(Plymouth, town in Massachusetts)

Type and Characteristics - Sailing sloop, built by Boston Navy Yard, launched 1844, sailed on 3 April 1844, 989 tons, 147ft long x 38ft beam x 17ft 2in draft, armed with 4-8in shell guns and 18-32pdr cannon, 210 crew, first commanded by Commander Henry Henry.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1852-55, East India Station, Perry's Expedition to Japan.

Summary of Service, c1852-55

23 August 1851 - Departed Hampton Roads for service with East Indies Station. Later joined Commodore Perry's Squadron.

8 July 1853 - Entered Tokyo Bay for the first visit by Cdre Perry.

17 July 1853 - Departed Tokyo Bay.

February 1854 - Arrived for second visit (most sources only have her making the first one).

1854 - Took part in a joint British-American landing party against Chinese forts in the Shanghai area, before sailing for the USA.

11 January 1855 - Returned to Norfolk before beginning duty in the Atlantic, including service as a midshipmen training ship during the summers of 1855 and 1856.

Fate: Being repaired at Norfolk, VA at outbreak of Civil War, burned and scuttled 20 April 1861 to stop her capture by Confederate forces.



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