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NAVAL EVENTS, APRIL-DECEMBER 1942 (in outline only)

HMS Alisma, corvette (Navy Photos/Michael Pocock, click to enlarge)

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Note: all vessels and aircraft are British unless otherwise identified or implied - click for abbreviations

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Background Events - March-May 1942

Russian convoys, Raid on St Nazaire, Battle of Sirte Gulf, SE Asia & SW Pacific occupied, British landings on Madagascar








Wednesday, 1 April


Minesweeping trawler SOLOMON (Skipper Lt C Dale RNR) was sunk on a mine north of Cromer. There were no casualties.



Submarine PANDORA (Lt R L Alexander) was sunk at Malta by German bombing. Lt L Walford RNR, Warrant Engineer F J Hickman DSC and twenty five ratings were killed. Lt J A Lindsell was wounded and later evacuated in submarine OLYMPUS, when he was lost.



Sunday, 5 April




Heavy cruiser CORNWALL (Captain P C W Manwaring) was sunk by Japanese bombing in the Indian Ocean. Chaplain Rev J M Bird, Ty/Gunner F E Cowell, Ty/Lt (E) M L Edgar, Warrant Ordnance Officer W H Emberton, Lt J F R Fearfield, Paymaster Sub Lt P Goddard, Ty/Surgeon Lt C C Kirby RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt R F Millett RNR, Lt D S Reid, RM, Paymaster Lt Cdr W R Vallance, one hundred and fifty nine ratings and twenty Marines were lost, and two ratings died of wounds. Paymaster Midshipman M H Marsh RAN was wounded.


Heavy cruiser DORSETSHIRE (Captain A W S Agar VC) was also sunk by Japanese bombing in the Indian Ocean. Ty/Act/Gunner (T) J Austin, Surgeon Cdr F C M Bamfort, Lt (E) P V Bouquett, Cdr (E) C P Buttar, Surgeon Lt (D) H B Concanon RNVR, Ty/Act/Warrant Electrician W Davey, Warrant Engineeer W A Ferris, Act/Lt (E) G F C Hooker, Ty/Sub Lt J S W Jarvie RNVR, Warrant Shipwright R W Jack, Act/Paymaster Sub Lt J E T Jennings, Ty/Chaplain Rev E D B Laborde RNVR, Lt Cdr (E) J F Mansell, Ty/Paymster Lt E D Paul RNVR, Ty/Surgeon Lt S W Pratt RNVR, Paymaster Lt Cdr, N G Pring RNVR, Paymaster Sub Lt J R B Sidebotham, Warrant Ordnance Officer S J Scoble, Ty/Lt (E) D Wilson, one hundred and eighty eight ratings and twenty four Marines were lost, and two ratings died of wounds. Cdr C W Byas, Ty/Act/Sub Lt M H Furnivall RNR and Paymaster Lt Cdr T T Pheophilus were wounded.


Armed merchant cruiser HECTOR (Captain F Howard DSC Rtd) was bombed by Japanese aircraft and burnt out at Colombo, where she was reconverting to trade duties. Lt Cdr (E) W Peterson RNR was lost.


Destroyer TENEDOS (Lt R Dyer), which was repairing defects, was also sunk by Japanese bombing at Colombo. Lt R J Stokes RNR, Lt F H George RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt W B S Begg RNVR and thirty ratings were lost.


Submarine depot ship LUCIA was struck by splinters. Two ratings were killed.


Destroyer DECOY was also in harbour with her main feed pump broken down, but was not damaged.


A flight of six Swordfish of 788 Squadron was attacked by aircraft from aircraft carrier HIRYU, and all six shot down – (1) Lt S M de L Longsdon and his observer Sub Lt N A MacKay were badly wounded and TAG Petty Officer (A) J Heath slightly wounded, (2) Sub Lt (A) A W D Beale DSC and his TAG Leading Airman F H Edwards were killed, (3) Sub Lt P A Meakin crashed landed on the beach and was seriously wounded. His TAG, Naval Airman G E H Skingley was killed, (4) Ty/Act/Sub Lt (A) C T Shaw RNVR was killed and his observer Sub Lt J E Cope wounded, (5) Lt C Pountney and his observer Sub Lt G Creese were wounded and TAG Petty Officer Airman J Hall seriously wounded. Hall died of wounds, and (6) Lt D Carter was shot down and his TAG, Leading Airman D A Bolton died of wounds.


Two Fulmar’s of 806 Squadron from LANKA were lost and their pilots killed - Ty/Sub Lt (A) K J M Pettitt RNVR when his Fulmar crashed in the jungle and Ty/Sub Lt (A) L K White-Smith RNVR when his was shot down.


Light cruiser GLASGOW’s Walrus crashed near the Clampalmin landing ground. Sub Lt D A Baptie was killed.


An Albacore of 827 Squadron from aircraft carrier INDOMITABLE was shot down. Sub Lt R J F Streatfield, Sub Lt T Weston and Naval Airman K Porter were lost.



Monday, 6 April


Destroyer HAVOCK (Lt Cdr G R G Watkins DSC), which had departed Malta for Gibraltar earlier that day, was wrecked on the Tunisian coast in 36-52-27N, 11-08-30E, with one rating killed. Lt Cdr Watkins, Lt J B Burfield DSC, Lt M A Baille-Grohman,Lt (E) R Andrewes, Ty/Surgeon Lt R D Royds MB, CHB RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt C J Spearin RCNVR, Act/Sub Lt R H Lack RNVR, all ratings and about a 100 passengers, totalling some 250, were interned, but liberated on 11 November after the invasion of North Africa. Among the passengers were Cdr R F Jessel, Sub Lt R F Morgan RNVR, and Lt Cdr (E) M H Sayers of destroyer LEGION, Sub Lt (A) J B Blakely RNVR, Sub Lt (A) D J Bunyan RNVR and Sub Lt (A) T G Davison RNVR of 828 Squadron, ST ANGELO, and Midshipman J Duncan and Midshipman D M Ellis who had been drafted to battleship QUEEN ELIZABETH on 30 November. Surgeon Lt Royds died on 25 September during internment.



Indian sloop INDUS was sunk by Japanese bombing at Akyab, Burma, and ten crew wounded.



Wednesday, 8 April


In German bombing attacks on Malta, light cruiser PENELOPE was targeted. Lt J S Miller and two ratings were killed.



Thursday, 9 April




Aircraft carrier HERMES (Captain R F J Onslow, MVO DSC) was sunk by Japanese bombing east of Ceylon. Ty/Sub Lt (E) A H L Briggs, Lt Cdr E A N Gardiner, Lt (A) A F Russell and Ty/Sub Lt (A) H Worthy RNVR of 814 Squadron, and one rating were killed, and Capt Onslow, Surgeon Lt Cdr R S Anderson RNVR, Ty/Lt R W Close RANVR, Ty/Sub Lt (A) J C G Cranston RNVR of 814 Squadron, Commissioned Gunner (T) F W Grant DSC, Ty/Act/Shipwright G C Grey, Cdr M F L Henstock, Boatswain C A Hincks, Gunner F J Jordan, Ty/Chaplain Rev A C H Leeke RNVR, Lt W A McLachlan RNVR, Lt Cdr (E) C H Martin, Observer Sub Lt (A) J S Quayle RNVR of 814 Squadron, Pilot Ty/Sub Lt (A) W G Thomson RNVR of 814 Squadron, Lt Cdr T B Wardle, two hundred and forty eight ratings, and twenty seven Marines missing. Surgeon Cdr J M McNamara died of wounds on the 9th, Lt Cdr R T Shaw on the 11th, six ratings, one on the 12th and one on the 16th, and one Marine.


Operations with RAF 273 Squadron. Observer Ty/Sub Lt (A) A L Mass RNVR of 824 Squadron and Flight Officer A Gregg RAF were lost in the same aircraft.


