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Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies, World War 2
Researched & compiled by Don Kindell, all rights reserved


1st - 24th NOVEMBER 1941 -  in date, ship/unit & name order


HMS Cairo, light cruiser
(NP/Mark Teadham,
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on to 25th-30th November 1941



(1) Casualty information in order - Surname, First name, Initial(s), Rank and part of the Service other than RN (RNR, RNVR, RFR etc), Service Number (ratings only, also if Dominion or Indian Navies), (on the books of another ship/shore establishment, O/P on passage), Fate

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Background Events - June-November 1941
Invasion of Russia, Malta Convoys, Japan prepares for war




1 November 1941



3/2 Maritime Regt, RA

 HUGHES, Edwin H, Gunner, RA, 6147400, killed


FAA, 700 Sqn, Newcastle, air crash. Flying in Walrus, carrying out dive bombing and firing exercises 3 1/2 miles south of Bermuda. Crashed in shallow water.

 GILBERT, Albert G, Leading Airman, FAA/FX 77486, killed

 MOULDEN, Norman C, Act/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 77503, died 

 WILKINSON, Alec C, Lieutenant (A), killed


Larpool, steamship

 FOSTER, James, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 201676, (President III, O/P), MPK

 TURNER, Thomas A, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 273638, (President III, O/P), MPK



 STEPHENSON, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, LT/JX 176589, killed


Prince of Wales

 SMITH, Arthur J, Able Seaman, D/JX 196975, died



 ALLEN, Charles J, Petty Officer, P/239334, died



2 November 1941



1/1 Maritime Regt, RA

 SEED, Walter, Gunner, RA, 4465250, killed


2/1 Maritime Regt, RA

 LEWIS, Frank, Gunner, RA, 4792892, killed



 POWER, Dermot M, Able Seaman, P/JX 200120, DOWS


Dale Castle

 PUGHE, Henry E, Chief Engineman, RNPS, LT/KX 110522, died


Gos VI/Hector VII, illness

 STEAD, Albert J W, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR, died


Gretavale, steamship

 BAKER, James W V, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 237932, (President III, O/P), MPK

 COOKE, James V D, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 208759, (President III, O/P), MPK

 DWYER, Alfred, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 179390, (President III, O/P), MPK


Padmavati (RIN)

 SAHIB-UD-DIN, Muhammad, Driver 1c, 71342 (RIN), died


RM 5th Battalion

 SMITH, Richard, Marine, EX 3378, died


RM Portsmouth Division

 JOHNSTONE, Robert, Marine, PO/X 10684, died



3 November 1941


Cossack, ship loss

 WALLACE, Reginald T G, Able Seaman, P/JX 153368, DOW


Ouzel, ship loss

 BALLS, Albert E, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 215631, MPK

 BLADE, Leslie R, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 241762, MPK

 LEMAN, Albert C, Leading Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 215632, MPK

 MAHY, John, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 100577, MPK

 PHILLIPS, Thomas J, Ordinary Signalman, D/JX 175214, MPK

 RANSOM, Samuel, Engineman, RNPS, LT/KX 114002, MPK

 WAKE, John, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 219597, MPK

 WILKINSON, George W, Ty/Lieutenant, RNR, killed


Rose Schiaffino, steamship

 BISS, John E, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 255882, (President III, O/P), MPK

 BROUGHTON, Herbert D, Gunner, RA, 1808161, (6/3 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

 MORGAN, John M, Gunner, RA, 1809257, (6/3 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

 PETHERICK, Cyril N, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 267548, (President III, O/P), MPK



4 November 1941


6/3 Maritime Regt, RA

 CLARK, Fred, Leading Bombardier, RA, 1490162, killed

 FRY, Eric J, Gunner, RA, 1611694, killed



 THOMPSON, Robert G, Carpenter's Mate, NAP R 195905, died



5 November 1941



 MEADS, Herbert A, Leading Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 177709, DOWS


RM 102nd Brigade, road accident

 EVEREST, William R, Marine, PO/X 2507, killed



 SANDERS, Charles H, Corporal, RM, PO/X 2718, died



6 November 1941


Duke of York

 LANG, Charles W, Able Seaman, RFR, D/J 43416, MPK


Flotta, ship loss

 BARRETT, George C, Engineman, RNR (PS), LT/X 6114 ES, MPK

 BEWICK, Thomas N, Ordinary Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 226599, killed

 QUINN, Bernard, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 103828, killed

 SADD, Neville, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 256716, killed

 THOMAS, William H, Leading Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 265225, MPK



 PERRETT, Frank W, Chief Petty Officer, D/230708, died


Templeyard, steamship

 TARLETON, James, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 185606, died



7 November 1941



 WYATT, Alfred J, Leading Steward, C/L 344, died



 JOHNSON, Arthur W, Chief Engineman, RNPS, LT/KX 98165, died


Jackal, illness

 CREEDY, Sydney J, Boy 1c, D/JX 162774, died


Nottingham, steamship

 CARTER, Radcliffe, Gunner, RA, 3393193, (1/1 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

 COMMON, Walter, Gunner, RA, 3393222, (1/1 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

 CORBY, Robert A, Able Seaman, PA 903 (RANR), (President III, O/P), MPK

 EDGECOCK, Frederick S, Able Seaman, H 724 (RANR), (President III, O/P), MPK

 SKINNER, Cyril J, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 235827, (President III, O/P), MPK

 WOOLISCROFT, Sydney, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 221784, (President III, O/P), died


President III

 PIKE, William A, Chief Petty Officer, C/J 4033, died



8 November 1941


FAA, 802 Sqn, Audacity, air operations

 WINTOUR, John M, Act/Lieutenant Commander, MPK



 KAVANAGH, James J, Able Seaman, D/JX 143660, died



 TINKLER, Thomas L, Able Seaman, C/JX 153484, died



9 November 1941


Alexander Scott

 HANSEN, Theodore P, Stoker 1c, LT/KX 119528, died


Boy Andrew, ship loss

 BALL, George F, Skipper, RNR, MPK

 GOODWIN, Frederick J, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 307222, MPK

 GOODWIN, Robert B, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 307223, MPK

 GRAY, Alfred S R, Engineman, RNR (PS), LT/X 5972 ES, MPK

 HILDER, William A, 2nd Hand, RNPS, LT/JX 185433, MPK

 HUGHES, Everett J, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 196062, MPK

 KENNY, James W, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 122111, MPK

 MCINTOSH, Alexander, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 136689, MPK

 PICKERING, Geoffrey, Leading Cook, RNPS, LT/MX 87337, MPK

 ROBERTSON, Maurice W H, Ordinary Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 272498, MPK

 WATSON, Thomas B, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 185351, MPK

 WINN, Gordon, Leading Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 184486, MPK



 CATTERALL, Francis, Ty/Sergeant, RM, PLY/X1560, MPK


RM Lympstone

 NEWMAN, Leon M, Marine, EX 2919, died


St Andrew, ship loss

 FLATT, Henry G, Engineman, RNPS, LT/KX 106767, MPK



10 November 1941



 HATTON, Carl S, Leading Signalman, C/JX 163822, died


British Crown

 MORRIS, George S, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 281359, died



 HANSELL, John R, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 206565, died


FAA, 888 Sqn, Daedalus, air crash

 HOLLOWAY, Eric A, Lieutenant, killed



 TOPPING, Jack, Stoker 1c, D/KX 105770, died


Pytchley, drowning

 MCDERMOTT, James, Civilian Electrical Engineer, MPK

 PALMER, Eric W, Leading Seaman, D/JX 138181, MPK



 GALL, Peter S F, 2nd Hand, RNPS, LT/JX 189915, DOWS



11 November 1941



1/1 Maritime Regt, RA

 GRAY, William B, Gunner, RA, 3253736, killed


Benn Hann

 CALDWELL, Alexander, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 267601, killed


FAA, 781 Sqn, Daedalus, air crash

 BLACK, Gordon, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNZNVR, DOW


FAA, 830 Sqn, St Angelo, air crash

 GRIFFITHS, Kenneth D, Leading Airman, FAA/FX 77337, missing

 WIGRAM, Aidan F, Ty/Lieutenant (A), RNVR, missing



 WHALE, Norman M, Blacksmith 4c, P/MX 66351, died



 BATCHELOR, Raymond, Wireman, P/MX 78288, MPK


Kia Ora

 WILLIAMS, John G, Ordinary Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 214330, DOWS


Marietta, steamship

 TADD, Leslie, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 189756, (President III, O/P), died



 GRAHAM, Norman, Leading Seaman, RNR (PS), LTX 18120 A, died


Service Flying Training School, No.1, Netheravon, air crash

 TYSON, Sydney H, Act/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 87455, killed



12 November 1941


Cathay, illness

 WARD, Mervyn D, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (E), RNVR, died



 DRAPER, Charles L, Telegraphist, C/JX 182393, killed


Heron, motor accident

 SPURWAY, Kenneth V, Lieutenant, killed



 GRIFFIN, James, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 241039, died


Pembroke I

 FUNNELL, Douglas E, Ordinary Signalman, C/JX 259531, died

 WOODWARD, Frederick W, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 243403, died



 MAHONEY, Patrick, T/Act/Corporal, RM, CH/X 1222, DOWS


St Martin

 MCCARTHY, Timothy, Act/Leading Stoker, P/K 53349, died


Whitehall, accident

 BURNHAM, David C, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, RFR, D/X 7800 C, killed



13 November 1941


Ark Royal (right - NavyPhotos/Ben Titheridge), ship loss

 MITCHELL, Edward, Able Seaman (Pens), P/JX 156022, MPK


Australia (RAN), drowned

 BLACKBURN, Robert G, Stoker 2c, S 5098 (RAN), MPK



 EVANS, Clarence, Ordinary Seaman, RNPS, LT/KX 277366, died


FAA, 759/760 Sqn, Heron, air crash

 CASSELS, Peter R, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK


Joma, steamship

 TINDALE, Sidney, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 254614, (President III, O/P), killed


RN Officer, Scarborough, illness

 EVANS, Claude B, Commander, Rtd, died



15 November 1941



 WIBBERLEY, Albert D, Able Seaman, P/SSX 21622, died


MGB.312, surface action

 ANSCOMBE, William A, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 215475, killed


Royal Indian Navy

 BADSHAH, Mian R B, Greaser, 72974 (RIN), died



16 November 1941



 NUNN, Frank A, Able Seaman, P/J 88016, DOWS



17 November 1941



 BADRICK, Cyril E, Stoker 1c, D/KX 103385, MPK



 ALLISON, Anthony D, Air Mechanic (E) 1c, FAA/FX 80808, DOWS


P.38, drowning

 CHRISTOPHER, Henry S M, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK



 TURNER, Joseph, Able Seaman, C/SSX 24037, died



 THOMAS, Cecil H, Lieutenant Commander, died



 GRAY, Alfred, Stoker 2c, P/KX 125725, died



18 November 1941


FAA, 884 Sqn, Merlin, air crash

 WORTH, Derek, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed



 ANNALLS, Edward, Marine, PO/18094, killed


Orlando, illness

 MACK, George E, Ty/Act/Commander, RNR, died


RM Portsmouth Division

 ROBERTS, George J, Corporal, RM, PO/X 1110, died



 WALKER, Harry C, Seaman, RNPS, LT/SR 55722, died



19 November 1941


Afrikander IV, illness

 DOCKING, Leonard A R, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, C/LD/X 5215, died



 MCILWAIN, Frederick, Ordinary Telegraphist, C/SSX 32439, DOWS



 DORNFORD, Edward J L, Act/Petty Officer, D/JX 136489, killed


FAA, 834 Sqn, Raven, air crash

 ASHBURNER, Lionel C B, Lieutenant Commander, killed



 WATTS, John J, Chief Petty Officer, P/J 94774, died



 MORRISON, Robert C, Able Seaman, P/SSX 18849, died



 NEWSOME, Alfred, Greaser, NAP 597783, died


RM Portsmouth, illness

 BALCHIN, Frederick A, Marine, PO/X 109410, died


Sydney (RAN) (right - NavyPhotos/Mark Teadham), ship loss

 ABERNETHY, Roderick B, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 14705 (RAN), MPK

