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Royal Navy's Distinguished Service Medal for PO's and Ratings

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 Includes Royal Marines and British Merchant Navy





all Admiralty, London, S.W.



28948 - 20 OCTOBER 1914




..... (see Battle of Heligoland Bight, Naval Despatch dated 1 September 1914):


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Ernest Edward Stevens, Chief Engine Room Artificer (1st class), O.N. 269, 451.

Arthur Cecil Smith, Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer (2nd class), O.N. 270, 627.

Albert Fox, Chief Yeoman of Signals, O.N. 194, 656.

Frederick William Walter Wrench, Chief Petty Officer, O.N. 158, 630.

George Henry Sturdy, Chief Stoker, O.N. 285, 547.

Edward Charles Taylor, Chief Stoker, O.N. 283, 225.

James William Armstrong, Engine Room Artificer, 1st class, O.N. 270, 451.

William Rochester Boiston, Engine Room Artificer, 3rd class, O.N. M. 1369.

James Samuel Beadle, Acting Chief Petty Officer, O.N. 171, 733.

Edward Naylor, Petty Officer, O.N. 189, 136.

Arthur Hiscock, Petty Officer, O.N. 191, 423.

Alfred George Antram, Petty Officer, O.N. 223, 207.

Harry Weate, Petty Officer, O.N. 174, 893.

Stephen Pritchard, Stoker Petty Officer, O.N. 285, 152.

Frederick Pierce, Stoker Petty Officer, O.N. 307, 943.

Alfred Britton, Stoker Petty Officer, O.N. 289, 893.

John Galvin, Stoker Petty Officer, O.N. 279, 946.

Arthur Fred Hayes, Armourer, O.N. 342, 026.

Frederick Charles Langridge, Stoker, 1st class, O.N. K. 6765.

Sam Palmer, Leading Seaman, O.N. 179, 529.

William Arthur McGill, Leading Seaman, O.N. 217, 484.

Albert Edmund Sellens, Able Seaman, O.N. 217, 245.

Henry Hurlock, Able Seaman, O.N. 238, 126.




29024 - 29 DECEMBER 1914


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.


For the operations round Antwerp from the 3rd to the 9th October:

Naval Brigade.


Chief Petty Officer Bernard Henry Ellis, No. 748, B. Co., R.N.V.R., London.

Chief Petty Officer (no initials) Payne, D. Co.

Petty Officer William Wallace, O.N., Dev. 211130.

Stoker Petty Officer William Stephen Cole, O.N., Ch. 100113.

Leading Seaman (Acting) Henry Lowe, R. N. R., Dev., No.. B. 2542.

Ordinary Seaman George Ripley, new army recruit, C. Co. (now R.N.V.R.), K. W. /755.

Ordinary Seaman T. Machen, new army recruit, C. Co. (now R.N.V.R.).


Royal Marine Brigade


R. F. R. Ch. 661. Serjeant-Major (Acting) James Thomas Galliford, R.M.L.I.

R. F. R. Ch. 426. Quartermaster-Serjeant George James Kenny, R. M. L.. I.

R. F. R. Ch. 631. Serjeant Gideon Harry Bruce, R.M.L.I.

Ch. 18717. Lance-Corporal Thomas Charles Franks, R.M.L.I.

Ply. 7685. Lance-Corporal Walter John Cook, R.M.L.I.

R. F. R. Ch. 194. Private George Henry Hall, R.M.L.I.

R. F. R. Ch. 1585. Private Charles Joseph Fleet, R.M.L.I.

Ch. 18446. Private Stuart Lang, R.M.L.I.

Senior Reserve Attendant Edmund Walch, Royal Naval Auxiliary Sick Berth Reserve, O.N., M. 9522.

For the operations off the Belgian Coast from the 17th October to the 9th November:

"Falcon." Petty Officer Robert Chappell, O.N., 207788 (since died of wounds received in action - 29 October 1914).

"Falcon." Petty Officer Frederick William Georgeson Motteram, O.N., 183216.

"Brilliant." Leading Seaman John Thomas Knott, O.N., J. 1186.

"Falcon." Able Seaman Ernest Dimmock, O.N., 204549.

"Mersey." Boy, 1st Class, Herbert Edward Sturman, O.N., J. 24887.

For service in the Dardanelles in Submarine "B. 11" on the 13th December:

Petty Officer William Charles Milsom, O.N., 182452.

Petty Officer Thomas Henry Davey, O.N., 215464.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, John Harding, O.N., 270410.

Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class, Anthony Douglas, O.N., 270773.

Stoker Petty Officer Patrick McKenna, O.N., 284570.

Leading Seaman Alfred Edmund Perry, O.N., 234677.

Leading Seaman Wilfrid Charles Mortimer, O.N., 219476.

Able Seaman Norman Lester Rae, O.N., 232229.

Able Seaman George Read, O.N., 231010.

Able Seaman Edward Buckle, O.N., 237869.

Able Seaman Tom Blake, O.N., J. 1383.

Signalman Frederick George Foote, O.N., J. 1862.

Acting Leading Stoker John Henry Sowden, O.N., 308448.

Stoker, 1st Class, Stephen James Lovelady, O.N., K. 2240.






all Admiralty, London, S.W.



29076 - 16 FEBRUARY 1915




.....  (see East Coast Minesweeping Operations, Naval Despatch dated 19 February 1915):


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Robert A. Gray, Engineman, R.N.R., No. 694ES.

William A. Lewis, Petty Officer, 1st Class, O.N.178498.

Christopher Briggs, Engineman, R.N.R., No. 1542ES.

William Gladding, Cook, R.N.R., No. 223TC.

Robert Frost, Second Hand, R.N.R., No. 81DA.

Naval Seaplane Operations in Heligoland Bight


..... (see Naval Despatch dated 19 February 1915):


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Petty Officer Mechanic James William Bell, No. M. 489.

Chief Petty Officer Mechanic Gilbert Howard William Budds, No. 271764.




29087 - 2 MARCH 1915




..... (see Battle of the Falklands, Naval Despatch dated 19 December 1914):


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Petty Officer David Leighton, O.N. 124238.

Petty Officer, 2nd Class, Matthew J. Walton (R.F.R., A. 1756), O.N. 118358.

Leading Seaman Frederick Sidney Martin, O.N. 233301, Gunner's Mate, Gunlayer, 1st Class.

Signalman Frank Glover, O.N. 225731.

Chief Engine-Room Artificer, 2nd Class, John George Hill, O.N. 269646.

Acting Chief Engine-Room Artificer, 2nd Class, Robert Snowdon, O.N. 270654.

Engine-Room Artificer, 1st Class, George Henry Francis McCarten, O.N. 270023.

Stoker Petty Officer George S. Brewer, O.N. 150950.

Stoker Petty Officer William Alfred Townsend, O.N. 301650.

Stoker, 1st Class, John Smith, O.N. SS 111915.

Shipwright, 1st Class, Albert N. E. England, O.N. 341971.

Shipwright, 2nd Class, Albert C. H. Dymott, O.N. M 8047.




29088 - 2 MARCH 1915




..... (see Battle of the Dogger Bank, Despatch dated 2 February 1915):


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Petty Officer John William Kemmett, O.N. 186788.

Able Seaman Henry Davis, O.N. 184526.

Able Seaman Hubert F. Griffin, O.N. J, 14160.

Able Seaman Peter Stanley Livingstone, O.N. 234328.

Able Seaman Herbert Robison, O.N. 209112.

Able Seaman George Henry le Seilleur, O.N. 156802.

Boy, 1st Class, Francis G. H Bamford, O.N. J. 26598.

Boy, 1st Class, Julius F. Rogers, O.N. J. 28329.

Chief Engine-Room Artificer, 1st Class, Evan Richard Hughes, O.N. 268999.

Chief Engine-Room Artificer, 2nd Class, Wm. Beaty Dand, O.N. 270648.

Chief Engine-Room Artificer W. Gillespie, O.N. 270080.

Mechanician Alexander James Cannon, O.N. 175440.

Mechanician Edward Charles Ephgrave, O.N. 288231.

Chief Stoker Patrick Callaghan, O.N. 278953.

Chief Stoker Alfred Wm. Ferris, O.N. 175824.

Chief Stoker John Ernest James, O.N. 174232.:

Chief Stoker Walter E., James, O.N. 294406.

Chief Stoker James Keating, R.F.R., O.N. 165732.

Stoker Petty Officer Michael Flood, R.F.R., O.N. 153418.

Stoker Petty Officer Thomas Wm. Hardy, O.N. 292542.

Stoker Petty Officer Albert John Sims, O.N. 276502.

Stoker Petty Officer Samuel Westaway, R.F.R., O.N. 300938.

Acting Leading Stoker John Blackburn, O.N. K. 4844.

Stoker, lst Class, Alan H. Bennet, O.N. K.10700.

Stoker, 2nd Class, Harold Turner, O.N. K. 22720.

Leading Carpenter's Crew, Emmanuel Omega Bradley, O.N. 346621.

Leading Carpenter's Crew, Elisha Currie, O.N. 344851.

Sick Berth Attendant Charles S. Hutchinson, O.N. M. 3882.

Chief Writer Samuel G. White, O.N. 340597.

Third Writer Herbert C. Green, O.N. M. 8266.

Officers' Steward, 3rd Class, Fred W. Kearley, O.N. L. 2716.




29123 - 9 APRIL 1915


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal


For services during the chase of the German Cruisers "Goeben" and "Breslau" by H.M.S. "Gloucester," 6th and 7th August, 1914:

Theodore Frank Perrow, Petty Officer Telegraphist, O N 238640, H.M.S. “Gloucester".


For services in the action between the "Carmania" and the "Cap Trafalgar," 14th September, 1914:

John Walker Jones, Chief Petty Officer, ON 116929 (RFR Po A 979)

Robert Walter Andrews, Chief Petty Officer, O N 143783 (RFR Po A 3472)

Charles Ware, Petty Officer, R.N., O.N. 173515.

William Frederick Clark, 2nd Yeoman of Signals, O.N. 220953 (R.F.R. Po. B.3406).

Albert Edward Mitchell, Armourer, R.N., O.N. 342296.

William Samuel Dyer, Serjeant, R.M.A., R.F.R., R.M.A./4607.

Richard Robert Branake, Gunner, R.M.A., R.F.R., R.M.A./10783.

William Ernest Wadsworth, Private, R.M.L.I., R.F.R., O.N. Po./9430.

Arthur Stanley Fletcher, Seaman, R.N.R., 3746 B.

John Hanlon, Seaman, R.N.R., 3177 C.

Matthew Green, Chief Steward.

Thomas Adams, Officers' Steward (3rd Class).


For services in the action between H.M.A.S. "Sydney" and the German Cruiser "Emden" on the 9th of November, 1914:

Arthur W. Lambert, Chief Petty Officer; R.A.N. 7899.

Bertie Green, Able Seaman, R.A.N. 2511.

Joseph Kinniburgh, Able Seaman, R.A.N. 2907.

Harold M. Collins, Able Seaman, R.A.N. 3157.

William Alfred Taylor, Able Seaman, R.A.N. 2820.

Thomas Edward Mullins, Sick Berth Steward, R.A.N. 1606.


For services at Dar-es-Salaam, 28th November, 1914:

George Edwin Upton, Able Seaman, O.N. 190145.

Walter Vernon, Stoker Petty Officer, O.N. 309032.

Frank Puleston, Stoker, 1st Class, O.N. K. 14406.


For services in the Shatt-el-Arab, 3rd to 9th December, 1914:

Walter Vale, Petty Officer, 1st Class, O.N. 202226

Douglas Lacey, Stoker, R.N.R. 2903 T.


For services rendered in action off Hartlepool on 16th December, 1914:

John Walter Johnson, Signalman, O.N. J 6110, H.M.S. "Hardy."


For gallant behaviour on reconnaissance in a Hydroplane at Akaba about the 6th January, 1915:

Quartier-Maitre Hervé Grail, of the Aviation Marine Francaise.


For services rendered whilst attached to landing party from H.M.S. "Doris," at Alexandretta, on the 6th and 7th January, 1915

Sydney Albert Cutcliffe, Acting Chief Petty Officer, O.N. 164855.

Walter George Stocker, Petty Officer, O.N. 220505.

William Booth, Petty Officer, O.N. 206814.

Percy Charles Joyce, Stoker, 1st Class, O.N. S.S. 109335.

Hugh L. Wallace, Private, R.M.L.I., No. Ply/13791.


For services in the operations on the Suez Canal, 3rd February, 1915-

William Arthur Colgate, Petty Officer, O.N. 212763.


For services in connection with sinking of U.8:

Alfred Ethelbert Bushell, Chief Petty Officer, O.N. 156648.

Oswald Sydney Scholey, Petty Officer, O.N. 205660.

William Neale, Petty Officer, O.N. 217518.

Henry Ernest Knight, Petty Officer, 1st Class, O.N. 176903.

John Checkley, Petty Officer, 1st Class, O.N. 191617.

John Buttonshaw, Yeoman of Signals, O.N. 215905.

Ernest Farnsworth, Able Seaman, O.N. 220392.

Peter Robert Youngs, Able Seaman, O.N. J. 9388.

Alfred Charles Philip Arnold, Able Seaman, O.N. 152157.

George William Tatler, Able Seaman, O.N. J. 70.


For services in connection with the sinking of U.12:

Thomas Ong, Chief Petty Officer, Torpedo Coxswain, O.N. 156848.

William McGoff, Chief Petty Officer, Torpedo Coxswain, O.N. 187916.

Arthur Davis, Chief Petty Officer, Torpedo Coxswain, O.N. 161905.

George Rodgers, Petty Officer, O.N. 165462.

Frederick Marshall, Leading Seaman, O.N. 215976.




29169 - 21 MAY 1915

(for Victoria Cross) ..... in command of Submarine E.14, when he dived his vessel under the enemy minefields and entered the Sea of Marmora on the 27th April, 1915. In spite of great navigational difficulties from strong currents, of the continual neighbourhood of hostile patrols, and of the hourly danger of attack from the enemy, he continued to operate in the narrow waters of the Straits and succeeded in sinking two Turkish gunboats and one large military transport.

Approval has also been given for the award of the Distinguished Service Medal to each member of the crew of E. 14.




29180 - 1 JUNE 1915


The following Awards have also been made to men of the Royal Naval Division recognition of their services with the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (Gallipoli)  (see Statements of Services):


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Petty  Officer Walter Mason, Po/S.S./ 105741, Drake Battalion.

Leading Seaman John Rogerson, Dev/2698, Anson Battalion.

Stoker Herbert Horace Purnell, Ch/S.S./101868, Hood Battalion.

Sergeant N. Roberts, R.M.L.I., S.3440, Field Ambulance.

Private George Stockham, Ply/S.B.S./R.N.A.S.B.R./Plymouth Battalion.




29206 - 25 JUNE 1915


(for Victoria Cross)  ..... one of His Majesty's Submarines while operating in the Sea of Marmora. In the face of great danger he succeeded in destroying one large Turkish gunboat, two transports, one ammunition ship and three storeships, in addition to driving one storeship ashore. When he had safely passed the most difficult part of his homeward journey he returned again to torpedo a Turkish transport.

Approval has also been given for the award of the Distinguished Service Medal to each member of the crew.




29211 - 29 JUNE 1915


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.


For service in the action in the Heligoland Bight on 28th August, 1914: 

Chief Petty Officer Archibald Charles Bishop, O.N. 142578.


For services in the engagement with four German Torpedo Boat Destroyers on 17th October, 1914:

Chief Petty Officer Arthur Henry Kilby, O.N.168038.

Petty Officer Frederick William Tickner, O.N.J.3084.

Petty Officer Walter Arthur Millard, O.N.166864.

Able Seaman Thos. Bryan Dawson, O.N. 211606 (R.F.R. Ch. B.10194).

Yeoman of Signals Frank Rees, O.N.225398.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, Frederick James Jeater, O.N.269717.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, George David Flatt, O.N.269548.

Chief Stoker Francis Johnson, O.N.288841.

Chief Stoker Edwin Battam, O.N.284873.

Stoker, 1st Class, Horace Mills Swinerd, O.N.K.13331.


For obtaining valuable information under dangerous conditions in the Shatt el Arab, December, 1914: 

Mahomet Salim, Senior Naval Officer's Interpreter.


For service in H.M. Minesweeper 285 on the 8th March, 1915: 

Second Engineman Frederick William Ingram, R.N.R., O.N.402E.S.


For Meritorious Service in the North Sea:

Petty Officer, 1st Class (Pensioner) Richard Fuller, O.N.102087.

Magnus Mathieson, Seaman R.N.R., 4363A.


For services during the attack on Austrian Monitors 21st and 22nd April, 1915:

Chief Petty Officer Walter Neden, O.N.195949.

Engine Room Artificer, 3rd Class, William Patrick Magee, O.N.271172.


 For services in the engagement on 1st May, 1915, between H.M. Ships "Barbados," "Columbia," "Miura," and "Chirsit," and the German Torpedo Boats A2 and A6:

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Arthur Frederick Hallett, O.N. 118117 (R.F.R. Po. A.1030).




29255 - 6 AUGUST 1915


..... in recognition of their services in the Patrol Cruisers since the outbreak of war:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Petty Officer Alfred Treadway, R.F.R.. O.N. 129947.

Chief Petty Officer William Thomas Lobb, O.N. 159615.

Acting Chief Petty Officer William James Shilcott, O.N. 179902.

Chief Petty Officer Edward Thomas Hardy, O.N. 159872.

Chief Shipwright Francis Felix Quin, O.N. 138136.

Colour-Serjeant William Seabrook, R.M.L.I., Ply./7782.

Colour-Serjeant Thomas Boffey, R.M.L.I., Ply./9579.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, John Hazard Cole, O.N. 165163.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Henry George Brewster, O.N. 240203.

Petty Officer, 2nd Class, William Dalley Harris, O.N. 170438.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, George Jenkins, R.F.R., O.N. 111302.

Petty Officer James Packham, O.N. D./175674.

Petty Officer Henry Prince Skedgel, O.N. 213825.

Petty Officer, 2nd Class, Richard Putt, R.F.R., O.N. 144205.

Leading Seaman Charles Frederick Summers. O.N. D/C.S. 209276.

Leading Seaman Joseph Lesslie, R.N.R., No. 2998 B.

Leading Seaman Timothy McCarthy, O.N. 203062.

Leading Seaman Alexander H. Dundas, R.F.R. O.N. 199495.

Leading Seaman William Downing, O.N. 207726.

Leading Seaman Bernard Squibb, R.F.R., O.N. J. 603.

Leading Seaman Albert Jarvie, R.N.R., O.N., 3688 C.

Leading Seaman James Magnus Johnson, R.N.R., O.N., 2049 D.

Corporal George Finch, R.M.L.I., Ply./14220.

Private William Reynolds, R.M.L.I., Ply./6548.

Able Seaman Leander Green, R.N.R. (Newfoundland), No. 992 X.

Seaman William Smith, R.N.R., No. 4041 A.

Engine-Room Artificer Joseph Arthur Anderson, R.N.R., ON. E.G. 120.

Engine-Room Artificer Thomas Dale, R.N.R., O.N. E.A. 1516.

Engine-Room Artificer Alexander Miller Gemmell, R.N.R., O.N. E.B. 130.

Engine-Room Artificer George Albert Cole, R.N.R., O.N. E.A. 1521.

Engine-Room Artificer Robert Tytler, R.N.V.R. (Tyneside Division), O.N. 5/237.

Leading Fireman Thomas Miller, B.T. No. 787887.

Leading Fireman Edward Cropper, B.T. No. 692566.

To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Petty Officer Albert Ribbons, O.N. 209083.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Albert Ernest Miller, O.N. 170358.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Robert McDonald, O.N. 197544.

Able Seaman James Fortune, R.F.R., Chat./B. 10252.

Able Seaman John Simpson MacKenzie, R.F.R., Dev./B. 2806.

Engineman John Garioch, R.N.R., No. 2655 E.S.




29264 - 13 AUGUST 1915




..... (see Gallipoli Campaign - Landings, Naval Despatch dated 1 July 1915):


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas P. Roche, O.N.165533 (since promoted Acting Gunner).

Acting Chief Petty Officer Henry J. Anstead,. O.N. 179989.

Petty Officer Albert Balson, O.N. 211943.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, William Morgan, O.N. 193834.

Petty Officer Albert Playford, O.N. 202189.

Petty Officer William Putman, O.N. 236783.

Leading Seaman Robert Fletcher, O.N.. 213297.

Leading Seaman John Maple, O.N. 171890 (R.F.R. Chat., B.2658).

Leading Seaman Herbert J. G. Merrin, O.N. 236225.

Leading Seaman Kenneth S. Muskett, J.1325.

Leading Seaman Henry Williams, O.N. 176765 (R.F.R. Chat., B.1326).

Able Seaman Edward L. Barons, O.N. J.7775.

Able Seaman Albert E. Bex, O.N. J. 17223.

Able Seaman Samuel Forsey, O.N. S.S. 2059 (R.F.R. B.4597).

Able Seaman William F. Hoffman, O.N. 195940 (R.F.R. Chat., B.2650).

Able Seaman David S. Kerr, O.N. 239816

Able Seaman Henry G. Law, O.N. 195366 (R.F.R. Chat., B.8261).

Able Seaman Arthur Roake, O.N. S.S. 1940 (R.F.R. B.8843).

Able Seaman William E. Rowland, O.N. J.17029.

Seaman R.N.R., Henry Thomas Morrison, O.N. 1495D.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Alfred J. Chatwin, O.N. 156109.

Seaman R.N.R., Daniel Roach, 1685D.

Stoker Petty Officer James Getson, O.N. 295438.

Stoker R.N.R., Henry Ridsdale, O.N. 1136U



..... in recognition of services during the operations in the vicinity of the Dardanelles prior to 25th-26th April:  

To receive the Distinguished Service Medal,


For services on the night of 4th-5th March, as crew of armed whaler (Note: should read destroyer) H.M.S. "Scorpion":

Petty Officer Samuel G. Newell, O.N. 224817.

Leading Seaman Charles Balls, O.N. 228520.

Able Seaman George A. Shaw, O.N. 219819.

Able Seaman Albert E. Holbrook, O.N. J.297.

Able Seaman George Ong, O.N. J.2888.

Able Seaman Henry John Floyd, O.N. J.8819.

Able Seaman Leonard Pettis, O.N. 234659.

Signalman Michael T. Hughes, O.N. 230108.

For services as volunteers in H.M. Trawlers on night of 13th-14th March:

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Andrew B. Kennie, O.N. 138878 (R.F.R. .A.2994).

Petty Officer, 1st Class, William F. Clode, Pensioner, 125800 (R.F.R. A.3308).

Petty Officer Charles Hochen, O.N. 148252 (R.F.R. A.3963).

Petty Officer Montague H. Botley, O.N. 209682.

Petty Officer Ernest F. Marsh, O.N. 195116.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Alfred C. Beacham, O.N. 151064.

Signalman Ernest W. Sendall, O.N. 236137 (R.F.R. B.5081).

Signalman Alfred Edward Herbert, R.N.V.R., O.N. Bristol 3/922.

Signalman Walter Dawson, O.N. J.8746.

Signalman R. T. Hyslop, O.N. J.15800.

Signalman Alfred Edwards, O.N. J.8632.

Signalman Alfred E. Coles, O.N. J.8664.

Signalman Charles W. Jeffery, O.N. 197627 (R.F.R. B.4140).

For services on board H.M.S. "Amethyst" on the night of 13th-14th March:

Petty Officer 2nd Class George T. Lumb, O.N. 159139.

Chief Stoker Robert G. Verey, O.N. 284974.

For services during the attack on minefields under fire:

Chief Petty Officer William Harbon, O.N. 120947 (Pensioner).

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Scamaton, O.N. 130358 (R.F.R. A.2565).

