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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2004

HMS JERVIS (F.00) -  J-class Flotilla Leader  
including Convoy Escort Movements

Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net

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J-Class Destroyer ordered from Hawthorn Leslie at Newcastle on 25th March 1937 under the 1936 Build Programme and laid down on 26th June 1937. The ship was launched by The Hon. Hilda Maud St. Leger Jervis on 9th September 1938 as the 1st RN ship to carry the name which commemorates the name of Admiral Sir John Jervis, Earl St Vincent, victor of the Battle of Cape St Vincent 1797. Fitted for use as a Flotilla Leader she had more cabin and office accommodation for use of the Flotilla staff. Her build was completed on 12th May 1939 when she became Leader of the 7th Destroyer Flotilla in the Home Fleet. Following a successful WARSHIP WEEK National Savings campaign in November 19411 this ship was adopted by the civic community of Bath, Somerset. The award of 13 Battle Honours during WW2 is equalled by only three other ships, HM Cruiser ORION and HM Destroyer NUBIAN. Her magnificent record includes the fact that she suffered no casualties from enemy action despite being continuously in hazardous deployments. Only one other ship of the eight in this Class survived WW2.


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s

MEDITERRANEAN 1940-44 - MATAPAN 1941 - LIBYA 1940-42  - SFAX 1941 - CRETE 1941 - MALTA CONVOYS 1941-42 - SIRTE 1942 - SICILY 1943 - SALERNO 1943 - AEGEAN 1943 - ANZIO 1944 - ADRIATIC 1944 - NORMANDY 1944

H e r a l d i c   D a t a

Badge:  On a Field Black,issuant in water from base barry wavy White

and Blue a demi Pegasus White, winged Blue, on the wing a

fleur-de lys Gold.



D e t a i l s   o f   Pr e - W a r   S e r v i c e


1 9 3 9


May                        Contractors trials and commissioned for service in 7th Destroyer Flotilla, Home Fleet.

                12th        Commenced Acceptance trials on completion of build.

                14th        Sailed for Chatham after Acceptance

                                (Note: One source records ships was involved in collision during trials and sustained slight

                                damage. To be confirmed.)

                30th        Taken in hand by HM Dockyard, Chatham for repair of collision damage,



                7th          Embarked ammunition at Sheerness.

                8th          Passage from to Portland for work-up prior to operational service.


July                         Completed work-up and took passage to Sheerness to rectify defects found

                                during trials and work-up

                10th        Under repair by HM Dockyard, Sheerness,

                30th        Passage to Scapa Flow from Sheerness for Home Fleet service.


August                  Deployed with Home Fleet for exercises and war station nominated.

                24th        Passage to Dover for patrol in Channel

                30th        Passage to join Humber Force based at Immingham with HM Destroyers JAVELIN, JUPITER

                                and ECHO of 7th Flotilla.



D e t a i l s   o f   W a r   S e r v i c e


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September             Deployed with Humber Force for interception of German ships attempting to

                                return to harbour or to act as commerce raiders as well as for convoy defence.

                                (Note: Other ships in Humber Force were HM Cruisers SOUTHAMPTON, GLASGOW,

                                with HM Destroyer JAGUAR to join later.)

                2nd         Part of destroyer screen for HM Cruisers SOUTHAMPTON and GLASGOW during patrol off

                                coasts of Norway, Denmark and Germany for interception of mercantiles

                                (Note: This deployment was in anticipation of declaration of war with Germany.)

                4th          German mercantile JOHANNES MOLKEN BUHR intercepted but scuttled on

                                approach to avoid capture. Rescued crew who had taken to boats.

                7th          Deployed at Immingham with Flotilla as part of Humber Force in North Sea.

                                (For details of naval activities in Home waters between September 1939 and

                                April 1940 see ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY by C Barnett and

                                the Naval Staff History.)

                9th          Intercepted German freighters BONDE and GUSTAFFE E REUTER off Norwegian

                                coast and sent vessels in Prize to Kirkwall.

                                On return to Rosyth carried out Boiler Clean in Immingham commercial shipyard.

                22nd       Sailed from Rosyth to take part in Home Fleet operation to tempt German Navy into action

                                in southern North Sea. (Operation SK)

                                Operation abandoned after collision between HMS JERSEY and HMS JAVELIN.

                30th        Sustained damage whilst alongside at Rosyth when HMS JUPITER mishandled procedure for



October                  On completion of repair work resumed operational service.

                8th          Sailed for anti-submarine patrol and investigation of report of enemy naval activity.

                                Under air attacks when HMS JUPITER disabled by machinery defect.

                                Took HMS JUPITER in tow for passage to Scapa Flow.

                9th          Arrived at Scapa Flow.

                14th        Sailed from Rosyth with cruisers of Humber Force for interception patrol against shipping.

                                (Note: Two German mercantiles were boarded and sent to Kirkwall with Prize crews.

                16th        Detached from cruisers and took passage as escort for convoy of independent shipping.

                                On arrival in Forth estuary came under air attacks during which HM Destroyer MOHAWK

                                which had joined convoy was damaged by near misses and sustained serious damage with many

                                killed including her captain

                18th        Sailed from Rosyth with HM Destroyers JERSEY, COSSACK and MAORI as screen for HM

                                Battlecruiser REPULSE to intercept a blockade runner in NW Approaches.

                20th        Joined ships of Home Fleet after passage in atrocious weather.

                21st         Detached and took passage with HMS JERSEY to Sullom Voe, Shetland for anti submarine


                                After refuelling carried out unsuccessful search.

                23rd        Took part with HM Destroyers JERSEY, COSSACK, MAORI in search for American

                                mercantile CITY OF FLINT which had been captured by German commerce raider.

                                Stoker rating swept overboard in heavy weather and lost his life.

                24th        Search abandoned when mercantile reported at Murmansk.

                25th        Returned to Rosyth.

                26th        Passage to Immingham with ships of 7th Flotilla.

                                Carried out offensive sweep to enemy shipping off Dutch coast and returned to Humber.


November              North Sea deployment with Flotilla for convoy defence in NW Approaches.

                                (Note: Ship deployed as escort for three north-bound convoys FN34,36 and 39.

                                During this period Flotilla staff moved ashore to set up destroyer base at Immingham.

                                Ships of Home Fleet had been moved to Loch Ewe and Clyde area after loss of HM

                                Battleship ROYAL OAK.

                23rd        Taken in hand for refit by Brigham and Cowan shipyard in Hull



                9th          Resumed Flotilla duties in North Sea on completion of refit.

                10th        Deployed with HM Destroyers JUNO, JANUS, JAGUAR and JUPITER for anti-submarine

                                operations off Dutch coast.

                11th        Returned to Immingham after successful sweep.

                                Transferred to convoy escort of convoys too and from Norway based at Sullom Voe.

                25th        Returned to Immingham.

                29th        Deployed with HMS JANUS for North Sea patrol on convoy route.


1 9 4 0


January                  North Sea deployment including escort of East Coast convoys and those to and from Norway.

                                (Note: Projected Fleet operation in Baltic abandoned. See ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE

                                CLOSELY by C Barnett.



                6th          At Hull for Boiler clean and fit of Degaussing equipment by commercial shipyard.

                14th        Resumed operational service at Immingham.

                24th        Escorted south bound convoy from Tyne to Humber

                                Returned to Immingham.



                4th          Sailed from Rosyth for escort of Convoy ON17A during passage to Bergen, Norway.

                10th        Returned to Rosyth from Bergen.

                                (Note: Carried out attacks on submarine without success. during return)

                                Deployed for escort of coastal convoys.

                18th        Sailed from Rosyth with outward convoy to Norway.

                19th        Involved in collision with Swedish ss TOR near Longstone Light and sustained major

                                damage to bow structure which prevent ship steaming ahead.

                                (Note: 17 of ship’s company were killed in this tragic accident.

                                Returned to Tyne escorted by HM Destroyers JAVELIN and JANUS.

                20th        Taken in for repair at Swan Hunter shipyard, Newcastle.


April                       Under repair

to May                   Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to G00.


June                        Resumed operational duty as Leader of 14th Destroyer Flotilla,

                                (Note: Ships of Flotilla were now part of Mediterranean Fleet based at Alexandria.)

                9th          On completion of post repair trials took passage to Scapa Flow to work-up for

                                operational deployment in Mediterranean.

                24th        On completion of post repair trials took passage to Plymouth.

                27th        Took passage to Mediterranean with General Sir Mason McDarlanew, Governor designate for

                                of Gibraltar embarked.

                29th        Arrived at Gibraltar and disembarked passengers.



                1st           Passage to Malta to join Flotilla

                6th          Under air attack at Malta without damage.

                9th          Sailed from Malta with HM Destroyers DIAMOND and VENDETTA as escort for

                                Convoy MF1

                                (Note: This convoy was taking civil personnel and families from Malta after outbreak of war

                                with Italy.)

                                (For details of all Malta Convoy operations see MALTA CONVOY by R Woodman.)

                13th        Arrived at Alexandria after relief from escort by HM Destroyers STUART, HAVOCK

                                and IMPERIAL.

                                Commenced service in 14th Flotilla with HM Destroyers JANUS, JUNO, MOHAWK

                                and NUBIAN

                27th        Deployed with Flotilla to cover passage of inward convoy to Alexandria from Aegean.

                                Under air attack.



                1st           Returned to Alexandria as escort for HM Battleship MALAYA which had withdrawn from

                                covering duty due to boiler defects.

                                Deployed with Flotilla for diversionary operation in Eastern Mediterranean during Malta

                                aircraft delivery by HMS ARGUS IN western Mediterranean (Operation MA)

                4th          Deployed with Flotilla for sweep in eastern Mediterranean.

                11th        Returned to Alexandria and carried out Boiler Clean.

                20th        Resumed Flotilla duty.

                                Deployed with HM Destroyers JANUS, NUBIAN, MOHAWK, HERO and HOSTILE as

                                screen for HMS LIVERPOOL to provide cover for Aegean convoy on passage from Athens.

