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  British and Other Navies in World War 2 Day-by-Day
by Don Kindell

NAVAL EVENTS, JULY 1941 (Part 2 of 2)
Tuesday 15th - Thursday 31st

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Background Events - June-November 1941

Invasion of Russia, Malta Convoys, Japan prepares for war






Tuesday, 15 July


American Cruiser Division 7 (Rear Admiral H. Kent Hewitt) with light cruisers PHILADELPHIA, BROOKLYN, SAVANNAH, and NASHVILLE relieved heavy cruisers WICHITA, QUINCEY, and VINCENNES from Central Atlantic Neutrality Patrol.



Anti-aircraft ship CURACOA departed Methil and joined convoy EC.45 off May Island.


The ship left the convoy in Pentland Firth and arrived at Scapa Flow at 1900. Ship CURACOA departed at 2030 to rejoin a portion of the convoy which had proceeded north of the Orkneys.



Minelayer TEVIOTBANK, escorted by destroyer CASTLETON and survey ship SCOTT, laid minefield SN.21 A of the Northern Barrage.



Landing ship PRINCE PHILIPPE (2938grt) was sunk in a collision with steamer EMPIRE WAVE (7463grt) off west of Scotland.


T/Sub Lt (E) F.G. Moncur RNR, died of injuries sustained in the collision.



Ocean boarding vessel LADY SOMERS (Cdr G.L. Dunbar RD RNR) was sunk by Italian submarine MOROSINI in 37-12N, 20-32W.


Corvette SPIRAEA of convoy OG.67 was ordered to her position to assist. The entire crew of one hundred and thirty eight man crew were picked up by Spanish steamer CAMPECHE (6382grt).Sloop BIDEFORD and anti-submarine trawlers LOCH OSKAIG and IMPERIALIST were ordered to intercept the steamer and take off the survivors due to the difficulty in obtaining the release of seamen from Spain. The survivors were landed by the Spanish ship at Lisbon. They arrived back at Gibraltar on the 18th in British steamer PROCRIS (1033grt).



British steamer FARFIELD (468grt) was sunk by German bombing five miles 250 from South Stack.


One naval rating was saved, but the crew of eight were lost.



The German 3rd Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla of S.54, S.47, S.58, and S.57 attacked a Soviet destroyer in the Bay of Riga without success.



New Zealand light cruiser LEANDER departed Alexandria to reinforce the British forces at Haifa.



Submarine UNBEATEN sank Italian patrol vessel NETTUNO off Mara Zuag Roads.


The submarine reported sinking a second patrol vessel.



Submarine TAKU sank Italian patrol vessel VINCENZO PADRE (270grt) east, SE of Ras Auegia.



Lighters A.10 (Sub Lt J.D. Thom RNVR) and A.11, en route to Tobruk, were attacked by German dive bombers in 32-15N, 25-26E. A.10 was hit and abandoned, after attempts to take her in tow by A.11 failed.


One rating was killed and three ratings were wounded in lighter A.10. T/A/Sub Lt W.G. Jenkins RNVR, was wounded in A 11.



Destroyers FIREDRAKE, VIDETTE, VIMY, and BEVERLEY, motor Launch 126 of the 3rd Motor Launch Flotilla, and the 9th Motor Launch Flotilla of Motor launches 169, 170, 172, 173, 174, 175, and 176 arrived at Gibraltar.


Destroyer FIREDRAKE departed later that day and joined the 8th Destroyer Flotilla en route to join convoy WS.9C.



Convoy SL.81 departed Freetown escorted by armed merchant cruisers CAPE SABLE to 8 August and MORETON BAY to 2 August, destroyer WRESTLER to 23 July, and corvettes CLEMATIS, CYCLAMEN, MIGNONETTE, and WOODRUFF to 23 July.


On the 30th, corvettes CARNATION to 6 August, HELIOTROPE to 8 August, and MALLOW to 4 August joined. Destroyers CAMPBELTOWN,ST ALBANS, and WANDERER to 8 August, catapult ship MAPLIN to 7 August, and corvettes BLUEBELL, CAMPANULA, HYDRANGEA to 5 August, LA MALOUINE to 6 August, WALLFLOWER to 8 August, and ZINNIA to 8 August joined on 3 August.


On 3 August, a Hurricane from MAPLIN shot down a Fw.200 in 50-33N, 19-40W. Pilot Lt R.W.H. Everett then baled out and was picked up by a dingy from the catapult ship. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on 8 August.



Wednesday, 16 July


Destroyer WELLS departed Scapa Flow after her practices exercises at 1400 for Loch Alsh where she arrived at 2130.



Motor gun boats MGB.90 and MGB.92 were destroyed by fire in Portland Harbour.



Convoy OB.347 departed Liverpool, escorted by destroyers BEAGLE and BOADICEA, corvettes HEATHER, ORCHIS, and PICOTEE, minesweeper SHARPSHOOTER, and anti-submarine trawlers ARAB, AYRSHIRE, LADY MADELEINE, and NORWICH CITY. Destroyers ROXBOROUGH and SALISBURY joined on the 18th. These escorts were detached on the 22nd. On the 22nd, destroyer BURNHAM and corvettes AGASSIZ, CELANDINE, MAYFLOWER, and WESTASKIWIN joined. The convoy was dispersed on the 31st.



P/T/Midshipman (A) R.L. Waddy RNVR, was killed when his Swordfish of 767 Squadron crashed near Arbroath during exercises.



British steamer ELIZABETE (2039grt) was damaged by German bombing halfway between 20C Buoy and T.2 Buoy, off the Tyne.


The steamer returned to the Tyne.



Anti-aircraft cruiser CARLISLE, carrying a base party, minesweepers HARROW, MOY, and LYDIARD from Haifa, and corvette SALVIA and motor launch ML.1032 from Famagusta arrived at Beirut.


Captain J.A.V. Morse was named Naval Officer in Charge of Syrian ports with his headquarters at Beirut.


Corvette HYACINTH with LL sweeper FELLOWSHIP departed Alexandria for Famagusta.


Destroyer JAGUAR departed Alexandria with a petrol tanker of convoy LE 25 for Beirut. Destroyer KANDAHAR departed Alexandria for Port Said to join the remainder of convoy LE 25.KANDAHAR departed Port Said with the two ships of LE 25 on the 17th.


Anti-aircraft cruiser COVENTRY departed Alexandria at noon on the 17th to meet Beirut convoy LE 25 off Port Said. The convoy was covered by light cruiser AJAX and two destroyers.


Convoy LE 25 arrived at Beirut on the 17th.Cruiser COVENTRY relieved anti-aircraft cruiser CARLISLE which sailed for Alexandria, arriving on the 19th.



Destroyer JERVIS departed Alexandria for Haifa to operate with British forces there.

On destroyer JERVIS's arrival at Haifa on the 17th, destroyers JACKAL, NIZAM, and HASTY departed Haifa for Alexandria.



Italian troopships MARCO POLO (12,272grt), NEPTUNIA (19,475grt), and OCEANIA (19,507grt) departed Taranto for Tripoli escorted by destroyers GENIERE, GIOBERTI, LANCIERE, and ORIANI and torpedo boat CENTAURO.


Distant cover was provided by heavy cruisers TRIESTE and BOLZANO and destroyers ASCARI, CARABINIERE, and CORAZZIERE.


On the 18th, Submarine UNBEATEN unsuccessfully attacked troopship OCEANIA. The convoy arrived at Tripoli on the 18th.



Submarine UNBEATEN reported damaged a large tanker twenty three miles south, southwest of Messina.



Italian submarine NEREIDE claimed damage on Greek submarine TRITON in torpedo and artillery attacks in 37-25N, 25-52E.



Destroyers AVON VALE, ERIDGE, and FARNDALE departed Gibraltar to meet light cruiser MANCHESTER, troopship PASTEUR, and destroyers LIGHTNING and NESTOR, arriving from the UK.



Submarine OLYMPUS and Dutch submarine O.21 departed Gibraltar to patrol in the Tyrrhenian Sea to support Operation SUBSTANCE.



Convoy HX.139 departed Halifax, escorted by corvettes BITTERSWEET, FENNEL, and PICTOU, and armed merchant cruiser RANPURA.Corvettes BITTERSWEET and FENNEL were detached later that day. On the 17th, corvettes DAUPHIN and NAPANEE joined and were detached later the next day. On the 18th, escort ships SENNEN and TOTLAND joined, on the 19th, sloop FLEETWOOD, and on the 20th, corvette CHAMBLY. Destroyers KEPPEL, LINCOLN, SHIKARI, and VENOMOUS and minesweeper HEBE joined. Armed merchant cruiser RANPURA and corvette CHAMBLY were detached on the 26th.Corvette PICTOU was detached on the 28th, the two escort ships on the 29th, and destroyers KEPPEL, LINCOLN, and SHIKARI and sloop FLEETWOOD were detached on the 30th. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on the 31st with destroyer VENOMOUS.



American light cruisers PHILADELPHIA and SAVANNAH and destroyers MEREDITH and GWIN departed Bermuda on neutrality patrol. They arrived back on the 25th.



Thursday, 17 July


Destroyer WINCHESTER departed Scapa Flow at 0500 after working up for Rosyth. En route, the destroyer joined convoy WN.53 as additional escort.



Destroyer ORIBI arrived at Scapa Flow at 0630 from Greenock to work up.



Convoy OB.348 departed Liverpool, escorted by destroyers DOUGLAS and SKATE, corvette ANEMONE, minesweeper LEDA, and anti-submarine trawlers ST ELSTAN and ST ZENO. Destroyer LEAMINGTON and corvette ABELIA joined on the 22nd. These escorts were detached on the 22nd. On the 22nd, destroyers READING and SAGUENAY and corvettes DIANTHUS, HONEYSUCKLE, and SNOWBERRY joined. The escorts were detached off Halifax on the 30th. The convoy arrived at Halifax on the 31st.



Destroyer HEYTHROP departed Scapa Flow at 1000 escorting British tankers WAR SUDRA (5627grt) and DAXHOUND (1128grt). At 1700, trawler NORTHERN SKY with steamer LOCHGARRY (1627grt) was met in position 270 Noup Head 24 miles.


The force proceeded to Skofenfjord in the Faroes. They arrived at 1630 on the 18th. The destroyer and WAR SUDRA proceeded on to Seidisfjord, where they arrived at 1600 on the 20th.


The destroyer departed Seidisfjord at 0730 on the 21st and proceeded to Skaalefjord, arriving at 0800 on the 22nd.


At 1330 on the 22nd, destroyer HEYTHROP, tankers DAXHOUND and WAR PINDARI, and anti-submarine trawler LORD AUSTIN departed Skaalefjord. The destroyer arrived at Scapa Flow at 2000 on the 23rd; the other ships having been detached to Kirkwall.



