(Lexington, Mass, where the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired)

Type and Characteristics - Sailing sloop, built by New York Navy Yard, commissioned 11 June 1826, 691 long tons, 127ft long x 33ft 6in beam x 16ft 6in draft, armed with 24-24pdrs, 190 crew, first commanded by Master Commandant William B Shubrick. Later converted into storeship with 6-32pdr carronades.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1853-55, Perry's Expedition to Japan, Pacific Patrol.

Summary of Service, c1853-55

18 June 1853 - Departed New York to join Cdre Perry's Squadron for his expedition to Japan.

13 February 1854 - Entered Tokyo Bay with Cdre Perry on his second visit.

1854 - Remained in the Far East.

26 February 1855 - Decommissioned after returning to New York.

Fate: Decommissioned in New York 26 February 1855, sold 1860.



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