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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2001

HMS ASHANTI (F 51) -  Tribal-class Destroyer
including Convoy Escort Movements 

Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net

HMS Maori, sister-ship, prewar (Gordon Smith, click to enlarge)

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TRIBAL-Class Destroyer ordered from William Denny at Dumbarton on 19th June 1936 under the 1935 Build Programme and laid down on 23rd November 1936. The ship was launched on 5th November 1937 as the 1st RN ship to carry the name. Build was not completed until 21st December 1938 due to late delivery of gun mountings. Tender cost was £340,770 which excluded items supplied by the Admiralty such as weapons and communications outfits. The ship commissioned for service in the 2nd TRIBAL Destroyer Flotilla, Home Fleet. Following a WARSHIP WEEK National Savings campaign in February 1942 this ship was adopted by the civil community of Southend-on-Sea, Essex.


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s

NORWAY 1940 - ATLANTIC 1940 - MALTA CONVOYS 1942 - NORTH AFRICA 1942-44 -ARCTIC 1942-43 - ENGLISH CHANNEL 1942-43 - NORMANDY 1944 - BISCAY 1944

H e r a l d i c   D a t a

                  Badge:  On a Field barry wavy of six Blue and White a porcupine Gold.


M o t t o:

Kum Apim: 'Kill a thousand, a thousand will come'


Manning Division: Chatham



 D e t a i l s   o f   P r e - W a r  S e r v i c e



1 9 3 8


August              Commenced Acceptance Trials

                          (Note: Gun mountings had not been installed due to late delivery)


September         On completion of Acceptance trials other than for gunnery equipment, installation and

                          setting to work of gun mountings after delivery of equipment.


October             Installation and setting to work in continuation.

to November



            21st       Build completion and commissioned for service in 2nd Tribal Destroyer Flotilla,

                          Home Fleet

                          Completed Acceptance trials and storing.

                          Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to F51


 1 9 3 9


January              Carried out gun functioning trials and work-up for operational service.


February            Prepared for visit to West Africa

                          (Note: In view of the ship being named after the Ashanti Tribe, native to the Gold Coast

                                      a visit was planned to meet the Chief and Elders of the Ashanti Tribe to

                                        establish a formal relationship with the new warship which bore their Name.)

                          Took passage to Takoradi.

            27th       Arrived at Takoradi for appropriate ceremonials during which the ship was presented

                          with a silver bell and a gold shield with an assurance from Commanding Officer that

                          these gifts would remain with the ship at all times during her service.



              9th        Passage from Takoradi to Gibraltar.

                           Rejoined Home Fleet at Gibraltar for joint exercises with ships of Mediterranean Fleet.

                           Took part in exercises with ships of Flotilla.


April                  On completion of exercises took passage to Chatham.

                           Leave period at Chatham

                           Flotilla re-identified as 6th Destroyer Flotilla.


May                    Resumed Home Fleet programme and prepared for official visit to Cherbourg.

              3rd        Arrived at Cherbourg.

              8th        Passage from Cherbourg to resume Home Fleet exercise and visits programme.



               1st       Diverted from Programme after sinking of HM Submarine THETIS and took passage to

                           Anglesey area to join Home Fleet ships carrying out rescue operations.

                            (Note: These failed and 99 of the crew lost their lives.)

               4th       Released from THETIS operation and resumed Home Fleet programme.


July                     Deployed in Home waters with Flotilla for Fleet exercises.


August               Home Fleet deployment in continuation including exercise in Atlantic with Anglo French


                            (Note: This may be have been her appointed war station.)



D e t a i l s   o f   W a r   S e r v i c e


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September           Withdrawn from operational duties for repair to propulsion machinery defects.

                             Under repair to defective turbine blades

                             (Note: This type of defect was common to ships of this Class

                                         See AFRIDI TO NIZAM by J English.)



                17th     Resumed Home Fleet duties at Scapa Flow with Flotilla

                             Present at Scapa Flow during air raid and accounted for one enemy aircraft (not confirmed in other sources.

                              Believed to have been ESKIMO).