Destroyer ESCAPADE arrived at Scapa Flow at 2000 from the Tyne on the completion of her refitting.



Polish destroyer BURZA arrived at Scapa Flow escorting oiler BLACK RANGER.


The destroyer later left to return to the Western Approaches.



Anti-aircraft ship ALYNBANK departed Scapa Flow at 0500 to provide anti-aircraft protection for convoy WN.53 from Pentland Firth until south of Buchan Ness, where she transferred to convoy EC.46.


At 2000 on the 18th off Cape Wrath the ship transferred to convoy WN.54.During the morning of 20 July, the ship transferred to convoy EC.47. On arrival in Pentland Firth, the ship departed the convoy and arrived at Scapa Flow at 0200 on the 21st.



Submarine THRASHER damaged French fishing trawler VIRGO FIDELIS (129grt) off San Sebastian.


The trawler was run aground a total loss.



British fishing steam trawler BEN GLAMAIR (198grt) was lost to an unknown cause near Dunstanburgh.



British drifter FERTILE VALE (91grt) was sunk in a collision off the River Tay.



British steamer EMERALD QUEEN (481grt) was damaged by German bombing in 54-39N, 0-48W.


The steamer, carrying Admiralty Stores and ammunition, was towed to Hartlepool.



Italian submarine MALASPINA sank British steamer GUELMA (4402grt) in 30-44N, 17-33W. The entire crew were rescued by Submarine THUNDERBOLt on the 17th.



Light cruiser NEPTUNE arrived at Suez after repairs.


The light cruiser passed through the Canal and at Port Said disembarked her catapult to make room for anti-aircraft weapons.


Cruiser NEPTUNE then proceeded to Alexandria, arriving on the 19th.



Australian sloop PARRAMATTA departed Alexandria for Port Said for escort duties.



Italian tanker PANUCO (6212grt) was damaged at Tripoli by British aerial torpedo attack of three Swordfish of 830 Squadron from Malta.


The tanker was unable to unload her cargo.


Tanker PANUCO departed Tripoli on the 19th with her cargo still aboard, escorted by torpedo boats CENTAURO and MONTANARI.


The tanker arrived at Palermo on the 22nd.



Submarine TALISMAN arrived at Gibraltar from Halifax.



Submarine P.32 departed Gibraltar to patrol to support Operation SUBSTANCE, then proceed to Malta.



Submarine UTMOST departed Malta for Operation SUBSTANCE.



Friday, 18 July


Battlecruiser REPULSE, escorted by destroyers ICARUS, ACTIVE, and ACHATES departed Scapa Flow for Rosyth where the ships arrived at 0730 on the 19th.



Heavy cruiser LONDON departed Gibraltar to return to Scapa Flow, where she arrived on the 23rd.



Destroyer BEDOUIN departed Scapa Flow at 0700 for refitting in the Humber. The destroyer arrived at 0630 on the 19th.



Destroyer ANTHONY arrived at Scapa Flow at 1230 from Rosyth on the completion of her refitting.



British steamer PILAR DE LARRINAGA (7046grt) was damaged by German bombing in 54-23N, 16-53W. Four crew were killed on the steamer.


The steamer was towed to Belfast Lough.



Battleships VALIANT and QUEEN ELIZABETH, light cruiser PHOEBE, and destroyers JACKAL, NIZAM, HASTY, KIPLING, and HAVOCK departed Alexandria for exercises.


Minelaying cruisers ABDIEL and LATONA had departed Alexandria the prior day for further exercises.



Australian light cruiser PERTH, after having been relieved by Australian light cruiser HOBART, departed Alexandria to return to Australia.


Before departing the Mediterranean Fleet, light cruiser PERTH had a quadruple pom pom removed and a catapult, previously carried in light cruiser AJAX, mounted at Port Said on the 19th.


The light cruiser passed through the Suez Canal on the 20th.


Light cruiser PERTH was refitting and repairing defects at Sydney from 11 August to 30 October.



In Operation GUILLOTINE, beginning on this date and into August, troops and supplies were moved from Port Said and Haifa to Famagusta in cruisers, minelaying cruisers ABDIEL and LATONA, and destroyers.


Australian steamer SALAMAUA (6676grt), carrying an anti-aircraft battery and RAF 80 Squadron, proceeded to Famagusta from Port Said, escorted by sloop PARRAMATTA in serial S.1 of this operation.


The ships arrived at Famagusta on the 21st.



Destroyers HERO and HOTSPUR carried supplies to Tobruk. They arrived back at Alexandria on the 18th.



Heavy cruiser LONDON departed Gibraltar to return to Scapa Flow, arriving on the 23rd.



Destroyer VIDETTE departed Gibraltar to join British tanker BRITISH HONOUR and escort her to Gibraltar, arriving on the 21st.



Corvette GERANIUM arrived at Gibraltar, escorting British oiler HORNSHELL.



Convoy HG.68 departed Gibraltar, escorted by destroyers BEVERLEY and WISHART, sloop SCARBOROUGH, submarine CLYDE, anti-submarine trawlers LADY HOGARTH, LADY SHIRLEY, and LEYLAND.


Captured French trawler GROUIN DU COU in the convoy was forced to return to Gibraltar on the 22nd when she could not keep up with the convoy.


On the 24th, captured French trawler L'ORAGE returned to Gibraltar with boiler defects.


Corvettes FLEUR DE LYS and GERANIUM departed Gibraltar on the 19th and joined the convoy at sea.


Destroyer BEVERLEY was detached on the 19th with captured French ship ISAC.


On the 22nd, submarine CLYDE, corvette FLEUR DE LYS, and destroyer WISHART were detached. The submarine and destroyer going to convoy OG.68.


Corvettes CLOVER and VERVAIN joined on the 23rd.


Trawlers LADY HOGARTH and LADY SHIRLEY were detached on the 25th.


On the 27th, corvettes ALISMA, DIANELLA, KINGCUP, and SUNFLOWER joined the convoy. Destroyers BATH, VANOC, and WALKER, catapult ship ARIGUANI, and corvettes CARNATION, HELIOTROPE, LA MALOUINE, and MALLOW.


Corvettes CLOVER and VERVAIN were detached on the 28th. On the 29th, corvettes CARNATION and LA MALOUINE were detached.Corvette GERANIUM was detached on the 31st for refitting in the UK. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on 2 August.



Saturday, 19 July


Submarine UMPIRE (Lt Cdr M.R.G. Wingfield), which departed Sheerness on the 17th in convoy EC.47, was sunk in an accidental collision in 53-09N, 1-08E off the Wash with anti-submarine trawler PETER HENDRIKS (266grt), which was in the escort of convoy FS 544.


Lt P.C.M. Banister DSC, Sub Lt S.A.G. Godden, and fourteen ratings were lost on the submarine.Wingfield, T/Lt E.P. Young RNVR, and fourteen ratings were rescued by the trawler.



Battleship PRINCE OF WALES and destroyers ACTIVE, ACHATES, and ICARUS departed Rosyth for Scapa Flow, arriving at 1930.



Submarine TUNA attacked German tanker BENNO (former Norwegian OLE JACOB), escorted by minesweepers M.18, M.25, M.27, and M.30, sixty miles west of the Gironde.


The submarine claimed hits on a steamer and a destroyer, but no ships were damaged.



U.66 sank British steamer HOLMSIDE (3433grt) at 19N, 21-30W.


Twenty one crew were missing on the steamer.



Battleships VALIANT and QUEEN ELIZABETH, light cruiser PHOEBE, minelaying cruiser LATONA, and destroyers JACKAL, NIZAM, HASTY, KIPLING, and HAVOCK arrived at Alexandria after exercises.



Minelaying cruiser ABDIEL and destroyer DECOY departed Alexandria to carry supplies to Tobruk.


The supplies were delivered and both ships arrived back at Alexandria on the 20th.



British cruiser minelayer MANXMAN, which had been with convoy WS.9C, arrived at Gibraltar at 0530 on the 19th. The cruiser's arrival had been delayed one and a half hours by fog.



French troopship PASTEUR arrived at Gibraltar, escorted by destroyers LIGHTNING, NESTOR, AVON VALE, FARNDALE, and ERIDGE.



Submarine UNBEATEN arrived at Malta from patrol.



Submarine UPHOLDER departed Malta at 2200 for Operation SUBSTANCE.



Destroyer BEVERLEY with convoy HG.68 intercepted French steamer ISAC, which had departed Bordeaux on the 14th for Casablanca and Dakar, in 35-12N, 9-12W.


The steamer was escorted towards Gibraltar by the destroyer until relieved by a tug that afternoon. Destroyer BEVERLEY arrived at Gibraltar on the 20th. The tug and French ship arrived at Gibraltar on the 21st.



Soviet destroyers SERDITY and STEREGUSHCHI attempted to attack a German convoy off Dunamunde.


No contact was made. Destroyer SERDITY was badly damaged by German bombing off Oesel and scuttled on the 22nd.



Sunday, 20 July


Aircraft carrier FURIOUS, escorted by destroyers GARLAND, CASTLETON, and CHARLESTOWN and arrived at Scapa Flow at 1900 on the 21st fromGreenock after flying practices in the Pentland Firth.



Light cruiser EURYALUS, escorted by destroyer WORCESTER, arrived at Rosyth to complete fitting out.



Anti-aircraft ship POZARICA departed Scapa Flow to join the Western Approaches after fitting out.



Convoy OG.69 departed Liverpool escorted by corvettes BEGONIA, JASMINE, LARKSPUR, PIMPERNEL, and RHODODENDRON and anti-submarine trawler ST NECTAN.


Corvettes ALISMA, DIANELLA, KINGCUP, and SUNFLOWER joined on the 21st.


On the 26th, corvettes ALISMA, DIANELLA, and KINGCUP were detached. On the 27th, corvette SUNFLOWER was detached.Corvette BEGONIA on the 28th, and corvette RHODODENDRON on the 30th.


Corvette FLEUR DE LYS and anti-submarine trawlers LADY HOGARTH and LADY SHIRLEY joined the convoy on the 27th.


Destroyers FAULKNOR, FURY, and FORESTER departed Gibraltar on the 28th to escort this convoy, but they were later recalled for Operation STYLE.


Steamer ADJUTANT of the convoy arrived at Gibraltar on 1 August with corvettes JASMINE, PIMPERNEL, and LARKSPUR and anti-submarine trawler ST NECTAN. The corvettes went back out and arrived with the convoy on 2 August.



British steamer UMVUMA (4419grt) was damaged by German bombing off Number 57 Buoy, off the Humber.


The vessel was able to proceed disabled to Humber.



U.203 damaged British steamer CANADIAN STAR (8293grt) with gunfire in 49-15N, 21W, after the steamer evaded torpedoes from submarine U.126.


The steamer arrived at Curacoa on the 30th.



