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HMS CARDIGAN BAY (K 630) - Bay-class Frigate

Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net

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LOCH-Class Anti-Submarine Frigate ordered from Henry Robb of Leith in 1943 and was to be named LOCH LAXFORD. However after a policy change to meet the need for anti-aircraft, escorts for service in the Far East, the contract was changed. She was completed to a revised design as a BAY-Class Anti-aircraft frigate and laid down on 14th April 1944 as Job No J11861 (Yard Number 348). Launched on 28th December 1944 as HMS CARDIGAN BAY and the first RN ship to carry the name. Her build was completed on 15th June 1945. (See General Information for details of design changes to the basic LOCH Class hull structure).


G e o g r a p h i c  D a t a

 Grid Reference:SN4080.

Bay on west coast of Wales and an extension of St. George’s Channel.

(Note: Coastline of 130 miles includes Guided Weapons firing range off

Aberporth at southern end.)


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s


KOREA  1950 – 53


H e r a l d i c    D a t a

Badge: On a Field, Barry wavy of 10 White and Blue,

 a demi-dragon erased rampant red, armed and

with pointed tongue Blue

Explanation: From the badge of the Welsh Princes.


M a n n i n g   D i v i s i o n




S u m m a r y  o f   S e r v i c e

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1 9 4 5


June                        Contractors sea trials and commissioning.

                                Commanding Officer: Lieut Cdr J Aitken DSC RN.

                                Nominated for service in Mediterranean Escort Force

                                (Note: Lieut Cdr Peter M. Scott MBE,.DSC*. RNVR was appointed in March

                                1945 but when he was adopted as a Parliamentary candidate in July 1945

                                his RNVR commission was automatically terminated.

                                He was nationally known as an artist, ornithologist and later Sir Peter Scott

                                CBE DSC*)

                25th        Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials


July                         On completion of trials and storing took passage to Tobermory

                                Worked up for operational service at Tobermory.


August                  Completed work-up and prepared for foreign service in Glasgow.

                9th          Sailed to Join the 5th Escort Flotilla in Malta

                18th        Joined Flotilla


September             Deployed with Fleet for exercises and Guardship duties.


October                  Carried out Air Sea Rescue duty in Eastern Atlantic based at Gibraltar.

                                (Note: These were provided for cross Atlantic flights to USA.)


November              Deployed as Guardship at Trieste.




1 9 4 6


January                  Deployed with 6th Division of Escort Force in Malta.


February                Deployed for patrol duty in Aegean for interception of Palestine immigrant



March                    Resumed Flotilla duties in Malta.


April                       Passage to Gibraltar for refit.


May                        Deployed at Gibraltar


June                        Deployed at Gibraltar.

                11th        Took official to Tangiers.


July                         Under refit.


August                  On completion took passage to joined 10th Division of Escort Force in Malta.

                30th        New Commanding Officer: Captain G K Collett DSC RN appointed

                                Senior Officer 5th Frigate Flotilla.

                                (Later Rear Admiral, CB.)


September             Deployed in Adriatic with HM Frigate ST AUSTELL BAY.

                                Guardship duty at Trieste.


October                  Deployed for surveillance operations in Corfu Channel after the mining of HM

                                Destroyers SAUMAREZ and  VOLAGE.


November              Deployed with Flotilla in Malta.


December              Carried out Haifa Patrol for interception of immigrant ships.


1 9 4 7


January                  Routine docking and repairs in Malta.


February                Resumed Flotilla duties in Malta on completion.


March                    Passage to Alexandria prior to patrol duty in Red Sea.

                10th        Deployed in Red Sea with call at Port Sudan.



                5th          Carried out Guardship duty at Aqaba.

                29th        Rejoined Flotilla in Malta.


May                        Deployed as Guardship at Trieste and visited Pola.


June                        On relief in Adriatic resumed Flotilla duties In Malta.

                26th        Deployed on Haifa patrol.


July                         Escorted ss PRESIDENT WARFIELD (EXODUS 47) to Famagusta after placing

                                a Boarding Party on the ship.

                14th        After relief took passage to Malta.


August                  Deployed with Flotilla and prepared for refit at Gibraltar.

                11th        Passage to Gibraltar

                                Escorted British mercantiles ss OCEAN VIGOUR, EMPIRE RIVAL and

                                RUNNYMEDE PARK to Port Duboc, near Marseilles.

                                (Note these ships were taking illegal immigrants from PRESIDENT WARFIELD

                                to France.)

                                Taken in hand for refit at Gibraltar.


September             Under refit.


October                  On completion resumed Flotilla duties in Malta.

                11th        Took passage from Malta for patrol duties in Red Sea.

                                Calls made at Jeddah and Port Sudan.


November              Passage to Malta to rejoin Flotilla.



                12th        Completed boiler cleaning.


1 9 4 8


January                  Deployed on Haifa patrol.

                                (Note: During Haifa Patrol intercepted Liberty ships PAN YORK and PAN

                                CRESCENT on passage from Black Sea to Palestine with illegal immigrants.

                                Contact was made at night and boarding impractical.

                                Ships taken to Famagusta).


February                Resumed Flotilla duties in Malta and prepared for the Mediterranean Fleet

                                Spring Cruise and exercise programme.


March                    Took part in Fleet programme.

                                Visited Ajaccio and Aranci.

                                Resumed Flotilla duties on return to Malta.

                                Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to F630.

April                       Deployed with Flotilla in Malta.


May                        Deployed as Guardship at Trieste.


June                        Resumed Flotilla duties in Malta on relief.


July                         Took part in Mediterranean Fleet Summer Cruise and exercise programme.

                                Visited, Paras, Velas, Argostoli (for Regatta), Bone and Tunis.

                                New Commanding Officer, Captain RC Medley appointed.



                12th        Resumed Flotilla duties on return to Malta.


September             Deployed In Red Sea for patrol duties.

                20th        Called at Port Sudan.


October                  Red Sea patrol in continuation.

                                Calls at Aden, Massawa and Trirkirat.

                19th        Resumed Flotilla duties in Malta.


November              Malta deployment in continuation.


December              Deployed as Guardship at Trieste.


1 9 4 9


January                  Guardship duty at Trieste in continuation.

                                Passage to Malta to rejoin Flotilla.


February                Deployed at Malta.

                7th          Court Martial for two ratings.

                                Carried out Flotilla and Fleet exercises off Malta.


March                    Flotilla duties in Malta In continuation.


April                       Under refit in Malta.

                24th        Began post refit trials.

                29th        Repeat sea trials needed after machinery defect.


May                        Completed post refit trials.

                7th          Took passage to Port Said for Aqaba Guardship duty.

                13th        Arrived at Aqaba.

                                (Note: During visit sightseeing trip arranged to Petra)

                                Carried out local exercises with army personnel embarked.



                5th          Took passage to Port Tewfik.

                7th          At Port Tewfik.

                                Governor on board.

                10th        Return passage to Aqaba.

                13th        Relieved for Guardship duties by HM Sloop MERMAID.

                14th        Took Passage to Malta.

                19th        Resumed Flotilla duties at Malta.


July                         Nominated for transfer to Far East with HM Frigate ST BRIDES BAY.

                4th          Took part in Mediterranean Fleet exercise programme.

                                (Serials included anti-submarine operations, and stores transfer from RFA).

                8th          At. Navarin Bay for Fleet Regatta.

                14th        Took passage to Malta.

                                Exercised with HM Frigates ST BRIDES BAY and ST AUSTELL BAY.

                15th        AA firings against aircraft towed targets.

                19th        Routine docking In Malta.

                24th        Christening on board conducted by Fleet Chaplain.

                                (Note: Daughter of Engineer Officer - Heather Brigid Cruddas.

                25th        Took passage to Singapore with WS ST BRIDES BAY.

                29th        Transit of Suez Canal.



                3rd          At Aden

                5th          Took passage to Colombo.

                12th        At Colombo.

                16th        Took passage to Singapore.

                22nd       Arrived at Singapore with HMS ST BRIDES BAY for service in 4th Frigate


                31st         On completion of self maintenance deployed at Singapore.



                3rd          Relieved HM Frigate MOUNTS BAY for Malayan East Coast patrol duties

                               off Kuantan.

                                (Note: The patrol deployments were in support of anti-terrorist operations).

                20th        On completion of period of duty returned to Singapore.

                21st        At Singapore for maintenance period.

                25th        Resumed patrol off east coast.



                3rd          Deployed as 'Plane Guard' for HM Light Fleet Aircraft Carrier TRIUMPH.

                                Continued patrol duties when released.

                7th          Deployed for escort of HM Tug ENIGMA with HM Minesweeper LYSANDER

                                in tow.

                                (Note: HMS LYSANDER was to be used at Hong Kong as the RNVR Drill Ship.)

                                Carried out Night Encounter exercise with HM Destroyer COSSACK.

                15th        Arrived at Hong Kong with ENIGMA.