Chief Petty Officer W. H. Minards, O.N. 136554 (R.F.R. A.2250).

Petty Officer William Snow, O.N. 97167 (Pensioner).

Second Hand, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), Charles M. Chisholm, 524, D.A.

Second Hand, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), Joseph Booz Burgon, O.N. 739, S.A.

Second Hand, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), Arthur Fenwick George, O.N. 63, S.A.

Second Hand, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), Thomas William Reynolds, O.N. 8, S.A.

Deckhand, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), John Thomas Brown, O.N. 95, D.A.

Leading Signalman Richard May, R.N.V.R., O.N. Mersey, 6/71.

Signalman J. J. Gavan, O.N. J.I9901.

Engineman, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), John Keiller Anderson, O.N. 129, E.S.

Engineman, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), Francis Brown Bridge Robinson, O.N. 813, E.S.

Engineman, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), Wm. Richard Kemp, O.N. 846, E.S.

Engineman, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), Wm. Mathers, O.N. 135, E.S.

Engineman, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), Benjamin Germaney, O.N. 1134, E.S.

Engineman, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), James Cheyne, O.N. 17, E.S.

For services on 18th March:

Petty Officer lst Class Thomas W. Kemp, O.N. 171663.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Frederick Nash, O.N. 181003.

Signalman Isaac Overton, O.N. 225837.

Able Seaman Charles R. Hooper, O.N. J. 5912.

For services in picket boats of H.M.S. "Majestic" and "Triumph" 18th April:

H.M.S. "Triumph."


Petty Officer William Bradbury, O.N. 199926.

Able Seaman Leonard E. Beresford, O.N. J.20546.

Leading Seaman Daniel McCarthy, O.N. J.1868.

Petty Officer Joseph J. Martin, O.N. 214321.

Able Seaman John G. Morley, O.N. 219291.

Able Seaman Jack Robinson, O.N. 223124.

Able Seaman John Symons, O.N. 218505.

Leading Stoker Frederick C. Fisher, O.N. 310629.

Stoker, 1st Class, Valliant Mackenzie, O.N. S.S. 112172.

Stoker, 1st Class, Matthew Rowel, O.N. K.12718


H.M.S. "Majestic."


Leading Seaman James McEligott, O.N. 148265.

Able Seaman David Collins, O.N. 212148 (R.F.R. B.5415).

Able Seaman Robert Cocks, O.N. S.S.1501 (R.F.R. B.3835).

Able Seaman William Longworth, O.N. 205543 (R.F.R. B.5103).

Able Seaman Arthur Maddy, O.N. 201782.

Seaman, R.N.R., Frederick Armstrong. O.N. 5139A.

Ordinary Signalman Edward A. W. Hill, O.N. J.28122.

Engine Room Artificer, R.N.R., Rothwell Randal Patterson, O.N. 1614, E.A.

Stoker Petty Officer Robert J. Foster, O.N. 153254 (R.P.R. A.3430).

Stoker Percy J. Edwards, O.N. 307004.

For services in Submarine B.6:

Petty Officer E. W. Heasman, O.N. 233663.

Leading Seaman A. W. Roe, O.N. 238262.




29292 -10 SEPTEMBER 1915


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Leading Seaman William George Higson, O.N. 225885.

Leading Seaman William George Meadows, O.N. 232664.

Able Seaman Alfred Edward Halliday, O.N. 211659.

Chief Petty Officer William Harvey, O.N. 140080 (R.F.R.Dev., A. 3412).

Petty Officer Aubrey Charles Tagg, O.N. 167336.

Able Seaman William Arthur Kensit, O.N. 201510.

Petty Officer William Tovey, O.N. 228879.

Second Hand Henry Thompson Barrow, R.N.R., O.N. 1880 S.A.

Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer (2nd Class) Arthur Edward Wade, O.N. 270991.

Leading Seaman Alfred Buttons, O.N. 203867.

Petty Officer Edward Websdale, O.N. 182183.

Leading Seaman William George Dempsey, O.N. 215864.

Chief Petty Officer Alfred John Roberts, O.N. 130408 (R.F.R. Dev., A. 2995).

Leading Seaman William Henry Rowe, O.N. 152932.

Petty Officer (1st Class) John Kinnear McKay, O.N. 195819.

Signalman John Murray, O.N. J.8870.

Corporal Frederick George Collins, R.M.L.I., Ch./17036.

Petty Officer, 2nd Class, James George Burgess, O.N. 132932.

Able Seaman Robert Ernest Hunt, O.N. J.9250.

Petty Officer (2nd Class) Arthur Roberts, O.N. 151824.

Second Hand Henry Playle, R.N.R., O.N.446 S.A.

Leading Seaman William McCadden, O.N.226040.

Chief Petty Officer William John Toy, O.N.147586.



..... awards have been approved for services in the Gallipoli Peninsula:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Able Seaman Patrick McKeown, Clyde 4/2332, Hood Battalion.

Private Edward Owens, R.M.L.I., Ply./12324, Plymouth Battalion.

Sergeant John Joseph Hughes, R.M.L.I., Po./10366, Portsmouth Battalion.

Corporal (Acting Serjeant) Albert Edward Hawkes, R.M.L.I., Po/9202, Portsmouth Battalion.

Private (Acting Serjeant) Frederick Ernest Victor Willcox, R.M.L.I., Po/16936, Portsmouth Battalion.

Lance-Corporal Richard David Cowbrough, R.M.L.I., Po/10940/R.F.R./B/1239, Portsmouth. Battalion.

Petty Officer John McGrath, Clyde 1/1616, Nelson Battalion.

Stoker Edwin Brown, O.N. 211837, Nelson Battalion.

Stoker, 1st Class, John Ball, O.N. S.S. 106195, Howe Battalion.

Petty Officer Harold W. Smith, O.N. 176120, Howe Battalion.

Petty Officer Robert Denyer, K.X. 467, Hood Battalion.

Leading- Seaman Douglas Albert Stewart, Clyde 1/2473, Hood Battalion.

Leading Seaman John McNeilage McIntyre, Clyde 5/2412, Anson Battalion.

Able Seaman James Carroll, Clyde 4/2550, Anson Battalion.

Able Seaman John Evans, Clyde 3/2229, Anson Battalion.

Chief Petty Officer Andrew Hempseed, Clyde /I/885, Collingwood Battalion.

Able Seaman William Joseph Gillam, Sussex Z/82, Hood Battalion.

Private Shadrach Hillsley, R.M.L.I., Po/167/8., Portsmouth Battalion.

Private William Thomas Ingram, R.M.L.I., Po/639/S., Portsmouth Battalion.

Lance-Corporal John Griffiths, R.M.L.I., Po/634/S., Portsmouth Battalion.

Chief Petty Officer William Carnall, 3/116 T, Hood Battalion .(now Sub-Lieutenant R.N.V.R.).



With reference to the notices which appeared in the London Gazette of the 10th April and 21st May, 1915, the following are the names of men awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for service in submarines in the Sea of Marmora:

Acting Leading Stoker George W. Attrill, P/218869.

Able Seaman Ernest F. Baker, C/J. 10830.

Able Seaman Robert W. Barker, R.F.R./Ch/B.9187.

Able Seaman George J. Beament, R.F.R./Dev/B.4457.

Able Seaman George E. Bonner, C/J.2326.

Stoker, 1st Class, Henry Brassington, C/K.12223.

Engine Room Artificer (2nd Class) Albert E. Brooker, C/272371.

Leading Seaman Ernest Burton, O.N.193491, R.F.R./Ch/B.8349.

Petty Officer Charles Case, O.N. 186086;

Leading Seaman Selim Chandler, R.F.R./Po/B.6067.

Able Seaman James Clark, R.F.R./Po/B. 5963.

Engine Room Artificer/4th Class, Bertram G. Cornish, P/M.538.

Chief Stoker Frederick G. Cox, P.280053.

Stoker, 1st Class, Albert Crosbie, P/K. 10069.

Stoker, 1st Class, Arthur T. Crow, P/K 4345.

Chief Petty Officer William Dowell, P/146095.

Petty Officer Herbert W. Ellison, P/222754.

Able Seaman Ernest F. Finney, D/230567.

Stoker, 1st Class, William B. Fletcher, P/K.2073.

Leading Stoker William T. Gast, P/208208

Petty Officer David J. Greene, P/230378.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, Frank Hague, P/270661.

Stoker, 1st Class, Frederick Harris, P/K.6645.

Leading Stoker John T. Haskins, P/309523.

Stoker, 1st Class, William G. Hawker, P/K.3184.

Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, Reginald E. Jupp, P/272396,

Engine Room Artificer, 3rd Class, John J. Kelly, C/M.9392.

Stoker, 1st Class, William Keltie, R.F.R./Po/B.5405.

Able Seaman Alfred Kerridge, P/J.5396.

Petty Officer John Kirkcaldy, P/222473.

Stoker, 1st Class, Hubert G. Leggett, C/K.12090.

Engine Room Artificer, 4th Class, Ernest F. Little, C/M.4286.

Leading Telegraphist Edgar R. Lohden, D/J.3468.

Able Seaman Michael Loy, D/J.5840.

Stoker, 1st Class, Henry D. Mayne, P/293347.

Stoker, 1st Class, William Megee, C/K. 13753.

Telegraphist Ralph Moyse, C/J.9772.

Stoker, 1st Class, Thomas J. Norton, P/K.11389.

Ordinary Signalman Alfred Ost, C/J.27633.

Leading Seaman Alfred E. Pearson, R.F.R./Ch/B.10623.

Signalman George Plowman, P/J.I 1323.

Petty Officer Ebenezer Pollard, C/211774.

Chief Stoker William H. Porter, R.F.R./Po/A.4066.

Able Seaman John Pye, C/225270.

Engine Room Artificer, 3rd Class, Walter C. Richards, C/M.1663.

Able Seaman John Sharpe, C/J.7687.

Stoker, 1st Class, Robert Sherpherdson, C/K.15220.

Petty Officer Joseph W. A. Sherlock, R.F.R./Po/B.6930.

Able Seaman Albert Thomas, D/229664.

Petty Officer George Traves, P/212700.

Acting Leading Stoker Leslie G. Tutton, P/309130.

Able Seaman Arthur G. Ward, C/J.5524.

Stoker, 1st Class, William Wheeler, P/K.4374.

Able Seaman John Bertie Williams, O.N.208321 R.F.R./PO/B.5883.

Stoker, 1st Class, Richard Williams, D/217949.

Engine Room Artificer, 3rd Class, Ernest H. Wills, D/M.3106.

Able Seaman Stanley Wilson, O.N. J. 1582.

Petty Officer Edwin C. Wood, P/194344.




29374 - 19 NOVEMBER 1915


..... services in the Gallipoli Peninsula:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Petty Officer F. W. Johnstone, O.N. 1930, No. 10 Squadron, R.N. Armoured Car Section.

Petty Officer G. O. Westmuckett, O.N.829, No. 10 Squadron, R.N. Armoured Car Section.

Chief Petty Officer A. Trussell, O.N. 1175, No. 10 Squadron, R.N. Armoured Car Section.

Petty Officer G. Beresford, O.N.1429, No. 10 Squadron, R.N. Armoured Car Section.

Petty Officer C. J. Hollingshurst, O.N. 1386, No. 10 Squadron, R.N. Armoured Car Section.

Corporal F. R. Smith, O.N.459, Divisional Signal Company.

Sapper J. H. Murray, O.N.200, Divisional Signal Company.

Sergeant E. C. Bonnett, R.M.L.I., Chatham 15161, Portsmouth Battalion.

Bugler R. D. Skelton, O.N.T1/157, Drake Battalion.

Ordinary Seaman C. Yates, O.N.K.P./187, Hawke Battalion.

Petty Officer W. Nadin, O.N.K.P./12, Hawke Battalion.

Leading Seaman W. Montgomery, R.N.V.R., O.N.Z/216/C, Howe Battalion.

Ordinary Seaman A. Leighton, R.N.V.R., O.N.K.P./924, Anson Battalion.

Petty Officer E. H. Jennings, Chatham 301908, Hood Battalion.

Chief Petty Officer C. Woodford, O.N.Z/70/B, Collingwood Battalion.

Corporal J. B. Fathers, No. 125, Divisional Engineers.

Private P. Lowes, R.M.L.I., No. S/3433, 2nd Field Ambulance.



The following awards have also been approved:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Engine-Room Artificer Leonard C. Allen, R.A.N., O.N.8286.

Petty Officer Herbert Albert Victor Puckhaber, O.N.233222.

Leading Seaman Herbert John Atkinson, O.N.237415.

Sergeant Herbert George Wall, R.M.L.I., Ply. 12847.

Private Frederick William Rayner, R.M.L.I., Ch. 19271.

Private Arthur Ramsey, R.M.L.I., Ch. 18994.

Able Seaman James Francis Beauchamp, O.N.211109.

Petty Officer Alfred Turner, O.N. 163870.

Leading Seaman Harold Richard Hearn, O.N.236078.

Able Seaman Robert William Pawling,  O.N.223000.

Petty Officer Thomas Dennis Coleman, O.N.179687.

Chief Yeoman of Signals John Gilderoy Brown, O.N. 192858.

Stoker James Donald Pead, R.N.R., O.N.575V.

Petty Officer George Fredrick Smith, O.N. 194836.

Leading Seaman Andrew Samuel Pym, R.N.R., O.N. 3968B.

Leading Seaman James Samuel Waughman, O.N.235200.

Second Hand Thomas Newson Phillips, R.N.R., O.N.2217S.A. (now Temporary Skipper, R.N.R.).

Able Seaman Percy Harold Hart, O.N., J.15389.

Petty Officer George Moore Lee, O.N.190273.

Petty Officer Harry Dickason, O.N.209527.

Signalman Stephen Wilkin, O.N. 164811, R.F.R., Ch. B.4252.

Petty Officer Thomas Wakeley, O.N.F.533.

Chief Petty Officer Robert John Platt, O.N.F.393.

Chief Petty Officer Sydney Frederick Robbins, O.N.F.486.

Signalman Edward John Jones, R.N.V.R., O.N. Mersey 7/161.

Private George Arthur Keefe, R.M.L.I., Po. 14571.

Private Frederick Deane, R.M.L.I., Po.7791, R.F.R.699.

Stoker, 1st Class, William Drake, O.N.K.11071.

Chief Engine-Room Artificer, 2nd Class, William Garthwaite, O.N.269796.

Engine-Room Artificer, 2nd Class, Tom Collis, O.N.272395.

Petty Officer Stephen Gibbs, O.N.189571.

Able Seaman Edward Humphries, O.N.216104.

Petty Officer Walter J. Harmer, O.N.188407.

Able Seaman Herbert Dobson, O.N.223645.

Petty Officer Alfred Rose, O.N.236177.

Able Seaman William R. Hutchings, O.N.227240.

Able Seaman James Simpson, O.N.214806.

Leading Seaman Frederick J. Patterson, O.N.223018 (now Acting Gunner).

Leading Stoker Harry Broom, O.N.K.1521.




29395 - 7 DECEMBER 1915




..... (see Destruction of German Cruiser "Königsberg", Naval Despatch dated 15 July 1915):  

H.M.S. "Severn."


Chief Petty Officer William J. Sercombe, O.N. 163215.

Able Seaman George A. Hogg, O.N. 202097 (R.F.R.).

Leading Telegraphist Percival Jacobs, O.N. J34831.

Shipwright (2nd Class) William Sheppherd, O.N. 346098.

Private Edward Redhead, R.M.L.I. (R.F.R., Plym. 9481).


H.M.S. "Mersey."


Chief Yeoman of Signals E. W. Pettingale, O.N. 148718.

Able Seaman H. J. Carter, O.N. 217542.

Able Seaman William Corry, O.N. 190507 (R.F.R. Ch.B. 7705).

Stoker (2nd Class) Richard Thompson, O.N. 105721.


Royal Naval Air Service.


Air Mechanic Ebenezer Henry Alexander Boggis, O.N. 14849.




29423 - 31 DECEMBER 1915


The following awards have also been made for services in connection with these operations - minesweeping and mine-laying:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Petty Officer William Westborough, O.N.145272 (R.F.R. Dev. A/3287).

Able Seaman Bezelell Jones, Mercantile Rating.

Chief Engine-room Artificer, 1st Class, Albert Edgar Abraham, O.N.268771.

Chief Petty Officer William Grant, O.N. 195507.

Able Seaman George Broomfield, O.N. 237502.

Petty Officer Samuel Robert Saul Chamberlain, O.N. 195022.

Leading Seaman George William Tomsett, O.N.184462 (R.F.R. Ch.B/3055).

Leading Seaman Walter Robert Francis, O.N.231988.

Trimmer Christopher Pratt, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.3680 T.S.

Leading Stoker Andrew Martin, O.N.289335 (R.F.R. Po.B/3653).

Engineman Frank Munro, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.3 E.S.

Stoker Petty Officer Thomas H. Lawrence, O.N.K.1106.

Yeoman of Signals Arthur Henry Hogbin, O.N.209010 (R.F.R. Ch.B/10824).

Chief Petty Officer Arthur Frederick Hears, O.N.143768 (R.F.R. Ch.A/1862).

Petty Officer, 1st Class, William Frederick Harris, O.N. 119424 (R.F.R. Dev. A/2350).

Deck Hand John Donaldson, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.6544 D.A.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Charles Stuart Masters, O.N. 178072 (R.F.R. Ch.B/5425).

Engineman Alderman Cooper, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.2760 E.S.

Deck Hand Charles Henry Payce Drury, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.649 D.A.

Stoker Petty Officer Henry Williams, O.N.309953.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Matthew Cleveland, O.N.124057 (R.F.R. Ch.A/1510).

Able Seaman Harry Elliott, O.N.229460.

Boy Telegraphist Alex Bernard Keune, O.N.J30036.

Seaman Christopher Kelly, R.N.R., O.N. 7806 A.

Able Seaman James Tyrrel Turner, R.N.V.R., London, Z.470.

Able Seaman Patrick Joseph Welsh, Mercantile Rating.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Frederick Felix Lynch, O.N.149593 (R.F.R. Ch.B/5969).

Second Hand Frederick Gibson, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.76 D.A.

Second Hand James Bell, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.372 S.A.

Deck Hand Frederick Hewitt, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N. 1459 D.A.

Deck Hand Alexander Cumming Thomson, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.1460 D.A.

Trimmer Robert Martin, R.N.R. (Trawler Reserve), O.N.654 T.S.

Deck Hand Arthur Burnard Mooney, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.3184 D.A.

Deck Hand James McAllister Burnett, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N. 1215 D.A.

Second Hand Joseph Foley, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.80 D.A.

Chief Armourer Telford Anthony, O.N. 342614.

Chief Petty Officer Austin Jesse Emms, O.N.152170.

Chief Electrical Artificer, 2nd Class, William Arthur Ellis, O.N.346013.

Petty Officer Abercrombie Blunden, O.N. 182407.

Petty Officer Charles Fredrick Munds, O.N. 198331.

Petty Officer Robert Almond White, O.N. 189413.

Leading Seaman James Peter Travil, O.N. 215206.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Herbert Porter, O.N.172059.

Petty Officer William Joseph Brown, O.N. 160889.

Chief Petty Officer Henry Edward Saunders, O.N.161556.

To Receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, Robert Mills, O.N. 271072.

Petty Officer Robert Moth, O.N. 220366.

Chief Petty Officer William Henry Stamp, O.N. 173,412.

Petty Officer Daniel Garrett, O.N. 181,495.

Able Seaman Edmund Charles Aslett, O.N. 236,458.

Able Seaman Ernest Alfred Hobbs, O.N. 224,576. (R.F.R. Ch. B/8236.)

Able Seaman Ernest Hall, O.N. SS.3771.

Acting Serjeant-Major William Thomas Clarke, No. R.M.A. 6475.

Gunner Robert McCurrach, No. R.M.A. 12045.

Gunner Harry James Messum, No. R.M.A. 9579. (R.F.R. 1295.)

Air Mechanic, 1st Class, George Thomas Oldfield.

Leading Seaman William Norman, O.N. 184442.

Petty Officer Thomas James Butland, O.N. 193117.

Stoker Petty Officer William Coyte, O.N. 276228.

Able Seaman Albert Victor Cornish, O.N. J.4508.

Petty Officer Hugh McKenzie, O.N. 195365.

Leading Seaman Samuel Peck, O.N. 208367. (R.F.R. Dev. B/4695.)

Serjeant (Road Inspector) Alfred Chouffot, No. R.M.A./99(S), R.N.D., Motor Transport Company.

Qfficier-marinier Francois Billois, pilote d'avion, Dunkerque Naval Aeroplane Squadron.







all Admiralty, London, S.W.



29434 - 11 JANUARY 1916


.... in recognition of ..... services in attacking and torpedoing a German auxiliary vessel on the 22nd December, 1915. The ship was protected by a screen consisting of a torpedo boat, a small sloop, four trawlers and several tugs and small craft, and Lieutenant-Commander Duff-Dunbar showed great determination in prosecuting the attack through the screen.


The following award has also been approved:  


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Engine Room Artificer, 3rd Class, Edward William Reginald Bevan, O.N. M.1189.




29436 - 11 JANUARY 1916




..... (see Belgian Coast Operations, Naval Despatch dated 3 December 1915): 


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Petty Officer Jesse Philip Champion, O.N.155570.

Petty Officer Edgar Stowe, O.N.182402.

Leading Seaman Herbert James Tree, O.N. 224325.

Seaman Francis Comber, R.N.R., O.N. 1622 D.

Second Hand Thomas John Prior, R.N.R., O.N.1089 S.A.

Able Seaman (Mercantile Rating) Charles Joughin.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Daniel Paul Foley, O.N.191303.

Leading Signalman Arthur Henry Woodgate, O.N.239957.

Leading Signalman William Smith, O.N. 213714.

Leading Signalman George Wickwar, O.N. 191551.

Leading Signalman Francis Herbert Banks, O.N.229772.

Leading Telegraphist Stanley William John Spooner, O.N.222998.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class, James Paterson, O.N.269167.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class, Albert Wynn, O.N.269218.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, John Tait, O.N.270687.

Engine Room Artificer, 4th Class, Robert. Spiers, O.N.M. 10941.

Acting Engine Room Artificer, 4th Class, Edmond Stuart Joseph White, O.N.M. 12159.

Acting Engine Room Artificer, 4th Class, Percival Charles Hayward, O.N.M.11920.

Blacksmith Stephen Thomas Smith, O.N.M. 2725.

Corporal Sidney Morriss, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./15842.




29446 - 21 JANUARY 1916


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal (presumably Mesopotamian and Serbian Campaigns)

Leading Seaman Ernest Sparks, O.N. J. 2627.

Leading Signalman Gilbert Thomas George Wallis, O.N. 221461.

Leading Seaman William Norman Slade, O.N. 204053 (R.F.R. Dev/B.1717).

Petty Officer John Oliver Traill, O.N. 213051.

Able Seaman Allan Burrows, O.N. 219730.

Leading Seaman Thomas Henry Thompson, O.N. 183642.

Leading Seaman Phillip Leonard Gunn, O.N.J. 10901.

Leading Seaman George Whitfield, O.N. 182706.

Private Arthur George May, R.M.L.I., No. Chat./13289.

Petty Officer Sidney Herbert Silvester, O.N. 180563.

Sergeant Charles Arthur Pearce, R.M. A., No. 9294.

Corporal Albion Henry Turner, R.M.A., No. 11046.

Petty Officer Ernest Albert Grinstead, O.N. 236735.

Petty Officer Frederick Harrison, O.N. 201726

Ship's Corporal, 1st Class, William Cecil Hatherly, O.N. 196082.

Petty Officer William Bright, O.N.207510.




29487 - 24 FEBRUARY 1916


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Petty Officer Robert Alexander Duff Speirs, O.N. 154380.

Leading Seaman William Robert Axworthy, O.N. 236895.

