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Armed Merchant Cruiser, hired merchantman

Pendant No. M.83 (on coming into service), MI.55 (1.18), MI.33 (4.18). Built 1913, 3,966grt, 14.5kts, owned by Furness Withy. Armament: 5-6in, 2-6pdr. Crew (7.15): 23 officers & 280 crew (bi). In service 22.11.14-6.1.19. Of over 60 commissioned AMC's employed on patrol and later convoy protection, 33 served with 10th CS on Northern Patrol. Transferred to French flag 24.11.15-19.7.17, renamed ARTOIS. (British Warships 1914-1919)

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1. Latitude/longitude, including for days in port, show representative decimal positions for each day, as calculated by the Old Weather project's analysis program. As such, they differ by varying amounts from the positions recorded, usually at noon, in the log pages. In addition, some latitudes/longitudes have been amended in edited logs for errors in the logs, for errors in identifying locations by the analysis program, or simply for greater accuracy. In all cases, refer to the log-page scans for the positions as originally recorded. Not all log pages contain this information and the ships' positions have therefore often been estimated.

2. Full account of any day is available by clicking on the link above that day. Groups of links refer to log book covers and introductory information; some may be blank.


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6 March 1915

Glasgow, Queen’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

7.45am: Tugs secured

8.00am: Left coaling jetty

9.40am: Arrived alongside new berth Queen’s Dock

2.00pm: Paymaster’s stores aboard

4.15pm: Liberty men away till 7.30 am

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7 March 1915

Glasgow, Queen’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

8.00am: Colours

Cleaning ship for painting.

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8 March 1915

Glasgow, Queen’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

Hands into painting rig

6.20pm: Colours

11.50pm: Prize crew of HMS Motagua aboard. One officer, three men.

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9 March 1915

Glasgow, Queen’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

9.00am: Hands painting ship and embarking bosun’s and other stores.

4caf8637cadfd34197014821: ( 53-39947-008_0.jpg)

10 March 1915

Glasgow, Queen’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

1.15pm: Embarking ammunition

4caf8637cadfd34197014822: ( 53-39947-008_1.jpg)

11 March 1915

Glasgow, Queen’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

1.15pm: Hands painting funnel and embarking stores.

Sounding machine embarked

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12 March 1915

Glasgow, Queen’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

10.00am: Hands employed refitting, rigging and cleaning ship.

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13 March 1915

Glasgow, Queen’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

6.30am: Hands called

8.00am: Colours

1.20pm: Shifted berth

6.14pm: New fireman joined

4caf8637cadfd34197014825: ( 53-39947-010_0.jpg)

14 March 1915

Glasgow, Queen’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

00.30pm: Divine service

11.10pm: Tugs alongside- prepare for sea

4caf8637cadfd34197014826: ( 53-39947-010_1.jpg)

15 March 1915

Glasgow to Sea to Tobermory

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

Pilot in charge- tug ahead and one astern. Proceeded down Clyde to sea.

1.47am: Let go tug

2.52am: Night defence stations. Darkened ship. Dropped pilot.

4.40am: Holy I[sland] abeam

5.25am: Pladda lighthouse

5.45am: Challenged HMS Achates

8.00am: HMS Changuinola, Achates, Ambuscade and Sara in company until 10.00.

9.30am: Course as required though Rathlin Channel

Noon: Hoisted demand to eight trawlers flying white ensign and towing sweep steering N ½ W

0.45pm: One trawler hoisted V flag ch.pen.[?] and four others altered course to SSE.

1.30pm: Observed periscope of submarine bearing about SW. Distance 150 yards. Altered course NE, increased to full speed- action stations.

6.00-8.00pm: Courses as required for approaching Tobermory.

Motor boat on patrol during night

4caf8637cadfd34197014827: ( 53-39947-011_0.jpg)

16 March 1915


Lat 56.6, Long -6.1

Motor boat on patrol

Place: Visited: day defence away dingby

9.45am: Divisions

10.00am: “Abandon ship” all boats away

4.05pm: Torpedo boat destroyers Unity and Victor arrived as escort.

4.10pm: In motor boat

5.21pm: Ardnamurchan lighthouse abeam

11.27pm: Ru Rea abeam

4caf8637cadfd34197014828: ( 53-39947-011_1.jpg)

17 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.6, Long -8.5

2.50 Butt of Lewis lighthouse abeam

8.15 Weather clearing

4caf8637cadfd34197014829: ( 53-39947-012_0.jpg)

18 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 58.7, Long -10.0

About 1.00pm: Various speeds and courses whilst examining SS Havet of Aalborg from Philadelphia to Copenhagen- cargo maize.

1.15pm: SS Havet proceeding

5.00pm: Telemotor gear examined

7.10pm: Darkened ship- night defence

4caf8637cadfd3419701482a: ( 53-39947-012_1.jpg)

19 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.7, Long -9.2

7.00am: Mustered seaboats crew

9.45am: Divisions and prayers

1.10pm: Intercepted SS Haakon (Norwegian) from Norfolk USA to Rotterdam, cargo cotton.

2.50pm: Put first prize crew aboard her for Kirkwall, SS Haakon proceeding.

6.00pm: Observed steamer

6.35pm: Proved SS Prosper III

6.45pm: Boarded steamship- darken ship

7.45pm: Night defence

8.50pm: Recalled boat, Prosper III proceeded.

4caf8637cadfd3419701482b: ( 53-39947-013_0.jpg)

20 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.7, Long -9.2

8.40am: Observed steamship, altered course to intercept.

9.40am: Stopped and sent away boarding party to SS United States.

0.15pm: Second prize crew aboard SS for Kirkwall.

0.35pm: SS United States proceeded

8.50pm: Observed glare of searchlight S22W

Exercised night defence and seaboats crew

4caf8637cadfd3419701482c: ( 53-39947-013_1.jpg)

21 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.0, Long 9.0

2.40am: Exercised night defence and searchlight crew

10.00am: Divisions & prayers

2.00pm: Spoke SS Vard of Kristiania for Holland, general cargo – 2 German stowaways.

3.30 Keeping station on SS Vard

[There appears to be a lot of manoeuvring involved in intercepting SS Vard]

6.30pm: Darkened ship, exercised night defence

4caf8637cadfd3419701482d: ( 53-39947-014_0.jpg)

22 March 1915

Patrol to Butt of Lewis

Lat 59.5, Long -4.7

3.30am: Butt of Lewis lighthouse sighted

4.40am: SS Vard stopped- closing her

5.15am: Handed log

5.20am: Stopped. Away boarding and prize crews.

5.48am: SS Vard proceeding to Kirkwall with prize crew.

6.25am: Day defence

9.45am: Divisions & prayers

11.45am: Observed steamship steering north

Noon: Spoke HMS Patia

6.45pm: Darkened ship. Watch at night defense stations.

Number on Sick List: 4

4caf8637cadfd3419701482e: ( 53-39947-014_1.jpg)

23 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 60.0, Long -6.0

6.50am: Observed steamer by S70E, exchanged challenge and demand. Proved HMS Adric steering west.

10.30am: Secured- 6” guns crews at loader

1.05pm: Reduced to 8 knots for repair to steering engine.

3.15pm: Observed steamer, challenged: proved HMS Columbella steering SE.