 ABSOLOM, John F, Act/Leading Stoker, 21552 (RAN), MPK

 ADDISON, Roy H, Act/Leading Seaman, 22435 (RAN), MPK

 AGAR, Lavington H, Chief Mechanician, 13428 (RAN), MPK

 ALLISON, John A C, Able Seaman, S 4285 (RANR), MPK

 ANDERSON, Cecil J, Ordinary Seaman, PA 1921 (RANR), MPK

 ANDERSON, Ronald H, Able Seaman, F 2526 (RANR), MPK

 ANDERSON, William T, Engineer Lieutenant, RANR (S), MPK

 ANDREWS, Arthur J, Able Seaman, F 1877 (RANR), MPK

 ARCHBELL, Allen W, Act/Leading Seaman, PM 822 (RANR), MPK

 ARMSTRONG, Harold J, Ordinary Seaman, PM 3269 (RANR), MPK

 AUMANN, Cyril, Act/Leading Stoker, 22633 (RAN), MPK

 AVERY, George W, Able Seaman, 23429 (RAN), MPK

 AYLOTT, William L, Act/Petty Officer, 19508 (RAN), MPK

 AYTON, Leslie G, Ordnance Artificer 4c, 22897 (RAN), MPK

 BACON, Jack C, Lieutenant Commander, MPK

 BAIN, William J, Able Seaman, 22350 (RAN), MPK

 BAKER, Victor L, Ordinary Seaman, 24312 (RAN), MPK

 BAKER, William A, Stoker, S 4681 (RANR), MPK

 BALDING, Harold R, Able Seaman, F 2611 (RANR), MPK

 BARCLAY, Victor N, Supply Assistant, PM 3066 (RANR), MPK

 BARHAM, Eric R, Sick Berth Chief Petty Officer, 18877 (RAN), MPK

 BARKER, Benjamin J H, Able Seaman, 24163 (RAN), MPK

 BARREY, Raymond B, Flying Officer, RAAF, MPK

 BARTLETT, Maxwell E, Able Seaman, S 4286 (RANR), MPK

 BATCHELOR, William G, Warrant Engineer, RAN, MPK

 BATH, Walter J, Able Seaman, 24295 (RAN), MPK

 BATTEN, Keith C, Stoker, 22851 (RAN), MPK

 BAVERSTOCK, Ernest G, Able Seaman, F 2603 (RANR), MPK

 BEATTIE, Alexander, Leading Stoker, 21610 (RAN), MPK

 BEATTIE, Eric P, Stoker, 20499 (RAN), MPK

 BECKETT, Richard J, Ty/Act/Leading Stoker, 22591 (RAN), MPK

 BELCHER, Edgar R, Leading Wireman, 24518 (RAN), MPK

 BENNIE, Graham R, Able Seaman, S 3505 (RANR), MPK

 BERWICK, George R, Leading Wireman, 24510 (RAN), MPK

 BETTANY, John H, Able Seaman, F 2620 (RANR), MPK

 BETTERMAN, Donald R, Able Seaman, 24305 (RAN), MPK

 BETTINSON, Walter E, Leading Steward, 21317 (RAN), MPK

 BEVAN, Hanbury V, Able Seaman, F 2649 (RANR), MPK

 BEVERTON, John T, Stoker, 23359 (RAN), MPK

 BIBBY, Ivo I, Engine Room Artificer 1c, 12522 (RAN), MPK

 BIGGS, Alexander B, Warrant Engineer, RAN, MPK

 BIRAM, Bernard F, Petty Officer Cook (O), 16687 (RAN), MPK

 BIRCH, James W, Act/Leading Stoker, 22628 (RAN), MPK

 BLACKWOOD, James, Stoker, S 4829 (RANR), MPK

 BLAKE, John S, Act/Leading Stoker, 22599 (RAN), MPK

 BLOM, Leslie M, Stoker, 21266 (RAN), MPK

 BODMAN, Anthony A, Able Seaman, 22395 (RAN), MPK

 BONE, Gordon F, Able Seaman, 19056 (RAN), MPK

 BONHAM, Henry G W, Engine Room Artificer 4c, 23395 (RAN), MPK

 BONNER, Reginald, Mechanician 1c, 18346 (RAN), MPK

 BOOL, James, Ordinary Seaman, 24334 (RAN), MPK

 BOOTH, Ernest A, Able Seaman, PM 2437 (RANR), MPK

 BOWDEN, Laurence, Stoker 2c, W 1957 (RANR), MPK

 BOWES, Keith A J, Stoker, 23427 (RAN), MPK

 BOX, Robert A, Stoker 2c, H 1315 (RANR), MPK

 BOYD, David W, Act/Leading Sick Berth Attendant, 22556 (RAN), MPK

 BRADLEY, Ross, Ordinary Seaman, F 3297 (RANR), MPK

 BRENNAN, Ernest N, Able Seaman, S 3291 (RANR), MPK

 BRIND, Max, Able Seaman, S 4008 (RANR), MPK

 BRODIE, Raymond R, Leading Seaman, 20217 (RAN), MPK

 BROOKS, Donald L, Ordinary Seaman, PA 1986 (RANR), MPK

 BROWN, Thomas G, Lieutenant, RAN, MPK

 BUCHANAN, Allan R M, Stoker Petty Officer, 19480 (RAN), MPK

 BUCK, Clifton C, Able Seaman, 24220 (RAN), MPK

 BUCKINGHAM, Clarence F P, Able Seaman, F 2922 (RANR), MPK

 BUCKLEY, Daniel S, Ordinary Seaman, PM 3243 (RANR), MPK

 BUDDEN, Keith E, Act/Yeoman of Signals, 20108 (RAN), MPK

 BUNDY, Frederick P K, Petty Officer, 19953 (RAN), MPK

 BUNTING, James, Able Seaman, B 2295 (RANR), MPK

 BURGESS, William R, Signalman, 23673 (RAN), MPK

 BURGOYNE, Maxwell A, Leading Steward, 20080 (RAN), MPK

 BURKE, Kenneth T, Telegraphist, PM 2625 (RANR), MPK

 BURKE, Leslie, Leading Cook (S), 21324 (RAN), MPK

 BURKE, William, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 10864 (RAN), MPK

 BURNETT, Joseph, Captain, RAN, MPK

 BURNS, John R, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, 20494 (RAN), MPK

 BURNSYDE, William E, Stoker, 23064 (RAN), MPK

 BURROWES, Douglas J, Able Seaman, PA 1679 (RANR), MPK

 BURT, Alwyn S, Wireman, 24509 (RAN), MPK

 BUTLER, Kenneth N H, Supply Assistant, F 3370 (RANR), MPK

 BUTLER, Stanley W, Able Seaman, H 1054 (RANR), MPK

 BYRNE, Albert E, Sub Lieutenant, RANR, MPK

 CABBAN, Victor R, Stoker 2c, S 4724 (RANR), MPK

 CANNON, Lionel J, Telegraphist, F/V 37 (RANVR), MPK

 CAREY, Henry R J, Able Seaman, 23531 (RAN), MPK

 CAREY, Thomas L, Chief Petty Officer Cook, 11234 (RAN), MPK

 CARR, John W A, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, 20317 (RAN), MPK

 CARTHY, George T, Able Seaman, W 1310 (RANR), MPK

 CARTWRIGHT, Alexander M, Able Seaman, S 220 (RAFR) 5860, MPK

 CATLEY, Raymond R, Able Seaman, S 4277 (RANR), MPK

 CAUDLE, Douglas W, Ordinary Seaman, PA 1873 (RANR), MPK

 CHALLENGER, Charles W, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, M 1465 (RAFR), MPK

