Characteristics: Schooner, built at Kennebunk, ME, 101 tons, 84ft long x 22ft beam x 9ft draft.

Log Period and Areas of Service: 1894, Alaskan waters, Bering Sea, western Aleutians

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Summary of Service - one of the first vessels to survey the waters of Alaska.

1873 Surveyed western half of Aleutians under Acting Assistant William Dall (right). USC&GSS Humboldt had surveyed the eastern half in 1872.

1874 Departing from Sitka, she cruised west along the Gulf of Alaska coast to Unalaska, visited the Nunivak and Pribiloff Islands, and returned to Sitka.

1877-78 Hydrographic survey of upper Puget Sound, leading to recommendation to establish the Naval Station at Bremerton.

1880 Repeated much of the 1874 cruise, but included visits to Plover Bay on Siberian coast, Diomede Islands and Port Belcher, Alaska. Much of the work included correcting the positions of various bays and islands, as well as measuring compass variations, calibrating chronometers, and collecting biological specimens. The 1873, 1874 and 1880 cruises, all under Asst Dall, led to the publication in 1883 of the "Pacific Coast Pilot - Alaska".

1882-1883 Laid up for harbor work and repairs

1883-1887 Surveyed the Pacific coast from California to Washington, commanded by Subassistant J.F.Pratt

1887 Laid up.

1889 Declared fit only for service in inland and protected waters; surveyed Puget Sound and the Washington-Oregon coast.

1890 Laid up.

1893 Declared unfit, put up for sale.

Fate: Sold at Tacoma, WA in 1894 and probably broken up at that time.

Link: NOAA History site, Wikipedia, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Annual Reports

Yukon1 Log

One of her 1875 log books

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