3.42pm: Altered course to take station on beam of HMS Columbella.

5.50pm: Sighted steamer on starboard bow, proved HMS Duke of Cornwall. Altered course to close.

7.43pm: Resighted HMS Columbella

7.51pm: Stopped. Lowered both seaboats to get prize crews for Duke of Cornwall.

8.45pm: Columbella proceeded

9.00pm: Prize crews on board, hoisted seaboats

4caf8637cadfd3419701482f: ( 53-39947-015_0.jpg)

24 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.4, Long -8.9

Exercised guns crews, searchlight crews, seaboats crews

10.30am: Observed steamer. Challenge and demand, proved HMS Hildebrand

11.20am: Stopped. HMS Hildebrand sent boat for prize crews.

11.45am: HMS Changuinola arrived and sent boat for prize crew.

0.15pm: Proceeded

3.15pm: Altered course in response to request from HMS Changuinola to provide prize crew.

4.15pm: Observed steamer

4.55pm: Exchanged challenge and demand, proved HMS Alsatian.

5.43pm: Observed two steamers

5.45pm: Proved steamers HMS Changuinola and SS Iris.

6.37pm: Stopped. Put prize crew on board of SS Iris.

7.10pm: Rehoisted sea boat. SS Iris proceeded to Kirkwall.

4caf8637cadfd34197014830: ( 53-39947-015_1.jpg)

25 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.5, Long -9.4

6.30am: Observed steamer

6.50am: Stopped. Exchanged signals with SS Largo (Norwegian) in charge of prize crew from HMS Virginian.

6.60am: Ordered them to proceed

7.10am: Proceeded

7.30am: Exchanged challenge with HMS Otway.

9.05am: Signalled SS Sir [?] (Norwegian) of Bergen, westward bound.

9.25am: Stopped

9.30am: Boarded SS Avona of Bergen (Norwegian).

9.40am: Course and speed as requited for circling round Avona.

10.20am: Put prize crew on board Avona

10.30am: Avona proceeded for Kirkwall

10.40am: Proceeded

3.40pm: Sighted steamer

4.30pm: Stopped. Lowered P[?] seaboat and boarded SS Boden (Swedish). Course and speed as required for circling.

5.00pm: Put prize crew on board

5.15pm: SS Boden proceeded to Kirkwall. Hoisted sea boat.

10.50pm: Sighted steamer on port beam

11.15 Stopped. Boarded SS Helman

4caf8637cadfd34197014831: ( 53-39947-016_0.jpg)

26 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.6, Long -9.8

Put prize crew on board SS Helman

1.00am: SS Helman proceeded to Kirkwall

1.10am: Hoisted seaboat, turned ship

11.15 Observed steamer

11.45 Altered course as required to close steamer. Stopped and spoken SS Nordssen (Danish) from Ardrossan to Iceland.

12.30 Allowed SS Nordssen to proceed

5.00am: Exercised guns crews and searchlight crews

4caf8637cadfd34197014832: ( 53-39947-016_1.jpg)

27 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.5, Long -9.8

5.40am: Observed steamer by SE. Challenge and reply- proved HMS Changuinola.

6.27am: Stopped, sent second sea boat to Changuinola for prize crew.

6.55am: Hoisted sea boat

4caf8637cadfd34197014833: ( 53-39947-017_0.jpg)

28 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.9, Long -8.7

4caf8637cadfd34197014834: ( 53-39947-017_1.jpg)

29 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.8, Long -7.7

4caf8637cadfd34197014835: ( 53-39947-018_0.jpg)

30 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 60.0, Long -4.9

2.40am: Heavy snow

9.15am: Turned ship

9.20am: Stopped, lowered sea boat and picked up floating buoy.

4caf8637cadfd34197014836: ( 53-39947-018_1.jpg)

31 March 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.0, Long -6.7

5.45am: Watch to day defence stations.

7.00am: Sighted SS ahead, altered course as requisite to intercept.

7.32am: Stopped SS Capella with prize crew from HMS Hilary on board. Allowed to proceed.

9.15am: Observed steamer

10.00am: Stopped, lowered sea boat and boarded SS Lark (Swedish) from Med [iterranian?] and Gib[raltar?] to Stockholm in possession of passes. Allowed to proceed.

11.35am: Observed steamer ahead. Challenge and reply: HMS Patia.

11.50am: Stopped

Noon: Sent both sea boats to HMS Patia – transferred from HMS Patia prize crews for Digby (4) Changuinola (1) Virginian (2) Hildebrand (1) and Alsatian (2).

1.00pm: Both seaboats hoisted, proceeded.

6.15pm: Sighted Flannan Isles


4caf8637cadfd34197014837: ( 53-39947-019_0.jpg)

4caf8637cadfd34197014838: ( 53-39947-019_1.jpg)

4caf8637cadfd34197014839: ( 53-39947-020_0.jpg)

4caf8637cadfd3419701483a: ( 53-39947-020_1.jpg)

4caf8637cadfd3419701483b: ( 53-39948-001_0.jpg)

4caf8637cadfd3419701483c: ( 53-39948-001_1.jpg)

4caf8637cadfd3419701483d: ( 53-39948-002_0.jpg)

4caf8637cadfd3419701483e: ( 53-39948-002_1.jpg)

4caf8637cadfd3419701483f: ( 53-39948-003_0.jpg)

4caf8637cadfd34197014840: ( 53-39948-003_1.jpg)

1 April 1915

Patrol to St.Kilda, or at sea

Lat 58.7, Long -8.8

2.55am: Flannan Isles lighthouse abeam 12

3.50am: Sighted St.Kilda S70W

4.45am: Altered course as requisite to approach Village B.

5.50am: Exchanged challenge with HMS Hildebrand.

6.00am: Stopped off Village B.

6.30am: Hildebrand closed and sent boat for her prize crew.

7.30am: Briray lighthouse abeam

0.15pm: Sighted steamer ahead

0.27pm: Challenged and reply: proved HMS Virginian.

1.00pm: Stopped. Virginian sent boat for prize crew.

1.18pm: Proceeded

5.30pm: Sighted steamer on starboard bow

6.00pm: Signalled SS Hammershus [?] with prize crew from HMS Hilary on board.

6.15pm: Sighted steamer. Exchanged challenge and reply: proved HMS Changuinola.

6.25pm: Changuinola sent boat for prize crew

6.50pm: Proceeded

Hands employed cleaning ship

4caf8638cadfd34197014841: ( 53-39948-004_0.jpg)

2 April 1915

At sea

Lat 60.6, Long -9.9

2.00am: Exercised guns and searchlight crews, mustered seaboats crew.

9.31am: Exchanged challenge with HMS Alsatian

9.48am: Keep station 1’WNW of HMS Alsatian

10.20am: Stopped

10.38am: Away seaboat

10.50 Alsatian’s boat alongside

11.05 Alsatian’s boat left, all prize crews distributed.

11.15 Sea boat returned and hoisted

4.00pm: Paid monthly pay, issued soap and tobacco.

4.15pm: Wells dry, telemotor gear correct.