November           Home Fleet deployment for screening of major warships, patrol and convoy defence.

to December        (Note: Took part in provision of cover for passage of first two Canadian Troop convoys)


1 9 4 0


January                Home Fleet deployment with Flotilla in continuation


February              Withdrawn from operational service for repair

                              Took passage to Cowes, IoW


March                  Under repair of leaks affecting steam supply from boilers and for installation of

                             degaussing equipment.

                             (Note: Ships of the Class all experienced leaks during early service due to stresses on

                                          hull structure during high speed operations in rough weather, See above


                                          For details of degaussing equipment to counter effect of ships magnetism

                                          on magnetic mines see THE TORPEDOMEN by A Poland.)

                             On completion of dockyard work and post refit trials resumed Home Fleet Flotilla duties

                             at Scapa Flow.


April                 Deployed at Scapa Flow with Home Fleet

               7th     After movement of German warships in North Sea had been confirmed sailed as part of

                         destroyer screen for HM Battlecruiser REPULSE, HM Battleships RODNEY and

                         VALIANT, HM Cruisers SHEFFIELD, PENELOPE and French cruiser EMIL BERTIN

                         to intercept ships reported by aircraft

                         For details see NAVAL OPERATIONS OF THE CAMPAIGN IN NORWAY (HMSO).

                         (Note: EMIL BERTIN later detaches and returned to Scapa Flow)

               8th     Deployed with Fleet screen in Bergen-Trondheim area.

               9th     Under air attack with Fleet units. See reference.

             10th     Remained with Home Fleet units to provide cover for passage of Convoy HN25 from

                         Bergen to UK and for HM Aircraft Carrier FURIOUS during air operations against

                         warships at Trondheim.

             11th     Fleet screening and convoy escort in continuation..

             17th     Deployed as screen for HM Cruisers YORK, EFFINGHAM and CALCUTTA in search

                         for five German destroyers reported off Stavanger.

                         (Note: One source records passage to land seamen at Andalsnes as advance party prior

                                       to planned landings (Operation PRIMROSE)

             28th     Under air attack and sustained damage during interception patrol off Trondheim.

                         (Note: Bomb explosion under hull after near miss caused extensive damage to ship’s

                                     generators with loss of power.

             30th     Passage for repair.


May                  Under repair at Dundee commercial shipyard.

                          Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to G51

              23rd     On completion resumed Flotilla duties with Home Fleet.



                7th     Provided screen for HM Battleship VALIANT with HM Destroyers TARTAR and MASHONA

                          to provide cover for return passage of evacuation convoys from Narvik.                         

                 9th    Deployed with Flotilla for screening of Home Fleet major warships during search for

                          German SCHARNHORST and GNEISENAU after sinking of HM Aircraft Carrier

                          GLORIOUS in North Sea whilst on passage to UK after evacuation from Norway.


July                    Deployed with Flotilla for Home Fleet major warships screening and patrol duties.


August               Home Fleet deployment in continuation

              29th     Detached for escort of ships of 1st Minelaying Squadron during minelay in Northern

                          Barrage (Operation SN14 – See Naval Staff History (Mining) for details.)


September         Home Fleet duties with Flotilla in continuation.


October             Deployed with HM Destroyer MAORI and SIKH to attack coastal shipping off Egersund.

                          Norway. See ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY.

              16th     Sustained damage in collision with HM Destroyer FAME during deployment off Tyne

                          estuary in high speed operations intended to detonate mines prior to passage of HM

                          Battleship KING GEORGE V from Newcastle on Tyne shipyard to Rosyth for the

                          completion of fitting out for service after build.

                          (Note: Ship grounded after collision and could not be refloated until removal of top

                                       weight, including armament items. Some leaks were also repaired.)


November         Passage to Type under tow and taken in hand for repair.

                          Paid-off and ship’s company returned to Depot.

                          Taken in hand for repair at Swan Hunter shipyard, Wallsend.


December          Under repair.


 1 9 4 1


January                Under repair.

to July                  (Note: Work included removal of propulsion machinery and two boilers to

                                         carry out replacement of propellers and A Brackets.

