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From mainly contemporary sources - an ongoing project

Escape of Karlsruhe and Dresden, West Indies

(Corbett, Vol 1, click to enlarge)

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Excellent maps and plans (not navigational charts in this context) are vital for helping  to understand the Great War at Sea.


The best sources still appear to be from contemporary accounts, not least the official histories of the Royal Navy. Perhaps there were fewer cost constraints back then.


The aim is to collect together as many of these as possible, all of which are now believed to be in the public domain. This may extend to land campaigns in time, and supplemented where necessary by Naval-History.Net maps. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

The maps come from a variety of old volumes and are of variable quality (for which my scanning and image editing is partly to blame). Click all maps to enlarge - some are large files.


Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net






Part 1

Naval Operations, Vol 1 by Corbett
Naval Operations, Vol 2 by Corbett
Naval Operations, Vol 3 by Corbett, including Jutland
Naval Operations, Vol 4 by Newbolt
Naval Operations, Vol 5 by Newbolt


Part 2

The Navy Everywhere, by Conrad Gato (Africa,  E. Europe, Middle East)

The Navy in Mesopotamia, by Conrad Gato


British Naval Bases in the British Isles
British Naval Bases Overseas


Sourced from:
Old Weather project














NAVAL OPERATIONS, Volume 1, to the Battle of the Falklands, December 1914









Within the Volume (linked to map in text)








Escape of Karlsruhe and Dresden, West Indies, pp50


Shift of Base to Saint Nazaire, France, pp126


Duala and the Cameroons Estuary, pp276


German New Guinea, with Inset of Rabaul, pp286








Cocos Islands; Action Between Sydney and Emden, November 9, pp384


Operations near Basra, Mesopotamia, pp388


Operations near Kurnah, Mesopotamiapp392


Lower Mesopotamia to the Head of the Persian Gulf, pp394








The Battle of The Falklands


Position at 12.51 P.M., pp419


Position at 1.30 P.M., pp420


Positions in Main Action 4.17 P.M. To 4.24 P.M., pp423


Positions in Main Action 4.44 P.M. To 5.01 P.M., pp424










Action between Kent and Nürnberg, 5.35 P.M. to 6.36 P.M., pp430
















NAVAL OPERATIONS, Volume 2, December 1914 to Spring 1915









Within the Volume (linked to map in text)








Bombardment of Hartlepool, England, pp34


Strategical Plan of the Raid on the Yorkshire Coast, England, pp48


Alexandretta, Turkey, pp80


Strategical Plan of the Dogger Bank Action, pp102








Suez Canal, pp118


The Approaches to the Dardanelles, pp123


The Dardanelles, Bombardment of February 19th, 1915, pp143


Dardanelles, Bombardment of February 25th, 1915, pp157








Smyrna, Turkey, pp210


The Dardanelles, the Attack on the Narrows, pp230


Gallipoli, the Southern Beaches, pp328, 329


Eastern Mediterranean, pp382

From Map Case (linked to text)

1. British Islands, North Sea and Baltic Entrance (8.8Mb)

3. The Battle of the Dogger Bank (5.9Mb)

4. The Dardanelles (9.5Mb)

5. The Search for, and Destruction of S.M.S. Dresden (8.9Mb)














NAVAL OPERATIONS, Volume 3, Spring 1915 to Battle of Jutland, June 1916










Within the Volume (linked to map in text)