4caf8638cadfd34197014842: ( 53-39948-004_1.jpg)

3 April 1915

On patrol

Lat 60.3, Long -9.1

1.00pm: Observed two steamers bearing S28W

10.20pm: Observed Butt of Lewis lighthouse

4caf8638cadfd34197014843: ( 53-39948-005_0.jpg)

4 April 1915

Patrol to Liverpool

Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

5.40am: Challenged two destroyers steering north, reply correct

7.45am: Exchanged pendants with HMY Lorna

7.50am: Entered Kyle Akin

11.00am: Altered course as requisite rounding Ardnamurchan Point trough Sound of Mull.

Noon: Passing Tobermory

12.30pm: Courses as ordered by navigator

2.55pm: Exchanged pendants with HMY 050

3.45pm: Exchanged pendants with HMY 017

4.20pm: Passed patrol vessel

7.30pm: Altered course as required to pass through Rathlin Channel

7.40pm: Exchanged challenge with HMS Parry

4caf8638cadfd34197014844: ( 53-39948-005_1.jpg)

5 April 1915

Patrol to Liverpool

Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

1.00am: Observed Chicken’s Rock lighthouse

5.15am: Sighted destroyer, proved HMS Dove

5.40am: HMS Dove took station ahead

8.55am: Bar lighthouse ship abeam

9.12am: Formby lighthouse abeam

9.51am: Rock lighthouse abeam

10.00am: Pilot boarded

10.15am: Let go starboard anchor

00.10pm: Tug Ed C.Wheeler alongside

1.15pm: Ship entering Sandon Dock

3.30pm: Shifted ship

4caf8638cadfd34197014845: ( 53-39948-006_0.jpg)

6 April 1915


Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

Noon: Sub-Lieutenant Young R.N.R joined ship

1.40pm: First prize crew returned

4.30pm: Sub-Lieutenant Harrison R.N.R joined ship

6.45pm: Captain went ashore

4caf8638cadfd34197014846: ( 53-39948-006_1.jpg)

7 April 1915

Liverpool, Sandon Dock

Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

10.00am: Captain (G) came aboard

5.10pm: Four ratings from Chatham Division joined

7.45pm: Six stoker ratings joined the ship from Devonport Division, and one telegraphist rating joined from Chatham.

Colliers came alongside

4caf8638cadfd34197014847: ( 53-39948-007_0.jpg)

8 April 1915


Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

12.45am: Commenced coaling

4caf8638cadfd34197014848: ( 53-39948-007_1.jpg)

9 April 1915


Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

6.45am: Liberty men fallen in, inspected and went ashore at 7.05 am

8.15am: Hands fall in, employed painting mess deck

2.55pm: Finished coaling, received 1266 tons.

5.00pm: Four marines from Chatham joined ship.

4caf8638cadfd34197014849: ( 53-39948-008_0.jpg)

10 April 1915


Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

6.30am: Call the hands

7.00am: Breakfast. Hands to clean.

Engineer Lieutenant Pearce R.N.R. joined ship

4caf8638cadfd3419701484a: ( 53-39948-008_1.jpg)

11 April 1915


Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

10.00am: Hands fall in for divisions.

10.30am: Church service on mess deck.

4.00pm: Hands to tea.

4caf8638cadfd3419701484b: ( 53-39948-009_0.jpg)

12 April 1915


Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

00.15pm: Captain (E) came aboard

00.25pm: Captain (E) went ashore

1.25pm: Hands fall in, variously employed taking in stores etc.

4.00pm: Boys going ashore with chaplain, piped to clean.

4caf8638cadfd3419701484c: ( 53-39948-009_1.jpg)

13 April 1915


Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

9.00am: Two marines joined ship

4caf8638cadfd3419701484d: ( 53-39948-010_0.jpg)

14 April 1915


Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

9.50am: Chief Yeoman of Signs and Signal Boy joined the ship

10.15am: Lieutenant Pirrie and six marines went ashore on duty.

1.00pm: Captain went ashore

1.25pm: Signal boy Vincent left ship for Chatham Depôt, also Yeoman of Signals Reed.

4caf8638cadfd3419701484e: ( 53-39948-010_1.jpg)

15 April 1915


Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

1.45am: Marine joined ship from Catham.

9.00am: One Leading Seaman & one Able Bodied R.N.R. joined ship from Chatham.

9.05am: Captain came aboard

3.30pm: A. McDonald R.N.R discharged to Royal Navy Barracks Chatham.

8.30pm: Darken ship

11.00pm: Tugs secure alongside, cast off from dock side and proceeded out of dock.

11.45 Cast off tugs and proceeded down River Mersey. Course and speed as required.

4caf8638cadfd3419701484f: ( 53-39948-011_0.jpg)

16 April 1915

Liverpool to patrol

Lat 53.4, Long -3.0

2.00am: Engine room defects, eased to Dead Slow.

2.15am: Proceeding 60 revolutions and increasing.

4.45am: Observed Chicken Rock N 22 degrees W

9.45am: Divisions and prayers. Developed engine room defect (boiler room fan).

Noon: Fan completely broken down. Slowing gradually.

1.45pm: Pilot boarded

2.40pm: Arrived alongside quay (Alexandra jetty)

4caf8638cadfd34197014850: ( 53-39948-011_1.jpg)

17 April 1915


Lat 54.6, Long -6.0

4caf8638cadfd34197014851: ( 53-39948-012_0.jpg)

18 April 1915


Lat 54.6, Long -6.0

9.30am: Church parties landed

10.30am: Mr. [?] Davis, 3rd engineer joined the ship.

1.30pm: Liberty men fallen in, inspected and at 1.40 went ashore.

1.50pm: Six firemen went ashore

4caf8638cadfd34197014852: ( 53-39948-012_1.jpg)

19 April 1915


Lat 54.6, Long -6.0

7.30am: After part second watch hoisted out defective engine parts.

11.50am: Mails came aboard

12.10pm: W. Hurst, Chief Gunner joined the ship.

4caf8638cadfd34197014853: ( 53-39948-013_0.jpg)

20 April 1915


Lat 54.6, Long -6.0

9.45am: Divisions, prayers read

11.50am: Lieutenant Bond RNR joined ship

3.40pm: Private Pife RMLI left ship for Belfast hospital

8.45pm: Mr.[?] Hazlehurst, late gunner, left ship to join HMS Agincourt

4caf8638cadfd34197014854: ( 53-39948-013_1.jpg)

21 April 1915

Belfast to patrol

Lat 55.3, Long -6.4

4.35am: Left berth

5.30am: Passed Pile lighthouse

5.35am: Dropped pilot, proceeded

8.50am: Signalled HMS Tara

4.10pm: Evening quarters. Steering gear correct

11.30pm: Stopped for repairs in engine room

12.00pm: Observed steam ship light bearingS43W

4caf8638cadfd34197014855: ( 53-39948-014_0.jpg)

22 April 1915

Belfast to patrol

Lat 58.1, Long -8.6

Shipped stopped throughout the watch owing to engine room defects.

5.25am: Engine room repairs completed. Proceeded.

6.12am: Observed St.Kilda Island

5.15pm: Observed steamer, challenged. Reply correct, proved HMS Cedric.

5.55pm: Took station two cables in Cedric’s port beam. Sent boat for letters and HMS Otway’s prize crew.

6.20pm: Hoisted boat and proceeded

4caf8638cadfd34197014856: ( 53-39948-014_1.jpg)

23 April 1915

On patrol

Lat 62.1, Long -10.0

2.25pm: Commenced to swing ship to test directional aerial.