                21st         Paid visit to Haiphong and exchanged calls with civic authorities

                                (Note: During this visit a large quantity of Hong Kong currency was found

                                hidden in a Signal Flag Locker. As the Locker was later ‘blown overboard’

                                sources suggest little money was recovered !).

                26th        Returned to Hong Kong.

                27th        Sailed to assist ss XERSIN but requirement cancelled


November              Deployed at Hong Kong.

                2nd         Carried out Fotilla exercises off Hong Kong.

                                (Serials included Naval Gunfire Support, Night Encounter with HMS MOUNTS

                                BAY, tow, refuelling, anti-submarine procedures and AA firings)

                7th          Took part in night harbour defence exercise (Exercise REJECT).

                10th        Took part in bombardment exercise at anchor at Tolo (Exercise ARISTOTLE)

                28th        After docking deployed for Yangste patrol with HMS ST BRIDES BAY and HM

                to            Sloop BLACK SWAN

                30th        Two Communist Chinese warships were in vicinity.

                                Carried out surveillance ensure safe passage of two British Flagged mercantiles.


December              Yangtse patrol in continuation.

                1st           (Note: During this period passage of British shipping was hampered by Chinese

                to            warships and mercantile movements were halted and ships had to anchor.)

                14th        Relieved by HM Destroyers COMUS and CHARITY.

                                Took passage to Hong Kong with HMS MOUNTS BAY.

                17th        Arrived at Hong Kong.

                30th        Carried out local exercises with HMS MOUNTS BAY.


1 9 5 0



                1st           Took passage to Singapore with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                6th          Joined in anti-aircraft defence exercise off Singapore (Exercise DRY BOX)

                7th          On arrival at Singapore prepared for refit

                10th        New Commanding Officer: Captain V M L Brown OBE,

                                (Note: Also as Senior Officer 4th Frigate Flotilla.)

                                Trickle drafting of some ratings.)

                11th        Docked in AFD10.

                31st         Undocked.


February                Under refit.

                12th        Commenced post refit trials.

                16th        Resumed Flotilla duties and took passage to Hang

                                Carried out exercises with HM Cruiser KENYA

                18th        Leak in A/S Compartment.

                22nd       Arrived at Hong Kong.

                28th        Prepared for exercises with US Navy Support Group

                                Embarked army personnel.



                1st           Passage with HMS BLACK SWAN and HMS WHITESAND BAY to join US

                                Navy Group.

                3rd          Joined screen for US major ships during passage to Subic Bay.

                6th          Carried cut exercises with US Navy ships and HMS WHITESAND BAY.

                to            Serials included anti-submarine operations against US submarine USS


                8th          Gunnery firings and Replenishrnent at Sea.

                10th        Passage from Subic Bay to Usakan Bay with RN ships.

                17th        At Kuching. Calls exchanged with Governor.

                                Open to visitors.

                19th        Took passage to Hong Kong.

                25th        Deployed at Hong Kong.

                27th        Carried out local patrol and took in (Exercise VESTRY).



                1st           In Dock for hull examination and undocked same day.

                2nd         Self Maintenance period till 12th April.

                13th        Took passage for Yangtse patrol duty with bombardment exercise on departure.

                16th        Established patrol line off Yangtse estuary.

                to            Kept at short notice during periods at anchor.




                1st           Relieved by HM Destroyer COSSACK.

                                Took passage to Hong Kong after reconnaissance of activity at Quemoy Island.

                4th          Deployed at Hong Kong.

                15th        Took part in Flotilla exercises including General Drills, manoeuvres, convoy

                to            defence, day and night weapon firings and convoy defence.


                21st         Local exercises in continuation.

                to            Serials included Bombardments, convoy defence, surface firings against towed

                27th        target.

                28th        Took passage to Singapore with HMS MOUNTS BAY.



                6th          After arrival at Singapore prepared for docking and refit.

                12th        Docked in AFD10.


July                         Under refit

                8th          Undocked.

                21st         Post refit trials.

                24th        Fire in messdeck refrigerator extinguished after 5 minutes.

                25th        Completed post refit trials.

                                (Note: North Korea invaded South Korea).

                26th        Exercised at Pulau Tioman.

                28th        Resumed Flotilla duties.

                                Deployed for East Coast Patrol off Kuantan.

                30th        Embarked General Briggs and staff officers for passage to Trengganu.

                31st         Returned to Kuantan with army officers.


August                  East coast patrol in continuation with HM MLs 3507 and 3508.

                9th          Anchored off Kota Bahu

                                Appendectomy carried out by Medical Officer from HM Survey Ship


                18th        Carried out bombardment of insurgent positions at Marsing.

                                48 rounds of delayed action 4in shell fired.

                21st         Returned to Singapore.

                24th        Deployed for patrol off West Coast of Malaya

                to            Anchored off Port Dickson, Port Swettenham and Langkawi.

                31st         (Note: Deck Logs were not available for the period September 1950 to August

                                1953 because access was closed.

                                This was presumably due to Korean War. Following record has been compiled

                                from other sources and is not necessarily accurate).



                1st           At Penang.

                5th          Passage to Singapore with call at Malacca

                11th        Deployed off Singapore for exercises with HM Destroyer CONSTANCE.

                17th        Carried out patrol off east coast of Malay with calls at Trengganu and Kuantan.

                24th        Returned to Singapore from patrol


October                  Nominated for detached service with United Nations as part of British and

                                Commonwealth support for naval operations off Korea,

                2nd         Deployed for patrol off east coast of Malaya with calls at Kuantan and Pulau


                26th        Returned to Singapore from patrol.

                18th        Took passage to Hong Kong.

                21st         Carried out Night Encounter exercise with HM Cruiser JAMAICA.

                24th        Arrived at Hong Kong



                1st           Deployed at Hong Kong and took part in local exercises.

                13th        Deployed with HM Light Fleet Aircraft Carrier THESEUS as Plane Guard

                                during flying operations off Hong Kong.

                17th        Took passage from Hong Kong to Sasebo to join UN naval Task Group.

                20th        Diverted during passage to assist British flagged mercantile detained by

                                Chinese Nationalist warship at Peshan.

                25th        Arrived at Sasebo to join Task Group 95.12

                                (Note: US Navy warships attached to UN were based at Sasebo.)

                27th        Passage to Kure.

                                (Note: Commonwealth personnel had recreational facilities at Sasebo and repair

                                work was carried out by commercial shipyard on RN and Commonwealth

                                warships deployed with UN.)

                28th        At Kure



                1st           Sailed from Kure to Sasebo for first operational UN deployment.

                3rd          Arrived at Sasebo.

                4th          Sailed from Sasebo for patrol off west coast of Korea and support for planned

                                landings of UN personnel at Inchon.

                7th          At Inchon after delivering mail to HM Cruiser CEYLON.

                16th        Passage to Ui To with stores for delivery to HMNZ Frigate TUTIRA

                17th        Return passage to Inchon.

                23rd        Deployed for mail delivery to HM Frigate ST BRIDES BAY and HMS THESEUS

                                serving with UN off west coast of Korea and escorted RFA Tanker WAVE


                25th        Return passage to Inchon.


1 9 5 1



                1st           At Inchon

                2nd         Deployed for west coast patrol to intercept enemy shipping and control other

                                movements until 8th.

                9th          Took passage from Inchon to Sasebo .

                11th        At Sasebo.

                19th        Carried out local exercises including AA and surface firings until 22nd.

                22nd       Sailed from Sasebo with HM Frigates MORECAMBE BAY and ST BRIDES

                                BAY and took passage to Kure for R&R.

                23rd        R&R at Kure until 27th.

                28th        Return passage to Sasebo.

                29th        Visited by FO2FES at Sasebo.

                31st         Passage to Hong Kong on release from 1st UN Tour off Korea.



                3rd          Arrived at Hong Kong for routine docking.

                7th          Deployed for Flotilla local exercises with HMS MORECAMBE BAY.

                30th        Entered dry dock for examinations.


March                    Undocked and resume Flotilla duties.

                7th          Embarked ammunition.

                11th        Deployed for local exercises including bombardment and night landing of ship's

                                platoon followed by surface firings at Battle Practice Target, Close Range

                                firings, bombardment runs and anti-submarine operations at sea.

                28th        On return deployed as Duty Destroyer at Hong Kong.

                29th        Deployed as Hong Kong Guardship.



                2nd         Carried local exercises off Hong Kong with HMS MORECAMBE BAY and 6th

                                Minesweeping Flotilla, including night convoy defence, until 7th

                10th        Carried out Local Seaward Defence Exercise with other RN ships and collided

                                with junk without damage or casualties.

                12th        Took part in Bombardment exercise at Port Shelter

                13th        Took part in Fleet exercises including defence against air attacks by HM Light

                                Fleet Aircraft Carrier GLORY, Night Encounter, Anti-submarine defence, Close

                                Range weapon firings until 24th, with detached search for crashed

                                SKYMASTER aircraft on 19th with HM Destroyer CONSTANCE.