                                (Operation MA9)

                29th        Deployed as escort for Convoy MF2 during passage to Malta with HM Destroyers

                                DAINTY, DIAMOND and JUNO covered by ships of the Mediterranean

                                Fleet (Operation MB3).

                                (Note: This was part of a joint operation HATS to cover the transfer of HM Aircraft Carrier

                                ILLUSTRIOUS, HM Battleship VALIANT, HM Cruisers CALCUTTA and

                                COVENTRY to reinforce Fleet at Alexandria. For details see Naval Staff History

                                (HMSO – 2002) and MALTA CONVOYS by R Woodman.)

                31st         Under air attacks during which ss CORNWALL in convoy was hit and set of fire.

                                Transferred Medical Officer to assist with casualties See reference.



                2nd         Arrived in Malta escort to ss CORNWALL with HMS JUNO.

                3rd          Deployed with four other destroyers as screen for HM Battleship MALAYA, HM Aircraft

                                Carrier EAGLE and HM Cruiser COVENTRY as Force E to cover passage of Convoy AS3

                                from Greece during passage to Alexandria.

                4th          HMS EAGLE detached from Force E to join HMS ILLUSTRIOUS for attacks on airfields

                                on Rhodes

                5th          Arrived at Alexandria with Force E

                11th        Deployed with HMS JANUS and HMS NUBIAN as anti-submarine escort for HM Monitor

                                TERROR, HM River Gunboats APHIS and LADYBIRD during passage to carry out

                                bombardment on enemy positions west of Sollum Bay.

                12th        Carried out bombardment from close inshore.

                13th        Returned to Alexandria with same ships and joined HM Cruiser KENT and two other ships

                                of 3rd Cruiser Squadron as screen with HM Destroyers HERO, HASTY and HEREWARD

                                during offensive sweep in Eastern Mediterranean.

                16th        Joined including HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, HMS VALIANT, HM Cruiser ORION and destroyer

                                screen to take part in naval gunfire support for military operation to repel Italian advance

                                towards Cairo.

                17th        Deployed as screen for HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, HMS COVENTRY and HMS CALCUTTA

                                during air operations including minelay in Benghazi harbour and torpedo attacks on shipping.

                                (Note: These were very successful. See above references.

                                On completion detached with ships of 3rd Cruiser Squadron to carry out bombardment at Bardia.

                                During passage came under attack by torpedo aircraft, which hit and disabled HMS KENT.

                                Assisted in operation to tow damaged cruiser with HMS JUNO and HMS JANUS.

                19th        Arrived at Alexandria with HMS KENT.

                22nd       Carried out bombardment of Sidi Barrani with HM Destroyers JANUS, JUNO

                                and MOHAWK of Flotilla in support of military operations against Italian advance

                                in western desert.

                28th        Deployed with screen for HMS WARSPITE, HMS VALIANT, HMS ILLUSTRIOUS,

                                HM Cruisers ORION, SYDNEY (RAN) ands YORK to cover passage of HM Cruisers

                                GLOUCESTER and LIVERPOOL taking reinforcement troops to Malta.

                                Operation MB5)



                6th          Deployed with HM Destroyers DAINTY, DECOY, IMPERIAL, JANUS, JUNO,

                                STUART (RAN) and VAMPIRE (RAN) as screen for HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, HMS


                                HM Cruisers AJAX, GLOUCESTER, LIVERPOOL, ORION, SYDNEY (RAN) and

                                YORK to provide Distant Cover for passage of Convoy MF3 during passage from

                                Alexandria to Malta (Operation MB6).

                11th        Remained with screen after arrival of MF3 at Malta to provide cover for passage of

                                return Convoy MF4 to Alexandria.

                12th        Detached from main Fleet screen with HMS JANUS to assist HMS AJAX which had

                                engaged a group of Italian warships on passage to attack MF4.

                                (Note: For details of this engagement see above references.

                13th        Rejoined Fleet units with HMS AJAX

                                (Note: One source suggests ship escorted convoy on passage from Piraeus to join MF4.

                                To be confirmed.))

                14th        Under air attacks during which HMS LIVERPOOL was seriously damaged and was

                                taken in tow by HMS ORION.

                15th        Deployed with escort for HMS ORION during passage to Alexandria.

                16th        Arrived at Alexandria with Fleet units which had carried out air attacks on Leros.

                                Under enemy air raid on harbour at Alexandria.

                18th        Carried out Flotilla sea exercises whilst at Alexandria.

                25th        (Note: During these exercises a US Navy officer was embarked as an observer.)



                6th          Deployed as screen for HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, HMS MALAYA, HMS WARSPITE,

                                HMS AJAX, HMS GLOUCESTER, HMS ORION, HMAS SYDNEY, and HMS

                                YORK with HM Destroyers DECOY, DEFENDER, HASTY. HAVOCK,

                                HEREWARD, HERO, HYPERION. ILEX, JANUS, JUNO, MOHAWK and NUBIAN

                                to provide Distant Cover for passage of Convoys MW3 to Malta and returning

                                Convoy ME3.

                                (Operation MB8 Part of joint Operation COAT to pass further reinforcements to Mediterranean

                                Fleet at Alexandria. These were HM Battleship BARHAM, HM Cruisers BERWICK and

                                GLASGOW, HM Destroyers GALLANT, GRIFFIN and GREYHOUND.)

                9th          Remained with Fleet screen off Malta when MW3 arrived.

                10th        Destroyers from reinforcements joined screen.

                11th        Deployed with Fleet screen during air attacks on Italian warships at Taranto by

                                aircraft from HMS ILLUSTRIOUS (Operation JUDGEMENT)

                14th        Returned to Alexandria with Fleet units.

                15th        Part of destroyer screen for Force A providing cover for military convoy to Suda

                                Bay, Crete and to carry our air attacks on Rhodes.

                                (Note: Force A comprised HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, HMS WARSPITE, HMS VALIANT

                                HMS ORION and HMAS SYDNEY)

                16th        Deployed with Flotilla and 3rd Cruiser Squadron ships for cover of passage of military

                                convoys to and from Greece.

                                (Note: This was part of a support for defence of Greece after invasion and involved

                                personnel as well as materiel, at the expense of the Eighth Army and air defence.)

                17th        Visited Suda Bay assess extent of necessary improvement for use by RN ships.

                19th        Returned to Alexandria with covering ships.

                27th        Under air attacks during operations at Rhodes.

                28th        With Force A screen when meeting Force E and Force F for passage to Alexandria.

                                (Note: Force E comprised HM Cruisers GLASGOW, GLOUCESTER and YORK

                                with four destroyers.

                                Force F comprised HM Cruisers MANCHESTER, SOUTHAMPTON and

                                HM Destroyer YORK joining the Fleet at Alexandria as reinforcements

                                from UK (Operation COLLAR)

                29th        Deployed with Fleet screen to cover passage of ME4 from Malta to Alexandria.



                1st           Arrived at Alexandria with Fleet units.

                                (Note: Lieutenant Opie, US Navy who had been embarked as an observer left ship.)

                8th          Deployed with HMS JANUS, HMS NUBIAN and HM Destroyer HEREWARD for

                                support of military advance by 8th Army in western Desert (Operation COMPASS)

                                (Note: Ships of Flotilla were to provide anti-submarine and AA protection of Inshore

                                Squadron which included including HM Monitor TERROR and HM River Gun

                                Boats LADYBIRD, APHIS and HM Minesweeper BAGSHOT.)

                                HMS HEREWARD was carrying commando detachment for raid in Sollim Bay

                                See THE ROYAL NAVY AND THE MEDITERRANEAN (HMSO-2002.)

                                Took part in bombardment of Sidi Barrani.

                11th        Bombarded Sollum area with HMS JANUS and HMS NUBIAN in support of

                                military advance.

                12th        Returned to Alexandria with HM Monitor TERROR.

                13th        Deployed as escort for damaged cruiser HMS COVENTRY during passage to

                                Alexandria after being hit forward by torpedo from Italian Submarine NEGHELLI

                                and steaming stern first for repair.

                16th        Deployed with ships of Flotilla with Mediterranean Fleet screen to provide Distant Cover for

                                passage of Malta Convoy MW5, return Convoy ME5 to Alexandria, various air operations

                                against shipping , attacks on Aegean shipping. and bombardment of Valona.

                                (Operation HIDE –MW5 included HM Battleship MALAYA returning to UK.)

                18th        Detached with HM Destroyers JANUS and JUNO as screen for HM Cruisers

                                AJAX, ORION and SYDNEY (RAN) during offensive operation against shipping

                                in Aegean. (Operation MC1)

                20th        Rejoined Fleet units.

                                (Note: During this unsuccessful. operation Fleet units carried out bombardment of Valona

                                on 19th.)

                21st         Deployed with HMS JANUS and HMS JUNO to carry out mine clearance through Narrows

                                in advance of Fleet units.

                                Rejoined Fleet units covering westward passage of HMS MALAYA

                                Detached to join HM Destroyers HYPERION and ILEX in screen for HMS MALAYA as

                                part of Force F escorting re-designated Convoy MG1 to Gibraltar See references.

                                On relief by destroyers from Gibraltar detached with HMS HYPERION and HMS ILEX and

                                took return passage through Sicilian Narrows to rejoin Mediterranean Fleet units.

                22nd       HMS HYPERION which had been hit by a torpedo fired by the Italian submarine

                                SERPENTE was disabled. Attempts made to tow stricken ship had been made by HMS

                                ILEX which was sunk by HMS JANUS. Embarked ships company.

                                (Note: Earlier records show ship was mined in Italian minefield 4AN laid

                                between Cape Bon and Pantalleria on 7th/8th October. Contemporary

                                claim the sinking by SERPENTE but post War records are at variance

                                and show the sinking was by submarine torpedo.)

                24th        Returned to Alexandria with Fleet units.


1 9 4 1


January                  Carried out Boiler Clean.

