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  British and Other Navies in World War 2 Day-by-Day
by Don Kindell

ROYAL NAVY SHIPS, JUNE 1940 (Part 2 of 4)

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1.  HOME WATERS (continued)
Part 2 of 4
Nore Command



1.  HOME WATERS (continued)



  Naval Commands, and Sub Commands/ship locations within them, are listed approximately north to south/east to west

Some warships are listed with their own unit and again when detached to another




Adm the Hon Sir Reginald A R Plunkett-Ernle-Drax KCB, DSO



Nore Command, Humber Sub Command


Base ship, Grimsby - BEAVER (Rear Adm A F Pridham CB)


Attached cruisers (repeated from Home Fleet listing) - light cruisers BIRMINGHAM (Capt A C G Madden) arr Rosyth 10 Jun, MANCHESTER (Capt H A Packer) arr Rosyth 10 Jun, SHEFFIELD (Capt C A A Larcom), all arr Rosyth 10 Jun


1st Anti-Aircraft Squadron (formerly 20th Cruiser Squadron, Rear Adm J G P Vivian) - anti-aircraft cruisers COVENTRY (Flag, Vivian, Capt D Gilmour) dep Vestfjord covering the Narvik evacuation, CURACOA (Capt E A Aylmer) at Chatham repairing to comp at the end of Aug


Anti-aircraft ships - ALYNBANK (Capt P Hordern Rtd) at Belfast fitting out to comp 16 Jun, FOYLEBANK (Capt H P Wilson Rtd) dep Belfast 7 Jun, SPRINGBANK (Capt L B Hill OBE Rtd) at Birkenhead fitting out to comp 30 Oct


Ships temporarily attached (repeated from Home Fleet listing) - light cruisers CARDIFF (Capt P K Enright) arr Dover 8 Jun, GALATEA (Flag, Curteis, CS 2, Capt B B Schofield) arr Sheerness 27 May


85th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yacht MOLLUSC (Cdr J G Sutton Rtd) at Yarmouth


4th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers DUNDALK (Lt Cdr F A I Kirkpatrick Rtd) at Humber, ELGIN (Lt Cdr J M Bayley) at Immingham following repairs, FITZROY (Lt Cdr R A Forbes) at Humber, NIGER (Cdr St J Cronyn, SO) at Humber, SALAMANDER (Lt Cdr L J S Ede) at London repairing to comp in late Jun, SELKIRK (Lt Cdr A C A C Duckworth) at Hull refitting, SUTTON (Cdr G M Tyle Rtd) at Humber


5th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers ALBURY (Lt Cdr C H Corbet-Singleton) at Sheerness damaged, GOSSAMER (Lt Cdr R C V Ross DSO, SO) at Grimsby, KELLET (Cdr R C Hasket-Smith) at Sheerness repairing, LEDA (Lt Cdr H Unwin DSC) at Sheerness repairing comp 12 Jun, LYDD (Lt Cdr R C D Haig) at Grimsby repairing, PANGBOURNE (Cdr F Douglas-Watson) at Grimsby repairing, ROSS (Lt K A Gadd RNR) at Grimsby, SALTASH (Lt Cdr T R Fowke) at Grimsby


Minesweeper Group 16 - minesweeping trawlers ALAFOSS (Sk C Pollard RNR), LOCH ERIBOL (Sk W Sutherland RNR) at Grimsby repairing, LOCH LEVEN (Sk T Donovan RNR), WELLSBACK (Sk W M Main RNR), all but one at Humber


Minesweeper Group 17 - minesweeping trawlers KURD (Sk J H Petherbridge RNR), LOCH ALSH (Sk E C King RNR), ST DONATS (Sk W Thompson RNR), SOLOMON (Ch Sk W J Runcie RNR), all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 18 - minesweeping trawlers BEECH (Sk W McRuvie RNR), LAUREL (Sk F G Blockwell RNR), both at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 19 - minesweeping trawlers ACHROITE (Sk W S Hall RNR) at Humber, CLEVELLA (Sk W Bruce RNR) at Grimsby, FILEY BAY (Ch Sk J Stewart RNR) at Humber, MONIMIA (Sk J Watt Pbty RNR) at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 20 - minesweeping trawlers ELBURY (Ty Sk F W Ellis RNR), GOTH (Sk C Sutcliffe RNR), NEGRO (Ty Sk H Maunder RNR), all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 31 - minesweeping trawlers BRECON MOOR (Ty Sk S A White RNR), COMMITATUS (Sk W White RNR), GEORGE ROBB (Sk J Scott RNR), HILDENA (Sk W T E Page RNR), all at Humber