Australian destroyer VAMPIRE (Cdr W T A Moran RAN) was sunk by Japanese bombing east of Ceylon. Six ratings were killed, one died of wounds, and Cdr Moran and one RN signalman rating were missing.


Corvette HOLLYHOCK (Lt Cdr T E Davies OBE RNR) was attacked by Japanese bombing east of Ceylon, while escorting tanker ATHELSTANE.  Tanker ATHELSTANE was sunk.  While rescuing survivors, the corvette was hit by two bombs and sank within 30 to 45 seconds.  Davies, Ty/Lt B Simpson RNR, Ty/Sub Lt D J Cory RNVR and forty six ratings were missing.  Sixteen survivors were rescued by ATHELSTANE’s boat. 



Monitor EREBUS at Trincomalee had slight damage from a near miss. Nine ratings were killed and twenty two crewmen were wounded


Operations while on loan to RAF Squadron 11. Observers Ty/Sub Lt (A) F W Bonnell RNVR and Ty/Sub Lt (A) A Peace RNVR of 806 Squadron were lost.


On loan to RAF Squadron 273 (F). Pilots Ty/Act/Sub Lt (A) R F H Jacob RNVR and Ty/Sub Lt (A) P R Peirano RNVR of 803 Squadron were lost.



Saturday, 11 April


Anti-submarine trawler ST CATHAN (Lt J Mackay RNR), lent to the US Navy, was sunk in collision off South Carolina. Ty/Sub Lt H B Hodgshon RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt G P Allwork RNVR and twenty nine ratings were lost.



Monday, 13 April


Submarine THRASHER sank German steamer ATLAS (2297grt) near Benghasi.



Tuesday, 14 April


Destroyer CHURCHILL and the Polish PIORUN escorted convoy TC.14 of troopships BATORY and LETITIA to Canada. The destroyers each carried five tons of Russian gold after it had been brought from Archangel by light cruiser KENYA in convoy QP.3. The ships arrived in Halifax on the 16th.



Submarine UPHOLDER (Lt Cdr M D Wanklyn VC, DSO) was sunk by Italian torpedo boat PEGASO north of Tripoli. Cdr Wanklyn, Lt P R H Allen, Ty/Sub Lt J H Norman DSC RNVR, Lt F Ruck-Keene DSC and twenty eight ratings were lost, together with passenger L/Cpl C Parker of the Beds and Herts Regiment.



Saturday, 18 April


German steamer SEEFAHRER (2978grt) was sunk on a mine near Borkum.



Submarine THRASHER sank German steamer BELLONA (1297grt) near Tobruk.



Monday, 20 April


Submarine TRIDENT sank German steamer HODOR (5386grt) NW of Namsos.



Escort destroyers COTSWOLD and QUORN, escorting convoy FS.80, struck mines off Aldeburgh. COTSWOLD was severely damaged near the bow. Five ratings were killed and twenty three wounded. She was taken in tow by destroyer LEEDS, which was later relieved by tug SUPERMAN with tug KENIA and salvage vessel DAPPER assisting. Towed to Shotley Spit and beached, she was refloated on 3 May and taken to Chatham, repairs completing 8 May 1943. QUORN had two ratings killed and one wounded. She was towed by patrol sloop SHEARWATER, and needed 17 weeks to repair, completing at Chatham on 19 August.



Wednesday, 22 April


Russian submarine M.173 sank German steamer BLANKENESE (3323grt) off the Kirkenes.



Monday, 27 April


Submarine URGE (Lt Cdr E P Tomkinson DSO) was sunk by Italian aircraft off Ras el Hilal. Cdr Tomkinson, Lt D B Allen, Lt J M S Poole DSC, Ty/Lt J S D Ransome DSC RNR, twenty eight ratings and 11 RN rating passengers for Alexandria were lost.



Thursday, 30 April


Light cruiser EDINBURGH was damaged by U.456 near Murmansk. Lt (E) V G Manfield, Act/Lt (E) J Moir and twelve ratings were lost.







Saturday, 2 May


Following her torpedoing on 30 April, light cruiser EDINBURGH (Captain H W Faulkner) was sunk by German destroyer torpedoes in the Barent's Sea. An additional forty three ratings were missing, and Ty/Act/Sub Lt R A Rendel RNVR wounded.


Destroyer FORESTER lost Lt Cdr G P Huddart and destroyer FORESIGHT lost Lt R A Fawdry in this engagement.



Polish submarine JASTRZAB (Lt Cdr Romanowski), which had departed Holy Loch on 22 April, was attacked in error by Norwegian destroyer ST ALBANS (Lt Cdr S V Storeheil) and British minesweeper SEAGULL off Northern Norway. Two British communications ratings were lost with three of the Polish crew. Cdr Romanowski and British Sub Lt M A Hanbury RNVR were among six wounded. When the mistake was realised, ST ALBANS and SEAGULL rescued the survivors, after which SEAGULL scuttled the badly damaged submarine.



Sunday, 3 May


German steamer KONSUL CARL FISSER (5843grt) was sunk by British bombing near Aalsund.



Monday, 4 May


German steamer KLAUS FRITZEN (2936grt) was sunk at Maaloy near Bergen by British bombing.



German steamer WARTENFELS (6181grt) was scuttled at Diego Suarez.



Tuesday, 5 May


German steamer SIZILIEN (4647grt) was sunk by bombing near Borkum.





Corvette AURICULA (Lt Cdr S L B Maybury) was mined in Courrier Bay, Madagascar, and sank the next day in Operation IRONCLAD


Friday, 8 May


Submarine OLYMPUS (Lt Cdr H G Dymott), carrying survivors from submarines PANDORA, P.36 and P.39, was lost when she struck a mine leaving Malta Harbour, six miles from St Elmo's Light. Cdr Dymott, Lt B H Band DSC, Lt R A Milne-Thomson, Lt H N Edmonds DSC of P.36, Lt J A Lindsell of PANDORA, Lt N Marriott DSC of P.39, Sub Lt G P Bulmer of P.39, Warrant Engineer H G Howes, Ty/Lt R P G Owen RNR of P.39, Act/Sub Lt D Hawkyard RNR of P.39, Sub Lt J F Wilford RNVR and seventy seven ratings – 22 from P.39, three from light cruiser PENELOPE, and two from P.36, were lost. The nine survivors - three from OLYMPUS and six from P.39, managed to swim ashore.



Monday, 11 May


Destroyers JERVIS, KIPLING, JACKAL and LIVELY departed Alexandria to attack a German-Italian convoy en route to Benghazi, and were instead attacked by German bombers in the Eastern Mediterranean on the 11th. KIPLING (Cdr A St Clair Ford DSO) and LIVELY (Lt Cdr W F E Hussey DSO, DSC) were sunk, and JACKAL (Cdr R Mc P Jonas DSC) was damaged at the same time as KIPLING, and sank in tow next day. Casualties were as follows:


KIPLING - six ratings killed, Lt (E) P G Fyers-Turner DSC and 17 ratings missing, Act/Sub Lt A J C Baker RNR died of wounds two days later and a rating died of wounds in August.


LIVELY -  Cdr Hussey and one rating killed, and fifty seven ratings missing. Lt Cdr (E) A H Bacchus was wounded.


JACKAL -  five ratings killed, three missing and one died of wounds.


JERVIS rescued 630 survivors from the three ships.



Tug C.308 (Boatswain C M Radcliffe) was sunk by German bombing at Malta. Boatswain Radcliffe and nine ratings were lost.



Anti-submarine trawler BEDFORDSHIRE (443grt, Lt R B Davis RNR), on loan to the USN, was sunk by U.558 off Cape Lookout, North Carolina. Lt Davis, Ty/Sub Lt H Chitterbuck RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt B Hall RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt T Cunningham RNVR and all ratings were lost.