                7th          Deployed as screen for Force A with HM Destroyers DAINTY, GALLANT,

                                GREYHOUND, GRIFFIN, JUNO , MOHAWK and NUBIAN to provide cover

                                for passage of Convoy MW 5˝ to Malta from Alexandria (Operation MC4)

                                (Note: Force A comprised HMS ILLUSTRIOUS,. HMS WARSPITE and

                                and HMS VALIANT. Operation also covered return Convoys ME 5 ˝

                                and ME6 from Malta to Egypt.)

                                It was also part of Operation EXCESS to pass a military convoy from


                8th          Refuelled at Suda Bay and sailed to rejoin Fleet.

                9th          Withdrawn from Screen and took passage to Malta for repair of machinery defect.

                10th        On completion took passage took passage to rejoin Fleet screen. to meet the EXCESS


                                (Note: Fleet units had been under heavy and sustained air attacks by newly arrived German

                                aircraft during which HMS ILLUSTRIOUS was seriously damaged. See references.

                11th        Under heavy air attacks and detached with HMS ORION, HMAS PERTH

                                and HMS JANUS to assist HM Cruisers GLOUCESTER and SOUTHAMPTON

                                which had sustained major damage.

                                Took part with other ships in operations to rescue of survivors from HMS

                                SOUTHAMPTON after uncontrollable fires had made evacuation necessary,

                                (Note: HMS SOUTHAMPTON was then sunk by HMS ORION.)

                12th        Deployed with Fleet screen during return passage to Alexandria.

                15th        Arrived at Alexandria with Fleet units.

                19th        Deployed AS SCREEN FOR HM Cruisers BONAVENTURE and ORION with

                                HM Destroyers NUBIAN and HERO to carry out naval gunfire support to military

                                forces approaching Tobruk.

                20th        Delayed on passage by weather conditions and bombardment impossible.

                                Diverted to Suda Bay and joined by HM Destroyers JUNO, JANUS and GREYHOUND.

                21st         Took passage to Malta.

                23rd        Escorted HMS ILLUSTRIOUS to Alexandria after temporary repair in Malta with same


                25th        Arrived at Alexandria after unscathed passage.


February                Deployed with Flotilla for screening of Fleet units providing cover for passage

                                of empty supply ships from Malta to Egypt.

                                (Note: Naval operations were restricted because of lack of an aircraft carrier

                                but by 23rd shore cover made possible limited reinforcement of garrison

                                by transfer of troops in cruisers. Fleet units were deployed to provide

                                cover against surface attack.)

                7th          Nominated for service with Flotilla based at Suda Bay.

                                Sailed from Alexandria with HM Destroyers JANUS, JAGUAR and MOHAWK to

                                cover passage of two convoys during passage from Greece to Egypt.

                9th          Deployed at Suda Bay for convoy defence and patrol.

                                (Note: Ships of Flotilla embarked troops to carry out in invasion of island of Kaso was


                                Returned to resume Fleet duties at Alexandria.

                19th        Deployed with HM Destroyers DECOY, HAVOCK, HEREWARD, HERO.

                                HOTSPUR, ILEX, JANUS and JAGUAR as screen for HMS BARHAM, HMS

                                VALIANT, EAGLE and COVENTRY to provide cover for passage of troops

                                to Malta by HMS AJAX, HMS ORION and HMS GLOUCESTER and return of

                                HM Supply Ship BRECONSHIRE and ss CLAN MACAULAY (Operation MC8).

                23rd        Returned to Alexandria with Fleet units.


March                    Fleet deployment restricted until arrival of HMS FORMIDABLE.

                                Carried out Flotilla exercises in Eastern Mediterranean.

                6th          Deployed at Suda Bay to provide cover for military convoys taking troops and stores to

                                Greece (Operation LUSTRE)

                18th        Returned to Alexandria to resume Fleet duties.

                20th        Deployed with HM Destroyers DECOY, DEFENDER, GREYHOUND, GRIFFIN,

                                HASTY, HAVOCK, HERO, HEREWARD, HOTSPUR, ILEX, JANUS, JAGUAR,

                                MOHAWK and NUBIAN as screen for HMS WARSPITE, HMS VALIANT, HMS

                                BARHAM, HM Aircraft Carrier FORMIDABLE. HMS AJAX, GLOUCESTER, HMS

                                ORION and HMAS PERTH during provision of cover for passage of Convoy MW6

                                to Malta from Egypt and Haifa (Operation MC9)

                24th        Returned to Alexandria with Fleet units after requirement for cover ended.

                                (Note: Planned Boiler Clean was cancelled in view of an anticipated Fleet operations

                27th        Following report by aircraft of Italian Fleet movement threatening passage of

                                military convoys to Greece (Operation LUSTRE), deployed with ships of 14th and

                                10th Destroyer Flotillas, HMS HOTSPUR and HMS HAVOCK of 2nd Destroyer

                                Flotilla in Force A as destroyer screen.

                                (Note: Force A comprised HMS WARSPITE, HMS BARHAM, HMS VALIANT and

                                HMS FORMIDABLE.)

                                Passage to intercept Italian Fleet units

                28th        Took part in night action against Italian battle group in Battle of Cape Matapan.

                                (For full details of battle see MATAPAN by SW Pack, Naval Staff History and above


                                Detached from screen with HMS NUBIAN to search for Italian cruiser POLA known

                                to have been disabled in aircraft torpedo attack from HMS FORMIDABLE.

                29th        Sank hulk of Italian cruiser ZARA which had been disabled by 15” gunfire whilst

                                assisting POLA.

                                Rescued 257 of crew of stricken POLA, the remainder being taken by HMS NUBIAN,

                                Intended sinking of hulk of POLA failed and second attempt by HMS NUBIAN succeeded.

                                Rejoined Fleet screen and took return passage to Alexandria.

                30th        Arrived at Alexandria.



                1st           Taken in hand for repair to rudder in dry dock.

                8th          Deployed with HM Cruiser COVENTRY and HM Destroyer JANUS as escort for

                                Convoy AN25 to Piraeus.

                                On passage nominated for service in Malta as Striking Force with HM Destroyers JANUS,

                                NUBIAN and MOHAWK.

                                (Note: Formed Force K for interception of enemy convoys on passage to and from North African

                                ports in support of Afrika Corps operations.)

                10th        Arrived at Malta to commence operations.

                11th        Carried out unsuccessful night search for Italian convoy and returned to Malta.

                                Sailed for another search and came under air attack.

                12th        Returned to Malta in an air raid after no sighting.

                13th        At Malta during further air raids.

                15th        Sailed from Malta to intercept Italian convoy reported on passage to North African port.

                16th        Took part in night attack with ships of Force K on five mercantiles escorted by the Italian

                                destroyers LUCA TARIGO, BALENO, and LAMPO in Kerkenah Bank area, SW of

                                Cape Bon. All escorts and ships in convoy were sunk for the loss of HMS MOHAWK

                                which was hit by a torpedo fired from LUCA TARIGO before she herself was sunk.

                                (Note: This was one of the most successful actions against a supply convoy.

                                see above references for details.)

                                Rescued survivors from HMS MOHAWK with HMS NUBIAN. 169 in total by both ships.)

                                (Note: Overturned hulk sunk by gunfire from HMS JANUS.)

                                Returned to Malta with Force K ships, except HMS MOHAWK.

                19th        Deployed with HMS DIAMOND, HMS JANUS and HMS NUBIAN as escort for ships

                                of Convoy ME7 on initial stage of passage from Malta to Egypt.

                20th        Detached from ME7 with HMS JANUS and rejoined Mediterranean Fleet for planned

                                bombardment of Tripoli.

                                Deployed with HM Destroyers HASTY, HAVOCK, HEREWARD, HERO, HOTSPUR

                                JAGUAR and JUNO as screen for HMS WARSPITE, HMS BARHAM HMS VALIANT

                                and HMS GLOUCESTER as Force B (Operation MD2)

                21st         Took part in bombardment of harbour installations for 40 minutes with Force B.

                                On completion detached from Force C and took passage to Malta to resume Force K service.

                                (Note:HM Destroyer JAGUAR joined Force K for passage to Malta.)

                22nd       Arrived in Malta.

                23rd        Sailed with ships of Force K to carry out search for supply convoy.

                24th        Sighted the escorting Italian naval EGEO off Lampedusa.

                                Engaged by main armament and by torpedoes from HMS JUNO the enemy ship was set on

                                fire and later sunk. by torpedo from HMS JANUS.

                                Returned to Malta after failing to find convoy.

                                (Note: The convoy aware of the attack was able to escape during this engagement. Only 26

                                Italians were saved later by an Italian hospital ship.)

                                Returned to Malta with ships of Force.

                28th        Took passage from Malta with HM Cruisers DIDO and ABDIEL, HM Destroyers

                                IMPERIAL, JAGUAR, and JUNO as escort for HM Supply Ship BRECONSHIRE

                                during passage to Alexandria.

                                (Note: The Flotilla forming Force K had been relieved Malta by the 5th Destroyer

                                Flotilla. The cruisers were part of the reinforcements for the Mediterranean

                                Fleet in Alexandria. Operation SALIENT.)

                30th        Arrived at Alexandria with HMS BRECONSHIRE and escort and rejoined the

                                Mediterranean Fleet for Flotilla duties.


May                        HM Destroyers KINGSTON, KANDAHAR and KIPLING joined 14th Flotilla.

                                Entered floating dock for inspection of underwater fittings.


                6th          Deployed with HM Destroyers GRIFFIN, HAVOCK, HEREWARD, HERO, HOTSPUR

                                JUNO, KANDAHAR, KIMBERLEY, KINGSTON, NIZAM and NUBIAN as screen

                                for HMS FORMIDABLE, HMS BARHAM, HMS VALIANT, HMS WARSPITE,

                                HM Cruisers ABDIEL, ORION, PERTH (RAN) and HM Supply Ship BRECONSHIRE

                                to provide cover for Convoys MW7A and MW7B during passage from Alexandria to Malta.