Minesweeping Group 40 - minesweeping trawlers AKRANES (Ty Sk J Reid RNR), ALMANDINE (Ch Sk A Robb RNR), SANDRINGHAM (Ty Sk J H Gibbs RNR), SEA KING (Ch Sk W Craig RNR), all at Humber


Minesweeping Group 46 - minesweeping trawlers ALEXANDRITE (Ty Sk G D Barker RNR), ANDRADITE (Ty Sk E H Brooks RNR), GULFOSS (Ch Sk G Thomson RNR), WATERFLY (Ch Sk A W Bowles RNR)

 all arr Harwich 2 Jun


Minesweeping trawlers - ALDER (Sk S F Cleveland RNR) at Grimsby, BALMORAL (Ty Sk J Gardner RNR) at Humber, EMILION (Ty Sk W E Bland RNR) at Grimsby, KINGSCOURT (Ty Sk E B Morley RNR) at Humber, RECONO (Ty Sk H Forester RNR) at Grimsby, REGARDO (Ty Sk G Jack RNR) at Grimsby, RODINO (Ty Sk J C Winning RNR) at Humber, RONSO (Ty Sk H G Harris RNR) at Humber, SEAMIST (Ty Sk W S Hawes RNR) at Grimsby, TAIPO (Ty Sk C Clark RNR) at Humber, WAR DUKE (Ty Sk H Leach RNR) at Humber


Minesweeping drifters - BENARCHIE (Sk G H W Mortlock Actg RNR), CASTLE BAY (Ty Sk J H Moore RNR), OCEAN LUX (Ty Sk G E Knight RNR), all at Grimsby


Fishery Protection trawlers - three at Grimsby


Harbour defence patrol craft - five at Grimsby


Balloon barrage drifters - eleven at Grimsby, one at Humber


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - ten trawlers at Grimsby, two at Hull, one at Granton, three at Hull fitting out, four at Aberdeen and five drifters at Grimsby fitting out


Rescue tugs - Tug ST CYRUS (Ty Lt P Allan RNR) at Humber, chartered tug SEAMAN at Harwich




Fishery Protection Trawlers - six at Hull



Nore Command, Harwich Sub Command


Base ship, Harwich - BADGER (Rear Adm F H W Goolden)


5th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt Louis Mountbatten, ashore at Immingham) - JACKAL (Cdr T M Napier, Cdr C L Firth MVO from 27 Aug) dep Harwich 9 Jun, JAGUAR (Lt Cdr J F W Hine) at Immingham repairing to comp 16 Jun, JAVELIN (Cdr A F Pugsley) at Hull repairing to comp 16 Jun, JERSEY (Lt Cdr W Evershed from 31 Aug) at Hull repairing to comp 23 Sep, JERVIS (Lt Cdr A F Burnell-Nugent DSC, Capt P J Mack on the destroyer's arrival in the Mediterranean) at Tyne repairing to comp 22 Jun, JUPITER (Cdr D B Wyburd) at Tyne repairing to comp 15 Jun, KASHMIR (Cdr H A King) at Tyne repairing to comp 13 Jun, KELLY (Mountbatten on comp of repairs) at Tyne repairing to comp 18 Dec, KELVIN (Lt Cdr J L Machin, Cdr J H Allison from 23 Jun) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 9 Jun, KIPLING (Cdr A St Clair Ford) at Southampton repairing to comp 16 Jul


16th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt T E Halsey, on 25 Jun Capt A W S Agar temporarily replaced Capt Halsey who reassumed his post on 12 Aug) - ACHATES (Cdr R J Gardner) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 15 Jun, AMAZON (Lt Cdr N E G Roper) dep Scapa Flow on patrol 9 Jun, AMBUSCADE (Lt Cdr A O Johnson, Lt Cdr R A Fell from 14 Jun) dep Portland 9 Jun, ANTELOPE (Lt Cdr R T White DSO) arr Greenock 10 Jun, ANTHONY (Lt Cdr N J V Thew) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 14 Jun, ARROW (Cdr H W Williams) dep Vestfjord covering the Narvik evacuation, MALCOLM (Halsey) at Chatham repairing to comp at the end of Jun


