Characteristics: Steamer, built by Gas Engine & Power Co, and Charles L Seabury, Co, Morris Heights, New York 1898, cost $10,926.40, 75ft long x 16ft beam x 5ft draft, shipped by rail in knockdown condition to Seattle, and then on to St. Michael, Alaska, reassembled there, launched 20 August 1898.

Log Period and Areas of Service: 1899-1923, Alaskan waters

Summary of Service - Only served in Alaskan waters.

26 August 1898 - Just six days after launch, arrived at Kwikluak in the Yukon River delta, Bering Sea coast of Alaska, to carry out a brief survey.

13 September 1898 - Arrived back at St Michael, and together with the Taku, two steam launches and other vessels put in winter storage, the survey parties returning to Seattle.

1912 - Following the eruption of Mount Katmai, assisted the people of Kodiak, Alaska.

November 1916 - Crew member F A Paul believed lost by drowning at Kings Cove, Alaska

Fate: 1923 - Sold out of service.

Link: NOAA History site, Wikipedia

Yukon2 3

Under sail and steam

Yukon2 04

Ready for launching in spring after being secured for the winter. Location Alaska, possibly 1911

Yukon2 2

Aground on tidal flats, Kasilof River, near Anchorage, Alaska 1911

Yukon2 07

Alongside the Moravian Mission Wharf, Bethel, Alaska, 1915

Yukon2 05

Covered up for the winter, King Cove, Afognak Island, 1920

Yukon2 06

Also King Cove, Afognak Island, ready for launching after winter lay-up, 1920

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