Petty Officer Ernest Charles Mitchell, O.N. 204906.

Able Seaman Lewis William Davidson, O.N. J/2336.

No. R.M.A./3673 Acting Serjeant-Major (Warrant Officer, 1st class) Frederick Merckel, R.M.A.

No. R.M.A./622(S.) Motor Driver Frank Baker, R.M.A.

Petty Officer George William Francis Hurley, O.N.223315.

Petty Officer Lewis Silvers, O.N. 217783.

Petty Officer Mechanic Spencer Crisp, O.N. F.956.

Petty Officer Mechanic Malcolm Andrew Lockie, O.N. F.1075.

Senior Reserve Attendant Thomas McNeill, R.N.A.S.B.R., O.N. M.10299.

No. R.M.A./552(S.) Motor Driver John Ernest Thompson, R.M.A.




29530 - 31 MARCH 1916


..... in recognition of their services in the Patrol Cruisers, under the command of Rear-Admiral Sir Dudley R. S. De Chair, K.C.B., M.V.O., during the period ending the 31st December, 1915:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Petty Officer John Mildon, O.N., 145115 (R.F.R., Dev/A. 3659).

Chief Petty Officer John Willey, O.N., 117899 (R.F.R., Po/A. 1137).

Chief Petty Officer Henry Charles Endacotte, O.N., 121488 (R.F.R., Ch/A. 998).

Master-at-Arms Frank Sprake, O.N., 150887.

Chief Yeoman of Signals John Burnard Gunn, O.N., 189705.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, John Hutchison Turner, O.N., 165656 (R.F.R., Ch/B. 3910).

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Arthur Hodges, O.N., 148458.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Robert Niven Ritchie, O.N., 118025 (R.F.R., Po/A. 1900).

Petty Officer, 2nd Class, Alexander Kerr, O.N., 126018 (R.F.R., Dev/A. 1718).

Petty Officer, 2nd Class, Percy Henery Whale, O.N., 191158 (R.F.R., Ch/B. 5831).

Leading Seaman George Boon, O.N., 172758 (R.F.R..Dev/B. 1770).

Senior Reserve Attendant Philip Charles Grills, O.N., M/9854, R.N.A.S.B.R.

Able Seaman Cluny Cameron Campbell, O.N., 191210 (R.F.R., Ch/B. 7645).

Leading Seaman Andrew Seaward (R.N.R,, 7013 A.)

Seaman Albert Gregory, R.N.R., X719 (Newfoundland).

Greaser James Barrett (Mercantile Rating).

Serjeant William Samuel Elliott, R.M.L.I. (R.F.R., Ply/1499).




29543 - 11 APRIL 1916


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.


..... in connection with the Tanganyika Naval Expedition:

Acting Chief Petty Officer William Waterhouse, O.N. 180131.

Engine Room Artificer John Scotland Lamont, R.N.R , O.N. 1372 E.A.


..... in connection with the British Army in France:

Sergeant William Henry Rogers, No. R.M.A. 8591.

Sergeant Albert James Edward Thorburn, No. R.M.A 9907.




29581 - 12 MAY 1916




..... in recognition of services rendered by Petty Officers and men of the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron between the time of landing in the Gallipoli Peninsula in April, 1915, and the evacuation in December, 1915 - January, 1916:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Leading Signalman Joseph Wood Arnold, O.N. 223727.

Stoker, First Class, Philip James Adams, O.N. K.8249.

Petty Officer Walter Algar, O.N. 162321.

Chief Petty Officer Frank Gilbert Abbott, O.N. 178317.

Leading Seaman Charles Biss, O.N. 183877.

Able Seaman Robert Barrie, O.N. 235834.

Stoker, First Class, James Edward Brennan, O.N. S.S.113626.

Deckhand, R.N.R. (Trawler Section) William Henry Beach, O.N. 776.D.A.

Petty Officer, First Class, Alfred George Beall, O.N. 147420 (R.F.R., Dev. A/4132).

Leading Telegraphist Albert Edward Baker, O.N. J.2103.

Ordinary Telegraphist Thomas William Brockway, O.N. J.23493.

Able Seaman William Bellion, O.N. S.S.310 (R.F.R., Dev. B/2479).

Leading Trimmer, R.N.R., John Bainbridge, O.N. 1311.S.T.

Able Seaman, R.N.V.R., John W. H. Bollon, O.N. Sussex 1/274.

Private Charles Douglas Brace, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./7996.

Stoker Petty Officer Alfred Brown, O.N. 288890.

Chief Petty Officer Mechanic, R.N.A.S., Bernard John William Brady, O.N. 234186.

Shipwright James Robert Brightmore, O.N. M.1155.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Joseph Cafe, O.N. 191831.

Petty Officer John Corby, O.N. 225290.

Able Seaman Robert Cleghorn, O.N. 227097.

Trimmer, R.N.R., George Henry Cochrane, O.N. 988.S.T.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Frederick William Court, O.N. 269025.

Leading Seaman George Robert Cracknell, O.N. J.1559.

Able Seaman John Henry Creasey, O.N. J.5997.

Leading Telegraphist Herbert Charles Curtis, O.N. 366437.

Able Seaman Alfred James Carter, O.N. 235581.

Leading Seaman Harry Charles Cooper, O.N. 163005 (R.F.R., Po. B/1597).

Trimmer, R.N.R., William Henry Cook, O.N. 493.S.T.

Chief Petty Officer George Coak, O.N. 114036.

Stoker Petty Officer George Cherry, O.N. 302979 (Coastguard).

Stoker Petty Officer William Thomas Collins, O.N. 308278.

Able Seaman James Collins, O.N. J.24829.

Petty Officer Henry Cox, O.N. 224661.

Shipwright Archibald Carter, O.N. M.7314.

Stoker, First Class, Albert Henry Dunford, O.N. 304221 (R.F.R., Po. B/2409).

Able Seaman John William Draycott, O.N. J.4926.

Gunner John Stevens Druce, R.M.A., O.N. R.M.A./5169 (R.F.R./B.294).

Stoker Petty Officer Christopher Derham, O.N. 299316.

Petty Officer Harry James Dedman, O.N. J.2476.

Ordinary Telegraphist Stanley Hugh Evans, O.N. J.27781.

Petty Officer William Earle, O.N. 231443.

Stoker, First Class, Albert Evans, O.N. 306923.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Marshall John William Ellingworth, O.N. 236310.

Stoker, First Class, Joseph Ellis, O.N. S.S.115683.

Acting Chief Stoker William Horace Edser, O.N. 298029.

Leading Signalman George James French, O.N. 216119.

Able Seaman Henry William Fautley, O.N. J.6022.

Leading Signalman Edwin Thomas Guy, O.N. J.8032.

Yeoman of Signals Ernest Edward Gough, O.N. 222156.

Able Seaman Charles Joseph Gravener, O.N. S.S.4199.

Chief Petty Officer Arthur Henry Green, O.N. 158155.

Petty Officer Alexander Gillanders, O.N. 189041.

Able Seaman Aubrey Richard Gurden, O.N. J.3053.

Chief Petty Officer William Gough, O.N. 163176.

Leading Seaman James Gabbert, O.N. 234048.

Chief Armourer Samuel James Graham, O.N. 341196.

Able Seaman Stanley Hill, O.N. J.6366.

Able Seaman Bertie Lewis Hipgrave, O.N. J. 10503.

Leading Seaman Ernest Douglas Hussey, O.N. J.1503.

Stoker Petty Officer Patrick Healy, O.N. 297395.

Stoker, First Class, Frederick Ralph Hazell, O.N. K.18887.

Able Seaman Herbert Holmes, O.N. 219451, (R.F.R., Dev. B/1879).

Leading Telegraphist Leonard James Hookey, O.N. J.842.

Signalman William Henry Hawtin, O.N. J.9986.

Able Seaman Spencer George Hoare, O.N. J.4676.

Yeoman of Signals Augustus George Hodgson, O.N. 224070.

Able Seaman (Pensioner) Charles William Hines, O.N. 143846 (R.F.R., Ch. A/1874).

Shipwright, Second Class, Henry Smith Houldey, O.N. 344098.

Petty Officer, First Class, Charles Henry Hopkins, O.N. 120229 (R.F.R., Dev. A/1661).

Able Seaman James Samuel Hammond, O.N. 199600 (R.F.R., Po. B/4970).

Petty Officer Leonard John Hawkins, O.N. 207596.

Able Seaman Basil Arthur Hutton, O.N. 172657.

Able Seaman John Charles James, O.N. J.4413.

Stoker, First Class, James Thomas Jones, O.N. S.S.115450.

Ship's Steward Edward Thomas Findlay Jezzard, O.N. 343412.

Trimmer, R.N.R. Simpson Johnson, O.N. 260.S.T.

Leading Stoker William Kenney, O.N. 281132.

Able Seaman William Augustin Kell, O.N. 180453 (R.F.R., Dev. B/2059).

Leading Telegraphist Albert Kemsley, O.N. 225979.

Seaman, R.N.R., Patrick Keogh, O.N. 5251A.

Able Seaman William Kinrade, O.N. 187692 (R.F.R., Dev. B/1395).

Petty Officer Frederick Keeley, O.N. 188725.

Able Seaman Aaron Lumsden, O.N. 218195 (R.F.R., Ch. B/10894).

Stoker, First Class, Thomas Henry Lloyd, O.N. S.S.115654.

Stoker Petty Officer William Nicholas Liddycoat, O.N. 280939.

Leading Telegraphist Cecil Hensman Langley, O.N. 233.589.

Signalman Alexander Locker, O.N. J.7566.

Able Seaman Thomas Lament, O.N. 218079.

Seaman, R.N.R., George Lawrence, O.N. 3814 B.

Seaman, R.N.R., Uriah Alfred Farrow Lewis, O.N. 2869A.

Signalman Thomas McDonagh, O.N. 239006.

Petty Officer Telegraphist James Morris, O.N. 230136.

Able Seaman Ernest Humphrey Moore, O.N. J.6490.

Leading Trimmer, R.N.R., Alexander Mackie, O.N. 1306.S.T.

Second Hand, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), William McLean, O.N. 7135.D.A.

Leading Seaman Albert Martin, O.N. 218481.

Able Seaman Frank Neale, O.N. S.S.4729.

Leading Seaman Isaac William Needham, O.N. 173903.

Able Seaman William Marshall Neiass, O.N. 155995.

Engineman, R.N.R. (Trawler Section), John Robert Nightingale, O.N. 1964.E.S.

Trimmer, R.N.R., Francis Nurse, O.N. 773.S.T.

Leading Telegraphist John Harold O'Connor, O.N. 238592.

Signal Boy Eric Menhennitte Peacock, O.N. J.24895.

Blacksmith Henry Perkins, O.N. 341477.

Leading Seaman Ernest George Pangborne, O.N. J.392.

Able Seaman Arthur Joseph Henry Porter, O.N. 207324 (R.F.R., Ch. B/10441).

Petty Officer Frederick Raymond Porter, O.N. 171745.

Yeoman of Signals Walter Perry, O.N. 201552.

Petty Officer Cecil James Petitt, O.N. 198358.

Stoker First Class William George Palfrey, O.N. S.S.112143.

Petty Officer Herbert Philip Paine, O.N. 185245.

Petty Officer William Holland Parkes, O.N. 201953 (R.F.R., Ch. B/8920).

Leading Seaman William Robert Pillar, O.N. 234999.

Stoker Petty Officer William Parsons, O.N. 305828.

Leading Stoker Henry Thomas Robert Palmer, O.N. 362238.

Petty Officer, First Class, (Coastguard) William Penny, O.N. 194854.

Stoker First Class George Riggans, O.N. 287534.

Leading Seaman William Robinson, O.N. 202692.

Ordinary Seaman Henry Charles Rayner, O.N. J.16065.

Able Seaman Francis James Rogers, O.N. 199157.

Petty-Officer First Class John Francis Callard Rean, O.N. 184395.

Petty Officer First Class Thomas Reed, O.N. 128816 (R.F.R., Po. A/1977).

Chief Yeoman of Signals Frederick John Roberts, O.N. 199074.

Private Thomas Robins, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./7183.

Petty Officer Mechanic, R.N.A.S., Leonard Thomas Sanderson, O.N. F.3640.

Petty Officer, First Class, Thomas Henry Stokoe, O.N. 211541.

Stoker Petty Officer Henry William Stafford, O.N. 305543.

Able Seaman John William Stobart, O.N. 233177.

Able Seaman William Gordon Symons, O.N. 223748.

Able Seaman William Sylvester, O.N. S.S.2245 (R.F.R., Dev. B/4791).

Leading Telegraphist Philip Sharman, O.N. J.3346.

Petty Officer Joseph Thomas Smith, O.N. 239979.

Able Seaman Thomas Simmons, O.N. 229802.

Leading Seaman Percy Pearson Smith, O.N. J.6884.

Stoker Petty Officer William James Smith, O.N. K.423.

Petty Officer George Henry Smith, O.N. 190801.

Chief Stoker Henry Lee Saunders, O.N. 279612.

Leading Seaman Jack Saunders, O.N. 229500.

Chief Stoker (Pensioner) William Stevens, O.N. 147264 (R.F.R., Dev. A/3051).

Chief Stoker (Pensioner) Thomas William Smith, O.N. 142609 (R.F.R., Ch. A/1299).

Petty Officer George Charles Steed, O.N. 210967.

Yeoman of Signals Arthur Terry, O.N. S./C.175174 (R.F.R., Ch. A/4668).

Chief Petty Officer Alfred Francis Tregidgo, O.N. 140640 (R.F.R., Dev. A/3350).

Able Seaman Somerset Reginald Tapsfield, O.N. J.9009.

Ordinary Telegraphist Cyril Henry Thomas, O.N. J.19105.

Trimmer, R.N.R., Francis James Taylor, O.N. 755S.T.

Trimmer, R.N.R., Philip Taylor, O.N. 881S.T.

Leading Signalman Reuben George Voice, O.N. J.1365.

Signalman George Whillier, O.N. C.S. J.14182.

Able Seaman George Victor Webb, O.N. J.2306.

Able Seaman Arthur Alfred Window, O.N. J.6736.

Leading Seaman Ray Ethelbert Watson, O.N. J.9238.

Able Seaman Alfred John Wheeler, O.N. 225734.

Leading Signalman Robert Walmsley, O.N. 221278.

Able Seaman Walter Henry Ward, O.N. J. 16782.

Leading Seaman Francis Isaac Webb, O.N. 194515 (R.F.R., Dev. B/2583).

Chief Yeoman of Signals Arthur Watson, O.N. 178811.



..... in recognition of the services of Petty Officers and men of the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron during the evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula in December, 1915-January, 1916:


To Receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Petty Officer Seth Barratt, O.N. 217841 (now Acting Gunner, R.N.).

Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, James Alexander Bowmaker, O.N. 271124.

Leading Seaman Cuthbert Collingwood, O.N. 213196.

Able Seaman William Henry Clapp, O.N. S.S.529 (R.F.R., Dev. B/2675).

Chief Petty Officer Owen Daley, O.N. 162872.

Petty Officer Arthur Jabez Dominey, O.N. 219603.

Signalman Edward Griffiths, O.N. 203882 (R.F.R., Po. B/2326).

Leading Seaman Fred Gregory, O.N. S.S.689 (R.F.R., Dev. B/2789).

Able Seaman Claude George Gosling, O.N. 177627 (R.F.R., Dev. B/1259).

Petty Officer Arthur Harries, O.N. 228289.

Leading Telegraphist Arthur William Herbert, O.N. J.2739.

Petty Officer William Samuel Jones, O.N. 197162.

Chief Petty Officer James Charles Knight, O.N. 136954 (R.F.R., Dev., A/3277).

Petty Officer First Class Robert Alexander Lees, O.N. 113313 (R.F.R., Po. A/1021).

Petty Officer, First Class, Arthur William Mepham, O.N. 214568.

Petty Officer Thomas Greig Macnaughton, O.N. 222292.

Trimmer, R.N.R. (Special Service) William Mapp, O.N. 1116 S.T.

Seaman, R.N.R., Florence McCarthy, O.N. 5100.A.

Leading Seaman Alexander Henry Munday, O.N. 195224 (R.F.R., Ch. B/996).

Petty Officer, First Class, Thomas George Norton, O.N. 137771 (R.F.R., Dev. A/2334).

Able Seaman Frederick Charles Pellow, O.N. 196467 (R.F.R., Dev. B/1919).

Chief Stoker Arthur Perry, O.N., 152611 (R.F.R., Po. A/3372).

Stoker, First Class, William Prayle, O.N. K.10624.

Petty Officer, Second Class, Charles William Pointer, O.N. 112592 (R.F.R., Dev. A/1828).

Chief Stoker Edward John Rhymes, O.N. 167889.

Petty Officer, First Class, Aaron H. Rogers, O.N. 189365 (R.F.R., Dev. B/3627).

Chief Stoker (Pensioner) William Rice, O.N. 161703.

Chief Petty Officer Richard John Stone, O.N. 124598 (R.F.R., Dev. A/1806).

Petty Officer, First Class, (Pensioner) James Frederick Sheppard, O.N. 106247 (R.F.R., Dev., A/496).

Seaman, R.N.R., Richard Cocking Veal, O.N 1711.D.

Petty Officer, First Class, Henry Vickers, O.N. 157216.

Chief Stoker, R.F.R., John Widdicombe, O.N. 146294 (R.F.R., Dev., A./2863).




29603 - 30 MAY 1916


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Wireless Telegraph Operator (First Class) Allan Andrews, R.N.R., O.N. 13 W.T.S.

Engine Room Artificer Albert William Morrison, R.N.R., O.N. 1831 E.A.

Chief Petty Officer (Pensioner) George Henry Truscott, O.N. 140440 (Dev. A/3140)

Petty Officer Richard Tozer, O.N. 193194.

Chief Petty Officer Harry Ernest Trust, O.N. 153986.

Acting Serjeant-Major (now temporary Quartermaster and Honorary Lieut.) Robert Bell, R.M.L.I.

Private George Smith, R.M.L.I., No. Ply/191 (S).

Able Seaman George Webster, R.N.V.R., No. K.W.747.

Acting Corporal Robert McDowell, R.M.L.I., No. Po./855(S).

Petty Officer Mechanic John Victor Hurst, O.N. F./1255.

Petty Officer Mechanic Frederick Bernard Bird, O.N. F./586.

Deck Hand George H. Tooke, R.N.R., D.A. 8863.

Second Hand William Murray, R.N.R., S.A. 2297.

Leading Seaman Wilfred Albert Samuel, O.N. 213336.

Petty Officer John W. Faith, O.N. 160445, R.F.R., Po./B/1224.

2nd Hand Benjamin W. Newson, R.N.R., O.N. D.A.893.




29635 - 20 JUNE 1916


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Third Writer William Charles Francis Bond, O.N. M.10262.

Chief Petty Officer William Jenkins, O.N. 133971 (R.F.R., Po, A.2220).

Boy, 1st Class, Horace Matthew Richardson, O.N. 34229.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, William Edward Jolley, O.N. 137900 (R.F.R., Po. A.3105).

Second Yeoman of Signals Lewis Quy Verlander, O.N. 194041 (R.F.R., Po. B.4901).

Able Seaman Alfred Copperwheat, R.N.V.R., Sussex 6/132.

Private Thomas Edward Jones, R.M.L.I., Po. 17140.

Leading Fireman Henry Good, Mercantile Rating.

Officers' Steward Richard Henry Buckell, Mercantile Rating.

Chief Petty Officer Mechanic, 3rd Class, Frank Sidney Thatcher, O.N. F.141.

Chief Petty Officer Mechanic, 2nd Class, James Shipperbottom, O.N. M.3427.

Leading Seaman David Harris, O.N. 218080.

Shipwright, 1st Class, Walter Henry Yarham, O.N. 341944.

Officer's Steward, 2nd Class, Sidney Herbert Marchant, O.N. L.8157.

Chief Petty Officer Edward Cater, O.N. 156303.

Stoker Petty Officer William Punt, O.N. 302295 (since died of wounds).

Stoker Petty Officer Ernest William Willder, O.N. 307913.

Stoker, 1st Class, Ernest John William Clarke, O.N. 288420 (since died of wounds).

Stoker, 1st Class, Frederick Thomas Scott. O.N. K.9936.

Company Serjeant-Major Francis Charles Thornton, Royal Naval Divisional Engineers, O.N. Deal/20(S).

Sergeant Herbert Sydney Smith, Royal Naval Divisional Engineers, O.N. Deal/715(S).

Ordinary Seaman William David Williams, O.N, J.34318.

Boy, 1st Class, John Twomey, O.N. J.34332.

Petty Officer Andrew Murray, O.N. 233254.

Yeoman of Signals Stanley William Muirhead, O.N.219591.

Sergeant Samuel Bull, R.M.A., No. R.M.A. 9591.

Sergeant Frederick George Chapman, R.M.A., No. R.M.A.7919.

Sergeant Edgar Stanley Lewis, R.M.A., No. R.M. A. 10428.

Acting Chief Petty Officer George David Thomas, O.N.175034.

Petty Officer Reginald Charles Maunder, O.N. 212064.

Petty Officer Robert Levis, O.N.188889.

Stoker Petty Officer Frank Eyres, O.N. 286254.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class, John Williams, O.N.269191.

Chief Petty Officer, 1st Class, A. H. P. Berry, O.N.F.

Chief Petty Officer, 1st Class, W. Henry Golder, O.N.F.

Chief Petty Officer, 1st Class, John Watson Jean, O.N.F.

Chief Petty Officer, 1st Class, Archie Harrison, O.N.F.

Chief Petty Officer, 2nd Class, William P. Elmes, O.N.F.

Chief Petty Officer, 3rd Class, Archibald E. Gliddon, O.N.F.

Petty Officer Thomas Dowie, O.N. 234088.

Stoker Petty Officer William James Fenney, O.N. 282864 (R.F.R., Dev. B.2280).

Seaman John Gardner Orr, R.N.R., O.N. 2430 D.




29668 - 14 JULY 1916


The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have received with much satisfaction from the officers in charge of the Auxiliary Patrol areas at home and abroad reports on the services performed by the officers and men serving under their orders during the period 1st January, 1915, to 31st January, 1916. These reports show that the officers and men serving in Armed Yachts, Trawlers and Drifters of the Auxiliary Patrol during the period in question have carried out their duties under extremely arduous and hazardous conditions of weather and exposure to enemy attack and mines with marked zeal, gallantry and success.


The following awards have also been approved:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Petty Officer John Dodd Winter, R.N.R., O.N.C.2399.

Seaman Malcolm Morrison, R.N.R., O.N. B.3411.

Leading Boatman Alfred Quick Noall, O.N. 216792.

Deckhand Charles Robert Dyble, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.6478.

Able Seaman Frederick Arthur Knight, O.N. 204763 (R.F.R. Ch./B.10751).

Second Hand (now Skipper) Charles Joseph Cress Bond, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.2153.

Seaman Cecil Bray, R.N.R., O.N.A.6053.

Second Hand Henry Lawrence, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.115.

Cook Robert Leckie, Mercantile Rating.

Deckhand Charles Frederick Roberts, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.1822.

Engineman George Phimister, R.N.R., O.N. E.S.1206.

Second Hand (now Skipper) John Henderson, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.2924.

Second Hand William Leask, R.N.R., O.N. S.A.865.

Second Hand James Christie, R.N.R., O.N.B. 3691.

Deckhand James Charles Rising, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.2897.

Second Hand Simon Henry Barker, R.N.R., O.N.S.A.888.

Deckhand Edgar Wileman, R.N.R., O.N.D A. 2002.

Trimmer Joseph Edward Scott, R.N.R.. O.N.T.S.1117.

Deckhand Clifford Stanley Tofton, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.1779.

Second Hand Andrew Smith, R.N.R., O.N. S.A.652.

Second Hand Herbert Hodgson, R.N.R., O.N.S.A.508.

