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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2006

HMS STRIKER (D 12) - Attacker-class Escort Aircraft Carrier
including Convoy Escort Movements

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ATTACKER-Class Escort Aircraft Carrier obtained under US/UK Lend Lease Agreement. The ship was under construction at San Francisco by Western Pipe and Steel Corporation a mercantile and laid down on 15th December 1941. After requisition by the US Navy for conversion to enable her to be used as an auxiliary aircraft carrier (CVE) named USS PRINCE WILLIAM she was launched on 7th July 1942. One of nine similar ships she was later selected for transferred to the RN.  Changes in the US design were made based on the experience gained with the earlier ARCHER Class and included a larger hangar. Propulsion machinery consisted of two steam turbines driving a single shaft instead of Diesel engines used for previous ships. Her build was completed on 28th April 1943 and she was formally transferred to the RN on 29th April when she commissioned as HMS STRIKER.  British radar outfits were fitted.. This name had not  previously used for a Royal Navy warship


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s


ATLANTIC  1943-44  - ARCTIC  1944 - NORWAY  1944 - OKINAWA 1945


   H e r a l d i c   D a t a

Badge:  On a Field White, a Pellet charged with a flash of lightning White.



D e t a i l s   o f   W a r   S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 3


April                       Contractors trials

                28th        Build completion

                29th        Formally transferred to Royal Navy and commissioned as HMS STRIKER.


May                        Carried out sea trials and shakedown off San Francisco.

                29th        Sailed from San Francisco for Norfolk via Panama


June                        Passage to east coast USA

                20th        Carried out further work-up off Norfolk, Va.

                                Passage to New York.

                30th        Joined Convoy HX246 in New York for passage to Clyde.



                13th        Detached from convoy on arrival in Liverpool.

                                Passage to Sheerness

                18th        Taken in hand by HM Dockyard Chatham for modifications to suit RN service for

                                (Note:  Modifications to petrol distribution system introduced after the loss of HMS DASHER

                                were unlikely to have been carried out during this period.)


August                  Under refit

to                            Allocated for service in Western Approaches Command for convoy defence.



October                  On completion of post refit trials took passage to Clyde for work-up.

                                Embarked 824 Squadron aircraft and personnel..

                21st         Commenced work-up for operational service in Clyde area.


November              Work up in continuation

                25th        Under repair in Clyde shipyard.


December              On completion joined 1st British Escort Group.

                16th        Provided anti-submarine air cover for joint convoy KMS26/OS62 during its Atlantic passage.

                24th        Under attacks by U-Boats of BORKUM Group during which HM Destroyer

                                HURRICANE was sunk by acoustic torpedo fired from U305. See U-BOATS

                                DESTROYED by P Kemp.

                                (Note:  BORKUM Group were deployed to cover return of the Blockade Runner OSORNO

                                which was later attacked by RAF aircraft after sighting by aircraft from ship

                                ORSONO later was beached after striking a wreck in Gironde estuary.)

                28th        Provided anti-submarine air cover for joint inward Convoy SL143/MKS34 during passage

                                to Liverpool.


1 9 4 4


January                  Atlantic convoy defence in continuation.

                1st           Provided anti-submarine air cover for outward joint Convoy OS63/MKS37 during Atlantic passage

                7th          Provided anti-submarine air cover for joint inward Convoy SL144/MKS35 during passage to


                17th        Retuned to Clyde and taken in hand for repair and routine maintenance in Clyde shipyard

                                (Note:  Ship had been at sea for 26 days.)


February                Nominated for deployment with HM Escort Carrier FENCER.

                8th          Sailed for anti-submarine support of passage of outward Convoy ON223.

                15th        Provided anti-submarine air cover for passage of inward Convoy HX277.

                19th        Under repair in Clyde shipyard.


March                    On completion resumed Atlantic convoy defence.

                4th          Provided anti-submarine air cover for passage of joint outward Convoy OS70/KMS 44 during

                                passage in NW Approaches.

                9th          Deployed with HM Frigate BAYNTUN and HM Corvettes CLOVER and carried out air attacks

                                on U575 which had sunk HM Corvette ASPHODEL part of escort for joint inward convoy


                                (Note:  U575 was fitted with SCHNORKEL. For details see U-BOAT WAR IN

                                THE ATLANTIC (HMSO). Submarine escaped but was itself sunk on

                                13th March when carrying attack on Convoy ON227. See U-BOATS

                                DESTROYED by P Kemp.)

