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HMS LOCH LOMOND (K 437) - Loch-class Frigate
including Convoy Escort Movements

HMS Loch Lomond (Navy Photos/Mark Teadham, click to enlarge)

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LOCH-Class Frigate ordered from Caledon SB at Dundee on 2nd February 1943 and laid down as Job Number J11845 on 7th December 1943. The ship was launched on 19th June 1944 and was the 1st R N ship to bear the name. Build was completed on 16th November 1944. This ship was adopted by the civil community of Burnham on Sea, Somerset after commissioning.


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s



H e r a l d i c   D a t a

 Badge: On a Field White, in front of a saltire couped and engrailed Black,

a sprig of Hazel, fructed proper.

 (Explanation: From the arms and Badge of the Colquhoun.)



Si je puis: 'If I can'

(Note: The Clan Colquhoun motto.

This Clan has been predominant in the area adjacent t Loch

Lomond since 1300 AD)



D e t a i l s    o f   S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 4


November              Contractor's trials and commissioned for service in 17th Escort Group.

                                Commanding Officer: Lieut. Commander R E H Partington RNR.

                18th        Commenced Acceptance trials.

                                On completion of trials and storing took passage to Tobermory.

                24th        Worked up at Tobermory for operational service.



                11th        Joined Group at Greenock on completion of work-up.

                12th        Deployed at Greenock for convoy defence in NW Approaches and Irish Sea.


1 9 4 5


January                  Transferred to Channel in continuation.


February                Deployed with Task Group 125 in Channel and Irish Sea for coastal convoy



March                    Transferred to Scapa Flow for convoy defence in NW Approaches and Irish Sea.


April                       Deployed in Channel based at Plymouth in continuation.


May                        Returned to Greenock after VE Day.

                                Nominated for service in East Indies after refit.

                                Taken in hand for refit at Milford Haven. Ventilation system modified and

                                Close Range AA armament improved.

                                New Commanding Officer: Lieut. Commander S Darling DSC RANVR




                28th        Took passage to Ceylon.



                23rd        Sailed from Aden for Colombo for briefing.

                                Prepared for escort duty.


August                  Deployed for escort of military convoys prior to Malayan Landings.

                                (Operation ZIPPER. See THE FORGOTTEN FLEET by J Winton,

                                BRITISH INVASION FLEETS by J de Winser and Naval Staff History.


September             Escorted ZIPPER convoys for Port Swettenham landings.

                                (New Commanding Officer Lieut. Commander KG Webb, RNR appointed.)

                12th        Deployed at Singapore and nominated for support of military operations.

                                Escort duties from Kuching and Labuan to Singapore.


October                  Patrol and escort duties based at Singapore.

                                (Note: Landing craft and other ships ware being used to carry PoW and civilian

                                internees (RAPWI) and escorts ware provided for mercantiles on

                                passage in and out of Singapore.

                                See SEAGULLS IN MY BELFRY by C Anderson.)

November              Deployed as Guardship at Sabang.

                                Indian Ocean escort duty from Vizgapatan.


December              Support and escort duties in continuation based at Singapore.

                                Deployed at Kuching and Labuan, Borneo.

                24th        Returned to Singapore.


1 9 4 6


January                  Patrol and escort duties based at Singapore.

                19th        Escorted convoy to Vizgapatan.

                                Nominated for return to UK to pay off.


February                Escort of Landing Craft taking RAPWI to Singapore, with HMS LOCH CRAGGIE.

                13th        Escort of U181 and U862 for scuttling in Straits of Malacca (0.3 05N, 60.38W).

                                with HMS LOCH GLENDHU. On completion took passage to Trincomalee.

                19th        At Trincomalee.

                                Nominated for return to UK to Pay-off into Reserve.


March                    Passage from Trincomalee to Aden.

                20th        Sailed from Aden.


April                       Arrived at Portsmouth and Paid-Off.