                                (Operation MD4)

                8th          Under unsuccessful attack by Italian submarine SETTIMO

                9th          Embarked fuel from HMS BRECONSHIRE.

                                Remained off Malta with screen for Mediterranean Fleet units to provide Distant Cover for

                                military convoy from Gibraltar during its passage to Alexandria with tanks.

                                (Operation TIGER – See above references.)

                12th        Arrived at Alexandria with destroyers of Fleet screen.

                14th        Sailed from Alexandria as part of screen for major units of Mediterranean Fleet

                                deployed to cover Forces D and C for defence of Crete.

                                (Note: These two Forces were made up of cruisers and destroyer screens for patrol to

                                intercept ant Italian units attempting to land troops in Crete and to protect

                                convoys on passage to reinforce the British garrison.)

                16th        Deployed for interception patrol overnight in Kithera and Antikithera Channels.

                17th        Refuelled from major Fleet units with other destroyers

                20th        Returned to Alexandria after further interception patrol.

                21st         Carried out bombardment of airfield at Scarpanto, east of Crete with HM Destroyers

                                NIZAM and ILEX.

                22nd       Under air attacks with HMAS NIZAM during return passage to Alexandria.

                                (Note: HMS FORMIDABLE was damaged in these attacks had been unable to take

                                part earlier because of deficiency of fighter aircraft.)

                23rd        Sailed from Alexandria with HM Destroyers NIZAM, HAVOCK and ILEX after refuelling.

                                Under air attacks after carrying out patrol off Heraklion

                24th        At Alexandria.

                25th        Sailed for attacks by aircraft from HM Aircraft carried FORMIDABLE part of screen for

                                HM Battleships QUEEN ELIZABETH, BARHAM , FORMIDABLE with HM Destroyers

                                NUBIAN, KANDAHAR, HASTY, HEREWARD, VOYAGER (RAN) and VENDETTA

                                (RAN) during air attacks on airfield at Scarpanto (Operation MA3Q)

                26th        Under air attacks during which HMS FORMIDABLE was hit and sustained serious


                                HMS NUBIAN was also hit and sustained damage to steering gear.

                                Escorted HMS NUBIAN until relieved by HMS JACKAL for return to main fleet


                27th        Returned to Alexandria

                28th        Sailed with HMS JANUS, HMS HASTY for evacuation of troops from Sphakia.

                                (Note: HM Cruisers PHOEBE, COVENTRY, CARLISLE, PERTH (RAN) and HM Supply Ship

                                GLENGYLE were also deployed.)

                29th        Embarked troops in ship’s boats to ferry soldiers to the larger ships off shore with AA

                                cover from HMS COVENTRY AND CALCUTTA.

                                (Note: 560 troops were embarked)

                30th        Sailed from Sphakia with evacuation ships.

                                (Note: In all 6,029 British and Commonwealth troops were rescued.)

                                Under air attacks on passage )

                                For details see Naval Staff History and CRETE by SW Pack.)


June        1st           Returned to Alexandria from Sphakia.

                                Nominated for support of military operations against Vichy French forces in Syria.

                                (Operation EXPORTER)

                7th          Sailed from Alexandria with HM Destroyers DECOY and HAVOCK as escort for

                                HM Cruiser LEANDER (RNZN) to relieve ships of Force B

                                (Note: Force B ships provided naval gunfire support to military advance, carried out

                                patrols to intercept any Vichy warships attempting to prevent these operations

                                or land troops.)

                15th        During patrol to intercept Vichy destroyer CASSARD carrying troops from Salonika

                                to reinforce Vichy garrison, came under attacks by surfaced submarine which failed.

                                Later came under dive bombing attack by Ju88 aircraft which was repelled.

                                (Note: CASSARD had earlier been forced to reverse course by RAF aircraft,)

                                Engaged Vichy destroyers

                                (Note: One source records HMS KIMBERLEY was in company.)

                16th        During deployment with HM Cruiser LEANDER and HMS KIMBERLEY sighted

                                Vichy destroyers GUEPARD and VALMY attempting to leave Beirut.

                                Engaged destroyers which returned to harbour,

                18th        Deployed with HM Destroyers DECOY, HOTSPUR and HAVOCK for interception

                                patrol and gunfire support.

                                Carried out night bombardment south of Damour.

                                Under submarine attack by submarine off Beirut which failed as torpedo was running

                                too deep.

                25th        Landing party prepared to go ashore at Haifa to support military but operation cancelled.

                26th        Carried out further bombardment at Damour.

                                Under air attack on return passage to Haifa despite air cover.

                29th        Carried out further bombardment before recall to rejoin Fleet at Alexandria.

                30th        Returned to Alexandria.


July                         Deployed for support of garrison at Tobruk.

                17th        Returned to Haifa with HM Cruisers AJAX, LEANDER. HM Destroyers JAGUAR,

                                KINGSTON and KANDAHAR to resume EXPORTER support.

                18th        Escort convoy taking troops to Cyprus with same ships.

                                (Note: 112 RAF ground staff were embarked for passage.)

                20th        Returned to Haifa

                22nd       Sailed from Haifa with same ships to join HM Battleships QUEEN ELIZABETH,

                                HMS VALIANT, HM Cruisers ABDIEL, CARLISLE, HOBART, LATONA,

                                NAIAD, NEPTUNE, PHOEBE, HM Destroyers HASTY, HAVOCK, JACKAL,

                                KIMBERLEY, NIZAM and NUBIAN during an offensive sweep in eastern

                                Mediterranean as a diversion during passage of relief convoy to Malta from Gibraltar

                                (Operation SUBSTANCE –See above references.

                24th        On return to Alexandria deployed for escort of HMS FORMIDABLE from Alexandria

                                to Port Said.

                                (Note: HMS FORMIDABLE was on passage to USA for repairs to her action damage.

                26th        Deployed for escort of military convoys to Cyprus from Haifa to reinforce garrison.

                31st         Returned to Alexandria from Haifa


August                  Nominated for support of Tobruk garrison (Operation TREACLE)

                1st           Deployed for anti-submarine operations off Alexandria with HM Destroyers JACKAL,

                                KINGSTON and NIZAM.

                                Under air attacks during fruitless search and on return passage.

                5th          Took part in Fleet gunnery practice with HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH, HM Cruiser

                                NAIAD, HM Destroyers KINGSTON, JAGUAR and NIZAM.

                                On completion carried out anti-submarine operations.

                6th          Under torpedo attack by Italian aircraft during sweep.

                                Returned to Alexandria without successful result.

                7th          Present during night air raid and sustained minor near miss damage.

                8th          Commenced TREACLE deployment

                                Embarked stores

                9th          Sailed to Tobruk with HMS KINGSTON and army personnel

                10th        Returned to Alexandria with embarked wounded personnel.

                19th        Deployed for further Tobruk support with HM Destroyers KIMBERLEY and HASTY

                                (Note: Polish army personnel were embarked for passage.)

                20th        Return passage with wounded.

                22nd       Deployed with HM Destroyers KIMBERLEY, HASTY and HMS ABDIEL for

                                passage covered by HM Cruisers PHOEBE, NAIAD and GALATEA

                                and aircraft support

                                (Note: Rear Admiral. Destroyers was embarked.)

                23rd        Return passage with 200 Australian troops who had been relieved by Polish


                25th        Further Tobruk deployment with same ships each carrying Polish troops.

                26th        Returned to Alexandria with wounded

                27th        Deployed to assist return of damaged cruiser HMS PHOEBE after being torpedoed

                                in attack by Italian aircraft

                28th        Deployed alongside HM Depot Ships RESOURCE at Alexandria during refit and leave.


September             Nominated for further Tobruk support service (Operation SUPERCHARGE)

                17th        Resumed Tobruk support with Polish passengers

                18th        Returned with wounded

                20th        Passage to Tobruk with British troops of Liverpool Territorial regiment.

                21st         On return passage rescued 10 troops from Crete who had escaped in small boat.

                23rd        Passage to Tobruk with troops (Serial 9 of SUPERCHARGE.)

                                (Note: HMS KIMBERLEY, HMS HASTY and HM Minelayer LATONA also


                25th        Deployed with screen for main Fleet heavy units during diversionary operation to

                                distract enemy attention from passage of Malta relief convoy from Gibraltar

                                (Operation HALBERD – see references.)

                27th        Returned to Alexandria with Fleet units.


October                  Deployed with Flotilla for exercises including anti-submarine procedures with HM

                                submarine RORQUAL.

                10th        Nominated for bombardment operation as part of screen for Fleet units but this

                                was cancelled and ship returned to Alexandria

                11th        Deployed with HMS JAGUAR and JUPITER as screen for HM Cruisers AJAX,

                                HOBART (RAN) and GALATEA as screen during search for enemy contact

                                reported by submarine.

                13th        Rejoined main Fleet units and detached unsuccessful for shipping search/

                                Under air attacks with Fleet units after rejoining. which were repelled.

                14th        Returned to Alexandria with Fleet units

                22nd       Deployed with screen for Fleet units during bombardment of positions near Sollum.

                25th        Carried out Flotilla exercises off Alexandria.



                2nd         Deployed with ten other destroyers and HM Minelayer ABDIEL for transfer of troops

                                and took passage to Haifa take troops of Indian Army and British units to Cyprus from

                                Haifa to Famagusta,, Cyprus to relieve British troops of 50th Division for service in


                                (Operation GLENCOE – For details see Naval Staff History. Destroyers each embarked

                                250 troops and 7 tons of equipment and stores,)

                8th          On completion took passage to Alexandria with the other GLENCOE ships.

                9th          Returned to Alexandria.

                10th        Maintenance period alongside HM Depot Ship WOOLWICH during which two additional

                                20mm Oerlikon mountings were installed to improve defence against close range air attacks.

