scapa Flow 20 Dec, TARTAR (Cdr L P Skipwith) arr Scapa Flow 31 Dec 

4th Flotilla destroyers repairing - BRILLIANT (Lt Cdr F C Brodrick) at Scapa Flow docked, COSSACK (Vian) at Scapa Flow weather damaged, FAME (Cdr C A N Chatwin DSO, Cdr R Heathcote DSO from Aug 42) at Tyne, ship salvaged and rebuilt on new hull at Chatham, repairs comp 29 Aug 42, MAORI (Cdr H T Armstrong DSC) at Hebburn on Tyne repairing to comp 14 Jan, ZULU (Cdr J S Crawford, Cdr H R Graham DSO from 14 Jan) at Rosyth repairing to comp 18 Jan


6th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt C Caslon)

11th Division - ESKIMO (Cdr E G LeGeyt) arr Scapa Flow 31 Dec, MASHONA (Cdr W H Selby) arr Scapa Flow 1 Jan, MATABELE (Cdr R St V Sherbrooke) arr Scapa Flow 31 Dec, SOMALI (Caslon) arr Scapa Flow 31 Dec

12th Division - BEDOUIN (Cdr J A McCoy) arr Scapa Flow 31 Dec


6th Flotilla destroyers repairing - ASHANTI (Cdr W G Davis DSC) at Wallsend under long repair to comp at the end of Aug 41, PUNJABI (Cdr J T Lean) at Plymouth boiler cleaning to comp 4 Jan


7th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt S H T Arliss) - NAPIER (Arliss) at Scapa Flow, NIZAM (Lt Cdr M J Clark RAN) at Clyde to comp construction 8 Jan


12th Destroyer Flotilla (Flotilla being absorbed into various escort groups) - KEPPEL (Lt R J Hanson, Cdr A M Sheffield in Feb) arr Loch Alsh 1 Jan


Vice Admiral Submarines (Vice Adm Sir Max K Horton KCB, DSO)


2nd Submarine Flotilla (Capt G C P Menzies) - depot ship FORTH (Capt Menzies) at Clyde, yachts CUTTY SARK (Cdr R H Mack Rtd) at Clyde, SURPISE (Capt E Stubbs Rtd) arr Greenock 31 Dec, submarines CACHALOT (Cdr J D Luce DSO) arr Clyde 31 Dec, TAKU (Lt J F B Brown) at Glasgow repairing to comp 4 Jan, TALISMAN (Lt Cdr P S Francis) dep Greenock 26 Dec, THUNDERBOLt (Lt C B Crouch) at Holy Loch, TIGRIS (Lt Cdr H F Bone DSO, DSC) dep Greenock, TRIBUNE (Lt E F Balston, Lt Cdr R G Norfolk from 2 Jan) at Holy Loch, TRIDENT (Cdr G M Sladen) dep Greenock 17 Dec, TUNA (Lt Cdr M K Cavenagh-Mainwaring DSO) dep Holy Loch 12 Dec


3rd Submarine Flotilla (Capt H M C Ionides) - depot ship TITANIA (Capt Ionides) arr Clyde 21 Nov, yacht WHITE BEAR (Cdr C G Fleming Rtd) arr Dundee 22 Dec, submarines CLYDE (Cdr D C Ingram DSC) at Devonport repairing to comp 31 Mar, SEVERN (Lt Cdr A N G Campbell) at Elderslie repairing to comp 4 Jan


6th Submarine Flotilla (Capt G A W Voelcker) - miscellaneous ship ELFIN (Capt Voelcker) at Blyth, submarines SEALION (Cdr B Bryant DSC) dep Rosyth 22 Dec, SNAPPER (Lt G V Prowse) at Tyne refitting to comp 4 Jan, STURGEON (Lt Cdr D St Clair Ford) dep Blyth 31 Dec, SUNFISH (Lt G R Colvin) at Rosyth


7th Submarine Flotilla (administered by Vice Adm Submarines) – depot ship CYCLOPS (Capt R L M Edwards) at Rothesay, ALECTO (Cdr R M G Gambier) at Tobermory, yacht BREDA (Capt A E Johnston Rtd) at Rothesay, Dutch destroyer Z.8 at Clyde, submarines H.28 (Lt M R G Wingfield, Lt L W A Bennington from 1 Jan) dep Rothesay for Tobermory on 1 Jan, H.31 (Lt R D Whiteway-Wilkinson) arr Rothesay 25 Dec, H.32 (Lt R L Alexander) at Campeltown, H.33 (Lt G P Darling, Lt R M Favell from 6 Jan) at Tobermory, H.34 (Lt L W Napier, Lt J S Huddart from 13 Jan) dep Clyde 30 Dec to arr Sheerness 6 Jan, H.43 (Lt I L M McGeoch) at Londonderry, H.44 (Lt A R Hezlet) at Sheerness repairing to comp 6 Jan, H.50 (Lt M Wilmott) at Holyhead, OBERON (Lt G A I Graham) at Rothesay, OTWAY (Lt H R B Newton) at Campbeltown, Dutch submarines O.9 (Lt Cdr H A W Goossens) at Tobermory, O.10 (Lt Cdr Lt J H Geijs) at Dundee, O.14 (Lt Cdr H Tichelman) arr Dundee 22 Dec, Norwegian submarine B.1 at Rothesay.


9th Submarine Flotilla (Capt J G Roper OBE) - shore establishment AMBROSE (Capt J G Roper OBE) at Dundee, yacht ACQUISITION (Ty Elec Lt R Platt RNVR) on patrol, submarines L.23 (Lt L F L Hill) at Scapa Flow, L.26 (Lt R S Frost RNR, Lt C Gordon from 5 Jan) arr Rosyth 26 Dec, URGE (Lt E P Tomkinson) at Holy Loch, Dutch submarines O.21 (Lt Cdr J F van Dulm) dep Dundee 29 Dec, O.23 (Lt Cdr G B M van Erkel) arr Dundee 1 Jan, O.24 (Lt Cdr O de Booy) at Grangemouth repairing, French submarine RUBIS (LV G E J Cabanier) at Dundee repairing to comp 22 Mar, Polish submarine WILK at Dundee


Minelayers (Rear Adm R L Burnett OBE since 30 Nov) - AGAMEMNON (Capt F Ratsey Rtd), MENESTHEUS (Capt W H D Friedberger), PORT QUEBEC (Capt E C Watson Rtd), SOUTHERN PRINCE (Flag, Burnett, Capt E M C Barraclough Actg), all arr Loch Alsh 10 Dec


6th Destroyer Division - BATH (Cdr A V Hemming Rtd) at Loch Alsh, CHARLESTOWN (Lt Cdr T Johnston) at Clyde repairing to comp 6 Jan, ST ALBANS (Cdr F E Wilmot-Sitwell Rtd) at Greenock, ST MARYS (Lt K H J L Phibbs) at Newport repairing to comp in Jan





Armed merchant cruisers - CALIFORNIA (Capt C J Pope RAN) dep Clyde 23 Dec, CHESHIRE (Capt J M Begg Rtd from 10 Mar) at Liverpool repairing to comp 12 Mar, CHITRAL (Capt G Hamilton Rtd) dep Clyde 23 Dec, CILICIA (Capt V B Cardwell Rtd Actg) dep Clyde 3 Jan, CIRCASSIA (Capt E V Lees Actg) dep Gibraltar 28 Dec, DERBYSHIRE (Capt E A B Stanley DSO, MVO Rtd) dep Gibraltar 16 Dec, AMC LETITIA (Capain E H Longsdon Actg) dep Iceland 26 Dec, SALOPIAN (Capt Sir John M Alleyne Bt DSO, DSC Rtd) dep Clyde 29 Dec, WOLFE (Capt W G A Shuttleworth Rtd, Actg) dep Clyde 3 Jan, WORCESTERSHIRE (Capt J Cresswell Actg) dep Clyde 15 Dec


Ocean boarding vessels - CAMITO (Actg Cdr A A Barnett RNR) dep Clyde 7 Dec on patrol, CAVINA (Capt N H Gale RD RNR) dep Clyde 14 Dec on patrol, CORINTHIAN (Actg Cdr E J R Pollitt RNR) arr Rosyth 31 Dec, CRISPIN (Actg Cdr B Moloney DSO, DSC RNR) at Clyde, MALVERNIAN (Cdr J W B Robertson RNR) at London, MANISTEE (Actg Cdr E H Smith RNR) at Glasgow, MARON (Cdr J H Blair DSC RNR Rtd) dep Clyde 14 Dec on patrol, MARSDALE (Actg Cdr D H F Armstrong RNR) arr Clyde 29 Dec




Rear Adm R J R Scott AM Rtd


Accommodation ship, Reykjavik - BALDUR (Actg Capt H E Rendall Rtd) at Reykjavik


21st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers ELM (Ty Lt E W C Dempster RNVR), HAZEL (Ty Lt R Thorne RNVR), WHITETHORN (Lt W G H Bolton RNR), WISTARIA (Sk A S H Robb RNR), all at Reykjavik


Minesweeping vessels – minesweeping trawler EBOR WYKE (Actg Ty Sk T E Olgeirsson RNR), VARANGA (Ty Lt G C Crowley RNVR), both at Liverpool refitting


Patrol vessels - Norwegian NORDKAPP, VESTFJORD (Norwegian crews), both at Reykjavik


Local defence trawlers - DOROTHY GRAY (Lt T Toft, SARNVR) at Reykjavik, DUCHESSE DE BRABANT (Sk C R Radford RNR) at Tobermory, EDOUARD VAN VLAENDEREN (Sk J C Ross RNR) dep Belfast 31 Dec, SABINA (Ty Lt I H Wymer RNVR) at Reykjavik, STRATHELLA (Pbty Ty Lt J C A Hammond RNVR) at Reykjavik, TRITELLIA (Ty Lt C H Wardroper RNVR) at Reykjavik, VIKING DEEPS (Ty Lt N F Davis RNR) at Reykjavik, Norwegian VAN OOST (Norwegian crew) at Reykjavik


Trawler - Norwegian HONNINGSVAAG (Norwegian crew) dep Reykjavik 18 Dec


Controlled minelayer - ALSEY (Pbty Ty Lt H A Inglis RNR) at Seidisfjord


Coast Watching Service – trawler SKYRACK (Ty S/Lt E S Plater RNR) at Reykjavik


Examination Service - examination ships DORADE II (Ty Sk J F Nuttall RNR), Norwegian JOKULL, RUNDHORN (both Norwegian crews), all at Iceland


Boom carrier - Trawler DEVON CITY (Cdr C A R Routh Rtd) at Hvalfjord


Boom defence vessels - BARCLIFF (Ty Lt R E Coad RNR), BARRHEAD (Ty Lt J R Alexander RNR), JAMES BARRIE (Ty Warrant Mech C W Alderson), SILANION (Ty Boom Sk R E Randall RNR), all at Hvalfjord, STALBERG (Ty Boom Sk H Aldridge RNR) arr Kirkwall 22 Dec






Accommodations ships - IRON DUKE (Cdr J W Boutwood, Cdr W E Wilson from 20 Jan), DUNLUCE CASTLE (Capt R T Down CVO DSO Rtd), both at Scapa Flow


Depot ship - GREENWICH (Cdr J H Pipe Rtd) at Scapa Flow


1st Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers BRAMBLE (Capt M H Evelegh, SO ) at Scapa Flow, BRITOMART (Lt Cdr J M S Cox DSC) at Aberdeen docking to comp 7 Jan, SEAGULL (Cdr R H V Sivewright Rtd) at Scapa Flow, SHARPSHOOTER arr Aberdeen 31 Dec, SPEEDY (Lt A E Doran) at Aberdeen repairing to comp 28 Jan, HAZARD (Lt Cdr J R A Seymour) at Rosyth repairing, HEBE (Lt Cdr J B G Temple DSC) at Leith repairing to comp 20 Jan


9th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweeper BANGOR (Cdr J Peterson DSO, DSC), BRIDLINGTON (Lt C W Malins), RHYL (Lt W L O'Mara), ROMNEY (Cdr E R A Farquharson Rtd), all at Scapa Flow


Controlled minelayer – M.2 (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow


Fleet Target Service – tugs BANDIT (Lt A T Board), BUCCANEER (Lt S E Veal), both at Scapa Flow


Scapa Flow


14th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BRONTES (SO, Ch Sk J R Coultas RNR), DAVY (Ch Sk C A Grimmer RNR), ISTRIA (Sk J T Brockson RNR) repairing at Aberdeen, LOCH TULLA (Sk G Reeve RNR), REGAL (Sk J S Harper RNR), all but one at Scapa Flow


71st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine drifters BRANCH (Ty Sk P J Bridge RNR) at Scapa Flow, CRAIGROY (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow, CRANNOCH (Sk J Runcie RNR) at Scapa Flow, FAWN (Ch Sk D More RNR) at Scapa Flow, FISHER LAD (Sk A E Larner RNR) at Buckie refitting, INVERCAIRN (Ch Sk G Stewart RNR) at Scapa Flow, LOYAL FRIEND (Sk C G Spillings RNR) at Peterhead repairing, SUNNYSIDE GIRL (no CO listed) at Peterhead, THE PROVOST (Sk A S Matson RNR) at Peterhead, WEST HAVEN (Sk J C Edwards RNR) at Buckie

Attached for duty with 71st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yacht WIDGEON OF FEARN (no CO listed) at Buckie repairing


72nd Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine drifter COPIOUS (Ty Lt L G Stevens RNVR) at Scapa Flow, EPHRETAH (Pbty Ty S/Lt D Game RNVR) at Scapa Flow, GORSE (Ty S/Lt A F Cameron RNVR) at Macduff, GUIDING LIGHT (Ty Sk J H Burgess RNR) at Scapa Flow, OLIVE TREE (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow, TRUST (no CO listed) at Buckie refitting


Danlaying vessels (attached to 1st Minesweeping Flotilla) - SARGASSO (Ty Lt R E Perry-Hook RNVR) at Scapa Flow, SEAFLOWER (Ty Lt F A Haworth RNVR) at Aultbrea