                1st           Took part in local exercises with HM Destroyers CONSTANCE, CONSORT and

                                Hong Kong Local Flotilla, followed by further Fleet exercises firings until 11th.

                14th        Deployed for Flotilla exercises with HM Frigates WHITESAND BAY,

                                MORECAMBE BAY and ST BRIDES BAY. These included gunnery firings,

                                tow, and ant-submarine procedures until 30th.



                11th        Deployed for further exercises in Hong Kong Exercise Area including HM

                                Submarine TACTICIAN until 13th.

                14th        Took passage from Hong Kong for Sasebo with HMS MORECAMBE BAY.

                15th        Surface warning radar defective and guard duty transferred to HMS

                                MORECAMBE BAY. Deployed for surveillance duties on passage.

                18th        Arrived at Sasebo.

                19th        Visited by FO2FES (Admiral Scott-Moncrieff)

                22nd       Began 2nd operation UN Tour of duty in Korea.

                                Sailed from Sasebo with FO2FES embarked.

                                Transferred Admiral to HMS GLORY

                                Returned to Sasebo.

                23rd        Sailed for west coast patrol.

                26th        Carried out bombardment of Son Gin Dong and Chunda Dong with aircraft from

                                HMS GLORY reporting fall of shot.

                                Passage to Chodo via Chinampo.

                28th        Bombarded Fort Point area.

                                Carried out night interception patrol and investigated motor junk movements.

                29th        Deployed off Sosa Ri.



                1st           Bombarded Sangsok and Kasok with HMS GLORY aircraft spotting.

                4th          Carried out night bombardment

                5th          Passage to Kure.

                12th        Sailed from Kure after restocking ammunition.

                15th        Deployed for west coast patrol, to enforce blockade and prevent enemy

                                landings of troops or supplies.

                17th        Took part in rescue of ditched aircraft pilot north of Choppeki Point.

                                Returned to Chodo

                19th        Escorted US Landing Craft (LCU) during passage to recover wreckage of a MIG

                                aircraft which had been sighted in shallow water south west of Hanchon.

                                (Note: The aircraft wreckage was 100 miles behind enemy lines, within range

                                of coastal batteries and vulnerable to air attacks in a position accessible

                                only through a narrow channel.)

                20th        Anchored at end of approach channel and ship's motor boat accompanied LCU

                               to wreckage. Two major parts of aircraft recovered at low water with LCU crane

                                and smaller fragments by shallow water divers.

                                (Note: Air cover was provided by HMS GLORY and HM Cruiser KENYA

                                stationed further offshore to extend radar cover and support the operation if

                                necessary. Party from ship had joined LCU before leaving Inchon and assisted

                                in the recovery.)

                21st         Craft returned to wreckage site including ship's motor boat, whaler and dinghy

                                to recover any remaining small pieces of the MIG fighter.

                                Carried out bombardment of shore battery in conjunction with air attacks from

                                US Aircraft Carrier USS SICILY before rejoining LCU as escort during return


                                (Note: There was no enemy air attack during this recovery operation.

                                The aircraft was never re-assembled, presumably as several essential pieces

                                were missing.

                                One source suggests that the North Korean military intended the wreckage

                                should be found and its recovery used to give an opportunity of making

                               suitable attacks.)

                22nd       Resumed west coast patrol duty.

                23rd        Replenished from RFA Tanker WAVE PREMIER.

                25th        Transferred to support survey operation in Han River estuary

                26th        Carried out bombardment of shore positions.

                27th        Provided survey party to assist in survey work and carried out further

                                bombardments with HMS MORECAMBE BAY and HMAS MURCHISON until

                                released from west coast duties.



                1st           Passage to Sasebo.

                2nd         At Sasebo.

                                Captain H C B Coleridge joined to relieve Captain W L M Brown.

                6th          Passage to resume west coat patrol after close range firings with HMS KENYA

                                and USS ELKRON.

                7th          Relieved HMS MOUNTS BAY in Task Unit 95.12.2.

                8th          Resumed gunfire support and survey duties in Han River Estuary.

                9th          Carried out bombardments until 18th with visit from FO2FES on 11th.

                                (Note: Other ships carrying out bombardments included HMS MOUNTS BAY,

                                MORECAMBE BAY, HM Frigate MURCHISON (RAN), HM Frigates HAWEA

                                (RNZN), TAUPO and HMS KENYA with spotting by aircraft from USS SICILY.)

                20th        At Inchon.

                                (Note: Passage to Inchon was delayed for four days due to effects of Typhoon

                                MARGE and ship remained at sea.)

                23rd        Passage to Kure for docking and R&R

                24th        Docked for routine examinations

                25th        Undocked.

                29th        Sailed from Kure after ammunitioning to resume west coast duties.



                1st           Resumed support of survey operations in Han Estuary

                                Carried out bombardments of shore positions until 13th

                14th        Took passage to Sasebo on relief by HM Frigate AMETHYST.

                15th        Sailed from Sasebo for Hong Kong after completion of 3rd Tour with UN.

                18th        Arrived at Hong Kong and sailed for Singapore

                23rd        Arrived at Singapore for refit.

                24th        De-ammunitioned and prepared for refit.

                25th        Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard, Singapore.

                29th        Ship's company moved to shore accommodation in HMS TERROR.


October                  Under refit.


November              Post refit harbour trials.

                25th        Ship's company returned on board.

                28th        Ammunitioned ship. Basin trial.

                30th        Commenced sea trials.



                2nd         Took passage from Singapore to Hong Kong.

                7th          Arrived at Hong Kong.

                14th        Entered dry dock in Hong Kong.

                24th        Undocked.


1 9 5 2


January                  Resumed detached service with UN naval Task Force off Korea for 3rd

                                Operational Tour.

                1st           Carried out gunnery exercises off Hong Kong with HM Destroyer CONCORD

                                including AA and surface firings.

                10th        Took passage to Sasebo.

                14th        Embarked ammunition at Sasebo for US Destroyer USS TAUSSIG and resumed

                                patrol duty with Task Group 95.12.

                16th        Transferred ammunition to USS TAUSSIG off Chodo, norm of 38th Parallel.

                17th        Carried out star shell firing on enemy mainland positions from positions near

                                Sosa Ri, Chokto and Chodo until 22nd.

                                Snowstorms experienced.

                23rd        Carried out search for ditched pilot near Amgok.

                24th        Fired star shell to illuminate beach near Chodo for rescue operations

                25th        At Sokto with HM Cruiser BELFAST.

                26th        Carried out bombardment of mortar position from Sosa Ri

                28th        Carried out further bombardments until 30th

                31st         Returned to Sasebo on relief by HM Frigate MOUNTS BAY



                2nd         Arrived at Sasebo.

                3rd          Embarked starshell ammunition.

                6th          Sailed from Sasebo for west coast patrol

                8th          Carried out bombardment of enemy positions in Han Estuary.

                10th        Investigated reported landing at Chincho which proved false.

                13th        Deployed in Haeju approaches and assumed duty as CTU 95.12.1 from HMS

                                MOUNTS BAY.

                                Carried out starshell firings as required in Haeju and Sokto areas until 20th.

                20th        Took passage to Kure for R&R

                23rd        At Kure.

                29th        Sailed from Kure to resume west coast patrol duties.



                2nd         Joined HMS BELFAST, HM Destroyer COSSACK and USS YUMA at Chodo

                                for naval gunfire support.

                                (Note: Carried out starshell illumination firings and bombardments at Chodo,

                                Sokto and Sosa Ri until 19th.)

                                Replenished starshell ammunition from HMS BELFAST on 7th.

                19th        Took return passage to Sasebo.

                20th        Replenished ammunition on arrival at Sasebo.

                24th        Sailed from Sasebo to resume duties on west coast.

                27th        Carried out bombardments and illuminations at Hodo and south of Sosa Ri until 30th

                31st         Joined HM Cruiser CEYLON and USS CHEVALIER and took passage to

                                position south of Chodo.



                1st           Carried illumination firings until 3rd.

                5th          Released from patrol and returned to Sasebo.

                7th          Following inspection by FO2FES on 6th sailed from Sasebo to Hong Kong after

                                release from 3rd Tour of UN duty off Korea.

                9th          Arrived at Hong Kong for Flotilla duties pending self refit and repair of essential


                10th        Deployed with Flotilla at Hong Kong.

                to            Carried out gunnery and anti-submarine exercises in Hong Kong Exercise Areas

                31st         Embarked army personnel to witness gunnery firings and sea exercises.

                                (Note: Liaison with 45th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery and Argyll and

                                Sutherland Highlanders with social and sporting exchanges took place.)


May                        Flotilla deployment at Hong Kong in continuation.

                7th          Barrels of A and X 4in mountings replaced by HM Dockyard, Hong Kong.

                27th        Carried out Flotilla Exercises with HM Frigates MORECAMBE BAY, MOUNTS

                                BAY and ST BRIDES BAY until 28th.



                2nd         Embarked mail for RN ships deployed in UN Task Force and took passage to

                                Sasebo for 4th Tour of UN Duty of Korea.