                18th        Transferred to Home Fleet for planned operations.

                21st         Deployed to provide anti-submarine cover during attacks on shipping in Bodo and Rorvik areas

                                by HM Fleet Aircraft Carriers FURIOUS, VICTORIOUS, HM Escort Aircraft Carriers

                                EMPEROR, PURSUER and SEARCHER (Operations RIDGE ABLE and RIDGE BAKER.)

                23rd        Took part in Home Fleet air operation to attack German battleship TIRPITZ

                                with HM Aircraft Carriers VICTORIOUS and FURIOUS, HM Escort Carriers

                                SEARCHER, EMPEROR and PURSUER. Cover was provided by HM Battleship

                                ANSON and cruisers with screen of destroyers (Operation PLANET).

                24th        Operation delayed 24 hours by weather.

                25th        Operation cancelled due to weather conditions.

                26th        Took part in air operations against Norwegian coast shipping near Bodo.

                                (Note:  Three ships were sunk for loss of six aircraft from carriers.


May                        Home Fleet duties in continuation for attacks on shipping off Norway.

                11th        Embarked 898 Squadron WILDCAT aircraft and personnel for additional support

                                Resumed service in Western Approaches

                15th        Provided anti-0submarine air cover during Atlantic passage of outward joint Convoy


                                (Note:  Sister ships HMS ATTACKER and HMS HUNTER were also on passage in Atlantic

                                for service in Mediterranean.)


June                        Transferred to Home Fleet for planned Norwegian coast operations.

                                (Note:  Did not take part in Normandy landings (Operation NEPTUNE) and not deployed

                                with Home Fleet covering Force for NEPTUNE.

                12th        Took part in attacks on shipping at Rorvik and shore targets at Fossesaag with HMS


                20th        Deployed with HM Escort Aircraft Carrier FENCER and HM Cruiser SHEFFIELD

                                (Operation WANDERERS)

                                Remained at Scapa Flow for Norwegian coast operations.)

                27th        Taken in hand for defect repair in Clyde shipyard.


July                         On completion resumed service in Western Approaches

                10th        Deployed with HMS VINDEX and 3rd Escort Group to carry out anti-submarine operations

                                in Cape Wrath area.

                                (Note:  This was the last lengthy joint anti-submarine operation by CVE with an Escort Group

                                and Coastal Command aircraft.. It was satisfactorily continued in weather conditions

                                which precluded additional support by RAF aircraft.)

                27th        Returned to Scapa Flow

                                Transferred to SW Approaches for service in Plymouth Command.

                                Passage to Plymouth



                1st           Deployed to provide air cover for HM Cruisers Diadem, BELLONA and

                                ships of 10th Destroyer during search for enemy convoys off French coast.

                                (Note:  This proved unsuccessful and no ships were sighted by ship’ aircraft.

                                On release from Plymouth Command took passage to resume Home Fleet

                                service at Scapa Flow.

                                Nominated for provision of anti-submarine air cover during passage of of Russian

                                Convoy JW59.

                                (Note:  This convoy included HM Battleship ROYAL SOVEREIGN and other

                                warships being transferred to Soviet Navy.)

                17th        Joined escort for JW59 with HM Cruisers JAMAICA and HM Escort Carrier

                                VINDEX, HM Destroyers CAPRICE, MARNE, METEOR, MILNE and

                                MUSKETEER (Operation VICTUAL)

                                (Note:  Close escort included ships from Western Approaches.

                                For full details of all Russian Convoys and ships of escort see CONVOYS TO

                                TO RUSSIA by RA Ruegg, CONVOY ! by P Kemp, ARCTIC CONVOYS

                                by R. Woodman and THE RUSSIAN CONVOYS by B Schoefield.).)

                21st         HM Sloop KITE of escort was sunk by U344 with only nine survivors.

                22nd       Embarked aircraft shot down shadowing flying boat.

                                (Note:  HMS VINDEX aircraft sank U344.)

                24th        Detached from JW59 on arrival at Kola Inlet.