                                De-stored and began reduction to Reserve status.


May                        Accepted into Reserve at Portsmouth


July                         Laid-up at Portsmouth.

to December


1 9 4 7    t o    1 9 4 9


                                Laid-up at Portsmouth.

                                Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to F137 (1948)

                                Refitted for further Reserve Fleet service 1949-

                                Returned to Reserve (22/11/49)


1 9 5 0


January                  Nominated for service and to be brought forward iron Reserve.

to July


August                  Prepared for operational service at Portsmouth.



                22nd       Commissioned for service with 2nd Frigate Flotilla, Mediterranean Fleet.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander H R Moore RN.


October                  Weapon trials and Work-up

to                            Anti-Submarine training at Londonderry




                12th        Sailed from Portsmouth to join Flotilla in Malta.


1 9 5 1


January                  Deployed with Flotilla in Malta.


February                Detached to relieve HMS LOCH SCAVAIG as Guardship at Aqaba.


March                    Returned to Malta


April                       Deployed with Flotilla In Malta.


May                        Maintenance period in Malta.


June                        Took part with Flotilla in Fleet exercise and visits programme including Fleet

to July                    at Marmarice, Turkey.


August                  Took part in Exercise BEEHIVE.


September             Deployed with Flotilla at Malta.

to October


November              Took part In Fleet exercise and including NATO Exercise SYMPHONIE DEUX.

                                Visited French Riviera.


December              Deployed with Flotilla in Malta.


1 9 5 2


January                  Under refit in Malta.


February                On completion deployed for detached service as Guardship at Port Aid.


March                    Deployed in Red Sea.



                10th        Escorted ships of 120th Motor Minesweeper Flotilla in Red Sea.

                                (Note: These ships were in passage to Singapore and collected at Aden by

                                LOCH QUOICH.


May                        Deployed as Guardship at Aqaba.

                19th        Returned to Malta.


June                        Deployed with Flotilla for Fleet exercises and visits.

to July


August                  Deployed as Guardship at Pert Said.


September             Flotilla deployment in continuation.

                                Nominated for return to UK pending modernisation


October                  Passage to UK.

                31st         Paid-Off at Portsmouth and held in Reserve Fleet prior to refit.


November              Laid-up at Portsmouth.


December              Approval given to de-store.


1 9 5 3


January                  Preparing for modernisation by Charles Hill at Bristol.

to May


June                        Under modernisation.

to December


1 9 5 4


January                  Under modernisation.

to                            Malicious damage to electric cables. No RN personnel involved.

October                  Planned completion delayed.


November              Commissioned for Post refit trials.


December              Trials including weapon calibrations at Portland.

                                Nominated for service in Persian Gulf.


1 9 5 5


January                  Passage to Chatham on completion of trials.


February                Semi-tropicalised by HM Dockyard Chatham

to March



                19th        Commissioned for service.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander B M D L'Anson, RN


May                        Passage to Malta to work-up.


June                        Deployed in Malta for work-up with Mediterranean Fleet.


July                         Passage to Bahrain to relieve HM Frigate LOCH ALVIE.

                26th        Assisted RFA Tanker RFA WAVE KING with feed pump problems

                                near Bahrein.

                                (Note: RFA went to Mina-al-Ahmadi on completion of repair.

                                Salvage awards were paid later.)


September             Deployed for patrol in Persian Gulf, based at Bahrain.

to October


November              Deployed for East Coast of India Patrol with visit, to Rangoon.

to December

1 9 5 6


January                  Returned to Persian Gulf for duty at Bahrain.

to March                took part in local exercises with ships based at Bahrain.


April                       Passage to UK to re-commission.

                                Paid -Off at Chatham


May                        Under refit.

to July


August                  Re-commissioned at Chatham for service in Persian Gulf.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander D G Roome MVO RN

                                Royal Marines detachment embarked, OCRM Lieutenant Mottram RM

                                Post refit trials in Nore and prepared for work-up at Portland.