                                Carried out Formosa Straits surveillance on passage.
                6th          Arrived at Sasebo.

                9th          Deployed for exercises off Sasebo with HM Frigate WHITESAND BAY,

                                HM NZ Frigate TAUPO and USS BURLINGTON until 11th

                17th        Sailed from Sasebo for duty with TG 95.12.

                19th        Relieved HMS MOUNTS BAY in TU95.12.1

                20th        Carried out bombardment of ammunition dump SW of Sekidami.

                21st         Rescued pilot of crashed aircraft south of Chodo.

                                Carried out illumination firings

                23rd        Deployed as aircraft control ships during air operations.

                24th        Carried out interception patrol in Chodo and Sosa Ri areas.

                                Illuminated possible invasion routes.

                28th        On release from patrol duty took passage to Kure.



                1st           At Kure for R&R

                6th          Took passage from Kure to resume west coast patrol duties.

                13th        Deployed for patrol and carried out illumination firings until 16th.

                17th        Acted as Air Control Ships during flying operations.

                19th        Relieved in CTU 95.12.1 by HMS MOUNTS BAY.

                20th        Passage to Sasebo.

                22nd       Entered Dry Dock for examination at Sasebo.

                26th        Undocked.

                29th        Sailed from Sasebo for local AA firings exercise with HMS CONSTANCE
                                On completion took passage to resume west coast patrol duties



                1st           Deployed in Chodo and Sokto areas.

                2nd         Carried out illumination firings

                11th        Passage to Kure for R&R

                18th        Took passage to Tosa Wan, for exercises with others ships attached to UN.

                                (Note: Tosa Way is in Island of Shokoku, Japan.).

                19th        Carried out Anti-submarine exercises with HM Canadian Destroyers IROQUOIS,

                                NOOTKA, HMNZ Frigate ROTOITI, Columbian frigate CAPITAN TONO,

                                RFA Tanker BROWN RANGER and US submarine USS CHAN until 22nd.

                23rd        Passage to Sasebo on completion.

                29th        Resumed patrol duties off west coast and took passage from Sasebo.

                31st         Assumed duty with CTU95.12.1 and carried out bombardment at Sosa Ri



                1st           West coast patrol off Shima and Wolsa Ri including bombardments as

                                required to support local requirements.

                13th        Deployed with HMS BELFAST and illuminated targets south of Walso Ri.

                21st         Carried out shore bombardments till 22nd.

                23rd        Took passage to Sasebo on release from patrol and support duties.

                                (Note: Increased enemy air activity including jet aircraft was a feature of this


                25th        At Sasebo

                27th        Sailed from Sasebo for Hong Kong at end of 4th operational tour with UN.

                30th        Arrived at Hong Kong for refit and to recommission.



                8th          Ship's Company personnel took part in March Past of 1st Sea Lord , Admiral Sir

                                R R McGrigor) who was visiting Far East Station.

                17th        Deployed for local exercises and patrol until 22nd.

                22nd       De-ammunitioned and prepared for refit.

                28th        Ship's company transferred to shore accommodation in HMS TAMAR


November              Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard and Paid-off.


December              Refit in continuation.

                21st         Ships company returned on board.

                22nd       Post refit sea trials

                24th        Returned to harbour on completion

                28th        Re-commissioned for service in 4th Frigate Squadron


1 9 5 3


January                  Deployed at Hong Kong

                2nd         Took part in exercises in Hong Kong area with HM Destroyer CONCORD

                                including gunnery firings, Night Encounter and bombardments until 14th.

                19th        Sailed from Hong Kong to commence 5th Tour of detached service with UN

                                Task Group 95.12 based at Sasebo.

                24th        Embarked ammunition at Sasebo.

                27th        Took passage to resume patrol duties off west coast of Korea.

                31st         Carried out bombardment at Chodo.

                                (Note: Significant loose pack ice present.)



                1st           Further bombardment of enemy troops continued daily until 8th.

                9th          Took passage to Sasebo after illuminating shore positions.

                12th        Arrived at Sasebo.

                16th        Took passage from Sasebo for patrol off Haeju,

                17th        Sustained minor structural damage during heavy weather.

                18th        Deployed at Yongpyongdo for bombardment duties.

                24th        Provided screen for RFA Tanker WAVE PRINCE with Netherlands JOHAN

                                MAURITZ VAN NASSAU during refuelling operation.

                27th        Took passage from operational area to Kure.

                28th        At Kure for R&R.

                                Captain B C Durrant DSC relieved Captain H C B Coleridge.



                7th          Passage to Sasebo from Kure.

                8th          Sailed from Sasebo to resume operational duties off west coast of Korea after

                                gunnery firings.

                12th        Deployed at Chodo for support bombardment and interception patrol duties

                                with Task Unit 95.12.4 until 26th

                27th        Return passage to Sasebo.

                28th        At Sasebo.



                1st           Embarked ammunition and took passage to resume duty at Chodo.

                4th          After arrival at Chodo carried out bombardment of shore positions with HM

                                Destroyer CHARITY with air attacks from HMS GLORY until 5th.

                7th          Embarked General Maxwell Taylor and FO2FES for passage to Chodo.and

                                carried out bombardment. Returned to Flagship to disembark passengers.

                9th          Involved in collision with JOHAN MAURITZ VAN NASSAU which

                                damaged port side plating. Further damage sustained on starboard side when

                                hit by US Navy tug called to assist.

                                Bombarded enemy shore gun position before being withdrawn from operation

                                Took passage to Hong Kong.

                14th        Arrived at Hong and sailed to Singapore to take part in exercises..

                22nd       Deployed at Pulau Tioman and exercised with HM Despatch Vessel ALERT,

                                HMS MORECAMBE BAY and HM Submarine TELEMACHUS until 24th

                27th        Deployed for patrol and military support off west coast of Malaya and took

                                passage to Port Dickson for support of operations against terrorists north of

                                Sepang River.

                30th        On completion of support gunfire returned to Port Dickson.



                1st           Passage to Singapore with call at Malacca.

                5th          Took passage to Saigon for Exercise MUSHROOM with 6th Minesweeping

                                Squadron and French naval units in Gulf of Siam.

                7th          Deployed for anti-submarine defence during Exercise.

                12th        Returned to Singapore on completion of MUSHROOM.

                23rd        Passage to Port Swettenham.

                24th        Landed Ceremonial Guard to attend Coronation Day parade at Kuala Lumpur.

                25th        Deployed for patrol to intercept craft illegally fishing in Malacca Straits.

                26th        Returned to Port Swettenham for Coronation celebrations.

                                (Note: Ship open to visitors during visit.)



                2nd         Fired 21 Gun Royal Salute

                3rd          Took passage from Port Swettenham for visit to Malacca

                4th          Anchored off Malacca and open to visitors

                7th          Returned to Singapore.

                14th        Embarked Flag Officer Malayan Area, for official visits to communities on

                                east coast of Malaya.

                15th        Anchored off Trengannau.

                16th        Passage for visits to Dungun and Chukai.

                17th        Passage to Blair Harbour and carried out Gun Functioning trials.

                18th        Returned to Singapore.

                20th        Took passage to Hong Kong from Singapore.

                25th        Arrived at Hong Kong.



                7th          Docked for repair and examination in Kowloon commercial shipyard.

                11th        Undocked and resumed Flotilla duties.

                27th        Special Note

                                Armistice agreed with North Korea and hostilities ended.

                                UN operations were not discontinued and ship was still required for detached

                                service with UN Task Force.

                28th        Took part in major exercises in Hong Kong Exercise areas.until 30th.

                                Korean War Statistical Note

                                Mileage steamed -  62,000; Fuel expended  - 14,000 tons


August                  Exercised with HMS ST. BRIDES BAY including Night Encounter and

                                weapon firings.

                12th        At buoy during Typhoon Warning.

                17th        Annual Harbour and Sea Inspections till 20th including A/S exercises with

                                HMS MORECAMBE BAY and US Submarine USS QUEENFISH.
                22nd       Squadron Regatta.

                24th        Deployed for local patrol off Hong Kong.


September             Nominated for further UN duty in Japan to maintain Guardship on west

                                coast of Korean during Cease-Fire

                2nd         At safety anchorage due to high winds.

                7th          Passage to Sasebo after local exercises with HM Destroyer CONCORD.

                                Carried out Surveillance in Foochow area during passage.
                14th        Berthed alongside HM Depot Ship TYNE on arrival in Sasebo.

                18th        Passage to Paengnyongdo after exercise in Sasebo area.



                1st           Relieved as Guardship by HMNethS. JOHANN MAURITS VAN NASSAU.

                3rd          At Sasebo.

                                Hull structure examined after possible damage during depth charge firing.
                5th          Passage to Kure for hull structure repair

                7th          In dry dock for repair.

                21st         Return passage to Sasebo with Army personnel embarked.

                26th        Relieved HMAS TOBRUK as West Coast Guardship. Captain visited

                                HMAS CULGOA and visited by FO2FES off Paengyongo.