U.95 damaged British steamer PALMA (5419grt) with gunfire in 50-14N, 17-53W after an unsuccessful torpedo attack.



Soviet destroyer STREMITELNY was sunk by German bombing off Polarnoye.



Minelaying cruiser LATONA and Australian destroyer STUART departed Alexandria carrying supplies to Tobruk.


At Tobruk, the cruiser was able to unload only 50 tons of her cargo due to a delay in arrival and difficulties in unloading.


The ships arrived back at Alexandria on the 21st.



An Italian convoy composed of damaged German steamer MENES in tow of Italian tug CICLOPE and German tug MAX BERENDT departed Tripoli on the 17th escorted by Italian torpedo boat CIRCE.


On the 20th, Submarine UNION (Lt R.M. Galloway) attacked the convoy south southwest of Pantelleria and was sunk in return by the torpedo boat.


Galloway, Lt D.L. Carr, Lt R.D.C.G. Simmons, Lt D.A. Tarrant RNR, and twenty eight ratings were lost on the submarine.



Submarine UTMOST unsuccessfully attacked a steamer off Ustica.



Subamrine TETRARCH unsuccessfully attacked a steamer in the Aegean.



In Operation GUILLOTINE, New Zealand light cruiser LEANDER and destroyer KINGSTON departed Haifa on the 20th for Port Said, where they arrived that day to embark troops and supplies in serial S.2 A of the Operation.


The supplies were unloaded at Famagusta during the night of 20/21 July.


Destroyer JERVIS with troops from Haifa also disembarked at Famagusta during the night of 20/21 July in Serial S.2B of the Operation.


Cruiser LEANDER and destroyer KINGSTON arrived back at Haifa on the 21st.



Light cruiser EDINBURGH, cruiser minelayer MANXMAN, and destroyers NESTOR, LIGHTNING, FARNDALE, AVON VALE, and ERIDGE departed Gibraltar at 0145 to meet arriving convoy WS.9C.


Light cruisers MANCHESTER and ARETHUSA and destroyers COSSACK, MAORI, and SIKH arrived at Gibraltar at 0329 escorting troopship LEINSTER.


Destroyers FEARLESS, FOXHOUND, FIREDRAKE, BEVERLEY, FURY, FORESIGHT, and FORESTER arrived at Gibraltar to refuel.



Submarines UPRIGHT and UNIQUE departed Malta for Operation SUBSTANCE.



Monday, 21 July


Destroyer ASHANTI was recommissioned on the Tyne after larger repairs. She was able to depart the Tyne for Scapa Flow until 30 August, but defects required she call at Rosyth en route.


The destroyer finally arrived at Scapa Flow to work up on 7 September.



Minelaying cruiser ADVENTURE arrived at Scapa Flow, en route to Archangel.



Anti-aircraft ship PALOMARES arrived at Scapa Flow at 1300 to carry out working up exercises.



Convoy OB.349 departed Liverpool, escorted by destroyers KEPPEL and SHIKARI, corvettes ALISMA, ALYSSE, DIANELLA, FREESIA, and SUNFLOWER, and anti-submarine trawlers NORTHERN DAWN and WELLARD. Destroyer VENOMOUS joined on the 22nd. On the 26th, this group was detached. On the 26th, destroyers BROADWATER and ST LAURENT, armed merchant cruiser CIRCASSIA, and corvettes RIMOUSKI and SKIKENARD joined. The convoy was dispersed on 1 August.


This was the last of the OB.series.Beginning on the 26th, the ON.series began with ON.1 departing Liverpool.



German steamers HANS CHRISTOPHERSON (1599grt) was sunk on a mine off Terschelling.



Italian submarine TORELLI sank Norwegian tanker IDA KNUDSEN (8913grt) in 34-34N, 13-14W. Five crew were missing on the tanker.Fourteen survivors were picked up by Portuguese trawler ALTAIR (341grt) and landed at Las Palmas.



Canadian troop convoy TC 12 departed Halifax with liners DUCHESS OF YORK (20,021grt), EMPRESS OF CANADA (21,517grt), ORION (23,371grt), STRATHMORE (23,428grt), and STRATHNAVER (22,283grt).


Destroyers ASSINIBOINE and BUXTON were escorting from convoy from 21 to 23 July.


Destroyers HAVELOCK, HESPERUS, COLUMBIA, and RESTIGOUCHE escorted the convoy from 21 to 26 July.


Battleship MALAYA escorted the convoy from 21 to 27 July.


Destroyers HARVESTER and RIPLEY escorted the convoy from 23 to 26 July.


Destroyer GURKHA, LANCE, LEGION, PIORUN, SALISBURY, VANQUISHER, and WINCHELSEA escorted the convoy from 26 to 29 July.


Destroyers CROOME, HEYTHROP, and ISAAC SWEERS departed Scapa Flow at 0600 on the 27th and were with the convoy on the 27th. The destroyers took battleship MALAYA to Scapa Flow, where they arrived at noon on the 28th.


Anti-aircraft cruiser CAIRO escorted the convoy from 27 to 29 July. The convoy safely arrived on the 29th.



Submarine THUNDERBOLT, which had departed St Johns on the 8th, arrived at Gibraltar for duty in the Mediterranean.



The SubSTANCE convoy (convoy GM 1) for Malta of steamers SYDNEY STAR, CITY OF PRETORIA, PORT CHALMERS, DEUCALION, DURHAM, and MELBOURNE STAR, escorted by battleship NELSON, light cruiser EDINBURGH, cruiser minelayer MANXMAN, and destroyers NESTOR, LIGHTNING, FARNDALE, AVON VALE, and ERIDGE passed Gibraltar in the Mediterranean at 0145.


Light cruisers MANCHESTER and ARETHUSA, troopship LEINSTER, and destroyers COSSACK, SIKH, and MAORI departed Gibraltar at 0200. Troopship LEINSTER ran aground departing Gibraltar and was left behind.


Fleet oiler BROWN RANGER, escorted by destroyer BEVERLEY, proceeded at 0200 to sea to refuel destroyers during the operation. The two arrived back at Gibraltar on the 23rd. They sailed again on the 25th on the same mission, but were recalled later that day.


At 0300, battlecruiser RENOWN, aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL, light cruiser HEMOINE, destroyers FAULKNOR, FEARLESS, FIREDRAKE, FORESTER, FOXHOUND, FORESIGHT, FURY, and DUNCAN departed Gibraltar.


Battleship NELSON and light cruisers ARETHUSA, EDINBURGH, and MANCHESTER were on temporary loan from the Home Fleet.


Eight British and Dutch submarines were at sea to intercept the Italian Fleet would it attempt to intervene with the passage of the convoy.Submarines OLYMPUS in the Tyrrhenian Sea and P.32 off Cagliari and Dutch submarine O.21 in the Tyrrhenain Sea operated from Gibraltar and UNIQUE off southern entrance to the Straits of Messina, UPHOLDER north of Marittimo, UPRIGHT off southern approaches to the Straits of Messina, URGE off Palermo, and UTMOST north of Messina operated from Malta.



On the 22nd, the Mediterranean Fleet sortied from Alexandria at 2100.Battleships QUEEN ELIZABETH and VALIANT, light cruisers NAIAD, PHOEBE, NEPTUNE, and HOBART, minelaying cruisers ABDIEL and LATONA, and destroyers JACKAL, NIZAM, KIPLING, KIMBERLEY, GRIFFIN, HASTY, and HAVOCK operated to the west of Crete.


Light cruisers AJAX and LEANDER with destroyers JERVIS, JAGUAR, KANDAHAR, and KINGSTON departed Haifa and rendezvoused with the Main Fleet off Alexandria at 0600 on the 23rd.


Anti-aircraft ship CARLISLE joined the Fleet at daylight on the 23rd.


At dark on the 23rd, the Fleet turned backed eastward and light cruiser NEPTUNE, minelaying cruiser ABDIEL, and destroyer KIMBERLEY were detached on serial S.4 of the GUILLOTINE operation. They departed Port Said on the 24th. The troops were delivered on the 24th and the ships arrived back at Port Said on the 25th.


On the 24th, light cruiser LEANDER and destroyer JAGUAR departed the Fleet for Port Said where they arrived on the 25th.


The Main Body of the Mediterranean Fleet arrived back at Alexandria on the 25th.


Light cruiser LEANDER and destroyer JAGUAR embarked troops for Famagusta and departed on the 25th on Serial S.6 with minelaying cruiser LATONA, arriving during the night of 25/26 July.Minelaying cruiser LATONA was damaged in a collision with destroyer JAGUAR while berthing at Famagusta, but was able to depart with the destroyer on the 26th for Haifa. Light cruiser LEANDER arrived at Alexandria on the 26th.


Light cruiser NEPTUNE, minelaying cruiser ABDIEL, and destroyer KIMBERLEY departed Port Said for Famagusta on serial S.7 of the GUILLOTINE operation on the 26th. The troops were landed during the night of 26/27 July. On completion, the ships proceeded to Haifa.


Submarines REGENT and PERSEUS on the 24th created the impression by means of radio signals that the battleships were still at sea and that the SUBSTANCE convoy was a through convoy.


Italian submarine DIASPRO attacked the SUBSTANCE convoy and narrowly missed Australian destroyer NESTOR, escorting aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL, in 38-10N, 5-30E near Bougie.


In air attacks, light cruiser MANCHESTER was struck by an aerial torpedo.


Paymaster Cdr W.D. Stranack, A/Paymaster Sub Lt C.D. Ballard, Paymaster Midshipman J.D. Pooley, and twenty three ratings were lost in the cruiser. P/T/Surgeon T. McG. Watt RNVR, was wounded.


The cruiser returned to Gibraltar, escorted by destroyer AVON VALE, with three out of four engines inoperative.Before arriving at Gibraltar, destroyers VIDETTE and VIMY joined the screen. Destroyer WISHART later sailed and relieved destroyer AVON VALE.Tug ST DAY departed Gibraltar to assist. They arrived at Gibraltar shortly before midnight on the 25th.


Motor launches ML.130, ML.126, ML.168, ML.121, and ML.129 departed Gibraltar to sweep ahead of the cruiser and provide additional escort.Later, tugs ROLLICKER and ST OMAR withML 173, and ML.169 departed to join the cruiser.


Cruiser MANCHESTER, after temporary repairs at Gibraltar, sailed on 17 September for the Philadephia Navy Yard where she was under repair from 23 September to 15 February 1942.


Destroyer FEARLESS was torpedoed by an aerial torpedo north of Bone and was later scuttled by destroyer FORESTER in 37-40N, 8-20E.


The destroyer had Lt R.A. Nares, RCNVR, and seventeen ratings missing and twenty injured crew, of which nine died of wounds.


Destroyer FIREDRAKE was damaged by bombing on the 23rd and was under tow for thirty seven hours back to Gibraltar by destroyer ERIDGE and escorted by destroyer AVON VALE, which was sent back to join after being relieved from the cruiser MANCHESTER escort. Destroyer SIKH joined en route.


