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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2006


HMS UNRULY - U-class Submarine


Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net

HM S/M Unruly (Navy Photos, click to enlarge)

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B a t t l e    H o n o u r s


ARCTIC 1942 -43 - AEGEAN 1943 -44 - SICILY 1943 - ATLANTIC 1944


First RN ship to carry the name when identity P49 was replaced in early 1943. After completion, trials and work-up she was deployed in Home waters and during patrol in Arctic waters during December 1942 provided additional defence for Russian convoy JW51 against German U-Boat attacks.


Transferred to the Mediterranean for interception of enemy ships on passage between ports in Italy and North Africa she sank a supply ship in April 1943. On a subsequent patrol in May that year she sank one ship and damaged another in torpedo attacks off Tunisia. She was deployed for patrol north of the Messina Straits during the allied landings in Sicily (Operation HUSKY) to intercept any Italian warships attempting to interfere with the assault landings and follow-up convoys  The next month she sank the Italian submarine ACCIAIO in the Messina Straits on 13th. This submarine was transferred to the eastern Mediterranean in September 1943 for patrols in support of British landings in defence of islands in the Dodecanese which were under attack by German forces after the Italian capitulation. Whilst in this area she sank the German minelayer BULGARIA which was taking troops to Cos on 8th October and later that month the troopship MARGUERITE. She resumed patrols from Malta after the abandonment of Cos and Leros. These duties continued into 1944 and in July that year she sank a supply ship off Rhodes.


This submarine returned to UK later that year and the award of the Battle Honour ATLANTIC was made, possibly for interception of German submarines during passage from Gibraltar. It is presumed she remained in Home waters after refit. The Commanding Officer during Mediterranean service was Lieutenant Fyfe.


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