Operations in the Baltic, pp61


S.M.S. "Konigsberg"  in the Rufiji Delta, pp63


Operations against Suvla: The Landings of the XIth Division, pp93


Suvla Beach, at the date of evacuation, pp237








Tekke "W" Beach, Gallipoli, at the date of evacuation, pp246


Helles "V" Beach, at the date of evacuation, pp247



From Map Case








1. Lower Mesopotamia (1.5Mb)


2. Operations Against Kurnah (397Kb)


3. Sea of Marmara (2.5Mb)


4. The Torpedoing of H.M.S. "Triumph" (1.5Mb)








 5. Operations in the Aegean (2.8Mb)

6. Operations against Suvla (1.9Mb)

7. Destruction of S.M.S.
Meteor (2.1Mb)


8. Operations against the Belgian Coast (1.8Mb)



9. Operations in the Akaika Channel (516Kb)


10. Operations near Nasiriya (991Kb)


11. Operations against Kut (442Kb)

12. Operations of S.M.S. Moewe (1.7Mb)

13. The Raid on the Schleswig Coast (2.2Mb)

14. Strategical Plan of the Bombardment of Yarmouth and Lowestoft (1.9Mb)

15. Tactical Plan of the Bombardment of
Yarmouth and Lowestoft (3.8Mb)


16. Opening Movements (1.6Mb)


The Battle Cruiser Action


17. From 2.15 P.M. to 2.30 P.M.
18. From 2.30 to 2.45
19. From 2.45 to 3.0

20. From 3.0 to 3.15


21. From 3.15 to 3.30
22. From 3.30 to 3.40
23. From 3.40 to 4.0
24. From 4.0 to 4.20

25. From 4.20 to 4.40
26. From 4.40 to 5.0
27. From 5.0 to 5.20
28. From 5.20 to 5.40

29. From 5.40 to 6.0
30. From 6.0 to 6.15

The Deployment

31. From 6.15 P.M. to 6.26 P.M.(1.1Mb)


The Main Action


32. From 6.26 P.M. to 6.35 P.M.


33. From 6.35 to 6.45

34. From 6.45 to 6.56
35. From 6.56 to 7.12

36. From 7.12 to 7.18
37. From 7.18 to 7.26
38. From 7.26 to 7.35
39. From 7.35 to 7.45



40. From 7.45 to 8.15
41. From 8.15 to 8.35
42. From 8.35 to 9.0

43. From 9.0 to 10.0


The Night Movements

44. From 10 P.M. to 3.0 A.M (2.6Mb)


The Night Actions

45. 8 Phases, A-H - 10.30 P.M. to 2.45 A.M.


Phase A - 10.30 P.M.
Phase B - 11.20 P.M.
Phase C - 11.40 P.M.
Phase D - Midnight

Phase E - 12.15 A.M.
Phase F - 12.30 A.M.
Phase G - 2 A.M.
Phase H - 1.40 to 2.45 A.M.

The First of June

46. From 3 A.M. to Noon















NAVAL OPERATIONS, Volume 4, June 1916 to Spring 1917










Within the Volume (linked to map in text)








Loss of the "Hampshire", Orkneys, pp21


The Dover Straits Barrage, pp54


Lake Tanganyika Operations, pp82


Entrance to the Baltic showing the track of E.8, August 1915, pp92








The Central Baltic, pp94


The Balkans, pp100



The Patrol Zones in the Mediterranean, pp276


The British and German Dispositions in the Dover Straits, February 25-26, 1917, pp353








 The British and German Dispositions in the Dover Straits, March 17-18, 1917, pp361


Following raid of March 17-18, 1917, Dover Straits dispositions for Daytime and Light Nights


........ for Dark Nights - Bad and Fine Weather, pp366


  The British and German Dispositions in the Dover Straits, April 20-21, 1917, pp371








June 1916 to April 1917 - Diagram showing the Progress of the Submarine Campaign

 in the Various Theatres of Operations, pp382
















NAVAL OPERATIONS, Volume 5, Spring 1917 to November 1918









Within the Volume (linked to map in text)








British Bombardment of Ostend, pp46


Dispositions for the British Anti-Submarine Operations, June 15-24, 1917, pp55


British Anti-Submarine Operations, July 5-8, 1917, pp122


Intercepting Dispositions Ordered by the British Commander-in-Chief, October 15, 1917, pp150








Plan Illustrating the Orders Issued on November 16, 1917, to the Forces Detailed for the Operations in the Heligoland Bight,  pp166


Extract from Mine Chart Issued to Vice-Admiral Commanding Light Cruiser Squadrons on November 17, 1917,  pp168


Extract from Mine Chart Issued to Vice-Admiral Commanding Battle Cruiser Squadron,  pp168


Diagram Showing Organisation of Local Patrols Falmouth and Devonport, c December 1917,  pp197


 Zeebrugge,  pp247

Railway System in North Russia,  pp320

 British Anti-Submarine Sweep,  pp340


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