Harbour defence patrol craft - yacht AZARA (Pbty Ty Lt I H M Robertson RNVR) at Scapa Flow, drifters CLOUD (Ty Lt G H McNair RNVR) at Scapa Flow, COLDSNAP (Ty S/Lt E A Collins RNVR) at Scapa Flow, CUMULUS (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow, DOROTHY (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow, FAIR WEATHER (Ty Lt W J C Harrison RNVR) at Loch Alsh, FUMEROLE (Pbty Actg Lt L McClure RNR) at Scapa Flow, HORIZON (Pbty Midshipman C A Hamer RNR) at Buckie, INDIAN SUMMER (Ty Lt J S Bowes RNVR) at Buckie refitting, LEEWARD (Ty Lt C H Skentelbury RNVR) at Buckie repairing, LUNAR BOW (Pbty Lt F M Fogarty RNVR) at Buckie, MIST (no CO listed) at Inverness, SHEEN (Ty Lt P C Grant RNVR) at Scapa Flow, SPECTRUM (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow, WHIRLPOOL (Ty Lt W E Turner RNVR) at Scapa Flow


Minesweeping Group 44 - minesweeping trawlers CAPE NYEMETSKI (Lt W L G Dutton RNR) at Scapa Flow, CONWAY CASTLE (Ty Sk J R Flaxman RNR) at Scapa Flow, DANIEL CLOWDEN (Temporry Lt A Flaatten RNR) at Scapa Flow, NORTHCOATES (Ch Sk A Flaws RNR) at Aberdeen


Minesweeping Group 101 - minesweeping whalers BOUVET I (Lt Cdr C S Cooke Rtd), BOUVET II (Ty Lt D H Hackett RNVR), both at Scapa Flow, BOUVET III (Ty Lt H Lamberton RNVR), BOUVET IV (Sk T Buchan RNR), both arr Aultbrea 3 Jan


Minesweeping Group 102 - minesweeping whalers HVAL V (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow, POLAR VI (Ty Lt (E) A J Christensen RNR) at Birkenhead


Minesweeping Group 103 – minesweeping trawlers MICHAEL GRIFFITH (Ty S/Lt E Ohre RNR), YEZO (no CO listed), both at Aberdeen


Minesweeping drifters - GREEN PASTURES (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow, PROSPECT AHEAD (Ty Sk E Clark RNR) paid off at Irvine, SCOURGE (Sk A Smith RNR) at Scapa Flow, TRITONIA (Ty Sk R Souter RNR) at Aberdeen, VIOLET FLOWERS (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow




Accommodation ship - steamer ST SUNNIVA (Lt Cdr G P M Fitzgerald Rtd) at Kirkwall


24th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawler SCALBY WYKE (Ch Sk S Bass RNR) at Aberdeen repairing, TEKOURA (Sk R W Sayer RNR) at Kirkwall


Minesweeping Group 45 - minesweeping trawler ADMIRAL SIR JOHN LAWFORD (Sk G W Smith RNR), LUNE (Sk C Flett RNR), both at Kirkwall, SICYON (Sk W Masson RNR) at Aberdeen


Examination Service vessels - BRACONHILL (Ty S/Lt A Townley RNR), SOUBRETTE (Ty Lt J Halles RNR) WILLIAM H HASTIE (Ty Lt R H Jameson RNR), all at Kirkwall


Armed boarding vessels - AQUAMARINE (Lt N P McLeod RNR) dep Kirkwall 21 Dec, KINGSTON BERYL (Ty Lt R H Jameson RNR) arr Kirkwall 25 Dec, KINGSTON JACINTH (Lt A Ayre RNR Rtd) dep Gibraltar 29 Dec for Grimsby, KINGSTON ONYX (Lt R Walgate RNR) arr Kirkwall 25 Dec, KINGSTON PERIDOT (Lt Cdr R S Winder OBE RNR) arr Kirkwall 28 Dec, KINGSTON TOPAZ (Cdr W L Smith RNR) dep Gibraltar 29 Dec for Grimsby, KINGSTON TURQUOISE (Lt L A White RNR) dep Gibraltar 29 Dec for Grimsby, NORTHERN CHIEF (Lt N L Knight RNR) dep Kirkwall 26 Dec, NORTHERN DUKE (Lt G C D Meldrum RNR) dep Kirkwall 21 Dec, NORTHERN FOAM (Pbty Ty Lt M Todd RNR) arr Kirkwall 26 Dec, NORTHERN GIFT (Lt R J Stokes RNR) dep Kirkwall 1 Jan, NORTHERN ISLES (Lt A G Scott RNR) at Aberdeen refitting, NORTHERN PRINCESS (Lt Cdr J N Hulse RNR) at Aberdeen refitting, NORTHERN REWARD (Lt C N Stewart RNR) dep Kirkwall 22 Dec, NORTHERN SKY (Lt J E Bromley RNR) arr Kirkwall 1 Jan, NORTHERN SUN (Lt J Andrew RNR) at Aberdeen refitting


Rescue tugs - BRIGAND (Lt Cdr H H Leatherdale) at Scapa Flow, ST OLAVES (Ty Lt H L Forster RNR) at Inverness





Vice Adm Sir Charles G Ramsey KCB


Depot ship - COCHRANE (Rear Adm C H G Benson DSO Rtd)


Battleship - QUEEN ELIZABETH (Capt C B Barry DSO) at Rosyth refitting to comp 31 Jan 41.


Rosyth Escort Force Convoy C (Capt R Kerr ashore at Rosyth, from 18 Jan Capt F S W de Winter) - escort ships VALOROUS (Lt Cdr E Mack, Capt L A K Boswell DSO in Jan) at Chatham repairing to comp 11 Jan, VANITY (Cdr H J Buchanan RAN) dep Rosyth 31 Dec, VEGA (Lt Cdr R F Jenks) at Hull refitting to comp 14 Nov 42, VERDUN (Cdr A C Behague) arr Sheerness 30 Dec, VICEROY (Lt Cdr D P Trentham) at Portsmouth undergoing refit to comp 10 Jan, VIMIERA (Lt Cdr R B N Hicks DSO) arr Rosyth 31 Dec, VIVIEN (Lt Cdr S H Beattie) at Sheerness, WALLACE (Lt Cdr E G Heywood-Lonsdale Emgcy) at Sheerness, WESTMINSTER (Lt Cdr A A C Ouvry) dep Rosyth 31 Dec, WINCHESTER (Lt Cdr S E Crewe-Read, Lt Cdr D J B Jewitt from 3 Feb) at London repairing to comp 6 Jun, WOLFHOUND (Lt Cdr J W McCoy DSC) arr Rosyth 29 Dec, WOLSEY (Lt Cdr C H Campbell DSC) arr Sheerness 30 Dec, WOOLSTON (Lt Cdr W J Phipps OBE) arr Rosyth 31 Dec,


continued - sloops BLACK SWAN (Lt G H Murray RNVR, Cdr T A C Pakenham from 26 Apr) at Dundee repairing to comp in late Apr, EGRET (Cdr D P Evans, Cdr E M Haes from 14 Jan) arr Rosyth 26 Dec, FLEETWOOD (Cdr R W Moir) dep Rosyth 30 Dec, FOWEY (Lt Cdr L C A Leefe) arr Falmouth 31 Dec, HASTINGS (Lt Cdr A B Alison) dep Rosyth 29 Dec, LONDONDERRY (Cdr J S Dalison) dep Rosyth 29 Dec, LOWESTOFT (Cdr A M Knapp) arr Rosyth 31 Dec, STORK (Lt G T S Gray DSC) at Grangemouth repairing to comp 16 Mar, WESTON (Cdr J G Sutton Rtd) arr Rosyth 31 Dec, minesweeper/escort ships GLEANER (Lt Cdr H P Price DSO) at Leith repairing to comp 31 Jan, JASON (Lt Cdr R E Terry OBE) dep Rosyth 28 Dec


Controlled minelayers – base ship MANCHESTER CITY (Cdr P G C Turner Rtd, Cdr A D S Smyth DSO Rtd from 27 Feb) dep Clyde 30 Dec, controlled minelayers LINNET (Lt R Homewood) at Troon refitting, M.3 (no CO listed) at Tyne, RINGDOVE (Lt Cdr C R Pilgrim OBE Rtd) dep Tyne 29 Dec for Humber.


Dutch torpedo boats - Z.5 at Dundee, Z.6 at Dundee, Z.7 at Holyhead (all Dutch crews)


Fort William


Motor launch training boats, ML.131, ML.136, ML.154 all at Fort William, ML.169 at Humber, ML.1031 at Portsmouth, on comp ML.133 relieved ML.169 which proceeded to 9th ML Flotilla




Base ship - MENTOR (Capt J C Wauchope Rtd)


Minesweeping Group 47 - minesweeping trawlers BEAUMARIS CASTLE (Ty Sk A Macleod RNR), GROSMONT CASTLE (Lt C Edgecombe RNR), WALWYNS CASTLE (Sk J McLeman RNR), all at Stornoway


Minesweeping Group 48 - minesweeping trawler DUNRAVEN CASTLE (Pbty Ty S/Lt T S Otley RNVR), HARLECH CASTLE (Ty Lt W A MacLaughlan RNVR), POWIS CASTLE (Ty Sk D Campbell RNR), all at Stornoway




Examination Vessels - AVONDALE (no CO listed), FISHER BOY (Ty Sk G W Brown RNR), both at Wick




Minesweeping Group 43 - minesweeping trawlers GEORGE COUSINS (Ch Sk E J Marshall RNR), STAR OF THE WAVE (Ty Sk J Wells RNR), both at Buckie


Minesweeping drifters - INDUSTRY (Sk A W Slater RNR), ROSE ARD (no CO listed), both at Invergordon




10th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine whalers BUTTERMERE (Lt G W Farrow RNR), THIRLMERE (Ty S/Lt R C R Mortimore RNVR), WASTWATER (Ty Lt A C Munro RNVR), all at Scapa Flow, WINDERMERE (Sk C J A Silom RNR) at Aberdeen


12th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers CAPE WARWICK (Pbty Ty Lt A K Nears RNR) at Scapa Flow, LORD LLOYD (Ty Lt M W Bonds RNVR) at Aberdeen, STELLA PEGASI (Pbty Ty Lt E Steedman RNR) at Scapa Flow


15th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers SOUTHERN FLOWER (Sk J Coxall RNR) at Scapa Flow, SOUTHERN SHORE (Sk A C Whitcombe RNR) at Scapa Flow, SPOSA (Ty Sk E Nicholson RNR) at Aberdeen, STORA (Sk J Baxter RNR) at Kirkwall, TERJE (Sk C Coultas RNR) at Scapa Flow


30th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers LEICESTER CITY (Ty Lt A R Cornish RNR), LINCOLN CITY (Pbty Ty Lt F A Seward RNR), PRESTON NORTH END (SO, Lt Cdr H M C Sanders RNR), all at Faroes, STOKE CITY (Pbty Ty Lt H D Williams RNR) at Tyne


Minesweeping Group 12 - minesweeping trawlers DOROTHY LAMBERT (Ty Sk G S Wright RNR), GRAMPION (Lt Cdr E A Burton), JAMES LAY (no CO listed), SUMA (Ty Lt J F W Harrison RNVR), all at Aberdeen


Minesweeping Group 19 - minesweeping trawlers ACHROITE (Sk G W H Mortlock RNR), CLEVELLA (Ty Sk R Sandham RNR), FILEY BAY (no CO listed), MONIMIA (Pbty Sk J Watt RNR), all at Peterhead


Minesweeping Group 38 - minesweeping trawlers LORD ASHFIELD (Ty Sk C H Grimmer RNR) at Peterhead, ROBERT STROUD (Sk W W Cockrill RNR) at Aberdeen


Minesweeping Group 69 - minesweeping trawler ORMONDE (Actg Sk W T Couall RNR) at Aberdeen


Minesweeping Group 70 – minesweeping trawlers CHRYSOLITE (no CO listed), CRAIGCOILLEACH (Sk G Geddes RNR) at Peterhead, LIGNY (Ty Sk D S Summers RNR), RESMILO (no CO listed), all but one at Aberdeen


Minesweeping trawlers (ungrouped) – minesweeping trawlers ELDORADO (Ty Sk A Christy RNR), NEWHAVEN N B (Ty Sk A E Youngman RNR), both at Aberdeen


Minesweeping drifters - BOY JOHN (Ty Sk G H Kersey RNR), NORTHERN LIGHT (Pbty Ty Sk J Jamieson RNR), WINDSOR LAD (Pbty Ty Sk R Corstorphine RNR), all at Aberdeen




Minesweeping Group 34 – minesweeping trawlers CRANEFLY (Sk H B Soames RNR), DANE (Pbty Ty S/Lt H C Hutchinson RNVR), EQUERRY (Pbty Ty Sk R M Buchan RNR), GADFLY (Actg Sk C W Snape RNR), STURTON (Sk W Buchan RNR), all at Dundee


Minesweeping Group 71 – minesweeping trawler SYRIAN (no CO listed) at Dundee


Minesweeping Group 104 – minesweeping trawlers SOUTHERN FIELD (Ty Lt E A Wakefield RNVR), SOUTHERN FOAM (Sk J Thompson RNR) refitting, both at Dundee


Port Edgar


Base ship - LOCHINVAR (Capt W T Phipps Rtd)


Minesweeping Group 60 (Minesweeping Training Flotilla) – minesweeping trawlers BLACKWATER (Ty Lt J A H Lumbus RNVR) at Port Edgar, BOYNE (Ty Lt G F Bryant RNVR) at Port Edgar, COLNE (Lt H Astbury RNR) at Leith, DEE (Lt I Griffiths) at Port Edgar, FOYLE (Ty Lt C S Southcombe RNR) at Port Edgar, GARRY (SO, Lt Cdr A G Ingram DSC Rtd) at Leith refitting, KENNET (Ty Lt W G Lloyd RNR) at Leith, LIFFEY (Lt F C Croughan Rtd) at Leith


Minesweeping Group 62 – minesweeping trawlers CALVINIA (no CO listed), FINTRAY (Ty Sk C Allum RNR), LOCH RANNOCH (Ty Sk H E Ward RNR), TOUCHSTONE (Ty Sk D Casey RNR), all at Port Edgar


Attached paddle minesweeper - AMBASSADOR (Ty Lt J L Lumb RNVR) at Granton refitting




3rd Mine Recovery Flotilla - echo Sounding Yacht EL TOVAR (Ty S/Lt A K Blake RNVR), drifters ACHIEVABLE (Ty Sk W Hayes DSC RNR), YOUNG CLIFF (Ty Sk H N Rogerson RNR), all at Leith