Friday, 15 May


Light cruiser TRINIDAD (Captain L S Saunders) was sunk in the Barent's Sea. Lt (E) J G Boddy, forty nine ratings and twelve Marines were missing. Py/Ty/Surgeon Lt R P M Miles RNVR, was wounded.



Saturday, 23 May


German steamer ASUNCION (4626grt) was sunk on a mine in Norwegian waters.



Wednesday, 27 May


Minesweeper FITZROY (Cdr A C A C Duckworth) was sunk by mining off Great Yarmouth. One rating died of wounds and twelve were missing. Ty/Surgeon Lt G P Fahrni RCNVR was wounded.



May, miscellaneous


At the time of the landings at Diego Suarez, French steamers MARECHAL GALLIENI (1559grt) and AMIRAL PIERRE attempted to escape to Lourenco Marques. AMIRAL PIERRE was intercepted and scuttled herself. MARECHAL GALLIENI was captured and taken to a South African port.



Background Events - June-October 1942

Malta, Atlantic & Russian convoy battles, Raid on Dieppe, Battles of Midway, Alamein, and for Guadalcanal






Wednesday,   3 June


Whaler COCKER (ex-KOS XIX, Lt D H Crampton RNR) was sunk by U.331 off Bardia. Ty/Lt M P Gallop RNVR and fourteen ratings were missing. Ty/Lt D M Engeler RANVR was wounded.



Friday, 12 June


Destroyer GROVE (Lt Cdr J W Rylands) was sunk by submarine torpedo in the Eastern Mediterranean. Four ratings died of wounds, and Ty/Act/Gunner B J Fleetwood, Ty/Sub Lt A C Hermon-Hodge RNVR and one hundred and six ratings were missing.



Sunday, 14 June




Light cruiser LIVERPOOL was damaged by an Italian torpedo bomber in HARPOON, and taken in tow by destroyer ANTELOPE



Monday, 15 June




Light cruiser NEWCASTLE in VIGOROUS was badly damaged by a motor torpedo boat. There were no casualties.


Destroyer BEDOUIN (Cdr B G Scurfield OBE) was sunk by aircraft torpedo in the Central Mediterranean. Sub Lt C N Parker, Lt F T Skinner and twenty six ratings were missing. Cdr Scurfield, Lt P Bullard, Sub Lt R J Evans RNVR, Lt Cdr (E) J S Mc N Jay, Lt E A S Manners, Ty/Lt J G Marshall RNVR, Ty/Lt J A R Moller RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt C J Montgomery RNVR, Ty/Surgeon Lt R St. CMooney RNVR, Schoolmaster R S G Wilson and 203 ratings were taken prisoner.


Destroyer HASTY (Lt Cdr N H G Austen) in VIGOROUS was badly damaged by German motor torpedo boat S.55 in 34-10N, 22-00E. One rating was killed, eleven missing, and one died of wounds. Destroyer HOTSPUR scuttled HASTY


Escort destroyer AIREDALE (Lt Cdr A G Forman) in VIGOROUS was badly damaged by bombing in 33-50N, 24-00E. Lt J C K McCKinsman and forty four ratings were lost. Nine officers and 124 ratings were rescued, before AIREDALE was scuttled by sister ship ALDENHAM, one of whose officers, Lt H T Tanner was killed the same day.


Australian destroyer NESTOR (Cdr A S Rosenthal DSO RAN) in VIGOROUS was badly damaged by bombing in 33-36N, 24-30E. She was taken in tow by destroyer JAVELIN, but had to be scuttled on the 16th. Three RAN and one RN rating were lost.



Anti-submarine trawler KINGSTON CEYLONITE (448grt, Skipper W Mc K Smith RNR), on loan to the USN, was sunk on a mine in Chesapeake Bay. Skipper Smith, Ty/Skipper T O FLeiper RNR and eighteen ratings were missing.



Tuesday, 16 June




Light cruiser HERMIONE (Captain G N Oliver DSO) was sunk by U.205 in the Western Mediterranean in 33-20N, 26-00E. Cdr (E) S T G Bartwell DSC, Lt (E) L F Guppy, Paymaster Cdr G C G Marfell, Warrant Engineer L R B Pearce, Warrant Engineer W Wright, Ty/Surgeon Lt J W Ashley BM, BCh RNVR, Paymaster Lt G B Kidd RNVR, Ty/Lt R J Browne RCNVR and seventy nine ratings were lost. Four hundred and forty crew were rescued.



Wednesday, 17 June


Destroyer WILD SWAN (Lt Cdr C E L Sclater) was sunk by German bombing in the Western Approaches. Thirty one ratings were lost.



Sunday, 21 June


German steamer REICHENFELS (7744grt) was sunk by a British torpedo bomber in 34-43N, 11-58E.



Submarine P.514 (Lt Cdr R M E Pain), which had lost her escort corvette PRIMROSE in low visibility, was sunk by Canadian minesweeper GEORGIAN, escorting convoy CL.43, in 46-33N, 53-40W. Cdr Pain, Lt W A Phillimore, Ty/Lt C A Bentley RNR, Ty/Lt J Taylor RNR, Ty/Lt (E) J F Magill RCNR and thirty seven ratings were lost. Corvette DIANTHUS departed St Johns later that day to join PRIMROSE in her search for the submarine.



South African minesweeping whaler PARKTOWN (Lt L J Jagger, SASDF) was sunk by an Italian motor torpedo boat off Tobruk. Lt Jagger was killed. Sub Lt E R Francis was wounded.



Sunday, 28 June


German steamer SAVONA (2120grt) departed Benghazi on the 28th, escorted by Italian torpedo boat CIRCE and two German S-boats, and was lost after stranding near Sidi Sueicher.







Sunday, 5 July  


Russian submarine SC/320 sank German steamer ANNA (677grt) west of Memel.



Thursday, 9 July


Anti-submarine trawler MANOR (314grt, Skipper B Pile RNR) was sunk by a German motor torpedo boat in the English Channel. Skipper Pile, Ty/Skipper J Jaques RNR, Skipper J Wood RNR and twenty six ratings were missing.



Saturday, 25 July


Anti-submarine trawler LAERTES (Act/Skipper Lt P J Quinlan DSC RNR) was sunk by a U.201 off Freetown in 6-00N, 14-17W. Skipper Quinlan, Skipper A Lawrence RNR, Ty/Skipper J Reid RNR and sixteen ratings were missing.







Sunday, 2 August




Designated WS 21, but not in fact properly one of the convoys of this series as the title was applied to the ships destined for Operation Pedestal,a relief convoy to Malta from the UK Prior to passing theStraits of Gibraltar on 10.8.42 however, the convoy did bear the style shown and the convoy sailing order is therefore included from the Clyde from which it sailed on 2.8.42 until passing the Straits on 10.8.















































The escort was unusually strong, and included ships of the Home Fleet on passage to reinforce the ships usually based on Gibraltar for this next Malta convoy. They included battleships NELSON, RODNEY, aircraft carriers EAGLE, FURIOUS, INDOMITABLE, VICTORIOUS, cruisers KENYA, NIGERIA, and destroyers AMAZON, BICESTER, BLYSKAWICA, DERWENT, ICARUS, INTREPID, LAMERTON, LEDBURY, MALCOLM, PENN, SARDONYX, VENOMOUS, WILTON, WISHART, WOLVERINE and ZETLAND at various times during the passage from the Clyde to the Straits.



Thursday, 6 August


Submarine THORN (Lt Cdr R G Norfolk DSO) was sunk by Italian torpedo boat PEGASO 30 miles south of Gavdo Island. Lt Norfolk, Lt A E C Bell RNR, Warrant Engineer L FDavies, Ty/Lt A St G Hawksworth RNVR, Sub Lt L J Ingledon, Ty/Lt C J Parker RNVR and fifty four ratings were lost.