                                         X Gun Mounting was replaced by a twin 4IN mounting and preparation

                                         made for fit of 20mm Oerlikon guns for Close Range defence.

                                         Main mast structure was replaced and height of after funnel reduced to

                                         improve arcs of fire for AA weapons.

                                         Radar Type 285 was fitted for fire-control of main armament with a

                                         Type286M radar for warning of approach of ships and aircraft.

                                         For details of development and use of radar by Royal Navy see RADAR

                                         AT SEA by D Howse.

                                         This extensive refit did not prevent future problems with structure or with

                                         machinery which continued throughout remainder of service.)


August                 Recommissioned for service in 6th Destroyer Flotilla, Home Fleet.

                             (Note: A high proportion of the ship’s company were survivors from sister destroyer

                                         HMS MASHONA which had been sunk in May. These experienced ratings

                                         enable ship to more quickly complete preparations for operational deployment.)

                             Carried out post refit trials prior to resuming duties with Flotilla.


September            Worked-up at Scapa Flow with ships of Home Fleet prior to operational deployment.


October                Resumed Flotilla deployment in Home Fleet for screening and patrol duties.

                9th        Deployed with screen for Home Fleet ships during air operations against Bodo, Norway.


November            Home Fleet duties in continuation.


December             Nominated for support of planned Commando raids on Lofoten islands and took

                              part in preparatory exercises

              22nd        Deployed with HM Destroyers SOMALI, BEDOUIN and ESKIMO of Flotilla, HM

                              Escort Destroyers WHEATLAND,  LAMERTON, Polish destroyers ORP

                              KRAKOWIAK and KUJAWIAK as escort for HM Landing Ships PRINZ ALBERT

                              and PRINCESS CHARLOTTE during Commando Raid (Operation ARCHERY)

                              For details see THE WATERY MAZE by B Fergusson.)

              26th         Carried out diversionary operation during which German Trawler GEIER was boarded

                              after being scuttled by crew. Valuable documents were recovered before ship sank.

                              (Note: These are not recorded as related to ENIGMA information.)

               30th        Passage to Scapa Flow on completion of ARCHERY.


1 9 4 2


January                 Flotilla duties in Home Fleet in continuation.

to February


March                   Nominated for Home Fleet screening duties to provide cover for passage of convoys

                              PQ12 and PQ13 from Iceland to Murmansk and return Convoys QP8 and QP9 from

                              North Russia to Reykjavik

                              (Note: These convoys were perceived to be under threat of attack by German surface

                                           warships including the battleship TIRPITZ.)

                4th         Sailed from Scapa Flow as part of screen for HM Battleship KING GEORGE V,

                              HM Aircraft Carrier VICTORIOUS and HM Cruiser BERWICK with HM Destroyers

                              ONSLOW, PUNJABI, TARTAR, BEDOUIN, ESKIMO, FURY, ECHO and

                              ECLIPSE during covering operations.

                              For details of all Russian Convoy operations see CONVOYS TO RUSSIA by RA

                              Ruegg, THE RUSSIAN CONVOYS by B Schoefield, ARCTIC CONVOYS by R

                                Woodman and CONVOY ! by P Kemp.)


April                        Deployment with Home Fleet screen in continuation of covering duties in Arctic.


May                         Nominated for escort of Russian Convoy PQ16.

              16th           Deployed with HM Auxiliary AA Ship ALYNBANK, HM Destroyers ACHATES,

                                 MARTIN, VOLUNTEER and Polish destroyer ORP GARLAND, HM Corvettes

                                 HONEYSUCKLE, HYDERABAD, STARWORT and Free French corvette FLEUR-

                                 DE-LYS as Ocean Escort for Convoy PQ16 during passage to Murmansk.

              19th            Under attack by U591 which failed.

              30th            Detached from PQ16 with Ocean Escort and arrival of RN minesweepers from

                                 Murmansk to carry out local escort into harbour.

                                 (Note: During air attacks credited with destruction of two aircraft in defence of PQ16.