Seaman Robert Leask, R.N.R., O.N.C.3620.

Second Hand (now Skipper) John McPherson, R.N.R., O.N.S.A.761.

Second Hand Robert Cowling, R.N.R., O.N.S.A.1183.

Leading Seaman .William Brown, R.N.R., O.N.T.1728.

Second Hand William Murt James, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.1969.

Seaman George Murray McIntosh, R.N.R., O.N.A.4046.

Seaman James Hugh McKay, R.N.R., O.N.A..4418.

Leading Seaman Patrick Henry Green, R.N.R., O.N.B.5344.

Seaman Donald MacRae, R.N.R., O.N.A. 2292.

Engineman Daniel Pigeon, R.N.R., O.N.E.S.1650.

Engineman Robert Farrow, R.N.R., O.N.E.S.656.

Engineman Robert George Jacobs, R.N.R., O.N.T.S.2193.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Digby Austin Simmons, O.N.104480, (R.F.R., Po/A. 521).

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Charles Reid, O.N. 116282; (R.F.R. Dev/A.1280).

Second Hand John Alexander Cowie, R.N.R., O.N.S.A.1640.

Second Hand Henry Alfred Hoggett, R.N.R., O.N.S.A.1527.

Second Hand Walter Nickerson, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.4547.

Engineman James Arthur Denton, R.N.R., O.N.E.S.2701.

Leading Stoker George Alfred Parker, R.N.R., O.N.V.617.

Engineman John Francis Carter, R.N.R., O.N.E.S.1928.

Deckhand Thomas William Scrivens, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.5563.

Engineman Ambrose Thomas Mayhew, R.N.R., O.N.E.S.1511.

Leading Seaman Angus McIver, R.N.R., O.N.D.1953.

Leading Seaman David Jones, O.N. 164478, (R.F.R.Ch./B.1878).

Trimmer Robert McCroft, R.N.R., O.N.T.S. 3267.

Second Hand John Soanes, R.N.R., O.N.S.A. 2115.

Cook Richard G. Meek, Mercantile Rating.

Able Seaman Arthur Denyer, O.N.J.19380.

Deckhand William Good, R.N.R., O.N.S.D. 225.

Able Seaman Bertie David Wraight, O.N.J. 21635.

Able Seaman Jabez Thomas Kingston, O.N.J.4293.

Chief Steward Wilson Shaw Whiteford, Mercantile Rating.

Second Hand (now Skipper) James Henry Wood, R.N.R., O.N.S.A.2220.

Leading Trimmer George Wouldhave, R.N.R., O.N.S.T.1313.

Boy Telegraphist Royland Christopher Hetherington, O.N.J.43015.

Leading Seaman James Bright, O.N.21673T, (R.F.R. Dev/B.5211).

Leading Seaman Alfred West, O.N.B.4575.

Second Hand John Wilson, R.N.R., O.N.S.A.697.

Seaman George Leask, R.N.R., O.N.C.2601.

Second Hand John Campbell, R.N.R., O.N.S.A.2277.

Engineman William George Elby, R.N.R., O.N.E.S.4245.

The undermentioned rating has been awarded a Bar to his Distinguished Service Medal for a subsequent act of gallantry:

Leading Seaman Alfred Button, O.N.203867. (The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was notified in Gazette dated 13th September, 1915, page 9065.)



.... in recognition of their services in connection with the evacuation of the Serbian Army and Italian troops from Durazzo in December, 1915, and January and February, 1916:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Trimmer Robert John Claxton, R.N.R., O.N.T.S.2502.

Deck Hand Edward Ernest Godbold, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.3321.

Deck Hand Arthur William Maughton, R.N.R., O.N.D.A. 5260.

Deck Hand Thomas Matthews, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.8278.

Deck Hand Alfred Bickers, R.N.R., O.N. D.A.9003.

Engineman William Robert Harvey, R.N.R., O.N.E.S. 4128.

Engineman James George Gordon, R.N.R., O.N.E.S.4146.

Trimmer George Clark, R.N.R., O.N.T.S. 3174.

Second Hand William Tolmie, R.N.R., O.N.S.A.1303.

Trimmer David Watters, R.N.R., O.N.T.S. 2188.



The following awards have also been approved: 


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Leading Seaman Philip Harold Griffiths, O.N.J.3818.

Petty Officer Ernest Charles Richards, O.N. 201732.

Leading Seaman Andrew Murphy, O.N. 191827.

Engine-Room Artificer, 1st Class, Arthur Towle, O.N.269635.

Yeoman of Signals Daniel Greenshields, O.N. 144628.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, George Edwin Hayman, O.N.138869 (R.F.R.Dev./A.3180).

Leading Signalman Thomas Down, O.N. 143451 (R.F.R.Dev./B.229).

Leading Signalman Arthur Harvey, O.N. 220047.

Seaman John Allen, R.N.R., O.N.A.2257.

Petty Officer Benjamin Smith, O.N.217840.

Private Frederick George Clarke, R.M.L.I., Ch./13918.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Daniel Joseph Murphy, O.N.201992.

Petty Officer Declan Flynn, O.N.198423.

Able Seaman, R.N.R., Jeremiah Brien, O.N. D.2332.

Engine-Room Artificer, 1st Class, R.N.R., Hubert Berry, O.N.E.A.1483.

Acting Chief Petty Officer Sidney Lang, O.N. 175475.




29680 - 25 JULY 1916




..... (see Dover Patrol Operations, Naval Despatch dated 29 May 1916): 


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Petty Officer Harry Barber, O.N.165446.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Arthur William Collard O.N.13336 (R.F.R.Ch.A.1300.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Darton, O.N. 187656.

Chief Petty Officer James Samuel Southwood, O.N.117014 (R.F.R.Po.A.1166).

Acting Chief Petty Officer William Ewles, O.N.154421.

Petty Officer Jesse Hailstone, O.N.181161.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Charles William Moore, O.N. 179983.

Leading Seaman Charles Henry Holmes, O.N.191648.

Yeoman of Signals Alfred William Harding, O.N.229905.

Leading Signalman Joseph Wise, O.N.222824.

Signalman Joseph Charles Duley, O.N.J. 13042.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class, George Frederick Cockrell, O.N.268235.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, Richard Sheppard, O.N.270663.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, John Robert Shires, O.N.271126.

Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class, Harry Robertson, O.N.270936.

Electrical Artificer, 2nd Class, Harold Archibald Hughes, O.N.347720.

Chief Stoker James Brown, O.N.290363.

Stoker Petty Officer Arthur Alfred Bradley, O.N.300678 (R.F.R.B.6874).

Stoker, 1st Class, Edward Madden, O.N.K. 25097.

Chief Armourer Harry Goodwin, O.N.345418.

Chief Armourer James Thomas Lewis, O.N. 340703.

Chief Motor Boatman W. G. Culverwell, O.N. M.B.242.

Second Hand, R.N.R., John Gardiner, O.N. 1431SA.

Second Hand, R.N.R., Florence Westgate Saunders, O.N.910SA.

Second Hand, R.N.R., Walter James Sutton, O.N. 891 S.A.

Deck Hand, R.N.R., Francis William Beamish, O.N. 3239 D.A.




29736 - 5 SEPTEMBER 1916


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

L.S. Frederick William Andrews, O.N. 230697.

L.S. Charles John Colbran, O.N. 208778.

Act. L. Sto. Herbert Heath, O.N. K.946.

Qrmr. John Drinkall (Mercantile Rating).

Pte. George Yates, R.M.L.I., No. Ply./15209.


Royal Naval Division.


Corpl. John McDowell, R.M.L.I., Ply./15925.

Corpl. Albert Robert Grainger, R.M.L.t., Ch./15463.

Pte. Charles Robert Bell, R.M.L.I., Ch./8882.

Sergt. John Charles Dunn, R.M.L.I., Po./7770.

Sergt. Marcus William Minter, R.M.L.I., Po./8622.

A.B. George Ramsey, R.N.V.R., ON. Z.2736.C.

Lce.-Cpl. David George Denver, R.M.L.I., Po./12125.

Pte. Harry Mills, R.M.L.I., Ply./16368.

Pte. Albert Dunkley, R.M., Deal/3176 (S.) (Medical Unit).

Pte. Percy Berry, R.M.L.I., Ch.13352.

Sto. Thomas Bell, R.N.V.R., ON.Po./109000.

Lce.-Sergt. Frederick Wolstenholme, R.M.L.I. Ply./481 (S.).

Sto. Tom Arnold, Ch./R.F.R./S. (S. 105803) (C.P.O., R.N.D.).

Sapper Walter Bottomley, R.M., Depot/614 (S.) (Divl. Engrs.).

Sergt. Albert Henry Hunting, R.M.L.I., Po./16280.

A.B. George William James, R.N.V.R., ON.Z.2837.T.

A.B. Daniel Bullen, R.N.V.R., ON.KP.3.

Pte. Frank Hunt, R.M.L.I., Po./319 (S.).


Nigerian Marine (Natives).


Isaac, Deckhand.

Yesufu, Boatswain.

Sam Druder, Boatswain.

William M'Beh, Quartermaster.



The undermentioned rating has been awarded a Bar to his Distinguished Service Medal for a subsequent act of gallantry:

Leading Signalman Isaac Overton, O.N. 225837.  (The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was notified in Gazette dated 16th August, 1915, page 8135.)




29752 - 15 SEPTEMBER 1916




With reference to the Despatch of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet, published in the London Gazette of Thursday, 6th July, 1916, the following awards have been approved in connection with the recommendations of the Commander-in-Chief for services rendered by Petty Officers and men of the Grand Fleet in the action in the North Sea on the 31st May-1st June, 1916.


The following awards have also been made:


To Receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John George Ashton, O.N. 268623.

Stoker, First Class, Ernest Richard Allcock, O.N. SS.110097.

Stoker, First Class, Charles Oscar Anderson, O.N. K.9832.

Chief Stoker Oliver William Barratt, O.N. 283930.

Mechanician William Beecroft, O.N. 288934.

Petty Officer James Clapp Bragg, O.N. 193246.

Able Seaman Albert Bright, O.N. 202825.

Chief Stoker Ronald Frank Burley, O.N. 283927.

Chief Petty Officer Frederick Walter Bird, O.N. 161259.

Shipwright, First Class, Martin Bray, O.N. 343524.

Able Seaman Herbert James Boutell, O.N. J. 14121.

Leading Stoker Charles Edgar Blagdon, O.N. K.1227.

Able Seaman George Charles Bowers, O.N. 215063.

Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John Robert Barss, O.N. 270499.

Leading Seaman William John Barrow, O.N. 217137.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Sydney Charles Burgess, O.N. 192892.

Chief Stoker Joseph Brudnell, O.N. 277829.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Joseph Bentley, O.N. 269229.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Alfred Leonard Burgess, O.N. 269498.

Stoker Petty Officer Walter Henry Carne, O.N. 302549.

Chief Petty Officer James Coughlan, O.N. 138894.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Nicholas Cawrse, O.N. 268673.

Chief Armourer Thomas Chivers, O.N. 175631.

Leading Seaman Malcolm John Cooper, O.N. 238690.

Leading Signalman Frederick George Chesters, O.N. 228254.

Officer's Cook, First Class, Henry Francis Carter, O.N. L.3366.

Chief Petty Officer Albert Edwaid Cleife, O.N. 160883.

Stoker Petty Officer Timothy Crowley, O.N. 286289.

Leading Seaman Maurice Howard Cox, O.N. J.9747.

Leading Seaman Percy Curtis, O.N. 218912.

Yeoman of Signals Arthur John Colyer, O.N. 186278.

Stoker Petty Officer Maurice Connell, O.N. 290110.

Shipwright, First Class, Edward James Dunn, O.N. 345577.

Petty Officer Robert George Dycer, O.N. 175501.

Chief Petty Officer William Demellweek, O.N. 171809.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Thomas John Dalton, O.N. 177318.

Petty Officer, First Class, Harry Willie Dudman, O.N. 160453.

Stoker, First Class, Alfred Thomas Dunn, O.N. SS.114406.

Able Seaman, R.N.V.R., Ernest William Dicker, O.N. Sussex Z/272.

Chief Stoker Percy William Dennis, O.N. 285011.

Petty Officer Arthur Mark Eagland, O.N. 215990.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Ernest Francis Edge, O.N. 268684.

Wireman, Second Class, George John Ellisdon, O.N. M.13438.

Stoker William Frederick Elvins, O.N. K.6281.

Stoker, First Class, Jeremiah Flynn, O.N. 303126.

Sergeant Walter Henry Fairs, O.N. R.M.A. 6281.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Fredrick Thomas Farmer, O.N. 269442.

Yeoman of Signals Frank William Foster, O.N. 226416 (now Acting Signal Boatswain).

Stoker, First Class, Alfred James Fane, O.N. SS.110817.

Chief Petty Officer Edward Fitzgerald, O.N. 171331.

Petty Officer Michael Fitzpatrick, O.N. 233771.

Able Seaman George Frank French, O.N. J.7216.

Yeoman of Signals Henry James Fisher, O.N. 221677.

Chief Petty Officer Harry Ernest Fox, O.N. 165514.

Chief Petty Officer Ernest George Fry, O.N. 163313.

Chief Petty Officer Hugh Latimer Greenhill, O.N. 139532.

Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Edmund Ernest Grace, O.N. 345257.

Chief Sick Berth Steward Albert Ernest Gregson, O.N. 350371.

Petty Officer Bertie Walter Richardson Gardiner, O.N. 211325.

Chief Petty Officer James John Greenland, O.N. 161574.

Petty Officer Malcolm Durrant Gooding, O.N. 191486.

Chief Petty Officer William Henry Graves, O.N. 181281.

Chief Petty Officer George Gates, O.N. 156638.

Petty Officer William Charles Richard Griffin, O.N. 201404.

Leading Seaman John Hiram, O.N. 237985.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Alfred William Hogger, O.N. 179580.

Chief Petty Officer William Worden Higman, O.N. 173132.

Mechanician John George Hicks, O.N. 300582.

Chief Petty Officer William Harris, O.N. 158446.

Chief Petty Officer John Daniel Hatherley, O.N. 155178.

Chief Stoker Arthur Harbour, O.N. 280561.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Augustus Frederick William Hughes, O.N. 268737.

Able Seaman James Edwin Hines, O.N. J.38370.

Stoker Thomas Henry Hignett, O.N. 1255. S.

Leading Signalman George Headley, O.N. J.9237.

Stoker Petty Officer Thomas Heard, O.N. 311330.

Stoker Petty Officer Charles Gerard Hawkins, O.N. 295754 (R.F.R., Po./B.5423).

Petty Officer William John Harvey, O.N 189340.

Able Seaman George Hanson, O.N. J. 19999.

Petty Officer Walter Halliwell, O.N. 215287.

Petty Officer, First Class, Walter Hooper, O.N. 173080.

Petty Officer Ernest Irving, O.N. 235267.

Chief Stoker William Johns, O.N. 281415.

Stoker, First Class, Sidney Jackson, O.N. SS.114967.

Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Ronald Glinn Jefferson, O.N. 271692.

Petty Officer Arthur Edward James, O.N. 197468.

Boy, First Class, Samuel James Keen, O.N. J.38215.

Able Seaman Percy Frederick Knapman, O.N. J.17156.

Chief Petty Officer William Ernest Kent, O.N. 163354.

Petty Officer Edward Kerry, O.N. 187385.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Herbert Henry Lake, O.N. 268421.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Lovell, O.N. 165127.

Petty Officer, First Class, Edmund Luckham, O.N. 125741 (R.F.R., Po./A.2027).

Stoker Petty Officer Walter Long, O.N. 177396.

Chief Stoker John Lyons, O.N. 297747.

Able Seaman John Cripps Leathers, O.N. 196529.

Chief Petty Officer John Matthews, O.N. 162478.

Chief Armourer William Henry Martin, O.N. 342428.

Stoker Petty Officer George Henry Manning, O.N. K.2849.

Petty Officer Samuel Christopher Ash Medway, O.N. 186757.

Acting Bombardier John Mulraney, O.N. R.M.A./13725.

Armourer Ivon Mitchell, O.N. 346563.

Chief Petty Officer Horace Minns, O.N. 172441.

Yeoman of Signals Horace Richard Mason, O.N. 220511 (now Acting Signal Boatswain).

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, James Monro, O.N. M.1666.

Stoker, R.N.R., George McConnell, O.N. 777V.

Stoker Petty Officer John McCoy, O.N. 277696.

Engine Room Artificer, First Class, James Souter Marr, O.N. 268169.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Murdo Macleod, O.N. M.4219.

Able Seaman Charles Mitchell, O.N. SS.3361.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Frederick Moore, O.N. 345488.

Chief Petty Officer Herbert George Newman, O.N. 152148.

Stoker Petty Officer William Norman, O.N. 133012 (R.F.R., PO./A2142).

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Christopher Ham Nichols, O.N. 271516.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, William Mark Oldreive, O.N. 269807.

Stoker, R.N.R., James Orton, O.N. S.5094.

Leading Telegraphist Percival James Olding, O.N. J.8127.

Second Sick Berth Steward Harry Charles Pridmore, O.N. M1677.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Pengelly, O.N. 177274.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Prebble, O.N. 157368.

Chief Yeoman of Signals George Harry Pink, O.N. 179101 (R F.R., Po./B3091).

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John Lewis Cornelius Payne, O.N. 268314.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Percy Peckham, O.N. 169822.

Petty Officer, First Class, George James Plummer, O.N. 158186.

Able Seaman William Perrow, O.N. 234297.

Signal Boy John Postles, O.N. J.38265.

Chief Shipwright James Pascoe, O.N. 342917.

Shipwright, R.N.V.R., Harry Peel, O.N. Tyneside, 3/83.

Sick Berth Steward Charles Purchase, O.N. 355019.

Chief Armourer Henry Phillis Pike, O.N. 341628.

Chief Petty Officer Joseph Edwin Profitt, O.N. 159669.

Petty Officer Alfred Henry Potterill, O.N. 183141.

Yeoman of Signals William Henry Parker, O.N. 220008.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Frederick Rendall, O.N. 269256.

Chief Petty Officer John Henry Reeves, O.N. 160690.

Chief Armourer Hartley Kirby Rounthwaite, O.N. 342127.

Petty Officer William Rennie, O.N. 209340.

Serjeant Henry Ross, R.M.L.I. O.N. Po./ 9467.

Mechanician Arthur Miles Stuart, O.N. 284435.

Chief Yeoman of Signals John Simmons, O.N. 151525.

Petty Officer Charles Edgar Siffleet, O.N. 228573.

Petty Officer Joseph Saddler, O.N. 211444.

Leading Signalman Thomas Shannon, O.N. 221129.

Petty Officer Dan Sheppard, O.N. 196176.

Stoker, First Class, Reginald Albert Smith, O.N. K.22739.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John Searle, O.N. 268620.

Stoker Petty Officer William Robert Seaborne, O.N. K.2840.

Stoker, First Class, William John Sibley, O.N. K.22879.

Chief Petty Officer Robert Charles Smith, O.N. 158092.

Petty Officer Mike Sliney, O.N. 191103.

Petty Officer George Ernest Smith, O.N. 203789.

Chief Stoker Frederick Charles Smith, O.N. 281187.

Petty Officer Henry Swales, O.N. 238189.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Sargent, O.N. 166132.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Harry Francis Thomas, O.N. 231174.

Chief Petty Officer Ernest George Temlett, O.N. 162765.

Chief Stoker Ralph Turner, O.N. 279317.

Ordinary Signalman Alec Saville Tempest, O.N. J29133.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Stanley Shopland Tozer, O.N. 271453.

Chief Stoker Albert Edwin Thurston, O.N. 276442.

Able Seaman Joseph John Thompson, O.N. J.10104.

Chief Stoker Frederick Arthur Truscott, O.N. 284217.

Shipwright, Second Class, William Samson Walters, O.N. 344927.

Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist George Joseph Ward, O.N. 189028.

Serjeant Edward Wesley Weston, O.N. R.M.A.5148.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Edward Ward, O.N. 183781.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Edward Williams, O.N. M.5149.

Boy, First Class, John Ernest William Worn, O.N. J.41882.

Shipwright, Second Class, Henry Edward Webley, O.N. M.8960.

Telegraphist David Wyllie, O.N. J.46874.

Acting Chief Petty Officer John Webster, O.N. 181723.

Petty Officer Horace Edward Winchester, O.N. 201037.

Stoker, First Class, Thomas Arthur Woolley, O.N. SS.115633.

Yeoman of Signals Joseph Victor Wagstaff, O.N. 194702.

Lance-Serjeant Alfred Henry Waterloo, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./10602.

Leading Cook's Mate Harry George Walters, O.N. M.586.

Petty Officer John Westlake, O.N. 218922.

The undermentioned rating has been awarded a Bar to his Distinguished Service Medal for an act of gallantry performed subsequent to that for which the Medal was awarded:

Chief Writer Samuel George White, O.N. 340597. (The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was notified in Gazette dated 3rd March, 1915, page 2214.)




29799 - 24 OCTOBER 1916


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal:

Master-at-Arms Albert Foxwell, O.N.350113, R.F.R. Dev./A.3344.

Chief Armourer Robert Cook, O.N. 123400.

Chief Shipwright George Henry Mears, O.N. 168217.

Petty Officer Alfred Charles Barrett, O.N. 182937.

Petty Officer Frank Thomas Mill, O.N. 184784.

Yeoman of Signals William Hough, O.N. 174033.

Leading Seaman James McKinlay, O.N. 174518, R.F.R. Dev./B.1508.

Able Seaman Frederick Thomas Meade, O.N. 217567, R.F.R. Po./B.6911.

Able Seaman William Charles Austen, O.N. 194423.

Yeoman of Signals Wilfred Chapman. O.N. 213631.

Petty Officer William Arthur Osborn, O.N. 235133.

Able Seaman Charles Donald Jones, O.N.J 16752.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Lewis J. Isaac, O.N.221824.

Colour Sergeant George Burley, R.M.L.I., No. Po./2069.

Petty Officer William Henry Murdoch, O.N. 235362.

Petty Officer Thomas Powell Sproat, O.N. 223105.

Leading Seaman James Boland, O.N. 194218.

Stoker Petty Officer George Henry Newland, O.N.K 1277.

Petty Officer Cecil Ernest Edgar Miles, O.N. 231336.

Stoker, 1st Class, William Goulding, O.N.K 3736.

Chief Petty Officer Sidney Allen Watkins, O.N.175974.

Leading Seaman George Cameron, O.N.J. 3812.

Engineer Driver, 1st Class, Saidu Hoosein.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Henry John Wheeler, O.N.179098.

Interpreter, 3rd Class, Mohammed Nagaf.

Acting Leading Stoker John Duncan, O.N. 229362.

Lance-Corporal Robert Emmett, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./13578.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, George Perry, O.N. 270674.

Acting Chief Stoker William Henry Gitsham, O.N. 292716.

Leading Seaman Norman Harry, R.N.R., O.N. C3242.

Seaman Albert Edward Bush, R.N.R., O.N. A2835.

Seaman Martin Pottle, R.N.R. (Newfoundland), O.N. X1145.

Chief Leading Fireman William George Brunton, Mercantile Rating.

Donkeyman Daniel Gartlan, Mercantile Rating.

Greaser John Longman, Mercantile Rating.

Greaser Duncan McKenzie, Mercantile Rating.

Fireman Thomas Harris, Mercantile Rating.

Engine Room Rating Hubert William Longley, Mercantile Rating.

Second Hand John Ritchie, R.N.R., O.N. 1A1437.

Second Hand George Ernest Smith, R.N.R., O.N. SA1276.




29877 - 22 DECEMBER 1916


..... award of Decorations and Medals to the following officers and men of the British Mercantile Marine in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Quartermaster Edward Dobbins.

Quartermaster Thomas Taylor.