Friday, 7 August


Sub Lt C G Taylor RNR and Leading Airman J F Elson of VICTORIOUS were lost when their plane crashed during BESERK operations prior to Operation PEDESTAL.



Submarine PROTEUS sank German steamer WACHTFELS (8467grt) near Sicily.



Sunday, 9 August




Japanese ships sank American heavy cruisers ASTORIA (Captain W G Greenman), QUINCEY (Captain S N Moore), VINCENNES (Captain F L Riefkohl) and Australian heavy cruiser CANBERRA (Captain F E Getting RAN) off Savo Island. Casualties were:


ASTORIA, two hundred and sixteen men killed or died or wounds and 186 wounded.


QUINCEY, three hundred and seventy men killed or died of wounds and 167 wounded.


VINCENNES, three hunded and thirty two men killed or died of wounds and 258 wounded.


CANBERRA, Captain Getting and eight ratings died of wounds, Py/Paymaster Cadet K J Donovan, Py/Ty/Engineering Lt D G Hazelton RANR, Lt Cdr D M Hole RAN, Py/Ty/Engineering Lt A N Lulham RANR, Gunner (T) J MacDonald, Schoolmaster H G Warren, Act/Lt (E) B D Yonge, sixty RAN and two RN ratings missing. One RAAF airman died of wounds, Flying Officer D J Murchison RAAF and three airmen were missing, as was Ensign J W Vance USN. Act/Paymaster Cdr E D Creal, Engineering Sub Lt R M Howlin RANVR, Midshipman B H Loxton, Sub Lt F R Marshall RANVR, Lt (E) B W Mussared, Lt Cdr J Plunkett-Cole, Instructor Cdr F G Rednall, Paymaster Cdr A L Rose, Midshipman N L Sanderson and forty six ratings were wounded.


American heavy cruiser CHICAGO was damaged with two dead or died of wounds and 21 wounded.


Destroyers RALPH TALBOT with eleven dead and eleven wounded, and PATTERSON with eight dead and eleven wounded were damaged.


Destroyer JARVIS, had been torpedoed by aircraft earlier in the day, and fourteen men were lost at this time. As she withdrawing for repairs, JARVIS (Lt Cdr W N Graham) was sunk later in the day by air attack. All hands, two hundred and forty seven were lost.



Tuesday, 11 August




Aircraft carrier EAGLE (Captain L D Mackintosh DSC) was sunk by U.73 in 38-05N, 3-02E. Eleven ratings were killed, and Ty/Lt (E) W H Hargest, Cdr (E) G F Mandeville, one hundred and twenty nine ratings, and seventeen Marines were missing. The captain, 67 officers, and 862 ratings were rescued - nine officers and 186 men by destroyer LAFOREY, 13 officers and 185 men by destroyer LOOKOUT, and Captain Macintosh, 48 officers, 487 men, and one press man by tug JAUNTY. They were later transferred to destroyers KEPPEL, MALCOLM and VENOMOUS, respectively, for the voyage to Gibraltar. In the air at the time were four aircraft of 801 Squadron. Act/Ty/Lt Cdr (A) R A Brabner, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (A) P J Hutton RNVR and Ty/Sub Lt (A) M Hankey RNVR landed on aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS while Act/Sub Lt (A) D J MacDonald landed on aircraft carrier INDOMITABLE.



Wednesday, 12 August


Submarine STURGEON sank German steamer BOLTENHAGEN (3335grt) in Flekkefjord, while P.54 sank German steamer GEORG L M RUSS (2890grt) in other Norwegian waters.





Anti-aircraft ship CAIRO (Act/Captain C CHardy DSO) was sunk by Italian submarine AXUM off Bizerte. Eleven ratings and nine Marines were missing, and three Marines died of wounds. Lt J D R McCullagh RNVR was wounded.


Light cruiser NIGERIA was damaged in the same attack. Midshipman P R Ingoldby, Midshipman J D Tuffill, Paymaster Midshipman C B Ker, Warrant Electrician A A Martyr and forty eight ratings were lost.


Air operations from aircraft carrier INDOMITABLE. Lt Cdr F E C Judd of 880 Squadron, Ty/Sub Lt (A) J I Cruikshank RNVR of 880 Squadron and Ty/Sub Lt (A) J M Lucas RNVR of 800 Squadron were lost, and Lt R L Johnston of 806 Squadron was also lost when his plane crashed on landing. INDOMITABLE was then badly damaged by German bombing. Lt L C Williams, Lt (A) R B Park DSC and Ty/Lt (A) G F Measures RNVR of 827 Squadron, Ty/Sub Lt (A) W L Protheroe RNVR of 831 Squadron, Ty/Sub Lt H L Cunliffe-Owen RNVR of 880 Squadron, Paymaster Lt G A Tanner and forty four ratings were killed. Fifty nine crew including Sub Lt W A Davies and Sub Lt C M Brown were seriously wounded.


Air operations from aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS. Lt R A F Churchill and Ty/Sub Lt (A) A Nunn RNVR of 884 Squadron, Ty/Sub Lt (A) C J Evans RNVR and Leading Airman J Stewart, Ty/Sub Lt (A) J H O'C Nihill RNVR and Leading Airman W R Regan of 809 Squadron were lost. Ty/Sub Lt (A) M Hankey RNVR, ex-EAGLE of 801 Squadron, was lost attacking German bombers.



Thursday, 13 August




Light cruiser MANCHESTER (Captain H Drew DSC) was badly damaged by Italian MTBs in the Central Mediterranean. Py/Ty/Sub Lt (E) L M Frankland RNVR and twelve ratings were killed. One hundred and fifty eight ratings, three wounded officers and two wounded ratings were taken off by destroyer PATHFINDER. She was later scuttled and more crew rescued from rafts by destroyers ESKIMO and SOMALI. A total of 13 officers and 308 ratings were rescued. Captain Drew, Warrant Engineer A F Budden, Lt J H Akram RM, Gunner G H Burnett, Gunner (T) W G Casey, Surgeon Cdr F L Cassidi, Lt B H Clinkard, Paymaster Midshipman J H M Cocks RCN, Act/Lt (E) R D Cooper, Paymaster Lt A A D Cope RNVR, Ty/Lt A J Daniels RNVR, Lt Cdr D A R Duff DSC, Lt (E) G M Fletcher, Lt (E) O J George, Cdr H B C Gill DSC, Lt T B W Jeans RM, Cdr D H Johnston, Lt (E) N H Malim, Warrant Shipwright H Matthews, Midshipman L L G C Parker, Surgeon Lt E C Powell, MRCS, LRCP RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt W Preshaw RNVR, Ty/Lt (E) P M Rambant, Warrant Ordnance Officer A E Reddy, Cdr (E) W J Robb, Sub Lt (A) C K Roberts RNVR, Lt G V B Russell, Sub Lt (A) N R Selkirk RNVR, Lt (E) E C Sutton, Ty/Sub Lt J E Tabor RNVR, Gunner D Turner, Lt H Wake, Midshipman G B Walker, Sub Lt (A) P D V Wheeler RNVR, Midshipman J C E White, Gunner E Whiteside, Midshipman A H Wilmot RCN, Midshipman G C Yorke and four hundred and eighty seven ratings were interned by the Vichy French at Algiers. The internees were released on 11 November 1942 after the invasion of North African. Several of the ship’s officers were court martialled and the court ruled that MANCHESTER had been scuttled prematurely.


Destroyer FORESIGHT (Lt Cdr R A Fell) was sunk by aircraft torpedo in the Central Mediterranean. Lt H R Evans and three ratings were missing, and one rating died of wounds.