3.18pm: Observed steam ship

3.35pm: Challenged, reply correct, proved HMS Otway

4.05pm: Boat from HMS Otway arrived alongside

4.10pm: Boat left

4.15pm: Proceeded

4.50pm: Telemotor gear correct

4caf8638cadfd34197014857: ( 53-39948-015_0.jpg)

24 April 1915

Patrol to Reykjavik

Lat 62.8, Long -15.8

Exercised guns, searchlights and seaboat’s crews

5.15am: Observed trawler steaming south. Closed. Distinguished number H506 [H506 was the steam trawler Cornelian. Cornelian went missing in January 1916, presumed lost with all hands].

5.25am: Resumed course, position of trawler 62 43 N 14 52 W

9.10am: Clocks put back 30 minutes

0.50pm: Clocks put back 30 minutes

4.00pm: Evening quarters

4caf8638cadfd34197014858: ( 53-39948-015_1.jpg)

25 April 1915


Lat 62.8, Long -20.7

6.35am: Skarfasteter lighthouse abeam

9.05am: Grotta lighthouse abeam

9.35am: Engey Island lighthouse abeam

9.41am: Anchored in 7 fathoms, north end of Engey Island

10.20am: Out motor boat and number four cutter, His Britannic Majesty’s vice-consul boarded.

10.45am: Captain and vice-consul went ashore

0.30pm: Captain came aboard with consul and representative.

1.25pm: Guard fallen in on poop

1.30pm: Danish gunboat Islands Falk sent guard boat alongside, officer came aboard.

1.40pm: Danish officer left

1.50pm: Captain went ashore in cutter.

Clocks advanced to 2.30 pm

3.00pm: First and second cutters away, safe in second cutter. Guard boat went to Danish gunboat.

4.30pm: Captain returned and Danish captain came aboard.

4.45pm: Danish captain left

5.20pm: Anchor aweigh

6.00pm: Received challenge

7.10pm: Utskalar lighthouse abeam

9.05pm: Advanced clock 30 minutes

4caf8638cadfd34197014859: ( 53-39948-016_0.jpg)

26 April 1915

Iceland to patrol

Lat 62.2, Long -18.2

2.30am: Advanced clocks 30 minutes to GMT

9.55am: Altered course to close steam ship

10.38am: Stopped and boarded Swedish SS Norrbotten of Stockholm.

11.57am: Boarding boat returned

0.05pm: Away first prize crew

0.20pm: Boat returned and hoisted

4.40pm: Telemotor gear correct

Exercised guns, searchlights and seaboats crew.

4caf8638cadfd3419701485a: ( 53-39948-016_1.jpg)

27 April 1915

Reykjavik to patrol

Lat 62.5, Long -9.4

Noon: Altered course towards Swedish barque and boarding boat left.

1.20pm: Boat returned and hoisted

2.05pm: Altered course north to intercept steamer

3.10pm: Stopped. Away boarding boat to British trawler T.E.Ferens of Hull.

3.30pm: Cutter returned

3.45pm: Proceeded

4caf8638cadfd3419701485b: ( 53-39948-017_0.jpg)

28 April 1915

On patrol

Lat 62.9, Long -8.6

10.15am: Observed steam ship bearing N13E

11.20am: Stopped

11.21 Away boarding boat

(Steam trawlers Elf King (H1012) and Christopher (H207))

11.40am: Allowed Elf King to proceed, boarded Christopher

11.52am: Allowed Christopher to proceed, cutter returned

0.02 Cutter hoisted

0.05 Proceeded

4caf8638cadfd3419701485c: ( 53-39948-017_1.jpg)

29 April 1915

On patrol

Lat 63.2, Long -8.9

10.30 RNR Officers to gunnery instruction

4caf8638cadfd3419701485d: ( 53-39948-018_0.jpg)

30 April 1915

On patrol

Lat 63.1, Long -9.0

9.00am: Steady course N60E intercepting trawler

3.45pm: Observed steam ship steering NE. Challenged, reply correct.


4caf8638cadfd3419701485e: ( 53-39948-018_1.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd3419701485f: ( 53-39948-019_0.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd34197014860: ( 53-39948-019_1.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd34197014861: ( 53-39948-020_0.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd34197014862: ( 53-39948-020_1.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd34197014863: ( 53-39949-001_0.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd34197014864: ( 53-39949-001_1.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd34197014865: ( 53-39949-002_0.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd34197014866: ( 53-39949-002_1.jpg)

1 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 63.2, Long -9.2

1.00pm: Paid monthly money. Issued soap and tobacco

2.15pm: Hailed trawler Jane Ross of Aberdeen. Allowed to proceed. Courses as ordered.

6.00pm: Observed two steamships bearing SWW

6.12pm: Challenged. Reply correct, HMS Alsatian.

6.20pm: Courses to navigator’s orders

6.45pm: Altered course, taking station one mile NNW of HMS Alsatian.

10.00pm: Parted from HMS Alsatian.

4caf8638cadfd34197014867: ( 53-39949-003_0.jpg)

2 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 63.1, Long -9.1

3.40am: Hands to day defence stations.

7.15am: Observed steamship bearing S47E

8.37am: Altered course NW to close steam trawler Viceroy (GY 567).

8.51am: Proceeded

10.00am: Divisions and prayers. Captain read ‘Articles of War’ to ship’s company.

1.30pm: Seaboats’ crew secured boats

7.00pm: Watch secured all moveable gear on deck

4caf8638cadfd34197014868: ( 53-39949-003_1.jpg)

3 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 63.4, Long -9.2

7.15am: Altered course S75W to intercept trawler.

7.50am: Course as required

10.00am: Exercised fire stations

1.30pm: Exercised control parties

5.00pm: Altered course south to intercept trawler bearing SW.

5.40pm: HMS Otway challenged, was answered correctly.

6.00pm: Hailed trawler Samson (GY295). Allowed to proceed.

6.00pm: Altered course to close sailing trawler Hafare [?] of Verdesjde, allowed to proceed.

7.05pm: Altered course to intercept two steam trawlers.

8.20pm: Course as required around trawlers Braeriach and Haurcate [?].

8.30pm: Proceeded course as required to close trawler Ulster.

9.10pm: Proceeded

4caf8638cadfd34197014869: ( 53-39949-004_0.jpg)

4 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 62.4, Long -9.8

10.00am: Guns crew exercise at loader.

4caf8638cadfd3419701486a: ( 53-39949-004_1.jpg)

5 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 63.0, Long -11.1

3.10am: Stopped

3.12am: Manoeuvring around trailer Volcana of Grimsby

6.30pm: Commenced to swing ship for deviation

7.00pm: Evolution complete

4caf8638cadfd3419701486b: ( 53-39949-005_0.jpg)

6 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 62.5, Long -10.2

2.00am: Altered course west to cut off vessel

2.20am: Stopped and examined trawler Chrysolite (H499).

2.35am: Allowed her to proceed

5.10am: Observed sail trawler altered course as required to close.

6.00am: Stopped and examined Danish trawler City of Norwich of Vaag, allowed her to proceed.