18th Destroyer Flotilla (administered by Capt T E Halsey, D.16) - MONTROSE (Cdr C R L Parry) at Woolwich repairing to comp 24 Jun, VENOMOUS (Cdr J E H McBeath) at Plymouth repairing to comp 18 Jun, VERITY (Lt Cdr R H Mills) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 16 Jun, VETERAN (Cdr J E Broome) arr Lerwick 10 Jun, WHITSHED (Cdr E R Conder DSC) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 13 Jun, WILD SWAN (Lt Cdr J L Younghusband DSC) at Portsmouth, WIVERN (Lt J W Harbottle, Cdr M D C Meyrick from 26 Jun) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 21 Jun, WORCESTER (Cdr J H Allison, Lt Cdr E C Coats from 22 Jun) at London repairing to comp 13 Jul, WREN (Cdr F W G Harker) dep Greenock 6 Jun


21st Destroyer Flotilla (Capt C T M Pizey assumed command of Flotilla on 24 Jun) - CAMPBELL (Lt Cdr R M Aubrey, Pizey from 24 Jun) dep Vestfjord covering the Narvik evacuation, VANESSA (Lt Cdr E A Stocker DSC) at Plymouth, VENETIA (Lt Cdr D L C Craig) at Plymouth repairing to comp 12 Jul, VERSATILE (Cdr H J Jauncey Rtd) at Chatham repairing to comp 20 Jun, VESPER (Lt Cdr W F E Hussey DSC) dep Dover 9 Jun, VIMY (Lt Cdr M W Evart-Wentworth) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 12 Jun, VIVACIOUS (Lt Cdr F R W Parish) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 12 Jun, WALPOLE (Lt Cdr H G Bowerman) dep Immingham 9 Jun, WINDSOR (Lt Cdr P D H R Pelly) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 18 Jun


1st Anti-Submarine Striking Force - patrol sloops MALLARD (Cdr the Hon V Wyndham-Quinn) arr Harwich 5 Jun, PINTAIL (Lt Cdr T H Hill-Walker) arr Harwich 9 Jun, PUFFIN (Lt Cdr Earl Beatty) arr Harwich 9 Jun, SHELDRAKE (Lt Cdr A E T Christie) arr Harwich 5 Jun


2nd Anti-Submarine Striking Force - patrol sloops GUILLEMOT (Lt Cdr H M Darell-Brown) arr Harwich 5 Jun

SHEARWATER (Lt Cdr C F Powlett) arr Harwich 9 Jun, WIDGEON (Lt Cdr R Frederick) at Cardiff repairing to comp at end of Jun


Harbour establishment - GANGES (Capt W H G Fallowfield)


1st Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla (Cdr C M Donner) - depot ship VULCAN (Lt H B Binks) arr Harwich 18 May, MTB.3 (Lt A F Seymour-Haydon) arr Portsmouth 5 Jun, MTB.14 (Lt D H Mason) arr Lowestoft 10 Jun, MTB.15 (Lt L J Gamble) arr Harwich 3 Jun, MTB.16 (Lt P F S Gould) dep Dover 29 May, MTB.17 (Lt R I T Falkner) arr Harwich 15 May, MTB.18 (Lt J T Mannooch) arr Harwich 6 Jun


MTBs 2 and 19 at Portsmouth undergoing conversion to Motor Attendant Craft 2 and 6, respectively


4th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - MTB.22 (Lt Cdr A B Cole) at Harwich, MTB.29 (Lt C A James) dep Portsmouth 10 Jun, MTB.24 (Lt R Parkinson), MTB.25 (Lt R H S Litchfield), last two at Harwich, temporarily attached to the Flotilla


10th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - MTB.67 (Lt C C Anderson) arr Portsmouth 1 Jun, MTB.68 (Ty Lt R K L Walker RNVR) arr Portsmouth 1 Jun, MTB.104 (Ty Lt M J R Yeatman RNVR) at Harwich, MTB.106 (S/Lt I A B Quarrie RNVR) arr Harwich 29 May, MTB.107 (Ty Lt J Cameron RNVR) arr Portsmouth 5 Jun


1st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BASSET (Ty Lt N S Heriot RNVR), SAPPHIRE (SO, Lt Cdr E C Hulton), TOURMALINE (Ty Lt G L Carter RNR), TURQUOISE (Lt S C B Hickman), all at Harwich