Royal Navy personnel were also involved in the loss of three of the merchant ships sunk during PEDESTAL:


CLAN FERGUSON, ten merchant seaman including Master K N Vooght OBE, twenty Royal Navy ratings and two Royal Artillery gunners were lost. Italian ships picked up fifty three survivors, including Lt Cdr I H H Meiklejohn Rtd and Lt H Grimston RNR of SPARTIATE. Meikeljohn was taken to Germany and remained a POW for the rest of the war.


WAIMARAMA, Sixty three merchant seaman including Master R S Pearce, fourteen Royal Navy ratings and sixteen Royal Artillery gunners were lost. Lt J S M Withers of Operations Division and Lt D P Bent RNR of EAGLET were taken prisoner.


GLENORCHY, Eight Merchant seaman and one Royal Artillery gunner were lost. German MTB.S.31, which with S.26, had sunk her, picked up eight survivors as prisoners of war, including Cdr L CAnsdell of Operations Division.



Wednesday, 19 August




Destroyer BERKELEY (Lt J J S Yorke) was sunk by German bombing off Dieppe. Fifteen ratings were missing, together with some of the other service personnel taking part. Ty/Surgeon Lt D V Stott RNVR was wounded.







Monday, 7 September  


Canadian armed yacht RACCOON (Lt Cdr J N Smith RCNR), escorting convoy QS.33 with corvette ARROWHEAD, minesweeper TRURO and motor launches Q.65 and Q.83, was sunk by U.165 in the St Lawrence River. There were no survivors from the yacht with Cdr Smith, Lt J F Cook, Sub Lt J E Thomas, Sub Lt R H McConnell RCNVR and thirty four ratings lost.



Friday, 11 September


Canadian corvette CHARLOTTETOWN (Lt J W Bonner RCNR) was sunk by U.517 in the Gulf of St Lawrence. Lt Bonner and five members of the crew were missing, and three ratings died of wounds. One officer and twelve ratings were wounded, and a total of 55 survivors were picked up by minesweeper CLAYOQUOT.



Saturday, 12 September


German steamer ROBERT BORNHOFEN (6643grt) was sunk by torpedo in Porsangerfjord.



Monday, 14 September




Anti-aircraft ship COVENTRY (Captain R J R Dendy) was sunk by German bombing in the Eastern Mediterranean. Ty/Lt (E) G A March, Lt W H C Rees DSC, Warrant Engineer A M Woods and fifty seven ratings were killed. Destroyers BELVOIR and DULVERTON rescued the survivors and took them to Alexandria, four ratings dying of wounds in DULVERTON before arriving.


Destroyer SIKH (Captain St J A Micklethwait DSO) was sunk by gunfire from shore batteries at Tobruk. Lt J R David and twenty ratings were lost. Captain Micklethwait, Lt Cdr J B Cox DSC, Ty/Paymaster Lt N C Elliott RNVR, Lt Cdr (E) A E Hargrave, Act/Gunner (T) S G McDonald, Lt P D H Moreton, Ty/Lt J Nickolls RNVR, Ty/Surgical Lt B C H O'Neill RNVR, Lt J W G Payne, Ty/Lt L F Ramseyer RNVR, Lt P G Sedgwick, Lt P G Sharp DSC RNVR, Act/Lt C D S Smith and 240 ratings were taken prisoner. Lt Sedgwick died on 17 October 1942.


Destroyer ZULU (Cdr R T White DSO) was badly damaged by German bombing in the Eastern Mediterranean. Lt (E) A R Moore DSC and ten ratings were killed, Ty/Act/Gunner (T) F L Hickman, Ty/Midshipman A W Scott RNR, Lt N Scott-Elliot and twenty four ratings were missing, and one rating died of wounds. Destroyer CROOME took off all survivors except the towing party. Destroyer HURSLEY then took her in tow, but ZULU sank still in tow that evening.


Coastal craft taking part were MTB.260, MTB.261, MTB.262, MTB.265, MTB.266, MTB.267, MTB.268 of 10th MTB Flotilla, MTB.307, MTB.308, MTB.309 (Cdr J FBlackburn DSC Rtd, Force C Commanding Officer, embarked), MTB.310, MTB.311, MTB.312, MTB.314, MBT 315 and MTB.316 of 15th MTB Flotilla, and ML.352, ML.353 and ML.349. Of these, MTB.268 developed engine trouble en route and returned to Alexandria, MTB.308, MTB.310 and MTB.312 were sunk by bombing, ML.352 and ML.353 by anti-aircraft fire from the shore (editors note: presumably German 88’s), MTB.314 was captured, and ML.349 badly damaged, but able to return to Alexandria. Sub Lt R W Yates RNVR of MTB.308, Lt S C Lane RCNVR of MTB.310 and forty one ratings were lost in the light craft.



Canadian destroyer OTTAWA (Act/Lt Cdr C ARutherford RCN), escorting convoy ON.127, was sunk by U.91 in the Gulf of St Lawrence. Cdr Rutherford, Sub Lt D A K Wilson, Sub Lt (E) K F Wright RCNVR, Ty/Lt I McLeod RCNVR, Surgeon Lt G A Hendry RCNVR and 107 Canadian ratings were missing. Also lost were six RN ratings and about twenty two merchant ship survivors. Lt T C Pullen, Lt C Savard, Sub Lt T H Buchanan RCNVR, Act/Gunner (T) L I Jones, Sub Lt L B Jenson RCN and 65 ratings were rescued by British corvette CELANDINE and the Canadian ARVIDA.



Wednesday, 16 September


Submarine TALISMAN (Lt Cdr M Willmott DSO) was lost on the mine in the Sicilian Passage. Cdr Willmott, Lt M J Brendon, Lt O S V Waterlow DSC, Sub Lt W D H Eves, Commissioned Engineer W J McNally and fifty eight ratings were lost on the submarine.



Thursday, 17 September


Minesweeping trawler WATERFLY (387grt, Lt Cdr R W Hawes RNVR) was sunk by German bombing off Dungeness. Cdr Hawes and one rating were killed, and Ty/Sub Lt F W Hill RNVR and twelve ratings missing.



Sunday, 20 September


Destroyer SOMALI (Lt Cdr D CMaud DSC) was torpedoed by U.70 in the North Atlantic. Two ratings were killed, and Lt M F Atkinson, Lt M A M Bruce DSC, Cdr (E) M H Hunt, Paymaster Lt J Hutton-Attenborough, Act/Gunner (T) F W Jenkins, Act/Sub Lt J M Longhurst RNR, Lt C H Trend and seventy three ratings missing. SOMALI sank in tow on the 24th.



Minesweeper LEDA (Act/Cdr A H Wynne-Edwards Rtd) was sunk by German submarine in the Greenland Sea. Ty/Surgeon Lt W W Tennant RNVR and thirty eight ratings were missing, and six ratings died of wounds.



Saturday, 26 September


Destroyer VETERAN and VANOC were escorting convoy RB 1, when VETERAN (Lt Cdr T H Gatwood) was detached to pick up survivors from steamers BOSTON and NEW YORK. She had rescued 48 survivors from BOSTON and 30 from NEW YORK, and was en route to rejoin the convoy when she was torpedoed and sunk by U.404. Cdr Gatwood, Warrant Mechanician W Bradshaw, Ty/Sub Lt M J Carter RNVR, Lt H A A Clogstoun, Ty/Act/Runner (T) E H Durham, Ty/Lt J C Dwyer RCNVR, Ty/Surgeon Lt F M Hayes RNVR, Sub Lt BR Jones RNR, Lt J D Needham, one hundred and fifty ratings and the rescued merchant seamen were missing.