September             Carried out Work-up and weapon trials at Portland.

                                On completion deployed with Home Fleet and took part in Exercise CUT LOOSE.


October                  Took part in Home Fleet visits programme on completion of CUT LOOSE.

                                Visited Flushing and spent seven days at Dieppe.

                                Returned to Chatham to prepare for foreign service.



                14th        took passage to Bahrain via Freetown and Cape of Good Hope.

                                (Note: Passage via Indian Ocean necessary because of closure of Suez Canal.)

                                Called at Gibraltar and Freetown.


December              Called at Simonstown and Mombasa.

                                Arrived at Bahrain as relief for HM Frigate LOCH FYNE.


1 9 5 7


January                  On completion of Maintenance Period carried out Dhow Patrol in southern Gulf.

                                Visited Doha and Das Island.


February                Deployed for interception patrol off Batina Coast prior to taking passage to Karachi

                                for Interim Docking.

                                (Note: Extensive hospitality was provided by the British community.)


March                    On completion of docking took passage from Karachi to resume service at Bahrain.


April                       Deployed for patrol in southern Gulf and returned to Bahrain.

                                Carried out patrol in northern Gulf and paid visit to Bushire.

                                Sailed to Mina al-Ahmadi for R&R visit and returned to Bahrain.


May                        Deployed for Batina coast patrol for interception of Dhows,

                                Passage to Aden on release from patrol.

                                Visited Djibouti, French Somaliland.


June                        Returned to Aden and deployed for routine visit to Kameran Island.

                                (Note: Kameran was a British possession administered by the

                                Colonial authorities at Aden whose officials visited regularly.)

                                Took passage from Aden to carry out Indian Ocean patrol including

                                visit to Seychelles

                                Diverted from planned programme and took passage to Trincomalee

                                after civil unrest in Ceylon.


July                         Arrived at Trincomalee after rough passage.

                                Remained available in Ceylon at Trincomalee and Colombo to provide

                                aid to civil authorities if required.

                                On release took passage to Bahrain to relieve HM Frigate LOCH ALVIE.

                                (Note: HMS LOCH ALVIE had been retained in Bahrain and on relief carried

                                out the patrol in Indian Ocean including visit to Seychelles.

                                Heightened tension in Persian Gulf states had required RN

                                warship for patrol in view of revolt in Oman.)


August                  Deployed at Bahrain during local unrest and landed Royal Marines

                                for shore support.

                                (Note: Royal Marines were replaced by troops of Kings Shropshire

                                Light Infantry who had been sent from Kenya.)

                10th        Despatched from Bahrain to assist disabled mercantile anchored

                                off Jazirah Qais.

                                (Note: Jazirah Qais is an island 30 miles off Persian coast and 100

                                miles west of the Straits of Hormuz.)

                11th        On arrival took Italian ss ARAGONESE in tow to Sitra, Bahrian.

                12th        Arrived at Sitra with ARAGONESE.

                                (Note: Salvage awards were paid to shipís company in 1959.)

                13th        Resumed patrol duties and took passage to join HM Frigates LOCH

                                FADA and LOCH RUTHVEN deployed for Batina coast patrols, based at

                                Khor Kuwai at entrance to Persian Gulf.)

                                (Note: Extensive Dhow search operations were being carried out

                                to intercept craft taking weapons and personnel for use by

                                rebel forces in Oman.)



                20th        Returned to Bahrain from Batina coast.

                24th        Deployed in northern Persian Gulf for patrol and visited Basra.



                8th          Returned to Bahrain after visit to Mina.

                16th        took return passage to UK from Bahrain.

                19th        At Aden.

                20th        Called at Kameran Island and took passage to Suez.


November              Passage in Mediterranean                 

5th          Called at Gibraltar.

                12th        Arrived at Chatham Paid-off for Extended refit.