3rd Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers AGATE (Lt A T Board), AMETHYST (SO, Lt Cdr S J Gunn), JASPER (Ty Lt E R Pate RNVR), all at Harwich


11th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers ARCTIC PIONEER (Lt R A D Cambridge RNR) at Harwich, DRANGEY (Lt S C B Hickman RNR) at Blackwall, SPHENE (Sk C Pennington RNR), VIVIANA (Sk G L Olesen RNR), both at Harwich


12th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers CAPE ARGONA (Lt Cdr A H Davis RNVR) at Blackwall repairing, STELLA CAPELLA (SO, Lt Cdr R V E Case RNR) at Harwich


19th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers GREENFLY (Ty Lt H J Beverley RNR) at Tilbury repairing, LORD PLENDER (Ch Sk J M T Brebner RNR) at Harwich


12th Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawler NORTHERN PRIDE (Ty Lt A A Campbell RNR) at Harwich


16th Anti-Submarine Striking Force - anti-submarine trawler ARAB (Lt R B Stannard VC RNR) at Harwich


Anti-submarine trawler - LADY MADELINE (Lt Cdr T G Hill RNR) at Harwich


Minesweeping yachts - BOY PAT (Ty Lt J Polehampton RNR), fast motor boat LONDON PRIDE (no CO listed), both at Harwich


12th Minesweeping Flotilla - paddle minesweepers DUCHESS OF FIFE (Ty Lt J Anderson RNR) at Harwich, LORNA DOONE (Ty Lt L Jolly RNVR) at Plymouth fitting out, MARMION (Ty Lt D MacFarlane RNR) at Harwich, ORIOLE (Ty Lt E L Davies DSC RNVR) at Harwich, QUEEN EMPRESS (SO, Cdr K F Boxall Actg) at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 4 - minesweeping trawlers BERBERIS (Ch Sk L Grace RNR), CORENA (Ty Sk A E Fisher RNR), FLEMING (Sk E G Gurney RNR), STELLA LEONIS (Sk F W McKay RNR), all at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 5 - minesweeping trawlers LORD MELCHETT (Sk R C Taylor RNR), STELLA RIGEL (Sk L P Keable RNR), WAVEFLOWER (Ty Sk R MacDonald RNR), all at Harwich, WILLIAM WESNEY (Ch Sk P Green RNR) at Ipswich


Minesweeping Group 6 - minesweeping trawler RIVER CLYDE (Ty Sk J Grant RNR) at Lowestoft


Minesweeping Group 55 - minesweeping trawlers E D WALMSLEY (Ch Sk A J Blake RNR), RICHARD CROFT (Ty Sk R H Maulkinson RNR), THOMAS LEEDS (Ty Sk R A Cook RNR), all at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 56 - minesweeping trawlers JOSEPH BUTTON (Ty Sk J Drennan RNR), RED GAUNTLET (Ty Sk E Hutchinson RNR), both at Harwith, STOUR (Ty Sk G H Smith RNR) at Barry, TRANIO (Sk J Bond RNR) at Harwich


Minesweeping trawlers - CORDELA (Ty Sk A Hales RNR) at Harwich, EARL KITCHENER (Sk T Smith RNR) at Lowestoft under repair, EXYAHNE (Ty Sk W A George RNR), LORD IRWIN (Ty Sk H Summers RNR), REFUNDO (Ty Sk A S Dorward RNR), SISAPON (Ty Sk F A Henson RNR), all at Harwich


Minesweeping tugs - SCYTHE (Ty Sk J E Bywater RNR), SLOGAN (Ty Sk G Cooper RNR), SOUVENIR (Ty Sk J T Shears RNR), all at Barrow


Minesweeping drifters - ASCONA (Sk S Beckett RNR), GOLDEN VIEW (Ty Sk C E F Reynolds RNR), OLIVAE (Ty Sk A F Meacock RNR), SILVER SEAS (Ty Sk S Burrows RNR) at Ispwich, TWEENWAYS (Ty Sk E Fawcett RNR), UNICITY (Ty Sk J Murray RNR), all but one at Harwich


Armed patrol vessels - ten drifters at Harwich, fifteen trawlers at Harwich, three trawlers at Grimsby, one trawler at Ramsgate damaged