Friday, 2 October  


Anti-aircraft ship ship CURACOA and destroyers BULLDOG, SKATE, SALADIN, BRANHAM, COWDRAY and BLYSKAWICA met liner QUEEN MARY in the northwestern approaches to escort her into the Clyde, following her departure from New York on 27 September as convoy AT.24. CURACOA (Captain J W Boutwood DSC) was sunk in collision with the giant liner in 55-51N, 8-38W. Lt Cdr A T Spearman, Lt A P C Johnson DSC, Lt J Maxwell, Lt E H Vaughn, Ty/Lt (E) J Hiddleston, Surgeon Lt Cdr M Cay, Act/Gunner J E Frost, Act/Gunner S Woodcock, Warrant Engineer J L Grant, Ty/Act/Warrant Electrician E H Machin, Schoolmaster A J Tilley, Act/Captain J S Cole RM, Lt M P Thompson RNR, Act/Cdr (E) D M Robertson RD RNR, Lt D H J Bodger RNVR, Lt N A Brittain RNVR, Ty/Lt D H W Gardner RNVR, Ty/Lt J T Harman RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt P W Brocklesby RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt S B Caldwell RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt S R Osborne RNVR, Ty/Surgeon Lt D J Naughton RNVR, Paymaster Lt Cdr G C Sutton RNVR, Ty/Paymaster Lt A E Dawes RNVR, Ty/Paymaster Sub Lt A R Howland RNVR and three hundred and thirteen ratings were lost. Captain Boutwood, Ty/Sub Lt P E M Holmes RNVR and 99 ratings were rescued by BRANHAM and COWDRAY.



German S.65, S.77, S.82, and S.112 of the 5th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla attacked convoy PW.226 and its escort, including Polish destroyer KRAKOWIAK. Anti-submarine trawler LORD STONEHAVEN (444grt, Skipper A F S Jenner RNR) was sunk by S.112 off the Eddystone. Skipper Jenner and seventeen ratings were lost.



Wednesday, 7 October


German S.101, S.46, S.46, S.62, S.80, S.105, S.108 of the 2nd and S.63, S.79, S.117 of the 4th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotillas attacked convoy FN.32, escorted by destroyers WESTMINSTER and VANITY, 12 miles NE of Cromer. Rescue tug CAROLINE MOLLER was sunk by S.80, and Act/Sub Lt T Manning RNVR, Sub Lt (E) W W Wile RNR and Boatswain B Nielsen lost. Also lost were freighters JESSIE MAERSK (1973grt) to S.117, ILSE (2874grt) to S.105, SHEAFWATER (2730grt) to S.46 and S.63, and ML.339 to S.62.



German auxiliary cruiser KOMET departed Germany on the 7th and proceeded down Channel, escorted by the 2nd Motor Minesweeper Squadron. Minesweepers R.77, R.78, R.82 and R.86 were sunk in 51-02N, 01-22E before reaching Dunkirk on the 8th, but KOMET was able to continue down the coast. Then escorting Sperrbrecher 143 (steamer LOLA, 498grt) was sunk on a mine off Nieuport on the 9th. KOMET arrived at Le Havre on the13th.



Saturday, 10 October


Submarine UNIQUE (Lt R E Boddington), which departed Holy Loch on the 9th for Biscay patrol and then to Gibraltar, was last contacted on this date. She was due to reach Gibraltar on the 22nd, but never arrived. Lt Boddington, Lt G AAdlard, Lt J W DCoombe, Sub Lt C I Reed and thirty ratings were lost.



Tuesday, 13 October


German auxiliary cruiser KOMET, en route through the English Channel from Le Havre, was escorted by T.4, T.10, T.14 and T.19 of the 3rd Torpedo Boat Flotilla (KKpt Hans Wilcke in T.14). Escort destroyers COTTESMORE (Lt Cdr J C AIngram), ALBRIGHTON, ESKDALE, GLAISDALE, QUORN and MTB.49, MTB.55, MTB.56, MTB.84, MTB.95, MTB.203, MTB.229 and MTB.236 departed Dartmouth to intercept. Sister ships BROCKLESBY, FERNIE, TYNEDALE and the Polish KRAKOWIAK also sailed from Plymouth. In a confused action, KOMET damaged her escorting torpedo boats T.4, T.14 and T.19. MTB.236 is credited with sinking her, but German sources maintain she exploded after gunfire started a fire on board. KKpt Wilcke was killed when KOMET fired on her escorts, and there were no survivors when she sank. BROCKLESBY was later damaged by German shore gun, the only British casualty of the operation, and two men wounded.



Sunday, 18 October


Norwegian submarine UREDD sank German steamer LIBAU (3713grt) near Vilnaesfjord.



Saturday, 31 October


Chariots Number VI and Number VIII were lost in Operation TITLE, an attack on German battleship TIRPITZ in Ofotfjord, before reaching the target.



Background Events - November 1942-January 1943

Landings in French North Africa ('Torch'), Final battles for Guadalcanal & Stalingrad, 'Cockleshell heroes', Battle of Barents Sea






Sunday, 8 November  




Destroyer BROKE (Lt Cdr A F C Layard) was badly damaged by shore gunfire at Algiers. Nine ratings were lost. Lt Cdr A K Mackelvie MBE RNVR and Py/Ty/Surgeon Lt J AOddie RNVR were wounded. She sank in tow of destroyer ZETLAND on the 9th.


Ex-US Coast Guard cutters HARTLAND and WALNEY, accompanied by motor launches ML.480 and ML.483, attempted to enter Oran harbour to land US troops.


HARTLAND (Lt Cdr G P Billot RNR) was sunk by Vichy French destroyer TYPHON and shore batteries, and also taken under fire by machine guns from the two submarines in harbour. One rating was killed, Ty/Gunner (T) A Thompson and one rating died of wounds, and Ty/Surgeon Lt J de L Bourgeois RCNVR, Ty/Sub Lt A I Somerville RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt P EWard RNVR and twenty eight ratings were missing. Cdr Billot and Ty/Lt R J Perfitt RNVR were wounded.


WALNEY (Lt Cdr P CMeyrick) was sunk by French shore batteries and destroyers EPERVIER and TRAMONTANE. Nine ratings were killed, and Cdr Meyrick, Lt P E A Duncan RNVR, Ty/Act/Gunner (T) A E Lovell, Lt P B Pembery RNR, Ty/Surgeon Lt A L Phillips RNVR and sixty six ratings missing.



Monday, 9 November


Corvette GARDENIA (Lt Cdr H Hill RNR) was sunk in a collision with naval trawler FLUELLEN off Oran. One rating was killed and two missing.



Minesweeper CROMER (Cdr R H Stephenson DSO) was sunk by mine in the Eastern Mediterranean. One rating was killed, one died of wounds, and Cdr Stephenson, Ty/Paymaster Lt P A Compton RNVR, Commissioned Engineer C E Martin and forty one ratings were missing.



Tuesday, 10 November


Destroyer MARTIN (Cdr C R P Thomson DSO) was sunk by German submarine in the Western Mediterranean. Cdr Thomson, Ty/Surgeon Lt A B Alton RNVR, Sub Lt T H Bayley, Ty/Sub Lt W H G Bowmer RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt F Kidd RNVR, Ty/Midshipman P L Rhodes RNR, Commissioned Gunner (T) N E Tomes and one hundred and fifty two ratings were missing.



Sloop IBIS (Cdr H M Darell-Brown) was sunk by German bombing in the Western Mediterranean. One rating was killed, Cdr Darell-Brown died of wounds, and Ty/Lt D'A M Stephens RNVR, Ty/Lt A Thorpe RNR and one hundred and three ratings were missing.



Wednesday, 11 November


Submarine UNBEATEN (Lt D E O Watson DSC) was sunk in error by British aircraft in the Bay of Biscay. Lt Watson, Lt P W Cannon, Sub Lt J J Brougham, Sub Lt T C Tweedy and thirty two ratings were lost.



Thursday, 12 November


Anti-aircraft ship TYNWALD (Captain P G Wodehouse DSO Rtd) was sunk on a mine off Bougie. Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) H E Longford RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) A P Millership RNVR, Ty/Lt (E) S J Smith RNR and seventeen ratings were missing.