                                               This ship is not recorded as being part of escort for return convoy QP12.)


June                          Resumed Flotilla duties with Home Fleet.

             26th             Deployed as part of screen for HMS DUKE OF YORK, HMS VICTORIOUS,

                                 US battleship USS WASHINGTON, HM Cruisers CUMBERLAND and NIGERIA,

                                 with HM Destroyers BLANKNEY, ESCAPADE, FAULKNOR, MARNE, MARTIN,

                                 ONSLAUGHT, WHEATLAND, US destroyers MAYANT and RHIND to provide

                                 cover for passage of Russian Convoy PQ17 from Iceland to Archangel and QP13

                                 from North Russia to Reykjavik

                                 (Note: These convoys were considered likely to be attacked by German surface

                                              warships including the battleship TIRPITZ but Home Fleet major units were

                                              instructed to remain north east of Mayen Island


July                          Fleet screening duties in continuation in Arctic waters.

            4th                Remained with Fleet units when PQ17 was ordered by Admiralty to scatter because

                                 of threat of attack.

                                 (For details see above references and THE CONVOY IS TO SCATTER by Jack


                                 On release from Arctic screening returned to Scapa Flow with Home Fleet units.

                                 Nominated with other Home Fleet ships for escort of Malta relief  convoy.

                                 (Operation PEDESTAL – See PEDESTAL by P Smith, Naval Staff History

                                 and MALTA CONVOYS by R Woodman for details of this vital operation.)

                                 After arrival at Scapa Flow under repair and modification to fit 20mm Oerlikon

                                 weapons for close range defence against air attacks.


August                      Passage from Scapa Flow as screen for HM Battleships NELSON and RODNEY,

                                  HM Cruisers KENYA, NIGERIA with HM Destroyers ESKIMO, TARTAR,

                                  SOMALI, AMAZON, MALCOLM, PATHFINDER, PENN, QUENTIN

                                  BRAMHAM, BICESTER, DERWENT, LEDBURY, WILTON, ZETLAND,

                                  VENOMOUS, WISHART and WOLVERINE as escort for military Convoy

                                  WS21S during passage from Clyde to Gibraltar.

                9th             Deployed with HM destroyers INTREPID, ICARUS, FURY, DERWENT,


                                  and PENN as Force X to escort HM Cruisers CAIRO, KENYA, MANCHESTER,

                                  NIGERIA and ships of WS21S during passage to Malta through Sicilian Narrows.

              10th             Detached from WS21S to refuel from Force R, Refuelling Group).

                                  Rejoined escort for WS21S.on completion of refuelling.

              11th             Under submarine attacks. One by Italian BRIN which was repelled by HMS


                                  (Note: HM Aircraft Carrier EAGLE was torpedoed and sunk by U73.)

              12th              Under further submarine attacks during which Italian COBALTO was rammed

                                   and sunk by HMS ITHURIEL. part of escort for warships from Gibraltar.

                                   WS21S under air attacks during which HM Destroyer FORESIGHT and

                                   HM Aircraft Carrier INDOMITABLE were hit and damaged.

                                   (Note: HMS FORESIGHT later had to be sunk by own forces.)

                                   Detached with Force X as escort for WS21S through Sicilian Narrows.

                                   Flag of Rear Admiral HM Burrough, Senior Officer Force X transferred from

                                   HMS NIGERIA after damaged torpedo fired by Italian submarine AXUM.

                                   (Note: HM Cruiser CAIRO was also hit by two torpedoes from AXUM and

                                                had to be sunk by own forces.

              13th              Under night attack by Italian torpedo boats during which HMS MANCHESTER

                                   was hit and later had to be abandoned and scuttled.

                                   After daylight came under sustained air attacks causing boiler room fire which

                                   was caused by near miss and extinguished. Escorted damaged tanker OHIO.

              14th              Under continuing air attacks during final passage into Malta with remaining

                                   ships of WS21S.