Boom defence vessels - two at Felixstowe, one at Hartlepool fitting out


Harbour defence patrol Craft - three at Harwich


Rescue tugs - CAROLINE MOLLER (Ty Lt J H Kennedy RNR) at Harwich, chartered tug MURIA at Dover 




Base ship - WATCHFUL (Capt The Rt Hon Viscount Monsell CBE Emgcy, Rtd)


Minesweeping trawler - TARANSAY (Capt Minesweepers, Capt G B Hartford Rtd, Ty Sk G S Peek RNR)


7th Minesweeping Flotilla - temporarily attached from Rosyth Command (Granton area)


8th Minesweeping Flotilla - temporarily attached from Rosyth Command (Tyne area)


Minesweeping Group 10 - minesweeping trawlers ARKWRIGHT (Ch Sk A Girling RNR Rtd) at Yarmouth, GRAMPIAN (Ch Sk A Robb RNR) dep Tyne 7 Jun, MILFORD HAVEN QUEEN (Ty Sk F Burgess RNR) at Yarmouth, SUMA (Sk A A Leggett RNR) at Lowestoft repairing


Minesweeping Group 11 - minesweeping trawlers JAMES LAY (Sk W H Makings RNR) arr Yarmouth 7 Jun, NOGI (Sk E C King RNR) at Harwich, SOLON (Ty Sk A J Coleman RNR) at Harwich, TAMORA (Sk P Buchan RNR) at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 12 - minesweeping trawlers CAPE MELVILLE (Ty Sk J E C Wright RNR) at Yarmouth repairing, MILFORD HAVEN PRINCESS (Ch Sk R Masson RNR) arr Yarmouth 7 Jun, PELTON (Sk J A Sutherland DSC RNR) dep Tyne 7 Jun


Minesweeping Group 14 - CARDIFF CASTLE (Sk R N Haylett RNR), EPINE (Ty Sk E Clarke RNR), STAR OF ORKNEY (Sk J Flint RNR), THEIR MERIT (Lt Cdr D I Jones RD RNR), all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 28 - minesweeping trawlers CONCERTATOR (Sk G V Abernethy DSC RNR), CRESTFLOWER (Sk G H Goodinson RNR), LOCH BUIE (Ch Sk I Parkinson DSC RD RNR) RINOVIA (Ch Sk T Fraser DSC RNR), all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 29 - minesweeping trawlers DALMATIA (Sk A R Lees RNR), DARTHEMA (Sk A G Edwards RNR), RIGHTO (Ch Sk F E Barker RNR), REBOUNDO (Sk J C Catchpole RNR), all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 30 - minesweeping trawlers FIREFLY (Ty Sk J W Gibbs RNR), PETER CASEY (Sk E G Catchpole RNR), WARDOUR (Sk F L Hamilton RNR), WINDWARD HO (Sk J A Simpson RNR), all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping trawlers - ATHENIAN (Sk J Cowie RNR) fitting out at Yarmouth, BEN TORC (Ty Sk T Meadow RNR) fitting out North Woolwich, BLIGHTY (Sk P R S Besford RNR) at Liverpool, CHARLES DORAN (Ty Sk R R Snape RNR) fitting out at Milford Haven, CLOTHILDE (Ty Sk A G Freeman RNR) at Yarmouth, CONQUISTADOR (Ty Sk D W Catchpole RNR) fitting out South Shields, CONTENDER (Ty Sk A E Kettless RNR) at Yarmouth, COTSMUIR (Ty Sk L Oliver RNR) at Harwich, DOROTHY LAMBERT (Ty Sk G S Wright RNR) at Harwich, FONTENOY (Ty Sk J C Coaker RNR) fitting out at Pembroke, IRVANA (Sk J L Borrett RNR) fitting out at Milford Haven, MADDEN (Ty Sk S Amos RNR) at Harwich, PRINCESS MARY (Ty Sk C E Parker RNR) at Yarmouth, ONETOS (Ty Sk T W McLean RNR) at Yarmouth, SATURN (Ty Sk H C Watson RNR) at Yarmouth


Minesweeping drifters - ALCMARIA (Sk A C Offord RNR) repairing, BOY PHILIP (Ty Sk R Wylie RNR), GENIUS (Sk G H Green RNR) repairing, JUSTIFIER (Ty Sk R R Russell RNR) repairing, LORD BARHAM (Ty Sk J Masterton RNR) repairing, LORD HOOD (Sk J W Lawn RNR), MARGARET HYDE (Ty Sk G H Larner RNR) at Lowestoft, ROSE HILDA (Sk J C George RNR) repairing, SILVER CREST (Ty Sk A W J Burwood RNR), all but one at Yarmouth