                                Carried out torpedo firing exercise with HM Cruiser NEWCASTLE.


November              Guardship duty in continuation.

                6th          Passage to Tokyo for visit.

                10th        At Tokyo.

                14th        Took passage to Sasebo.

                17th        At Sasebo.

                20th        Took passage to Hong Kong

                                Escorted British flagged ss INCHKILDA whilst clearing Min estuary.
                25th        Arrived at Hong Kong.


December              Nominated for Formosa Strait Patrol to relieve HMS ST BRIDES BAY

                                but departure delayed by Typhoon conditions.

                                Returned to Hong Kong before Xmas period.


1 9 5 4


January                  Deployed at Hong Kong for Squadron and independent exercises.


February                Prepared for refit by HM Dockyard, Hong Kong.

                20th        Ship's Company transferred to shore accommodation in HMS TAMAR.


March                    Under refit.


April                       Under refit

                19th        Post refit harbour trials.

                20th        Ship's Company returned on board

                30th        Took passage to Singapore with HMS WHITESAND BAY and HM

                                Despatch Vessel ALERT after storing and completion of post refit trials.


May                        Deployed at Singapore for patrol duties and support of military operations on 

                                west coast of Malaya.

                                Nominated for visits to ports in Malaya and Borneo. Passage to Malacca.



                1st           At Malacca and party took part in local celebrations. Skimmer lost.

                2nd         Took passages to Singapore after retrieving Skimmer.

                5th          Passage to Kuching, Borneo from Singapore.

                7th          At Kuching and provided ceremonial guard for Queens Birthday Parade.

                                Open to visitors and calls exchanged with Governor.

                11th        Exercised steering breakdown and anti-submarine procedures en passage to

                                Hong Kong.

                16th        Carried out. exercises with HM Frigate WHITESAND BAY before entry.


July                         Deployed with Flotilla at Hong Kong for patrol and exercises.

                22nd       Searched for ditched aircraft.


August                  Took passage to Japan for West, coast Korea Guardship duty.

                                Relieved HMAS TOBRUK as Guardship at Paengnyongdo.

                                Sustained slight damage in collision with US Navy LSI 484 in poor visibility.

                                Passage to Kure on relief.

                                Annual Inspection by Flag Officer 2nd in Command, Far East at Sasebo.


September             Deployment in Japan continued.

                4th          Visited Yokohama.

                8th          Took passage to Atamai for anti-submarine exercises.

                10th        Visited Yokosuka.

                14th        Passage to Hong Kong via Kure arriving on 19th.

                23rd        Took part in Programme during visit of Mr J L P Thomas, First Lord of the


                29th        Self maintenance and docking at Hong Kong.


October                  Docking and maintenance in continuation.

                14th        On completion took passage to Singapore and prepared to recommission.

                28th        New Commanding Officer,  Captain E N Pumphrey DSO**, DSC RN.

                                (Note: This officer was a renowned Light Coastal Forces officer in WW2.)

                29th        Re-commissioned for service as Senior Officer's ship 4th Frigate Squadron.



                1st           Carried cut Shakedown exercises off Tioman.

                5th          Prepared in Singapore for operational service.

                14th        Deployed for patrol off west coast Malaya with RNVR personnel for training.

                                Exercised with HM Destroyer COCKADE and RFA WAVE KNIGHT.

                17th        At Port Dickson.

                18th        Anti-aircraft defence exercise.

                19th        Deployed for anti-piracy patrol off Borneo and Indonesia.

                22nd       At Sandakan.

                                Calls exchanged with civil authorities.

                25th        At Tawau.

                26th        At Bohi Dulong, anchored.

                27th        At Lahad Data, anchored.

                28th        Passage to Singapore with call at Sandakan during piracy patrol.

                29th        Arrived at Singapore.




                1st           Passage to Hong Kong.

                4th          At Hong Kong.

                to            Visited by CinC.

                12th        Small Ships and Fleet- Regattas.

                                Prepared for Fleet exercises.

                13th        Took part in Fleet, exercises

                18th        Passage to Kure prior to Guardship duty.

                                Carried out surveillance on Chinese warship movements off Formosa.

                                Escorted British mercantiles ss INCHULVA and ss INCHKILDA

                                departing from Foochow.

                24th        Arrived at Kure after rough passage.

                25th        Remained at Kure over Xmas period.


1 9 5 5



                1st           Passage to Sasebo

                2nd         Deployed as Task Unit 95.1.2 for duty off west coast of Korea.

                                Relieved HMCS SIOUX as Guardship.

                3rd          Carried out local patrol in Paengnyongdo area.

                10th        Visited Inchon.

                13th        Took passage to Kobe with call at Sasebo.

                21st         At Kobe. Calls exchange with civic authorities and US military.

                26th        Return passage to Kure.

                27th        At Kure.



                2nd         Prepared for joint exercises with US Navy and ships of Flotilla at Sasebo.

                3rd          Took passage to Tornie Minato for Exercise CARDEX,

                5th          Took Part in Exercise with US Navy off Japan,

                to            Serials included Air defence including use of close range weapons, Night

                8th          Encounter Manoeuvres, Tow, Jackstay transfer and anti-submarine exercise

                                with US Navy submarine USS SUBALO.

                                Lost anchor in Tornie Minato on 6th February.

                9th          Passage from Sasebo to Hang Kong.

                                (Note: Captain Pumphrey was sick in hospital during Exercise CARDEX.

                                Lieut. Cdr JH Pedler DSC RN assumed command till 8th Feb.)

                                Carried out Night Encounter exercise with HMS ST BRIDES BAY which

                               then detached.

                14th        Arrived at Hong Kong and deployed as Guardship.

                23rd        Took part in local defence exercise in Taitan Bay (Exercise DEEP THRUST).

                                (Note: Rifle Company of Northants Regt. embarked.)



                1st           Took passage to Guam with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                                Carried cut exercises en passage with HM Destroyer CONCORD.

                                Serials included Jackstay transfer, Seaboats, Night manoeuvring and anti-

                                submarine procedures.

                10th        At Guam for visit to US Naval Base.

                                Official calls exchanged

                14th        Took passage to Labuan with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                23rd        Deployed for anti-piracy patrols off Borneo.

                to            Calls made at Sanikei, Sibu (Open to visitors) and Binatong (Open to visitors).




                1st           Passage to Singapore including Night Encounter exercise with HM Destroyer


                                Prepared for refit at Singapore.

                7th          Taken in hand for refit.


May                        Under refit



                6th          Vice Admiral F Mason, Engineer in Chief Royal Navy on board during his visit

                                to ships at Singapore.

                23rd        Post refit trials.



                5th          Resumed service and carried out shakedown at Pulau Tioman.

                to            Carried out exercises with submarine and aircraft.

                10th        Mail deliveries by aircraft.

                11th        Passage to Hong Kong with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                14th        Arrived at Hong Kong.

                18th        Took part in Flotilla exercises with HMS ST BRIDES

                to            HM Submarine TELEMACHUS deployed for CASEX4

                22nd       SUNDERLAND aircraft used in CASEX72

                                Anchored in Junk Bay overnight.

                                Took part in naval gunfire support exercise.

                30th        Passage to Paengnyongdo with HMNZS PUKAKI for UN deployment.


August                  Exercised during passage and made surveillance of Formosa area.

                5th          Arrived at Paengnyongdo Guardship station with HMNZS PUKAKI after delay

                               by fog.

                6th          Took passage to Yokohama.

                8th          Met HMS ST BRIDES BAY for exercises in US Navy Exercise Area

                11th        At Yokohama with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                15th        Took passage to Yokosuka for fuel with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                                Sailed for joint exercises with US Navy off Kure.

                17th        Took part in exercises with US Navy, Colombian destroyer ALMIRANTE

                to            PANDALL, HMNZS PUKAKI and HMS ST BRIDES BAY (Exercise COMEX).

                20th        Serials included Surface weapon firings, Night Encounter and refuelling.

                                Anti-submarine procedures exercised with US Navy submarine USS RORQUAL

                21st         At Kure.



                1st           Took passage to Hong Kong with HMZNS PUKAKI.

                to            Surveillance carried out during passage near Formosa.

                5th          Exercised on passage.

                6th          Arrived at Hong Kong.

                16th        Took passage to Singapore with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                21st         Arrived at Singapore.

                24th        Deployed for training of Malayan RNVR personnel and Malacca Straits patrol

                to            Carried out weapon firings.

                30th        Passage to Penang.


October                  Training deployment in continuation.

                1st           At Penang. Local RNVR embarked for day's training.

3rd          Return passage to Singapore.

                11th        Took passage to Hong Kong. RM Band embarked.

17th        Arrived at Hong Kong.

24th        Annual Inspection by Flag Officer, 2nd in Command, Far East.

to            No Sea Inspection recorded.


November              Deployed at Hong Kong.

                8th          Fleet Regatta in Junk Bay.

                11th        Fleet Exercises.

 to           Ships of RAN also took part.