Destroyer depot ship HECLA (Captain S H T Arliss DSO, Commodore 2nd Class) was torpedoed by U.515 west of Gibraltar in 35-43N, 9-54W at 2315/11th and sank early on the 12th. Eight ratings were killed, Warrant Supply Officer H D Honey died of wounds, and Ty/Lt (E) G S Brettell, Ty/Lt G H G Cox RNVR, Warrant Electrician H Edmunds, Warrant Ordnance Officer L H Farr RNVR, Paymaster Lt E T Hackett RNVR, Commissioned Gunner (T) W E Hayward, Ty/Paymaster Sub Lt J McK S Hotchkiss RNVR, Warrant Writer R Hutchison, Paymaster Captain F L Monk RNR, Ty/Boatswain S C Norcott, Ty/Sub Lt S C Richardson RNVR, Act/Warrant Cook J A Saunders and two hundred and sixty one ratings were missing.


Destroyer MARNE, escorting depot ship HECLA, was damaged by U.515 in 35-50N, 9-57W. Ty/Midshipman R H Brown RNR and some ratings were lost. She was towed by tug SALVONIA to Gibraltar, arriving at noon on the 15th.



Friday, 13 November


Dutch destroyer ISAAC SWEERS, escorting Force R of tankers, was sunk by U.431 sixty miles NW of Algiers in 37-23N, 2-12E. Five Dutch officers and ninety three ratings, and five British ratings were lost.



Sunday, 15 November


Escort aircraft carrier AVENGER (Cdr A P Colthurst), escorting convoy MKF 1, was sunk by U.155 west of Gibraltar. Cdr Colthurst, Warrant Aircraft Officer A G Ansell, Ty/Sub Lt (A) H D Anson-May RNVR, Lt Cdr J J Arkwright DSC, Ty/Sub Lt D F Barnard RNVR, Ty/Paymaster A E Barnett RNR, Lt (A) H W Beggs, Ty/Act/Sub Lt J S Brew RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) J L Connell RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt (A) V H G Cowper RNVR, Lt D P Z Cox, Ty/Lt S H Danson RNR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) S H Davies RNVR, Lt Cdr C H Dawson, Ty/Act/Lt R W Duarte RNVR, Ty/Lt (E) E Dunkerley RNR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) C H Dunn RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt E Frame RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt (A) I P Garrow DSC RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt (A) E R Giles RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt (E) C Gothard RNR, Sub Lt (A) F A Gresham, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) R J Hackett RNVR, Ty/Lt G B P Hall RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) J A Harrison RNVR, Lt J B Haynes RNR, Ty/Sub Lt (E) R Heavisides RNVR, Lt (A) D A Hutchinson DSC, Ty/Paymaster Sub Lt H V Jones RNR, Ty/Paymaster Sub Lt G T Kerr RNR, Ty/Lt J L W Lane RNVR, Ty/Lt (A) M S Latter RNVR, Ty/Lt (A) A R Laurie RNVR, Ty/Lt (E) K CLawson RNR, Ty/Sub Lt (A) M Lees RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) F W Love RNVR, Lt A J G Lydekker DSC, Ty/Lt Cdr (E) R F McArt RNR, Ty/Sub Lt (A) J McEvoy RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt (A) G S Mansfield RNVR, Lt (A) P W V Massy DSC, Ty/Sub Lt (A) P C H Morris RNVR, Ty/Lt T A R Muir RNR, Ty/Surgeon Lt J E Powell RCNVR, Ty/Paymaster Sub Lt F Richardson RNR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) E H Sainsbury RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt (E) T D Scorer RNR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) E F W Selly RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt (A) A P A Shelley RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt T P Sheppard RCNVR, Ty/Lt A K Smith RNVR, Ty/Lt (E) T A Smith RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) H J Staff RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) C E Steele RNVR, Lt Cdr J G B Stratton, Ty/Sub Lt A G L Sutton RNVR, Sub Lt K E D Taylor RNR, Ty/Act/Gunner (T) G A Terry, Surgeon Lt Cdr N A Vernon RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) L B Watson RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (A) A D R Webber RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (A) T A Wightman RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (E) H W Wilders RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt (A)H E Williams DSC RNVR, Ty/Act/Sub Lt (A) P J Williams RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt (A) J K Wilson RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt (A) P S Woodham, Ty/Major N R M Skene RM and four hundred and thirty six ratings were lost. Just twelve survivors which picked up by destroyer GLAISDALE



Minesweeper ALGERINE (Lt Cdr W ACooke) was sunk by Italian submarine ASCIANGHI off Bougie. Four ratings died of wounds, and Cdr Cooke, Ty/Lt K G Butler RNR, Ty/Lt D Kemsley RNVR, Ty/Surgeon Lt A B Kennedy RNVR, Ty/Electrical Sub Lt R R C Radcliffe RNVR, Commissioned Engineer T K Reynolds DSC, Ty/Sub Lt J F Richards RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt J D W Roberts RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt M A Wellington RNVR and sixty seven ratings were missing.




Anti-submarine whaler ULLSWATER (555grt, Ty/Lt N BCRoss RNR) was sunk by a German motor torpedo boat in the English Channel. Lt Ross, Ty/Lt P W Elliott RNVR, Ty/Sub Lt T F J Moss RNVR and thirty two ratings were missing.



Monday, 16 November


German auxiliary anti-submarine trawler UJ.2102 sank Greek submarine TRITON (Lt Contoyannis, RHN).



Submarine SAFARI sank German steamer HANS ARP (2645grt) near Benghasi.



Tuesday, 17 November


Submarine UTMOST (Lt J W DCoombe) was sunk by Italian torpedo boat GROPPO NW of Marittimo. Lt Coombe, Sub Lt J H Des Voeux, Ty/Sub Lt J C H Wood RNR, Ty/Sub Lt B W Taverner RNVR and twenty nine ratings were lost.



Saturday, 28 November


Greek submarine TRITON was lost. Sub Lt A S Carter RNVR and one British rating were lost with the Greek crew.







Tuesday, 1 December  


Anti-submarine trawler JASPER (581grt, Ty/Lt W T Hodson RNVR), escorting convoy PW.256 with escort destroyer GLAISDALE, ML.184 and anti-submarine trawler CORNELIAN, was sunk by German motor torpedo boat S.81 in the English Channel. Four ratings were killed, and Ty/Lt B Ewin RNVR and six ratings missing. Escort destroyer TYNEDALE departed Plymouth to investigate German motor torpedo boats in the area prior to the attack.



Wednesday, 2 December


Italian convoy H of steamers AVENTINO (3794grt), PUCCINI (2422grt) and German KT 1 (760grt) departed Palermo on the 1st for Bizerte, while steamer ASPROMONTE (976grt) left from Trapani and joined at sea. The convoy was escorted by destroyers DA RECCO, CAMICIA NERA, FOLGORE and torpedo boats PROCIONE and CLIO.


Force Q of light cruisers AURORA, SIRIUS, ARGONAUT with destroyers QUIBERON and QUENTIN sank all four steamers and FOLGORE, and damaged DA RECCO and PROCIONE 40 miles north of Cape Bon. Merchantmen AVENTINO went down in 37-40N, 11-00E, PUCCINI in 37-40N, 11-10E, and ASPROMONTE in 37-43N, 11-15E. PROCIONE reached Tunisia at 0845/2nd, and DA RECCO, CAMICIA NERA and CLIO arrived at Trapani at 2200/2nd.


Returning to Bone, QUENTIN (Lt Cdr A H P Noble DSC) was sunk by aircraft torpedo north of Algiers. One rating was killed, one died of wounds, and eight ratings were missing. QUIBERON, which was damaged by a near miss in the bombing, picked up survivors.