Escort yacht - anti-Submarine yacht ALICIA (Ty S/Lt A R Friggins RNVR) at Yarmouth repairing


Tenders to Examination Service - yachts THE BRIT, WALDEMAR repairing (no COs listed) both at Great Yarmouth




Base ship - WATCHFUL (Capt The Rt Hon Viscount Monsell CBE Emgcy, Actg)


Minesweeping yachts - HAUSSA (on comp Captain Minesweepers, Capt G B Hartford Rtd) fitting out at Colchester, fast motor boat SUNFLOWER IV (no CO listed) at Lowestoft


Minesweeping trawlers - BEN BHARCHIE (Ty Sk H J May RNR) at Lowestoft, BEN EARN (Sk R T Souter RNR from 1 Jul) fitting out at Sunderland, BEN GLAS (Sk A F Herd RNR) fitting out at Lowestoft, BEN ROY (Ty Sk C C H Thomas RNR) at Lowestoft, CASWELL (Ty Sk A Butler RNR) fitting out at Milford Haven, EUCLASE (Ty Sk W W Read RNR) fitting out at Penarth, FORCE (Sk J R Clark RNR) at Lowestoft, KING EMPEROR (Ty Sk W J Beamish RNR from 12 Aug) fitting out at Sunderland, LOWTHER (Ty Sk F E Mewse RNR) at Lowestoft, MARCONI (Ty Sk R Cowling RNR) fitting out at Newport, MEWSLADE (Ty Sk W C Hart Actg RNR) fitting out at Sunderland, NORTHWARD HO (Sk W Thain RNR) fitting out at Lowestoft, OSAKO (Ty Sk F Burgess RNR) fitting out at Avonmouth


Auxiliary Patrol vessels 36 at Lowestoft, one at Yarmouth




Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - one trawler arr Methil 8 Jun, two trawlers at Hull, seven trawlers at Grimsby, four trawlers and seven drifters at Brightlingsea, one drifter at Ramsgate



Nore Command, Nore Sub Command




Base ship, Chatham - PEMBROKE


Minesweeping craft - three


Thames and Medway


Harbour defence patrol craft - four at Sheerness, two at Ramsgate, two at Southampton fitting out, one at Cowes fitting out


Drifters - two at Lowestoft, two at Rowhedge, two at Brightlingsea, one drifter at Oulton Broad, all fitting out


Boom defence tenders - three at Sheerness, two at Queenborough fitting out


Boom defence vessels - five at Sheerness, one repairing, one at Rosyth, one at Chatham repairing


Boom defence gate lighters - four lighters at Sheerness


Examination vessels - four at Sheerness, one at Chatham repairing


Balloon barrage drifters - 18 at Sheerness, one under repair


Rescue tug Dutch ZWARTE ZEE at Gravesend degaussing




Base ship - ST TUDNO (Cdr J C Collie Rtd) at Chatham


Heavy cruiser - LONDON (Cdr C Gatey, Engineering Officer) at Chatham repairing to comp 10 Feb 41


Destroyer - VERDUN (Lt Cdr F J Cartwright) at Chatham refitting to comp 11 Jul




Light cruiser - AJAX (Capt E D B McCarthy) at Sheerness repairing to comp 13 Jul


Escort destroyer - HAMBLEDON (Cdr S H Carlill) dep Tyne 8 Jun for Portland to work up


Sloop - LUPIN (civilian crew) at Portsmouth refitting, became a target vessel in Jul


Patrol sloop - KITTIWAKE (Ty S/Lt W B Brown RNVR) at Sheerness repairing to comp 18 Jan


Gunboat - LOCUST (Lt A N P Costobadie) arr Sheerness 5 Jun


Minesweeping yachts - ARONIA (Ty Lt J E Roe RNVR), fast motor boat SYLPH (no CO listed), both at Sheerness