Destroyer FIREDRAKE arrived at Gibraltar, under her own power at the end, on the 27th, escorted by destroyers AVON VALE and ERIDGE.


The destroyer was under repair for six months, including four months at Boston Navy Yard from 23 September to 18 January 1942.


Destroyer FOXHOUND was damaged by a near miss of bombing on the 23rd, but spent no time out of action.


On the 24th, Italian motor torpedo boats MAS.532 and MAS.533 attacked the SUBSTANCE convoy. These boats were undamaged, despite claims by light cruisers EDINBURGH, destroyer COSSACK, and minelayer MANXMAN that they each sank an MAS.boat.


MAS.533 torpedoed steamer SYDNEY STAR. The steamer fell out of the convoy and destroyer NESTOR and later light cruiser HERMIONE were detailed to protect the steamer and escort it to Malta, without further incident, arriving on the 24th.


The steamer was drydocked at Malta on 18 August.


Light cruisers EDINBURGH and ARETHUSA, cruiser minelayer MANXMAN, and destroyers COSSACK, MAORI, SIKH, NESTOR, and FARNDALE escorted the convoy into Malta on the 24th. The remainder of Force H returned to Gibraltar.


Convoy MG 1 of steamers SETTLER, THERMOPLYLAE, AMERIKA, TALABOT, HOEGH HOOD, SVENNOR, and supply ship BRECONSHIRE with destroyer ENCOUNTER was brought out from Malta, departing at 0500 on the 23rd.


Steamer SVENNOR hit the breakwater leaving harbour and had to be docked. She was able to depart the next day.


Corvette GLOXINIA assisted in the escort of the convoy during the first day, then returned to Malta.


Destroyer FARNDALE had to remain at Malta with condenser problems.


Tanker HOEGH HOOD (9351grt) was damaged by bombing on the 24th, but was able to continue.


P/T/Sub Lt (A) K.G. Grant RNVR, and his gunner Leading Airman H. McLeod in a Fulmar of 807 Squadron and Lt A.J. Kindersley and his gunner Petty Officer (A) F.A. Barnes in a Fulmar of 808 Squadron were lost on the 25th when they were shot down 120 miles SW of Sardinia.


T/A/Sub Lt (A) R.C. Cockburn RNVR, and Petty Officer Airman W./E. Cuttriss of 808 Squadron were also shot down but picked up by destroyer NESTOR.


Supply ship BRECONSHIRE and steamer TALABOT, escorted by destroyer ENCOUNTER arrived at Gibraltar on the 26th. Destroyer FORESTER with steamers AMERIKA and THERMOPYLAE arrived later in the day.


Steamer SETTLER and HOEGH HOOD arrived at Gibraltar on the 27th and Norwegian tanker SVENNOR arrived on the 28th.


Force H and the supporting cruisers arrived back at Gibraltar on the 27th.


On 13 September, light cruiser MANCHESTER and destroyer FIREDRAKE in company departed Gibraltar for repairs in the United States, via England. They were escorted by destroyer HEYTHROP as far as 25W.


The Italian Fleet did not sail.Battleships LITTORIO, VENETO, and DUILO at Taranto, heavy cruisers TRIESTE, BOLZANO, and GORIZIA at Messina, and light cruisers GARIBALDI, MONTECUCCOLI, DI GIUSSANO, and DA BARBIANO at Palermo were brought to notice, but the intention of the British forces was discovered too late.



Destroyer ILEX, after temporary repairs at Port Said, passed through the Suez Canal for repairs at Durban.


The destroyer arrived at Aden on the 24th. She remained there until 15 September when she departed for Durban. Engine problems required further temporary repairs at Mombasa and the destroyer did not arrive at Durban until November.



Corvette PEONY departed Port Said with Dutch steamer TRAJANUS (1712grt) in Operation GUILLOTINE. This movement, S.2C, of the Operation arrived at Famagusta on the 23rd.



Sloop FLAMINGO departed Alexandria for Port Said for a GUILLOTINE escort in serial S.3.


The sloop departed Port Said on the 22nd escorting motor transport ship KEVINBANK for Famagusta, arriving on the 24th.



Submarine PARTHIAN departed Alexandria for Malta and the United Kingdom for refitting.



A German-Italian convoy of steamers MADDALENA ODERO (5479grt), NICOLO ODERO (6003grt), CAFFARO (6476grt), and PREUSSEN (8203grt) departed Naples for Tripoli escorted by destroyers FOLGORE, EURO, SAETTA, and FULMINE. The convoy was later joined by destroyers ALPINO and FUCLIERE. (1) On the 22nd, German steamer PREUSSEN was sunk by Swordfish of 830 Squadron 30 miles SE of Pantelleria. (2) Torpedo boat PALLADE joined the convoy from Tripoli. (3) Italian tanker BRARENA (6996grt) departed Palermo on the 21st, escorted by destroyer FUCLIERE, to join the convoy. The tanker was sunk on the 22nd by Swordfish of 830 Squadron. (4) Destroyer FOLGORE from another convoy assisted FUCLIERE.



Submarine TAKU sent a landing party into Benghazi harbour and attached explosive charges to one of the ships in harbour.



Submarine OLYMPUS unsuccessfully attacked a convoy fo two steamers and one escort off Naples.



Greek submarine GLAUKOS sank Italian steamer SAN NICOLA (21grt)(?) NW of Rhodes with gunfire.



Tuesday, 22 July


At 1247 on the 22nd on reports that German battlecruiser SCHARNHORST had departed Brest, Battleship KING GEORGE V, heavy cruiser SHROPSHIRE, light cruisers NIGERIA and AURORA, and destroyers TARTAR, PUNJABI, ICARUS, INTREPID, ESCAPADE, and ACHATES were brought to one hour's notice. At 1616 heavy cruisers DEVONSHIRE and SUFFOLK were brought to one hour's notice. At 1829 aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS and destroyers INGLEFIELD, ANTELOPE, ACTIVE, and ANTHONY were brought to one hour's notice.


Aircraft carrier FURIOUS reverted to normal notice at 1756 to allow urgent maintenance to be carried out. At 1720, heavy cruisers DEVONSHIRE and SUFFOLK and light cruiser AURORA reverted to normal notice for the same reason.


At 1226 on the 23rd, the ships returned to normal notice when the battleship was located at La Pallice.



Destroyers ECLIPSE and ECHO departed Scapa Flow at 0300 escorting tanker BLACK RANGER to Seidisfjord.



Destroyer CROOME departed Scapa Flow at 0715 carrying Admiral Commanding 10th Cruiser Squadron and his staff to Rosyth where they arrived at 1500 to embark in light cruiser KENYA.



Anti-aircraft ship CURACOA departed Scapa Flow at 0630 and met convoy WN.55 in Pentland Firth. On meeting convoy EC.48 at 2200, the ship transferred to that convoy and provided cover northward.


At 1520 on the 23rd, after this escort duty, the ship arrived at Scapa Flow.



Minelayer TEVIOTBANK, escorted by survey ship SCOTT, laid minefield SN.21B of the Northern Barrage.





The destroyers sank Soviet surveying ship MERIDIAN on the 22nd between Iokanga and Teriberka.


The German destroyers arrived back on the 24th.



Yugoslavian torpedo boats DURMITOR and KAJMAKLAN departed Haifa to return to Alexandria.



Anti-submarine trawler STELLA CARINA departed Gibraltar escorting British tanker HORNSHELL to the west. The trawler would then join Panamanian tanker NORVINN arriving.


Trawler COPINSAY departed Gibraltar later on the 22nd to join trawler STELLA CARINA.


On the 26th, tanker NORVINN, arriving from Trinidad, escorted by trawlers STELLA CARINA and COPINSAY, arrived at Gibraltar.



Submarine TETRARCH shelled Karlovassi and claimed damaging a number of caiques in harbour.



Submarine URGE unsuccessfully attacked a small convoy off Palermo.



Greek submarine GLAUKOS sank a caique with artillery off Castelorizzo.



Light cruiser DUNEDIN captured Vichy French steamer VILLE DE ROUEN (5383grt) east of Natal at 19-32S, 11-12W.


The ship was taken to East London, South Africa, arriving on 4 August.



Convoy HX.140 departed Halifax, escorted by armed merchant cruiser ASCANIA and corvettes BITTERSWEET and FENNEL. The convoy was joined on the 23rd by corvettes CHICOUTIMI and MATAPEDIA, which were detached later that day. On the 24th, escorted ship WALNEY and corvette BUCTOUCHE joined.Escort ship WALNEY was detached the next day. On the 25th, destroyers RAMSEY and COLUMBIA, corvettes CANDYTUFT, GLADIOLUS, MIMOSA, and NASTURTIUM, minesweeper SPEEDWELL, and anti-submarine trawlers NORTHERN SPRAY and NORTHERN WAVE joined.Corvette BUCTOUCHE was detached on the 26th, corvette NASTURTIUM on the 27th, and minesweeper SPEEDWELL on the 28th. Destroyer COLUMBIA was detached on 1 August, armed merchant cruiser ASCANIA and corvettes BITTERSWEET, CANDYTUFT, FENNEL, GLADIOLUS, and MIMOSA. Destroyers MALCOLM, SARDONYX, SCIMITAR, and WATCHMAN, corvettes AUBRETIA, HEARTSEASE, NIGELLA, VERBENA, and VIOLET joined on 2 August. Destroyer AMAZON joined on 3 August. The destroyers were detached on 5 August and the corvettes arrived with the convoy at Liverpool on 6 August.



Convoy SC.38 departed Sydney, CB, escorted by armed merchant cruiser CHITRAL and corvettes BARRIE, DAUPHIN, and NAPANEE. The corvettes were detached on the 25th. Destroyer COLUMBIA and corvettes GLADIOLUS, MIMOSA, and NASTURTIUM joined on the 25th.Corvette NASTURTIUM was detached on the 27th, destroyer COLUMBIA on 1 August, and armed merchant cruiser CHITRAL and corvettes GLADIOLUS and MIMOSA on 2 August. Destroyer BURZA, corvettes AUBRETIA, HEARTSEASE, and NIGELLA, and minesweeper BRITOMART joined on 2 August. Destroyers AMAZON and GEORGETOWN joined on 3 August.Corvettes AUBRETIA and NIGELLA were detached on the 8th, destroyers AMAZON and GEORGETOWN and corvette HEARTSEASE on the 7th. On 7 August, anti-submarine trawlers DANEMAN and NOTTS COUNTY joined and escorted the convoy into Liverpool on 8 August.



