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A Selection of the ART of DANIEL BECHENNEC

2 Para's Battle for Wireless Ridge, 13th/14th June (click all images to enlarge) return to post-war, 1945 on


....... Daniel Bechennec from Brittany, France, who emailed his appreciation of Naval-History.Net and attached two of his Malouines/Falklands paintings.

I was so impressed with his site - both the contents and design, that I asked if I could show all his Falklands paintings, He agreed and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.

My then 14 year-old son, another Daniel, thought they were awesome, especially the land battles, "as if you were really there!" My thoughts too. The Battles for Mount Harriet, Two Sisters, Mount Longdon and Wireless Ridge just make you want to sink into the earth and disappear. Maybe you will agree.

I recommend a visit to Daniel's site to see all his work. Click here.

Daniel's grandfather served in the French Navy in World War 1. Some of his story can be found at Fireman Louis Bechennec.






Boulton Paul Defiants over Dunkirk
 May/June 1940


Spitfire versus V.1 "doodle bug"


Me.210's versus B.17's











The attack by Lieutenant P C Manley and POA J A Balls in their Wessex on Port Stanley on 11 June 1982. Daniel is working closely with Peter Manley, who now signs his emails Pierre! Above the pencil sketch stage.


there are links from each image title to the appropriate Battle Atlas page


AS-12 Missile - The Hunt for ARA Sante Fe, 25th April 1982

A recent project was Lt Cdr Tony Ellerbeck's Wasp launching an attack on the Argentine submarine off South Georgia. Tony - "a nice guy" - advised him and provided crucial information




.... the finished work


Exocet - Two Argentine Super Etendards attacking on 4th May (HMS Sheffield hit, sank on 10th)


Sea Dart - HMS Coventry against Argentine Puma, shot down over Choiseul Sound, 9th May


Sea Wolf - HMS Brilliant against Argentine Skyhawks, three shot down or crashed off Stanley, 12th May


SAS Raid on Darwin Settlement, 20th/21st May
An unfinished version


Milan - SAS Raid on Darwin Settlement at time of San Carlos Landings, 20th/21st May 1982


Rapier - San Carlos Waters, 21st May 1982


Seaslug and HMS Antrim - probably 21st May 1982


Milan - 2 Para's Battle for Goose Green, 28th May


Milan - 3 Para Battle for Mount Longdon, 11th/12th June


Milan - 45 Commando RM Battle for Two Sisters, 11th/12th June


Milan - 42 Commando RM Battle for Mount Harriet, 11th/12th June


Exocet - Land-based firing by MM38 battery at Hooker's Point, near Stanley, that hit and damaged HMS Glamorgan 12th June. Stanley airfield in the background being bombarded


Milan - 2 Para's Battle for Wireless Ridge, 13th/14th June

"supporting Milans and GPMG's joined A and B Coys on 'Apple Pie' pouring in fire from the left flank"


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