Paddle minesweeper - CITY OF ROCHESTER (Ty Lt B K Hutton RNVR) at Chatham


Minesweeping Group 2 - minesweeping trawlers LARCH (Sk J T White RNR), MYRTLE (Ch Sk W G Cleveland RD RNR), PYROPE (Ty Sk A J Folkard RNR), TAMARISK (Sk S C W Bavidge RNR), all at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 3 - minesweeping trawlers BERNARD SHAW (Sk Lt J H Brown Rtd RNR), EDWARDIAN (Ty Sk F A Cunningham RNR), MILFORD HAVEN PRINCE (Ty Sk C V Eddom RNR, TILBURYNESS (Ty Sk J V Earl RNR), all at Sheerness


Minesweeping trawlers - ARCTIC HUNTER (Ty Sk G W Moore RNR) at Sheerness, BERVIE BRAE (Ty Lt L Lake Rtd RNR) at Lowestoft, DAROGAH (Ty Sk A G Edwards RNR) at Sheerness, GEORGETTE (Sk S Duffield RNR) at Lowestoft, NORSE (Ty Sk C S Larter RNR) at Sheerness, SUNLIGHT (Ty Sk A A Hindes RNR) at Sheerness


Experimental Flotilla - tugs SALVO (Sk E L Fiske RNR), SERVITOR (Ty Sk W V Nutten RNR), SHAKO (Ty Sk W Smith RNR), SOLITAIRE (Ty Sk W C Spillings RNR), all at Sheerness


Minesweeping drifters - BOY ALLEN (Sk E H Crowe RNR), DEVON COUNTY (Sk S S Wilson RNR), FORERUNNER (Sk S F Wilson RNR), GO AHEAD (Sk W N Hurn RNR), PLUMER (Sk L George RNR) repairing, WELCOME HOME (Sk W F Wilson RNR), all at Sheerness


Special Service vessels paddle steamers GOLDEN EAGLE (Ty Lt J R Dent Pbty RNR), ROYAL EAGLE (Ty Cdr E F A Farrow RNR), both at Sheerness




Nore Command, Dover Sub Command

Vice Adm B H Ramsey KCB, MVO Rtd


Base ship, Dover  - LYNX


Anti-aircraft cruiser (detached from 1st Anti-Aircraft Squadron) - CALCUTTA (Capt D M Lees DSO) dep Harwich 10 Jun for Portsmouth.


1st Destroyer Flotilla (Capt G F Stevens-Guille DSO, OBE) - BEAGLE (Lt Cdr R H Wright) dep Vestfjord covering the Narvik evacuation, BOADICEA (Lt Cdr G B Kingdon) dep Chatham 9 Jun, BOREAS (Lt Cdr M W Tomkinson) at Blackwell repairing to comp 19 Jun, BRAZEN (Lt Cdr Sir Michael Culme-Seymour Bt) at Hull repairing to comp 30 Jun, BRILLIANT (Lt Cdr F C Brodrick) at Blackwell repairing to comp 14 Jun, BULLDOG (Lt Cdr T P Wisden) dep Sheerness 9 Jun, CODRINGTON (Stevens-Guille) dep Portsmouth 9 Jun, GALLANT (Lt Cdr C P F Brown) dep Immingham 9 Jun, GREYHOUND (Cdr W R Marshall A'Dean DSC) at Chatham repairing to comp 13 Jun, GRIFFIN (Lt Cdr J Lee Barber) at Plymouth refitting to comp 12 Jun, Polish BLYSKAWICA (Cdr Stanislaw Nahorski ORP) arr Portsmouth 8 Jun for repairs, comp 27 Jul, BURZA (Cdr Wojciech Francki ORP) at Portsmouth repairing to comp 27 Jul


Minelayers - HAMPTON (Capt G H Freyburg CBE) arr Portsmouth 10 May, PLOVER (Lt Cdr A W C J Nicholson) dep Immingham 9 Jun


11th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - MTB.69 (Lt R A M Hennessy), MTB.70 (Lt J B King-Church, SO), MTB.71 (Ty Lt C P Evensen RNVR), MTB.72 (Ty Lt W B T Bate RNVR), all arr Portland 10 Jun


Depot ship for Dover Command - SANDHURST (Capt J Fawcett Rtd) at Dover


9th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers CAYTON WYKE (SO, Ch Sk D F Noble DSC) at Dover, KINGSTON ALALITE (Ch Sk A H Foster RNR) at Dover, KINGSTON ANDALUSITE (Sk J Bruce Rtd RNR) at Dover, KINGSTON GALENA (Lt Cdr J F C Bartley DSO RNR), all at Dover, KINGSTON OLIVINE (Lt G W Gregorie RNR) at Barry repairing