6.07am: Shaped course west to close topsail schooner

7.00am: Stopped and boarded Danish SS Emanuel of Svendborg.

7.35am: Allowed SS Emanuel to proceed

10.00am: Commenced target practice

11.30am: Ceased firing

11.35am: Proceeded

1.20pm: Stopped and boarded trawler Commander Holbrook of Hull.

1.40pm: Trawler allowed to proceed

1.45pm: Proceeded

1.55pm: Observed steam ship, altered course

10.30pm: Watch to night defence stations

4caf8638cadfd3419701486c: ( 53-39949-005_1.jpg)

7 May 1915

Lat 63.2, Long -10.0

10.00am: Control parties and guns crew to stations. Stopped and boarded Hull trawler Lord Landsdowne.

10.15am: Manoeuvring around target and carrying out aiming practice with port guns.

10.40am: Allowed trawler to proceed

10.55am: Sent cutter away with boys for rowing practice and continued firing.

0.15pm: Picked up target and proceeded to pick up cutter.

0.45pm: Hoisted up cutter and proceeded

5.30pm: Observed sailing ship steering WNW

6.05pm: Altered course to close vessel

6.30pm: Boarded Norwegian whaler Bos, Sandifjord to Denmark Straits.

6.55pm: Allowed vessel to proceed, seaboat returned.

7.00pm: Proceeded

4caf8638cadfd3419701486d: ( 53-39949-006_0.jpg)

8 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 63.3, Long -10.3

3.45am: Examined trawler by megaphone (STA 164, Braconmoor).

3.58am: Allowed trawler to proceed’

10.00am: Altered course to intercept trawler

10.40am: Stopped and boarded steam trawler Cambodia (GY 597).

11.05am: Allowed her to proceed

11.10pm: Proceeded

Noon: Altered course to intercept sailing vessel

0.30pm: Stopped and boarded Danish sailing trawler Immanuel (TG 351).

1.10pm: Proceeded north

3.25pm: Observed steam ship bearing S26W

3.30pm: Challenged by HMS Alsatian and replied

4.00pm: Keeping station one mile ESE of HMS Alsatian

5.05pm: Stopped

5.10pm: Sent cutter to HMS Alsatian

5.25pm: Boat from HMS Hildebrand alongside

6.45pm: Cutter hoisted and proceeded

7.00pm: Connected up aft telemotor gear

8.00pm: Stopped and shifted to fore telemotor gear

4caf8638cadfd3419701486e: ( 53-39949-006_1.jpg)

9 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 63.3, Long -10.3

4.27am: Altered course to close steam trawler

4.45am: Ranged alongside steam trawler Stalker (GY496), reduced speed and examined her by megaphone.

4.47am: Proceeded

6.00am: Stopped to shift to hand steering gear

8.30am: Proceeded steering with fore telemotor gear

9.30am: Reduced to 40 revolutions for engine room purposes.

10.55am: Stopped for engine room purposes

4.30pm: Observed steam ship bearing S64W

4.35pm: Challenged by HMS Teutonic and replied

5.10pm: Stopped. Boat from HMS Teutonic came alongside with cot case.

6.00pm: Teutonic’s boat left

6.02pm: Proceeded

4caf8638cadfd3419701486f: ( 53-39949-007_0.jpg)

10 May 1915

Patrol to Firth of Clyde

Lat 59.5, Long -12.0

9.00am: Closed sailing ship

9.50am: Stopped

9.52am: Boarded Norwegian ship Olav of Tvedestrand

9.54am: Engine and helm as required for circling around ship.

10.25am: Ship allowed to proceed, boat returned and hoisted

10.37 Hoisted

11.45am: Stopped, engine room defects

11.57am: Proceeded

0.13pm: Stopped, engine room defects

0.45pm: Proceeded

1.30pm: Changed course to intercept sailing ship

2.10pm: Stopped, boarded barque Signal of Ahuis

2.45pm: Allowed her to proceed, boat returned

2.55pm: Proceeded

4caf8638cadfd34197014870: ( 53-39949-007_1.jpg)

11 May 1915

Patrol to Firth of Clyde

Lat 56.4, Long -9.0

10.10pm: Mull of Cantyre lighthouse abeam 2 miles

11.20pm: Sanda Island lighthouse abeam

4caf8638cadfd34197014871: ( 53-39949-008_0.jpg)

12 May 1915

Patrol to Firth of Clyde

Lat 55.7, Long -5.0

3.00am: Challenged by Toward Pt. war signal station and replied

4.15am: Stopped. Let go starboard anchor

6.10pm: Pilot came on board

6.35am: Made tug fast aft and hose anchor

6.38am: Proceeded up Clyde helm and speed as required

8.50am: Entered dock gates, hands preparing ship for coaling

9.30am: All fast alongside number four coaling crane

9.45am: Three Engine Room Artificers joined ship from HMS Eagle

11.40am: First prize crew returned on board

0.30pm: Discharged midshipman from HMS Teutonic to hospital.

0.40pm: Commenced coaling

0.50pm: Mail came on board

2.50pm: HMS Caribbean's prize crew left

4caf8638cadfd34197014872: ( 53-39949-008_1.jpg)

13 May 1915

Glasgow, Queen’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

8.00am: Commenced coaling

9.00am: Stopped coaling for breakfast

11.25am: Two tugs came alongside

0.22pm: Finished coaling

1.10pm: Alongside quay Queen’s Dock

4caf8638cadfd34197014873: ( 53-39949-009_0.jpg)

14 May 1915

Glasgow, Queen’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

9.40am: Three ratings joined ship

0.30pm: Captain (E) came aboard

1.00pm: Captain (E) went ashore

1.55pm: Tug St. Wrestler alongside

4caf8638cadfd34197014874: ( 53-39949-009_1.jpg)

15 May 1915

Glasgow, Finnieston Quay

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

9.45am: Ship left Queen's Dock

10.55am: All alongside crane

Noon: Mainmast unshipped and landed

Hands employed cleaning ship’s side

4caf8638cadfd34197014875: ( 53-39949-010_0.jpg)

16 May 1915

Glasgow, Finnieston Quay

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

4caf8638cadfd34197014876: ( 53-39949-010_1.jpg)

17 May 1915

Glasgow, Finnieston Quay

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

Leading Seaman Sparkes RNVR left ship.

4caf8638cadfd34197014877: ( 53-39949-011_0.jpg)

18 May 1915

Glasgow, Finnieston Quay

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

Hands employed as required taking in stores.

3.20pm: Ship left beth at Finnieston Quay

4.30pm: Secured alongside Meadowside Quay

4caf8638cadfd34197014878: ( 53-39949-011_1.jpg)

19 May 1915

Glasgow, Meadowside Quay

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

5.30pm: Tugs came alongside. Pilot aboard.

4caf8638cadfd34197014879: ( 53-39949-012_0.jpg)

20 May 1915


Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

10.20am: Body of dead man seen floating past ship. Notified authorities.

1.10pm: One fireman joined ship from HMS Columbella. Hands employed refitting rigging.

1.45pm: One fireman joined ship from HMS India.

4.00pm: Singles up, tugs made fast

4.15pm: Let go and hauled out from quay and proceeded down Clyde, helm and speed as required.