13th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers REIGHTON WYKE (Lt T Conolly RNR), STAFNES (SO, Sk A Flett RNR), THORNWICK BAY (Sk J May RNR), VASCANA (Sk Y Day RNR), all at Granton


38th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers BRIMNESS (Sk W Martin RNR), LADY BERYL (Ch Sk A Liston RNR), STELLA CANOPUS (SO, Sk E J Attridge RNR), VISENDA (Sk C A Collins RNR), all at Granton


7th Minesweeping Flotilla – paddle minesweepers PLINLIMMON (Actg Ty Lt Cdr G P Baker RNVR), QUEEN OF THANET (SO, Actg Ty Cdr S P Herivael RNVR), QUEEN OF KENT (Lt N Psaroudis RNR), RYDE (Ty Lt E T Symons RNVR), SANDOWN (Ty Lt H Runsam RNR), SKIDDAW (Ty Lt R C Jones RNVR, Ty Lt J A Harris RNR from 15 Jan), WESTWARD HO (Ty Lt G B Anderton RNVR), all at Granton


Danlaying yacht - SYLVANA (Ty Lt P McDougall RNR, SO Minesweeping, Granton) at Granton


Danlaying drifters (for duty with 7th Minesweeping Flotilla) - CLAN MACKAY (Ty Sk W P Buchan RNR) at Leith repairing, SNAP (Ty Sk W Bruce RNR) at Granton


Minesweeping Group 32 – minesweeping trawlers COMMITATUS (Sk W White RNR), COMMODATOR (Sk W Limb DSC RNR), HILDENA (Sk W T E Page RNR) damaged, SARGON (Ty Sk C J Watson RNR), all at Granton


Minesweeping Group 33 – minesweeping trawlers BRABANT (Ty Sk J A Armitage RNR), FLANDERS (Ty Sk C Evans RNR), KUNISHI (Sk K S Hawkridge RNR), all at Granton


Minesweeping Group 59 – minesweeping trawlers ANN MELVILLE (Pbty Ty Sk R Cooper RNR), SHANDWICK (Ty Sk D Young RNR), STRATHUGIE (Ty Sk F H Steele RNR), all at Granton


Minesweeping Group 105 – minesweeping trawlers HOVERFLY (Ty Sk G Harwood RNR), LORINDA (Ty Sk J N Hall RNR), RENZO (Ty Sk J O Emmons RNR), RETAKO (Sk P Welsh RNR), all at Granton


Minesweeping Group 106 – minesweeping trawlers ELENA (Sk N Lyle RNR) at Granton, NORTHWARD HO (Sk W Thain RNR) at Rosyth, OLYMPIA (Actg Sk A Cowie RNR) at Rosyth, VALMONT (Actg Sk J Burgess RNR) at Granton, WALLENA (Ty Sk A Taylor RNR) at Granton


North Shields


8th Minesweeping Flotilla – paddle minesweepers GLEN AVON (Actg Ty Lt Cdr A Stubbs RNR), GLEN GOWER (SO, Actg Cdr M A O Biddulph), GLEN USK (Ty Lt Cdr N F Wills RNVR), LAGUNA BELLE (Actg Ty Lt Cdr A O Foden RNR), MEDWAY QUEEN (Ty Lt A T Cook DSC RNR), SNAEFELL (Actg Ty Lt Cdr F Brett RNR), SOUTHSEA (Actg Ty Lt Cdr C C M Pawley RNR), THAMES QUEEN (Actg Ty Lt Cdr J Martin-Smith DSC RNR), all at North Shields


Minesweeping Group 54 - minesweeping trawlers ALEXANDER SCOTT (Ty Sk C H Winter RNR), DAVID OGILIVIE (Sk K B Taylor RNR), HARRY MELLING (Ty Lt T Doyles RNVR), NODZU (no CO listed), all at North Shields


Minesweeping Group 63 - minesweeping trawlers ALBERIC (Ty Lt F G Cousins RNVR), CEYLONITE (Ty S/Lt W G Harding RNVR), JOHN STEPHEN (Ty Sk W R H Stewart RNR), SWAN II (Sk G H Goodison RNR), all at North Shields


Minesweeping Group 68 - minesweeping trawlers CHASSIRON (Ty S/Lt W K Lewis RNVR), GENERAL BOTHA (Ty Lt C C Vacher RNVR), LORD DARLING (Ty Sk H Claxton RNR), REHEARO (Sk Lt J T Watson RNR Rtd), all at North Shields


Minesweeping Group 107 - minesweeping trawlers ARTEGAL (Ty Sk J T T Williams RNR), CLIFTON (Lt Cdr D G Mason RNR), NEW COMET (Ty Sk A H Barratt RNR) at Tyne beached, WITHAM (Sk A S Farr DSM RNR), all but one at North Shields


Minesweeping Group 108 - minesweeping trawlers BADINAGE (Ch Sk J Walton RNR), BEN TORC (Lt R H Corbold RCNVR) at Hartlepool refitting, GAROLA (Ty Sk P J May RNR), STAR OF DEVERON (Ty Lt R A A Robertson RNVR), all but one at North Shields




Minesweeping Group 1 - minesweeping trawlers HAWTHORN (Ty Lt E T Symons RNVR), LILAC (Sk H C Salter RNR), SYCAMORE (Ty Sk H R Pook RNR), WILLOW (Ty Lt G L Fetherstonehaugh RNVR), all at Hartlepool


Minesweeping Group 23 - minesweeping trawlers BEN DEARG (Sk G W Clarkson RNR), PICTON CASTLE (Ty Lt H R Allen RNR), POINTZ CASTLE (Ty Lt F C Newell RNVR), all at Hartlepool


Minesweeping Group 41 - minesweeping trawlers MILFORD EARL (Ty Lt J S Neate RNVR), PHINEAS BEARD (Sk W W McRuvie RNR), TEROMA (Ty Lt W M Morrison RNVR) repairing to comp 17 Jan, WILLIAM CALE (Ty Sk C E Gornall RNR), all at Hartlepool


Minesweeping Group 148 - minesweeping trawlers EILEEN DUNCAN (Ty Lt J W Brown RNR), MAJORIE M HASTIE (Ty Lt R T Gilling RNR), both at North Shields


Minesweeping drifters - BOY ALEX (Sk J Morrison RNR), LIZZIE BIRREL (Ty Sk S E Tate RNR), REFRACTION (Sk J W Howard RNR), all at Hartlepool





Adm the Hon Sir Reginald A R Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax KCB, DSO


Base ship, Chatham - PEMBROKE


Heavy cruiser - LONDON (Capt R M Servaes CBE) at Chatham refitting to comp 10 Feb


Captain D, Nore Command (Capt T E Halsey DSO)


16th Destroyer Flotilla - MACKAY (Lt Cdr E Adams Rtd) at Plymouth reboilering to comp in Mar, MONTROSE (Cdr C R L Parry) at Chatham repairing to comp Jun, VORTIGERN (Lt Cdr R S Howlett) arr Sheerness 1 Jan, WALPOLE (Comm Eng T F Clunn, Lt Cdr J H Eaden from 14 Mar) at London repairing to comp in mid Mar, WHITSHED (Lt Cdr W A Juniper) dep Sheerness 31 Dec for Scapa Flow, arr 1 Jan, WINDSOR (Lt Cdr G P Huddart) at Chatham repairing to comp on 24 Apr, WORCESTER (Lt Cdr E C Coats) arr Harwich 31 Dec, escort destroyers COTSWOLD (Lt Cdr P J Knowling) arr Harwich 26 Dec, EGLINTON (Cdr E F V Dechaineux RAN) arr Harwich 29 Dec, EXMOOR (Lt Cdr R T Lampard) dep Rosyth 24 Dec, QUORN (Lt Cdr G E Fardell) arr Harwich 27 Dec, SOUTHDOWN (Cdr E R Conder DSC, G N Loriston-Clarke from 5 Feb) at Scapa Flow


20th Destroyer Flotilla

40th Division - ICARUS (Lt Cdr C D Maud), INTREPID (Cdr R C Gordon DSO), both arr Scapa Flow 1 Jan


Destroyers repairing - EXPRESS (Lt Cdr F J Cartwright from 22 Jul 41) to comp 30 Sep, IMPULSIVE (Lt Cdr W S Thomas DSC) to comp 5 Jan, both at Humber repairing


21st Destroyer Flotilla - CAMPBELL (Capt C T M Pizey) at Chatham, VANESSA (Lt Cdr E A Stocker DSC) at Sheerness, VIVACIOUS (Lt Cdr P A R Withers, Withers to AVONVALE on 14 Jan, VIVACIOUS commanded by Lt Cdr R Alexander on 11 Jul) at Hull repairing until 31 Jul, repairs delayed due to damage in bombing raids in 1941, escort destroyers CATTISTOCK (Lt Cdr R A Ewing) at Chatham repairing to comp 4 Jan, GARTH (Lt Cdr E H Dyke) arr Rosyth 31 Dec, HOLDERNESS (Lt Cdr D E Holland-Martin DSC, Cdr F J C Halahan DSC from 31 Jan) arr Harwich 27 Dec, PYTCHLEY (Lt Cdr H Unwin) at Sheerness


Destroyers - VERSATILE (Cdr J H Jauncey Rtd) arr Rosyth 31 Dec, VIMY (Lt Cdr D J B Jewitt) arr Portsmouth 31 Dec, escort destroyers HAMBLEDON (Lt (Eng) S J Rutland) at Chatham repairing to comp 5 May (Lt Cdr J R Barnes), MENDIP (Lt Cdr G N Rolfe DSC) at Tyne repairing to comp on 17 Feb


1st Anti-Submarine Striking Force – patrol sloops MALLARD (Lt H I S White RNR) at Chatham repairing to comp May, PINTAIL (Lt J H Atkinson Rtd, Lt J L E McClintock from 5 Feb) at London repairing to comp mid Feb, PUFFIN (Lt H Kirkwood) at Sunderland, SHELDRAKE (Cdr Hon. V M Wyndham-Quin Rtd E H Hopkinson OBE from 30 Jan) at Harwich 31 Dec


2nd Anti-Submarine Striking Force – patrol sloops GUILLEMOT (Lt Cdr H M Darrell-Brown, Lt W S Donald DSC from 28 Jan) arr 29 Dec, SHEARWATER (Lt Cdr P F Powlett, Lt R C Egan from 20 Jan) arr 25 Dec, WIDGEON (Lt Cdr R Frederick) arr 30 Dec, all arr Harwich


Unallocated - escort destroyers COTTESMORE (Lt Cdr J C A Ingram) at Clyde, to dep to work up at Scapa Flow, MEYNELL (Lt Cdr W H Farrington) arr Scapa Flow to work up 1 Jan, corvette PRIMULA (Lt Cdr J H Fuller RNR) arr Harwich 26 Dec


Norwegian destroyer - DRAUG (Lt T Holthe RNorN and Norwegian crew) at Humber undergoing refit


Patrol sloop - KITTIWAKE (Lt Cdr K G Tucker OBE RNR) at Sheerness repairing to comp 18 Jan


Motor torpedo boat base ships - BEEHIVE (Cdr R H McBean DSO, DSC Rtd) at Felixstowe, MIDGE (Cdr E R Lewis DSO, DSC) at Yarmouth


1st Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - VULCAN (Lt H B Blinks) arr Portsmouth 26 Dec, MTB.14 (Lt E A Hamilton-Hill Rtd) at Felixstowe, MTB.18 (SO, Lt J T Mannooch) at Lowestoft, MTB.71, MTB.72, both to join on comp of repairs


4th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - MTB.22 (SO, Lt Cdr A B Cole DSC) at Harwich, MTB.29 (Lt C A James) at Harwich, MTB.30 (Ty Lt P McG Corsar RNVR) at Harwich, MTB.31 (Lt D Jermain) at Felixstowe, MTB.32 (Lt R A Ellis) arr Harwich 25 Dec, MTB.34 (Lt H L Lloyd) at Harwich, MTB.69, MTB.70, both to join on comp of repairs.


10th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - MTB.67 (Lt C G Anderson) at Felixstowe, MTB.68 (Lt D C Souter RNVR) at Glasgow, MTB.215 (S/Lt R M Rickards RNVR) at Liverpool, MTB.213 (Lt G L Cotton RNVR), MTB.214 (Lt Cdr E C Peake, SO 10th MTB Flotilla), both to join on comp of repairs, MTB.216, MTB.217, both to join on comp, 3 Jan and 7 Jan respectively. Then Flotilla allocated to Commander in Chief, Mediterranean.


Motor torpedo boats - MTB.104 at Greenock, MTB.107 at Sheerness, both out of service.


Sloops - LUPIN (civilian crew) at Portsmouth, Dutch FLORES (Dutch crew) at Chatham, GRUNO (Dutch crew) at London refitting


Minelayers - Dutch NAUTILUS at Sheerness, MEERLANT at Chatham (Dutch crews)


Gunboat - LOCUST (Lt J W Ryland) at Tilbury repairing to comp 7 Jan


Monitor - EREBUS (Capt H F Nalder) dep Tilbury 21 Dec


Survey ships (temporarily operated by Rear Admiral Minelaying) - FRANKLIN (Cdr C W Sabine OBE, H P Price DSO from Feb) at London repairing, GULNARE (Lt J M Sharpey-Schafer) at Rosyth, SCOTT (Cdr K St. B Collins) at Belfast.