 CHAPMAN, Neville O, Ordinary Seaman, F 3278 (RANR), MPK

 CHAPMAN, William R, Stoker, S 4746 (RANR), MPK

 CHARLTON, Claude L, Cook, 22737 (RAN), MPK

 CHRISTIE, Albert T N, Stoker, 22584 (RAN), MPK

 CHRISTISON, John M, Ordinary Seaman, B 2801 (RANR), MPK

 CLARK, Daniel M, Act/Leading Stoker, 21341 (RAN), MPK

 CLARK, Thomas W, Able Seaman, S 4449 (RANR), MPK

 CLARKE, Arthur J, Leading Aircraftsman, RAAF, MPK

 CLARKE, Harry, Act/Leading Stoker, 23161 (RAN), MPK

 CLAYTON, Alfred S, Stoker, 23282 (RAN), MPK

 CLEMENT, William, Able Seaman, 23985 (RAN), MPK

 CLIFTON, James I, Paymaster Sub Lieutenant, RANR, MPK

 CLIVE, Alfred W, Stoker, 23730 (RAN), MPK

 COLBEY, Robert S, Act/Able Seaman, PA 1900 (RANR), MPK

 COLE, John A, Lieutenant, RANR (S), MPK

 COLE, John V, Ordinary Seaman, S 5362 (RANR), MPK

 COLE, Sydney A W, Able Seaman, 19910 (RAN), MPK

 COLEMAN, George E, Leading Wireman, 24522 (RAN), MPK

 COLHOUN, Robert A, Stoker 2c, W 1922 (RANR), MPK

 COLLIE, Cyril B, Stoker 2c, 24146 (RAN), MPK

 COLLIER, Richard T, Act/Petty Officer, 18868 (RAN), MPK

 COLLINS, Charles E, Able Seaman, 22309 (RAN), MPK

 COLLINS, William H, Able Seaman, H 1145 (RANR), MPK

 CONQUIT, William C, Able Seaman, PM 2132 (RANR), MPK

 COOKESLEY, Clifford W, Stoker, 22648 (RAN), MPK

 COONAN, Bevis R, Act/Leading Seaman, 21215 (RAN), MPK

 COOPER, Alfred L, Leading Stoker, 21258 (RAN), MPK

 COOPER, Arthur D W, Stoker 2c, W 1921 (RANR), MPK

 COOPER, Bertie, Able Seaman, PM 2421 (RANR), MPK

 COOPER, Reginald, Stoker, 23284 (RAN), MPK

 COOPER, Rex A, Able Seaman, 21905 (RAN), MPK

 COPPIN, George W, Assistant Steward, 24581 (RAN), MPK

 CORK, William J M, Ordinary Seaman 2c, 24608 (RAN), MPK

 CORMICK, Thomas G, Engine Room Artificer 4c, 22613 (RAN), MPK

 COURTIS, Roy J, Stoker, 23578 (RAN), MPK

 COX, Harold W, Act/Leading Stoker, 21967 (RAN), MPK

 COX, John L, Signalman, H 1011 (RANR), MPK

 CRAGG, George L, Stoker, S 4758 (RANR), MPK

 CRAIKE, Brian W, Able Seaman, H 999 (RANR), MPK

 CRANWELL, Henry A G, Stoker, 23051 (RAN), MPK

 CRASKE, Benjamin J, Ordinary Seaman 2c, PM 3307 (RANR), MPK

 CRAWFORD, Thomas A, Act/Able Seaman, B 2727 (RANR), MPK

 CROCKER, Leslie J, Petty Officer Cook, M 435 (RAFR) 13203, MPK

 CROWLE, Jack A F, Stoker 2c, W 1920 (RANR), MPK

 CUMMINS, James, Able Seaman, 21689 (RAN), MPK

 CUNNINGTON, Alan L F, Ordnance Artificer 4c, 22983 (RAN), MPK

 CURTIS, Clifford L J, Leading Wireman, 24506 (RAN), MPK

 CURTIS, Richard, Petty Officer, 17496 (RAN), MPK

 CURWOOD, Walter L, Leading Wireman, 24507 (RAN), MPK

 DALTON, Lionel S, Commander (E), RAN, MPK

 DANIEL, Kevin H, Ordnance Artificer 4c, 23549 (RAN), MPK

 DARBY, Stanley M, Able Seaman, F 2455 (RANR), MPK

 DAUNT, Arthur R, Stoker, S 4721 (RANR), MPK

 DAVEY, John S, Petty Officer Cook, M 221 (RAFR) 11064, MPK

 DAVIES, Sidney J, Electrical Artificer 4c, F 1359 (RANR), MPK

 DAVIS, Stanley R, Leading Seaman, 20732 (RAN), MPK

 DAVIS, Thomas E, Lieutenant, RAN, MPK

 DE FOREST, Mcadam C, Stoker, W 1857 (RANR), MPK

 DE GRACIE, John P, Ordinary Seaman, F 3458 (RANR), MPK

 DEACON, William F, Able Seaman, W 70 (RANR), MPK

 DEANE, Wallace B, Ordinary Seaman, S 5217 (RANR), MPK

 DEE, Thomas, Leading Steward, 18351 (RAN), MPK

 DEMPSTER, Herbert J, Stoker, W 1631 (RANR), MPK

 DEVEREUX, Eric G, Able Seaman, 22078 (RAN), MPK

 DHU, Lionel E, Able Seaman, B 2073 (RANR), MPK

 DIEWS, Bernard A, Able Seaman, S 4068 (RANR), MPK

 DIMMOCK, Donald C, Able Seaman, 23328 (RAN), MPK

 DIX, Gordon K, Act/Leading Stoker, 21943 (RAN), MPK

 DIXON, Thomas C, Leading Stoker, 20604 (RAN), MPK

 DOBSON, Herbert H, Able Seaman, 22391, MPK

 DODDS, Richard, Leading Aircraftsman, RAAF, MPK

 DOXEY, Alexander H, Able Seaman, 23010 (RAN), MPK

 DOYLE, Edward F, Able Seaman, 23419 (RAN), MPK

 DRAKE, Albert R, Able Seaman, 19894 (RAN), MPK

 DRAKE, John R, Stoker, 21090 (RAN), MPK

 DUNCAN, Emanuel R T, Supply Assistant, 23776 (RAN), MPK

 DUNDON, Stephen, Able Seaman, S 4294 (RANR), MPK

 DUNIN, Thomas, Steward, PM 3208 (RANR), MPK

 EAGAR, Alexander V, Sub Lieutenant, RANR, MPK

 EDDY, Edwin R, Sub Lieutenant, RAN, MPK

 EDENBOROUGH, Alan G, Ordinary Seaman, S 5106 (RANR), MPK

 EDGOOSE, John F, Ordinary Seaman, PM 3480 (RANR), MPK

 EDWARDS, Ernest J, Able Seaman, 22325 (RAN), MPK

 EDWARDS, Frederick, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, 18409 (RAN), MPK

 ELDER, Bruce A, Sub Lieutenant, RANR, MPK

 EVANS, Francis R, Petty Officer, 17853 (RAN), MPK

 EWENS, Robert U, Able Seaman, 22831 (RAN), MPK

 FAHEY, William R, Able Seaman, S 4299 (RANR), MPK

 FARRAND, Leonard C, Ordinary Seaman, S 5210 (RANR), MPK

 FAULKNER, Arthur J, Able Seaman, 22338 (RAN), MPK

 FERGUSON, David W, Able Seaman, S 4289 (RANR), MPK

 FERGUSON, Kenneth C, Ordinary Seaman, 24313 (RANR), MPK

 FIBBENS, William S, Telegraphist, 21652 (RAN), MPK

 FINDLAY, Gordon L, Act/Ordnance Artificer 4c, 23608 (RAN), MPK

 FINLAYSON, Harry, Mechanician 1c, 14817 (RAN), MPK

 FISHER, John W, Leading Cook (S), 18025 (RAN), MPK

 FITZGERALD, Augustine F, Blacksmith 4c, 24095 (RAN), MPK

 FITZGERALD, Lloyd G, Act/Supply Petty Officer, 19944 (RAN), MPK

 FLEMING, Wilfred S, Able Seaman, 18865 (RAN), MPK

 FOOTE, Reginald E, Cook (S), 23373 (RAN), MPK

 FORBES, Robert G S, Ordinary Seaman, S 5266 (RANR), MPK

 FORSYTH, Glenvervie E, Electrical Artificer 4c, 24115 (RAN), MPK

 FORTH, Herbert, Able Seaman, PM 2066 (RANR), MPK

 FOSTER, Norman D, Engine Room Artificer 4c, F 2147 (RANR), MPK

 FOSTER, Roy E, Leading Aircraftsman, FAAF, MPK

 FOULKES, Robert E, Telegraphist, S/V 65 (RANVR), MPK

 FRANKLIN, Edward W, Leading Seaman, 20030 (RAN), MPK

 FRASER, Noel J, Ordinary Seaman, S 5202 (RANR), MPK

 FREER, Walter E A, Able Seaman, M 1443 (RAFR)1 13781, MPK

 FRIAR, Jack A, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 20809 (RAN), MPK

 FRISCH, Ernest D, Able Seaman, 23570 (RAN), MPK

 FRITH, William R O, Petty Officer, P/JX 136323, MPK

 FRY, Robert A, Stoker, W 1847 (RANR), MPK

 FRYER, Kenneth J, Ordinary Telegraphist, 23888 (RAN), MPK

 FULLER, John A E, Warrant Shipwright, MPK

 GALE, Raymond, Leading Supply Assistant, S 2784 (RANR), MPK

 GAMBLE, Frank H, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 18529 (RAN), MPK

 GAMBLE, Ronald F, Act/Petty Officer Telegraphist, 22238 (RAN), MPK

 GARDINER, Heathcote D, Ordinary Seaman, 24257 (RAN), MPK

 GARNETT, William H, Act/Leading Stoker, 22852 (RAN), MPK

 GARRETT, Basil F, Able Seaman, 23255 (RAN), MPK

 GENGE, Francis H, Surgeon Lieutenant Commander, RAN, MPK

 GENTLES, Harry S, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, 11286 (RAN), MPK

 GILSENAN, Dudley J, Steward, 21536 (RAN), MPK

 GLACKIN, Thomas N, Ty/Act/Leading Stoker, 21956 (RAN), MPK

 GLASBY, Harold, Able Seaman, S 4013 (RANR), MPK

 GOODWIN, Neil F, Able Seaman, 21492 (RAN), MPK

 GOODWIN, Wilfred J, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, 20042 (RAN), MPK

 GOTHARD, Edwin, Act/Petty Officer Telegraphist, M 563 (RAFR) 16227, MPK

 GRACO, Henry M, Able Seaman, F 2086 (RANR), MPK

 GRAHAM, George A, Ordinary Seaman, S 5223 (RANR), MPK

 GREAVES, Sidney, Able Seaman, S 816 (RAFR) 18626, MPK

 GREEN, Arthur E, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, 20569 (RAN), MPK

 GREEN, John R, Ordinary Seaman, 24372 (RAN), MPK

 GREEN, Theo L, Cook (O), 24171 (RAN), MPK

 GREENWOOD, James H, Ordinary Seaman, 24066 (RAN), MPK

 GREGSON, Michael O, Ordinary Seaman, F 3366 (RANR), MPK

 GRINTER, Norman F, Act/Leading Stoker, 22630 (RAN), MPK

 GRONBERG, Ernest E, Stoker, 24252 (RAN), MPK

 GWYNNE, David A, Able Seaman, 23594 (RAN), MPK

 HAAG, Francis V, Stoker, W 1873 (RANR), MPK

 HAGAN, Allan, Steward, S 3554 (RANR), MPK

 HAMMOND, Lawson, Able Seaman, S 4292 (RANR), MPK

 HANDCOCK, Richard D, Lieutenant Commander (E), RAN, MPK

 HARE, Richard W, Able Seaman, B 2298 (RANR), MPK

 HARRICKS, Sydney W, Able Seaman, S 4212 (RANR), MPK

 HARRINGTON, Albert F, Act/Leading Seaman, 21073 (RAN), MPK

 HARRIS, Ronald C, Able Seaman, 19865 (RAN), MPK

 HARRISON, Leslie A, Petty Officer Steward, 14010 (RAN), MPK

 HARTMANN, Frederick H, Regulating Petty Officer, S 1347 (RAFR) 10061, MPK

 HASKER, John R, Surgeon Commander, RAN, MPK

 HASLAM, Aubrey C, Ty/Act/Leading Stoker, 21627 (RAN), MPK

 HASS, Mervan L W, Able Seaman, 24311 (RAN), MPK

 HATTERSLEY, Jack O, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, 18742 (RAN), MPK

 HAWKER, George C, Steward, F 2416 (RANR), MPK

 HAWKES, Sydney W, Able Seaman, 23619 (RAN), MPK

 HAYNES, Francis J, Stoker 2c, S 4834 (RANR), MPK

 HAYWOOD, George J, Ordinary Seaman 2c, H 1453 (RANR), MPK

 HEATON, Edmund, Act/Electrical Artificer 4c, 23546 (RAN), MPK

 HENDERSON, William L D, Stoker, 24044 (RAN), MPK

 HENDRICKSON, John O, Stoker, 22336 (RAN), MPK

 HERINGTON, Henry F, Stoker 2c, S 5349 (RANR), MPK

 HERITAGE, Roy G, Able Seaman, PA 1765 (RANR), MPK

 HERROD, Herbert F, Act/Leading Stoker, 22850 (RAN), MPK

 HEWETT, Edmund H, Able Seaman, W 1391 (RANR), MPK

 HICKEY, Robert A, Able Seaman, 19568 (RAN), MPK

 HILL, Douglas H, Stoker, 22600 (RAN), MPK

 HILL, Peter, Able Seaman, F 2145 (RANR), MPK

 HILL, Robert H, Engine Room Artificer 4c, 24227 (RAN), MPK

 HOBBS, George J, Able Seaman, 21368 (RAN), MPK

 HOGAN, Michael H, Ordinary Telegraphist, 23854 (RAN), MPK

 HOLDER, Edward H, Telegraphist, 23470 (RAN), MPK

 HOLM, Clarence K A, Able Seaman, 23704 (RAN), MPK

 HOMARD, Keith, Aircraftsman 1c, RAAF, MPK

 HOMER, Arthur W, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, 14320 (RAN), MPK

 HONOR, Charles L, Telegraphist, PA/V 24 (RANVR), MPK

 HOOPER, Edgar N, Ordinary Seaman, B 2735 (RANR), MPK

 HOPCRAFT, Robert B, Shipwright 3c, 21030 (RAN), MPK

 HORE, Keith B, Able Seaman, S 3896 (RANR), MPK

 HORRIGAN, Cornelius, Able Seaman, 23530 (RAN), MPK

 HOUSTON, John K, Act/Gunner, RAN, MPK

 HOWARD, Leonard J, Able Seaman, F 2437 (RANR), MPK

 HUDSON, James L, Signalman, B 2528 (RANR), MPK

 HUTCHINSON, Richard, Able Seaman, 23382 (RAN), MPK

 HUTCHINSON, Roy H, Able Seaman, 18822 (RAN), MPK

 HUTCHISON, James R, Stoker 2c, S 5350 (RANR), MPK

 INGHAM, John W, Act/Leading Stoker, 22500 (RAN), MPK

 JAMES, Martin C, Able Seaman, 23464 (RAN), MPK

 JARVIS, William J, Stoker 2c, W 1885 (RANR), MPK

 JEFFS, Francis W, Ordinary Seaman, PM 3082 (RANR), MPK

 JENNINGS, David M, Able Seaman, 19970 (RAN), MPK

 JESNOEWSKI, Leslie A, Ordinary Seaman, 24539 (RAN), MPK

 JOHNSON, Percy A, Stoker 2c, H 1564 (RANR), MPK

 JOHNSTON, Donald E, Able Seaman, 23394 (RAN), MPK

 JOHNSTON, Edgar W, Able Seaman, B 2784 (RANR), MPK

 JOHNSTON, George, Writer, W 338 (RANR), MPK

 JOHNSTONE, Trevor J A, Able Seaman, 20901 (RAN), MPK

 JONES, David J, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, 20500 (RAN), MPK

 JONES, Donald E, Able Seaman, S 3976 (RANR), MPK

 JONES, Ivan D, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, F 2618 (RANR), MPK