Wednesday, 23 July


For Operation EF, a British force departed Scapa Flow at 2345 on the 23rd with heavy cruisers DEVONSHIRE (Flag Wake Walker) and SUFFOLK, aircraft carriers VICTORIOUS and FURIOUS, and destroyers ESCAPADE, ACTIVE, ANTHONY, ACHATES, ANTELOPE, and INTREPID. The force arrived at Seidisfjord on the 25th


Minelaying cruiser ADVENTURE departed Scapa Flow on the 23rd for Seidisfjord and arrived on the 24th.


Destroyers ECLIPSE and ECHO with oiler BLACK RANGER for this operation had departed for Seidisfjord on the 22nd and arrived on the 24th.


Minesweepers NIGER, SALAMANDER, and HALCYON arrived at Scapa Flow on the 23rd en route to Iceland.


Destroyer ACHATES struck a British mine of minefield SN.69 in 64-11N, 13-00W at 0300 on the 25th and badly damaged in Seidisfjord.


The destroyer lost 65 ratings. The destroyer was towed by destroyer ANTHONY into Seidisfjord.


Destroyer ACHATES was towed by tug ASSURANCE, escorted by destroyer ANTELOPE to the Faroes. Destroyer TARTAR escorted the tow on to the Tyne.


Destroyer ACHATES was under repair in the Tyne from 3 September to 13 March 1942.


Destroyers INGLEFIELD and ICARUS departed Scapa Flow at 1230 on the 25th and relieved destroyer ECLIPSE and ECHO which joined the Main Force to replace destroyers ACHATES and ANTELOPE.


Minesweepers HALCYON and SALAMANDER departed Scapa Flow on the 28th and were sent to Seidisfjord to provide anti-submarine protection. The minesweepers arrived on the 31st.


The British force departed Seidisfjord on the 26th for operation EF.


Aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS launched an air strike of twenty Albacore torpedo bombers of 827 Squadron (Lt Cdr J.A. Stewart-Moore) and 828 Squadron (Lt Cdr D.E. Langmore) and nine Fulmar fighters of 809 Squadron (Lt Cdr V.C. Grenfell) on the Kirkenes on the 30th. Three additional Fulmars flew as protection for the carrier. Minelayer BREMSE and other German ships were at Kirkenes. Some damage was done to piers and oil tanks and steamer ROTTVER was damaged, but six Albacores of 827 Squadron and five Albacores of 828 Squadron and two Fulmar fighters of 809 Squadron were shot down by German gunners.


Killed were A/Leading Airman L.E. Barrow in a Fulmar of 809 Squadron (Sub Lt (A) R.S. Miller, his pilot, was captured), pilot Lt M.G. McKendick, observer P/T/Midshipman (A) E.A. Mills RNVR, and A/Leading Airman F. Sharples in an Albacore of 827 Squadron,pilot T/Lt (A) E.E. Hughes-Williams RNVR, observer Sub Lt (A) J.J.R. Davies, and A/Leading Airman A. Fox and pilot T/Sub Lt (A) D.R. McKay RNVR, observer T/Sub Lt (A) J.G. Paton RNVR, and T/Leading Airman D.W. Corner in Albacores of 828 Squadron were killed.


Pilot Lt (A) T.E. Blacklock RNVR, and observer Lt (A) A.T. Easton, and pilot Lt (A) R.S. Miller from the Fulmars of 809 Squadron were captured. Captured were pilot Lt A. Turnbull RNVR,Observer Lt H.K. Serjeant, A/Leading Airman J.W. James of one Albacore of 827 Squadron,Pilot Lt H. F. Bond, Observer Lt H.H. Bracken, and A/Leading Airman E. Lancaster of another Albacore of 827 Squadron, Pilot Sub Lt P.J. Greenslade RNVR, Observer Sub Lt W.W. Parsons RNVR, A/Leading Airman H. Pickup of another Albacore of 827 Squadron, Pilot Sub Lt (A) J.F. Olsen and Observer Sub Lt (A) A.J. Bulford RNVR, were captured and A/Leading Airman H.J. Wade was killed in another Albacore of 827 Squadron, Pilot Lt (A) L.E.R. Bellairs andObserver T/Lt (A) D.M. Lubbock RNVR, of another Albacore of 828 Squadron were captured; their crewman A/Leading AirmanC.F. Beer was killed, in another Albacore of 828 Squadron Pilot Sub Lt (A)C.V. Howard, Observer Sub Lt (A) G.L. Turner RNVR, andT/Leading Airman D.E. Polmeer were captured, in another Albacore of 828 SquadronPilot Lt (A) R. Ross-Taylor, Observer Sub Lt (A) S. Clayton RNVR,T/A/Leading Airman L.W. Miles were captured,In another Albacore of 827 Squadron,Pilot Sub Lt (A) D. Myles RNVR,Observer Sub Lt A.P. Keep,and A/Leading Airman H.C. Griffin were captured.


In Albacores of 827 Squadron one damaged, but was able to return to aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS with its crew of Sub Lt R.J. Grant-Sturgis, Sub Lt W.A. Davies, and Naval Airman G. Dixon not wounded; another returned damaged to the carrier with its crew of Lt J.C. Reed, Lt Cdr J.A. Stewart-Moore, and Petty Officer H.J. Lambert;on arriving back at the carrier, an Albacore with Sub Lt R.B. Park and Sub Lt O.G.W. Hutchinson, A/Leading Airman E.P. Fabien was found to have been killed; another was damaged by flak, but its crew of Sub Lt R.S. Meakin, Sub Lt Scott, and Leading Airman F. Ward were not wounded; another with Lt J.N. Ball, Lt B.J. Prendergast, and Petty Officer A.E. Sweet returned to the carrier the only Albacore undamaged; another returned to the carrier damaged with Lt J.S. Bailey, Lt L.C. Williams, and TAGC.T. Roberts.In 828 Squadron, an Albacore with Lt R.L. Williamson, Lt F. Bedford, and Leading Airman F.A.J. Smith returned damaged to the carrier; another with Lt Cdr D.E. Langmore, Lt E.A. Greenwood, and A/Petty Officer Smith returned safely as did another Albacore of the Squadron which was damaged by flak, but returning safely with Sub Lt R.D. Head, Lt G.M. Haynes, RAN, and Leading Airman J. Madeley.Fulmars with Lt Cdr V.C. Grenfell, Lt H.D. Mathews, Lt H.E. Yates RNR, T/Lt (A) D.A. Van Epps, Sub Lt D.G. Carlisle, SARNVR, A/Sub Lt P.R.J. Gilbert, T/Sub Lt (A) J.B. Ganner RNVR,T/Lt K.J. Robertson, Lt J. Cooper, T/Sub Lt (A) R.C. Wood RNVR, and T/A/Sub Lt (A) A.E.R. Wilkinson returned to the carrier safely.



Aircraft carrier FURIOUS launched an air strike of nine Swordfish of 812 Squadron (Lt Cdr W.E. Waters), nine Albacore torpedo bombers of 817 Squadron (Lt Cdr D. Sanderson), and six Fulmar fighters of 800 Squadron (Lt Cdr J.A.D. Wroughton DSC) on Petsamo on the 30th. Four Sea Hurricanes of 880A Flight (Lt Cdr F.E.C. Judd) were flown off as protection for the aircraft carrier.Some damage was done to the piers by the torpedo bombers. One Albacore torpedo plane of 817 Squadron with Lt (A) L.H. Lee RNVR, which was slightly wounded, Sub Lt (A) G. Gorrie, and Leading Airman N. Train were shot down and came ashore at Murmansk and two Fulmar fighters of 800 Squadron with Sub Lt (A) F.J.G. Gallichan and Petty Officer Airman J.F. Black and P/T/Sub Lt (A) E.S. Burke RNVR, Leading Airman J. Beardsley were shot down and their crews lost.


From 817 Squadron, the following aircraft safely returned to FURIOUS:Lt L.E.D. Walthall, Lt Cdr W.E. Waters (Squadron CO), and Petty Officer (A) A.G. Brown; Sub Lt P. McJ. Wilkinson, Sub Lt (A) L.C. Plummer, and Leading Airman E. Kerridge; Sub Lt (A) R.P. Cross RNVR, and Leading Airman E.A. Cowan; Lt R.S. Baker-Falkner, Sub Lt (A) P.H. Phillips RNVR, and Petty Officer (A) D.V. Gill; Sub Lt (A) F.L. Jones RNVR, Sub Lt (A) K. Hyde RNVR, and Leading Airman A.F. Whitehouse; Sub Lt (A) E.L. Heath and Leading Airman G.E. Cowsill; Lt (A) J.H.D. Maughan, Sub Lt (A) G.F. Wild RNVR, and Leading Airman P.J. Nicholas; Lt C.J.K. Kindell, Sub Lt L.A. Edwards, and Leading Airman J. Stewart, and Sub Lt (A) J.D. Sinclair RNVR, Sub Lt (A) K.A. Hovington RNVR, and Leading Airman S.W. Lock.


On the 31st, aircraft carrier FURIOUS was sent back to Scapa Flow because of a fuel shortage.Five Albacore aircraft of 817 Squadron were transferred to aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS before her departure.


During the air strikes, cruiser minelayer ADVENTURE, escorted by destroyer ANTHONY, which departed Seidisfjord on the 26th, was passed to Russia.


The minelayer was detached at 0300 on the 30th and proceeded unescorted to Archangel with mines in Operation EF. Destroyer ANTHONY, which returned to embark part of the crew of damaged destroyer ACHATES, departed Seidisfjord early on the 31st and arrived at Scapa Flow at 2300. The minelayer arrived at Archangel on 1 August.After unloading, minelayer ADVENTURE departed on 4 August for Loch Alsh, arriving on 11 August.


From 10 to 15 September, these mines were laid by Soviet destroyers of the 1st Destroyer Division GREMYASHSCHI, GROMKI, GOZNY, and SOKRUSHITELNY in the area of Fisherman's Peninsula.


On 4 August, aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS launched three Fulmar fighter planes to reconnoiter near at Tromso. The fighters attacked two armed trawlers and one fighter was lost. Pilot Lt H.D. Mathew of the 809 Squadron was killed and observer T/Sub Lt (A) R.A. Burroughs RNVR, was captured.



Polish destroyer KUJAWIAK departed Scapa Flow at 2100 for Plymouth on completion of working up exercises.



Destroyer GARTH was damaged by the near miss of a German air bomb in the North Sea.


The destroyer spent no time out of action.



German auxiliary patrol boat Vp.1508 (whaler RAU III, 354grt) was sunk by a motor torpedo boat southwest of Boulogne.



British steamer barge OMFLEET (130grt) was sunk on a mine in Alexandra Dock, Hull.


There were no casualties on the barge.



British sailing vessels ADAMANT (80grt) and SOAVITA (80grt) were damaged on mines at Alexandra Dock, Hull.


Both vessels sank, but were salved.


Italian submarine BAGNOLINI made two attacks on convoy OG.68, claiming sinking one steamer and damaging another.