6th Minesweeping Flotilla - GOSSAMER (Lt Cdr A D H Jay) arr 2 Jan, HALCYON (Actg Ty Lt Cdr H Harding RNR) at Middlesbrough repairing to comp Apr 41, HARRIER (SO, Cdr E P Hinton DSO, MVO) ar 5 Jan, HUSSAR (Lt Cdr D H P Gardiner DSC), SPEEDWELL (Cdr F R G Maunsell Rtd), all but one arr or at Harwich


Humber Command

Vice Adm R V Holt CB, DSO


Base ship, Grimsby - BEAVER (Capt R C Mayne Rtd)


Minelayers - PLOVER (Lt Cdr R H Johnson) at Humber refitting to comp 18 Jan, TEVIOTBANK (Cdr R D King-Harman DSO, DSC Rtd) arr Humber 18 Dec


5th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla (when formed to consist of MTB.41-MTB.48 inclusive, based at Yarmouth) - MTB.41 (Lt Cdr J C Cole), MTB.42 (Lt E G N Bremner), both to join on comp of repairs, MTB.43 to comp 13 Jan, MTB.44 on 1 Apr, MTB.45 on 21 May, MTB.46 on 23 Jun, MTB.47 on 8 Jul, MTB.48 on 21 Jul


4th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers ELGIN (Lt Cdr G M Baylay DSC) at Harwich, FITZROY (Lt Cdr J J Youngs RNR) at Harwich, NIGER (SO, Cdr R C Haskett-Smith) at Grimsby repairing defects to comp 10 Feb, SALAMANDER (Lt Cdr L J S Ede DSO, Lt Cdr W A Cooke from 22 Jan) at Grimsby, SELKIRK (Lt Cdr A C A C Duckworth) at Grimsby refitting to comp 18 Jan, SUTTON (Lt H S Huval) arr Harwich on 13 Jan


Minesweeping yacht - OMBRA (Capt Minesweeping Humber, Ty Lt R Barber RNR) at Humber


Minesweeping Group 16 - minesweeping trawlers ALAFOSS (Sk C Pollard RNR), LOCH ERIBOL (Ty Sk H W Thurston RNR), LOCH LEVEN (Sk T Donovan RNR), WELLSBACH (Sk W M Main RNR), all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 17 - minesweeping trawlers KURD (Sk E Smith RNR), LOCH ALSH (Sk R Ladds RNR) repairing, ST DONATS (Ty Sk F L A Atkinson RNR), SOLOMON (Sk Lt W J Runcie RNR Rtd), all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 18 - minesweeping trawlers ALDER (Ty Sk A Banks RNR), BEECH (Sk W McRuvie RNR), LAUREL (Sk F G Blockwell RNR), all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 20 - minesweeping trawlers ELBURY (Sk W E Patterson RNR), GOTH (Sk C Sutcliffe RNR), NEGRO (Ty Skiper H Maunder RNR), all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 21 - minesweeping trawlers BRITISH (Sk T Smith RNR), ERITH (Ty Sk H J May RNR), SEAMIST (Ty Sk J R Ball RNR), WITHERNSEA (Ty Sk A Garforth RNR), all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 40 - minesweeping trawlers AKRANES (Ty Lt W A C Harvey RNVR, from 15 Jan), ALMANDINE (Ty Sk S A White RNR), SANDRINGHAM (no CO listed), all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 110 - minesweeping trawlers LUDA LADY (Sk W F Sommers RNR), REMEXO (Ty Sk J V Earl RNR), WAR DUKE (Ty Sk H Lead RNR), all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 111 - minesweeping trawlers RECONO (Actg Ty Sk S Smith RNR) at Grimsby repairing


Minesweeping Group 112 - minesweeping trawlers CAYRIAN (Ty Sk G E Yates RNR), DRUMMER BOY (Ty Sk L Haigh RNR), FAZENTA (Ty Sk A Osborne RNR), VARANIS (Ty Sk D H Ward RNR), all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 113 - minesweeping trawlers BEN MEIDIE (Ty Sk M D G Ketley RNR) at Grimsby, BRACON DENE (Ty Sk H Carmichael RNR) Grimsby, GWENLLIAN (Ty Sk G W Aldan RNR) Humber, ROYALLIEU (Ty Sk R A Wilson RNR) at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 152 - minesweeping trawlers AIGLON (French crew), STRATHBORVE (Ty Sk A G Taylor RNR), both at Grimsby


Minesweeping trawler (ungrouped) - D W FITZGERALD (Ty Sk H Forester RNR) at Grimsby repairing


Minesweeping drifter - BENARCHIE (no CO listed) at Grimsby


Minesweeping attendant Craft - motor attendant craft MAC.6 (ex-MTB.19) at Grimsby


Rescue tugs - SABINE (Ty Lt A A Birnie RNR) at Hull, ST CYRUS (Ty Lt P Allan RNR) at Grimsby




Anti-submarine trawler - L'ATLANTIQUE (French crew) at Hull refitting




Minesweeping trawler - CAPE MELVILLE (Ty Sk G S Peek RNR) at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 10 - minesweeping trawlers ARKWRIGHT (Ty Lt A J W Stead RNVR), MILFORD PRINCESS (Ty Sk J W Cook RNR), MILFORD QUEEN (Ty Sk R H Soanes DSC RNR), all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 11 - minesweeping trawlers CONTENDER (Ty Sk A E Kettless RNR), IRVANA (Sk J L Borrett RNR), NOGI (Lt Cdr J N Caris), SOLON (Ty S/Lt J S Watt RNR), all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 13 - minesweeping trawlers BLIGHTY (Ty Lt H Shaw RNVR), CHARLES DORAN (Ty Sk R R Snape RNR), CLOTHILDE (Ty Lt J D Robinson RNVR), COTSMUIR (Ty Sk W C M Ayres RNR), all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 14 - minesweeping trawlers CARDIFF CASTLE (Ty Sk G F H Frosdick RNR), EPINE (Lt G A de La Rue RCNVR), STAR OF ORKNEY (Sk J Flint RNR), THEIR MERIT (Ty Sk R W Vann RNR), all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 15 - minesweeping trawlers MADDEN (Ty Sk S Amos RNR), PRINCESS MARY (Ty Sk C E Parker RNR), TAMORA (Ty Lt S P Rothon RNVR), all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 31 - minesweeping trawlers BRACON MOOR (Ty Lt H N Somerville RNVR), CARISBROOK (Ty Sk J Moore RNR), CURTANA (Ty Lt A E Bell RNVR), GEORGE ROBB (Ty Sk J Ormerod RNR), all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 114 - minesweeping trawlers ELSIE CAM (Sk D E Coleman RNR), LYBIAN (no CO listed), both at Sheerness, VALESCA (Ty Lt C W S Barnes RNVR) at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 115 - minesweeping trawlers DESIREE (Pbty Sk E L Fiske RNR) at Sheerness, MARANO (Ty Lt J W G Price RNR), ORIZABA (no CO listed), both at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 146 - minesweeping trawlers HORTENSIA (Ty S/Lt J K Turnbull RNVR), ORPHEUS (Lt C L Carroll RNR), PEKEN (Ty Lt H McClelland RNVR) damaged, all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping drifters - FEASIBLE (Sk C C Findlay RNR), JUSTIFIER (Ty Sk R R Russell RNR) repairing, SILVER CREST (Ty Sk A W J Burwood RNR), SWIFT WING (Ty Sk R N J Haylett RNR), all at Yarmouth


Motor minesweeper - MMS.1 at Lowestoft


1st Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.105 at Portland, ML.106 at Yarmouth, ML.107 at Dartmouth repairing, ML.108, ML.110, both at Yarmouth


Echo sounding yacht - ALICIA (Ty S/Lt A R Friggens RNVR) at Humber




Minesweeping Group 7 - minesweeping trawlers EUCLASE (Ty Sk W W Read RNR), LOWTHER (Ty Sk F E Mewse RNR), MEWSLADE (Actg Ty Sk W C Hart RNR), OSAKO (Ty Sk F Burgess RNR), all at Lowestoft


Minesweeping Group 8 - minesweeping trawlers BEN BRACHIE (Sk L P Keable RNR), BEN EARN (Ty Sk W C M Ayres RNR), BEN ROY (Ty Sk C S Larter RNR), KING EMPEROR (no CO listed), all at Lowestoft


Minesweeping Group 9 - minesweeping trawlers BEN GAIRN (Ty Sk C F Curtis RNR), CRAIGMILLAR (Sk T W Doddington RNR), STAR OF PENTLAND (Ty Sk J W Brown RNR), SUNSPOT (Ty Sk J F Gamble RNR), all at Lowestoft


Minesweeping yacht - fast motor boat SUNFLOWER IV (no CO listed) at Lowestoft




11th Motor Launch Flotilla - to consist of ML.187, ML.188, ML.189, ML.190, ML.191, ML.192, ML.193, ML.194 on comp




1st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BASSET (Ty Lt N S Heriot RNVR) at Southend, SAPPHIRE (SO, Cdr W Ireland RNR) at Southend, TOURMALINE (Lt H P Carse RNVR) at Thames, TURQUOISE (Ty Lt V D H Bidwell RNR) at Harwich


11th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers CAPE PORTLAND (Ty Lt A L Cole RNVR), COVENTRY CITY (Pbty Ty Lt T A R Muir RNR), LADY PHILOMENA (Sk A Robinson RNR), LE TIGRE (Ty Lt C A Hoodless RNR), all at Harwich


18th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers ELSE RYKENS (SO, Sk W B Cowie RNR), NEIL MACKAY (Sk A H Buck RNR), PAUL RYKENS (Sk W C King RNR) at Brightlingsea refitting, PETER HENDRIKS (Sk G Bryan RNR), all but one at Harwich


19th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers AGATE (Pbty Ty Lt L H Cline RNR), GREEN FLY (Pbty Ty Lt R F Pembry RNR) at Southend, KINGSTON OLIVINE (Lt G W Gregorie RNR), LORD PLENDER (Ch Sk J M T Brebner RNR), all but one at Harwich


Minesweeping yachts - LEXA (Capt Minesweeping, Ty Lt V E Bowyer DSC RNVR), minesweeping fast motor boat LONDON PRIDE (no CO listed), both at Harwich


Danlaying vessel - MADELINE (no CO listed) at Harwich


12th Minesweeping Flotilla – paddle minesweepers DUCHESS OF FIFE (Actg Ty Lt Cdr J Anderson RNR) at Hull refitting, DUCHESS OF ROTHESAY (Ty Lt G W S Goss RNVR) at Lowestoft, LORNA DOONE (Ty Lt T W Sherrin RNVR) at Harwich, MARMION (Ty Lt D MacFarlane RNR) at Lowestoft, ORIOLE (Actg Ty Lt Cdr H W C Hyde RNR) at Hull refitting, PRINCESS ELIZABETH (Ty Lt C J Carp DSC RNVR) at Harwich, QUEEN EMPRESS (SO, Actg Cdr K F Boxall) at Harwich


30th Minesweeping Flotilla - danlaying trawlers SHILA (Ty Sk J R Walker RNR), SHOVA (Ty Sk F Broadley RNR) at Wivenhoe, SIGNA (Ty Sk A H Button RNR), SILVA (SO, Ty Sk C R Tombs RNR), SPINA (Ty Sk G D Greening RNR), all but one at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 4 – minesweeping trawlers BERBERIS (Ty S/Lt T Costley RNVR), CASWELL (no CO listed), CORENA (Ty Sk A E Fisher RNR), STELLA LEONIS (Lt T R Walker RNR), all at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 5 – minesweeping trawlers LORD MELCHETT (Ty Lt J A Simson DSC RNVR), STELLA RIGEL (Sk W I Phillips RNR), both at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 56 – minesweeping trawlers MARCONI (Ty Sk G Noble RNR) at Lowestoft, STOUR (Ty Sk G H Smith RNR), TRANIO (Ty Lt A L Gillies RNR), both at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 58 - minesweeping trawlers EDWARD WALMSLEY (Ty Sk J F Whitley RNR) at Harwich, RED GAUNTLET (no CO listed) at Harwich, TEHANA (Ty S/Lt T Sims-Hilditch RNVR) at Tilbury, THOMAS LEEDS (Lt Cdr H Hardy RNVR) at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 116 - minesweeping trawlers CORDELA (Ty Sk A Hales RNR), EARL KITCHENER (Sk T Smith RNR), RAYMONT (Ty S/Lt J A Hallsworth RNVR), WAR WING (Sk W J Foale RNR), all at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 117 - minesweeping trawlers EARL ESSEX (Sk Lt E C Rose RD RNR) at Sheerness, EXYAHNE (Ty Sk W A George RNR) at Harwich, STAUNCH (Sk J Donaldson RNR) at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 118 - minesweeping trawlers ETRUSCAN (Actg Ty Lt E G A Bell RNVR), WILLIAM STEPHENS (no CO listed), both at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 119 - minesweeping trawlers CHARLES VAILLANT (French crew) at Hull, ROSEMONDE (French crew), TORNADO (Ty Sk H A Hodds RNR), both at Harwich


Minesweeping drifters - ASCONA (Sk S Beckett RNR), SILVER SEAS (Ty Sk S Burrows RNR), both at Harwich 




Motor launch training boats - ML.103 at Chatham, ML.177 Thames ER Training (note: abbreviation not known), ML.1024 at Chatham




Minesweeping yachts - ARONIA (Capt Minesweeping, Ty Lt J S Roe RNVR) at Sheerness, fast motor boat SYLPH (no CO listed) at Tilbury repairing


Minesweeping Group 2 - minesweeping trawlers FORCE (Ty Sk S S Young RNR) repairing, LARCH (Actg Sk A H V Winfield RNR), both at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 3 - minesweeping trawlers BERNARD SHAW (Sk W H Thorpe RNR) at Sheerness, EDWARDIAN (Ty Sk J McCann RNR) at Ramsgate, MILFORD PRINCE (Actg Ty Sk E W Goldspink RNR) at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 30 - minesweeping trawlers FIREFLY (Ty Sk E A Runnquist RNR), PETER CAREY (Sk E G Catchpole RNR), ST OLIVE (Ty Sk G W Sherwood RNR), WINDWARD HO (Ty Sk S Johnson RNR), all at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 120 - minesweeping trawlers ARCTIC HUNTER (Cdr J H Young Rtd) at Sheerness, RESOLVO (no CO listed) at Thames repairing


Minesweeping Group 121 - minesweeping trawlers DAROGAH (Ty Sk J Harrison RNR), FENTONIAN (Sk F P Hamilton RNR), NORSE (Ty Sk J T Salter RNR), SUNLIGHT (Sk R Stephenson RNR) repairing, all at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 122 - minesweeping trawlers AVOLA (Ty Sk T Meadows RNR) at Harwich, CAPRICORNUS (no CO) beached at Sheerness, sunk 7 Dec 40, DELPHINIUS (Ty Sk A V Roberts RNR) at Sheerness repairing, FORT ROBERT (Sk J T Ornsby RNR) at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 124 - minesweeping tugs SALVO (Ty Sk A H Simpson RNR), SERVITOR (Lt N L Pickersgill RCNVR), SHAKO (Actg Sk A Lawrence RNR) repairing, SOLITAIRE (Ty Sk W C Spilligs RNR), all at Sheerness


Minesweeping trawlers (ungrouped) - BEN GLAS (Sk G E Craig RNR) at Blackwall repairing, EMILION (Ty Sk C Young RNR) at Sheerness, HEROINE (no CO listed) at Sheerness, LIBERIA (Ty Sk T F Bunce RNR) at Humber, WARDOUR (Sk C J Euston RNR) at Sheerness repairing