 JONES, John B, Engine Room Artificer 4c, 22702 (RAN), MPK

 JONES, Philip T, Chief Petty Officer, 10371 (RAN), MPK

 JONES, Wilfred G, Chief Shipwright, 10647 (RAN), MPK

 JORDAN, Ernest J, Able Seaman, S 4585 (RANR), MPK

 JORDAN, Horace D, Able Seaman, 18730 (RAN), MPK

 JOYCE, William R J, Able Seaman, S 3840 (RANR), MPK

 KEANE, Walter J, Chief Ordnance Artificer, 19449 (RAN), MPK

 KEARNON, Rex A, Ordinary Seaman, 24294 (RAN), MPK

 KEENAN, Francis B, Stoker, 23289 (RAN), MPK

 KEITH, Andrew I, Lieutenant, RANR (S), MPK

 KELLY, James V, Able Seaman, PM 3050 (RANR), MPK

 KELLY, Nevile A, Stoker 2c, S 5374 (RANR), MPK

 KENNEDY, Robert J, Stoker 2c, W 1867 (RANR), MPK

 KENNEY, Arthur H L, Chief Petty Officer, 6369 (RAN), MPK

 KENT, Lloyd S, Signalman, PM 2290 (RANR), MPK

 KETTLE, Edward J, Able Seaman, 19121 (RAN), MPK

 KETTYLE, James T, Leading Stoker, 20609 (RAN), MPK

 KEYS, Rodger F, Able Seaman, 21279 (RAN), MPK

 KING, Allen J, Engineer Sub Lieutenant, RANVR, MPK

 KIRKHAM, Eric J, Able Seaman, F 3035 (RANR), MPK

 KITCHIN, Clayton P, Stoker, 22649 (RAN), MPK

 KLEINIG, Arthur A, Telegraphist, 23500 (RAN), MPK

 KNAPMAN, Wesley B, Engine Room Artificer 4c, PA 2000 (RANR), MPK

 KNAPP, Douglas J, Stoker 2c, W 1919 (RANR), MPK

 KNIGHT, Neil K, Steward, 22774 (RAN), MPK

 KRIEG, Archibald D, Steward, 24609 (RAN), MPK

 LAFFER, Peter M, Able Seaman, PA 1848 (RANR), MPK

 LANG, John, Able Seaman, B 2742 (RANR), MPK

 LANG, William H, Stoker 2c, S 5236 (RANR), MPK

 LAWLER, Neil C, Able Seaman, H 1318 (RANR), MPK

 LAWSON, James N, Supply Assistant, PM 3095 (RANR), MPK

 LAXTON, Stewart T, Sick Berth Attendant 2c, PM 3540 (RANR), MPK

 LAYCOCK, Royce S, Stoker, 23025 (RAN), MPK

 LEWIS, Ambrose H, Stoker Petty Officer, 14635 (RAN), MPK

 LEWIS, Desmond H, Bandsman, 22904 (RAN), MPK

 LEWIS, Leslie R, Act/Leading Seaman, 19988 (RAN), MPK

 LILLYWHITE, Harry E, Shipwright 1c, M 1122 (RAFR) 10860, MPK

 LOCKARD, Terence G, Signalman, 23173 (RAN), MPK

 LOVE, Snowden E, Stoker, 23253 (RAN), MPK

 LOWENSTEIN, William, Stoker, 22487 (RAN), MPK

 LOWRY, Frederick W, Able Seaman, B 1943 (RANR), MPK

 LYNCH, Stephen M, Able Seaman, 22585 (RAN), MPK

 LYNE, Raymond V, Able Seaman, 24319 (RAN), MPK

 MACDONALD, Frank L, Gunner, MPK

 MACKINNON, Murdo, Petty Officer, 20310 (RAN), MPK

 MALES, Trevor, Shipwright 4c, H 1072 (RANR), MPK

 MANN, Keith A, Ordinary Seaman, PM 3320 (RANR), MPK

 MANNING, Maurice, Leading Cook (S), 21104 (RAN), MPK

 MARLEY, Sidney, Sergeant, RAAF, MPK

 MARSON, Albert R, Mechanician 2c, 19475 (RAN), MPK

 MARTIN, Alan D, Ordinary Seaman, 23993 (RAN), MPK

 MARTIN, James H, Able Seaman, PA 1819 (RANR), MPK

 MARTIN, Leslie F, Steward, 23099 (RAN), MPK

 MARTIN, Leslie J F, Able Seaman, 23591 (RAN), MPK

 MATHESON, Edward A J, Ordinary Seaman, S 5043 (RAFR) 24886, MPK

 MATHEWS, John W, Able Seaman, 21757 (RAN), MPK

 MAXWELL, Ian, Ordinary Signalman, H 1004 (RANR), MPK

 MAYNARD, Thomas F, Paymaster Commander, RAN, MPK

 MAYO, Eric E, Lieutenant, RAN, MPK

 MCAULEY, Angus C, Ty/Band Corporal, 17244 (RAN), MPK

 MCAUSLAN, Arthur R, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 17071 (RAN), MPK

 MCBAIN, Joseph H, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 16150 (RAN), MPK

 MCCABE, Donald W, Act/Paymaster Sub Lieutenant, RAN, MPK

 MCCABE, Ernest V, Able Seaman, S 4211 (RANR), MPK

 MCCALLUM, Duncan, Canteen Assistant, NAAFI, MPK

 MCCLAREN, Alfred A, Petty Officer, 19029 (RAN), MPK

 MCCONNELL, Robert N, Stoker, S 4818 (RANR), MPK

 MCCULLOCH, Sydney, Able Seaman, S 3905 (RANR), MPK

 MCCULLOUGH, Samuel J, Wireman, 24666 (RAN), MPK

 MCDONALD, John D, Able Seaman, 20936 (RAN), MPK

 MCDOUGALL, Wallace, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, 20816 (RAN), MPK

 MCGOWAN, Thomas H, Able Seaman, 22204 (RAN), MPK

 MCGREGOR, Donald A, Cook (S), 21319 (RAN), MPK

 MCHAFFIE, Edward H, Painter 1c, 6420 (RAN), MPK

 MCKAY, Allan M, Leading Supply Assistant, 23217 (RAN), MPK

 MCKECHNIE, Glen M, Ordinary Seaman, 24396 (RAN), MPK

 MCKENZIE, Donald J, Able Seaman, PM 2426 (RANR), MPK

 MCKEOWN, Malachi J, Able Seaman, 21677 (RAN), MPK

 MCLEAN, William E, Stoker Petty Officer, 13426 (RAN), MPK

 MCLEOD, Herbert C, Act/Leading Stoker, 22815 (RAN), MPK

 MCLEOD-SMITH, Albert F, Petty Officer, F 2651 (RANR), MPK

 MEDLEN, Lindsay J, Sick Berth Attendant, PA 1908 (RANR), MPK

 MELANDRI, Percy E V, Bandsman, 8899 (RAN), MPK

 MENZIES, William, Able Seaman, S 3345 (RANR), MPK

 MILLER, George J, Cook (S), 21917 (RAN), MPK

 MILLER, James D H, Able Seaman, 21541 (RAN), MPK

 MILLER, Kenneth R, Ordinary Seaman, S 4890 (RANR), MPK

 MILLER, Martin P, Steward, 22251 (RAN), MPK

 MILLER, Robert A, Stoker, 22821 (RAN), MPK

 MILVERTON, Peter F, Able Seaman, 23358 (RAN), MPK

 MINNS, Leslie C, Sick Berth Attendant, PM 2984 (RANR), MPK

 MITCHELL, Charles McG, Paymaster Sub Lieutenant, RANR, MPK

 MITCHELL, Francis J, Supply Assistant, 24377 (RANR), MPK

 MOGLER, Richard C, Stoker, S 4624 (RANR), MPK

 MONTGOMERY, Clive A C, Lieutenant Commander, MPK

 MORDAUNT, Francis X, Petty Officer Writer, 20770 (RAN), MPK

 MORISEY, Ronald, Able Seaman, F 2997 (RANR), MPK

 MORPHETT, Merton J, Cook (S), 23467 (RAN), MPK

 MORRIS, Edgar P, Petty Officer, 11206 (RAN), MPK

 MORRIS, Raymond K, Able Seaman, 23906 (RAN), MPK

 MOULE, Albert, Stoker, 13898 (RAN), MPK

 MUDFORD, Leslie F, Able Seaman, W 1368 (RANR), MPK

 MULHALL, John D, Bandsman, 19624 (RAN), MPK

 MURDOCH, Raymond C, Able Seaman, 23418 (RAN), MPK

 MURRAY, Malcolm, Able Seaman, F 2927 (RANR), MPK

 MUTCH, Hector MacD, Able Seaman, C/J 91191, MPK

 MYERS, Henry W, Stoker, W 1891 (RANR), MPK

 NESBITT, Jackson, Able Seaman, W 1446 (RANR), MPK

 NEWMAN, Charles A, Able Seaman, PM 3045 (RANR), MPK

 NICHOLLS, Malcolm G, Able Seaman, F 2410 (RANR), MPK

 NICHOLS, Francis R, Ordinary Seaman 2c, H 1458 (RANR), MPK

 NICHOLSON, Robert W, Warrant Electrician, RAN, MPK

 NICOL, Thomas E, Wireman, 24663 (RAN), MPK

 NOBLE, Charles T, Regulating Petty Officer, S 1427 (RAFR) 4563, MPK

 NOELL, Alfred J, Stoker, 23728 (RAN), MPK

 NORBERY, Stephen W, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, B 2514 (RANR), MPK

 NORMAN, Charles G J, Able Seaman, 19633 (RAN), MPK

 NORMAN, Frederick W, Leading Seaman, 19795 (RAN), MPK

 NORTON, John T H, Leading Stoker, 18171 (RAN), MPK

 NORTON, Montague A H, Engine Room Artificer 4c, S 4291 (RANR), MPK

 NORTON, William F, Able Seaman, 18110 (RAN), MPK

 NUGENT, Cyril J, Stoker, 22681 (RAN), MPK

 NYAL, Leslie J, Stoker 2c, W 1898 (RANR), MPK

 OAKFORD, Phillip J, Ordinary Seaman, 23899 (RAN), MPK

 O'BRIEN, Edward B, Shipwright 1c, 19399 (RAN), MPK

 OGILVIE, Laurence, Able Seaman, 20031 (RAN), MPK

 OLIVER, Alan H, Ordinary Seaman, 23912 (RAN), MPK

 OPAS, Maurice, Canteen Manager, NAAFI, MPK

 OWEN, William A, Warrant Supply Officer, RAN, MPK

 OWENS, Edward H, Able Seaman, 24297 (RAN), MPK

 PALING, Dennis R, Able Seaman, 20902 (RAN), MPK

 PARKES, Douglas L, Able Seaman, 21322 (RAN), MPK

 PARR, George F, Chief Electrical Artificer, 19517 (RAN), MPK

 PARTINGTON, Leslie W, Bandsman, 22696 (RAN), MPK

 PASCOE, Percivil H, Stoker, 22822 (RAN), MPK

 PASTOORS, William C, Stoker 2c, S 4947 (RANR), MPK

 PATRICK, Charles W, Ordinary Seaman, 24276 (RAN), MPK

 PAUL, Stanley R, Stoker, 22811 (RAN), MPK

 PAYNE, John R, Sick Berth Attendant, 22213 (RAN), MPK

 PEAK, John McG, Stoker, 23368 (RAN), MPK

 PEARCE, Eric V, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, S 4800 (RANR), MPK