                                   Took passage with HMS KENYA, HMS CHARYBDIS, HMS INTREPID,

                                   HMS ICARUS, HMS PATHFINDER and HMS FURY after arrival of

                                   WS21 SHIPS in Malta.

                                   Rejoined ships of Force Z west of Sicilian Narrows after submarine and air

                                   attacks. For full details of PEDESTAL see references above.)

              15th              Arrived at Gibraltar as part of screen for combined Forces X and Z.

              19th              Took return passage to Scapa Flow as escort for HM Battleship RODNEY.


September                  Deployed at Scapa Flow and nominated for duty with Fighting Escort for

                                   planned Russian Convoy PQ18 with HM Cruiser SCYLLA, HM Destroyers

                                   ESKIMO, FAULKNOR, FURY, IMPULSIVE, INTREPID, MARNE,

                                   MARTIN, METEOR, MILNE, OFFA, ONSLAUGHT, ONSLOW,

                                   OPPORTUNE, SOMALI and TARTAR.

                                   (Note: Air cover was provided by HM Escort Carrier AVENGER and an

                                               Ocean Escort which sailed with PQ18. Distant Cover was given by

                                               major Home Fleet warships with destroyer screen. See references)

                9th              Joined PQ18 with ships of Fighting Escort.

              12th              Under U-Boat attacks during which U88 was sunk by three ships of the

                                   Fighting Escort.

              13th              Under further submarine attacks which sank two mercantiles. In later air

                                   attacks which sank eight ships in PQ18.

              14th              U589 sunk by combined air and surface attacks by Fighting Escort/

                                   Mercantile MARY LUCKENBACH sunk in air attacks with loss of 20 of

                                   enemy aircraft.

              15th              Under air attacks which repelled by AVENGER aircraft and intense

                                   AA fire by escorts.

              16th              Detached from PQ18 with HMS AVENGER, HMS SCYLLA and destroyers

                                   of the Fighting Escort.

              17th              Joined return Convoy QP14 as Escort for part of passage to Loch Ewe.

              20th              Detached from escort after HMS SOMALI had been hit by torpedo from

                                   U703 and badly damaged. Took damaged destroyer in tow and began return

                                   passage escorted by HM Destroyers ESKIMO, INTREPID, OPPORTUNE

                                   and HM Trawler LORD MIDDLETON.

              24th              Tow abandoned in deteriorating weather after 420 miles passage.

                                   Crew of HMS SOMALI rescued before ship broke in two and sank.

              25th              Returned to Scapa Flow and resumed Flotilla duties with Home Fleet


October                       Under repair and maintenance at Rosyth

                                    Nominated for detached service in support of planned allied landings

                                    in North Africa (Operation TORCH)

                                    Passage to Gibraltar to join Eastern Task Force.


November                   Briefed for TORCH at Gibraltar and prepared for support duties.

                                    Deployed for screening duties for HMS SHEFFIELD, HMS SCYLLA,

                                    HMS CHARYBDIS and HMS AVENGER during passage to Algiers.

               8th                Support duties during assault at Algiers.

                                    (For details of TORCH see Naval Staff History)


December                    On release from TORCH deployed at Algiers as part of Force Q for

                                     interception patrols to prevent passage of enemy ships for support of

                                     military defence of Algeria.


1 9 4 3


January                        Under repair at Gibraltar

                                     On completion deployed for escort of Landing Craft during

                                     passage in Atlantic on passage to Middle East for service in

                                     East Indies.


February                      Resumed service with Force Q at Algiers and deployed for interception

                                     of enemy shipping and defence of western Mediterranean coastal convoys

                                     as screen for HM Cruisers AURORA and PENELOPE.


March                          Force Q deployment in continuation

                                     Detached from Force Q for escort of military convoy on passage to

                                     Gibraltar from UK.

             21st                 Joined Convoy KMF11 after it had detached from Convoy WS28 west of

                                     Gibraltar and deployed as escort during passage to Gibraltar.

             22nd                Detached from KMF11 to escort ss EMPIRE MIGHT to Dakar after

                                     ship had been disabled by fire on board.

             23rd                Passage from Dakar to resume duties at Algiers with Force Q.