Minesweeping drifters - BOY ALAN (Sk E H Crowe DSC RNR), FORERUNNER (Sk S F Wilson RNR), GIRL NANCY (civilian crew) repairing, ITCHEN (no CO listed), PLUMER (Ty Sk J E C Wright RNR), RENASCENT (Sk R E Hannaford RNR), all at Sheerness


Auxiliary anti-aircraft Ships - ARISTOCRAT (Actg Lt Cdr W E Gelling RNR) at Rosyth, BALMORAL (Lt Cdr C B Hoggan RNR) at London, GOLDEN EAGLE (Lt Cdr G T Blake RNR Rtd) at Harwich, ROYAL EAGLE (Ty Lt Cdr E F A Farrow DSC RNR) at Chatham




Minesweeping Group 22 - minesweeping trawlers MOUNT KEEN (Ty Sk C C H Thomas RNR) at Blackwall repairing, OKU (Ty Sk W E Burrows RNR) at Dover


Minesweeping Group 46 - minesweeping trawlers ALEXANDRITE (Ty Sk G D Barker RNR), ANDRADITE (Ty Sk E H Brooks RNR), GULFOSS (no CO listed), WATERFLY (Ch Sk A W Bowles RNR), all at Dover


Minesweeping Group 50 - minesweeping trawlers BOTANIC (Sk A R Lees RNR), BURKE (no CO listed) at Thames refitting, FYLDEA (Ty Sk W J Tiller RNR), MARETTA (Sk C Chamberlain RNR), all but one at Dover


Minesweeping Group 51 - minesweeping trawlers ARLEY (Sk A Duffield RNR), JOHN CATTLING (Sk G R Burwood RNR), both at Dover


Minesweeping Group 61 - minesweeping trawlers ADAM (Ty Sk D Mace RNR) at Tilbury refitting, BROCK (Actg Ty Sk A D Menzies RNR) at Dover, LOIS (Ty Sk C A Evans RNR) at Dover, WIGAN (Lt Cdr J W Thomson RNR) at Rochester repairing


Minesweeping Group 125 - minesweeping trawlers ATHENIAN (Sk J Cowie RNR), KINGSCOURT (Ty Sk E B Morley RNR), RONSO (Ty Sk H G Harris RNR), all at Dover


Minesweeping Group 126 - minesweeping trawlers CLYTHNESS (Ty Sk W F Salenius DSC RNR), ONETOS (no CO listed), both at Dover


Minesweeping drifter - PLAYMATES (Sk G A E Baker RNR) at Dover


Echo sounding yacht - CHICO (Ty S/Lt R C L Greaves RNVR) at Dover


Rescue tug - LADY BRASSEY (no CO listed) at Dover





Adm Sir William M James KCB


Light cruiser - PENELOPE (Lt Cdr A M Harris Rtd, Capt A D Nicholl DSO from 15 Apr) at Tyne repairing to comp 7 Jul


Seaplane tender - PEGASUS (Capt P G Wodehouse DSO Rtd) arr Belfast 7 Dec


Destroyer - BOADICEA (Lt Cdr M W Tomkinson from 11 Jan, Cdr E C L Turner Actg from Feb) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 16 Feb, comp delayed due to mechanical defects


Sloop - BIDEFORD (Lt Cdr W J Moore RNR) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 15 Apr


Captain D, Portsmouth (Capt G F Stevens-Guille DSO, OBE)


1st Destroyer Flotilla

1st Division - escorts destroyers ATHERSTONE (Lt Cdr R F Jenks) at Chatham repairing to comp 11 Jan, BERKELEY (Lt Cdr H G Walters) at Chatham, CLEVELAND (Lt Cdr W S Clouston) at Sheerness, FERNIE (Lt Cdr R M P Jonas DSC) at Portsmouth, TYNEDALE (Lt Cdr H E F Tweedie) at Scapa Flow

2nd Division - destroyer BOREAS (Lt Cdr D H Maitland-Makgill-Crichton) at London repairing to comp on 26 Jan, escort destroyer BLENCATHRA (Cdr H W S Browning) arr Scapa Flow 29 Dec


Attached destroyers - VANOC (Lt Cdr J G W Deneys) at Portsmouth, VANSITTART (Lt Cdr R L S Gaisford) at Plymouth, WITHERINGTON (Lt Cdr J B Palmer) arr Liverpool 27 Dec


5th Submarine Flotilla - shore establishment DOLPHIN at Portsmouth, depot ship DWARF (Cdr E S Felton) at Portsmouth, L.27 (Lt J S Huddart, Lt H N Edmonds from 11 Jan) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 11 Jan, PROTEUS (Lt Cdr I St. G Rich) arr Portsmouth 20 Dec from Mediterranean for refitting to comp 17 Aug 41, SEAWOLF (Lt P L Field) arr Dartmouth on 31 Dec for submarine and anti-submarine training duties, UNBEATEN (Lt E A Woodward) dep Barrow 30 Dec for Dartmouth, UNDAUNTED (Lt H R D'Almaine) arr Clyde 30 Dec


Controlled minelayers - M.1 at Portsmouth, mine destruction vessel MDV.2 at Portsmouth


Motor torpedo boat base ship - HORNET (Capt F H P Maurice Rtd) at Portsmouth


3rd Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla (Training Flotilla) - MTB.24 (Lt R Parkinson), MTB.28 (Lt R L Boddy), MTB.100 (Ty Actg Pbty F L Tomlinson RNVR – note: rank not known), MTB.102 (Ty Lt A T Lennox-Boyd), all at Portsmouth


6th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla (when formed to consist of MTB.35-MTB.38, MTB.57-MTB.60 when comp) - MTB.35-MTB.38 to comp spring 1941, MTB.57-MTB.60 to comp autumn 1941


Motor anti-submarine boat (attached to OSPREY for instructional purposes) - KALAN dep Holyhead 23 Dec for Ardrishaig


1st Motor Anti-submarine Boat Flotilla - MA/SB.1 at Fowey, MA/SB.4 dep Holyhead 23 Dec for Ardrishaig, MA/SB.5 (Lt J D Ritchie) dep Holyhead 23 Dec for Ardrishaig, MA/SB.49 at Dover


4th Motor Anti-submarine Boat Flotilla (these MA/SB's became MGB's in Jan with same numbers)

10th Division - MA/SB.55 (Lt J B R Horne) at Portsmouth

11th Division - MA/SB.54 (Lt A J R Foster) at Portsmouth, MA/SB.56 (Ty Lt H M Cox RNVR), MA/SB.57 (Lt A J T Harris), MA/SB.58 (Lt E M Thorpe, SO), all at Dartmouth

12th Division - MA/SB.53 (Ty S/Lt C A Law RCNVR), MA/SB.59 (Actg S/Lt A D Stairs RCNVR), MA/SB.60, MA/SB.61 dep 1 Jan, MA/SB.52 repairing, all at or dep Portsmouth


5th Motor Anti-submarine Boat Flotilla (these MA/SB's became MGB's with the same numbers in Jan) - MA/SB.16 (Ty Lt R J Chesney RNVR), MA/SB.17 to work up, MA/SB.18 (Lt A J T Harris) to work up when comp 22 May, MA/SB.19 to work up when comp 28 Jul, MA/SB.20 to work up when comp 11 Aug, MA/SB.21 to work up when comp 21 Oct, all at or to Portland


Anti-submarine experimental ship - sloop KINGFISHER (Lt F M Graves) at Clyde


Anti-submarine vessel - sloop FOXGLOVE at Portsmouth in dockyard control


Anti-aircraft Ship - TYNWALD (Actg Capt F T Peters DSO, DSC Rtd from 1 Aug) at Portsmouth fitting out


Vessel for salvage duties - minesweeper TEDWORTH (Lt Cdr C H Warren MBE Rtd) at Portsmouth


Survey ship - CHALLENGER (Cdr W C Jenks OBE) at London repairing


Tug - ST MARTIN (Lt W Smith) at Greenock


Motor launch training boat - ML.101 at Portsmouth


2nd Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.112 at Nore damaged, ML.113 at Portsmouth, ML.114 at Sheerness, ML.116 at Portsmouth, ML.117 at Ramsgate, ML.118 at Gosport repairing, ML.119 at Portsmouth, ML.120 at Portsmouth repairing, ML.171 at Chatham damaged


3rd Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.121, ML.123, ML.126, ML.129, ML.130, ML.132, ML.134, all at Portsmouth, ML.135 at Dartmouth


4th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.122, ML.124, ML.125, ML.128 (Norwegian crews), all at Portland


Motor Launches - ML.1011 at Dartmouth, ML.1030 at Swansea, ML.1032 at Dartmouth, ML.1037 at Swansea, all fitting out


27th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers CAPE PALLISER (Actg Ty Lt D C Hayes RNVR) refitting, KINGSTON AGATE (Actg Ty S/Lt J B Elmsley RCNVR), KINGSTON AMBER (Sk J Flett RNR), KINGSTON CEYLONITE (Ch Sk J S Garnham RNR), KINGSTON CHRYSOBERYL (Ty Lt J H Cooper RNVR), all at Portsmouth


Anti-submarine trawlers (temporarily assigned from Belfast Trawler Force) – ARCTIC PIONEER (S/Lt N J Fuller RNVR), CAMBRIDGESHIRE (Ty Lt G S Woolley RNVR), LORD WAKEFIELD (Lt Cdr M B Sherwood Rtd), all at Portsmouth


Anti-submarine trawler (temporarily assigned from Western Approaches) - AMBROSE PARE (no CO listed) at Portsmouth


81st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts MOLLUSC (Lt Cdr R H Aldworth Rtd) at Blyth, RADIANT (Lt Cdr A J Brewster Rtd), RION (Lt Cdr G R Pretor-Pinney Rtd) outfitting, STAR OF INDIA (Cdr S F Russell Rtd) outfitting, WILNA (Cdr A D D Smyth Rtd), all at Portsmouth


Anti-submarine yachts (temporarily assigned from Falmouth) - MAID MARION (Capt J C J Soutter Rtd), VIVA II (Actg Capt M A Blomfield OBE Rtd), both at Portsmouth


Minesweeping attendant Craft – MAC.7 (ex-MTB.40) at Portsmouth


Minesweeping Group 24 – minesweeping trawlers ACACIA (SO, Cdr R Newman NZRNVR) at Portsmouth, BAY (Lt P Phillips NZRNVR) at Portsmouth, BIRCH (Lt Cdr F G Tidswell NZRNVR) at Portland, DEODAR (Lt Cdr P G Connolly NZRNVR) at Portsmouth, PINE (Lt C G Palmer NZRNVR) at Portland


Minesweeping Group 25 – minesweeping trawlers ASH (SO, Cdr F E Taylor NZRNVR), BLACKTHORN (Lt Cdr J G Hilliard NZRNVR), WALNUT (Lt Cdr G Bridson NZRNVR) repairing, all at Portsmouth


Minesweeping Group 29 – minesweeping trawlers DALMATIA (Actg Sk A E Warburton RNR) at Southampton refitting, DARTHEMA (SO, Lt Cdr J C Benson NZRNVR) at Portsmouth, REBOUNDO (no CO listed) at Southampton, RIGHTO (Ty Lt B P A Wing RNR) Portsmouth


Minesweeping Group 55 – minesweeping trawlers CEDAR (S/Lt J P S Cundell), CYPRESS (SO, Lt Cdr G A Lawson Rtd), HOLLY (Ty Lt F Mugford RNR), SYRINGA (Ty Sk W T Ritchie DSC RNR) refitting, all at Portsmouth


Minesweeping trawlers (ungrouped) - IJIUN (Sk J J McKenzie RNR) at Portsmouth, MILFORD DUCHESS (Ty Lt H R P Drane RNVR) at Portsmouth repairing, SAWFLY (Ch Sk W T Harwood RNR) Portland


Minesweeping Group 127 – minesweeping trawlers AVALANCHE (Cdr J W D Powell DSC RD RNR) at Portsmouth, CAPE SPARTEL (Ty Lt J R Grundy RNR) at Portsmouth, MAGNOLIA (Ty Lt J F Foggitt RNVR) at Portsmouth repairing, REGARDO (S/Lt J H Wolfe RNVR) at Southampton repairing


Minesweeping Group 128 – minesweeping trawlers MILFORD KING (Ty Lt C B Sharp RNR), OUR BAIRNS (Sk J H Miller RNR) refitting, both at Portsmouth


Minesweeping Group 115 (VERNON experimental trawlers) – minesweeping trawlers REVELLO (Actg Ty Lt Cdr L C Gilbert RNR) repairing, TOKYO II (S/Lt R J M Eden RNVR), both at Portsmouth


Trawlers (for disposal) - CHERWELL (Ty Lt B L Bremridge RNVR), STRATHCOE (no CO listed), both at Portsmouth


Experimental minesweeping drifters - B T B (Sk J MacIver RNR), DORIENTA (Sk W F Reynolds DSC RNR), FEACO (Lt M Baldock RNVR) repairing, GOLDEN HARVEST (Sk D M Mein DSC RNR), all at Portsmouth


Minesweeping tug (attached to VERNON) - SCYTHE (Ty Lt J C Mason RNVR) at Portsmouth refitting


Echo Sounding Yacht (attached to VERNON) - ESMERALDA (Ty S/Lt C D Callieu RNVR) at Portsmouth


Minesweeping drifters - ARCADY (Ty Sk E W B Norton RNR) at Cowes repairing, BOY PAT (Ty Lt Cdr J Polehampton RNR) at Portsmouth repairing, GILT EDGE (Ty Sk R S Mills RNR) at Portsmouth


Rescue tugs - CAROLINE MOLLER (Ty Lt J H Kennedy RNR) at Falmouth, RESOLVE (Ty Lt C R Baker RNR), STALWART (Lt C B O Shorter RNR Rtd), both at Portsmouth




Anti-submarine trawlers (temporarily assigned from Belfast Trawler Force) - GRIMSBY TOWN (Lt W C Riley RNVR) at Portland, LOCH MONTEITH (Ty Lt K W Richardson RNVR) at Plymouth repairing


Anti-submarine trawler (temporarily assigned from Western Approaches) - MANOR (Sk F Oldman RNR) at Portland


40th Anti-Submarine Group –anti-submarine trawlers HERTFORDSHIRE (Cdr J A Shater Rtd), LA NANTAISE (French crew), OLVINA (Lt Cdr C G Cuthbertson RNR), all at Portland