                18th        Sailed with Fleet units to carry out bombardment at Sollum in support of military advance

                                towards Tobruk (Army Operation CRUSADER)

                19th        Operation cancelled due to weather conditions

                                During manoeuvring to reverse course avoided collision with HM Cruiser GALATEA

                                Resumed Maintenance period during which gun linings of main armament were replaced.

                24th        Sailed from Alexandria as screen for HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH, HMS BARHAM and

                                HMS VALIANT with HM Destroyers DECOY, GRIFFIN, HOTSPUR, NIZAM (RAN),

                                JACKAL and two Mediterranean Fleet destroyers

                                (Note: Gun re-lining work was incomplete and only two 4.7in mountings were available.

                                This deployment was intended to provide cover for the earlier deployment of Force C

                                HM Cruisers AJAX, EURYALUS, GALATEA and NAIAD to search for two convoys

                                reported on passage to Benghazi and also to be available for naval gunfire support for

                                the British military advance in the Western Desert (Operation CHIEFTAIN).

                25th        Present with screen when HM Battleship BARHAM was sunk by U331.

                                Carried out anti-submarine operations with HMS JACKAL after sinking BARHAM and

                                rescued one survivor.

                                (Note: 862 of the ship’s company of over 1300 from HMS BARHAM.)

                27th        Returned with HMS JACKAL after unsuccessful search and resumed replacement of remaining

                                gun lining

                30th        Sailed with HM Destroyers JACKAL, JAGUAR and KIPLING to intercept three Italian

                                destroyers reported near Derna carrying fuel supplies.



                1st           On arrival found ships had left and took return passage to Alexandria.

                                Came under torpedo attacks by aircraft during which HMS JACKAL was hit and badly damaged.

                                After HMS JACKAL resumed passage resumed steering using main engines overtook a

                                coastal convoy which was repelled.

                                Discharge one of forward gun mounting barrels to clear fuzed shell which hit HMS

                                JAGUAR causing death of the captain and one rating.

                2nd         Arrived in Alexandria with HMS JAGUAR and HMS KIPLING after burial at sea of the

                                two casualties.

                4th          Deployed for further interception patrol off Derna.

                5th          Rescued survivors from HM Boarding Vessel CHAKDINA which had been sunk by U81.

                                (Note: This ship had been carrying prisoners of war and wounded.

                                200 were picked up by ships of Flotilla including a German general.)

                8th          Deployed for bombardment of shore targets in support of military operations.

                10th        Carried out further bombardment operation.

                15th        Part of screen for HM Cruisers CARLISLE, EURYALUS and NAIAD with HM

                                Destroyers DECOY, HASTY, HAVOCK, KIMBERLEY, KIPLING and NIZAM as

                                Force C for escort of HMS BRECONSHIRE to Malta from Alexandria (Operation MF1)

                16th        Force C remained with convoy after escort joined by ships of Force K from Malta.

                                (Note: This was required because of threat of an attack by Italian heavy warships

                                known to be escorting supply convoy in the area.)

                18th        During return passage to Alexandria carried out depth charge attacks on submarine sighted

                                on the surface and which had immediately submerged.

                                (Note: Although probable kill was credited to the ship this submarine has never been

                                identified either as enemy or allied.

                19th        Arrived at Alexandria and secured alongside tanker SAGONA to replenish fuel.

                                Sustained serious damage forward when explosive device placed under stern of the tanker

                                by Italian frogmen detonated early in the morning.

                                (Note: Italian frogmen entered Alexandria harbour from submarine SCIRE and followed

                                ships of 15th Cruiser Squadron through the opened defensive boom. Charges were

                                also placed below the waterline of HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and HMS

                                VALIANT which were both seriously damaged when they detonated.

                21st         Taken in hand for repair in Garribaldi Dry Dock



1 9 4 2


January                  Under repair Gabbari Dock in Alexandria.

                27th        Undocked and prepared to resume operational service

                                (Note: One source records delays in completion of work satisfactorily by civilian labour

                                were dealt with by forcible retention of workmen on board.)



                3rd          Sailed with other destroyers to carry out anti-submarine operations off Alexandria.

                12th        Nominated for deployment with HM Cruisers DIDO, EURYALUS and NAIAD

                                as screen with HM Destroyers ARROW, GRIFFIN, HASTY, HAVOCK. JAGUAR,

                                KELVIN and KIPLING in Force as escort for Convoys MW9 to Malta and ME10 to

                                Egypt. (Operation MF5)

                13th        Sailed from Alexandria with Force B reinforce escort for merged convoys MW9A and MW9B.

                14th        Under air attacks. Met return convoy ME10 and took passage to Alexandria as escort.

                                (Note: Sole surviving ship of MW9, ss ROWALLAN CASTLE was badly damaged. Tow by HMS

                                ZULU had to be abandoned and mercantile was sunk by HMS LIVELY.

                                See above references for details.)

                                ME10 under unsuccessful attack torpedo attack by Italian submarine during eastward passage.

                16th        Arrived at Port Said and detached from ME10.

                                (Note: Operation MF5 was a failure as no supply ships arrived in Malta.)

                17th        Escorted troopship PRINCESS MARGUERIT for passage to Famagusta.

                20th        Returned to Alexandria.

                                (Note: Destroyers of Mediterranean Fleet reorganised. Ship remained in 14th Flotilla with

                                HM Destroyers KELVIN, KIPLING, KINGSTON (under repair in Malta),

                                JAGUAR, JACKAL and KIMBERLEY.)

                23rd        Carried out exercises off Alexandria with HMS KIPLING and Greek submarine TRITON

                25th        Deployed with Greek Destroyer QUEEN OLGA for supply of stores to Tobruk.



                2nd         Resumed Fleet duties after second trip to Tobruk with HM Destroyer ZULU

                9th          Deployed with HM Destroyers HASTY, HERO, KELVIN, KIPLING, LIVELY, SIKH

                                and ZULU for screening of HM Cruisers DIDO, EURYALUS and NAIAD as Force B during search for

                                Italian cruiser damaged by torpedo.

                                Under air attacks without damage.

                10th        Met by HM Cruiser CLEOPATRA and HM Destroyer KINGSTON rejoined Fleet from Malta.

                11th        Took part in rescue of ships company of HMS NAIAD after this ship had been hit by a torpedo off

                                Mersa Matru and later sank.

                                (Note: Admiral Vian was among the 533 rescued from his flagship.

                15th        At Alexandria.

                                (Note: Captain Philip Mack who had been serving in the ship since commissioning left and was

                                relieved by Captain AL Poland.)

                20th        Joined HM Destroyers KELVIN, KINGSTON, KIPLING as screen for HM Cruisers DIDO

                                CLEOPATRA and EURYALUS for escort of Convoy MW10 to Malta as Force B. (Operation MG1).

                                (Note: MW10 comprised HMS BRECONSHIRE, ss CLAN CAMPBELL, ss PAMPAS and

                                ss TALABOT with an additional close escort.)

                21st         Joined MW10 with cruiser Force in view of possible threat of attack by a major force of Italian


                22nd       HM Cruiser PENELOPE and HM Destroyer LEGION joined escort from Malta.

                                Took part in outstanding tactical defence operation during which MW10 was detached with HM

                                Cruiser CARLISLE and HUNT Class destroyers of Close Escort.

                                Positioned between MW10 and Italian ships and came under fire.

                                (Note: Italian ships failed to take advantage of their superiority and eventually retreated because of

                                torpedo attacks made by British destroyers. Some British ships had radar for fire control.

                                Second Battle of Sirte. See above references and MEDITERRANEAN MAELSTROM by

                                GC Connell.

                                Italian ships included battleship LITTORIO, cruisers BANDE NERE, TRENTO and GORIZIA with

                                a screen of ten destroyers.

                                (Note: MW10 later came under heavy air attacks during passage to Malta and in harbour after

                                arrival of the 29,500 tons of cargo loaded only 4,952 were discharged.)

                24th        Returned to Alexandria with Force B ships.

                                Escorted HM Battleship VALIANT to Port Said for first stage of passage to USA for repair.


April                       Deployed in eastern Mediterranean with Flotilla for Flotilla exercises.

                23rd        Carried out transport of military personnel and stores to Cyprus and later embarked potatoes

                                for transport to Alexandria.



                10th        Deployed with HMS JACKAL, HMS KIPLING and HMS LIVELY to search for supply convoy

                                reported on passage to Benghazi. RAF air cover for this operation was inadequate.

                                (Operation MG2)

                11th        Under heavy dive bombing attacks during which HMS LIVELY was sunk.

                                Some hours latter the attacks were resumed and HMS JACKAL was badly damaged north

                                of Mersa Matru.

                                Despite extensive fires on board took the damaged ship in tow.

                                HMS KIPLING was sunk in these attacks.

                12th        Abandoned tow when fires could not be controlled and sank HMS JACKAL by torpedo.

                                Took return passage to Alexandria with 650 survivors saved from these destroyers.


June                        Nominated for service in joint operation with Force H at Gibraltar to pass relief convoys to

                                Malta from east a west (Operation JULIUS).

                                (Note: Operation HARPOON was to be passed from Gibraltar and Operation VIGOROUS from


                12th        Joined HM Cruisers ARETHUSA, BIRMINGHAM, CLEOPATRA, DIDO, EURYALUS,

                                HERMIONE and NEWCASTLE as screen with HM Destroyers HASTY, HERO, INCONSTANT,

                                JAVELIN, KELVIN, NAPIER (RAN), NESTOR (RAN), NIZAM (RAN), NORMAN (RAN),

                                PAKENHAM, PALADIN, SIKH and ZULU for escort of Convoy MW11 during passage to Malta.

                                (Operation VIGOROUS).

                                (Note: The operation comprised three elements:

                                MW11C – A diversionary convoy of four mercantiles sailed from Alexandria on 11th to tempt

                                intervention by Italian Fleet before passage of main convoy escorted by HM Cruiser

                                COVENTRY and eight HUNT Class Escort Destroyers. The mercantiles each towed an MTB.