10.15pm: Discharged pilot and proceeded full speed

4caf8638cadfd3419701487a: ( 53-39949-012_1.jpg)

21 May 1915

Firth of Clyde to patrol

Lat 56.5, Long -7.8

3.30am: Passed Mull of Cantyre

4caf8638cadfd3419701487b: ( 53-39949-013_0.jpg)

22 May 1915

Firth of Clyde to patrol

Lat 60.0, Long -11.9

4caf8638cadfd3419701487c: ( 53-39949-013_1.jpg)

23 May 1915

Firth of Clyde to patrol

Lat 60.6, Long -8.0

2.20pm: Reduced to 63 revolutions. Regulations adhered to in fog.

4caf8638cadfd3419701487d: ( 53-39949-014_0.jpg)

24 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 60.7, Long -7.7

10.30am: Observed sailboat bearing N52E

11.10am: Boarded Danish schooner Venin

11.55am: Schooner allowed to proceed

1.00pm: Observed sailing ship bearing NW

1.15pm: Altered course to close steamship bearing NE

1.40pm: Stopped and boarded SS Henrik (Norwegian) of Drammen.

1.48pm: Circling round SS Henrik

1.50pm: Observed small steamer making towards us.

2.40pm: Trawler St. Bernard (GY 1280) close up, turned to meet her and signalled boat to board her.

2.45pm: SS Henrik proceeded flying flag “O”.

3.15pm: Trawler proceeded

4caf8638cadfd3419701487e: ( 53-39949-014_1.jpg)

25 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 60.1, Long -10.0

10.30am: Altered course south to close HMS Alsatian and HMS Cedric.

11.25am: Stopped.

11.30am: Away first and fourth cutter to HMS Alsatian.

11.50am: Cutters returned

0.25pm: Proceeded

3.00pm: Stopped

3.05pm: Boarded Danish government barque Nordlyset [?]

4.05pm: Allowed barque to proceed

4caf8638cadfd3419701487f: ( 53-39949-015_0.jpg)

26 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 61.8, Long -6.2

1.30am: Observed land on N57E identified as Sydero

8.30am: Navigator took charge. Course and speed as required for entering Thorshavn

0.30pm: British Consul came on board

0.50pm: British Consul went ashore

4.55pm: Governor came on board

7.00pm: Governor went ashore

9.50pm: Anchor aweigh

9.55pm: Courses to navigator’s orders

4caf8638cadfd34197014880: ( 53-39949-015_1.jpg)

27 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 60.5, Long -8.4

9.50am: Observed smoke of steamer, altered course to intercept her.

10.00am: Exercised collision station

11.10am: Boarded steam trawler Adventure (FD 154).

0.05pm: Allowed trawler to proceed

0.30pm: Proceeded

4.05pm: First Lieutenant read warrant nr.1 before ship’s company.

7.10pm: Observed trawler

7.35pm: Stopped and boarded British trawler Cayrian (GY645).

8.10pm: Proceeded

9.35pm: Observed vessel, altered course to intercept her.

10.00pm: Stopped. Boarded steam trawler Eliane (GY481)

11.13pm: Allowed her to proceed

11.30pm: Proceeded

4caf8638cadfd34197014881: ( 53-39949-016_0.jpg)

28 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 61.0, Long -8.8

4.10am: Stopped, boarder trawler Glenogil of Glasgow.

4.35am: Allowed trawler to proceed

4.40am: Proceeded, altered course to intercept trawler.

5.00am: Stopped and boarder trawler Manxman of Grimsby.

5.16am: Turned ship to sink floating barrel.

6.25am: Allowed trawler to proceed

6.30am: Proceeded at 74 revolutions to intercept trawler.

7.35am: Stopped alongside trawler Olearia of Grimsby.

7.55am: Proceeded at 74 revolutions, allowed trawler to proceed

8.35am: Altered course towards trawler

9.45am: Divisions and prayers

10.35am: Stopped and boarded Danish schooner Concordia.

11.50am: Allowed vessel to proceed.

3.20pm: Observed trawler bearing north altered course NE to intercept her.

4.45pm: Observed trawler

4caf8638cadfd34197014882: ( 53-39949-016_1.jpg)

29 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 60.7, Long -8.0

9.55pm: Altered course to intercept steam ship

10.50pm: Stopped alongside SS Tipla. Found armed guard on board, allowed her to proceed.

11.00pm: Proceeded

4caf8638cadfd34197014883: ( 53-39949-017_0.jpg)

30 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 60.6, Long -8.0

10.30am: Published Banns of marriage of W. Evans Seaman Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (first reading).

4caf8638cadfd34197014884: ( 53-39949-017_1.jpg)

31 May 1915

On patrol

Lat 62.0, Long -8.0

7.30am: Fore bridge wing erections removed

8.15am: Observed steam ship, altered course to intercept her

8.25am: Vessel proved a trawler, resumed original course

1.05pm: Navigator took charge. Course as required

2.20pm: Sent away fourth cutter

3.00pm: Boat recalled and hoisted. Proceeded towards Vestmannhavn.

4.15pm: Stopped

4.22pm: Let go starboard anchor off Vestmannhavn

4.30pm: Away motor boat

5.15pm: Motor boat returned with the Seisleman [?] of Vestmannhavn

7.00pm: Visitor returned on shore

7.20pm: Anchors aweigh

9.00pm: Passed trawler Scouter (GY1180)

9.20pm: Entering Thorshavn

9.35pm: Let go starboard anchor


4caf8638cadfd34197014885: ( 53-39949-018_0.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd34197014886: ( 53-39949-018_1.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd34197014887: ( 53-39949-019_0.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd34197014888: ( 53-39949-019_1.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd34197014889: ( 53-39950-001_0.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd3419701488a: ( 53-39950-001_1.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd3419701488b: ( 53-39950-002_0.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd3419701488c: ( 53-39950-002_1.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd3419701488d: ( 53-39950-003_0.jpg)

4caf8638cadfd3419701488e: ( 53-39950-003_1.jpg)

1 June 1915


Lat 62.2, Long -6.3

0.50am: Motor boat returned and hoisted

6.00am: Anchor away, proceeded from Thorshavn

7.50am: Altered course to close sailing trawlers

8.15am: Courses various for examination of trawlers

12.00am: Finished examination of trawlers

1.00pm: Paid monthly money

1.05pm: Entering fjord, making for Klaksvig

2.03pm: Let go starboard anchor in Klaksvig anchorage.

3.47pm: Commenced heaving up anchor

4.00pm: Courses various for leaving harbour and passing through Kalso fjord.

5.40pm: Kabelen lighthouse abeam

8.35pm: Südero lighthouse abeam

11.00pm: Circling to starboard to investigate object in water.

4caf8638cadfd3419701488f: ( 53-39950-004_0.jpg)

2 June 1915

On patrol

Lat 60.6, Long -8.0

4caf8638cadfd34197014890: ( 53-39950-004_1.jpg)

3 June 1915

On patrol

Lat 61.6, Long -2.3

1.35am: Engine room reposted, revolutions increased to 75.

8.10am: Altered course to intercept steam trawler

8.50am: Spoke trawler Hermione from Iceland to Hull.

11.55am: Altered course to intercept sailing trawler

0.15pm: Stopped

0.20pm: Boarded Swedish sailing trawler Violett of Naset

1.40pm: Cutter returned, trawler detained pending instructions. Commenced circling around her.

