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Battleship HMS King George V photographed from USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) on 16 August 1945 off Japan. Beyond KGV is USS Missouri (BB-63) with an Essex-class carrier in the distance (US, click to enlarge)  
Based on the "The War at Sea" by Gordon Smith, published by Ian Allan 1989
"an invaluable reference book on the war at sea .... as well as an informative guide to naval strategy", Lloyds List

"enormously helpful and a great time-saver" .... "I only wish it had come out about four years ago" - John Terraine, Sunday Telegraph

"... a remarkable book. ... For the researcher or professional reader, "The War at Sea" will be invaluable. The general reader .... will benefit from having the whole picture explained .... and .... from the simplicity and conciseness of the information and its presentation" - Ships Monthly


Photographs are mainly courtesy of Steve Johnson of Cyberheritage (CH), Maurice & Paul Whiteing, HMS Indomitable images (M/PW), Michael Pocock of Maritime Quest (MQ), David Page of  NavyPhotos (NP), Peter Swarbrick of Ships Pictures (SP), plus Franklin D Roosevelt Library (FDR), US Naval Historical Centre (US), US Library of Congress (LC) and their contributors. (Each image is acknowledged by the abbreviation for the main source and name of the individual contributor if appropriate). My thanks to all of them.
  Background   Naval & Military Technology
      Atom Bombs, Codes, Conferences, Politics, Rockets, War Crimes
  Types of Warfare   Aircraft Carrier Warfare
  /and Navies   Amphibious Operations
      Actions involving Coastal, Inshore and Special Naval Warfare
      Actions involving Mine Warfare and Mine Vessels
      British Navy at Beginning and End of World War 2
      Royal Navy Battle Honours - linked to campaign summaries
      British Submarines at War
      United States Navy prepares for War, 1939-1941
      German Surface Navy at War
      German U-boats at War
      Italian Navy at War
  Atlantic & Arctic   Atlantic & Europe at the Start
      Battle of the Atlantic - Battles & Warship Losses
      Battle of the Atlantic - Development
      Russian Convoys
  Western & Eastern   Western Europe 1939-June 1944
  Europe   Norway, including the Norwegian Campaign 1940
      Battles of Britain
      Eastern Europe & Russian Front
      Normandy Landings, June 1944
      Western Europe, June 1944-1945, incl. South of France Landings
  Mediterranean area   Mediterranean, East Africa & Near East at the Start
      Balkans, Greece & Crete, incl. 1943 British Aegean Campaign
      East Africa, Red Sea, Near East
      North African Campaigns, incl. French North African Landings
      British Navy in the Mediterranean, incl. Malta Convoys
      Italian Campaign, incl. Sicily, Salerno & Anzio Landings
      South of France, and Landings, August 1944
  Indian & Pacific   Indian & Pacific Oceans at the Start
  Oceans   Japanese Conquests
      Indian Ocean & SE Asia, incl Burma
      Pacific Ocean Campaigns
      Australian, British & New Zealand Navies in the Pacific
      Each Summary is complete in its own right. The same information may therefore be found in a number of related summaries e.g. "U-boats at War" in "Battle of the Atlantic"; "British Submarines" in "Royal Navy in the Mediterranean" etc.

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