 PELHAM, Frederick C, Bandsman, 21822 (RAN), MPK

 PERGER, Frederick J, Able Seaman, 22024 (RAN), MPK

 PERRYMAN, Richard S, Able Seaman, 22388 (RAN), MPK

 PETERS, Maxwell L, Telegraphist, 23152 (RAN), MPK

 PETERSON, James E, Gunner (T), RAN, MPK

 PETERSON, Peter W, Stoker, W 1816 (RANR), MPK

 PHILLIPS, Frederick E, Able Seaman, 22087 (RAN), MPK

 PIKE, John W, Able Seaman, 24032 (RAN), MPK

 PITT, William H, Able Seaman, S 4919 (RANR), MPK

 PLATT, Robert, Stoker 2c, W 2067 (RANR), MPK

 POPLE, Alfred H W, Band Corporal, 16119 (RAN), MPK

 POTTER, Alfred W, Ordinary Seaman, 24431 (RAN), MPK

 POTTER, Clyde A, Act/Supply Petty Officer, 20629 (RAN), MPK

 POWELL, Lyal L, Able Seaman, S 2940 (RANR), MPK

 PRIKE, Joseph J, Act/Able Seaman, F 2948 (RANR), MPK

 PRIMMER, John F R, Able Seaman, 23183 (RAN), MPK

 PRITCHARD, Herbert R, Ordnance Artificer 4c, PM 2955 (RANR), MPK

 PSAILA, Samuel, Canteen Assistant, NAAFI, MPK

 PULHAM, Edward G, Act/Leading Stoker, 22578 (RAN), MPK

 PURDON, Eric T, Leading Seaman, 20241 (RAN), MPK

 PURKISS, Cecil E, Wireman, 24646 (RAN), MPK

 PUTMAN, Albert E, Ordinary Seaman, 24374 (RAN), MPK

 QUILTY, John E, Ty/Petty Officer, 20434 (RAN), MPK

 QUINN, George F, Petty Officer Cook (S), 16321 (RAN), MPK

 RAMSAY, Ernest W, Able Seaman, 21459 (RAN), MPK

 RANFORD, John I, Ordinary Telegraphist, 23628 (RAN), MPK

 RAY, Harold G, Able Seaman, B 2324 (RANR), MPK

 REDFEARNE, Charles H, Stoker, 24042 (RAN), MPK

 REDMOND, Eric N, Ordinary Signalman, 21849 (RAN), MPK

 REED, George P, Writer, PM 3190 (RANR), MPK

 REES, Robert J, Act/Able Seaman, H 1300 (RANR), MPK

 REEVES, Ellis L, Able Seaman, S 3053 (RANR), MPK

 REEVES, Raymond H, Ordinary Seaman, 24207 (RAN), MPK

 REID, Graham R, Signalman, 23846 (RAN), MPK

 REILLY, James B, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, 23851 (RAN), MPK

 REMFRY, Ernest J, Able Seaman, 17091 (RAN), MPK

 REVILLE, Frederick W, Warrant Engineer, RAN, MPK

 RICARDO, John L, Chief Petty Officer Butcher, 17646 (RAN), MPK

 RICE, Desmond M, Stoker 3c, W 2013 (RANR), MPK

 RICHARDS, Harold N, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, PA 2191 (RANR), MPK

 RICHTER, Arthur J, Act/Supply Petty Officer, 12782 (RAN), MPK

 RIDOUT, Robert E, Paymaster Lieutenant, RANR, MPK

 RILEY, Edwin M, Ordinary Seaman, 24279 (RAN), MPK

 RIPPEN, Adolph H G, Telegraphist, F 2427 (RANR), MPK

 RITERS, Edward, Able Seaman, S 4305 (RANR), MPK

 ROBERTS, Lyndon I, Stoker, 23291 (RAN), MPK

 ROBERTS, Ronald C, Assistant Cook (O), PM 3393 (RANR), MPK

 ROBERTSON, L/Seaman, Leading Seaman, 19913 (RAN), MPK

 ROBERTSON, Thomas N, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, 20457 (RAN), MPK

 ROBERTSON, William J, Leading Cook, 14938 (RAN0, MPK

 ROGERS, Charles A, Able Seaman, S 3846 (RANR), MPK

 ROGERS, Ralph C, Signalman, H 988 (RANR), MPK

 ROLFE, Edmund S, Able Seaman, 22687 (RAN), MPK

 ROLLEY, Ernest D, Steward, B 2654 (RANR), MPK

 ROSEVEAR, Geoffrey, Able Seaman, 19251 (RAN), MPK

 ROSEVEAR, Lance, Able Seaman, 20858 (RAN), MPK

 ROSS, Donald, Petty Officer Steward, 16199 (RAN), MPK

 ROSS, James J, Supply Petty Officer, 19637 (RAN), MPK

 ROTHBAUM, Lionel, Steward, 24576 (RAN), MPK

 ROWE, Allan L, Able Seaman, F 3029 (RANR), MPK

 ROWE, James R J, Telegraphist, 17945 (RAN), MPK

 ROWE, Lindsay T, Stoker 2c, W 1813 (RANR), MPK

 ROWLANDS, Harold E, Supply Chief Petty Officer, 12269 (RAN), MPK

 RUDALL, Peter S, Ordinary Seaman, PA 2017 (RANR), MPK

 SALMON, John, Able Seaman, S 3980 (RANR), MPK

 SAMPSON, Louis N, Supply Chief Petty Officer, 13497 (RAN), MPK

 SANDS, William A M, Chief Petty Officer, 15087 (RAN), MPK

 SAVAGE, Leonard R, Stoker, 22553 (RAN), MPK

 SAWBRIDGE, George W, Bandsman, 20640 (RAN), MPK

 SCHADE, Walter H, Chief Petty Officer Cook, 11043 (RAN), MPK

 SCHMIDT, Alan H, Ordinary Seaman, 24468 (RAN), MPK

 SCHOCH, Frederick H, Engineer Sub Lieutenant, RANVR, MPK

 SCHULTZ, Raymond A, Stoker, 20492 (RAN), MPK

 SCOTT, George G, Act/Petty Officer, 20234 (RAN), MPK

 SHADLOW, Eric H, Stoker 2c, S 5250 (RANR), MPK

 SHEPHERD, Alfred H, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, F 2324 (RANR), MPK

 SHEPHERD, David J, Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist, 6508 (RAN), MPK

 SHIERS, Arthur E, Able Seaman, 23495 (RAN), MPK

 SHIPSTONE, Henry B, Petty Officer, B 972 (RANR), MPK

 SHORT, Henry K, Able Seaman, 24051 (RAN), MPK

 SIEVEY, Richard T, Ordinary Seaman, S 5252 (RANR), MPK

 SILK, Stanley G, Chief Petty Officer, 15018 (RAN), MPK

 SIMPSON, Benjamin, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 17402 (RAN), MPK

 SIMPSON, Charles H, Able Seaman, 13928 (RAN), MPK

 SIMPSON, Reginald A, Ordinary Telegraphist, PA 1260 (RANR), MPK

 SINGER, Michael M, Lieutenant Commander, MPK

 SKEWES, Percy F, Schoolmaster, RAN, MPK

 SLATER, Alex G H, Assistant Cook, PM 3341 (RAFR) 24813, MPK

 SMITH, Alfred J, Stoker 2c, H 1576 (RANR), MPK

 SMITH, Allen L, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 18762 (RAN), MPK

 SMITH, Cornelius F, Able Seaman, 23455 (RAN), MPK

 SMITH, Douglas W C, Engine Room Artificer 4c, 24204 (RAN), MPK

 SMITH, Ernest E F, Able Seaman, F 2556 (RANR), MPK

 SMITH, George W, Stoker 2c, W 1978 (RANR), MPK

 SMITH, Ronald G S, Engine Room Artificer 4c, 23280 (RAN), MPK

 SMITH, Roy C, Ty/Leading Supply Assistant, S 937 (RAFR) 17653, MPK

 SMITH, Roy S, Stoker, 23436 (RAN), MPK

 SMITH, William F A, Able Seaman, 22151 (RAN), MPK

 SMITH, William H R, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 20999 (RAN), MPK

 SMITH, William R, Act/Petty Officer, 20368 (RAN), MPK

 SOUTAR, William N, Supply Assistant (RAFR), S 1046 (RANR), MPK

 SPILLER, Harold J, Able Seaman, PM 2296 (RANR), MPK

 STAFF, Robert F, Steward, PM 2971 (RANR), MPK

 STAMMERS, Robert, Cook, 22779 (RAN), MPK

 STANDISH, George F, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, 21897 (RAN), MPK

 STEAR, Ernest V L, Band Master, 19523 (RAN), MPK

 STEED, Philip W, Able Seaman, 24302 (RAN), MPK

 STEELE, Roy McL M, Able Seaman, 22533 (RAN), MPK

 STENTON, Stanley P W, Stoker 2c, W 2002 (RANR), MPK

 STEPHENS, George, Act/Yeoman of Signals, 16996 (RAN), MPK

 STEPHENSON, Walter T W, Stoker, 22741 (RAN), MPK

 STERLING, Leslie, Able Seaman, S 4301 (RANR), MPK

 STEVENS, Horace J, Bandsman, 21511 (RAN), MPK

 STEVENSON, Robert, Stoker 3c, S 5336 (RANR), MPK

 STRIDE, Cecil M, Stoker 2c, S 4964 (RANR), MPK

 STRIETHORST, Raymond C, Able Seaman, 22520 (RAN), MPK

 STRIPE, Alexander E, Able Seaman, 20056 (RAN), MPK

 STRUGNELL, John W, Petty Officer, 17081 (RAN), MPK

 STUART, James R K, Stoker, 16070 (RAN), MPK

 STUART, William F, Writer, PM 12122 (RANR), MPK

 STUBBS, Kimberley, Stoker 2c, 24153 (RAN), MPK

 STUBBS, Rev George, Chaplain, RAN, MPK

 STURLA, James R, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, 13563 (RAN), MPK

 SUTTON, Denis O'R, Able Seaman, F 2402 (RANR), MPK

 SUTTON, Kingsley, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, 20540 (RAN), MPK

 TABOR, Frederick A, Ty/Act/Petty Officer, 20235 (RAN), MPK

 TASSEL, Harry W, Petty Officer, 20068 (RAN), MPK

 TATTERS, George N, Able Seaman, 23718 (RAN), MPK

 TAYLOR, John, Telegraphist, F/V 47 (RANVR), MPK

 TAYLOR, John E, Able Seaman, 18744 (RAN), MPK

 TAYLOR, John McL, Able Seaman, 23990 (RAN), MPK

 TAYLOR, Keith, Ordinary Seaman, 24317 (RAN), MPK

 TAYLOR, Kenneth G, Able Seaman, 23930 (RAN), MPK

 TAYLOR, Rupert A, Leading Stoker, 21140 (RAN), MPK

 TENNANT, Ronald G, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 21590 (RAN), MPK