Skipper John Worthington Golding.

Skipper James Crooks.

Quartermaster William Arthur Goss.

Fireman John Davies.

Fireman Edward George Talbot.




29886 - 29 DECEMBER 1916


..... awards have also been approved for service in the Battle of Jutland:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

C.E.R.A., 1 Cl., Frank Dymond, O.N. 268895.

C.E.R.A., 1 Cl, Herbert Neal, O.N. 268656 (Dev.).

Ch. Elect. Art., 2 Cl, William Ford, O.N. 347366 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A., 2 C1., Robert Charles Lees, O.N. 270022 (Po.).

C.P.O. William Henry Palmer, O.N. 15915,9 (Dev.).

Ch. Sto. Frederick Aldred, O.N. 296182 (Po.).

Ship's Std. Arthur James Litton, O.N. 158887 (Dev.).

Col. Sergt. Leonard Daw Roberts, R.M.L.I., No. Po./10345.

Sergt. Harry Richard Lucas, R.M.A., No. R.M.A./8139.

Ch. Yeo. Sigs. George Whitby, O.N. 182090 (Ch.).

P.O. William Henry Hoyle, O.N. 231577 (Dev.).

P.O. Tomson Matthews, O.N. 194798 (Dev.).

P.O., 1 Cl., Edward Charles Street, O.N. 190782 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. George Parmenter, O.N. 231316 (Ch.).

S.B.S. Charles Robert Allwright, O.N. 351201  (Ch.).

E.R.A., 3 Cl., Edward Frank Roser, O.N.M. 2331 (Po.).

Sto., 1 Cl., Patrick Walsh, O.N. 307219 (Po.).

A.B. Hubert Samuel Bevis, O.N. 214513 (Po,).

Off. Std., 2 Cl., Frank Pook, O.N. 364787 (Dev.).

Musician Arthur George Sylvester Flippence, R.M., No. R.M.B./1240.



Mine-Sweeping Operations.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

C.P.O. Thomas Robert Cozens, O.N. 126325 (R.F.R. Po./A1810).

C.P.O. James Henry Lancey, O.N. 192924 (Dev.).

C.P.O. John Edward Perritt, O.N. 117897 (R.F.R. Ch./A754).

P.O., 1 Cl., George Charles Day, O.N. 178422 (R.F.R. Ch./B5056).

P.O. William Herbert Winton, O.N. 191799 (Ch.).

P.O. 1 Cl., William Austin Adams, O.N. 122336 (R.F.R. Ch./A895).

A.B. William Robert Bull, O.N. J15960 (Ch.).

A.B. David Thomas Elliott, O.N. J13695 (Po.).

Sea. William Spry, R.N.R., O.N. 4889 A.

Boy Teleg. Ernest Kelly, O.N. J35560.

E.R.A., 1 Cl., Albert George Pearson, O.N. 271010 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. William Driver, O.N. 295045 (Po.).

Engmn. William Betmead, R.N.R., O.N. 1054 E.S.

Engmn. Fred William Briggs, R.N.R., O.N. 1106 E.S.

Engmn. Harold Cooke, R.N.R., O.N. 1776 E.S.

Engmn. Charles Edward East, R.N.R., O.N. 222 E.S.

Engmn. William Fleming, R.N.R., O.N. 600 E.S.

Engmn. James Reid, R.N.R., O.N. 18 T.S.

Engmn. Charles Edward Vittery, R.N.R., O.N. 1601 E.S.

Engmn. Fred Piercy Wilson, R.N.R., O.N. 34 E.S.

Trmr. Richard Morrison, R.N.R., O.N. 215 T.S.

2nd Hnd. Richard Combe, R.N.R., O.N. 447 S.A.

2nd Hnd. John Noble Stephen, R.N.R., O.N. 2480 S.A.

2nd Hnd. Francis John Williams, R.N.R., O.N. 1948 S.A.

Dk. Hnd. Alexander Davidson, R.N.R., O.N. 158 D.A.

Dk. Hnd. Bert Huntingdon, R.N.R., O.N. 390 D.A.

Dk. Hnd. Daniel Nithsdale, R.N.R., O.N. 4253 D.A.

Dk. Hnd. David William Leon Simpson, R.N.R., O.N. 1397 D.A.

Dk. Hnd. Charles Shell, R.N.R., O.N. 6712 D.A.



Submarine Service.


..... in recognition of services rendered by Petty Officers and Men in submarines in enemy waters during the period from the commencement of hostilities to the 3rd August, 1916:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Ldg. Sea. Albert William Broadway, O.N. J 2128.

Actg. Ldg. Sto. Lionel Elsom Corker, O.N. K 7145.

Ldg. Sig. Frederick Thomas Davis, O.N. J 4828.

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Sidney Lewis Dole Frampton, O.N. 272185.

P.O. William Edmund Goddard, O.N. 201173.

P.O. William Harry Gunton, O.N. 211821.

P.O. Richard Charles Hammett, O.N. 211319.

P.O. Edwin Walter Harrison, O.N. 176446.

P.O. Edward Haydon, O.N. 204255.

A.B. George William Hodder, O.N. 216122.

Actg. Ldg. Sto. Walter Humphries, O.N. 310331

P.O. John Ilott, O.N. 191730.

Actg. Ldg. Sto, Charles Kessell, O.N. K 1517.

Ldg. Sea. Benjamin Charles Litchfield, O.N. 226273.

Ldg. Sea. Patrick Andrew McEvoy, O.N. 229316.

Ch. Sto. George Plain, O.N. 280740.

P.O. Alfred Albert Ernest Phillips, O.N. 228052.

Sto., 1st Cl., Percy Sidney Saville, O.N. K 10730.

Ldg. Teleg. Albert Thomas Sibthorpe, O.N. J 7280.

P.O. Roland Thomas Stripp, O.N. 236087.

Ldg. Sto. Albert Owen Tilbury, O.N. K 1547.

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Alfred Alexander Truscott, O.N. M 1438.

Act. C.E.R.A., 2 Cl., Alexander Weir, O.N. 271563.

A.B. Harry Winter, O.N. 239599.



Miscellaneous Services.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Engineer Frederick Livingstone Angus, Nigeria Marine Contingent.

C.E.R.A., 1 Cl., Albert Charles Burton, O.N. 269517.

Mechn. Harry Clifford Curtis, O.N. 302704.

P.O. Herbert Henry Bond Whitty, O.N. 191257.

Elect. Art., 2 C1., Henry Frederick Williams, O.N. 347904.

A.B. Albert Edward John Stevens, O.N. J23636.

Pte. William Frederick Hammond, R.M.L.I.  No. Ch./17137.

Corpl. Frederick  William Hemmings, R.M.L.I., No. Ch./16851.

Lce.-Corpl. Albert Charles Rutland, R.M.L.I., No. Ch./15142.

P.O. John Butters, O.N. 137522 (R.F.R., Dev./A3497).

Dk. Hnd Leonard Findlay, R.N.R., O.N. 4842 D.A.

P.O. Albert Edward Gregory, O.N. 209657 (Po.).

P.O. Frederick Dart, O.N. 214897 (Po.).

P.O. Joseph Richard Ashfield, O.N. 227875 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 3 Cl., Frank William Crabbe, O.N. M1483 (Po.).

P.O., 1 Cl., William John Adams, O.N. 189087 (Dev.).

Ldg Sea. Daniel Joseph Donovan, O.N. 204180 (Dev.).

P.O. Thomas Heffernan, O.N. 158031.

Act. Ch. Arm. Albert Henry Hinks, O.N. 343208.

Arm's. Crew Ernest Charles King, O.N. 16034.

Ldg. Sea. James Robert Sole, O.N. 240147.

A.B. Charles George Bremer Barham, O.N. J9079.

Serjt. Walter Henry France, R.M.A., No. R.M.A./5510.

Gnr. Adam Fenton, R.M.A., No. R.M.A./ 6904 (R.F.A./B/353).

P.O. William Ernest Sims, O.N. 199647 (Dev.).

P.O. Mech. Charles Ernest Cobb, R.N.A.S., O.N. F4623.

P.O. Mech. Donald McLean Graham, R.N.A.S., O.N. F4625.

A.B. Herbert William Marsh, O.N. J16274 (Dev.).

Sea. George Behenna, R.N.R., O.N. 3996B.

Sig. George Sydney Tasker, R.N.V.R., O.N. London, 3/2502.






all Admiralty, London, S.W.



29947 – 16 FEBRUARY 1917


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal:

P.O. Thomas John Burrell, O.N. 217004 (Ch.).

P.O. James Mather, O.N. 213655 (Ch.).

Ch. Shipwt. William Samuel Gurney, O.N. 342916 (Po,).

A.B. James Mathers, O.N. 176735 (Ch.).

Elec. Art., 3rd Class, Squire Lilley, O.N. M.2894 (Ch.).

Air Mech. Ernest Wright Nelson, O.N. F.25205.

2nd Hnd. Archie McKechnie, R.N.R., O.N. 8199 D.A. .

2nd Hnd. George Manley, R.N.R., O.N. 4621 B.

A.B. Frederic Edward Pym, O.N. 197183 (R.F.R. Dev./B.3258).

A.B. Arthur Thomas Pursey, O.N. 187227 (R.F.R. Ch./B.6833).

P.O. Teleg. Archibald Williams, O.N. 214512 (Dev).




29972 – 6 MARCH 1917


Battle of Jutland


...... Commander Loftus William Jones, R.N. (killed in action in the course of the Battle of Jutland and posthumously awarded Victoria Cross). On the afternoon of the 31st May, 1916, during the action, Commander Jones in H.M.S. "Shark," Torpedo Boat Destroyer, led a division of Destroyers to attack the enemy Battle Cruiser Squadron. In the course of this attack a shell hit the "Shark's" bridge, putting the steering gear out of order, and very shortly afterwards another shell disabled the main engines, leaving the vessel helpless. The Commanding Officer of another Destroyer, seeing the "Shark's" plight, came between her and the enemy and offered assistance, but was warned by Commander Jones not to run the risk of being almost certainly sunk in trying to help him. Commander Jones, though wounded in the leg, went aft to help connect and man the after wheel. Meanwhile the forecastle gun with its crew had been blown away, and the same fate soon afterwards befell the after gun and crew. Commander Jones then went to the midship and only remaining gun, and personally assisted in keeping it in action. All this, time the "Shark" was subjected to very heavy fire from enemy light cruisers and destroyers at short range. The gun's crew of the midship gun was reduced to three, of whom an Able Seaman was soon badly wounded in the leg. A few minutes later Commander Jones was hit by a shell, which took off his leg above the knee, but he continued to give orders to his gun's crew, while a Chief Stoker improvised a tourniquet round his thigh. Noticing that the Ensign was not properly hoisted, he gave orders for another to be hoisted. Soon afterwards, seeing that the ship could not survive much longer, and as a German Destroyer was closing, he gave orders for the surviving members of the crew to put on lifebelts. Almost immediately after this order had been given, the "Shark" was struck by a torpedo and sank. Commander Jones was unfortunately not amongst the few survivors from the "Shark," who were picked up by a neutral vessel in the night.


The following awards have also been made to the survivors of H.M.S. "Shark" for their services during the action:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal:

Sto. P.O. Charles Filleul, O.N.292779 (Po.).

A.B. Charles Cleeberg Hope, O.N.238376 (Po.).

A.B. Charles Herbert Smith, O.N.J.13416 (Po.).

A.B. Joseph Owen Glendower Howell, O.N.230192 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Thomas Wilton Swan, O.N.K.26567 (Po.).

P.O. William Charles Richard Griffin, O.N. 201404 (Po.).

(The award to Petty Officer Griffin has already been gazetted.)




29997 - 23 MARCH 1917


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Dk. Hnd. John Inglis, R.N.R., O.N. 8610 D.A.

P.O. Henry Granville, O.N. 181132 (Dev.).

Engmn. George Henry Dodds, R.N.R., O.N. 1012 E.S.

Boy, 1st Cl., Robert Peter Stearne, O.N. J.48469 (Ch.).

C.P.O. William Henry Pysden, O.N. 182248 (Ch.).

A.B. Leonard Macer, O.N. S.S. 3992 (Ch.).

2nd Hnd. John Watterson, R.N.R., 1458 S.A.

C.P.O. Alfred Butler, O.N. 118754 (R.F.R., Po./A.1358).

A.B. Wilfred Shaw, O.N. S.S. 1355 (R.F.R., Po./B. 4234).

A.B. Arthur Leslie Proe, O.N. S.S. 1012 (R.F.R., Po./B3644).

Ldg. Sea. Robert Jolley, O.N. 192517 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Johnston Robertson, O.N. 225836 (Ch.).

C.P.O. James Charles Volney McBrierty, O.N. 176961 (Po.).

A.B. Samuel Proudlove, O.N. S.S. 369 (R.F.R., Dev./B2571).

P.O. Albert Edward Holding, O.N. 178492 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Alexander Wilson, O.N. 200036 (R.F.R., Dev. B/2324).

Sea. Robert Arnold Conway, R.N.R., O.N. 8679A.

Cr. Serjt. Percy John. Strachan, R.M.L.I., No. Ch./6452 (R.F.R., A./644).

Pte. James Cook, R.M.L.I., No. Ch./18384.

Pte. James Alfred Short, R.M.L.I., No. Ply./ 11379.

Corpl. Thomas Henry Wedge, R.M.L.I., No. Ply./14717.

P.O. Francis John Horwill, O.N. 215946 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. Samuel James Pollard, O.N. 148758 (R.F.R., Dev./A.3221).

Ldg. Sea. Herbert Leonard Day, O.N. 238965 (Po.).

Sea. Benjamin Samms, R.N.R. (Newfoundland), O.N. X.790.

Sea. Alexander Salisbury Morrison, R.N.R., O.N. A.5848.

Ldg. Sto. Richard Edward Davison, R.N.R., O.N. S.3675.

Sto. Aaron Hopkins, R.N.R., O.N. S.8346.

W./T. Op., 1st Cl., Thomas Ernest Fletcher, R.N.R., O.N. 404 W.T.S.

Sea. William Williams, R.N.R., O.N. 6224A.

C.E.R.A. Ebenezer George Hodges, R.N.R., O.N. 1377E.A.

P.O. John Henry Philip, O.N. 228045 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., James Hutley Green, O.N. 270984 (Dev.).

P.O., 2nd Cl., Leo Charles Martin, O.N. J.5436.(Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Charles Wood, O.N. J.14005 (Ch.).

P.O. Harry McRae Duncan, O.N. 188644 (Ch.).

Act. E.R.A., 4th Cl., Edward Lancaster, O.N. M.2684 (Dev.).

A.B. Percy Stanley Fryer, O.N.J. 11258 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Percival Ross, O.N. 184463 (Po.).

2nd Hnd. George William Cracknell, R.N.R., O.N. 7420D.A.

C.P.O. Alfred Daw, O.N. 169897 (R.F.R. Ch. B.284).



The undermentioned Petty Officers and Men have been awarded a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal for subsequent acts of gallantry:

Ldg. Sea. George Robert Cracknell, O.N. J.1559. (The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was announced in London Gazette dated 15th May, 1916.)


P.O., 1st Cl., William John Adams, O.N. 189087 (Dev.). (The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was announced in London Gazette dated 1st January, 1917.)


Ldg. Sea. Daniel Joseph Donovan, O.N. 204180 (Dev.). (The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was announced in London Gazette dated 1st January, 1917.)


C.P.O. George Henry Truscott, O.N. 140440 (R.F.R., Dev./A.3140). (The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was announced in London Gazette dated 31st May, 1916.)




30015 - 10 APRIL 1917


..... in recognition of their services in the Eastern Mediterranean up to the 30th June, 1916:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Petty Officer Arthur James, O.N. 142389 (Po.).

Leading Seaman Harry T. Coleman, O.N. 231247 (Ch.).

Chief E.R.A. Samuel Fletcher, O.N. 269985 (Ch.).

Armourer's Mate Charles H. Hazel, O.N. M.4491 (Dev.).

First Writer Walter J. V. Keeble, O.N. 231499 (Dev.).

Ship's Steward William H. Bromidge, O.N. 345206 (Dev.).

Chief Motor Mechanic T. Thurburn, O.N., M.B.369.

Sergeant Albert V. Proctor, No. R.M.A. /5508.




30029 - 20 APRIL 1917


Honours for Service in the Patrol Cruisers.


..... in recognition of their services in the Patrol Cruisers, under the command of Vice-Admiral Reginald G. O. Tupper, C.B., C.V.O., during the period 1st July-31st December, 1916:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

C.P.O. William John Curley Poole (alias William John Curley), O.N. 133945 (R.F.R., Dev./A2852).

P.O., 1st 01., Arthur Banfield James, O.N. 189089 (R.F.R., Dev./B1202).

P.O. William Henry Baker, O.N. 163292 (Po.).

P.O. Ernest Knight, O.N. 198006 (R.F.R., Po./B5341).

Ldg. Sea. Howard Edward Osgood, O.N. 236853 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. George Francis Reddings, R.N.R., O.N. 2702A.

Sea. Charles William Victor Potter, R.N.R., O.N. 4599A.

Ldg. Sig. William Thomas Isaac, O.N. 184506 (R.F.R., Dev./B636).

Ldg. Sig. Edgar Charles Saunders, O.N. 124595 (Dev.).

Ch. Arm. William Henry Harrington, O.N. 143238 (Ch.).

M.A.A. George Francis Cook, O.N. 121490 (R.F.R., Po./A1612).

Lce.-Corpl. Reginald Dennis Hale, R.M.L.I., No. Po./16833.

Pte. Richard Burns, R.M.L.I., No. Po./8167.

Ch. Carp. Alexander R. Fraser (Mercantile Rating).

Ldg. Fireman Robert Charles James (Mercantile Rating).

Donkeyman Archibald McDonald (Mercantile Rating).



Honours for Royal Naval Air Service.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal:

Act. Air Mech., 1st Grade, Walter Bunce, O.N. F.7088.



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

P.O. Percy Robert Lawes, O.N. 168394 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. Charles Henry Shepherd, O.N. 233947 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. George Bannister, O.N. 300989 (Po.).

P.O. Alfred Augustus Hill, O.N. 231440 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Albert Young, O.N. 239432 (Po.).

A.B. William Edward Dumaresq, O.N. 224405 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. Robert Anthony Duncan, O.N.K.7164 (Po.).

P.O. Arthur Henry Craven, O.N. 150825 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 1 Cl., Duncan Alexander Sinclair, O.N. 268690 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. George Thomas Ludgate, O.N. 186981 (Ch.).

Pte. John Jones, R.M.L.I., No. Ch./19114.

Pte. Thomas Mitchell Symons, R.M.L.I., No. Ply./9603.




30061 - 8 MAY 1917




..... for Service in the Action Between H.M. Ships "Swift" and "Broke" and German Destroyers on the night of the 20th to 21st April, 1917.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

O.S. Herbert Thomas Huntley Fowle, O.N., S.S. 7516 (Po.).

Sto. Charles Williams, R.N.R. (New Zealand), O.N. 2/358.

Sto., 1st Cl., John Clasper, O.N., S.S. 103869 (R.F.R., Po./B. 4652).

Ch. Sto. William Shearn O.N., 279752 (Po.).

P.O. Tel. Harry Sedgley, O.N., 239909 (Dev.).

P.O. William Edward Strevens, O.N., 232542 (Po.).

P.O. George Henry Froud, O.N., 218906 (Po.).

P.O. Albert Last, O.N., 208689 (Po.).

A.B. Sidney Clarke, O.N., J. 5244 (Po.).

A.B. Charles Reginald Norton, O.N., J. 18427 (Po.).

A.B. Ernest Ramsden Ingleson, O.N., J. 5723 (Po.).

A.B. Walter Frederick Mair, O.N., J. 55500 (Po.).

C.P.O. John Crother Ashton, O.N., 157639 (Po.).

P.O. Sidney Albert Simmonds, O.N., 180242 (Po.).

P.O. Charles Henry Daish, O.N., 182240 (Po.).

Ch. E.R.A. William Culverwell, O.N., 268992 (Ch.).

P.O. Frederick Percy Mursell, O.N., 162299 (Po.).

Ch. Sto. Henry Simmons, O.N., 276070 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. William Edward Heaseman, O.N., 361422 (Po.).

Yeo. Sig. Albert Ebenezer James, O.N., 210513 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. James Bryant, O.N., 310822 (Po.).

Sto. Edward Gilfillan, R.N.R., O.N., 9099, S.

Sto. Sidney Frederick Brooks, O.N., S.S. 111490 (Po.).




30066 - 11 MAY 1917


Honours for Royal Naval Air Service.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

P.O. Mech. Walter Laurence, O.N. 300142.

P.O. Mech. Frederick Henry Winstone, O.N. F570.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., George Frederick Ridgeway Marden, O.N. F4718.

P.O. Mech. William Stephen Burville, O.N. F4117.

C.P.O. Mech., 1st Gr., Charles Harold Potts, O.N. M1008.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Herbert Ernest Philip, O.N. F6491.

Ldg. Mech. John McCredie, O.N. F148.

P.O. Mech. Edward William Dawson, O.N. F1748.

P.O. Mech. Alexander Bell, O.N. F2422.

Ldg. Mech. Charles Thomas, O.N. F2350.

C.P.O. Mech., 1st Gr., Henry Herbert Smith Scott, O.N. 345608.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., John Archibald Rosling, O.N. F81.

P.O. Mech. Frederick Thomas McSorley, O.N. F1223.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Bert Arvoy, O.N. F672.

P.O. Mech. Ferdinand Fantini, O.N. F2489.

Ldg. Mech. William Frederick Cliffe, O.N. F6074.

P.O. Mech. Samuel Percy Finch, O.N. F599.

P.O. Mech. William Ernest Watson, O.N. F593.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Robert George Kimberley, O.N. F4766.



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

A.B. William Blackburn, O.N. 226897 (Po.).

2nd Hnd. Joseph Henry Kelly R.N.R., O.N. 2882 D.A.

Ldg. Sea. George Alfred Smedley, O.N. J6622 (Dev.).

A.B. James Hartley, O.N. J19222 (Dev.).

Ch. E.R.A., 2nd Cl., John Buchanan, O.N. M20565 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. Lewis David Snell, O.N. 311582 (Dev.).

Off. Std., 2nd Class, Ernest Leonard Burn, O.N. L1287 (Po.).

C.P.O. Reginald Leonard Wilkins, O.N. 157444 (Po.).

P.O. Alfred John Reed, O.N. 185674 (Po.).

Sea. William Owen Evans, R.N.R., O.N. 3044 A.

Engmn. Francis James Cappleman, R.N.R., O.N. 1223 E.S.

2nd Hnd. George Henry Roper, R.N.R., O.N. 633 S.A.

P.O. Arthur Himan Albert West, O.N. 229719 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl, Archibald Dunbar, O.N. M246 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. William McPherson, R.N.R., O.N. 2540 C.

A.B. William Francis Burrows Biss, O.N. 208203 (Dev.).

2nd Hnd. David Aitchison, R.N.R., O.N. 2725 S.A.

Motor Mech. William Wallace, O.N. M.B. 1482.

Motor Mech. David Wilfred Logan, O.N. M.B. 1478.

Motor Mech. Robert Edwin Sproule, O.N. M.B. 1489.

Motor Mech. Albert William Saunders, O.N. M.B. 1490.

The undermentioned Petty Officer has been awarded a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal for a subsequent act of gallantry:

P.O. Walter Alger, O.N. 162321 (Ch.). (The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was announced in the London Gazette dated 15th May, 1916.)



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Act. Ldg. Sea. Robert Henry Stoops.

A.B. James Gorman.

Apprentice Harry Craggs Forrest.

Ldg. Sea. Alfred White.

Sea. James Moar.

Ldg. Sea. John Young Hutcheon.

Apprentice James Leitch.

Ch. Std. A. Haddacks.

Carp. George Richard Pidd.