89th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine yacht CONQUEROR (Lt Cdr E M M McCausland Rtd) at Portsmouth


Motor Launch Training Flotilla - ML.100 at Portsmouth repairing, ML.102 at Holyhead, ML.115 at Southampton repairing


Motor launch training boat - ML.1029 at Portland


Captain Minesweeping Yacht - LEONORA (no CO listed) at Portland


Minesweeping Group 49 – minesweeping trawlers COMPUTATOR (Ch Sk C W H Shearing RNR) at Portland, LADY ENID (Ty Lt J Aikman RNVR) at Portland repairing, NEIL SMITH (Ty Lt J D Hoffman RNVR) at Southampton repairing, T R FERRENS (Lt L A Hill DSC RNR) at Portland repairing


Minesweeping Group 129 –minesweeping trawlers DAMITO (Lt Cdr J C Benson RNVR) at Portsmouth, LORD IRWIN (Lt L L Thornton RNR) at Southampton, LEPHRETO (Ty Lt R G Robinson RNVR) at Portland, OSTA (Sk G Horner RNR) at Portland





Adm Sir Martin E Dunbar-Nasmith VC, KCB


Depot ship, Devonport - DRAKE


Battleship - RAMILLIES (Capt A D Read) at Plymouth refitting to comp 3 Jan


Anti-aircraft ship - AA cruiser CAIRO (Capt P V McLaughlin, Capt I R H Black from 14 Jan) at Tyne repairing to comp 21 Jan


Attached cruisers - heavy cruiser EXETER (Capt W N T Beckett MVO DSO, Capt O L Gordon CB, MVO from 11 Mar 41) at Plymouth repairing to comp 10 Mar, cruiser FROBISHER (Lt W H Calverley, Capt J F W Mudford from 13 Jan 42) at Plymouth rearming to comp 13 Feb 42, light cruisers BELFAST (Commander (Eng) F H Lee, Capt F R Parham from 29 Sep 42) at Plymouth repairing to comp 3 Nov 42, CARDIFF (Capt P K Enright) at Tyne repairing to comp 17 Jan, EMERALD (Capt F C Flynn) at Plymouth about to comp refit begun in late Oct


5th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt Louis Mountbatten) - KELLY (Mountbatten) dep Scapa Flow 24 Dec

9th Division - JUPITER (Cdr N V J P Thew) dep Plymouth 1 Jan for Liverpool, KIPLING (Cdr A St Clair-Ford) arr Plymouth 27 Dec

10th Division - JAGUAR (Lt Cdr J F W Hine) dep Gibraltar 31 Dec, JERSEY (Lt Cdr W Evershed, Lt Cdr A F Burnell-Nugent from 8 Jan) arr Plymouth 30 Dec, KASHMIR (Cdr H A King) arr Plymouth 30 Dec


Destroyers repairing - JACKAL (Cdr C L Firth) at Humber repairing to comp 7 Jan, JAVELIN (Lt (Eng) W B A Wilkinson) at Devonport repairing to comp 28 Dec 41 (Cdr G E Fardell from Oct 41), KELVIN (Cdr J H Allison DSO) at Plymouth repairing


Captain D, Plymouth (Capt A H Maxwell-Hyslop AM)


23rd Destroyer Flotilla - French torpedo boats BOUCLIER (CC R R L Birot from 12 Jan 41) at Plymouth repairing to comp 7 Jan, LA CORDELIΘRE (Cdr R W Stirling-Hamilton, SO ) at Portsmouth repairing, LA FLORE (Lt Cdr J A Burnett) at Portsmouth repairing, LA MELPOMΘNE (L V Favreau) arr Plymouth 15 Dec, L'INCOMPRISE (Lt Cdr J D Hayes) at Portsmouth repairing


Destroyers (unallocated) - VOLUNTEER (Lt Cdr N Lanyon) at Falmouth repairing to comp 15 Jan, French OURAGAN (Polish crew) arr Loch Alsh 1 Jan


Destroyers (ex-American) - BEVERLEY (Cdr E F Fitzgerald Rtd Lt Cdr J Grant from 28 Jan) dep Londonderry 31 Dec, BELMONT (Cdr P J Fitzgerald Rtd) at Cardiff, BRADFORD (Lt Cdr M T Collier) at Londonderry with defects, BURNHAM (Lt Cdr J Bostock) at Belfast repairing to comp 30 Jan, BURWELL (Lt Cdr S R J Woods RNR) at Plymouth repairing to comp 14 Jan, BUXTON (Lt Cdr Earl Beatty Emgcy) at Halifax, CAMERON (Lt P A B Powell) at Portsmouth badly damaged in dry dock, salved on 23 Feb 41 for hull shock tests only, CHESTERFIELD (Lt Cdr E Gleave RNR) at Chatham refitting to comp 25 Jan, CHURCHILL (Cdr G R Cousins DSC) arr Scapa Flow 29 Dec, HAMILTON (Lt Cdr N V Clark Actg RCNR from 25 Jun) at St John, NB repairing to comp 6 Jul, LANCASTER (Lt Cdr N H Whatley) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 11 Jan, LEAMINGTON (Cdr W E Banks DSC, Lt Cdr H G Bowerman DSC from Feb) arr Scapa Flow 29 Dec, LEEDS (Lt Cdr W M L Astwood) at Plymouth refitting to comp 2 Mar, LEWES (Lt Cdr J N K Knight) at Plymouth refitting to comp 28 Mar, LINCOLN (Cdr A M Sheffield, Lt R J Hanson from Feb) arr Scapa Flow 13 Dec, LUDLOW (Cdr G B Sayer) at Plymouth refitting to comp 1 Mar,


continued - MANSFIELD (Cdr J F A T Ulstrup, RNN) at Plymouth refitting to comp 9 Jan, MONTGOMERY (Cdr H F Nash Rtd) at Scapa Flow, NEWARK (Lt Cdr R H W Atkins) at St John, NB, NEWMARKET (Lt Cdr G B O'B Harding) at St John, N B, NEWPORT (Lt Cdr A H P Noble) at Belfast with defects, to Devonport to comp 24 Sep, RAMSEY (Cdr P G Agnew Rtd) at Plymouth refitting to comp 29 Jan, READING (Cdr R Heathcote) at Plymouth repairing to comp 8 Mar, RICHMOND (Lt Cdr A F L Evans) arr Plymouth 31 Dec, RIPLEY (Lt Cdr J A Agnew) arr Plymouth 27 Dec for refit comp 13 Feb, ROCKINGHAM (Cdr L M Shadwell) at Plymouth repairing to comp 22 Feb, ROXBOROUGH (Lt V A Wight-Boycott OBE) arr Plymouth 27 Dec, SALISBURY (Cdr E G A Clifford) arr Belfast 30 Dec, SHERWOOD (Lt Cdr S W F Bennetts) at Portsmouth repairing, in Mar to Devonport, comp 8 Apr, STANLEY (Lt Cdr R B Stannard, VC RNR) at Belfast with defects, WELLS (Lt Cdr E J Lee) at St John, NB repairing to comp 30 Jan, Canadian NIAGARA (A/Cdr E L Armstrong Rtd) at Plymouth repairing to 4 Apr, ST CLAIR (Lt Cdr D C Wallace RCNR) at Clyde


Anti-submarine trawlers (temporarily assigned from Ardrossan) - JASPER (Ty Lt G T S Clampitt RNR), LINCOLNSHIRE (Lt Cdr W K Buckley RNVR), LORD ESSENDEN (Pbty Ty S/Lt M R Thwaites RNVR), all at Plymouth


9th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawler KINGSTON ANDALUSITE (Ch Sk S Hearne RNR) at Brixham


Anti-submarine trawlers - JEAN FREDERICK (French crew) at Plymouth, MANOR (Sk F Oldman RNR) at Portland, NOTRE DAME DE FRANCE (French crew) at Plymouth


Minesweeping Group 28 - minesweeping trawlers CONCERTATOR (Sk G V Abernethey DSC RNR), LOCH BUIE (Ch Sk I Parkinson DSC, RD RNR) repairing, both at Plymouth


Minesweeping Group 52 - minesweeping trawlers BRECON CASTLE (Ch Sk F Armitage RNR) at Plymouth, DORINDA (Ch Sk J S Higgs DSC, RD RNR Rtd) at Dartmouth, RADNOR CASTLE (Lt Cdr C E Duggan RNR) at Plymouth


Minesweeping Group 53 - minesweeping trawlers BEN URIE (Ty Sk G Abram RNR), BILSDEAN (Ty Sk W J Buley RNR), TREVO TERCEIRO (Sk W J Wilcox RNR) at Falmouth, WILLIAM MANNEL (Sk H J Meyer RNR), all but one at Plymouth


Minesweeping Group 130 - minesweeping trawlers BERVIE BRAES (Sk Lt L Lake RNR Rtd) at Falmouth, LORD GREY (Ty Sk W J Kaye RNR) at Plymouth repairing, LUDA LORD (Ty Sk F G w. Banks RNR) at Falmouth refitting


Minesweeping Group 131 - minesweeping trawlers ASAMA (no CO listed), ST MELANTE (Ty Sk W H Winter RNR), both at Plymouth


Minesweeping Group 139 - minesweeping trawler SHERA (Ty Lt R N Simonsen RNR) at Falmouth


Minesweeping Group 144 - minesweeping trawlers HATSUSE (Sk G Stewart RNR), SASEBO (Ty Lt C J Johansen RNR), both at Plymouth


Minesweeping Group 150 – minesweeping trawlers MONIQUE ANDREE (French crew), SWANSEA CASTLE (Ty Sk J Brash RNR), both at Liverpool


Minesweeping trawler (ungrouped) - EDEN (no CO listed) at Plymouth


7th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.153 at Horning, Norfolk Broads,  ML.157 at Dartmouth, ML.159 at Dartmouth, ML.160 at Clyde, ML.155, ML.156, ML.158, ML.161 to join on comp.


Motor launch training boats - ML.104 at Brixham, ML.1039 at Plymouth







Anti-submarine vessels (former Belfast Trawler Force) - anti-submarine trawlers CAPE COMORIN (Ty Lt G V Doubleday RNVR) at Portsmouth, CORNELIAN (Pbty Ty Lt H F Hayes RNVR) at Plymouth, LORD HAILSHAM (Ty Lt A Rosling RNVR) at Plymouth, LORD SNOWDON (Sk G Mc K Sutherland RNR) at Plymouth, LORD STANHOPE (Lt Cdr T A O Ellis RNR) at Plymouth, LORD STONEHAVEN (Lt Cdr H Rowe RNR) at Plymouth, PEARL (Pbty Lt G Pemberton RNR) at Plymouth, RUBY (Ty Lt R P Chapman RNR) at Dartmouth, ST CATHAN (Pbty Ty Lt F Twomey RNR) at Dartmouth, VICTRIX (Ty Lt R R Taylor RNR) at Dartmouth




83rd Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts MAID MARION (Capt J C J Soutter Rtd), VIVA II (Actg Capt M A Blomfield OBE Rtd), both at Portsmouth


Minesweeping Group 57 - minesweeping trawlers OCEAN VIEW (Ty Sk G W Mileham RNR), ROCHEBONNE (Ch Sk W R Settlefield RNR) at Plymouth, SIR JOHN LISTER (Sk W Jappy RNR), TRANQUIL (Ty Sk J Enevoldsen RNR), all but one at Falmouth


Minesweeping Group 119 - minesweeping trawler MOONRISE (Sk E G Gibbs RNR) at Plymouth


10th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.179, ML.180, ML.181, ML.182, ML.183, ML.184, ML.185, ML.186 when comp


Rescue tug - ZWARTE ZEE (no CO listed) at Falmouth repairing







86th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts HINIESTA (Cdr H H Horley RNR Rtd) at Swansea, MIGRANTE (Lt Cdr E G Ball Rtd) at Swansea, ORACLE (Cdr T C C Bolsten DSC Rtd) at Cardiff, TORRENT (Cdr M W Noel Rtd) at Bowling refitting


Minesweeping trawlers (ungrouped) - COMMILES (Ty Lt W F Watson RNR), DARNETT NESS (Pbty Ty S/Lt J G Wood DSM RNVR), both at Swansea


Minesweeping Group 132 - minesweeping trawlers COURTIER (Ty Lt G Ashton DSC RNVR) at Milford Haven repairing, ERIMO (Sk T Catchpole RNR) at Swansea, GEORGETTE (Sk S Duffield RNR) at Milford Haven, INVERFORTH (Ty Sk H J Self RNR) at Swansea


Minesweeping Group 133 - minesweeping trawlers AKITA (Actg Sk J Goodman RNR), TEWARA (Skippr J Smith DSC RNR), both at Swansea


Minesweeping Group 135 - minesweeping trawlers SILJA (Ty Sk J W Fry RNR), SOUTHERN CHIEF (Sk H C Bidle RNR) at Milford Haven, SUMBA (Sk J S James RNR), SVEGNA (Ty Lt F P Maitland RNVR), all but one at Swansea


Minesweeping Group 147 - minesweeping trawlers GASTON RIVIERE (French crew), PERDRANT (French crew) at Fishguard, ROCHE VELEN (French crew), ROSETTE (Ty Sk F D E Mills RNR), all but one at Swansea


Minesweeping drifters - ALCOR (Ty Sk A Chipperfield RNR), PARAMOUNT (Sk C E Blowers RNR), both at Swansea


Milford Haven


8th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers DERBY COUNTY (Sk W J P Soloman RNR), HUDDERSFIELD TOWN (Lt Cdr J G C Gibson Rtd), LEEDS UNITED (Lt Cdr H L Williams RNVR), YORK CITY (Sk W Tucker RNR), all at Milford Haven


11th Minesweeping Flotilla - paddle minesweepers GOATFELL Pbty Ty Lt J H Berry RNR), HELVELLYN (Ty Lt P D Baker RNVR), JEANIE DEANS ( SO ) repairing, SCAWFELL (Actg Ty Lt Cdr J McLinden RNR), all at Milford Haven


Minesweeping Group 26 - minesweeping trawlers ALMOND (no CO listed) at Milford Haven, FIR (Actg Ty Sk A Wood RNR) at Falmouth, MANGROVE (Ty Lt F J S Crawford RNVR) at Milford Haven, OLIVE (Ty Lt R Turner RNVR) at Milford Haven, ROWAN (Ty Lt R O Moore RNVR) at Falmouth