4.00pm: Closed trawler and stopped

4.45pm: Put first armed guard in charge of Sub-Lieutenant Young RNR aboard Violett and ordered her to proceed to Kirkwall.

4.50pm: Proceeded to intercept schooner

5.35pm: Stopped and boarded Danish schooner Yser of Marstal

6.25pm: Schooner proceeded

6.45pm: Proceeded

4caf8638cadfd34197014891: ( 53-39950-005_0.jpg)

4 June 1915

On patrol

Lat 63.8, Long 3.9

6.40am: Observed smoke of steam ship bearing north

6.45am: Altered course to intercept steamer, found her to be SS Hareyd, Norwegian of Aalesund.

7.10am: Steadied on original course

4.30pm: Passed Norwegian trawler Lun of Aalesund

7.10pm: Observed smoke of steamer bearing N64E

4caf8638cadfd34197014892: ( 53-39950-005_1.jpg)

5 June 1915

On patrol

Lat 65.5, Long 7.5

10.20am: Hooding arrangements for magazines tested and found correct.

4caf8638cadfd34197014893: ( 53-39950-006_0.jpg)

6 June 1915

On patrol

Lat 63.0, Long -0.6

9.20am: Observed steamer, altered course NNE to intercept her

9.35am: Challenged and found her HMS Ambrose

10.00am: Divisions and prayers

10.45am: Published banns of marriage of W. Evans Seaman RNVR (second asking).

4caf8638cadfd34197014894: ( 53-39950-006_1.jpg)

7 June 1915

On patrol

Lat 61.1, Long -3.4

0.50am: Observed steam ship

1.30am: Stopped and boarded British trawler Itonian (GY 108)

2.10am: Allowed trawler to proceed

Rounds visited

7.10am: Observed trawler bearing SW, altered course to close.

7.48am: Hailed British trawler Fortuna (GY140). Altered course to intercept sailing ship.

8.50am: Stopped and boarded ship Stronsa of Buenos Aires.

9.45am: Divisions and prayers

10.00am: Commenced circling round Stronsa.

[HMS Digby and Stronsa manoeuvre around one another for a while]

1.10pm: Allowed Stronsa to proceed

1.20pm: Proceeded

7.05pm: Observed whaler and three-masted schooner

7.10pm: Altered course to starboard to close Danish whaler Hekla of Trangisfaag

7.19pm: Stopped and boarded whaler

7.33pm: SS Hekla proceeded

7.41pm: Proceeded 74 revolutions searching for schooner

9.42pm: Observed and passed a mine

4caf8638cadfd34197014895: ( 53-39950-007_0.jpg)

8 June 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.6, Long -7.3

4.25am: Observed steam ship bearing NNE

4.45am: Stopped and boarded SS Corvus of Bergen

5.30am: Allowed her to proceed

5.40am: Proceeded

8.10am: Observed floating object on starboard beam, altered course towards it and found it an empty wooden box.

8.20am: Stopped and sank box by rifle fire

10.15am: Stopped to pick up floating object which proved a log of wood.

6.10pm: Observed steam ship bearing NNE, altered course to intercept.

7.00pm: Stopped and boarded Swedish SS Kratos of Goteborg.

7.10pm: Signalled HMS Cedric

9.00pm: SS Kratos proceeded

9.10pm: Proceeded

4caf8638cadfd34197014896: ( 53-39950-007_1.jpg)

9 June 1915

On patrol

Lat 59.5, Long -7.0

5.00am: Observed steam ship, altered course to intercept her.

5.16am: Altered course to keep station on Danish SS Ulrikholm of Copenhagen.

7.36am: Allowed SS Ulrikholm to proceed. Proceeded.

5.10pm: Challenged by HMS Cedric, replied correct.

5.15pm: Courses various to close HMS Cedric

6.00pm: Away first cutter to Cedric and fourth cutter to Ebro with hospital case.

9.40pm: Observed steam ship, altered course NExE to intercept her.

10.20pm: Stopped and boarded Dutch trawler Odin

11.50pm: Allowed Odin to proceed

4caf8638cadfd34197014897: ( 53-39950-008_0.jpg)

10 June 1915

Lat 59.4, Long -8.1

2.30am: Altered course to close trawler

2.45am: Spoke to trawler Uvularia (GY1190) and allowed her to proceed.

2.55am: Proceeded south

3.15am: Observed steam ship ahead, altered course to intercept her.

4.00am: Stooped and boarded Russian SS Ellind [?]

4.30am: Challenged by HMS Ebro and replied

8.15am: Observed steam ship right ahead which proved HMS Duke of Cornwall.

8.35am: Stopped and embarked armed guards for Duke of Cornwall.

9.40am: Proceeded

Mustered cutters’ crew for instruction

3.55pm: Observed two steam ships

4.05pm: Challenged by HMS Patuca and replied

4.30pm: Stopped

4.40pm: HMS Patia’s boat alongside for armed guard

5.00pm: HMS Patuca’s boat alongside for armed guard

5.00pm: First cutter away to HMS Patia

5.38pm: Proceeded

9.25pm: Observed steam ship bearing NExE. Challenged and received reply from HMS Cedric.

4caf8638cadfd34197014898: ( 53-39950-008_1.jpg)

11 June 1915

Lat 60.0, Long -9.4

6.00am: Observed steamship bearing west. Replied to her challenge, proved HMS Hilary.

6.42am: Altered course closing Hilary

6.55am: Stopped. Two armed guards transhipped to Hilary.

7.10am: Proceeded

10.55am: Observed steamship

11.00am: Altered course west to close HMS Changuinola.

11.30am: Stopped, transhipped one fireman to Changuinola.

1.30pm: Exercised control parties

4caf8638cadfd34197014899: ( 53-39950-009_0.jpg)

12 June 1915

Lat 61.3, Long -2.4

6.00am: Sighted torpedo boat destroyer escorting steamship steering NW. Challenged, reply correct: HMTBD Oak.

8.10am: Observed sailing ship

8.12am: Observed merchant cruiser. Challenged, reply correct: HMS Teutonic.

8.45am: Keeping on beam of HMS Teutonic.

9.40am: Stopped. Transhipped armed guard for HMS India.

10.45am: Reduced to 60 knots cleaning fires.

0.05pm: Stopped. Engine room defects.

0.20pm: Resumed course and speed

3.08pm: Observed cruiser and two torpedo boat destroyers bearing N40W steering to the south.

3.24pm: Exchanged pendants with HMS Lancaster

9.00pm: Passed British steam trawler Star of the Seas (A538).

4caf8638cadfd3419701489a: ( 53-39950-009_1.jpg)

13 June 1915

Lat 59.2, Long -10.3

3.45am: Observed funnels and masts of steamship bearing SW 12’. Appearance of HMS Oratara.

10.00am: Divisions and church. Published banns of marriage of W. Evans Seaman RNVR [Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve], third and last time.

0.10pm: Observed steamship bearing N10W. Challenged- reply correct.

4caf8638cadfd3419701489b: ( 53-39950-010_0.jpg)

14 June 1915

Lat 56.4, Long -9.1

8.00am: Increased to 81 revolutions. Placed extra lookouts and firing crew.