Ldg. Sea. Albert Sidney Stokes.

Bos'n William Gallagher.

Sea. Malcolm Macleod.

A.B. Frank McArdle.




30088 - 22 MAY 1917


Honours for Service in Destroyer Patrol Flotillas, Armed Boarding Steamers, &c.


..... in recognition of their services in the Destroyer Patrol Flotillas, Armed Boarding Steamers, &c., during the period which ended on the 30th September, 1916:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Joseph Herbert Deacon, O.N. 268609 (Dev.).

Mate William T. Waters (Mercantile rating).

Mate R. R. Quinn (Mercantile rating).

2nd Hand Richard Barren, R.N.R., O.N. 9156 D.A.

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Hugh Jones Owen, O.N. M.4936 (Ch.).

Sto., 1st Cl., William Henwood, O.N. K.15552 (Ch.).

Yeo. Sigs. Alfred Augustus Stepto, O.N. 232221 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. James Kennedy, O.N. 286681 (Ch.).

Teleg. Harold Frederick Small, O.N. J.9056 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Teleg. John McKenna, O.N. 199722 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. George England, O.N. 287645 (Ch.).

C.P.O. John Robert Plummer, O.N. 173750 (Ch.).

Ch. Yeo. Sigs. Thomas Frederick Charvill, O.N. 168056 (Ch.).

P.O. Walter William Morgan, O.N. 191050 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. John Robert Purver, O.N. 287464 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Algernon Cyril Miller, O.N. J.6585 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., John Bryant, O.N. 270323 (Dev.).

P.O. Henry Robert Bezant, O.N. 185507 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Albert Victor Langridge, O.N. 176983 (Po.).

P.O. Albert Henry Cook, O.N. 226249 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., John James Williams, O.N. 268990 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Samuel Barker Mitchell, O.N. 268874 (Dev.).

P.O. Thomas Patterson, O.N. 216505 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A. William John McCleery, R.N.R., O.N. 447 E.B.

2nd S.B.S. Frederick Arthur Allen, O.N. M.1679 (Po.).

C.P.O. James Walter Barratt, O.N. 112679 (Po.).

P.O. Henry Hearn, O.N. 231789 (Ch.).

P.O. Donald Morrison, R.N.V.R., O.N. 2/156 (Clyde).

Ldg. Sea. Leonard William Smart, O.N. J.2973 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sig. Arthur Herbert Burleigh, O.N. 225334 (Ch.).

Act. Ldg. Sto. Stanley Townsley, O.N. K.1614 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Walter Samuel Harrod, O.N. 270753 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Henry Shipp, O.N. 143939 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., James Leighton, O.N. 269432 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A. Neil Campbell, R.N.R., O N 1057F.A.

Ch. Sto. Charles Winchester, O.N. 169301 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. William Browns, O.N. 290220 (Ch )

C.P.O. William Crocker, O.N. 178844 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sig. Henry Walter Turner, O.N. 235310 (Po.)

Act. C.P.O. James Burrett, O.N. 178075 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Charles Milne, O.N. 211266 (Po.).

Act C.P.O. Clifford Joseph Campbell, O.N. 191144 (Ch.).

P.O. James Alfred Reynolds, O.N. 201470 (Ch.).

Act Arm. Charles Frederick Down, O.N. M.7351 (Dev.).

Ldg Sto. William Henry Carter, O.N. K.5831 (Dev.).

A.B. Charles Edward Hodder, O.N. J.19434 (Po.).

C.P.O. Alfred Lloyd Pond, O.N. 130926 (R.F.R. Dev./B.2584).

A.B. William Edward Jobson, O.N. 136847 (R.F.R. Dev./A2515).

P.O. William Jones, O.N. 214084 (Dev.).

P.O. James Balsdon, O.N. 236756 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., John Fish, O.N. 269233 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sto. Albert Davey, O.N. 312329 (Dev.).

Ldg. Teleg. James Treadgold, O.N. J.9552 (Po.).

P.O. Christopher Sloane, O.N. 179862 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Charles William Thomas, O.N. 269974 (Dev.).

P.O. Henry Charles Bealing, O.N. 191265 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Reginald William Stewart, O.N. M12165 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sig. John Buckley, O.N. 212203 (Ch.).

Ord. Teleg. Allan John Ritchie Kelly, O.N. J.28842 (Ch.).

P.O. James Power, O.N. J.6201 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 1st Cl., Herbert Dobson, O.N. 270863 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. Frederick George Brockman, O.N. 280638 (Ch.).

P.O. Augustus Ness, O.N. 183594 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Albert Edward Jones, O.N. 268193 (Dev.).

Yeo. Sig. Charles Frederick Law, O.N. 231582 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., William Overton Kennedy, O.N. 271897 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. George William Birch, O.N. 293879 (R.F.R. Chat./B8479).

C.P.O. William Samuel Thomas Bate, O.N 127128 (R.F.R. Dev./A.2034).

P.O. Edward Arthur, R.N.R., O.N. 2277C.

C.P.O. Albert Victor Gilbert, O.N. 147316 (Ch.).



Honours for Service in the Dover Patrol.


..... in recognition of their services in vessels of the Dover Patrol, under the command of Vice-Admiral Sir Reginald H. S. Bacon, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., D.S.O., during the period from 1st July-31st December, 1916:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

C.P.O. John Slee, O.N. 177228 (Dev.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Francis John Lewis, O.N. SS.112515 (Po.).

Ldg. Sig. Ernest Henry Hansford, O.N. 204762 (Po.).

Ldg. Sig. George Victor Mackenzie, O.N. 233487 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. Frederick Charles Hawkins, O.N. 190739 (Po.).

Shipwt., 1st Cl., Harry Adams, O.N. 341559 (Po.).

P.O. William Thomas, O.N. 191542 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Albert Henry Taylor, O.N. 268288 (Ch.).

Ch. Arm. Arthur Hawkins, O.N. 341257 (Ch.).

Ldg. Teleg. Isaac Edward Hawes, O.N. 239238 (Ch.).

A.B. George Smith, O.N. J. 10537 (Ch.).

A.B. Fredk. George Crossingham, O.N. J.4573 (Po.).

Ldg. Sig. John Charles Stoneage, O.N. 233486 (Po.).

P.O. Frederick John Hendley, O.N. 188065 (Po.).

P.O. Charles William Brine, O.N. 182606 (Po).

Teleg. Albert Edward Johnson, O.N. J.23510 (Po.).

Ch. Sto. Walter Cherrett, O.N. 174109 (Po.).

A.B. Daniel Joseph Lamont, O.N. 212556 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., William Charles Kingswell, O.N. 271258 (Po.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Henry Arthur Drury, O.N. 272150 (Ch.).

Sea. Michael Broderick, R.N.R.. O.N. 5116 B

Ch. Sto. Jabez Webb, O.N. 291408 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. George Amery, O.N. 302102 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Thomas William Adamson, O.N. 269850 (Ch.).

P.O. Charles Olford, O.N. 208908 (Po.).

A.B. James Frederick Trevett, O.N. J.23916 (Po.).



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

P.O. Albert Edward Cottrell, O.N. 223013 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Henry Hammond Trevan Atkins, O.N. 168393 (R.F.R. Dev./B4213).

A.B. Henry James Crone, O.N. J12562 (Dev.).

Sig. Charles Malin, O.N. 220125 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. Richard Tiller, O.N. 302712 (Dev.).

Sto. Edward Hughes, R.N.R., O.N. 5040S.

W./T. Op., 1st Cl.. Ernest Victor Chamberlain, R.N.R., O.N. 310 W.T.S.

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Peter John Beer, O.N 268763 (Ch.).

P.O William Ernest Wheele, O.N. 238091 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Walter Frederick George Coward, O.N 291374 (Ch.).

A.B. Frederick Foreman. O.N. 194833 (Ch.).

Shpwt., 2nd Cl., John Foot, O.N. M12707 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. William Henry Grills, O.N. 301970 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sto. William Tillison, R.N.R., O.N. 747V.

O.S. John Dodd Kay. O.N. J55321 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl.. Robert Gabriel Ribbons, O.N. 272086 (Ch.).

The undermentioned rating has been awarded a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal for a subsequent act of gallantry:

A.B. Frederic Edward Pym, O.N. 197183 (R.F.R., Dev./B3258). (The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was announced in the London Gazette dated 16th February, 1917.)




30091 - 25 MAY 1917


The undermentioned Petty Officer has been awarded a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal for service in the action between H.M. Ships "Swift" and "Broke" and German Destroyers, on the night of the 20th to 21st Apr. 1917:

Yeo. Sigs. William Smith, O.N. 213714 (Po.). (The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was announced in the London Gazette dated 12th January, 1916.)




30133 - 15 JUNE 1917




..... (see East African Campaign, Naval Despatch dated 28 January 1917):


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal:

Chief Petty Officer (C.) James Noonan, R.N.A.S., O.N. M.2354 (Po.).

Chief Petty Officer Francis Ernest Strong, O.N. 166552 (Dev.).

Petty Officer William James Grills, O.N. 210006 (Dev.).

Petty Officer John James Mitchell Lawes, O.N. 185088 (Dev.).

Petty Officer William Young, O.N. 216745 (Dev.).

Leading Seaman George Brunker, O.N. 222576 (Dev.).

Able Seaman, R.F.R., Vincent Burrage, O.N. 160207 (Dev.), R.F.R., B.68.

Able Seaman, R.F.R., Samuel Charles Cubitt, O.N. 217294 (Dev.), R.F.R., B.5408.

Able Seaman Michael Fitzgerald, O.N. 196162, R.F.R. (Dev.), R.F.R., B.3743.

Private, Plymouth/9590, William Dennis, R.M.L.I.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Albert French, O.N. 227249 (Po.).

Ship's Steward Albert Edward Tull, O.N. 340905 (Po.).

Sick-Berth Steward Sampson Woodcock, O.N. 350687 (Dev.).

Co. Sergt.-Major Percy Evan Smith, R.M.L.I., No. Ply./10275.

Lance-Corporal, Plymouth/11073, William Bradley, R.M.L.I.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Percival Charles King, O.N. 235463 (Dev.).

Air Mechanic, 1st Grade, Frederick Wilmshurst, R.N.A.S., O.N. J.29563 (Po.).




30147 - 22 JUNE 1917


Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Ldg. Sea. John Whitley, R.N.R., O.N. 3642C

Engmn. Thomas Toms, R.N.R., O.N.1980E.S.

P.O. John Campbell, O.N. 190387 (Ch.).

P.O. Frederick George Marchant, O.N. 234457 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 2nd CL, Alfred Mark Langley, O.N. 270895 (Po.).

C.P.O. William Henry Isted, O.N. 160471 (Po.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Harold Lang, O.N. M.544 (Po.).

Col. Serjt. Nelson Sears, R.M.L.I. No. Po./ 4362 (R.F.R., A.912).

Lce.-Corpl. Grovenor Short, No. Ply./16545.

Ldg. Sig. Albert Edward Martin, O.N. 205596 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. John Lawrence Arthurson, R.N.R., O.N. 3673B.

P.O., 1st Cl., William Lee, O.N. 129854 (R.F.R. Po./A2962).

P.O. Joseph John Barleycorn Norris, O.N 201403 (Po.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., James Smith, O.N. M1308 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Daniel Dorrian, O.N. 231828 (Dev.).

Ord. Sea. George Morrison Burns, O.N. J64222 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. George Edward Palmer, O.N. 123295 (Po.).

E.R.A., 4th Cl., George Chinchen, O.N. M17906.

A.B. William Biggs, O.N. 238350 (Po.).

E.R.A. George Neil Stewart Cromarty, R.N.R., O.N. 1559E.A.

A.B. George Edward Beresford, O.N. 202661 (Po.).

P.O. Frederick Hobbs, O.N. 222026 (Po.).

E.R.A., 1st Cl., James King Lawrie, O.N. 270036 (Ch).

P.O. Robert John Brown, O.N. 222552 (Ch.)

P.O. Ernest James Rodgers, O.N. 206276 (Ch.).

Engmn. Samuel Holman, R.N.R., O.N. 4951E.S.

P.O. Frederick Robinson, O.N. 189448 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Ernest Pike, O.N. 270765 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 1st Cl., John George Reason, O.N. 271097 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sig. William Smith, O.N. 237896 (Ch.).

2nd Hnd. John Robert Evans, R.N.R., O.N. 659S.A

Engmn. Nicholas Denoon, R.N.R., O.N. 106 E.S.

Ldg. Sea. Robert Hay, R.N.R., O.N. 6654A.

Sea. Arthur Joseph Aldridge, R.N.R., O.N. 6259A.

Donkeyman James Richard Henry Page (Mercantile Rating).

Ldg. Sea. Robert White Oliver Dall, O.N. 217357 (R.F.R., Ch./B.7503).

Sea. Magnus Nicholson, R.N.R., O.N. 879L.

P.O. Eric Morrison, R.N.R., O.N. 8143A.

P.O. Frederick Charles Rockett, O.N. 183807 (Dev.).

P.O. George James Jarrett, O.N. 222863 (Dev.).

P.O. John Michael Wall, O.N. 214147 (Dev.).

A.B. Charles Holland. O.N. SS. 2391 (Dev.)

Sto. P.O. George Robert Norman, O.N. 165874 (Dev.).

Sto., 1st Cl., John Kennedy, O.N. K.21492 (Dev.).

Shpwt., 1st Cl.,, William George Thomas, O.N. M.1387 (Dev.).

Ck's Mate Alfred Matthews, O.N. M.13136 (Dev.).

O.S., 2nd CL, John Charles Chudley, O.N. L.1943 (Dev.).

Ord. Teleg. Thomas Caldwell, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z/2947 (Wales).

Ord. Teleg. John Thomas, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z/3417 (Wales).

Dck. Hnd. Harry Pakeman Knevitt, R.N.R., O.N. 10015D.A.

Dck. Hnd. Walter Vickers, R.N.R., O.N. 11869D.A.

Dck. Hnd. Robert Crossland, R.N.R., O.N. 29823.D.

Dck. Hnd. Wilfred Foley, R.N.R., O.N. 6009D.A.

Dck. Hnd. John McClalland, R.N.R., O.N. 9629D.A.

Dck. Hnd. Dugald Clark McKinnon, R.N.R., O.N. 839S.D.

Dck. Hnd. Robert Dougherty, R.N.R., O.N. 3201S.D.

Dck. Hnd. James Henry Knowles, R.N.R., O.N. 2685D.A.

Dck. Hnd. Edward Bastian, R.N.R., O.N. 14615D.A.

Dck. Hnd. John McLean, R.N.R., O.N. 14610D.A.

Dck. Hnd. Leonard Leathley, R.N.R., O.N. 14613D.A.

Dck. Hnd. James Porteus, R.N.R., O.N. 13780D.A.

Sea. James Arthur Townsend, R.N.R., O.N. 2947A.

C.P.O. John Thomas Worn, O.N. 124747 (R.F.R. Ch./A1119).

Ldg. Sea. William Gilbert Johnson, R.N.R., O.N. 1970D.

Sea. Joseph McKillop, R.N.R., O.N. 3129C.

Air Mech., 2nd Cl., William Percival Caston, O.N. F.4177.

Air Mech., 1st Cl., Abraham Earle Shorter, O.N. F.7380.

P.O. George Harber Carlton, O.N. 238919 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Alfred Ernest Wilton, O.N. 161168 (Dev.).



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Act. Air Mech., 1st Cl., Frederick Bate, O N. F.13351.

Air Mech., 2nd Cl., Arthur Gilbert Flowers, O.N. F.19901.

P.O. Mech., 3rd Cl., John Willis Rose, O.N. J.2348 (Dev.).

Air Mech., 1st Cl., George Benedict Clement, O.N. F.9008.

Air Mech., 2nd Cl., John Robinson Laycock, O.N. F,9281.

C.P.O., 3rd Cl., Vernon Frank Whatling, O.N. 238581 (Ch.).

Air Mech., 1st Cl., Douglas Gream Rennett, O.N. F.9088.

Air Mech., 2nd Cl., Charles Stanley Laycock, O.N. F. 10364.



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Ldg. Sea. Alexander McDonald.




30153 - 26 JUNE 1917


Honours for Service in the Auxiliary Patrol.


..... in recognition of their services in vessels of the Auxiliary Patrol between the 1st February and 31st December, 1916:


To Receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Dkhnd. George Arthur Abbey, R.N.R., O.N. 9503D.A.

Dkhnd. Adam Adam, R.N.R., O.N. 7457 D.A.

Dkhnd. William Alger, R.N.R., O.N. 8321 D.A.

Dkhnd. Albert Ernest Anthony, R.N.R., O.N. 579D.A.

Ldg. Sea. John Robert Askham, O.N. 182602 (R.F.R., Ch./B.6288).

Ldg. Sea. James Allen Baldry, R.N.R., O.N. . 6381A.

2nd Hnd. (now Skipper) Charles Wilfred Barnes, R.N.R., O.N. 467S.A.

Dkhnd. Thomas David Bass, R.N.R., O.N. 8275D.A.

A.B. William John Bennett, O.N. 202708 (R.F.R., Dev./B.4354).

2nd Hnd. John Edward Bess, R.N.R., O.N. 411S.A.

2nd Hnd. Edwin Bird, R.N.R., O.N. 244S.A.

A.B. John Blakley, Mercantile Marine.

Act. C.P.O. William James Bond, O.N. 133936 (R.F.R., Ch./A.1279).

Engmn. Walter Willoughly Borman, R.N.R., O.N. 2742E.S.

2nd Hnd. Alexander Buchan, R.N.R., O.N. 672S.A.

Dknnd. Albert George Bunn, R.N.R., O.N. 4330D.A.

C.P.O. William Henry Busser, O.N. 129071 (R.F.R.,Ch./A.1134).

Engmn. Daniel George Callan, R.N.R., O.N. 427E.S.

Ldg. Sea. Francis Thomas Charles, O.N. 207751 (R.F.R., Po./B.2742).

Sea. Harry Dod Clinton, R.N.R., O.N. 6359A.

A.B. Godfrey Graystone Clowes, O.N. J.3079 (R.F.R., Ch./B.10893).

Engmn. Fred Cobb, R.N.R., O.N. 1678 E.S.

2nd Hnd. Joseph Richard Carkett, R.N.R., O.N. 780S.A.

Ldg. Sea. Ernest Frederick Cresswell, O.N. 200090 (R.F.R., Ch./B.8994).

A.B. William James Defew, O.N. 161892 (R.F.R., Ch./B.4022).

Dkhnd. William Purves Duthie, R.N.R., O.N. 8717D.A.

Ldg. Sea. Thomas Dwyer, O.N. J.8737 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Albert Ernest Ephgrave, O.N. 188552 (R.F.R., Po./B.3341).

Engmn. Ben Ethell, R.N.R., O.N. 322E.S.

Ldg. Sea. Kenneth Ferguson, R.N.R., O.N. 3357C.

A.B. William Charles Stanley Franks, O.N. SS.430 (R.F.R., Ch./B.5671).

C.P.O. Walter Freemantle, O.N. 118856 (R.F.R., Po./A.1273).

Dkhnd. George Fuller, R.N.R., O.N. 451D.A.

Trmr. Ernest Glew, R.N.R., O.N. 764T.S.

Engmn. William John Goodchild, R.N.R., O.N. 795 E.S.

Ldg. Sea. Walter Green, O.N. 190253 (R.F.R., Ch./B.6612).

Engmn. William Ernest Harris, R.N.R., O.N. 2227E.S.

P.O., 1st Cl., Alfred Edmond Hill, O.N. 126227 (R.F.R., Dev./A.1915).

2nd Hnd. Harry Hodgson, R.N.R., O.N. 602 S.A.

Sig. George Alfred Howse, R.N.V.R., O.N. Tyneside Z/4531.

Engmn. John Schofield Hulme, R.N.R., O.N. 1156E.S.

Sig. William Jones, R.N.V.R., O.N. Tyneside Z/4733.

2nd Hnd. Walter Keay, R.N.R., O.N. 1769 S.A.

Sea. John Latham Kelso, R.N.R., O.N. 7983A.

Serjt. Henry Ralph Kimber, No. R.M.A./ 10107.

C.P.O. Edward King, O.N. 146513 (Ch.).

2nd Hnd. John Richard King, R.N.R., O.N. 2072S.A.

Ldg. Sea. James Edward Knights, O.N. 213829 (R.F.R., Po./B.6679).

Ldg. Sea. Albert Lake, O.N. 175302 (R.F.R., Po./B.2683).

Dkhnd. Robert Lilburn, R.N.R., O.N. 6707 D.A.

Dkhnd. William Lobban, R.N.R., O.N. 4831 D.A.

Sig. Boy David Henry Lord, R.N.R., O.N. 112S.B.

2nd Hnd. David Lowrie, R.N.R., O.N. 1113 S.A.

Ch. Motor Mch. Robert Stanley Luen, O.N. 144M.B.

C.P.O. Murdo McAulay, O.N. 137942 (Po.).

P.O. John McConnell, R.N.R., O.N. 3932B.

Ldg. Sea. Thomas McGrath, R.N.R., O.N. 4157B.

Dkhand. Duncan McLeod, R.N.R., O.N. 1151S.D.

Sea. James McLeod, R.N.R., O.N. 2871B.

Ldg. Sea. Neil MacLeod, R.N.R., O.N. 2889 A.

Cook William McLeod, E.N.R., O.N. 287T.C.

Ldg. Sea. Michael Mahony, R.N.R., O.N. 4130B.

Dkhnd. Alexander Mair, R.N.R., O.N. 3995D A.

2nd Hand John Mair, R.N.R., O.N. 1284S.A.

Ldg. Sea. John Henry Mann, O.N. 187389 (R.F.R., Ch./B.1937).

P.O. George William Martell, O.N. 191351 (R.F.R., Po./B.4276).

C.P.O. Thomas Henry Merryfield, O.N. 109404 (Dev.).

Engmn. George Milne, R.N.R., O.N. 1433E.S.

Ldg. Sea. Alexander Bryant Nash, R.N.R., O.N. 5503A.

Sig. Boy John Richard Nickols, R.N.R., O.N. 326S.B.

Engmn. Eric Alexander Ollard, R.N.R., O.N. 4882E.S.

2nd Hnd. James Frederick Ostcliff, R.N.R., O.N. 613S.A.

Ldg. Sea. William Patience, R.N.R., O.N. 3420C.

Dkhnd. Charles William Payne, R.N.R., O.N. 6165D.A.

Engmn. Henry William Popay, R.N.R., O.N. 3582E.S.

Ldg. Sea. Thomas Purcell, Newfoundland R.N.R., O.N. 1231X.

Engmn. Thomas Foster Rawlinson, R.N.R., O.N. 2007E.S.

C.P.O. Arthur Read, O.N. 126122 (R.F.R., Po./A.3665).

W/T. Operator Philip Martin Read, R.N.R., O.N. 232W.T.S.

2nd Hnd. William Sampson, R.N.R., O.N. 2238S.A.

Dkhnd. Alexander Esme Skene, R.N.R., O.N. 1171D.A.

2nd Hnd. (now Skipper) Charles Slapp, R.N.R., O.N. 1071S.A.

Sea. George Edward Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 5197B.

2nd Hnd. (now Skipper) James Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 1265S.A.

Ldg. Sea. William Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 4755B.

P.O., 2nd C1., John Reen Solomon, O.N. 209743 (Ch.). (Coastguard).

Boy James Frederick Somner, R.N.R., O.N. 448S.B.C.

Engmn. Thomas Stark, R.N.R., O.N. 3740 E.S.

2nd Hnd. (now Skipper) John Robert Storr. R.N.R., O.N. 1206S.A.

Engmn. James Stubbs, R.N.R., O.N. 983E.S.

2nd Hnd. Alexander Taft, R.N.R., O.N. 1289 S.A.

Engmn. Matthew Hill Taylor, R.N.R., O.N. 1091E.S.