No confirmation of damage is available.



German fishing vessel NORDMARK (462grt) was lost on a mine in the Irben Straits.



Aircraft carrier FORMIDABLE departed Alexandria for repairs in the United States. The aircraft carrier passed through the Suez Canal the next day. Arriving at Norfolk, Virginia on 26 August, aircraft carrier FORMIDABLE was under repair until 12 December.


Destroyer HERO was damaged by bombing in Tobruk harbour during the night of 22/23 July.


The destroyer received temporary repairs at Mersa Matruh.



Submarine P.33, on patrol near Pantelleria, was damaged by Italian depth charges, but was able to continue patrol.



Submarine OLYMPUS unsuccessfully attacked a liner off Naples.



Lt P.R.E. Woods was killed when his Martlet of 805 Squadron ditched in the sea one mile north of Ma'aten Bagush.



German steamer TIRPITZ (7970grt) was sunk on a mine near Cape del Arma.



British troopship ERINPURA departed Madras for Penang with personnel, escorted by light cruiser MAURITIUS to 10N, 92-35E.


The light cruiser was relieved by light cruiser DANAE. The steamer arived at Penang on the 27th.



Thursday, 24 July


Light cruiser EURYALUS, escorted by destroyer CROOME, departed Rosyth at 0800 for Scapa Flow, where they arrived at 2030.



Anti-aircraft ship ALYNBANK departed Scapa Flow at 0800 and escorted convoy WN.56 from the Pentland Firth until meeting convoy EC.49 at approximately midnight.


After parting with convoy EC.49 in Pentland Firth, the ship arrived at Scapa Flow at 1800 on the 25th.



A British raid of 149 RAF bombers was launched at the German battleships at La Pallice and Brest.


Battlecruiser SCHARNHORST was badly damaged at La Pallice.


Battlecruiser GNEISENAU at Brest was not damaged.



Convoy OS.1 departed Liverpool, escorted by sloop FOLKESTONE and corvettes AZALEA and PENSTEMON. The corvettes were detached on the 26th and 25 July, respectively. The convoy was joined on the 25th by destroyers BATH, VANOC, and WALKER. The destroyers were detached on the 28th, 26 July, and 3 August, respectively.Also joining on the 25th were anti-aircraft ship ARIGUANI which was detached on the 28th, corvettes CARNATION, HELIOTROPE, LA MALOUINE, and MALLOW which were detached on the 28th, trawlers BALTA, KOS IX, and LORINDA which were detached on 3 August, boom defense vessels CONSBRO, LORD GAINSFORD, PANORAMA, and PHYLLISIA which were detached on the 26th.


Sloops LONDONDERRY and WESTON joined on the 26th and were detached on 9 August. Destroyer CHELSEA joined on the 28th and was detached on the 30th.Corvettes ANCHUSA, ASPODEL, and CALENDULA joined on 9 August and arrived with the convoy at Freetown on 10 August.



Submarine UPHOLDER damaged Italian steamer DANDOLO (4964grt), escorted by a destroyer, off the west coast of Sicily in 38-08N, 12-37E.



Submarine UPRIGHT unsuccessfully attacked floating dock G022 off Cape dell'Armi.


The submarine was heavily counterattacked.



Aircraft carrier FORMIDABLE, after temporary repairs at Alexandria, departed Alexandria for Port Said escorted by minelaying cruiser LATONA and destroyers JERVIS, KANDAHAR, and JAGUAR.



Australian sloop PARRAMATTA departed Port Said escorting motor transport ship GUJARAT to Famagusta in Serial S.5 of the GUILLOTINE Operation.


The sloop arrived back at Port Said on the 28th.



Australian destroyer VOYAGER departed Alexandria to return to Australia. The destroyer passed through the Suez Canal on the 25th.


The destroyer arrived at Port Darwin on 25 September.



Italian submarine SQUALO claimed damaging a British tanker in 32-20N, 24-53E.



Convoy SL.82 departed Freetown escorted by armed merchant cruiser DERBYSHIRE to 10 August, destroyer VANSITTART to and corvettes ARMERIA, ASTER, BURDOCK, and MARGUERITE to 31 July.Corvette AMARANTHUS joined the convoy from 25 to 27 July.


On 10 August, destroyers VICEROY and WOLLSTON joined the convoy and on 11 August, destroyers VANOC and WALKER joined. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on 15 August.



Friday, 25 July


Heavy cruiser SHROPSHIRE departed Scapa Flow for Hvalfjord and Denmark Strait patrol.


The cruiser arrived at Hvalfjord on the 27th.



Destroyers MENDIP, QUORN, and CATTISTOCK departed Portsmouth at 2100 to bombard Dieppe in operation GIDEON.


A brief bombardment was carried out early on the 26th, but the rest of the operation was cancelled due to weather.



Italian submarine BARBARIGO sank British steamer MACON (5135grt) in 32-48N, 26-12W.


Twenty crew and one passenger were saved from the steamer.Twenty five were missing from the steamer.Two crew died in the ship's boat and one was killed.



British Rear Admiral, Mediterranean Aircraft Carriers, hoisted his flag in HMS GREBE.



Italian sloop DIANA and motor torpedo boats MAS.451 and MAS.452 departed Augusta.Sloop DIANA carried one large motorboat leader, eight explosive boats, and towed another motorboat. The MASs each towed one explosive SLC boat each.


The next day, these forces attempted to attack the SUBSTANCE convoy in Malta, but British air attacks destroyed all but DIANA which was able to return to base.


The Italian boats blew up the harbour boom, but no other damage was done. Three officers and fifteen ratings were captured.



Submarine TETRARCH sank Italian patrol vesselB 247 (trawler MARIA IMMANCOLATA) off Gaidero Island.


The submarine reported an unsuccessful attack on a German ship.



A Swordfish of 815 Squadron was lost 44 miles west of Cape Kormakiti, Cyprus, when the airframe and engine parted. Sub Lt D.A. Wise and Sub Lt A.H. Cann were killed.



German steamer ERLANGEN (6101grt) scuttled herself when she was intercepted by light cruiser NEWCASTLE SE of River Plate.



Saturday, 26 July


Anti-aircraft ship CURACOA departed Scapa Flow at 0900 and escorted convoy WN.57 from Pentland Firth until meeting convoy EC.50.



Destroyers BROKE and VERITY, escorting convoy SL.80, collided near Londonderry.


Destroyer BROKE sustained damage to her bow. temporary repairs were done at Liverpool.Permanent repairs were done at the Hebburn on Tyne yard from 11 August to 12 September.


Destroyer VERITY sustained extensive damage below the waterline. The destroyer was repaired at Belfast from 28 July to 21 September.



Convoy ON.1 departed Liverpool, escorted by sloop STORK. The sloop was detached the next day when the convoy was joined by destroyers MALCOLM, SARDONYX, SCIMITAR, and WATCHMAN and corvettes VERBENA and VIOLET, and anti-submarine trawlers NORTHERN PRIDE, NORTHERN SPRAY, and NORTHERN WAVE. Destroyers SARDONYX and SCIMITAR were detached on the 30th and the remainder of the escort on the 31st when relieved by destroyers BURWELL and RICHMOND and corvettes COBALT and POLYANTHUS. Destroyer BURWELL was detached on 1 August. The remainder of the escort remained until the convoy was dispersed on 9 August.



Convoy OS.1, escorted by destroyers WALKER, VANOC, VOLUNTEER, SARDONYX, SCIMITAR, and Norwegian BATH and corvettes BLUEBELL and HYDRANGEA, was attacked by U.141.


British steamer BOTWEY (5106grt) was sunk in 55-42N, 9-53W, sixty miles north of Tory Island. The entire crew were rescued.


British steamer ATLANTIC CITY (5133grt) was damaged in 55-42N, 9-58W.


The steamer was later taken in tow and anchored of Buncrana.


The submarine reported torpedoing a third, unidentified, steamer.



Leading Airman F. Andrew of 1 SFTS Netheravon was killed when his Hind crashed east of Shrewton LG. Leading Airman G. Ryalls was also killed in the aircraft.



Italian submarine BARBARIGO sank British tanker HORN SHELL (8272grt) in 33-23N, 22-18W.


Seventeen crew were lost on the steamer. The survivors were picked up by Portuguese trawler MARIA LEONOR. On 19 August, the trawler was intercepted off Cape Juby by destroyer AVON VALE and the survivors were removed.



German torpedo boat T.3 claimed sinking a Soviet destroyer (TSIKLON (sic, ?) in a surface action in the Baltic.



New Zealand light cruiser LEANDER departed Alexandria for Port Said and New Zealand after being relieved by light cruiser NEPTUNE.


The light cruiser departed Suez on the 31st to return to New Zealand.



Sloop FLAMINGO departed Port Said with motor transport ship SALAMAUA for Famagusta in serial S.8 of the GUILLOTINE operation. The sloop arrived at Famagusta on the 28th and departed the same day.



Sunday, 27 July


For operation FB, Light cruisers NIGERIA (Vian had hoisted his flag in NIGERIA at 1740 on the 25th) and AURORA with destroyers TARTAR and PUNJABI departed Scapa Flow at 1000 as Force A for Seidisfjord, arriving on the 29th.


British oiler OLIGARCH, escorted by destroyer GARLAND had departed Scapa Flow at 1400 on the 24th for Seidisfjord, arriving on the 27th. They departed Seidisfjord later that day with trawlers SEALYHAM and WASTWATER to refuel Force A.


Force A departed Seidisfjord at 1330 on the 29th. They met the oiler OLIGARCH group at 1400 on the 31st to refuel.


Destroyer TARTAR was sent ahead to land a Norwegian officer at the W/T station at Kap Linne.


At 1800 on the 31st, light cruiser NIGERIA and destroyer TARTAR entered Advent Fjord, Spitsbergen.


Light cruiser AURORA and destroyer PUNJABI proceeded to Gronfjord.


Destroyer GARLAND was engaged on anti-submarine patrol at the entrance to Isfjord.


On 1 August, oiler OLIGARCH refuelled the ships at Spitsbergen. Destroyer GARLAND and Norwegian steamer DAGNY I (1392grt) joined the OLIGARCH group. Destroyer GARLAND, anti-submarine trawlers SEALYHAM and WASTWATER, and oiler OLIGARCH proceeded to sea.


A party was landed at Bear Island on 2 August to demolish the W/T station and embark four Norwegian operators.


The ships refuelled again on 3 August.Oiler OLIGARCH was then sent with destroyer GARLAND and trawler SEALYHAM to Seidisfjord.


Steamer DAGNY I and whaler WASTWATER were detached on 3 August and proceeded to the Faroes.



Heavy cruiser DORSETSHIRE departed the Tyne for Scapa Flow, escorted by destroyers WINDSOR and WORCESTER.


The cruiser arrived on the 28th.