 THOMPSON, Harry E, Wireman, 24643 (RAN), MPK

 THOMPSON, William R, Stoker, W 1876 (RANR), MPK

 THOMSON, Archibald J, Stoker, 22647 (RAN), MPK

 THRUSTON, Edmund W, Commander, MPK

 TOWNSEND, Mervyn C, Ty/Surgeon Lieutenant (D), RAN, MPK

 TRELOAR, Ian T R, Lieutenant, RAN, MPK

 TRENBATH, Jack S, Stoker 3c, S 5208 (RANR), MPK

 TRENWITH, Harry G, Stoker Petty Officer, 13816 (RAN), MPK

 TRIGGS, Robert, Master at Arms, 10950 (RAN), MPK

 TUFFIN, Edwin D, Able Seaman, F 3022 (RANR), MPK

 TURK, Herbert, Able Seaman, 24385 (RAN), MPK

 TURNER, George A, Ordinary Seaman 2c, PM 3372 (RANR), MPK

 TURNER, Harold, Signalman, S 1498 (RANR), MPK

 TURNER, Keith J, Ordinary Seaman, PM 3245 (RANR), MPK

 TURNER, William R, Able Seaman, F 2686 (RANR), MPK

 TYDSLEY, James, Chief Yeoman of Signals, 17764 (RAN), MPK

 TYLER, Charles D, Bandsman, 22622 (RAN), MPK

 UNWIN, John E, Able Seaman, 24457 (RAN), MPK

 UREN, Thomas W J, Leading Steward, 18696 (RAN), MPK

 VASSETT, Alexander W, Electrical Artificer 1c, 16960 (RAN), MPK

 VOGT, Ronald M, Able Seaman, 24054 (RAN), MPK

 WAIT, Howard T C, Act/Supply Petty Officer, 20597 (RAN), MPK

 WALDRON, Thomas A, Stoker 2c, W 1974 (RANR), MPK

 WALKER, Arthur J, Leading Cook (S), S 1418 (RAFR) 13187, MPK

 WALKER, Edward J, Yeoman of Signals, 16472 (RAN), MPK

 WALKER, Kenneth J, Able Seaman, 21681 (RAN), MPK

 WALKER, William A, Leading Signalman, F 2248 (RANR), MPK

 WALLACE, William R, Stoker, 22547 (RAN), MPK

 WALSH, Gordon S, Supply Assistant, 24366 (RAN), MPK

 WALSH, Michael H J, Able Seaman, 22144 (RAN), MPK

 WARD, Frederick E C, Able Seaman, 24049 (RAN), MPK

 WARD, James J R, Leading Stoker, 20983 (RAN), MPK

 WARE, Leonard F, Joiner 3c, S 346 (RANR), MPK

 WARREN, Vincent, Bandsman, 22985 (RAN), MPK

 WAYE, Leonard W, Act/Leading Stoker, 22701 (RAN), MPK

 WEBB, Arthur C, Able Seaman, PM 2194 (RANR), MPK

 WEBB, Oliver E R, Act/Petty Officer, 19385 (RAN), MPK

 WELLER, Royce H, Act/Shipwright 4c, 21512 (RAN), MPK

 WHITE, Hans J L, Signalman, 23682 (RAN), MPK

 WHITE, Robert G, Able Seaman, 22925 (RAN), MPK

 WHITFIELD, Leonard W, Chief Petty Officer Writer, 13438 (RAN), MPK

 WHITHEAR, Alan G, Stoker, S 4739 (RANR), MPK

 WILKINSON, Alexander MacK, Lieutenant Commander, RAN, MPK

 WILLIAMS, Alfred D, Able Seaman, 22178 (RAN), MPK

 WILLIAMS, David L, Act/Petty Officer, 20039 (RAN), MPK

 WILLIAMS, John B, Stoker 2c, W 1925 (RANR), MPK

 WILLIAMS, John H, Stoker 2c, F 3543 (RANR), MPK

 WILLIAMSON, Maurice D, Leading Stoker, 21077 (RAN), MPK

 WILLIAMSON, Sydney T L, Act/Petty Officer, 19917 (RAN), MPK

 WILLIS, George B, Able Seaman, 19159 (RAN), MPK

 WILLIS, Lloyd M, Cook (O), 24232 (RAN), MPK

 WILLIS, Percy J C, Plumber 1c, 12524 (RAN), MPK

 WILLIS, Ronald V, Steward, 22168 (RAN), MPK

 WILSON, Allan W, Engineer Lieutenant, RANR (S), MPK

 WILSON, Clifford, Telegraphist, S/V 67 (RANVR), MPK

 WILSON, Jack S, Able Seaman, 23417 (RAN), MPK

 WILSON, Roderick R, Sick Berth Attendant, PA 1946 (RANR), MPK

 WILSON, Roy W D, Ordinary Seaman, S 5282 (RANR), MPK

 WINDHAM, Russel B, Telegraphist, 23889 (RAN), MPK

 WITTON, Bertram L, Act/Leading Telegraphist, F 2207 (RANR), MPK

 WIXTED, Ronald J, Stoker 2c, S 5068 (RANR), MPK

 WOOD, Arthur T, Able Seaman, 22426 (RAN), MPK

 WOODCROFT, William G, Leading Steward, M 1429 (RAFR) 14828, MPK

 WOODHAMS, Reginald G C, Stoker, 24439 (RAN), MPK

 WOODS, William R, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, F 3676 (RANR), MPK

 WOODSFORD, Alfred C, Act/Leading Seaman, PM 2477 (RANR), MPK

 WOOLMORE, Laurence T, Ordnance Artificer 2c, 19447 (RAN), MPK

 WORSLEY, William C, Act/Electrical Artificer 4c, 24292 (RAN), MPK

 WRIGHT, Charles A, Able Seaman, 20384 (RAN), MPK

 WRIGHT, Charles P, Signalman, 22082 (RAN), MPK

 WRIGHT, Harold D, Assistant Steward, 24595 (RAN), MPK

 WYATT, Eric W, Telegraphist, PA/V 28 (RANVR), MPK

 YEOMAN, Walter C, Stoker, 23589 (RAN), MPK

 YORK, Leonard D, Able Seaman, S 5117 (RANR), MPK

 YOUNG, John R, Able Seaman, 24029 (RAN), MPK

 ZAMMITT, Salvatore M, Canteen Manager, NAAFI, MPK



20 November 1941


3/2 Maritime Regt, RA

 EVANS, William G, Gunner, RA, 3970659, killed

 SMITH, Douglas A, Gunner, RA, 2049759, killed



 SHAW, Norman, Act/Electrical Artificer 4c, P/MX 66376, MPK


FAA, 806 Sqn, Grebe, air operations

 PANGBOURNE, Walter J, Lieutenant (A), RNVR, missing



 THOMPSON, George H, Stoker 1c, P/K 4858, died


Garth, surface action

 BATESON, Edward, Able Seaman, D/SSX 15209, DOW

 CONDELL, William H, Ordinary Seaman, D/SSX 36505, DOW



 OWEN, John C, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 176582, died



21 November 1941



 BONE, Thomas, Act/Steward, T.124 R 199500, died


Britannia II, illness

 PRICHARD, David R E, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, died


FAA, 752 Sqn, Goshawk, air crash

 HICKS, Harold V, Ty/Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK


FAA, 760 Sqn, Heron, air crash

 DON, Charles, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


FAA, 830 Sqn, St Angelo, air crash

 O'BRIEN, Percy E, Lieutenant, missing



 COLEMAN, Philip D, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 158114, died


RM Chatham Division

 ROBSHAW, William H, Marine, CH/X 104716, died



 SMITH, Samuel E, Petty Officer, D/JX 146580, died



22 November 1941


Dalhousie (RIN)

 MUHAMMAD, Khurshid, Petty Officer, 2476 (RIN), died



 IVORY, James, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 278588, died


St Apollo, ship loss

 BROWN, James F, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 113617, MPK

 FEAR, Leonard R, Signalman, P/JX 190639, MPK

 LEGGETT, Joseph T, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 195758, MPK

 MORGAN, Frederick, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 170686, MPK

 ROBINSON, Cyril, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 242771, MPK



23 November 1941


Amarapoora, illness

 BROWN, Albert A, Stoker 1c, P/K 61427, died


FAA, 806 Sqn, Grebe, air operations

 WILLIS, Anthony J C, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, missing



 HOWARD, Albert J, Leading Stoker, D/KX 78230, DOW


President III, illness

 BRAMBLE, Thomas E, Chief Petty Officer, P/J 11938, died



 HENDERSON, William, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 276306, MPK



 BLACK, William G, Stoker 1c, D/K 57079, killed



24 November 1941



1 Maritime Regt, RA

 WORSDALE, John E, Gunner, RA, 4757896, killed


3/2 Maritime Regt, RA

 CURRAN, Thomas, Gunner, RA, 1774807, killed



 EVANS, Richard, Able Seaman, C/JX 188135, died


Columbia (RCN)

 SILVESTER, Charles V, Petty Officer Victualling, 40604 (RCN), killed



 SIMMS, Joseph C, Able Seaman, P/SSX 26537, DOW


Dunedin, ship loss

 ALLEN, Leonard H G, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 161370, MPK

 ALLEN, Sydney W, Ty/Sergeant, RM, PO/X 922, MPK

 ANDREWS, Dennis R, Supply Petty Officer, P/MX 59640, MPK

 ARDLEY, George W, Leading Signalman, P/J 34217, MPK

 ARMSTRONG, Bernard B, Ordnance Artificer 4c, P/MX 63599, MPK

 ARNOLD, Edwin, Boy 1c, P/JX 170978, MPK

 ARNOLD, William G, Shipwright 4c, RNSR, P/SR 8292, MPK

 BAIRD, David, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, P/CD/X 2878, MPK

 BALCHIN, Harold P, Chief Engine Room Artificer, P/M 27288, MPK

 BALL, Thomas O, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 219337, MPK

 BAMFORD, Edward, Leading Supply Assistant, P/MX 58589, MPK

 BARBER, Edward, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 235058, MPK

 BARNES, Alan G T, Stoker 2c, D/KX 121862, MPK

 BARRY, John M, Stoker 1c, P/KX 102934, MPK

 BEASLEY, Kenneth J, Able Seaman, P/JX 169601, MPK

 BEAUCHAMP, Raymond J, Able Seaman, P/JX 158155, MPK

 BENJAMIN, Joseph N C, Stoker 1c, P/KX 102975, MPK

 BENNETT, Arthur G, Stoker 1c, P/KX 103028, MPK

 BERRY, Eustace R, Able Seaman, P/JX 170047, MPK

 BEVEN, Robert L, Able Seaman, P/JX 169806, MPK

 BILLINGS, Thomas E, Ordinary Signalman, P/JX 171815, MPK

 BLACK, John S, Boy 1c, P/JX 180680, MPK

 BLACKBURN, Albert E, Musician, RMB/X 838, MPK

 BLOWER, William, Able Seaman, P/J 30874, MPK

 BLYTHE, George S, Stoker 1c, P/SS 118335, MPK

 BOGGIT, James W, Able Seaman, P/SSX 15333, MPK

 BOLT, Charles R W, Commander (E), MPK

 BOUCHER, Dennis H G, Boy 1c, P/JX 177307, MPK

 BOWYER, George, Ordnance Artificer 4c, P/MX 51311, MPK

 BOWYER, William F, Marine (Pens), PLY/20798, MPK

 BRACEY, Frederick, Marine, PO/X 3726, MPK

 BRACKSTONE, John C, Able Seaman, P/JX 169807, MPK

 BRAY, William J L, Shipwright 4c, P/MX 63860, MPK

 BRENNAN, Henry G, Boy 1c, P/JX 188504, MPK

 BREWER, Alfred C, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 161476, MPK

 BRITCHER, Charles W, Marine, PO/X 3584, MPK

 BROADWAY, Harold T L, Ty/Act/Surgeon Lieutenant Commander, RNVR, MPK

 BROWN, David N, Able Seaman, P/JX 169635, MPK

 BROWN, William A, Engine Room Artificer 3c, P/MX 47769, MPK

 BROWN, William H, Telegraphist, RFR, D/J 79510, MPK

 BRUNTON, Thomas J, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 53657, MPK

 BULL, Frank W, Able Seaman, D/JX 177519, MPK

 BURDEN, Frank, Steward, P/L 11999, MPK

 BURNS, Thomas, Stoker 1c, P/KX 115797, MPK

 BURTON, James A J, Able Seaman, P/JX 169636, MPK

 BYFORD, Kenneth J, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 55595, MPK

 CALLAGHAN, Cornelius C, Marine, PO/X 4522, MPK

 CAMPBELL, James A, Cook (S), P/MX 68477, MPK

 CANDY, Cyril, Supply Assistant, P/MX 68958, MPK

 CARSON, William, Stoker 2c, P/KX 123565, MPK

 CASTLEDINE, Albert W, Stoker 1c, P/KX 91404, MPK

 CAWS, Timothy B N, Paymaster Lieutenant, MPK

 CHENEY, Frederick T, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, P/K 35233, MPK

 CLAPHAM, Cyril H G, Musician, RMB/X 226, MPK

 CLARK, Cyril E, Stoker 1c, P/KX 97414, MPK

 CLARK, George W, Boy 1c, P/JX 180647, MPK

 CLAY, Samuel J E, Ordinary Signalman, P/JX 221537, MPK

 COBBETT, James, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 127756, MPK

 CODD, William E, Sick Berth Attendant, RNASBR, P/SBR/X 7234, MPK

 COLLINS, John, Boy 1c, P/JX 170321, MPK

 COLLINS, Percival P E, Petty Officer, P/J 68167, MPK

 COMMONS, William D, Ordinary Signalman, RNPS, LT/JX 190633, MPK

 COMPTON, Cecil G, Coder, P/JX 177773, MPK

 CONDIE, John M, Assistant Steward, P/LX 23993, MPK

 CONNERY, Jack G, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 161468, MPK

 COOPER, George, Stoker 1c, P/SS 120223, MPK

 COOTE, Clifford J, Petty Officer Cook (S), P/MX 49337, MPK

 COPE, Leslie, Stoker 1c, P/KX 97841, MPK

 COPP, Albert W, Telegraphist, P/JX 158181, MPK

 COURT, Cyril, Marine, PO/X 3578, MPK

 COVINGTON, Alfred, Supply Petty Officer, P/MX 50668, MPK

 COX, Gordon D, Marine, PO/X 3581, MPK

 COXWELL, Peter L, Able Seaman, D/SSX 31876, killed

 CRAGO, Richard P, Musician, RMB/X 611, MPK

 CRAWFORD, William, Able Seaman, P/JX 156877, MPK

 CUBITT, Edward J, Able Seaman, RNVR, C/TD/X 1912, MPK

 CURTIS, Ian D, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 161474, MPK

 DALE, Norman, Marine, PO/X 4609, MPK

 DAVIS, George D, Petty Officer, P/J 99376, MPK

 DAWSON, Jack, Able Seaman, P/J 102305, MPK

 DE GUERIN, John F C, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 158243, MPK