10th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers SAON (SO, Lt Cdr A G G Webb Rtd), SPURS (Sk H H Jarvis RNR), both at Dover


21st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers GRIMSBY TOWN (Sk G Main RNR) at Dover, LADY PHILOMENA (Sk J Hodson RNR), both at Dover, WOLVES (Ch Sk C W Freer RNR)


Anti-submarine yacht - TARRET (Lt P H Reinold Pbty RNVR) at Tyne


6th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers HALCYON (Cdr E P Hinton MVO, SO) at Devonport repairing to comp 14 Jun, HARRIER (Capt B L Clark Rtd, Actg) at Tyne repairing to comp 9 Jul, HEBE to join as replacement for SKIPJACK lost at Dunkirk, HUSSAR (Lt Cdr A F L Evans) at Gravesend repairing to comp 17 Jun, SPEEDWELL (Lt Cdr F R G Maunsell Rtd) at Devonport repairing to comp 20 Jun


10th Minesweeping Flotilla - paddle minesweepers DUCHESS OF ROTHSAY (Ty Lt J Dixon RNVR) at Southampton repairing, EMPEROR OF INDIA (Ty Lt Cdr B R Booth Pbty RNR) at Portsmouth, MEDWAY QUEEN (Ty Lt A T Cook RNR) at Portsmouth, PRINCESS ELIZABETH (Ty Lt W D King RNR) at Portsmouth, RYDE (Lt J G Allen RNR) at Dover, SANDOWN (SO, Cdr K M Greig DSO Rtd, Actg) at Portsmouth


Minesweeping yacht - CONIDAW (no CO listed) at Dover


Minesweeping Group 50 - minesweeping trawlers BOTANIC (Sk E W Critten RNR), BURKE (Sk E P Tucker RNR), FYLDEA (Sk G Whammond RNR), MARETTA (Ch Sk A Mayhew RNR), all at Dover


Minesweeper Group 51 - minesweeping trawlers ARLEY (Sk A Duffield RNR)

Minesweeping trawler JOHN CATTLING (Ty Sk G W Aldan DSC RNR), both at Dover


Minesweeping Group 61 - minesweeping trawlers ADAM (Sk W I Phillips RNR), BROCK (Ty Sk A U Setterfield RNR), LOIS (Ty Sk C A Evans RNR), WIGAN (Lt Cdr J W Thompson RNR), all at Dover


Minesweeping trawlers - minesweeping trawlers CLYTHNESS (Ty Sk W F Salenius RNR), ELIZABETH ANGELA (Ty Sk F A Meggitt RNR), INVERFORTH (Ty Sk H J Self RNR), LORD GREY (Ty Sk W J Kaye RNR), all at Dover, MILFORD HAVEN KING (Sk J A Littleproud RNR) at Le Havre, OSTA (Sk G Horner RNR) at Liverpool fitting out, OUR BAIRNS (Sk J H Miller RNR) at Dover, RELONZO (Ty Sk A E Slater RNR), RESTRIVO (Ty Sk E W Lambert RNR), both at Portland


Minesweeping drifters - HOSANNA (Ty Sk F S Johnson Pbty RNR), PLAYMATES (Ty Sk V Poole RNR), WILLING BOYS (Ty Sk R McLean RNR), all at Dover


Flare burning drifters - 14 at Dover, two at Whitstable, one at Grimsby


Auxiliary Patrol vessels - six drifters and one yacht at Dover


Rescue tug - ST BRASSEY at Dover


Boom defence vessel - one at Dover




Base ship - FERVENT (Capt W R Phillimore Rtd)


Auxiliary Patrol vessels - two trawlers at Grimsby


Drifters - ten at Ramsgate


Fast motor boats - three at Ramsgate, one at Portland


Guardships - LORMONT (Lt Cdr W S Smithies Rtd), GOODWIN (Lt Cdr C F Nock Rtd) arr 7 Jun, HOLDFAST (Lt Cdr D C Hunt Rtd), all at Ramsgate


Armed Boarding Vessel - MONAS ISLE (Cdr J C K Dowding RD RNR) at Ramsgate


Contraband Control Vessels - NEW PRIDE, SILVER QUEEN (no COs listed)


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