                16th        Surface firings and manoeuvres.

                28th        Embarked Commodore J H Unwin DSC (Cdre. Hong Kong) for official visit to


                                (Note HM MLs 3511 and 3512 in company.

                                Mrs Unwin also travelled on board.)

                29th        Commodore disembarked.


December              Deployed at Hong Kong.

                7th          Ceremonial exchange of Crests with Northamptonshire Regiment.

12th        Took part  in local exercises. Army personnel embarked.

30th        Routine docking.


1 9 5 6


January                  Deployed at Hong Kong for exercises.

                12th        Took passage to Kure with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

14th        Surveillance off Foochow.

                                (Note: HMS ST BRIDES BAY assisted British mercantile HYDRALOCK to enter


19th        At Kure with HMS ST BRIDES BAY and HMNZS PUKAKI.

24th        Passage to Yokosuka with HMS ST BRIDES BAY and HMNZS PUKAKI for US

                                Navy exercises

                26th        Took part in joint exercises with same RN ships

                                Serials included convoy defence and replenishment.

28th        On completion returned to Yokosuka.



                2nd         Took passage to Tokyo with HMS ST BRIDES BAY for visit.

                                Calls exchanged with civil and military authorities.

                7th          Sailed for further exercises with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                                Took part in anti-submarines exercise with HMS ST BRIDES BAY against US

                                submarine USS GREENFISH at Sagami Wan.

                9th          Passage to Chinhae, west coast Korea with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                                Passage to Kure en relief.


March                    Passage to Hong Kong with surveillance in Formosa area.

                                Joined Exercise SEADRAGON with Far East Fleet ships.


April                       Passage to Singapore for extended refit.

                                Prepared for refit by HM Dockyard Singapore and taken in hand.

                                (Statistical Note: Total mileage steamed since October 1954 - 34,850.)


May                        Under refit




December              Post refit trials.

                                (Note: Ship's company of HMS CRANE were to re-commission this ship after

                                refit. However as HMS CRANE was diverted to Trincomalee during her passage

                                from Mombasa, re-commissioning had to be delayed.

                                This change was due to the Suez crisis).


1 9 5 7



                10th        Recommissioned for service in 3rd Frigate Squadron

                                Commanding Officer Captain G O Roberts RN

                                Shakedown and work-up for operational service off Singapore.


February                Took part, in anti-submarine exercise with Royal Thai Navy in Gulf of Thailand.

to                            (Exercise UNITY).

March                    Visited Sattahib, south of Bangkok.

                                On completion took part in Fleet gathering at Pulau Tionatv for exercises and

                                Fleet Regatta. (Exercise ARDUA).

                                Returned to Singapore to prepare for patrol and support-duty.

                                Deployed in Malacca Straits and called at Port Dickson.

                                Sultan of Negri Sembilan visited ship.

                                Returned to Singapore.


April                       Deployed at Singapore.

                                Joined joint RN/RAN Exercise TRADEWIND in Indian Ocean.

                                On completion called at Christmas Island in Indian Ocean during return passage

                                to Singapore

                                Took part in SEATO Exercise ASTRA in Gulf of Thailand.


May                        Deployed Hong Kong for Guardship duties.


June                        Embarked Commodore G D A Gregory (Cdre Hong Kong) for Official Visit to

                                Macau. Hong Kong Local Flotilla also attended.


July                         Took passage from Hong Kong for Borneo patrol

                                Visited Jesselton

                                Passage to Singapore to prepare for exercise programme

                                Took part in Exercise WEALEX north of Sumatra.

                                (Note:12th Frigate Squadron, Royal Indian Navy also involved).

                                Returned to Singapore on completion of WEALEX.


August                  Passage to Trincomalee to take part in SEATO Exercise JET 57

                                After Exercise Briefing at Trincomalee deployed in Indian Ocean for JET 57.


September             During return passage to Singapore called at Visakhapatnanr to visit Indian

                                Navy Boys Training Establishment (INS CLRCAS)(?) and Port Blair in the

                                Andaman Islands.


October                  Deployed at Singapore.

                                Nominated for detached service in New Zealand.

                                Passage to Auckland with call at Cairns.


November              After arrival in Auckland took part, in anti-submarine exercises with RNZN

                                frigates in Hauraki Gulf (Exercise NOVEX).


December              Deployed at Auckland and prepared for joint RAN/RNZN anti-submarine


                                Passage to Tasman Sea with RNZN Frigates.

                                Took part in Exercise ASTROLABE which spoilt by bad weather.

                                On completion of ASTROLABE visited Sydney for 4 days.

                                Returned to Auckland for Xmas period


1 9 5 8


January                  Deployed for visit programme to Wellington and ports in South Island.

                                Embarked Sea Cadets for sea experience.

                                Visited Lyttleton and Akaroa.


February                Took passage to Hong Kong to resume service with Far East Fleet

                                Called at Tonga; Suva and Manus, Admiralty Islands

                                (Note: Manus was the forward base for the British Pacific Fleet in WW2).


March                    Deployed at Singapore for Guardship duties.


April                       Hong Kong deployment in continuation.

                                Took part, in Flotilla exercises with HM Sloops MODESTE and CRANE, H M S

                                MOUNTS BAY and HMNZS ROTOITI.

                13th        Took passage from Hong Kong to Bangkok.

                14th        Met HMS ST PRIDES BAY for exercises including refuelling from RFA GREEN


                18th        At Bangkok.

                                Calls exchanged with naval and civic authorities.

                22nd       Took passage to Singapore to pay off.

                28th        Paid off and prepared for reconndssioning.

                                New Commanding Officer: Captain P J Wyatt CBE, DSC RN and Senior

                                Officer 3rd Frigate Squadron.



                3rd          All new complement had joined ship.

                6th          Began Shakedown and work-up for service with HM Destroyer CHEVIOT and

                to            Netherlands destroyer HM Neth S GRONINGEN in Pulau Aur area.

                23rd        (Serials Included TARTEX, surface firings against towed target, Night

                                Encounter and Operation .AWKWARD - defence against underwater divers).


June                        Work-up exercises In continuation including Replenishment from RFA WAVE


                6th          Deployed for Malacca Straits patrol.

                7th          Visited Port Dickson.

                10th        At Port Swettenham.

                                Calls exchanged.

                14th        Passage to Singapore.

                17th        Carried out. anti-submarine and anti-aircraft exercises with HMNZS ROTOITI.

                to            including HEDGEHOG weapon firings


                24th        Took passage to Singapore and exercises with HMNZS ROTOITI, HMS

                                MOUNTS BAY and HM Sloop CRANE.

                                (Note: Fleet Naval Constructor embarked.)

                                (Serials included Surface firings against towed target, Convoy Defence, Close

                                Range weapon firings and anti submarine defence procedures).

                30th        Arrived at Hong Kong.


July                         Deployed at Hong Kong with Squadron.

                3rd          Took part in Squadron exercises with HM Frigates CRANE, ST BRIDES BAY.

                                MOUNTS BAY and HMNZS ROTOITI.

                                (Note: These included AA firings and Annual Inspection of HMS ST BRIDES


                9th          Carried out local exercises including landing party, surface bombardments and

                                HEDGEHOG firings against Triplane target.

                19th        Took passage to Singapore with further exercises in Singapore area.

                25th        Deployed for local training of Malayan RNVR personnel.

                to            Demonstrations included anti-submarine defence with HM Submarine

                27th        ANDREW and ship handling.

                28th        At Singapore preparing for refit.



                3rd          Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard Singapore.

                12th        In dry dock.


September             Refit in continuation.

                16th        Undocked.


October                  Under refit.

                13th        Indian dockyard workman found pilfering on messdeck.

                23rd        Post refit trials began.

                30th        Resumed Flotilla duties en completion



                1st           Took part in Local exercises off Singapore including Towing, day and night

                to            surface firings, anti-submarine procedures and Damage Control.


                10th        Took passage to Hong Kong after AA firings in Singapore area.

                14th        At Hong Kong.

                18th        Attended Fleet and Small Ships Regattas in Junk Bay.

                28th        Took part, in Fleet exercises.

                                (Serials included Convoy defence, Tow and Transfers).

                29th        Deployed on local patrol with Motor Launch.



                1st           Joined Fleet exercises off Hong Kong

                to            (Serials included joint anti-submarine defence with US submarine USS SABLO,

                                Convoy Defence, anti-aircraft defence and Shadowing).

                21st         (Notes: Ships taking part- included HM Cruiser CEYLON, HM Destroyers

                                CHEVIOT and CAVALIER.

                                RFA's RELIANT, RESURGENT and TIDESURGE formed convoy.


1 9 5 9



                2nd         Commenced rehearsals for Royal visit to Far East.

                5th          Carried out exercise with HM Aircraft Carrier ALBION and HM Destroyer

                                CHEVIOT including Bent Line Screen and Replenishment at Sea.

                8th          Exercised in Junk Bay with HMNZS ROTOITI including AA against VENOM

                                aircraft, anti-submarine procedures and 4in shoot.