 DENMAN, Leonard A, Officer's Cook 1c, P/LX 20509, MPK

 DENTON, William E, Shipwright 5c, P/MX 78561, MPK

 DOBSON, Albert J R, Ty/Leading Stoker, P/KX 90234, MPK

 DODD, Jack, Marine, PO/X 3591, MPK

 DONALDSON, Charles D, Petty Officer, P/J 100764, MPK

 DONEY, Arthur, Ordinary Coder, P/JX 251551, MPK

 DUNN, Alexander P, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 86705, MPK

 DUTTA, Kuldip R, Midshipman, RIN, MPK

 DYER, Joseph J, Marine (Pens), PO/216734, MPK

 DYER, Leslie, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, P/SSX 14439, MPK

 EASTABROOK, Richard E, Plumber 3c, P/MX 53827, MPK

 ECCLES, Albert, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, P/SSX 22229, MPK

 EDWARDS, Charles, Stoker 1c, P/KX 102814, MPK

 ELLIOTT, Arthur J, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 51751, MPK

 ELLIS, Sydney J, Stoker 1c, P/SS 123999, MPK

 ELLIS, Victor K, Boy 1c, P/JX 164182, MPK

 EVANS, Alfred J L, Stoker 1c, P/KX 98397, MPK

 FARRAR, Stanley B, Coder, P/JX 229664, MPK

 FEDRICK, Frank L, Ty/Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 91388, MPK

 FENDER, Alfred C, Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 77285, MPK

 FENNER, Alfred R, Leading Supply Assistant, P/MX 69198, MPK

 FISHLOCK, Douglas, Steward, P/LX 22891, MPK

 FLETCHER, Ernest B, Marine, PO/X 3903, MPK

 FOLDS, William E, Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 75665, MPK

 FORSTER, Albert E, Able Seaman, RNVR, C/TD/X 2135, MPK

 FOUNTAIN, William J, Leading Signalman, P/JX 166825, MPK

 FRANKLIN, George H, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 59345, MPK

 FREER, Thomas F, Chief Mechanician, P/K 63476, MPK

 FRENCH, Edwin M, Sub Lieutenant, MPK

 FRENCH, Ernest, Marine, PO/22300, MPK

 FROST, Reginald, Marine, PO/217052, MPK

 FROST, William R, Boy 1c, P/JX 182097, MPK

 GAISFORD, William G, Stoker 1c, P/KX 123572, MPK

 GANE, Harold E J, Chief Petty Officer Steward, P/L 12028, MPK

 GARTHWAITE, Edward, Sergeant (Pens), PO/214677, MPK

 GARTON, Herbert T, Able Seaman, P/JX 159203, MPK

 GEORGE, Roland C, Petty Officer Steward, P/L 5410, MPK

 GIBBS, Desmond E, Able Seaman, P/JX 158404, MPK

 GIBSON, Ernest E, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

 GODBER, Samuel F, Telegraphist, P/SSX 27433, MPK

 GRAHAM, Robert, Stoker 1c, P/KX 104171, MPK

 GRANT, Alexander D, Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist, P/JX 125317, MPK

 GRANTHAM, David, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 164254, MPK

 GRAY, Arthur J, Able Seaman, P/J 91009, MPK

 GRAY, James H, Stoker 1c, RFR, P/K 46973, MPK

 GREEN, William R, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 161469, MPK

 GREENAWAY, Norman V, Able Seaman, P/J 103905, MPK

 GREENLEY, Thomas F, Able Seaman, P/J 111511, MPK

 GRUNNILL, Alan D, Wireman, P/MX 79260, MPK

 HALL, Alfred, Marine, PO/X 3587, MPK

 HAMBLIN, William G, Leading Stoker, P/KX 77972, MPK

 HAMILL, Charles W, Stoker 1c, P/KX 103924, MPK

 HANLON, James C, Stoker 1c, P/K 66914, MPK

 HANSON, David, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (E), MPK

 HARDY, Bertram W, Marine (Pens), PO/21676, MPK

 HARKINS, Robert W, Wireman, P/MX 69764, MPK

 HARPER, Peter G, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/ESD/X 1437, MPK

 HARRIS, John R, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 171846, MPK

 HARTLEY, Tom, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 53894, MPK

 HARVEY, John W, Stoker 1c, P/SS 121518, MPK

 HAWKINS, Reginald W, Boy 1c, P/JX 171730, MPK

 HAWTON, Albert W, Electrical Artificer 1c, P/M 36647, MPK

 HAY, Charles J, Engine Room Artificer 5c, P/MX 70427, MPK

 HAYMES, Albert E R, Stoker 1c, P/KX 103071, MPK

 HAYWARD, Piers A, Able Seaman, P/JX 169610, MPK

 HAYWARD, William J, Chief Petty Officer, P/J 104496, MPK

 HEARNE, Louis B, Able Seaman, P/JX 220330, MPK

 HEMINGWAY, William E, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 61502, MPK

 HEMSLEY, Albert E, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 195425, MPK

 HERRIDGE, Philip, Wireman, P/MX 68015, MPK

 HEWETT, Edward R, Officer's Cook 1c, P/L 11989, MPK

 HEWSON, Albert R, Stoker 1c, P/KX 97642, MPK

 HILL, Alfred A, Ordinary Seaman, D/SSX 21874, killed

 HOCKNEY, Donald, Boy 1c, P/JX 194719, MPK

 HODGE, Denis E, Steward, P/LX 22910, MPK

 HOLDAWAY, Robert, Ordinary Telegraphist, P/JX 160119, MPK

 HOLFORD, Ronald F, Act/Petty Officer Writer, P/MX 61048, MPK

 HOLLAND, Robert, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/UD/X 1627, MPK

 HOLLINSHEAD, John B, Sub Lieutenant, RNR, MPK

 HOLLOWAY, Henry C, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 66207, MPK

 HOOK, Ronald E, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 141916, MPK

 HORNER, William H, Telegraphist, P/JX 171712, MPK

 HOWELL, Basil D, Able Seaman, P/JX 161362, MPK

 HUDSON, Alfred C, Able Seaman, P/JX 158885, MPK

 HURRELL, Colin B, Coder, P/JX 251560, MPK

 HURST, Sidney C, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, P/K 60882, MPK

 HUTFIELD, Arthur F T, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 160597, MPK

 IRVING, David T, Marine, PO/X 3900, MPK

 JACKLIN, Kenneth, Marine, PO/X 100377, MPK

 JACKSON, Joseph W, Ordinary Telegraphist, P/JX 215221, MPK

 JACKSON, Percy T, Leading Telegraphist, P/J 102244, MPK

 JACKSON, William, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/CD/X 1204, MPK

 JACQUES, John E, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 160599, MPK

 JAMES, Harold, Stoker 2c, P/KX 123578, MPK

 JAMES, Matthew F, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 161215, MPK

 JAMIESON, David, Boy 1c, P/JX 184717, MPK

 JENKINS, George O, Marine, PO/X 3592, MPK

 JENNINGS, John A A, Signalman, D/J 92815, MPK

 JERRARD, Douglas C, Act/Petty Officer, P/JX 142067, MPK

 JERVELUND, John M, Lieutenant, MPK

 JONES, Ernest S, Marine, PO/X 1198, MPK

 JONES, Ivor B, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 145512, MPK

 JONES, John H, Band Corporal, RMB/X 244, MPK

 JOUGHLIN, Edward W, Marine, PO/X 3580, MPK

 JUDGE, Richard, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 246912, MPK

 KEARLEY, Charles, Able Seaman, P/JX 169814, MPK

 KEMP, William A, Corporal, RM, PO/X 1179, MPK

 KENDALL, Leslie C, Able Seaman, P/JX 158899, MPK

 KENNA, Andrew, Able Seaman, P/JX 214613, MPK

 KING, Albert F C, Marine, PO/X 4567, MPK

 KINSELLA, Patrick, Chief Ordnance Artificer, P/MX 48521, MPK

 KITTLE, John E, Stoker 1c, P/KX77002, MPK

 KNIGHT, Jim, Leading Seaman, P/JX 132805, MPK

 KOSSICK, Louis, Ordinary Seaman, P/SSX 35501, MPK

 LAMB, Alfred T, Petty Officer, P/J 99617, MPK

 LAMB, Jack C, Boy 1c, P/JX 194784, MPK

 LANEY, Stanley B, Able Seaman, P/JX 220323, MPK

 LAWRENCE, Harry A, Marine, PO/X 3586, MPK

 LEE, Denis A, Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 55564, MPK

 LEITH, Ronald, Marine, PO/X 3897, MPK

 LESTER, John, Stoker 2c, P/KX 123569, MPK

 LING, Reuben, Stoker 1c, P/KX 103727, MPK

 LINTON, James, Able Seaman, P/JX 191784, MPK

 LLOYD, Eric H, Marine, PO/X 3588, MPK

 LOFT, James F, Signal Boy, P/JX 163552, MPK

 LOVATT, Richard S, Captain, MPK

 LOVE, Henry W, Chief Yeoman of Signals, C/J 84936, MPK

 LOWEY, Harold, Commissioned Gunner (T), MPK

 LOY, John R, Able Seaman, P/JX 158611, MPK

 MACKAY, Edward B, Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

 MANNERS, John A, Chief Petty Officer, P/J 107405, MPK

 MANOCK, John, Able Seaman, P/JX 193285, MPK

 MARSH, John W C S, Able Seaman, P/JX 169914, MPK

 MARTIN, William, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 195340, MPK

 MASKREY, Wlliam F, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 161478, MPK

 MASTERS, Kenneth J, Sick Berth Attendant, P/MX 70832, MPK

 MATHIESON, Robert W, Wireman, P/MX 68023, MPK

 MATTHEWS, Lionel W, Canteen Assistant, NAAFI, MPK

 MAUL, Richard H L, Act/Captain, RM, MPK

 MAY, Leonard G, Wireman, P/MX 68025, MPK

 MCCAHON, Robert G, Stoker 1c, P/KX 123620, MPK

 MCCAIGUE, James, Able Seaman, P/SSX 27777, MPK

 MCDIARMID, Malcolm, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/CD/X 1770, MPK

 MCFAULD, John, Leading Seaman, P/JX 157002, MPK

 MCGEACHIE, Edward, Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 55536, MPK

 MCIVER, William, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 158254, MPK

 MCLEOD, Donald McL, Wireman, P/MX 68014, MPK

 MCWILLIAMS, Gordon, Able Seaman, P/SSX 16692, MPK

 MEAKINS, Henry D, Marine, PO/X 3907, MPK

 MEEK, Arthur H, Ordinary Signalman, P/JX 227423, MPK

 MILLER, John, Act/Leading Signalman, RNVR, P/CD/X 1952, MPK

 MILLIGAN, Cecil J, Ty/Surgeon Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

 MILLS, Arthur W, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 158401, MPK

 MILLS, Douglas G, Marine, PO/X 3140, MPK

 MOFFAT, Richard L, Able Seaman, P/JX 169322, MPK

 MOODY, Thomas, Musician, RMB/X 1528, MPK

 MOORE, Arthur F, Musician, RMB/X 149, MPK

 MOORE, James W C, Able Seaman, P/J 105689, MPK

 MORAN, Leonard, Ordinary Signalman, P/JX 225196, MPK

 MORGAN, Lewis J, Stoker 1c, P/KX 103277, MPK

 MORRELL, Bernard C, Boy 1c, P/JX 177223, MPK

 MORTON, Percy, Able Seaman, P/JX 193442, MPK

 MOYLE, Charles W, Marine, PO/X 4459, MPK

 MULLAN, John T, Able Seaman, P/SSX 29677, MPK

 MURRAY, Alexander W, Stoker 1c, P/KX 123511, MPK

 MURSELL, Nicholas H, Petty Officer, P/J 109664, MPK

 NAPIER, Arthur W H, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, P/K 63720, MPK