10.00am: Exercised collision stations

4.00pm: Warrant no. 2 read

5.50pm: Observed Inishtrahull lighthouse

9.20pm: Fired at floating object

10.35pm: Observed Mull of Cantyre lighthouse

4caf8638cadfd3419701489c: ( 53-39950-010_1.jpg)

15 June 1915

Lat 55.9, Long -4.8

3.30am: Ceased zig zag courses as required for entering river Clyde.

4.10am: Exchanged private signal with Toward wireless telegraphy station.

4.25am: Spoke exam: steamer

4.40am: Approaching boom, picked up pilot.

4.50am: Passed boom, received flags of the day.

5.22am: Let go starboard anchor 3 shackles at 10 fathoms water at ‘Tail of the Bank’.

7.50am: Tug Flying Wizard alongside

9.10am: Anchors aweigh

9.30am: Turning ship

9.40am: Proceeding up River Clyde to pilot’s orders.

1.55 [11.55?] Entering dock gates

0.15pm: All fast alongside coal crane, Prince’s Dock.

1.00pm: Commenced coaling

4.30pm: One marine left ship for Chatham.

4caf8638cadfd3419701489d: ( 53-39950-011_0.jpg)

16 June 1915

Glasgow, Prince’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

9.35am: Eight firemen discharged to shore.

9.30pm: Sergeant-major joined ship from Chatham.

10.00pm: Lieutenant Charsley R.N. left ship

4caf8638cadfd3419701489e: ( 53-39950-011_1.jpg)

17 June 1915

Glasgow, Prince’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

6.30am: Finished coaling, received 1165 tons

7.00am: Shifted ship from coaling berth

9.30am: Two boxes of cordite landed for special examination.

11.30am: One private Royal Marines Light Infantry joined ship

4caf8638cadfd3419701489f: ( 53-39950-012_0.jpg)

18 June 1915

Glasgow, Prince’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

4caf8638cadfd341970148a0: ( 53-39950-012_1.jpg)

19 June 1915

Glasgow, Prince’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

4.10pm: Two seamen joined ship

4caf8638cadfd341970148a1: ( 53-39950-013_0.jpg)

20 June 1915


Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

10.00am: Divisions, church parties left.

0.20pm: Presbyterian and Wesleyan parties returned.

4caf8638cadfd341970148a2: ( 53-39950-013_1.jpg)

21 June 1915

Glasgow, Prince’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

4caf8638cadfd341970148a3: ( 53-39950-014_0.jpg)

22 June 1915

Glasgow, Prince’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

1.00pm: Lieutenant Bowen RN left the ship.

2.30pm: Leading Seaman Dick RNVR left ship.

4caf8638cadfd341970148a4: ( 53-39950-014_1.jpg)

23 June 1915

Glasgow, Prince’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

00.30am: Two firemen joined ship.

9.00am: Hands cleaning and provisioning ship.

11.30pm: Man from HMS Ambrose fell in dock, was rescued and found to be injured.

11.40pm: Petty Officer sent to HMS Ambrose to report same.

4caf8638cadfd341970148a5: ( 53-39950-015_0.jpg)

24 June 1915

Glasgow, Prince’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

00.15am: Petty Officer returned unable to find HMS Ambrose.

One bayonet belonging to marine lost by accident.

4caf8638cadfd341970148a6: ( 53-39950-015_1.jpg)

25 June 1915

Glasgow, Prince’s Dock

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

10.25am: Rating belonging to HMS Ambrose left the ship.

6.30pm: Discharged Acting Chief Petty Officer to Chatham.

4caf8638cadfd341970148a7: ( 53-39950-016_0.jpg)

26 June 1915

Glasgow, Prince’s Dock to River Clyde

Lat 55.8, Long -4.2

8.00pm: Tugs alongside

8.40pm: Proceeded out of dock, pilot in charge. Course and speed as required for passing down River Clyde.

Exercised general quarters, collision stations and abandon ship stations.

11.30pm: Let go tugs

11.55pm: Discharged pilot

11.57pm: Stopped off Boom defence. Engine room reported defects, took 30 minutes for repairs. Ship returned to Tail of the Bank.

4caf8638cadfd341970148a8: ( 53-39950-016_1.jpg)

27 June 1915

At sea

Lat 55.6, Long -7.2

12.20am: Passed exam[ination?] vessel. Course and speed to pilot’s orders.

1.15am: Anchors aweigh. Proceeded, pilot in charge.

1.50am: Stopped and discharged pilot

2.22am: Skelmorlie lighthouse abeam

3.00am: Cumbrae lighthouse

7.30am: Mull of Cantyre abeam

2.20pm: Stopped and destroyed by gunfire what resembled dummy torpedo head containing calcium light.

6.10pm: Observed five trawlers in company bearing west

6.30pm: British naval trawler Lord Knollys reported submarine close by.

6.45pm: General quarters

8.35pm: Secure

4caf8638cadfd341970148a9: ( 53-39950-017_0.jpg)

28 June 1915

Lat 58.9, Long -11.1

9.45am: Divisions and prayers read

11.45am: Helm put amidships until further orders. Ship’s head swinging to east.

0.10pm: Helm in use again

2.55pm: Stopped and circled round barrel and sank same by rifle fire

3.40pm: Observed steamship and challenged. Proved HMS Montague.

4.00pm: Read warrant nr.3

4.52pm: Commenced zigzagging, pieces of wreckage continually observed.

5.12pm: Observed large barrel, altered course towards it and at 5.40 sunk it by rifle fire.

7.15pm: Passed pieces of wreckage

7.58pm: Stopped

8.15pm: Lowered boat and picked up bale of cotton.

8.30pm: Boat returned, resumed course and speed.

9.40pm: Passed two bales of cotton.

4caf8638cadfd341970148aa: ( 53-39950-017_1.jpg)

29 June 1915

Lat 58.5, Long -10.7

9.40am: Stopped and sunk fishing buoy by rifle fire.

11.35am: Stopped and picked up one bale of cotton.

0.50pm: Variable courses and speeds, using first cutter to pick up five bales of cotton until 2.10 pm.

6.00pm: Passed bale of cotton

6.30pm: Passed large bale of timber

10.15pm: Observed sailing ship bearing N33E

10.58pm: Fired blank

11.05pm: Boarded Norwegian brig Lillesand of Christiansand.

11.55pm: Boat returned, brig proceeded.

4caf8639cadfd341970148ab: ( 53-39950-018_0.jpg)

30 June 1915

Lat 59.0, Long -4.1

4.30am: Reduced to 56 revolutions for engineers’ purposes

7.00am: Sighted stranger, altered course N70W to intercept

7.55am: Stopped. Away boarding boat to Russian SS Katie from Riga.

9.00am: Boat returned, SS Katie proceeded

10.05am: Exercised general quarters and fire stations

4.35pm: Course and speed as required while sinking barrels by rifle fire.

11.37pm: Observed vessel on horizon

11.42 Altered course to intercept. Vessel showing no lights.

Blank pages:

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4caf8639cadfd341970148ae: ( 53-39950-019_1.jpg)

4caf8639cadfd341970148af: ( 53-39950-020_0.jpg)

4caf8639cadfd341970148b0: ( 53-39950-020_1.jpg)