                                (Note: During Atlantic passage a serious fire occurred in No. 2 Boiler Room. Blaze was

                                extinguished by shipís company after oil fuel supply had been cut off by the brave

                                action of Stoker Petty Officer Robert Barlow who was subsequently awarded

                                the British Empire Medal (Military Division).)


December              Deployed at Chatham and prepared for refit.


1 9 5 8


January                  Transferred to Sheerness for refit by HM Dockyard.


February                Taken in hand for refit.


March                    Under refit

to December          (Note: This was the last major refit carried out by HM Dockyard at Sheerness before its

                                closure in May 1960.)


1 9 5 9


January                  Under refit

to August              (Note: Extensive work was carried out to fit a centralised air conditioning system for

                                the whole of the forward structure.)


September             Commissioned for service in Persian Gulf.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander C B Armstrong RN (P).

                                Royal Marines Detachment embarked.

                                Commenced sea trials after delay in completion of dockyard work.


October                  Sea Trials in continuation.

                                Further delays due to machinery problems.



                22nd       Sailed for Portland from Sheerness for work-up.


December              Work-up completion delayed by adverse weather conditions..

                12th        Sailed from Portland to Chatham for Leave Period.

                                (Note: Work-up incomplete and to be resumed in January 1960.


1 9 6 0


January                  Completed work-up and prepared for foreign service at Portsmouth.



                3rd          took passage to Bahrain with rough passage in Atlantic.

                25th        Deployed at Aden for patrol off Somaliland aid visit to Berbera.


March                    Passage to Bahrain arriving on 6th for maintenance period,

                17th        Deployed In southern Gulf for patrol and visited Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

                                Took part in Exercise WINGED CHARIOT in Arabian Sea.

                                (Note: HM Commando Carrier CENTAUR and HM Destroyer LAGOS also took port.)

                                Minister of Defence (Mr Harold Watkinson) visited ship at Bahrain.



                5th          Arrived at Bahrain having given medical aid to tanker VOLVATELLA during passage.

                8th          Deployed on patrol and visited Doha.


May                        Took part in Exercise KHARGEX II with HMS LOCH INSH and

                                Iranian Navy ships at Kharg Island.

                                Took part in Exercise CASPEX V with ships of 9th Frigate Squadron

                                and Amphibious Squadron. On completion took passage to Karachi

                                routine docking.


June                        Returned to Persian Gulf after delay in completion due to Sonar Dome repair work

                                Visited Banda Abbas, Iran.


July                         Deployed for patrol in southern Gulf and visited Qeshm, Lingeh and Qai.

                                Arms found in dhow stopped during patrol with HMS LOCH FADA.

                                Paid Official visit to Muscat.


August                  Official visit to Doha after maintenance period at Bahrain.

                27th        Arrived at Bombay to join exercises with RIM ships.


September             On completion of exercises return to Bahrain.

                                Film crew joined to make Recruiting Film 'First Left Past Aden'.

                                Visited Mina-al-Ahmadi (Port of Kuwait) before further patrol off Qatar.


October                  Self maintenance in Bahrain during which ship visited by Lord Carrington (First Lord of the


                                Took part in Exercise HALLMARK to prepare for Exercise MIDLINK III

                23rd        Passage to Karachi with HMS LOCH FADA to take part in MIDLINK III

                28th        Joined sea serials for MIDLINK III during which aircraft and a US Navy submarine were used.


November              Exercise MIDLINK III in continuation. Phase 3 included convoy defence serials.

                                Returned to Bahrain for Annual Inspection.

                                Annual Inspection with HMS LOCH FADA and HMS LOCH RUTHVEN as consorts.

                                On completion carried cut patrol off Trucial coast.

                19th        Visited Doha.


December              Patrol in continuation with visits to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

                                After R&R at Bahrain visited Mina-al-Ahmadi for Xmas period.

                                Film crew left ship.

                27th        took passage from Bahrain for UK to recommission.