Armed merchant cruiser ESPERANCE BAY arrived at Scapa Flow for onward passage to London.



Convoy ON.2 departed Liverpool, escorted by sloop BLACK SWAN and corvette CONVOLVULUS.Both escorts were detached the next day. On the 28th, destroyer BURZA, corvettes AUBRETIA, NIGELLA, and SNOWDROP, minesweeper BIRTOMART, and anti-submarine trawlers DANEMAN, NOTTS COUNTY, and ST APOLLO. Destroyers AMAZON and GEORGETOWN and corvette HEARTSEASE joined on the 30th. Destroyer GEORGETOWN and minesweeper BRITOMART were detached on 1 August, destroyers AMAZON and BURZA, corvettes AUBRETIA, HEARTSEASE, NIGELLA, and SNOWDROP, and anti-submarine trawlers DANEMAN and ST APOLLO on 2 August. Armed merchant cruiser RANPURA, destroyer BURWELL, and corvettes CHAMBLY and PICTOU joined on 2 August. The convoy was dispersed on 8 August.



British fishing trawler BEN STROME (198grt) was sunk by German bombing fifteen miles SE of Fuglo Island.


The crew of ten were all lost.



Convoy OG.69 was attacked by German five submarines on the 27th through 28 July.


On the 27th, submarine U.79 sank British steamer HAWKINGE (2475grt) in 44-55N, 17-44W.


Fifteen crew were lost on the steamer HAWKINGE.


U.79 claimed sinking two more steamers and damaging two more on the 27th.


On the 27th, submarine U.203 sank British steamer KELLWYN (1459grt) in 43N, 17W and claimed sinking a second steamer.


Fourteen crew were lost on the steamer KELLWYN.


On the 27th, submarine U.126 sank British steamer ERATO (1335grt, The convoy Commodore ship) and Norwegian steamer INGA I (1304grt) in 43-10N, 17-30W.


Eight crew and a gunner were lost on the steamer ERATO. Three crew were missing on the steamer INGA I.


U.126 claimed sinking two more steamers on the 27th.


Early on the 28th, submarine U.68 claimed torpedoing a corvette.


On the 28th, submarine U.561 sank British steamer WROTHAM (1884grt) in 43N, 17W. The submarine also claimed sinking another steamer and damaging an armed merchant cruiser. The entire crew of the steamer were rescued.


On the 28th, submarine U.203 sank Swedish steamer NORITA (1516grt) in 40-10N, 15-30W and British steamer LAPLAND (40-36N, 15-30W. Two crew were lost on the steamer NORITA.

The entire crew of the steamer LAPLAND were rescued by corvette RHODOENDRON, which arrived at Gibraltar on the 31st.



The German 3rd Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla with S.54, S.55, S.57, and S.58 attacked Soviet ships in the Gulf of Riga.


Soviet destroyer SMIELY was sunk by German motor torpedo boat S.54, in company with S.55, in the Gulf of Riga.


S 57 and S.58 unsuccessfully attacked two Soviet minesweepers at Oesel.



Submarine TETRARCH sank Italian caique NICITA five miles south of Kos.



Light cruiser CERES damaged her port screw when it contacted the pier during docking at Trincomalee.



Ocean boarding vessel CORINTHIAN arrived at Gibraltar after Western Patrol.



Corvette GARDENIA intercepted French auxiliary patrol vessel EDITH GERMAINE (130grt) at 12-38N, 17-55W.Corvette AMARANTHUS was in company.


The trawler was taken towards Freetown by the two corvettes. When it was determined the trawler was going to Dakar, it was allowed to continue.



Convoy HX.141 departed Halifax, escorted by armed merchant cruiser MONTCLARE and corvettes NANAIMO, ORILLIA, and TRAIL. Corvettes CHICOUTIMI and MATAPEDIA joined on the 28th.Corvettes CHICOUTIMI, NANAIMO, and TRAIL were detached on the 30th. On the 30th, destroyer SKEENA and corvettes ALBERNI and PRIMROSE joined the convoy. The escort was detached on 6 August when relieved by destroyers DOUGLAS, LEAMINGTON,and SKATE, corvette VERONIA, and minsweeper SPEEDY. The corvette and the minesweeper were detached on 8 August and destroyers were detached on 9 August.anti-submarine trawlers ST ELSTAN and ST ZENO escorted the convoy in Home Waters. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on 11 August.



Monday, 28 July


Heavy cruiser SHROPSHIRE departed Hvalfjord for patrol duties on Denmark Strait patrol.



Anti-aircraft ship ALYNBANK departed Scapa Flow at 1000 and escorted convoy WN.58 from the Pentland Firth. On meeting convoy EC.51 during the morning of 29 July, the ship transferred to that convoy.


Detaching the convoy in Pentland Firth, ship ALYNBANK arrived at Scapa Flow at 1800 on the 29th.



In Operation CHESS, a patrol from an assault landing craft was landed near Fecamp at 0154.


T/Lt (E) J. Templeton RNR, and one rating were killed.


The landing craft was able to retire and met the covering force of motor launches 10 miles SE of Dover.



P/T/A/Sub Lt (A) R.W. Langshaw RNVR, was killed when his Hurricane of 759 Squadron crashed between Maiden Newton and Cerne Abbas.



British fishing trawler STRATHLOCHY (212grt) was sunk by German bombing 180 miles northwest of Rora Head, Orkneys.



Soviet submarine SHCH.307 sank U.144 in the Gulf of Finland. The entire crew of twenty eight were lost in the submarine.



German steamer ELBING III (315grt) was sunk near Libau by Soviet bombing.



Lighter A.8 (Sub Lt R.M. Wright RNVR) was sunk off Bardia by German bombing.


Wright and seven ratings were lost.


Lighter A.14 in company was able to escape.



Submarine OLYMPUS was damaged by Italian bombing off Cavoli Light in the Tyrrhenian Sea.After emergency repairs, the submarine was able to return to Gibraltar.



Destroyer JERVIS departed Haifa and joined light cruiser NEPTUNE, minelaying cruisers ABDIEL and LATONA, and destroyer JAGUAR to return to Alexandria.


These ships were relieved by light cruiser HOBART and destroyers KANDAHAR and KIMBERLEY at Haifa.


The NEPTUNE group arrived at Alexandria on the 29th.



Corvette HYACINTH was detached from the escort of damaged destroyer ISIS off Port Said. The corvette escortedmotor transport ship KEVINBANK in serial S.9 of the GUILLOTINE Operation to Famagusta, arrivng on the 30th.


The corvette returned to Port Said on the 30th.



Destroyer HOTSPUR and Australian destroyer VENDETTA departed Alexandria for Tobruk.


The destroyers loaded troops at Tobruk early on the 29th and proceeded to Mersa Matruh where they arrived at 0900 on the 29th.


On the 30th, the destroyers departed for Alexandria.


At 2215, a submarine contact was obtained. Destroyer HOTSPUR attacked the contact and destroyer VENDETTA continued to Alexandria, arriving on the 31st.



A convoy of steamers ERNESTO (7272grt), CASTELVERDE (6666grt), AQUITANIA (4971grt), NITA (6813grt), and NIRVO (5164grt) and gunboat PALMAIOLA departed Tripoli on the 27th escorted by destroyers FOLGORE, SAETTA, FUCLIERE, and ALPINO.


Light cruisers GARIBALDI and MONTECUCCOLI and destroyers GRANATIERE and BERSAGLIERE provided cover for the convoy.


Destroyer FULMINE joined the convoy escort at 1815 on the 28th.


Light cruiser GARIBALDI was torpedoed by Submarine UPHOLDER off Cape St Vito in 38-04N, 11-57E at 1955 on the 28th.


Destroyers FUCLIERE and ALPINO joined the damaged cruiser at 2020.


The light cruiser arrived at Palermo at 0630 on the 29th. She was under repair for four months to repair the damage.


Torpedo boat SIRTORI joined the convoy escort on the 29th.

The convoy arrived at Naples on the 30th.



Submarine UTMOST sank Italian steamer FEDERICO (1466grt) in 39-28N, 15-52-30E off western Calabria.



Submarine OLYMPUS made an unsuccessful attack on a steamer in 40-40N, 9-50E.



Dutch submarine O.21 sank Italian steamer MONTEPONI (747grt) in 39-51N, 13-46E, ten miles north of Cape Comino.



Convoy HG.69 departed Gibraltar escorted by sloop BIDEFORD and anti-submarine trawler STELLA CARINA. The convoy was joined on the 29th by destroyers BEVERLEY and DUNCAN, corvette COREOPSIS, JONQUIL, and SPIRAEA, and submarine SEVERN.


Destroyer BEVERLY refuelled at Ponta Delgada on 3 August and then rejoined the convoy.


Destroyer DUNCAN was detached on 2 August and returned to Gibraltar. On 5 August, submarine SEVERN and corvettes COREOPSIS, JONQUIL, and SPIRAEA were detached;the corvettes to convoy OG.70.


On 6 August, trawler STELLA CARINA was detached to convoy OG.70 and ocean boarding vessel HILARY joined the convoy.


Destroyers LEGION and PIORUN joined the convoy on 7 August and destroyers CHELSEA and WOLVERINE and corvettes GENTIAN, HIBISCUS, MYOSOTIS, and PERIWINKLE joined on 8 August.


Destroyers BEVERLEY, LEGION, and PIORUN were detached on 9 August to Londonderry.

The convoy arrived at Liverpool on 11 August.



Dutch submarine O.24 departed Gibraltar to patrol in the Gulf of Genoa and Tyrrhenian Sea.



Submarine UPRIGHT arrived at Malta from patrol.



Submarine URGE arrived at Malta from patrol.



Destroyer HIGHLANDER rescued Norwegian steamer LIDVARD (4785grt) at 12-35N, 17-52E at 0500 on the 28th. The steamer had escaped from Dakar during the night of 26/27 August. French auxiliary patrol vessel EDITH GERMAINE intercepted the steamer on the 27th.


Destroyer HIGHLANDER was soon joined by destroyer BOREAS.


Light cruisers GLOIRE and GEORGES LEYGUES, submarine ACTEON, and naval aircraft were at sea in an attempt to return the steamer to Dakar.


The steamer was escorted to Freetown by destroyers HIGHLANDER and BOREAS and arrived on the 29th.



Tuesday, 29 July


Sub Lt C. Wheatley, Midshipman L.E.W. Byam, and Leading Airman G. Curwen were lost when their Albacore of 832 Squadron crashed west of Kintyre.



British steamer ADAM'S BECK (2816grt) was badly damaged by German bombing one mile 235 from 20C Buoy, Tyne. One crew was missing on the steamer.


The steamer sank on the 30th.



German destroyers KARL GALSTER, HERMANN SCHOEMANN, FRIEDRICH ECKHOLDT, and RICHARD BEITZEN swept towards Yugor and Kara Straits.However, the sweep was abandoned when the British carrier force was reported.