April                            Force Q deployment for convoy escort and interception in continuation.


May                             Took part in operations to intercept enemy craft evacuating personnel

                                    from North African coast to Italy (Operation RETRIBUTION) 


June                             Deployed in Malta but incidence of defects determined that she should return

                                     to UK for refit


July                              Passage to Thames commercial shipyard for refit.


July                              Under refit by Green and Silley Weir shipyard, London.

to September                During this refit the Tripod foremast was replaced by new Lattice structure

                                     to allow fit of new type radar equipment, additional 20mm Close

                                     Range weapons and repair of machinery systems.


October                         Post refit trials and shakedown for operational service with Home Fleet 

                                      Passage to Scapa Flow to rejoin Flotilla.

             15th                  Arrived at Scapa Flow to work-up for operational service.


November                       Nominated for screening duties for Home Fleet major units providing

                                        Distant Cover for transit of Russian Convoys JW54B and return Convoy RA54B.

             28th                    Deployed as escort for HM Battleship ANSON, HM Cruiser BELFAST

                                        with HM Destroyers MATCHLESS, MUSKETEER and ORIBI

             29th                    Detached from screen due to weather conditions.



               1st                    Resumed screening duties.

             15th                    Deployed as Ocean Escort for Convoy JW55B with HM Destroyers

                                        MATCHLESS, HMS METEOR, HMS MILNE, MUSKETEER,

                                        OPPORTUNE, VIRAGO and Canadian destroyer HMCS ATHABASKAN.

             21st                    Detached from JW55B with same ships.

             23rd                    Joined return Convoy RA55A with same ships.

             25th                    Remained with RA55A when HM Destroyers MATCHLESS,

                                        MUSKETEER, OPPORTUNE and VIRAGO were detached to join

                                        escort of Convoy JW55 under threat of attack by German battleship


             3Oth                   Detached from RA55A when Local Escort joined as escort to Loch Ewe.


1 9 4 4


January                            Detached from Home Fleet and took passage to Azores area.

             15th                    Part of escort for HM Battleship KING GEORGE V during passage

                                        from Gibraltar to UK with Prime Minister embarked.

                                        Returned to Fleet duties at Scapa Flow.


February                          Transferred to 10th Destroyer Flotilla for duties in English Channel

                                         and took passage to Plymouth.

                                         Deployed with HM Destroyers TARTAR, ATHABASKAN (RCN),

                                         HAIDA (RCN) HURON (RCN), Polish destroyers ORP PIORUN

                                         and BLYSKAWICA for offensive operations against enemy shipping

                                         and escorts off coast of France. (Operation TUNNEL Series)


March                               Deployed at Plymouth with ships of Flotilla as Force 26 for TUNNEL


             15th                      In action against E-Boats during patrol in SW Approaches.



             17th                      Escorted HM Cruiser Minelayer APOLLO with HMCS HAIDA and

                                          HMCS HURON during minelay off Ushant (Operation HOSTILE 28)

                                          On completion of lay detached to carry out offensive sweep to east.

             19th                      Provided cover for Motor Launches during their minelaying off north

                                          coast of Brittany near Isle de Bas with HM Escort Destroyers

                                          TANATSIDE, WENSLEYDALE, MELBREAK and HMCS HAIDA

                                          (Operation HOSTILE 14)

             20th                      Met HMS APOLLO in SW Approaches with HMCS HAIDA for escort

                                          during minelay west of Isle de Vierge (Operation HOSTILE 29)

                                          Returned to Plymouth as escort when operation abandoned because of

                                          low visibility.

             23rd                      Deployed with HMCS HAIDA and HMCS ATHABASKAN as escort

                                          for HMS APOLLO during passage to Isle de Vierge for minelay.

             24th                      In action with HMCS ATHABASKAN, HMCS HAIDA, HMCS

                                          HURON and HMS BLACK PRINCE against German Torpedo Boats T24,

                                          T27 and T29. T29 was sunk and the other two damaged.

                                          Damaged in collision with HMCS HURON during return passage.