                                See MALTA CONVOYS by R Woodman. (Operation REMBRANDT).

                                MW11B - Made up of two tankers escorted by HMS CENTURION, two Rescue Ships sailed

                                Alexandria with Close Escort by HM Destroyers ,FORTUNE, KELVIN, PAKENHAM and

                                PALADIN, HM Corvettes DELPHINIUM, ERICA, PRIMULA and SNAPDRAGON to

                                assemble and meet main escort off Egypt.

                                MW11A - Convoy from Haifa comprising 5 Supply ships with Close Escort by HM

                                Destroyers HOTSPUR, TETCOTT, HM Minesweepers BOSTON and SEAHAM.

                13th        Sailed from Alexandria as screen for Fleet units during passage to provide reinforced escort after

                                convoys MW11A and MW11B merged for onward passage to Malta.

                                Under air attacks whilst in transit to join merged convoy.

                14th        Joined merged convoy as deployed with re-arranged escort.

                                (Note: Escort now included HUNT Class destroyers which had joined convoy after detaching from


                                Under sustained and heavy air attacks during which ss BHUTAN was sunk and ss POTARO


                                Torpedo attack by U77 driven off by HMS PAKENHAM.

                15th        Air attacks in continuation.

                                Threat of attack by superior Italian force anticipated and convoy ordered to reverse course by CinC

                                in Alexandria.

                                Required changes to convoy caused confusion and ships became sitting target for E-Boats waiting to

                                attack convoy and escort.

                                (Note: HMS HASTY was sunk and HMS NEWCASTLE was damaged.)

                                MW11 then ordered to resume the westward passage.

                                (Note: This was not done because extent of air attacks had depleted stocks of AA ammunition

                                enough to prejudice protection during further passage towards Malta.

                                Instructions were then given to abandon the operation and return to Alexandria.

                                During aerial onslaught after MW11 took passage to Egypt HM Ships ARETHUSA,

                                BIRMINGHAM and CENTURION were hit but able to continue passage.

                                HMS NESTOR and HMS AIREDALE had to sunk by own forces after being disabled.

                16th        HMS HERMIONE sunk by torpedo from U 205 during return passage.

                                Arrived as Alexandria with Fleet units.,

                                Deployed as escort for convoys to Lebanon taking non-essential personnel when German advance

                                threatened Alexandria.

                28th        Deployed with Flotilla for escort of HM Battleship QUEEN ELIZABETH during passage from

                                Alexandria to enter Suez Canal at Port Said for repair in USA.


July                         Escort with Flotilla continued for transfer of vital support ships to Port Said.

                                (Note: These included HM Depot Ships WOOLWICH and HM Repair Ship RESOURCE and were

                                being moved away from Alexandria because of the threatened advance of the German Army.)

                15th        Took part in bombardment of shore targets at Mersa Matru with HM Cruisers DIDO;

                                EURYALUS and ships of Flotilla.

                26th        Taken in hand for docking and essential maintenance at Port Tewfik



                3rd          Resumed Flotilla duties at Alexandria.

                                Sailed for Beirut with HM Cruiser COVENTRY.

                6th          Return passage to Port Said.

                10th        Deployed with HM Cruisers ARETHUSA, EURYALUS HM Destroyers KELVIN, PAKENHAM,


                                Corvette HYACINTH and HM Auxiliary ANTWERP for special operation. (Operation MG3)

                                (Note: This was timed to distract enemy attention from passage of Malta Relief Convoy from

                                Gibraltar (Operation PEDESTAL)

                11th        Met HMS DIDO and HMS CLEOPATRA with three supply ships escorted by HM Destroyers

                                JAVELIN, SIKH and ZULU

                13th        Returned to Port Said after cruise to westward.

                16th        Deployed with HMS HERO for escort of troop ship ss MARGUERITE from Port Said to Cyprus

                17th        Took part with HMS HERO in rescue of survivors from ss PRINCESS MARGUERITE which was

                                torpedoed and sunk by U83. See HITLER'S U-BOAT WAR by C Blair.

                                Carried out anti-submarine attacks which damaged U83 needing extensive repair.

                29th        Escorted HM Destroyer ERIDGE into Alexandria after damage by E Boat on 28th.


September             Eastern Mediterranean deployment at Alexandria with Flotilla in continuation.

                13th        Took part in bombardment of Mersa Matru.

                                (Note: This was a diversionary movement during the disastrous Operation AGREEMENT to

                                carry out frontal attack with landings at Tobruk. For full details see Naval Staff History

                                and MASSACRE AT TOBRUK by P Smith.)

                                Deployed with Flotilla at Malta for interception patrol.

                                Nominated for long outstanding refit.



                4th          Taken in hand for Boiler clean and self refit at Alexandria.

                                (Note: Type 285 fire-control radar was fitted by ships staff during this period.

                                Ship also carried out training for provision of armed partied to board French ships at

                                Alexandria in the event of any repercussion from planned operations to occupy the

                                rest of Madagascar.)



                8th          Refit completed and carried out harbour and sea trials prior to resuming operational service.

                12th        Resumed Flotilla duties

                17th        Deployed with ships of Flotilla as screen for HM Cruisers CLEOPATRA, ARETHUSA, DIDO,

                                EURYALUS and ORION as escort for Convoy MW13 during passage to Malta.

                                (Operation STONE AGE – First Malta convoy from Egypt since siege lifted. See above references

                                and THE CROSS AND THE ENSIGN by P Elliot.)

                18th        Joined convoy and Close Escort of HUNT Class destroyers on passage

                                HMS ARETHUSA torpedoed in air attacks and returned to Alexandria under tow by HMS


                                Deployed with HM Destroyer JAVELIN to escort HMS ARETHUSA under tow by HM Destroyer


                                Returned to Fleet units with HMS JAVELIN when tow satisfactorily established.

                19th        Detached from MW13 with Fleet destroyers and took return passage as screen for HMS

                                CLEOPATRA, DIDO and ORION.)

                21st         Arrived at Alexandria with Fleet units after passage in extreme weather conditions that caused


                                (Note: Other ships were also seriously affected with loss of life when men swept overboard and some

                                structural damage.)

                24th        Nominated for service in Malta with new Force K and took passage from Alexandria.

                                (Note: Force K formed a new striking force to intercept enemy supply convoys.

                                Ships of Force K were HM Cruisers, CLEOPATRA, DIDO and EURYALUS,

                                HM Destroyers JAVELIN, JERVIS, KELVIN and NUBIAN.)

                25th        Passage to Malta with ships of Flotilla and cruisers of 15th Squadron.

                27th        Arrived in Malta for service as part of Force K



                3rd          Deployed with HM Destroyers JAVELIN, NUBIAN and KELVIN for interception of convoy sighted

                                by aircraft on passage.

                4th          Carried out surface attack on remnants of convoy in Gulf of Gabes

                                (Note: This convoy had previously been under air attacks by RAF in Malta.

                                Sank Italian torpedo boat LUPO which had been carrying out rescue work.

                                This attack was considered particularly distasteful by the Italian Navy and described as a

                                war crime.

                                LUPO has been well known by many who had served in the Mediterranean as an adversary

                                in other actions against convoys.)

                                Sailed from Malta with HM Cruisers CLEOPATRA, DIDO and EURYALUS, HM Destroyers

                                KELVIN, JAVELIN and NUBIAN to escort Convoy MW14 from position SW of Crete into Malta.

                                (Operation PORTCULLIS. See references)

                5th          Returned to Malta with MW14 and escort.

                9th          Carried out unsuccessful interception operation with HM Destroyers KELVIN and NUBIAN in

                                Gulf of Gabes.

                20th        Deployed with HMS NUBIAN to intercept single mercantile sighted by aircraft.

                                Sank Italian mercantile DORA off Djarba.

                24th        Deployed for Flotilla exercises off Malta.

                26th        Docked for routine inspection and Boiler Clean.



1 9 4 3


January                  Force K deployment in continuation

                5th          Carried out unsuccessful interception patrol

                7th          Captain AF Poland relieved by Captain AF Pugsley as commanding officer and SO of Flotilla.

                8th          Deployed with HM Destroyers JAVELIN and NUBIAN for patrol and sank three schooners off


                10th        Provided escort for MW19 convoy on final stage of passage into Malta from Alexandria with HMS

                                EURYALUS, HMS KELVIN and HMS NUBIAN.

                11th        Encountered heavy weather conditions during which a midshipman was caught on upper deck

                                amidships and later his body was found under the torpedoes.

                                (Note: It is presumed he was struck by an incoming heavy sea and thrown unconscious against the

                                mounting. From Don Kindell - Midshipman Moberley suffered head injuries, but he did survive.)

                21st         Sank two small steamer off Sfax during patrol with HMS NUBIAN.

                22nd       Carried out bombardment with HMS CLEOPATRA, HMS EURYALUS, HMS JAVELIN, HMS

                                NUBIAN and HMS KELVIN of enemy troops retreating from position near Zuara, Tunisia.

                25th        Deployed with HM Cruiser ORION, HMS KELVIN and HM Destroyer TETCOTT to meet incoming

                                convoy from Alexandria.

                                Detached to escort tanker into Malta

                27th        Deployed with HM Cruiser CLEOPATRA and HM Destroyer KELVIN to escort convoy from

                                Alexandria to Tripoli.

                                Detached on arrival and took passage to resume Fleet duties at Alexandria.

                30th        Involved in collision due to weather conditions whilst berthing alongside tanker in Alexandria.



                6th          Deployed with HM Destroyers KELVIN, JAVELIN and three HUNT Class Greek manned destroyers

                                as escort for troop convoy to Malta.

                11th        Arrived in Malta having been joined by HM Cruiser EURYALUS, HM Destroyers NUBIAN and


                                (Note: Passage was delayed by weather.)

                13th        Escorted east bound convoy from Malta.

                14th        Rescued pilot from BEAUFIGHTER aircraft providing air cover which had crashed during low flying

                                over rough seas.