                                (Note:  Embarked aircraft flew 133 sorties during passage.)

                28th        Sailed from Kola Inlet as part of escort for return Convoy RA59 with same

                                ships as for JW59.



                5th          Detached from RA59 after arrival in NW Approaches.

                17th        Deployed with HM Escort Carrier CAMPANIA to provide air cover during

                                passage of Russian Convoy JW60.(Operation RIGMAROLE)

                                (Note:  Other ships in escort included HM Battleship RODNEY, HM Cruiser

                                DIADEM, Home Fleet destroyers and escorts from Western


                23rd        Detached on arrival at Kola Inlet after unscathed passage.

                                (Note:  Strong escort was provided because of possible threat by TIRPITZ.

                                German battleship was however un-seaworthy after air attacks.)

                28th        Joined escort for return Convoy RA60 with same ships.



                3rd          Detached from RA60 with Home Fleet ships and returned to Scapa Flow.

                6th          Under repair of defects in Clyde shipyard.

                                Nominated for service with 3oth Aircraft Carrier Squadron, British Pacific Fleet

                                and to be deployed as a Replenish Carrier.

                31st         Took passage to Australia to join Squadron


November              Passage in Atlantic and Mediterranean

                                Transit of Suez Canal


December              Passage in Indian Ocean                   


1 9 4 5



                7th          On arrival at Sydney allocated for service in Fleet Train (Task Force 112.)

                                Prepared for service as a Replenishment Carrier.


February                Joined 30th Aircraft Carrier Squadron.

                                (Note:  HM Escort Carrier SLINGER was also in Squadron.)

                                These ships were to be used to carry replacement aircraft to RN

                                Carriers of BPF in the operational area.)

                                Took passage to BPF Forward base at Manus, Admiralty Islands with TF112.

                                Allocated to Task Unit 112.2.1 with six RFA Tankers for support of BPF ships.



                7th          Deployed at Manus for support of BPF.

                19th        Sailed from Manus with 18 replacement aircraft and took passage to operational area.

                                (Note:  Participation of ships of British Pacific Fleet in attacks on Sakishima-Gunto Group

                                was approved by US Chiefs of Staff (Operation ICEBERG ONE).

                                For details of the various factors affecting use of BPF with US Navy in

                                operations in Pacific see THE FORGOTTEN FLEET by John Winton,

                                OPERATION PACIFIC by E Gray and TASK FORCE 57 by P Smith.)

                                BPF ships designated Task Force 57 of US 5th Fleet to be supported by TF112.

                25th        Deployed Replenishment Group during first refuelling of TF57 prior to operations.

                                Launched four replacement aircraft to Task Force 57 carriers.

                28th        With Replenishment Group during refuelling of TF57 ships.

                                Launched 13 replacement aircraft to Task Forec57 carriers and recovered three flyable

                                but unserviceable aircraft

                                Transferred AVENGER aircrew to 854 Squadron in HM Fleet Aircraft Carrier


                                Passage to Leyte on completion..


April                       Deployed for aircraft replacement during ICEBERG ONE.

                                (Note:  Other ships in Group were HMS SPEAKER, HM Sloops CRANE and

                                PHEASANT, HM Frigate FINDHORN, HM Destroyers QUALITY and

                                WHELP with six tankers.

                5th          Sailed from Leyte with 14 replacement aircraft.

                8th          Supplied 12 replacement aircraft to Task Force 57 carriers and recovered four flyable but

                                unserviceable aircraft.

                                Transferred AVENGER aircrew to 854 Squadron in HMS ILLUSTRIOUS.

                                (Note:  Ships of TF57 returned to Leyte on 23rd April to replenish including aircraft


                                46 aircraft were ferried to TF57 Fleet Carriers during ICEBERG ONE by

                                HMS SLINGER and HMS STRIKER.)



                3rd          Sailed from Leyte with HMS RULER for support of TF57 ships during continuation

                                of air attacks on Sakishima-Gunto Group (Operation ICEBERG TWO).

                6th          Deployed in Replenishment area.

                                Transferred 15 replacement aircraft to Task Force 57 carriers.

                                Embarked 34 casualties from HM Fleet Aircraft Carrier FORMIDABLE

                                (Note:  These were victims of a bomb hit during air attacks on 4th May.)