                                (Note: HM Frigate MOUNTS BAY recently arrived on Station also took part.)

                14th        Passage to Singapore with HMS MOUNTS BAY and HMNZS ROTOITI.

                                Jackstay Transfer and anti-submarine exercises.

                                Practised procedures for escort of Royal Yacht.

                19th        Arrived at Singapore.

                24th        Provided Safety Boat at Sailing Regatta

                27th        Passage to Port Swettenham and Penang for visits

                28th        Replenished from RFA RESURGENT.

                29th        At Port. Swettenham. Open to visitors.


February                Passage to Penang

                1st           Anchored off Penang.

                2nd         Passage to Malacca with HMAS QUIBERON which detached to collect


                3rd          Anchored off Malacca.

                5th          Passage to Singapore.

                6th          De-ammunitioned prior to routine docking.

                13th        Docked in AFD10.

                21st         Undocked.

                                (Note: HM Royal Yacht BRITANNIA with The Duke of Edinburgh embarked

                                had arrived on 19th escorted by HM Cruiser CEYLON and ships of Far

                                East Fleet.)

                27th        Docking and refit period completed.

                                Ammunition embarked.

                28th        Passage to Hong Kong.


March                    Exercised on passage including Man Ship.

                6th          Arrived at Hong Kong.

                8th          Part of escort for HMY BRITANNIA during passage to Tawau, Borneo.

                                (Note: Ceremonials included Cheer Ship and Gun Salute.)

                                Exercises included anti-submarine procedures and Boarding Party)

                13th        At Tawau

                                Open to visitors.

                16th        Passage to Sandakan, Borneo.

                17th        At Sandakan.

                                Calls exchanged.

                20th        Passage to Saigon, Vietnam

                23rd        Arrived at Saigon including river passage.

                                (Note: Official calls exchanged.

                                Visit by US Navy personnel.

                                Open to visitors.)

                26th        Return passage to Singapore with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                                Exercised on passage.

                28th        Arrived at Singapore.



                2nd         Took part in Fleet Exercise.

                                (Note: Other ships included HM Cruisers CEYLON and NEWFOUNDLAND ,

                                HMS ST BRIDES BAY, HM Despatch Vessel ALERT and RAN ships.)

                4th          At Pulau Tictnan.

                to            Fleet exercises continued during this period.


                9th          Passage to Hong Kong.

                13th        Arrived at Hong Kong.

                20th        Deployed for Local exercises including Landing Party, Night Encounter.

                                Local Flotilla also took part.


May                        Local exercises in continuation.

                                (Note: Telescope lost from 21in Signal Projector.)

                2nd         Part of anti-submarine screen for Fleet units entering Hong Kong area.

                                (Note: HM Submarine ANDREW carried out attacks during this exercise.)

                4th          At Hong Kong.

                                Body of baby found alongside handed to HK Police.

                11th        Took part in Local Exercises off Hong Kong.

                                (Note: Other ships included HM Aircraft Carrier MELBOURNE (RAN), HMS

                                CEYLON and HM Destroyer COSSACK.

                                Serials included Night Encounter, Screening, AA and A/S, Tow,

                                Manoeuvring and NBCD).

                16th        Returned to Hong Kong on completion.

                19th        Carried out Night Patrol off Hong Kong.

                21st         Took passage to Chinhae for official visit to Korean Naval base.

                25th        At Chinhae.

                                Visited by Korean naval and military officers.

                27th        Passage to Hakodate, Japan

                                (Note: Ammunition from HK Armament Depot was dumped and General Drills



June                        At Hakodate.

                                Official calls exchanged.

                                IJN officers on board.

                3rd          Sailed for US Navy base at Yokosuka, Japan.

                5th          Arrived at Yokosuka.

                                (Note: IJS Admiral and US Navy Commander 7th Fleet visited.)

                9th          Passage to Kobe.

                11th        At Kobe for Official Visit

.                               (Note: During visit Gun Salute fired on Queens Birthday,

                                IJN officers visited ship.

                                Calls exchanged included USS HORNET.

                                Open to visitors.)

                17th        Took passage to Hong Kong.

                22nd       Carried out Night Encounter with HM Frigate CRANE before arrival at Hong


                27th        Took passage to Singapore from Hong Kong



                2nd         Arrived at Singapore.

                                FO2FES Sea Inspection.

                                HMS CRANE and HM Destroyer CAVALIER took part in joint A/S search.

                3rd          At Singapore

                to            (Note: Harbour Departmental Inspections carried out and formal Divisions held..

                13th        2nd Sea Lord's Team visited ship.)

                14th        Took passage to Karachi from Singapore with HMNZS PUKAKI.

                25th        Arrived at Karachi for Official Visit.

                                (Note: During stay visited by CinC Pakistan Navy and attended conference in

                                preparation for planned Multi-national exercise JET59)

                29th          Sailed to take part in JET59.

                                (Note: Other ships included HM Submarine TAPIR. HM Frigate LOCH

                                RUTHVEN, HMNZS PUKAKI and Pakistan Navy warships.)



                1st           Returned to Karachi after 1st Phase of JET 59

                3rd          Sailed for continuation of JET59

                                (Note: Exercises included all those in RN Fleet exercises such as CASEX, RAS,

                                Naval Gunfire Support and convoy defence.)

                7th          Returned to Karachi on completion of 2nd Phase.

                13th        Sailed from Karachi for final Phase of JET59.

                16th        Visited by Mr C Ewing, Parliamentary Secretary to Admiralty during JEI59.

                                (Note: HMS CENTAUR, HMS LAGOS, HMS SOLEBAY and HMS LLANDAFF

                                took part in JET59).

                21st         Passage to Trincomalee on completion of JET59.

                22nd       Wash-up conference at Trincomalee.

                23rd        Took passage to Singapore.

                                (Note: Fire in Tiller Flat during passage.)

                29th        Arrived at Singapore.



                                Under refit at Singapore.

                                Ships company accommodated ashore.

                                Docked in AFD10.

                28th        Visited by CinC FES.

                29th        Post refit checks.


October                  Completed post refit trials including Full Power Trial and Gun Functioning.

                1st           Provided Plane Guard for HMS CENTAUR.

                8th          New Ship's Company arrived at Singapore.

                13th        Re-commissioned at Singapore as Senior Officer's Ship 3rd Frigate Squadron.

                                Commanding Officer: Captain A R Aldous RN.

                16th        Passage to Pulau Tioman for Shakedown.

                21st         Returned to Singapore after Shakedown.

                27th        Took part in exercises off Singapore with HMS CRANE, HMS LLANDAFF and

                                HMNZS PUKAKI.

                30th        At Fort Swettenham.



                1st           Resumed Squadron exercises in Singapore Exercise Area.

                7th          Returned to Singapore and exercised Landing Party.

                16th        Took passage from Singapore to Hong Kong.

                21st         Arrived at Hong Kong. Official calls exchanged.

                26th        Took part in Local Exercises.

                27th        Army visitors on board.



                1st           At Hong Kong.

                                Local exercises and patrol carried out.

                13th        Despatch to assist rescue of survivors from EASTERN LADY but recalled.

                14th        Took passage from Hong Kong for Singapore.

                19th        Arrived at Singapore for refit after exercises on passage.


1 9 6 0



                1st           Taken in hand for refit.

                                Ship's Company accommodated ashore.


February                Under refit


March                    Refit in continuation.

                10th        Basin Trials.

                14th        Ammunitioned

                17th        Lower Deck cleared for visit by CinC FES.

                22nd       Post Refit Trials.

                                Wore Flag of CinC FES during change of Command of Far East Fleet.

                25th        Declared operational on completion of trials.

                                Took part in Local exercises



                2nd         Passage to Hong Kong with HMS CRANE.

                8th          Arrived at Hong Kong after exercises.

                                (Note: There were some machinery problems on passage.)

                12th        Took part in Local exercises at Hong Kong.

                                (Note: Hole in Low Power Room below waterline plugged.)

                14th        Small Ships Regatta.

                22nd       Passage from Hong Kong to Bangkok on completion of exercises.

                26th        Arrived at Bangkok to take part in SEATO Exercises.



                2nd         Passage to Sattahib from Bangkok

                                Demonstration HEDGEHOG firing.

                3rd          Took part in Exercise SEATHAI

                                (Note: Royal Thai Navy and other SEATO navies warships also involved.)

                                Phase I included A/S with HM Submarine TACTICIAN.

                6th          Returned to Sattahib on completion of Phase I.

                9th          Resumed exercises.

                                (Note: These included previous types of serial and convoy defence.)

                12th        Met HM Despatch Vessel ALERT with FO2FES embarked.

                                Carried out AA firings before entry to Singapore.

                13th        Arrived at Singapore.

                18th        Sailed from Singapore for Hong Kong with independent exercises on passage.

                23rd        Arrived at Hong Kong.

                26th        Sailed for exercises with HM Cruiser BELFAST, HM LIGHT Fleet Aircraft Carrier

                                ALBION, destroyers and frigates of Far East Fleet.