Minesweeping Group 64 – minesweeping trawlers ANDYK, BLOEMENDAAL repairing, MARIA R OMMERING, ROTTERDAM (Dutch crews), all at Milford Haven


Minesweeping drifter - HOSANNA (Pbty Ty Sk F S Johnson RNR) at Milford Haven


8th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.162, ML.165, ML.168, all at Milford Haven, ML.163, ML.164, ML.166, ML.167 to join on comp


Harbour tugs - GONDIA (no CO listed), JAVA (Lt Cdr K M Drake RNR), both at Milford Haven


RAF Rescue Service - motor anti-submarine boats MA/SB.8, MA/SB.12, both at Milford Haven


Rescue tugs - GOLIATH, SEINE (no COs listed), both at Milford Haven




Anti-submarine yacht - LADY BLANCHE (Ty Lt M J Rowlands RNVR) at Holyhead refitting


Minesweeping Group 66 - minesweeping trawler ALMA, BERGEN, DIRKJE, EVELINE, EWALD (Dutch crews) all at Holyhead


Minesweeping Group 67 - minesweeping trawlers CLAESJE, JACQUELINE CLASINE, NOORDVAARDER at Milford Haven, UIVER, YMUIDEN (Dutch crews), all but one at Holyhead


5th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.137 at Dartmouth, ML.138 at Dartmouth, ML.139 at Dartmouth, ML.141 at Brixham, ML.142 at Hamble, ML.144 at Portsmouth, ML.140, ML.143 to join on comp


Rescue tug - AMSTERDAM (no CO listed) Holyhead







Captain D, Liverpool (Capt E B K Stevens DSO, DSC)


5th Escort Group - destroyers CALDWELL (Lt Cdr E M Mackey DSC RNR) dep Liverpool 29 Dec, WALKER (Lt Cdr A A Tait, Cdr D G F W MacIntyre DSO from Feb) at Cardiff repairing, WESTCOTT (Lt Cdr W F R Segrave, Cdr I H Bockett-Pugh from Feb) dep Londonderry 30 Dec, WIVERN (Cdr M D C Meyrick) at Liverpool repairing to comp 14 Jan, corvettes BLUEBELL (Lt Cdr R E Sherwood RNR) dep Liverpool 29 Dec, CANDYTUFT (Lt Cdr F B Collinson RNR Rtd) dep Liverpool 29 Dec, HONEYSUCKLE (Lt Cdr G W Gregorie RNR) arr Liverpool 23 Dec


6th Escort Group - destroyer BRIGHTON (Cdr C W V T S Lepper Rtd) arr Portland 27 Dec, CHELSEA (Lt Cdr R D H S Pankhurst) at Liverpool repairing to comp 17 Jan, VERITY (Cdr R H Mills) at Londonderry repairing to comp 6 Jan, then to Belfast to comp repairs on 5 Mar, VETERAN (Cdr W T Couchman OBE) arr Londonderry 27 Dec with damage, WOLVERINE (Lt Cdr J M Rowland) arr Liverpool 27 Dec, corvettes ARBUTUS (Lt Cdr H Lloyd-Williams RNVR) dep Liverpool 1 Jan, CAMELIA (Lt Cdr A E Willmott RNR) arr Liverpool 27 Dec, COLUMBINE (Lt L A Sayers RNR) arr Lyness 28 Dec with damage, DELPHINIUM (Cdr R L Spalding Rtd) arr Liverpool 25 Dec, PRIMROSE (Lt Cdr C B Sanders RNVR) at Tyne refitting


7th Escort Group - destroyers CAMPBELTOWN (Lt I W T Beloe) at Liverpool repairing damage to comp 28 Mar, CLARE (Lt Cdr C Gwinner) at Portsmouth refitting to comp 28 Jan, WANDERER (Cdr A F St G Orphen) at Liverpool refitting to comp 21 Jan, WARWICK (Lt Cdr M A G Child) at Liverpool repairing until 9 Mar 42, WILD SWAN (Lt Cdr C E L Sclater) arr Liverpool 29 Dec, WITCH (Lt Cdr J R Barnes) arr Liverpool 27 Dec, corvettes CAMPANULA (Lt Cdr R V E Case DSC RNR) arr Liverpool 29 Dec, FLEUR DE LYS (Cdr E H Hopkinson OBE Rtd) arr Liverpool 29 Dec, GARDENIA (Lt Cdr H Hill RNR) arr Liverpool 29 Dec, NASTURTIUM (Lt Cdr J F C Bartley RNR) at Cardiff repairing to comp 31 Jan, PERIWINKLE (Lt Cdr P G MacIver RNR) arr Liverpool 26 Dec


8th Escort Group - destroyers CASTLETON (Cdr F H E Skyrme Rtd) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 22 Feb, VANQUISHER (Lt A P W Northey DSC, Cdr N V Dickinson DSC from Feb) arr Liverpool 28 Dec, VISCOUNT (Lt Cdr M S Townsend OBE, DSC) dep Londonderry 30 Dec, WHITEHALL (Lt Cdr A B Russell) arr Liverpool 28 Dec, WINCHELSEA (Lt Cdr W A F Hawkins DSC) arr Liverpool 28 Dec, corvettes GENTIAN (Lt Cdr R O Yeomans RD RNR) dep Liverpool 26 Dec, HIBISCUS (Lt Cdr C G Cuthbertson DSC RNR) arr Tilbury 31 Dec, RHODODENDRON (Lt Cdr W N M Faichney RNR) dep Liverpool 26 Dec


9th Escort Group – destroyers HARVESTER (Lt Cdr M Thornton DSC) dep Londonderry 25 Dec, HAVELOCK (Cdr E H Thomas) at Tyne refitting to comp 20 Jan, HESPERUS (Cdr D G F W MacIntyre, Lt Cdr A A Tait from 14 Feb) at Liverpool repairing to comp 10 Jan, HIGHLANDER (Cdr W A Dallmeyer, Cdr S Boucher from 14 Jan) dep Londonderry 25 Dec, HURRICANE (Lt Cdr H C Simms) at Liverpool repairing to comp 27 Jan,


Liverpool Sloop Division - sloops ABERDEEN (Cdr B J de St Croix) arr Liverpool 26 Dec, DEPTFORD (Lt Cdr G A Thring DSO) arr Liverpool 23 Dec, ENCHANTRESS (Lt Cdr A E T Christie) at London repairing to comp mid Jan, FOLKESTONE (Lt Cdr C F H Churchill) dep Clyde 29 Dec, LEITH (Cdr R C Allen) dep Gibraltar 29 Dec, ROCHESTER (Cdr G F Renwick) Lt Cdr C B Allen from 16 Jan) arr Liverpool 29 Dec, SANDWICH (Lt Cdr R C Gervers) at Tilbury repairing, SCARBOROUGH (Cdr N V Dickinson) Lt A P W Northey DSC from 22 Mar) dep Liverpool 28 Dec, WELLINGTON (Cdr I H Bockett-Pugh) arr Liverpool 31 Dec


Destroyers (unallocated) - VENOMOUS (Cdr H P Henderson DSO) dep Clyde 29 Dec, WATCHMAN (Lt Cdr E C L Day) arr Greenock 24 Dec


Corvettes (unallocated) - FREESIA (Ty Lt L J Simpson RNR) at Greenock, HYDRANGEA (Lt J E Woolfenden RNR) at Glasgow, KINGCUP (Lt R A D Cambridge RNR) at Belfast, LARKSPUR (Lt S C B Hickman RNR) at Paisley, PIMPERNEL (Lt F H Thornton RNR) at Belfast, SNAPDRAGON (Lt Cdr E C Hulton) arr Harwich 30 Dec, TULIP (Lt Cdr A Wilkinson RNR) at Cardiff repairing, VERBENA (Lt Cdr D A Rayner DSC RNVR) arr Tobermory 23 Dec


88th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts ALTAIR (Cdr D H Rainier) at Liverpool repairing, EVADNE (Lt Cdr T C Bowstead Rtd), VIRGINIA (Cdr S H S Moxly Rtd), ZAZA (Cdr W H Austin RNR Rtd), all but one at Birkenhead


Anti-submarine trawler - KINGSTON CHRYSOLITE (Ty Lt R L Green RNVR) dep Gibraltar 29 Dec for Liverpool


Fast minesweeper - JAN VAN GELDER (Dutch crew) at Liverpool


Minesweeping trawlers (ungrouped) - DOON (Ty Lt J V Bullen RNVR), HORNBEAM (Ty Lt A G Mathews RNVR), both at Birkenhead, RICHARD CROFT (Ty Sk R H Maulkinson RNR) at Holyhead


Minesweeping Group 136 - minesweeping trawlers RELONZO (Ty Sk A E Slater RNR), RESTRIVO (Ty Lt L H Hill RNVR), RUNSWICK BAY (Ty S/Lt S Sparrow RNVR), SATA (Ty Sk Tomlinson RNR), all at Birkenhead


Minesweeping Group 138 - minesweeping trawlers AGNES WICKFIELD (Actg Lt Cdr H I McIver RNVR), CADORNA (Sk Lt E C Rowe RNR), DARWEN (Ty Lt T H Howarth RNVR), all at Birkenhead, THE ROMAN (Sk Lt A Girling RNR Rtd) at Holyhead


Minesweeping Group 149 - minesweeping trawlers ANTIOCH II, NAZARETH (French crews), both at Birkenhead


Minesweeping Trawlers (ungrouped) – EBOR WYKE (Actg Ty Sk T E Olgeirsson, RRN), VARANGA (Ty Lt G C Crowley RNVR) both at Liverpool refitting


Minesweeping drifter - OCEAN VIM (Ty Sk W E Nightingale RNR) at Birkenhead




Minesweeping Group 65 - minesweeping trawlers CAROLINE, GERBERDINA JOHANNA, HERCULES, LIBRA, VIKING BANK (Dutch crews), all at Barrow






Vice Adm B C Watson CB, DSO Rtd


Base ship - ORLANDO


Captain D, Greenock (Capt D K Bain)


3rd Escort Group - destroyers AMAZON (Lt Cdr N E G Roper) dep Clyde 30 Dec, AMBUSCADE (Lt Cdr R A Fell) dep Greenock 30 Dec, ARROW (Cdr H W Williams, A J Baker-Creswell from 8 Jan, R E Hyde Smith from Feb) at Clyde repairing to comp 4 Jan, Polish destroyers BLYSKAWICA at Greenock repairing to comp 7 Jan, BURZA (Cdr Janowi Tchorznickiemu, from 22 Jan Cdr Zbigniew Wojewodzki) at Clyde repairing to comp 27 Jan, French sloop CHEVREUIL (L V Fourlinnie) at Clyde, corvettes CROCUS (Lt Cdr E Wheeler RNR) arr Liverpool 28 Dec with damage, HEARTSEASE (Lt Cdr F B Proudfoot Rtd) dep Clyde 29 Dec, HOLLYHOCK (Lt T E Davies OBE RNR) dep Greenock 29 Dec, MARGUERITE (Lt Cdr A N Blundell RNR) dep Clyde 30 Dec


4th Escort Group - destroyers ACHATES (Lt Cdr Viscount Jocelyn) at Clyde repairing to comp 31 Jan, ACTIVE (Cdr E C L Turner, M W Tomkinson from Feb) arr Greenock 1 Jan, ANTELOPE (Lt Cdr R T White DSO) arr Greenock 1 Jan, ANTHONY (Lt Cdr V C F Clark, J M Hodges from 25 Feb) dep Govan 31 Dec, GEORGETOWN (Lt Cdr A G Poe) arr Greenock 1 Jan, corvette COREOPSIS (Lt Cdr A H Davis RNVR) at Tyne repairing, HEATHER (Lt Cdr J G C Gibson Rtd) arr Greenock 1 Jan, ORCHIS (Lt A D White RNR) arr Tobermory 28 Dec, PICOTEE (Lt Cdr N V H Scallan RNR) arr Greenock 1 Jan


10th Escort Group - Canadian destroyers OTTAWA (Cdr E R Mainguy RCN) dep Liverpool 29 Dec, SAGUENAY (Cdr G R Miles RCN) at Barrow repairing to comp 22 May, ST LAURENT (Cdr H G De Wolf RCN) at Clyde repairing to comp 5 Jan, SKEENA (Lt Cdr J C Hibbard RCN) at Hartlepool comp 10 Jan, Polish destroyers GARLAND (Cdr K Namiensniowski ORP) dep Greenock 30 Dec, Polish destroyer PIORUN (Polish crew) at Scapa Flow to work up 29 Dec


11th Escort Group - destroyers BROADWATER (Cdr C L De H Bell RD RNR) at Cardiff repairing to comp 31 Jan, BROADWAY (Lt Cdr T Taylor) repairing at Hull to comp 7 Jan, French LΙOPARD (C C J Evenou) dep Clyde 31 Dec, LE TRIOMPHANT (C F P M J R Auboyneau) repairing at Clyde to comp 11 Jan


Destroyer - LEGION (Cdr R F Jessel) at Clyde working up


Corvettes (unallocated) - AUBRETIA (Lt Cdr V F Smith RNR) arr Tobermory 25 Dec, ERICA (Lt Cdr W C Riley RNR) arr Liverpool 27 Dec, HEPATICA (Lt C Copelin RCNR) dep Halifax for England 20 Dec, TRILLIUM (Lt Cdr R F Harris DSC RCNVR) arr Clyde 20 Dec, WINDFLOWER (A/Lt Cdr J H S MacDonald RCNR) arr Clyde 20 Dec


Escort vessels - anti-submarine yachts PHILANTE (Capt H S Bowlby Rtd) at Clyde, TROUBADOUR (Cdr D H Milward DSC RNR Rtd) at Greenock


Anti-submarine duties under Capt S.2 - French sloop LA CAPRICIEUSE (Lt Cdr S A Jones RNR) at Clyde


Rescue tugs - ENGLISHMAN (no CO listed) at Greenock, MARAUDER (Ty Lt W J Hammond RNR) at Aberdeen repairing, MASTADONTE (French crew) at Greenock, SALVONIA (Ty Lt G M M Robinson RNR) at Campbeltown, SCHELDE (Dutch crew) at Campbeltown, SEA GIANT (Ty Lt (E) J H Clark RNR) at Tyne repairing, SEAMAN (no CO listed), SUPERMAN (no CO listed)


Motor anti-submarine boat accommodation ship - French sloop BELFORT (Ty Lt C G Tamur RNVR) at Falmouth


Motor anti-submarine boat training boats - MA/SB.14 (Ty S/Lt A P Constantine RNVR), MA/SB.15 (Lt A H Gott RANVR), both at Fort William


3rd Motor Anti-Submarine Boat Flotilla - MA/SB.41 at Hythe, MA/SB.40 (Lt D D MacFarlane) at Fowey, MA/SB.42 (S/Lt C W Robinson) at Fowey, MA/SB.43 (S/Lt I R Griffins) at Dartmouth, MA/SB.46 at Fowey, MA/SB.47 at Dartmouth, MA/SB.50 at Dartmouth, MA/SB.51 at Fowey repairing with defects, Polish S.1 (ex-motor anti-submarine boat MA/SB.48, Polish crew) at Portland, S.2 (ex-MA/SB.44, Polish crew) at Fowey repairing to comp 21 Jan, S.3 (ex-MA/SB.45, Polish crew) at Portsmouth repairing to comp in Feb


Motor anti-submarine boats - MA/SB.69, MA/SB.70, MA/SB.71, all at Clyde.