                                (Note: Sadly the pilot died on board and was buried at sea.)

                15th        Detached from convoy and took passage to Tripoli.

                16th        Joined HM Destroyers KELVIN, PALADIN and Greek QUEEN OLGA for escort of convoy from

                                Tripoli during passage to Alexandria.

                17th        U205 forced to surface by depth charge attacks by HMS PALADIN and South African manned

                                BISLEY aircraft

                                Surfaced submarine engaged by surface fire from both ships and crew abandoned the boat.

                                (Note: U205 was boarded by HMS PALADIN and tow established but submarine sank

                                before it could be beached.

                                Sinking of submarine was credited to HMS PALADIN and BISLEY aircraft. See U-BOATS

                                DESTROYED by P Kemp.)

                21st         Boiler clean at Alexandria.



                6th          Deployed with HM Destroyers NUBIAN, PETARD and ISIS for escort of troopship convoy taking

                                Eighth Army reinforcements to Tripoli.

                10th        At Tripoli after unscathed passage.

                                Coastal convoy escort for convoys in continuation.

                                (Note: Exercises with also carried out.)


April                       Deployed for convoy defence in eastern Mediterranean

                16th        At Tripoli

                19th        Deployed for anti-submarine operations after attack on convoy off Tobruk.

                21st         Returned to Malta after unsuccessful search.



                2nd         Deployed in search for Italian warships reported to be at sea between Pantellaria and North

                                African coast

                3rd          At Malta after Italian warships left area at high speed and could not be engaged.

                6th          Carried out bombardment against shore targets near Kelibia with HM Destroyers NUBIAN and


                                Rescued 17 German and Italian troops with a British Airman from open boat towing rubber dinghy.

                                Nominated for interception of any craft carrying enemy personnel from North Africa after the

                                collapse of enemy resistance in North Africa (Operation RETRIBUTION.)

                8th          Bombarded Kelibia with HMS NUBIAN and PALADIN in support of military.

                9th          Carried out further bombardment at Kelibia.

                10th        Repeated Kelibia bombardment with ships of Flotilla

                12th        Intercepted another evacuation attempt and captured 96 troops.

                                Bombarded positions in Pantellaria with HM Cruiser ORION, HM Destroyers KELVIN.

                                JAVELIN and PALADIN

                15th        Landed prisoners in Malta.

                19th        During interception patrol with HMS NUBIAN and HMS PETARD intercepted ship claiming

                                to be a Hospital ship in position 30 miles north of Pantelleria.

                                Put a Boarding Party on board

                                On arrival in St Paul's Bay, Malta this ship was found to have German military personnel on board.



                2nd         Deployed with Greek destroyer VASILISSA OLGA and sank Italian torpedo boat CASTORE and

                                two mercantiles being escorted off Cape Spartivento on passage from Taranto to Messina.

                8th          Took part in bombardment of Pantellaria prior to British landings.

                10th        Deployed with HM Destroyers LAFOREY, LOOKOUT, LOYAL, TARTAR, NUBIAN,

                                TROUBRIDGE and WHADDON as screen for HM Cruisers NEWFOUNDLAND, ORION,

                                PENELOPE and EURYALUS to provide cover during British landings on Pantellaria.

                                (Operation CORKSCREW).

                11th        Carried out bombardment of Lampedusa with HMS NUBIAN.

                20th        Escorted HM Cruiser AURORA with HM Destroyers LOOKOUT, NUBIAN and ESKIMO during

                                Royal visit to Malta by HM King George VI

                                On completion of visit sailed for Tripoli as escort for HMS AURORA with same ships.

                21st         Detached on arrival in Tripoli and took passage to Malta.

                                Docked for Boiler Clean and routine maintenance

                                (Note: Captain Pugsley relieved by Captain JS Crawford.)



                2nd         Sailed from Malta with HM Destroyers PETARD, PENN, PALADIN,PATHER and PATHFINDER

                                to join ships assembling for planned allied assault on Sicily.

                10th        Deployed with HM Destroyers PANTHER, PATHFINDER, PALADIN, PENN and PETARD as

                                screen for HM Battleships KING GEORGE V and HOWE, HM Cruisers DIDO and SIRIUS as part

                                of Reserve Group in area south of Sicily during allied landings

                                (Operation HUSKY: For details see Naval Staff History and ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE


                                (Note: Reserve Group which also included HM Battleships WARSPITE, NELSON and RODNEY

                                with our cruisers and destroyer screen on Station in Ionian Sea to prevent any interference to

                                landing by Italian warships.)

                                Later took part in Diversionary operation by Reserve Force to imply further landings to

                                be made on west coast of Sicily.

                                Bombarded Levanzo Island and Trapani. Deployed from Bone (Operation FRACTURE.)

                18th        Bombarded Catania.

                22nd       Refuelled in Malta

                23rd        Deployed for patrol between Algiers and Bizerta.

                30th        Arrived at Bone for planned operation.

                31st         Took part in bombardment of Vibo Valentia with HM Cruisers EURYALUS, DIDO and SIRIUS

                                with other screening destroyers.



                1st           Under air attack on return passage which was repelled by ships AA fire.

                2nd         Refuelled and replenished ammunition at Bone.

                                Sailed for Bizerta

                6th          Under air attack whilst in harbour at Bizerta.

                9th          Sailed from Bizerta with HM Destroyers PANTHER, PATHFINDER and PALADIN as screen for

                                HM Cruisers AURORA, PENELOPE, SIRIUS and DIDO during passage for bombardment of positions

                                on west coast of Italy

                10th        Carried out bombardment of Castellamere with HMS AURORA, HMS PENELOPE and HMS


                12th        Replenished and refuelled at Bizerta and sailed for Palerma with mail.

                16th        Sailed from Bizerta with HMS EURYALUS, HM Cruiser AURORA and

                17th        Carried out bombardment of Vibo Valentia with HMS PALADIN on return passage to Bizerta.

                18th        At Bizerta to replenish and refuel.

                19th        Passage with HMS AURORA, HMS PENELOPE and HMS PALADIN to carry out bombardment

                                at Scalea.

                21st         Sailed for Palermo

                                Return passage to Bizerta

                27th        Carried out Boiler Clean at Ferryville, near Bizerta.



                2nd         Resumed Flotilla duties and sailed with four others of Flotilla as escort for military convoy taking

                                reinforcement troops to Eighth Army

                3rd          Detached from convoy on relief by escort from Malta and took passage to Algiers.

                                Carried out unsuccessful search for submarine after firm contact.

                4th          Arrived at Algiers.



                5th          Sailed with ships of Flotilla for bombardment of railway line south of Taranto

                6th          Returned to Algiers

                7th          Passage to Malta as screen for HM Battleships KING GEORGE V and HOWE to support planned

                                occupation of port of Taranto (Operation SLAPSTICK)

                8th          Entered Malta to refuel and took passage to Taranto

                9th          Deployed for support during occupation and shifted berth to allow HM Minelayer ABDIEL to use that

                                position in order to land troops of 1st Airborne Division.

                10th        Assisted in rescue operations when HMS ABDIEL was sunk by detonation of a magnetic mine.

                11th        Passage to Malta with wounded survivors from HMS ABDIEL.

                12th        At Malta.

                14th        Sailed with HM Destroyers PENN, PATHFINDER, PETARD and ILEX as screen for HM Battleships

                                WARSPITE and VALIANT.

                                Diverted on passage to proceed to Salerno for support of landings in progress (Operation AVALANCHE)

                15th        Arrived at Salerno beach head.

                                Under sustained air attacks

                16th        During continued air attacks including use of glider bombs HMS WARSPITE was hit and sustained

                                major damage disabling the ship.

                17th        Deployed with others hips of Flotilla as escort for HMS WARSPITE steaming under her own power.

                18th        HMS WARSPITE taken in tow by US Navy tugs.

                                Detached from escort of HMS WARSPITE and joined HM Aircraft Carriers ILLUSTRIOUS and

                                FORMIDABLE as escort for passage to Gibraltar

                                Recalled and took passage to Malta for service in Adriatic in support of military operations and for

                                convoy defence.

                24th        Arrived in Malta to prepare for new deployment.



                28th        Passage to Adriatic with HMS PETARD.

                29th        Carried out anti-submarine patrol.

                30th        Arrived at Brindisi.



                6th          Carried out bombardment of Termoli, eastern Italy.

                                Transferred for support of British military operations to occupy Aegean islands following the

                                capitulation of Italy.

                                (Note: Garrison comprised mainly Italian personnel.)

                                Passage to Alexandria for service in Levant Command.

                16th        Sailed from Alexandria as part of screen for HM Cruiser AURORA with HM Destroyers PENN,

                                HURSLEY, and Greek destroyer MIAOULIS during passage to Leros with army personnel and stores.

                17th        Landed stores and personnel.

                                Sailed to rejoin HMS AURORA and on passage carried out bombardment o of airfield on Kos.

                                Engaged craft wearing German ensign encountered during passage to position south of Scarpanto

                                to meet HMS AURORA.

                18th        Returned to Alexandria with HMS AURORA and screen.

                22nd       Embarked stores and personnel in Alexandria.

                                Sailed for Leros with HM Destroyers PATHFINDER, HURSLEY and Greek destroyer ADRIAS.

                                On arrival landing of stores including transport was delayed by air activity.

                                Disembarked stores into lighters in Alinda Bay.

                                . 23rd      Returned to Alexandria with HMS PATHFINDER.

                                Taken in hand for short refit at Alexandria

                                (Note: 4in AA gun was fitted in place of forward torpedo tubes.



                14th        Resumed operational service on completion of refit work

                16th        Captain Crawford relieved by Captain HP Henderson.

                                Nominated for support operation to replace army personnel from island of Castelloriso by

                                detachment of commandos.

                                (Note: Island was to be used for refuelling of MTBs and the new arrivals were to take steps to

                                suggest island was being populated by a non-belligerent group.)