1 9 6 1


January                  On passage to UK with calls at Aden and Gibraltar.

                26th        Arrived at Chatham to Pay-Off and refit.


February                Under refit.

to June


July                         Re-commissioned for service with 9th Frigate Squadron.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander D T Smith RN (N).


August                  Worked-up at Portland.

to September         Returned to Chatham to give leave.


October                  Took passage to Aden with calls at Malta and Tripoli.


November              Arrived at Bahrain.

                                Deployed for patrol in southern Persian Gulf.


December              Took part in local exercise.

                                At Mina-al-Ahmadi for Xmas period.                               .


1 9 6 2


January                  Deployed for patrol and exercises based at Bahrain.

                                Visited Doha.


February                Carried out Batina coast patrols.

                                Passage to Cochin with call at Bombay.


March                    Returned to Bombay for routine docking.


April                       On completion resumed patrol duties based at Bahrain.


May                        Took part in Exercise KARGEX at Kharg Island with Iranian Navy.


June                        Visited Abadan before return to Bahrain.

                                RM Detachment landed for Queens Birthday Parade.

                                Returned to Bahrain for Batina coast patrol with visit to Muscat.


July                         Took passage to Aden with stay at Banda Khairan on the Omani coast to carry out

                                Hydrographic Survey.


August                  Arrived at Aden.

                                Visited Djibouti asked to carry out salvage operation on ss MEDINA PRINCESS which

                                was alongside with extensive flooding, possibly due to disaffection of crew.

                                The attempt to control flooding was a total failure as no details of pipe system were held

                                on board.

                                (Note: This mercantile was later taken to an anchorage in the harbour.)

                                Returned to Aden to prepare for East African visits.

                                Nominated for service at Singapore with 3rd Frigate Squadron as relief for HMS

                                ST BRIDES BAY.

                                (Note: Ship not to return to UK as planned and ships company returned by air.)


September             Passage to Mombasa followed by calls at Tanga and Dar-es -Salam.


October                  Took passage to Singapore with call at Gan.

                                Paid off.

                18th        Re-commissioned at Singapore for service with Far East Fleet after refit.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander P D Nicol RN

                                (Note: New ship's company joined after air-trooping flight from UK.)


November              Under refit.


December              Post refit trials on completion of dockyard work.



1 9 6 3


January                  Sea Trials and shakedown for operational service.


February                Worked up in Singapore sea area with HM Frigate ALERT as consort.


March                    Passage to Hong Kong.

                7th          Arrived at Hong Kong.

                21st         Sailed to Labuan to relieve HM Frigate LLANDAFF for patrol duty in support of military

                                operations against Indonesian infiltration (KONFRONTASI operations).

                30th        After relief by HM Destroyer CAESAR returned to Singapore.



                4th          took passage to Gan for Guardship duty.

                10th        Arrived at Gan.

                                During Guardship duty exercised periodically at sea.



                7th          Air Officer Commanding Far East Air Force visited ship.

                14th        took passage to Singapore.

                16th        Gunnery Officer injured in diving accident.

                22nd       Major mechanical defect with loss of use of Port propeller due to broken shaft.

                23rd        Arrived at Singapore using Starboard propeller only

                                Emergency docking arranged. Ship's company transferred to shore accommodation.



                4th          Moved to dry-dock.

                29th        Undocked.


July                         Basin and sea trials unsatisfactory.

                                Departure for Borneo patrol delayed.

                10th        Sailed for Labuan for patrol.

                15th        Embarked Platoon of Internal Security Police.

                27th        Deployed at Tawau.

                29th        During patrol of Tawau with Gurkhas embarked air conditioning broke down.



                2nd         Sailed for Hong Kong.

                6th          Arrived Hong Kong

                15th        Embarked passengers including Gurkhas, Royal Artillery and  locally entered Chinese

                                Stewards for SEA DAY demonstrations.

                19th        Sailed for Singapore

                24th        Arrived at Singapore.



