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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2003

HMS TUSCAN (R 56) -  T-class Destroyer

Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net

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T or TUMULT-Class Destroyer ordered from Swan Hunter, Wallsend on 14th March 1941 with the 6th Emergency Flotilla. The ship was laid down on 6th September 1941 and launched on 28th May 1942 as the second ship to bear this name. It had previously used for a destroyer built in 1919 and sold in 1932 .In March 1942 after a successful WARSHIP WEEK National. Savings campaign she was adopted by the civil community of  Connah's Quay, then, part of the county of Flint, Wales. Build was completed on 11th March 1943.


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s




H e r a l d ic   D a t a

Badge: On a field Blue a Lion sejant Gold’on a wall Grey

holding a shield Silver bearing  a fleur-de-lys Red.


M o t t o

“ I hold what I take”



D e t a i l s   o f   W a r   S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 3


March                 Contractors trials and commissioned for service in 24th Destroyer Flotilla.

           11th          Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials


April                    On completion of trials and storing took passage to Scapa Flow to work-up

                             with ships of the Home Fleet.

                             Deployed for convoy defence and fleet screening duties in NW Approaches



           14th           Sustained major structural damage after striking a floating mine in the Bristol Channel.

                             (Note: This may have been from a British minefield HS1 laid in February 1943

                                           by HM Minelaying Cruiser ADVENTURE.)

                             Only one minor casualty

                             Towed by Polish destroyer ORKAN to Milford Haven.

            16th          Taken in hand for repair


June                       Under repair

to August


September             Carried out post-repair trials and shakedown for operational service

                               Took passage to rejoin Flotilla in Home Fleet


October                  Nominated for service in Mediterranean with Flotilla.

                                Took passage to Malta.


November              Carried out sea trials for newly developed surface warning radar Type 276.

                                Deployed for convoy defence and support of military operation with Flotilla

                                in central Mediterranean


December                Deployed in Adriatic with Flotilla for escort and support duties.


1 9 4 4


January                    Adriatic deployment in continuation.




March                    Returned for duty in central Mediterranean.

          29th              Deployed for anti-submarine operations off Palermo with HMS TUMULT.


April                      Transferred to central Mediterranean for escort and patrol duty.

to                           Central Mediterranean deployment in continuation.



July                       Transferred with HM Destroyers TROUBRIDGE, TEAZER, TENACIOUS, TERMAGANT,

                              TUMULT, TYRIAN and TEAZER of Flotilla for support of landings in South of France.

                              (Operation DRAGOON - for details see Naval Staff History, ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE

                              CLOSELY and BRITISH INVASION FLEETS by J de Winser.


August                 Deployed as screen for Carrier Task Force with ships of Flotilla.

                              (Note: Force comprised HM Escort Carriers KHEDIVE, EMPEROR, SEARCHER, PURSUER

                                           and ATTACKER as Task Group 88.1.

                               Sailed from Malta with TF881

           15th             Deployed with TG88.1 escort during landings by allied forces in South France

                               (Operation DRAGOON - formerly  ANVIL)

                              Released from DRAGOON when TG88.1 disbanded.


September            Transferred to Eastern Mediterranean with Flotilla

                              Joined British Aegean Force to support operations to reoccupy islands held

                              by German troops.

                              Prepared for support of landings in Greece (Operation MANNA)

                              Took part with Flotilla in interception of craft evacuation enemy personnel from


           13th            Sank transport TONI with HMS TROUBRIDGE north of Crete.


October                  Deployment with British Aegean Force in continuation.

             7th             In action against enemy convoy in Aegean with HMS TERMAGANT.

                               Torpedo Boats TA37, UJ2101 and patrol craft GK32 sunk SW of Kasandra-Huk

            19th            Sank Torpedo Boat TA18 off Volvos.

                                Nominated for service with British Pacific Fleet after refit.


November               Remained with British Aegean Force for support of re-occupation operations.


December                During engagement off Rhodes with HM Destroyer KELVIN sank two landing craft

                                 Took passage to Portsmouth for refit


1 9 4 5


January                     Under refit by HM Dockyard, Portsmouth.




May                          Carried out Post-refit trials and prepared for Pacific service.


June                          Took passage to Malta for work-up with ships of the Mediterranean Fleet

                                  On completion sailed for operational service based in Australia.


July                           Passage in Indian ocean

                                  Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to D51 to conform to US

                                  system of identification for destroyers.


August                      Joined ships of 24th Flotilla on arrival.

                                   (Note: Did not join ships of Task Force 37.

                                               See THE FORGOTTEN FLEET by J Winton and WAR WITH JAPAN (HMSO).


P o s t   W a r   N o t e s


HMS TUSCAN took part in repatriation of allied personnel at Shanghai with HM Cruisers BERMUDA, ARGONAUT, and HM Destroyers TYRIAN, TUMULT and QUIBERON.  On return to UK in 1946 the ship went into Reserve at Portsmouth. She was refitted in 1949 and returned to Reserve.  Selected for conversion  to a Type 16 Anti-submarine Frigate in 1952, carried out at Cardiff by Mount Stewart Drydocks, she returned to Reserve at Devonport after trials. Later she was transferred to Portsmouth and subsequently laid up at Chatham. When this division close down in 1963 , the destroyer became part of the Operational Reserve at Portsmouth. Placed on the Disposal List in 1965 she was sold to BISCO for for demolition by MacLellan and arrived at the Bo'ness breakers yard in tow on 26th May 1966.


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