Ldg. Sea. Edward Richards Thomas, R.N.R., O.N. 2659C.

2nd Hnd. (now Skipper) Mortimer Thompson, R.N.R., O.N. 1218S.A.

Teleg. John Thriepland, R.N.V.R., O.N. Clyde Z/47.

Engmn. Edward Turner, R.N.R., O.N. 161 E.S.

Dkhnd. Henry Edward Utting, R.N.R., O.N. 8514D.A.

2nd Hnd. George Emmett Ward, R.N.R., O.N. 2191S.A.

Dkhnd. Richard Connor Warden, R.N.R., O.N. 4026D.A.

W/T Operator William John Scott Watson, R.N.R., O.N. 319W.T.S.

2nd Hnd. Alexander Forbes King West, R.N.R., O.N. 3104D.A.

2nd Hnd. William Isiah Williams, R.N.R., O.N. 1708S.A.

Dkhnd. Matthew Young, R.N.R., O.N. 1079 S.D.

Engmn. William Richard Youngman, R.N.R., O.N. 3758E.S.

Engmn. Leslie Youngson, R.N.R., O.N. 1841 E.S.




30159 - 29 JUNE 1917


Honours for Service in Mine-Sweeping Operations.


..... in recognition of their services in Mine-sweeping operations between the 1st July, 1916, and the 31st March, 1917:


To Receive the Distinguished Service Medal:

Engmn. David Hillock Aitken, R.N.R., O.N. 191E.S.

2nd Hnd. Thomas Eynon Bailey, R.N.R., O.N. 103S.A.

C.P.O. Alfred Baker, O.N. 167742 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., William James Bartlett, O.N. 269711 (Dev.).

Dkhnd. Thomas Henry Searby Bates, R.N.R., O.N. 25D.A.

Sig. William Frederick Batty, R.N.V.R., O.N. Bristol Z/4092.

Dkhnd. James Roland Brown, R.N.R., O.N. 94S.D.

Dkhnd. William George Bruce, R.N.R., O.N. 9055D.A.

Dkhnd. Albert Edward Bull, R.N.R., O.N. 2043S.D.

2nd Hnd. Arthur John Bull, R.N.R., O.N. 2057D.A.

Dkhnd. Benjamin Bunn, R.N.R., O.N. 10245D.A.

C.P.O. Frederick John Channon, O.N. 167847 (Po.).

2nd Hnd. John Clay, R.N.R., O.N. 8349D.A

P.O. Ernest William John Claydon, O.N. 177531 (Ch.).

C.P.O. John Thomas Collier, O.N. 139408 (R.F.R., Ch./A. 1226).

W.T. Op., 2nd Cl., Arthur John Collins, R.N.R., O.N. 411W.T.S.

Ldg. Sea. Reeves Conroy, O.N. 219102 (R.F.R., Dev./B. 3303).

Act. C.P.O. John Cope, O.N. 128750 (R.F.R., Ch./B. 102).

Engmn. Fred Cowen, R.N.R., O.N. 2129E.S.

2nd Hnd. Amos Craven, R.N.R., O.N. 1280S.A.

2nd Hnd. George Samuel Crinks, R.N.R., O.N 2615S.A.

Ldg. Sea. Charles Culmer, O.N. 193094 (Ch.).

2nd Hnd. John Davis, R.N.R., O.N. 6018D.A.

Dkhnd. Robert Dickson, R.N.R., O.N. 1758D.A.

Sig. George Dodds, R.N.V.R., O.N. Tyneside 5/213.

2nd Hnd. John Draper, R.N.R., O.N. 478D.A

C.P.O. Walter William Easter, O.N. 158087 (Po.).

P.O. John Alfred Ellis, O.N. 117930 (R.F.R , Dev./A. 3977).

1st Engmn. Thomas Evans, R.N.R., O.N. 1379E.S.

Engmn. James Everett, R.N.R., O.N. 3293E.S.

Engmn. Manning Faiers, R.N.R., O.N. 342E.S.

Ch. Writer Leonard Henry Harcourt Finlay, O.N. 342352 (Po.).

Dkhnd. Christopher Gaunt, R.N.R., O.N. 9868D.A.

Ldg. Sea. Charles Edward Gill, O.N. 230353 (R.F.R., Ch./B. 6837).

Sto. Edward Gillan, R.N.R., O.N. 1355S.

C.P.O. George David Glover, O.N. 144330 (R.F.R., Po./A. 4159).

Ch. Writer Jack Evans Hamilton, O.N. 246211 (Dev.).

Ldg. Trmr. Charles Bertram Hebdon, R.N.R., O.N. 4981T.S.

Yeo. Sigs. Robert Hooper, O.N. 183088 (Po.).

Dkhnd. Benjamin Jackson, R.N.R., O.N. 7U9D.A.

Dkhnd. Charles Richard Johnson, R.N.R., O.N. 189D.A.

Sto., 1st Cl., Herbert Jones, O.N. K 3083 (Dev.).

Engmn. Richard Jones, R.N.R., O.N. 1696 E.S.

C.P.O. Thomas Kearns, O.N. 171369 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. David James Kyle, O.N.J. 3910 (Dev.).

Engmn. Edward Lee, R.N.R., O.N. 532T.S.

Ord. Teleg. John James Letham Logan, R.N.V.R., O.N. Clyde Z/7684.

2nd Hnd. George McDonald, R.N.R., O.N. 202D.A.

2nd Hnd. William McIlroy, R.N.R., O.N. 2429D.A.

Ldg. Sea. Colin McKay, R.N.R., O.N. 4602B.

C.P.O. Lott MacKay, O.N. 131223 (R.F.R., Po/A. 2643).

2nd Hnd. Thomas Buchanan Mackenzie, R.N.R., O.N. 261D.A.

Ldg. Sea. William John Mail, R.N.R., O.N. 4343B.

2nd Hnd. John Robert Markham, R.N.R., O.N. 290S.A.

2nd Hnd. Robert Marr, R.N.R., O.N. 2650S.A.

C.P.O. Henry George Marshall, O.N. 151540 (R.F.R., Dev./A. 4126).

C.P.O. George Lacey Mottram, O.N. 127839 (R.F.R., Po./A. 1993).

Sig. Sidney Nobbs, R.N.V.R., O.N. London Z/667.

P.O. Frederick Ernest Nottage, O.N. 164314 (Ch.).

C.P.O. William Thomas Noyes, O.N. 162502 (Po.).

Ldg. Trmr. Patrick Joseph O'Toole, R.N.R., O.N. 2712S.T.

C.P.O. John William Phillips, O.N. 133179 (R.F.R. Dev./A. 2742).

Sto. P.O. Arthur Pavey, O.N. 309219 (Dev.).

P.O. James Porter, O.N. 151738 (R.F.R., Po./A. 3987).

Sto. P.O. James Potter, O.N.K. 9581 (Ch.).

P.O. William Power, O.N. 193923 (Dev.).

Sig. Archibald John Preece, R.N.V.R., O.N. Wales Z/1587.

P.O. Charles Henry Price, O.N. 238628 (Ch.).

C.P.O. John Henry Price, O.N. 160777 (Po.).

Trmr. Ernest Redding, R.N.R., O.N 5707 T.S.

Sig. Fred Reed, R.N.V.R., O.N. Tyneside Z/3025.

2nd Hnd. George Harry Reed. R.N.R., O N. 412D.A.

Ldg. Sea. Thomas Reynolds, R.N.R., O.N. 6880 A.

Ch. Sto. James Robertson, O.N. 276758 (Ch.).

C P.O. Charles John Rowsell, O.N. 128966 (Po.).

2nd Hnd. Frederick Charles Sayer, R.N.R., O.N. 8747D.A.

2nd Hnd. William Liddle Seaton, R.N.R., O.N. 254D.A.

C.P.O. William Shepherd, O.N. 160941 (R.F.R., Ch./B. 4027).

C.P.O. Cecil Taylor, O.N. 178701 (Ch.).

Trmr. Leonard Thomas, R.N.R., O.N. 1937 S.T.

2nd Hnd. Alfred Albert John Thompson, R.N.R., O.N. 2584S.A.

P.O. John Walter Turner, R.N.V.R., O.N. London 1/3099.

Engmn. Joseph Holman Walton, R.N.R., O.N. 199E.S.

P.O. Samuel Warren, R.N.R. (Newfoundland), O.N. 559X.

2nd Hnd. Joseph Watkinson, R.N.R., O.N. 146S.A.

Trmr. William Thomas Weedon, R.N.R , O.N. 340T.S.

C.P.O. Henry Albert Wilson, O.N. 166074 (Po.).

2nd Hnd. Richard Wilson, R.N.R., O.N. 328D.A.

2nd Engmn. Thomas Wouldhave, R.N.R., O.N. 1672E.S.




30182 - 13 JULY 1917




The following distinctions were awarded to members of the Expedition (see East African Campaign, Army Despatch dated 10 March 1917):


Distinguished Service Medal.

Actg. Chief Petty Officer W. Waterhouse, R.N.

Petty Officer 1st Class D. J. Murphy, R.N.

Petty Officer D. Flynn, R.N.

Petty Officer William Sims, R.N.

Petty Officer Mechanic Chas. Ernest Cobb, R.N.A.S.

Petty Officer Mechanic Donald McLean Graham, R.N.A.S.

Engine Room Artificer 1st Class H. Berry, R.N.R.

Engine Room Artificer 1st Class J. S. Lamont, R.N.R.

Signalman George Sydney Tasker, R.N.V.R.

Able Seaman Herbert Wm. Marsh, R.N.

Able Seaman J. Brien, R.N.R.

Seaman G. Behenna, R.N.R. 




30194 - 20 JULY 1917


Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

2nd Hnd. Walter William Cowell, R.N.R., O.N. 4513 D.A.

Sea. George Wilson, R.N.R., O.N. 7484 A.

C.P.O. Arthur Fagg, O.N. 186034 (Ch.).

Ldg. Teleg. William James Drayton, O.N. 238934 (Ch.).

P.O. Benjamin Percy Youngs, O.N. 194063 (Ch.).

Arm. Harold Mortimer Way, O.N. 342769 (Ch.).

C.P.O. John Henry Woolley, O.N. 156564 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Robert Cochran, O.N. M. 2229 (Ch.).

Ch. Motor Mech. Peter William Jacomel, R.N.V.R., O.N. M.B. 529.

Dkhnd. William Wigg, R.N.R., O.N. 2722 SD.

Ldg. Dkhnd. Donald Archibald McLean, R.N.R., O.N. 1645 SD.

Dkhnd. James Daniels, R.N.R., O.N. 3147 SD.

Ldg. Sea. William Billett, O.N. 182716 (Ch.).

Sea. Alma Dougherty, R.N.R., O.N. 2196 D.

A.B. William Henry Jordan, O.N. 234463 (Dev.).

Dkhnd. George Darwood, R.N.R., O.N. 2772 D.A.

Lce.-Corpl. William Brown, R.M.L.I., No. Ch./10933 (R.F.R., B. 1787).



Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal:

A.B. Holley Bower, O.N. 223250 (Po.).

Sea. Henry Hurst, R.N.R., O.N. 4290 A.

2nd Hnd. Frederick James Mobbs, R.N.R., O.N., 2198 SA.

Sea. Stephen Slade, R.N.R., O.N. 1597

C.P.O. William Edwin Swanson, O.N., J. 1599 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. William Charles Frederick Milton, O.N. 233535 (Dev.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Charles Francis Withecombe, O.N. K. 17330 (Dev.).

Dkhnd. Charles Duckenfield, R.N.R., O.N. 4074 DA.

Ord. Teleg. Cecil Harmer Barnard, R.N.V.R., O.N. (Tyne) Z7619.

Trmr. Harry Pearson, R.N.R., O.N. 3000 ST.

P. O. William James Collins, O.N. 221365 (Po.).

A.B. Esau William Wills, O.N. J. 173 (Po.).

C.P.O. William Henry Walter, O.N. 180135 (Dev.).

P.O., 1st Cl., Archibald Hawkey, O.N. 221569 (Dev.).

A.B. George Henry Herbert Peacey, O.N. 206507 (R.F.R. Dev./B4454).

Sea. Joseph O'Connell, R.N.R., O.N. 4409A.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Douglas Roy Chapman, O.N., F.13487.

2nd Hnd. Alexander Wood Robertson, R.N.R., O.N. 2427 SA.

Sea. George Bremner, R.N.R., O.N. 4735 A.

Sea. Frederick William Screech, R.N.R., O.N. 2989 A.

Sea. James Thomson, R.N.R., O.N. 6029A

Sig. Charles William Hurell, R.N.V.R., O.N. London/Z.2181.

P.O. Ernest Pitcher, O.N. 227029 (Po.).

Sto. George Rees, R.N.R., O.N. 1536U.

Sea. John Stephen Martindale, R.N.R., O.N. 8556A.

Ldg. Sto. William Havelock King, R.N.R., O.N. 3026S.

Ldg. Sea. Ernest Alfred Veale, O.N. 181452 (R.F.R. Dev./B2119).

S.S.A. Alfred Francis Joseph Couch, O.N. M.1998 (Dev.).

To receive a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal.

Dkhnd. Leonard Findlay, R.N.R., O.N. 4842 DA.



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


To Receive the Distinguished Service Medal

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Frederick Cusden, O.N.F.5011 (Po.).

Air Mech., 2nd Cl., Henry Martineau Davis, O.N.F.20254.

Air Mech., 1st Cl., Arthur William Goody O.N.F.12237.



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during, the war:


To Receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

A.B. George Wilson.

Sea. Simon Patience.

Ldg. Sea. Thomas O'Farrell.




30227 - 10 AUGUST 1917


Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

P.O. Mech. (E) Arthur John Classey, O.N. F2004.

Ch. P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., John McFarland, O.N. F2863 (since killed).

P.O. Mech. (E) Alexander Graham, O.N. F2855.

P.O. Mech. John William Pincott, O.N. F10061.

P.O. Mech. Kenneth Max Vaughan, O.N. F1467.

Ch. Sto. Lewis Richard Wilton, O.N. 144759 (R.F.R. Dev./A2740).

Sto. Matthew Barr, R.N.R., O.N. 4386S.

Ldg. Sea. Jesse Thompson, O.N. 229091 (Po.).

Trmr. John Dryburgh Phillips, R.N.R., O.N. 478 ST.

Secunnie Shaikh Baba Sydoo.

Ldg. Teleg. Frederick John Leonard Gough, O.N. J17063 (Po.).

Ord. Teleg. Arthur Albert Collick, O.N. J33874 (Ch.).

Ldg. Mech. (D) Henry Simpson, O.N. F2647.

Jnr. Res. Attdt. Stanley Rothwell, R.N.A.S.B.R., O.N. M15814 (Po.).

Cook's Mate Thomas Yates, O.N. M3996 (Po.).

C.E.R.A. Reginald John Beardshaw, R.N.R. O.N. 1100E.A.

Ch. Arm. Charles Bish, Q.N. 342316 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. George Alfred Brooks, O.N. 277963 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Albert Ernest Burrows, O.N. 169893 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Charles William Burton, O.N. 164812 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Robert George Carson, O.N. 188419 (Po.).

Ch. Sto. William Henry Durrant, O.N. 277988 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Walter William Ford, O.N. 268752 (Dev.).

Ch. Elect. Art., 2nd Cl., Henry Cripps Foster, O.N. 347251 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sig. Henry Walter Garrett, O.N. 222787 (Ch.).

Yeo. Sigs. William James Griffin, O.N. 206400 (Po.).

Ch. Sto. Michael Hayes, O.N. 278910 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Albert Jeffes, O.N. M4935 (Ch.).

2nd Writer Sidney John Light, O.N. M5399 (Po.).

P.O. William George Mantell, O.N. 224261 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. William Nuttall Morton, O.N. K6634 (Ch.).

A.B. Henry David Page, O.N. 186375 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. William Palmer, O.N. 176615 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Bertie Pestell, O.N. K646 Ch.).

Sto., 1st Cl., William George Richardson, O.N. 312450 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Edward Ernest Sandell, O.N. 154995 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. Walter Joseph Shoesmith, O.N. 280790 (Ch.).

Ch. Arm. William Arthur Sumpter, O.N. 344162 (Dev.).

P.O., 1st Cl., Albert Teed, O.N. 132954 (R.F.R., Dev./A.2660).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl, George Lewis Trill, O.N. 271435 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. Richard Vercoe, O.N. 141044 (R.F.R., Dev./A.2485).

Yeo. Sigs. Charles Herbert Vincent, O.N. 190964 (Ch.).

P.O. William Israel White, O.N. 208757 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Richard Williams, O.N. 173093 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 1st Cl., John Kenyon Wright, O.N. 268588 (Ch.).



Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


To Receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Joseph Watts, O.N., F4923.

Act. Air Mech., 1st Gr., Edward Elsworth Hughes, O.N., F7223.

A.B. Arthur Waller, O.N. J15735 (Ch.).

Ord. Sea. John William Henry Coulter, O.N. J44355 (Ch.).

A.B. William Thomas Ball, O.N. SS2083 (Ch.).

Sea. James Tait, R.N.R., O.N. 3740C.

C.P.O. Teleg. John Bellett Wood, O.N. 179611 (Dev.).

P.O. Frederick William Vinnicombe, O.N. 198783 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Alfred Sidney Radford, O.N. J4513 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 1st Cl., Benjamin Sambells. O.N. 269327 (Dev.).

Dkhnd. Richard Barber, R.N.R., O.N. 10171 D.A.

Ldg. Sea. William Buckley, R.N.R., O.N. 1778C.

Ch. Motor Mech. Arthur James Blackler, O.N. 1701 M.B.

Dkhnd. Alexander Murray Donald, R.N.R., O.N. 2198 D.A.

To Receive a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal.

C.P.O. Clifford Joseph Campbell, O.N. 191144 (Ch.).

2nd Hnd. George Manley, R.N.R., O.N. 4621B.

2nd Hnd. Archie McKechnie, R.N.R., O.N. 8199 D.A.



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Ldg. A.C. Thomas Busby, O.N. F18555.

A.C., 1st Gr., Joshua Howard Daw, O.N. F12687.

A.C., 2nd Gr., Cyril Alfred Millhouse, O.N. F22637.

Ldg. Mech. Sydney Frederick Anderson, O.N. F12676.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Thomas Caird, O.N. F6181.

P.O. Mech. (E) Harry Dixon, O.N. F4542.



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Sea. Francis Augustine Kidney.

Apprentice Thomas Arthur Sutcliffe.

6th Engr. Thomas Henry Rodick.




30258 - 28 AUGUST 1917


Honours for Service in the Action in the Straits of Otranto on the 15th May, 1917.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Dkhand. Robert McKenzie, R.N.R., O.N. 4142 DA.

Engmn. William Noble, R.N.R., O.N. 1838 ES.

Engmn. James Dowie, R.N.R., O.N. 2113 TS.

Dkhnd. William Francis Painter, R.N.R., O.N. 11219 DA.

Ldg. Dkhnd. Alexander Magill, R.N.R., O.N. 223 SD.

Engmn. William Herne Fowler, R.N.R., O.N. 2439 ES.

2nd Hnd. John Pirie, R.N.R, O.N. 991 SA.

Dkhnd. George Olive, R.N.R., O.N. 3296 SD.

Ord. Teleg. William Holmes Wadsworth, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z/1230 (Mersey).

Ch. Yeo. Sigs. Tom Smith, O.N. 185978 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., George Hownam, O.N. 271439 (Dev.).

Ch. Sto. Thomas Phillips, O.N. 285849 (Dev.).

P.O. George James William Bower, O.N. 227848 (Dev.).

C.P.O. Albert Edward Stones, O,N. 192314 (Po.).

P.O. James Maloney, O.N. 236647 (Po.). Act.

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., George Herbert, O.N. 272273 (Po.).

Ch. Sto. Thomas Mann, O.N. 295386 (Po.).

To receive a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal.

Dkhnd. Edward Ernest Godbold, R.N.R., O.N. 3321 D.A.



Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal:

Sea. William Radden, R.N.R., O.N. 4236B.

Sea. Robert John Overton, R.N.R., O.N. 5545A.

P.O. Charles Fuller, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z2036 (Clyde).

A.B. Albert Ernest Pritchard, O.N. SS2748 (R.F.R., Po./B6774).

Sea. Willis Llewellyn Ivany, R.N.R. (Newfoundland), O.N. 1405X.

P.O. George Edwin Palmer, O.N. 148274 (R.F.R., Dev./A3803).

Sea. John McKay, R.N.R., O.N. 3463A.

A.B. William Charles Peacock, O.N. 218088 (R.F.R., Dev./B5696).

Dkhnd. Robert Reid, R.N.R., O.N. 5189DA.

Dkhnd. William George Linklater, R.N.R., O.N. 4052DA.

P.O., 1st Cl., Frank Sibley Watson, O.N 186247 (R.F.R., Ch./.B4942).

A.B. John Edmonson, O.N. J1730 (Dev.).

A.B. Edgar James Cox, O.N. J19623 (Dev.).

Sea. Maurice Kennedy, R.N.R., O.N. S740A.

E.R.A. Hugh Robinson, R.N.R., O.N. 1968EA.

Ldg, Sea. Albert Stephen Gay, O.N. 235675 (Po.).

P.O. David Percy Smith, O.N. 225904 (Po.).

A.B. Ernest Robilliard, O.N. 234437 (Po.).

A.B. Samuel Claude Basil Hale, O.N. J14066 (Po.).

C.P.O. George Frederick Martin, O.N. 158437 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Robert Arthur Dunlop, O.N. 270851 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Bertie Woodcraft, O.N. SS1305 (R.F.R.,Ch./B7333).

To receive a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal:

A.B. George Edward Beresford, O.N. 202661 (Po.).

A.B. George Henry Herbert Peacey, O.N. 206507 (R.F.R., Dev./B4454).

Ldg. Sea. William Charles Frederick Milton, O.N. 233535 (Dev.).

To receive a Second Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal:

Dkhnd. Leonard Findlay, R.N.R., O.N. 4842DA.



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

A.C., 2nd Gr., Lewis Norman Saw, O.N. F16741.

Act. Air Mech., 1st Gr., John McKimmie Young, O.N. F3652.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Percy John Adkins, O.N. F2763.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Frederick John George, O.N. F1997.

C.P.O. Mech., 2nd Gr., John Leonard Adams, O.N. F348.

Ldg. Mech. Benjamin Cromack, O.N. F9156.



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Ch. Std. Arthur A. W. Smith, Mercantile Rating.




30285 - 14 SEPTEMBER 1917


Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Ldg. Sea. Alfred Bishop, O.N. 190195 (Dev.).

P.O. Samuel Avery, O.N. 236216 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Richard George Johns, O.N. 236594 (Dev.).

P.O. Arthur Richard Lionel Skinner, O.N. 222066 (Ch.).

Act. E.R.A., 4th Cl., John Glyn Thomas. O.N. M.9343 (Dev.).

A.B. Francis Stewart Nicoll, O.N. 210751 (Ch.)



Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Henry Leslie Curtis, O.N. F24994.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., William Henry Grey, O.N. F6068.

Boy Teleg. Henry Thomas Henshall, O.N. J48097.

Dkhnd. William Robert Slegg, R.N.R., O.N. 1685S.D.

Dkhnd. William Cannell, R.N.R., O.N. 7980D.A.

1st Engmn. Edward Oscar Sweat.

Act. Ldg. Sea. William Sharp, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z.5035 (Clyde).

A.B. Leonard Fielding Mackenzie, R.N.V.R., O.N. 4/55 (Mersey).

To receive a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal

P.O. George James Jarrett, O.N. 222863 (Dev.).

Offrs. Stwd., 2nd Cl., John Charles Chudley, O.N. L/1943 (Dev.).



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Edward Darby, O.N. F849.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., William David Sambrooke, O.N. F6630.