 NEVETT, Arthur, Able Seaman, P/JX 158913, MPK

 NOAKES, Richard, Able Seaman, P/SSX 26424, MPK

 NORTH, John H, Marine, PO/X 2776, MPK

 OLIVER, Cyril H, Stoker 1c, P/SS 125853, MPK

 OWENS, George A, Act/Petty Officer, P/JX 141282, MPK

 PACEY, Thomas H, Sergeant, RM, PO/22604, MPK

 PAGE, Harold W C, Act/Leading Stoker, P/K 67289, MPK

 PALMER, Arthur W F, Leading Stoker, P/K 28116, MPK

 PARKER, James A, Mechanician 1c, P/KX 78726, MPK

 PAYNE, Norman, Act/Leading Telegraphist, RNV(W)R, P/WRX 709, MPK

 PEACHEY, Reginald H, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 166647, MPK

 PEACOCK, George H, Corporal, RM, PO/X 1377, MPK

 PENNEY, Gordon L R, Musician, RMB/X 617, MPK

 PETTIT, Charles H C, Petty Officer, P/JX 129207, MPK

 PICKARD, Robert A, Marine, PO/X 691, MPK

 PIKE, Matthew E, Boy 1c, P/JX 166338, MPK

 PITT, Norman J, Stoker 1c, P/KX 110338, MPK

 PLUMMER, Herbert J, Chief Petty Officer Cook, P/M 32983, MPK

 POLAIN, Victor G, Telegraphist, P/JX 159546, MPK

 POORE, Edgar A, Stoker 2c, P/KX 116496, MPK

 POTTS, Henry, Leading Seaman, P/JX 140062, MPK

 POWELL, Patrick J, Stoker 2c, P/KX 111372, MPK

 PRATT, Robin A S, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant, RNR, MPK

 PRITCHARD, Frederick, Able Seaman, P/JX 149633, MPK

 PUGH, Ernest A, Able Seaman, P/J 11229, MPK

 PUGSLEY, Douglas I, Able Seaman, P/JX 160867, MPK

 QUINTON, Ernest W, Stoker 2c, P/KX 116451, MPK

 QUINTON, John H, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 18229, MPK

 RASMUSSEN, Victor J S, Leading Telegraphist, 66920 (SANF), MPK

 READING, Percy J, Stoker 1c, P/KX 111377, MPK

 REELEY, William E, Leading Cook, P/MX 58124, MPK

 RIDDLESTON, Wilfred W, Musician, RMB/X 667, MPK

 RITCHIE, George W, Boy 1c, P/JX 184572, MPK

 ROBERTSON, Peter, Marine, PO/X 3905, MPK

 ROBINS, Francis J, Marine, PO/X 1924, MPK

 ROBINSON, John A, Boy 1c, P/JX 180586, MPK

 RODGER, William A, Stoker 1c, P/KX 123521, MPK

 ROLF, Henry F S, Act/Petty Officer Telegraphist, P/J 114558, MPK

 ROSE, Francis, Marine, CH/X 2679, MPK

 ROSS, Andrew, Able Seaman, RNVR, C/TD/X 2187, MPK

 ROUTLEDGE, Arthur, Able Seaman, P/SSX 24415, MPK

 ROWETT, Leslie W, Canteen Manager, NAAFI, MPK

 RUSSELL, Leslie B, Supply Assistant, P/MX 68990, MPK

 RUSSELL, Owen, Stoker 1c, P/KX 111231, MPK

 RUTLAND, Victor A, Sick Berth Chief Petty Officer, P/M 39081, MPK

 SALMON, Joseph R, Leading Telegraphist, P/J 21334, MPK

 SALWAY, Edward A, Marine, PO/21862, MPK

 SAMWAYS, Jack, Act/Blacksmith 4c, P/MX 57725, MPK

 SARGEANT, John M, Band Master 1c, RMB/2910, MPK

 SAUNDERS, William, Stoker 2c, P/KX 112606, MPK

 SCOTT, Albert E, Petty Officer, P/J 72676, MPK

 SEARLE, William A, Boy 1c, P/JX 177197, MPK

 SENIOR, Ben, Leading Steward, P/LX 22122, MPK

 SHARP, William J T, Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 78961, MPK

 SHAW, Louis E, Able Seaman, D/SSX 31875, MPK

 SHEARER, Kenneth W, Signalman, P/JX 157450, MPK

 SHELVEY, Bernard Q, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 154572, MPK

 SHEPHERD, Frederick G, Act/Electrical Artificer 4c, P/MX 52196, MPK

 SHEPHERD, William H, Electrical Artificer 1c, RNVR, P/ESD/76, MPK

 SHERRICK, Albert, Able Seaman, P/J 102187, MPK

 SHEVLIN, Harry, Able Seaman, P/JX 193269, MPK

 SIDDLE, Henry T, Able Seaman, P/JX 157301, MPK

 SIMMONDS, Sidney E E, Stoker 1c, P/KX 123518, MPK

 SIMMONDS, William A, Chief Petty Officer Cook, P/L 14361, MPK

 SKINNER, Robert M P, Paymaster Lieutenant Commander, MPK

 SLACK, Joseph, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 67230, MPK

 SMITH, Albert S F, Able Seaman, P/JX 197699, MPK

 SMITH, Aubrey E, Able Seaman, P/JX 161377, MPK

 SMITH, Clarence, Marine, PO/X 100594, MPK

 SMITH, James A, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 61492, MPK

 SMITH, Leslie A, Able Seaman, P/JX 161481, MPK

 SMITH, Samuel S, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 56998, MPK

 SMITH, Thomas H, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 97975, MPK

 SMITH, William D, Telegraphist, C/JX 157072, MPK

 SMITHIES, James H, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 164209, MPK

 SNELL, Kenneth P, Boy Telegraphist, P/JX 171873, MPK

 SOAL, Leonard E, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, P/SSX 27285, MPK

 SOLIVON, Denis I, Engine Room Artificer 4c, C/MX 55551, MPK

 SOUTHWELL, Harry J, Ordinary Telegraphist, P/JX 171727, MPK

 SOWDON, Ronald M H, Lieutenant Commander, MPK

 SPENCER, Sydney J, Act/Petty Officer, P/JX 131312, MPK

 STAINER, Victor H, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 160942, MPK

 STANDEN, John E, Able Seaman, RNVR, C/LD/X 4522, MPK

 STEAD, Frank H, Able Seaman, P/JX 193421, MPK

 STEBBINGS, John G, Able Seaman, P/JX 192461, MPK

 STEER, Alfred L J, Marine, PO/22514, MPK

 STEPHENSON, Charles E, Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 62875, MPK

 STEWART, Alexander P, Able Seaman, P/JX 156036, MPK

 STORER, Harry, Able Seaman, P/JX 193504, MPK

 STURROCK, Alexander G, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 184562, MPK

 SULLIVAN, Thomas G, Ordinary Coder, D/JX 202697, MPK

 SUNTER, John E, Corporal, RM, PO/X 1412, MPK

 SUTTON, Edward J, Supply Assistant, P/MX 68994, MPK

 SWALWELL, George, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 141668, MPK

 SWEETT, John G, Petty Officer Writer, P/MX 55449, MPK

 SYMONDS, Horatio A, Marine, PO/X 4961, MPK

 TAIT, Herbert F, Coder, D/JX 207425, MPK

 TALBOT, Edgar R, Able Seaman, P/JX 161371, MPK

 TALL, Horace, Chief Engine Room Artificer, P/MX 53661, MPK

 TAYLOR, Albert D H, Boy 1c, P/JX 171726, MPK

 TEMPLE, Alfred J P, Ordinary Signalman, P/JX 171866, MPK

 THOMPSON, Basil, Act/Petty Officer Telegraphist, P/JX 136784, MPK

 THOMSON, Thomas, Stoker 1c, P/K 62378, MPK

 TILL, Ernest H, Able Seaman, P/JX 157161, MPK

 TIMMS, Raymond M, Boy 1c, P/JX 171057, MPK

 TINKLER, Arthur, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 156125, MPK

 TRAGHEIM, Alexander, Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist, P/J 46756, MPK

 TRAVISS, Albert E, Canteen Assistant, NAAFI, MPK

 TRIBE, Edward G, Ordinary Telegraphist, P/JX 171725, MPK

 TROTT, Ivor J, Assistant Cook, P/SR 66012, MPK

 TUNSTALL, Charles A, Stoker 2c, P/KX 103004, MPK

 TURNBULL, Henry J, Stoker 1c, P/K 61344, MPK

 TYLER, William F, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, P/SSX 19358, MPK

 VICARS, Thomas S, Able Seaman, P/JX 131685, MPK

 WADE, John A, Cook, P/MX 60213, MPK

 WAINWRIGHT, George D, Able Seaman, P/JX 149768, MPK

 WALLER, Henry, Able Seaman, P/JX 191745, MPK

 WANDLESS, James, Marine, PO/X 1691, MPK

 WARRIN, James E L, Master at Arms, P/M 39850, MPK

 WATKINS, George, Stoker 1c, P/KX 111171, MPK

 WATKINS, John, Stoker 1c, P/KX 111170, MPK

 WEATE, Leslie A, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 164171, MPK

 WEBB, Arthur F, Stoker 1c, P/KX 112497, MPK

 WEBB, Harold C, Stoker 1c, P/KX 97989, MPK

 WEBB, Walter S, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 82282, MPK

 WEEKS, William H A, Ordnance Artificer 1c, P/M 39040, MPK

 WELLS, Donald P, Ordinary Signalman, P/JX 171734, MPK

 WELLS, George E, Able Seaman, P/JX 215309, MPK

 WEST, Cyril R M, Band Corporal, RMB/X 373, MPK

 WEST, Francis Q, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 217695, MPK

 WHEELER, Charles G, Able Seaman, P/JX 169921, MPK

 WHITE, Bernard C, Able Seaman, P/JX 160431, MPK

 WHITE, Joseph, Able Seaman, P/JX 161270, MPK

 WHITELEY, Leonard T G, Able Seaman, P/JX 169920, MPK

 WHITTAKER, Reginald A, Able Seaman, P/JX 157160, MPK

 WICKEN, Reginald L, Officer's Cook, P/MX 58414, MPK

 WICKS, Alfred F L, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, P/KX 61915, MPK

 WILLACY, Kenneth, Ordinary Signalman, P/JX 210213, MPK

 WILLIAMS, Arthur J, Engine Room Artificer 2c, RNR, P/X 353 EC, MPK

 WILLIAMS, Gordon R, Able Seaman, P/SSX 33472, MPK

 WILSON, Colin H S, Midshipman, MPK

 WILSON, Edgar, Wireman, P/MX 79263, MPK

 WILSON, James, Leading Stoker, P/K 16179, MPK

 WILSON, Thomas, Stoker 1c, P/KX 104135, MPK

 WINSBOROUGH, Sydney R, Act/Petty Officer, P/JX 129964, MPK

 WOOD, William A, Electrical Artificer 4c, P/MX 64544, MPK

 WORSLEY, Albert G H, Ordnance Artificer 4c, P/MX 61824, MPK

 WORTH, John K, Leading Cook, D/MX 48957, MPK

 WORTHINGTON, Charles A, Band Boy, RMB/X 1251, MPK

 WRIGHT, Cecil J G, Ty/Paymaster Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

 WRIGHT, Charles E, Stoker 1c, P/KX 112498, MPK

 WRIGHT, John M, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 166398, MPK

 WYATT, George T, Chief Petty Officer Cook, P/M 4652, MPK

 YARDLEY, Duncan M, Canteen Assistant, NAAFI, MPK

 YOUNG, Albert G, Painter 4c, P/MX 58823, MPK

 YOUNG, Arthur V, Able Seaman, P/JX 160775, MPK

 YOUNG, Dan, Marine (Pens), PO/20328, MPK

 YOUNG, Frederick C, Leading Stoker, P/KX 96730, MPK


FAA, 767/769 Sqn, Condor, air crash

 MICHELL, Lawrence A C, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK


Fox, explosion

 LAURENSON, Allan F, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

 MCINNES, Walter, Leading Wireman, P/MX 78531, killed

 WOOTTON, Bernard, Act/Leading Wireman, P/JX 216367, killed


Virgilia, steamship

 BROOKS, Thomas, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 267904, (President III, O/P), MPK

 HIPSLEY, Fred, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 239151, (President III, O/P), MPK

 PAVEY, Harold V, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 186053, (President III, O/P), MPK


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