German steamer BERNHARD (1890grt) was lost in a collision with Swedish steamer FRODE (1535grt) near Norderney.



German steamer LEONTES (338grt) was lost on a mine near Windau.



British supply ship BRECONSHIRE, escorted by corvettes WALLFLOWER, ZINNIA, HYDRANGEA, CAMPANULA, and BLUEBELL departed Gibraltar for Liverpool.



Submarine CLYDE arrived at Gibraltar from patrol in the Atlantic.



Submarine TALISMAN departed Gibraltar for Malta with stores.



Submarine THRASHER arrived at Alexandria with seventy eight men from Crete which had been in hiding since the island fell.



Submarine OLYMPUS was damaged by near misses from an Italian bomber 3 miles 107 Cavoli Light,.


The submarine sustained considerable damage to her battery and many fittings were damaged causing leaks.


Submarine OLYMPUS arrived back at Gibraltar on 2 August.



British steamer CHAUCER (5792grt) was captured at 16-46N, 38-01W by German raider ORION. The entire crew were made prisoners of war.



Sub Lt T.P.J. Heatley RNR, was lost overboard from destroyer THRACIAN.



Wednesday, 30 July


Battleship MALAYA, armed merchant cruiser ESPERANCE BAY, and destroyers CASTLETON, CHARLESTOWN, and CROOME departed Scapa Flow at 2130 for Rosyth where they arrived at 1300 on the 31st.


The armed merchant cruiser later continued on to London.


The screen returned to Scapa Flow arriving at 2130 on the 31st.



Anti-aircraft ship CURACOA departed Scapa Flow at 1230 and escorted convoy WN.59 from Pentland Firth.


The ship and convoy arrived at Methil at 1130 on the 31st.



Minelayer PORT QUEBEC, escorted by survey ship SCOTT, laid minefield SN.21C of the Northern Barrage.



Submarine SEAWOLF unsuccessfully attacked U.562 off Lorient.



Convoy OG.70 departed Liverpool, escorted by corvettes AURICULA, MARIGOLD, and SAMPHIRE.


On the 31st, catapult ship MAPLIN, sloop DEPTFORD, and corvette CONVOLVULUS joined the convoy.


Destroyers ST ALBANS, CAMPBELTOWN, and WANDERER were with the convoy during the day and were detached that night.Catapult ship MAPLIN was also detached on 1 August.


Corvettes COREOPSIS, JONQUIL, and SPIRAEA and anti-submarine trawler STELLA CARINA from convoy HG.69 joined on 6 August. Destroyers ENCOUNTER and NESTOR departed Gibraltar on 6 August and joined on 8 August. Destroyer FORESIGHT from convoy HG.34 F also joined on 8 August. Destroyer ENCOUNTER, sloop DEPTFORD, and corvettes AURICULA, CONVOLVULUS, JONQUIL, MARIGOLD, and SAMPHIRE were detached on 10 August and arrived at Gibraltar on 13 August. The convoy arrived at Gibraltar on 12 August with destroyers FORESIGHT and NESTOR and corvettes COREOPSIS and SPIRAEA.



U.371 sank British steamer SHAHRISTAN (6935grt) and Dutch steamer SITOEBONDO (7049grt) in 35-19N, 23-53W from convoy OS.1.


Twenty six crew and passengers were lost on the British steamer. Panamanian steamer GLORIA picked up nine survivors from SHAHRISTAN and transferred then to ocean boarding vessel CORINTHIAN on 19 August.


Seventeen crew and two passengers were missing on the Dutch steamer.



German fishing vessel PICKHUBEN (238grt) was lost on a mine in the southern North Sea.



Australian sloop PARRAMATTA departed Port Said escortingmotor transport ship GUJARAT to Famagusta in Serial S.10 of the GUILLOTINE Operation.


The ships arrived at Famagusta on 1 August and sloop PARRAMATTA departed that day for Port Said.



Corvette DELPHINIUM departed Alexandria to relieve corvette PEONY, with defects, at Famagusta.



Motor torpedo boat MTB.104, which had been laid up with defects at Port Said, departed Port Said for Alexandria to be paid off.



Submarine CACHALOT (Lt Cdr H.R.B. Newton), which departed Malta on the 26th, was rammed and sunk by Italian torpedo boat PAPA north of Benghazi.


Only one rating was lost. The remainder of the crew were rescued by the Italian torpedo boat.Newton, Sub Lt C.E.S. Beale, Lt J.E.F. Dickson, T/Lt R.D.C. Hart RNVR, Lt (E) E.H. Player DSC, and sixty two ratings were taken prisoner.Lt R.P. Lucey, additional for submarine depot ship MEDWAY, T/Lt A.J. Piggot RNR, additional for base ship ST ANGELO, and eighteen ratings, travelling as passengers for Alexandria on the submarine, were also picked up and also made prisoners of war.Dickson later escaped captivity.



In Operation STYLE, British Force X of light cruisers HERMIONE and ARETHUSA and cruiser minelayer MANXMAN with destroyers SIKH and LIGHTNING departed Gibraltar on the 31st carrying the troops and supplies that had been on troopship LEINSTER and light cruiser MANCHESTER which had not reached Malta during Operation SUBSTANCE.


Battleship NELSON (Flag Vice Admiral Force H), battlecruiser RENOWN, aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL and destroyers COSSACK, MAORI, NESTOR, FAULKNOR, FURY, FORESIGHT, FORESTER, FOXHOUND, ENCOUNTER, and ERIDGE departed Gibraltar on the 30th to create a diversion for this operation.


Force S.was oiler BROWN RANGER and destroyer AVON VALE which departed Gibraltar on the 30th. On the return to Gibraltar, destroyers AVON VALE and ERIDGE were exchanged.


On the 31st/1 August, destroyers COSSACK and MAORI were detached to bombard the harbour of Alghero, Sardinia and fire star shells for a night raid by aircraft from aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL.


On 1 August, a Swordfish of the 810 Squadron landing on the aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL crashed injuring the pilot, Lt (A)C.M. Jewell, which died of wounds and killing observer, Sub Lt (A) L.A. Royall, and gunner of the aircraft and A/Lt D.G. Bowker, A/Lt (E) T.I. Gay, and two ratings of the deck party, Leading Airman H.F. Huxley and Stoker Hunt.


Light cruiser HERMIONE rammed and sank Italian submarine TEMBIEN off Tunis in 36-21N, 12-40E on 2 August. The light cruiser sustained light damage.


On 2 August, light cruisers HERMIONE and ARETHUSA, minelaying cruiser MANXMAN, and destroyers SIKH and LIGHTNING arrived at Malta. They unloaded the reinforcements and departed later that day with destroyer FARNDALE with her condenser problems repaired.However, destroyer FARNDALE with further problems had to return to Malta for additional repair.


Aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL flew off Hurricanes to Malta on 2 August.


Force H and the Malta reinforcement group returned to Gibraltar on 4 August.Battlecruiser RENOWN was docked for repairs to bulge plating.



British steamers SETTLER and CLAN MACNAUGHTON, en route to Freetown, and ARDEOLA and BRITISH HONOR, en route to Las Palmas and Trinidad, respectively, departed Gibraltar, escorted by destroyers VIDETTE and VIMY and trawlers ARRAN and COPINSAY.


On the 31st, trawler ARRAN was forced to return to Gibrlatar with defects.


Destroyer VIDETTE was detached on 2 August and VIMY on 3 August to return to Gibraltar.


Trawler COPINSAY continued with the Freetown ships.



Australian troop convoy US.1B departed Melbourne with Dutch steamer JOHN VAN OLDENBARNEVELT (19,429grt), British steamer KATOOMBA (9424grt), and Dutch steamers MARNIX VAN ST ALDEGONDE (19,355grt) and SIBAJAK (12,226grt).


Steamer KATOOMBA proceeded only to Fremantle.Steamer SIBAJAK proceeded to Singapore.



American aircraft carrier YORKTOWN, light cruiser BROOKLYN, and destroyers ROE, GRAYSON, and EBERLE departed Hampton Roads on neutrality patrol ending at Bermuda on 10 August.



Thursday, 31 July


Heavy cruiser LONDON and Dutch destroyer ISAAC SWEERS, following working up exercises, departed Scapa Flow at 2200 for Greenock.


The ships arrived at 1500 on 1 August to escort convoy WS.10.



Anti-aircraft ship CURACOA departed Methil at 1600 and met convoy EC.52 off May Island. The convoy was escorted to Pentland Firth when the ship was detached at 0900 on 1 August and proceeded to Scapa Flow.



Convoy ON.3 departed Liverpool, escorted by corvette VERONICA and anti-submarine trawler ST ELSTAN. Destroyers DOUGLAS, LEAMINGTON, and SKATE and anti-submarine trawler ST ZENO joined on 1 August and corvettes MIMOSA and NASTURTIUM on 4 August. The destroyers, corvette VERONICA, and the trawlers were detached on 5 August. Destroyer COLUMBIA and corvette GLADIOLUS joined on 5 August. Armed merchant cruiser ASCANIA joined on 5 August and was detached on 8 August. The convoy was dispersed on 14 August and destroyer COLUMBIA and corvettes GLADIOLUS, MIMOSA, and NASTURTIUM were detached.



British steam trawler ONWARD (209grt) was damaged by bombing and gunfire from a German aircraft twenty miles east of Nolso, Faroes.



French destroyer TRIOMPHANT departed Plymouth after refitting for the Pacific, via Panama.


The destroyer arrived at St Johns on 6 August, Panama on 16 August, San Diego on 25 August; departing on 5 September, Honolulu on 15 September, and Papeete on 23 September.


In the Pacific, the destroyer was used for escort duties between Australia and New Caledonia. She spent most of 1942 in Sydney in overhaul.



U.140 sank Soviet submarine M.94 in 58-51N, 22-00E.



Submarine REGENT reported Italian steamer IGEA (160grt) seven miles NW of Benghasi.



Ocean boarding vessel CORINTHIAN departed Gibraltar on Western Patrol.



Destroyer VANSITTART intercepted Vichy French steamer OUED GROU (792grt), which had departed Ziguinchor on the 31st for Dakar, at 13-02N, 17-20W.


Destroyer HIGHLANDER was ordered to join VANSITTART.


On 1 August, destroyer VELOX relieved HIGHLANDER and took the steamer into Freetown.


HIGHLANDER proceeded to Bathurst to refuel en route to Gibraltar.


On 3 August, VANSITTART was detached to proceed to Freetown. VELOX and the steamer arrived at Freetown on 4 August, despite an attempt by the crew to scuttle the steamer.



July, miscellaneous


Minesweeper FRANKLIN was damaged in a collision with two merchant ships in the North Sea, and repaired at Aberdeen from 14 July to 23 August.


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