30298 - 21 SEPTEMBER 1917




..... (see Mesopotamian Campaign, Naval Despatch, dated 7 May 1917):


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Petty Officer W. B. Ayre, O.N. 171045 (Ch.).

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Ronald G. Robinson, O.N. 198809 (Po.).

Petty Officer James Revell, O.N. 208740 (Ch.).

Leading Seaman H. M. J. Thompson, O.N. 236295 (Ch.).

Able Seaman Alfred E. Lucas, O.N. J.15975 (Ch.).

Able Seaman W. Stephenson, O.N. 234863 (Ch.).

Signalman Charles Poulter, R.N.V.R., O.N. London 3/3247 (Ch.).

Leading Telegraphist Sydney Boulter, O.N J.15349 (Ch.).

Leading Telegraphist Martin L. Elliott, O.N. J.29215 (Dev.).

Telegraphist Herbert W. Prior, O.N. J.32080 (Ch.).

Chief E.R.A. H. Lovell, O.N. 268831 (Ch.).

Chief E.R.A., 2nd Class, Alexander Greig, O.N. M.17441 (Ch.).

Act. Chief E.R.A., 4th Class, William J. Holliss, O.N. M.12130 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 2nd Class, L. E. Brown, O.N. 271864 (Po.).

Stoker P.O. Edward S. Crossman, O.N. 287047 (Ch.).

Stoker P.O. George T. Hasler, O.N. K.1366 (Ch.).

Stoker P. O. John W. Mallinson, O.N. 303741 (Dev.).

Stoker John Farrell, R.N.R., O.N. S.8533.




30316 - 28 SEPTEMBER 1917


Honours for Miscellaneous Services.  


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

A.B. Arthur John Robert Brunton, O.N. J18645 (Ch.).

A.B. Albert Hollands, O.N. 201646 (R.F.R. Ch./B8297).

C.P.O. Teleg. Frederick Wilkinson, O.N. 204149 (Ch.).

P.O. Stephen Henry Bushell, O.N. 216859

Elect. Art., 2nd Cl., Herbert Stephenson, O.N. M1487 (Ch.).

Act. Arm. Percy Howick, O.N. 344900 (Ch.).

A.B. John Skene, O.N. 232381 (Ch.).

Yeo. Sigs. John Thirsk, O.N. 188930 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Sydney Blackman, O.N. 152429 (Ch.).

P.O. John Rock, O.N. 183674 (Ch.).

Shipwt., 2nd Cl., Frederick John Archer, O.N. M1765 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sto. Joseph Priestley, O.N. S.S. 106181 (R.F.R. Ch./B9165).

P.O. David Engeham, O.N. 179301 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. William Sheppard, O.N. J7065 (Ch.).

P.O. Teleg. William Henry Dewell, O.N. J1273 (Ch.).

A.B. John Thomas Hill, O.N. 237392 (Ch.).

A.B. William Josiah Hazel, O.N. J11956 (Ch.).

Ch. Arm. Albert John Hasemore, O.N. 340066 (Ch.).

A.B. Charles Edward Scott, O.N. 182123 (Po.).

P.O. William James Day, O.N. 223407 (Po.).

P.O. Timothy Dineen, O.N. 194221 (Po.).

A.B. Samuel Henry Wegg, O.N. 214385 (Po.).

A.B. Robert John Squires, O.N. 215816 (R.F.R. Po./B6519).

P.O. Caleb Uden, O.N. 205608 (Ch.).

Yeo. Sigs. Walter Seager Briden, O.N. 184374 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Albert Edward Line, O.N. J4872 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Major Sowter, O.N. 183090 (Dev.).

A.B. William Ferguson, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z7837 (Tyne).

Yeo. Sigs. James Ernest Heasman, O.N. 214889 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sto. Harold Wright, O.N. K.5000 (Ch.).

A.B. Alfred Brett Topple, O.N. 158905 (Ch.).

A.B. Seth Sheard, O.N. J18378 (Ch.).

Elect. Art., 2nd Cl., William Morris, O.N. M8864 (Po.).

Sergt. Alfred Benjamin Cox, R.M.L.I., No. Po./6416.

Trmr. Leonard Clarkson, M.M.R.

Storekpr. Robert Edson, M.M.R., No. 356529.

Fireman George Leonard Rees, M.M.R., No. 795831.

Fireman Barclay McCann, M.M.R., No. 458641.

Fireman William McCormack, M.M.R., No. 914965.

Donkeyman Claude Nelthorpe, M.M.R.

Greaser Walter Carr, M.M.R., No. 441745.

Fireman Arthur Neilson, M.M.R.



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


(1) For services on patrol duties and submarine searching in Home Waters:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., James Moran Quail, O.N. F.8381.

Ldg. Sea. Herbert George Cook, O.N. 230789 (Po.) (now Warrt. Offr., 2nd Gr.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., William Fleetwood Shaw, O.N. 271948 (Po.).

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Arthur John Redman, O.N. F.7470.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., William Richmond Liddiard, O.N. F.13497.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr. (E.), John George Cockburn, O.N. F.8627.

Air Mech., 1st Gr. (E.), Edward McCormack, O.N. F.8678.

Ldg. Mech., George Curzon Thomas, O.N. F.3125.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Christopher Harrison, O.N. F.9484.

P.O. Mech. Ernest Edward Turner, O.N. F.364.

C.P.O. Norman Boles Holmes, R.N.R., O.N. 302 WTS.

Ldg. Mech. Thomas Brown Thompson, O.N. J.13350.

Air Mech. 1st Gr., Walter Fairnie, O.N. F.11069.

P.O. Mech. Henry Say, O.N. F.3212.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Gofton Jarratt, O.N. F.2588.,

C.P.O. Mech., 2nd Gr., John Smith, O.N. F. 4200.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Joseph Martin Beard, O.N. F.618.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., George Leslie Wright, O.N. F.9964.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Hugh Martin Lewis, O.N. F.8525.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Dudley Alfred Alderton, O.N. F.13047.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Charles Turl, O.N. F.9807.

C.P.O. Mech., 2nd Gr., Walter Edwin Bradley, O.N. F.3646.

Act. Air Mech., 1st Gr., Henry Douglas Gregory, O.N. F.8820.

W.T.Op. Arthur Kirk Wise, R.N.R., O.N. 389 WTS.

Act. Air Mech., 1st Gr., Charles Martin Michael McCarthy, O.N. F.13474.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., John White, O.N. F. 10369.

Ldg. Mech. Gerald Harding Daly, O.N. F.5120.

P.O. Mech. Charles Percy Litchfield, O.N. F.3630.

Ldg. Mech. Thomas Neil Bore, O.N. F.3616.

Air Mech. 2nd Gr., Stanley Arthur Jefferies, O.N. F.5783.

Ldg. Air Mech. Norman Hugh Jenkins, O.N. F.3663 (now Prob. Obs. Offr., R.N.A.S.).

To receive a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Vernon Frank Whatling, O.N. 238581 (Ch.).

(2) For services in reconnaissance and bombing flights in the Eastern Mediterranean:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Alfred Palmer Marchant, O.N. 232250 (Ch.) (now Warrt. Offr., 2nd Gr.).

Air Mech., 1st Gr. (C), Herbert Maurice Green, O.N. F.7728.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Arthur Carder, O.N. F.2290.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Albert Edward King, O.N. F.4373.

C.P.O. Mech., 1st Gr., Harry Earll, O.N. 340416 (Ch.).

P.O. Mech. William Smith, O.N. F.2096.

Air Mech., 1st Gr. (E), Harold William Wright, O.N. F.2449.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., William Edward Jones, O.N. 217874 (R.F.R., Ch./B5242) (prisoner of war).




30363 - 30 OCTOBER 1917


Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

A.B. Edward John Bunting, O.N. S.S. 4999 (Dev.).

A.B. Donald Pearce, O.N. S.S. 6073 (Dev.).

Sea. Michael Murphy, R.N.R., O.N. 3792C.

A.B. John Essam, O.N. 229862 (Dev.).

W./T. Op., 1st Cl., Frederick Nicholls, R.N.R., O.N. 468W.T.S.

E.R.A., 4th Cl., Frank Gazard, O.N. M25726 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 1st Cl., John Charles Esdon, R.N.R., O.N. 1824E A.

P.O. Percy John Kempster, R.A.N., O.N. 8252.

Ldg. Sea. William Kendall, O.N. J8926 (Dev.).

P.O. Wilfred James Harding, O.N. 179919 (Ch.).

P.O. Henry Hardy Rickard, ON. 167996 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sig. Robert Jackson, O.N. J14828 (Dev.).

C.P.O. Stephen Richard Marsh O.N. 152865 (Ch).

A.B. Charles George Bird, O.N. 208864 (R.F.R. Ch./B10503).

E.R.A, 4th Cl., William Jasper Hall, O.N. M19438 (Po.).

P.O. Lorenz John Hofgartner, O.N. 178122 (Po.).

Sto. John Cook, R.N.R, O.N. 4704S.

W./T. Op. William Statham, R.N.R., O.N. 34W.T.S.

Ldg. Sea. Edward Cooper, O.N. J7225 (Dev.).

Sto. William O'Leary, R.N.R., O.N. 8352S.

P.O. Samuel Vance, O.N. 185134 (Dev.).

Sea. Benjamin Haynes, R.N.R., O.N. 8476A.

Sto. Robert Thomson, R.N.R., O.N. 4031S.

Sea. David Dow, R.N.R., O.N. 8593A.

Sto. Thomas Owens, R.N.R., O.N. 8362S.

Off. Stwd William Raymond Trickey, O.N. L4900 (Dev.).

Asst. Stwd. Albert Pennal, M.M.R., No 723406.

Sea. Martin Connors, R.N.R., O.N. S484A.

Sea. Alfred Kaye, R.N.R., O.N. 64S9A.

Sea. Frederick Dodd, R.N.R., O.N. 5955A.

Sto., 1st Cl., John Pairn Colenso, O.N. K28863 (Dev.).

Sto., Ist Cl., Walter Crosbie, O.N. K28791 (Ch,).

Ldg. Sto. John Thomas Davies, R.N.R., O.N. 8396S.

Shipwt., 2nd Cl., William Samuel Smart,. O.N, M16854 (Po.).

Wireman Stanley Woodison, O.N. M15547 (Po.).

Chief Stwd. Alfred C. Townshend.

Sea. Patrick Murphy, R.N.R., O.N. 8489A.

P.O. Arthur Derrick, O.N. 221140 (Dev.).

Dkhnd. Ernest Taylor, R.N.R., O.N. 10375 D.A.

Dkhnd. Andrew Cullen, R.N.R., O.N. 4841 D.A.

2nd Hnd. Thomas William Crisp, R.N.R., O.N. 4332D.A.

Act. Air Mech., 1st Gr., William Norman Blacklock, O.N. F4157.

To receive a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal.

Ldg. Sea. William Buckley, R.N.R., O.N, 1778C.

Sig. Charles William Hurell, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z2181 (London).

Ldg. Sea. John Gardner Orr, R.N.R., O.N. 2430D.

Sea. William Williams, V.C., R.N.R., O.N. 6224A.

A.B. Arthur Thomas Pursey, O.N. 187227T (R.F.R. Ch./B6833).

Sig. Charles Malin, O.N. 220125 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Percival Ross, O.N. 184463 (Po.).



Honours for Service in Submarines.


..... in recognition of their services in submarines in enemy waters:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

P O. Percival George Fry, O.N.208986 (Po.).

P.O. Frederick Daniel Wall, O.N.218336 (Dev.).

P.O. Frederick Lewis Hulance, O.N.220771 (Po.).

P.O. James Henry Munn, O.N.235006 (Ch.).

P.O. William John Thomas Stephens, O.N. 173864 (Po.).

P.O. Arthur Callard, O.N.224168 (Dev.).

P.O. James Cater Evans, O.N.229930 (Po.).

P.O. George Harry Millyard, O.N.230298 (Po.).

P.O. Arthur William Davey, O.N.208301 (Po.).

P.O. William James Driver, O.N. 192178 (Dev.).

P.O. Charles John Lacy, O.N.219188 (Po.).

P.O. Albert Cummins, O.N.214655 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sig. Charles Carter, O.N.236423 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sig. Denis James Thurlow, O.N.J.2978 (Po.).

Ldg. Sig. Alfred James Burtenshaw, O.N. 226545 (Po.).

Ldg. Teleg. John Marshall Brooks, O.N.J. 4827 (Po.).

P.O. Teleg. David Charles Williams, O.N.J. 887 (Po.).

P.O. Teleg. Charles Clement France, O.N. 238487 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Albert Moss, O.N.201982 (Po.) (since killed).

A.B. Walter Samuel Rogers, O.N.J.5975 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Hugh Church Maclean Graham, O.N 235144 (Dev.).

A B. Alfred Walter George Cork, O.N.237906  (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. William Rowley, O.N.215872 (Po.).

A.B. Thomas William Jackson, O.N.215195 (Po.).

A.B. Thomas Bernard Connacher, O.N. J.2179 (Ch.).

A B. John King Forrest, O.N.J.682 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. Ernest Randall Cremer, O.N.214235 (Po.).

Ldg Sea. Leonard Edwin Cowland, O.N. 222895 (Po.).

E.R.A. John Haddock, R.N.R., O.N.1179 E.A.

C.E.R.A. Alfred Smith, O.N.268518 (Ch.).

E R.A. John Frederick Apps, R.N.V.R., O.N.C.Z. 1892 (Clyde)

C.E.R.A. Alfred Phillips, O.N.270016 (Po.).

E R.A., 2nd Cl., Ernest Henry Hodgers, O.N. 272051 (Dev ).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Albert Edward Tizard, O.N. 272312 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 3rd C1., Leonard Victor Hauser, O.N. 272440 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Arthur William Savage, O.N.M.3487 (Ch.).

E R.A., 2nd Cl., William Mellish, O.N.M. 1392 (Po.).

Act. Sto. P.O. Harry John Williams, O.N. 233218 (Po.).

Ch. Sto. James Parker, O.N.285070 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. George Frederick Haycocks, O.N. 297767 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. William Thomas Wyatt, O.N. 308247 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Henry Sheath, O.N.355913 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Percy Walter Adams, O.N.306739 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Arthur Sleeman, O.N.287333 (Dev,).

Sto. P.O. Thomas George Davies, O.N.309664 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Henry Watts, O.N.K.301 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. John Doherty, O.N.310757 (Dev).

Act. Sto. P.O. James Percy Frederick Capelin, O.N.229937 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Henry William Aldridge, O.N. 222882 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. William Maynard, O.N.305472 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. Frank Walter Chase, O.N.K.3799 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. William Church, O.N.K.9438 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. James Thomas Iron, O.N.K.11011

Sto., 1st Cl., Horace Bounds. O.N.K.14491 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sto., Herbert Lewis Howard, O.N.K. 1620 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Frederick William Fraser, O.N. K.11724 (Dev.).

Act. Ldg. Sto. Frederick Coveney, O.N.K. 10123 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., William Charles Hammond, O.N. K.22462 (Po.).

P.O. Peter Wilson Johnston, O.N. 186458 (Ch.).

P.O. William George Brooker, O.N. 201465 (Ch.).

P.O. Ernest Edward Bastard, O.N.207705 (Dev.) (since killed).

P.O. Philip Groves, O.N.218673 (Dev.).

C.P.O. Frederick George Barnes, O.N. 179498 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sig. Bertram John Jenkins, O.N.J. 9147 (Ch.).

Teleg. William Henry Prichard, O.N.J.36101 (Dev.).

Ldg Smn. William Gladstone Cleaver, O.N. 221196 (Po.).

A.B. Robert Allen, O.N.214970 (Dev.).

Ldg. Smn. Ernest Lockwood, O.N.J. 1640 (Dev.).

A.B. Albert Edward Page, O.N.230343 (Po.).

Ldg. Smn. Walter John Mutter, O.N. 230715 (Dev.).

Ldg. Smn. Edward, James Meadmore, O.N. 223356 (Ch.).

Ldg. Smn. Norman Mahoney, O.N.229641 (Po.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., George Leopard Todman, O.N.M.898 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A. Albert William Courtenay Maggs, O.N.270897 (Ch.).

C.E R.A. Charles Henry Doidge, O.N.270596 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Edward Frederic Cowley Sutton, O.N.346054 (Ch.).

E.R.A. Walter Plummer, R.N.R., O.N.1895 E.A.

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Tennyson Gwynne Rogers, O.N.272524 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Henry Charles Tibble, O.N 278813 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Richard Charles Cootes, O.N.K. 123 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Frederick Trudgeon, O.N 311031 (Dev.).

Act. Ldg. Sto. John Gorier Stephens, O.N K. 4778 (Dev.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Leonard Richard Benford, O.N. K.9755 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sto. George Herbert Durrant, O.N.K. 7389 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sto. Ernest Holcombe, O.N. 223294 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. Sidney Doble, O.N.K 3948 (Dev.).

Sto. 1st Cl., William Breach, O.N.K. 15545 (Ch.).

Sto. 1st Cl., Frederick Charles Davis, O.N.K. 11937 (Po.).



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Dkhnd. Daniel Morrison, R.N.R., O.N. 746 S.D.

P.O., 1st Cl., Henry White, 0 N. 126255 (R.F.R. Po./A1792).

Ldg. Sig. Charles Henry Benjamin Morrison, O.N.J.2319 (Ch.).

Dk. Hnd. Henderson Miller Hellens, R.N.R., O.N.4207 S.D.

Ldg. Sea. James Edward Rowlands, R.N.V.R., O.N. Tyne Z.112 (Royal Naval Division).

To receive a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal.

Engmn. Manning Faiers, R.N.R., O.N.242 E.S.

C.P.O. Lott Mackay, O.N. 131223 (R.F.R. Po./A2643).



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal,

Ldg. Mech. Robert William Bager, O.N, F2176.

Act. Air Mech., 1st Gr., Harry George Lovelock, O.N. J26402 (Po.).

P.O. Mech. Bert Hinkler, O.N. F311 (Ch.).



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal:

Ch. Steward George Paterson.

Sea. William John Smith. (Gunlayer, ST San Demetrio)

Sea. Harry Downing.

Sea. Francis Ivor Dance.

Sea. Alexander Richards.




30386 - 16 NOVEMBER 1917


Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Dkhnd. Robert Armstrong, R.N.R., O.N. 1435S.D

E.R.A., 2nd Cl. (now act. Art. Engr.) Reginald James Ballantyne, O.N. 271887 (Po.).

P.O. Archibald Evelyn Brown, O.N. 226250.

P.O. Francis Charles Cook, O.N. 234873 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Reginald Dickinson, O.N. K3047 (Dev.).

P.O. Eli Alfred Edgcombe, O.N. 199335 (Dev.).

A.B. Charles Rich Edwards, O.N. J16701 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. James Francis Ellis, O.N. J8775 (Dev.).

P.O. John Ernest Finnamore, O.N. 184399 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sto. Michael Gallagher, O.N. K19710 (Dev.).

A.B. William Graham, O.N. 190312 (R.F.R., Ch./B5387).

Sto. P.O. William Joseph Harrington, O.N. 303802 (Po.).

P.O. Edward Charles Hitchcock, O.N. 185434 (Po.).

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Arthur Edward Ingledew, O.N. F13492.

2nd Hnd. James John Irvine, R.N.R., O.N. 7071D.A.

P.O. George William Lee, O.N. J971 (Po.) (since killed).

Sto., 1st Cl., George Arthur Pyle Maughan, O.N, K16599 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. Claude. Edward Murrant, O.N. J7785 (Po.).

P.O., 1st Cl., William Augustus Newman, O.N. 188774 (R.F.R., Ch./B2590).

P.O., 1st Cl., Charles William Olding, O.N. 179704 (Po.).

Corpl. Arthur Ernest Reed, R.M.L.I., No. Po./14590 (since killed).

Ldg. Sea. Albert George Rogers, O.N. J16923 . (Ch.).

P.O. Frank Staker, O.N. 230178 (Po.).

A.B. Herbert Stanley Stokes, O.N. J8606 (Po.).

E.R.A., 4th Cl., William Swapp, O.N. M21517 (Po.).

Pte. (Lce.-Corpl.) Harry Walley, R.M.L.I., No. Po./1112 (R.F.R., Po./B1442).

Ldg. Sea Herbert Charles Wright, O.N. 191473 (Po.).

A.B. Thomas. Charles Zanazzi, O.N. 179221 (R.F.R., Dev./B1136).

To receive a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal.

C.P.O. Thomas Ong, O.N. 156848 (Po.).



Honours to the Royal Naval Air Service.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Thomas Robert Barber, O.N. F3771.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Leonard George Stanley Boshier, O.N. 15936 (Po.).

A.C., 1st Cl., George Conley, O.N. F16254.

Act. Air Mech., 1st Gr., Charles Spikins. O.N. F8732.



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Sea. Henry James Graham.

Sea. Albert Hide Hutchins.

Sea. Thomas Jamieson.

Sea William Lunam

Sea Allan McLean

Sea Duncan Mills

Sea Nicholas Penston

Sea Arthur Phillips Gilbert Porteous




30408 - 27 NOVEMBER 1917


Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Pte. (Lce.-Corpl.) Albert Edward Allen, R.M.L.I., No. Ply./5470 (R.F.R. Ply./ A973).

P.O. Charles Samuel Gough, O.N. 213605 (Dev.).

Air Mech., 1st Gr., James Andrew Mortimer, O.N. F11344.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Edward May Nicol, O.N. F18942.



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

P.O. Mech. Frederick Bernard Algate, O.N.

P.O. Mech. Alfred Charles Boutall, O.N. F9560.

P.O. Mech. George Gardner, O.N. F9891.

P.O. Mech. William Allis Gregson, O.N. F9896.

P.O. Mech. John Harrison, O.N. F2893.

P.O. Mech. John Marshall McEwan, O.N. F10029.

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Alexander Constantine Maber, O.N. 272394 (Po.).

P.O. Frank Wood Mole, O.N. 188479 (Dev.).

C.P.O. James John Pomeroy, O.N. 155362 (Ch.).



Additional Awards for Service in the Battle Of Jutland.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

C.E.R.A. Tom Battye, O.N. 268688 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Edward James Gardener, O.N. 293566 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Thomas Kerr, O.N. 307376 (Po.).

C.E.R.A. Harold Lee, R.N.R., O.N. 1460 E.A.

A.B. William James Millar, O.N. 188092 (Po.).

P.O. Teleg. Edward William Penney, O.N. 223147 (Dev.) (now Act. Wt. Teleg.).



Honours for the Mercantile Marine.


..... in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Sea. Harry Layo Bennett.

Sea. John Moir Bird.

4th Engr. Alexander James Brian.

Sea. Francis Rolfe Crockford.

Sea. William Lowrie.




30437 - 18 DECEMBER 1917


Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Act. Air Mech., 1st Gr., Edgar Hector Clarke,. O.N. F17921.

A.B. Luke Dunlea, O.N. 214506 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 4th Cl., Kenneth Westbrook Douglas, O.N. M797 (Po.).

P.O. John William Lee, O.N. 194719 (Ch.).

P.O., 1st Cl., Frederick Edward Mingay, O.N. 233749 (Ch.).

C.P.O. William Francis Phillips, O.N. 148241 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd. Cl., William John Quick O.N.268549 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. Ernest Smith O.N. 307406 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. Alec Charles Townsin, O.N J20262 (Ch.).

P.O. Stephen James Watson, O.N. 238347 (Ch.).



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal,

Ldg. Mech. Sydney Herbert Pinchen, O.N. F2932.

Act. Air Mech., 1st Gr., George Smith, O.N. F4430.



Honours for the Mercantile Marine.


..... in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the War:


To receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

3rd Offr. John Douglas.

Carpenter W. H. McMillan.

Sea. John Thomas Anderson.

Sea. William Thomas Jennings.

Sea. John William Sinclair.

Sea. William George Sobey.


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