Anti-submarine vessel – sloop ROSEMARY (Lt Cdr R C D Grimes) arr Milford Haven 29 Dec


Anti-aircraft Ship - ULSTER QUEEN (Actg Capt D S McGrath from 24 Jun 41) at Belfast fitting out


Minelayer - ADVENTURE (Capt N V Grace) at Milford Haven


Controlled minelayer – M.4 at Liverpool


Dutch depot ship - STUYVESANT (Dutch crew) at Holyhead


Dutch Torpedo Boat Flotilla - G.13, G.15, both at Belfast, Z.7 at Holyhead, to pay off at Portsmouth (all Dutch crews)


Patrol vessel - patrol sloop PC.74 (Actg Cdr C E H White DSO Rtd) at Falmouth repairing to comp 12 Jan


Cable ships - ARIEL (no CO listed) at Scapa Flow, KILMUN (Capt H C Pellow Rtd) at Portsmouth, LASSO (Capt H C B Pipon Rtd) at Scapa Flow.


Seaplane carriers - ATHENE (Cdr R W Jones RD RNR from 26 Aug) at Greenock under construction, ENGADINE (Cdr W T Fitzgerald RD RNR from 1 Oct) at Dumbarton under construction




29th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers LINCOLNSHIRE (Lt Cdr W K Buckley RNVR) at Plymouth, LORD AUSTIN (Ty Lt G Butchers RNVR) at Ardrossan, LORD ESSENDEN (SO, Pbty Ty S/Lt M R Thwaites RNVR) at Plymouth, LORD MIDDLETON (Sk E Mutton RNR) at Ardrossan, LORD NUFFIELD (Sk D E S Mair RNR) at Ardrossan, VIVIANA (Sk G L Olesen RNR) at Ardrossan


3rd Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawler JASPER at Plymouth


82nd Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine yachts AARLA (SO, Cdr L V Lloyd Rtd), ALICE (Lt Cdr R E S Hugonin Rtd) refitting, COILA (Emer Lt Cdr M O W Miller), GLEN STRATHALLAN (Cdr H G Gorton Rtd), all at Ardrossan


9th Motor Launch Flotilla - to consist of ML.169, ML.170, ML.172, ML.173, ML.174, ML.175, ML.176, ML.178


Minesweeping Group 37 – minesweeping trawlers CERESIO (Ty Sk J Inglis RNR), GUNNER (Sk A Cowie RNR), OHM (no CO listed), THOMAS ALTOFT (Sk T H W Lowery DSC RNR) repairing, all at Ardrossan


Minesweeping Group 57 – minesweeping trawlers GREEN HOWARD (Ty Lt J E Cameron RNR), HATANO (Sk Lt P Cormack RNR), both at Ardrossan


Minesweeping Group 141 – minesweeping trawler DOMINE (no CO listed) at Oban, SIRRA (Ty S/Lt (E) S Sorensen RNR), SLUGA (Ty Sk J Bowie RNR), both at Ardrossan


Minesweeping Group 145 – minesweeping trawlers ANDRE ET LOUISE (French crew), BEN HEILEM (Sk J Cookson RNR) both at Oban, BEN BREAC (Ty Sk F W Boulton RNR) at Ardrossan


Minesweeping trawler (ungrouped) - HAV (Ty Sk H Dudley RNR) refitting at Clyde


Minesweeping drifters - ELOQUENT (Ty Sk H A Parker RNR) refitting, GOLDEN EFFORT (Sk F C Stephen RNR), GOWAN CRAIG (Ty S/Lt R N W Smith RNVR), RIME (Sk A Smith RNR), TROUP HEAD (Sk A B C Bruce RNR), all at Ardrossan


Rescue tug - ASSURANCE (Ty Lt (E) L S Woodhouse RNR) at Liverpool repairing




39th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine whalers TERJE I (Sk C Coultas RNR), TERJE II (Ch Sk S G Jinks RNR), TERJE III (Sk J H D Dansic RNR), TOPAZE (Lt Cdr J N Hambley MBE), all at Campbeltown


84th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine yachts CARINA (Lt Cdr A C G Jolly Rtd), LADY SHAHRAZAD (Lt Cdr D S Hore-Lacy Rtd), SHEMARA (Cdr H Buckle Rtd), all at Campbeltown, TUSCARORA (Lt Cdr N T B Holt Rtd) at Clyde, VALENA (Lt Cdr A F C Gray RNR) at Govan


Rescue tugs - PRUDENT (no CO listed) at Liverpool repairing, RESTIVE (Ty Lt (E) D M Richards RNR) at Glasgow, TENACITY (Ty Lt (Eng) H L Kerkess RNR), THAMES (Dutch crew), both at Campbeltown







Belfast Anti-submarine Trawler Force


Division I (for WN/EN convoys) - anti-submarine trawlers ANGLE (Pbty Ty R Wolfenden RNR), ARAB (Lt Cdr R B Stannard VC RNR), both at Greenock, ARCTIC EXPLORER (Sk C L Buchan RNR), BERKSHIRE (Lt A D White RNR), BLACKFLY (Lt Cdr J I Miller DSO RNR), CAPE ARGONA (Lt Cdr A H Davies RNR), CAPE MARIATO (Ty Lt H T S Clouston RNVR), DRANGEY (Lt S C B Hickman RNR), ELLESMERE (Lt H Roach RNR), FANDANGO (Ty Lt G E Mabbott RNVR), FOXTROT (Ty Lt S R Smith RNR), GAVOTTE (Actg Lt G H Smith RCNVR), HORNPIPE (Ty Lt J R Symon RNR), HUGH WALPOLE (Pbty Ty S/Lt J Mackenzie RNR), INDIAN STAR (Pbty Ty Lt D Bates RNR), KING SOL (Actg Lt G F Shove RCNVR), LADY ELSA (Ty Lt S G Phillips RNVR), LADY ROSEMARY (Pbty Ty Lt G H Oldridge RNR), all but first two at Belfast,


continued - MORRIS DANCE (Lt A Bruce RCNVR), NOTTS COUNTY (Ty Lt R Thorne RNVR), PAYNTER (Pbty Ty Lt F Ardern RNR), PENTLAND FIRTH (Sk H C Aisthorpe RNR), PIOUETTE (Ty Lt E R Pate RNR), RUMBA (Pbty Ty Lt N E Hendy RNVR), ST LOMAN (Ty S/Lt R C Warwick DSC RNR) at Aberdeen repairing, SALTERELO (Ty Lt W R Seward RNVR) refitting, SOUTHERN GEM (Ty Lt C E Denne RNVR), SOUTHERN PRIDE (Ty Lt B O Babb RNVR), SPHENE (Ch Sk W J J Tucker RNR), SPURS (Ty Lt F J Maclaine RNVR), STELLA CAPELLA (Ty Lt A L W Warren RNR), STELLA POLARIS (Sk Lt S J Ward DSC, RD RNR) at Greenock, ULLSWATER (Ty Lt N B C Ross RNR), all but two at Belfast


Londonderry Escort Groups - anti-submarine trawlers AYRSHIRE (Actg Ty Lt R W H Elsden RNR), MAN O' WAR (Pbty Ty Lt W W Creber RNR), NORTHERN DAWN (Lt H E Sowerby RNVR), NORTHERN GEM (Sk Lt W J Mullender RNR) at Belfast refitting, NORTHERN PRIDE (Lt K J Vaughn RANVR), NORTHERN SPRAY (Lt H P Crail RNR) at Belfast refitting, NORTHERN WAVE (Ty Lt C Morrison-Payne RNVR) at Belfast refitting, ST ELSTAN (Ty Lt G Butcher RNVR), ST KENAN (Pbty Ty Lt R R Simpson RNR), ST ZENO (Ty Lt J K Craig RNVR), VIZALMA (Ty S/Lt M M Firth RNVR), WELLARD (Lt Cdr A Johnson RNVR), apart from those refitting, all at Londonderry


Clyde Escort Groups - anti-submarine trawlers DANEMAN (Ty Lt A H Ballard RNR) at Belfast, LADY LILIAN (Ty Lt D S McKenzie RNR) at Greenock, LADY MADELEINE (Ty Lt P H Potter RNR) at Greenock, NORWICH CITY (Ch Sk P Newman RNR) at Port Glasgow repairing, ST APOLLO (Ty Lt R H Marington RNVR)


Oban Group - anti-submarine trawlers SAON (Ch Sk R Bland RD RNR), SOUTHERN BREEZE (Ch Sk G W Holliday RNR), SOUTHERN SPRAY (Sk H E Moran RNR), SOUTHERN STAR (Sk R W Slater RNR), all at Oban, SOUTHERN WAVE (Sk W S Flowers RNR) at Belfast, WOLVES (Sk M W Draper RNR) at Rothesay


Trawlers (unallocated) – anti-submarine trawlers MAZURKA (Pbty Ty Lt V R Tyrrell RNR) at Port Glasgow, SARABANDE (Sk Lt L F Scarlett DSC, RD RNR Rtd), SWORD DANCE (S/Lt E M Quinn RNR), both at Leith


Temporarily transferred for A I Duties (note: abbreviation not known) - anti-submarine trawlers ARCTIC PIONEER (Ty Lt A Harrison RNR) at Portsmouth, BEDFORDSHIRE (Ty Lt G S Gaylard RNVR) at Swansea, CAMBRIDGESHIRE (Ty Lt G S Wolley RNVR) at Portsmouth, CAPE COMORIN (Ty Lt G V Doubleday RNVR) at Portsmouth, CORNELIAN (Pbty Ty Lt H F Hayes RNVR) at Plymouth, GRIMSBY TOWN (Lt W C Riley RNVR) at Portland, KIRKELLA (Lt J V Brock RCNVR) at Swansea, LOCH MONTIETH (Ty Lt K W Richardson RNR) at Plymouth repairing, LORD HAILSHAM (Ty Lt A Rosling RNVR) at Dartmouth, LORD SNOWDEN (Sk G Mc. K Sutherland RNR) at Dartmouth, LORD STANHOPE (Lt Cdr T A O Ellis RNR) at Dartmouth, LORD STONEHAVEN (Lt Cdr H Rowe RNR) at Dartmouth, LORD WAKEFIELD (Lt Cdr M B Sherwood Rtd) at Portmouth, PEARL (Pbty Ty Lt G Pemberton RNR) at Dartmouth, RUBY (Ty Lt R P Chapman RNR) at Plymouth, ST CATHAN (Pbty Ty Lt F Twomey RNR) at Plymouth, VICTRIX (Ty Lt R R Taylor RNR) at Dartmouth


Minesweeping Group 139 - minesweeping trawlers SHIKA (Sk P D Polson RNR), SHUSA (Lt W McKeen RNR), both at Belfast


Minesweeping Group 140 – minesweeping trawlers STEFA (Ty Lt E Jansen RNR), SULLA (Ty Sk G Mair RNR), both at Belfast


Minesweeping Group 144 – minesweeping trawlers FRIESLAND (Sk F McKay RNR), INVERCAULD (Ty Sk J W Carter RNR), both at Belfast


Minesweeping Group 151 - minesweeping trawler ZAREBA (no CO listed) at Belfast


Minesweeping drifter - JEWEL (Ty Sk H G Stone RNR) at Belfast




35th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers BRITISH GUIANA (Sk S C Turrell RNR), BRITISH HONDURAS (Sk J Mactean RNR), GUAVA (Sk S Phimister RNR, TERJE IV (Sk E G Littler DSC RNR), HELIER II (Cdr F R Openshaw Rtd), all at Larne




Captain D, Londonderry (Capt P Ruck-Keene)


1st Escort Group - destroyers MALCOLM (Cdr C D Howard-Johnston) at Middlesbrough repairing to comp 7 Jan, SABRE (Cdr B Dean DSO Rtd Lt P W Gretton DSC from 11 Jan) at Belfast repairing to comp 18 Jan, SKATE (Lt F P Baker DSC) dep Londonderry 29 Dec, corvettes CLARKIA (Lt Cdr F J G Jones RNR) dep Londonderry 29 Dec, GLADIOLUS (Lt Cdr H M C Sanders DSC RNR) at Liverpool repairing to comp 23 Jan, MALLOW (Lt Cdr W G Piggott RNR) dep Londonderry 29 Dec


2nd Escort Group - destroyers BROKE (Cdr B G Scurfield) arr Belfast 30 Dec, SALADIN (Lt Cdr L J Dover) at Barrow repairing to comp 16 Jan, SARDONYX (Lt Cdr R B S Tennant) arr Londonderry 27 Dec, SCIMITAR (Lt R D Franks) dep Londonderry 29 Dec, SHIKARI (Cdr H N A Richardson DSC) arr Londonderry 27 Dec, corvettes ANENOME (Lt Cdr H G Boys-Smith DSO RNR) dep Londonderry 21 Dec, ARABIS (Lt Cdr J P Stewart RNR) dep Londonderry 29 Dec, HELIOTROPE (Lt Cdr J Jackson RNR) dep Londonderry 21 Dec, French LA MALOUINE (Lt Cdr R W Keymer Rtd) at Londonderry


Corvette (unallocated) - DIANELLA (Lt J G Rankin RNR) at Aberdeen


6th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.152 at Falmouth, ML.145, ML.146, ML.147, ML.148, ML.149, ML.150, ML.150 to join on comp


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