                                (Note: Serials included gunnery firings, HEDGEHOG firings and screening.)

                28th        On completion took passage to Chinae, Korea.

                30th        At Chinae.



                3rd          Sailed for Fleet exercises

                                (Note: Other ships taking part included HMS BELFAST and HMS ALBION.

                                Replenishment was carried out from RFA RETAINER (Provisions) and RFA

                                TIDEFLOW (Fuel).

                                HM Submarine TEREDO was deployed for anti-submarine procedure exercises.

                                Exercises were affected by adverse weather conditions during which HMS

                                CRANE recovered a man who fell overboard.)

                9th          On completion of exercises arrived at Yokohama for visit with HM Frigates

                                SCARBOROUGH, ST BRIDES BAY, HM Destroyers CAVENDISH, CAPRICE

                               and HM Sloop CRANE

                                Open to visitors on three days.

                11th        Precautions taken after TYPHOON MARY warning.

                15th        Sailed from Yokohama and joined by HMNZS ROTOITI for passage to




                17th        At Hakodate after replenishment on passage.

                                Calls exchanged.

                                Open to visitors on three days.

                                Children’s Party and tour of ship.

                                (Note: Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force is based at this port.)

                22nd       Ceremonial departure from Hakodate.

                23rd        Fleet exercises in continuation till 1st July.

                                (Note: These followed the standard pattern including convoy defence and A/S

                                serials with HMS TEREDO and US submarine SPINAX.

                                Detached for 35 minutes to rectify Engine Room defect.)



                1st           Replenished from RFA FORT CHARLOTTE.

                2nd         Arrived at Hong Kong.

                7th          Annual Harbour Inspection by Vice Admiral Begg.

                8th          Sea Inspection including transfer of Admiral to HM Inshore Minesweeper


                9th          Took part in Squadron exercises including replenishment from RFA RETAINER.

                                Passage to Singapore on completion.

                13th        Arrived at Singapore.

                                (Note: Command change: Captain T N Catlow RN.)

                27th        Change of CinC FES - Admiral Luce.)

                28th        Three ratings in Basin !

                29th        SUBMISS exercise for 1 Hour.



                1st           Malayan RNVR personnel on board.

                2nd         Sailed from Singapore to take part in Fleet exercises.

                                (Note: This followed previous practices.)

                5th          At Pulau Tioman.

                8th          F02 FES, Vice Admiral Le Fanu on board.

                9th          Exercises resumed.

                12th        CinC FES on board for return to harbour.

                13th        At Singapore

                15th        Took passage for west Coast Malaya patrol and visits.

                16th        At Penang.

                                Open to visitors.

                20th        Return passage to Singapore from Penang.

                22nd       Arrived at Singapore.

                23rd        Took passage from Singapore for exercises prior to sailing to Hong Kong.

                                (Note: Serials included A/S with HMS TEREDO and gunnery firings.

                                HMS CRANE and HMZNS ROTOITI took part.

                                Fleet screening exercised with HMS BELFAST, HMS HARTLAND POINT and

                                RFA TIDEFLOW.)

                29th        Arrived at Hong Kong.


September             At Hong Kong.

                7th          Took part in Local exercises.

                12th        Sailed for exercises with Hong Kong Local Flotilla.

                21st         Ships Company photographed.

                22nd       Took part in Load exercises.

                30th        Sailed from Hong Kong for Singapore.



                5th          Arrived at Singapore for refit and docking period.

                                Ships company accommodated ashore.

                11th        Docked in AFD 10

                25th        Undocked

                31st         Refit work completed.



                1st           Took passage to Hong Kong with HMS CRANE.

                                (Note: Replenished from RAF WAVE MASTER and RFA FORT CHARLOTTE.

                                Rendezvous with HMS BULWARK.

                5th          Arrived at Hong Kong.

                10th        Took part in screening exercise off Hong Kong.

                11th        Platoon landed to take part in Remembrance Day ceremony.

                18th        Sailed from Hong Kong with HMS CRANE and HMNZS ROTOITI for exercises.

                20th        Bishop of Maidstone, Rt. Rev. Roberts transferred from HMZNS ROTOITI.

                21st         Cheered Ship when HMNZS ROTOITI detached to return to New Zealand.

                                HM Australian destroyer QUEENBOROUGH joined.

                                Visitor transferred to HMS CRANE.

                                Anti-submarine procedures exercise with RAF SHACKLETON which delivered


                24th        Arrived at Singapore.

                29th        Took passage with HMS ST BRIDES BAY for South Pacific visit programme.

                                Carried out AA firings on departure.



                1st           Arrived at Townsville, Australia.

                                (Note: Machinery problems experienced on passage.)

                                Open to visitors.

                12th        Sailed from Townsville for Noumea, New Caledonia.

                                (Note: Bathythermograph readings were recorded during ocean passages.)

                16th        At Noumea with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                                Calls exchanged with French diplomatic representatives.

                                Open to visitors.

                                (Note: Annual Inspection of HMS ST BRIDES BAY was carried,out by

                                Captain F3.

                20th        Sailed from Noumea for Suva, Fiji with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                23rd        At Suva having exercised with RNZAF SUNDERLAND aircraft on 21st.

                28th        Sailed from Suva for Apia, Samoa with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                29th        At Apia.

                                Open to visitors. Call exchanged with Governor.


1 9 6 1



                1st           Took passage from Apia to Honolulu with HMS ST BRIDES BAY.

                9th          Arrived at Honolulu and secured alongside at Pearl Harbour after refuelling.

                10th        CinC FES Flag broken out.

                                Admiral Sir David Luce, CinC FES dined on board.

                                Open to visitors.

                15th        Open to visitors.

                                CinC's Flag struck.

                16th        Took passage to San Francisco. HMS ST BRIDES BAY detached.

                17th        Steering breakdown.

                                Hand tackle and main engines used till normal mode restored.

                23rd        Anchored in Drakes Bay to Paint Ship.

                24th        Arrived at San Francisco in dense fog and berthed at Embarcadero.

                27th        Open to visitors.

                                (Note: Various functions arranged by British community including dance and

                                football match

                28th        Open to visitors.

                30th        Took passage to San Diego.



                1st           Arrived at San Diego

                                Official Reception on board.

                4th          Took passage to Manzanillo, Mexico.

                8th          Arrived at Manzanillo and anchored off shore. Official call exchanged.

                                (Note: Manzanillo had not had a visit by a Royal Navy warship for many years).

                                Shore party visited Colima and football match arranged during visit.

                12th        Took passage to Puntarenas, Costa Rico

                17tth       Arrived at Puntareranas and anchored off shore.

                                Excursion available to Ship's Company via mountain railway to Costa Rican

                                capital, San Jose.

                                President of Costa Rica visited ship and inspected Guard.

                                Reception held on F’csle.

                20th        Took passage from Puntarenas to Panama.

                                Action Stations exercised.

                22nd       Arrived at Panama.

                                Official call paid by Captain on British Ambassador.

                23rd        Canal transit from Balboa to Cristobal

                                Fuelled ship.

                24th        Took passage from Cristobal to Cartagena, Colombia.

                25th        Arrived at Cartegena.

                                Official calls exchanged.

                26th        Open to visitors.

                27th        Reception on F’csle

                28th        Took passage to Maracaibo, Venezula.



                1st           Arrived at Maracaibo.

                                (Note: Various social functions and home visits arranged by British community,

                                largely oil industry employees.

                                School children visited ship and cocktail party on board during visit),

                7th          Took passage to Port of Spain.

                                (Note: Armament including depth charge and anti-submarine procedures

                                exercised during passage).

                9th          Arrived at Port of Spain. Official Reception on board.

                10th        Took passage to St Vincent after refuelling.

                13th        HEDGEHOG Mortar firing.

                14th        Arrived at St Vincent and anchored off shore.

                                Official calls exchanged.

                15th        Cocktail party on board.

                16th        Took passage to Bermuda..

                18th        Steering defect investigated.

                21st         Arrived at Bermuda.

                                Official calls exchanged.

                                Captain of HM Frigate ROTHESAY visited ship.

                27th        Took passage to Plymouth.



                7th          HM Customs Officers embarked.

                                15 Gun salute to Vice Admiral Sir Charles Madden, CinC Plymouth fired

                                on arrival.

                                Berthed in South Yard, HM Dockyard Devonport.

                10th        Paid-off and commenced reduction to Reserve status.

                12th        Captain A R Aldous RN left ship.

                                Lieut. Commander G L Milne RN assumed command.

                13th        Ships Company moved into RN Barracks.


F i n a l   P h a s e


HMS CARDIGAN BAY was entered Reserve on 30th May 1961 after being inspected by Senior Officer Reserve Ships, Captain B Pengelly, RN. The ship was put on the Disposal List in 1962 and sold to BISCO for breaking-up by West of Scotland Shipbreakers at Troon, Ayrshire where she arrived in tow on 5th March 1962.


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