                26th        Sailed from Alexandria with HM Destroyers PENN and PATHFINDER for operation.

                28th        Disembarked personnel at Castelloriso.


December              Return passage to Alexandria.

                3rd          Escorted damaged Greek destroyer ADRIAS under tow by HM Tug BRIGAND during passage

                                from Casteloriso to Limassol, Cyprus.

                                (Note: ADRIAS had been damaged by a mine during evacuation operations at Leros on 23rd

                                and subsequently under temporary repair by ship’s staff at Gumsluk in Turkish waters to

                                enable return to Alexandria.)

                4th          Escorted ADRIAS with HMS PENN.

                                (Note: ADRIAS was on passage under own power from Limassol )

                5th          Took passage to Alexandria on relief by HM Destroyers EXMOOR and ALDENHAM.

                                (Note: For details of Aegean operations see WAR IN THE AEGEAN by P Smith and E Walker)

                9th          Deployed as escort for HM Cruiser PENELOPE during initial stage of passage from Alexandria to

                                (Note: One source records that Prime Minister was embarked for passage after conferences at Cairo

                                and in Teheran. This is to be confirmed.

                10th        Detached and arrived in Malta.

                12th        Passage to Algiers to provide escort for troop convoy.

                20th        Passage to Port Said with convoy taking troops to India.

                22nd       Arrived at Alexandria.

                28th        Passage to Brindisi with HMS JANUS.

                31st         Arrived at Brindisi to resume service in Adriatic.



1 9 4 4



                3rd          Deployed for bombardments in Adriatic with HMS JANUS in support of military advance

                4th          Carried out bombardment of Pessaro with HMS JANUS.

                6th          Carried out bombardments at Ancona and Civitanova.

                7th          Diverted to Naples on completion

                10th        Arrived in Naples and replenished ammunition.

                                (Note: Intended replenishment at Bari was not possible because of weather conditions.)

                                Replenishment in Naples restricted by diversion to Malta.

                12th        In Malta.

                14th        Nominated for support of planned landings at Anzio and returned to Naples as screen for HM

                                Cruiser ORION

                16th        Machinery defects repaired at Castellamere

                18th        Deployed with HM Cruiser ORION, HM Destroyers JANUS, FAULKNOR and LAFOREY and

                                carried out bombardment at Gaeta in support of crossing of river Garigliano by British X Corps.

                21st         Joined HM Cruisers ORION and SPARTAN, HM Destroyers JANUS, LAFOREY, LOYAL,


                                and TETCOTT in North Attack Force (Peter).

                                Operation SHINGLE.

                22nd       Provided naval gunfire support during landings at Anzio

                23rd        Carried out further support bombardment and under some return fire from shore without damage.

                                Under air attack during patrol of beach head to provide defence against E-Boat attack.

.                               Hit on bow structure by Hs293 radio controlled which demolished forward structure and distorted

                                other parts of hull.

                24th        Arrived at Naples under own power for temporary repair.

                                (Note: Owing to damage sustained Captain (D) for Flotilla transferred to HMS GRENVILLE and

                                the ship became a Private ship. Lieutenant Commander Roger Hill took over command

                                and Captain Henderson transferred with his Flotilla Staff Officers to HMS GRENVILLE.)

                25th        Captain (D) transferred to HMS GRENVILLE.

                30th        Sailed from Naples with HM Minesweeper CADMUS and took passage to Bizerta.


February                Took passage to Gibraltar from Bizerta as part of convoy.

                5th          Taken in hand by HM Dockyard, Gibraltar for completion of repairs


March                    Under repair during which a new bow structure was fitted.

                                (Note: Officers and some of ship's company were accommodated in HMS WARSPITE.)

                                Some long serving members left ship.)



                17th        On completion of post repair trials at Gibraltar took passage to Plymouth.

                24th        After rough passage arrived at Plymouth

                                Passage to Scapa Flow to join Home Fleet.


May                        Nominated for support of planned allied landings in Normandy (Operation NEPTUNE).

                                Deployed with HM Destroyers FAULKNOR, FURY and ISIS as 8th Destroyer Flotilla and

                                allocated for service in Force G.

                3rd          Sailed from Scapa Flow to Rosyth for Boiler Clean.

                                On completion resume Home Fleet service and took part in preparatory exercises for NEPTUNE

                                including bombardments

                                Present at Scapa Flow during visit by HM King GEORGE VI to Home Fleet.

                23rd        Passage to Solent to join Force G

                                (Note: For details of naval activities prior to and during landings see LANDINGS IN

                                NORMANDY June 1944 and OPERATION NEPTUNE by K Edwards.

                                Took part in preparatory exercises in Channel for for NEPTUNE.


June                        Deployed in Solent with Force G for final preparations and briefing.

                4th          Operation delayed 24 hours.

                5th          Sailed from Solent to Beachhead Swept Channel as escort for Convoy G9 with HM Destroyers

                                URANIA and ULYSEES of Force G.

                                (Note: Convoy comprised HMS BULOLO (HQ Ship Force G.) Four Landings Ships (Infantry),

                                HM Frigate NITH l (Assault HQ Ship, Group G1), two Landing Craft (Infantry), three

                                Motor Launches, Steam Yacht DIANA (Purpose not identified) and three other auxiliaries.)

                6th          Detached on arrival and assumed support role off GOLD Beach

                                Provided naval support bombardment with ships of Force G.

                                (Note: Naval Gunfire Support for GOLD Beach was provided by Bombardment

                                Force K which also included HM Cruisers ORION, AJAX, ARGONAUT, EMERALD and

                                Dutch Monitor FLORES.

                7th          Deployed for support and patrol duties in Eastern Task Force area.

                to            (Note: Patrols were established to prevent incursions into area by submarines,

                17th        submersibles and E-Boats for minelaying and direct attacks on shipping. See references.)

                18th        Sustained damage in collision with mercantile during extreme weather condition.

                                Bow structure was again seriously damaged with part of forward upperworks.

                                Resumed operational duties in Channel after repair



                28th        Boiler Clean and maintenance



                11th        Resumed operational service

                12th        Deployed as screen for HM Battleship RODNEY with HM Destroyer FAULKNOR during

                                bombardment of gun batteries on Alderney.

                13th        Refuelled from tanker in Cherbourg.

                14th        Deployed for interception patrol off Brest peninsular and in Channel islands area.

                17th        Escaped damage or casualties when near missed by return fire from Alderney shore batteries.

                24th        Deployed with HM Destroyers GRENVILLE, FAULKNOR and SAUMAREZ for naval support

                                of military operations on Brest peninsular.



                3rd          On passage to carry out patrol north of Alderney nominated for long refit to Belfast for long refit.

                5th          Passage to Solent.

                7th          Sailed for Belfast.

                8th          Arrived at Belfast to Pay-off.

                                Taken in hand for extensive refit and modernisation


October                  Under refit.





1 9 4 5


January                  Under refit

to April                  Nominated for service with British Pacific Fleet.

                                (Note: Changes made included fit of Lattice design foremast, fit of new design radar outfits Type

                                293 and Type 291 with interrogation (IFF) facilities and with Fire control radar Type 285

                                modified to latest standard. For details of development and use of radar by RN see

                                RADAR AT SEA by D Howse.)


May                        Carried out post refit harbour trials

                                New ships company joined

                                Re-commissioned for service in 14th Destroyer Flotilla.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander G Ransome

                5th          Completion of shipyard work.

                                Carried out post refit trials and work-up in Belfast area.



                3rd          Passage to Mediterranean to join Flotilla and continue work-up for operational service in Pacific.

                                During passage to Gibraltar diverted to collect U-Boat prisoners from Lisbon.

                                (Note: This may have been crew of U1227 which scuttled off Portugal and were rescued by Portuguese

                                destroyer DAO. To be confirmed.)

                6th          Arrived at Gibraltar.

                9th          Joined Flotilla in Malta and deployed for Flotilla duties based in Malta.

                                (Note: Commander Ransome relieved by Commander DH Makgill Crichton.


July                         Deployed in Flotilla for Work-up exercises in Mediterranean

                13th        Arrived at Haifa


August                  Mediterranean deployment in continuation with Flotilla.

                15th        Far East deployment cancelled and retained in Mediterranean Fleet with Flotilla. 



P o s t   W a r   N o t e.


HMS JERVIS was deployed in Destroyer Command of the Mediterranean Fleet after VJ Day. She took part in Fleet and Flotilla exercises and visits but main duties of Flotilla were for Palestine Patrol. These were maintained for the interception of ships carrying illegal immigrants to ports in Palestine. On 25th May 1946 she sailed  from Haifa to Malta before return to UK on 30th June. The ship  Paid-off in Chatham before being reduced to Reserve status. The ship was laid-up in the Gareloch where she was used for training of local Sea Cadet Units. Placed on the Disposal List in October 1947 she as used for Ship Target Trials in Loch Striven during 1948. The ship was sold to BISCO for demolition by Arnott Young on January 1949 and arrived in tow at the breakers’ yard in Troon, Ayrshire  and arrived in tow at Port Ballantyne, Rothesay the following September to be broken up by WH Arnott Young later that year.


Special Note


The disposal of this most distinguished ship was inevitable in the climate of reduced availability of manpower and the need for fewer warships. Although her weapon equipment fit had been improved during her last refit, other ships built in WW2 were being scrapped. She was one of the only two of the Class to survive the war. HMS JERVIS had played a significant part in naval operations, particularly in the Mediterranean and had been awarded eight Battle Honours for her contribution, a total achieved by only one other destroyer.






by Don Kindell


These convoy lists have not been cross-checked with the text above






Date convoy sailed

Joined convoy as escort

Convoy No.

Left convoy

Date convoy arrived








HN 000










HN 009B





FS 0098





FN 0098





FS 0103





MT 022





ON 017A/





MT 028





MT 016





AN 003





AT 031/M





MW 013





MW 014





MW 019





MH 003/M





ME 016





MW 020A





ME 017





GUS 029








(Note on Convoys)


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