                1st           took passage to Gan for Guardship duty.

                7th          Arrived at Gan

                10th        Deployed for burial of Able Seaman Dallas who had died during period at Gan.

                23rd        Carried out exercises at sea returning on 26th.

                30th        took passage with passengers for Seychelles.



                4th          Arrived at Seychelles.

                7th          Return passage to Gan.

                13th        Sailed for Singapore.

                18th        Arrived at Singapore after exercises on passage with HM LOCH KILLISPORT.

                30th        Sailed for Kuching with military personnel embarked.

                31st         Arrived at Kuching.



                2nd         Deployed for patrol on passage to Tawau.

                25th        Sailed from Tawau for Hong Kong after extensive patrol activities. Several native

                                craft (KUMPITS) were intercepted and searched.

                30th        Arrived at Hong Kong.



                4th          Sailed for Singapore after exercises.

                9th          Arrived at Singapore to recommission.

                                New ships company arrived by air.

                16th        Re-commissioned for further service in 3rd Frigate Squadron, Far East Fleet.

                                Commanding Officer Commander B L Spark RN.

                19th        Took part in Fleet exercises off Singapore.

                29th        Sailed for Penang arriving on 31st.


1 9 6 4



                2nd         took passage for Fleet exercises.

                11th        Passage from Can to Colombo.

                13th        At Colombo with ships of Far East Fleet for Official Visit by CinC Far East.

                17th        took passage for Fleet exercises.

                24th        Arrived at Singapore on completion of exercises.



                4th          took passage to Labuan for patrol duties.

                29th        On completion of patrol duty sailed for Hong Kong.



                4th          Arrived at Hong Kong.

                9th          Sailed for Singapore for refit and docking.

                13th        Arrived at Singapore.



                24th        Resumed Flotilla duties and took passage to Gan for Guardship duty.



                1st           Visited Male.

                2nd         Relieved HM Destroyer CAMBRIAN as Guardship.

                7th          Visited Male. British Representative took passage to Gan for return to UK.

                20th        Visited Seychelles returning to Can on 29th.


                15th        Visited Male

                19th        took passage to Singapore arriving on 26th.



                3rd          Sailed for Hong Kong for Fleet exercises.

                8th          Arrived at Hong Kong with defective Port Engine.

                9th          Under repair at Hong Kong.

                17th        took passage to Manila arriving on 20th.

                24th        took passage from Manila for Borneo patrol duty.

                27th        Deployed for patrol based at Tawau.


August                  Borneo patrol duty in continuation.

                21st         Arrived at Singapore on completion of patrol duty.



                9th          took part in Fleet exercises.

                13th        Carried out patrol off east coast of Malaya.

                16th        At Singapore.

                21st         Deployed with HMS LOCH FADA for Malayan coast patrol and exercises.

                28th        Returned to Singapore after calls at Tumpat, Dungun and Kuantan.



                2nd         took part in Flotilla exercises.

                9th          Deployed of west coast of Malaya.

                10th        Machinery repairs on Starboard engine took 7 hours.

                12th        took passage to Hong Kong arriving on 17th.

                27th        Returned to Singapore.



                4th          Sailed from Singapore with Paying-Off Pennant flown.

                11th        Arrived at Gan to refuel resuming passage on 12th.

                19th        At Aden.

                28th        Suez Canal transit.



                7th          At Gibraltar.

                13th        Arrived at Portsmouth.

                19th        Paid -Off.

                                Miles steamed in last Commission - over 40,000.


F i n a l   P h a s e


HMS LOCH LOMOND was placed on the Disposal List in February 1965  and remained at Portsmouth until 1967 when she was taken to Chatham to be de-equipped prior to Sale. The ship was  sold in 1968 to BISCO for demolition by. Metal Industries and arrived in tow the breakerís yard in at Faslane on 7th October that year.






by Don Kindell

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HX 333





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