May                                     Under repair by HM Dockyard Devonport.

              27th                       On completion deployed as 19th Destroyer Division, Plymouth

                                            Command with HMS TARTAR, HMCS HAIDA and HMCS

                                            HURON for support of planned allied landings in Normandy.

                                            (Operation NEPTUNE)

                                            Prepared for support of NEPTUNE.

                                            For details of naval activities before and during NEPTUNE see

                                            OPERATION NEPTUNE by K Edwards and LANDINGS IN

                                            NORMANDY, June 1944 (HMSO).


June                                     Deployed in support of NEPTUNE based at Plymouth and carried

                                            out patrols in SW Approaches and Bay of Biscay to prevent any

                                            attempt by enemy surface warships to interfere with landing and

                                            build-up traffic.

               8th                        Deployed in SW Approaches with ships of 19th Division

               9th                        Following aircraft sighting report intercepted German destroyers

                                            20 miles NW of Isle de Bas and engaged with HMCS HAIDA,

                                            HMCS HURON, HMS ESKIMO, HM Destroyer JAVELIN and

                                            Polish destroyers PIORUN and BLYSKAWICA.

                                            German Z32 driven ashore and wrecked, Ex Dutch destroyer

                                            TJERK HIDDES was sunk and Z24 badly damaged. See references.

             14th                        Intercepted German minesweepers west of Jersey during patrol with

                                            ORP PIORUN. M343 sunk and five other minesweepers damaged.

              30th                       Sank two trawlers off Channel Islands during offensive patrol.


July                                      Carried out offensive patrols in Bay of Biscay to support of military operations.


August                               Deployed with HM Cruiser BELLONA, HMS TARTAR, HMCS

                                            HAIDA, HMCS HURON and HMCS ATHABASKAN in Bay of

                                            Biscay to intercept craft attempting to evacuate enemy personnel

                                            from French coast.

               5th                        Engaged German convoy north of Isle d’Yeu and sank two escort

                                            minesweepers a Patrol Vessel and Coastal Launch OTTO.

                                            (Note: HMCS HAIDA was damage in this engagement.)

                                            On return, operational capabilities under review and restricted to local

                                            convoy escort duties in SW Approaches.


September                           Extensive refit and refurbishment arranged

                                            Passage from Plymouth to Tyne


October                               Taken in hand for refit by Palmer’s shipyard at Hebburn, Newcastle.


November                           Under refit which included repair and replacement of some propulsion

to December                       and electrical equipment, installation of improved new design radar outfits


1 9 4 5


January                               Refit work in continuation

to July


August                               Carried out post refit trials during which defects were experienced including

                                            propeller shaft bushes.

               21st                      Ship nominated for reduction to Reserve status in Category B.



S p e c i a l   N o t e


The other three TRIBAL Class destroyers still in commission were deployed in the Eastern Fleet as part of the 10th Destroyer Flotilla.


P o s t   W a r   N o t e s


HMS ASHANTI Paid-off and went into Reserve after VJ Day. The ship placed on the Disposal List in 1947 after which she was used for Ship Target Trials before being and sold to BISCO the next year. She was towed to Troon for demolition by West of Scotland Shipbreakers where she arrived on 12th April 1948 for demolition. On 9th March 1959 the name was carried forward for a new Type 81 TRIBAL Class General Purpose Frigate when launched at Scotstoun. Glasgow by Yarrow Shipbuilders. This new warship entered service in 1962 and deployed operationally until 1977 when she was relegated to harbour training duties. Placed on the Disposal List in 1981 she was later scrapped.







by Don Kindell


This convoy list has not been cross-checked with the text above






Date convoy sailed

Joined convoy as escort

Convoy No.

Left convoy

Date convoy arrived













ON 001/1





HN 001










PQ 012





PQ 013





QP 009





PQ 016





PQ 017





QP 013





PQ 018





QP 014





GUF 004





GUF 005





KMF 010B





KMS 014X





CE 183





JW 054B





RA 054B





JW 055A





RA 055A








(Note on Convoys)


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