Italian steamer VELOCE (5451grt) while sailing in convoy was damaged by aircraft torpedo 20 miles off Kerkenah. Steamer CHISONE, escorted by torpedo boat ARETUSA was sent on, and arrived at Tripoli at 1900/3rd. Torpedo boat LUPO, assisting VELOCE, was surprised by destroyers JERVIS, JAVELIN, JANUS and KELVIN, and both sunk. Torpedo boat ARDENTE, also of the escort, rescued the survivors and arrived at Palermo on the 4th.



Thursday, 3 December


Destroyer PENYLAN (Lt Cdr J H Wallace DSC), escorting convoy PW.257 with five trawlers and three MLs, was sunk by German motor torpedo boat S.115 in the English Channel. Twenty ratings were killed, Sub Lt P W Hopkins and four ratings died of wounds, and Ty/Sub Lt R L Ross RCNVR and ten ratings were missing.



German steamer MENES (5609grt) was sunk by torpedo off the Libyian coast.



Friday, 4 December


Submarine TRAVELLER (Lt Cdr D St Clair-Ford) was mined in the Taranto approaches on or about this date. St Clair-Ford, commanding officer of submarine PARTHIAN, was a temporary replacement for Lt M B St John, who was ill. Cdr St Clair-Ford, Lt W B Hulbert, Lt (E) R D Verner-Jeffreys, Lt J R Wild RNR, Ty/Sub Lt W E Hardwick RNVR, Ty/Lt H D S Russel RCNVR and fifty nine ratings were lost.



Saturday, 5 December


Anti-submarine trawler BENGALI (455grt, Lt R S Penby RNR), naval trawler CANNA (Lt W N Bishop-Laggett RNR) and anti-submarine trawler SPANIARD (455grt, Lt J B Love RNR) were sunk by an explosion at Lagos. Casualties were:


BENGALI, one rating died of wounds.


CANNA, two ratings died of wounds, and ten were missing. Ty/Lt H Beaver RNVR was wounded.


SPANIARD, two ratings died of wounds. Ty/Sub Lt M J H King RNVR, and 2nd Hand Arthur C Cook were wounded.



Wednesday, 9 December


Corvette MARIGOLD (Lt J A S Halcrow RD RNR), escorting convoy MKS.3 (Y), was sunk by German aircraft torpedo west of the Gibraltar Straits. Ty/Sub Lt C R Huth RNVR, Ty/Lt J O V Yates RNVR and two ratings died of wounds, and Lt Halcrow and forty four ratings were missing. Six officers and 37 ratings were rescued.



Friday, 11 December


Destroyer BLEAN (Lt M J Parker), escorting convoy MKF.4, was sunk by U.443 eleven miles 126° from Oran. Six ratings were killed, one died of wounds, and eighty two were missing. Eight officers and 86 ratings were picked up by destroyer WISHART



Saturday, 12 December


In Operation VALUABLE, destroyers WHITSHED, WORCESTER, ESKDALE, BROCKLESBY, ALBRIGHTON and VESPER attacked a German convoy nine miles NNE of Dieppe. Steamer GAUSS (1236grt) was sunk by WORCESTER NW of Dieppe, and Sperrbrecher 144 (steamer BEIJERLAND, 387grt) by ESKDALE and ALBRIGHTON. All six attacking destroyers received some damage - WHITSHED one 4 inch direct hit which holed her on the water line, reducing speed to 20 knots. She was repaired in six weeks. Then ESKDALE was damaged in the wheel house, and the force withdrew. She repaired at Portsmouth, completing on 16 January. WORCESTER and BROCKLESBY were damaged by shell short falls and required four and five days respectively to repair. ALBRIGHTON was also damaged by a shell short fall, but required no immediate repair. VESPER was hit eight times, her commanding officer wounded, and she was repaired and began conversion which required six months to complete.



Submarine P.222 (Lt Cdr A J Mackenzie) was sunk by Italian destroyer FORTUNALE east of Capri. Cdr Mackenzie, Lt A Hemelryk, Sub Lt A J D Taylor, Warrant Engineer L F Taylor DSC, Ty/Sub Lt M A Cousins RNVR and forty two ratings were lost.



Submarine P.35 sank German steamer MACEDONIA (2875grt) near Susa.



Monday, 14 December


Light cruisers ARGONAUT, AURORA with destroyers ESKIMO and QUALITY were returning from a patrol in the Bizerte-Marittimo Channel when attacked by Italian aircraft. ARGONAUT was torpedoed west of Gaita Island by Italian submarine MOCENIGO in her bow and stern. However, two of her four propellers remained operational and she was able to reach Algiers under her own power. Lt (E) H S G Morgan was lost. She repaired in Philadelphia from March 1943 to November 1944.



Tuesday, 15 December


German steamer GERMANIA (9851grt) scuttled herself when intercepted by sloop EGRET and destroyer TANATSIDE west of Cape Finisterre in 45-05N, 15-30W. Seventy one survivors were picked up by the British ships.



Wednesday, 16 December


Destroyer FIREDRAKE (Cdr E H Tilden DSC), escorting convoy ON.153, was sunk by U.211 in the North Atlantic. One rating died of wounds, and Cdr Tilden, Ty/Lt O J Gagnon RCNVR, Py/Ty/Surgeon Lt R R Latto RNVR, Lt J B C Porter, Act/Sub Lt C D Thorpe RNR, Lt Cdr J W White and one hundred and sixty three ratings were missing. Twenty six survivors were rescued by corvette SUNFLOWER



Friday, 18 December


Destroyer PARTRIDGE (Lt Cdr W A FHawkins DSO, OBE, BSc) was sunk by German submarine in the North Atlantic. Eight ratings died of wounds, and Ty/Act/Sub Lt J FJacquier RNVR, Ty/Surgeon Lt K CJeffery DSC RNVR, Lt J C Langton DSC and twenty seven ratings were missing. Commissioned Engineer C H R Davis DSC and Gunner (T) W A Rugman were wounded. Destroyer PENN picked up six officers and 167 ratings.



Saturday, 19 December


Corvette SNAPDRAGON (Cdr H C Simms DSO) was sunk by German bombing in the Central Mediterranean. Cdr Simms died of wounds, one rating was killed and twenty one were missing. Ty/Lt I H Laing DSC RNR was wounded.



Thursday, 24 December


Submarine P.48 (Lt M E Faber) was sunk by Italian destroyer escort ARDENTE in the Gulf of Tunis. Lt Faber, Lt P Caddy, Sub Lt M S Orton, Ty/Lt S E Spring-Rice RNVR and thirty ratings were lost.



Thursday, 31 December




Destroyer ACHATES (Lt Cdr A H T Johns) was sunk by German heavy cruiser ADMIRAL HIPPER in the Barents Sea. Cdr Johns, Sub Lt K H Highfield RNR, Ty/Surgeon Lt J L B MacFarlane RNVR, Ty/Lt E B Marland DSC RNVR and seven ratings were killed, Ty/Sub Lt P R Barrett RNVR died of wounds, and Ty/Lt R H Perry RNVR, Lt (E) P A Wright RNR and ninety nine and ratings were missing. Lt L E P Jones DSC, Gunner (T) E W Smith, Sub Lt A J Davidson and seventy eight ratings were rescued.


Minesweeper BRAMBLE (Cdr H T Rust DSO) was sunk by German destroyers ECKHOLDT, BEITZEN, and Z.29 in the Barents Sea. Cdr Rust, Ty/Lt H C Aalf RNR, Paymaster Lt M L Cully, Warrant Engineer F Docherty, Lt N R Lambrick, Ty/Lt A T W McKevitt BEM RNVR, Ty/Lt DMorrison RNVR, Ty/Lt R E Perry-Hook RNVR and one hundred and twelve ratings were missing.


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