                                Passage to Leyte

                14th        Deployed with Logistics Support Group for aircraft replacement during refuelling

                                of TF57.

                                Transferred 14 replacement aircraft to carriers of Task Force 57 and recovered one

                                flyable unserviceable aircraft.

                                (Note:  Group also included HMS RULER, HMS CRANE, HMS PHEASANT, HM

                                Sloop WOODCOCK, HM Destroyer NIZAM with two Tankers.

                                Embarked casualties from Hospital Ship OXFORDSHIRE for passage to Leyte.

                                (Note:  This is to be confirmed.)

                15th        Transferred six replacement aircraft to carriers of Task Force 57 and recovered one

                                unserviceable aircraft.

                23rd        Transferred aircraft to carriers of Task Force 57.

                                On completion took passage to Manus,

                                (Note:  This was the last replenishment of Task Group 57 ships during ICEBERG TWO)


June                        Passage to Sydney with ships of Fleet Train.

                                (Note:  Ships of BPF were transferred to US 3rd Fleet following reorganisation

                                of US Navy in Pacific theatre and redesignated Task Force 37.

                                Nominated for continued service as Replenishment Carrier in TF112 in support

                                of BPF ships during operations off Japan.

                                Passage to Manus for replenishment carrier duties.


July                         Deployed with HMS ARBITER, HMS SPEAKER and HMS CHASER for supply of

                                replacement aircraft for TF37 Fleet Aircraft Carriers during operations off Japan.

                                (See THE FORGOTTEN FLEET for details.)

                                Became Flagship of 30th Aircraft Carrier Squadron

                9th          Sailed from Manus with sister ship HMS ARBITER.

                                (Note:  Ships in Logistics Group included HMS NAPIER, HMS NIZAM, HMS

                                PHEASANT, HMS REDPOLE, HMS WHIMBREL, HMS FINDHORN and

                                HM Australian Minesweeper GAWLER with three Tankers and a Stores


                20th        Deployed with HMS ARBITER and HMS RULER in Fleet Train during replenishment

                                of TF37 off Japan.

                                Transferred aircraft to carriers of Task Force.

                27th        Deployed with Logistics Group with HMS SPEAKER and HMS RULER for

                                aircraft replacement during refuelling period.

                                (Note:  Ships in Logistics Group included HMS NAPIER, NIZAM, NEPAL, HMS

                                PHEASANT, CRANE, REDPOLE, HM Frigates PARRET and PLYM, HM

                                Australian Minesweepers WHYALLA, PIRIE and LAUNCESTON with

                                four tankers and three Supply Ships. This was the last replenishment

                                operation in which ship took part.)

August                  Passage to collect replacement aircraft.

                2nd         Arrived at Manus.

                4th          Sailed from Manus with replacement aircraft

                6th          Diverted and ordered to return to Manus.

                                (Note:  BPF ships were withdrawn from Task Force 37 apart from Token Force

                                on 12th August because of lack of fuel from British tankers. See above



P o s t   W a r   N o t e s


HMS STRIKER returned to Sydney and was nominated for Trooping duties. She was deployed in Hong Kong where she arrived on 18th September and carried personnel to Sydney for repatriation. After repair in Sydney during October she sailed for Singapore on 26th of that month. Nominated for return to UK the ship sailed for Clyde via Suez and arrived in Home waters on 24th November. She was de-stored and British equipment removed before sailing to Norfolk Va in January 1946. Handed back to the US Navy on 12th  February.1946 the ship was sold for breaking-up at Baltimore in June that year. This name was again used for HM LST 3516 in 1947 until that ship was taken out of service in 1970. The 3rd ship to carry the name was a  Fast Training  Craft completed in 1984 and used for training of Royal Naval Reserve personnel at Liverpool. She is still in commission.







by Don Kindell


These convoy lists have not been cross-checked with the text above






Date convoy sailed

Joined convoy as escort

Convoy No.

Left convoy

Date convoy arrived








OS 062KM





OS 063KM





SL 144MK





ON 223





HX 278





OS 070KM





KMS 044G





MKS 043G





SL 152MK





JW 059





RA 059A





JW 060





RA 060




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