(Mohican, tribe of Algonquin native Americans, originally living near the Hudson River)

Type and Characteristics - Single screw, bark-rigged sloop, Galena-class, built by Mare Island Navy Yard, CA, wooden-hulled, laid down 4 September 1872, launched 27 December 1883, commissioned 25 May 1885, 1,900 tons, 216ft long x 37ft beam x 17ft 6in draft, armed with 1-60pdr and 1-8in/8-9in guns (Conways - 1-8in, 1-5.3in RML and 6-9in smoothbore guns), 10kts, 230 crew, first commanded by Cdr Benjamin FDay.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1883-1921, Pacific Squadron, coasts of Central and South America, South and Central Pacific, Alaskan waters, Philippines.

Summary of Service

27 December 1883 The second Mohican, also a steam sloop of war, was laid down by Mare Island Navy Yard, Calif., 4 September 1872, funded with the repair money allocated for the first Mohican; launched 27 December 1883; sponsored by Miss Eleanor W. Much; and commissioned 25 May 1885, Comdr. Benjamin F. Day in command.

27 June 1885 Tour of duty with the Pacific Squadron.

1 August 1888 At Mare Island Navy Yard for repairs.

July 1889 Returned to the Pacific Squadron.

9 April 1891 At Mare Island Navy Yard for repairs.

19 June1891 Patrolled northern waters to assist the Bering Sea fishing fleet.

29 January 1893 Sailed to Hawaii, then returned to her Bering Sea patrols.

8 October 1884 Returned to San Francisco, patrolling the Pacific coast.

16 September 1895 Was decommissioned at Mare Island.

8 February 1898 Recommissioned because of imminent danger of war with Spain; she made two voyages to Hawaii.

August 1898 Assigned duty as a school ship for landsmen at Mare Island, cruising the Pacific.

8 April 1904 Assigned as station ship at the Naval Station, Olongapo, Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippines.

30 December 1909 Ordered to additional service as tender for submarine divisions, Asiatic Fleet.

17 March 1913 Designated receiving ship at Cavite and stationary tender, 1st Submarine Group, Torpedo Flotilla, Asiastic Fleet.

Fate - Decommissioned at Cavite, Philippines in October 1921, sold March 1922.


Mohican Old Salts

Four old sailors on Mohican, 1888, photograph taken by Assistant Surgeon H W Whitaker USN. (Click here for the full story of the men)

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